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The Dramatic Monologues of Robert Browning

- The Dramatic Monologues of Robert Browning Consider the range of characterisation in Browning’s dramatic monologues and the poetic methods he employs to portray his speakers. Some are written in rhyming verse, use metaphors, et cetera, but for what reason. What is the writer trying to achieve and how successful is he. Robert Browning (1812-1889) was an English poet noted for his mastery of dramatic monologue. He was born in London, the son of a wealthy clerk at the bank of England, he received scant formal education but had access to his father’s large library of about 6,000 volumes....   [tags: Poetry Dramatic Monologue Form]

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Dramatic Monologues

- Dramatic Monologues The dramatic monologue features a speaker talking to a silent listener about a dramatic event or experience. The use of this technique affords the reader an intimate knowledge of the speaker's changing thoughts and feelings. In a sense, the poet brings the reader inside the mind of the speaker. (Glenn Everett online) Like a sculpturer pressing clay to form a man, a writer can create a persona with words. Every stroke of his hand becomes his or her own style, slowly creating this stone image....   [tags: essays papers]

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Jealousy in Three Dramatic Monologues by Browning

- Jealousy in Three Dramatic Monologues by Browning The poems 'My Last Duchess', 'Porphyria's Lover' and 'The Laboratory' are three dramatic monologues, theatrical tales of bitter jealousy told by anonymous, murderous lovers. 'My Last Duchess' and 'Porphyria's Lover' use the simple idea of cruel male domination to portray the narrator's jealousy, as these two men do not know any other way of controlling their seemingly flirtatious lovers' behaviour. They try to completely possess their women as objects, and such a need for power seems to be a pure statement of irrational jealousy....   [tags: Robert Browning Jealousy Poetry Essays]

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Comparison: Marriage, by Gregory Corso & The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T. S. Eliot

- A common practice when faced with a difficult choice, self-examination, is the centerpiece of two popular poems: Gregory Corso’s Marriage and T. S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Both poems are dramatic monologues in which the speakers address the similar situations that they find themselves in. While the speaker of Eliot’s poem has a nervous and bashful approach in his attempts at romance, the hesitant postmodern speaker in Corso’s poem makes use of sarcasm to attack the institution of marriage....   [tags: Dramatic Monologues, Love]

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Comparing Robert Browning's Dramatic Monologues My Last Duchess and The Laboratory

- Comparing Robert Browning's Dramatic Monologues My Last Duchess and The Laboratory Robert Browning was a Victorian poet who lived from 1812-1889. He mainly wrote dramatic monologues, this means you must have a speaker and a listener. Both "My Last Duchess" and "The Laboratory" were published in 1845. "My Last Duchess" was set in the Italian Renaissance and during that time to own large life size painting was a show of wealth. "My Last Duchess" was written in a time when women were to hold their husbands and everything that he did with the maximum respect and show little or no emotion towards anyone else....   [tags: Free Essays]

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A Comparison of the Dramatic Monologues of Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

- A Comparison of the Dramatic Monologues of Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning Robert Browning (1812-89) was, with Alfred Lord Tennyson, one of the two most celebrated of Victorian poets. His father was a bank clerk, and Browning educated himself by reading in the family library. He published many verse dramas and dramatic monologues (poems, like My Last Duchess, in which a single character speaks to the reader), notably the collections Men and Women (1855) and Dramatis Personae (1864)....   [tags: Papers]

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Robert Browning's Studies of Male Jealousy in the Dramatic Monologues Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

- Robert Browning's Studies of Male Jealousy in the Dramatic Monologues Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess In this essay, I am going to discuss male jealousy in the dramatic monologues, 'Porphyria's Lover' and 'My Last Duchess'. A Victorian poet, Robert Browning, wrote these two poems. They both are short poems which both are about a man conveying his love to a woman. These poems are dramatic monologues because there is only one speaker talking to someone or himself. During these dramatic monologues, the narrator explains his personal feelings, which he is maybe not realising that he is doing this....   [tags: Papers]

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The Similarities and Differences in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

- The Similarities and Differences in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover 'My Last Duchess' and 'Porphyria's Lover' are poems written by Robert Browning in the form of a dramatic monologue. They both contain themes of love, jealousy, contempt and obsession. In the beginning of 'My Last Duchess' the Duke is speaking about his wife's portrait to an envoy. In 'Porphyria's Lover' the Lover is speaking directly to the reader, conveying his thoughts, personifying the weather perhaps emphasizing his unhappiness ('the sullen wind soon awake') seeing as he had a 'heart fit to break'....   [tags: Robert Browning Dramatic Monologues Essays]

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Robert Browning and the Power of the Dramatic Monologue Form

- Robert Browning and the Power of the Dramatic Monologue Form The dramatic monologue form, widely used by Victorian poets, allows the writer to engage more directly with his reader by placing him in the role of listener. Robert Browning utilised the form to a famously profound effect, creating a startling aspect to his poetry. In poems such as “Porphyria’s Lover,” and “My Last Duchess,” for example, Browning induces a feeling of intimacy by presenting the reader as the ‘confidant’ to the narrator’s crimes; in “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister,” the reader is more a witness to the narrator’s increasing instability....   [tags: Poetry Robert Browning Dramatic Monologue]

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Robert Browning: The Man Who Perfected the Dramatic Monologue

