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The Light And Electromagnetic Spectrum

- The Light and Electromagnetic Spectrum both fall in the same category. in order to see the light or notice anything about the electromagnetic spectrum. both of this we use everyday and see everyday and we also feel everybody day without it we wouldn 't have many thing we would have to day. Electromagnetic spectrum is a list of the most possible range of electromagnetic radiation around us. their many different electromagnetic radiation in the world. for example we got radio radiation, sun 's radiation , microwaves radiation, etc....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light]

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The Electromagnetic Radiation

- A cell phone is a portable telephone which uses cellular network to receive and make calls and send and receive text messages. Cell phones emit signals via radio waves which are comprised of radio frequency energy; it is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is energy letting out waves like behaviour as it is travelling through space. Examples of electromagnetic radiation are microwaves, x-rays and visible light. The electromagnetic spectrum consists most of the colours we world normally see in a rainbow colours like red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo and violet....   [tags: cell phones, effects]

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

- PART 1 The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of frequencies of possible electromagnetic radiation. The Spectrum ranges from 0 Hertz up to 2.4x1023 Hertz. The exact wavelength limits of the Spectrum are unknown however it is widely believed that the short wavelength limit is equal to the Planck Length (1.616x10-35m) and the long wavelength limit is the length of the Universe. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is an occurrence that takes the form of self-propagating waves produced by the motion of electrically charged particles, which can move through matter or a vacuum....   [tags: Physics]

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The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

- The dangers of the electromagnetic can be low on danger and high on danger. Depending on the amount of how much the body absorbs verifies the lethality of the EMFs. Humans are extremely sensitive to EMFs. Yes if a person absorbs too much energy it can lead potential to death, but if they absorb small portions it can lead can lead to nausea, paranoia, and many more small affects. The US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has issued cautionary advisories on EMFs. Everyone is exposed to EMFs; they come in forms such as from power lines, basements, cell phones, or even x-rays and other medical equipment....   [tags: Health ]

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An Electromagnetic Pulse Going Off

- Imagine an electromagnetic pulse going off. In an instant, all the lights, phones, computers and machines go quiet and dark. You are annoyed that someone would turn off the power or that a breaker would switch off during work. You pick up your phone to call the shift manager to tell him to get work going, but instead find that it refuses to turn on. You stalk out of your factory office and receive the news that there was no reason for the power to be out. This information confuses you, but have to now make the decision that work cannot continue if the power is off, and send everyone home....   [tags: Mobile phone, Technology, Dependency, Human]

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Electromagnetic Radiation Cell Phones

- A cell phone is a cellular device that can receive and make calls through radio link while being in any part of the world, as long as there is cellular network. • EME is electromagnetic energy also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that we are surrounded by every day, emitted from natural sources like the sun, earth and the ionosphere. It is also emitted from unnatural sources like mobile phone base stations, broadcast towers, radar equipment, remote controls, electrical and electronic equipment....   [tags: broadcast towers, remote controls, cancer]

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Electromagnetic Induction

- Michael Faraday was a chemist and physicist from England. He invented electromagnetic induction in 1831. Electromagnetic induction as defined by Stuart Bushong is: An electric current is induced in a circuit if some part of that circuit is in a changing magnetic field. This observation is summarized in what is called Faraday’s Law, or the first law of electromagnetics. After a series of different experiments, Faraday determined that an electrical current cannot exist just by the presence of a magnetic field....   [tags: Medical Technology ]

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Electromagnetic Spectrum for the Middle School Student

- Electromagnetic Spectrum for the Middle School Student Waves are all around us and come in various forms. Sound waves can travel through air because air is made of molecules, which carry the sound. Another type of wave is electromagnetic waves, which are different than sound waves because they don’t need molecules to travel. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel through air and solid materials as well as empty space (Groleau 2011). The electromagnetic spectrum consists of all waves of energy found in our universe....   [tags: Physics ]

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The Effects of Cell Phones Electromagnetic Radiation

- A cell phone, also referred to as a cellular phone, transmits electromagnetic radiation into the air. This occurs, when your cell phone has to connect to a phone, you want to have a conversation with, by checking for networks Electromagnetic radiation, which is often abbreviated as EMR, is a form of energy which when travels through space, displays a wave like behaviour. Electromagnetic radiation has electric and also magnetic field components. Electric fields are generated by electrically charged particles....   [tags: gamma rays, energy waves]

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The Health Risks Associated with Electromagnetic Frequencies

- What if you were killed by something you couldn’t see or hear. What if I told you that at this very moment you are at risk for being killed. Would you stop everything you were doing to find the silent killer, or would you just hope that the silent killer wouldn’t find you. One woman was lucky enough to go in pursuit of this silent killer. Throughout the span of six months this woman had seen signs that were out of the ordinary in her house. One sign, the sign that lead her to finding the silent killer was the death of all the violet plants in and around her home....   [tags: health, medical]

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Future Wars: The Electromagnetic(EM) Railgun

