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Physics of Drums

- Dating back to the slave trade the drum has been used all over the world as a means of communication and self expression. Its broad variety of users includes the early African tribes and the Native Alaskan tribes, both using them for ceremonial purposes. The Africans brought drums with them to the Americas and helped to develop their popularity among American musicians. In the mid 1900’s drum sets were brought about. These revolutionary collaborations of percussive pieces started off with a pair of hi-hats, a bass and snare drum, and a couple of tom toms....   [tags: physics music drum drums]

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Culture in Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

- Culture in Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara In the poem “Piano and Drums” the poet Gabriel Okara depicts and contrasts two different cultures through symbolism of pianos and drums. The Poem is divided into four stanzas. The first two stanzas represent the “drum” culture and the second two stanzas show the “piano” culture. The description of the drums is in two stanzas, but is one sentence long. The first line of the first stanza: ‘When at break of day at a riverside’ Uses trochees to emphasize the deliberate broken rhythm....   [tags: Culture Symbolism Piano and Drums Essays]

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Review of Rudy Tomedi’s No Bugles No Drums

- Review of Rudy Tomedi’s No Bugles No Drums Rudy Tomedi presents his audience with a different view of the Korean War; one that is up close and personal. The oral histories told through edited transcripts in No Bugles No Drums: An Oral History of the Korean War, show the reader the Korean War through the eyes of the men who were active in combat. However, as Tomedi puts it, “firsthand accounts have their limitations, but they also catch things that often fall through the cracks of a conventional history” (Tomedi, vi)....   [tags: Rudy Tomedi Bugles Drums Essays]

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Review of Rudy Tomedi’s No Bugles, No Drums

- Review of Rudy Tomedi’s No Bugles, No Drums What are the major wars in which the U.S. fought. A typical American might mention the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and most recently, the war in Iraq. However, one war absent from this list proved to be one of the most casualty-laden but least recognized by the American public as a significant war: the Korean War. In his book No Bugles, No Drums: An Oral History of the Korean War, Vietnam veteran Rudy Tomedi offers the personal memories of dozens of soldiers who participated in “the forgotten war.” It must be understood that if one is looking for a book that is extremely accurate...   [tags: Rudy Tomedi Bugles Drums Essays]

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The Man With The Drums

- The Man with the Drums What does it take for a student to find their aspiration. Freaks and Geeks accurately portrays the stereotypes of high schoolers; All of their actions, and people that are around them will influence how they evolve. Many students have their different ways of going on with their lives, but what they do also affects everything else around them for the better or the worst. In Freaks and Geeks, we see an everyday nerd named Sam, a fellow who wears striped shirts everyday, and wears pants like he’s about to attend a business meeting....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, High school, Drummer]

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Drums And Play For A Worship Band

- A few years ago I would have never seen myself participating in a worship band, whether it was for school, church, or eventually college. Now looking back, I can’t see myself doing anything else and I can’t imagine what I would be doing instead. Through the process of learning how to play drums and play for a worship band, I have learned to have more confidence, to be a team player and care for my teammates, and lastly I have learned how to praise God and lead others in worship. About four years ago my mother had convinced me to start taking drums lessons simply for fun or to eventually play in the school’s worship band....   [tags: Learning, Play, Christian worship, Leadership]

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The History Behind Drums: Band life

- ... There are a lot of things that need to do happen before someone plays the drums each night on tour. You need to put your drum set together and make them tune right, you need to find a comfortable seat and drum stool position, and you need to find the proper grip for your drumsticks. Just like any other instrument player, you will eventually be able to make random beats at the top of your head. So in the end it’s worth all the practice. The amount of money you would be making depends on what you do with your drumming career....   [tags: primitive tribal societies, drummers]

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Drums and Drummer Boys During Times of War

- There are many famous and important people who were a part of the Civil War and drummer boys are some of those people. R.C. Murphy said, “When most people think of the Civil War, they think of famous generals or battles fought or how politics entered into an Army operation. But when I think of the War Between the States, I think of quite possibly the most important member of either side--that is the drummer.” Drums and drummer boys played a crucial role in wars, mainly in the Civil War. The first time that drums were used in America in battle was during the Revolutionary war and they were used for several different reasons....   [tags: civil war, violence, battle]

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Different Types Of Drums And Different Styles Of Music

- Many people do not often realize what the most revolutionizing and most important instrument is. In fact, this instrument can be found in every style of music in some way, shape or form. The one instrument that fits this criteria is the drum. According to the Harvard Dictionary of Music, a drum is a generic name for instruments that consists of skin stretched over a frame or vessel and struck with either hands or sticks. Drums are membranous. In other words, a drum has something inside of it, or a "membrane," that gives it its sound (Apel 247)....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Percussion instrument, Timpani]

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Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie Literary Analysis

- Siblings – the most annoying things in the world. They’re horrible, wonderful beings, and you would sacrifice anything for them in the end. In Jordan Sonnenblick’s novel Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie, Steven Alper, the main character, learns exactly how wonderful, and horrible, it can be to have a younger brother. Steven is your typical 8th grader – he’s continuously vexed by his younger brother Jeffrey, he has a crush on a girl who doesn’t acknowledge his existence, and he plays the drums in the All-City Jazz Band....   [tags: Jordan Sonnenblick, Literary Analysis]

