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Emergency Room Overutilization

- Emergency room over utilization is one of the leading causes of today’s ever increasing healthcare costs. The majority of the patients seen in emergency rooms across the nation are Medicaid recipients, for non-emergent reasons. The federal government initiated Medicaid Managed Care programs to offer better healthcare delivery, adequately compensate providers and reduce healthcare costs. Has Medicaid Managed Care addressed the issues and solved the problem. The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Throughout the early 1980’s and 1990’s the Federal Medicaid program was challenged by rapidly rising Medicaid program costs and an increasing number of uninsured population....   [tags: Emergency Room Misuse]

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Emergency Room Physicians

- ... To even be considered competitive you have to have at least an A average and get at least 35 out of 45 the average score is only a thirty(How to Become an ER Doctor). If you get into a medical school like at the same place you were to complete your under graduate classes then you won’t have that much of a change, but if you want to change school then it will be a bigger change. If you were to go to Stanford, which is one of the most prestigious university’s in America, then you would have a better chance at getting into a residency program....   [tags: emergency medicine, medical school]

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Emergency Room Overcrowding And Emergency Rooms

- Approximately half of a million Americans are homeless, living in shelters or living on the streets (Galea & Vlahov, 2002). The homeless population utilizes the emergency room to gain access to primary care, nutrition, pharmaceutical supplies and basic needs. The utilization of the emergency room with non-medical or non-emergent issues is contributing to emergency room overcrowding (Galea & Vlahov, 2002). These needs to be relocated out of the emergency room within the hospital so they can be easily obtained by the homeless population the hospital serves....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Homelessness, Hospital]

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Telemedicine Use In The Emergency Room

- ... Telemedicine is the use of bidirectional audio/video equipment to provide synchronous or asynchronous communication. Employing the use of the telemedicine equipment for a patient consultation is based on the right patient at the right time and it has the ability to drastically change a patient’s outcome. It is with this understanding that the choice to consult with a neurologist by way of the telemedicine equipment is the decision of the emergency room physician. It is the emergency room physician’s responsibility to initiate the neurology consultation by way of a phone call to the neurology group on call....   [tags: hospitals, pacients, training]

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A Nurse At A Psychiatry Emergency Room

- As a nurse in a psychiatry emergency room, the staff must collaborate for the safety of patients and staff. There is a triage process that must be followed when a patient comes to the Psych ED, security takes any electronic devices, keys, purses, lighters, knives, wallets, etc. A nurse takes a mini-triage, which determines whether a patient needs to go to the medical ED side, if the patient is cleared to go to the Psych ED, the nurse must then decide whether to place the patient in a locked involuntary area or unlocked voluntary area....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Physician, Safety]

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The Emergency Room ( Er )

- Mondays in the emergency room (ER) are typically busy. Most of the patients contributing to this volume have dealt with a medical issue all weekend, cannot get into their primary care provider or both. Of course, there are the typical emergent patients that have no other choice but to be seen immediately, and they make up the rest of the volume. The aforementioned reasons often cause increased stress and frustration among these patients. So, as an emergency room nurse, it is understood that our encounters with patients might not be the best, as these people are probably not having their best day....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Hospital]

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A Working On The Emergency Room

- A. Working in the emergency room I encounter many patients who come in for psychiatric evaluation, wither it is due to suicidal thoughts or depression. Through the constant training that our hospital puts on, I have learned how to better deal with these types of patients who can be difficult at times. I have learned that something as simple as listening to a patient and just hearing them talk can help to de-escalate whatever situation that person may be in. I have also learned how to better assess these patients and help provide them with other resources that are needed, like depression related support groups or counseling....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Myocardial infarction, Illness]

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The Safety Of The Emergency Room

- As I handed a blanket to a patient, the doors outside the room burst open. While this was a common occurrence in the emergency room, something felt extremely different this time. As the emergency medical technicians wheeled a patient in, she screamed in pain. Peering out of the room, I witnessed massive bruises and blood dripping down her face. Her clothes, tattered and torn apart, looked as if she was attacked by a beast. My heart broke for this woman, as the next phrase she screamed sent chills through my body....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Pediatrics]

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My Vacation For The Emergency Room

- Growing up, I would be spoiled with a vacation with my mom, and a vacation with my dad every summer. This was one of the few perks that came with being from a broken family. With my mom we would travel to different states and experience new things, and with my dad we would go camping and do outdoor activities. Unfortunately, one particular vacation granted me a one way ticket to the emergency room. From that experience, I learned to be careful and not fall into peer pressure. One scorching, June afternoon when I was 13 years old, I was sitting in the living room at my dad’s house while everyone else was outside....   [tags: Family, Father, Learning, Mother]

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Health Care At The Emergency Room

- People all over the world enter health care facilities and hope to be taken care of in an effective, sufficient and safe manner. Patients want to know that their health care provides care for their well being and want what is best for them. They wish to be cared for in a way that demonstrates that they are the most important person in the room. Sometimes not all patients get the kind of care that they expect and most importantly deserve. I am happy to say that the patient I interviewed (patient C) had a pleasant experience during their time at their health care facility....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Communication]

