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The Lovings v. The State of Virginia

- Richard and Mildred Loving were prosecuted on charges of violating the Virginia state’s ban on interracial marriages, the 1924 Racial Integrity Act. The Loving’s violated Virginia law when the couple got married in Washington D.C., June 1958. The couple returns to their home in Central Point, Virginia. In the early morning hours of July 11, 1958, the Loving’s were awakened by local county sheriff and deputies, acting on an anonymous tip, burst into their bedroom. “Who is this woman you’re sleeping with?” Mrs....   [tags: interracial marriages legislation]

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Role of the Disabled in Today's Society

- As stated by C.Dave Hingsberg “For hundreds of years, western society regarded the mentally retarded as sad accidents of nature to be closeted behind walls of secrecy and silence. Thousands were forcibility sterilized in an attempt to erase the genetic stain of their misfortune. But scientists now know that barely 10%of mental retardation is passed on genetically” (Hingsberg, Dave C.2001). This section came directly from the video “Is Love Enough”. Throughout history, there was the belief that the disabled would produce offspring that would be burdensome to society....   [tags: mental retardation, intellectual disabilities]

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Designer Babies: Defect Free or New Child

- Tall, pretty, athletic, intelligent, blue eyes, blonde hair, these are just a few options that the world’s wealthy class may soon be able to choose for their children. Occasionally referred to as similar to “the eugenics of Hitler’s Third Reich,” the new genetics technology is open to the public (“Designer Babies” n.p) and it tests embryos for a variety of characteristics in its’ DNA (“A Big Step Toward ‘Designer Babies’ n.p.). Using those identified characteristics, doctors can alter the DNA of an embryo to a healthier or even a more accepted state, but there have been differences in people’s opinions of the morality of altering embryo’s DNA before they are implanted....   [tags: Genetically Altering, Embryo, Implantation]

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Sterelisation of Young Women with Mental Disabilities

- Sterilisations of some young women with mental disabilities have been always involved legal debate and seen to be ethical issues. Recently in Australia, the Federal Disability Commissioner has been alarmed on the increasing numbers of disabled women and girls who are being sterilised. The Commissioner urges all the states and territories about the extent of the practice, where some parents approach medical practitioners about the possibility of sterilisation procedure of their disabled children without the authority of courts and tribunals (ABS News, 2012)....   [tags: legal and ethical issues]

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A Film with More than One Connection

- ... The aliens are subjected to unfair treatment due to the biopolitics that take place with the human population. The government ran by the humans’, uses biopolitics as a “negative power of exclusion and annihilation,” towards the aliens, rather than to their benefit (Prozorov 191). The humans feel as though the aliens do not belong, and that they should be pushed to the ghettos. Many feel this way because of their own xenophobia. The government uses biopolitics to create a state of exception, where laws that were once protecting the aliens are removed and “the sovereign no longer have limitations” (Bourke, 4)....   [tags: Disrict 9, biopolitics]

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Satire in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

- Aldous Huxley. The very name summons psychedelic visions and utopian nightmares to the western psyche. He was born on the 26th of July in 1894, and died on the 22nd of November 1963. He saw the turn of the century, two world wars, the decline of the British lion, the ascendance of the American eagle and the Cuban missile crisis. In short, he lived through some of the most unstable times man has seen as a species. His work was varied. He began his career as a satirist of the class system he endured in England....   [tags: Brave New World Essays]

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Dystopia: Science Fiction, Exaggeration, or Imminent Reality?

- It's hard to assign an irrefutable definition to the world nowadays - given its remarkably unfathomable state. The American Dream, the information revolution, two world wars, pornography, third world countries' independence and other benchmarks define the timeline of the 20th century (the near past). However, where has this left us today. Indeed the world exhibits an extremely ambiguous era that may be a prelude to a wholly different future than its past – far or near. Most significant in our present is the emergence of exponentially growing technology with unlimited abilities – simultaneously promising and foreboding - which has created a gap between the agenda of the minority that holds su...   [tags: totalitarian, society, literary]

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Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment

- The issue of whether or not criminal or aggressive behavior and violence is caused by biological or environmental factors has proven to be one that has caused a dispute for many years now. The biological or genetic factor of violent/criminal or aggressive behavior is certainly a much talked about topic. The idea that certain individuals could be predisposed to violence is something definitely deserving of doing research about. The nature vs. nurture topic has been a continuing debate for many aspects of human behavior, including aggression/violent behavior and criminal behavior....   [tags: child development, psychology]

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The Ethics of Genetically Enhancing Children

- The term designer children is unnerving at first to many. The idea of parents designing the genetic makeup of their offspring makes children seem like a commodity in a genetic free market. Thoughts of a dystopian society like the one in the film “Gattaca” come to mind. However, taking an immediate repugnant stand against genetic enhancement is not well-founded. A more open-minded inspection of the issue reveals that the idea of parents improving their children’s life prospects through genetic engineering (provided it is safe) is, at its core, not unethical....   [tags: designer children]

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The Laws of the South, 1860s