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Analysis Of Peter Whitman 's ' Beat ! Beat ' Drums '

- In “Beat. Beat. Drums!” Whitman shows his view of what he thinks will the coming war will bring. His poem describes a noise played by drums being extremely loud. I believe the noise being played represents the importance of the coming war. He says “Leave not the bridegroom quiet—no happiness must he have now with his bride; nor the peaceful farmer any peace plowing his field or gathering his grain.” He is saying that the music should play so loud that it should not be quiet anywhere. I believe that he is saying that the war will be the main focus and everything else will be unimportant....   [tags: Military, Army, English-language films, Battle]

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Steel drums

- The recording I listened to is called Carnival Favorites. It is Caribbean steel drum music. It is the majority of what people listen to and play in the Caribbean. It can be related to the genre of music known as techno. Usually a basic beat is repeated while a featured instrument such as steel drums plays a melody or song. Caribbean bands are mostly comprised of a drum set player, steel drum player, and a guitar and bass player. Other bands will add in other instruments such as a keyboard, bongos, or African drums....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Importance of Oral Traditions in African History

- One of the most crucial aspects of the development of philosophy of African history has been a realization of the importance of the spoken or oral traditions in the framing and interpretation of African history. The oral tradition is a living, and dynamic organism within the African community, and the original element of oral traditional is djembe. The Djembe is a traditional African drum and is the symbolic instrument of the West African community. The Djembe is held on a high pedestal in the social communal aspect of the society’s daily routine, and is seen in many gatherings....   [tags: drums, culture, ceremonies]

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Correlation Between Music and IQ in Children

- ... Works Cited - Alleyne, R. 2009. The Telegraph: Playing a musical instrument makes you brainier. Date accessed: 2014/02/09. - Brice, M. 2012. Medical Daily: Study Confirms That IQ Tests Do Not Accurately Predict Intelligence. Date accessed 2014/04/12. - Brooks, M. 2013. Medscape Multispeciality: More Evidence That Benefits the Brain....   [tags: drums, academic ability, intelligence]

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Similar Characteristics between West-African and Cuban Music

- This world is a big place. It is very diverse, in culture, beliefs, traditions, and even music. Music is an important part of this world; not just pop music and what many first world countries are used to, but music of the world as well, such as melodies in Cuba or Africa. These two countries share many characteristics in their music, despite being two very different places. From the melody, to the rhythm, and even the instruments and cultural practices, the countries of Cuba and Africa have both very similar traits in their music....   [tags: rhythm, melody, drums, beat]

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Therapeutic Use of Drumming Description

- Music, as a form of therapy, has been steadily growing as an effective intervention for a diversity of populations. Drumming in particular, has been identified as a form of healing for centuries and remains a tradition in a variety of cultures to this day. In the field of Recreation Therapy, therapeutic drumming can prove to be an invaluable intervention in program development for select populations. There has been a substantial amount of clinical research that supports therapeutic drumming, much of which relates directly to recreational and rehabilitative purposes....   [tags: music therapy, drumming, drums]

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History of the Piano

- The piano is an instrument that can be traced back through the centuries; there are no debates about that statement. Nevertheless, there are several different views on what begins the history of the piano. In his book, Pianos and their Makers, Alfred Dolge begins with the Monochord in 582 B. C., which was used by Pythagoras. However, Ernest Closson begins his History of the Piano with the clavichord and gives only five paragraphs to the influences from before. Everyone has their own interpretation of what the history of the piano is; however an instrument is just a piece of mechanical parts without the music that was played on it....   [tags: instrument, drums, square piano]

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Is It More Therapeutic Than Drumming Your Frustrations Away?

- Nothing can be more therapeutic than drumming your frustrations away. Getting lost in the rhythm and the beat, that sense of euphoria. There are few things in this world that can give you the same feeling that music does. Today I’m going to tell you how to pick and set up one of the worlds oldest instruments. Theres a lot that goes into the sound of a drum. The shell size, material and thickness, type of drum head and the type of drum stick. It all starts with the material the drum is made of whether it be wood, metal or acrylic....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Drums, Drum kit components]

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Generating Real-Time Visual Meaning for Live Indian Drumming

- Generating Real-Time Visual Meaning for Live Indian Drumming Abstract: In this essay, a system developed to generate visual meaning for live performed music is described. Specifically, this system is calibrated to respond to North Indian classical and folk drumming tradition, using custom designed digital musical interfaces, such as the Electronic Tabla and Electronic Dholak. A drum, when struck, does not generate its sound as a record of the force applied, but as an artifact of a physical response to that strike within the artistically controlled conditions of its material state....   [tags: Music Rhythm Drums Musical Essays]

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Influence of African Music in North American and Latin American Music

- It is not possible for cultures to develop in a vacuum. Each culture is actually an amalgamation of the many cultures that have come before them. Sometimes the roots of certain traits are easily identified; other times the culture has to be stripped down to find them. Regardless, all cultures develop from something else. This can be especially true in the case of music. Many of the dominate traits found in North American and Latin American music can actually be traced back many generations to the African slaves brought to those countries....   [tags: jazz, culture, rhythm, drums]

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Use Of Instruments And Form Of Music

