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The Story of An Hour Theme

- Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” Kate Chopin wrote a short piece called “The Story of an Hour” about a woman’s dynamic emotional shift who believes she has just learned her husband has died. The theme of Chopin’s piece is essentially a longing for more freedom for women. Chopin reflects her rejection of the “postures of femininity” through her character’s descriptions. She describes her as “young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression.” Describing her as young and calm are what men looked for in a wife in the 19th century....   [tags: Kate Chopin]

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Emerging Markets in Developing Countries

- Emerging Markets in Developing Countries India is a less developed country (LDC), with a population exceeding one million, an average per capita GDP of $583, low literacy and high infant mortality rates. There are just five phones and two internet users for every hundred people. Yet it is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based industries in the world. With a GDP growth of about 4% compared to 2% for the USA. Likewise, China is even experiencing a growth not less than 8% of GDP annually. Emerging economies, like India, China, Brazil and Russia will become more important as a consequence of high growth rates combined with large populations....   [tags: Economics International Business]

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Different Uses of Virtual Reality

- Different Uses of Virtual Reality Virtual reality (VR) is the use of a computer to create an artificial environment that appears and feels like a real environment and allows users to explore a space and manipulate the environment. In its simplest form, a VR application displays what appears to be a three-dimensional view of a place or object, such as a landscape, building, molecule, or red blood cell, which users can explore. For example, architects can use VR software to show clients how a building will look after a construction or remodeling project....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Defining Events in The Stranger

- Defining Events in The Stranger In The Stranger, Meursault’s murder of the Arab is caused not only by the weather, but also by coincidence, the same way in which Meursault lives his life. The defining events in The Stranger are set in motion by Meursault's murder of the Arab on a bright and sunny day. While going to get a drink of water, the foreign Arab uses a knife to shine the sunlight in Meursault's face. This forces Meursault to fire and kill the Arab with a revolver. Throughout this scene the sun and light play crucial roles, but it is not the first time the sun appears during The Stranger....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton

- Analysis of Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton Mattie Rigsbee is the main character in Clyde Edgerton's southern style novel, Walking Across Egypt. Mattie is a seventy-eight year old widow with two middle-aged children. Living alone in a small house, she makes sure that everything is taken care of. She cooks, cleans, mows the lawn, and takes up numerous responsibilities with the church. She is a very caring person with many friends and a family that loves her dearly. At the time this novel takes place, Mattie is at a turning point in her life....   [tags: Clyde Edgerton Walking Across Egypt Essays]

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Sociopathy in The Moonstone

- Sociopathy in Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone Sociopathy affects many individuals across the globe. As a medically recognized condition, it alters one’s natural state of mind. A sociopath develops patterns of behavior consisting of harassing others, failing to conform to social norms, and lying. People with this condition disregard the rights and feelings of others, resulting in a frequent lack of empathy towards other individuals. Sociopaths frequently show deceitful and manipulative behavior in order to gain personal profit or pleasure....   [tags: Wilkie Collins]

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Bitterness in Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

- Essay a rose for Emily In William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily," Emily's lack of social skills, exclusiveness and bitterness display Emily's refusal to adapt to the present. In the short story "A Rose for Emily", Emily displays her lack of social skills when the other ladies in the story try to call for her and she refuses to see them. Emily was not very social with the other towns. people. When the town gets the mail system for free, Emily refuses to let the towns. people put a mail box or postal number letters outside of her home....   [tags: A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner]

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The Stranger

- Albert Camus creates a series of characters in The Stranger whose personality traits and motivations mirror those that are overlooked by the average man. Camus develops various characters and scenarios that are considered rude and unpleasant, but because it has become common, society accepts it as norms. Camus incorporates atrocious personality traits of the characters, variety, consistency, and everyone’s fate through the creation of the characters. Camus demonstrates the disregarded reason behind the origins of relationships between people to characterize people as selfish....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Albert Camus]

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The Jewish Museum for a Historian

- The Jewish Museum for a Historian In order to carry out research, a historian would have lots of questions about Jew's living and working conditions. As many of these questions are answered at the museum, this demonstrates clearly how useful the museum is as a source of information. Bellow are listed examples of questions that a historian may ask: Living conditions How many people per house. (were they cramped etc?) What kind of food did they eat. (how much, what kind?) How hygienic were they....   [tags: Papers]

