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Swine Flu and Efforts to Control It

- ... One of these efforts has revolved around encouraging individuals to carry out certain measures to prevent the spread of germs that contribute to respiratory illness. These measures include covering nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, washing hands frequently with soap and water, avoiding touching nose, mouth, or eyes, and avoiding close contact with sick individuals. Secondly, scientists in the medical field have invented antiviral medicines that people can take to prevent of treat the disease....   [tags: influenza, spread, disease, mutation]

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Cultural Change Efforts Of An Organization

- Cultural Change Efforts Every organization has a culture that is too rooted to allow any positive cultural change. Changing the culture of an organization is an uphill task due to the fact that it is historically rooted. Also, the culture is used in guiding decision making while at the same time introduce new comers. Additionally, the culture is woven into the daily activities of an organization. However, the change of organizational culture is necessary in making changes on the processes, structures and the strategies of the company....   [tags: Globalization, Culture, Leadership, Management]

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Canadian Efforts for Transgender Equality

- Bill C-279 is an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code. It is sponsored by Randell Garrison from the NDP. This bill is introduced as a private members bill. This is an interesting fact because when a bill is introduced as a private members bill it is likely that they do not become legislation. Surprisingly this bill is in its second reading in Senate as of February 4th 2014. What this bill focuses on is to include gender identity as a prohibited ground of discrimination. Currently this bill has passed with 150 voters in favour of the bill and 132 against it....   [tags: canadian human rights, bill c-279]

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Zoo's Efforts to Help Conservation

- Since approximately 1250 B.C., ancient Egyptians had created and practiced the capture and display of animals in what are now known as zoos (Fravel). Records describe such exotic animals as birds, lions, giraffes, and tigers in captivity (Fravel). Since then, zoos have continued to entertain millions with the exciting chance to view exotic animals up close and personal. Even in ancient Greece, exotic animals were on display in fighting arenas, and in enclosed viewing areas. Originally in America, zoos were just created so that royalty and the wealthy could flaunt their exotic animals to the public (Leolupus)....   [tags: animal breeding, animal rights]

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Colonization Efforts in North America

- In the early 17th century, British colonizers began arriving in the New World in hopes of expanding their territorial domain. By the 18th century, Spanish colonizers had established trading posts and missions in the New World, covering a vast expanse of land that extended beyond even England’s colonial holdings. When the British arrived, they spurred on Indian depopulation and African and European immigration. The arrival of the Spanish resulted in near Indian extinction and a burgeoning international trade....   [tags: Spain, Britain, Methods]

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Diversity Efforts within an Organization

- Diversity Efforts Within an Organization The more flexible an organization is with their employment tests by using rules of three, passing scores and banding, the more diverse the pool of employees are. Being aware of the legal and ethical ramifications are important when organizations are hiring for all positions. If a person worked for an organization that appeared to be discriminating, does this person have an obligation to stay with the company. What if you were a person who applied for a position within an organization and was passed up by someone with a lower test score than you because of their race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation....   [tags: Perlmutter, diversity, discrimination]

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Charlemagne's Efforts to Unify Christianity

- During the beginning of Charlemagne's imperial reign, the Church was full of inconsistencies and unorthodox practices. Clergy from different areas practiced the faith in different ways because many of the texts they used were badly translated and contained errors.1 Charlemagne would receive letters, detailing monks prayers, that contained both “correct thoughts and uncouth expressions”2 He was worried that if they could not write correctly, then they might be misinterpreting the bible and God would not be honored....   [tags: World History]

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Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

- Sexual Orientation Change Efforts Homosexuality and sexual orientation change efforts have been depicted comically in the 1999 movie, “But I’m a Cheerleader”. Natasha Lyonne plays the sexually confused high school cheerleader, Megan. Everyone, from her football quarterback boyfriend to her conservative Christian parents knows she’s a lesbian; that is, everyone except her. They stage an inter-gay-tion and send her to a reform school for homosexuals. There she discovers why she is gay and how to ‘fix’ her lesbianism....   [tags: homosexuality, cheerleader, lesbain, fix, therapy]

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Nike's Brand Development Efforts

- ... At the time it was created by university student Caroline Davidson who just charged $35 for her design. Recently Andy Payne, the logo expert and creative director of Interbrand said: "This is one of my favourite logos. It's one of the only logos without words accompanying it. Over time it has gained equity and confidence to set itself free from the word Nike and that is a very brave step for a brand to take. Again it is a logo that can be seen in any colour and you still recognise it as Nike." ( This comment illustrates the fact and importance of how important is to get the l...   [tags: marketing strategies]

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Empirical Study Of Research On Retention Efforts

- 1) Empirical study-a study that uses tangible observations. The data collected comes from physical means that are concrete and use the senses to gather data. (McMillian, 2016, p.7) Example: Empirical studies can be quantitative or qualitative; in research involving retention efforts they will be empirical studies conducted to gather data. 2) Theory- is an educated assumption that explains how, what we as researchers examine relate to each other. It creates meaning from the information gathered. McMillian, 2016, p.7) Example: When observing different retention efforts I will develop a theory of why they are successful and how they help retain students....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research]

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