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Living For The City By Donna Murch

- In Living for the City, Donna Murch details the origins and the rise to prominence the Black Panther Party experienced during the 1960s and into the 1970s. The Civil Rights Movement and eventually the Black Panther Movement of Oakland, California emerged from the growing population of migrating Southern African Americans who carried with them the traditional strength and resolve of the church community and family values. Though the area was driven heavily by the massive movement of industrialization during World War II, the end of the war left a period of economic collapse and social chaos in its wake....   [tags: African American, Sociology, Black Panther Party]

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Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computers

- Donna Dubinsky was an impressive woman. She received an undergraduate degree from Yale and a masters from Harvard. Although she had a background in Commerical banking she set her sights and future aspirations on working for Apple in the early 1980’s. She pushed her way into the company and started in 1981 as a customer support liaison. Due to her hard work and success she quickly moved up the ladder receiving numberous promotions. In December of 1984 she became the Director of Distribution and Sales....   [tags: steve jobs, conflict handling]

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Autobiographies Made by the Waiting Wives by Donna Moreau

- ... Staying positive was a very hard thing to do, so by Moreau giving the women the strength to get through it makes a world of difference. (Yelms) The reader is given examples of the wives life at the homefront and her stories there. The house where the women gather is called Schilling Manor, an old Air Force base on the plains of Kansas. It was the only base ever to be set aside for the wives and children of soldiers assigned to Vietnam. Moreau being the daughter of a waiting wife gives her the knowledge to show how the other women felt....   [tags: familes, military wifes, stories]

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Donna Haraway’s

- Donna Haraway’s Wired Magazine interview discusses the apparent ambiguity that has continued to surface between the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ as a result of the inseparable relationship that has developed between people and technology. Today we have transcended the concept of being isolated from the world, and arrived at the notion that we, as individuals, are nodes in larger networks. This idea represents the cornerstone of the cyborg era. Haraway’s definition of a cyborg goes beyond the assumption of metal beneath the flesh....   [tags: interview, technology, era]

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Donna Dubinsky And Apple Computer, Inc.

- Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. As companies today strive for success in the market place, it is the efficiency of the top management in the company, which usually determines whether or not they are able to achieve their goals. Many of these goals and values incorporate concepts surrounding quality products and services, innovation, team spirit, and efficient management, just to name a few. However, many times a disconnect in one or more of these areas can cause communication barriers, leading to various organizational conflicts and problems....   [tags: Business]

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Chapter 8 Of Through The Eyes Of A Child By Donna E. Norton

- ... Some people say that it’s an expression of feelings or a rhyme of words that sound very colorful and song like sounds. All correct poems or “true poems” must have a form, meter, and rhythm to them or else it’s not a correct and well-formed poem. Some poetry authors also defined poetry in their own way. For example, Margaret Mahy defined poetry in her short story ‘The Cat Who Became a Poet” and said, “I became a poet through eating the mouse. Perhaps the mouse became a poet through eating seeds....   [tags: Poetry, Poetic form, Rhyme, Sonnet]

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Overview of Doctor Who

- Doctor Who is a British show that features The Doctor, a Time Lord that travels through time visiting events that happened in the past and witnessing events that will happen in the future. In season 4, episode 3 of Doctor Who the Doctor and his companion, Donna, go back in time to the eve of Pompeii’s destruction in 79 A.D. in their TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Once the Volcano begins to erupt Donna and the Doctor are the only ones with the means of escaping. The Doctor is forced to make a difficult decision when Donna argues that they have to save at least someone from the destruction....   [tags: character analysis, donna, pompeii]

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Relationship of Women and Technology in Cyborg Manifesto

- Abstract: Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto discusses the relationship of women and technology. Summary Critique of ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ Donna Haraway’s essay, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ is an analysis of women and advanced technology in a postmodern world. Haraway uses various illustrations to focus on women’s relation to the technologically scientific world, she uses the metaphor of a cyborg to challenge feminists and engage in a politics beyond naturalism and essentialisms. She also uses the idea of the cyborg to offer a political strategy for the dissimilar interests of socialism and feminism....   [tags: Donna Haraway]

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Argument Anlysis of What Makes a Serial Killer by La Donna Beaty

- La Donna Beaty clearly States in her argument, ?What Makes a Serial Killer?. her opinion and different theories on what causes a human being to become a serial killer. Beaty states that there are many serial killers and victims of them, but she is unsure about what causes a person to become a serial killer. Furthermore, she asked many questions, but there was no definite answer. For example, using examples of serial killers including Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but only to draw up more questions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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From Movements to Parties in Latin America. The Evolution of Ethnic Politics. Donna Lee Van Cott. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2005. Pp. 276

- The author analyzes how indigenous people’s movements in Latin America transformed into viable political parties. For her, these new parties are good for the democracy because they enrich and enhance the legitimacy of the political and electoral system. She assumes that the primary link between state and society are the parties and its accountability impact on the institutions. She proves that the crisis of the traditional parties and the transformation of the historical electoral constrains were determinant factors that contributed to ethnic party formation and consolidation....   [tags: Article Analysis]

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Response Paper: Mamma Mia! The Musical