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The Most Dangerous Game

- General Zaroff In the story The Most Dangerous Game a character named General Zaroff has a passion for hunting. He has been hunting since he was born. He has hunted every animal known to man, but, then he gets tried of hunting the same animal over and over. So he discovers a new animal human flesh. General Zaroff is person of bad character because he is cruel, cowardly, and untrustworthy. G. Zaroff is a cruel person because instead of hunting animals, he hunts humans and does not care for the value of life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Software Applications

- Software Several software applications were written and used to operate the hardware described in the previous section. This section is a description of the software used in the research. A software application that controlled the positioning system, the waveform generator, the power supply and the data acquisition from the CPD sensor was written in a graphical programming environment LabView (from National Instruments). The Labview environment was chosen because of the ease of use in user graphic interface designing and the availability of all necessary libraries and drivers for the Labview from the hardware manufacturer....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Fire Crackers

- Our Lives Versus Firecrackers Bong. Bong. Bong. These are the typical sounds one would hear passing by a Chinatown around February of every year. Indeed, these are the sounds of firecrackers, which are distinctive features Chinese people use to welcome a new beginning on Chinese New Year. However, can anyone imagine how many people have died or have been injured by these explosive features. According to a report, a firecracker storage area in China caught fire which caused the death of forty-seven people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Wife of Bath, The Wife of Bath Prologue, and The General Prologue

- The Wife of Bath, The Wife of Bath Prologue, and The General Prologue These selections from The Canterbury Tales best exemplify the ideals and traits of women (as portrayed by Chaucer). In, The Wife of Bath Prologue, the narrator brags of her sexual exploits as well as her prowess of controlling men. The narrator is quite forthright in her enjoyment of this manipulation; she comments on her technique of lying and predomination of men. The General Prologue further serves to display the daunting traits of women....   [tags: Papers]

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P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace

- P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace After a successful year of housing the Great Exposition, the Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton was disassembled and moved to Sydenham, where it stood for the next 85 years (Hobhouse, 32). The Palace, built for the 1851 World's Fair in London, was an architectural and engineering wonder modeled after the bridge and train shed construction of the mid-nineteenth century. The structure had been designed to be quickly assembled out of prefabricated members and easily rebuilt elsewhere....   [tags: Architecture History]

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How Shakespeare Engages the Audience in Act I scene v

- How Shakespeare Engages the Audience in Act I scene v In Act I, scene v, Shakespeare alters the tone of the play into a lighter mood. However, despite this, there is an ominous sense of fate overshadowing the pair of star crossed lovers. Even today, the tragedy resembles a blue print of the problems the young adolescents of the twentieth century face each day. Shakespeare uses a masked ball to create suspense and mystery, as this would have engaged an Elizabethan audience. However the audience already knows what is going to happen due to the Prologue - "Do with their death bury their parents' strife" - but despite this knowledge the anticipation of the events lead...   [tags: Papers]

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John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and Tortilla Flat

- Many great thinkers view unity as an important part of life. Antoine de Saint-Exuprey said: “One man may hit the mark, another blunder, but heed not these distinctions. Only from the alliance of the one, working with and through the other, are great things born.” The Beatles sang: “I get by with a little help from my friends.” These men, though they lived a century apart, share the same view on unity. This view is also shared by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck displays a clear understanding of the importance of unity in many of his works....   [tags: John Steinbeck]

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Spring Constant of Springs in Series and Parallel

- Spring Constant of Springs in Series and Parallel Planning The aim of this investigation is to examine the effect on the spring constant placing 2 identical springs in parallel and series combination has and how the resultant spring constants of the parallel and series spring sets compare to that of a lone spring with identical spring constant. Hypothesis ---------- Hooke's Law states that "The magnitude of the spring constant (k) is equal to the stretching force applied (F) divided by the resultant extension (x)", it should be possible to determine a spring constant for each spring set....   [tags: Papers]

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Borderline Personality Disorder Explored in Girl Interrupted

- Girl Interrupted is a 1999 film in which Susanna, a high school senior on the verge of graduating with her class in 1967, is rushed to the Emergency Room because she consumed a whole bottle of Aspirin, followed by a bottle of Vodka. After being treated, Susanna is seen by a friend of her fathers, who is a Psychiatrist who believes that her actions were an attempt at suicide. Susanna, of course denies this, instead stating that she was making an effort to rid herself of a headache. The Psychiatrist recommends that she stay at a mental hospital named Claymore for a rest....   [tags: Abnormal Psychology]

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The Marriage Debate in The Canterbury Tales

