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Income Inequality in the United States

- America prides itself on being one of the most successful democratically governed counties. The idea of the American dream is that all citizens have equal civil liberties and a responsive government. However the effectiveness of democracy is being threatened by increasing inequality in the United States. “The dominant view holds that economic development and modernization are the key to the continued growth of democracy” (Snider and Faris 2001; United Nations, 2011). In the last decade especially the American Society has had significant moments of increasing equality....   [tags: Economic Inequality]

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The Inequality Of Income Inequality

- ... A similar event was appearing in Chile with its version of social reform. Their amendment was called Chile Solidario, implemented in 2003, and designed to supersede the program at the time, Subsidio Unico Familiar. Unlike Brazil’s plan, which was applied to as many residents as possible, Chile’s proposal was targeted more towards its most impoverished inhabitants. A social worker is assigned to each eligible Chilean family and works with them to meet the minimum standards in seven dimensions, which include education, health, and income....   [tags: Economic inequality, Poverty]

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Social Inequality And Gender Inequality

- It is safe to say that one must experience some sort of inequality at least once in their lifetime. Inequality is arguably the biggest threat to people in society today and almost any human being can acknowledge the fact that the increase of inequality is an pressing issue. While there are discernible inequality issues such as Economic inequality, Healthcare inequality, Income inequality, Educational inequality and many more, Social inequality and Gender inequality are matters that surround us everyday, yet are not being treated enough of as an issue where change needs to be brought about....   [tags: Gender, Stereotype, Economic inequality]

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Economic Inequality between Countries

- Inequality can be traced as far back as possible. It can also be described as disparity. This disparity can be in terms of income, wealth, class etc. Economic inequality can be described as the disparity between income of individuals or household within and outside a country. When “income inequality” is mentioned, most people think about it in a within the country context, but in a world that is becoming more integrated, economic inequality between countries is becoming more relevant. In a world where other people’s income and wealth affect our perception of life, one might ask the question, “is economic inequality the biggest issue of our time”....   [tags: income disparity, lorenzo curve]

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The Inequality Of Income Inequality

- ... Sometime, poverty also results in a crime. Some example of a crime that is a result from poverty is homicide. Homicide is a crime that occurs when a person is killed by another person. Pare, Paul-Philippe, and Richard Felson (2014) said that the individual who living in a country with a high level of poverty is more like to be the victim of a homicide, robbery, burglary, and other crimes of theft. The average homicide rate statistic is 6.99 per 100,000 people, and a data show that Japan, a high-income country only have a homicide rate of 0.74, while Columbia, a middle-income country have the homicide rate up to 53.68....   [tags: Economic inequality, Poverty, Gini coefficient]

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Income Inequality in the United States

- Income inequality not only harms us fiscally, but also affects our mental and physical wellbeing; therefore, it is important to identify the right ways to control wealth distribution among people. History Income inequality in the United States has increased and decreased throughout history, but in the recent years, the widening gap has become a serious issue. Income inequality is usually measured by Gini coefficient. According to this method coefficient varies between 0 and 100; while 0 represents complete equality (income is distributed equally among all the population of the country), 100 represents complete inequality (only one person receives all the country’s income, while the rest of...   [tags: Economic Inequality]

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The Inequality Of Wealth Distribution

- When making a controversial point or claim, it is often useful to have data to back it up. In discussing the inequality of wealth distribution in America, the data is not controversial but rather the impact it could have on different policies and governing techniques. In order to understand the best way to react to this data that shows a wealth gap is to look to the great minds of the past and their thoughts on economic inequality. One philosopher who spent a great deal of time discussing the implications and repercussions of economic inequality was Aristotle in his writing Politics....   [tags: Economic inequality, Distribution of wealth]

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Poverty Inequality And Unequal Distribution Of Wealth

- ... Government is not watching out for its country so, the gap between the lower and upper class is increasing. this issue directly correlates higher tension issues that may result in more drastic occurrences that may lead to more strikes and a raise in taxes for the richer due to workers not being paid enough compared to the higher end jobs that employ workers that receive much higher pay. The middle class is becoming less of a reality and more of a memory of the past; the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing....   [tags: Economic inequality, Distribution of wealth]

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Unequal Distribution Of Wealth And Income Inequality

- ... Education helps a national economy thrive during globalization. Countries that continued on focusing on their higher education were able to deal with globalization. It was much better because they created highly skilled workers that supported their country. Good examples of countries that kept their focus on education include South Korea, the Netherlands, and Germany (1:17). Since they kept focusing on their education so intently, the U.S. gets there iPhone parts made in Germany and Japan. Even though the wages are high, it’s totally worth getting the iPhone made there (1:28)....   [tags: Economic inequality, Distribution of wealth]

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The Questions of Economic Inequality and Class Division

- Introduction The questions of economic inequality and class division are imposing themselves in the developing countries around the world. Karl Marx is notable for his extensive works on this questions, and his theories have been an informative source for many researchers to understand the process of social stratification and class conflicts. However, Marx does not specify what is economic power that is manipulated by the upper hand “the bourgeoisies”. Bourdieu and Weber stated that the power is not merely the manipulation of the mode of production and the working class, but it is a different instrument (George, 2001)....   [tags: Marx, Weber, Bourdieu, sociological analysis]