- Robert Browning was a very successful homegrown writer. Browning’s first work was published when he was only twenty-one years old. He wrote from 1833 till 1880 during the Victorian era. Porphyria’s Lover, My Last Duchess, and Sordello are just a few of his numerous pieces of award-winning work. There was one constant in many of his poems, dramatic monologues. Browning’s dramatic monologues are not about what the speaker says, but about what the character inadvertently implies (Sutton 289). What has made Browning’s dramatic monologues so impressive compared to other poets....   [tags: informative essay]

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Robert Browning And The Dramatic Monologue

- Robert Browning and the Dramatic Monologue Controlling Purpose: to analyze selected works of Robert Browning. I. Brief overview of Browning A. Greatest Poet B. Family Life II. Brief overview of "My Last Duchess" A. Descriptive adjectives B. Cause for death C. Description of his wife III. Definition of Dramatic Monologue IV. Comments by Glenn Everett A. Point of View B. Tone C. Audience Imagination V. Comments by Terry Bohannon A. No Christianity B. Evil Characters Robert Browning and the Dramatic Monologue Robert Browning, one of the greatest poets of his literary period, was born on May 7, 1812, in Camberwell, London....   [tags: Browning Poet Poem Analysis]

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Dramatic Monologue

- Dramatic Monologue When discussing the poetic form of dramatic monologue it is rare that it is not associated with and its usage attributed to the poet Robert Browning. Robert Browning has been considered the master of the dramatic monologue. Although some critics are skeptical of his invention of the form, for dramatic monologue is evidenced in poetry preceding Browning, it is believed that his extensive and varied use of the dramatic monologue has significantly contributed to the form and has had an enormous impact on modern poetry....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Dialect and Dramatic Monologue of Curtain of Green

- Dialect and Dramatic Monologue of Curtain of Green Eudora Welty is not merely a brilliant writer, she is a brilliant and gifted storyteller. A product of the South's rich oral tradition, Welty considers the richness of local speech to be one of the greatest gifts that her heritage has to offer (Vande Kieft 9). Southern speech is characterized by talking, listening, and remembering. Welty, a great listener, based many of her stories on bits of dialogue overheard in her everyday life. However, Welty makes the most of the southern propensity for talking....   [tags: Curtain of Green Essays]

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Purposes of the Dramatic Monologue in My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

- ... The portrait of the late Duchess of Ferrara is a wall painting, which is a type of work painted directly on a plaster wall in watercolors. By calling that piece, a wonder emphasizes that he has many other paintings in his possession but gives the impression that the painting of the Duchess is the one painting that he values the most. The language used by the speaker exhibits someone speaking with pride over a possession, which in this case is a piece of artwork that is custom-made. He emphasizes the fact that Fr Pandolf, seemingly a revered and talented portrait artist, mainly due to the speaker’s enthusiasm to mention his name, painted it....   [tags: personality, title, immorality]

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Porphyria’S Lover And My Last Duchess

- In 1842, Robert Browning published a book entitled Dramatic Lyrics, which was a famous work that contained a collection of dramatic monologues. Two of the poems found in this book were “Porphyria’s Lover” and “My Last Duchess”. In “Porphyria’s Lover”, Browning introduces a powerful insight into the demented mind of an extremely possessive man, while “My Last Duchess” tells a story about the Duke of Ferrara revealing to a guest the murder of his wife and the motives behind it. The two speakers share similar qualities, both being extremely possessive and completely unremorseful....   [tags: Robert Browning Dramatic Monologue]

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Dramatic Monologue by Robert Browning, The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church

- In Robert Browning‘s dramatic monologue, “The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church,” the reader encounters a speaker who appears to be overtly conceited, object-oriented, and scornful. Due to the fact that the speaker is on his deathbed, the poem is written as one gigantic clump in blank verse, which allows the reader to infer that there is certain disarray in the speaker’s tone. His hasty speech is indicative of the numerous thoughts that are currently racing through his head during his final moments and it is evident that as these notions cascade out of his mind, they cloud his judgment and cause him to inadvertently reveal curious aspects about his character – aspects that are...   [tags: death, bishop, headstone]

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Comparing the Use of Dramatic Monologue in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

- Comparing the Use of Dramatic Monologue in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover These two poems are both about love and a relationship; however they are not the type that ends happily ever after. They both represent a man's love for a woman and reveal faults they have in their relationships. As in all dramatic monologues the personality of the narrator is revealed through what he says, the words he uses and his point of view about events. For instance, in 'My Last Duchess' we see an example of a man with too much pride from his line 'I choose to never stoop'....   [tags: Papers]

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Dramatic Techniques in Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell

- Dramatic Techniques in Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell How do the dramatic techniques use in the play help the audience to understand the importance of Shirley’s transformation. You should refer to the significance of the play’s social and historical (settings, attitudes to women SHIRLEY VALENTINE Task: How do the dramatic techniques use in the play help the audience to understand the importance of Shirley’s transformation. You should refer to the significance of the play’s social and historical (settings, attitudes to women, attitudes to marriage, expectations of life, etc) context and the literary context (kitchen-sink drama, comedy, tragedy, drama, etc)....   [tags: Shirley Valentine Willy Russell Essays]

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Use of Dramatic Monologue in Comparing Ulysses and Not My Best Side

- Use of Dramatic Monologue in Comparing Ulysses and Not My Best Side A dramatic monologue is a poem in which a single speaker who is not the poet utters the entire poem at a critical moment. The speaker may have a listener within the poem, but we too are his/her listener, and we learn about the speaker's character from what the speaker says. In fact, the speaker may unintentionally reveal certain aspects of his/her character....   [tags: Papers]