- The Cost of Marriage In Geoffrey Chaucer's work, The Canterbury Tales, many travelers gather together to begin a pilgrimage. During their quest, each of the pilgrims proceed to tell a tale to entertain the group. From these stories arise four different tales, in which Chaucer uses to examine the concept of marriage and the problems that arise from this bonding of two people. In the tales of "The Franklin", "The Clerk", "The Wife of Bath", and "The Merchant", marriage is debated and examined from different perspectives....   [tags: World Literature]

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Characterization, Identities, and the Supernatural in Otranto

- "The Divided Self": Characterization, Identities, and the Supernatural A cursory first reading of Horace Walpole's Otranto might yield an impression that its characters are thoroughly superficial, shallow, and flat, almost to the point of being laughably so. A single character mold seems to have been applied to each character: Manfred is the incestuous tyrant, Hippolita is the helplessly devoted wife, Matilda is the picture of “tenderness and duty” (38), and Theodore is the chivalrous protector of delicate young ladies....   [tags: Horace Walpole]

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Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

- Human cruelty was constantly present during the antebellum period. It is a vital part of America’s culture and it must be reiterated to new generations. In the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe recaps human cruelty through portraying the alteration in Mr. Shelby, affects the readers’ emotions by displaying views from various characters and demonstrates continuous separation of families during the antebellum period. Mr. Shelby’s dynamic character is constantly modified in the first third of the book....   [tags: Uncle Tom's Cabin Essays]

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Symbols and Symbolism in A Clean Well-Lighted Place, By Hemingway

- Symbolism in A Clean Well-Lighted Place   Symbolism, may be defined as a non-superficial representation of an idea or belief that goes beyond what is "seen."  Earnest Hemingway's "A Clean Well-Lighted Place" uses symbolism to help convey the theme of Nihilism, the philosophy that there is nothing heavenly to believe in.  It discusses that there is no supernatural reason or explanation of how the world is today.  Three symbols: the soldier, the café, and the shadows of the leaves, found in Hemingway's short story clearly displays this Nihilistic theme....   [tags: A Clean Well-Lighted Place Essays]

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Advertising Athletic Apparel and the Obese

- Athletic Apparel: Detriment to the Obese. Giant, toned arms, washboard abs, and ripped legs—these attributes are all too common in commercials for athletic apparel. Outfitters such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Asics, and Under Armour display elite athletes in many of their commercials. Unlike some food, clothing, and car, among others, commercials, they are never directed toward the obese. Even fast-food companies are recognizing that the U.S. has dominated other countries in a statistic that it should not be proud of—the percentage of obese people living within our borders....   [tags: Marketing Athletic Clothing Overweight]

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- Companies are not able to succeed without having a strong branding and pricing strategy. Colgate-Palmolive has managed to build a strong brand name and offer competitive prices. Innovation is a key factor in the Colgate strategy. This paper will take a look at Colgate-Palmolive’s product positioning and life cycle. This paper will also discuss the branding relationships and pricing methods. Positioning and Life Cycle According to Keller and Kotler (2009) “positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market.” Colgate-Palmolive has remained a leader in the oral health care industry....   [tags: Business, Competitive Prices, Innovation]

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Greek Male Sculptures and Today's Advertising

- Greek Male Sculptures and Today's Advertising Freestanding sculpture that decorated the early Classical Period of Greek Art consisted of predominantly male nude figures. The male body was used in seeking to create "more realistic ways to portray the human figure in painting and sculpture and to place figures in more realistic settings"(Stokstad pg 178). This portrayal of young men through freestanding sculpture revealed a sort of obsession with the male body in which society took on as the norm....   [tags: Kouros Krytios Boy Greek Sculpture]

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History of Fireworks

- History of Fireworks The birthplace of fireworks is generally recognized as China, with the first explosive mixture found being black powder, during the Sung dynasty ( 960-1279 ). It is said that a cook in ancient china found that a mixture of sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal was very flammable and would explode if enclosed in a small space. The first application of this technology was for entertainment. The Chinese are still the leader in the production of fireworks. Once the recipe for black powder was perfected, they found that it was easily used as rocket fuel, and they made hand carved wooden rockets in the shape of a dragon, in the sixth century....   [tags: Chine Fireworks Explosives Essays]

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Creating an Excel Sheet Report

- Creating an Excel Sheet Report User needs The person I am making this for wants a spreadsheet that can add up the profit for his ice cream and say whether it makes a good, bad or medium profit compared to the figure wanted. He then wanted all the months totalled up on an annual sheet, and then all the flavours ranked in the order of best profit to last profit. When the spreadsheet is finished it will allow the user to enter the data (litres sold) for each week of the year into the correct month....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sanity of Hamlet