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Relationship Between Economic Inequality And Health

- Not many people were aware of the hardships concerning rural and urban health or its greater relation to poverty. Recently, however, research concerning urban and rural health has boomed and more people are beginning to understand the significance of being informed on this topic. Examining the distribution of wealth and the associations between economic inequality and health outcomes allow members of the community, health professionals and organizations, specialists, and other contributors to isolate the problem and help to either solve or decrease it....   [tags: Health care, Health, Public health]

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Economic Inequality Causes Police Brutality

- Economic inequality describes the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Individuals are given a socio- economic status based on their social class. Jacob and O’Brien (1998) concluded that police killings are more associated with the economic gaps between whites and blacks. As a result, cities with more African Americans are often targeted by police violence because of the poor urban condition and the economic inequality (Jacob and O’Brien 1998). These urban conditions include poor living lifestyle, low income, low employment, unsanitary environment, and dangerous crime related habits....   [tags: Black Lives Matter]

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Case Analysis : Income Inequality

- Case 2: Income Inequality Christopher Hodges Curtis Griffie Berry Epley Campbell University BADM 742: Business Ethics July 7, 2015 “Income inequality refers to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among a population. In the United States income inequality is the gap between the rich and everyone else which has been growing markedly by every major statistical measure for approximately 30 years” (Aguiar 2013). Wealth inequality has a close relationship with income inequality due to the nature of not needing a sizeable income because of wealth that was handed down for generations....   [tags: Economic inequality, Poverty, Economic growth]

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Income Inequality : A Growing Problem

- Income equality is a growing problem and is causing significant problems. The income gap between the rich and poor has been increasing and just recently surpassed levels that our nation has not seen since 1928. There have been studies showing the correlations between inequality and both health and happiness. This reaction paper discusses three articles with different perspectives on income inequality: Income Inequality Is What 's Destroying America (Gilani), U.S. Income Inequality, on Rise for Decades, is Now Highest Since 1928 (Desilver), and How Inequality Hollows Out the Soul (Wilkinsin, Pickett)....   [tags: United States, Poverty, Economic inequality]

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Is Wealth Inequality Good Or Bad For America?

- ... For example, a person’s weekly income is derived from their hourly wage multiplied by the amount of hours they work weekly. To further distinguish wealth from income, it is important to view them from the perspective of inequality. Wealth inequality is “The unequal distribution of assets (including money, business income, homes, automobiles, and investments) between the wealthy and the rest of society” explained Andrew Walter in his document “Wealth Gap: Overview” (2). Whereas income inequality is, “The difference in income between societies or between groups within a society” (Walter 2)....   [tags: Economic inequality, Distribution of wealth]

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Why Inequality Matters By Jared Bernstein And Ben Spielberg

- ... The main claims in both essays revolve around the amount of money a family or individual possesses – or lack thereof. The problems outlined in each essay (underdeveloped schools, impoverished neighborhoods, the amount of “cool” possessions, etc.) focus on the monetary value that could, can, and/or will change another’s life. In “Why Inequality Matters,” Bernstein and Spielberg begin with a few quoted statements from various upstanding men regarding the cause of inequality (“but a symptom of immobility and constrained opportunity”) and the reluctance of the wealthy to address the connection between inequality, opportunity, and poverty....   [tags: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Economic inequality]

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Reasons for Economic Inequality in Sub-Saharan Countries

- Economic inequality in Sub-Saharan countries has appeared since 1960s when they gained independence. Economic inequality is the difference between people in their fortune and income. As African Development Bank Group stated, "Six out of the 10 most unequal countries worldwide were in Sub-Saharan Africa." This explains Sub-Saharan countries are close to each other and have the same problem in economy, which is economic inequality. Poverty, external shocks, and lack of education are reasons why the economic inequality exists in Sub-Saharan countries....   [tags: poverty, shocks, education]

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Analysis of Economic Inequality In "Ill Fares The Land" and "Justice"

- In “Ill Fares the Land,” Tony Judt argues that “the pursuit of material self-interest” has become the main ingredient in “our sense of collective purpose.” He argues that this materialism is responsible for the “growing disparities of rich and poor,” but Judt’s demonization of individualism continues as he attributes the woes of contemporary life to “materialistic and selfish quality.” Judt is correct in his argument that materialism and by proxy, individualism have undermined the fabric of the community....   [tags: Tony Judt, Michael Sandel, Social Division]

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Social Inequality And Its Effects On Society

- ... Similar to gender, sexuality is often expected to fit into a certain mold of normalcy. Family, friends, religious communities, and the media all play a role in defining what sexuality is normal. Having a sexuality that diverges from the norm can harmfully affect access to jobs, healthcare, social inclusion, and other resources (Guest, 2014). These consequences can cause greater physical and mental health problems due to the traumatic nature of societal inequality. Social inequality also arises through the different treatment among classes....   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, Gender, Economic inequality]

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Income Inequality and Economic Development

