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The Electric Chair is Fair Punishment

- This topic is a very controversial one. The paper you are about to read could cause intense arguments between some groups of people. All that doesn’t matter to me because when you finish reading this, you will agree with me if you don’t already. First off, many people consider the electric chair cruel and unusual punishment. What I don’t get is that people think this even though in order to be eligible to get sentenced to the electric chair, they have to be proven guilty of killing someone. Don’t you think that is cruel and unusual punishment....   [tags: Death Penalty, Capital Punishment]

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Death Penalty and Electric Chair

- When Moran writes that he aims “to demonstrate how our most cherished social values can be manipulated to serve pecuniary interests: the way in which public policy is affected by behind-the-scenes maneuvering of powerful and often ruthless business interests,” I think he is talking solely about the death penalty (xviii). There are various aspects within the death penalty that make it a much more dynamic issue. Throughout his book, Moran writes about the inhumanity of the death penalty, including the barbaric methods and public spectacle of the act prior to William Kemmler, and most importantly, the safety and efficacy of direct current versus alternating current in the eventually prefe...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Stranger '

- Albert Camus’ The Stranger featured a misunderstood man who saw through his gilded society who was condemned to death for not crying at his mother’s funeral. Ernest Gaines’ A Lesson Before Dying found a man sentenced to death because of his race.The ignorance of society killed both of these men, but their strength in defying the oppressive system makes them immortal. The strength of defiance is not an escape attempt or freedom, but the ability to remain human even while condemned to death. The human spirit triumphs when faced with injustice by taking dignity from the strength provided by a community or finding strength internally to create dignity even in death....   [tags: Capital punishment, Electric chair]

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The Death Of Toni Jo Henry

- Toni Jo Henry From 1608-2002, Louisiana has only executed 658 (ProCon). There have been several different methods from hanging, the electric chair, and now lethal injection. On November 28, 1942, the first woman was executed by the electric chair in the state of Louisiana. Her name was Toni Jo Henry and she suffered in many ways throughout her life. From losing her mother and enduring an abusive father, to working in a brothel where men used her as they pleased, to having her husband locked up in jail with no way out....   [tags: Capital punishment, Electric chair]

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William Kemmler : Death And Death

- William Kemmler Death by electrocution sounded like a great idea in 1890 until they saw the terrible pain and slow death that William Kemmler went through. It has been debatable ever since if it was a good execution way or not. William Kemmler may have been a cold blooded killer, but many question if he deserved this cruel and painful punishment of dying of electrocution. Because William Kemmler got drunk and then killed his wife with an axe, he went to trial, got sentenced to death by electrocution, and then started a debate on if electrocution is a good way to execute people....   [tags: Capital punishment, Electric chair, Murder]

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The United States Practices Capital Punishment

- Why do you think the United States practices capital punishment. To be quite honest, I believe that America practices capital punishment because we were raised by a nation where bloodshed was commonly used to meet a necessary means. Today, there are far too many criminals in our prison facilities and not enough space to keep them in. Not to mention it is much more cost efficient to give someone a lethal injection than to provide food and shelter for them for the rest of their lives. I am a bit split on the concept of the death penalty, and I always have been (and probably always will be)....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Electric chair]

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Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?

- The death penalty has become a hot topic of discussion not just in United States but other parts of the world too. It is such a controversial issue, as some people are a pro-death penalty group, others condemn this method and yet some people with mixed feelings. The statistic has shown that more than 3,200 prisoners are waiting for execution and 1,264 inmates have been executed in America since 1976. The big state for executions is Texas with 475 total executions followed by Virginia at total 109 executions....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Electric chair]

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The Death Penalty Is Important?

- The death penalty also known as the capital punishment is used to punish the criminal involving in serious criminal cases. This happens after he or she has been found guilty of a crime by the legal system. This form of punishment is to ensure that the person cannot commit future crimes, and/or as a deterrent to potential criminals. The inmates could choose from the following way of death they are lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, firing squad, and hanging. Each of these punishments is inhuman and a violation of the 8th amendment of the Constitution....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Electric chair]

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Application of Mens Rea and Juvenile Culpability

- Introduction Looking back into the annals of executions in the United States, history shows that persons as young as fourteen years of age were executed. In 1944, a black teen by the name of George Stinney was electrocuted for the beating death of two white girls and was convicted of murder and electrocuted. This event occurred in Columbia, South Carolina. (ABC, 2013) Many other states participated in executing teens during this period. As we enter into a new century, we look back at precedents that have been set and changed by United States Supreme Court rulings....   [tags: Death Penalty, Electric Chair]

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Death Penalty : A Dish Best Served Cold

- Death of Capital Punishment Revenge is often referred to as a “dish best served cold.” In determining the appropriate consequence of one’s wrongdoing, seeking an eye for an eye is the typical response for those who commit crimes in the United States. Over time, this mentality has allowed the fate of an individual to be stripped and handed to federal officials to determine when and in some cases, how, one’s life will come to an end. The death penalty serves as a method of cleansing society of its proclaimed dangers at a rather large cost as it is not only gruesome in nature, but raises question to the morality of the justice system....   [tags: Capital punishment, Prison, Crime, Electric chair]

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The Death Penalty Is Not A Punishment