- The sun is out, the weather is hot, and there is a grand celebration taking place, like any other celebration in the world there is food, dance, and music. But this is not an ordinary celebration this is a celebration on the great plains of Africa where the beats of both high and low pitch drums stomp thru the air. The speed of the drums races against the speed of one’s dancing heart accelerating then reverting back to a deep steady thump. In Africa, drumming is a widely use instrument and form of music....   [tags: Atlantic slave trade, Africa, Drum]

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Universal Symbolism in Things Fall Apart

- Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a novel written to highlight the intriguing lives and misconceptions that are often identified with African culture. Achebe writes Things Fall Apart from the African view, a foreign perspective that sees westerners as the outsiders and Africans as the insiders. Focusing on a clan in lower Nigeria, Achebe profiles the clash of cultures that erupts when white Christians colonize and spread their religious ideals. Achebe is able to make his book so popular to the entire world because of his expert use of symbols like drums, locusts, and fire....   [tags: Things Fall Apart Essays]

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Teach Work Sample Review and Results

- After completing this Teacher Work Sample and reviewing the results from all of the assessments, I have learned a great deal of valuable information about my teaching and about the students’ learning that has made me further develop and grow as a future physical educator. One thing that I learned from my students’ learning is that all students’ progress, develop, and learn at different rates. From teaching this Drums Alive Unit, I noticed that some students were able to pick up on the Drums Alive skills and concepts right away while others needed more time to develop further on into the unit....   [tags: progress, teaching, learning, develop]

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World Music: The Emotional Effect of Music

- ... This instrument is personal to the owner and it is generally not used by another musician. This instrument accompanies the drum to give a depth to the music. This instrument gives off a feeling of movement when accompanied with the African dance gives an even deeper meaning to the music. These instruments are important to the culture as they used this instrumental music to accompany a dance to express spiritual and cultural of their everyday lives. (12) The music clip that I have chosen features these two instruments for a feel of the climate and area of the country....   [tags: african, native american, culture]

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History of Percussion Instruments

- History of Percussion Instruments There are few certainties about the percussion family. No one can say how many instruments it contains; few have agreed on playing techniques; and few could name one orchestral piece specifically written with percussion in mind. However, one thing is certain, percussion has been shown over time that it is not merely a matter of beating out rhythm (“ History of Percussion” 1). The family of percussion instruments is the first musical instrumentation introduced to the world....   [tags: Music]

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Native American Flutes

- Although Native Americans are known for their voice being a vital instrument, most rituals, songs, and dances are accompanied by an assortment of instruments such as, drums, rattles, flutes. Every instrument has it is own meaning and a purpose. In this section, the significance of these instruments as well as their structure and functionality is explored. The drums are a vital aspect to the Native American culture; they understand the drum to be more than an instrument. In a web article written by Elisa Throp entitled, “The importance of drums to Native American culture”, Elisa says, “It is a Voice....   [tags: Native American Culture]

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Brief Summaries of 10 Songs by Entertainer Beyoncé

- 1. Beyoncé - Love on Top Love on Top is written to show the enjoyment of having a man by her side after having to fight for his attention, and finally he puts his woman first. The piece uses finger snapping, harmonizing horns, tribal drums, piano, guitar, and the saxophone. The piece is in the key of C Major and is in quadruple meter. Towards the end of the song, Beyoncé’s vocals’ become more dynamic. 2. Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams Beyoncé is contemplating her new relationship....   [tags: Pop, Music]

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I Was Made For Another World

- “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world” (Lewis, 1996). This quote written by C.S Lewis was the base for the songwriter Brooke Fraser to compose the C.S Lewis song. As a case of analysis, it was decided to find the different elements of the music inside this piece. As a result of this analysis, it is necessary to divide the song in five remarkable stanzas. First of all, it is analyzed the theme and general characteristic of the song....   [tags: Music, Melody, Singing, Harmony]

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Music And The Music Of Music

- At an early age my father would always play music in his car of CD’s and his iPod. He’d play anything from Kraftwerk to The Cars we would almost never listen to the radio. At the time the music meant nothing to me I didn 't feel it or understand it it kind of was just another ambiance. However one day when he was taking me to school and the song “Cowboys from hell” by Pantera came on and at that moment my musical interest sparked. Little did i know at that time but that one song would lead me into many experiences and friendships....   [tags: Musical instrument, Guitar, Play, Learning]

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Rhythmic Procedures and Rudimental Drumming

- Rhythmic Procedures and Rudimental Drumming In history, drumming and the use of percussive instruments have had a significant role in people’s lives. Not only do the people who play these instruments enjoy them, but it is said that "there is as much pleasure participating in, as listening to and admiring an expert drummer’s improvisations". The use of drums has been recognized as being able to put people into spiritual trances throughout history. The drum is a musical instrument with great power and presence that gives the "pulse" or backbone to the music it is incorporated with....   [tags: essays papers]

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Analysis of Excerpt from Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities

- In the excerpt provided from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, he provides and lacking description about his feelings toward the oncoming French revolution and how women function in that society. His language is vivid and paints a specific picture in the readers mind about the time and place of this story. However, his thoughts about the coming revolution are slightly unclear. Dickens begins the passage by stating “Saint Antoine turned himself inside out ad sat on door-steps and window-ledges, and came to the corners of vile streets and courts, for a breath of air”....   [tags: french revolution]

