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Questions On The Industrial Revolution

- Chapter 20 Essay Questions Chapter Short Answer Questions 1(a and b). The most important factor in the Industrial Revolution is ample supply of natural resources that Britain had. The steam engines primarily depended on coal, and Britain took advantage of the abundant supply of coal to power the steam engines. In fact, coal was used extensively in many industries, including the cotton industry (increased production by a ridiculous margin), the iron industry (coke was used in puddling), and the railroad industry (powered the locomotives)....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Europe]

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The Declaration Of Independence As A Social Development Movement

- During the early Eighteenth century prisons were like large holding pens, children, men, and women were all housed together. The inmates were not separated in regards to the nature of their arrest or conviction so petty thieves and murderers were all housed together. Many inmates endured physical punishment and mutilation by the guards and overseers. Justice was used to promote retribution during this time. It was believed that the criminal act was a product of the evil influences that rendered barbaric and vicious methods of punishment that included mutilation and torture to rid the evil (Karger & Stoesz, 2014)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Eastern State Penitentiary]

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When in Rome or All of Italy

- A trip to Italy is the trip of a lifetime. From visiting the Coliseum on the cobble stone roads of Rome to sipping a steamy cappuccino and people watching in the piazzas of Florence, any corner of this country is a sight to behold. The rugged geography, centuries of foreign rule, and diverse population are all important factors that contribute to Italian society. These elements combined with Italy’s rich history unite to create a colorful modern culture. Geography Italy is located in south-central Europe, which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea (Italy 2)....   [tags: tourism in Europe]

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Europe's New World - Growing Trade Intertwined with Imperialism

- Europe's New World - Growing Trade Intertwined with Imperialism The distinction of white linen, the rare treat of sweetness, the still rarer taste of coffee that made its drinkers sparkle, and the cravings they've inspired. Limited access to water influenced drinking habits, cooking, hygiene, and sartorial (tailoring/clothing) practices. Housewives and laundresses coped with mountains of dirty linen by the river or by the pond. The great sent their laundry to the American islands for a whiter wash; the poor rioted for soap as well as bread....   [tags: History Imperialism Trade]

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The Development of the Cold War in Europe after 1945

- The Development of the Cold War in Europe after 1945 After World War Two, there was an increasing interest in the idea of a United Europe. Soviet Russia and Western European Capitalist states had no common interests despite the wartime alliance, which was no longer valid. There was growing hostility between the United States and Soviet Russia that developed in to a Cold War. This essay will suggest that the development of the Cold War in Europe was a result of differences in political ideologies and a lack of compromise and agreement....   [tags: Papers]

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Europe on the Brink of Change at the Turn of the 20th Century

- Europe on the Brink of Change at the Turn of the 20th Century By the turn of the 20th century Europe had undergone massive changes which had eventually pushed it into war. The main forces behind these changes were 1. Nationalism 2. Militarism 3. Imperialism 4. Socialism 5. Alliances 6. Unification These ideas and systems threatened the balance of power which caused a major war to break out. Nationalism is the feeling of loyalty shared by a group of people united by same language, race and culture; to express their loyalty to their nation, they attempt to unite themselves into a larger nation state with aspiration for independence...   [tags: Papers]

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The Creation And Formation Of The Pacific World

- The creation and formation of the Pacific World can be categorized into two basic ideas: expansionism vs. isolationism. Starting from the fifteenth century, Europe’s expansionist ideals became very present around the known world. Portugal had found its way around Africa in order to reach India, the main hub for Pacific trade, leaving other European empires in the dust. Spain, Portugal’s biggest competitor, was struggling behind without a free route to India as well. Because of this, the decision was made to travel westward instead of around Africa....   [tags: Europe, Christopher Columbus, Western Europe]

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The History of Turkey

- Throughout history, the middle east has often been the focus of news reporters. A middle eastern country that has not been exempt from this, is Turkey. Turkey has not only been a focus, but it also has had a very long, complicated history. The history of turkey is a very long and detailed one. Turkey was originally settled by groups of farmers probably thousands of years ago. Today, historians call these people the Hittites. During their time, the Hittites were ruled by kings, and had their high officials buried in shaft tombs....   [tags: turkish history, middle eastern history]

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Nazi Germany During World War II

- In the 1940s Europe was mostly occupied by Nazi Germany (The Third Reich). Countries in Europe were either collaborators or resistors. In István Deák book Europe on Trial: The Story of Collaboration, Resistance, and Retribution during World War II. Deák argues that World War II was not the last good war and it was rather a quagmire and says it is one of the greatest tragedies that humanity brought upon themselves. Collaborators are the countries who cooperated with the Nazis and the resistors were illegal organizations fighting against Nazi Germany during World War II....   [tags: World War II, Nazi Germany, Germany, Europe]

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The Trade Of The European Union

- In 1957 the European Economic Community, the precursor to the European Union, was formed by the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The nations of Belgium, West Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands signed the Treaty in order to form an economic community that would solidify Europe in response to the continental division during World War Two and to form “a closer union” among member nations. The continent had been reeling from the devastation of two world wars and many agreed that in order to prevent future war the nations of Europe must come together....   [tags: European Union, Europe, United Kingdom, Germany]