- Against The Death Penalty The death penalty or capital punishment is a punishment by death against criminals who commit capital crimes against society. The death penalty has been around for as long as the 18th century, robbing citizens of their fourth and eighth amendment right, taking taxpayers hard earned money, and providing society with a false accusation of safety. Many may believe that the purpose of the death penalty is to deter crime. That is false, states with the death penalty have higher death rates....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Prison, Electric chair]

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The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

- There are two sides to the death penalty, should it be legal or illegal. Is it cruel and unusual punishment or is it justice. Can the death penalty be a deterrent to punishment. The death penalty seems to lean more towards murder and revenge other than justice. The death penalty also seems to be away of the government of showing the people who has the power and nothing will happen if there were to put you on the death penalty. I am argue that the death penalty is not right, it should not be legal, and i disagree with the whole thought of it....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Electric chair, Crime]

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George Stinney 's Trial And Trial

- In 1944, 14-year old African American, George Stinney, was wrongfully convicted and executed. According to, a digital database containing the collective history of notorious murders, the event took place in Alcolu, South Carolina. Stinney remains the youngest person executed in United States history. Stinney was accused of first-degree murder. He was charged with the murder of 11-year old Betty June Binnicker and 8-year old Mary Emma Thames. Stinney was executed by the formal method of execution at the time, the electric chair....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Electric chair, Crime]

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The Green Mile By Frank Darabont

- How are the themes of healing and death portrayed in The Green Mile. Use film techniques to support your answer. The Green Mile, directed by Frank Darabont in 1999 tells the story of inmate John Coffey living on death row. Narrated by The Mile’s head corrections officer Paul Edgecomb, The Green Mile explores themes of supernatural healing power and death explored on The Mile through the use of various film techniques. John Coffey, a gigantic African-American man, is convicted of raping and murdering two little girls and sentenced to death....   [tags: Capital punishment, Electric chair, Death row]

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Psychology : The Bundy 's Mask Of Sanity

- Psychology: Psychopath Bundy’s mask of sanity let him deflect others from discovering his secrets and carry on seeking new victims. Some people say that it’s almost impossible to have both good and evil within the same mind. That’s why Bundy had to find a way to minimize the polarity between these two parts. What was wrong for Bundy as a child became acceptable as an early teen and then desirable when he was in his late teens. A true psychopath, without any empathy at all, he killed and raped at least 36 people....   [tags: Capital punishment, Electric chair, Murder]

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New Crimes And Bundy 's Final Trial

- New Crimes and Bundy’s Final Trial Once in Chicago, Bundy hitched a train and traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Five days later Bundy stole a car and drove all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, Bundy entered a bus and reached Tallahassee, Florida on January 8, 1978. He ended up in a small room in a boarding house near the campus of the University of Florida State; this is when Bundy went back into his psychotic way. Late at night on January 15, 1978 Bundy successfully breaks into the Florida State Chi Omega sorority house through a damaged locked door....   [tags: Murder, Capital punishment, Electric chair]

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The Death Penalty Or Capital Punishment

- The death penalty over the years has been used in many forms like injection, electric shock, and by hanging. The people who suffer those fates have usually done some heinous crime like killed thirty babies, two puppies and a young baby chick. On rare occasions, people have been convicted of crimes put to death then it comes to light they did not do the crime at all. In cases like this there is no end fix. Death is the end, it is like the punctuation mark at the end of this sentence. The only thing is marked can be erased death can not....   [tags: Capital punishment, Prison, Electric chair, Crime]

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The Investigation of Ted Bundy’s Murdering Rampage

- Regulations have administrated human demeanor for hundreds of centuries, and in present-day, criminal laws are to standardize and occasionally preserve social order. By allocating which conducts are prohibited, they present comprehensible standards of actions, cautioning society about which actions will be or will not be held accountable for, depending on the degree of severity; it is also figurative in conveying a statement that the public objects to these particular deeds. The earliest identified account of written decrees dates back to the period of the Babylonian King Hammurabi, or what we now know today as Hammurabi’s Code, which instituted high principles of an individual’s actions an...   [tags: Legal Issues, The Mosaic Law, Electric Chair]

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Review Of ' Three Hundred And Seventy- Two Miles East Of Whittier '

- Three hundred and seventy- two miles east of Whittier, is Tempe, Arizona. Tempe is hot. The sun is bigger and brighter and the streets act as the walls of an oven do. The road ahead always looks submerged in water because of the heat’s reflecting glare. The heat is so unbearable, even being in the shade is like holding fifteen hair dryers, on high, up to your whole body. However, there is a warmth in Tempe that is not the daily 102 Degrees. No, this warmth is a loving warmth. The warmth of a family that is truly a blessing....   [tags: Rooms, Table, Bedroom, Chair]

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The Effect Of Digital Technology On Manufacturing

- The use of Digital Manufacturing technologies such as CNC machines and Computer Aided Design (CAD) is becoming increasingly important in both Guitar making and furniture making. With the use of examples including Ercol, Peter Wood, Alex Bishop Guitars and Gibson, as well as references to other guitar and furniture making companies throughout, I am going to investigate how these advances in technology have had an effect on manufacturing for both a traditional guitar maker, and a traditional Windsor chair....   [tags: Guitar, Electric guitar, Lute, Orville Gibson]

