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Empathy and (Film) Fiction, by Alex Neill

- Relations between sympathy-empathy expressiveness and fiction have become a significant issue in the debate on the emotional responses to the film fiction. Due to their complexity many scholars found it useful to diagram them. With his essay, “Empathy and (Film) Fiction”, Alex Neill tries to develop new theory for analyzing the fiction and, especially, the emotional responses from the audience on it. The project of this essay is represented with an aim to show the audience the significant value of the emotional responses to the film fiction....   [tags: Analysis, Empathy and Sympathy]

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Empathy and Cutlural Competence by Michaela Colombo

- The article I read was “Empathy and Cultural Competence: Reflections from Teachers of Culturally Diverse Children” by Michaela W. Colombo. After reading this article I will be talking about what the article is about, me thoughts on the article, and how the article relates to NAEYC’s code of ethics. The article talks about how teachers need to have cultural compatibility. While it might be difficult for some teacher to grasp and understand the different cultures behaviors and beliefs. For those teacher that can are more likely to provide a learning environment that is enriching and responsive to the children’s different cultures....   [tags: cultural, perspective, empathy]

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Narrative Medicine: Doctor´s Empathy

- ... Garden attributes the lost of empathy to the social-dynamics, and power-struggle that emerges between medical students and their superiors which pans out into their relationships with their patients when they become the “superiors”, whereas Charon believes it is due to various stressors of the institution. Overall, they still both recognize that there is a lost of empathy, there is a need for empathy, and that this problem can possible be amended by teaching empathy. There are many ways in which medical educators can “teach” empathy....   [tags: patients, listen, empathy]

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Social Empathy

- Social media has changed the way people communicate with each other and in turn, has affected our ability to empathize in both negative and positive ways. One of the most harmful consequences is the rise of cyber-bullying. Another negative issue has been the trend of trolling in comments sections of websites, chat rooms, and other online venues of communication. In spite of this, there have been constructive consequences due to social media such as the ability for family and friends to keep in touch on a regular basis....   [tags: Social Media, Communication, Empathy]

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On Empathy

- <a href="">Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1999 edition) defines empathy as: "The ability to imagine oneself in anther's place and understand the other's feelings, desires, ideas, and actions. It is a term coined in the early 20th century, equivalent to the German Einfühlung and modelled on "sympathy." The term is used with special (but not exclusive) reference to aesthetic experience....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Empathy and Paraphrasing in the Profession of Psychology

- Interpersonal communication skills are an important asset in most professions, but are considered to be especially vital in the profession of psychology. Anderson, Ogles, Patterson, Lambert, & Vermeersch (2009) report that the quality of a therapist’s interpersonal skills is an important factor to be considered when predicting the outcome of psychotherapy. Empathic communication can have a significant effect on building rapport, and on the overall client-therapist relationship. Paraphrasing can be used to facilitate deeper understanding, and can also have an impact on the outcome of therapy....   [tags: interpersonal communication skills]

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Empathy and Why it is Important in Education

- Empathy and Why it is Important in Education Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s position and to intuit what that person is feeling (Pink, 2006). Rather than simply sympathizing, empathy enables us to put ourselves into the shoes of another and actually feel what they are feeling. This vicarious sense allows us to better understand people and their experiences. Understanding others and their experiences is vital in education. Whether dealing with different races, religions, sexes, etc., empathy provides us with an avenue to widespread understanding of others that even language cannot....   [tags: psychology, teaching]

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in Leadership

- ... The researchers further concluded that the respondents believe that empathy is inappropriate in the business setting and in addition they themselves are not familiarized with empathy. The participants in this survey varied in age from 21 to 30 years, this is significant because of their poor outlook on empathy across the board. It is assumed by this finding that their empathetic thinking had not reached full maturity. It is believed however, that through proper training, their lack of empathetic abilities can be strengthened....   [tags: secular and Christian worldviews]

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Empathy and Commitment as the Basis for Trust

- Empathy and Commitment as the Basis for Trust In Philoctetes by Sophocles, Odysseus commands Neoptolemos to abandon justice and base a relationship with Philoctetes on dishonesty to gain his trust and ultimately his bow. However, Neoptolemos acknowledges a similar burden plagues Philoctetes that becomes the basis of trust between them. Neoptolemos attempts to reconcile with Odysseus’ orders by stealing the bow and abandoning Philoctetes. Unable to fulfill the orders, Neoptolemos returns to Philoctetes indicating his commitment and his lack of trust with the Atreidai....   [tags: Literature Review]

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The Distance of Empathy in Byron's "Manfred"

- In his essay “On the Tragedies of Shakespeare,” Charles Lamb criticizes the theatrical performances of Shakespeare for providing an experience that inherently provides at worst, a misrepresentation or at best, a shallow representation of a particular character’s emotional depth. This is not to say that Lamb is necessarily criticizing bad acting, but rather he argues that the activities of acting and judging of acting raise “non-essentials” to an unjustified importance that is “injurious to the main interest of the play.” In other words, the viewer’s experience of watching a play is an experience inferior to a reader’s experience of reading the play....   [tags: Literature]

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To Kill A Mockingbird: A Story of Empathy