- “A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget!” MAMMA MIA. The Musical performed on Tuesday March 18, 2014 at the Hanover Theater by Work Light Productions written by the British playwright Catherine Johnson and directed by Phyllida Lloyd. A musical based on the 1970’s Swedish pop band ABBA top charter album ABBA GOLD: THE GREATEST HITS set on a Greek island vacation getaway unfolding the bride-to-be’s, Sophie, search for her self whom believes can find her answer by discovering the true identity of her father....   [tags: story analysis]

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The Killing Cousins: David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield

- David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield are also known as the killing cousins, these men were two of the most brutal killers of their time. Not only did they kill their victims but they would brutally rape and torcher them before ending their lives. Throughout this paper I will discuss their biography, the crimes they committed, their criminal cases, and a theory of why the committed the crimes that eventually led to the death of one of these men. David Alan Gore was born in Florida in 1953 on August 21st....   [tags: Murder, Women, Rape]

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Important Female Roles: Don Juan Canto by Lord Byron and The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

- In Don Juan Canto 1 by Lord Byron and The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer, women play cardinal roles in the development and advancement of the pieces. In the 17th and 18th century, women were still considered to be the masters of deceit by using their feminine wiles to entice men. In both of these pieces, women are the catalyst to the embarrassment and loss of livelihood that the main male characters face. As is seen in much of the literature of these times, women were typically the main reason for any misfortunates that the men faced because of their “natural” ability to tempt the ways of men....   [tags: seductresses, women, moral]

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My Honor, Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury, Thank You For Your Attention Today

- ... [Slide #5] In the last two stages, the sufferer begins to overcome many symptoms listed above. Stage three is enlightenment, in which the victim recalls who she was before her abuse, recognizes that she is undeserving of such harsh treatment, realizes she is not at fault for her abuser’s actions, and rethinks the amount of power that she has to change her position. The final stage, responsibility, consists of the sufferer’s acknowledgement that the abuse will not stop, thinking of her future, attempting to gain financial independence, and a willingness to do what is necessary to escape the violent situation....   [tags: Abuse, Domestic violence, Violence]

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The Earthquake in Chile

- The story starts off in Santiago, Chile in 1647 with the main character Jeronim Rugera where he is preparing to hang himself while he is in prison. Jeronimo was a tutor at the Don Asteron household in till it was discovered that Jeronimo was having an illicit relationship with Josephe, the daughter of Don Henrico Asteron, by her brother. Josephe was then promptly sent to the convent of Our Lady of the Mountain but she was still able to keep up the illicit relationship with Jeronimo in till Josephe gave birth on the steps of the cathedral during the feast of Corpus Christi....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Death Penalty is a Necessary Deterrent to Crime

- The Death Penalty is a Necessary Deterrent to Crime   Murder and rape are serious crimes, although they aren't the only crimes that could be considered serious. Others that might be considered are stealing, which has numerous categories under it such as grand theft auto, etc… The following story is the true account of a young female named Donna. This story tells of Donna's rape and then her murder by a man named McCorquodale and his friend Leroy. The author is telling this story in order to create the mental picture of what murder and rape really are....   [tags: Exemplification Essays]

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Sociological Imagination, A Term Coined By C. Wright Mills

- ... As C. Wright Mills tried to explain “A trouble is a private matter: values cherished by an individual are felt by her to be threatened”(Mills, 4) and “An issue is a public matter: some value cherished by publics is felt to be threatened”(Mills, 4). In Mill’s words is the key aid to vision that a personal matter. A bad health insurance system that affects many other that were similar to Larry and Donna is clearly more than a personal trouble rather it’s an issue, the health care system is a public issue....   [tags: Sociology, Health care, C. Wright Mills]

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Abortion: A Never Ending Debate

- Abortion alone has always been a major issue. Whether it’s the woman having to decide to get an abortion, or anti-abortion groups who are against abortions, trying to make them illegal all over the United States. Deciding on legalizing abortion in the United States seems to be an even bigger issue. For years people haven’t been able to come to a conclusion, legalizing or illegalizing it for good. Abortion which means the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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The Life of a Pediatrician

- Choosing a career is more of a personal decision. Most pediatricians say they love and want to help children and young adults, including their families. Being a Pediatrician is a wonderful way to help children in ways most people can not. Many people say this job is very difficult to handle because it can get stressful. They say there is not much room for personal time or family time, but in the end it can be quite rewarding. Some say this job is easy, but they don’t live the life of a pediatrician....   [tags: career, children]

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Companies' Use of Social Media

- Introduction: Times have changed and so has the way businesses do business. Companies are using social media to help them build their brand, find customers, and reach new markets. According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, “94% of all businesses with a marketing department used social media as part of their marketing platform” (Stelzner). Retail businesses have proven to be a great way to (re)direct shopper’s experience. With the rise of smartphones, customers are using social media more than ever, “Facebook and Twitter are among the favorites since 48% of customers respond to retailer posts” (Stelzner)....   [tags: business, customer, feedback]