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The Cold War

- At the conclusion of World War II, the United States of America emerged as the savior of Europe and became one of the leading global political powers of the subsequent age. Behind the “iron curtain” of Easter Europe, however, another superpower, the Soviet Union, which was seemingly the exact opposite of the United States in every way imaginable, exerted its force to instill and defend communism in its surrounding satellite states. The ideologies of these two countries displayed myriad incompatibilities, and over a period spanning the next four decades, the Soviet Union and the United States of America attempted to gain military, political, and social advantages over each other in order to p...   [tags: United States, Europe, ideology, communism]

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The Impact Of European Identity On An Unprecedented Scale

- In the 1930s and 40s Europeans experienced violence and disorder on an unprecedented scale. Although Europe had seen mass social, political, economic, and cultural changes in the past, as with the Enlightenment, the revolutions of the 1860s and 1870s, even going as far back as the Renaissance, never before had Europe experienced such a massive shift in social structure and power dynamics as what resulted from World War II. The destruction of towns and cultural centers, the relocation of groups rigidly defined by ethnicity or nationality, and the reversal of power dynamics and the effect on nationalism changed the way the European defined their identity as a European....   [tags: World War II, Europe, France, Post-War]

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The Reign of Charlemagne

- 1. A) Explain how Europe even today is largely the result of Charlemagne’s efforts, according to the author; B) What role did Christianity play in the process of forming Europe. Charlemagne made many contributes to the current Rome. He inspired many of the rulers after him, but Otto I was the most successful of them all. He concord most of the land back that Charles had. His land was soon known as the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was an important political entity in the Middle Ages. Charles built a palace in Aachen, where he died and was buried....   [tags: Influence on Europe]

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History, the Concatenation of Human Experiences

- History, the Concatenation of Human Experiences In June 1961, I left Berlin, Germany, with my parents, my sister, and my Swedish cousin enroute to Sweden for what was to be two weeks of Scandinavian fun. The Russian soldiers who processed us through the checkpoints were impeccably dressed in jodhpurs and the shiniest black riding boots I had ever seen. It was obvious they had been carefully selected for this job, which entailed a goodly measure of public relations; the Communists displayed only their best....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Need for a Middle Eastern Empire

- The Imperial History History suggests that great leaders view the world as a divided empire that if united would end problems that a single nation dream of solving. Many leaders of today fight for division, independence, and personal interests. Such leaders want control over small territories just to exercise power and control over a small population resulting in problems such as famine, poverty, and civil wars. Real leaders seek glory by achieving world domination to help their society move forward towards a better future and inviting other societies to join....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Solidarity movement in Poland

- The Solidarity movement in Poland The Solidarity movement in Poland was one of the most dramatic developments in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. It was not a movement that began in 1980, but rather a continuation of a working class and Polish intelligentsia movement that began in 1956, and continued in two other risings, in 1970 and 1976. The most significant of these risings began in the shipyards of the 'Triple City', Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in 1970. The first and by far the most violent and bloody of the workers revolts came in June of 1956, when at least 75 people died in the industrial city of Poznan....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Cyprus - History Of The Conflict

- Cyprus - History Of The Conflict Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the cross-roads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - has one of the oldest histories of the world, dating back 9000 years. Its strategic position, its wealth in forests and mineral deposits, as well as its skilled craftsmen, made it the prized possession of the powers of the day. Cultural influences came from all directions - all major regional civilisations left their mark on the island, contributing to the development of a very rich and diverse cultural heritage....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Reintegration Of The Eu

- The Reintegration of the EU The European Union was established in 1993 under the Maastricht Treaty as an expansion of European Economic Committee to broaden their trade horizons among the members and to ultimate provide a better standard of living for their citizens in all areas. EU’s political system is considered to be unique as it focuses on regional development across national border. However, many see this as the cause of heterogeneous inequities that has manifested as EU expands to eastern Europe....   [tags: European Union, Europe, United States, Slovakia]

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The American Revolution

- During the early Eighteenth century, prisons were like large holding pens, children, men, and women were all housed together. The inmates were not separated in regards to the nature of their arrest or conviction so petty thieves and murderers were all housed together. Many inmates endured physical punishment and mutilation by the guards and overseers. Justice was used to promote retribution during this time. It was believed that the criminal act was a product of the evil influences that rendered barbaric and vicious methods of punishment that included mutilation and torture to rid the evil (Karger & Stoesz, 2014)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Eastern State Penitentiary]

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

- The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a quagmire wrapped in a quagmire, and in order to even begin to understand what needs to be done, one must look to the root of the nation’s issues. The Syrian Civil War began in 2011, when the Syrian people began to protest Bashar Al-Assad’s authoritarian regime. During a protest, Assad’s police began firing into innocent crowds seemingly with no reason. These attacks only further agitated the anger that the people felt, which led to the creation of rebel militias and armies....   [tags: Europe, European Union, United States, Syria]

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Chinatown: The Spread of Eastern Culture in a Western Society