- The beginning of a horrifying era, many would say. The disgusting nature of human cruelty, some today would not disagree with. Just because they are laws, are they correct. Separating humans from other humans because of skin tone may sound a bit ridiculous now, but from about the 1880s in to the 1960s segregation laws were enforced, leaving the colored men, women and even children away from and humiliated by the White man. The laws that were created forced colored or black people to eat in different places, drink from different water fountains, and even be incarcerated in different prisons....   [tags: colored man, women, separating humans]

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Human Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares

- Technological breakthroughs and advancements have occurred so rapidly since the dawn of the information age, that one often overlooks the great power humanity holds over the building blocks of life itself. While our understanding and mapping of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences has been slow coming since Friedrich Miescher’s isolation of the double-helix shaped molecule, efforts in recent decades to map the human genome have opened many doors to the potential manipulation of life’s basic elements....   [tags: human genome, human genetics, cloning]

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The Decline of the World's IQ

- What will end the world as we know it. It could be climate change, disease, famine, or global war. If none of those come to pass there is always the truth that we are breeding our IQ into the basement. It’s called dysgeneic fertilization, and it has been happening for as long as we’ve been recording intelligence. Although this decline can be seen across the board, not everyone is affected the same way or to the same extent. With each generation that passes a gap widens between those retaining intelligence and those hemorrhaging intelligence....   [tags: Dystopic Apocalypse]

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The Angel Of Death: Joseph Mengele

- ... Mengele was labeled a well known doctor, eventually however they found out he was not one to cure only one to cause harm. Josef did many horrible, torturous things to people that can make someone cringe at the thought. Before he was able to do any experiments at all, he had to get people from the camp to experiment on. This led to many people that were being held captive at Auschwitz becoming close to Mengele, furthermore many looked up to him as an uncle figure. Since he was interested in medicine, that is what his work revolved around....   [tags: Nazi Holocaust, medical experimentation]

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The Future is Here: Genetic Enhancement

- ... The society will be blind to see the negative outcomes of misusing genetic enhancements. Genetic enhancements, in the aspect of beauty will become a valued focal point in the medical industry (Tucker). The desire for enhancements are slowly increasing in demand as media pressure society for such behaviors, in which will lead to the rise for individuals to meet the expectations of the society’s beauty. In fact, as beauty is emphasized around the world which creates even more pressures to lean towards the abusive of enhancements to fit in....   [tags: negative effects on babies, genetic engineering]

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Cloning of Organisms: Is It Right?

- Modern biotechnology has made impressive scientific progress during the last decades. Its real and potential applications have also risen in world industrial. One of the applications of biotechnology that has made the scientific progress impressive is cloning of organisms. Clone is a group of cells, an organism, or a population of organisms arising from a single ancestral cell. All members of a particular clone are genetically identical. Cloning is process of producing the exact copies (clones) of a particular gene or DNA sequence using genetic engineering techniques....   [tags: cells, ehtical, issues, crops, foods]

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Should Abortion be Legal or Illegal?

- Sometimes life can be incredible to define, how do we define life. Should we define life from an existential point of view or should it be organic in nature. Can man just be narrowed down to his existence on the biological chain. Or is man a higher being based on his ability to make thoughts, suppositions and higher definitions. Is a person not defined from an identity of self, their consciousness of being alive. Who knows if animals also have thoughts or understand their own existence. Maybe they see themselves in the light of what they are....   [tags: life, death, abortion]

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The Ethics of Human Cloning

- Human cloning is separated into two major categories; reproductive cloning, which uses cloning technology to create a human embryo that will produce an entire human, and therapeutic, which adopt cloning into field of medical practices to find a cure for many diseases (Kass). Reproductive cloning requires a somatic cell, a DNA-less egg, and a surrogate mother; as a result, it creates a new individual with the same genome, or genetic coding. The idea originated in Germany in 1938, but the first successful research was not conducted until 1967 by scientist John Gurdon, who cloned a tadpole with a frog’s somatic cell....   [tags: human cloning]

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National Healthcare: A Bad Idea

- National Healthcare: A Bad Idea Many Americans go everyday without any sort of health care. This is where the idea for national healthcare came from. People think that having national healthcare would be a very good idea however there are many flaws with it. Throughout this essay it will cover what national healthcare is, what countries have national healthcare, the positives and the negatives of having it. Universal Health care or more commonly referred to as National Healthcare began in the 1880’s in Germany....   [tags: Healthcare, argumentative, persuasive]

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DNA Donation: A Personal Choice

- Moral choices, ethical dilemmas, personal biases, and strong opinions tend to go hand in hand; you certainly cannot have one without the other. The topic of this paper is an ethical dilemma that will cause me to make a moral choice; I am also personally biased and strongly opinionated in regards to the situation. The topic is the donation of my DNA for a research study; the goal of the study will be to find a variant of a gene that will resist specific bacterial diseases. If the company succeeds in finding this gene, it may be able to produce a drug to sell to people who have these diseases....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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The History of Insane Asylums

- What comes to mind when you hear the words “insane asylum”. Do such terms as lunatic, crazy, scary, or even haunted come to mind. More than likely these are the terminology that most of us would use to describe our perception of insane asylums. However, those in history that had a heart’s desire to treat the mentally ill compassionately and humanely had a different viewpoint. Insane asylums were known for their horrendous treatment of the mentally ill, but the ultimate purpose in the reformation of insane asylums in the nineteenth century was to improve the treatment for the mentally ill by providing a humane and caring environment for them to reside....   [tags: Mental Health]