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The Emergency Room Not Feeling Well

- A patient comes in the emergency room not feeling well. They are complaining of abdominal pain. The doctor immediately begins to perform the assessment on the patient by asking the proper questions. The patient answers them promptly. The patient has not been out of the country or came in contact with anyone that has Ebola. They have not been doing any strenuous activity of any kind. So then the doctor asks if the patient had eaten anything out of the ordinary. The patient informs the doctor that the only thing they had eaten was some baked beans and potato salad, the weekend at the family reunion....   [tags: Foodborne illness, Escherichia coli]

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Physicians in the Emergency Room

- Emergency room physicians see many incommensurable types of injuries everyday. The six most common injuries occurring in the ER are from trampolines, lawn mowers, playgrounds, swimming pool, bikes, and burns. These kinds of damage are all things that ER physicians could see on a daily basis. From acquiring all this knowledge, I have decided that I want to enter the field of medicine, as an emergency room physician. Granted that emergency room physician jobs are stressful, due to the fact that they are dealing with injured and upset people 24/7....   [tags: job description and salary]

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The Emergency Room On Friday

- There were a lot of patients that came into the emergency room on Friday November 20, 2015 that had heart problems. The first patient I observed was only thirty and she had been having tachycardia since two o’clock Thursday afternoon. She stated that she has had this problem before but it never lasted this long. She was said to have SVT prior to arriving to the emergency room by the ambulance crew. Upon arriving in the ER her heartrate got up to 220 beats per minutes. The next patient that I saw was brought in because his wife said that he was shaking more than usual, he had Parkinson’s....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Doctor, Hospital]

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Emergency Room ( Er )

- Emergency Room Emergency is defined as a serious situation that arises suddenly and threatens the life or welfare of a person or group of people. An emergency department (ED) or also known as emergency room (ER) is a department of a hospital concentrating in emergency medicine and is accountable for the delivery of medical and surgical care to patients arriving at the hospital needing an immediate care. Usually patients will arrive without prior appointment, either on their own or by an ambulance....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Urgent care, Nursing]

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Internship Report On Emergency Room

- It was Wednesday and only the second week of my internship in the emergency room and I was not expecting a particularly hectic day. Wednesday mornings were comparatively easier than Mondays and I mostly waited until I was needed. As I was walking and double checking to see if the hospital rooms were prepped and ready, a nurse ran by me and quickly said something to me. I could not make out the words but when I saw her beckoning me to one of the trauma rooms. The EMT and the doctor were busy with a newly arrived patient, so I ran over....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Hospital, Cancer]

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Aaron And The Emergency Room

- Aaron continues to reside in RTS House 2 with two adult males with daily staff supervision. During this reporting period Aaron has had two notable incidents that were in need of intervention. In July, 2015, Aaron became emotionally dysregulated and volatile at his residence that resulted in staff intervention, a visit to the emergency room, and 24hr observation while at the hospital as a result of his out of control behavior and refusal to cooperate. Aaron reports that he became emotionally dysregulated during a phone conversation with his family and he began to escalate and become verbally abusive....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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The Emergency Room For Over Ten Years

- With working in the emergency room for over ten years I have learned to adapt rapidly to changes in the department. Working in this field so long has given me the ability to manage patient care and emergencies until a physician is available as well as know when a patient’s status is about to change and intervene earlier. Being a part of the emergency department team has made me realize the importance of the whole team. As an emergency department we work with multiple departments at one time, social work, lab, radiology, pharmacy, respiratory therapy and other floor nurses....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Vital signs, Blood pressure]

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How The Emergency Room Process Works

- For my visitation research report, I visited the Greater El Monte Community Hospital emergency waiting room located in the city of El Monte. It would have been a one of a kind experience to actually go inside the hospital’s emergency room where the patients are receiving medical treatment and observe their conditions; however nurses from this hospital told me that obtaining a guest pass was out of the question. For the sake and education purpose of the visitation report, I chose to conduct my research observations at this location for the reason that I drive by this hospital on a daily basis on my way to work but never really had the chance to do so....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Physician]

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Technology And The Emergency Room Or The Psychiatric Floor

- Innovations is a place like anything I have ever seen in health care. I have been very used to mental health being in an acute setting whether it be in the emergency room or the psychiatric floor. Innovations is very interesting because it reminded me a lot like school. You have to go either three or five days a week and you get breaks and lunch. All the people who come to Innovations are volunteering to be there which is interesting because in the acute setting many of the patients do not want help nor do they think they need help....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Education]

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The Emergency Room As A Middle Aged Woman

- The smell of antiseptics reek the Emergency Room as I spot a middle aged woman, accompanied by her mother; complaining of throbbing pain from her head. Suddenly everything seems too disturbingly familiar. It was the year of 2001 in North Sudan; my mother was experiencing persistent pain. Her symptoms were diagnosed by a physician as an ordinary headache. However, her frail external state hinted that greater problems would arise. She was taken to the clinic by my grandmother for a second opinion....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care]

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Emergency Room Case Management Program