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Punk Rock And Jamaican Ska

- Punk Rock and Jamaican SKA are two very well-known music genres, but they are not as popular as they were when they first began. However there still is a huge fan base that likes to keep the music and culture of both genres alive. Also both music styles come from different countries, but stand for a similar meaning. When one hears the sound of the music it is easy to tell apart which music style is which, but many of the early punk bands were influenced by ska which started a huge connection that brought the two genres together....   [tags: Rock music, Heavy metal music, Ska, Punk rock]

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My Experience With A Video Game Company Invented A Game Called Rock Band

- During the cooler, frosty fall Saturday mornings, my dad would wake me up early to leave for rocket football games. We drove in a gray dodge truck that would jam out to music like Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, and Pink Floyd. When my dad was younger, he used to play the drums, so while we were driving he would tap the steering wheel and the fold up seat in between us with the beat of the song. Those moments fueled my early passion for drumming. By late elementary school, my parents gave me a pair of electric drum sticks that would connect to a mp3 player and would make noise with every tap....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Percussion instrument]

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The Power Of Dance At Salt Lake Community Dance Company

- The Power of Dance What makes a dance performance powerful. Many would argue that it is a mixture of multiple items such as diversity, intensity, and others. For me this became more apparent and true after viewing Moving Words, a dance performance hosted by Salt Lake Community College Dance Company. During this dance performance I experienced an exciting, well executed dance performance that created a powerful environment for audience members. Below is some of the dances I found intensifying and energetic at the performance....   [tags: Performance, Dance, Choreography]

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Mathematics and Music: The Collision of Science and Art

- The concept of the Renaissance man is somewhat of a lost ideal, replaced by the specialized philosophy of the industrial era. From the 14th to 17th centuries; however, it would be common to find a man with a profound knowledge of both the Arts, music, poetry, literature, art, and the Sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. The Renaissance man embraced all forms of knowledge, and through a deep passion for both the Arts and Sciences, used each discipline to expand the other. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, this same philosophy is far gone....   [tags: golden ration, fibonacci numbers, renaissance]

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The Success of Bon Jovi's Album "Slippery When Wet"

- ... The song is an endless loop that fades out at the end. This song was written by Richie Sambora, Jon Bon Jovi, and Desmond Child. This song became one of three big hits from this record. Third on the album is “Livin’ On A Prayer”. The song starts with the keyboard guitar and drums, and then there is talking that introduces the story being told. It highlights the struggles that are happening for people. There are some great guitar riffs and distortion. It has a verses/chorus composition. The song is a little bit slower to begin, but soon picks up the tempo, it is a great song to sing along because the lyrics are not distorted by the instruments, like you find with some other bands....   [tags: music, tracks, instuments]

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Walt Whitman and the Civil War

- Walt Whitman is a famous poet in American history and the founder of free style of writing poem. He was well-known with his work of Leaves of Grass and Drum-Taps. Walt Whitman was inspired to write poems about Civil War and changed his style of writing after experiencing the horrible result of the war. Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, Long Island, on May 31, 1819. He is the second son of eight siblings in the family. In his early life, Whitman received a formal education until age of 11 because he needed to help his father to support the big family....   [tags: american history, poet, drum-taps]

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Quantifiable Aspects of the Stūpas

- There are six specific features of a stūpa that I am concerned with in this study. Figure 4.1 shows each of the features and only the railing is not labeled, but can easily be distinguished visually. These iconographic features are derived from actual features appearing on large actual stūpas, such as Sāñcī stūpa no. 1. The features appearing on the depicted relief stūpas mimic those found on their larger three dimensional brethren. Figure 4.1 The first of the features is the railing, or balustrade....   [tags: Architecture]

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The North Indian Percussion Instruments

- Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 History of the Instrument 2 3.0 Instrument Overview and Nomenclature 3 4.0 How it is Played 5 5.0 Styles and Traditions 17 6.0 Social Aspects and the Future of the Instrument 18 7.0 Glossary 20 8.0 Bibliography 22 1.0 Introduction This essay seeks to address a variety of aspects pertaining to the North Indian percussion instrument the Tabla with a primary focus on the nomenclature, notation, and styles used by Hindustani musicians throughout history....   [tags: nomenclature, notation, and styles]

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Saving the Wind People

- “Bird I think it’s about time you earned your name.” Bird’s mother had mentioned to him only yesterday. The words echoed in his mind like the beat of the Indian drums echo through the sky. In the Wind Tribe in order to earn your name; you must do something to help the tribe. Bird has talked to his chief, Big Cloud, but all he said was to do something helpful. Big Cloud was an old man, and soon his son, Deer’stail would take his place. All Bird wanted to do was earn his name before his chief passed on....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Do Works of Literary Merit Both Reflect the Spirit of the Time and Challenge It?

