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A Career as a NASCAR Driver

- NASCAR is a multibillion dollar family owned and operated sports industry. It was founded by Bill France, Sr. in 1947-48. From 1947-48 NASCAR has changed and developed throughout the years. Having a career as a NASCAR driver and racing competitively can be the best thing for a person who loves to drive fast.7 Of course, to become a driver for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, you would have to start from the bottom and work your way up to professional racing....   [tags: Becoming a NASCAR Driver]

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Taxi Driver and the Hollywood Renaissance

- Largely influenced by the French New Wave and other international film movements, many American filmmakers in the late 1960s to 1970s sought to revolutionize Hollywood cinema in a similar way. The New Hollywood movement, also referred to as the “American New Wave” and the “Hollywood Renaissance,” defied traditional Hollywood standards and practices in countless ways, creating a more innovative and artistic style of filmmaking. Due to the advent and popularity of television, significant decrease in movie theater attendance, rising production costs, and changing tastes of American audiences, particularly in the younger generation, Hollywood studios were in a state of financial disaster....   [tags: Taxi Driver Essays, Film]

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Should Teenagers Be Allowed For Their Driver 's License

- Whether or not teenagers should be allowed to get their driver 's license at age sixteen is a known topic across the United States. One of the causes for this argument is the number of fatalities caused by young drivers. Evidence shows, “In 2012, 1,875 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 died in motor vehicle crashes and an additional 184,000 young drivers were injured, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” (“Teen Drivers”). Most accidents are caused by young drivers....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Driving]

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Personal Note On Driver 's License

- Driver’s License I didn 't know what cold was. In fact, the closest thing to cold was a few Christmas ago when it was about sixty degrees and we almost die from hypothermia. On 2009 I was living in Rehoboth, Delaware and it was about to get cold. The winter will not only take the heat away, but also jobs and housing for immigrants like me. As the days got shorter and darker I made my plans. I was going to buy a car, move in it, and drive across the country to find a better version of myself....   [tags: Automobile, Driving, Driver's license]

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How to Become a Professional Racing Driver

- I. Attention Getter: Ryan Newman, one of the most successful racing driver on the NASCAR grid, walked through these very corridors, sat in these very benches and considering COM 114 is an engineering degree requirement, took this very class 13 years ago before graduating as a vehicular structural engineer. II. Relating to the Audience: I believe that cars have fascinated most (if not all) of you at some point of time in your life, be it their loud growly engines, sleek looks or the sheer excitement that comes along a racing weekend....   [tags: racing driver, nascar, formula 1]

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From Driver to Owner: A Comedy of Trials

- ... The downside, however, is that these establishments, much like a used car lot, tend to offer older, well-worn equipment. Much of their stock may have mechanical deficiencies. With the driver responsible for the mechanical maintenance and upkeep on his equipment, this may ultimately become cost-prohibitive over time, leaving him with difficulty in making his payments, be they weekly or monthly. Additionally, due to the in-house financing option, the interest may be very high, or the down payment required might be beyond what the driver is capable of producing....   [tags: driver, business, truck, equipment, lender]

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The Minimum Driving Age : An Unrestricted Driver

- The minimum driving age differs depending on the province in Canada. In BC, the minimum driving age is 16. However, In BC we operate with a graduated system for the driver’s licenses. That is to say, According to ICBC (2015) once an adolescent reaches the age of 16 they must first obtain an L, or Learners by passing a knowledge test. After one year of supervised training the adolescent a road test, passing this road test awards them with an N, or Novice. After two years of safe driving unsupervised driving, the adolescent must take one last road test to be an unrestricted driver....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driving test]

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I Am A Driver 's License

- It was the night before my driver’s test, and with each passing hour I felt the anxiety creep into my veins. Vying for first place with high school graduation and prom night, receiving a driver’s license is one of the biggest milestones in a teenager’s life. A driver’s license means midnight runs to Sheetz, road trips to the beach, and rides to the mall without your mom blowing kisses from the car as you walk sheepishly towards your friends. What more could a teenager want than these perks. Of course, I was hyper-aware of all that was at stake in regards to my driver’s test....   [tags: Driving, Automobile, Test, Driver's license]

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How I Get Driver License

- How to Get Driver License Having a driver license is very significant and beneficial nowadays. Getting a driver license is extremely important in our lives, especially for young adults, because acquiring a driver license does not just mean they can drive and go where they want, but also it is a greater responsibility since they are beginning to live their lives like adults not as children. Also, there are a lot of immigrants that come to the USA, and they have to get a driver license to be able to go and provide for their families requirements, but they do not know how to begin....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driving test]

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Driver Education Is The Leading Cause Of Death For Teenagers Across The United States

- Driver Education Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the United States. Accidents are caused when students don’t take Driver’s Education while they’re in school and wait to get their license at the age of 18. “Studies show that 1,651 drivers age 16 to 20 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2013.” That’s just two years ago and each year accident rates goes up rapidly. Youth don’t have the sources and the class time to take in all the information to help prepare them for the actual driving test....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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How I Get Your Driver 's License