- Since the 1990s, poverty rate worldwide has been halved from 43% to 21% in 2010. More than a billion people in the developing world have been lifted out of poverty (Economist, 2013). Most of the growth was driven by China and India which have lifted 716 million people put of poverty. This 'economic miracle' has been unprecedented and represents an opportunity for developing country to achieve economic development. However, as these countries have grown stupendously, another concerned have emerged among policy makers and economists....   [tags: devoloping countries, literacy rate]

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The Decline of Education: Social and Economic Inequality

- In the year 2020, Kevin Hanley works as a janitor. By 2050, his son is a beggar on the street. How did this happen to Kevin Hanley’s son. This story was just a fictional one, titled “The Fable of the Lazy Teenager” by Ben Stein. It is about the decline of America through the degradation of the American educational system. If the educational system fails, than we will become no better than our ancestors in that we will have no education, and therefore people would be back to the starting block positions of hard manual labor....   [tags: Education Reform Essays]

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Economic Inequality - Taking Sides Article

- Taking Sides Summary-Analysis Form Title and Author of Article: Christopher Jencks Briefly state the main idea of this article: The main idea of this article is that economic inequality has steadily risen in the United States between the richest people and the poorest people. And this inequality affects the people in more ways than buying power; it also affects education, life expectancy, living conditions and possibly happiness. Another idea that he brought up was that the American government tends to give less help to the unemployed than other rich countries....   [tags: Christopher Jencks]

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Income Inequality : America Is A Problem That 's Been Going On For Decades?

- Hafsa Rafique Prof. Geeta Kumar English 112 5 November 2015 Essay # 3 Income Inequality in America is a problem that’s been going on for decades, and many feel that it hardly exists, the many people that feel that way are highly uneducated, and seem to not really care about this tremendous problem that in one’s eyes really has no end in the near future, in fact it has been gradually rising and one feels that it’s just not fair. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done, only of course if the poor class of people decide to actually educate themselves and get a higher education....   [tags: Social class, Middle class, Economic inequality]

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Inequality By Jean Jacques Rousseau 's Theory On The Origin And Basis Of Inequality

- Inequality in the United States varies widely. The difference in the treatment of people has been a problem since there has been a gathering of people into societies. In 1754, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote about the inequality of men in his work entitled “Discourse on the origin and basis of inequality among men.” In this work, Rousseau talks about two types of inequality, the physical or natural type and the ethical or moral type of inequality. He was unconcerned with the first type which he stated was the difference in things such as one man’s physical prowess over another....   [tags: United States, Working class, Economic inequality]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Billionaires On The Bus : Income Inequality And The Future Of Poverty

- ... Regardless of the fact that Goldman 's article is two years old, it confirms and supports Oxfam’s article. These articles similarly express the need and objective of working and co-operating between and across organizations. This will result in a healthy and functioning economy and eventually serve to decrease the wealth gap, thus ensuring equality. Richard Goldman, a Montreal lawyer and a lecturer at the McGill School of Social Work, explains the reasons for the factors contributing to the rising wealth gap between the rich and poor and the corresponding increasing inequality between these groups....   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, United States]

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Economic Concern : Let Us Talk About Education

- ... Why is education affected because of residential segregation or social-economic segregation. Well it has been prove that parents with better income have more time and more resources to spend and contribute to the cognitive ability of their child. What is means is that an affluent child is better prepare to understand reading, math, science, and social studies better than a low income child. This is reflected by the amount invested on child enrichments in previous years. In 2002 high income families spent under $3,000 more than a low income family for child enrichment....   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, Higher education]

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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report: Political Satire

- As increasing economic inequality takes center stage in the American political theater, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have not missed a single beat. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report utilize a unique synthesis of current issues and satire to provide informative and utterly hilarious programs. Unlike mainstream and established American media outlets, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report comically seek to expose the hypocrisy in media and politics, educating the public to see a different perspective- behind the curtain, if you will....   [tags: satire, poverty, economic inequality]

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“The Progressive Era and the Occupy Movement”

- Throughout the course of world history, it has always been human nature to become frustrated at the sight of others obtaining more power and wealth. In just the 236th year of our nation’s existence, there have already been several occurrences in which the general public was angered and moved to protest because of unfair distributions of wealth. As the transition into the 20th century gradually accelerated, corporate “criminals” and financial crises brought forth the first era of reform and societal change....   [tags: Economic Inequality, Parallels In History]

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The Theory Of International Trade

- (i) The main arguments of the author. The article has several argument, following are more stand out point: 1) The theory of international trade cannot provide a proper explanation of why international economic inequalities exist in the trade. Moreover, the current tendencies show that those inequalities are growing, and also those processes cannot be explained with the theory of international trade. 2) The movements of labor, resources and capital between countries are huge, but they do not lead to equalization, though they should according to the theory....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Economic inequality]

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We Must Help From Welfare Programs

- ... Therefore making the welfare programs ineffective in solving the problems it was created to solve. The welfare system was created to solve poverty. In the 1960’s the federal government established a poverty line to distinguish people officially considered as poor. As mentioned in Jordan Weissmann’s article “The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook” the line is calculated by the average cost of food that the average family needs for minimum nutrition tripled....   [tags: Poverty, Welfare, Economic inequality]