- What was once thought to be just science fiction is now, very close, a reality. The Electromagnetic(EM) Railgun being developed by BAE Systems for the Office of Naval Research is sure to change the landscape of future wars. From its cost effectiveness, devastating power, and a myriad of other benefits the EM Railgun is something special. The best way to wrap your head around what an Electromagnetic Railgun is would be to understand the basic idea of how it works. Two rails are electrically charged while sitting parallel to each other....   [tags: Lorentz force., projectile]

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum The electromagnetic spectrum is the collective name for all types of radiation. Radiation is energy that travels around in waves. The electromagnetic spectrum goes from the waves with the lowest energy to those with the highest energy. Radio Waves [IMAGE] Radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. They can be from as long as a football to as long as a football pitches. Radio waves carry signals from devices from one place to another invisibly through the air....   [tags: Papers]

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum [IMAGE] The electromagnetic spectrum is the entire range of radiant energies or wave frequencies. There are seven main regions in the electromagnetic spectrum. These are: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays. Each section of the EM spectrum has a different wavelength, these are shown in the table below Section of EM spectrum Wavelength (in cm) radio waves > 10 microwaves 10 à 10 infrared 10 à 10 Visible light 10 à10 ultraviolet 10 à 10 x-rays 10 à 10 Gamma rays <10 Each region of the EM spectrum has differ...   [tags: Papers]

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Threat of Electromagnetic Pulse Terrorism

-           ABSTRACT:   There are two sides to information warfare: one side attacks computers from the inside (crackers, viruses, worms, etc.) while the other is an all-out war on electronics, conducted through the use of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Radio Frequency (RF) devices. In this paper, I focus on how RF and EMP devices might be used against the United States in an act of cyberterrorism, how likely such an attack is, and who might conduct it. In the end, I examine what steps Federal, State, and Local agencies can take to prevent such a threat or cope such an incident should it occur....   [tags: Technology Essays]

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Electromagnetic Induction

- Electromagnetic Induction The phenomenon called electromagnetic induction was first noticed and investigated by Michael Faraday, in 1831. Electromagnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force (emf) in a conductor as a result of a changing magnetic field about the conductor and is a very important concept. Faraday discovered that, whenever the magnetic field about an electromagnet was made to grow and collapse by closing and opening the electric circuit of which it was a part, an electric current could be detected in a separate conductor nearby....   [tags: science]

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

- The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of six different types of waves. Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared waves, Visible light, Ultraviolet light, X-rays and Gamma rays. The radio waves are used to transmit radio and television signals. The infrared waves are used to tell temperature of areas. Visible light is all the colors that we can see. Ultraviolet light can help things grow but to much can cause diseases such as skin cancer. X-rays are used as a tool to find broken bones or take pitchers of our sun....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Design and Flow Analysis of Electromagnetic Plasma Arc Propulsion System

- 1.Introduction A rocket engine, or simply "rocket", is a jet engine that uses only stored propellant mass for forming its high speed propulsive jet. Rocket engines are reaction engines and obtain thrust in accordance with Newton's third law. Since they need no external material to form their jet, rocket engines can be used for spacecraft propulsion as well as terrestrial uses, such as missiles.Rocket engines as a group have the highest exhaust velocities, are by far the lightest, but are the least propellant efficient of all types of jet engines....   [tags: applied physics, technology]

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Can Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phones Affect Sperm Quality?

- Over just the past decade, mobile phones have developed and advanced very quickly. Not only have they increased in technology, but also the number of people who use them has skyrocketed and the importance of mobile phones has become greater than ever all around the world. However, a growing concern for their possible adverse effects on human health has risen up, which has caused a mass of scientific activity to figure out this dilemma (Erogul et al., 2006, p. 840). A possible health effect of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones is male infertility....   [tags: adverse effect, testosterone, infertility]

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Types of Loudspeakers

- There are two types of loudspeakers, Electrostatic and Electromagnetic these two loudspeakers have different aspects and qualities. The use of which on is based on the buyer but if not knowing what each ones pros and cons are buying one may be difficult. Electrostatic speakers use a thin flat diaphragm usually consisting of a plastic sheet coated with a conductive material such as graphite sandwiched between two electrically conductive grids, with a small air gap between the diaphragm and grids....   [tags: electrostatic, electromagnetic]

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Use Of Invisibility Using Microwaves And Have Been Fairly Successful For Achieving Promising Results

- With incredible interest in fiction stories such as Harry Potter, readers may not have to wait much longer for such farfetched ideas to become a reality. Scientists at Duke University have been studying the concept of invisibility using microwaves and have been fairly successful in achieving promising results. However, the current state of invisibility only works at a microwave level or for extremely small objects such as a strand of hair, meaning an object can be undetected, but still visible to the human eye....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Wavelength]

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Research on Cancer and Cell Phones

- Introduction: Ever since the invention of the first cell phone in 1973, the use of cell phones has increased and it has changed the way people communicate drastically. Cell phones are a portable device that uses frequencies to send and receive calls and text messages over two devices and it has been regarded as the most commonly used portable device. Cell phones use and emit radio waves and microwaves so inevitably, this begs the question of whether or not cell phones are dangerous. There has been many concerns that the use of cell phones can cause brain tumours and/or other health risks, so over the past many years scientists from all over the world have conducted researches and are still r...   [tags: oxidative stress, electromagnetic radiation]

