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A Patient With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

- A patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome can present to the emergency room from home with a complain of acute onset respiratory distress or be an admitted patient in a hospital that is presenting with a worsening respiratory status or a new onset respiratory distress. According to The ARDS Definition Task Force, as cited by Rubenfeld (2012), “the clinical hallmarks are hypoxemia and bilateral radiographic opacities, associated with increased venous admixture, increased physiological dead space and decreased lung compliance” (p....   [tags: Pulmonology, Acute respiratory distress syndrome]

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Slater 's Conduct Satisfies The Elements Of Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress

- ISSUE Is the judge likely to find that A.C Slater’s conduct satisfies the elements of intentional infliction of emotional distress. BRIEF ANSWER Likely yes, if it is proven that Slater: a) intended to inflict severe mental or emotional distress, that he b) was the cause of Morris’s severe emotional distress, and that c) his conduct was beyond the bounds of socially tolerable. FACTS At the time of the incident, Zack Morris was a technician employed by Cruisin’ California Airlines. During his shift on March 25, 2011, he completed a series of routine jobs on an assigned plane and signed off on the “job card” verifying the work was complete....   [tags: Intentional infliction of emotional distress]

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Types Of Distress

- Everyone experiences stress in their lifetime. Studies have shown that there are four maintypes of stress; Eustress, Distress, Hyperstress, and Hypostress. “Eustress is a type of short term stress that is a positive type of stress. This stress provides the focus and energy needed in order to perform at the highest level of the individual’s ability” (Michael Wright). Eustress helps people to accomplish things like giving a speech or winning at something competitive. “Distress is a negative stress brought about by changes or alterations in an individual’s life” (Michael Wright)....   [tags: Psychology, Eustress, Anxiety, Stress, Emotion]

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The Symptoms Of Failure Of Financial Distress

- The Symptoms of Failure in Financial Distress The early prediction of distress is essentially for investors or lending institutions who wish to protect their financial investments. As a consequence, modelling, prediction and classification of companies to determine if they are potential candidates for financial distress. Corporate bankruptcy was first modelled, classified and predicted by Beaver in 1966. His technique accurately classified 78% of the companies five years prior to failure. Some of the companies may only just be survive corporate failure, but are actually classified as “non-failed” companies....   [tags: Asset, Balance sheet]

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The Positive Aspects of Mental Distress

- Many would agree that mental distress is a negative experience for the person affected. However, the testimonies from the contributors to the course module identify positive aspects also. Charis, Rosemary, Andrea, Miranda, Chris and Terry give accounts of their experience of mental distress. This essay will examine those accounts to ascertain whether a positive aspect can be seen. It will consider how their identities have been affected, how change has occurred and how their experiences subsequently affected others....   [tags: Experts through Experience]

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The Emotional Distress of Men in a Relationship

- The emotional roller coaster that young couples have experienced in a relationship is affecting them differently. Men are thought to be an aggressor and usually are dominant in a relationship, whereas women are passionate and more emotional when it comes to relationship. Although, this can be label as stereotype where typically it is quite an opposite. Men are capable of being vulnerable during an ongoing relationship. More men are experiencing an emotional distress from a bad relationship than women do....   [tags: Mental Health ]

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The Wrongful Infliction Of Emotional Distress

- Question Presented Does Samuel Taylor have a cause of action against Ronald Murray, who repeatedly harassed him, for intentional infliction of emotional distress which resulted in Taylor’s loss of twenty pounds, extreme nervousness, job loss and overall decreased aptitude for life. Brief Answer Probably yes. Under the Massachusetts law, a plaintiff has a claim for the intentional infliction of emotional distress: (1) when a defendant intended or should have known that his conduct will result in the emotional distress; (2) when the defendant’s action was excruciating and senseless, far above the limits of common civility in the sophisticated society; (3) when the plaintiff’s emotional...   [tags: Strike action, Trade union]

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Physical Distress : An Athletic Trainer

- During the semester, I learned a lot on how to deal with psychological distress and how as an athletic trainer I should deal with athletes to overcome their situation and be there for them. Throughout my time as an athletic training student, I always liked to observe my preceptors on how they deal with athletics that are having psychological distress after injuries, and how as an athletic trainer I should handle these situations in a professional manner. There is one situation in particular that occurred during the King’s College football season that I would like to discuss....   [tags: Anterior cruciate ligament, Knee]

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Moral Distress And Health Care

- Moral distress occurs is defined by Jameton as, occurring when one knows the right thing to do, but institutional constraints make it nearly impossible to pursue the right course of action. Oncology nurses find themselves struggling with moral distress in an oncology unit, which is where cancer patients are cared for and educated by the nurse. An oncology nurse suffers moral distress when they know the right course of action, but feel powerless to act out the choice because of the institution or its policies, lack of resources, lack of support, or legal limits....   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Oncology, Nursing]

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Sedentary Behavior And Psychological Distress

- Sedentary behavior, as defined in this study by The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, is recognized as "any waking activity that involves sitting or reclining and has an energy expenditure of less than 1.5 metabolic equivalents.” In this study, 218 first year health science students in their second semester at the University of South Australia were asked to recall one to two days of activity, with 600 different activities to choose from in time increments as precise as five minutes....   [tags: Psychology, Personal life, Obesity, Mental health]

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