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Socio-Economic Inequality in South Africa is Due to the Institutionalised Ideological Mismatch Regarding Labour and Economic Policy

- Socio-economic inequality in South Africa is due to the institutionalised ideological mismatch regarding labour and economic policy Economic growth is shaped by policy context and promoted most effectively when it is consistent with either liberal market or co-ordinated market ideal type varieties of Capitalism. Policy inconsistency dampers economic growth post-apartheid South Africa attempted to adopt a social-democratic and co-ordinated variety of Capitalism. This failed due to the adoption of macro-economic neo-liberal policies....   [tags: liberal market, capitalism]

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Unequal Distribution Of Economic Growth And Gender Inequality

- Meritocracy and Structure in Gender Inequality Literature Review Gender inequality is commonly understood to be the unequal distribution of economic resources between men and women. It is a nearly universal problem that women suffer from lower access to resources than men. Recent studies show that women’s position relative to men has improved around the world (Hausmann, Tyson and Zahidi 2007), and America is no exception. In fact, American values which drive globalization and economic growth may play a role in the worldwide dissemination of ideals of equality between the genders (Dorius 2010)....   [tags: Gender, Sexism, Glass ceiling, Employment]

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What Should Be Done About The Minimum Wage

- What Should be Done About the Minimum Wage in Canada … Hinna Malik (500492464) POL220 Arthur Ross Ryerson University November 2014 A minimum wage is often expressed as a minimal average hourly earning (Galarneau, 2014). The current minimum wage of Ontario falls 25% below the province’s poverty line, thus, there is a constant exponential growth of debt present in the economy (The Worker’s Case, 2013). People in Ontario are unable to access basic necessities because of the low minimum wage enforced....   [tags: Economic inequality, Poverty, Unemployment]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- ... There has been multiple movements and controversies about income inequality for many years now and although more knowledge has been brought to the public eye, then 1% are getting richer as income inequality becomes worse and worse every decade. The Occupy Wall Street Movement was a long term protest starting in 2011 that took place all around the world. Starting in New York, it gained international attention about the income inequality and brought the spotlight onto the 1%, protestors stood, picketed and camped out in front of the Wall Street financial district....   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, United States]

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The Poverty Of The Middle Class

- ... At this time poverty has taken a toll on the population, and some would even choose the alcohol over food. William Hogwarth dramatizes in his piece, Gin Lane (see figure 1), showing how the horrific poverty and deprivation was caused by the sales of gin (Austin 548). Hogwarth “understood that the root of the problem was poverty and that gin had become popular among the poor because it offered a false solution-and, in the process, exacerbated-this very real problem” (Austin 548). To this class of poor people, the use of cheep drugs and alcohol was a quick-fix to their otherwise miserable lives....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Economic inequality, 175]

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Economic Inequality in Toni Cade Bambara's The Lesson

- Sylvia and The Struggle Against Class Consciousness in Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson" "The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara is not just a spirited story about a poor girl out of place in an expensive toy store, it is a social commentary. "The Lesson" is a story about one African-American girl's struggle with her growing awareness of class inequality. The character Miss Moore introduces the facts of social inequality to a distracted group of city kids, of whom Sylvia, the main character, is the most cynical....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Poverty Can Be Defined As A Condition Of Deprivation

- Poverty can be defined as a condition of deprivation due to economic circumstances; this deprivation may be absolute or relative but is generally thought to be severe enough that the individual in this condition cannot line with dignity in his or her society (Conley, 2013, p. 375). There are different ways of how people from different race or different community define poverty. What might seem to be poverty for one community might not be consider as a poverty in another community. The government of the United States of America has set up a measurement to determine who falls under poverty level in other to reduce the confusions....   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, Wealth, Economic inequality]

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Analysis Of The Shriver Report- A Woman 's Nation Pushes Back From The Brink

- ... As the breadwinners, their families depend on their income, but their mother duties such as caring for children makes it harder for them to keep a job. The majorities of low-wage jobs do not have paid days off and allow flexibility for scheduling. Also, as a single parent there are extra expenses that some low-waged jobs barely cover. The income inequality and duties as a single mother cause many women to live on the brink (Boushey, Gordon, & Ross, 2014). “Some women have been able to move ahead and some not” Since the 1970’s more women have entered the work force, specifically single mothers....   [tags: Economic inequality, Poverty, Working class]

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Social Capital And Minority Populations

- Social Capital and Minority Populations Social capital can be manipulated to disseminate or compromise the public good (Woolcock and Narayan 243). This, in many cases, means promoting the majority and discriminating or undermining the minority. In its most simplistic terms social capital refers to the customs and associations that enable people to act collectively (Woolcock and Narayan 226). However according to The Economist: Economics A to Z social capital is defined as “the amount of community spirit or trust an economy has giving it togetherness” thus the greater the social capital the greater the productivity of the economy....   [tags: Sociology, Economics, Economy, Economic inequality]

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America 's Economy Is Dependent On The Middle Class