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Physics Of Physics And Physics

- The more I learned about physics, the more I found out about physics applications in our daily life. From some typical activity we do everyday, we use Physics Laws and Theories every time and everywhere. For example, In order to maximize the force of player on using racquet, the physics perspectives of the movement of the ball after being hit needs to be analyzed. The ball’s velocity every time being hit is one of the most significant element for a player. During a collision between the ball and the racquet, he force applied on the racquet results in the acceleration of the ball following the Newton’s mechanics law F=ma....   [tags: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Rainbow]

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The Effects of Ultraviolet Waves

- Electromagnetic Waves essay Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles; an example of radiation is, electromagnetic radiation.This is a form of radiant energy which travels through space via electromagnetic waves. These waves can be found in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.The range of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum range from radio waves, to gamma rays, the waves in the middle consists of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet waves....   [tags: electromagnetic, spectrum, vitamin d]

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Why Is The Sky Blue?

- As young kids we asked many questions; why is the sky blue. Why is the moon sometimes out during the day. How do we see colors. These questions become more simplified as we go through the anatomy of the human eye and understand its purpose. Being only one inch wide, one inch deep, and exactly zero point nine inches tall, the human eye is the second most complex organ in the human body. How can such a small organ be so complex. Here is why, because of its many parts and functions the eye processes the images and colors that we see, as well as maintaining all that we can see from the electromagnetic spectrum....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light]

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Necessary Alterations to the Standard Model After the Discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle

- The Standard Model (SM) describes the fundamental particles of matter and their interaction with one another governed by three of the fundamental forces; electromagnetic, strong and weak. The Higgs boson, proposed fifty years ago by theoretical physicists (Brumfiel, 2012), is the fundamental particle responsible for mass and is an essential component of the Standard Model. Furthermore, it’s the only particle of the SM that has not yet been observed. In 2012 a particle consistent with the Standard Model Higgs boson, of mass around 125GeV (Aad et al....   [tags: electromagnetic, physics, mass]

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How Light Is Used For Chemical And Structural Analysis

- Light has always been one of the most efficient methods for chemical and structural analysis of materials. From techniques such as UV-Vis and IR spectroscopy to x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to many others, varying energies of light are used to analyze a material. Spectroscopic ellipsometry also utilizes light to measure different optical constants of materials. In UV-Vis and IR spectroscopy, light in those respective ranges is used and the intensity of the light is measured to determine the absorption and transmission of the materials of that energy of light....   [tags: Light, Electromagnetic radiation]

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The Invention Of The Electron Interferometer And Its Connection With De Broglie Waves

- Interferometry with De Broglie Waves is a journal article that focuses on the invention of the electron interferometer and its connection with De Broglie, the French physicist, responsible for the theories into wave matter behaviour. The electron inferometer helped to support theories into the diffraction of electromagnetic waves and more specifically the diffraction of electromagnetic waves from the visible light spectrum. It is written with the specific purpose of providing information in a particular area of study that is accessible to students and peers alike....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light]

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Implementing Light As A Contemporary Tool For Measurement

- Implementing Light as a Contemporary Tool for Measurement Light. The word that reigns ambiguity and purity in its highest form. According to the dictionary, light is a noun, an adjective, or a verb (Webster). In the physical-spectrum definition, light is electromagnetic energy that may or may not be discernable to humans. Figure 2 shows this range of electromagnetic energy in page two. It shows that humans can see wavelengths that are 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) in wavelength as colors while all others are simply blind to humans....   [tags: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Infrared]

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The Global Problem Of Global Hunger

- 1 Introduction 1.1 Research Question As of the 21st century, the global population continues to grow each day at an unsustainable rate. Increases in population are linked to the increased consumption of scarce resources, and food resources have proven to be one of the scarcest resources of them all. This is evidenced within harrowing global nutrition statistics in that starvation was observed to kill more individuals per year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined (WFP, 2015). As of current, the levels of global food production are suboptimal with respect to the global population, and total food production is 70% below sustainable levels (FAO, 2015)....   [tags: Photosynthesis, Light, Electromagnetic radiation]

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EMF Radiation: Serious Health Hazard for People

- Technology changes everything in this world. Our life has become more convenient and more efficiency which benefits by these new technology. But during this time, some people have considered about some risks of these technologies. EMF radiation is one of them. People have argued for a long time that whether EMF radiation really poses health hazard or not. I insist that EMF radiation is harmful for people’s health and particularly to young children. This opinion can be well proved by all the information I have searched and more people should know about this....   [tags: Technology, Electromagnetic Fields]

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Magnetic Water and Treatment: Myth or Magic?