- In the past few decades of history, the span of globalization and mixing of world cultures has been particularly prevalent. Through the spread of technology and communications across national boundaries, the various superpowers of the world have begun immersing themselves into foreign cultures and have introduced their own cultures to nations that are not their own as well as have accepted certain parts of foreign culture in their own homes. One of the greatest examples of this exchange of culture is the prevalence of Chinese culture in the West through the establishment of various “Chinatowns” throughout popular cities in Europe and the Americas....   [tags: Spread of Technology and Communication]

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How Political Systems Around The World

- Throughout history, it has been seen how political systems around the world differ from country to country. With that comes their own way of living, thinking and growing as a nation. How a country is shaped depends greatly on its views of absolute monarchy, Democracy, Communism, fascism, which are only some systems which help shape countries around the world. All these political systems are formed in each region according on the needs of people, exposure they have, and their type of resources. For example, Adolf Hitler, who joined the fascist German workers ' Party in 1919, was a military and political leader of Germany....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Eastern Bloc]

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The World War II

- Two separate wars made up the Second World War: a European war and a Far Eastern war. After 1941 the United States and the United Kingdom took part in both, while their enemies waged separate wars and until the last days of the war, the Soviet Union fought only in Europe. These two wars were caused by the conflicts between the actions of the rulers of Germany and Japan on one side, and on the other, what the governments of Britain, France, and the United States felt acceptable. In 1939 the government of Poland chose to fight, mostly because she was encouraged by Britain and France, rather then risk the loss of Polish independence....   [tags: european war, far eastern war, nazi]

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Ways in Which the Nazis Tried to Eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 and On

- Ways in Which the Nazis Tried to Eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 and On The Second World War began on the 1st September 1939: whilst Hitler had been strengthening his control within Germany, he had also been reinforcing Germany’s position within Europe. He had reclaimed parts of Germany in 1935; in 1938, he had annexed Austria, and part of Czechoslovakia ( which he totally invaded in 1939 ). World leaders, desperate to avoid another war, had hoped that by allowing him to do this, he would be satisfied....   [tags: Papers]

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The British Putting Imperial Interests Before Commitment to the Peace and Stability of Europe

- The British Putting Imperial Interests Before Commitment to the Peace and Stability of Europe Britain, to an extent, was more concerned with her empire than with European affairs during the 1920s. She only deployed the army when her empire was involved, for example in Ireland, India or Australia. On the other hand, by 1929 there was no immediate threat of war, and as Winston Churchill said, "The state of Europe was tranquil", partly because of the many treaties that were signed during the 1920s that Britain orchestrated....   [tags: Papers]

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The World Of The Middle East

- In the year of 2014, war, environment, and economic hardships have displaced nearly sixty million people ranging from the Middle East all the way across Northern Africa. Ever since 2011, the head of Syria’s dictatorial regime, Bashar Al Assad, forcibly persecuted half of Syria’s population, a staggering eleven million people, in civil war (“Quick Facts: What…”). Within the Sahel of Africa, the climactic change in temperature and the rise of desertification forced an approximate twenty-five to fifty million farmers to migrate towards southern Africa, where fertile land is sought out, or towards Europe, where they must develop industrial skills in order to survive (A....   [tags: Europe, European Union, Switzerland]

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The And The Syrian Refugee Crisis

- Jill Stein stated “We create refugees, and then our Democratic Party, together with the Republicans, who are also a party to this, are criminalizing them and sending them back, inhumanely.”(8) she describes the refugee crisis through a third party perspective. Because the main voices on this issue are mainly democrat or republican, a third party view is an interesting take on this issue. The Syrian refugees has had an enormous effect on Europe and will continue to call in the morals of major world powers....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Turkey]

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World War I And The Treaty Of Versailles

- After the conclusion of World War I, Europe embarked on a course that would inevitably doom the continent to another gruesome war. The actions of and leading to World War II, along with the decisions made in the immediate aftermath, influenced the post-war structure of Europe. In both Eastern and Western Europe, countries eagerly sought solutions they believed would stave off the problems that caused the wars to occur. This desire to avoid repeating the errors of the past developed the welfare state in Western Europe and the Soviet bloc in the East....   [tags: World War II, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Europe]

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The New World : Spain And Portugal

- The New World Spain and Portugal’s sea voyage with the help of Europe 's ideas of the globe were the leading reasons for discovering the world we know today. What lead to Spain and Portugal sea voyage was that they wanted to control trade with East Asia and stop dealing with the Muslims that controlled the trade in East Asia. After the Portuguese sailed around Africa they discovered the Indian Ocean. This gave the Portuguese what they wanted, a waterway that led trade ships to East Asia. Six years before this the Spanish thought that they were able to sail west to reach Eastern Asia....   [tags: Europe, Spain, Asia, Americas]

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A Look At Today 's World Culture

- Take a look at today’s world culture. Most Countries are oblivious to global problems. Many are self centered. There’s little to no cooperation between nations. National pride needs to disappear if we are advance as a human race. National pride has been around since the very first nations formed. From the ancient Egyptians, to the Romans, to the imperialist British, to the modern day United States. National pride is present everywhere. National pride has its positive implications but it creates far more problems....   [tags: Soviet Union, World War II, Europe, Cold War]