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The Spartan Way to victory

- To simply say Ancient Greece had a diverse culture would not give justice to the truly rich and even contrasting societies that developed in the classical city-state. One of the most unique civilizations to prosper in the ancient time period were the Spartans. The Spartans held customs, beliefs, and traditions unlike any other Greek city-state. These uncommon practices and philosophies largely governed the lifestyle of a Spartan citizen from birth until death. Spartan culture was considerably a militaristic one, and great emphasis was placed on the lifelong dedication of training to be a Spartan soldier....   [tags: Ancient Greece]

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Limiting Sexual Deviance by Castration

- Castration is one of the options that has been put forward as a type of punishment/treatment for convicted sex offenders. Castration can be divided into two separate categories: chemical or surgical. Surgical castration is the removal of a man’s testicles, for the purpose of lowing his testosterone levels, leading to lower levels of sexual desires (Stone et al., 2000). Chemical castration is an injection of an antidrogenic, which works to inhibit the brain from producing hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone (Harrison, 2008, Stone et al., 2000)....   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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The Problem with Genetic Enhancement

- In 1913 Teddy Roosevelt, who is considered to be one of the greatest US presidents to serve in office, wrote to the Department of Genetics, “Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind [...]. The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity....” (Dykes, 2008, p. 1). What Teddy Roosevelt was referring to was the idea of enhancing the human population. Today genetic enhancement is paired specifically with technology, but throughout history genetic enhancement has been a very popular but controversial topic....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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Maternal Age and Down Syndrome

- The Influence of Maternal Age on Down syndrome Children born to older parents are at greater risk for genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. No one knows what causes the chromosomal abnormality that results in Down syndrome, a condition according to the National Association for Down syndrome, affects one in 800 to 1,000 babies in the United States. Any woman regardless of her culture, race and socio-economic status can have a baby with Down syndrome. However, a mother’ age seems to be a unifying factor among children with Down syndrome....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Leaning Towards Mainstreaming & Inclusion

- Mainstreaming and inclusion are very controversial subjects in the world of education, yet both are a milestone which we have reached for all special needs children. After researching the history of handicapped and special needs children, I have a stronger understanding of the subject matter. As a teacher in training, I feel that all children must feel comfortable, safe, and free in order to grow and to discover. Mainstreaming or inclusion can achieve such a achievement for most special needs children today....   [tags: Teaching, Education, History]

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Bioengineering and Its Subsidiary Fields

- Bioengineering and the Flaws of Consequentialism Pierce College Abstract In 1973 the first bacteria were genetically modified. In 1974 mice were genetically modified. And in 1982 genetically modified bacteria capable of producing insulin were commercialized. Genetically modified food has been sold since 1994. In a similar time frame, the ideologies of stem cell research and therapeutic reproductive cloning have come to fruition. It is the aim of this paper to demonstrate through consequentialist ethical reasoning, particularly using the concepts of utilitarianism and relativism that no definitive judgment can be made on the morality and ethical correctness of bioengineering and its subsidiar...   [tags: Bacteria, Genetically Modified]

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Debatable Issues in Human Cloning

- Debatable Issues in Human Cloning With the implementations of new technologies in modern society, new ideas and discoveries have immensely influenced topics and issues that were never realistically thought of decades ago. Scientists have managed to switch their primary roles in humanity and are finding ways to portray themselves as the creators of a new human race. Cloning, the identical replication of an organism through the usage of genetic placement, has become a hugely debatable topics amongst Christians and scientists....   [tags: christian ethics, switch cells on and off]

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Gene Therapy to the Rescue

- In April 2000 two babies were born with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder, which causes them to live inside protective “sterile” bubbles. Seeing this French researches removed stem cells from the infants’ marrows and put in genetically altered viruses. Two years later, the children are still healthy (Trefil). Gene therapy is where a single defective gene is replaced with a good one to treat a disease. Adding genes that cause the right proteins to be made is also the use of gene therapy. There are two types of gene therapies: somatic and germ-line....   [tags: Gene Therapy, Somatic, Germ Line]

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Health of the Roma People

- Introduction Romanticized in children’s stories and used as threats by parents to discipline their rowdy children, the term “gypsy” has always brought forth images of exotic, wild, unruly, bohemian lifestyles, considered heathen and ungodly in nature. Women in scantily clad clothes, reading fortunes into a crystal ball in elaborate wagons on wheels with musicians and tricksters around, gypsies were said to steal your children, women, and your money in the night. Even today, the term “gypped”, which dates back to 1899, is still used in casual conversation, perhaps with no knowledge of the origin, by many to mean “being robbed”....   [tags: outsiders, gypsy, india]

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Playing God: Producing ¨Three-Parents¨ Embryos

- Who wouldn’t like to have a baby free of disease. That is the dream of every parent. Every time a baby is born, the only wish that the parents have is that the baby will be healthy and live longer. Today, if parents could have a chance not to worry about this issue, wouldn’t they take it. Genetic engineering is a process in which recombinant DNA (RDNA) technology is used to introduce desirable traits into organisms. What if I say that these desirable traits can be used to the detriment of society....   [tags: genetics, select gender, babies]

