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Strunk and White’s Elements of Style

- Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” A typical science fiction fan can be more familiar about Star Trek and it’s characters than some of their own family members. For those that are not all that familiar with this “Sci Fi” show, Star Trek remains as a very well known icon in television history. The crew of the Starship Enterprise traveled to mysterious planets, through mysterious galaxies. I wonder if this journey couldn’t be compared to the journey of style for the writer. In Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” they state, “Who knows why certain notes in music are capable of stirring the listener deeply, though the same notes slightly rearranged are impotent....   [tags: Writing Style Essays]

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Key Elements of Style

- Key Elements of Style William Strunk and E.B. White's handbook The Elements of Style, and Joseph Williams's book Style Toward Clarity and Grace, are both full of good tips on how to improve writing style. The Elements of Style has some good information on how to make writing more vigorous and forceful, but it also contains a lot of opinions on word choice that seem frivolous. Although the advice may not be helpful, Strunk and White's strongly worded opinions are part of what makes their book enjoyable to read....   [tags: Compare Contrast Strunk White Grace Essays]

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Elements of Style in The Production The Streets of Crocodiles

- Elements of Style in The Production The Streets of Crocodiles The production of The Street of Crocodiles presented by Theatre de Complicite at the Queen’s Theatre in London exhibits evidence of a broad variety of theatrical styles. Adding to the complexity of the shows’ rich composition is the truth that it is a devised piece of theatrical work. The groups’ body of work has been widely regarded as innovative, garnering a number of major awards and nominations in the recent past. Dedicated to the collaborative manner in which this production has been developed, the inventors of this staging have guaranteed an intricate weave of dramatic elements....   [tags: Papers]

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Key Elements of Good Writing Style

- Key Elements of Good Writing Style After reading William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style and Joseph M. Williams’ Style: Beyond Clarity and Grace, participating in hours of classroom discussion, and writing five short essays on the topic, I’m struck by the complexity of evaluating “writing style”. But I don’t know why I should be amazed. Borne from the elaborate human thought process, we instinctively dress up our writing in thrift-store duds or Fifth Avenue couture. Writing styles express our individuality; they are our language fingerprints – the writer’s identity is exposed, and no two styles are exactly alike....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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The Elements of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

- Strunk and White's Elements of Style and Joseph Williams' Style Toward Clarity and Grace When I initially thought about writing style I believed that there would be some nice neat definition, and maybe a few rules that would govern writing with “style”. It turns out that I grossly underestimated this topic and while I knew that writing style would be a topic of considerable depth, I did not fully understand the degree that I would be pondering the issue of writing with “style”. The first book I encountered, The Elements of Style written by William Strunk Jr....   [tags: Teaching Writing Education Essays]

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Comparing The Elements of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

- Comparing The Elements of Style by Strunk and White and Style Toward Clarity and Grace by Williams Both The Elements of Style by Strunk and White and Style Toward Clarity and Grace by Williams emphasize the importance of ‘style’ in writing. Though they agree style is important, their approach and views of style differ. Stunk and White’s book was published in 1912 and was written for the old-fashioned ivy leaguers. This can be expressed by their use of the pronoun ‘he’. According to Strunk and White ‘he’ should always be used....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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Comparing The Elements of Style and Grace and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

- Comparing The Elements of Style and Grace and Style Toward Clarity and Grace Webster’s dictionary defines style as a particular or distinctive fashion, form or manner. This leaves much unsaid in context to the world of writing. Everyone looks at style differently because everyone has their own interpretation of what it is. The Elements of Style and Grace and Style Toward Clarity and Grace are two different books. Though these books have many differences, a lot of the ideas are the same; they are just written in different styles....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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On Style

- On Style Style is a very ambiguous word. Asking the question, “What is Style?” is almost a philosophical endeavor, comparable with “What is Truth?” Asking the question, “What is Good Style?” is even harder. Society’s boundaries are constantly shifting to accept or banish items from the definition, in art and writing specifically. Yet there are certain elements that remain constant in all these changes, and these are the elements that style manuals try to pin down. Before the class reading/blogging project began, I thought of style as the method a writer uses to communicate his/her ideas to the reader....   [tags: Style Toward Clarity Elements Writing Essays]

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Hamlet: Analytical Essay About Style

- ... Hamlet is dumbfounded by the fact that his mother who was married to such a respected, skilled man, would marry such a disliked, untalented man. He is still acting crazy and goes off into a rant about the contrasting aspects of the two men. Hamlet believes that his father, Hamlet is so clearly above Claudius in every way. The repetition of “Have you eyes?” draws your attention to the fact that Hamlet has worked himself into fury and doesn’t care that he is being disrespectful to his mother by asking her a question that he obviously knows that answer to, but he does it because he greatly disagrees with her decision and doesn’t know how she made the decision to marry Claudius....   [tags: shakespeare, literary elements]

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Literary Elements Used in My Essays