- It is important that everyone know of the need to improve our energy and water savings and assist in reducing the use of electricity, water, and non-renewable fuel sources. There are a number of non-chemical, non-mechanical water treatment technologies. Many of these are known by names such as electronic, magnetic, electrostatic, electromagnetic, and AC induction. The history of these devices goes back to at least 1952. Claims for and against the effectiveness of such systems have a long history....   [tags: Electromagnetic Water Treatment]

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Why The Final ' Cosmic Analysis ' We Eat ' The Light '?

- 38. Why in The Final ‘Cosmic Analysis’ We EAT ‘THE LIGHT’. • The Spiritual Science Researcher is free to assert that all forms of Sensory Perception are just different variations of the same thing. They are all released on exactly the same basis by the contact of the ‘I 's Energies with other Energies producing some ‘mental image’ effect. The identical applies if an Experience comes about through senses higher than the Physical – Spiritual Ones – one usually calls them ‘VISIONS’. According to Bible, First God’s Creation was GENESIS of “LIGHT” - the genesis of globes, plants, animals, and humans – are only sense impressions, which regulates & aids the Cosmic "PERSPECTIVE Principle"....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Electromagnetic radiation]

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Technology Has Proven Possible For The Real World

- An increasingly common attribute of modern videogames is a character 's ability to utilize some variety of technology to see through opaque walls. This technology is employed most often for stealth missions, like in Batman 's Detective Vision in the Arkham series, or Promethean vision, which made its debut in the fourth instalment of the Halo series. As the Halo centered wikipedia article describes, “Promethean vision ... creates a short-range spectrum wave which allows the user to detect shapes and movement through solid walls and objects” (halo wiki)....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light]

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The Effects of Radiation

- ... The rate that cells grow and replace themselves is a natural process so when there is damage at the cellular or molecular levels this disrupts the natural process thus allowing the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. This is why ionizing radiation is potent in its ability to break chemical bonds in atoms. Other stochastic effects can causes changes in DNA. Your DNA is what ensures cell repair and replacement and allows the body to produce an identical copy of the original cells. This type of change in a person DNA is called a mutation....   [tags: emission of electromagnetic energy]

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What´s Atomic Emission Spectroscopy?

- Atomic Emission spectroscopy is a technique used in the determination and quantification of elements present with a chosen sample. The basic idea of this process it that first an atom is formed, and then it is excited then emitted. After the photon is emitted and energy is released knowing the energy released one can quantitatively and qualitatively determine the wavelength present and hence the concentration of the element. Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry is one of the most powerful and popular techniques....   [tags: plasma, electromagnetic radiation]

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Maglev Train

- “Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him,”- President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Maglev is a new type of train that uses magnets to levitate above the track and reduce friction. Maglev can go up to a speed of 310 mph (500 km/h) allowing people to travel on land much faster than before. The researcher will create a model Maglev and see which system, EMS or EDS, will result in better efficiency. Efficiency will be measured by the ratio of weight of train to the time to cross the track....   [tags: Electromagnetic Trains]

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Radio Frequency Identification

- RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION Introduction RFID is a technology which enables detecting and identifying objects using electromagnetic radio waves. This is processed through exchange of information between a reader and a tag being attached to the object that includes the data associated with the object. This can be used to detect and classify vehicles, animals, patients, shipment goods and airline baggage. [1] RFID technology involves two main components, they are transponders which are also known as tags or labels, contain the relevant information about the object and other the interrogators, also known as readers or transceivers, that extract the data from the tags....   [tags: Technology, Electromagnetic Radio Waves]

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Process of Archeology

- 1) The Steps to Gathering Field Work In societies eye we see archaeologists excavating old ruin temples that have been hidden for thousands of years, but what if the project was examining artifacts on land. Then excavating would be pointless, which is why there are two main ways to collect this data archaeological survey and excavation. Each archaeologist has a different approach and can have many factors influencing which type of field work to select. Before starting field work you must have a detailed and developed research plan, field work is the most important area of work for an archaeologist....   [tags: Electromagnetic Waves, Burial Costumes]

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Physics of Microwaves

- ... Magnetrons are also mostly used in microwave ovens and it has changed everything. In 1921 it was first discovered and put into use and as the years continued it improved once again in 1940. The reasons magnetrons are used are because it allows either pulsed or continuous microwave generation with power ups to megawatts and frequencies between and 1 and 40 GHz. The efficiency percentage for this is also about 80% and lifetimes of around 5000 hours on average. In order for food to actually begin to start heating up, the microwaves must pass pass through the food and so we must delve deeper into the magnetron....   [tags: electromagnetic waves, methal heating]

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The Duality Of How Light Behaves

- The duality of how light behaves depends in which state light is being observed and how it interacts with an object 's surface. It is neither just a wave or a particle, they coexist and react to objects electrons and protons within their atoms. Animals, plants and our sky are examples of how light reacts and are seen. Light is a photon , which are tiny particles of light, however photons have electrons and protons which behave like waves and particles based on their given charge, this is the wave-particle duality....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Star, Energy]

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Solar Spectrum in the Electromegnetic Spectrum: Solar Cells