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Chuck Berry

- Chuck Berry is one of the founders of rock and roll. He is the only one living today. He has performed for millions of people with his famous “Duck Walk.” He still has what Corliss & Bland describe as a slim, toned body, wavy hair drenched in Valvoline oil, and a sharply cut masculine chin and cheeks etched with pain and promise. Even today he only wants a Lincoln Town Car, his Fender Bassman amp, and his guitar. Chuck Berry has had for decades one of the shortest and most ironclad contracts in the music business (Jacobson 6)....   [tags: music, rock'n'roll, electric guitarist]

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Descriptive Essay : Antique Rocking Chair

- Not Selected Antique Rocking Chair (10) The Rocking Chair belonged to your paternal grandmother’s maternal grandfather, Anton Peterson. The chair was in use during my childhood in the home of my grandparents, Bill and Clara Swanson, after which it passed to my parents and then to me. My best estimation of the origins of the rocking chair is that Anton purchased the chair either during the time period that he lived with his daughter, Clara, and son-in-law, Willie (Bill), on a farm in Peaceful Valley, from 1914 until 1921, or shortly after they acquired and moved into the large house in Harris immediately following their residency on the farm....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Chair, Mother]

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The Electric Automobile And Electric Cars

- The electric automobile as we know today has changed within just a century ago. The idea that was of a work of concept to being a long living dream that has changed the automobile scene in many ways. It has also spawn a new era of alternative energy uses besides consuming oils in many things we use today. In many ways the current electric car could change in how we perceive the current electric cars and all of its benefits it brings. The evolution of the electric car is interesting from its’ history and the competition that was happening during the past, in the present day it how it has made a resurgence plus has created innovations in the automotive industry and electric cars do have poten...   [tags: Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle]

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Designer Charles Eames' Design Icon: The Eames Chair

- The Eames chair designed by Charles Eames in 1955. Charles Eames was born in 1907 and dies in 1978, the Eames chair was named after the designer itself it took 80 years for prototype. Eames was best known as the designer responsible for many classic iconic designs of the 20th century, Eames was born in St Louis, Missouri and studied architecture at Washington University, he got married in 1941 and moved to California to set up a ground breaking design studio. The chair was design for exterior use however it became very popular as an office chair....   [tags: home decor, Designer, Charles Eames, Eames Chair, ]

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The Dome Of The Van De Graaff

- Physics - Assignment 2 Name: Electrostatics 1. The dome of the Van de Graaff has a positive charge. Explain what happens when you stand on a plastic chair and then place your hands on the dome. 1. The generator has a positive charge, so electrons are attracted from Lucy’s body to the generator. 2. Lucy develops a positive charge (she is insulated from earth). 3. Her hairs have a positive charge and like charges repel. 4. The hairs stand up as they try to move away from her head. 2. Tina holds a strip of aluminium foil by its upper end, using a pair of tongs with insulating handles....   [tags: Electric charge, Electricity, Electron]

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Electric Cars : A Good For Our Environment

- Electric Cars Buying a car is usually going to be the first big purchase a person will make in their life. It is actually considered the second biggest purchase, right behind buying a house. Cars now can do things like park themselves and even drive themselves. Electric cars are also a thing that is getting a lot of attention and studies show that they will be what dominate our streets and highways in the near future. Many people turn to electric cars because they are very efficient to our pockets....   [tags: Electric vehicle, Electric car]

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The Electric Car

- “What we need to do is really improve energy efficiency standards, develop in full scale renewable and alternative energy and use the one resource we have in abundance, our creativity.” (Lois Capps) There are many ways we can utilize our abundance of creativity. Some have yet to be discovered, but some are being sought out today. One of these is the rise of the electric car. Despite a rough start competing with petroleum cars, electric cars will see a spark in popularity in the automotive market within the next few years with new models being developed and more charge stations being installed world wide....   [tags: Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle]

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Creating a Market for Electric Cars

- When Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903, it would go on to start a revolution for the American auto industry. Ford pioneered the assembly line and increased auto production substantially. Today, Ford is one of the most successful auto makers in the world. According to the company, a key factor of success is the focus on building relationships and placing the consumer first. Understanding the consumer and how they view business helps Ford to continue improvement ("Marketing strategy", 2010)....   [tags: Electric Cars Essays]

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Causes and Effects of Electric Vehicles

- Have you ever wondered about how many problems there are with fossil fueled vehicles. A lot of scientists like the idea because it is advanced and they say it’s cleaner and safer in many ways. The use of electricity will reduces the usage of the earth’s resources such as gas and oil. The electric use will not give off pollution that is unhealthy for the environment and its inhabitants. The electric vehicle also is far less noisy than those vehicles that run off of gas. Using electric vehicles can make the world safer and cleaner....   [tags: gas, electric, noisy, pollution]

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Electric Cars Pros and Cons

- An electric vehicle is an automobile that is propelled by one electric motor or more, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device. Some electric vehicles run one hundred percent on electricity, while others (hybrid electric vehicles) run partly on electricity and partly on some other fuel such as gas or diesel. Using electric vehicles that run one hundred percent on electricity would reduce the total primary energy consumed for personal transportation. There are more than 150,000 electric vehicles companies all over the world who construct and sell all kinds of electric vehicles....   [tags: Electric Cars Essays]