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Genetic Choices- Prenatal Genetic Testing

- Genetic Choices: Prenatal genetic Testing Technology not a days has progressed tremendously in the last few decades. When women got pregnant, there were not as many tests done back then than there are now. Expecting mothers now can see 3D/4D images of their unborn child and get genetic tests done to see if their child will have anything wrong with them. There are tests done now to see if a child will have down syndrome or tay-sachs, which they can now check 10-14 weeks, and doctors can now check to see if the unborn fetus is going to have diseases and disabilities before the child is even born....   [tags: Technological Advancements, Expecting Mothers]

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Taking a Look at Biocriminology

- Biocriminology, also referred to as biosocial criminology, commonly has a negative connotation because of its roots from the shadows of eugenics and social Darwinism, long condemned as pseudoscientific and vilified for stoking the German Nazi movement. It is the idea that a person's genes or hormones could lead to criminal behavior, and has been out of favor among most criminologists. However, discoveries in genetics and neurology that have supported theories that genetics do play a role in criminal behavior have led to the emergence of a subfield in criminology....   [tags: biosocial criminology, the criminal mind]

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The Benefits of Genetic Engineering

- Sam is a fifteen year old girl who has been fighting cystic fibrosis her whole life, and at this age she knows her life is cut short and will barley make it past the age of thirty. Kids who are born with this have an abnormal gene, and something as simple as that can cut someone’s life short. Modern technology and science has changed the world we live in today, from creating things as simple as a play station four’s or a smart phone to creating the power to genetically clone human race. Scientist could genetically modify genes to be cured from diseases like cystic fibrosis, Huntington disease, and even breast cancer but many argue that this wouldn’t be an ethical thing to do....   [tags: disease, stem cells, research]

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Infertitily and In Vitro Fertilization

- In ancient times, men and young women, usually around 14, 15, or 16, would get married because the goal was to have children, specifically a son, who could inherit the wealth and property of the family. A marriage was not even valid if it was not consummated through sexual intercourse leading to a birth of a unique, wonderful child. When parents did not give birth to a son, they had to keep trying until they did, and some never had a son- only daughters. Other women were infertile, and would have loved to have had a child....   [tags: ancient times, human life]

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

- Separate but Equal. The gay community is fighting a battle that seems all too familiar right now. Anti-gay marriage conservatives bare a striking resemblance to those who once believed interracial marriages would destroy the sanctity of marriage and children of those couples were victims of their interracial parents. The Love v. Virginia case in 1967 was a victory for interracial couples where the Supreme Court ruled that states could not pass state laws prohibiting race mixing. Today it seems absurd to think that before that case, people felt so strongly against two people joining in matrimony who were different from them, similar to the way many people feel about gay marriage....   [tags: Marriage, Miscegenation, Interracial marriage]

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Gattaca And Pleasantville Vs. Pleasantville

- Imagine starting your day and not having a clue of what to do, but you begin to list the different options and routes you can take to eventually get from point A to point B. In choosing from that list, there coins the term “free will”. Free will is our ability to make decisions not caused by external factors or any other impediments that can stop us to do so. Being part of the human species, we would like to believe that we have “freedom from causation” because it is part of our human nature to believe that we are independent entities and our thoughts are produced from inside of us, on our own....   [tags: Free will, Causality, English-language films]

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The Nature Of Human Nature

- The nature of humanity has been an inalienable component of establishing significant classical theories by political scientists in the history of politics. Even Aristotle, widely regarded as a crucial contributor to forging politics as an area of elevated study knew this, and stated, “… it is evident that the state is a creation of nature, and that man is by nature a political animal. ” In this statement, Aristotle adamantly asserts that the state is the production of human nature, as humans are inclined to create the state according to their hereditary political nature....   [tags: Psychology, Soul, Philosophy, Human nature]

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The Effects of Scientific Racism on Black Women

- The Effects of Scientific Racism on Black Women Scientific racism has been used to oppress, enslave and to justify torture. In my essay I will explore how scientific racism has been used to detriment the health of women of colour. Throughout history women of colour have been experimented upon, sexualized and reproductively abused with scientific racism as justification or the underlying premise for the thought behind this abuse. I will explore this idea using examples throughout various periods of history, as well I will show the contemporary effects....   [tags: Papers]

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The Ethics of Cloning

- Imagine a world where everyone looked like you and was related to you as a sibling, cousin, or any form of relation, wouldn’t that be freaky. Although cloning is not an important issue presently, it could potentially replace sexual reproduction as our method of producing children. Cloning is a dangerous possibility because it could lead to an over-emphasis on the importance of the genotype, no guaranteed live births, and present risks to both the cloned child and surrogate mother. It also violates the biological parent-child relationship and can cause the destruction of the normal structure of a family....   [tags: Genetics Biology Genes Essays Papers ]

