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Personal Voice Or An Electronic Mail?

- E-mails work faster than telephones, but was there not a time when telephones were faster and quicker than any other mode of communication. We live in an evolving world where things change every now and then and new technologies and inventions keep coming up every now and then. Why is it that we always want what is the fastest mode in everything that we do. Even if we do communication is something that is of vital importance whether the world globalizes or not but in a world like tody communication plays a vital role and at this pace its importance would grow exponentially in the future....   [tags: email, mail, telephone]

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Electronic Mail and The Written Word

- Electronic Mail and The Written Word Imagine a world without cyber culture technology. Picture using telegrams, typewriters, and payphones to connect to the world, sending all correspondence through mail, and leaving messages on home answering machines. At one time, these outdated items were the wave of the future. Mark Twain couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the typewriter. Why aren’t these technical advances not good enough anymore. Why have these ways of communicating become historical artifacts....   [tags: Writing Technology Technological Papers]

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Electronic Mail (e-mail)

- Electronic Mail (e-mail) Electronic Mail, a means of communication that is growing at a very rapid rate. In this paper, I will write about introduction of e-mail, the advantage and disadvantage of e-mail, mailing lists, sending an e-mail message, sending attachments, e-mail improvement, and security features. Introduction of Electronic Mail Electronic mail (E-mail) has become popular and easy way of communication in this decade. E-mail is a method of sending and receiving document or message from one person to another....   [tags: essays research papers]

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e-mail and electronic mail

- The Hacker It was a lonely Saturday night. The wind was howling through the branches of the old oak tree outside my window. The branches swayed back and forth, creating faint tapping and screeching sounds on the glass. And so, I sat… It was a night like any other; my music playing in the background and the room was illuminated only by the changing shades of green from my lava lamp. I waited. Suddenly, a came from the system unit of my computer, signalling that it was ready. I sat in my big leather chair, leant forward, and logged on....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Electronic and Image Records

- Introduction: The chapter we will be looking at today will be discussing electronic and image records. We will focus are time on key terms and key idea throughout of the chapter. The first part of this paper we are going to be look at electronic media; the second part will be record security and safety; and the final part will be image media. Electronic media will be addressing the key ideas; such as relationship between “electronic and image records; magnetic and optical media; removable data storage devices; data input; storage and retrieval procedures.”(342-348) The second part we will look at records safety and security....   [tags: electronic media, security, safety, image media]

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Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail?

- Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail. For many of us, turning on the computer and checking for e-mail messages has become as much a part of our daily routine as a trip to the mailbox. The growing popularity of e-mail makes us wonder how we ever survived without it. E-mail has many advantages over regular mail, including speed, low cost, and convenience. In our enthusiasm for e-mail, however, we would be unwise to abandon the post office altogether. For some purposes, e-mail is a poor substitute for "snail mail," both in our personal lives and in the business world....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Pros and Cons of E-mail

- “E-mail, used by more than 7 million college students, is easier, quicker, and more spontaneous than regular mail.” (“College-to-Home E-mail”) Although electronic mail has made it possible for college students to keep in contact quickly and easily with friends and family, it can become impersonal and cause misunderstandings. When the internet brought electronic mail, otherwise known as e-mail, into our homes, our lives from then on have forever been changed. E-mail is mail sent over the computer online through an e-mail carrier such as America Online, Hotmail, or Yahoo....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Comparison Of Mail Communications

- New technologies have always allowed us to do things faster, more efficiently, and more professionally than ever before. Generally, every new technology is a step forward for speed and productivity. But, despite this paradigm, the coming of the latest mail communications innovation has brought many pros and cons with the package. Electronic mail could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there are many who find flaws in it. We are now going to take a moment to compare the speed, ease, reliability, and expense of electronic mail with our general postal system....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Letters vs. E-mail

- Letters vs. E-mail: Communicating through Writing My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins live in Ireland leaving oceans and expensive air fare separating us. Through pictures, stories, letters, and phone calls I have come to know the history of my family, what brought my mother to this country, and what a life in Ireland is like. However, over time these forms of communication were not strong and consistent enough to enable me to build an emotional connection and relationship with specific members of my family....   [tags: Communication Writing Technology Essays]

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Comparing E-Mail and the US Postal Service

- E-Mail vs. Postal Service      New technologies are allowing us to do things faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Almost every new innovation in technology improves the speed and productivity of any task at hand. Electronic mail (E-mail) is possibly one of the greatest things to happen to the world. Despite this, there are people who find difficulties in using either E-mail or conventional mail. To help decide whether to use E-mail or the United States postal Service, a comparison of each one’s speed, ease of use, reliability, and cost is a helping factor....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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Junk E-Mail is Abusive to the Internet and its Users