- As always, my essays usually turn out to be dry and monotonous, but undeniably extensive in informative flesh and teeth. My words could be called repetitive by a few, tiresome by some, but exhaustive by most. I always employ long, winding descriptions to the simplest thing, usually stringing a series of dependent thoughts together at a melodramatic pace. Long sentences that are unequally formed in a series of dependent clauses that eventually ends with the fundamental idea at the end of the sentence becomes a signature flourish in my literary style....   [tags: syntax, complex, sentences, writing, style]

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The 3 Elements of Great Blog Content

- ... As Flannery O'Connor once wrote: "I don't know so well what I think until I see what I say." That's why you blog – to find out what you think about something – and that's why people read blogs, as well. They are trying to form, enrich and deepen their own understanding and opinions. Here are the three elements of great blog content: The headline propels you toward the first sentence. There is so much competition out there from other writers that if your headline does not act decisively, you will lose a lot of people that land on your blog....   [tags: headline, style, audience, fun]

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The Most Important Element of Style

- The Most Important Element of Style I've collected numerous ideas from both Joseph William's book Style Toward Clarity and Grace and William Strunk and E.B. White's The Elements of Style. These books serve as reference guides to writers seeking guidance in improving their writing skills. I feel the text format of any writing is the most important element of style. The text layout in regards to style deals with font, size and contrast. The font makes the text. You are able to change the font to show importance or the use quotes....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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The Style of Writing

- The Style of Writing According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition of style is “a characteristic manner of expression”(612). Usually words such as personal, individual, and unique also come to mind when we think of writing style. I have always associated writing style with belonging uniquely to one individual, meaning that everyone had his or her own style. After reading, “Style Toward Clarity and Grace” by Joseph Williams and “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B....   [tags: Writing Styles Style Essays]

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The Importance of Style

- The Importance of Style If there’s one thing that this class has taught me, it’s that one of the single most important aspect to consider in writing, is that of the style. Style can be defined many ways, whether it be an analysis of oneÂ’s writing proficiency and technical accuracy, or the writerÂ’s voice, and how they bring across their message to the readers. Without style, all writing becomes at least one of two things: a boring, dragging piece whose clipped pace turns the reader totally off, or it becomes so poorly written that the question of the author’s intelligence comes into play while reading the piece....   [tags: Writing Writer Style Styles Essays]

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Plot and Literary Style Must Interact in an Effective Way

- Both the plot and literary style are elements that are unique to each author and his or her works. If these interact in an effective way, the reader will be able to fully understand both the story line and the message that the author is trying to communicate in the piece. Both “Blindness” by José Saramago and “The New York Trilogy” by Paul Auster are novels in which the literary style used enhances the plot of the story. Similarly, the storyline justifies the reasons behind the use of that author’s particular style....   [tags: plot, literary style, writers, authors,]

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Insights on Style

- Insights on Style A writer sits down on his hickory brown leather upholstered chair in a lowered den of a cape-cod house in the country. He slips his bifocals up the ridge of his nose and pulls his typewriter with both arms to a comfortable typing distance. He is now ready to write and write with style. He has in mind that his certain eloquence will provide cohesion, concision and elegance that will be clear and concise so the reader will be able to determine exactly the message he is portraying....   [tags: Style Writing Styles Essays]

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Growing With Style

- Growing With Style Defining writing style is somewhat like describing Big Foot. People study it, and talk about it, they try to enlighten others about it. But when it’s all said and done, you just rely on; “I’ll know it when I see it.” Style is not unique onto ourselves, but I think that we all, either as audience or as writer, have our own interpretation of style. For example, the University of Miami’s Philosophy and Literature Departments hold a Bad Writing Contest that gives mock prizes to the “worst published academic writing” that someone can find (   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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What is Style?

- What is Style. The overall concept of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and Joseph Williams Style Toward Clarity and Grace is to educate those who wish to better their writing ability. If one wanted to become better at a sport they would research principles of that sport to become a better athlete. Similarly, if one wanted to become a better athlete they would return to the basics in order to make sure that they knew what they were doing. I think that same idea is present in educating oneself to becoming a better writer, a better historian, a better mathematician, a better athlete, a better philosopher, a better linguist, whatever it is that one wants to become better at will involve...   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Writing Style is Important

- Writing Style is Important Before expounding on the elements and forms of style, there are two main questions that should be asked: What is style, and why should one be concerned with it. In answer to the first question, I believe that style is choice. One’s style is determined by the types of words he chooses, and the diction with which he displays them. A style can be casual or formal, simple or verbose; every time an author writes something, he is making decisions on how he wants to present his information....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Writing with Personal Style

- Writing with Personal Style Writing style is completely malleable. In this sense, style is effected by the author’s mood, intended audience, knowledge on the topic, attitude toward the topic, environment and state of consciousness-- give or take. Some may even say that the movement of the moon changes one’s ability to bring words together. But that is not the whole story. Given a group of fifty students, all generally similar, put in the same environment, taught by the same teacher using the same techniques (et c), you will have fifty different styles....   [tags: Writing Styles style Essays]