- ... It is the only thing that separates the skilled from their unskilled counterparts. This leads to the fact that education plays an important role in economic inequality. A high education gives a person occupational choice, access to jobs, and the level of pay needed to live a decent life (Dabla-Norris 22). With the proper education, people can do anything they set their mind to. Nearly anyone has the opportunity to choose to be a doctor, lawyer, or businessman. Those are all high paying jobs that enable people to lead a life of prosperity....   [tags: Working class, Middle class, Economic inequality]

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Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can 't Afford Food

- ... In the article it shows an experiment from a few researchers which involved doing a survey to people in Kenya receiving money from GiveDirectly and another group that was not receiving money. It was discovered by Johannes Haushofer that surprisingly the people that received money from GiveDirectly spent the money in the areas that they needed. With this being discovered O’Brien concluded that there is no better way than giving the money directly to people since it was previously discovered by researchers that poor people will not use that money in other stuff other than the things that are needed....   [tags: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Economic inequality]

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Main Challenges Facing the Contemporary World Economy

- The world economy is a dynamic, multifarious and complex entity. The contemporary economy can be distinguished from past economies simply because technology permits a greater degree of interdependence than has previously been possible. An integral facet of the 21st century economy is what Harvey (1989) identifies as ‘Time-Space Compression’, the phenomenon described by Larsson (2003, pg.89) as “The process of world shrinkage”. This “shrinkage” allows faster capital exchanges and a rapid movement of commodities....   [tags: inequality, economic challenge]

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The Poverty Of The United States

- Solutions Although poverty is a tremendous issue in America, there are practical solutions to remove, or at least lessen, the inequality it poses in society. Through government intervention and an active commitment to the issue by citizens, progress can be made. Government Intervention Government action is vital to the removal of poverty inequality in the United States. By abolishing previously enforced laws that benefit the rich with low-tax rates and subsidies, more public funding can be generated to improve poverty-stricken communities....   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, United States]

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Effects Of Abuse On Indian Community

- ... Since they have everything, good cars, nice house, and higher education, they do not need things that are too much. While the poor people have nothing, they have to work hard to survive. But research suggests the opposite is true: as people climb the social ladder, their compassionate feelings towards other people decline. "Berkeley psychologists Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner found that luxury car drivers were also more likely to speed past a pedestrian trying to use a crosswalk, even after making eye contact with the pedestrian"....   [tags: Wealth, Poverty, Economic inequality, Equality]

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Chronic Lack Of Basic Human Needs

- ... They include the history of generational poverty, war and political instability, national debt, discrimination and social inequality and vulnerability to natural disasters. Some of the poorest nations on the globe were former colonies that have been affected by slave-exporting which people used as resources for the benefit of colonizing other countries. These slaves had conditions created by the importers of slaves, which prevented these people from possessing property and money and pursuing education....   [tags: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Economic inequality]

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Planet Of Slums By Mike Davis

- Mike Davis in his book Planet of Slums, discusses the Third World and the impact globalization and industrialization has on both urban and poverty stricken cities. The growth of urbanization has not only grown the middle class wealth, but has also created an urban poor who live side by side in the city of the wealthy. Planet of Slums reveals astonishing facts about the lives of people who live in poverty, and how globalization and the increase of wealth for the urban class only hurts those people and that the increase of slums every year may eventually lead to the downfall of the earth....   [tags: Poverty, World Bank, Economic inequality]

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Poverty : Major Social Issues

- ... Kovacs was born outside of marriage which today is also known as a social issue. This leads to break down the combination of families. When Rorschach injured the bullies, he was sent to children home where he was raised in supervision of some doctors and psychological experts (Moore.VI.7). Many organizations are helping such poor folks to overcome hunger and poverty issues by providing them shelter to live, food to eat and school to learn. Also, in Watchmen when Rorschach committed crime Dr....   [tags: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Economic inequality]

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Evaluating the View that Poverty is Caused by Economic Inequality Rather than Cultural Attitudes and Lifestyles

- Evaluating the View that Poverty is Caused by Economic Inequality Rather than Cultural Attitudes and Lifestyles There is much debate in sociology that poverty is caused by structural factors such as economic inequality and those who state that it is caused by cultural factors such as attitudes, values and lifestyles. The first group say that the poor are made to be poor by the economic and political systems, they state that the poor are prevented from achieving a good standard of living by the actions of the more powerful in society and that those with the least power are poor....   [tags: Poverty Essays]

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South Africa Issues Today

- South Africa has been plagued for centuries by racial inequality and economic disparity. Blacks were relegated to mere servants of the white population. Apartheid, lasting from 1948 to 1994 furthered this gap between the races. When the apartheid-supporting Nationalist government lost its hold on power in 1994, the new ANC spoke of economic prosperity for all South Africans; however, economic disparity continues to plague South Africa, and there is still a high correlation between total income and race....   [tags: Racial Inequality, Economic Disparity]

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Thoughts On Poverty And Poverty

- ... A worry that follows a person through life. The worry for the next meal worries about the future or lack thereof. Poverty will not and cannot be eradicated through only small acts of kindness, yes this will help for the moment, but I believe we need to focus on the future. If the world is to ever be without poverty, we cannot think only of the present, we must plan for the future. Although poverty in America is different and less dangerous than the impoverishment of other countries, poverty is still a problem that must be dealt with swiftly....   [tags: Poverty, Human trafficking, Economic inequality]