- Junk E-Mail is Abusive to the Internet and its Users   With in the past decade, the term “junk mail” has transformed from a pile of flashy advertisements and unnecessary coupon books to an intruding, pervasive, and even offensive collection of electronic messages. Though, the distribution of postal mail for the purpose of advertisement is governed by effective laws, distribution of unsolicited email runs free across the internet at the expense of others. The solicitation of “junk e-mail” fosters profit for few, at the inconvenience of many....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Variety in E-mail

- E-mails have been a dominant form of communication throughout business, academic settings, and information sharing since its invention in 1971 (Bellis 1). The idea behind an email was the ability to send short, important messages to a computer other than the computer in use at that moment (Bellis 1). Although seemingly simple at the time, the idea bloomed into something so large it is a driver in today’s society. Interestingly enough, the first E-mail ever sent according to the article “History of Email & Ray Tomlinson,” by Mary Bellis was actually sent to an adjacent computer containing the sequence of characters “QWERTYUIOP” (Bellis 1)....   [tags: contemporary means of comunication]

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Spam: It Isn’t Just E-Mail Anymore

- Spam: It Isn’t Just E-Mail Anymore Introduction The digital information age has most certainly changed the face of our world. No matter where one looks, the effects of technological evolution can be seen. As recent as ten years ago, merchant companies were accustomed to using mass mailings, ad campaigns, and television commercials as their main form of advertising. Now, with e-commerce flourishing as strongly as ever over the Internet, these same merchants have a more powerful medium to utilize in advertising their products....   [tags: Internet Advertising Essays]

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E-mail Protocol

- As we enter the age of computer technology, more and more people are relying on the computer for communication. The main medium of computer communication is e-mail. When using e-mail there are some basic unwritten rules that one should follow. E-mail protocol, better known as netiquette, is the list of rules that are generally followed. None of these have officially been written down in a book, but they are commonly suggested by business professionals dealing with e-mail and the Internet. No matter how simple you might think something is to understand, someone else might not see the same thing as you(AWatch Your Netiquette)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Evolution of Email Throughout Time

- Long before the Internet actually existed, email or electronic mail, could be traced back to the directories of a new computer system used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965. They had built a machine called “Compatible Time-sharing System” and eventually allowed university students and other registered users from around the New England States to share and store files on it. Students and faculty could login and store files on MIT’s IBM 7094 computer (See Figure 1). I was here that the users would create a text file and name it “TO JOE” for example, and place it in a users directory for them to see the next time they logged in....   [tags: arpanet, email, spam, mail ]

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Implementation Strategies for Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

- Implementation Strategies for Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a computer-based system used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents, electronic documents, and other knowledge used by the organization. According to Johnston and Bowen (2005) EDMS is "…an automated system which supports the creation, use and maintenance of paper or electronic documents and records for the purposes of an organization's workflow and processes" ( p....   [tags: EDMS]

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Electronic Communications In Business

- Electronic Communications In Business Electronic communications have come along way. It began in 1867 with the invention of the typewriter, which eliminated the need for handwritten business letters and documents. Then the invention of the telephone in 1876 reduced the need for face-to-face meetings. Today we have numerous types of new technology, which enable us to do business faster and more efficient than ever before. These technologies include fax, e-mail, teleconferencing/videoconferencing, and voice messages....   [tags: Technology Business Communication]

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What is Electronic Commerce?

- What is Electronic Commerce. “E-commerce has the potential to unleash enormous savings and business efficiencies, but the practicalities remain elusive. How will e-commerce change the global planning and purchasing of transport and logistics in the supply chain. Logistics has been described as the key enabler for e-business – but how can individual logistics and transport companies ensure that they benefit from, rather than perish in, the e-commerce revolution?” Alan Waller, partner, PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS, EMEA....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Public Relations -electronic Communications

- In order to confirm and find what electronic forms of communication will be needed in the Public Relations field, heavy research was needed. I consulted not only books, but web sites as well. I wanted to make sure that I had a complete assortment of sources that would be the most realistic and comprehensive as possible. After sorting out my research, I came to these following conclusions: 1. Communications are widely used through out today’s Public Relation firms. 2. Accessibility is the key to connecting with people in that field....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Privacy of E-Mail

- The Privacy of E-Mail Today the Internet is being used more and more frequently, and the question of e-mail privacy is becoming more and more of an issue in society. Many people today, both at work and at home, are using e-mail to keep in touch with their friends, family, and their co-workers. Sometimes the information that is contained in these messages is private and confidential, neither the sender nor the receiver wish any one else to be privy to what is contained in these messages. What happens if that very private piece of mail is intercepted and read by those whom it is not meant for....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays Internet Papers]

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Electronic and Communication Privacy Act of 1986

- Electronic and Communication Privacy Act of 1986 We are all familiar with the phrase, "A little birdie told me." But where did that birdie get his information. If he was like most Mockingbirds in the sky, his information was probably obtained through eavesdropping, which is not an ethical approach. This day and age with technology becoming more and more effective everyday it is not the birds that we have to worry about. Congress has recognized the way that technology has changed society and reacted by passing the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986....   [tags: Papers]