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Pandoras Box

- According to Greek mythology, the griefs of life came into existence as a result of the introduction of a woman into a purely man inhabited world. The gods were said to have only created men, until Zeus became angry with mankind and devised the most horrible punishment he could conceive, creating Woman. Zeus instructed the smith of the gods, Hephaestus, to create her from the materials of earth and make her irresistibly beautiful. Each of the Greek gods gave her a gift of skill, and aptly named her Pandora, meaning "all gifted." The messenger god, Hermes, with his winged sandals, took Zeus' ghastly creation down to earth, and with her a box given to her by the gods with instructions that it...   [tags: Sociology]

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Cloning Regulations Needed

- "It's a busy morning in the cloning laboratory of the big-city hospital. As always, the list of patients seeking the lab's services is a long one--and, as always, it's a varied one. Over here are the Midwestern parents who have flown in specially to see if the lab can make them an exact copy of their six-year-old daughter, recently found to be suffering from leukemia so aggressive that only a bone marrow transplant can save her. . . . In nine months, the parents, who face the very likely prospect of losing the one daughter they have, could find themselves raising two of her--the second created expressively to keep the first alive" (Kluger p....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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1900s Worldwide Overpopulation

- 1900s Worldwide Overpopulation Michael Beadling Jonathan Swift, author of, “ A Modest Proposal” is not alone in his literary theories regarding a method to cure the plaguing disease of overpopulation. Overpopulation meaning: the inability of society and of Earth to accommodate an excessive amount of persons. This problem has been addressed and dealt with in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. It is thought, that if there are too many people, than every new addition to the population takes away from those who already exist....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Human Genome Project

- Outline Thesis: Large corporations, such as insurance companies, and governments are looking to save money on future policyholders through the use of genetic testing. General information on the Human Genome Project Time of discussion leading up to implementation Who was involved Where does the funding come from Insurance Companies and discrimination Discrimination against unborn children Genetic testing for &#8220;bad'; or unwanted traits Fix vs. Abort Not covering unborn with unwanted traits Denying Benefits to Current Members Forcing Genetic test to continue coverage Not covering spouses, children, etc.....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Exploring Genetic Engineering

- Exploring Genetic Engineering Biotechnology is the use of biological systems; living things - to make or change products. It has been used for centuries in traditional activities like baking bread and making cheese. Traditional biotechnology involved for example, developing a new wheat variety with early ripening characteristics by crossbreeding different types of wheat until the desired characteristics and only those characteristics were present in the new wheat variety. The terms 'gene technology', and 'genetic engineering' mean the same thing, and refer to one type of modern biotechnology....   [tags: Papers]

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The Future of Mankind

- The discovery of DNA in 1953 has been the catalyst to many different innovations in the field of science (“History of Human…”). The field of genetics and reproductive technologies have since grown and developed since 1953, and the impossible has been achieved: as human beings we now have the technology available to genetically engineer our offspring. This concept of altering one’s offspring has been a topic of controversy since the idea was first conceived, questioning the ethics and the morals of this God-like technology....   [tags: Genetic Engineering ]

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Mississippi: A Closed Society

- “It was like a Nazi rally. Yes, it was just that way Nuremberg must have felt.” (Lambert, 114) The Nazi rally was referred to the public address Governer Ross Barnett gave at half time during the football game between Ole Miss and the University of Kentucky. Nazi’s as well had rallies lead by Hitler. They had a notion that Jews were an inferior race, based on the idea of Eugenics. The Nazi’s and the South were alike in that aspect. The South saw African Americans as an inferior race and the only race that could be superior was the white race....   [tags: political science]

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Deviance and Social Control

- The concepts 'Social Control' and 'Deviance' have more than one definition to me, my understandings of these terms are that they try to group, control and define different kinds of anti-social behaviour. In this essay I will be reflecting on how certain topics have deviant labels attached to them as a result of social control. I will be explaining my initial understanding and views of these topics, going on to explain how they may have been changed, challenged or reinforced after attending lectures and using the sources available to me to expand my knowledge....   [tags: Anti Social Behaviors, Teenagers, Social SKills]

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Sould Abortion Be Legal

- Should Abortion Be Legal Throughout history women have been known to reproduce for the men they have married, but some of the women have come to the thought that they should murder the child because the mothers believe they are not worthy enough to handle the child. These murders, women are committing, are called abortions. Since women were capable to have abortions, they have not cared about the after affects or the risks, but since it is now legal, women do not care about the harm they are committing....   [tags: Women, History, Children, Babies, Choice]

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Concerns with Mitochondrial Replacement

- ... This genetic modification is not only passed on to the child, but also the subsequent generations (Bredenoord, Pennings, and Wert 670). Techniques such as PNT and MST, makes it possible for children to be born with normal cellular energy production, because healthy donated mtDNA would populate their cells. As a consequence of this intervention, the resulting child’s sperm or egg cells their (‘germline’) would also develop using the donor’s mitochondria (Nuffield Council on Bioethics 57). Another concern towards mitochondrial replacement is the health and welfare of future children and the potential short- and long-term harms to them and their offspring, when it comes to germline interven...   [tags: genetic research and engineering]

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Overpopulation: Earth's Biggest Problem