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Exploring the Black Death

- Puzzled by incomplete historical records of Modern England, interdisciplinary researchers are calling into question the historical accuracy of the Black Death. The Black Death was a prodigious epidemic, killing anywhere from thirty-three to sixty percent of Europe’s population (Theilmann 376). Popular belief is that the disease Y. pesits caused the Black Death. However, after examination of historical and modern plague accounts, some researchers feel otherwise. This paper explores the background of epidemics, the contrasting views of the Black Death, and the implications of the Black Death on modern science....   [tags: bubonic plague, medieval Europe]

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The Berlin Wall During The Cold War Between Soviet Russia And The United States

- The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 during the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. The wall was built to separate Soviet controlled East Berlin from US controlled West Berlin. It soon became a physical barrier that symbolized the differing political and social ideologies of the two superpowers. The Berlin wall stood for 28 years separating a city into two very different sections with differing governments, economies and social organization. The importance of Berlin in International politics stemmed from Germany’s role in World War II....   [tags: Cold War, Eastern Bloc, Soviet Union, East Germany]

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The Soviet Union Of The Cold War

- At the end of world war two, the Soviet Union military forces, British and the U.S have divided Germany into an occupied areas. Berlin was located far away inside the Soviet-controlled eastern Germany. The United Kingdom, France and The U.S have controlled the western portions of the city, while the Soviet troops controlled the eastern part. As the wartime alliance between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies ended, the friendly relations turned to be hostile. The question is whether the western occupation zones in Berlin would remain under Western Allied control or whether the city would be absorbed into Soviet-controlled eastern Germany led to the first Berlin crisis of the Cold War....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Eastern Bloc, West Germany]

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Why Europeans Started Their Voyages Of The 15 Century

- Why Europeans started their voyages of investigation toward the end of the 15 century. Since they had never heard North America until Columbus. That’s not to say that Columbus was the first to discover America, however he got the word out to Spain about the West Indies. The Europeans were a great deal more willing to investigate furthermore slaves that had been transported to experts that were in North America composed letters and collections of memoirs. The English trailed the puritans in chase to either channel or separate from the gathering of England....   [tags: Europe, Spain, 2nd millennium, Switzerland]

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The Hodgson 's Article, The Interrelations Of Societies

- In Marshall G. S. Hodgson’s article, The Interrelations of Societies in History, the idea of our egocentrism influencing our perception and education of history is more deeply explored and analyzed. The piece outlines how history primarily focuses on Western Civilization, although in reality the studies are usually only on European states. It argues that large scale history should be studied not as individual areas that are separate in nature, but through the interrelations throughout these societies in world history....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Europe]

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A History of Tolerance: A Critique of Eurocentrism

- It is often said that history is written by the victor, and in the race to industrialization of the past two centuries, Western Europe and the United States have emerged as the victors. This enabled them to write a history in which their rise to power was preordained and inevitable and in which Eastern cultures are viewed as backward and intolerant. These Eurocentric histories have so fully permeated the global psyche that the stereotypes they have perpetuated inform our cultural interactions to this day....   [tags: Christianity, Islam, Jews, Europe, Asia]

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The Holy Knights Of God

- 4.) The crusaders was also called the holy knights of god were based on the concepts of the holy war between the believers and the infidels. Wrath from the Christians was towards the Muslims which isn’t there first time either, By the eleventh Century in the continent Europe, the Christian once again was under attack by the Muslims. Alexius the first a Byzantine Emperor ask the Pope Urban the second for his help with unholy Seljuk Turks. Pope Urban saw the most perfect opportunity to have a papal leadership for a holy cause....   [tags: Crusades, Middle Ages, Europe, Christianity]

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The European Union Has No Grand Strategy

- A profusion of scholarly works and articles regret that the European Union does not develop a grand strategy and militate to confer an enhanced military dimension on the EU. These views imply that the European Union has no grand strategy or has an inadequate one. However, this conclusion does not fit with all existing conceptions regarding grand strategy. In the meantime, people seem more inclined to accept that NATO has a grand strategy. Additionally, increasing the military dimension of the European Union as some promoters vehemently advocate would disturb the balance and cooperation existing between the EU and NATO....   [tags: European Union, Europe, European integration]

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Romanticism in European Art and Culture

- Of all the movements in European art, Romanticism has by far the most difficult origins to pinpoint due to the broadness of its beginnings, artistic expressions, and time frame. Inspired by “nature, an awareness of the past, a religious spirit, and an artistic ideal” (Barron’s 6), Romanticism is one of the most significant influences on European culture. By looking at modern paintings, we can see the influence Romanticism has had throughout the generations. With Romanticism, artists have been able to take painting to different levels....   [tags: Romanticism, European Culture, art, Europe,]

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis : Syria

- What is Syria. Syria is a country located in the middle-east, and is the main source of refugees that are spreading across the world today. I’ve done a lot of research over the past few weeks over the Syrian refugee crisis. I’ve found the Al-Assad family has led Syria for over 46 years. Hafiz Al-Assad led from 1971-2000, and then Bashar Al-Assad from 2000 to present day. I also discovered that in 2011 many neighboring Middle Eastern countries had revolutions, over throwing their ruthless dictatorships....   [tags: Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Syria]