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Electronic Data Interchange

- Electronic Data Interchange One of the more commonly accepted definitions of Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, has been "the computer-to-computer transfer of information in a structured, pre-determined format." Traditionally, the focus of EDI activity has been on the replacement of pre-defined business forms, such as purchase orders and invoices, with similarly defined electronic forms."1 EDI is the electronic exchange of information between two business concerns in a specific predetermined format....   [tags: Papers]

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Overview of Electronic Commerce in China

- 3.2 Overview of Electronic Commerce in China 3.2.1 Internet in China In September 1987, the Chinese Academic Network built the first domestic Internet e-mail node and sent out the first e-mail from China. The universities were the first Chinese institutions to connect to the Internet. In 1990, a number of Chinese universities and educational institute including the Ministry of Education were connected. But substantial growth of Internet was not occurred until year 1994, when the National Computing and Networking Facility of China project opened a 64K international dedicated line to the Internet, which achieved a full-functional connection....   [tags: Commerce]

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The Albanian Electronic Health Record

- Abstract. The issue of Electronic Health Records interoperability can be seen as very important at the beginning of conception or as an emergency associated with high impact in quality of care, and costs if left to be solved at an advanced stage of the process. This paper tends to analyze the Albanian situation in EHR interoperability and identify the major deficiencies. This case is complicated even more from the country population structure and emigration. A large part of population is living and working in western European countries bringing the question of their electronic records interoperability....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Online Bill Pay vs. Paying via Postal Mail

- As is evident in history, barter trade was the very first payment system adopted by man. As people became more progressive, they used items such as gold, minted coins and paper currency to ease the payment processes. Despite these steps, people still quest for better payment systems. As such, checks, money orders, and hard cash used for payments in the better part of the twentieth century seem to be outdated. Today, more people are convinced that the dream of a cashless society is worth pursuing (Garcia-Swartz, Harn &Layne-Farrar 175)....   [tags: Technology ]

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Privacy and The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986

- Americans pride themselves on living private lives. They appreciate the fact that they live without being under the watchful eye of someone. However, increased electronic technology has made it harder to live privately. There are privacy issues regarding Internet Service Providers (ISP), electronic correspondences, and telephone calls. More directly with the creation and increased popularity of the Internet, people who use the World Wide Web are undoubtedly concerned with their private information being leaked....   [tags: Private Technology Essays]

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Pretty Good Privacy - A Program for Encrypting Dycrypting of Data

- 1. INTRODUCTION Pretty Good Privacy, known as the PGP, is a popular program for encryption and decryption of data, providing security services for electronic mail messages and data files. Created by Philip Zimmermann in 1991, this program has been widely used throughout the global computer community to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the users’ data, giving them the privacy of delivering messages and files only to their intended individual or authorized person (Singh, 2012). Not only being useful for individuals as a privacy-ensuring program, it has also been used in many corporations to protect their company’s data from falling into the wrong hands (Rouse, 2005)....   [tags: cryptology, communication, electronic]

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Marked Up Languages on Electronic Documents

- Markup Languages (HTML,DHTML,XML) Developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language and is a language used to create electronic documents, especially pages on the World Wide Web that contain connections called hyperlinks to other pages. Every web page you see on the Internet, including this one contains HTML code that helps format and show text and images in an easy to read format. Without HTML a browser would not know how to format a page and would only display plain text with no formatting that contained no links....   [tags: internet, code, google]

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Electronic Resources for Nineteenth Century Studies

- Electronic Resources for Nineteenth Century Studies Electronic resources in nineteenth century studies (and the humanities generally) might best be described at the moment in terms of promise and peril. I say "at the moment" because, as we all know, any statement about electronic texts that is true today may be false tomorrow. I say "promise' because, as we also know, electronic media are promising wonders that could only have been dreamed of five years ago: searchable databases of an almost inexhaustible size and variety, immediate access to colleagues and scholars around the world; webs of content, context, and hyper linked materials that connect to an almost dizzying array of informatio...   [tags: Electronics Education Essays]

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The World of Writing According to Email

- The World of Writing According to Email The world is an ever changing place, and with the advancement of cyber culture technology, many times we are faced with new ideas and ways of life that we never dreamed would be possible. With these changes, we are also faced with the making personal decisions of whether we believe these new ways have helped or harmed the world of writing. I remember the moment e-mail entered my life. It was a week after my family had dropped my older brother, the first born, off to his freshman year at Bowling Green State University....   [tags: Internet Technology e-mail Essays]

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Taking a Look at Cyberstalking

- Cyberstalking is a form of electronic crime by way of internet to harass or stalk their victim. Such acts can target an individual, groups, and even organizations.Cyberstalking can be carried out by a number of different electronic and digital threats. Most commonly cyberstalking is known for its malicious intent to attack a victim through email, online chat forums and social media. However, “It may include the making of false accusations or statements of fact (as in defamation), monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information that may be used to harass.” ”Cyberstalking shares important characteristics wit...   [tags: electronic crimes, using the internet to harass]