- One way that we gain knowledge about the past is through historical documents. However, literary works can also tell us a lot about the past and help expand our perspectives on a topic. Using stylistic features, authors manage to reflect and challenge the spirit of our time. Two writers that have managed to do that are Chinua Achebe in his novel Things Fall Apart and Marjane Satrapi in Persepolis. Achebe manages to express and show the reader what times were like during African colonization and disputes the previous assumptions that Africans were wild animals....   [tags: religion, power, colonization, revolution]

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I Went At A Concert Type Of Event That Different Music Groups Were Performing

- On October 23, 2016 I went to a concert type of event that different music groups were performing. This event is what Hispanics call a “Jaripeo Baile,” which is a place that people can see other people bull riding like in the rodeo, but this event was only about music groups performing. One of the music groups that performed was a band called “Josecito Leon y Su Internacional Banda Roja.” While I watched the band’s performance it reminded me of how it relates to the themes that were from our readings and discussions that we had throughout the semester....   [tags: Musical instrument, Singing, Performance]

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Bruno Mars : The Influential Names Of Pop And R & B Music

- Bruno Mars is one of the influential names in pop and R&B music. His use of interesting vocals and unique music techniques makes his music enjoyable. Listening to Doo-Wops & Hooligans I found that his music was very upbeat and always directed to one specific individual. Bruno Mars himself uses his unique personality in every aspect of his music, his album holds messages within each song and this leads to my overall enjoyment of the album. Peter Gene Hernandez commonly known as Bruno Mars adds a lot of different music elements towards his songs due to the personality that he has....   [tags: Musical instrument, Music, Meaning of life, Tempo]

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The Concert : Stanislaus State Wind Ensemble And Jazz Ensembles & Combos Concert

- The two concerts that I chose to go see were Stanislaus State Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensembles & Combos Concert. These two concerts are both very similar yet different in their own ways. Each piece also has many attributes to contribute and it was fun being able to watch two very different genres. For Stanislaus State Wind Ensemble the type of ensembles that were playing were brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The instruments that I heard and saw included the flute, trombone, French horn, piccolo, tube, trumpet, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, a bass, and the drums....   [tags: Music, Musical instrument, Saxophone, Jazz]

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Recording Techniques for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

- Recording techniques for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon The album The Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd was an album that pushed the boundaries on multi-tracking and tape looping, as well as mixing in1973. The engineer, Alan Parsons, use many unusual techniques to help create the sound that we know and love. Which landed the album on the charts for 750 weeks. Dark side of the moon was first lead engineering job Alan had with Pink Floyd and only took a year to record. To record this album an EMI console, a 16-track tape machine, a Fairchild limiters, and an EMT plate reverb were used....   [tags: clocks, frequency translator, guitar]

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The Setting And The Scene : Dirge For Two Veterans

- The Setting and the Scene: Dirge for two Veterans The poem “Dirge For Two Veterans” by Walt Whitman is an emotional story of a father-son funeral during the civil war and Whitman 's interpretation. The poems basis of the agony caused by death is counteracted by the beauty of the world. Whitman conveys his emotions using tone to directly relate to his feelings and imagery to indirectly capture his raw emotions concerning the deaths of the two soldiers. The emotional drama shown in the poem “Dirge For Two Veterans” is about more than death, it is about what the tragedy and pain that is death, and the confusing struggle to find beauty and peace in the midst of it....   [tags: Emotion, Tragedy, Feeling, Poetry]

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The Venue I Attended Was The Live Jazz

- The venue I attended was the Live Jazz Band held every Tuesday at the Coco Bar from eight to eleven at night. The name of the four man ensemble that I saw on September 27, was Mike Olivas Band with two special guests, Val Ponzio and Mike Minjarez. The ensemble had two bass guitar players, Mike Olivas and Mark Fowler, Bernard Brown (piano), and Erick (drums). However the guest for jazz night Val Ponzio, was a singer and songwriter for country music, but one of the bass players Mike Olivas played the guitar with her after the band finished playing and decided to take a break....   [tags: Bass guitar, Music, Rock music, Country music]

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My Favorite Dance Lab : West African

- Yaremi Ontiveros DAN 110-01; MW 11:00 am Final Self Reflection Paper Fall 2016 1.) My favorite dance lab was West African because I enjoyed dancing to the beat of the drums and learning about the history of the dance we performed. The choreographer mentioned that the dance we performed is normally performed to welcome outsiders. One reason why I found the dance lab enjoyable is because it was my first time dancing West African so I was vulnerable and less judgmental. Therefore, I did not feel hesitant in learning how to dance West African; instead, I was really into the dance and gave it all my energy....   [tags: Dance, History of dance, Performance, Dance music]

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What does Samba Represents to Brazil?

- The mass of almost one hundred thousand is edgy. The night is hot, humid, and alive with a feeling in the air so palpable you can almost trace it with your finger. The bleachers are filled to maximum capacity, along a mile-long stretch of paved roadway adjacent to an old brewery. People from all races, classes, and countries are celebrating together at the culmination of the orgiastic, pre-Lenten, hedonistic festival of Carnival. Soon, the first marchers proceed down the corridor to the booming cacophony of bass, snare, and friction drums....   [tags: Music History ]

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Cumbia The Folk Music of Colombia

- Cumbia the Folk Music of Colombia For Colombians, Cumbia is the best representation of our three ethnic backgrounds such as Colombian Indigenous, Africans and Spanish. Each culture brought its own language, corporal expressions, and passion. Cumbia was the product of history of pain and humiliation in the colonization time. In this paper, I will to share with you the importance of Cumbia music as an expression of culture and national pride for Colombians. Cumbia is a dance that evokes legendary ancestors, that has been passed from generation to generation....   [tags: dance, africans and spanish culture]

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Personal Opinion of Popular World Music

- Kecak is a form of Balinese dance that originated in the 1930s. It is also known as the “Ramayana Monkey Chant” because of the way the song is performed. Men are typically the ones that perform this piece of music. On CD 2 the song “Kecak” stuck out to me in a good way than the others. I say this because I really like the way it starts off. It starts off slow then speeds up. Also I like the fact that there are no instruments used in the piece. The musicians’ voices make the music and that really stands out the most to me....   [tags: music, voices, instruments, dance]