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The Legacy Of Lincoln Electric Company

- History has a strong presence in the current world and as much as the world has changed and evolved many things remain the same. Many traditions and customs reverberate through decades and are carried on by individuals who honor and uphold their predecessor’s beliefs and fundamental rules. One such company is Lincoln Electric Company, founded in the late eighteen hundred by John C Lincoln it has manufactured original designed electric motors. Since its establishment it has maintained a leading status in the employment sector with low employee turnover, the only exception being retirement....   [tags: Employment, High school, Lincoln Electric]

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The Legacy Of The Lincoln Electric Company

- The Lincoln Electric Company is one of the most successful, well-managed, manufacturing companies world-wide. The company’s organizational culture has played a key role in its continued success over the years. Because of its strong culture, the company has been able to maximize employee productivity which ultimately leads to its ability to offer their products at lower prices than their competitors and maintain a stable market share. The company was started by John C. Lincoln, who was later joined by his younger brother, James F....   [tags: Management, Employment, Lincoln Electric, Welding]

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What Makes An Electric Vehicle?

- 1 What is an Electric Vehicle. An electric vehicle is different from a gasoline powered vehicle. It is powered instead by an electric motor that receives current from rechargeable storage batteries, or portable sources of electrical energy. 1.1 Why Electric Vehicles The search for means to limit pollution caused an interest in electric vehicles. There are two types of pollution that we face in this society. Air pollution is caused by gasoline burning internal combustion engine that causes lung problems such as bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Hybrid Engines And Electric Vehicles

- Hybrid engines represent the way forward in vehicle design 1/. Ehsani et al (2009) states "Hybrid electric vehicle 's which use two power sources (a primary power source and secondary power source), have the advantages of both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) and overcomes their disadvantages.” This explains that in comparison to internal combustion engines and electric engines, hybrid engines are identified to be more efficient. This article is used because Ehsani et al (2009) extensively gave detailed information on how hybrid engine vehicles worked and the reasons which it could be the way forward in vehicle designs....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Gasoline Vs. Electric Vehicles

- Gasoline vs. Electric Vehicles Pollution is one of the biggest issues facing the global community today, and has been a critical issue over the past few decades. Apart from factories spewing tons of carbon waste into the atmosphere, cars are the worst culprits at spreading pollution. Gasoline-powered motor vehicles in particular have been strongly criticized by environmentalists due to the extent of their damage to the environment. Electric cars have been discussed and recommended as potentially lasting solutions to this solution but the question still remains as to whether they are viable for use in society....   [tags: Automobile, Electric vehicle, Plug-in hybrid]

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Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicles

- Mention “hybrid” vehicle to most people and the Toyota Prius comes to mind. That’s expected as the Prius family is by far the most dominant hybrid electric vehicles on the market. Furthermore, Toyota is the chief manufacturer, building twice as many hybrids as the industry combined. Despite all the attention given to hybrids, these vehicles account for just under 3 percent of all cars on the road today. That’s not an especially tenable market for a vehicle segment touting all things sustainable....   [tags: Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle]

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The Electric Vehicle Company And The Burden Of History

- Transportation is not just technology but rather is a system created by people that depends on money, energy, land and culture. The internal-combustion engine, which runs on either gas, oil or air, was invented in the 1880’s and was used almost immediately in car production. This new development of technology in cars made travel cheaper and faster. Between the 1990’s to 1920’s, consumers chose the internal combustion powered automobile because it provided power, reliability and economical affordability....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Case Analysis : Galt Gas Electric

- 1914 Galt Gas Electric History of Company and Vehicle [1]: Around hundred years ago, there were few entrepreneurs who tried to develop new vehicles in Cambridge (Ontario) which was called Galt at that time. Moffat St. Clair and Eddy Fleming purchased a failed car company-Canadian Motors Ltd. which manufactured Galt Touring Car in 1911. They renamed the company as Galt Motor Company and manufactured around 10 gas-powered vehicles which were named after the town Galt. These cars were just made to generate money for their new venture of Hybrid car-The Galt Gas Electric....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Ford Focus Electric Car Manufacturing Industry

- With the advent of electric cars, the modern car manufacturing industry welcomed a new yet aggressive contender. Taking a huge leap away from oil and gas dependency which produces harmful environmental effects, electric cars are intended to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Due to its increasing popularity, more and more car manufacturers are creating their own version of this alternative vehicular model. The Ford Focus Electric Car A couple of years ago, Ford joined the race to build its own electric cars....   [tags: Electric vehicle, Electric car, Plug-in hybrid]

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Hybrid or Electric: Which Motor Turns the World Round?

