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New Ideas from Dead Economists

- New Ideas from Dead Economists Lukas Fricke In this class we constantly talked about the free market place and how it truly made a government different. How it made a country different. How it made a people different. Today, we are going to explore the ideas of economics and how the economic greats, Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keyes, and Milton Friedman changed the ways we would forever do business. Let’s get started with Adam Smith and his second coming....   [tags: free market place, smith, marxs, friedman]

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Evaluation of Economists

- All the twelve great economists had great contributions to economics and they all showed great enthusiasm in studying economics. There were some differences between their concepts of economics, but all of these concepts built up the basic ideas of the economics we studied today. There were several criterion employed in ranking the economists. First of all, the economist should have great influences in economics. He / she should have substantial theories which could be applied in the real world and could be used as reference to other economists....   [tags: Economics Reflective]

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Four of the Major Economists' Theories

- Four of the Major Economists' Theories “Economics is the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between end and a scarce means which have alternative uses’ seems to capture the essence of Microeconomics, but does not convey much of the spirit of Macroeconomics.” - L. Robbins Although most economists cannot come to agreement on the definition of economics, the preceding quote from l. Robbins, in my opinion, seems to just about sum it up. Since the beginning, when man first had to choose between hunting and sleeping, there was economics....   [tags: Papers]

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How did economists get it so wrong?

- Shortly after the financial crisis in 2008, many economists had to rethink their approach to the market. Everyone knew we had a panic because the stock market and the housing market collapsed. American economy was reaching to the bottom. Many people considered it as a second worst recession after the great the Great Depression. But what was the cause. Who were responsible for the crisis. What can we learn from this turmoil. In the recent New York Times Sunday magazine article, Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman offered his explanation for the causes and insight toward fixing the economy....   [tags: Economics ]

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Classical Economists

- As a coherent economic theory, classical economics start with Smith, continues with the British Economists Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo. Although differences of opinion were numerous among the classical economists in the time span between Smith’s Wealth of Nations (1776) and Ricardo’s Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1817), they all mainly agreed on major principles. All believed in private property, free markets, and, in Smith’s words, “ The individual pursuit of private gain to increase the public good.” They shared Smith’s strong suspicion of government and his enthusiastic confidence in the power of self-interest represented by his famous “invisible hand,...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Discussion of the Article The Influence of Economists on the Federal Reserve Act by Caporal

- ... was under the National Bank Act of 1863 which itself had numerous issues making it unstable. With the tier banking system in place, lower ranking banks did not have adequate funds as they were allocated with fixed amounts and could not easily get additional funds. These details allow the reader to understand the obstacles that prevented the National Bank from succeeding and in search of a more indefinite solution without the fear of panic. Also, the author provides supporting information on why the branching system Canada uses would not be sufficient for the U.S....   [tags: banking, panic, economy]

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Classical and Neoclassical Economists: Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes

- ... According to (Tom Gorman (2003)) “Smith couldn't prove the existence of this “hand” but, he presented many instances of its working in society. Essentially, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker individually go about their business. Each produces the amount of meat, bread, and candlesticks he judges to be correct. Each buys the amount of meat, bread, and candlesticks that his household needs. And all of this happens without their consulting one another or without all the king's men telling them how much to produce....   [tags: wealth of nations, marxist, capitalism]

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Why Do Nations Fail? by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson

- Introduction Why do nations fail. This is a topic of popular debate with many economists and a question many scholars have struggled to find an answer to. Global poverty is an issue that economists Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson investigate and provide an alternative insight for in their book: ‘Why Nations Fail’. Acemoglu and Robinson investigate inequalities that exist across countries and why nations are an epitome of success and others, failure. They come up with an alternative explanation for why standards of living differ across countries, and why a gap exists between the rich and poor....   [tags: global poverty, nigeria, economists]

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Liberal Art Schools Worthiness

- ... In a capitalistic society, students by themselves are not able to afford liberal art schools and the way out to afford it is just like the way in to not being able to afford it in students’ later life. For example, the way out to afford collage is students loans, but at the same time it is the way in for not being able to afford collage tuition for the rest of students’ lives. Here is an example, at these days usually students loans is not paid in full until students get very old in age. Moreover, it’s more expensive for international students since they pay sometimes four times what a native students pay....   [tags: education, economists, expense]

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The European Crisis

- “The European Crisis is over, Growth has resumed and we can now relax about the viability of the Euro Area” Discuss and evaluate. The talk of the Euro has been a central debate for economists, since its introduction in 1999 to the tough times it faces today. It was brought in to stimulate growth by increasing trade and creating more integrated financial markets for investors. It allowed member states to forgo exchange rate fluctuation risks and costs, which meant more economic stability and growth....   [tags: economists, euro area]

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Stigin' It To The Man: George Stigler

- George Stigler (1911-1991) was a neoclassic economist and an important figure in the development of many of our currently used economic principles. Stigler taught at the University of Chicago, where he worked closely with Milton Freidman. George Stigler was said to be quite brilliant in his field and yet, he kept a confident wit about himself that was said to help his students enjoy and understand economics. (Sowell) Comparatively, Stigler was a sort of renascence man in the economic field, as he was well studied, versatile, and involved in many facets of economic thought....   [tags: neoclasssic economists, industrial organization]