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows

- It 's in 2011 in which J.K. Rowling 's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 has been released. The drama of on-screen action is tied together with a wonderfully composed score from Alexandre Desplat. It is in this movie in which dark times are all too common in the wizarding world and the composer must tie together the enchantment and elegance from the score the first three films that John Williams brought wonderful scores to. This film is considered to be the dramatic buildup to the ultimate conclusion of the J.K....   [tags: Harry Potter]

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The Presentation Of The Philadelphia Orchestra

- I have had the pleasure to attend the Kimmel Center concerto on April 14th, 2016. The Kimmel Center is located at the Avenue of the Srts in Philadelphia, PA. I have gotten to see the Philadelphia Orchestra perform classical music. The event started exactly at 8pm, in the Verizon Hall, the home of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra had the Fabulous Philadelphians with Yannick Nezek Seguin was the conductor, Don S, Liuzzi on the Timpani and Ricardo Morales on the Clarinet. Yannick and the Orchestra have continued a proud tradition if giving musicians the opportunity to stand in front of the ensemble as soloists....   [tags: Orchestra, Musical instrument, Music]

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Comparison Between Metal and Grunge Music

- The musical genres for metal and grunge are often mistaken for the same genre. Many people make this mistake because the two are often loud, and the person listening to it does not give the music a chance to show its differences. Nevertheless, the two genres of music have some similarities, but also several important differences. One similarity that the two genres share is their guitar tones. Both of these genres use extreme amounts of distortion in their guitar playing. Both also have the high settings on their amps set to a higher level than their mids, to give the guitar tone a crisp crunchy sound....   [tags: Music]

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The Film ' Whiplash '

- The film whiplash, present an idea on what teens face during college, who are looking to give up after being thrown in directions they never been before. Having the opportunities that people have to offer to achieve their goals during college is helpful, and motivating even if it seems like it’s so hard to reach. Andrew a young teenager who had the love of the music in his blood since he was a kid, becoming a percussion player was not something his parents really wanted him to do, unlike his brother who would play football, get trophies they wanted Andrew to do something entertaining like his brother....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Music, Play]

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Buddhist Culture and Ceremony

- My group and I were fantasied by the Buddhist culture because of its architecture and that is known to be culture that means of changing oneself in order to develop qualities such as wisdom, kindness, peace, as these qualities would led a better life. We can to observe if this is displayed in a Buddhist ceremony and the best way to observe Buddhist culture was by going to one of their ceremonies. We visited a temple called Fo Guang Shah to witness their every Sunday prayer. In this essay, I analyze the power displayed in the ceremony because ideology and ruling class by looking at Athusser’s interpellation and theory of hegemony by Antonia Gramsci....   [tags: spirituality, temple, ideology]

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Native American Music

- Native American music has many different musical styles. Within every Native American tribe there is a variety of musical styles and instruments. In response to the research that I have conducted, there are three main musical styles that are going to be my point of focus. The Sioux Grass Dance, the Zuni Lullaby, and the Iroquois Quiver Dance are the principal methods which contribute to Native American music. The Sioux Grass Dance is considered to be the most popular style of Native American Music....   [tags: essays research papers]

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English: Poetry Commentary Haven’t I Danced the Big Dance? By Jack Mapanje

- English: Poetry Commentary Haven’t I Danced the Big Dance. By Jack Mapanje The poem ‘Haven’t I danced the big dance?’ by Jack Mapanje concerns the traditional rain dance of a proud tribesman. The modern representation of his dance that he sees today provokes this nostalgic and emotional response. The speaker, a formal tribal rain dancer, is thinking back to the time when he used to dance this traditional dance, and looking at the new generation, dancing only for show, with sadness. The poem is divided into three stanzas, the two first ones being dedicated to the past, when he was a dancer, and the last one to the present....   [tags: English Literature]

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- Drums are among the oldest musical instruments. The best known of percussion instruments, they are found throughout the world and in a great variety of shapes and sizes. A drum normally consists of a skin or other membrane, called a head, which is stretched over an enclosed space or over one or both ends of a hollow vessel. Exceptions include the African slit drum, made from a hollowed-out tree trunk, and the Caribbean steel drum, made from a metal barrel. Drums are usually played by the hands or by one or two sticks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Brave New World

- Aldous Huxley’s passage narrating a fertility rite conveys his reverence and awe for both the ritual and the people of the Old World. Huxley’s passionate imagery is aided by inspired diction and precise narrative pacing to evoke the excitement and sanctity of the affair. Through his voice comes realization of the ritual as genuine and crucial to a culture; this is in stark contrast to the baseless practice of the Solidarity Service held in the New World. The imagery in the passage is focused upon the participation of the people in the fertility ritual – its effect portrays a ceremony of the utmost sacredness....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Genre History: Blues

- ... Towards the end of the 19th century, music brought over to the states by African slaves began to develop. Work songs, chants and shouts were the beginnings of the earliest form of blues: Delta blues. Delta blues was so called after the Mississippi Delta, where the towns and plantations that the original blues men and women worked were located. “The guitar and the harmonica were the primary tool of the Delta bluesman, mostly due to the ease of carrying them around, and many of the musicians of the Early Blues era (1910-1950) were sharecroppers, or worked on one of the many plantations that were located across the Mississippi Delta.” (Gordon, 2014) As well as guitar and harmonica, homemade...   [tags: african slaves, work songs, chants]