- How to Get your Driver 's License As a kid, I have always wanted to be able to drive and get my drivers license. I was always told “nope, not yet” or “no, you aren’t old enough yet”. This just only made me want to get it even more. All those years of me sitting in the back just patiently waiting to get my license was almost unbearable. Soon enough the time came for me to start to think about getting my license, but little did I know how long the process of getting it was going to be. The first step is that kids have to make sure they are of minimum age in order to attend segment one of drivers training....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Passport]

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Demand Transport 's Definition Of A Quality Driver

- In order to begin generating solutions for On-Demand Transport much information needs to be ascertained. The company needs to give a detailed description of the type of recruits it is looking to attract. What is On- Demand Transport’s definition of a quality driver. What type of knowledge, skills, attributes and other characteristics are sought after in quality drivers (Whitaker-GFB Ch. 1). First and foremost, if not already done so, a job analysis should have been made for the driver position in order to determine the necessary KSAO’s for the position....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Competence, The Driver]

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The Importance Of Becoming A Licensed Driver Changed My Life

- Becoming a teenager and then an adult, there are so many challenges and responsibilities. Becoming a licensed driver changed my life. From the time I was old enough to play video games, playing racing games was always my favorite. What does video games and driving in real life have to do with each other. They helped me to become a safe and more cautious individual. The video games used a simulator type steering wheel and gas pedal. Using this helped me get an idea of how to use the wheel and pedal properly....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Learning, Driving test]

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How Haley Was An Incompetent Driver Under Alabama Common Law

- II. The court will likely find that Haley was an incompetent driver under Alabama common Law Incompetency goes to reliability in all that is essential to make up a reasonably safe person. Rush v. McDonnell, 106 So. 175, 177 (1925). The incompetence of a driver is measured by the driver’s demonstrated ability to properly drive a vehicle. Halford v. Alamo Rent-A-Car, LLC, 921 So. 2d 409, 414 (Ala. 2005). One who is habitually negligent may, on that account, be incompetent. Crotwell v. Cowan, 184 So....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Traffic law]

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Taxi Driver, Directed by Martin Scorsese

- “Taxi Driver” New York City that is depicted in Taxi Driver seems to be too real to be true. It is a place where violence runs rampant, drugs are cheap, and sex is easy. This world may be all too familiar to many that live in major metropolitan areas. But, in the film there is something interesting, and vibrant about the streets that Travis Bickle drives alone, despite the amount of danger and turmoil that overshadows everything in the nights of the city. In the film “Taxi Driver” director Martin Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader find and express a trial that many people face, the search for belonging and acceptance....   [tags: Film Films Movies Movie Taxi Driver]

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The Western Revisited in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver

- The Western Revisited in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver One need only peruse his impressive filmography to realize that Martin Scorsese's corpus spans several decades and extends across as many genres. As a veteran filmmaker (and self professed cinephile) Scorsese must understand that the Western is the oldest Hollywood genre which, like all genres, is defined according to specific motifs, iconography, conventions and themes (Mast, 468). In fact, by deliberately invoking the codes and conventions of the Western to underpin Taxi Driver (1976), he demonstrates his virtuosic mastery of the genre....   [tags: Film Movie Taxi Driver Scorses Papers]

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Drunk Driving Advertisements : Drunk Driver

- Drunk Driving Ads For this paper, I looked at two ads that I found extremely powerful. The first ad has a picture of a woman who cannot be recognized at all, with a picture of what she used to like in the bottom left corner of the ad. The ad states that “not everyone that gets hit by a drunk driver dies.” Thus revealing the woman as a victim of a drunk driver. The second ad that I have selected was a picture of a parking stall for handicapped drivers. The ad has in bold white letters “Every 48 seconds, a drunk driver makes another person eligible to park here.” These ads are both powerful in their own sense, however, the ad with the victim of the drunk driver strikes me much harder than th...   [tags: Drunk driving, Remove Intoxicated Drivers]

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Application Of A Job As An Hgv Driver

- HGMS is a recruitment agency that specializes in Logistics and transportation services all over the UK. We provide services solution that are well managed, by supplying our clients with qualified Van and HGV drivers. Currently, we are looking for Class 2 HGV drivers to recruit on behalf our client who has several branches in every part of Bradford. We are interested in recruiting HGV drivers, who are customer oriented and can be trusted on delivering building supplies, across West Yorkshire in accordance to our client 's directives....   [tags: Recruitment, Employment, Employment agency]

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What Type of Driver Are You?

- As I make a typical trip across town to the store, I experience a variety of drivers along the way. I will most certainly get cut off once or twice by those in a bigger hurry, and should a slower driver be out and about, I will definitely get behind them. I believe we each have our own driving styles and that our driving styles change as we age. Through my own personal observations and years of driving experience, I have labeled and categorized the three driving styles I believe to be most common in America....   [tags: driving, style, behavior, habits, age, experience]

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`` An Ambulance Driver And A Marine ``

- The Great War highlighted new beginnings for Americans, such as the uses of propaganda to not only persuade men to enroll, but to encourage women to work in place for their husbands. The response to propaganda was successful because the countless posters inspired men to enlist in the army and fight for their country. Before the war, men imagined themselves as heroes, and women over romanticized the war. American men did not realize how brutal the war would be until they were in battle and experienced it firsthand....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Artillery]