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Essay on Dramatic Effects in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- The Importance of Dramatic Effects in The Tempest      It has been said that the function of drama is to confront and then engage the audience.  This is certainly the approach taken by Shakespeare in his play, The Tempest.  When the play begins, the audience is immediately confronted by the sheer ferocity of the tempest, and from the time that the unfortunate passengers land on the island, the audience is engaged by the fantasy of the island of Prospero.   At the start of the play, we see the action on board the ship which is ferrying the King and some members of the upper class back home....   [tags: Tempest essays]

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Dramatic Scene Illustrated in Shakespeare's King Lear - Storm Scene

- Shakespeare’s King Lear offers its audience an impossible number of dramatic and memorable scenes, but I have chosen the storm scenes in Act III Scenes 1, 2 and 4 as my key dramatic scenes. The storm provides a dramatic centre to the play. It is used to bring about change, to represent Lear’s inner unrest, to symbolise the power of nature and to expose the play’s characters under the intolerant conditions of thunder and lightning. The scenes in which the storm takes place are very different to those which precede and follow them....   [tags: literary techniques, scene analysis]

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Dramatic Devices in Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine

- Dramatic Devices in Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine Willy Russell uses many different dramatic devices to explore the issues and themes of the play 'Shirley Valentine'. One of the main themes is change, Russell explores and portrays this issue using several dramatic techniques, particularly flashbacks, stereotypes and contrast. In the opening scenes of the play, Shirley is a stereotypical housewife. Her daily routine is cooking and running after her husband, Joe. Like most of the important characters in 'Shirley Valentine' Joe is also a stereotype....   [tags: Papers]

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scuss the variety of dramatic effects achieved in the three speeches

- Discuss the variety of dramatic effects achieved in the three speeches of your choice, and consider what they reveal about the characters of each speaker In his plays, Pinter uses long speeches quite frequently, aiming to achieve numerous forms of emotional effects. In The Caretaker, a play about down-and-outs in a flat in West London, the characters often speak at length, relating their opinions, thoughts and random events from their pasts. The three individuals in this play are very different in their styles of discourse....   [tags: English Literature]

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An Analysis of My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

- An Analysis of My Last Duchess by Robert Browning “My Last Duchess” is written as a dramatic monologue, which is a poem that is read as if on stage, talking to an audience or character in a play. This method of writing has been used because the poem wants to give one perspective, the Duke’s, in an effective manner. By using this technique, Browning is also silencing the antagonist, the Duchess, and becoming the protagonist. The rhyming scheme consists of rhyming couplets, which give the poem a sense of order, and make the speaker, the Duke in this case, seem well educated and in control of their emotions and actions....   [tags: My Last Duchess Monologues Essays]

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The Vagina Monologues

- The Vagina Monologues is a compilation of monologues written by Eve Ensler in which all the monologues deal with the vagina. It includes everything women around the world deal with whether it is humorous, tragic or disturbing. Including sex, rape, menstruation, masturbation, orgasm, even the comfort level women have with their own body. Some have stated that The Vagina Monologues has been celebrated as the bible for a new generation of women. I would have to agree with such a statement. Yes, in part this was meant to be funny and connect with women all over but it is also meant to let women know that have been abused and raped that it is not ok but everything will be ok....   [tags: Eve Ensler Vagina Monologues Review]

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The Power of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

- The Power of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues When Obie award-winning author and playwright, Eve Ensler, began collecting testimonials from women across the country regarding their experiences with sexuality, she had no idea what would eventually occur as a result of her innovative ideas. Ensler gathered 200 monologues from women, and wove them into a play that represents the strength and vitality of female sexuality. The Vagina Monologues were first performed in the basement of New York City’s Cornelia Street Café in 1996....   [tags: Eve Ensler The Vagina Monologues]

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Alan Bennett's Monologues as Dramas

- Alan Bennett's Monologues as Dramas These plays are written for TV rather than theatre and are experimental for different styles of acting with more emphasis being placed on the single actors face. This is in order to show subtle changes in expressions hopefully giving the viewer a more clear insight into the characters feelings. This is more appropriate for "A Cream Cracker…" as it is a moving story, which is portrayed, even more so in the subtle movement of Doris's face "Cracked the photo....   [tags: Alan Bennett Essays Monologue]

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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

- "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" The dramatic monologue “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock was written by Thomas Stearns Eliot and published in June of 1915. Eliot was born in St Louis, Missouri on September 26, 1888, where he grew up and lived until the age of eighteen. After high school, Eliot studied at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Eventually, Eliot ended up in England where he married his wife Vivien and spent the remainder of his life....   [tags: Dramatic Monologue, Literary Analysis]

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Characters Contribute to the Dramatic Effect of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads

- "Talking heads" by Alan Bennett is a collection of monologues in which the audience are showed into the life of a character and given an insight into the character's personality and situation. People's lives are portrayed in comic ways leaving the audience feeling sympathy and guilt for the character in laughing at their misfortune. In the play a Chip in the Sugar Alan Bennett shows us a life of a very unconfident man who still lives with his mum. Graham is a middle-aged man with a history of mild mental health problems, living with his mother in Leeds....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dramatic Monologue