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Writing Style is Important

- Writing Style is Important Contrary to popular conceptions of the term ‘style’, I have found that in the context of this class, as well as in the context of the books “Style Toward Clarity and Grace” by Joseph M. Williams and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White, that ‘style’ is not style in the sense that it is the way I write (in such as way as ‘everyone has their own unique style’). Style encompasses many elements to writing a cohesive, clear paper. However, I feel that in order to write a clear cohesive essay or paper, I must write in my own way, a way that I am familiar with....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Defining Writing Style

- Defining Writing "Style" Many accomplished authors have tried distinguishing what "good writing style" is. Some believe it is writing simply, others believe it is writing precisely. Numerous books have been published in order to help define this murky area called "style." Matthew Arnold, poet and critic, once said "Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style." So why then is this topic so unclearly defined. Perhaps it is because each person has had different writing influences and needs improvement in different areas....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Defining Writing Style

- Defining Style In a search for the meaning of true style, I consulted two books on the subject. These texts differ on many levels, but most strikingly are their styles of presentation. Strunk and White, authors of The Elements of Style, lean more towards the rule-book approach, telling us what to do and when to do it without much explanation. John Williams, on the other hand, uses his book Style: Toward Clarity and Grace in almost a lecture form, filled with comparative examples of correct and incorrect ways to approach his stylistic suggestions....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Good Writing Style

- The Elements of Style written by William Strunk and E.B. White, and Style: Toward Clarity and Grace written by Jospeh Williams both offer suggestions for establishing the comprehensive application of literary techniques and style. Each book, constructed differently, focuses on various areas of writing through comprehensive basic rules and guidelines. These books specifically identify the basic foundation for writing rules of usage, principle composition and offer suggestions for different types of style approach....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Comparative Style-book Essay

- Comparative Style-book Essay Two well-know style books are The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, and Style Toward Clarity and Grace, by Williams. Both of these books are very beneficial, discussing grammar rules, style, and composition, all with the aim to make its readers better writers. They teach readers to use proper techniques and proofread their papers so they can improve their writing style. Although the books goals are the same, each one approaches it in a different way, emphasizing certain points above others....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Style and its Relationship to Good Writing

- Style and its Relationship to Good Writing Style. It’s a small word that packs a powerful punch, and most writers do not stop to think about what it truly means. Initially, I thought style was a personal element in writing specific to the writer and to change this personalized style of writing was absolutely forbidden. However, through our class exploration of the two style manuals, Style Toward Clarity and Grace and The Elements of Style, this original definition was challenged, and eventually changed based on the compelling evidence....   [tags: Writing Education Style Styles Essays]

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Good Style is a Reflection of a Writer Making Good Choices

- Good Style is a Reflection of a Writer Making Good Choices When putting pen to paper or typing on a keyboard in order to write something, a writer makes decisions. These decisions will result in what will be the writer’s finished work and will unintentionally reflect what the writer knows about writing style. In just trying to convey his or her ideas, a writer will follow rules of grammar and spelling as well as various advice accumulated through formal and informal education. If the writer has a good understanding of what they’ve learned, it will come out in their writing....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Writing Style

- Writing Style What is writing style. I started out thinking that writing style is a personal thing and that all writers have their own style. But, this way of thinking is really just a simple way to answer the question. After more careful thought, I realized that style is actually quite the opposite of personal and original. Style is a form of standardization. As writers, we all follow certain rules and guidelines to make our point. Style is these rules and guidelines. For a writer to better understand style, multitudes of books and helpful guides have been published....   [tags: Writing Styles Style Essays]

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Writing Style

- Writing Style I hear inner Strunk and White voices of “don’t overwrite”, “write in a way that comes naturally,” and so forth, going through my head. I have visions of endless Williams examples and illustrations on clarity. I see weeks of blog writings flashing through my memory. From all of this, I now own and believe in a firm and personal definition of what style is and what good writing entails. William Strunk and E.B. White’s book The Elements of Style, along with Joseph M. Williams’s book Style Toward Clarity and Grace helped lead me to this point, which is: what is the point....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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Writing Style

- Writing Style When constructing a piece of writing, a student may sometimes find herself struggling to remember grammar rules or style principles. A handy reference guide would help her out immensely. William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s book, The Elements of Style, and Joseph Williams’ book, Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, assist writers improve their work in various ways. Strunk and Whites’ book took a simple approach, while Williams went more in-depth, with elaborate explanations and varying choices for each writing style....   [tags: Writing Style Styles Essays]

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- Style After reading Strunk and White’s, The Elements of Style, Williams’, Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, and my peers’ reviews of these two books, I have come up with an all encompassing answer to the question: what is style, and what elements are most important to all writers. The answer is: there is no clear cut definition of style. It is ever changing; and is based on society’s views of what makes good writing, not necessarily the writer’s own thoughts on the matter. Therefore, the writer is better off following the set rules of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, determined by society; then adding her own voice....   [tags: Writing Styles Style Paper]