- Have American’s lost the ability to show empathy. Although a novice reader may struggle to see how a book written over 50 years ago bears any connection to our modern world, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird could not be any more relevant. The citizens of fictional Maycomb County acknowledge their flawed legal system and unfair social castes as unfortunate truths of life, of which all you can do is accept it as fact. The sole exception is lawyer Atticus Finch, who is in charge of defending the accused in court....   [tags: Harper Lee novel review]

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Lack of Empathy V. Psychopathy

- In the book, The Stranger, Merseault is convicted of first degree murder. During the questioning Merseault is indifferent about the murder. Lawyers note that Merseault feels no remorse towards his violent action and as a result of this, the jury finds Merseault guilty; the penalty is execution. The jury believes he is a danger to society and calls him a monster. Merseault lacks empathy; he is unable to recognize and respond to other people’s feelings (Baron-Cohen). However, this is not enough to state that Merseault is a danger to society....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Showing Empathy in the Workplace

- The Dalai Lama defines compassion as having much empathy for others’ till we can start to share each others’ own suffering. Empathy should be presented towards all beings including our enemies; that is the most effortless and purest form of compassion. The Dalai Lama would argue that when it comes to the use of compassion in our professional life is somewhat crucial or else “our activities are in danger of becoming destructive.” (Dalai Lama, pg. 64). This meaning that we wouldn’t consider the things we do or the decisions we make and how that might affect others’....   [tags: compassion, decisions, leadership, relationship]

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Empathy and Non-Verbal Communication

- Empathy develops overtime in a bonding relationship. Empathy is being able to understand the feelings another person is undergoing. In the Human Relationships Encyclopedia it states “empathy is a psychological phenomenon that at least temporarily unites the separate social entities of self and other.” (Human Relationships, 515) Two different types of empathy are cognitive and emotional empathy. Cognitive empathy is when a person tries to understand the feels of another, while emotional empathy is when people share similar emotions and feelings....   [tags: relationship building]

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Quality Healthcare Includes Empathy

- Quality Healthcare Includes Empathy A man walks into an emergency room with an intense pain in his abdomen. He is hoping to find a doctor who knows how to treat him. The doctor enters his room and begins robotically palpating his abdomen, showing no hint of recognition for the pain he is in. The man begins to ask himself, “Does this doctor care that I am in extreme pain?” He then wonders, “If he doesn’t care that I am in pain, how motivated can he be to ease my pain?” This might seem like a silly question....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Spiritual Empathy

- Spiritual empathy is to be able to feel and understand what another person is feeling or trying to communicate. As social workers, we work with clients who are going through a life crisis. A life crisis would be anything that threatens the clients well being. Stress and anxiety can lead to health problems and damaging dysfunctional behaviors. To best serve our clients we have to show spiritual empathy. Spiritual methods of therapy are controversial among workers in the health field including social workers....   [tags: Social Work]

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Empathy Vs. Compassion

- Often when using the words of empathy and compassion, many people envision them as having similar meaning. While they may share similar circumstances, they are actually quite different. Empathy is more of an emotional response with an understanding of a person’s particular situation; whereas compassion is an emotion that arouses an active response to alleviate a distressful situation. Nevertheless, these dissimilar expressions are paramount in the way people respond to the individual needs of others and how they reach out to others in their local communities....   [tags: Psychology]

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empathy and sympathy

- On Tuesday 6:30am an old friend of my mine that I knew for 20 years in NY, past away due to a heartatach, it was a shock to my self and all his family. I flew out to New York, trying to put my self together as it just hit me I will never see him again or hear his remarks about my way of life. All of the sudden I realized if I feel like that how will his children feel, how will there stepmother feel, and I remember yes they just lost their mom few years ago and now their dad. I started feeling sorry for them....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rapport and Empathy: Important Skills for Communication in Health Services

- Rapport and empathy are two essential skills for communication in health services. In this integrative essay, it is displayed how rapport and empathy play an important role for communication in health services, such as counselling and psychotherapy. Empathy helps building rapport with the client. Both skills are needed in counselling, because once the client has found trust in the counsellor there is a bigger chance of them opening up about their feelings. If a client has a good rapport with the counsellor, they are less likely to discontinue the sessions....   [tags: counseling, therapy]

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Empathy Learning to Listen and Understand Others: Daniel Coleman

- Empathy is an important part of the human experience. When we empathize we connect with others, feel what they are feeling, understand others, love and feel loved. People want to be heard and understood, even if their viewpoints differ from those of another person. There was a time when families engaged each other in dialogue. Thoughts, ideas, and beliefs were shared face to face, without being concerned that judgment was being passed. We live in a world today that has access to information in the single click of a computer mouse....   [tags: social intelligence, relationships]

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Empathy: Heredity and Environmental Effects on an Individual’s Life

- Empathy: defining its existence Life is a constant journey and learning experience that ultimately shapes the person you become. Through this journey of life people develop certain traits that attribute to the relationships they develop and the barriers that come along with them. One trait that grows throughout the lifespan is empathy. Empathy is more pronounced in some individuals who engage in the activities such as listening or awareness that awaken this trait helping it develop further. Our relationships are highly influenced by our empathetic ways producing satisfaction in our lives and welfare (Beadle et al, 2013)....   [tags: thoughts, emotions, and feelings]