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The Trolley Driver And Transplant Cases

- When addressing the Trolley Driver and Transplant cases, philosophers and people alike tend to run into a moral problem. In both cases, the doctor and the trolley driver have to choose between intervening with the problem in which they are facing, which in both cases will save five people, or letting the problem run its course, which will save only one person’s life. The common problem philosophers face with these two cases is that the majority of people believe it is morally permissible to intervene in the Trolley Driver case, but morally impermissible to intervene in the Transplant case....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Morality]

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Distracted Driver On The Car

- Another life was taken because of a distracted driver on Saturday, November 12, 2012. In Porterville, California, a Cadillac sedan driver veered into oncoming traffic as he searched for his ringing cell phone. According to ‘Distracted Driving Accidents,’ the driver lost his cell phone, and he began to look for it when the phone started to ring. As he searched for his phone, the driver became distracted and took his eyes off of the road. As a result, the driver of the Cadillac sedan and the three passengers that were also in the car were moderately injured and taken to the hospital....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Bluetooth]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Taxi Driver '

- In 1981, Hinckley was living in Evergreen when he unexpectedly became one of the most infamous figures in the United States. After a prolonged stay at the Golden Hours Motel on West Colfax, and regular meals at the McDonald 's across the street, Hinckley visited Washington, D.C., and on March 30 of the same year, he shot President Ronald Reagan as he was leaving the Hilton Hotel, where he had addressed a labor conference. At that time, Hinckley also attacked a Secret Service agent, a police officer, and Reagan 's press secretary, James Brady, who was severely wounded but survived to become the namesake of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence....   [tags: Insanity defense, Mental disorder, Law, Crime]

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A Interview With The Taxi Driver

- “Come on Luke, we are going to be late for the Taxi,” I said. I was putting on the last finishing touches of my make up on when the phone rang. Leo the Taxi Driver was calling letting us know he was waiting in the front lobby for us. “Do you think this is a good idea Miranda?” I mean we don’t even know this Taxi driver Leo. This is a foreign country,” Luke said concerning. Leo had been driving us around for the past four days. I felt like he was a longtime friend. Another couple that we had talked to has had Leo for a driver there the last three times they were on vacation....   [tags: English-language films, American films, Tent]

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Television Is A Key Driver Of Obesity

- Introduction The prevalence of obesity particularly in the US has progressively increased over the past half a century. According to Boulos, Vikre, Oppenheimer, Chang & Kanarek (2012), this has resulted in a major public health concern as the number of obese individuals, both adults and children, continues to rise reaching epidemic proportions. The World Health Organization (2006) states that obesity is caused by an energy imbalance between consumed calories and expended calories. Some of the factors that promote obesity include the increased intake of energy foods that are high in sugars and fats but low in minerals, vitamins and other valuable nutrients; and the shifting trend towards dec...   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight, Television]

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The Case With The Drunk Driver

- When it come to the case with the drunk driver it seems that the judge’s personal feeling made the decision versus the law. The drunk driver should not have to hang his family members photos that were in the wreck. He also should not have to send each one of them a dollar monthly just for the reason of not forgetting what he had done. The photos and the monthly dollar fee is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment. It is humiliating to him and causes him suffering and therefore it should be unacceptable....   [tags: Murder, Capital punishment, Prison]

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Driver's License for the Unodumented

- The United States has found that there is approximately 13 million illegal immigrants residing within its borders and that number is predicted to rise with the years to come. Although there is no definite number; there is a great chance that more than half of these 13 million illegal immigrants drive illegally in the United States. This means that there are more than six million drivers on the roads who are not educated on American traffic laws, who are not registered on the government database, and who have no insurance to cover their accidents....   [tags: illegal immigration, licensing aliens]

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Annuity As A Viable Investment Driver

- INTRO DUCTION: Annuity is known as the set of equal series of payments, which is made each year. Previously, people used to pay a specific amount to the governments and in return the government used to give benefits to those people. There are several characteristics of annuity such as it is considered as a viable investment driver, which is only considered as the only suitable option in commercial investments because of the nondeductible nature of the annuity. In addition to this, there is no limit as well and annuity holder could invest unlimited funds in an investment and contribution plan....   [tags: Discounted cash flow, Net present value]

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The Murder Of A Bus Driver

- As mentioned previously, the extortion crimes are not in the ranges of big sums of money, but to go into more detail, an account of MS-13’s murder of a bus driver shows that they “murdered him because of $21” (Martínez). A 15-year-old gang member provided an interview with The New York Times and it was revealed that he extorts food trucks and collects around $15 a month, but gives all of the proceeds to gang leaders to buy weapons. It was revealed that this boy was bullied at the age of 13 and sought “a sense of belonging” (Martínez) which was the reason for his gang membership....   [tags: Gang, Los Angeles, United States]

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Bus Driver Stopped The Bus

- They all loaded onto the bus at 8:52 A.M right after P.E. Then Mr. OJ stepped on the bus and told them that they need to respect the people also, other people there. Then he stepped off and the bus driver closed the door to take off. They pulled on to the interstate to head to Kansas City. When they started to get on the interstate, they noted there weren’t many cars on the interstate as usual. After driving for hour or so they weren’t any more cars they were the only ones. As we went over this big hill there were miles of cars....   [tags: Automobile, Walking, Truck]