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Css : A Style Sheet Language

- CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), is a style sheet language, which is used for describing the presentation of a document that is written in a markup language. CSS is most often used to set the visual styles of web pages and user interfaces that are written in HTML or XHTML (XHTML extends versions of the widely used HTML). CSS can be applied to any XML document, including plain XML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and XML User Interface Language (XUL). CSS is also applicable to rendering in speech, or on other media types....   [tags: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Web page]

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How To Write Using the APA Writing Style

- The APA writing style is most commonly used to cite sources for psychology, education, and social sciences and is also the official writing style of the American Psychological Association. The General APA Organizational Guidelines are basic guidelines that explain how to write a research paper in the APA format. These guidelines ensure clear and consistent presentation of written material that differentiates from other writing styles because it concerns elements such as: Citations, punctuation, presentation of numbers, etc There are four major sections in an APA paper....   [tags: APA Writing Style]

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Four Elements of the Marketing Mix

- What does the phrase marketing mix mean. What is the purpose of the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a process most organizations use to bring a product or service to market. The four Ps is a good way to define the marketing mix tool. The four Ps or four elements of the marketing mix are product, place, price, and promotion, which are used to satisfy consumers’ needs and the objectives of the organization. After a target market is selected, “…the firm must take steps to satisfy [the customers] needs” (Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 2009 p....   [tags: Marketing ]

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Elements of Southern Gothic Literature

- Elements of Southern Gothic Literature Literature comes in all types of styles and one type is Southern Gothic. But what makes a story develop into this type of Southern Gothic style. There are many characteristics that are apparent in literature, so what conditions are distinct that would give them the term Southern Gothic literature. What kind of elements do we call for when trying to find this type of literature. Southern Gothic is a literature that has a style all its own. It has it unique elements such as being Southern based (characters or place), then we have characters with these righteous attitudes, and then it would not be Gothic without a tragedy....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Organizational Leadership And Organizational Elements

- Today’s global marketplace is constantly changing, thus organizations need to adapt and evolve not only their operations but their culture in order to remain competitive, as well as, ensure the business is sustainable. In order to achieve this challenging feat, organizational leadership and organizational elements such as intent, vision, and performance are necessary. The following essay will discuss the aforementioned elements. Organizational leadership is noted when senior staff members spotlight objectives for the employees, in addition to, escort them towards achieving these goals ("Organizational Leadership," 2015)....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Leader]

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Core Elements Of Leadership Philosophy

- Step 3: Write down your leadership philosophy With the above steps concluded, you can start putting your leadership philosophy on paper. We briefly mentioned the importance of having a written statement in the previous section. Writing down your philosophy helps clarify your ideas and makes it all just a bit more concrete. It can improve your focus and help you keep yourself more accountable, since you can always go back and read what you’ve created. To help you write down your leadership format, we propose using the Thin Difference format below, although you can always just write a document in your own style....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Psychology, Want]

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Comparing The Element of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

- Comparing The Element of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace Stylish writing has never been much of an issue before reading Strunk and White and Williams. I personally would interpret style as being an individual refection of one’s self. In reading “The Element of Style” and “Style Toward Clarity and Grace” I learned that style isn’t necessarily just a reflection of an individual’s style but it is also how the many rules to writing are used when composing a piece. In Strunk, White and Williams’ attempts to educate formal writers on how to write stylish, understandably, and within the rules, they give great examples of the usage of correct grammar, composition, and words and expression...   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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The Elements of Music

- MUSICAL CLOSE-UP: THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC THE ROOTS OF ROCK, page 12 To fully understand any musical style, one must be able to analyze the various elements of music as they exist in that particular style. In this first musical close-up, we shall briefly describe these elements of music. In subsequent musical close-ups, we shall examine one or another of these elements in greater detail as it pertains to a given style or topic. Rhythm We begin with rhythm because it is basic to all music. Rhythm refers to the interrelationship between music and time....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Style Of Handmaid 's Tale

- The Style used in Chapter 1, Handmaid’s Tale The novel Handmaid’s tale by Margret Atwood written in 1985 is a novel that uses real world issues and manifests them into the future, being a fiction story but representing non-fictional ideas. The author of this book tries to show a theocracy governed country which is dystopian, opposite of utopian. The novel is told is from the point of Offred, the main character, emphasising the story line on her life and thoughts, through which the reader knows the whole conflict and manifesto of the government....   [tags: Fiction, Narrative, Character, Margaret Atwood]

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Leadership Styles : Leadership Style

- I. INTRODUCTION a. Leadership is one of the primary determinants as to whether an organization and its personnel will be successful. In order to be a successful leader it is important that an understanding of the various leadership styles is developed. Leadership style has a direct impact on an organizational effectiveness and employee performance. A thorough understanding of the various leadership styles enables us to “develop our own approach and become a more effective leader” (Malos, 2012, p....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Management]