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The Crusades

- The first crusade was started by Pope Urban II in the year 1095 with goals of liberating the sacred city of Jerusalem and the holy land from the Muslims. What started as an appeal by Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos for western mercenaries to fight the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia quickly turned into a wholesale Western migration and conquest of territory outside of Europe. In July of 1099 Knights from western Europe captured the city of Jerusalem, thus establishing the kingdom of Jerusalem and other crusader states....   [tags: European History Europe]

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The Word ' Race '

- Etienne Balibar suggested that the word ‘race’ has its own role in capitalism, an alter of capitalism forms which shows the content of ideologies change. He argued that the migrant groups are blamed for lowering the cultural level in the West and bringing economic issues and chaos, when the economic fall down and the migrant groups has less life chances. He calls that ‘crisis’ racism deflects anxieties. ’Differentialist’ is the primary argument. Cultural difference in the world’s populations is appropriate and essential, at the same time, it is obvious....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Immigration, Sociology]

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The Berlin Wall

- In the middle of the night, on August 13, 1961, the Communist government of East Berlin had made a decision that would change not only East Berlin, but the rest of the world. That decision was to put up a barrier between them, their people and the rest of the world. The barrier would be constructed of barbed-wire fencing, stretched over seventy-nine miles, and separated the people from their friends and families. There would be those who opposed and never gained their freedom, and those who made it out alive....   [tags: Berlin Wall, Cold War, West Berlin, Eastern Bloc]

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The Importance of Water in Oman Economy

- 1.Introduction, importance of water to Oman economy. Oman is located in the arid belt and an average rainfall of about 100 millimeters per year and the situation has led to reliance on groundwater and rainwater to meet the growing needs of the water projects were implemented falaj inventory and wells , the establishment of a modern network to monitor water conditions Water resources in the Sultanate: Falaj : The model for the practical man of genius and ability to deal with the environment and take advantage of them and the quality of the source water and the water flow periods Wells : a source of vital important for life and reliable and has provided inventory project wells and falaj ....   [tags: Middle eastern countreis]

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The High, Low And Wise Tides Of The Middle Ages

- The High, Low and Wise Tides of the Middle Ages Western Europe today evolved from a series of drastic changes. At the beginning of the middle ages, Europe witnessed an age of expansion; characterized by exploding population, due to the contributions of mechanized agriculture; rejuvenation of towns; strengthened trade ties with different countries and the establishment of the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church. But the middle ages was heading for a predicament. The Black Death accounted for nearly half of Europe’s populace, causing economic and political crises....   [tags: Middle Ages, Black Death, Renaissance, Europe]

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Christianity 's Impact On The Roman Empire

- Christianity has been nipped and tucked over and over by the time periods, different leaders, and many other forces shaping it. Christianity had a large impact on the Roman Empire as well as it served as an institution to unify Europe following the fall of Rome. Even in todays age Pope Francis is making a change to unify the church and state around Europe and has a vision for Christianity. The rise of Christianity was in the early centuries of C.E. times. Christianity’s uprising had a large impact on the Roman Empire....   [tags: Roman Empire, Christianity, Europe, Ancient Rome]

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The Role of Disease in European Exploration and Colonization

- The Role of Disease in European Exploration and Colonization Human mobility, in terms of European transcontinental exploration and colonization, began to truly flourish after the 1400s. This travel, inspired by financial motives and justified by religious goals, resulted in the European dominance and decimation of countless cultures in both the Americas and Eurasia. While at first glance it seems as though this dominance was achieved through mainly military means - European militias, like Spanish conquistadors, rolling over native tribes with their technologically advanced weapons - the reality is significantly more complex....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Crusades and Their Failure to Spread the Message of the Church and Chritianity

- ... During this time in church history, part of the religious actions of church goers was to partake in visiting shrines and viewing relics. Some of the shrines included houses of certain saints, artifacts from the apostles, but most importantly, the city of Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem was the place of Christ’s death and resurrection, many people would take pilgrimages to the city. In fact, soon, pilgrimages to Jerusalem became a form of penance. However, Muslims eventually took control of the city, but they still allowed the pilgrimages to continue....   [tags: holding off the Muslims from entering Europe]

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Israel-Palestine: Open Ended Conflict

- Palestine and Israel: Open Ended Conflict The birth of a nation and an imminent end to another sparked by a simple demand or right as many like refer to. The demand was simple; Jews need a homeland after the Jewish Holocaust by Hitler’s reign. “In November of 1947, the United Nations voted to establish two nations: one Arab and one Jewish in a partitioned Palestine.” (BBC) Since this establishment of 1947, conflicts, tragedies, high numbers of casualties, lost homes, forced migrations, etc. arose between these two nations....   [tags: Middle-eastern warfare]

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Buddhism in Modern World

- Buddhism is a religion which teaches that the way to end suffering is by overcoming desires. As in 2010,there are around four-hundred eighty-eight million Buddhists. Although most Buddhists are concentrated in East Asia, people living in Africa, Europe, North America, and South America also practice Buddhism. Buddhism began with a man named Shakyamuni, also known as the Buddha, who was born between 563 BCE to 483 BCE in Nepal. In Buddhist history, Shakyamuni was born into a royal clan, but he abandoned his royal power and wealth in pursuit of truth and enlightenment....   [tags: Eastern philosophies, religious beliefs]