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Heart of the Ghetto

- College Admissions Essay - Heart of the Ghetto I hear the heart of the Ghetto beating like the thunder of an army of ancient kettledrums. In it dwells the passion for prosperity, the power of peace, and the promise of pain. All of these components intertwine tightly as if to form a fine cloth; In this case a quality individual. The promise of pain, the pulse of the heart and the element, which is not self-explanatory, Exists because only in enduring suffering does one grow stronger. As the person grows stronger the heartbeat grows stronger....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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The Importance Of The Music Department Puts Together Free Concerts On Wednesdays At 12

- Latin Legacy Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the music is so delightful. Zesty music is all you need to keep warm during the winter season and Schoolcraft College can help you ease your winter blues. The place to be was on February 17th, 2016 at precisely noon in the Kehrl Auditorium of the stunning VisTaTech Center. When I walked into the door it was easy to see where the concert was going to be performed with a long line of spectators. As I was waiting in the line, I began to start small chat about these concerts with the fellow observers....   [tags: Jazz, Music, Puerto Rico, Blues]

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Can Nano Technology Help Clean Up Oil Spills in the Ocean and Seas?

- Oil spills has been an ongoing problem worldwide. Also, on a minor case it creates a hazardous effect on the environment. It is also very dangerous to the animals and their habitat. Most of the time, the damage it causes is irreversible. So the animals lose their homes causing them to be endangered. Increasing the quantity of oil drilling and oil shipping can certainly lead to a lot of oil spills. Existing strategies of cleaning up oil spills are not up to the task. Magnetic engineering (Nanotechnology) may well be the answer....   [tags: nanoparticles, oil spill, magnetic engineering]

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What Was Your Favorite Musical Moment Of The Event ( And Why )?

- 1. What was your favorite musical moment of the event (and why). My favorite musical moment during the event was when the band explained the meaning of a few songs performed. Each song announced had a different meaning and a different reason for it being written. For example, the one song was written after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship game and how they felt. This was interesting to hear because if you’ve grown up in Ohio for your whole life, you understand what that game meant to everyone....   [tags: Performance, Music, Concert, Audience]

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The Day My Little Brother Was The Best Most Of My Life

- The day my little brother was the best most of my life. At first, little did I know my instinct was catching up with what was happening, when I suddenly became envious towards my cousins playing with their younger siblings a few nights before, which apparently had a meaning. One of those nights, I cried myself to sleep in a corner, imagining how exciting it was to run around the living room after a little version of me who’d be laughing hysterically while trying to catch his or her breath. Instead, I was that littler version of an older sibling, running after me across the hallway while I’d half yell ‘mommy’ and choke from laughing too loud....   [tags: Family, Tears, Sibling, Sleep]

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All Black Everything: Analyzing African Influence throughout Puerto Rican Music

- Marcus Garvey once said, “The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness,” exemplifying not only that the African blood that flows through our veins is indeed wonderful, but is more a national treasure than a national tragedy. Countries across the world, in some form have been altered by the touch of the African influence whether that is socially and/or culturally. The same fate lies with the islands of the Caribbean, especially the island of Puerto Rico located in the Greater Antilles....   [tags: social phenomena]

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Analysis Of J Cole 's Third Studio Album, Born Sinner

- J Cole’s second studio album, Born Sinner, runs for fifty-nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds; however, its effect on an audience is indelible. The album implements a clever duality between reflection at sin and rejoice at morality. Furthermore, the album is bifurcated so that the sin occupies the beginning of the album and the morality occupies the end of it. The sum of these parts results in more than a collection of songs, but a cry of spiritual expression. Cole skillfully employs seriality in order to plant specific themes of sin, God, life, and morality into the listener’s mind....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, God, Rhetorical question]

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The Obvious-Bringing Wreck at the Asbury Lanes-LIVE! July 23rd

- The Obvious-Bringing Wreck at the Asbury Lanes-LIVE. July 23rd Punk rock is a very different art form these days, mostly due to the fact that the real purveyors are either dead, retired, or on to different things. So what’s left is the imitation. And while imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, it’s also a chance for new interpretations to rise from groups that follow the originals as influences and who have an eye on their own brand addition. Formed from the ideal of rebellion and a misfit society, The Obvious burst onto the scene with a snarl and bite of 1970s punkers like The Slits and The Cheap Nasties as well as more contemporary 1990s acts like The Breeders....   [tags: Music]

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The Spring Jazz Collaboration, Swing Band And Madrigal Ensemble

- I attended “The Spring Jazz Collaboration” featuring the “CSI Jazz Combo”, “Swing Band”, and “Madrigal Ensemble” on March 9th. At first I thought it was just going to be three people playing the saxophone, the drums, and the bass. I was obviously wrong. Each song had their unique sound. I really liked how each musician had their own solo because it helped me hear the instrument and know what they sound like and that’s coming from a person who had never experienced a Jazz concert. The concert was broken up into four different sections....   [tags: Jazz, Music, Saxophone, Singing]

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How Swing Dance and Jazz Music Impacted America