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America Is The American Dream

- Cities began when the era of hunting and gathering came to an end. This was an age when people realized that food could be grown and looked after in one area. After forming these communities trading began which led to the interaction of nations. When cities developed over time it brought about new businesses and a greater population. City life brought about different cultures and reasons for new legislation to be put in place. However, the laws and regulations that were meant to keep order created inequality for many....   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, Black people, Racism]

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The Cycle Of Poverty And Poverty

- ... The outcomes of poverty are most often times, negative and can result in many people never living far above the line of poverty or escaping poverty at all. Living in poverty can become a way of life, it is part of a systematical cycle designed to be never ending. First, with so much “help” offered to the poor it is a wonder why poverty cannot be ended. There are systems and institutions that can help these people live on a status much higher than the line of poverty. According to Shipler, “It is a question of skill and will” (286)....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Working poor, Economic inequality]

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Free College : Is A Writer Focused On Economic And Political Issues That Affect Poverty And Inequality System

- ... For instance, he states that the tuition in community college is affordable and the price of the tuition fees would not make students fail to get a degree. In addition, many colleges provide financial aid or special aid such as merit-based financial aid for students from the working class. According to the community college research, it shows that only twenty percent of students continue studying and transfer to a four-year college. To make it clear, it does not show any direct evidence that free tuition would increase the rates of completion of degree but it may only benefit the middle-class and higher-class students to save money....   [tags: Higher education, College, Community college]

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Trade Openess Theory

- Introduction In the 1970’s and 1980’s trade openness and economics reform towards market mechanism flourished in many developing countries. This trend is much different as compared to those in the early 1950’s and 1960’s when many less developed countries favored protection policy, inward orientation, and import substitution. As a result of this change, there are substantial developments in world economy after applying outward orientation. According to Thilrwall (2011 p. 514), the implementation of trade openness has managed world output trade relative to world output gain a considerable growth in the period of 1960-2006....   [tags: economic growth, poverty, inequality]

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Relationship between Inequality and Financial Crisis

- ... According to him the rising levels of inequality in the past three decades led to rise in political pressure for redistribution that eventually came in the form of subsidized housing finance (Rajan, pg.3). The Rajan hypothesis engineered by professor Rajan himself, though said to have existed even before Rajan, goes further to explain the actual triggers of the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 originating from the United States. Apart from triggering a lively debate about inequality in the United States, it has shed light on other mistakes that caused the financial crisis....   [tags: credit, global, economic, money, bank]

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Combating Healthcare Disparities

- Combating Healthcare Disparities Disparities in healthcare are a real and urgent problem in our nation. There is indisputable data supporting the fact that disparities exist not only across different racial groups, but also across the cultural and economic stratification of our society. Moreover, there is even data showing disparities among each of these respective groups along gender lines. So what can be done about these disparities to assure that all patients receive equal and adequate care....   [tags: Health care inequality racial economic]

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It's Time to End School Inequality

- The right to an adequate education is a freedom every American child should have; however, that is not the case. Standardized testing reveals that students living in an economically stable neighborhood are more mentally developed than students living in poverty stricken communities. The problem with the educational system is not schools need to close and children need to be relocated to another one, it is inequality within the educational system continues to widen due to the expansion of the economic gap....   [tags: Educational Inequality]

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Social Stratification, Inequality and Slavery

- ... A fifth category of outcastes, referred to as the untouchables, represents 16 percent of the population; its members are considered as lowly and unclean as to have no place within this stratification system. The term caste can also be applied in recent historical contexts outside India. For example, the system of stratification that characterized the southern United States from the end of the Civil War through the 1960s resembled a caste system. These social stratifications create different situations where people of different race, gender, age and ethnic groups interact with one another....   [tags: oppressive systems, unequal economic reward]

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Ronald Reagan's Economic Legacy

- Today the top 1% account for 23% of the total income in the United States. In 2011, the “Occupy Wall Street” mass protest took on the “1%” as a protest movement calling attention to the inequality of income and wealth distribution in the U.S. and the influence of financial corporations on the U.S. government policies. The movement began in the Wall Street area of NY and quickly spread around the U.S. major cities. The protest mantra of “We are the 99%” was a direct hit on the income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S....   [tags: inequality, presidency, deficit]

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Income Inequality in Iran

- There are many problems that face Third World nations. Income inequality affects all nations in the world. It affects some countries more than others though. Income inequality is a major problem in the Third World. In the Third World, the top 1% of people earns 15 % of the income, and the top 5% earn 40% of the income. However the poorest 20% earn only 1% of the global income. This creates a world of haves and have nots. This affects many aspects of society in a county. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, income inequity is a serious issue....   [tags: Iran Poverty and Inequality]

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What are the Causes of Inequality?