- Emergency room case managers are active members of the health care team and act as a liaison between the emergency room, hospital, community case management program to improve continuity and efficiency of care (Powell). Case managers coordinate appropriate are care chosen for the class project is emergency room case manager’s role in the preventions and management of asthma. The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell). The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Better, Asthma]

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Trauma Victim in the Emergency Room

- The day started like any other. Quiet, but with an underlying vibration waiting to explode. Freshly brewed coffee and the sharp smell of disinfectant mixed in the air like a foreign perfume. Uniformed staff busied themselves with paperwork while waiting for the moment we all knew would come with the lunch hour approaching. It was a typical morning in the emergency room of Presby Plano. We were all standing around, relaxed, discussing our previous weekend adventures. As the call came over the radio we swiftly took our places in expectation of what was to come....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples]

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A Brief Note On The Emergency Room For Norwegian American Hospital

- Working in the Emergency room for Norwegian American Hospital was a very memorable experience. Throughout my service I got the opportunity to meet people, hear their stories and provide compassion to them in their time of need. Working in the emergency is just not treating medically treating a patient, but rather connecting with them on a personal level. I have always desired a job that helped people on a medical and social work aspect. The Emergency combines both aspects and through this experience I further affirmed my calling in life....   [tags: Addiction, Alcoholism, Drug addiction, Woman]

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Questions On The 's Treatment Plan For The Emergency Room

- Marsha: 1. Discuss personal examples of data that was missing or not shared, for example, following a trip to the emergency room. When a patient seeks medical attention at an emergency room, there are times when they are unconscious, unable to recall his or her health history, or medications that they are taking. All of these are vital pieces of information that could affect the physician’s treatment plan for the patient. If a patient is unable to indicate what medication they are allergic to only indicating it is an antibiotic or what the medication was prescribed to treat, this creates a roadblock for the treating physician....   [tags: Hospital, Physician, Electronic health record]

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Component Interface for an Emergency Control Room

- The hospital needs to find a way to improve the tracking of Voice Over IP (VOIP) calls within the hospital and also wants to have a program to improve response time of medical personnel by using the GPS to locate the closes vehicle to the emergency. A design will need to be made of the Requires and Provides interfaces of two components that might be used in the VOIP system. A design of the interface is needed for two components that may be used in the vehicle discovery component to find the nearest vehicle to the incident with the Requires and Provides interfaces....   [tags: GPS, tracking voice over IP, response time]

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Through the Emergency Room and on to Medical School

- Through the Emergency Room and on to Medical School Thirty years ago when my parents left behind a comfortable life in South America to pursue opportunities that would truly change their lives, they had no idea they would be foreshadowing the recent events of my life. After working for two years as an engineer, I have realized something that I had suspected all along: I do not belong in the world of business or engineering. I need to be in a profession in which I can establish unique relationships with people by having a positive impact on their lives....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Nursing Theories Of The Emergency Room When The Employees Are Treating Psychiatric Patients

- There are many nursing theories that are being used in the emergency room when the employees are treating psychiatric patients. Jean Watson’s caring theory is seen being used in the emergency room when the staff members are involved in the care of the psychiatric patients (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 182). The staff members are trying to provide the patients with holistic care and having a therapeutic environment is important for the patient to receive holistic care. The nurses and staff members are taking time out of his or her busy assignment to sit down, talk with these patients, and make sure that the patient is comfortable and has everything that he or she needs....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing theory, Florence Nightingale]

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Community Health Services At The Emergency Room, Benefit Of Retail And Urgent Care

- Development community health services is an interesting, eye opening course. When I started this course, I did not know much. I remember the first week of discussion, one of my class mate wrote how excited she was about this course and I was curious to find out her reason. Today, I have a better understanding about community health services and I also find it exciting. In this final concept paper, I will be analyzing the concepts and the effectiveness of those concepts to provide better access to healthcare within the community....   [tags: Health care, Hospital, Health economics, Medicine]

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The Effects Of Workplace On The Emergency Room, Geriatric Facilities, And Psychiatric Hospitals

- It is no surprise that nurses who work in the emergency room, geriatric facilities, and psychiatric hospitals face the most incidences of work related violence. While this may be true and the majority of nurses believes some violence is part of the job description, it would be hard to find many nurses who feel that bullying, economic, or sexual violence is part of the job description; however, even the majority of these violent acts go unreported. Did not sustain injury, inconvenient to report, part of the job, retaliation, and nothing will be done anyway are frequent reasons why accurate numbers ow much violence is taking place is unknown....   [tags: Nursing, Employment, Bullying, Abuse]

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Child's Emergency Room Visit Goes From Bad to Worse

- 5 yrs old male child presented to emergency department with complaints of hoarseness of voice for 2 yrs, dyspnea for 1 week and cyanotic spells since last night. The vitals on admission were HR 140/min, BP 122/90mm Hg, O2 saturation 95% on room air with respiratory rate of 38/min. On examination, subcostal recessions were present. Decreased bilateral air entry and wheeze with tracheal tug was found on chest auscultation. He had unremarkable birth and developmental history and rest of the systemic examination was normal....   [tags: tracheostomy, icu, hoarseness]

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An Analysis of the Los Angeles County Hospital Emergency Room