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Behavioral Economics

- Introduction Described as the economic field that deals with the analysis of the effect that the process of decision making impacts on the decisions reached, behavioral economics is a field that has elicited lots of interest from various scholars (Altman, 24). The economists consider this branch of economics as cognitive science due to the fact that it deals with analysis of the process of decision making. Eric Wanner one of the earlier founders of the discipline describes this economic field as a component of cognitive science in his attempt to explain the basis and the characteristic analysis of the discipline in terms of strengths and weaknesses....   [tags: Neo-economists, Labor Market]

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Adam Smith

- Adam Smith The British philosopher and economist Adam Smith was born in kirkcaldy, Scotland. He was educated at the universities of Glasgow and Oxford. In 1751 he became a professor at Glasgow. There he wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiment in 1759. This philosophical work gained Smith an appointment in 1764 as tutor of the young duke of Buccleuch. The tutoring took Smith to France, where he started writing The Wealth of Nations in 1776. It was the first complete work on political economy. The book discusses the relationship between freedom and order, analyzes economic processes, and attacks the British mercantile system's limits on free trade....   [tags: Philosophers Philosophy Economists Essays]

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Alan Greenspan

- Alan Greenspan Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, has always fascinated the financial community. Whatever he says can make or break the markets. He is a highly educated economist with many years of experience. People seek for his advice and obey his judgments. His proclamations are repeated and expounded upon. Greenspan is loved, feared, and never ever questioned. As a result of being a strong chairman of the Fed, he has made a difference the U.S. economy through his way of dealing with inflation....   [tags: Economy Economists Economics Biography Essays]

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The Brilliance of Conservative Economist Milton Friedman

- Before the introduction of Keynesian economics and Milton Friedman’s Monetarism theory, there was classical economics. These economists believed in self-adjusting market mechanisms, however with that the market needs perfect competition. Wages and prices in the market must be flexible. These economists believe that supply and demand pulls would always help the economy reach full employment. Full employment could be achieved by the market forces and with that changes the level of employment resulting in a fixed income and aggregate output....   [tags: Milton Friedman]

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The Economist: Finding Alternative News Delivery Platforms

- This is the time for the newspaper industry, The Economist in particularly, to fully explore alternative news delivery platforms, such as mobile phone and the Internet. “Old media” is no longer support the demand, and people tend to use more tablets and mobile phone rather than buy printed newspapers (Musil, 2013). Nevertheless, a simple change of platform is not guarantee of success. Transformation in the Economist demands an ambitious agenda: - A better understanding of the forces reshaping the entire media environment....   [tags: opportunities, media, cost, risk, newspaper]

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Biography of Milton Friedman: Famous American Economist

- Milton Friedman is one of the well-known America economist that success in the field of economics. He was born on 31st July 1912 in Brooklyn, New York, United State of America and died of heart failure on 16th November 2006 at the age of 94 in San Francisco, California, United State of America. Milton Friedman has three elder sister and he is the fourth and last child and first son of Jeno Saul Friedman and Sarah Ethel, both of whom worked as dry goods merchants. His height is about 152 centimetres....   [tags: income, total wealth]

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Thaking a Fast Look at Economist Henry Charles Carey

- I. An Economist at Work Henry Charles Carey was known as an advocate of trade barriers and has devoted himself to the study of economic issues with his published work of Essay on the Rate of Wages as he accepted the British free trade doctrine of laissez-faire and at the same time rejected David Ricardo's doctrine of rent, and Thomas Malthus's doctrine of the continuous diminishing resources. Carey argued that the application of capital and human invention overcomes the limitations of infertile soils and further elaborated on his economic ideas in the publication of his _____________________________ 1Internet Archive, Henry Charles Carey from the Web....   [tags: study of economic issues]

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Lionel Robbins the Economist

- Lord Lionel Robbins was born in 1898, and was one of the many great economists of our time. Robbins was known for his contributions to economic policy, methodology, and the history of ideas, but made his name as a theorist. Robbins was made famous for his definition of economics, "Economics is a science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses." (The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics 2007) Robbins was able to change the Anglo-Saxon thought economics off its Marshallian process and onto the Continental train of thought....   [tags: Biography]

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Armchair Economist book report

- Economic theories are as wide as an economist's vision to think. In the Steven Landsburg book The Armchair Economist - Economics and Everyday Life, Landsburg takes many of these economic theories and relates them to everyday type scenarios and makes them understandable to a beginning economist. He breaks his book into six sections each relating to different types of economics, from personal to national theories. Landsburg talks about the power of incentives in his first chapter. What he is referring to is how incentives drive peoples decisions to do things in life....   [tags: Steven Landsburg]

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Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Theory

- Adam Smith is widely regarded as the father of modern economics and one of the greatest economists throughout the course of history. He is mainly famous for a two books that he wrote, these two books are considered thee base and infrastructure of the world of economics. The two books he wrote were, “The Theory of Moral Sentimental” and “The Wealth of Nations”. But although Adam Smith was such a great economic philosopher, he wasn’t a very good foreteller or future predictor. The economic scenario now is very different from the economic landscape of the 1700’s....   [tags: Economist, economics,]