- ... According to the leaflet by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), women are thought to have no power and competence in leading the society, especially in high position in government as from 2009 to 2013, there are only 10% of women being members of capital as well as provincial councils (2012). Furthermore, even though the name of women were placed on the top list in the recent commune council election together with national election, the results have not met the target of 25% of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) yet....   [tags: unequal distribution of goods, income inequality]

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The Effect Of Industrial On Regional Unemployment And Income Inequality

- (4) The Effect of Industrial Composition on Regional Unemployment and Income Inequality: A Spatial Panel Data Approach Many regional scientists have emphasized policies of industrial diversification as a means to achieve regional economic stability. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of industrial diversity on regional economic characteristics. Using 2000-2010 U.S. County data, we attempted to identify two key aspects associated with the effect of regional economic diversity; first on unemployment and second on income distribution....   [tags: Economics, Economic growth, Sustainability]

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Consequences of Inequality and the Ways in Which are Reproduced

- Inequality focuses upon the way that resources are distributed across the whole society. In this distribution there are significant differences for children who come from varying social backgrounds. The study of such differences or inequalities has become one of the main concerns of sociological research in education. Sociologists have also paid attention to the consequences of inequality, and the ways in which inequalities are reproduced and transmitted from generation to generation. The most basic question about inequality concerns the uneven distribution of rewards....   [tags: inequality, sociology, weber]

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The Economic Reforms in India Since 1991

- It has been over twenty years since the unlikely combination of P.V. Narasimha Rao as Prime Minister and his Oxford-educated finance minister finally liberated (so they claim) the Indian economy from overwhelming government control. It was a rotting edifice based on institutionalized scarcity, wildly illogical price controls, hilariously shoddy products, protectionism and endemic underperformance was swiftly demolished in 100 days of inspired action. The Socialist Utopia powered by the fevered imaginations of Nehru and Mahalanobis which seemed forever doomed to rot at the so called ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’ was now dead and buried, just like them....   [tags: Poverty, Inequality ]

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Racial And Socioeconomic Inequality : The Haves And The Havenots

- ... Unfortunately, the abolition of slavery did not stop whites from mistreating blacks, leaving the road ahead for blacks nothing short of a struggle. In a country that prides itself off of equality and freedom, living in America affords a diverse experience depending on one’s racial background. Segregation’s main goal was to create an environment that was “separate but equal”. Blacks and whites were definitely separate, but their lives were not equal. Blacks were forced to attend worse public schools, sit at the back of public transportation buses, and use separate bathrooms and water fountains, which were more often than not in worse conditions than those designated for whites....   [tags: Racial segregation, Racism, Race, Inequality]

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Singapore's Rapid Economic Development

- ... These workforce believe that they have the comparative advantage with Mandarin language skills and Asian cultural understanding to command top salaries. Hence brain drain is unavoidable. 4.3 HIGHER INCOME CONSISTENT INEQUALITY Singapore has recorded higher GDP over the years and it is evidenced from the increasing income of Singaporean across group. According to Department of Statistics median monthly household income from work has increased from $7,570 in 2012 to $7,870 in 2013, a 4.0% growth in nominal terms, or 1.6% in real terms....   [tags: negative impacts, inequality, aging population]

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Identity, Society, and Gender Inequality of Women in North West India

- Gender inequality refers to biased and unfair treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Gender inequality is one of the major problems faced by the human society. Our society bestowed different roles on men and women respectively. It’s a hard reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages in India. A woman is considered as inferior to man in our society. In patriarchal society the wives are expected to be modest, meek and dutiful to their husbands and other members of families....   [tags: punjab, gender inequality, discrimination]

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Economic Growth And Development Of Australia

- Economic growth is an increase in capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared to from one period of time to another. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) found within in an economy is formally used as a measuring point for how an economy is growing or performing within its framework of economic components. Gross domestic product itself is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy over a period of time. By utilizing the data presented from ones economic growth, individuals can determine the trends, precise statistics and the events to come within a country’s future in order to develop forecasts and decisions based on an economy’s current cour...   [tags: Economic growth, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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Measuring Economic Participation and Social Protection

- An increase in economic participation leads to a number of positive outcomes, including better standards of living, access to education and other social factors that increase the well-being of a population. Employment is a main measure of economic participation in an economy and the issue of inequality, in terms of income and gender, plays an important role in the social protection available in an economy. It is common to find that individuals in the lower quintile of the population are greatly affected by income inequality, not only because they receive a small amount of total income, but they don’t have the necessary resources to develop themselves, both academically and personally....   [tags: politics, economic participation]

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Economic Growth: Why is Panama Succeeding and Nicaragua is Failing?

- There are approximately one billion people living in extreme poverty worldwide. Paul Collier identifies this group of people as the ‘bottom billion,’ because they are living in countries plagued with fourteenth century settings (civil war, diseases, ignorance, etc.). Meanwhile, the majority of the remaining five billion people live in countries that are experiencing unprecedented levels of economic growth and well being (Collier, p. 3-5). The objectives of this paper are: a) to identify two major positives factors and two major negatives factors for economic growth, b) to compare and analyse economic growth indicators for Panama and Nicaragua, and to discuss three important lessons drawn fro...   [tags: Economic Growth, Labor Specialization]