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Migrant Crisis And Its Effects On The European Union

- Migrant Crisis Explained Greater than one million migrants and refugees have crossed into Europe in 2015. A crisis was ignited due to countries having difficulties with coping with a large influx of people. The massive inflow created a division in The European Union and raised the question of weather these people should be allowed in or not. People need an escape from the articriouies that are they dealing with and the European countries are the one of the few that are helping. Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Malta and Germany have already begun to take in migrants but the efforts are still not enough to cope with the large influx of people....   [tags: European Union, Europe, United Nations, Hungary]

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The Only Policy Enacted By James Monroe Doctrine

- The only policy enacted by James Monroe in 1823 is referred to as the Monroe Doctrine and serves as a symbol of early American nationalism. In Document A, the Monroe Doctrine is being demonstrated by an invisible border that separates the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern Hemisphere and a stop sign place on the Western side. The European region states , “What do you mean off-limits?”, which shows how they did not approve of the doctrine that keeps them from obstructing the expansion of the U.S....   [tags: United States, Americas, James Monroe, Europe]

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Global Threat And The Natural Environment

- Common to most discussions of globalization is a sense that there are forces in the world bringing us all closer together. Global threats to the natural environment are a growing source of interdependence. Most of the world’s people live in poverty in the global South. About a billion live in extreme poverty, without adequate food, water, and other necessities. The concept of development has a subjective side that cannot be measured statistically––the judgment of whether a certain pattern of wealth creation and distribution is good for a state and its people....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Poverty, Third World]

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General Causes Of Industrial Revolution

- I. General causes A. Commercial gain 1. Industrial Revolution - the need for a. raw materials Many industries, such as the cotton industry, were completely dependent on sources outside of Europe for trade. Europe also needed additional places to invest their profits. Africa, however, was seen as a jewel that could provide raw materials and further stimulate the revolution. b. markets With the Industrial Revolution occurring in Europe, there was a large amount of labor workers but little resources....   [tags: Africa, Europe, Atlantic slave trade, Colonialism]

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Germany: The New Battle

- Germany: The New Battle Thesis: This paper will argue that Germany needs to secure itself as both the economic and political hegemon of Europe inside of the European Union; until its present condition and effectiveness in the global politics changes, instability in the European Union, as well as, basic fear of will always be present. I. Introduction II. Historical Perspective-The two negative factors A. Fear - twice in one century 1) Bismarck/Frederick II 2) Hitler B. Foolishness 1) WWI 2) WWII III....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Schlieffen Plan

- The Schlieffen Plan The aim of the plan The aim of the plan was to avoid fighting two wars at once (France and Russia) The Plan The plan was to attack France, not on the main border, which was fortified, but to attack through Belgium and circle the capital Paris. This is all supposed to happen before the predicted 6 weeks it would take for the Russians to get their army ready for action. This would mean Paris would be taken by Germany, therefore capturing France, then the troops could go across the country and attack Russia....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Bembo's Discourse on Love

- Bembo's Discourse on Love The idea of the Renaissance Gentleman. Just as it is false to see the Renaissance as a simple and sharp contrast with the Middle Ages, as did Michelet and Burckhardt, neither should it be seen as all of one piece. After the age of civic humanism came the dominance of the Medici in Florence, and in those contacts made with eastern scholars when the Council of Florence was attempting the reconciliation of the Eastern and Western Churches (a last effort to stave off the menace of the Turk) Cosimo de'Medici had been attracted to the figure of Plato....   [tags: Italian Renaissance History Europe Essays]

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The Between Europe And Europe

- Even though Europe contains some of the smallest countries today it was a force to be reckoned with in the past. Europe had, for a short period, perfected its globalization so that it was the most powerful but all good things must come to an end. Europe as one of the most dominating powers at its peak but could not hold its iron grip on such power which destroyed its global dominance. This was process that took years of ideas, trade, and people in order for them to reach the top which also help to shape many ideas that people have today there and around the world....   [tags: French Revolution, Europe, Industrial Revolution]

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The Rise Of The Berlin Wall

- Germany would see an economic roller coaster from the early 1930’s until the rise of the Berlin wall. Germany would escape a so called Great Depression of the early 30’s with the rise of the National Socialist Party. At the height of an economic boom Germany would enter into a second World War and as a result nearly be destroyed. After Germany’s surrender in 1945 the country would fall into another depression greater than the last. Germany as a whole would be divided into two separate sectors known as the West and East....   [tags: World War II, Cold War, Eastern Bloc]

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The World Of Arab Nations

- According to Gamal Abdel Nasser’s “Egypt’s Liberations,” as he says “For I Shall always maintain that we are strong. The only trouble is that we do not realize just how strong we are,” in Nasser’s transnational politics, he believes that Arab nations are much stronger and powerful than western countries because of three main sources, religion, location and oil. The first source is that the religion ties both material and moral of Arabian, therefore it helps them create a secure and peaceful world, and make them become very neighborly and united....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Eastern Bloc]