- My capstone project pertains to how swing dance and jazz music impacted America and the affects it had on the line of segregation during the time of the Great Depression. For many years the time and era of swing and jazz always amused me. Though they were hard times and people basically had nothing to live for, the fact that music, swing and jazz in particular, brought them to life, was a beautiful concept. Music and dance are two things that I believe gives people a reason to tolerate the adverse effects of the world....   [tags: great depression, new orleans]

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Analysis Of Bfa Recital By Berta Moreno Jazz

- The on-campus concert I attended was called BFA Recital by Berta Moreno Jazz Quartet. The concert occurred on November 23, 2015, at 12:00pm, in Shepard Hall 95 (City College). The name of the composer and conductor was Berta Moreno. The titles of the pieces being played were Little Steps, Spooky & Monroe, Broadway Bells, Mind the Gap, Lullaby for Radical and Option A. The type of group performing was a jazz band or specifically bebop. There were four musicians in the concert overall. Berta Moreno played a tenor saxophone, Kelly Green played a piano, Massimo Perepelica played a double bass, and Ruben Steijn played the drums....   [tags: Jazz, Music, Baritone saxophone, Saxophone]

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Samba and the National Identity of Brazil

- Art has always been used to symbolize one’s culture, history, society and national identity. Countries identify each other through their culture, their art. Art has many forms, one of them being music. One of the most famous music genres in the world is samba. Due to the fact that Samba is the musical life force of Brazil; it ultimately represents their national identity. To better understand why samba represents the Brazilian’s national identity, one has to understand the history of Brazil and samba....   [tags: Samba Music Essays]

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A brazen raisin waiting for the light

- In the novel A Raisin in the Sun There is a spectacular and awe-striking differences in both the black and white races abilities to travel out of their current dispositions. The black race remains stagnant in a familiar area, an urban environment, that they have been well acquainted with since they were birthed and the white race has historically had the financial earnings necessary to escape there familiar surroundings and immerse themselves in places of profound distances, boasting nuanced experiences and opportunities to ascertain with wide-eyed astonishment....   [tags: Social Standards, African Cultures]

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Music And Its Political And Cultural Influence

- Calypso Music and its Political and Cultural Influence When looking at music from Latin America, there are vast differences in the styles and types of music found. From Mexico’s mariachi to Brazil’s congado, music in Latin America is very different with each style having its own flavor. Each country possesses music that illustrates its history, and cultural evolution in its music, rhythm, and lyrics. For the southern and eastern Caribbean that music is Calypso. With its direct origins to African music and song, Calypso is intertwined with history and cultural evolution....   [tags: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Africa, Caribbean]

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The Modern Drum Kit ( 1861-1865 )

- Less than a Century old, the modern drum kit is a relatively new instrument, however, the drums have been the driving force and heartbeat of popular music through the times. From the change through marching music, to jazz, big bands and rock, the drums have been used as a means of keeping time, and of musical expression. During the period of the Civil War (1861-1865) marching music dominated the music scene. Every military unit had its own squad of musicians, usually formed according to locality....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Percussion instrument, Bass drum]

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Heavy Metal Music: History and Misconceptions

- Heavy Metal Music: History and Misconceptions Heavy metal music has been a source of social controversy since its early beginnings. It started out as a new age form of rock. Heavy metal brought a new look and sound to rock. The early heavy metal musicians decided to tune their guitars down, increase the tempo, play guitars and drums faster, and get a more grungy sound. The musicians also decided to wear tight, ripped, black clothing, chains, spikes, and combat boots. Most people did as anyone would expect them to do when faced with something fairly new, they found it strange and looked down on it....   [tags: social controversy, rock, heavy metal]

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War Is Kind By Stephen Crane

- The poem “War is Kind” by Stephen Crane gives light to the women who are affected by the men that are in the military. By stating “war is kind” is really the exact opposite because war is not kind, it is gruesome, horrific, and deadly. How it shows irony by insinuating that war is a pleasant thing but then talking death and pain. The language brings attention and glorifies the symbolism behind war. It gives imagery by giving you a picture of the actions that are being brought out in each stanza....   [tags: Death, Poetry, Stephen Crane]

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Marilyn Manson And The Shock Rock

- Marilyn Manson and The Shock Rock Effect on America Marilyn Manson is a shock rock and industrial rock band known for their gothic stage shows and controversial music during the 1990s and the 2000s. Discovered by Nine Inch Nails producer Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson produced extremely gothic industrial metal albums aimed towards young people who enjoyed trash metal, death metal, industrial rock, and grunge. This enabled the band to gain a cult following that eventually broke into the mainstream, getting major hits and Grammy nominations....   [tags: Heavy metal music, Rock music, Nine Inch Nails]

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The Power and Influence of the Obeah Man and Folk Healing in Jamaican Culture

- The Power and Influence of the Obeah Man and Folk Healing in Jamaican Culture Rhetoric of Reggae Term Paper It's late in the 17h century and the Europeans are craving more sugar for their English tea and French coffee. Several islands are “discovered” in the Caribbean, which appear to have a sugar surplus as well as low occupancy. Now there was tons of sugar but no one to cut down the plants except for Africans rounded up and squeezed into a ship headed towards their new home. Standing shoulder to shoulder with practically no room to breathe, the slaves were hardly thinking about the new diseases they were about to encounter let alone the musical instruments left at home....   [tags: essays papers]

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