- Dramatic Monologue I before you today, am here to make unapparent the great deed that I did unto others, yourselves and myself in ensuring that justice was fulfilled in the courts earlier this day. Despite the plaintiff deciding to justly and incorrectly recognise me as an ass in front of the entire assembly. I am but many things, but an ass, is both but definitely not and but absolutely not, one of them. I ask for it to be discharged from the books of the holy court that I be once so lawfully referred to as an ass but wish for you all to forget not that I am an ass....   [tags: Papers]

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Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart as Dramatic Monologue

- Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart as Dramatic Monologue Dramatic Monologue", Edna is defined as the filter through which we see everything. "What we commonly call "point of view"-- is the nexus of our interpretation of the novel's characters, events, and thematic significance"(Nissen 1, emphasis added). According to Nissen Welty's narrators are often "ignored or misconstrued" by critics. In "The Ponder Heart", Edna Earle is an exemplary storyteller at her best and at her worst defined by critics as "bossy, narrow-minded and dumb" (Nissen 2, emphasis added)....   [tags: Eudora Welty The Ponder Heart]

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Dramatic Monologue of Katie Henderson- Original Writing

- Dramatic Monologue of Katie Henderson- Original Writing Katie Henderson is sixteen and has just finished her final year at school. Katie lives in a three-bedroom country cottage with her mother, father and older sister Lucie. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Katie is a pretty girl with long brunette hair and a petite figure. She has had a very good upbringing and an excellent education; Katie attended a private school since the age of ten and left with six A stars, four A’s and a B, all at G.C.S.E level....   [tags: Papers]

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How Shakespeare Uses Dramatic Devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet

- Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play about two young star crosses lovers, ‘A pair of lovers whose relationship is said to be doomed from the start’, which unites their families of sworn enemies together. It fits into the tragedy genre, as it’s a play that contains many distressing scenes, which involves many deaths of characters. Furthermore, during the time this play was written, Italy was stereotyped as a very rough place where many fights take place. In addition, this play is set in Verona, Italy, which somewhat relates to the play in a way, due to the fighting between the two families that takes place....   [tags: Shakespeare, Dramatic Devices, Romeo and Juliet, ]

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A Monologue by Cordelia of King Lear

- My father may have abandoned me as his daughter, but I still love him. I am true to my emotions. My senses are clear, I see more clearly than my sisters, and the rest of this poison that has tainted this precious kingdom. I feel that my sister’s intentions are not quite as honourable as my father has once thought. My father is blinded with vanity after all, and so flattering words can fool his precious mind, that craves attention, and constant reassurance. My father is blind to what he can see in front of him I know he will realise what he has done to me, and the kingdom....   [tags: Monologues, King Lear,]

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Use of the Dramatic Monologue in Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

- In 'Porphyria's Lover' and 'My Last Duchess', Browning uses several features of dramatic monologue in order to engage and sustain the interest of the audience. This style of monologue is spoken by a character, which is not the poet, and is usually projected at a critical moment, as in the case of 'My Last Duchess' and 'Porphyria's Lover'. The speakers unintentionally reveal their insanity, in both poems, through their separate accounts. By making a comparison of the two poems, it becomes clear that Browning has used similar disturbing themes to illustrate what an individual is capable of doing....   [tags: Robert Browning, My Last Duchess]

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Josephine Baker's Monologue

- Josephine Baker's Monologue I’m Freda Josephine Baker born to Carrie McDonald and Eddie Carson on June 3rd, 1906, in St. Louis, Missouri, but most of you may know me as Josephine Baker. At the age of 12 I dropped out of school to become an entertainer, yes yes, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was young and ready to become a star. I grew up cleaning houses and babysitting for white families, and they always reminded me “be sure not to kiss the baby”. When I was 13, I got a waitressing job at the Chauffeur’s Club, which was where I met my first husband, our marriage was very brief; I had never hesitated to leave anyone, never depended on any man for anything, that’s for sure....   [tags: Josephine Baker Composition Monologues Essays]

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Analyzing How Robert Browning Uses Dramatic Monologue to Portray Madness in His Poems My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

- Analyzing How Robert Browning Uses Dramatic Monologue to Portray Madness in His Poems My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover A dramatic monologue is when a character in a piece of writing speaks their thoughts and feelings out loud. It is used because it gives an insight into the persons mind. Browning chose this form for the two poems because it makes the poem feel more realistic and you know everything the character is feeling it also subconsciously makes the reader feel certain emotions towards particular characters....   [tags: Papers]

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The Power of Interior Monologues in War and Peace

-        War and Peace probed into the human essence and its search for the truths of life. Tolstoy focused on two men to represent and carry the burden of finding those ethereal values. Throughout the novel, he utilized numerous images, symbols, dialogue, and foreshadowing to advance the progress of his characters. Yet, his most effective use of technical device can be found in describing the psychological thoughts and interior monologues of the characters. Most notably, the thoughts of Pierre and Andrei served to portray their spiritual changes better than by what they did, and also helped to foretell and build suspense to upcoming actions....   [tags: War and Peace Essays]

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Studying Two Alan Bennett Monologues

- Studying Two Alan Bennett Monologues Introduction A monologue is a play with a single performer. The word monologue is of Greek origin and comes from mono-logos. Mono means 'word of one person' and logos means 'voice' hence monologue, 'one voice'. Alan Bennett's work is impressive and his understanding of characterization is second to none. He has an ability to capture the life- styles and backgrounds of the characters he creates. The language of each character brings forward clichés that can be humorous although in my view this might not have been always intentional....   [tags: Papers]

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A Lady of Letters and Cream Cracker under the Settee by Alan Bennett