- Nearly all energy in one form or another can be traced back to solar energy, and it is harness in many different ways. Solar cells are the most direct way to convert incident solar radiation into electricity, this process is also known as photovoltaics. Solar cells produce no pollution, noise, and do not contain any moving parts, allowing them to be tough, reliable, and long lasting. The natural light that we enjoy from the sun and see every day is only a fraction of the total energy emitted by the sun incident on the earth....   [tags: solar, energy, cells, electricty]

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Astronomers Analyze Electromagneti Emissions of Stars and Constellations

- ... Stars are born, evolve, and after millions or billions of years they die. Stars are formed in vast interstellar molecular clouds when gravity overpowers heat, which leads to disequilibrium in the cloud and causes contraction. Contraction and gravitational instability in the cloud lead to fragmentation that can lead to the formation of many stars. The fragmentation process takes several million years. Star formation occurs in stages beginning with the interstellar cloud, and then fragmentation, when fragmentation stops a protostar begins to form....   [tags: light, hydrogen, temperature]

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Draft Of Sun Content Alignment

- Draft of Sun Content Alignment Challenges: 1. Incorporating relevant NGSS standards at the middle school level. 2. Establishing background information on Earth as a System, light, and energy sources for the System. 3. Defining learning progression through topics: Sun, Earth’s Orbit, Heat from Earth’s Interior, Albedo, The Earth System (origins and composition) 1. Atmosphere, 2. Hydrosphere, 3. Geosphere, 4. Biosphere, 5. Cycles The Sun: Energy for the Earth System Learning outcomes Students will be able to: 1. Define the Earth System....   [tags: Sun, Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Solar cycle]

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What's Radio Frequency Identification

- Topic: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) . Radio Frequency Identification (RFID, is a automatic identification technology that uses electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency to identify an object, animal or person. RFID consists of three components: a scanning antenna, a transceiver with decoder and a transponder. The antenna contained in the RFID tag transmits a signal that activates a transponder through radio frequency waves. The RFID tag or transponder transmits the data back to the antenna providing information such as product identification, location status or pricing....   [tags: technology, 500 KHz, electromagnetics]

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My Spectrum Of Spinach Absorbance Graph

- In my spectrum of spinach absorbance graph, the greatest peaks were at 435 nm, 465 nm, and a smaller peak at 670 nm. These values correspond to the approximate values of visible light wavelengths as indigo (445 nm), blue (475 nm) and red (650 nm)[3], respectively. This indicates that the spinach extract is the most absorbent of these colours and frequencies. The lowest absorbances were between 500 nm - 630 nm , which covers green (510 nm), yellow (570 nm), and orange (590 nm) light [3]. Green is a color that is reflected, and not absorbed by the spinach and this is indicative of the green colour that it appears as....   [tags: Light, Color, Electromagnetic radiation]

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The Physics Of The Electron

- When an atom absorbs energy in the form of heat, light, or electricity, it will usually emit the energy it absorbed, as light. In our situation, as energy is passed through by our power supply through the tube filled with the specified gas, the element in the tube will re-emit the energy it absorbed (as the energy passed through the tube), as light unique to that element. This happens because as the atom absorbs the energy from the power source, the electrons become excited to a higher orbit number....   [tags: Light, Electromagnetic radiation]

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Electromagnetism and Guitar Pickups

- Guitar pickups are composed by a series of tools. The output voltage which varies beteween 100mv rms to over 1 v rms for some of the higher output types. The pickup sound which turns of wire in proximity to each other have an equivalent self-capacitance that, when added to any cable capacitance present, resonates with the inductance of the winding. Hambuckers, sensors, and preamps. Piezoelectric pickup, dual pickup,and piezoelectric violin bridge pickup are other components of the guitar. There are also double system pickups, multi-transducer pickups, optical, and active and passive pickups....   [tags: a potentiometer, a capacitor]

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Types Of Vision And Colour Of Eyes

- For this task I thought long and hard about the types of vision and colour of eyes I wanted, the colours I would want is a little complex, I would have a completely blood red Iris while the border of the pupil having a touch of yellow starry rings, to give the looks of a soul that have been ravaged and in pain for centuries. I choose this for no particular reason other than personal preference. Night Vision I initially turned to night vision, initially this sounds nice, but after some thought on the basic principles of how night vision works, I decided against it for several reason....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Eye, Infrared]

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The Color Of The Fly

- Is the color of a fly important. It is very important to know if the color of the fly is important for fly fishers because the flies are tied on a hook look like an actual fly in nature. The correct fly can yield a great amount of fish while the wrong fly could leave you without a fish all day. So does the color of the fly matter. Fish have been around for over 450 million years, they have learned to adapt over the thousands of years. Living in the aquatic system is not easy there are many dangers both in and outside of the water that can endanger a fish’s existence....   [tags: Color, Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Sense]

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Electromagnetism Studies the Relationship Between Electricy and Magnetism