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The Taxi Driver, By Friedman

- “The taxi driver” by Friedman (2006) express a modern day situation where a passenger and a taxi driver both focus on their devices instead of communicate to each other. While the taxi driver is talking on the phone and playing a movie on the panel instead of the G.P.S. road map. Friedman which the passenger also try to finish his work on his laptop and listen to the music from his iPod. Friedman believes that the improvement technology is the reason he did not get to have a conversation with the taxi driver because both of them are too focus on their devices instead of opening up their mouth....   [tags: English-language films, Family]

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Tips For A Computer Driver

- Before I tell you how to upgrade or even just download and install your drivers for you computer, let me explain what they are. A computer driver is a piece of software that allows your hardware to run correctly and communicate with each other. Without these drivers, Your computer will not be able to talk to it 's hardware, and your hardware wont function correctly. Drivers are needed for Video, Sound, and Bios Readings as well as any other peripheral devices. DO not let your computer go without these drivers or else you will rip your hair out trying to get hardware to run....   [tags: Personal computer, Computer, Integrated circuit]

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Driver of Our Own Destiny

- The struggle is not about driving a car; it is about being in the driving seat of our destiny -Oslo 2012 Václav Havel Prize Acceptance Speech Late May 2011, a YouTube channel by the name of ksawomen2drive posted an eight minute video. The first day it was up it became the most viewed clip in Saudi Arabia, and became so popular it started trending worldwide. Any non-Arabic viewer might have been slightly baffled by its popularity. To them it would merely be a clip of a woman in a hijab driving while talking to her passenger, and a poorly filmed clip at that....   [tags: crime, video, arrest, women, society]

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Who Is A Better Driver?

- Who is a better driver - teenagers or adults. Who is more responsible while driving. Many people would say an adult, but that is not always the case. Everyone gets distracted at some point while they are driving, even if they do not admit it. The age of a person, what gender they are, or what race they are does not matter, they have probably driven distracted. AT&T is the company who created “The Unseen - It Can Wait” ad which is about distracted driving, specifically, texting and driving. Most people consider this a sad, emotional commercial trying to get people to think about their actions and not text while driving, but there is more to this ad....   [tags: Text messaging, Mobile phone, SMS]

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Communication Skill Driver of Success

- S. Guerrero Mr. Rear English IV, Period 3 6 December 2013 Communication Skill Diver of success In the digital age, technology advance faster than ever before. While human interaction replace with use: of text messaging, email and other form of media. Losing treasure human communication skills that have allowed mankind survive all endeavors. Human communication skills require through life. Essential in, the cooperation with people. Making people to like you rather become hateful. Improving productivity among fellow peers and co-worker....   [tags: human relation, leadership, human skills]

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Martin Scorcese's Taxi Driver

- ... The slow panning of the gun was able to show the detail of the gun and enforce its strength and intensity. By using panning it exhibits setting, important props to the scene, and detail. One reoccurring theme Scorsese displayed in his film was jazz music. After most important scenes a specific jazz melody would play to tie all the events in the film together. For instance, after Travis had drank coffee with Betsy the jazz music would play. The jazz rendition would also play in the background while he narrates the story....   [tags: film analysis]

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Increasing the Driver´s Age

- Car crashes are the leading cause of severe injury and death among teenagers. "In 2010, seven teens aged 16-19 died everyday from motor vehicle injuries." (Injury Prevention and Control: Motor Vehicle Safety) The reason these accidents are happening is because too many teens are getting behind the wheel without enough experience or common sense. Many studies have shown that teens are more likely to be distracted, experiment with drugs and alcohol, and take more risks in general with their vehicles....   [tags: accidents, distract, vehicles]

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Fallacies, The Real Driver

- Fallacies, the Real Driver Introduction “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” (Vladimir Lenin) It means, that if the people are told a lie considerably, the people would not know what is truly genuine. People will believe in whatever anyone tells them, sole, because they hear it casually it becomes their norm. It is practically a mean of indoctrinate an individual. Throughout history and today, politicians always needed public support for anything they ever needed or wanted. How does one get the support of the people....   [tags: Germany, Nazi Germany, Nazism, Adolf Hitler]

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Driver 27

- I have always had great jobs. I even have a great job here on campus. I work for Campus Public Safety as a Student Security Officer. For those who are unfamiliar with what we do… we are the dedicated students driving the shuttles everyday and night, rain or shine, snow or ice. It is a physically and mentally demanding job. The training alone is a heavy workout. There was the 2 hour long suicide prevention class, the hour and a half driver training on the shuttle, the 3 hour long defensive driver class… it’s a lot to take in at once....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Mandatory Driver Education

- Mandatory Driver Education Motor vehicle crashes cause over seven percent of teen deaths each year. Although this is true, according to Janet Adams, “Over the last decade, teen graduation from driver education classes has plunged from 100 percent to about 50 percent. During the same time period, injury accidents involving 16 to 19 year-olds have increased 55 percent.” Do these statistics reflect the removal of driver education from most school systems in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is one of the few districts with a driver education program offered during the school year....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Marketing of Taylor Made's Rocketballz Driver