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World Financial Crisis Requires Regulation of Entire Financial System

- ... p. 1) The concept of a connection between macroeconomic concerns and prudential regulation was first described in anECSC report in July 1978. However, the term “macroprudential” was first used a year later at a meeting of the Cooke Committee, where the main topic was the potential collection ofdata on maturity transformation in international bank lending. (Clement. 2010. p. 2) The second occasion on which the term was used was in an unpublished document put together bythe Bank of England on October 9th 1979....   [tags: economist, macroprudential, policy]

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Sklar and the Economist: Inequality in America

- America was once known as the land of opportunity. However, that is no longer the case. Americans are still suffering from a depression that began three years ago in 2008. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2007, the United States unemployment rates were 4.6 percent. In 2009, one year after the depression began, the unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent. Millions of Americans are living in poverty, unable to afford the basic necessities. On the other hand, there is a minuscule percent of the population that are billionaires....   [tags: Economics]

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Biography of Milton Friedman

- ... Again, he feels ‘’that the key point is that, in his capacity as a corporate executive, the manager is the agent of the individuals who own the corporation…. And his primary responsibility is to them’’ . The only responsibility a director should have is to its shareholders and not to society or any other interest group or public good. And so if the interest of the shareholder is to maximise profit then the business should follow that interest and involve themselves in the bare minimum of social responsibilities to other sectors such as the environment and economic crisis....   [tags: economist, writer, corporate social responsibility]

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Principal Economist

- Principal economist. The key role of my job is to provide high quality economic advice to enable well rounded and informed policy judgments. I am also required to analyze competition and regulatory issues and concerns and apply standard economic analysis to conduct investigations and inform decisions on regulation and deregulation. This role will involve drafting and presenting policy proposals and economic advice to the Executive Board. It provides oversight for the administration and research activity of a bureau’s economic analysis function; reviewing staff work assignments, scheduling projects and activities as well as prioritizing projects to ensure work is completed in a timely and ord...   [tags: Personal Statement]

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Xenophon´s The Economist

- Xenophon, (430-c.354 BC) Athenian peer of Plato and fellow student of Socrates, is known for his philosophical writings including Anabasis, Cyropoedia, and Memorobilia. Xenophon wrote extensively on the domestic economy in his Economist and defined the duties of a wife therein (the overseer of the home and children) and marriage as a “partnership ordained by the gods.” Not much is known about the life of Xenophon after his education. It is, however, recorded that Xenophon served as a mercenary in Cyrus’ army....   [tags: domestic economy, economics, labor]

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The Classical Economist View on the Importance of Education

- INTRODUCTION The world has recorded an improvement in the living standards over the last millennium, most of which can be attributed to the embracing education around the world. Education is a powerful instrument with a huge potential to increase opportunity for individual, community, and countries. It involves the refinement of human resource to explore its infinite potentials to achieve sustenance. It has huge potential to increase human capital in the labor force and also improve the innovative capacity of an economy....   [tags: the refinement of human resource]

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The Young Economist Students´ Meet (YESM)

- Well it has been a long journey, 6 years and on, and with each new year new glories being reached, new laurels being acquired. Oh Yes. I am talking about our very own, the department’s very own, Young Economist Students’ Meet (YESM). The 6th year since its inception and this is where we stand today. Boy O’ Boy. The brainchild of the department is coming of age. And if you are thinking that I will be giving you complex and rhetorical economic theories on industrialization and other-so-very-important-theories, you might have just jumped the gun....   [tags: cultural, reviewm revolution]

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The Classical Dichotomy

- The Classical Dichotomy What is the Classical dichotomy. Under what circumstances of disequilibrium did the Classical economist accept that the dichotomy does not hold. Selfishness is a reprehensible human characteristic; yet it is precisely the necessary behavior yielding the greatest possible economic benefit for the entire society according to Classical economics. The dominant economic theory from the 18th to 20th century was of a free market system of continuous competitive exchange equilibrium in which prices and output regulate themselves perfectly until markets achieve the market-clearing price....   [tags: Economics Classical Economist Macroeconomics]

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Rethinking Capitalism in Young Economist Students´ Meet ( YESM!)

- I also had this question in mind when I first heard about Young Economist Students’ Meet, in my first year of undergraduate course in the Department of Economics, Jadavpur University. Being associated with YESM for the past two editions and based upon whatever minute economic and logical reasoning and knowledge as well as practical experiences in many situations of life, I have gathered over the years a very certain fact that I have realized, - It is not always by one’s academic superiorities or leadership skills or in the strength of one’s “contacts”, can one COMPLETELY, make a substantial difference in his/her own life, let alone be of that in a society’s, in a country’s, or for those wh...   [tags: knowledge, value, money]

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John Stuart Mill: Philosopher, Economist, Author