- An Analysis of the Los Angeles County Hospital Emergency Room Learning Team Operations Management Plan The problem of emergency department overcrowding has become an important issue for many emergency departments throughout the city and county of Los Angeles. Patients frequently have to wait hours just to get into the emergency department to be seen by a physician or other healthcare professionals. The problem does not seem to be getting better as times goes on, but indeed studies seem to indicate that the condition is growing worse....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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Children 's Emergency Department : The Waiting Room Is Growing And The Average Wait Time

- It is close to 10 pm in the children’s emergency department. The waiting room is growing and the average wait time is now at two hours. The chaos continues when an EMS patient arrives with a chief complaint of motor vehicle collision. Since there are no beds available, the EMS is left waiting in the hallway. As an emergency medical scribe I am alerting my provider about incoming laboratory and radiology results as well as tracking the board for any possible discharges. The night provider has arrived when the nurse alerts us that the EMS arrival is now in a room....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Hospital, Pediatrics]

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A True Life Hero

- A True Life Hero Ambulance sirens sound throughout the halls, people are rushing around from room to room, and the waiting room is piled up with people. This is how Lori Breaux describes a typical night in the emergency room. “I’ve been doing this for so long now you would think it would feel natural to me, but sometimes I just have to stop and take a deep breath and make sure this is all real”, she explains. Going through nursing school she wondered if it was worth all the stress, but the thought that one day she could be saving peoples’ lives kept her going....   [tags: Emergency Room Hospital]

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Emergency Medicine and Emergency Physicians

- Everyone dreads getting injured. When someone injures himself or is not feeling well, he goes to the emergency room (ER). While in tremendous pain, he is caught up in the chaos of the ER where he must wait, sometimes for hours, for an emergency physician. Emergency physicians try their best to help patients feel better, ordering numerous tests that help them determine what’s wrong. Eventually, patients all leave the hospital, feeling much better than when they came. Emergency Physicians provide primary care to a host of patients entering hospital ERs with illnesses and injuries covering a broad spectrum, from acute infections to life-threatening conditions....   [tags: er room, doctors]

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Mini Clinics and Emergency Rooms

- Introduction Emergency rooms are severely overcrowded with wait times that are exorbitant. There are three different types of people who go to an emergency department. The first type of person is severely ill or injured and needs immediate care. Of course, when they go into the emergency room, their expectation is to receive immediate care and attention. The second type of person that goes to an emergency department for care is someone who tried to make an appointment with their primary care Physician but no appointments were available....   [tags: immediate care, emergency department]

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Hospital Emergency Preparedness

- In the event of major emergency hospitals themselves have two main missions: provide patient care and protect their staff and facility (American Hospital Assoc). Hospitals and other healthcare related facilities are expected to respond in a coordinated fashion, since hospitals play an important role in disaster response due the treatment role. Healthcare facilities are responsible for preventing and reducing the spread of disease as well as injuries (Heide). Hospital preparedness has become a focus of local, state, and federal governments seeking to address emergencies or disasters that affect the public health....   [tags: Emergency Management ]

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The Relationship Between Emergency Management and Higher Education

- Emergency management has been in the process of transforming itself into a recognized profession over the past several decades. During the last quarter of the 20th century, training and experience in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters and hazardous incidents were considered the path to becoming an emergency manager; the title was not always there but the responsibilities were shouldered by someone who took responsibility for those functions. Since the late 1990’s, the field of emergency management has expanded to include programs of higher education which have added a much needed third dimension to that progression....   [tags: Emergency Management ]

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Waiting Times in the Emergency Rooms in Canada

- Introduction Because of the lack of organization with the health care providers in Canada, the wait times are too long and can cause serious complications to any condition the patient went in for in the first place. This situation of how the health care system can resolve wait times was brought to the government but they continue to ignore the proposals brought to them. It is possible to resolve the problems of wait times without extreme change and expenses in the health care system. The solution is to be found in the reorganization of the health care providers....   [tags: Emergency Rooms Essays]

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Improving Emergency Health Care Around The World

- Do you ever feel that you 're not getting the proper treatment when you take a trip to the emergency room. I feel that way personally at times. My trip to the emergency room happens very often since I have heart disease, and I feel I’m not ever looked at properly. During my time in the emergency room my mother has asked “how come these pains continue to happen yet nobody finds anything” .The nurse in the ER response was “our job is to look for life threatening signs, if they 're not life threatening situations then we can’t help”....   [tags: Hospital, Physician, Emergency department]

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The Red Room by H.G. Wells

- The Red Room by H.G. Wells The title 'The Red Room' immediately attracts the reader's attention; it is symbolic but leaves unanswered questions. ?What is the red room?. Is this room dangerous. Overall the title raises so much curiosity wanting us to read on and find answers to our questions. Red is a very strong colour and is generally associated with blood, danger, warning, hell, and above all, fear, the title also shows the setting of the story. It makes you wonder why the room is called the red room and if it is actually red....   [tags: Red Room Wells Essays]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Emergency And Jesus '