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Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy

- Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy Many psychological studies have been carried out over the years in the topic of personality, in aiming to grasp the type of factors that are involved in bestowing us the personalities that we hold. Most people will have probably come across various personality tests at some stage or another, which ask you lots of questions and then analyze your results in trying to categorize what kind of personality you've got. One of the most fascinating aspects of personality is the issue of gender roles in our personalities....   [tags: Papers]

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The Relationship Between Empathy and Held Stereotypes of the Homeless

- Homelessness is a social suffering experienced by human beings throughout the world. In 2013, the NYC Department of Homeless Services reported that about 1 out of every 2,662 people out of the general New York City population of 8,244,910, experienced homelessness (NYC Department of Homeless Services, 2013). Preceding these findings, in 2012, the US Department of Housing and Development reported that New York’s homeless population accounts for about 11 percent of the US’s homeless population (2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report)....   [tags: social suffering, poverty]

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What Is the Impact of Showing Empathy in Nursing Practice?

- Studies have suggested that empathetic nursing may positively affect the quality of nursing care, contributing to more positive outcomes in regards to the health and well-being of patients, in various degrees of ill health. Hojat (2007); Mercer & Reynolds, 2002, Raudonis, 1993). In contrast, Slaby (2014) believes that empathy has a ‘blind spot’ of imposing only the personal perspectives and life experiences of that nurse onto the patient, this therefore may lead to assumptions which could prove demeaning and incorrect....   [tags: health care professionals]

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Courage and Empathy in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- Why is it important to have moral values. To know what’s right in a situation. To put the well being of others before yourself. For most people in the small fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, values and fairness are not important. The Maycomb townspeople only follow the social norms based on racism, and their decisions are influenced by these norms. However a certain few in the town do have moral values and look to do the right thing when faced with a tough decision. In the award winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, true understanding of courage and empathy lead Jem and Scout closer to maturity....   [tags: racism, norms, morla, values]

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Faulkner's Ability to Draw Empathy From the Reader

- “Dysfunctional families pervade Yoknapatawpa County” (Urgo 66). The ventures of the three key characters in Light in August lead to inevitable outcomes due to their families’ neglect. Each individual respectively has his own faults in life. However, it is a mixture of childhood negligence and happenstance which causes these characters to isolate themselves and commit negative acts. Undoubtedly, William Faulkner develops empathy through the trials of Hightower, Lena Grove, and Joe Christmas as they confront their families’ past actions....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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History by Heart: Why Empathy Impedes Accuracy

- Sources are essential when investigating events of the past. However, narrative texts are forces to be reckoned with, in constructing our own memories pertaining to history. We can be trained to analyze every last drop of a source if we are so driven, but the moment it starts to pull at our heartstrings, we may not be so bold. Instead, we often treat narrative texts as binoculars into the past, guiding our educational journey. Doubts of credibility or accuracy are given backseat status, as these sources tap into our empathetic human nature....   [tags: History]

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Situational Leadership and Empathy

- What can we say about leadership. Leadership is a concept, way of life, and aspect of continuous evolution. Trying to narrow down or pinpoint an exact definition to be applied to this term is non-existent. Rather you can only apply certain aspects of this term to better understand it. The area which I will go into is “how situational leadership coincides with empathy as far as generating a successful or non-successful leader.” First let us look at what situational leadership is. Situational leadership is seen as a leadership method according to the present situation you may be in....   [tags: Leader Leadership Qualities Business Essays]

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charant Empathy for Characters in Sophocles' Antigone

- Empathy for Characters in Sophocle's Antigone Sophocle's tragic play Antigone, written in 441 BC, is a theatrical piece of drama in which an audience is compelled to empathize with its character's. When empathizing with characters in Antigone the audience can, in imaginative and cognitive ways, participate in the understanding of a character's feelings, ideas as well as their situations. Antigone, Creon and Ismene all struggle with decisions that concern the laws of their city and the cosmic law of religion and moral judgement....   [tags: Antigone essays]

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Nursing Coat of Arms: Cultural Competence, Communication, Empathy, Teamwork, and Pride

- Nursing has been a rapidly evolving profession for over the past few decades and the role of nursing has become increasingly defined. Five distinct qualities that have become essential qualities for nurses today are cultural competence, communication, empathy, teamwork and pride. This following paper will discuss and explain the five qualities mentioned above and the symbols used to represent each quality in our Coat of Arms. Cultural competence is a valuable quality nurses must process to provide quality care....   [tags: Nursing ]

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How Does Bernard Shaw Create Comedy, Seriousness, Sympathy, and Empathy in Pygmalion?