- John Stuart Mill was a very intelligent man, who not only was a great economist of his time, but he was also a philosopher, scholar, author and a political scientist. John Stuart Mill was born on May 20th, 1806. He was born in London, United Kingdom. His father was the historian and economist, James Mill. His mother was Harriet Barrow. He started learning Greek when he was only 3 years old, and Latin at 8 years old. Mill’s father met Jeremy Bentham in 1808. They lead the “philosophic radicals” movement....   [tags: Biography, Philosophy]

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Eleanor Marx

- Eleanor Marx Eleanor Marx has not been remembered as an economist. Her life, though more so her death, has captured the imaginations and curiosities of novelists and biographers and her existence has been cast into the role of the “tragic socialist.” Yet, as the daughter of Karl Marx, she was a prominent writer and activist for socialist reform. She edited Marx’s unpublished texts after his death and contributed several articles of her own on economic topics. Similarly, in her daily interactions, she worked for social reform that was fundamentally economic in nature and associated with a wide range of feminist and socialist activists....   [tags: Economist Writers Literature Essays]

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The 2008 Mortgage Crisis: Henry Paulson

- Background Henry Paulson is a banker who served as the 74th US secretary of the treasury. Born in 1946, Paulson is internationally recognized as the economist who came up with a solution to the 2008 mortgage crisis. Paulson introduced the bailout package in an effort to assist institutions that were at the brink of collapse. Paulson early career began at the pentagon where he worked as the staff assistant for the assistant secretary of defense (1970-1972). Paulson also worked as an assistant to John Ehrlichman from 1972-9173 during presidents Nixon’s administration....   [tags: economist, taxes, financial market]

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Karl Marx’s Theory of the Capitalist Economic System

- Karl Marx’s was a German philosopher, economist and evolutionary socialist born in Germany on May 5th 1818. His theories mostly consisted of the capitalist economic system. Marx’s attended the University of Bonn and University of Berlin. He is widely recognized for his theory of on the class system which included the concepts of base and super-structure. Marx’s theory of the class system is well exhibited by the documentary film, Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class. The film Class Dismissed is about a documentary video focusing on the various marginalized groups in the media....   [tags: German philosopher, economist, socialist]

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John Stuart Mill Biographical Information

- John Stuart Mill was a very intelligent man, who not only was a great economist of his time, but he was also a philosopher, scholar, author and a political scientist. He was the “most influential English-speaking philosopher of the 19th century.” (John Mill, 1) John made a huge impact on the world. He contributed many ideas and beliefs to society. John Mill was a man of many talents, and he had the courage to hold beliefs that most people did not agree with. Biographical Information John Stuart Mill was born on May 20th, 1806....   [tags: utilitarianism,economist, 19th century philosopher]

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Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

- Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner Freakonomics brings together many combinations of thoughts that one wouldn’t find relevant in companionship. The two authors discuss comparisons that are so off the wall, that you almost question reading the book; however, that is the reason many read the book in the first place. The authors Levitt and Dubner compare in one chapter of Freakonomics the reason why drug dealers live with their moms....   [tags: Freakonomics Levitt Dubner Essays]

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Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

- Analysis Freakonomics tries to turn the scalpel of the analytical and statistical methods intrinsic to Economics onto questions that the authors feel do not have definitive answers. Mostly because no one thought to ask the questions that would allow us (the world at large, not Economics students) to solve the problems that would lead to the answers, the authors feel. Because of this, Freakonomics is attended by all the problems of the so-called soft sciences. The data, and the conclusions often seem susceptible to multiple interpretations....   [tags: book analysis and review]

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Adam Smith

- Adam Smith Adam Smith, a brilliant eighteenth-century Scottish political economist, had the advantage of judging the significance ol colonies by a rigorous examination based on the colonial experience of 300 years. His overview has a built-in bias: he strongly disapproved of excessive regulation of colonial trade by parent countries. But his analysis is rich with insight and remarkably dispassionate in its argument. Adam Smith recognized that the discovery of the New World not only brought wealth and prosperity to the Old World, but that it also marked a divide in the history of mankind....   [tags: Political Economist Adam Smith Biographies Essays]

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Does the Past Have Useful Economics?

- The article written by Donald N. McCloskey has dramatically changed my attitude to the usefulness of knowledge from the field of economic history. The phrase from the article: “History is a stimulus to the economic imagination, defining and stretching the limits of economic craft...” took my thoughts away from everyday casual duties and made me to spend several hours thinking about it. I have reminded myself several historical events, the details of which I know from the course of economic history, I tried to apply micro and macro based theories to these events, interestingly, history supports economic ideas...or, should I state the other way round....   [tags: Donald McCloskey, Economy]

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Where Has Philosophical Economics Gone?

- According to Heilbroner, the purpose of economics is to “to help us better understand the capitalist setting in which we will most likely have to shape our collective destiny for the foreseeable future”. In the time of the classical economists, there remained much about the economy to be understood and learnt. As the field of economics has become more advanced, it becomes more difficult for a worldly philosopher to surface as the economic system becomes more complex. Throughout this process the field of economic is subdivided into many areas, not just micro and macroeconomics, but development, financial, and welfare economics, among others....   [tags: economic theories, philosophical analysis]

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Government Spending, Deficits, and Keynesian Economics

- A growing government is opposite to America’s economic interests because the various methods of financing a government - taxes, borrowing, and printing money have harmful effects upon the economy. There are many reasons why there is a high deficit in the United States such as extensive spending. This is true because government spending is often economically destructive, regardless of how it is financed. There are many causes of the steady growth in U.S. trade deficits. There are many people are against the high deficits especially economists....   [tags: Economics]

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Offshore Outsourcing: How Should Policy Respond?