- Emergency and Jesus’ Son Comparing and contrasting Emergency to its film interpretation in Jesus’s son the movie is an enjoyable thing to do. This is so because although the film closely follows Denis Johnson’s style of writing and way of setting the story, there is still enough material in the film to allow the reader to make out some differences. It is important to note that this story is not based on real life events, but it is a compilation of figurative episodes of fake characters’ every day activities....   [tags: Short story, Fiction, Narrative, Essay]

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Emergency Care For The Homeless

- First responders such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) get a good look at the problems presented regarding health care for the homeless. Many emergency calls each day in any emergency system are devoted to dealing with a homeless person who has suffered from a chronic and untreated problem that has progressed unchecked and turned into an acute problem. And where are these patients taken. They are taken to the local emergency room to treat what likely would have been avoided if preventative measures had already been put into place....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Health care]

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Medical Surgery : An Emergency Surgery

- Brooke reported to the main OR for an emergency surgery, a possible ruptured appendix. She checked the room and prepared the necessary equipment. During her preoperative visit, she noticed another physician would be on call would be on call with her. She was relieved she didn’t have to deal with Dr. Kane, which would just add to her already stressed out self. The surgeon and OR team were ready to start the case although the recovery room nurse had not returned the call sent out to her . Brooke announced, ”Go ahead....   [tags: Anesthesia, Surgery, Nurse anesthetist]

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The Health Of Emergency Physicians

- The goal in all healthcare settings is to provide high-quality care to their clients. Emergency departments (ED) are no different, but are challenged with balancing quality with quantity in a timely manner. Unlike physician offices and hospital floors, EDs do not get to set a limit on the number of patients they see at a time. There is no control over patient arrival, which can and often does result in controlled chaos. The American College of Emergency Physicians (2014) reports “because of the unscheduled and episodic nature of health emergencies and acute illnesses, experienced and qualified physician, nursing, and ancillary personnel must be available 24 hours a day”....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale, Patient]

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Residency in Emergency Medicine

- I have known since I was a child that I wanted to be a physician. During my undergraduate years, I worked for an endocrinologist and volunteered as a diabetes educator at a clinic for the medically underserved. I learned a great deal about medicine with a specific focus on diabetes. I quickly came to notice a commonality among the patients seeking medical management of their chronic diseases. Patients did not present with an acute problem, but rather to have patches placed on their existing chronic conditions....   [tags: Career Goals]

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Overview of Emergency Nursing

- Emergency nursing is used in almost all places, all over the World. Emergency nursing would be a good field to go into because of the opportunity to work anywhere, at any time, and the thrill and excitement of nursing. Nursing is a very important career, and not often enough recognized for the work they do. It is now more common to see a celebrity who saved a cat on the news, than it is to see a nurse who has saved one life, or many lives. “Nurses do more ‘behind the scenes’ work” (Roark), most people will never know about, or even think of....   [tags: health, trauma shift, nurses]

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Benefits of Joining the Emergency Nurses Association

- Introduction There are many advantages in being involved in a nursing organization. It is a way to stay connected to your profession and have a feeling of belonging, and having support from others with the same interests. Nursing organizations also offers continuing education training, as well as information about new trends and goings on in your profession. This is a great way to enhance one's personal and professional development (Cardillo, nd). One organization that prides itself in doing these things is the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)....   [tags: patients, trauma, leaders]

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Emergency Medical Treatment And Labor Act

- Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act In 1986, Congress enacted the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) to ensure public access to emergency services at hospitals regardless of their ability to pay for the services. This Act has caused a lot of controversy over the course of the last few years. According to Zibulewsky (2001), “The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act is considered one of the most comprehensive laws that guarantees non-discriminatory access to emergency medical care and also the health care system.” What exactly is defined as a medical condition....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Hospital, Health insurance]

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Pain Management: Barriers in the Emergency Department

- Pain is “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with the actual or potential tissue damage” (“Pain Management Nursing Role”). Pain is categorized into acute and chronic and its management is an integral part of all areas of health care. Pain management is alleviating and reducing pain to a level that is acceptable to the client. Pain is managed with analgesics, or pain killers. One specific When admitted the nurse needs to properly document the patient’s report of pain or oligoanalgesia, or the under treatment of pain could occur....   [tags: nursing responsibilities in drug administration]

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Care of the Psychiatric Patient in the Emergency Department

- Table of Contents Overview of Presenting Issues and Management----------------------------------------------2 Janet’s Mental State Examination----------------------------------------------------------------3 Three Potential Risks------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Formulation and Hypothesis----------------------------------------------------------------------6 Significant Presenting Issues and their Intervention------------------------------------------7 Nursing care Plan----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 References------------------------------------------------------------------------------...   [tags: Nursing Case study ]

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Emergency C Section Is The Best Option

- If you are expecting a baby, then you may, at this time, plan to deliver traditionally. However, your doctors are responsible for telling you when a C-section is the best option. Your OBGYN is responsible for telling you in advance that you need to have a cesarean section due to certain criteria you or your baby(s) meet. The doctor in the delivery room should also call for an emergency c-section when things take an unexpected turn when attempting to deliver vaginally. It is very important to know when to make these calls, because c-sections can help avoid disastrous birth injuries, many impacting your child for the rest of their life, and they can protect your health....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Caesarean section]