- ... There are many types of magnets, there are, ceramic, alnico, neodymium, samarium, and of course, electromagnets (Wilson 2007). The most commonly used magnet. To make a magnet, you just encourage the domains to face the same way (Wilson 2007). To encourage the domains by placing it in a north south direction and strike it with a hammer. Striking it with a hammer make the domains lineup by jarring them sometimes in the same direction (Wilson 2007). If you place it magnetic field then it can also gain a magnetic field of itself....   [tags: scientists, metals, physics]

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Electromagnetism Experiment

- Electromagnetism Experiment Introduction: ============= I start the introduction with a question: Will increasing current in an electromagnet increase the power of the electromagnet. The electromagnet we will be making is a very primitive one compared to that of the complexity of modern electromagnets found in machinery, but the way it works is almost identical. Electromagnetic technology is extremely complex and because it is an electromagnet, the higher the current, the stronger it becomes, and with this an electromagnet can become incomprehensively strong....   [tags: Papers]

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Does Light Bend towards or away from the Normal as it Enters the Glass Block

- Introduction A general introduction to the topic, including why the investigation is important. This investigation will inquire about the nature of light and how it behaves when a beam of light travels through a clear glass block. This investigation is important so the way light behaves can be investigated further, as this investigation will act as the basis of knowledge for future experiments and investigations. It will also help understand the behaviour of light when it travels through different objects....   [tags: physics, electromagnetism]

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Magnets and Electromagnets

- Introduction Magnets have existed for hundreds of thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures throughout this time. Magnets have been useful throughout the years because they can hold two things together just through the force of the metal in the magnet. With the world’s constantly changing technology, electromagnets have been evolved from magnets and are more useful than a regular magnet but in order for an electromagnet to work, an electric current needs to be present (   [tags: Physics, Magnestism]

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Electromagnet Investigation

- Electromagnet Investigation An electromagnet works similarly to a normal magnet but with one huge advantage. A normal magnet is constantly on but an electromagnet can be turned on and off. This is useful in both the science lab and industry such as a scrap yard. An industrial investigation of this size is obviously not possible in the science lab so in order to simulate a smaller type of situation I'm going to use small weights. I plan to find out the different characteristics of an electromagnet by changing the number of coils around the electromagnet and the amount of current which is passed through it....   [tags: Papers]

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Michael Faraday's Contributions to Science

- The person who changed the history was a guy named, Michael Faraday who was an English scientist. He was the mastermind who conducted three investigations which are very interesting to us. The most important investigations to us are from the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. He brought together the three lines of inquiry, matter, light and electricity which later became known as electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism electrolysis. This brilliant guy started with electrical conduction in liquids, even though others already begun to study electrolysis but because of his organized and cautious measurements that we know the laws undergoing electrolysis....   [tags: electromagnetism, cathodes, glow]

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Active And Passive Components Of Gsm Base Station

- Functions of some active and passive components of GSM base station such as transceiver (TRx), power amplifiers (PA), combiners, duplexers, antennas, alarm extension system, control function, base-band receiver (BBxx), signal DSP, main distribution board, rectifier and Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) are discussed in [20]. Other components discussed are DC ventilation system, air conditional, generators, BTS cabinet, transmission rack, microwave antenna, aviation light, and optical fibre/coaxial cable....   [tags: Mobile phone, GSM, Electromagnetism]

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Is Electricity A Form Of Energy?

- Stating my topic Today I am going to be talking about the history, origin, founder, changes of electricity.I am also going to be talking about how and when it is used. What is electricity Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current?Electricity gives a wide variety of well-known effects, such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and electric current.In addition, electricity permits the creation and reception of electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves....   [tags: Electric charge, Electricity, Electromagnetism]

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The Magnetic Fields Of The Magnet

- Introduction: Magnetism was not studied or utilized before 1821 as it is today. A few hundred years ago people understood how magnets worked, but didn’t have many applications of the magnet because they were limited by the technology of their time. The applications of magnets today have opened a new door as to how we can harness the power of a magnet. I had a basic working knowledge of how magnets worked, such as polarity, but with researching different aspects of the magnet I have learned that we need to advance the potential capabilities of the magnet and fully understand how we can harness the magnet....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Magnetism]

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The Curriculum Of The Ap Physics Course

- Induced Electromotive Force The curriculum of the AP Physics course this academic year covered a large range of fundamental aspects of how the Universe works. This range varied from kinematics and work, to waves and electricity. Electricity was the last topic to be taught in the course, which struck a personal interest. This interest lead to further research in more advanced concepts of the nature of electricity. In the search, there was a hit with a concept the sparked familiarity from chemistry courses, induced current....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism]

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Interstellar Magnetic Fields And Gases

- Interstellar Magnetic Fields and Gases Interstellar magnetic fields play an important role in our galaxy by returning stellar material back out into interstellar space. The magnetic fields are frozen in place within the hot ionized gases of the interstellar medium acting as an additional energy reservoir; the magnetic fields wear several hats regarding the work that needs to be done in our galaxy. However, there is still little known about the all of the roles the ISMF plays. There is a division between large and small scale fields; the former found on the scales of the spiral arms of our galaxy, and the latter found within the interstellar space....   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Electromagnetism]

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The Effect Of Geometry And Frequency On The Performance Of Magneto Mercury Reciprocating Micro Pump