- I. Outsourcing As Detrimental The U.S. economy has seen many hardships within the last decade. The economy has suffered from a recession that is still threatening to cripple some Americans and unemployment has been at an all time high. People have lost homes and jobs and many businesses have gone bankrupt simply trying to survive. However, in the midst of this economic crisis some companies have managed to survive. Many companies, approximately 36% of them, have found a way to avoid economic collapse by cutting costs (Job Outsourcing Statistics, 2014)....   [tags: Policy Responses to Outsourcing]

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The Industrial Revolution:Lesson Learned?

- History is taught so that we can learn from the mistakes of the past and prevent them from happening again. The Industrial Revolution was a horrid period of time for people of the working class. The Industrial Revolution brought pain, suffering, and deaths to huge amounts of people, and yet, the economists off today have not learned the lesson. Sweatshops are the modern day versions of factories during the Industrial Revolution. Sweatshops and factories of the Industrial Revolution share many similarities in both the way they run and the owners who run them....   [tags: History, Child Labor]

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The Industrial Era: Sweatshops Exploitation

- Introduction In the industrial era, sweatshops exploitation is a serious issues that happening in developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China. Contemporary, global labor practices raising public awareness to debate about it regarding globalization. Sweatshops exist in a variety of industries most of that are apparel, footwear, electronics and toy making. Sweatshops are much practicing by apparel and footwear manufacturers such as Nike and Gap Inc. Apparel retailers mostly contracting out their production to the contractor apparel industries in developing countries and so companies just concentrated on product design and marketing then rely on contractors to deliver q...   [tags: developing countries, global labor]

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An Analysis of Freakonomics

- The book” Freakonomics” is by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. The title, “Freakonomics”, is a combination of two words: Freak (which means quirky, unusual, or weird) and economics, but in the sense of economic related to economic activity; the economics that consumer, families and businesses encounter every day. The title reflects the author’s name of the method of economic analysis in aspects of everyday life that normally fall outside the scope of the work of economists. The author’s success is due to the fact that this is a fun book to read, with a little dose of humor....   [tags: freakonomics, steven levitt, economics]

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International Capital Mobility

- International Capital Mobility International Capital mobility- the free flow of investment financing from one country to another is a hot topic in the world of economics. A common question that rises when discussing this matter is, does capital mobility benefit developing countries. As with most other subjects the answers tend to vary. In this paper I will shine light on the point of view of two respectable economists concerning the positive and negative affects associated with capital mobility....   [tags: Economics]

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The Government Bailout Saved the Automobile Industry

- In the latter part of 2008, the United States’ economy was rapidly plummeting - the stock market crashed, the housing bubble burst and gas prices skyrocketed. The majority of U.S. based firms faced the reality that they would not be able to survive during such desperate economic times. The U.S. automobile industry, in particular, began to buckle under the depressed economy. The government stepped in proposing a multi-billion dollar bailout to stimulate the economy and restore economic balance. The possibility of this unprecedented government intervention was condemned by many economists....   [tags: Economics]

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Learning From History

- History is taught so that we can learn from the mistakes of the past and prevent them future occurrences. One significant period of time was the Industrial Revolution. Although the Industrial Revolution was a time of great innovation, invention, and prosperity for industrialists, it was a horrid period of time for people of the working class. The Industrial Revolution brought pain, suffering, and deaths to large amounts of people, and yet, the economists of today have not learned the lessons of the Industrial Revolution....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Sweatshops]

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Milton Friedman's Economic Theories

- History and Background Before the introduction of Keynesian economics and Milton Friedman’s Monetarism theory, there was classical economics. These economists believed in self-adjusting market mechanisms, however with that the market needs perfect competition. Wages and prices in the market must be flexible. These economists believe that supply and demand pulls would always help the economy reach full employment. Full employment could be achieved by the market forces and with that changes the level of employment resulting in a fixed income and aggregate output....   [tags: Economics ]

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Biography of John Maynard Keynes

- ... Skidelsky states that in today’s economic climate “Reforms should not be pressed prematurely, because they may cut off recovery by denting business confidence, and they should follow a deep, not superficial, attempt at understanding what went wrong.” (Skidelsky, 2009) He also stated “Keynes was very clear about this in the early 1930s. It might even be necessary to have a ‘conservative’ budget, he told a Swedish correspondent, if that would help to get lower long-term interest rates.” (Skidelsky, 2009) However, he goes on to imply that although Keynes is correct in his thinking he backtracks on his notion that Keynes is still relevant today as he states “the problem is the same today: ho...   [tags: history of economics, experts, professors]

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Opposing Views of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy

- Opposing Views of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Monetary policy is a powerful governmental weapon which has historically proven that it is difficult to wield. This difficulty is one of the reasons why some economists doubt the effectiveness of monetary policy as a whole. These economists find that monetary policy is difficult to implement because of estimation problems and time lag problems, as well as cyclic effects. They also point out situations in which monetary policy may not work at all....   [tags: Economics Economy Essays]

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The Great Crash of 1929 and The Panic of 2008

- The year was 1928 and the American economy was thriving like it had never been before. With Henry Ford’s sponsorship of the assembly line, the automobile industry was rising and vehicles were becoming more affordable. The end of World War I was also having a positive effect on the American economy. The events leading to the crash of ’29 were recognizable and now as economists look back some ask how did we as a nation not see this coming. The actual crash did not occur overnight, it lasted over the span of five days, days that America will never forget....   [tags: The Crash of 2008]

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International Trade and The Global Economy

- Free Trade International trade links countries to the global economy (Vollrath, 1991). The global economy needs free trade. Countries need free trade. Trade with other countries occurs at some level in every country globally. There may be some indigenous tribes within some countries that can lay the claim that they are self-sufficient, however, there is not a single country that can say the same. Proponents of an open trading system contend that international trade results in higher levels of consumption and investment, lower prices of commodities, and a wider range of product choices for consumers (Carbaugh, 2009, p26)....   [tags: Global Commerce]

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Foriegn Aid: Individuals over Macro-economic Policies

- In 2009, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization publicized that over one billion people globally suffered from hunger (Banerjee and Duflo 19) and economists estimate that at least one billion people live off of less than one U.S. dollar a day (Ovaska 1). With these facts present, recent scholarly debate has risen over recent years over whether foreign aid successfully works toward the removal of poverty. Two opposing viewpoints have arisen. Economists and philanthropists similar to Jeffery Sachs believe that a poverty trap confines countries with lower GDP per capita and higher rates of populations living beneath the poverty line which calls for the assistance of outside aid in order to fr...   [tags: Dambisa Moyo, causing more harm than good]

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The work of Darwin

- Although the relation between Economics and Biology is not that apparent at a first glance, both sciences have found overlapping points along their own history. It was Thomas Malthus’s theory about population growth that in some way inspired Charles Darwin to come up with his famous and bedrock theory of evolution through natural selection. More recently, a discussion has been sparked about whether Darwinian ideas can help Economics understand better human behavior. This is because much of the economic theory is based on a stylized conception of man, homo economicus, who thinks and acts rationally, but this stylization ultimately leads to false predictions and poor explanations of historical...   [tags: Economics, Biology]

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Article Rebuttal: Minimum Wage

- Article Rebuttal: Minimum Wage Over the years there has been much debate about raising the federal minimum wage. Some states have taken it upon themselves to set higher minimum wages than the federal minimum wage, because of the lack of action by congress. The supporters of the raising of the federal minimum wage have been more vocal lately. This is especially true since studies have shown, that the gap has grown between the wealthier population, and the middle class. Recently President Obama, because of the lack of effort and action by congress, has used executive action to implement the raising of the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for new federal contracts, effective 2015....   [tags: Federal Minimum Wage, Finance]

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Purchasing Power Parity

- Introduction Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is one of the most important theories for determining exchange rate in the international finance. PPP is coined by Gustav Cassel in 1918, and this concept had been discussed by various economists. PPP theory explains that the change in the exchange rate between two currencies should be equal to the national price level when converted in a common currency; hence, a unit of one currency of the country will have the equal purchasing power in a foreign country....   [tags: finance, economy, pricing]

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Hall of Fame by Dr. Fredrick

- Hall of fame The Hall of Fame is the biggest honor and motivation for every professional in various types of fields. In Dr. Fredrick’s Hall of Fame I have selected three editorials that I believe can be in the Hall of Fame. The editorials are "Do- Gooders Need to Let Us Decide for Ourselves What is Harmful " written by Ed Fulginitti, “Why We Don’t Need Animal Experimentation” written by Peggy Carlson and “Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After All” written by David Leonhardt.All three editorials are based on different issues.The first editorial I selected, “Do – Gooders Need to Let Us Decide for Ourselves What is Harmful”, written by Ed Fulginittiis based on the writer’s view that people shou...   [tags: three editorials analysis]

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The Life and Work of Milton Friedman

- “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” (Milton Friedman). One of the most significant economists in the world is considered to be Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman, born on July 31, 1912, in New York, to a working-class family of Jewish Hungarian immigrants, was educated at Rutgers University and at the University of Chicago. Friedman is mostly known for his support for free markets, advocacy of capitalism, and as one of the most influential American economists of the twentieth century....   [tags: Milton Friedman, economy, ]

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Basketball Player´s Performance and Income: A Research

- Everyday there are more and more measures of player performance in every sport; and basketball is not an exception. Players’ actions are continuously observed in the attempt to break down in pieces the huge complexity of the game. The purpose of the research will be to investigate the relationship between NBA salaries, the dependent variable, and a set of performance measures as independent variables: point scored per game, assists, steals, fouls, rebounds, years as a pro in the NBA, turnovers....   [tags: Sports, Wages, Athletics]