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Electronic Monitoring And Workplace Privacy

- Electronic Monitoring and Workplace Privacy Workplace privacy is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. Do you feel like you are being watched all the time, all your e-mails being read, and every key stroke is being monitored by your boss. Some people feel this way and that is why privacy in the workplace is a problem with many businesses today. Employees feel like they are not being trusted, or feel the company invades on their personal privacy, or violates their fourth amendment rights....   [tags: Business Work Place Privacy]

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Review of U-TURN Electronic Cigarrette by Vapage

- ... I filled up the head tank with ‘555 Tobacco’ flavor e-juice, adjusted the voltage to 4.2, and gave the U-TURN battery its’ first test, taking a long and smooth drag, my eyes lit up as if I’d experienced heaven on earth. You can feel your mouth and lungs filling with a delicious water vapor and when exhaled, doesn’t leave any painful or harsh feeling in your throat and lungs, but a sweet, delicious flavor on your tongue that keeps you coming back for more. Another great aspect about the U-TURN is that a clumsy person, like me, can be quite careless with it and still have a great working piece....   [tags: durability, cost, brand]

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Electronic Banking

- Electronic Banking The Electronic Banking Association (EBA) is a non-profit organization established to do one simple thing-help more people get started with electronic banking. Here's why. Who taught you how to write paper checks. Probably your parent's right. Well, who's going to teach you how to write electronic checks. Probably NOT your parents. That's where they come in. E-banking is so much more convenient and so much quicker that everyone should know about it. The EBA was established as an independent source of helpful information about electronic banking for consumers and businesses....   [tags: Papers]

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Electronic Security

- Electronic Security Have you ever wondered what happens to your credit card number when it's sent through a "secure" server to Yahoo or Amazon. Have you ever wondered: Is my data safe. Unfortunately no activity on the Internet is private or secure. Anything stored on a home system is completely vulnerable to the outside world (unless of course the system is isolated from the Internet). Another thing to think about is the fact that any data on any type of disk can be salvaged. So if a corrupt disk is discarded, the data can be recovered with the right tools....   [tags: Internet Technology Essays]

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Electronic Payment System

- Electronic Payment System I. Introduction With the continuing rapid growth of E-commerce, transactions on the Internet have been increasing exponentially. And such transactions require some reliable and secure payment systems. In fact, one of the key factors in the success of E-commerce is the development of convenient, reliable and secure electronic payment system. To understand the issues and current activities regarding the development of electronic payment system, I discuss the following in this paper....   [tags: Technology Essays]

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Business Writing on Electronic Signature Technology

- Business Writing on Electronic Signature Technology During our February 3 meeting, upper level management expressed concerns about not being able to deal with customer accounts online. We discussed some of the problems they encounter when trying to process transactions online. We agreed some changes needed to be made and that new technology needs to be researched for our online business transactions. The use of electronic signatures was at the top of our list. Many of our competitors have already built-in e-signature verification within their systems for online business and for handling their financial records....   [tags: Papers]

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Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry?

- Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry. It all depends on whom you talk to, because everyone has their opinion. Some people feel that this industry is a flash in the pan, but others feel quite differently. The Internet is expanding second by second and the information that is on this medium is astounding. Newspapers and magazines have jumped into a type of publishing called internet publishing, or electronic publishing, in which the Internet becomes the primary place to find information about the particular company....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Effectiveness of Electronic Data Interchange on Business

- The Effectiveness of Electronic Data Interchange on Business Effects on Business Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange is computer-to-computer transmission of information between two companies, including such documents as purchase orders and invoices. This has helped businesses as it means no paperwork, no records to keep on paper, as everything is recorded electronically. Invoices can be sent as soon as orders are made meaning that everything is speeded up and data is automatically logged and recorded....   [tags: Papers]

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Electronic Communication and the Negative Impact of Miscommunication

- Electronic communications, improve efficiency and productivity, but poorly written emails can cause internal strife, low morale, and loss of clients. Effective written communication will enhance internal communications as well as external communications. The ability to write effectively is a core skill that all employees, no matter what their title is, should master. If the content of an email is unclear, grammatically incorrect or is full of typos, the email will cause misunderstandings and the possible loss of business....   [tags: Business Communication]

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How the Growth of Electronic Monitoring Has Changed Employee Expectations of Privacy in the Workplace

- The use of the internet for personal pursuits in the workplace has seen phenomenal growth over the last quarter century. Along with this growth, employers and employees alike have used the internet as a tool to increase profit, manage time and facilitate communications. However, such technological advancement has its issues. The problem investigated is how the growth of electronic monitoring has changed employee expectations of privacy in the workplace. Should employees be able to use the internet for personal items while working....   [tags: Business Management ]