- In the play, Pygmalion, Bernard Shaw creates many events that consist of comedy, seriousness, sympathy and empathy. These four emotions helps the audience decide what they feel towards --------------Shaw creates a lot of humour often in ways where Higgins is not aware of it. After Eliza had showed her anger and hatred towards him by throwing insults at him Higgins calmly replies back. The surprise for the audience in this is that usually the audience would expect Higgins to retaliate in a similar fashion, but instead he talks to her in a peaceful manner....   [tags: emotions, humor, sarcasm, serious]

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Characteristics that Make a Good Nurse Leader

- Introduction Leadership is a very important concept in the area of nursing. Successful leaders can't achieve goals without inspired and motivated followers. Most people have observed nurses who've been placed in leadership positions but failed to capture the hearts and souls of those they lead (Feltner, Mitchell, Norris & Wolfle, 2008). In essence these types of leaders are very ineffective in what they do. In order to be a successful leader, one must possess certain characteristics that not only define who they are but inspire those who they lead....   [tags: Empathy, Excellence]

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Barbara Ascher's On Compassion and David Wallace's This Is Water

- The two essays “On Compassion” and “This is Water” by Barbara Ascher and David Wallace argue their different viewpoints on both compassion and empathy. While Ascher simply argues that compassion is not a simple character trait but more so a skill acquired overtime; Wallace tries to convince his audience that humans are preprogramed to be motivated by their own selfish desires and must reprogram themselves to think out of sympathy and concern for others. Barbara Ascher’s, essay, “On Compassion,” compels the audience to interpret the compassion and empathy with their underlying definitions....   [tags: compassion, empathy]

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Alyce in Karen Cushman’s The Midwife’s Apprentice

- Karen Cushman’s The Midwife’s Apprentice is about a young homeless girl who doesn’t know anything about herself. This girl is found sleeping in a dung heap by a village and the village’s Midwife decides she’ll give her shelter if she’ll work as her apprentice. From that moment, her new life starts and she finds an identity that fits her and a new name, occupation and a place she belongs to. Alyce’s smartness, empathy and curiousness are a great combination that leads her to become a midwife’s apprentice, and as she works she starts to learn how the world works....   [tags: Orphan, Empathy]

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The Effects of Storytelling on Expressions of Empathy in Preschool Aged Children

- The Effects of Storytelling on Expressions of Empathy in Preschool Aged Children The present study examined affective and cognitive empathy in preschool children. Seventeen children, ages three to five years, were given The Young Children's Empathy Measure to determine their understanding of empathy. Participants were then read a children's story and given the empathy measure again, to see if they expressed more empathy after hearing about a sympathetic protagonist. A second baseline score was obtained one week after the story was administered....   [tags: Papers]

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An Assessment of College Students’ Attitudes and Empathy Toward Rape

- An Assessment of College Students’ Attitudes and Empathy Toward Rape Methods: The study is a descriptive cross-sectional survey implemented to assess students' attitudes toward rape and empathy toward survivors of rape. A pilot study using 30 college students with a two-week interval was used to establish reliability of the ATR and RES. Subject's birth day, month, and first three digits of their phone numbers were used as identifiers for the retest portion of the pilot study. A two-tailed t test was performed comparing test scores across the 2-week interval....   [tags: Rape Journals Case Studies Essays]

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Comparing Empathy in Blade Runner and Slaughterhouse-Five

- Empathy in Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)and Slaughterhouse-Five        "What does it mean to be human?"  This is a question that is often asked in literary works.  Is it our intelligence that separates us from being like any other animal on this planet or is it something else?  Perhaps it is our ability to feel empathy for other humans and other forms of life.  If this is so, then how is it that we also have violence and wars where humans hurt and kill other humans?  How is it that humans can hurt animals without a second thought, if it's our ability to feel empathy that separates us from them?  Both Philip K....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Emotional and Social Intelligence

- The idea that leaders need social skills is not new. Daniel Goleman first introduced us to the concept of emotional intelligence; the affect emotions have on our ability to think well. He later expanded the theory that both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Intelligence (SQ) relate to the way one deals with emotions. While EQ focuses on how we handle our emotion, SQ focuses on how we handle other’s emotions. For any leader to communicate effective, it is helpful to be attuned to other thoughts and emotions....   [tags: empathy, attunement]

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Importance of Understanding, Compassion and Empathy in Patient Care

- Lying in a hospital bed feeling, sick, scared and helpless, the only comforting thought is supposed to be knowing that when you need something, a nurse is there to help you. You ring the call bell for assistance in going to the restroom and no one comes. You ring the bell again, and still no one comes. You ring it for the third time and a voice comes over the speaker, "I will be back in a few minutes, I have some things I have to finish up". You need to get out of bed right now, and you can’t do it alone....   [tags: Nursing Reflective Practice]

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Empathy for the Character Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

- Empathy for the Character Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare I believe deep down everyone has felt like they themselves where Hamlet. They can empathize with some of the emotions Hamlet was feeling, the grief and the sorrow, the abandonment and resentment. Not many carry their fantasy as far as Hamlet did. Shakespeare wrote of a man who had to face the great loss. Not the loss of his beloved father or of his lover Ophelia, but he lost himself in a world of make-believe where he could regain the control that he lost in his life....   [tags: Papers]

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Empathy and Social Change in To Kill a Mockingbird, Milk, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

- Empathy and Social Change in To Kill a Mockingbird, Milk, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Empathy: “The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experiences fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner” (according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary). When we think of social change, several of the themes in the literature we have discussed are based upon this concept of empathy....   [tags: Milk, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner]