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Crime and Social Inequality

- Crime and criminalization are dependent on social inequality Social inequality there are four major forms of inequality, class gender race and age, all of which influence crime. In looking at social classes and relationship to crime, studies have shown that citizens of the lower class are more likely to commit crimes of property and violence than upper-class citizens: who generally commit political and economic crimes. In 2007 the National Crime Victimization Survey showed that families with an income of $15000 or less had a greater chance of being victimized; recalling that lower classes commit a majority of those crimes....   [tags: Social Inequality, Gender, Crime]

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Socio-economic and Political Consequences of Neoliberalism in Latin America

- In the article “Successes and Failures of Neoliberalism” Evelyne Huber and Fred Solt describe economic, social and political consequences of the introduction of neoliberalism in Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s. To contrast the positive and negative impacts of neoliberalism Huber and Solt have taken into account five indicators: growth, economic stability and absence of volatility, poverty, inequality and quality of democracy (Huber and Solt 151). In a wide view of the regions' situation, growth performances reflect an increase in the first half of the 1990s but a decrease in the second half due to the effects of financial crises (Huber and Solt 151); which also had an e...   [tags: economic stability, poverty, social conditions]

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Sklar and the Economist: Inequality in America

- America was once known as the land of opportunity. However, that is no longer the case. Americans are still suffering from a depression that began three years ago in 2008. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2007, the United States unemployment rates were 4.6 percent. In 2009, one year after the depression began, the unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent. Millions of Americans are living in poverty, unable to afford the basic necessities. On the other hand, there is a minuscule percent of the population that are billionaires....   [tags: Economics]

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United States of Inequality

- Capitalism has been the central force behind the growth of the United States’ progressive economy. Within such advanced economic system the chances of economic disparity are significantly high. In fact, over the past three decades there has being a steady increase in unequal wealth distribution among the economic classes. To sustain the current unequal wealth distribution among the classes of the American population, there are numerous factors that influence and shape this trend. For some members of the population it is alarmingly disturbing to know that recent statistics have shown that, “In the US [alone] the wealthiest 1% of its population owns more than the bottom 95 %” (Gutman)....   [tags: Economics ]

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Inequality of Income

- Inequality of income, to many, is the seizing of opportunity efficiently, and an expected cause of popular economic systems. However, the inequality that is being exemplified in the world today is a result of a correlation with corruption. Corruption, as in seizing the opportunity for human greed.“corruption is a function of motivation and opportunity”(khagram). As inequality increases so does the motivation for corruption. The nature of this relationship between inequality and corruption can be seen through history, and where it is most prevalent.The U.S has seen its bouts of corruption within political systems, and in order to stop this vicious cycle, we need to be leaders of democratic n...   [tags: corruption, poverty]

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What Causes Wage Inequality for Black women

- My general research question will focus on what causes wage inequality for Black women. My specific research question will examine, if discrimination causes wage disparities between Black women and everyone else. According to various researchers, some of the perceived factors that may affect wages for Black women are race & gender discrimination, human capital, labor markets (occupation/industry), and/or education. I will be looking at all of these factors, drawing out the main points, and decide which factors are the most critical when it comes to determining wages, and/or promotions (occupational advancement) for Black women....   [tags: wage inequality,black women,gender discrimination]

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Our Individual Economic Life

- Our individual economic life is impacted by the decisions made in our economic policies. Thus making the country’s economic performance significant. Some of South Africa’s macroeconomic objectives are: inflation between 3% -6%, relative price stability, low unemployment, sustainable economic growth, exchange rate constancy and balance of payments stability. The biggest challenge for any economy however is to achieve these goals all at the same time.These objectives prompt for government to intervene in the economy, to try and achieve most of these objectives at the same time....   [tags: Economic Policies, Monetary Policies, Banks]

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The Inequality Of The Middle Class

- Let us say that the rich, on average, made 1 million dollars on average, and that the average middle class worker made $40,000. These both seem like reasonable, livable wages, although one is significantly higher than the other. Now imagine that middle class workers continued to make $40,000, while the income of the rich began to climb to reaches of five, 50, or even 500 million dollars. Now some may argue that there is nothing wrong with this situation. The middle class are still living, and the rich doing even better than they were doing before....   [tags: Tax, Capitalism, Poverty, Distribution of wealth]

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Income Inequality in the United States

- ... This fact remains accurate after government attempts at wealth redistribution such as taxes. This shows that the government is not successful at helping to redistribute wealth and the dramatic increases in wealth of the rich while the poor barely improve show the inefficacy of the “trickle-down economy” model. To figure out why the 10% is gaining wealth so quickly, the people that make up this small group must be analyzed. The top 10% is essentially comprised of three main groups: superstars, CEOs, and high-income professionals....   [tags: gap between rich and poor]

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Income and wealth Inequality in Australia

- ... The trends in Australia’s Gini coefficient are a fall from 0.329 in 2009-10 to 0.32 in 2011-12, thus illustrating a reduction in inequality due to tax cuts and increased welfare payments. A trend in this ration between single parent and regular persons in Australia has been discovered, with regular persons obtaining a Gini coefficient of 0.320 while single parent households receive 0.245. Wealth is measured as the net worth of households, in the ABS survey of “Household Wealth and Wealth Distribution 2011-12,” the average value of household wealth was $728,100, with median household wealth drastically lower at $434,000....   [tags: Gini coefficient, government]

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