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B2B Vs. B2C

- In today's business world, e-business activities of various types contribute significantly to the efficiency of business processes, and to the recognition of products and services. The Internet plays a very important role in this process, as it offers numerous possibilities for communication with customers and performance of business activities. With the Internet fast becoming the platform of the day for conducting commercial activities and business transactions, it is important for companies to take advantage of information communication technologies, electronic commerce, mobile computing, and software agents....   [tags: Electronic Business ebusiness]

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The History Of Email

- The History of Email Email is the biggest evolutionary advance in communication in modern history. Ever since the internet first started, the way we communicate with each other changed. Instead of sitting down and writing a letter with pen and paper, we type it on the computer and send it via the internet and the receiver sees it when they sign online. Instead of calling someone on the phone, we can talk to them directly online via instant messaging, as if we were on the phone. But there are problems with emailing and instant messaging such as junk email and kids using the shortcuts they use online in their school papers....   [tags: Internet Email E-Mail]

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Misuse Of Email Facilities

- Introduction The intention of this report is to document and concisely illustrate the issues surrounding the misuse of email facilities provided by MoneyWise Ltd. It will examine the direct threats that any abuse of the email facilities will have on the company. Explain fully the reasons why MoneyWise Ltd requires email usage guidelines. Present a policy outlining acceptable email usage for the company and discuss any legal implications surrounding this policy. Discussion Threats This section of the report will investigate the threats that unrestricted email use would have on organisations....   [tags: E-mail Use Work ]

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What is Optical Character Recognition

- What is OCR – The Basics of Optical Character Recognition With the growing demand for electronic documentation and paperless business solutions – there has been a significant growth in interest surrounding OCR technology. Unfortunately, despite its increase in popularity and numerous benefits to traditional scanning, many professionals are still left with the question - what is OCR. In today’s business atmosphere, it is becoming increasingly common for documents to be scanned, allowing for the convenient access and sharing of important files....   [tags: document management, electronic documentation]

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Methods to Secure Cell Phone While Using E-Banking

- Methods to secure cell phone while using e-banking.To access to e-banking you should use some electronic devices such as laptop, cellphone… etc. The majority of access e-banking by cellphone increase rapidly each year. Using online banking by cell phone will force the sensitive information to travel from the cell phone device to the bank protect this important information ,expert suggest some rules or tips .This rules can decline the e-banking risks by smartphone more than 40%.The rules as following :Treat Your Phone as Your Computer.If we bank online, we must make sure our laptops protected from hackers and worms....   [tags: electronic devices for financial processes]

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Privacy - It's Time to Control the Use of Electronic Surveillance

- It's Time to Control the Use of Electronic Surveillance       How would you feel if every move you make, every word you say, every number you dial on the telephone, could easily be accessed or monitored by just about anyone in the world. Well, chances are that you and me and many others are currently, or have been, victims of this infringement on privacy. With today's ever growing technology, there is little one can do to ensure privacy in normal, every day life. Even though many benefits have come with this increased technology, the inherent loss of privacy scares many....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Healthcare Industry's Migration to the Cloud

- The healthcare industry’s migration to the cloud is inevitable—driven by an irresistible blend of competitive realities and patient demand. As in any major change in business or technology, early movers tend to reap the benefits. As consumers are becoming more tech savvy, the demand for information at the touch of their fingertips is also becoming more demanding. The move to cloud computing from a healthcare standpoint is taking precedence above the old fashioned way of healthcare. Research has shown that cloud computing is not only good for companies but also for the environment....   [tags: electronic healthcare records]

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Payment Systems and Security

- Payment Systems & Security From PayPal to Debit cards, from EFT to Credit cards, this modern world has been inundated with new ways of making business transactions. Instead of the conventional use of dollars and nickels, now there are electronic payment systems. These types of systems allow for better trust and acceptance between consumer and businesses. In the traditional way of buying a product, one would see a product in person, and pay for it with cash or credit. In e-commerce, the business uploads images of its products online and it enables its customers to shop it using any type of electronic payment system....   [tags: marketing, transactions, electronic, payment]

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How Electronic Commerce Is Affecting American Industry

- ELECTRONIC-Commerce How It Is Affecting American Industry The Internet over the past few years has seen a huge increase in online businesses and consumers. Electronic-commerce is expected to generate $36 billion in revenue during 1999, up 140% from last year alone.[1] With such a huge amount of money to be made on the Internet it is becoming very appealing for small businesses and start-up companies to try and make their niche in e-commerce. The Internet is drastically affecting the way companies and people conduct business now....   [tags: Ecommerce Ebusiness Internet Online Business]

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Interpersonal Communication with Benefits

- What is the appeal of electronic communications. Why would people replace face-to-face conversations with such nonsense like communication through e-mails, text messaging, and social media. While the use of technology for communication is effectual in its quickness and easiness, it is less substantial than interpersonal communications and experiences. In this technology-driven world where speed and efficiency are important, many people around the world prefer to use electronic devices to communicate with one and another....   [tags: Electronic Communication, Technology]