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The Wild Thornberrys; obligation of humanity

- In society, humanity has the opportunity to communicate with other species by using emotional empathy, cognitive empathy, and non-verbal communication. This opportunity is also seen as an obligation to be able to communicate with animals and with these advantages, should be successful. In the Wild Thornberrys, Eliza demonstrates the obligation for humanity to use a combination of emotional and cognitive empathy and non-verbal communication to build a relationship with animals. Emotional empathy is necessary in developing a relationship....   [tags: Emotional and Cognitive Empathy]

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Art: Everyday Life in Motion

- Art is life in motion. Art is everywhere in life and influences peoples’ daily lives. Art is an expression of a person's interior thought, a revelation of the imaginative process. An individual can deem art in many diverse ways, such as it helping people to convey their sentiments and bringing about self-assurance. Art can take several forms, which can be through video games, music, text, painting, and other works of fine art. Therefore, for one to become a great artist, one needs a sense of empathy and the vivid knowledge to compose excelling and great art....   [tags: imagination, empathy, perspective]

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Film Analysis: Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club

- A young man sat in his wheelchair next to the bus stop pole, and I stood behind him. We were waiting for the bus together in silence. I could tell he was a veteran, for he wore his tattered green uniform and cap, and the weathered, patched American flag shone like a beacon of pride on his arm. Yet past his initial persona of a warrior, in his face a saw uncertain eyes that where always darting and a face that looked vaguely both sturdy yet precarious. Even so we did not look at each other or converse, the indifference towards each other maintained the balance of the situation....   [tags: veteran, empathy, experience]

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

- While not every cause is worth fighting for, notable men like; Huckleberry Finn, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Atticus Finch, and Ralph from Lord of the Flies recognize that when something’s worth fighting for, one needs to sacrifice for those thing bigger than them. Hence, men who have empathy along with selflessness, honor and integrity can be a leader for a cause they believe in. In the mid-1800’s, slavery was still prevalent in the South. Huck, a teenager about the same age as our eighth grade class, puts his life at risk in order to help Jim, a runaway slave, escape to the North....   [tags: lord of the flies, empathy, leadership]

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The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills

- ... Pupils should not make assumption that people behaved differently in the past because they were stupid. Students do not necessarily realize that people in the past considered their lives as normal. It is crucial for pupils to understand that people have had the same level of intelligence for all in the human history and the same range of personalities but they had different values, attitudes and beliefs. One of the best ways in engaging students to think critically about the past is through historical empathy in which they would be introduced to a level of engagement and challenge which goes beyond ‘knowing facts’....   [tags: education, knowledge, empathy]

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Self Reflection: Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan

- Excerpt from “Winter's Heart” (“The Wheel of Time”, book 9) by Robert Jordan “Oh, Light, why do I have a madman in my head. Why. Why” I asked myself this question long ago when I was in the biggest emotional predicament in my life I needed support and consolation. I could not get in touch with my friends and parents. The surrounding me unconventional or honest people were ostracized and beaten like nails by a hammer until they were forced to hide their identities and merge with the crowd. I too started adopting the predominant opinions and attitudes to keep up appearances and soon became so skilled that I stopped realizing what I was doing and why did I even start to....   [tags: suicide, determination, empathy]

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The Clash of Real and Fake in Phillip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

- Phillip K. Dick wrote a great number of science fiction books throughout his life time. His books usually consist of fact/ un-real elements which in due fact create such am un-real imagine of life and all that’s in it, which cause the reader to be at a confused stage wondering what is real and what is fake. Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. is set the bay area after World War Terminus has devastated the population of Earth leaving it nearly uninhabitable and created a post-apocalyptic Earth....   [tags: humanity, empathy, confusion]

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Service Quality and Client Satisfaction: Cases of Multiple Providers of Agricultural Extension Service in Bangladesh

- ... Research identifies a set of service quality factors those are considered by customers, including timeliness and convenience; personal attention; reliability and dependability; employee competence and professionalism; empathy; responsiveness; assurance; availability; and tangibles such as physical facilities, equipment and the appearance of the personnel (Center for the Study of Social Policy, 2007). According to Garvin(1987) eight crucial dimensions for measuring quality are performance, features, reliability, consistency, validity, service capability and perceived quality....   [tags: timeless, reliability, competence, empathy]

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Animal Experimentation Should Be Replaced by Computer Simulations

- Imagine being a helpless animal: scared and hungry, in a metal box crammed with angry strangers. Now imagine being poked, prodded, and cut with the roughest grip. The pain and confusion is unbearable, while the humans are showing no sympathy. All of the pain and suffering is caused because they want to enhance the way they look. Animal testing has been around and used for centuries, but the human race has advanced extremely in science since that time, so there is no logical reason to continue the testing of animals....   [tags: animal testing, feelings, empathy]

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How Good Nursing Leads to Compassion Fatigue

- The American Nurses Association (2014) defines nursing as, “ The protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.” Nursing is a profession which integrates science, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to provide quality care to individuals, families, and communities. Nurses not only share knowledge but also common attributes....   [tags: health, burnout, empathy]

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Carl Rogers' Theory of Person Centered Therapy