- Overpopulation is earth’s biggest problem that needs to be solved. At a surprising rate, the earth’s population has been growing exponentially, and in more than a hundred years’ time it will rise to 12 billion people. Regarding this population growth, a lot of factors must be considered, such as cultural influences and Illiteracy. Solutions might be available, but do you believe that your chosen solution is best for you based on your preferences. As a result, we are now left with both a question and a choice “What do you think is the best solution in order to combat overpopulation and will you stick to moral teachings or follow what the experts would say?” Overpopulation re...   [tags: lack of resources in the future]

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Capitalism and Social Darwinism

- The economic system and ideology of Capitalism modifies the patterns of social, political and economic relations justifying a culture of Social Darwinism. As Capitalism modifies culture, its connection to Social Darwinism becomes obvious. The success of Capitalism is derived from the backs of the working class. Capitalism establishes a culture of paternalism that limits the autonomy of organizations, society, and the state. The social mobility of the poor and working classes is denied, and their condition is seen as voluntary....   [tags: culture, working, class, poverty]

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When Feminism Goes Wrong

- When Feminism Goes Wrong: The Creation of Africana Womanism Clenora Hudson-Weems, founder of Africana womanist theory, defines Africana womanism as “an ideology created and designed for all women of African descent. It is grounded in African culture, and therefore, it necessarily focuses on the unique experiences, struggles, needs and desires of Africana women” (Hudson-Weems, 2007). Finding the existing philosophies dealing with women’s issues lacking, Hudson-Weems sought out a new perspective that would reflect the unique experience of Africana women....   [tags: the creation of Africana Womanism]

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Biography of Aldous Huxley

- Aldous Leonard Huxley was born, in the English countryside, on July 26, 1894 to Leonard and Julia Huxley. He was their third child. His siblings were Julian, Trevenen, and Margaret. His father was the son of T. H. Huxley, a brilliant scientist, and his mother, Julia, was the great-niece of Matthew Arnold, a poet-philosopher. He was unusual and bright but not immediately academically distinguished (Hara 4). His mother had started a school for girls and that is where Huxley first started to bloom....   [tags: writer, love, technology]

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Psychology and Philosophy Quiz

- 1. What was the Enlightenment attitude toward science and how did this influence psychology’s history. The major impact on science in the Enlightenment was the request of confirmation of exploratory perceptions through the investigative system. Before the edification, exploratory information was recognized to be dependent upon what master said, a whole lot like stating "If the Bible said it was thus, it was so". Doctors utilized the books of Galen and others to perform surgeries and for their information of the human form, yet their graphs were regularly based upon dismemberments of creatures and extrapolations to people, so they were extremely mistaken....   [tags: Principles, Method]

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The Success of the Nazis in Indoctrinating the Young People of Germany

- The Success of the Nazis in Indoctrinating the Young People of Germany Hitler knew from the outset that the gaining the faith of the German youth would be key if he were to obtain his goal of the ‘1,000 year Reich’. The children were the future and Hitler's enormous plans for Germany could not come to life if the youth opposed him. Hitler controlled every aspect of their lives, schools were warped and after school youth movements were introduced to influence the youth the into supporting the Nazis when they grow up....   [tags: Papers]

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Human Cloning? Don't Just Say No written by Ruth Macklin

- “Human Cloning. Don't Just Say No,” written by Ruth Macklin, a professor of Bioethics, discusses the negative responses people have regarding human cloning. As the title says: “Human Cloning. Don't Just Say No,” Macklin believes that cloning deserves a chance to be developed in humans. Though there may not be any substantial benefits to human cloning, nobody has presented a persuasive case that cloning is harmful either. One of the points mentioned in the essay is about a violation to human dignity....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Role of Genetic Engineering in our Society

- The Role of Genetic Engineering in our Society With today's technology in genetic engineering, it seems we can almost play God. Scientifically speaking, are we enabling our bodies to survive all the traumas of a hostile environment, or are we endangering future generations to a limiting gene pool. Spiritually speaking, are we improving our bodies to save more of God's people, or are we attempting to "perfect" God's creation, and damning ourselves. The technology of genetic engineering is advancing at a dizzying pace, but is the morality at which we guide our use of this technology evolving quickly enough....   [tags: Technology Science Papers]

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Euthanasia Essay: Assisted Suicide and Killing Cripples

- Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide and Killing Cripples This desire to get rid of mentally and physically different people runs like a thread through human history. The Alaskan Inuits killed impaired kids at birth, as did the Masai of Africa and the Woggeo of New Guinea. Greeks in the fourth century BC used to expose (leave out in the weather to die) their disabled infants. China's rulers are soon to impose laws to "stop the prevalence of abnormal birth." This is not about stopping the birth of able-bodied people capable of performing massacres in Tiananmen Square....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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Brave New World and Gattaca

- Brave New World and Gattaca Huxley  Living in a genetically perfect world is not necessarily a great achievement to mankind.  It makes one think, "where do you draw the line in the advancement of eugenics?"  Both worlds, the Brave New one and Gattaca, are alternative futures (clearly dystopic), written and shown in a believable way (not as much in BNW, though) through the use of satire.  Also, for GATTACA, the director incorporates the traditional elements of movie - a murder-mystery tied in with a love story PLUS a science fiction touch - very effectively.  Satire in Huxley's novel is glaringly obvious (mockery of the education system and the morals of today along wi...   [tags: Brave New World]