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Leadership Styles Of Leadership Style

- Leadership Style Self-Assessment Leaders are born, and not made in my opinion. In this assignment I will provide a comprehensive overview of the findings from a leadership style self-assessment that I used to help me gage what type of leader I am. The assessment tool I used consisted of 30 questions in which I circled a score between 1 and 5. 1 represented almost never true, 2 means seldom true, 3 is occasionally true, 4 is frequently true, and 5 meant almost always true. Once I was done answering all questions each column was totaled....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Instructional Methods For Teaching Style

- A) Videos 1 & 2 show two different approaches to introducing perimeter. Which video best describes how you might teach the lesson and why. How would you modify the lesson to better fit your teaching style. The first video best described how I might teach the lesson. I liked how Carol Lewis made the class student-led, the kids were active in their own learning process. In addition, she had them measure something concrete, instead of just doing math on paper. Furthermore, the students used an unusual shape (their hand) rather than a bunch of simple square objects....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teacher, Mathematics]

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Japanese Garden Elements

- Japanese garden elements are the main parts for its decoration and beauty. Every style of art has their elements of own. A garden of Japan has numerous elements like water, rocks, islands, bridges, ponds, teahouse, lanterns, borrowed scenery and plants. The combination of these elements makes the garden alive. Following are the important elements of Japanese gardens: • Waterfall, bridges and ponds: The pond is also known as ike, is one of the basic elements of Japanese garden. It is the representation of river, sea or lake, as it is a water body....   [tags: Gardening]

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The Style of the Essay

- The Style of the Essay Prior to reading Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and William’s Style, I was under the assumption that everyone had their own writing style. Once I had read the texts and listened to the classroom discussions I realized that I didn’t really know what style was when it came to writing. We as writers must all follow rules and guidelines for writing in order for the reader to understand what we are trying to get across. Without these rules and guidelines we probably wouldn’t be able to understand what the author is trying to express....   [tags: Writing Writers Education Essays]

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The Best in Style

- The Best in Style ‘Style’ is an idea that can mean different things to different people. Some like to define it in terms of ‘being one's self’ and going against the norm. But after reading two prominent style guides, "Style Towards Clarity and Grace," and "The Elements of Style," I began to form a different view on the subject as it pertains to writing. When attempting ‘good style’ and ‘good writing,’ writers should try to be original and not follow every rule religiously, but still follow some common writing elements....   [tags: Writing Writers Essays]

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The Significance of Style

- The Significance of Style Robert Burton, lifelong scholar and librarian in the 16th century, wrote: “It is most true, stylus virum arguit,--our style betrays us” (qtd. in Bartlett). Whether inserting the most complicated words possible in order to sound scholarly, littering sentences by overusing slang and contractions, or keeping every sentence to a tight structure of subject, verb, object with no variation—these elements of style used improperly say something, even if unintentional, about the writer....   [tags: Teaching Writing Education Essays]

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Film Noir: A Style Spanning Genres

- The classification and cataloging of items seem to fulfill a basic need in human beings, whether it is vegetable, mineral or animal. It seems that this basic need to analyze and categorize items applies also to objets d’art, including film – and the recognition or dismissal of film noir as a genre has been argued since the term was coined. While the term itself is valid, film noir as a genre is a misnomer. More properly, film noir should be considered a style unto itself, but definitively not genre, defined by the very definitions of the words “style” and “genre”....   [tags: Film]

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Problems Associated with Autocratic Management Style

- Before you can find the primary problems associated with an autocratic management style, you have to understand what autocratic management style is. Autocratic management style is the belief that in most cases the worker cannot make a contribution to their own work, and if they could, they wouldn't. Autocratic managers attempt to control work to the maximum extent possible. It is a major threat to control its complexity; complex jobs are more difficult to learn and work. A manager may need to use a more autocratic style of management with a new employee, whereas with an employee who has been with the business for some time, a more consultative approach....   [tags: control, compliance, orders]

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Jane Austen 's Style Of Writing

- Jane Austen was a stellar English author. Though she only wrote six novels, her unique and effective style of writing was evident to all who read her works. The elements used by Austen are still relevant in today’s day and age. Austen’s stories are full of allusions to geography, history, literature, philosophy, and mythology. Her novels are full of themes pertaining to love, marriage, and society fitting in to the genre of romantic fiction. All of her stories take place in nineteenth century England....   [tags: Novel, Jane Austen, Literature, Emma]

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Communication Style Between Japanese And American

- As I went to the United States, I experienced the difference of communication style between Japanese and American. I had intended to show my curiosity without talking, but my uncle cannot realize my interests. He told me that I should have acted out my curiousness and express distinctly in the United States. Compared to the United States, many Japanese tend to express obscurely and hide their true feelings. This experienced taught me how important express myself. Expressing myself is called self-disclosure....   [tags: Communication, Culture, Nonverbal communication]