- The theories of Carl Rogers brought about much change to the world of psychology. He was the first to publish complete therapy sessions for later review and study. Changing the term “patient” to that of “client” since talk therapy is non-medical for his approach calling it Person Centered Therapy is often now the preferred term (Kirschenbaum & Jourdan, 2005). The main objective of “Person-Centered Therapy” would be that of helping the client in assuming responsibility and putting it into the client’s hands by way of “shifting their standards” back to client instead of others (Thompson, 2003)....   [tags: acceptance, empathy, christian]

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The Revelation of Unexpected Qualities Under Pressure in Markus Zusak’s The Messenger

- ... This enabled him to develop his sense of empathy and his willingness to do philanthropic deeds. Although it is observed that most are altruistic, this is especially indicated by the message of Angie Carusso. In this case, Ed notices that every Thursday, Angie picks up her kids from school, walks with them to the local park and get ice-creams for her kids, with none for herself. On one occasion, Ed goes up to them and gives Angie an ice-cream. Ed says, ‘I’ve…noticed that you never get an ice-cream yourself…I thought you deserved one, too.’ This supports the idea that even the most simplest of things can truly change a person life and perspective of certain notions....   [tags: empathy, altruism, love]

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What Exactly Are You Going to Do With and English Degree?

- What exactly are you going to do with an English degree. I discussed what it meant to be an English major with a coworker of mine yesterday, and it got me thinking. And when I get thinking on a topic, it usually ends up with me slaving over a manuscript on my computer for an incredible amount of time, the result being this very speech. So, what are you going to do with an English degree once you graduate. It’s probably a safe assumption that your friends do not ask you this question, or your aunt and uncle, and I am guessing this question does not come up during conversations with your parents....   [tags: knowledge, empathy, education]

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The True Intentions of the Lawyer in “Bartleby, the Scrivener”

- The lawyer, also the narrator, hires Bartleby to work as a scrivener at his business that involves bonds, mortgages and titles. The lawyer thinks he has all of his scriveners behaviors “on lock”. Although Bartleby started as a hard working employee, he eventually and in a calm manner refuses to do any requested work by the lawyer by simply saying, “I would prefer not to”. The lawyer doesn’t fire Bartleby after he declines to work, instead he gives Bartleby another chance. The lawyer preference to remain calm shows that he chooses to stray from confrontation....   [tags: empathy, selfish, conflict]

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The relationship between morality and religiosity

- Religiosity and morality stood out because it is a controversial topic that is compelling to learn about. Everyday life can be affected by these two factors in a positive or negative light. People do not usually think about the morals they obtain and where their morals came from. Researching this topic and understanding the relationship between these two issues will provide a better, clearer view of how people respond in different situations. The relationship between religiosity and morality are contingent on one another....   [tags: Negative Behavior, Empathy]

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Ethical Behavior in the Film Capote

- The film Capote, based on the how the writer of “In Cold Blood” did his research to write his book, a masterpiece of literature, has portrayed Capote’s behavior during his research vividly. Capote’s behavior during the years Perry waits on death row in order to get personal testimony of the night of killings is a controversial topic. Some argue that what Capote did was absolutely necessary for an ambitious writer to create such a master piece while other argue that human ethics is more important than the creation of an ideal “non-fiction noble” and the paths he took to get there are morally ambiguous....   [tags: ethics, murderer, empathy]

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A Servant Leader’s Approach to Employee-Centric Operations

- It is quite a privilege to analyze a leader I have no fear or reservation following. To be nearing the end of my third full decade of professional life, it has been both the unqualified and unethical managers who remind me that a career requires survival skill and dumb luck. Thankfully, leadership, discipline, and service will be unmistakable themes in my attempt to categorize my present leader. Even as I gladly look past the transgressions of much earlier encountered bad actors. So I will begin with mention of the steward or servant leader, either one will suffice, and the defining qualities of empathy, kindness, honest, humility, and respect for others (Lussier & Achua, 2012)....   [tags: skills, listening, empathy, dignity]

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Religious Empathy by Blake and Cowper

- In the 18th century, African Americans were mostly slaves. They were treated like the property of whites and had very few rights. However not all whites were for slavery. Two white English writers who created a Black persona to write poems supporting abolition were William Blake, in The Little Black Boy, and William Cowper, in The Negro’s Complaint. In 1788, William Cowper wrote The Negro’s Complaint in support of the ending of the trade in slaves. The poem is criticizes slavery how horrible slavery really was....   [tags: african americans, slaves]

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Knowing When to Help with an Intervention

- The complexity of intervention and how intervention work together to give the social worker the cues to combine both. To estimate how the client is progressing or regressing knowing when a client is giving a cue to intervene or simply just too silently listen. These techniques are necessary to help not only the client but also the social worker during an interview. Intervention is a sense of coming together to make a change or change the course of something. To help process intervention in the appropriate sense takes planning and preparing for the interview, creating and establishing a relationship with the client....   [tags: social worker, empathy, behavior]

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Rational For a Moral Claim: ICT System Errors and How Employees Handle Such Errors