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Animal Testing

- Imagine being a rabbit; a vertebrate and warm blooded species. Hopping around an open field and eating all greens. All of sudden, you were captured by an unknown human. You start to rattle around your cage figuring out how to escape. About “twenty-five million and 30 million” animals are exploited in experiments; “half are only used through education” (Donna 7). “A 40% is applied in basic research, the 26% for drug development, a 20% are examined for products, and the 14% that is left is applied on education and miscellaneous” (Donna 5)....   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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The Decline in PharmaCARE Stock

- PharmaCARE is a successful pharmaceutical company, with a reputation as a caring, ethical, and well-run company that is responsible for producing products that saved millions of lives, as well as enhanced the quality of life for others. However, PharmaCare has been under scrutiny for its ethical and moral standards. The following questions will shed more light on these issues that have caused a decline in PharmaCARE’s stock. 1. Who are the stakeholders in this scenario. There are various stakeholders who are involved in this scenario....   [tags: pharmaceutical companies, business analysis]

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Technology and Sex

- Technology and Sex Two years ago the word sexting did not exist. The combination of the words “sex” and “text” is now a term that is heavily discussed and causes issues for parents, students, educators, and law enforcement. Although there is no legal definition of sexting, it generally refers to writing sexually explicit messages, taking sexually explicit photos of themselves or others in their peer group and technologically transmitting those photos and/or messages to their peers. Now many people don’t know the problems associated with sexting....   [tags: Technology]

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Using Critical and Progressive Geopolitics to Approach the Conflict in Syria

- The Syrian Civil War poses many important geopolitical issues, such as what to do about the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons, the fate of millions of displaced people and refugees and the appropriate role of the “international community” in resolving and preventing such conflicts. This paper delivers analysis of the history of the Syria and the civil conflict, geographical context, the current global system and conflict resolution in the context of progressive and critical geopolitical approaches presented by Dodds and Kearns....   [tags: political, globalization, cultural]

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The Debate Over the Morality of the Death Penalty

- ... In the past, it has been issued that the rape of a child should constitute capital punishment, but now, “the death penalty in the United States is used almost exclusively for the crime of murder,” (DPIC). When a convicted murderer is executed, it eliminates their chances of getting out of jail sometime in the future. This is the only way to ensure that they can never kill again, because were they to be set free, future fatal encounters involving them would be inevitable. The same deadly outcome could occur even if they are never released, because murders do happen in jail as well....   [tags: justice, prevention, murder]

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The Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- ... Gender, race, or class consciousness is an achievement forced on us by the terrible historical experience of the contradictory social realities of patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism. (16) Haraway makes a clear argument that patriarchal capitalism perpetuates this lack of self in women. Thus, women are applicable to being machines as they are this artificial construction of man. Understanding women as being machines affirms the idea of the cyborg in “The Yellow Wall-Paper.” Haraway also says, “machines were not self-moving, self-designing, autonomous....   [tags: Feminism, Charlotte Perkins Gilman]

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Music oo4 Composer Report on Carlo Gesualdo

- I would like to start my report by saying that this is not the composer I was originally going to write about. I started out by looking up all the composers, and choosing Johannes Brahms because he looked like Santa Claus. I also liked him after reading more about him and then listening to one of his works called A German Requiem. However, I was not fully satisfied and began reading about other composers when I came upon Carlo Gesualdo. His story has the most drama and shock factor that I have read so far and thus caught my attention and provoked me to write my report on him....   [tags: composer, music, events]

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Advertising Of The American Newspaper Advertising Agency

- Advertising in the US Since the twentieth century, advertising had turned a new leaf. Newspapers and magazines published advertisements since 1700s and the first advertising agency in the US was formed in 1850. The American Newspaper Advertising Agency was begun with the aim of buying advertising space in newspapers rather than encourage innovative campaigns. The first advertising agency that functioned in the way current agencies function was begun in 1869 and was named N.W. Ayer & Sons in Philadelphia....   [tags: Advertising, Advertising agency]

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MADD, A Driving Force for Change

- M.A.D.D. is a political interest group for all mothers against drunk driving. It was specifically created for mothers of kids who have fallen victim to drunk drivers, whether it be in injury or in death. Founded on September 5th 1980, M.A.D.D. has made a huge impact on the government today and an even bigger impact on society. The idea of M.A.D.D. was first introduced by a mother, Candice Lightner, who lost her thirteen year old daughter in a car accident killed by an intoxicated driver. She took action and initiative after the loss of her daughter to help prevent drunk driving accidents so other parents wouldn’t have to go through the grief of the loss of a loved one, especially their son...   [tags: Activism]

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Use of Irony to Portray Morality in Lord Byron's Don Juan

- Use of Irony to Portray Morality in Lord Byron's Don Juan In Don Juan, George Gordon, Lord Byron, diverges from his name-sake characterization with an un-Byronic hero, Don Juan. The poem has been viewed as nihilistic and immoral. Actually there is plenty present in the first canto to show morality and hope for humanity. The poem should be viewed as the author intended: "a satire on abuses of the present state of Society, an not an eulogy on vice..." (Bostetter 9). Don Juan is a satire and therefore the morals present are shown in an ironic way....   [tags: Don Juan Essays]

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Essentials of the English Language