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- Pan-Slavism In the early nineteenth century, Slavic peoples from multiple empires in eastern and southern Europe began to pursue a movement to protect and organize Slavic culture. In 1848, this movement became more political. It gained a reputation and an attempt was made to unify all Slavic peoples. This movement became known as Pan-Slavism. Pan-Slavism appealed to many Slavs who felt nationalism towards their race. However among the Slavs, there were many different opinions. Some believed that there was a cultural, ethnic, and political connection among all Slavs....   [tags: European Europe History]

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History of NATO and Policy Recommendations Towards NATO

- History of NATO and Policy Recommendations Towards NATO In this paper I will first explain the history of NATO and the United States policy towards it. I will then give three reasonable policy recommendations for the United States towards NATO. This is important because NATO is an organization with a very brief history but it has molded Europe and other countries and has made a safe-haven from war for the past five decades. NATO was spawn out of the Western countries of Europe fearing the expansion of the greedy, hungry Stalin of the Soviet Union which would directly lead to the expansion of communist governments....   [tags: War United Nations Europe Peace Essays]

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Celtic Lifestyle

- Celtic Lifestyle During the period when the Celts existed, which is approximately 800 BC - 400 AD, they were just a little tribe compared to other large civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks. They still managed to conquer many regions and prove victorious in most of their battles. Who were these Celts that survived numerous struggles. Where did they originate. What kind of social structure did they have. What kinds of beliefs did they have. What sort of weapons and armor did they use in battle....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Turkey 's Eventual Accession For The European Union

- Turkey’s eventual accession to the European Union comes with several challenges, including “enlargement fatigue” and the effects of the Eurozone crisis. After a radical regime defeated nationalist forces at the end of World War I, reformists, called Kemalists, aimed Turkey towards modernization and westernization. Kemalists aimed to modernize the state and the economy (George et al., 2015). The movement of Turkey from statism to democracy led to political tension, which required military intervention to solve....   [tags: European Union, Europe]

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Nationalism in Europe

- Nationalism is the idea that a people who have much in common, such as language, culture and geographic proximity ought to organize in such a way that it creates a stable and enduring state. Nationalism is tied to patriotism, and it is the driving force behind the identity of a culture. Nationalism had many effects in Europe from 1815, The Congress of Vienna and beyond. In the following essay I will describe many of the consequences of nationalism on European identity, as well as some of the conflicts that it created....   [tags: History of Europe, Change]

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The European Union

- Introduction In the course of fifty years, the European Union has expanded from six countries united under economic treaties to a large collective of twenty-five sovereign nations. Maintaining the union within such a large group has grown more difficult as numerous treaties have been drafted to control the governance of the European Union. To reduce the number of treaties in the union, the convention decided to draft a Constitution, which now moves through the process of ratification in each of the sovereign nations....   [tags: EU Europe European Union Politics Essays]

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The End of Absolutism in Europe

- During the late 17th and early 18th century, many European nations such as France and Russia were absolute monarchies. Even countries such as England had kings who at least attempted to implement absolutism. Indeed the concept of absolutism, where the monarch is the unquestionably highest authority and absolute ruler of every element in the realm, is certainly appealing to any sovereign. However, this unrestricted power was abused, and by the end of the 18th century, absolutism was gone. Absolutism failed because the monarchs' mistreatment of the population caused the people to revolt against their rule and policies....   [tags: Europe, history, monarchies, government, ]

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Should Migrants Be Allowed to Enter Europe?

- Does Europe’s history of migration and colonialism oblige states to open their borders to migrants today. The occurrence of colonialism is one that stretches around parts of the world and has had grave consequences through history. The individual countries conquered in the exercise of imperialism were unknowingly exploited by the tactics performed by their conquerors. Today it is evident to see the work of colonist through the conflicts between the people of a nation against each other. This was partially through the utilization of different methods to create conflict among the conquered countries to avoid any threat of uprisings....   [tags: Immigration to Europe]

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War I And The Second World War

- The (world) “war to end all wars” and the Second World War What do the “War to end all wars” and the Second World War have in common, well they are both world wars but what are the specifics. The answer to that will be included in the following text. To start off did you know that (per World War One saw 320,000+ “dough boys” lose their life fighting World War Two had a more than double death toll with 1,000,000+ “GI’s” lives sacrificed. In addition, there was genocide happening on both World Wars with Ottoman Empires killing of Armenians and the Third Reich’s mass killing of Jews in World War Two....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Eastern Bloc]

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Migrant Refugees Crisis Of Europe

- Migrant Refugees Crisis in Europe Intro: Among the many events that have marked the history, one of the most remarkable is surely the immigration. For centuries, the people around the world decide to leave their origin land to move to other countries in search of good jobs, better living conditions, and better quality of life. This phenomenon, often clandestine, increased more and more and it is in continuous growth during the years. People decide to leave their own country for personal, religion, politics, and economic situation....   [tags: Immigration, Spain, Europe, France]

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Relations Between U.s. And Germany