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The Regime of Nazi Germany

- The Regime of Nazi Germany l Physical education was given 15% of school time, and some sports such as boxing became compulsory for boys. Pupils had to pass an examination, and unsatisfactory performance could lead to being expelled. l History. This concentrated on the rise of the Nazi Party, the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles and the evils of communism and the Jews. l Biology explained Nazi ideas on race and population control. Pupils were taught how to measure their skulls and to classify racial types; also that Aryans were superior and should not marry inferior races....   [tags: Papers]

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Rigor Mortis in Levi Strauss

- The incest taboo has long proved a problem for social scientists, and it is no different for Levi-Strauss. In numerous articles, Levi-Strauss attempts to reconcile nature and culture in the prohibition against incest. Although he does this effectively, and his conclusion seems valid, the way that he arrives at it opens his work, structuralism, and social science in general up to larger critiques. The critique of social science is not about the conclusions reached but about the seeming inability of the social scientist to overcome or even put through a rigorous and thorough examination the concepts inherent in their work....   [tags: Sociology]

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Aspects of Racism

- Today we live in a multicultural society, which means a nation is made out of several ethnic groups, with different cultures. But why was there xenophobia and racial hatred between peoples and why does it still exist. What really is "foreign", and what effect does it have on young people and young adults. And the most important question is: What is racism. I will in the course of my essay examine these issues. Firstly, I would like to define the term racism generally and talk about its characteristics: Racism is an ideology that uses real or fictitious differences between two ethnic groups for the benefit of the Prosecutor and for the detriment of the victims....   [tags: prejudice, racial profiling, social commentary]

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The Annapolis Summit

- This year a summit is occurring in Annapolis, Maryland. This summit, aptly named the Annapolis Summit consists of the current Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert and the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas and Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State of the United States to act as mediator between the two other parties. Analysts say this meeting between the two opposing parties could lead to great progress in stabilizing one of the catalysts of violence and instability in the Middle East today. The article relates to several themes discussed in History 20: the Israel-Palestinian conflict, which was a direct result of the Second World War; after Israel was founded it was an area where proxy wa...   [tags: Middle East ]

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History of Sexuality

- Married Love was an unprecedented book, which inadvertently redefined female sexuality. Often regarded as the precursor of sex-manuals, Married Love launched Stopes’ enormously successful career as a writer. Published in 1918, Married Love reviewed the intertwining relationship of marriage, sex and contraception, which in Stopes’ view were the fundamental components of a fulfilling and rewarding marriage. Like all discourse, Married Love is heavily embedded within a distinct historical and cultural context....   [tags: Sexuality, argumentative, persuasive]

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Leaning Towards Mainstreaming

- Mainstreaming and inclusion are very controversial subjects in the world of education, yet both are a milestone which we have reached for all special needs children. After researching the history of handicapped and special needs children, I have a stronger outlook on the subject matter. As a teacher in training, I feel that all children must feel comfortable, safe, and free in order to grow and to discover. Mainstreaming or inclusion can achieve such a feat for most special needs children today....   [tags: Special Education, inclusion, special needs]

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Polis of Sparta

- In this essay, I am going to talk about the main features in the polis of Sparta during the archaic period (C800 - 470BC). I will discuss factors such as the importance education, social hierarchy, military status, religious practices, and the role of women. In Sparta, the education and training system of a new-born literally began at birth. With each new child, there was to be inspection of its fitness. The first test came from its mother, the child would be bathed in wine to test its constitution....   [tags: History, The Spartan Society]

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Meaning of Slavery

- As a teenager, I have come across recent discoveries of myself and the world, the thirst to gain more knowledge, new responsibilities, and orders from elders. It is the overwhelming combination of these things that occasionally hit me with the feeling of being enslaved, chained to the world, my home, and my family. These expectations and dictations are restrictions, but they do not represent true slavery. True slavery controls every aspect of a man; the dictator must enslave the man’s body and destroy his mind....   [tags: literary Analysis, Ayn Rand’s Anthem]

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Progress in America

- Human civilization is constantly in a state of flux. It is always changing, evolving, and adapting to the ways that humans not only interact with one and other, but also with the earth on which we reside. We often call this evolving interaction progress. Progress can be defined as the destruction and re-building of social, political, and religious norms to promote a more prosperous and equitable society. Perhaps more than any other event in human history the European “discovery” of the New World fundamentally altered the social, political, and religious landscape the world over....   [tags: New World, Discovery, Society]

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The Tuskegee Study

- President Clinton in 1997 apologized for the harm caused by what might be called as America’s most notorious medical experiments, ‘The Tuskegee Study’ saying “The legacy of the study at Tuskegee has reached far and deep, in ways that hurt our progress and divides our nation. We cannot be one America when a whole segment of our nation has no trust in America. An apology is the first step, and we take it with a commitment to rebuild that broken trust. We can begin by making sure there is never again another episode like this one....   [tags: medical experiment, ethics, medical scandals]