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Fast Paced Emergency Department ( Ed )

- Falls represent the leading cause of accidental death in people that are 65 years and older and is very common among hospital patients of all ages. The active, fast-paced emergency department (ED) creates a particularly high-risk area for falls for all ages. Individuals who fall are at least two times more likely to fall again (“Learn Not to Fall,” 2012). “About half (53%) of the older adults who are discharged for fall-related hip fractures will experience another fall within six months” (“Learn Not to Fall,” 2012)....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Hospital]

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The Prairie Lakes Hospital Emergency Department

- I can remember standing in the waiting room of the Prairie Lakes Hospital Emergency Department in Watertown, South Dakota. I was sixteen years old, and my mother had just urged me to rush to the hospital because my grandpa was going to be transferred via helicopter to the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls. It seemed like hours before a nurse finally told us that we could come back to the room and see him before they took off. I tried to control my emotions, but instead I ran up next to my grandfather and hugged him....   [tags: Health care, Hospital, South Dakota, Patient]

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The Waiting Room, By Peter Nicks

- Today, in the contemporary United States, there are many different influencers to a person’s health, such as poverty and/or unemployment. However, education is the most important influence on health because without a good, thorough education, people are less likely to have access to health care, be able to afford health care and they are more likely to live shorter lives. A lack of education makes poverty and unemployment more likely, which obviously have a negative effect on a person’s health. In the documentary The Waiting Room, directed by Peter Nicks, a story is told about Highland Hospital’s emergency waiting room and how there are too many patients for the staff to handle....   [tags: Health care, Health, Health economics]

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Medical Room And Inpatient Psychiatric Units

- In the nursing profession unfortunately, there are multiple phenomena of concern for the nurses. One of the major phenomena of concern for a nurse that works in the hospital setting is the readmission of elderly patients. Another one of these phenomena of concern that is specific to the emergency room and inpatient psychiatric units is psychiatric patients that are boarding in the emergency room waiting for a psychiatric bed to become available and the patient not having a therapeutic environment....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Nursing]

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Collaboration Meeting for Process Excellence in the Emergency Department

- Process Excellence in the emergency department is a team collaboration that has a focus of interest for improving quality of care for patients. Team collaboration in health care is recognized as a group of health care workers from different disciplines working together on a common goal. This particular “multidisciplinary” (Finkelman, 2012, p. 336) team meeting was a collaboration of team members that included: the Emergency Room (ER) Director, ER physicians, and ER nurses, ER Head Health Unit Coordinator, ER Business Manager, Senior Process Excellence Coordinator, Director of Information Management, and the Senior Marketing Specialist....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Overcoming Obstacles for Successful Pain Control in the Emergency Department

- According to Tanabe and Buschmann (1999), pain is one of “the most common complaints in the emergency department.” The reasons for patients coming to the emergency department are very atypical, the goal no matter what the complaint is, is to be help as quickly as possible and to decrease the amount of discomfort as soon as possible. Recent publications have shown that 70% of patients with acute painful conditions do not receive any pain medications in the emergency department (Tanabe & Buschmann, 1999)....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Wake County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

- This paper will discuss the internal organizational conflict that occurred in the Wake County Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) after the formation of the Advanced Practice Paramedic Division (APP). Wake County EMS (WCEMS) is the sole entity with in the Wake county Government structure that is charged with providing prehospital emergency medical care to the visitors and citizens of Wake County. This paper is based on the opinion of the writer; it does not and is not reflective of the department’s opinion or the stance of the county....   [tags: APP, conflict, care, performance management]

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Emergency Medical Attention At Rideout Memorial Hospital

- If you ask my parents, emergency medical attention seemed like a necessity when it came to me. From sprained ankles, compound fractures to a 14-hour microscopic hand surgery, it seemed as if the emergency room had a VIP seat for me. Those countless hours in the ER trying to understand the medical jargon the physicians used sparked a passionate interest for medicine that resonates with me to this day. Into my second year of college, I was fortunate enough to nuzzle my way into an apprenticeship under Dr....   [tags: Patient, Physician, Medicine, Cancer]

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The Temperature Of The Room

- Once I gave my introduction to the teacher I was placed with, I was shown a small round table in a corner of the room. After settling into the room I began observing other factors in to the classroom other then what I could observe with my eyes alone. One of the first things I noticed was the temperature of the classroom. The room was set around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A study conducted Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon, produced results that support having a classroom temperature at 72 degrees Fahrenheit....   [tags: Developmental psychology]

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Working At The Emergency Department At Jfk

- On Sunday, April 17, once again I woke up super excited about working at the emergency department at JFK. After 7 days working in this unit, I feel more confident every day and I want to be as productive as I can. I arrived to work with 15 minutes of spare time. I knew it was supposed to be a busy day as usual on the weekends; therefore, I prepared myself in anticipation to apply some of the skills I have learned. The morning was uneventful and we spent time learning how to effectively prioritize the duties....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Pulmonology, Human trafficking]

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The Design for a Temporary Emergency House