- Braxton Rico Mr. Bare USH (2) April 25, 2016 Geopolitical Project Relations Between U.S. And Germany (1945-1965) During WWII the U. S. And Germany were the greatest of enemies, but that all ended after the war. In between the years 1945 and 1960 U.S. relations with Germany were still tense, but they slowly got better. With help from the U.S. for reconstruction a friendship started to form. That would later down the road lead to a strong alliance between the two countries. In the years right after WWII there were many conferences to discuss the terms of surrender, reconstruction, and demilitarization of Nazi Germany....   [tags: Cold War, Eastern Bloc, East Germany, Berlin Wall]

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The Height Of The Cold War

- The 1960’s were the height of the Cold War. Tensions grew high as the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, competed around the globe for influence. Places like Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, and Cuba all were Cold War hotspots that escalated tensions between east and west almost to the point of nuclear war. However, most of these confrontations between the superpowers took place outside of Europe. One notable exception was the Prague Spring of 1968. The Prague Spring of 1968 had the potential to be as serious as the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet there was no confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia....   [tags: Soviet Union, Cold War, Eastern Bloc, World War II]

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- Christianity is the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Most followers of Christianity, called Christians, are members of one of three major groups--Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox. These groups have different beliefs about Jesus and His teachings. But all consider Jesus central to their religion. Most Christians believe God sent Jesus into the world as the Savior. Christianity teaches that humanity can achieve salvation through Jesus. Jesus lived in Judea (later called Palestine), a Middle Eastern land ruled by the Romans....   [tags: Roman Catholic Protestant Eastern Orthodox]

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The Effects Of Europe On The Industrial Revolution

- Essay Prompt 3 Europe was the first continent to experience an industrial revolution because it had all the proper preconditions to lead up to the revolution. Firstly, Europe had an abundance of the raw materials needed for industry, such as lumber, coal, rivers, waterways, raw cotton, etc. Secondly, Europe had experienced an agriculture revolution that had let a population explosion. Techniques like crop rotation revolutionized European agriculture and allowed a more stable food apply. This led to a reduction in famine and subsequent increase in survival rates and population numbers....   [tags: French Revolution, Europe, United Kingdom]

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Women in Early Europe

- Were the Witch-Hunts in Pre-modern Europe Misogynistic. The “YES” article by, Anne Llewellyn Barstow, “On Studying Witchcraft as Woman’s History” and the “NO” article by, Robin Briggs, “Women as Victims. Witches, Judges and the Community,” will be compared, and summarized. YES Anne Llewellyn Barstow finds that there was a disproportionate amount of women who were accused of Witchcraft in Western Europe between 1400 and 1650. Barstow moves on to point out through the text that these Women were victims of Misogyny due to the definition of Witchcraft being so broad and actually fitting the descriptions of the lives of many women....   [tags: Premodern Europe, Witches, Witchcraft]

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Advancements Of Europe And Asia

- Scientific, medical, and mathematical advances have changed the world; without them the human race would be very different. Inventions have shaped the world that is known today. In Asia and Europe these developments have been very prominent since 1648. Each continent has several similarities and differences between their innovations. Both continents had similar use of electricity, created victims, and innovated mathematics. The main differences consist of the use of steam, the lack of industrial revolutions in Asia, and the differences in medicine....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Europe]

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A New Work Environment Requires Adaptations And Preparedness

- When entering into any field of work an individual is faced with many vocational challenges, either ethical, relational, or even technical. A new work environment requires adaptations and preparedness. As I look to a future working as an international student minister, hurdles of all varieties stare back at me, be it economic or cultural barriers. Yet looking beyond my personal challenges and into the needs and requirements of the job itself, one challenge stood out as the pivotal question to all missional operations overseas I may be a part of....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia]

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The Industrial Revolution in Europe

- The Industrial Revolution in Europe changed Europe to this day. This began in the United Kingdom in the 1700s and expanded to Western Europe in the 1800s. During the Industrial Revolution, this provided new technology, a surplus of food, trading and different ways of producing goods for countries. The women and children in Europe had to work hard and work in the mills. They did this to give enough money for their family to live on. Politics also changed during the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the Industrial Revolution affected many people and to discover new technology and ways of thriving life....   [tags: United Kingdom, Western Europe, History]

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The Great Britain 's Influence On The Colonial Front And The Home Front

- North America in the early eighteenth century was split between the three major imperial powers of the time, Great Britain, France and Spain. This period was a crucial moment in the colonial history of these three powers due to the expanding nature of their colonies, constantly looking to grab more land and resources for the nation at home. However, before the turn of the century, Great Britain had gone from a few colonies on the east coast of the continent, with the smallest amount of land claimed, to owning the largest part of the New World and obtaining almost complete control over North America....   [tags: Colonialism, British Empire, Europe, Imperialism]

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Europe And Its Expansion Process Literature

- or much of written history about Europe and its expansion process literature has seemed to always capture the beginning as hostile. There is no argument that Europe has had a plethora of malicious takeovers but the dynamics of colonialism have transitioned to a less aggressive imperialistic influence and have little need to colonialize any longer but to integrate. Starting with the colonization of countries in Africa it is a well-known fact that resistance most often lead to wars. What past literature have failed to analyze and bring forth in knowledge are those lands that not merely welcomed colonization but also had a less defiant attitude towards the movement....   [tags: Colonialism, Europe, Imperialism, United States]

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