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Style of Writing

- Style of Writing In both of the books various elements of style are mentioned, William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style and Joseph M. Williams’ Style Toward Clarity and Grace, clarity and concision are to be the most important. I think that in order for your reader to be able to enjoy and understand what they are reading, it has to be written clearly and concisely. I believed that everyone has his or her own style: whether the style be that of one’s hair, clothes, or writing....   [tags: Education Writing Essays]

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The Farcical Elements in Taming of the Shrew

- The Farcical Elements in Taming of the Shrew A long time ago, a drunken man fell asleep outside an alehouse. This man, Christopher Sly, was discovered by a mischievous lord who took him into his home. The witty lord then convinced Sly that he was a lord, as well. The lord then put on a play for him. The play, The Taming of the Shrew, was about the two young daughters of Baptista. The youngest daughter, Bianca, wished to wed but her father, Baptista, would not allow this until his eldest daughter, Katherina, was married....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Gothic Elements in House of Leaves

- Gothic Elements in House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves is a contemporary novel that contains the four characteristics of the Gothic novel: architecture, death and decay, family secrets, and deviant sexuality. It also contains some elements of the American Gothic such as mental instability and drugs and alcohol. Architecture by far, plays the greatest role in the book. The house itself causes the events in the book to unfold. Supposedly built in 1720, it has housed approximately 0.37 owners a year, most of who were traumatized in some way....   [tags: House of Leaves Essays]

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Classical Design Elements In Architecture

- Classical Design Elements In Architecture Throughout history, Classical ideals of the ancient Greeks and Romans have been prevalent in all facets of art. In architecture this is especially true. A few of the Classical ideals employed in architecture are colonnaded porticoes, domed centers and symmetrical designs. Architects such as Andrea di Pietro, Christopher Wren and Thomas Jefferson used these Classical design elements in their respective works. These highly regarded individuals were architects of the Mannerist, Baroque and Neo-Classical Ages respectively....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Core Elements Of Great Managing That Impacted Worker Engagement

- Gallup performed and in-depth research on more than 15 million employees in more than 160 countries and was able to identify 12 core elements of great managing that impacted worker engagement. Tyler stated that employee engagement occurs when leaders are meeting the basic needs of employee’s, which increases performance and profitability. Workers are more involved and enthused about their job. Examples of preferred needs to be met by leaders are having the proper resources for the job, receiving consistent feedback regarding progress, and having opportunities to learn and grow....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Need, Gallup poll]

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The Essential Elements Of Fiction By Zora Neale Hurston

- In a brief overview of “How it Feels to Be Colored Me” by Zora Neale Hurston presents the essential elements of fiction through a style of narration. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader of what it feels like to be “colored” in the United States of America. When sampling the essay, it is possible to find that a major idea of the text is a simple representation of being black in a white America. The reading of the text explores the discovery of self-pride and black nationalism using her own childhood as young teenage girl....   [tags: African American, United States, White people]

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Use Of Literary Elements

- Use of Literary Elements There are many important elements to The Catcher in the Rye but there are two that stand out from the rest by a great margin. These elements of the novel are the message that the book gives to reader as well as the style of writing that J.D. Salinger uses while writing the book. The messages can be seen clearly and are very important to the book, but they are not an original theme for a book. What does set the ideas in this book apart from other books with the same theme is the writing style that Salinger uses in the book; this writing style is called stream of consciousness writing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Style Consistent with the Message

- A Style Consistent with the Message Redemption of the spirit and soul, Eternity, Heaven, and Hell have always been solemn, undisclosed, and indirect subjects. Such important matters of life deserve a more appropriate approach. These subjects need to be clearly understood and firmly discussed. They are extremely urgent and must be elaborately explained to all that they may concern. In “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” Jonathan Edwards extensively enhances the urgency of turning lives over to God through a provocative style filled with vivid illustrations and elaborate imagery....   [tags: Papers]

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Style of The Fire Next Time

- Style of The Fire Next Time James Baldwin is one of the premier essayists of his time. He draws on his experiences in a straightforward, unapologetic manner, which helps achieve his purpose in The Fire Next Time. His style elucidates his arguments for racial harmony and for the understanding of other religions. The Fire Next Time is a remarkable showcase of Baldwin's talents. His collection of essays is clear, potent, and to the point. To strengthen his argument, Baldwin considers different points of view, black and white, Muslim and Christian....   [tags: The Fire Next Time]

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There Are No Children Here Essays: Style

- Style of There Are No Children Here There Are No Children Here In Kotlowitz's description of the harsh realities of the Chicago projects, three stylistic elements stand out: his precise narration, his bluntness, and his questionable objectivity. These three elements blend to form a unique style that is particularly well-suited for There Are No Children Here. If there is one thing on which critics agree when discussing this book, it is that Kotlowitz is a brilliant narrator. He has a keen eye for the daily particulars of this dangerous neighborhood....   [tags: There are No Children Here Essays]