- "A Lady of Letters" and "Cream Cracker under the Settee" by Alan Bennett The two monologues I am going to be writing about are two elderly women who are lonely and trapped in their own homes. I will be talking about how Doris, one lady from 'Cream cracker under the settee' and Irene, the other lady in 'Lady of letters' are suffering from loneliness. Doris and Irene both live alone. They don't seem to have any special friends. For example, Irene doesn't like being people calling her Irene. People who come across Irene must call her Miss.Ruddock; nobody has called her Irene since her mother died....   [tags: Alan Bennett Monologue Settee Essays]

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The Dramatic Setting of the Gorgias

- The Dramatic Setting of the Gorgias ABSTRACT: I analyse the dramatic setting of the Gorgias by contrasting it with that of the Protagoras. The two dialogues are closely related. In the Gorgias Socrates states that the rhetorician and the sophist are basically indistinguishable in everyday life. In both the Protagoras and the Gorgias, his confrontation with his interlocutors is metaphorically related to a descent to Hades. However, while the events in the Protagoras are narrated by Socrates himself, the Gorgias has readers face the unfolding events without mediation....   [tags: Gorgias]

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Alan Bennett-writer of these monologues was born in 1934 in Yorkshire

- Alan Bennett-writer of these monologues was born in 1934 in Yorkshire but spent most of his adult life in London. Alan Bennett-writer of these monologues-was born in 1934 in Yorkshire but spent most of his adult life in London. Although he was aware of two cultures much of his writing reflects the northern characters and views of his youth and the British way of life. Bennett called these monologues accounts of "ordinary, uneventful, desperate lives." Sometimes called "gossip as Drama" because of the intimacy of the television screen....   [tags: English Literature]

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Dramatic Convention Analysis for Romeo and Juliet

- Romeo and Juliet Dramatic Conventions- "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo. Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet." (2.1.76-79) Usually in a play, there are dramatic conventions to convey to the audiences things that cannot be done in regular dialogue. In Act II, Romeo overhears Juliet speaking about him. This is soliloquy and monologue as well as aside. The reasons for this passage containing these dramatic conventions are because Juliet did not intend for Romeo to hear these lines....   [tags: World Literature]

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Analysis of As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

- The novel “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner follows a family who is on a journey to bury their recently deceased mother, in the nearby town of Jefferson. The novel is told from the perspective of monologues, told by each of the characters encountered throughout the story. Specifically, Darl Bundren seems to be the protagonist character in this novel. Darl is the second oldest of the Bundren children and seems to be isolated from the rest of the family. As the novella progresses the reader is made aware of changes in Darl’s attitude and also the reasons for why he may be changing this particular way....   [tags: monologues, Darl Bundren, sanity]

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Dramatic Irony in Romeo and Juliet

- William Shakespeare, the author of many various forms of writing, was born in Stratford upon Avon, in 1564. He wrote plays and sonnets alike, and occasionally combined the two. “Romeo and Juliet” was an example of this as many sonnets are used in it so as to display their love. This play was perhaps the shortest one that he ever wrote, and it is a tragedy that still warms the hearts of people today. It is, no doubt, amongst the most well known plays by him, and is greatly enjoyed by children and adults alike....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls

- In act one J.B Priestly the writer of ‘An Inspector Call’ uses several dramatic devices and ironies to draw in the audience. This story was first performed in 1945 which was at the end of the World War 2, but was set in 1912 before the upsetting disaster of the titanic. These dates are vital as they all link into the message and flow of the story. As in 1945 the World War 2 ended and this was when the labour party got elected as government. Also this is when the welfare states were created which Priestley was much in favour of setting up , this is when you are looked after for example free housing, health care and many more....   [tags: Literary Devices, Critical Analysis]

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Dramatic Tension in Romeo and Juliet

- Examine how Shakespeare creates dramatic tension at the lovers’ first meeting in Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet. How easy is it to relate to them. Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most important scenes in the play because it is the scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. The play is fundamentally about two families: the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. It is during Act 1 Scene 5 where they first fall in love; however, they’re unaware that they are from their rival families, which creates dramatic tension....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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The Dramatic Effects of War on Countries

- ... The use of artillery change the war the war especially for France, cannons that were made weighed about 3 tons and the stone cannon balls were about 300 pounds. It took many men to just make one of these cannons. Portable hand cannons were made because it would be easier house kill the enemy. The hand cannon had a small piece of metal with a wooden rod for the recoil of the mini cannon. When the gunpowder was reduces it would be still a powerful weapon. Artillery was an important weapon in the battle field, because artillery kill a lot of men when fired....   [tags: religion, politics, power]

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Creative Dramatics in Education

- I used to think creative dramatics was a good way to differentiate instruction for those who learned better through movement and play. After researching and taking the course, I have recognized creative drama and child’s play as much more prominent in today’s curriculum. Creative dramatics can enhance the educational skills a child learns, such as literacy and language arts. It uses many multiple intelligences, it teaches many important skills, and it is also very easy to implement in the classroom and into common core....   [tags: Drama, Literacy Development, English Learners]

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You Will Be Fine

- My head is spinning. My stomach is twisted in knots with a mixture of emotions: anxiety, excitement, worry, hope, terror, longing and love. Love I did not know I could feel. The day has finally arrived. Patience is not one of my attributes but I have been patient, more than you can imagine. Anticipation overwhelms me. Ages I have been waiting and to think I am only moments away… The room is at the end of the long silent corridor, with each second that passes I am closer, closer to your fate and my fate....   [tags: Monologues, ]