- As children, we learn to read and write the typical English language taught to us by our elementary school teachers. Although we are fully capable of speaking and writing it, we are not fully aware of the ways the english language has been used to trick and deceive us. Language is misused in many different ways, and it is rarely identified by the average citizen. According to some known authors, like William Lutz, Donna Woolfolk, William Zinsser and others, language is being used to manipulate the minds of the average citizen....   [tags: Language]

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Watching TV: The Electronic Professor

- Watching TV: The electronic professor “Stop watching television and go do something productive!” My mother would shout angrily when I would watch the “The Simpsons.” As mentioned in the article "Watching TV Makes You Smarter," Steven Johnson argued that 21st Century television shows develop complicated and more challenging narratives than those of an earlier time and offer viewers extra intellectual stimulation. Consequently television programming today reveals an astonishing narrative sophistication with unique plots increasing the viewer’s intellectual demands....   [tags: Television]

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E-Commerce and the New Economy

- E-Commerce and the New Economy The web has transformed our global economy. It is a powerful tool that has changed the way we produce, market and distribute goods and services. Finances and culture have been altered. New styles of commerce have developed. For example, a business call placed in North America could be handled by a technical expert in Asia as business is conducted internationally as well as transnationally. The purpose of this essay is to examine the issues, challenges and opportunities related to commerce in the “new economy”....   [tags: Internet Online Communication Essays]

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Don Juan As Byron Introspective

- The works of George Gordon, Lord Byron have long been controversial, nearly as controversial as his lifestyle. Gordon Byron was born with a clubfoot and his sensitivity to it haunted his life and his works. Despite being a very handsome child, a fragile self-esteem made Byron extremely sensitive to criticism, of himself or of his poetry and he tended to make enemies rather quickly. The young Byron was often unhappy and lonely any many of his works seem to be a sort of introspective therapy. Throughout his writings and life history there is much evidence to suggest that his poetry was greatly influenced by his mental instability....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Feminism in Braided Lives

- Feminism in Braided Lives Marge Piercy is well known for her feminist views and attitudes throughout her novels. Braided Lives is no exception. The novel follows Piercy's pattern of feminist writing. The characters in the novel are victims of society's crimes towards women. The protagonist, Jill, deals with many issues including rape and abortion. Due to her own experiences with these issues, it becomes her passion to help others in the same situation. Jill constantly strives to be in control of her own life; this struggle is another facet of the feminist movement....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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The X Files: Summary

- Scully and Mulder are two FBI agents that were sent to investigate murders that took place in a New Mexico town, just out side of an Indian reservation. The murders were first discovered when a lady, Annie Hatch, found two tourist’s bodies while she was ridding her horse. The bodies were laying next to a van. When Annie went closer to the bodies, she could see that there was hundreds of flies on them. When she looked closer she could see that they had been skinned. The following day a teenager, Paulie was out side behind his families trailer with his little sister, Patty....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Eddie George

- The question for my report is, What impact has Eddie George had on sports. Eddie George played a big role in the world of football. He and Steve McNair led the Tennessee Titans to the Superbowl, but they lost. Eddie George was 8, just another young kid on the neighborhood playground who fantasized about winning the Heisman Trophy, when his mother, Donna, began to get his life in the order she wants him to grow up in. "Eddie would never stop," said Donna's mother, Jean McCarthy, whose yard in suburban Abington Township, served as one of her grandson's playgrounds....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Sociology : What Does The Sociological Perspective Helps You Better Understand Your Social World And Your Personal Life?

- ... Gaines linked the human behavior of suicide to the whole of society in societies treatment of kids who are not the smartest, or the most engaged, or the most well behaved, who are relegated to the category of “burnout” forever. “… it was adult organization of young people’s social reality over the last few hundred years that had created this miserable situation…” [CITATION]. Thus, Gaines demonstrated the link between a person’s behavior and society. A mastery of the sociological perspective can help one better understand their social world by answering the “Why?” we all ask at some point in our lives....   [tags: Sociology, Scientific method, C. Wright Mills]

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Canada’s Shame: The Oppression of Aboriginal Women in the Indian Act

- Introduction The topic for our research paper is oppression against women in the Indian Act. Discrimination against Aboriginal people has been a key issue for many years; however society generally skims the surface of this act and tends to give lip service to it without acknowledging the deeper issue of how these oppressions come with it. In the beginning of our research we quickly made a parallel between the oppression of Aboriginal women and the injustices they face and the breakdown in Aboriginal families and communities....   [tags: Social Work ]

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The Transcending of Personality: Prometheus and Frankenstein, Lord Byron and Napoleon

- ... Immortality would lead to undeniable superiority. While Frankenstein offers immortality to mankind Prometheus offers fire. Prometheus after creating mankind became horrified to discover “there [wasn’t] anything left for man” (Rosenberg and Sorelle 103) therefore “he taught them how with the gift of fire, mortals could use these treasures to improve and beautify their lives” (104). With fire man may become more than just another animal. Man with fire may become the masters of all life and the Earthly domain itself....   [tags: Mary Shelley novel, character analysis]

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Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women Written by Alexa Albert

- The social deviance anomie theory also known as strain theory is defined as means to an end. This means that if the goals that society holds for people are unreachable individuals may turn to illegitimate ways of getting there. Throughout this paper I will provide details as to why we should use anomie theory when defining deviance among brothel workers presented in Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women written by Alexa Albert. Anomie theory presents many key factors that we will examine and then put them in context with the actions of the sex workers, the motivations of clientele, particular problems of the sex workers, and other experiences in their professional or private lives, that can be...   [tags: social deviance, conformist, Innovationist]

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How Much Knowledge Of The Prison Labor Do You Have?

