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A Room With A View and Its Relevance to the Edwardian Era

- Essay Proposal for A Room with a View and its Relevance to the Edwardian Era The time period of the Edwardian Era in England was a period of sexual politics, mindless triviality, tensions between social security and individual freedom and wavering belief in God and religion. The Edwardian age is sometimes called the "golden age" where extravagant parties and high fashion are all everyone cares about. First impressions and formalities are so important, they matter more than freedom of speech and expression....   [tags: Literary Review]

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The Edwardian Era Exposed in An Inspector Calls

- Written in 1947, J.B. Priestley's didactic murder-mystery, An Inspector Calls, accentuates the fraudulent Edwardian era in which the play was set. Britain in 1912 was inordinately different to Britain in 1947, where a country annihilated by war was determined to right the wrongs of a society before them. In 1912 Britain was at the height of Edwardian society, known as the "Golden Age". A quarter of the globe was coloured red, denoting the vast and powerful Empire and all Britons, no matter what class they belonged to were proud to be British - the "best nation in the world"....   [tags: hypocrisy, prejudice, exploitation]

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Central Female Characters in An Inspector Call and Macbeth

- ... By calling Macbeth ‘kind’ and ‘heart so white’ she inferring that Macbeth is to kind and he should not be like that. By using the words ‘hearts so white’, Lady Macbeth is inferring that he is too pure and has a clean heart. However, he does not have a clean heart nor pure because he killed the king. Lady Macbeth describes Macbeth as kind and pure person but Lady Macbeth takes it as a negative reason. This is interesting because usually a wife would like her Husband to be kind and pure. Whereas Lady Macbeth find it shameful....   [tags: Edwardian era vs Jacobean era woman]

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The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne

- ... In this time, John I invades Portugal and is crowned King John I. The Armagnac – Burgundian Civil War was a civil war between the Armagnac and Burgundian towns from 1407 – 1435. Key Personalities of This Conflict Peter of Castile was the last King of the house of Burgandy and fought in the War of Two Peters. At the end of the War of Two Peters he was dethroned and fled to Portugal. After being brought to his half – brother, because he had not seen him in so long his half – brother thought he was the enemy and stabbed him to death....   [tags: battles, edwardian war, conflict]

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Mouring in the Victorian Era

- Mouring in the Victorian Era The actions of Victorians upon a death is a intricate web of rituals and etiquette. In Vanity Fair, William Thackeray gives modern readers a brief glimpse into deep mourning through Amelia Sedley-Osborne. The idea of deep mourning was introduced by Queen Victoria upon the death of her husband, King Albert, who died of typhoid in 1861. At that time and for forty years after(the time of her death), the Queen mourned the loss of her beloved husband. She commanded her court to dress in mourning with her for the first three years post-mortem....   [tags: Victorian Era]

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Victorian Influence on Women's Fashions

- Before Research Before the Victorian Era, the main focus of fashion was for men. Women’s’ fashion changed some, but the general idea of long skirts, tight bodices, and heavy fabrics stayed consistent. Real changes to style and fashion were not made until about the 1840’s, when Queen Victoria came into power. After her rise to Queen, the fashions began to change dramatically. Pride and Prejudice is a book written in this time, and the fashion is clearly visible. Looking at fashion of the time can be clear examples of social customs, role models, and other aspects of the time period....   [tags: the victorian era]

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Stabilizing the Equilibrium in The Edwardian Novel: Homosexuality, Women, and Marriage in Maurice

- In the early twentieth century there was no definition of homosexuality because there was no law that can validate homosexual desires. Homosexuality was considered as a factor that does not stabilize the social masculine identity especially in an era where men thought of as powerful and dominant in the society: the patriarchal society. Thus, the fear of expressing their homosexuality and of the accusation of having feminine characteristics was prevalent among young men. Men should be restrained and refrained from such characteristics so they can be labeled men in the masculine world....   [tags: masculinity, femininity, gender roles]

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Sherlock Holmes Analysis

- The original stories about Sherlock Holmes were written by Arthur Conan Doyle in late 19th and early 20th century London, the same setting he used in the stories (Magher). These stories recount the cases, and corresponding adventures, that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson partake in (Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: The Major Stories). The character of Sherlock Holmes is seen by many as a paragon of logic and justice in the midst of a constantly advancing Victorian society—one that is progressive for the time period, yet still deeply flawed (“Arthur Conan Doyle”)....   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Victorian era]

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The Fashion of Whiskers in Victorian England

- Whiskers: A Growing Fashion Prior to the Victorian era, men in England maintained cleanly shaven faces. With the mid-eighteen hundreds came a widespread shift toward facial hair in a multitude of styles (Camellia). The ability to grow whiskers began to be regarded as a sign of manhood. In pictures and photographs from the era, it is rare to find a male, past the age of manhood, depicted without facial hair in some capacity. As the century continued, the preferred style of facial hair grew progressively longer, bushier, and more pronounced (Nunn), but it remained “stylish for men to wear facial hair of all sizes and descriptions” (Camellia)....   [tags: Victorian Era Facial Hair]

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The Intentions of Baroque Architecture

- The word “Baroque”, or “Barocco” was first used as a stylistic term to describe a period that flourished at 16th century and 17th century from Italy, originate after the movement of Gothic and Renaissance era. To describe the Baroque style, it is a collection of arts, developed under the Authority of the Catholic Church. Baroque architecture focus on realism and dramatic illusory as demanded by the Catholic Church to serve religious objective. In regard to the timeline movement, the renaissance emphasis balance and Harmony, while Baroque turns to explore on sophistication and drama....   [tags: italy, 16th century, renaissance era, gothic]

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