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Social Media in Our Society

- "What is Social Media?" According to the dictionary, social media is any form of electronic communication in which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. So basically, any type of communication that is transmitted by signals allowing people to give and receive information. This information can be anything from a newspaper article to a quick "I love you!" to a loved one. Social media is a faster way to get to everyone and everything, you can literally get to anything with the press of a few buttons....   [tags: electronic communication, facebook]

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American People's Privacy Is Being Spied on by the NSA and It Is Wrong

- ... Who is currently responsible for this. Obama. Obama is using NSA as a political tool. NSA gain U.S. citizens, electronic private information with a warrant but really without a warrant. NSA has prevented 50 terrorist attacks even a plot against New York exchange rate and a Times Square bike bomber according to CNN (“Autism And Pollution; NSA Defends”). According to Shapiro of NPR Obama said "Cyberspies were not abusing their authority. They were simply doing everything in their power to stop the next terrorist attack." (Shapiro)....   [tags: spying, collecting personal electronic information]

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Cloud Computing Software

- ... (Barnatt, 2010) Equal rights to all devices Cloud computing is accessible to any computer in question as long as the computer meets the requirements of a reliable internet connection as well as a web browser. It does not matter whether the computer in question is a traditional desktop or a tablet; the cloud is made available for all. For example if a Microsoft excel file is sent over the internet to a mail recipient, it can be viewed and edited compatibly only if the person has Microsoft excel installed on the device in use....   [tags: computing landscape, electronic data, ]

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Technology in the Medical Field

- In today’s medical field technology plays a big role when it comes to patient care. Technology is huge when it comes to giving the patient the best type of quality care when they are in the hospital. In the old days people would just write it down on a sheet of paper and record it by hand, which caused mistakes. Now with the Electronic Health Record those mistakes are drastically declining. Statistics have shown that using the Electronic Health Record has lowered Nursing mistakes as well as improved patient care....   [tags: medicine, Electronic Health Record, patient, care]

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Electronic Entertainment May Be The New Private Eye

- As this century's influx of new technology continues, the potential harm towards a computer user's personal information and unauthorized access grows along with it. These days, certain criminals can now commit crimes from the comfort of their own home, specifically through the use of their computer. Two types of crimes that are occurring at exponential rates are computer crimes and cybercrimes. Computer crimes are “illegal acts involving a computer” and cybercrime refers to “online or Internet-based illegal acts” (Shelly and Vemaat 382) both are done by individuals who have advanced computer skills and are known as hackers....   [tags: hacking, camjacking]

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Exploring Ethical Codes and Possible Ethical Issues in Responding Therapy Clients through E-Mail

- ... In Dr. Lyne’s case he should’ve informed his clients of the benefits and limitations of communicating via email before he decided to respond to them. I also believe that this ethical code should’ve been presented as Dr. Lyne made his email accessible to his students. Once his email became accessible he should’ve discussed perimeters of confidentiality, limitations, and risks that could occur during the therapy sessions. In Section B of the ACA code of ethics booklet, the introduction section (p....   [tags: case of Dr. R. Ian Lyne]

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- What is Ecommerce. Ecommerce is also known as Electric Commerce and it would consist of buy and or selling anything electronically over the internet and other networks. “The use of commerce is conducted in this way, spurring and drawing on innovations in electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at some point in the transaction's lifecycle, although it can encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices and telephones as well” (www.wikipe...   [tags: Electronic Business]

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First Class Mail Guidelines

- The following first class mail guideslines were designed to reach these goals. Guidelines for handling other classes of mail and using special services begin on p.28. A postal rate chart apears in Appendix D (blue pages). 1. Key envolope addresses in block style, using uppercase letters and omitting punctuation (except for hyphens). 2. Place the address block about four inches from the left edge and two inches from the top edge of a No.10 envelope, or use the default setting of the Evelope feature on the word processing software....   [tags: first class, mail, guidelines,]

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- Introduction In this report I will be explaining to you the benefits and negatives of ecommerce. I will also be talking about electronic payments and the risk of on-line fraud and what it could mean for your business. To finish off this report I will be giving my recommendation, but by then I think you will have already made your mind up whether you want expand your business into the area of ecommerce or not. In the benefits of ecommerce section I will be explaining to you the potential benefits that the world of on-line shopping have to offer to you....   [tags: Electronic Business]

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Career as an Electronic Publishing Specialist

- ... The amount of experience and knowledge required for the positions is substantial; however the earnings potential increases with the amount of experience and education an electronic publications specialist has in the field. Electronic publishing specialist is a fairly new career so the salary information has been compared to desktop publishers. According to, the median annual wage for electronic publications specialist is $39,060 and a median hourly wage of $18.78. According to CIA current open positions, an electronic publishing specialist can earn from $51,630 to $74,872 per year....   [tags: electronic books, publications, databases]