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Dramatic Change in Othello

- In this essay I would like to explain how William Shakespeare makes the change in Othello so dramatic for the audience in Act 3 Scene 3 of the play, but before I go in detail I would like to go over the main points in the play for you. So, basically what happens is that there is a tragic downfall of a ‘black Venetian general’ Othello who was a ‘confident’ and ‘strong’ person but because he chose Cassio as his lieutenant, Iago gets really ‘jealous’ because he thought he deserved that title more than Cassio and he really wanted that title....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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A Sense of Tragedy and Humour in alan Bennett's Talking Heads Monologues

- A Sense of Tragedy and Humour in alan Bennett's Talking Heads Monologues Alan Bennett uses a variety of techniques to convey a sense of both tragedy and humour in his 'Talking Heads' monologues. I will be looking specifically at 'Bed Among The Lentils' and 'Cream Cracker Under The Settee.' Alan Bennett achieves both of these effects by use of several clever choices regarding the casting as well as sound and visual effects. There are two very different types of humour in 'Bed Among The Lentils' and 'Cream Cracker Under The Settee'....   [tags: Papers]

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Dramatic Symbolism

- Symbolisms were used in the Old Testament to distinguish between good and evil. The symbols portray a likeness between the entities used as a symbol and usually have a parallel to follow. Symbols can be drawn from historical and/or cultural backgrounds. Apocalyptic literature popularly applied to a group of fourteen books whose place in the canon of the Old Testament is affirmed by the Roman Catholic Church but is denied by Protestant Churches. The period of transition and decay followed the return of the Jews from Babylon, being written chiefly, if not entirely, between 300 and 30 BC....   [tags: Good and Evil, Bibly, Catholisism]

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Wilde's Dramatic Comedy

- How does Wilde use dramatic comedy to explore gender roles of upper-class Victorians. Wilde effectively and regularly utilises the typical conventions of dramatic comedy to present a plot in which characters move away from a strict Victorian society: especially with regard to gender roles. Adhering to the conventions of a typical Comedy of Manners play, Wilde aims to comment, and most likely mock a civilisation heavily concerned with appearances, and upholding traditional values. He also firmly follows the codes of a dramatic comedy by using comic inversions to create a sense of disorder and subsequently discomfort within audiences, particularly Victorians....   [tags: Gender Role, Upper Class Victorian]

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Vengeance and Dramatic Conflict in Electra and Orestes

- Introduction:- Since Sophocles and Euripides’s tragedies Electra and Orestes got so much success, name and received great critical acclaim they have been extensively approached and discussed in terms of characterization, themes, symbols, plot, incestuous love, demolition, betrayal and especially lamentation. For instance, Vengeance is the soul of the both plays and it is largely discussed as major themes of the play. But its connection with the tragedy of characters is far away better to be discussed....   [tags: Sophocles and Euripides Greek tragedies]

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Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright's Road and Kane's Blasted

- Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright's Road and Kane's Blasted      In this essay I shall concentrate on the plays 'Road' by Jim Cartwright and 'Blasted' by Sarah Kane with specific reference to use of language and structure of dialogue as examples of dramatic techniques.   My explanation of dramatic techniques is perhaps akin to Brecht's opinion regarding this theme:   '...The strong centralisation of the story, a momentum that draws the separate parts into a common relationship.  A particular passion of utterance, a certain emphasis on the class of forces are hallmarks of the dramatic.' (Brecht:p70)   Here we can perhaps see the way in which Brecht explains the ai...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Dramatic Tension in "A View From The Bridge"

- How does Miller build up the dramatic tension in the play. When you compare “A View from the Bridge” to Eastenders you realise that both of them are very similar. What I mean is, in Eastenders there’s always a story that grabs our attention, whether the story is interesting or not, there’s that something that interests us and keeps us fixed to the television. Most of the stories end in cliff hangers making us eager to know what happens next, so we watch the next episode, this is building dramatic tension....   [tags: American Theater]

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The Italian Baroque’s Love of The Dramatic

- The Italian Baroque’s love of dramatic effects in artistic expression is one of the most recognizable features of the Italian Baroque. Architecture, music, painting, and sculpture all have very good examples that utilize dramatic effects very effectively. In the next few minutes, we will explore an example of each and highlight the various features that illustrate the dramatic effects that characterize the Italian Baroque. We will begin with Artemisia Gentileschi’s painting Judith and Maidservant with Head of Holofernes....   [tags: The Arts]

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Dramatic Irony in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story about two lovers who are from two disputing families, and their eventual suicides. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony throughout the play to create tension for the audience and foreshadow the ending. Dramatic irony is when the words or actions of characters in a story have a different meaning to the reader than to the characters. This is because the reader knows something that the characters do not. Romeo and Juliet’s death could have been prevented if the characters in the story weren’t so ignorant of their situations, and often times the reader recognizes this....   [tags: Literary Devices, Literary Tools]

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The Dramatic Importance of the Inspector in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

- The Dramatic Importance of the Inspector in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls In this play, Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley expresses his personal viewpoint on society in general throughout the play by using the character Inspector Goole. His viewpoint is evident in the main themes through out the play which are social responsibility, power and lies. These themes help to articulate his belief that all people share a common humanity and so all are part of a community whereby everyone should help each other, regardless class....   [tags: Papers]

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Dramatic Irony in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