- ... This would increase your electric bill for your house. Also Carlos Ghosn says “Despite the promise of "green" transportation - and despite billions of dollars in investment, most recently by Nissan Motor Co – Evs( Electric vehicles) continue to be plagued by many of the problems that eventually scuttled electrics in the 1910s and more recently in the 1990s. Those include high cost, short driving range and lack of charging stations” (Electric 3). Additional statements by Carlos Ghosn such as him “announc[ing] in December a major strategic shift toward more mainstream gasoline-electric hybrids, which overcome many of the shortcomings of pure EVs” (Electric 4).This further leads to electri...   [tags: engines, electric motors, emisions]

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General Electric's Corporate Social Responsability

- I chose to look into General Electric for this project because they are an energy supplier and multi-national company. Energy providers have a reputation as a money hungry companies that care about the bottom line more than people and the planet. It is easy for a person to assume that a corporation of GE’s size, money would be its only concern. What I learned was that GE has a public image problem more than a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) problem. The company has been working to make the people of the planet more Earth friendly by creating technology that has higher efficiency with fewer emissions and lower resource demands....   [tags: energy supplier, general electric, csr]

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Electric Powered Aircraft

- ... [Using the same type of batteries he helped to prepare the first electric flight of a manned aircraft which was a modified motor-glider MB-E1. This aircraft was flown by pilot H. Brditschka in October 1973 and due to the technology of these years flight was only possible for up to 15 minutes but this historic moment showed the feasibility of electric propulsion for man carrying aircraft.] (Hepperle, 2013) Current Propulsion Systems The current technologies of aircraft propulsion system we use today store its source of energy in liquid form which is based on fossil fuels and it’s burnt to provide power for the production of thrust....   [tags: electric propulsion systems for flying vehicles]

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Electric Cars Are Truly The Best Cars Ever Created !

- The Future Car To this day I still remember the first time I saw an electric car. I remember coming home to my mother and telling her that I saw a car that runs on no gas. My mom, being the classic uneducated woman looks at me and said “what movie did you get that from”, I laughed as I searched it on my phone, and showed her the different models of electric cars. Soon after my mother was telling everybody how she would love to have the new sleek, trendy modern electric car “The Tesla”. Ever since the day I laid my eyes on that car, I sincerely found my fascination with electric cars....   [tags: Automobile, Electric vehicle, Renault]

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Electric Vehicles : A Critical Issue Over The Global Community

- Pollution is one of the biggest issues facing the global community today, and has been a critical issue over the past few decades. Apart from factories spewing tons of carbon waste into the atmosphere, cars are the worst culprits in spreading pollution. Gasoline-powered motor vehicles in particular have been strongly criticized by environmentalists due to the extent of their damage to the environment. Electric cars have been discussed and recommended as potentially lasting solutions to this solution, but the question still remains as to whether they are viable for use in society....   [tags: Automobile, Electric vehicle, Plug-in hybrid]

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Hybrid And Electric Vehicles : The Future Of Our World

- Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of our world. They won’t be replacing every single gas vehicle in the United States but hybrids and electric vehicles will certainly become more prevalent in everyday life. Electric and hybrid vehicles have actually been around for a quite a while with electric cars dating all the way back to 1828. Hybrid vehicles have evolved a tremendous amount in the past 100 years leading to improved fuel economy and lower cost of the vehicle itself. Hybrid and electric vehicles come in many different sizes such as a large SUV to a small car....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Analyzing Potential Trends Of Electric Vehicle Use By Consumers

- In order to effectively analyze potential trends of electric vehicle use by consumers in the state of Kansas, we must first understand the technology. What are its advantages that could be appealing to potential consumers. What are its disadvantages. Understanding the technological strengths and limitations of current options in the market will help us arrive at a better conclusion when we compare with consumer needs and preferences. Electric vehicles have several advantages that have gained a lot of attention across the country....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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Power Spikes: The Growing Electric Vehicle Market

- What once was thought of as trendy hipster mentality is slowing seeing some real traction today’s auto market, and is poised to become a viable option in the very near future. The Electric Vehicle (EV) has increased sales every year of the past few years. While the pure EV is still seen as somewhat of an outlier by most auto buyers it is still showing signs of promise. Also, the EV’s more compromising brother, the Hybrid, is seeing advances in sales and technology that will do nothing but bolster the case for purchasing a true plug-in vehicle in the future....   [tags: power steem, hybrid electric vehicle]

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The Physics of an Electric Motor

- The Physics of an Electric Motor An electric motor is a device used to convert electric energy into rotational kinetic energy. There are two different types of electric motors, and each has there own use. The different types are direct current and alternating current motors. Each of these motors will be analyzed in the following. To understand how this motor works, we must understand the relationship between electricity, and magnetism or simply put electromagnetism. Direct electric current in a simple description: There are two requirements for current flow....   [tags: Motor Motors Electric Essays]

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James F. Lincoln And The Lincoln Electric Company

- In 1895, James F. Lincoln started the Lincoln Electric Company with only $200 and a patent to an electric motor he had developed. Over the years, the company began to grow slowly and surely, even through the Great Depression of the 1930 's. Now, the company has several factories in the United States and overseas, employing thousands of people. Uniquely, even in a company with many workers and personnel, the level of employee satisfaction is high. Why was this company able to thrive and is still active during economic hardship, a factory fire, and changing times....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Lincoln Electric, Laborer]

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The Tesla Roadster : A New Standard For Electric Cars

- In the 2003 Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel, Ian Wright, and most notably Elon Musk founded Tesla Motors. The “group of engineers in Silicon Valley wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars” , and their efforts managed to disrupt the entire fabric of the automotive industry. The release of the Tesla Roadster, in 2008, was an innovative quake that introduced an alternative automotive technology for consumers to the widely accepted and well-established gasoline technology in the automotive industry....   [tags: Tesla Motors, Electric car, Tesla Roadster]