- The product I will discuss is the Rocketballz driver which is manufactured by the brand Taylor Made. This essay will discuss the how the marketing concept has been applied by Taylor Made by using relevant information such as the marketing mix on how the Rocketballz driver will provide value and benefit to its target market. Taylor Made are one of the leading golf manufacturers in the world and have a reputation of quality and innovation. This is shown by the number of golf professional who uses their equipment....   [tags: golf, distribution, club]

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Why I Am A Great Driver

- How to be a great driver Being a good driver is important due to the fact that accident rates are sky rocketing. When driving down a road and seeing someone cut a driver off it will create an angry environment. Many drivers will follow rules and will cause problems which will cause many different accidents. Many teen drivers are considered the worst driver but in fact teens breaking the rules is not as bad as it seems. How does a person react when seeing a tire go bad. there are ways that a driver can react to that but there are two main ways that a driver should know about when driving....   [tags: English-language films, Automobile]

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Ambulance Driver Negligence

- Statute 444 reads, “Whoever shall during parturition of the mother destroy the vitality or life in a child in a state of being born and before actual birth, which child would otherwise have been born alive, shall be confined in the penitentiary for life or for not less than five years.” This discussion deals with the applicability of this statute to an incident wherein four pregnant women suffered damage to their fetuses as the result of an ambulance driver’s negligence. Any interpretation of a statute by the courts must examine the language used in that statute very closely....   [tags: Pregnant Women, Babies, Court, Case ]

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Solving the Trolley Driver and the Transplant Cases

- The “Trolley Driver” case and the “Transplant” case are very similar: if we choose to intervene, only one individual will die, whereas, if we do not intervene, five individuals will die. Therefore, in both cases we are given the option to save the lives of five people at the price of one person’s. Both cases also try to explore the notion of “moral permission.” Although both cases are similar structurally, the context of the cases differs significantly. In the Trolley Driver case it is morally permissible to turn the trolley onto the one person, killing him and saving the five....   [tags: intervention, organs, death]

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Destracted Driver Penalties

- I believe that California should have stricter punishment for motorist who text and drive I also believe that stricter punishments would ensure that distracted driver will adhear to the law and keep our streets and roads safe from people who chose to put others at risk just because they feel it necessary to send a texts while driving. On September 28, 2008 then-Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law legislation that prohibited the transmission of text messages while operating a motor vehicle and fines for first time offender would be $20.00 and second time offender 50.00....   [tags: Text and Drive]

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My Grandfather: The Story of a Cab Driver

- My Grandfather, now 74, is a retired cab driver after around forty sum odd years on that specific job. At the beginning, he was just another Mexican immigrant wandering around towns aimlessly searching for a job. He hadn’t lived in El Paso until about thirty-five years ago when he had my mother in this town and my Uncles in other towns. His three children my Uncles Raul, Joe, and his daughter Brenda (, my mother,) continue his name through their children or his grandchildren. I sat there in his living room eating burritos for lunch as he had agreed to meet with me at his house around two o'clock in the afternoon....   [tags: personal history]

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Reform in the Driver’s Education System

- A multitude of families remain devastated due to the growing problem of many young people’s lives being cut short as a result of irresponsible driving. The amount of fatalities among young people through automobile accidents must be decreased. Of all the causes of death, car accidents are the leading cause of young people ages 15-29 years old. The rate of road traffic fatalities is predicted to be the fifth leading cause of death, of all ages, by the year 2030 (“Annual United States”). In a nationwide study, 13% of 11th grade US high school students admitted to driving while intoxicated, otherwise known as DWI....   [tags: irresponsibly driving, car accidents]

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Motivation Is The Main Driver For Achieving Objectives

- One cannot deny that motivation is the main driver for achieving objectives, led by their own thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is a process of voluntary decision of the individual for a certain deliberate action or inaction in a particular situation. Motivation is a factor determining the behavior of workers in a given environment, their physical and intellectual participation and willingness to work exactly in this company with this team. When in one person arises the desire to conquer a goal, he feels the need to do it one way or another and this leads to his justification....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation]

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My Utah Driver 's License

- When I hold up my Utah driver’s license against its counterpart from another state, they look entirely different. The classes I had to take, the test that was provided, the materials I had to learn, are as diverse as the two licenses are in appearance. These differences don’t stop there. Everything that the driver’s license entails can vary widely as well. Washington State licenses provide enhanced passport abilities. (DHS) Arizona licenses don’t expire until you are 65. (azdot) Even the age you are allowed to drive can change from state to state....   [tags: United States]

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Taxi Driver Masculinity Theory Analysis

- Taxi Driver Masculinity Theory analysis Released in 1976, the screenplay is set in a post-Vietnam War America. Robert DiNiro, the main character in the movie by the name of Travis Bickle, claims to be an ex marine and a Vietnam War veteran who drives a taxi at night in NYC. In his screenplay, the Taxi Driver, Martin Scoses suggests Travis Bickle a main character who undertakes the role of a cowboy, to be someone who embodies the masculine and violent traits in pre counter culture America, but also someone who represents elements of western mythology....   [tags: life, masculine, violent, hero]