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Political Economy of Yuan-Dollar Exchange rate

-   The Chinese exchange rate policy has been one of the top topics of debate in recent years. It has attracted a great deal of attention in academic and policy area due to the slower pace of economic growth and manufacturing job creation from the beginning of 21st century and recent financial crisis in United States. China has been accused of pursuing new mercantilist policy, that is, encouraging export and impeding import mainly through the manipulation of exchange rate between Chinese currency known as Renminbi and US dollar....   [tags: Job Creation, Financial Crisis]

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Marx, Keynes, Hayek and Friedman: The Power of Ideas

- Economics, commerce, money theory, production, business cycles, government intervention, credit/debit and many other things were paved with a heavy foundation involving these four economists. Each had their very own opinions in light to each other, which only gave way to new findings about our economies in whole. Along with ideas came great contributions to nations as well. Karl Marx was sort of the founder of modern communism, by merging politics and economics he gave way to new ideas involving the working class owning part of what they create....   [tags: Government, Monetary Policy]

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The Development of Wages

- One of the fundamental discussions in the realm of Economics since Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Wealth of Nations, printed in 1776 was the first in depth look into the distribution of wealth and the development of wages .After the likes of Smith and other classical economists such as John Ricardo, Robert Malthus, and Karl Marx, neoclassical approaches to wage theory began to develop . In 1932 J.R. Hicks published The Theory of Wages, which introduced the idea that wages were controlled by supply and demand ....   [tags: discussions in the realm of economics]

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The Economics of Predatory Pricing

- The Economics of Predatory Pricing Introduction Predatory pricing “is alleged to occur when a firm sets a price for its product that is below some measure of cost and forfeits revenues in the short run to put competitors out of business” (Sheffet p.163-164). The reason firms take the short term loss is because they hope to drive out competitors and raise prices to monopolistic levels. By doing this, they covered their short term loss to make even greater profits in the long term than they would have by not using predatory tactics (Sheffert)....   [tags: Business Economics]

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The Classical and Keynesian Theories

- Economics studies the monetary policy of a government and other information using mathematical or statistical calculations (Differences). Classical and Keynesian are two completely different economic theories. Each theory takes its own approach on monetary policy, consumer behavior, and government spending. There are a few distinctions that separate these two theories. To begin, the Classical Economic Theory was made in the 1700's, which was during and after industrialization. Say's Law, which is the law of the market, is a principle of classical economics that says "supply makes its own demand" (Classical vs....   [tags: economic studies and analysis]

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Ensuring a Decent Global Workplace

- In an article called “In Praise of Cheap Labor,” Paul Krugman, a professor in economics at MIT, gives praise to globalization. In regards to the ill treatment and terrible work condition of Third World workers, he remains apathetic and offers the excuse that “bad jobs at bad wages are better than no jobs at all.” Before I go into further detail about Krugman’s case about sweatshop exploitation, I want to take a moment to explain what a “sweatshop” really is as this presentation will support my counterargument against Krugman and the economists....   [tags: In Praise of Cheap Labor, Paul Krugman]

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The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Increased

- “An increase in the minimum wage will boost income for the poorest workers without the danger of creating more unemployment.”, stated President Obama in September 2014. Is this statement about an increase in minimum wage really true. There are two sides to the debate about minimum wage. The minimum wage is a major issue in the world of economics and politics. Political figures often prey on the public’s general ignorance of economics and promise to increase the minimum wage. Economists, on the other hand, view the long term effects and see the damage it can cause....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Minimum Wage Essays]

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United States Unemployment Rates in 2009

- ... The stock market rose by more than 1 percent after the jobs report, as traders concluded that the prospect of higher employment and faster economic growth outweighed the increased likelihood that the Federal Reserve would soon begin easing back on its stimulus efforts. While there is a chance that policy makers will act when they meet later this month, most experts say they believe that Fed officials want to see a little more consistency to the data before they begin tapering, probably early in 2014....   [tags: market, labor, jobs, report, economic]

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Is Free Trade Passé?

- “Free trade is not passé, but is an idea that has irretrievably lost its innocence” (Krugman, 1987, p.132). In his article, Is Free Trade Passé, Paul Krugman writes that the classical trade theory has been replaced with a new trade theory. The classical trade theory is based on constant returns to scale and perfect competition, is driven by comparative advantage, and endorses free trade. This classical theory emphasized the idea that trade was brought about by differences in tastes, technology, or factor endowments between countries (Krugman, 1987)....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Long Time Gone Unemployment Analysis

- ... Kayne, 2014). In other words, workers who are willing to go on and find a job and start working, are unable to do so, henceforth they are said to be unemployed. Unemployment degrees in a nation is a huge indicator of its economic wellbeing. There are different types of unemployment that are going to be discusses in this analysis, namely; voluntary and involuntary unemployment, frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment and structural unemployment. Voluntary versus involuntary unemployment At an extremely fundamental level, unemployment could be broken down into voluntary unemployment- unemployment because of individuals energetically leaving past occupations and now searching for ne...   [tags: frictional unemployment, recessions, depressions]

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Models Are Basic Guidelines That Help Lay Out An Explanation Or Illustration