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Electronic Cigarettes: A Healthier Alternative

- From my late teens, into my mid-twenties, I was a smoker. At first, it was just recreational; however that changed fairly quickly. I began buying them and smoking regularly throughout the day. It then progressed to smoking a pack per day until it was too late. I was officially addicted. I knew it was a terrible habit and I was shamed of it and would hide it from friends and family hoping they wouldn’t find out. Finally, after coughing hacking, and repeatedly getting sick several times a year, I came to the realization that I had to quit....   [tags: Electronic Cigarettes Essays]

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Electronic Communications History

- Introduction The origins of the market in electronic communications lie with the development and exploitation of the telegraph around the middle of the 19th century. You will find an excellent account of the development of the telegraph and some of the lessons this holds for the modern world in Tom Standage’s book, The Victorian Internet (readily available via Amazon). The telephone was invented (allegedly) by Alexander Graham Bell who in 1876 was granted a United States patent (174465) which in a mere six pages specified what are recognisably still the key features of the telephone system....   [tags: Electronic Communications]

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Marketing of the AAA School of Marketing's Website

- E-Marketing Why have a Website. Contents Page Page 1 Cover Page Page 2 Contents Page Page 3, 4, 5 Why should you have a Website. Page 6, 7 AAA School of Advertising ( ) Page 8, 9 Engen Oil South Africa ( ) Page 10, 11 BP Africa ( ) Page 12, 13 Vega The School ( ) Page 14, 15 5 Fm ( ) Page 16 Bibliography Why should organizations have a website....   [tags: Internet Electronic Marketing]

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An Introduction To E-Commerce For Small Business

- In India there are many small entrepreneurs setting up an e-commerce model for their businesses. Ecommerce can be fruitful for an organization over the web only if there is a solution to an existing customer problem. This paper aims at introducing basic e-commerce concepts to entrepreneurs who wish to set up an online model (Internet). To setup an online business one needs to get a domain name (for ones website), which is generally ones business name or generic word which also includes a dot com, dot net, dot org extension....   [tags: Electronic Commerce Ecommerce]

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The Global Problem of Spamming and Unsolicited E-mail

- The Global Problem of Spamming and Unsolicited E-mail Introduction Spamming and unsolicited email has become a growing issue all over the world. As the internet grows, so does the problem of spamming. With the evolution of the internet, there has been a love and hate relationship among the spammed and the spammers. Before going into discussing further about spamming, we have to actually define spamming: Spamming is sending a message or multiple copies of a message to many inappropriate newsgroups or sending a single or multiple copies of a message to any mailbox for an individual who did not specifically request the email1....   [tags: Internet E-mail Spam Junk Mail Essays]

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Philips Electronics in Retail

- Philips Electronic the number 7th retailer in electronics sells throughout the world has been an integral part in the emergence of electronics. In 1891 Philips was established by Gerard and his father Frederik Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Four years later, in 1895 brother Anton Philips join the company. The company first produce light bulbs, becoming one of the largest manufactures of this product. In 1914, the company develop and produced products for the X-ray and radio technology industries....   [tags: Electronic Sales, Emergence of Electronics]

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Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

- Pace of technology adoption depends on perceived benefits in using technology. “Mr. Bush declared that every American should have an electronic medical record within 2014” (Pear, 2007). The goal was to move to EHR systems by year 2014. When President Obama took over he reinforced this goal and announced $20 billion in stimulus money to implement electronic record systems (Marcus & Nussbaum, 2009).According to an article by New England Journal of Medicine, EHR systems are widely adopted in countries like Europe, Australia but it is only fully adopted by 4 % of American physicians (Hoffmann, 2009)....   [tags: Electronic Medical Record]

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National Electronic Healthcare Records Mandate

- The national Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) mandate requires an electronic compilation of a person’s medical history. The purpose is to provide healthcare providers accurate, up-to-date information about a patients’ health between facilities. In 2004, laws were enacted to promote the successful implementation of this mandate within ten years. Patient records are stored electronically, which would give other healthcare facilities full access to a wide range of valuable information, previously only available through patient reports or numerous requests....   [tags: Electronic Medical Record]

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Solutions to the Problem of Electronic Waste

- 21 century-is the time when humanity has progressed in a field of technology. Intensive development and use of techniques has led to changes not only in economy but also in socio-political and spiritual spheres of social life. However, this progress has brought with itself devastating disasters like electronics waste which cause serious health and environment pollution problems. E-waste- is a type of waste that contains obsolete or non-working electronic and electrical devices. Electronic waste can have a high level of danger because of contaminants like mercury, beryllium, cadmium, lead and brominated flame retardants discharging of which into environment may lead to formation o...   [tags: Electronics Recycling]