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The Cause of Deaths and Accidents: Drivers

- Everyday there are hundreds of deaths and accidents all around the world. Many of these deaths occur on one arena, an arena that slowly fuses itself into civilization, without anyone being the wiser. Every perpetrator bears the same label: a driver. However, they are all different people living different lives in different parts of the world. In an unusual world, like the one that humans live in, this “driver” becomes an integral part of society. Every road, if big enough, is packed with thousands of cars everyday....   [tags: driver, worker, society, road]

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Current Driver’s Education: A Troubling Issue for America

- Current Driver’s Education: A Troubling Issue for America From the March 2003 invasion of Iraq until September of 2006, about 2,600 American troops were killed in combat and war-related incidents (Wilson 18). Did you know during that same 41-month period, more than 22,000 teenagers, ages 15 to 19, died in traffic accidents on U.S. roads. (Wilson 18). That number has now escalated to approximately 4,500 soldiers and over 40,000 teens lost. Parents in the United States have relied on driver’s education and training to prepare their teens for the responsibility of driving....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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A lesson from a truck driver

- A Lesson from a Truck Driver This story is about a lesson that my friends and I learned from a truck driver. It was a fine day when two of my best friends and I were walking home from school. We were in second grade and just immature as everybody else in our age. As we were walking on the sidewalk I found a big sucker on the ground. I wanted to have some fun and told one of my friends, Junghee, that if he is brave enough, he could throw that sucker and hit a car driving by. He hesitated for a while and I started to make fun of him for being such a chicken....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Effect of Driver Fatigue Influence by Road Condition

- Each person will feel tired and everyone can affected by fatigue. Fact, researchers difficult to define the term of fatigue because of multidimensional construct. (May andBaldwin, 2009).In the heavy vehicle industry, there are estimation made that fatigue ia a factor in up to 30% of fatal crashes and 15% of serious injury crashes. Even, it also contributes to approximately 25% of insurance losses(, fatigue is defined subjectively by self-reporting and defined objectivelyby degraded performance....   [tags: fatigue, vehicle, sleepiness, driving, illness]

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Religion & Purification in Taxi Driver

- "He's a profit and a pusher. Partly truth partly fiction. A walking contradiction." - Kris Kirstofferson In Martin Scorcese's Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle repeatedly expresses two ideas that are central to the film. First, Travis has an undying wish to purify the world. He wants to rid his city of all the evil and scum that currently inhabits the city's cold and damp streets. Second, is the method by which Travis tries to obtain his goals. Travis Bickle tries to clean up his city by methods similar to those of religious figures....   [tags: Film]

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History Made by Danica Patrick, NASCAR Driver

- Racing Her Way Into History “I just understand that if you put the hard work in before you go out there that you can have a little peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can and just let it happen.” Danica Patrick had been a very powerful role model to women everywhere. She has changed history and society for women by being the first woman to win the Daytona 500 poll or any NASCAR premier series event, breaking the NASCAR barrier between men and women, and also winning Japan’s Indy 300, a very important race....   [tags: Daytona 500, racing, women]

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The Effects of Text Messaging on Young Novice Driver Performance

- Monash University (Melbourne, Victoria) conducted a study on the effects of text messaging on young novice driver performance; the results were published in February 2006 by Simon Hosking, Kristie Young, and Michael Regan. The study was sponsored by the National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) Motoring and Services, and NRMA insurance. This essay will cover the background to the study and accompanying information such as the research question, and the objectives. Secondly, this essay will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the study....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Who Was An Ambulance Driver During World War I

- C. R. W. Nevison, who was an ambulance driver during World War I, was commission by the British War Memorials Committee to create a painting that would hang in the Hall of Remembrance (Walsh 203). The painting, The Harvest of Battle, is an oil painting that he completed in 1919 that depicted a line of soldiers appearing to be walking back from a battle. The colors, murky yellows and dark browns, are similar to John Singer Sargent’s painting Gassed (Sargent), thus making the viewer make the connection that poison gas was used in this painting as well....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Chemical warfare, War]

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Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick

- According to Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia[4], “From 2002 to the latest survey data as of 2012,[2] 29% of first marriages among women aged 15–44 were disrupted (ended in separation, divorce or annulment) within 10 years. [3]” This is alarmingly a high rate of marriage failure. After reading the novel by Jordan Sonnenblick, “Notes From the Midnight Driver” [1], I am submitting a research paper on the topic, “Family Divorce” using the situation of the novel as an example. Alex’s dad, in the novel, ran away from his marriage with Alex’s 3rd Grade teacher....   [tags: family divorce research paper]

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The Between The And The Car Driver Before Commission Of The Contract

- Question 1 a)Is there a contract term regarding the temperature at which the cheese must be refrigerated. [14 marks] Yes, she took reasonable steps to express to both the operator and the truck driver before commission of the contract that ‘it was important that the cheese be chilled to at least one degree.’ 1 This in it is unambiguous and in its natural and ordinary meaning requires that the drive have the cheese chilled at one degree. 1New Ferry Co v Robertson (1906) 4 CLR 379 b)Is the exclusion clause effectively incorporated into the contract....   [tags: Contract, Common law, Tort, Standard form contract]