- An experimental study on the effect of geometry and frequency on the performance of magneto mercury reciprocating micro pump Saeed Kazemiabnavi, Shahab Haghayegh, Mohsen Karmozdi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii Abstract— In recent years, micropumps have been widely used in numerous applications including bioanalytics, lab-on-a-chip (LOC) integrated microprocessors, aeronautical researches and micro heat exchangers. The various benefits of implementing electromagnetic force in micropumps have resulted in the fabrication of Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) micropumps....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Electric charge]

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The Physics Of The Field Of Physics

- It is not easy feat to become an inspiration of Albert Einstein, considering that he is one of the most famous and recognized scientist. Of three people whose picture hung on Einstein’s wall, Michael Faraday was one of them. Although Faraday had come from a lower class in the 1800s, his eagerness to learn more about the world propelled him to great discoveries that changed the world. One of the most important findings for the future of both technology and the field of physics was Faraday’s breakthrough of the electromagnetic induction and his discovery of the magnetic field....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Michael Faraday]

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- Electromagnetism Aim- The aim of my experiment is to see what factors affect electromagnetism the most so as to give the best electromagnet in an experiment. The factors I will use are: the number of coil wraps around the iron nail and the amount of current in the circuit. It is these factors that I will use to see which one gives the best electromagnet. Scientific Knowledge- How to get an electromagnet- When an electric current flows through a coil of wire it sets up a magnetic influence or 'field' around the wire....   [tags: Papers]

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- Electromagnetism After a study, it has been revealed that the circuit used contains so many built-in errors that cannot be helped. These factors are: • Flux being lost on the corners of the magnet; and • Resistance of the wire Nevertheless, all that were predicted happened in the experiment. They seem to be accurate to a certain extent, as they all fit in their own patterns. Evaluation This experiment has worked well and has produced sufficient results that produce quite an interesting conclusion....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating the Strength of Electromagnets

- Investigating the Strength of Electromagnets Aim: To investigate into the effect that changing the number of turns on the coils has on the strength of an electromagnet. Background Information: If an electric current flows through a coil of wire a magnetic field is formed around the coil, creating an electromagnet. This is a temporary magnet, which can be switched off. There are three ways in which you can increase the strength of an electromagnet: Ÿ Increase the number of turns on the coil....   [tags: Papers]

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Electromagnets Investigation

- Electromagnets Investigation Planning. Electromagnets could be made stronger by varying some factors of the electromagnets. The different factors that affect the strength of electromagnets are the temperature, amount of current passed through the wire, the length of the core, the thickness of the wire used for the coils and the number of turns of the electromagnet. An electromagnet can be made by coiling up a length of wire around a piece of metal and passing an electric current through the wire, this creates a magnetic field through the coil, and hence an electromagnet is formed....   [tags: Papers]

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The Strength of an Electromagnet

- The Strength of an Electromagnet Introduction: [IMAGE]An electric current flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field. Coiling the wire produces a stronger magnetic field. Coiling it around a soft iron core increases the strength effect; raising the current or the number of coils increases it further. I am going to investigate the raising of the current and how it affects an electromagnet. I think the electromagnet will produce a stronger magnetic filed and pick up more iron fillings....   [tags: Papers]

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Factors that Affect the Strength of the Electromagnet

- Factors that Affect the Strength of the Electromagnet Aim: To investigate factors which affect the strength of the electromagnet and make the strongest electromagnet possible. Apparatus: · Iron Rod · Leads · Power Pack · Crocodile Clips · Insulated Wire · Iron Nails · Voltmeter · Plastic Beakers · Electronic Balance Hypothesis: I expect the strongest electromagnet to have a 'soft' iron core; the highest number of coils (45); the strongest voltage (10V) and current and have the coils evenly spread across the iron rod....   [tags: Papers]

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What Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet?

- What Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet. Aim What is the effect of increasing the current and increasing the number of coils when picking up paper clips. Definition First of all, an electromagnet has to be defined. An electromagnet can also be called a Solenoid, Which consists of a core of iron and then wire is wrapped round it. Prediction I predict that as the current carried in the wire gets stronger, so will the magnetic field surrounding the electromagnet. Therefore, I think that the amount of paper clips picked up will increase as the voltage gets higher until the electromagnet can't pick up any more paper clips....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet

- The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet Planning What I am trying to find out. My aim is to find out the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet. What I am going to do. Equipment list q Power pack q (Soft) Iron core q Wire q Paper clips [IMAGE] Method In my investigation I am going to see how many paper clips an electromagnet can pick up, varying how many times a wire is wrapped around an iron core. 1. I will connect the wire to the power pack and set the voltage to 8....   [tags: Papers]

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Electricity And Magnetism Unit I Placed Standards