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- The world largest computer network is the internet. With the astonishing growth of the Internet nowadays, many companies are finding new ways to expand their business opportunities. One can even say that there¡¯re almost all companies used computers in their everyday business. Thus, E-commerce is emerging as an increasingly important way for businesses to reach potential customers. Introduction What exactly is e-commerce. Most casual internet users think that e-commerce is just buying and selling online....   [tags: Electronic Commerce, internet, business]

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Solutions to Electronic Waste

- Electronic and electrical equipment is essential part of busy world.It substitute hard human work and make it faster.The majority of mankind has computer at home or at work. In recent years changing of electronic equipment become faster due to obsolescence and fashion(Deathe et al. 2008, 322 ).The problem of e-waste influence on the future environment hangs over the modern society. E-waste ^ also known as electronic waste.It means electrical and electronic equipment which is not suitable for use and fill the damps....   [tags: Recycling Electronics]

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Electronic Gaming is Here to Stay, Let's Distinguish Fantasy from Reality

- The evolving interests of the youth are now prominently different from that of the past generations. Generally all facets in the world today is now changing, improving technology has affected and directed the new interests of the youth as well. Electronic Gaming, some may go as far and say that the youth especially the young men of today regard video games as the main and favorite past time of their every day lives. Gone are the days where you see many kids out in the streets playing “old school” games that all the past generations enjoyed....   [tags: Electronic Gaming, reality, ]

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Digital Electronics, Past, Present and Future

- Background Information The age of digital electronics has come to be one of the most significant developments in the history of society. What were once manual time-consuming tasks and processes have now become programmed to the point where multi-tasking is an expected part of our lifestyles. So what is considered to be a digital electronic. They are sophisticated devices capable of sending information through electronic signals from point A to point B. The information is transmitted from one circuit to another by using electronic currents....   [tags: electronic circuits and devices]

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Prognostics and Electronics: Development of Research Questions

- Research Questions The primary goal of this paper was to examine the validity of four sets of hypotheses that stem from four central research questions: 1.) Can prognostics be successfully implemented on electronic circuit cards that have embedded diagnostics. The reason this research question was chosen is that prior research indicates that there have been no successful instances where prognostics have been implemented on electronic circuit cards. The cases that were presented in the prior research were all unsuccessful because of modeling uncertainties, the lack of intelligent algorithms, and the lack of technical exploration in electronic prognostics (Saxena, Celaya, Saha, Saha, & Goebel,...   [tags: Electronics]

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Should Electronic Devices Be Used in School?

- ... He/she can call 911, her parents, or a nearby friends. Just like BubbiG(A user on Teenink) said: “Electronics should be allowed in school because of emergencies, organization, concentration, and for educational purposes. Another emergency a electronic device can be used in is a kidnapping scene. Say that your child was getting kidnapped or saw someone getting kidnapped. He/she can call the cops, his/her parents, or close by adults. As a result, electronic devices should be used in school if a student has an emergency....   [tags: electronics in school, emergency]

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Email Privacy

- Ethical Management of E-mail Privacy As I am sitting at my work station in a crowded office building, I hear the wonderful sound of "You've got mail." In turn I open my E-mail mailbox and find a letter from a nearby employee. This letter contains the usual funny joke of the day and a short joke ridiculing the boss, as usual. Who was to know that my supervisor would eventually find this letter, which would lead to both the termination of my job and my fellow employee. Do you feel this is right....   [tags: Privacy Electronic Email ]

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We Need Electronic Surveillance

- Our society would not survive in the 21st century without the help of electronic surveillance. Safety is one of the main purposes of electronic surveillance. Safety is the state of being secure and free from danger of any sort. Today, many would rather give up their privacy for safety (Smithsimon). In fact, surveillance gadgets such as cameras, radio tracking chips and house alarms are used in many places to ensure safety. For instance, a parent can easily place a hidden camera in a stuffed animal in order to see how the babysitter handles his or her child (Public Places Have Eyes)....   [tags: Privacy vs Electronic Surveillance]

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The Effect of Electronics on Communication

- The Effect of Electronics on Communication Electronics has played a major part in communication and the developments of it. The first ways of communication not by just talking were the uses of cans and a piece of string. This worked by the vibrations of the voice vibrating down the string and into the other person’s can. The next major development was the invention of telephones. The first telephones were large and ugly with large numbers and were difficult to hear, and the switchboards were done manually by women and children....   [tags: Papers]

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Psytrance and the Spirituality of Electronics

- Psytrance and the Spirituality of Electronics Electronic music is generally broken into techno, house, trance, hardcore, breakbeat, and ambient music, along with affiliated smaller genres that float between categories, like trip-hop, electro, IDM, and others. Ambient is easily recognized by its separation from dancing, which is normally manifested in slower tempos and less distinct rhythms. Breakbeat (of which drum'n'bass makes up most of the faster genres, while there are slower genres as well) is distinguished by an emphasis on ways of dividing a bar of 4/4 time other than the standard one....   [tags: Electronic Music]

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