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Electric Cars, Past and Present

- One of the main components of an electric vehicle (EV) is the controller. The controller takes power from the batteries and delivers it to the motor. To do this the accelerator pedal is hooked up to a pair of potentiometers, which provide the signal which tells the controller how much power it needs to deliver. For safety there are two potentiometers, the controller reads both potentiometers to make sure that their signal are the same, if the signals are not equal then the controller will not operate....   [tags: Electric Vehicles Green Environment]

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Physics of Electric Guitars

- Introduction More than any other instrument, the electric guitar has shaped and redefined music in the last century. Although popular culture did not pay much attention to it when it was first introduced in the 1930s, it has since become equated with the very essence of rock and roll music. On an international level, the electric guitar is by far "the most famous instrument to come out of the United States" ( Background Inventors have been playing with the idea of electrically powered musical instruments since the 1800s, but "the first attempts at an amplified instrument did not come until the development of electrical amplification by the radio industry in the 1...   [tags: physics electric guitar]

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Electric Cars Can Make United States More Competitive And Environmentally Cleaner

- Electric car is vehicle that is derived by at least one electric motor. It turns electric energy stored in rechargeable batteries into movement. Electric cars can make United States more competitive and environmentally cleaner. Electric cars kill many birds by one stone: less pollution, environmental security, reliable, and deflate oil demand. However, the government should subsidize them by reducing registration penalties, and encourage companies that are producing electric cars; for example, the pluses of these cars extend to several areas, and they deserve government support....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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What Makes A Car A Sustainable And Innovative Platform For Electric Cars

- It is a known fact that technology that is developed in motor sports will eventually trickle down to the automotive industry. However for a long time this has been happening with gas powered technology and safety innovations. Recently, there has been a startup of a new form of motorsports that focuses on Earth’s environmental status. Formula E is one of the ways to spread social and political awareness and interest in electric vehicles. To make the car a sustainable and innovative platform. The goal of this research paper is to answer the following questions: how fast will the technology trickle down from motorsport to everyday life, are these efforts worth it, will Formula E make electric c...   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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The 670 Eames Lounge Chair

- In 1956, the 670 Eames Lounge Chair together with its ottoman made a debut on the Home show hosted by Arlene Francis on NBC. Designed by Charles & Ray Eames, the then new masterpiece was said to be the ‘modernised version of the old English club chair’ which later became a true design icon of the 20th Century. History of 670 Eames Lounge Chair Charles & Ray Eames, a prolific duo well known for their objective to design furniture for mass production and retailed at affordable cost came up with one of the most unique seating collection during their time....   [tags: History, Influence on Past]

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A Lion in the CEO’s Chair

- The workforce place is an aggressive environment. It can be anywhere from five to hundreds of people applying for the same job, however only one gets the position. The jungle is also an aggressive place. There can only be one specie at the top of the food chain. Charles Darwin’s theory, Survival of the Fittest, can be applied to both the jungle and the workforce. While the workforce and the jungle are looked at as two completely, it is not absurd to say that they both share the same hierarchal food chain....   [tags: workplace, hierarchy, partner]

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My Experience At The Dental Chair

- I have spent the last few years of my career trying everything in my power not to listen to my inner voice. I finally decided to embrace it and surrender to the fact that my life mission belongs beyond the scope of my 4 operatory walls and the safe haven of my daily practice of clinicial dentistry. As a dentist for the past 9 years, remaining in my thriving referral based dental practice, earning a healthy living in a highly regarded group practice would have been the comfortable, easy route. Each day I was surrounded in supportive familiar faces, working the hours I chose and utilizing a skill that I excelled at....   [tags: Dentistry, Dental surgery, Dental assistant]

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General Electric Presentation

- General Electric Presentation On September 7th, 2001, Jeff Immelt, now a 24-year veteran of GE, was appointed Chairman. Four days later, the world changed forever. Over the past twenty minutes we have given you a window into the world of GE under Jack Welch, and now I would like to take you through the past 5 years, and into the new GE under Jeff Immelt, GEs 9th Chairman in its 128 year history. I am sure that everyone has read the recent Fortune article entitled "Tearing up the Jack Welch Playbook," and I would like to offer our own interpretation of Welch and Immelt's executive leadership styles through a comparison of the two leaders and how they traveled two roads, both with a single de...   [tags: Business GE General Electric]

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General Electric Corporation Is A Multi Billion Dollar Conglomerate Company

- General Electric Corporation is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate founded in 1892. The company was founded in Schenectady, New York to capitalize on the patents of Thomas Edison and the use of electric power through generation and distribution. Now a blue chip publicly traded company that has branched out beyond its core into arenas such as aircraft engineering, television, and home appliances to name a few. Over the years the corporation has been through different management models that have brought innovation in many forms that have allowed them to be envied by companies around the world....   [tags: Management, General Electric, A Great Way to Care]

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The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and Takin' it to the Streets as Drug-influenced Literature