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How Ebay Is A Key Driver Of Ebay 's Success

- 2. How ‘eBay’ has differentiated from its major competitors. There is a need for companies to review and realign their marketing strategy. This is done on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain competitive in the market they compete in. According to Sterling (2003:27) product life cycles have reduced, technology undergoes major step changes and with rapid frequency, markets are subjected to swift sporadic change. Furthermore, Damanpour (2010:1007) extends Sterling’s view by adding that, deregulation and increased global competition provides an extra dimension to having a competitive advantage and the economic benefit derived from it....   [tags: Electronic commerce, EBay, Customer service]

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Why Sustainability Is Now The Key Driver Of Innovation

- In a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, “Why Sustainability is now the Key Driver of Innovation”, the contributors argue against the common view: that as businesses become more environmentally friendly they become less competitive and profitable (Nidumolu, Prahalad, & Rangaswami, 2009) The contributors go on to say that companies who initiate environmental sustainability will develop competencies that competitors won’t be able to match and that ultimately, “sustainability will always be an integral part of development” (Nidumolu et al., 2009)....   [tags: Sustainability, Recycling, Triple bottom line]

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Informatics: Innovation Driver for Technical and Social Progress?

- For ages scientists and industrialists have harnessed the power of what data and information can do. Information is the sole driver and decider of many small questions and conundrums that matter a lot. Earlier, the computing power was mostly used for performing calculation and computation tasks, not much attention was given towards relationship between information and daily lives of people both at work and home. Look around, everything that you hear, see and feel is information. Number of people boarding buses,trains and aeroplanes directly decides the efficiency in terms of speed and fuel efficiency....   [tags: Information Technology]

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I Am My Driver 's License

- This one time I got my driver 's license. Mind you, it took me eight tests to pass. One can already infer how amazing of a driver I am. One must also feel some sympathy for me and my companion as we drove down the packed street, yelling and cursing at people to move out of the way. Arsen 's hands rest on top of mine, steering the bike in the straight. His cool cheek slightly brushes against mine and his bloodshot eyes focus on the road like never before. Trust me, there 's nothing romantic about this scenario ....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2005 singles, 2006 singles]

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The Black Slave Driver

- The Black Slave Driver During the time of slavery in America, on several plantations certain slaves who had unique qualities were given special privileges. The slave who was honest, hard-working, not too talkative and who seemed to have a good sense of judgment, would be selected to be the plantations slave driver. The drivers were selected as men who were able to bargain, bribe and flatter the slaves so that they wouldn’t revolt , and in rare cases punish the slaves if they misbehaved....   [tags: Papers]

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Drunk Driver's Don't Deserve Second Chances

- When someone makes the decision to consume alcoholic beverages, it should go without saying that they should also be choosing to be a responsible drinker. Being a responsible drinker means not consuming more alcohol than their body can handle and more importantly, not getting behind the wheel of any type of vehicle after drinking. In an article written by high school student Steven Engler, he says it well; “If you choose to use it, do it responsibly, and don’t put anyone’s life in danger, including your own.” (New York Times, 2003) No matter the person’s age or the type of alcohol consumed, alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions and ability to think clearly, while also increasing their chance...   [tags: drinkers, bad decisions, laws]

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Designated Driver Program Proposal

- Improperly Cited Designated Driver Program Proposal ?Where there is great pain, there is great motivation for change (168).. This concept in Civic Revolutionaries is exactly what we are trying to prevent by creating a designated driver program. For pain to motivate change, it means that the change is a reactive measure to tragedy. Our hope by creating a designated driver program is to proactively stop college students from driving under the influence of alcohol. The group members for this project are Joey Ham and Lauren Press....   [tags: Drunk Driving Alcohol]

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Indiana Graduated Drivers License

- “Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers, accounting for about a third of all deaths in that age group” (Crisp). In actual numbers, motor vehicle crashes kill more than 5,000 teenagers every year (Gregory). These statistics are frightening and have led more than 50 percent of adults to support higher required ages for drivers’ licenses (Gregory). Teenagers, though, say this would be unfair and would make their lives difficult. Meeting the needs of Indiana teenagers while still keeping them and other drivers safe can be accomplished by a more restrictive graduated licensing law....   [tags: accidents, driver, lincense, teenagers]

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Drivers With Attitude : Road Rage Drivers

- Drivers with Attitude In today’s society, driving is one of the greatest privileges a person can have. This privilege has revolutionized the world with a faster form of transportation. Nevertheless, some people in the world are going to find a way to abuse this privilege. Some drivers transfer their personality into the way they drive. Most drivers can be categorized according to their driving personality: road-rage drivers, overly-cautious drivers, and lawful drivers. Road-rage drivers channel their anger and other negative emotions into the way they drive....   [tags: Automobile, Driving, Driver's license, Traffic]

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The Driving At Watkins Glenn

- Over the years I have watched Steve 's love affair with our Porsche. Driving it, maintaining it, and driving it again. He loves pushing the limits of its performance and researching new techniques to help him drive faster. I am happy he has an activity he enjoys so much. I have attended Driver Education events as a spouse wearing my purple wrist band. That was fine for me. Sightseeing and dinners were my activities while he was putting his foot to the floor. On one of our trips I took a taste of the track in a GT3, at that time instructors could drive at speed....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education]