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Style Analysis of Blog Writings

- Style Analysis of Blog Writings What is “style” in writing. After reading Strunk and White’s The elements of Style and Joseph William’s Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, I have come to understand what style is: I always thought of “style” as being your own, but through these books I learned that that’s not entirely true. “Style” is a mixture of many things and individualism only being one part, but for me the most important. Style is a way of writing clear, cohesive, grammatically correct and true to one’s self....   [tags: Teaching Writing]

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Marketing, Advertising, Style and Art

- Marketing, Advertising, Style and Art: Life Should be Lived, Not Painted Man-made objects produced for acquisition depend on the ability to carry an image of style. The consumer is persuaded that ownership will enable them to inherit this style transforming their lives into perfect, happy reflections of the people featured in advertisements. These objects can be applied to any aspect of life as a fast answer to the question of style. The media promotes and reflects the current mainstream culture's standards for life style, class and importance of appearance....   [tags: Marketing Advertising Art]

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Jay Chou and his Chinese Pop Style

- ... Jay coordinates Chinese classic folk music into his Chinese style music, displaying a romantic perception. Far more than it, his use of major scale shows the simulation of Chinese style doesn’t require the pentatonic scale restrictively. But people believe his professional musical skill and the understanding of Chinese folk music are two important facts that contribute to his creative Chinese pop music style, or what is called Chou style. Although Jay is not the first musician to use Chinese traditional instruments in the pop style music, he combines Chinese instruments, such as zheng and pipa, with western piano and violin harmoniously, in some of his works....   [tags: famous Taiwanese musician]

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Louis Le Vau And The French Classical Style

- Louis Le Vau was a practicing architect during the early to mid-seventeenth century in France who contributed to the French classical style while working for King Louis XIV of France. Le Vau was born and passed away in Paris, on October 11th, 1670 while spending majority of his life in France. He was an originating founder of the French Classical style, working as the forefront for academic architecture of the seventeenth century. Beginning his career as the son of a master mason of the same name, Louis Le Vau quickly developed his design skills to become a successful architect around 1639....   [tags: Louis XIV of France, Palace of Versailles]

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Italian Neorealism: Film Style of Post-War Europe

- In the period between 1943 and 1950 Italian cinema was dominated by Neorealism which became the most significant film style of post-war Europe. Formation began back in 1936 when propagandists opened modern Cincitta studios and the film school name ‘Centro Sperimentaledi Cinematografia’. Along with the opening of schools such as this was a movement that placed a group of cinematographers under full-year contracts, among them was Carlo Montuori who used his classic techniques in creating ‘Bicycle Thieves’ (1948) one of the most well known films produced during the Neo-Realism movement....   [tags: films, cinema, cinematography]

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Exploring Lester Horton´s Dance Style

- Dance is the universal language of the soul. Dance speaks of the truest inner feelings and life experiences of a dancer. Every dancer and/or choreographer will grow up to have a very distinctive style and set of unique techniques, dance values, and teaching methods to be followed. The dancer whom we will be analyzing in this paper is a pioneer of modern dance, Lester Horton. He was born on January 23rd, 1906 in Indianapolis, Indiana (Segal, 1998). He had moved to California to create dances and had developed a fresh and unique style of technique and choreography (Warren, 1977)....   [tags: Ethnic, Choreography]

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Style of Hawthorne

- In 1804 a great Gothic-romance writer by the name of Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts and was determined to make the 18th Century aware of the deep and dark desires that are present in every person’s mind. Hawthorne himself once quoted that “easy reading is damn hard writing.”(Hawthorne, 1849) but through frustration and angst Hawthorne created a selection of metaphysical poetry and a few longer works, one of which being the infamous “The Scarlett Letter”. Hawthorne’s style of writing shaped the genre of romance and short story as the originality of his writing was a reincarnation of his own personal values and beliefs (Litz, 1998)....   [tags: Literaty Analysis, Scarlet Letter]

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The Elements Of Art And Principles Of Design

- Before participating the ART 100 course, I really don’t know how are the elements of art and principles of design. It is interesting when I have some background about the art after finishing this course. This class has given me so much knowledge about the work of art. Now when I look at a painting, I can analyze the work of art based on the elements of art which is line, shape, forms, space, color, and texture; I also describe an overview of an artwork such as emphasis, unity, movement, or proportion....   [tags: Florence, Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance, Italy]

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The Elements Of Logic, Emotion, And Credibility

- I came into this class with a fair amount of confidence. Throughout my life, I had always excelled when it came to English. In high school I was always in English Honors classes and I also had taken AP Language and Composition. With the skills I acquired from those courses, I felt confident enough that I could tackle any college english course with ease. However, after entering this course, I came to the realization that I still had a lot to learn in order to become a great, effective writer. The first concepts taught to me in this English class were foreign....   [tags: Writing, Paper, Essay, Writing process]

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What Are Essential Elements Of A Vision?