- 1. How well do you think your design meets the brief. I believe my design covers all areas of the design brief. The purpose of the shelter is to provide a temporary emergency house for 12 -18 months. This design is suitable and comfortable for a long-term effected family. The composition of the family is considered extremely well. As the two children are teenagers, privacy is considered and each child has a separate room. Gender in also considered, in the girl’s room, there is a mirror desk and for the boy’s room there is a small television to play PS3 and WII....   [tags: successful and innovative design]

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A Short Break Of The Emergency Department

- Once down in the Emergency department, Roy found that although somewhat busy, Doctor Brackett had enough time to take a short break. Updating him, along with Dixie, on what had just occurred, Roy felt a lot better once everything was out in the open. “Sounds like things are going better than expected,” Kel said, pleased. “Yeah, and I was grateful that he was fine when you two showed up with Doctor Early for his morning check-up,” Roy admitted. “I was a bit worried before.” “It goes back to the fact that you and he have always had a unique bond....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2006 singles]

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How to Respond to an Emergency

- My colleague and I received an emergency call at 03.40hrs to reports of a two-vehicle road traffic collision. Once on the scene it was confirmed as a high-speed collision. I was given a brief handover from the lead paramedic who was dealing with a patient that had sustained serious deceleration injuries due to the mechanisms involved. The paramedic stated,” the patient is mechanically trapped we have to wait for the fire service to cut him free”. Our priority at this stage was to prevent further deterioration of the patient and to promote his recovery by means of reassurance, pain relief in addition to treating the various injuries that he had sustained....   [tags: health, paramedic]

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Patient Flow In Waiting Room

- Patient Flow in Waiting Room Healthcare clinics are under a great deal of pressure to reduce costs and improve quality of service. In recent years, healthcare organizations have concentrated on preventive medicine practices and have tried to reduce the length of time that patients stay in a hospital. Outpatient services have gradually become an essential component of healthcare. Organizations that cannot make their outpatient component cost-effective are finding themselves financially burdened in this ever-changing industry (Caldwell, 2005)....   [tags: Health Medicine Doctors]

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My Life Of An Emergency Surgery

- I was born exactly as the sun rose one bright winter morning in Fuzhou, China. Yang, my Chinese name, fittingly means the sun. As the only child of two physicians, I grew up living next to a hospital. My mother left for Paris for her postdoctoral studies when I was a year and half and didn’t return until I was six. As such my paternal grandparents helped raised me and I spend most of my early childhood living with them. As a gastrointestinal surgeon, my father seemed to be constantly on call. He normally has two or even three surgeries scheduled consecutively every day, sometimes even on Saturdays....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Cancer, High school]

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911, What Is Your Emergency?

- “911, what is your emergency?” “You better send the cops.” “Sir, what is the nature of your emergency. Do you require medical assistance?” “No. I’m fine. My wife is dead.” “A squad will be at your house shortly, sir. Are you certain she’s passed away?” “I’m certain. I killed her.” * * * We were in the kitchen. The redo had cost a small fortune. Top of the line appliances, gadgets, cookware. My wife never cooked. Angela was laughing. That laugh I once thought was so infectious, so charming, was now just an annoying cackle....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2005 singles, Pop ballads, Woman]

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Emergency Medicine : Precautionary Measures

- His breath was raspy and undeniably labored; each inhalation seemed like the most difficult task for the 79 year old gardener. Emergency doctors rushed around, maneuvering the man’s thin frame to a comfortable position. As a sophomore in college, I could hardly intervene. Rather, I found myself watching the team of emergency medicine physicians perform precautionary measures as they attempted to save this man’s life. The tension in the room was so thick it could be cut with a knife; any wrong move or call, and this old man may never be able to tend to his precious garden again....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, This Old Man]

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Emergency Response Plan for Floods

- Flooding is when large amounts of water suddenly invade an area which had been normally dry (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary). Floods are one of those disasters which are still a major thread to the world despite the so many efforts to combat it. These are natural hazards because though they are brought about by a natural phenomenon, they often cause lots of damage. The immediate impact on survivors is likely to be injury and death of relatives, damage to crops, housing and infrastructure can also conspire to precipitate acute food shortages and homelessness, water supplies may be contaminated with sewage leading disease....   [tags: Flood Contingency Plan]

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Plan For An Emergency Fund

- 2 - Is Your Debt Manageable. Paying off your debt, be it consumer debt, or a mortgage or larger business debt, may not be as quick and easy as you would like. Plus, investing is something you should start as soon as possible so that you have more time to grow your wealth. If you cannot get out of debt, then ensure your debt is manageable. As mentioned earlier in the XXXXX, you cannot afford to quickly dissolve your investments because you need cash for something unexpected. Make your debt more manageable so that you may plan your investments without fear of having to sell them before their time....   [tags: Stock market, Stock, Pump and dump, Penny stock]

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Emergency Rooms or Hospitals Deserve a more Positive Recognition than They Truly Receive