- In his work of Oedipus Rex, Greek poet Sophocles had succeeded in weaving dramatic irony into the storyline applicable to multiple situations. Dramatic irony is a plot device in which the audience’s knowledge of events or individuals surpasses that of the characters. Such examples of the use of dramatic irony in this play include; Oedipus’ going to Thebes to find the murderer of the late king Laius, the term from which his name is derived, and his attempt to escape Corinth and his fate. Whilst turning poems into an interacting play between not two but three people, Sophocles assisted in the evolution of classical Greek drama called “lèei”, which means telling, to “práxi”, which translates to...   [tags: Tragedy, Greek]

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Use of Dramatic Contrast in Yeats' Poetry

- Yeats' poetry is very dramatic because he usually creates dramatic contrasts within his poems and because his tone changes regularly. When he wasn't in conflict with the world around him he was in conflict with himself. He was never satisfied with modern Ireland, even when he was younger. As he grew older, his dissatisfaction became even greater. Firstly he uses a sharp contrast in his tone. This is particularly evident in his poem 'September 1913'. He starts by attacking the greedy uncultured people of Ireland, especially the shopkeepers who “add the halfpence to the pence”....   [tags: poets, poem analysis]

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The Dramatic Impact of Friar Lawrence in the play Romeo and Juliet

- The Dramatic Impact of Friar Lawrence in the play Romeo and Juliet The play "Romeo and Juliet" has many characters, each with their individual role in sustaining the plot. Although Friar Lawrence spends only a little time on stage, his role is fundamental to understanding the morals of the play. This essay explores the significance and dramatic impact of Friar Lawrence on the play and his influence on other characters. The essence of young love is expressed in no better play than in "Romeo and Juliet"....   [tags: Papers]

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Sociology: Dramatic Changes To the American Family

- Sociology Families have changed greatly over the past 60 years, and they continue to become more diverse. Why the family is considered the most important agent of socialization. What caused the dramatic changes to the American family. What are those changes. Describe the differences in marriage and family life that are linked to class, race, gender, and personal choice. Do you feel the trend toward diverse families is positive or negative. If the trend changed toward traditional (pre-World War II) families, how would that affect women’s rights....   [tags: class, race, gender roles]

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Othelo, A Dramatic Tragedy by William Shakespeare

- Most people will consider and agree that Othello is a dramatic tragedy. Shakespeare cleverly wove many different layers into his playwright and thus it has stood the time as a literary masterpiece. There are many different definitions of tragedy and Othello would fit into most of their definition. Aristotelian tragedy consists of many parts to meet the definition described by Aristotle. Using these requirements through definition, Othello still would qualify as a tragedy as discussed through thought, diction, tragic hero, and emotional action....   [tags: aristotelan tragedy, pity, fear]

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Dramatic Tragedies: Oedipus Rex and Hamlet

- William Shakespeare and Sophocles were both intellectual playwrights for their time. Shakespeare is considered to be one of the most advanced writers of his time. They both created plays similar in nature such as; “Oedipus Rex” and “Hamlet”. Both plays were consistent of dramatic tragedy. Sophocles wrote about the typical Greek tragedy that consisted of an ill-fated doom for Oedipus. Shakespeare wrote about Kingdom of Denmark where all things fell apart and death was imminent. Each story consisted of a queen that was important to the outcome of each play....   [tags: Shakespeare, Sophocles, tragedy]

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Willy Russell's Use of Dramatic Techniques

- In Act One, Scene One when Rita is first introduced, she’s a hairdresser and part of the working class. Russell introduced Rita as an audacious, ambitious but egoistic character. She isn’t scared to express her opinion, which generally amuses the audience, such as when she describes her opinion on the painting in Frank’s office she interprets it differently to what majority of the population would. The reason for her different interpretation is that she’s not educated to the degree that she would be familiar with that style of painting, this also becomes obvious when Frank and Rita discuss challenging death and disease: Rita refers to a poem that people in her class are more likely to read (...   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Richard II: His Dramatic Downfall

- Shakespeare’s plays were grouped into three categories: comedies, tragedies and histories. The histories were those plays based on the lives of English kings. Shakespeare was one of the first writers to write about English history. According to Garber, “before Shakespeare’s time there were few history plays such written in England--- England history was told in verse and prose chronicles (239)”. It’s considered that Richard II is one of the early “historical plays”. The play became so iconic that even Queen Elizabeth said that she was “Richard the second, know ye not that”....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare]

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Mid 1700's Music Composers and the Operatic Reform

- ... As stated before, Christoph Willibald Gluck instigated the Operatic Reform and reintroduced opera to the libretto being the servant of the music. Gluck combined French and Italian elements for more dramatic, less diva-based operas. “This German born composer who trained in Italy sought to restore opera to being the art of combining music with poetry as the servant and not as the vessel to display only virtuosic ability.” Gluck wrote a few operas including Orpheo ed Euridice which revealed the fusion of music being the servant of the lyrics....   [tags: expressing dramatic truth]

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Powerful Moments in To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee Harper

- To Kill A Mockingbird Through out the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many different powerful moments. Lee portrays the moment when Atticus is going to shoot Tim Johnson as a powerful moment as well as in chapter 15 when Scout is trying to talk to Mr. Cunningham but he does not respond. In the beginning of the moment Lee portrays the moment to be powerful by slowing down time and advancing pace towards the end of the moment. Tim Johnson is a sick dog that was walking along the Finches street and stopped by the Radleys house....   [tags: gun, death, dramatic]

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Eddie Carbone as a Tragic Hero in A View from the Bridge

- A View from the Bridge is a dramatic tragedy, which follows the life of a dockworker, Eddie Carbone, in 1950s America who is the main focus of the play. He represents the average, everyday man in society, but his character draws parallels to many tragic heroes in the past shown in Greek tragedies, Shakespeare’s plays, etc. (e.g. Hamlet and Macbeth). A tragic hero is the hero in the story who has positive and negative traits and their negative traits is what eventually leads to the demise and this is what happens to Eddie....   [tags: Italy, America, dramatic tragedy]

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Why Does the Public Love Television Show, Prison Break?