- What are the essential elements of a vision. A convincing vision identifies what people want, rather than what they don’t want. After the coach and client established trust and rapport, coaches can assist clients develop a vision of their desired future outcome. Having a vision to work for is the foundation for planning. Some essential elements of a vision are value, outcome, behavior, motivators and support. By having a value it helps the client to figure out who do they want to be and how coaches can design a program according to the client’s vision and outcome....   [tags: Motivation, Behavior, Psychology]

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The Elements Of Supply Chain Management

- 3.0 Elements of Supply Chain Management A simple supply chain is the integration of business process from the end customers through original suppliers that provide products, services and information, and the function of supply chain management is to plan, guide and coordinate all the supply chain’s activities. it includes several elements such as purchasing, production planning, logistics, inventory control and distribution. 3.1 Purchase 1. The C.A.F.E Practices (Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices) of Starbuck has a set of industry-leading, comprehensive coffee buying address the quality of coffee, financial transparency, and social and environmental responsibility....   [tags: Coffee, Starbucks, Supply and demand]

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Elements and Evolution of Graphic Design

- Each and every day, people all over the world walk outside, watch television, get on the internet, or any number of things where they see advertising for companies and their products/services. Every company has a symbol to represent them called a logo which can be a simple object, a letter, or maybe even some sort of colored shape. The possibilities for what can be created are endless. Symbols are used as a way to convey messages without spoken or written words so there are no language barriers, however there can be some difficulties with cultural mismatches....   [tags: typography, internet, t.v.]

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Elements Of Offensive Language And Events

- Readers have the right to their own political positions and this book is not intended to sway you in any other direction. The book is written, in a compex way in first, second and third person narrative, and you will also jump back and fro in time. The author or distributor does not condone or agree with any of the descriptions or the methods used in this book. Things happened then and was said many time in very offensive ways, to portray the reality of those elements – offensive language and events are included....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Physical exercise]

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Integrating Gaming Elements in the Classroom

- ... (Richardson, 2012), before the students are at the stage to build games they should be able to play existing games to certain levels to learn the process of building their own games. The games built will be used to teach other students the concept that they learnt. Similar to objectives being created based on unit topic the teachers will create themes and then structure specific quests for these themes. These quests include questions or scenarios which should pose as a challenge for the students in a game-based style....   [tags: educational institutions, learning, web sites]

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The Musical Elements Of Herbie Hancock

- Herbie Hancock has played an incredible role in jazz history, particularly jazz fusion and funk jazz. Jazz fusion incorporates musical elements from other musical styles such as, rock and roll. Funk jazz is characterized by the Hammond B-3 and organ. With my love for electronic instruments and funky sounds I decided to watch Herbie Hancock’s performance at the Newport Jazz Festival located at Newport, Rhode Island. Originally, the performance was done in 2008 making it a relatively recent performance....   [tags: Jazz, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Funk]

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Aristotle 's Elements Of Rhetoric

- Aristotle’s Elements of Rethoric ENGL 1103 University of the People Aristotle’s Elements of Rethoric Clear, concise and effective written communication is not easy to master; it requires practice, patience and persistence. Written communication is more difficult because unlike oral communication, it requires experience and knowledge to convey tone, clarity, conciseness, arrangement, and expectation; qualities needed in the business environment to write clear and effective communications, void of misunderstandings....   [tags: Rhetoric, Writing, Communication, Linguistics]

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- THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ATMOSPHERIC ELEMENTS AND CONSUMER BEHAVIORAL INTENTIONS: THE CASE OF RETAILING SECTOR Abstract The purpose of this study is to find out the significance of atmospheric variables with respect to consumer behavioral intentions particularly in the Pakistani environment. The behavioral intention is explained with the helped of four dimension first is recommending to the friends and family, willingness to revisit the retail store, wish to stay longer and willingness to spend more at a particular retail out let....   [tags: Consumer Behavior ]

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Your Writing Style

- Your Writing Style How can one person know what good style is when writing a paper. Where is it written that we as students should have to follow specific guidelines while writing. Anyone wanting to make their writing clear, precise, and simply correct will usually try following some type of guideline, or book in order to perfect their own writing style. After reading both The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and also Williams’s Style toward Clarity and Grace I can see why teachers discuss these books as tools for correcting and perfecting their students writing, and style....   [tags: Writing Writers Education Essays]

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Style: Strunk & White vs. Williams

- Style: Strunk & White vs. Williams Writing correctly is something that many people find hard to do. I know this, because I use to feel the same way. I have had many English classes in my time, where teachers would sit next to me, and correct my errors sentence by sentence as I went along. All the while asking me if I understood what why what I did was wrong. I remember saying that I understood, but I really didn't. That was something that I didn't like at the time, but I am now very appreciative of the fact that someone was there....   [tags: Comapre Contrast Comparison Essays]

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