- According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, a model is: i) Small scale representation of sth ii) Person or thing exactly like another Commonly models are generated to have a realistic and much more simplified illustration of something mentioned above. Models are highly used in architecture. It allows investors to select from a range of models according to what suits them the best, which is definitely better than investing large sums of money and then determining that the product does not fit the needs....   [tags: expository essat]

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British Columbia’s Carbon Tax and its Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

- In June of 2008, British Columbia became the first and only Canadian province to introduce a carbon tax, and has been praised and scone by environmentalists, economists, and politicians alike, arguing whether the tax is efficient or destructive method of controlling greenhouse gas emissions. The liberal premier Gordon Campbell introduced the carbon tax; its main purpose would be to enforce a carbon tax to increase the price of consumption of fossil fuels within the province, the philosophy behind the tax was to make taxes higher on the deemed environmentally detrimental purchases and lessen the tax on the others....   [tags: environment, pollution, global warming]

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The Housing Bubble During the Great Recession

- ... In the voting process, the bill was approved first at the House then at the Senate; no one from Republicans voted for the bill at the House, and no Democrats voted against the bill at the Senate, proving that the bill was largely supported by Democrats but was strongly opposed by Republicans (“About ARRA”). The critics of ARRA point out how it did not accomplish the goals to an extent which Obama initially intended, and that it only put the country into more trouble than without it. They argue that unemployment rate, shovel-ready infrastructure construction projects, poverty number, green-economy jobs, and hybrid car production were all not at the projected level (Reince)....   [tags: high risk loans, stimulus package]

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The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Solar Energy

- In recent decades, much debate has ensued about the vast amount of natural resources and ecological services society depletes. Moreover, the debate has evaluated how society depletes these natural resources at a faster rate than the environment can replenish. It also assesses how society can mitigate these environmental issues in order to preserve our natural resources for the prosperity of future generations. Research suggests that the natural resources we currently use, such as coal and petroleum, could be fully depleted within the next 25 and 100 years respectively (Byrd, 2012)....   [tags: alternative energy, environment, pollution]

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Stimulus Package to Revive the Economy

- In December 2007, caused by the housing bubble, what is known as the Great Recession began (“The Great Recession”). Prior to this, people kept buying houses with high risk loans, because their mortgage-backed securities were technically making profits when the house values increased; however, when the house values started to decrease, those securities became worthless, thus people were not able to pay for the house—many people had their house confiscated. As a result of this wealth loss, consumer spending decreased sharply and many banks collapsed....   [tags: The Housing Bubble, The Great Recession]

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Financial Repression in the United States

- Financial Repression in the United States In times of economic hardships and massive amounts of accumulated debt, governments must look at ways in which they can resolve such indebtedness and put their respective economies back on track towards periods of healthy growth and hopeful prosperity. The United States currently finds itself in such a situation- and with few viable options for remediation, many economists believe that “financial repression” is the answer. The term was created in 1973 via the works of two economists at Stanford University named Edward Shaw and Ronald McKinnon (Reinhart), and refers to the process of reducing debt by “repressing” the wealth within a country....   [tags: economic hardships, growth, debt]

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Satisfaction from Marriage Practices in Kyrgyzstan

- Mainstream economists have never paid any particular attention to the concept of happiness, as skepticism about such a measure of development as subjective well-being is widespread. That is why it is not at all surprising that the nature of happiness has not yet been defined in a uniform way even though research has significantly increased in the last decades. As Diener (2003) aptly underlined, happiness to different scholars can mean anything from pleasure, life satisfaction, positive emotions, a meaningful life, to a feeling of contentment....   [tags: concept of happiness]

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Relationship between Inequality and Financial Crisis

- ... According to him the rising levels of inequality in the past three decades led to rise in political pressure for redistribution that eventually came in the form of subsidized housing finance (Rajan, pg.3). The Rajan hypothesis engineered by professor Rajan himself, though said to have existed even before Rajan, goes further to explain the actual triggers of the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 originating from the United States. Apart from triggering a lively debate about inequality in the United States, it has shed light on other mistakes that caused the financial crisis....   [tags: credit, global, economic, money, bank]

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Adam Smith’s contribution to capitalism

- Adam Smith is considered as one of the most influential economists in the 18th century. Although his theories have been criticized by several socialist economists, however, his idea of capitalism still has great impact to the rest of the economists during classical, neo classical periods and the structure of today’s economy. Even the former Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher had praised on Smith’s contribution on today’s capitalism market. She commented “Adam Smith, in fact, heralded the end of the strait-jacket of feudalism and released all the innate energy of private initiative and enterprise which enable wealth to be created on a scale never before contemplated” (Copley and Sut...   [tags: Biography]

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The Theory of International Trade

- Free Trade The concept of that all countries will be benefited from the international, no matter what the circumstances are, that was one of the facts that all economists have been talking about. The theory of international trade relied on comparative advantage; the well-known feature that advantages countries took a part in the commercial trade. But the traditional theory of international trade, forced some of restricted conditions to the analysis of the international trade, for example, the concept of perfect competition and constant returns....   [tags: monopoly, free trade]

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