- ... Where does a brother apologize to a sibling he has wronged for so long. Where does a grandchild pray for the recovery of the grandmother who took him in at the age of five. Where does a husband plead for his wife's recovery after being together for twenty-five years. Where does a friend realize just how much the person strapped to the dripping IV means to him. And where do you realize just how blessed you are to still be alive after a traumatizing accident. Emergency rooms and hospitals are uncomfortable and at times, unforgivable....   [tags: doctors, bad-news, prayers]

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Psychiatric Patients Look For Emergency Mental Health Assessment And Evaluation

- Psychiatric patients look for emergency mental health assessment and evaluation. This group of patients is amongst those who face numerous complex processes that at times prove to be convoluted. These methods involve the treatment and the management of the particular health condition (Fenton et al., 2001). Apart from the complexities and incomprehensive matters associated with the patients’ mental conditions, other issues include insurance and the hospital regulations. These pose disadvantages to patients as they are left with a system that is continuously shrinking and hence cannot mitigate the psychiatric and mental problems....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry]

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Baylor Medical Center And Emergency Care Issues

- Baylor Medical Center and Emergency Care Issues Description of Organization Baylor Health Care System is a medical network that services seven counties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. It is a not-for-profit, faith-based network of hospitals, primary care centers and practices, rehabilitation clinics, senior health centers, affiliated ambulatory surgery centers, and the Baylor Research Institute....   [tags: Management Medicine Analysis Business ]

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Social Media as an Important Tool during Disaster Response

- In global terms, social media is developing as an important tool during disaster response. In 2011, social media was used to communicate information about health and safety concern during the Egyptian uprising. In 2010 after Haiti’s earthquake, social media linked medical professionals in Haiti with medical professional around the world, so supplies could easily be transported to Haiti. In 2009, after H1N1 outbreak in Alexandria, Virginia, the Virginia Health Department tweeted and texted about the availability of the H1N1 vaccines, and within minutes after the notice, people gathered at the centers to receive them....   [tags: emergency preparedness, catastrophy relief]

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The Root Cause Analysis ( Rca ) Model

- Introduction The paper aims at utilizing the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) model to investigate the reasons that lead to his unfortunate sentinel situation faced by Mr. B. In doing so, the paper will sufficiently examine all the events that caused the incident. In accomplishing these objectives, the change theory will be used as the framework for developing an improvement plan that would help in preventing the reoccurrence of such incidence. The Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) will be utilized in ensuring the success of the improvement plan....   [tags: Nursing, Hospital, Emergency department]

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What Are The Important Facts About The Case?

- 1. What are the important facts of the case. There are numerous facts about this case that will be legally significant. The facts about the accident would include: 1. The patient being involved in an auto accident after escaping from a detention center 2. The patient seemed alert and claimed to be going through drug withdrawals 3. The patient stated he was in a methadone program but did not know his normal dosage 4. The dose of Methadone given was moderate 5. The patient was never an addict, nor was he in a Methadone program The important physical findings facts include: 6. The blood pressure was low and this was likely from internal bleeding 7. The patient was in need of blood but refused...   [tags: Hospital, Emergency department, Patient]

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Dane County Emergency Communications Plan

- Dane County Emergency Communications Plan Because I outlined Dane County’s (Madison’s) alert and warnings system last week, I will continue that trend and review their Emergency Communications Plan for this assignment. After reviewing Dane County’s plan, I will make some recommendations for improvement and additions. Intra-agency Communications Dane County Emergency Management has a detailed and extensive list of resources at its disposable for intra-agency communications. During times of crisis, the ability to communicate with responders is crucial....   [tags: Mobile phone, Communication, Cellular network]

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Study on Participants' Reactions to Emergency Situations

- ... In the two partner conditions, only 10% of the 10 subjects reported the smoke. In the three inexperienced bystanders condition the experimenters expected from the results to show over 98% of the three person groups to contain at least one reporter of the smoke. However, only 38% of the of the 24 people in these eight groups reported the smoke. After the experiment was over at six minutes, the subjects were called in for their interview. The interviewer asked if there were any complications while taking the questionnaire and at this point many people reported the smoke issue....   [tags: experiment, smoke, responsibility]

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The Little Clinic Inside Fry 's Marketplace

- The Little Clinic Evaluation The Little Clinic inside Fry’s Marketplace grocery store in Prescott Valley, Arizona is a walk-in clinic staffed with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to address your minor injury or illness. The Little Clinic is a good choice because it is convenient, clean and cost effective. We all have busy lives and do not always have time to sit for hours at the Urgent Care or Emergency Department at the hospital. Our regular doctors may not have open appointments on short notice when we become hurt or sick unexpectedly....   [tags: Hospital, Emergency department, Physician]

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My Day At A Hospital

- Observations Most people would think spending a day at a hospital would be a boring day, but I am not like most people. My day spent at the ProMedica Toledo Hospital, located at 2142 N. Cove Blvd, Toledo, Ohio 43606, was nothing less than extraordinary, especially being in the emergency room. When I walked through the doors on April 26, 2016, I never knew I would be more sure about the career I am pursuing after I left that day. A bubbly and upbeat nurse was quick to greet me. Nurse Kate is a registered nurse in the state of Ohio with a BSN and currently working on her Masters....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Emergency department]

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