- 1. For the Electricity and Magnetism unit I placed standards 4.1.3, 4.1.4, and 4.1.5. For each of these standards I found places within the Electric Circuits and Energy and Electromagnetism lab activities that they were implemented. I found the standard 4.1.3 within the third to sixth grade lab Electric Circuits. For letters a and b for 1| What Electricity Can Do my lab group and I were asked to assemble a simple circuit made up of one wire, one D-cell battery, and one bulb. We were asked to find a way to connect the materials to light the bulb and draw our design....   [tags: Electricity, Electromagnetism, Michael Faraday]

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Building a Simple Motor Puts a New Spin on Magnets

- You can build a simple motor with magnet, wire, jumbo paper clips, sandpaper, neodymium magnets, and a compass. There are motors all over the place in your house. You use electric motors in your everyday life. When you connect the wires and connect it completes the current and makes the motor start. The copper wire will start to spin when the current is completed. I am build a simple motor and see if it spins slower or faster with bigger and smaller batteries I think it will spin faster with bigger batteries....   [tags: current, forces, electromagnet ]

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The Effect of the Number of Coils on an Electromagnet On Its Strength

- The Effect of the Number of Coils on an Electromagnet On Its Strength Aim: - To establish whether a variation in the number of coils will affect an electromagnet's strength. Scientific Knowledge: - The concept of electromagnets is fairly simple. An iron nail wrapped in a series of coils of insulated wire and then connected to a battery, will enable the nail to pick up paper clips. This is because the current emitted from the battery to the coils magnetises the nail. This is known as an electromagnet....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effect of Increasing Number of Turns in a Coil on an Electromagnet It Is Capable of Holding

- The Effect of Increasing Number of Turns in a Coil on an Electromagnet It Is Capable of Holding Introduction In this investigation I aim to find out what effect increasing the number of turns in a coil on an electromagnet will have on the strength of the electromagnet, and the weight it is capable of holding. I predict that the higher the number of turns there is on the core the higher the amount of weight the magnet will hold. Also I predict that, if I double the amount of turns in the coil on the core, the magnetic field strength of the electromagnet will also double, I will find out if this is true from the weight it is capable of holding....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effects Of Armature Flux On The Primary Field Flux

- 2) Explain, using diagrams, armature reaction in a dc motor, the effects it has on the motor and methods to reduce it. Explanation: DC motor: A DC motor is any class of electrical machines that converts direct current electrical power into mechanical power. The most common types rely on magnetic fields. Armature: The part of an electrical motor or generator that produces an electric current when it turns in a magnetic field. Magnetic flux: Magnetic flux is the number of magnetic field lines (also called as magnetic flux density) passing through A closed surface such as conducting coil....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Dynamo]

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The Great Technological Movement Of The 21st Century

- It is the reason for the great technological movement of the 21st century. Its applications are used on a day-to-day basis. What is this form of energy. It is electricity. Electricity is defined as a form of energy from the existence of charged particles. The charged particles are either positive or negative (protons or electrons). Moreover, through the same principal, the phenomenon of magnetism is also applied on a day-to-day basis. Magnetism is defined as either an attractive or repulsive force between objects due to an electric charge....   [tags: Electric charge, Electricity, Electromagnetism]

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Chapter 2 : Structure And Results

- ECE 699C Graduate Project dq transformation Professor: Dr. BRUNO OSORNO Submitted by Name: Akhilesh Dutt Sharma CSUN ID #: 104949453 Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Machine Model Chapter 3: Transformation Chapter 4: Inverse transformation Chapter 5: Balanced Condition Chapter 6: Transforming Voltage Equation Chapter 7: Final Model Chapter 8: Simulation and results Conclusion References/Bibliography/Works Cited Introduction To concentrate or to direct the useful flux most of the machine now days uses iron as a medium, to store energy or to provide th...   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Electric charge]

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How the Sun Produces Light and Heat

- When we look up into the sky, what do we see. During the day, we often will find the sun. The sun is much more than a ball of fire that we see in our daily lives. The sun gives earth life, from the condition of the season to the life that is produced. Overall, when we think of the sun we think of heat and light but one might question; how does the sun produce the heat and light that is necessary for earth to sustain life. The sun is also known as a star, just like the stars we see at night that illuminate the night sky....   [tags: temperature, hydrogen, nuclear fussion]

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The Physics Behind Remote Sensing

- Remote Sensing is the science of acquiring, processing and interpreting images that record the interaction between the electromagnetic energy and matter (Sabins, 1997). Remote sensing offers extensive applications in almost every area of science from monitoring forest fires to geologic mapping . Although many aspects of remote sensing are complex and difficult to understand the basic theory behind remote sensing is simple physics. There are four major stages of remote sensing. The first stage is the source of energy, usually the sun, which sends energy to a target....   [tags: Physics]

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Cell Phones and Ionizing Radiation

- A cell phone is a device that enables us to communicate with our friends and families. It enables us to receive radio links that is moving around a wide environment area. Nowadays there are millions of users all over the world who uses the phone. The first to invent phone was Martin Cooper in 1970’s. Nowadays phones are so advanced that it is used in many different ways. People use for downloading apps, playing games, texting people, calling friends etc. When we talk over the phone many types of radiation are given out like microwave radio waves etc....   [tags: heat, gamma rays, cancer]

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