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Comparing Crime and Punishment and Taxi Driver

- Crime and Punishment and Taxi Driver He is a man whose psychological workings are dark, twisted, horrifying, and lonely. He is an absurd, anti-hero who is absolutely repulsed by his surroundings, and because he is unable to remove himself from them, he feels justified in removing other people. This profile fits Travis, portrayed by Robert DeNiro in Scorsese's film "Taxi Driver,", and Raskolnikov, the main character of Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. Their revulsion for life leads both men to commit cold-blooded murders, but the story lines contain major differences....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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How To Become A Less Aggressive Driver

- Statistics has shown that road rages has been increased over the years. Where do you usually feel the most impatient and angry. If you are like the most of people, driving in traffic is probably high on your list. No matter what you do it remains the same. Looking at most major highways these days, you probably would think you were on a racetrack instead of a roadway. For being that, there are three excellent reasons for becoming a less aggressive driver. First, driving aggressively is not healthy for you....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Raising of the Age You Can Get Your Driver's License

- Should the age to receive a driver's license be raised and, if not, should graduated licensing be instituted. This is a growing question across America as well as other countries around our globe. The percentage of teenage accidents involving automobiles is on a constant rise. Whether caused by the lack of experience or under the influence of alcohol, death has become all too common among teen motorists. This problem is not going to go away by itself; action needs to be taken. The state must raise the age requirement to receive a license or institute graduated licensing because teens are not mature enough to handle the dangerous responsibilities of driving....   [tags: Drivers License Papers]

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Martin Scorsese's Film, Taxi Driver

- Synopsis Vietnam veteran Travis Bicklea finds that his life has been turned upside down after returning America from the battle-field. He suffers from the insomnia and sense of isolation, which leads him to take a job as taxi-driver at night; many of his customers represent the people from the lowest class of society: prostitutes, adulterous husbands and wenchers. Since Travis has promised the cab company that he will drive anywhere, at anytime, his likelihood of seeing the best of human nature is fairly slim....   [tags: Directed by Martin Scorsese ]

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The Effects Of Technology On The Road

- In a society much like today 's, driving has become one of the most essential ways of transportation. In some major cities, people may not drive themselves but rather take a bus or a train. Both of which have a driver though who drives a motor vehicle and encounters traffic and struggle while on the road, Also in today 's society, technology has increased so much that many features of driving or being in a car require hands off the wheel ways to change the settings. For example, to turn or the seat warmers or even coolers, a driver must take one or both hands off the wheel, track the motion of their hands with their eyes and then push the correct button....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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My Personal Emotions At The Aabc Team

- Greetings, and a Happy Independence Day Weekend to you all. I am Anthony Bloom; the driving instructor for AABC Driving Schools who has worked with your daughter Amanda for her past 2 lessons. First, let me thank you for the kind words you expressed to the staff of AABC over your satisfaction with my work with Amanda on her first lesson. One of my goals with each student I encounter is to encourage their faith in their own abilities and accomplishments when behind the wheel based on their actual accomplishments, and for them to - as much as possible - have a positive experience with each lesson....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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The Debate Over Raising The Driving Age

- Teenagers have the highest average of annual traffic violations than any other age group in the U.S. (Teen Drivers:Get The Facts). This may be one reason why over 100 countries, including most of Europe, have a minimum driving age set at 18. Although the debate over raising the driving age to 18, in the U.S, has been an ongoing argument for many years, researchers have found that raising the driving age would drastically impact the U.S in a positive way. (McBride). Parents say that this would be a benefit because teens would be held responsible for their own actions, since they would be an adult, and parent involvement would no longer be necessary....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Adolescence]

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The Problem Of Driving While Sleepy

- Many people can say they have been in accidents but not many can say they have lived to tell the story. My father is one didn’t live to tell his story, my father worked three jobs at the age of 19.One day he was coming home at one A.M after his nine hour shift. It was a cold, muggy, and rainy night. Driving by he could only see subtle headlights flashing lights. We lived in rural Virginia, so it’s not many street lights along the road. He had been working all day and fell asleep at the wheel, drove off the road into the woods....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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Driving Under The Influence On The Lives Of Others

- Drive or Survive People form decisions every day that affect the lives of others. Driving under the influence is a major decision people undertake that can lead to serious repercussions. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in driving under the influence accidents (MADD). Each of these accidents could have been prevented had those involved not been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Granted, the problem with preventing these accidents is that people do not want to change their habits....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Time]

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Dostoyevsky's Notes From the Underground and Martin Scorcese's Taxi Driver

- Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground and Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, written by Paul Schrader, both tell the same story about a man who is lonely and blames the world around him for his loneliness. The characters of Underground Man and Travis Bickle mirror each other; they both live in the underground, narrating their respective stories, experiencing aches and maladies which they leave unchecked, seeing the city they live in as a modern-day hell filled with the fake and corrupt. However, time and again both Travis and the Underground Man contradict their own selves....   [tags: compare, contrast]

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