- How much knowledge of the prison labor do you have. Many people do not have too much knowledge about prison labor because usually people do not have the opportunity to see the situation in the prison. Therefore, no one dissatisfied of the handling of prisoners. However, the United States prison have problem of modern-day slavery. That problem is prisoners are working like a slave in prison. Why is this problem. Prisoners do labor in prison, but prisoners are not everybody committed a felony. Some people have been imprisoned in false charges and very light sin, and prisoner will have a new debt because they are forced to work at low wages and they have expenses in prison, plus racism in the p...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Wage, Penal labour]

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Response to Welcome to the City by Murray Forman

- My response paper speaks directly to Murray Forman’s “Welcome to the City” essay, pecifically, the complex relationship the ghetto has with its inhabitants as well as outsiders. In the essay Forman says, “Youth continues to be framed against the American middle-class ideals of a liberated consumer culture” (47). Since our course is focused on black popular culture, I thought it would be interesting to examine the portrayal of domestic space occupied by black families on television sitcoms, a genre defined heavily by shows from the 1950s....   [tags: argumentative]

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Making a Difference In Our World: William Randolph Hearst

- ... Millicent gave birth to five sons. All of his sons followed his work ethics and business surrounding to media. However sadness strikes in 1919. When his mother past away. He then received residence on his father’s land. The land consisted of 168,000 acre, located in San Simeon ranch in Southern California. He used his money to build himself a castle, also a new yore real estate and another in his art collections ("William Randolph Hearst") encyclopedia of world biography). However this man did not only have a family and personal life, he affected the newspaper and political industry as a whole (" William Randolph Hearst ")....   [tags: notorious and successful businessmen]

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Analysis Of The New York Times By Jill Filipovic

- ... The claim that Filipovic makes is that the more authoritative women are, the less they are liked and the more they are perceived as out for themselves. Testing the Quality of Filipovic’s Arguments In this piece of rhetoric Jill Filipovic uses such good evidence and reasoning as a whole, that we are able to see the process of how she developed her arguments that show strengths and the occasional weakness. One of the strengths in Filipovic’s article is through her clear explanation of how more females are more effective as a representative than men....   [tags: Female, Gender, Male, Evidence]

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Sexual and Class Exploitation In “The Wife’s Resentment”

- An Analytical Essay on Sexual and Class Exploitation In “The Wife’s Resentment” This essay will analyze the themes of sexual and class exploitations in the story “The Wife’s Resentment” by Delariviere Manley. By exploring these themes we are able to get an idea of why Manley wrote this story. That is, she hoped to make young women, whether rich or poor, aware of the value of their virtue as well as their rights as married or single women to protect that virtue or honor. By revealing the themes that are presented in the story, we can see what Manley stood for and why she wrote this story in the period she lived in....   [tags: Analytical Essay]

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How to Calm a Toddler During a Tantrum

- Have you as a parent ever wanted to know how to calm a toddler. Well let me walk you though the process. Now this will help you when either both the parent and child is stress or if one is and no the other. It is also good for parents to calm them down in a more positive and effective manner. First thing to remember is to stay calm yourself and do not let the child get you rounded up. There are different ways to stay calm. We as parents can just being quiet and say nothing or show no expressions are a good way of being calm....   [tags: early childhood studies, parenting]

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The Nature of Gangs in Brazil and Colombia

- No country is devoid of violence, but it is especially prevalent in Latin America. The Organization of American States labeled violence in Latin America as an “epidemic, a plague that kills more people than AIDS or any other known epidemic” (Carroll). Brazil and Colombia are two countries that have been shaped by gang violence; both are gripped by some of the largest, most violent, and institutionalized gangs in the world. In Donna Goldstein’s ethnography of life in a Brazilian shantytown, Laughter Out of Place, the power and prevalence of gang violence is apparent....   [tags: Crime]

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Semiotic Analysis of a Advertising Image

- For my semiotic analysis I chose to talk about a commercial for ‘Be delicious’ from Donna Karan New York to demonstrate how advertising generates its meanings, construct the image and behaviors ideology in order to attract customers. ‘Semiology provides the analyst with a conceptual toolkit for approaching sign systems systematically in order to discover how they produce meaning’ (Bawer et. all, 2000: 227). Advertising is one of the typically elements used for a convincing presentation product or service to the buyer or user....   [tags: Marketing, Media, Informative]

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Comparing Don Juan and Jack Worthing

- The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde and Don Juan by Lord Byron are two distinctive pieces in British literature. In both stories, the male characters take center stage. The character of Jack Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest and Juan in Don Juan share many similarities. Both men are from the upper class, both take an avid interest in the opposite sex, and both are controlled by the women in their lives. The difference between these two characters arises in their outcomes and may stem from the fact that each author is from a distinct literary era....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Unrealized Democracy and a Posthumanist Art