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Happiness in Literature

- Aldous Huxley Brave New World was published in 1932 depicting a utopian society. The title taken out of Shakespeare the tempest from one of Miranda’s famous quotes “o brave new world”. The story takes place in the year A.F 632 London, in a world were humans are no longer procreated and bearded by women but are generically reproduced along with having predestinated lives replacing the role of God who has also been eliminated along with religion all together eliminating traditional forms of happiness such as culture literature books traditions and morals only to be kept alive by those called savages ,people not part of the new world, in which one salvage named john is introduced to the New wo...   [tags: Literature and Happiness]

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Nazi Human Experiments

- This report is over human experiments conducted by various governments over several decades. The governments involved include, but are not limited to, the Nazis, the soviets and even America. Some of these experiments that were tested on these people were very disgusting and extremely cruel. The Nazis performed some of the most horrific experiments of anyone. The Auschwitz under the direction of Dr. Eduard wirths had inmates selected to certain experiments which were designed to help the Germans....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Soviets, Americans]

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Disability and Employment

- Introduction People with impairments encounter disadvantages when entering and remaining in the labour market. This is due to specific set principals and values that western society has on work been organised around maximising profit and the competition between workers. (Barnes, 2003 P. 1) These specific set of values and principles prevent people with impairments participating in the labour market as a result of the “environmental and cultural barriers associated with capitalism” (Barnes, 2003 P....   [tags: segregation in the labour market]

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Understanding Genetic Engineering

- Genetic Engineering With the advancement of technology over the years, we as a society have created ways to do things that were completely unimaginable not long ago. These technological advancements have led to the development in medical research and treatment. The things that hospitals can do nowadays are mind blowing on a scale that is ridiculous is size. Technology in the medical field has led to things like cloning, gene splicing, skin grafts, transplants, transfusions, and many more amazing innovations....   [tags: creating crops and animals, dna, ethics]

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Bio-ethics and Cloning

- Bio-ethics and Cloning The idea that humans might someday be cloned-created from a single somatic cell without sexual reproduction-moved further away from science fiction and closer to a genuine scientific possibility on February 23, 1997. On that date, The Observer broke the news that Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at the Roslin Institute announced the successful cloning of a sheep by a new technique that had never before been fully successful in mammals. The scientists from Roslin Institute of Edinburgh isolated differentiated somatic cells of Finn Dorset sheep and fused them with unfertilized enucleated eggs....   [tags: Biology Science Genetics Essays]

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Brave New World

- Brave New World The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is an excellent book. The story accurately depicts the variation between a fictitious “utopia” and our present world. His vivid descriptions of the events and rituals of the utopians make the story a very quick read. The story starts out with a group of students learning about the way each member of the population is produced. The DHC explains how each person is predestined for a certain class and job and throughout the fetal growth time, you are conditioned to the environment that job entails....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Gene Therapy

- Gene Therapy Gene therapy, the process of inserting a gene into an organism to replace or repair gene function to treat a disease or genetic defect, has made headlines world wide over the past several years as the new cutting edge technique that has the potential to change the way we look at medicine and treat people. Gene therapy is a method of treating inherited diseases by inserting copies of genes into the cells of affected individuals. The current research on gene therapy has centered on targeting somatic cells, such as red blood cells and nerve cells....   [tags: Genetics Genetic Engineering Essays]

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The Worsening of the Status and Position of Jews in Germany in the Years 1933 to 1939

- The Worsening of the Status and Position of Jews in Germany in the Years 1933 to 1939 The status and position of Jews in Germany grew worse in the years 1933 ------------------------------------------------------------------ to 1939 because Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party came to power. -------------------------------------------------------------- Hitler's ideas were not his own and certainly not new. When Hitler was a young failed art student he may have read Anti- Semitic books by Wilhelm Marr and Theodor Fritsch, later Fritsch was honoured as an elder statesman by the Nazis....   [tags: Papers]

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The Aims and the Results of the Attempts by the Nazi Regime to Transform German Society

- The Aims and the Results of the Attempts by the Nazi Regime to Transform German Society When the Nazis came to power in 1933 they began to introduce a set of ideas into the German society. These ideas were based on the Nazi ideology, which had been outlined by Hitler in his book "Mein Kampf" or "My Struggle" a few years earlier. This essay will examine the Nazis' attempts to integrate their ideological beliefs about youth and about women into the German society. The essay will also assess the success of this integration....   [tags: Papers]

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The Esthetic Theory and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- The Esthetic Theory and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man    In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Stephen Dedalus defines beauty and the artist's comprehension of his/her own art. Stephen uses his esthetic theory with theories borrowed from St. Thomas Aquinas and Plato. The discourse can be broken down into three main sections: 1) A definitions of beauty and art. 2) The apprehension and qualifications of beauty. 3) The artist's view of his/her own work. I will explain how the first two sections of his esthetic theory relate to Stephen....   [tags: Portrait Artist Young Man]

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The Ethical Implications of the Human Genome Project and its Parallel Efforts

- The human genome consists of all the genes that make up the master blue print for building a human being. There are about one hundred thousand genes concealed inside of the nucleus of each cell. The genes are tangled inside of an elongated genetic structure that is called the chromosome. Mapping and eventually decoding the human genome will enable us to provide strategies to diagnose and possibly prevent different genetic diseases, and disorders. Eventually, we may even unravel the mysteries of human embryonic development, as well as gain insights into our evolutionary past....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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