- The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and Takin' it to the Streets as Drug-influenced Literature Art influenced by drugs faces a unique challenge from the mainstream: prove its legitimacy despite its "tainted" origins. The established judges of culture tend to look down upon drug-related art and artists, as though it is the drug and not the artist that is doing the creating. This conflict, less intense but still with us today, has its foundations in the 1960s. As the Beatnik, Hippie, and psychedelic movements grew increasing amounts of national attention, the influence of drugs on culture could no longer be ignored by the mainstream....   [tags: Takin Electric]

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Electric Cars And Electric Vehicles

- Electricity is used as fuel to run all electric vehicles (EV). Electrical vehicles have one or more electric motors, they are used to power the car. Electricity is stored in rechargeable battery packs. Electric vehicles follow a very basic principle, the electric motors are directly connected to wheels and powered by electricity. They don’t involve any complicated drive shafts and engines. Whereas internal combustion engines (ICEs) use petrol or diesel to power a car. The process involved in gasoline car is complicated when compared to that electric vehicles....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Petroleum]

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My Adventures in My Blue Chair

- The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” -Albert Einstein I’m a born wanderer. A rather untraditional wanderer considering that I spend the majority of my time sitting in the same blue fold out chair, located in the center of the room whose walls I’ve seen so often that I could recite every pattern, light, fixture, outlet, detail, and obstructed surface, to an audience of inattentive listeners in the form of a lengthy narrative, with an all inclusive originally composed background soundtrack....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Day Of The Barber 's Chair Trembling

- It is 7 A.M. and I see my brother sitting in the barber’s chair trembling from absolute nervousness. His hands started to spaz and he began to feel the butterflies moving around in his stomach. Suddenly he began to reminisce with us on the countless nights spent staying up making invitations, and organizing what could be the most memorable day in his life. The excitement is almost unbearable, if only time can speed up to see the love of his life walking down that aisle with her hair let loose and curls brushing her shoulders....   [tags: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Love, Engagement]

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The Chippendale Chair

- In " Circles and Lines " historian John Demos writes about the shape of life across the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries covering a traditional, a transition and a more modern time period. Demos traces change through these time periods and asserts the use of a mid 18th century Philadelphia Chippendale chair to demonstrate the transition of American life from circular to linear. According to Demos, the consumer revolution offered choices for those who could afford the Philadelphia Chippendale chair....   [tags: American History]

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Special People in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

- Special People in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep “The old man said, “You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go. It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity” (156). This statement made me recall several essays that I read by William Butler Yeats. The central idea in Yeats essays was that we are all raised in a myth. We are all taught to exist as metaphors, as symbols of something supposedly greater than ourselves, and, as Dick says, “violate your own identity”....   [tags: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Essays]

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Electric Vehicles Vs. Electric Cars

- I bet you didn 't know that the first cars made were all mostly electric. But as time passed gas powered cars became more popular through the years. There were few if any electric cars available as timed moved on. Everyone believed that gas powered vehicles were more convenient than the electric powered ones. I believe that gas powered vehicles are better because gas powered cars have more function ability. The range that electric vehicles have is poor compared to gas vehicles. Electric vehicles don 't function very well when the weather is cold....   [tags: Automobile, Internal combustion engine]

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Lady In A Rocking Chair

- Back … forth … back … forth … she sits in her creaky rocking chair pleasantly reminiscing about her lost childhood as she crochets a warm fuzzy quilt for her granddaughter. Out of nowhere her desire to finish the quilt before noon fades and she find her attention drifting towards the window and looking at a giant maple tree bejeweled in sparkling frost. The tree is old and withered, it has aged immensely; it is somewhat like the old woman … even the texture of the bark is likened to the wrinkles on her face and body....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Investigation into Chair Design

- Investigation into Chair Design For my Investigation into chair designs I choose to investigate how simplistic and basic the chairs have become. From Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who was renowned for his style and applied decoration to Philippe Stark who has taken simplistic to another level. I have investigated how the designers have used applied decoration to enhance the look of their chair, to how functional the pieces are (or in some cases un-functional. ). HIGH BACKED CHAIR - CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH - 1902 Mackintosh produced designs on a whole range of furnishings as well as his architectural designs....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Electric Bass

- The creation of the electric bass, or an electric guitar envisioned double bass, has revolutionized the way music is both written and performed and will continue to be a driving force behind virtually every genre of music. Even though the electric bass* can be seen as a necessary creation in order to match the ever-increasing volume of live music, especially rock, it can also be viewed as a breath of fresh air and new outlook on acoustic instruments. The electric bass has both physically and functionally had an interesting development since its birth, but one thing for certain is that even trailing behind the electric guitar at first, this instrument has stepped away and cemented its place i...   [tags: Music ]

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Characters in The Girl Watcher and The Human Chair

- Uncanny Reactions to Modernization Sugita Kojo of Tayama Katai’s “The Girl Watcher” (1907) and the chair maker in Edogawa Rampo’s “The Human Chair” (1925) react to new ways of life in a similar, vulgar manner. Both stories include aspects of society new to that time: Trains and chairs, respectively. These pieces from the Meiji & Taisho period, a period where stories began to express the character’s thoughts, depict the importance of understanding novel and foreign aspects of daily life by showing how these modern ways of living may be used inappropriately....   [tags: Tayama Katai Edogawa Rampo]