- One of the significant messages Iain Chambers puts forth in his article Unrealized Democracy and a Posthumanist Art, is the existence of a constant disruption in the language, history, and culture of the Western world brought about by its own mechanisms of globalization, homogenization, and modernity. The difference that diverse culture brings to the western world, through migration, challenges the ideas of equality and acceptance in the historical western view of democracy. What is at stake is how identity is continually being shifted and influenced, through inclusion and exclusion, based on its level of disruption within the current system....   [tags: Iain Chambers article analysis]

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Focusing on the Child Social Skills

- 1. Explain what you think are the most important social skills in our society. How would you begin to teach them to infants and toddlers. Social behaviors have different stages. “The first stage of psychosocial development is trust” (Gonzalez-Mena & Eyer, 2009). These stages include trust, autonomy, and initiative. Trust is gained when an infant feels that all his or her needs are met. For example, the mother pick the baby up when it is crying. The mother give the baby food when it is hungry. The mother change the baby diaper when he or she is dirty....   [tags: social behaviors upbringing]

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Psychosis and Other Psychology Terms

- Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality, it usually characterized with hallucinations and delusions. A Hallucination is a disorder in the way things are sensed. One may hear voices, see things, or smell things that are not present. Auditory hallucinations are most common. A delusion is a disorder in the way one thinks; the most common delusions are those of grandeur and persecution, these are when one thinks that they very important or that someone is out to get them when in reality there is no good reason to think this....   [tags: Psychosis, Psychology, ]

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United States President John Tyler

- John Tyler changed history in many ways. Tyler was the tenth president of the United States of America. He was the vice president under President William Henry Harrison. Tyler became president when Harrison died during his term as president. The Constitution states that the vice president will automatically become president if the president dies while in office. As a result of Harrison’s death, Tyler became the first unelected president. (Lisa DeMauro 18). Tyler also played an important role in the American and Mexican War, without this war America wouldn’t be the size it is today....   [tags: United States, American History, President]

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene

- ... TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGN: It is a descriptive epidemiological study. The type of study design is case series. Total five cases with multiple myeloma manifestations involving the oral cavity were reported. Detail data of patient’s medical history, oral cavity lesions description, myeloma treatment and its progression is reported. Summary Key Study Factor: In this study total five patients (3 female and 2 male) from 31 to 70 years old with multiple lesions in oral cavity were reported. Detail report of patient’s medical history, oral cavity lesions location, and description were noted....   [tags: myeloma, cavity, lessions]

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Serial Killer: Sean Vicent Gills

- Sean Vincent Gills was born June 24, 1962, in Baton Rouge, LA to Norman and Yvonne Gillis. His father died of acholism when Gills was just a young boy. His mom working a full time job at a local television station struggled to take care of Gills. Her parents often looked at after him. As a child Gills was thought to be normal. His mother was quoted saying that “I used to call him my little blue-eyed angel. This is the person I loved most in this world.” It wasn’t until his teenage years when others began to see a different side of him....   [tags: victims, sentence, life in prison]

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Designer Apparel Market in Australia

- ... Furthermore, at first even though Australia picked up the e-commerce trend gradually, now they have fully incorporated online retailing, which has led to more spending on luxury brands. E-tailers such as ASOS have set up local distribution centres to meet the growing demand. Lastly, in 2013 the current value growth of 5% was marginally higher then the review period current value of 4%. This is mainly because the demand for luxury goods increased. Overall, the luxury apparel market has quite a few trends in Australia and this is primarily due to the fact that the size of the market is growing....   [tags: marketing, brands, companies]

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The Period Of Psychological Realism

- ... This period was a portion of the Psychological Realism period. Being a part of Psychological Realism, it also had properties of Realism. The Naturalistic and Symbolistic era came about because of new scientific advances in many eras of study, including chemistry, physics, and psychology. The Realism period attempted to understand and describe everything about reality. In the Psychological Realism period, writers described reality as being an extension of the human mind. In this era, in contrast, writers began to realize that one couldn 't figure everything out about reality by just thinking about it, and so started to use scientific findings in their writings....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Global conflicts]

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

- ... One could also argue that a person would not choose to be homosexual based on the fact that so many people disagree with homosexuality and they would most likely receive some form of hate. Many teenagers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans are often bullied by their peers. In 2013 a National School Climate Survey showed that seventy-one point four percent of LGBT students were called gay or other derogatory terms often, fifty-four point six percent also heard comments about not being masculine or feminine enough....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT]

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CompCare- A Pharmaceutical Company

- The stakeholders in this scenario is the pharmaceutical company, CompCare, a subsidiary of PharmaCare, Wellco, a large drugstore chain, the employees of the various companies, the African nation of Colberia and the Colberians. PharmaCare company is running a successful business if ethics behavior on all scale is out of the equation. The company are able to find diligence workers in Colberia, who are willing to share information about indigenous cures located in the area. The Colberians are willing to walk five miles into and out the jungles carrying baskets up to 50 pounds....   [tags: PharmaCare, Stakeholders, Subsidiary]

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Different Heroes, Same Result