- Since the premiere of the television drama Prison Break, the show was instantly popular, and continues to be popular 9 years after the first episode aired. It gained a significant fan base from the opening episode all the way to the final one. Not until recently did I see the first episode of this show and I instantly became an avid fan. After watching a couple of episodes I started to wonder, what made this show so popular, and why has it continued to be popular almost a decade after the first episode aired....   [tags: cliffhangers, episode, dramatic]

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William Shakespeare Least Popular Plays: Love´s Labour´s Lost

- “Love’s Labour’s Lost” has never been one of Shakespeare’s most accredited plays. It is nothing like Romeo and Juliet, which has been told in numerous different ways and many different adaptations. Actually, “Love’s Labour’s Lost” has only two movie adaptations, which includes Kenneth Branagh’s version that was released in 2000. Branagh shows a completely different take on Shakespeare’s original text. In fact, he cut the original text down to 25 percent and filled in the gaps with 1930’s musical numbers....   [tags: romatic, comedy, dramatic plot]

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Spanish Theatre and Its Influence in Latin America

- Since its creation the Spanish Golden Age Theatre has held an important role in the Spanish society. The golden age theatre was from 1590-1681. During this era, the Golden Age had a huge influence over the Latin American theatre world. Spain in particular saw a monumental increase in the production of live theatre. Before the Golden Age era, live theatre was non-existence. The production of live theatre became popular and was attended by both lower and higher class of people. In addition women was allowed to act in theatre plays with men....   [tags: Mexican and Cuban dramatic expression]

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The Changing Hero: The Epic of Gilgamesh

- There are many stories about heroes that change from a bad guy to the good guy. In the ancient story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, details are given to reflect how a hero transforms from a static to dramatic character. The hero of the epic, better known as Gilgamesh, undergoes many experiences as he embarks on a long journey to discover what his purpose is in life. Throughout his adventure, Gilgamesh establishes a friendly relationship with a man named Enkidu; in addition to that, he also makes contact with deities that either supported or threatened him....   [tags: Love&Friendship, Dramatic Character]

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The Divorce Scene from Medea's Children

- The scene from Medea’s Children that I chose to adapt is the divorce scene. The dramatic conflict that I chose to focus on is Little Jason’s want to understand what’s going on, but not being given any straight answers, if any answers at all. In this scene, Little Jason asks Jason and Medea what divorce is, but they pay no attention to him. He asks Little Medea, who gives him an assortment of situations that she describes as “divorce”, including divorcing one’s spit, running back and forth between a doll and herself, or splitting up space and possessions....   [tags: justification, dramatic conflict]

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Female Circumcision and Female Genital Mutilation

- Also, America and Europe then began to regard the practice with increasing criticism. According to the article “Female Circumcision,” the writer says that,” France and England, for example, have instituted education programs in schools and hospitals, hoping to help teachers and health care workers better recognize not only victims of female circumcision but those who might be at risk.”Many African countries such as Sudan, Senegal, Yemen, Chad, Liberia and Mali have already signed. Though this is a great first step, and other policies must be implemented and enforced....   [tags: dramatic pain, uncircumcised woman]

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Dramatic Tension And Dramatic Irony in Independence Day

- Dramatic Tension And Dramatic Irony in Independence Day The film Independence Day uses various techniques to create and utilise tension and dramatic irony during the start of the film. One technique used to create dramatic tension is characterisation. The first human character introduced to the audience is the arrogant figure of the man working in the space centre. He highlights how vulnerable the people living on earth are to attack, from what seems to be a greater race. In the opening scenes he is shown playing golf when he should be checking for activity in space....   [tags: Papers]

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Biography of Katherine Anne Porter

- Katherine Anne Porter was a woman of many words and a fiery spirit which, along with the eloquence and ease with which her words seemed to flow, made her one of the great American literary minds of the twentieth century. What led her to this level of prestige were the romanticized events that her own life provided. Porter used her troubled relationships with the men in her life as a motive to instill the qualities of self- reliance and integrity in the strong female protagonists in her short stories; a prime example of which being “María Concepción.” Katherine Anne Porter was born Callie Russell Porter on May 15, 1890 to Mary and Harrison Porter in Indian Creek, Texas....   [tags: maría concepción, dramatic arts]

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Esther, by George Frideric Handel

- ... This opportunity provides him ability to travel and he spends quite some time in London, composing opera, particularly the work, Rinaldo. Eventually, his London success costs him his post in Hanover, yet catches the eye of a new patron: Queen Anne of England. While at this post, he has various opera successes, such as Tamerlano. He also founds the Royal Academy of Music to further the performance of Italian opera. Yet after this, his success in opera begins to diminish. In 1732, these failures drive Handel to begin work in oratorio....   [tags: musical elements, dramatic expression]

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