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Wheel chair tennis

- Tennis Populations 1. Wheel chair tennis 2. Hearing impaired 3. Learning disabilities Wheelchair tennis won’t come easy to a new comer but with practice you can only get better. I would rate wheelchair tennis not a 1 or 2 (easy) because its hard to do two things at once. Positioning yourself in a wheelchair to hit a tennis ball before it bounces twice can be difficult. I would rate this activity a 3 due to having tennis skill and wheelchair handling capability. Wheelchair tennis is for every level but to have the basics of moving around the court and learn how to hit different types of shots with a tennis racquet can be challenging....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Lady Her Porch And Her Chair

- The Lady,Her Porch, and Her Chair Once there lived an old lady named Clair Higgins. Every summer day she would sit out on her porch in her rocking chair drinking lemonade and reading a book. She looked like a nice person, but rumor had it that she was a mean old lady. Some people say that she killed her husband, others say that her husband ran away from her. It was so hard to believe though. Clair didn't look anything like a mean person. She looked so gentle and kind. She hair fair skin and rosy cheeks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Electric Guitar's Influence on Music

- The electric guitar has changed our music since it was first introduced in the 1930’s. In the late 1930’s, the electric guitar was used for jazz then merged into a big band format. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the electric guitar was one of the most important instruments in pop music. Nowadays electric guitars are used for Jazz and pop, and other genres like rock, heavy metal, blues, and country. This instrument has made a huge impact on our music since its invention in 1931. No one knows who invented the first electric guitar, but Adolph Rickenbacker was one of the most likely inventors of the electric guitar....   [tags: music, wood, vibrations]

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The Chair, Co Ordinate And Agree The Format Of Questions For The Interview Process

- 3.11. The Chair will co-ordinate and agree the format of questions for the Interview process. This can be done at the Shortlisting Stage or at the preamble of the Interview. 4. References References will be taken up on all shortlisted candidates. Candidates are required to provide the names of two referees, one of whom should be the current or most recent employer, for external candidates, and current line manager for internal candidates. All references received ahead of the interview will be handed to the Chair, for sharing at the end of the interviews in the final deliberation process....   [tags: Human resource management, Recruitment]

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The Effect Of Permissive Hypotension On Cerebral Perfusion When Utilizing The Beach Chair Position

- Permissive hypotension is commonly used by anesthesia providers to assist the surgeon in maintaining a clear surgical field, thereby improving their visualization and also decreasing blood loss. While young healthy individuals generally do not experience adverse effects of a slightly lower than normal blood pressure (typically within 20 percent of baseline), people in the extremes of age, those with coronary artery disease (CAD), cerebrovascular disease (CVD), and other comorbid conditions may not tolerate a reduction in blood flow to their vital organs....   [tags: Blood pressure, Blood, Artery, Hypertension]

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Electric Vehicles, Are They Worth It?

- Are electric cars the way of the future. Some would say no because of the pollution that is caused during the testing and manufacturing of the vehicles. Others would suggest that going electric would help the environment because there is less pollution being administered into the atmosphere. Today about one-third of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. There is more to protecting the environment then what comes out of the tail pipe of today’s modern cars. Because of the divided believe that electric vehicles are good for the climate change, the question of whether or not the government should continue to offer subsidies and incentives into the purchasing an electri...   [tags: environmental issues, hybrids]

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Reading A On My Black Cushion Chair 's Front Of A Large Desk

- Sitting down on my black cushion chair in front of a large desk. Reading a long, elaborated chapter for anatomy class. Words and more words are accumulating on my brain. “Did I understand. What about the cavities?” Going back, back and back again to the same paragraph making sure I understand better all those long anatomical descriptions of words that I’ll be only using during class time. Eight years ago, a very calm sunny and windy day, I am sitting down on a big sofa next to my dad reading a small and very simple book called “Look” three to five words per page which might have seem simple, but for a person that does not speak English every word sounded as if they were written so only a sci...   [tags: Writing, English language, Language]

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Death of the Electric Car

- The 2006 documentary about Who Killed the Electric Car shows the determination of several California citizens whose willpower was to keep the electric car alive and running. The first existence of the electric car under General Motors (GM) dates back to 1996 when they launched the EV1 electric vehicle. And although several consumers took to this new form of transportation, a car that was powered by an electric motor in place of the basic gasoline engine, GM decided to take back its newest technology and removed all existing EV1’s from off of the streets....   [tags: Automobiles ]

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The Death of the Electric Car

- The 1996 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. explores the factors behind the demise of General Motors’ EV1, the popular and elusive electric car of the early 1990’s. The EVI was popular with the public, and it was clean, fast and efficient. This video sets out to solve what is effectively a murder mystery – the plug was pulled on the EV1 in 2002 after only 1,000 of these cars had been produced by GM, most of which were subsequently destroyed by the company in a secret location in the Arizona desert....   [tags: Automobile Industry]

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The Business Model Of Lincoln Electric

- Lincoln Electric is a multinational the manufactures’ welding products. The company’s headquarters is located in Euclid Ohio. They have sales offices in 160 countries; this company has 42 factories. They have contracts with 19 nations too. The business model of this company has been studied at Harvard University. In 2013, their sales total 2.9 billion worldwide 50% of the sales were in North America. John C. Lincoln founded this company in 1895. He started this company with 200 dollars. After reviewing the income statement, they are making a large amount of profits....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Revenue]

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