- Everyone wants to get fame and fortune for doing something no one else dares to do. “Perseus” and “Psyche and Eros” are two very famous myths in Greek lore that include most of the aspects of the hero’s journey. Perseus and Psyche are similar because they are both naïve. However, they are different because Perseus shows bravery and Psyche shows curiosity. Perseus gets manipulated and volunteers to kill Medusa in an act to offer his services to King Polydectes. Similarly, Psyche gets tricked by her evil sisters to go against her husband’s wishes, but through her curiosity, she insists to find out who her husband actually is....   [tags: Perseus, Psyche and Eros]

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Team Work Scenarios

- Team Work Scenarios Learning Team Each team should respond in paragraph form to the questions that follow the scenarios presented below. Any disagreements or complications that occur within the team regarding the correct response should be noted in the Learning Team Reflection Worksheet for the week. SCENARIOS Duty-based (Deontological): 1. Donna was wrong for setting rules for the team without any input from Michael. He is not going to follow the rules if there was no buy-in on the rules. Donna and Michael should renegotiate the rules together and come up with a set of rules with which both are comfortable....   [tags: Ethics Team Working Together Essays]

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There is More to Rap Music Than Just Violent Lyrics

- There is More to Rap Music Than Just Violent Lyrics ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study is to show that there is more to rap and hip hop lyrics than what most people take them for. It cannot be disputed that violence is a major theme in this genre of music, but the lyrics of artists who have been able to stay in the game for a long time show that overtime the subject of their song matter varies with their experiences and success. Two artists who are very well respected in the rap industry and who have been around for awhile, Nas and Jay-Z both show a wide variety of topics in their music and that with success their music went from violent tales to songs that are more fun, more positive an...   [tags: Papers]

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Book Review Of "the Burning Man" By Phillip Margolin

- Book Review of "The Burning Man" by Phillip Margolin Peter Hale, the son of Richard Hale, a four-year associate at Hale, Greaves, Strobridg, Marquand, and Bartlett, has lived his life under the shadow of his father. Despite having a high five-figure salary and fire-engine-red Porsche, Peter was constantly trying to overcome the expectations of his high- class lawyer of a father, who was former president of the Oregon State Bar. Handling only small-time cases did not present Peter with the opportunity to outshine his father, who was also a second-team All-American football player and National Champion wrestler, but when his father had a heart attack and could no longer handl...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Legalizing Prostitution in Britain

- Legalizing Prostitution in Britain Apparently if you go back through history, as far back as you can, as far back as we have records, you will find evidence of people selling sex for personal gain. It seems that prostitution has been around for a very long time and that the sex industry was thriving at least a few thousand years before the Industrial Revolution; a good deal longer than it's name suggests. So, it comes as no shock to discover that, many people consider prostitution to be the oldest profession in the world and that in some ancient civilisations the sex trade positively flourished....   [tags: Papers]

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Comedy Analysis Q&A

- I have noticed that most comedy pertains to “the times” and the way the world is today. Sometimes there are subtle hints or undertones, and sometimes the statements are direct and to the point. As far as them being savage or gentle, they can be both. It’s according to your perception of the statement. Some people take offense to certain statements if they are identifying with it, while others take it in stride. It has a lot to do with your perception and the way you see things. Some people see the “glass half full, while others see the “glass half empty.” As long as the shoe is on the other foot, it’s funny but when it happens to you that is a different story....   [tags: Q&A]

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Monsters Final Draft

- Monsters are the physical embodiment of fear. Monsters are the physical embodiment of fear due to a wide variety of reasons. The most important being: Monsters’ apparent invulnerability/incredible strength, they represent the bad part of society, are most often ugly, they represent evil/nightmares, many monsters have the ability to shape shift, and those that deviate from the norms still maintain some monster-like characteristics. These six characteristics are the major reasons why monsters are the physical embodiment of fear....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Reviewing Zimbardo’s Experiment

- “The Stanford Prison Experiment” by Philip G. Zimbardo was written to explain the results of the Stanford prison experiment. Zimbardo while trying to gain support for his conclusions of the experiment, demonstrated many errors in his writing, and in his own experiment. The errors that Zimbardo commits call into question the validity of his argument, and the experiment. The goal explained by Zimbardo was “to understand more about the process by such people called “prisoners” lose their liberty, civil rights, independence, and privacy, while those called “guards” gain social power by accepting the responsibility for controlling and managing the lives of their dependent charges” (Zimbardo 733...   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Jake Burton Snowboards

- Jake Burton: Burton Snowboards When you think of snowboarding, more often than not, Burton is the first brand that comes to mind. The most popular brand in the world was made that way by one man: Jake Burton. His vision to make what was once thought of as a passing fad into the most popular extreme sport in the world was really incredible. The odds he overcame, from ski resorts not allowing snowboarders to cancer, are a real testament to his dedication and passion to pushing this sport, and lifestyle, to what it is today....   [tags: popular brand, wooden plank, company]

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The Connection Between Food Study and Cultural Identity

- “Food is the material object we have the most intimate contact with on a daily basis.” Stated in research paper called Survivor Woman: colonial edition, this statement magnifies that role that food plays in people’s lives. Most people are almost constantly preoccupied physically and mentally with food. Not only that it is vital part of human life where without it, it would be impossible to continue on with one’s life. Also a great deal of time we spend with food tells us that people are inseparably connected to each our food that we eat....   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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Time for New Ways of Hiring