- Rationale for the moral claim This paper focuses on the considerations that enter into any moral claim situation in situations involving information technology. The core of the argument of this paper is contained in the following diagrammatic representation of a situation involving moral claim: The case study subject has a valid claim to correction of her data in the computer systems. Data entry in her case was done erroneously and according to ACS Code of Professional Conduct 1.2.4 competence was not deployed and an” endeavour to provide products and services which match the operational and financial needs of your stakeholders values” was sorely found missing.Also according to ASC...   [tags: data entry, empathy, technology]

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President Obama's Use of Pathos in His Tuscan Shooting Memorial Speech

- President Obama’s memorial speech following the Tuscan shooting carefully utilized the Aristotelian appeal of pathos, or emotional appeals through his word choice, which aligned him with the American people while still conveying a sense of authority, and his use of biblical allusions, which drew his audience together on the basis of shared ideologies. In his opening lines Obama shows his compassion for the victims and mourners of the shooting stating: “I have come here tonight as an American who, like all Americans, kneels to pray with you today, and will stand by you tomorrow.” With just this short statement Obama aligns himself with the American people, showing his empathy and comforting t...   [tags: empathy, religon, tragedy]

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The Role of Minor Characters in Medea by Euripides

- ... Despite the children’s fundamental role in the play, they are rarely seen on the stage and have very few lines. This may be due to the fact that children are very hard to control on stage, in most cases they simply do not have the level of discipline required to act. Euripides makes up for this by manifesting the presence of the children by always referring to them through other characters. All of these minor characters encourage sympathy from the audience. The Chorus portrays their compassion towards Medea as they say, “I heard her voice, I heard that unhappy woman from Colchis” (p.21), they chiefly portray the extreme sadness and discontent which Medea experiences and the extent of pas...   [tags: empathy, women, slaves, classes]

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Person-centered Theory Requires Nonjudgemental Support to Build Trust

- The person centered theory focuses on the individual’s personal needs, wants, goals and ambitions; strengthening voice in how they receive support. Placing individuals central to practice is a fundamental principle. I believe this approach consists of providing non-judgmental practice to which trust can be built upon, enabling people to feel comfortable communicating; and eventually gain control of their problems as empathy, respect and discussion upon solutions is provided (Maclean & Harrison, 2011)....   [tags: empathy, communication, needs]

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

- Desire, empathy, and most of all- connection are the quintessence of human interaction. Relationships provide this in return for a loyalty binding contract we base of social terms. Question is- at which point does being “contract-less” impede our senses and how do the feelings that arise provoke the events we observe throughout Of Mice and Men. Commonly portrayed as human nature, characters reveal their inner conflicts by providing insight on how that has affected their social lives. Solitude is impeccable; saying the aesthetics of such a controversial idea never fails to deliver....   [tags: human interaction, desires, empathy]

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Nature or Nurture for Determining Psychopathy

- What is a psychopath. What type of person can be characterized by this and how do they come to be. But first before we can answer these questions we must first know what a psychopath is. Psychopaths are people suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviors; clinically it is a person who has a lack of what we would consider a conscience. Psychopaths are seen to suffer from a lack of empathy because of psychological, genetic and environmental factors. Scientists have many theories concerning psychopaths....   [tags: Mental, Disorder, Empathy]

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Negative People and Negative Energy

- ... By not entertaining the argument, a positive person can diffuse the situation quickly. 2. Take Responsibility People often get drawn into the world of negativity by playing the victim. When one worries only about how other people are affecting them, he or she cannot focus on how to fix the situation. Even when dealing with negative people professionally or personally, it is important for a person to look at their own role in the situation. Instead of thinking about the negative person, one can look at how they can use the situation to their advantage....   [tags: constructive and destructive criticism, empathy ]

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Empathy in Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan and Mother Courage and Her Children

- Little Empathy in Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan and Mother Courage and Her Children Brecht is very successful in creating a form of drama where empathy plays little part. In The Good Person of Szechwan it would seem that every action and word is an attempt to alienate us and halt any identification one may chance to make. The indiscernible use of names for characters exaggerating the oriental sound of them is immediately noticeable i.e. 'Wang', 'Shin' 'Sun', 'Shen Te', 'Shu Ta', etc. There is also the use of language and intonation in relation to others revealing personality and social position, which comes in the form of oriental 'bows'....   [tags: Brecht Good Person Szechwan Essays]

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In God I Only Trust

- I can find myself thinking about the novel, Persepolis. Marjane would talk to God as a young girl. She would confess to him her desires and dreams. God was comfort to Marjane like the blanket that covered and protected her at night. In the same way, the novel is similar to my relationship with Jesus. Jesus has been my blanket, covering and my protection throughout my life. The poem, “The Way It Is”, made me consider about the use of threads. They are more than a length of yarn or a string. Soon, I had the idea that the blanket that covers and protects me is made up of thousand of threads....   [tags: threads, blanket, empathy, grace]

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Looking at How Causation, Change and Empathy Can give a Better Understanding of the Past

- Looking at How Causation, Change and Empathy Can give a Better Understanding of the Past The aim of this assignment is to look at how causation, change and empathy can give a better understanding of the past. The industrial revolution will be used as an example to assess what changes came about and the causal factors related to progress. I will also look at how the people felt about the changes and how the changes affected them. The industrial revolution was a series of dramatic changes that took place in Britain from 1750 to 1900....   [tags: Papers]