- ... Hiring people who are attracting or represent the image of the company will make more money. These company enhancers will attract more people into a store therefore making the store more money, which is a company’s main goal. Hiring based on looks is working but as a trend comes a trend goes. Companies might be making money but eventually these companies are going to have to find a new to keep their customers. Just like everything else, something always working in the beginning but eventually will get to old and grow out of fashion....   [tags: attractiveness, knowledgeable, discriminate]

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Chanel's Little Black Dress

- Many people would argue that Coco Chanel was one of the most influential designers of her time, let alone ever. Many designers use her designs as inspiration and many of their strategies echo hers. The reason she was so successful was due to her ambition, determination and a striving need for fame and because of this her designs are considered to be the epitome of the 20's style because her work was so fresh, chic, and modern. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born on the 19th of August 1883. She was a French fashion designer whose modernist philosophy, pursuit of expensive simplicity and menswear-inspired fashions made her one of the most influential designers ever....   [tags: Fashion]

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Class Politics in 45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything That Happenes by Honey

- Class Politics in 45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything That Happenes by Honey The story of 45 & 47 Stella Street and everything that happened (Honey, E 2000) is written from a first person narrative perspective. This is evident from page 5 of the book when the narrator, Henni introduces herself to the reader and does not from change from Henni to another narrator throughout the text. The reader sees the story through Henni’s point of view of the world around her. The implied reader would be aimed at children around the same age as Henni so the reader can relate to her....   [tags: Stella Street Analysis Honey]

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Teens - Adults Should Let Teenagers Live Their Lives

- Adults Should Let Teenagers Live Their Lives A common phrase that adults can testify to hearing from any given teenager is, “You don’t understand!” This proves a struggle between the youth and the adults that quite possibly is never-ending. Adults make assumptions about kids, based on the way they dress, which pushes kids farther and farther away. In the essay, “Goths in Tomorrowland” by Thomas Hine, he emphasizes the beliefs that adults began the idea of youth alienation from older societies and the teenagers keep it that way....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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In Defense of Patenting You and Your Family

- In Defense of Patenting You and Your Family How would you feel if I told you that I am the new proud owner of you and your family. That is, that I have been granted a United States patent on the DNA sequence particular to your line of descent because I have identified a unique property of your genetic material. A few cultured cells with your genetic makeup, added to lotion and rubbed on the skin, allow one to look younger, wrinkle-free, and be less susceptible to skin cancer. Of course this does not mean that I have control over yours and your family’s actions – only over the application of your DNA to skin care....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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To Hell With Dying as an Autobiography

- To Hell With Dying as an Autobiography       When reading fiction, one can begin to wonder how much of a gap there is between the story the narrator is telling and the actual events that occurred to make the author decide to write the story. In Alice Walker’s "To Hell With Dying," one could say that this story is basically auto- biographical. Although some people may have thought that "To Hell With Dying" was completely fiction, evidence from the story and other sources suggest otherwise. The love the narrator feels towards Mr....   [tags: Hell With Dying Essays]

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I Stand Here Ironing: The 1950s Woman

- What do Betty from "Pleasantville," June from "Leave it to Beaver," and Donna Reed from "The Donna Reed Show" all have in common. They all represent the image of the perfect housewife in the 1950s. They represent women who gladly cooked, cleaned, dressed in pearls and wore high heals while waiting for their all-knowing husbands to come home. They represent women who can only find fulfillment in male domination and nurturing maternal love. Tillie Olsen, as a single mother with four children (204), provides readers with another view of women....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Federal Government and Medicinal Marijuana

- The American Medical Association's Council on Scientific Affairs should be commended for its report, "Marijuana: Its HealthHazards and Therapeutic Potential." Not only does the report outline evidence of marijuana's potential harms, but it distinguishes this concern from the legitimate issue of marijuana's important medical benefits. All too often the hysteria that attends public debate over marijuana's social abuse compromises a clear appreciation for this critical distinction. Since 1978, 32 states have abandoned the federal prohibition to recognize legislatively marijuana's important medical properties....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Wedding Speech Delivered by the Bride

- Wedding Speech Delivered by the Bride You may well be wondering what the Bride is doing making a speech. Well, those of you who know me well, know that I always have talked too much and usually find a way to get my two cents worth in so it probably is no surprise. I also wanted to say thank you to those deserving in my own words. When I met Ray, I was totally off men and relationships, so it is a more than a little surprising to find myself standing here just under two years later. I have my sister to thank for this remarkable conversion, as she was the Cilla Black wannabe who got us together – with all the subtlety of Blind Date I might add....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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Minority Report: Film vs. Short Story

- Minority Report: Film vs. Short Story Mutant humans, nicknamed precogs, have visions of future crimes. An entire police force is dedicated to interpreting these visions and catching the future criminals before they commit these foreseen crimes. Commissioner John A. Anderton was the creator of this institution called Precrime in New York City and has a strong pride in his work. Everything had seemed to be a success, there had not been a murder for five years, but it all starts to fall apart when the precogs have a vision of Anderton committing a murder of a man he has never met before, named Leopold Kaplan....   [tags: Movies Comparison Compare Essays Contrast]

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