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Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

- Mark Twain once said, “Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.” Is there a solidified definition of what is right though. We enforce rules and laws, but that doesn’t mean they’re always fair or ethical. Our morals decide what we believe is just. We can judge the morals of people and even fictional characters using what is known as “Kohlberg’s theory of moral development.” This theory rates morals on a scale from 0-6 starting at stage 0 where those who are amoral stand....   [tags: empathy, intentions, biased or judging]

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Securely Unstable: A Narrative Fiction

- ... “Are you freaking deaf. I said stand up,” she shouted. Her pink cheetah heels slapped the tile as she approached and I felt her hands grab the collar of my shirt. She yanked me up off the ground, forcing me to my feet. “Look at me.” She grabbed my face, her razored nails digging into my soft cheeks. I timidly lifted my eyes to hers, furrowing my brow. “Why’d you duck in here, are you avoiding me?” she spoke through the smacks of her gum, leaving fleck of her spit on my face. I averted my eyes once more....   [tags: empathy, crazy, visible, unstable]

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Research on Jury Bias

- Jury Bias With jury bias we examined that the perspective taking, victim impact statements and race of the victim had no main effects with ps > 0.26 and no significant interactions either with ps > 0.64. Jury Race The race of the jury was divided into white and non-white participants. An ANOVA was then run with perspective taking, victim impact statements, and race of the victim as the between-participants factors to test against empathy felt for the defendant, for the victim, for the victim’s significant others....   [tags: race, empathy, punishments]

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Person-Centred and Relationship-Centred Care

- This essay is an exploration of my own perceptions about person-centred and relationship-centred care directives from the positive and the negative perceptions of effectiveness felt from all stakeholders. Reflecting on my original thoughts relating to providing a person-centred care directive has not changed, it has only become firmer, especially with the addition of relationship-centred care. Person-centredness is the underpinning I received in my training as a counsellor, with one of my elective units being family and relationships....   [tags: empathy, counseling, patience]

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User Centered Design

- To suggest that design by definition is simply the practice of creating something, be it physical or otherwise, would be to disregard the most important element of the process. As stated in the aforementioned quote by Todd Johnston (Forbes, What Is Design. Unlocking The Genius Within, 2014), a successful designer regardless of his or her field, must value the targeted individuals needs equally to the aesthetic component of the piece. It would be foolish to suggest however, that a sole designer would be knowledgeable enough to consider each individual’s needs as well as to empathise to an extent that allows him or her to produce an exemplar design solution to the problem at hand....   [tags: empathy, suits, experience]

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Just Babies by Paul Bloom

- In Just Babies, Paul Bloom describes morality as something that we are born with. He goes on to point out different aspects that assemble together to form our morality. These include empathy, fairness, punishment, family and strangers, and bodies. Empathy is something that stood out to me the most because of my forensic psychology class. Are we born with empathy and does it develop over time. If we are born without empathy how does this affect our choices and life after childhood. These are complex questions that have an abundant amount of components that go into them, but they are important....   [tags: Empathy, Innate, Affect Choices, Analysis]

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What is Morality?

- One of the most persistently asked and perpetually unanswered questions in psychology is the question of morality. What is it, how does it develop, and where does it come from. A basic definition of morality is “beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior” (Merriam-Webster). Based on the definition, the question then becomes even more complicated; How do people decide what is right and what is wrong. Research has examined this from many different angles, and two distinct schools of thought have emerged....   [tags: behavior, empathy, fairness]

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Appropriate Behavior of Doctors to Patients

- Throughout professional jobs dealing with medicine or humans in general like doctors, clinical psychologists or physical therapists, the main question is how much empathy or compassion, for example a doctor should have toward his/her patients. There are a lot of speculations toward this. Some people say that there is no time for empathy and should just get down to the facts at hand. For example, general doctors that do not specify in a certain area usually see a multitude of patients in a day, so they only have a set time they can interact with their patients....   [tags: Patients, Health Care, Doctors, Empathy]

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Is Smiling Contagious?

- Have you ever wondered if smiling is contagious. When the old lady at the grocery store smiles at you, can’t you feel the smile spreading across your face. Many people believe that smiling is contagious. On page 8 of David R. Hamilton’s book The Contagious Power of Thinking: How Your Thoughts Can Influence the World, David states, “You only need to flash a smile at someone to raise a smile in them. No matter how hard they try to resist, smiling is contagious.” (Hamilton, 2011) Is David stating his own opinion though....   [tags: brain, happiness, empathy]

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What Is Essential in the Helping Relationship?

- Counseling skills has provided me with a valuable insight into the helping relationship and how it is both created and maintained in order to encourage growth and development in the client. The factors involved within the helping relationship include considering Roger’s core conditions, congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy as the three main characteristics necessary in a helping relationship. In order to fully incorporate all three of Roger’s core conditions, I as the counselor must be self-aware, as a lack of self-awareness may inhibit truly listening and understanding the client; self-awareness can be enhanced through exercises such as Johari’s window....   [tags: counseling, Carl Rogers, ethics, empathy, skills]

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