- The Sanity of Hamlet        One of the most controversial questions surrounding William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, is whether or not the title character was insane or merely acting. By examining Hamlet and his actions throughout the play against the characteristics of sanity, such as the ability to reason and knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, it will be shown that Hamlet was in fact sane.   Many have tried to determine sanity by proving him insane. However, this is difficult because Hamlet states he will act insane to exact revenge upon Claudius (1.5.180-181)....   [tags: Madness and Insanity]

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Pyrotechnics, The Art Of Fire

- Pyrotechnics is defined as the art of manufacturing or setting of fireworks. There are many different forms of pyrotechnics. Some consider fireworks dangerous, obnoxious bursts of noise; others consider them beautiful, artful displays of light. Either way you look at it, pyrotechnics is an interesting and dangerous hobby. Many colors and designs may be created by the placement of different compounds in distinct areas of the fireworks, either projectile or stationary ones. Some of the many different colors of the visible spectrum that can be easily recreated are; yellow, orange, red, green, and blue....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ideas About Religion in Poetry

- Ideas About Religion in Poetry Exploring the poems in cluster one I have discovered several references to God and human nature. Through the language displayed and emotions expressed I will now discuss various ideas about religion. The poem "Blessing" expresses the value of water as "the rush of fortune" and "silver crashes". It suggests the greatness of God since he provides water - "the voice of a kindly god". Water is seen to be a gift from God and the poets line, "roar of tongues", reminds us of this as it compares to the bible, "tongues of fire"....   [tags: Papers]

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American Beauty

- The movie “American Beauty” is a drama film that depicts the inter-persona family relationships of repressed middle-class people, describes the process of rediscovering true values in life, and how personal changes affect inter-personal relationships (Cohen, Jinks, & Mendes, 1999). The Burnham family are the main characters of the movie, and the family consists of Lester Burhnam, Carolyn Burnham, and their daughter Jane Burnham. Lester is a desperate and frustrated man who hates his job, cannot confront his wife, does not have any respect from his daughter, and has no control over the events that occur in his life....   [tags: Film Review, Psychology]

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Art History

- The Breakfast Scene is part of an episodic sequence of paintings, in order to display a satirical perspective of the aristocracy. The medium presented is oil on canvas , and was completed in 1745 and now resides within the National Gallery in London. The narrative presented reflects the frivolous spending of the nobility, in order to satisfy certain aspects of eroticism. Depicting a vice count returning from a night at the local brothel , only to find his beloved lounging area defiled by his parents banquet....   [tags: The Breakfast Scene]

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Data Input Methods

- Data Input Methods Optical data readers The best data input method for printed questionnaires would be Optical Data Readers. Optical Data Readers are a special type of scanning device to be used on documents. Optical Data Readers fall under two categories, optical mark recognition (OMR) and optical character recognition (OCR) (Stair, R., Reynolds, G., 2004). Printed questionnaires which, for instance, can be used for surveying groups of people regarding a particular subject can utilize OMR through the utilization of OMR paper refer to as "mark sense form"....   [tags: Database Data]

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Virtual Reality is an Alternate World

- Virtual Reality is an Alternate World Computers are a very important part of everyday life. They are used in homes, workplaces, schools, and many other institutions. Today computers aid in research, calculation, organization, and provide numerous additional applications. Computers can literally even take us to other worlds and different realms of reality by a concept referred to as virtual reality. Virtual reality, or simply VR, is a system that allows one or various users to engage in a computer created world that is sensitive to the user’s sight, hearing, and touch....   [tags: Technology Computers Commuication Essays]

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Assessment of Marketing Activities

- Assessment of Marketing Activities My aim is to Asses David Lloyds marketing activities, which is a national company and compare it to the marketing activities of a local independent travel agent called Bath Travel. ====================================================================== I have chosen to study David Lloyd because it’s a successful leisure centre and it is close to where I live. I believe that one of the key factors in its success is/ has been its marketing. I am also going to compare the way in which these two companies advertise them selves....   [tags: Papers]

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Attachment Theory

- Attachment theory has had some very powerful theorists that have come up with these ideologies. In 1969, John Bowlby was the first theorist to develop the attachment theory. It is a theory developed to explain the emotional ties that children had with their parents or caregivers. It was believed that a child’s attachment style with a caregiver was developed throughout childhood and influenced how an individual interacts with society. It also gave an indication on what their parenting styles might be like, although this was not always a concrete indication....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Attachment Theory

- Introduction John Bowlby developed his Attachment Theory to examine and explore the contextual relationships between a child and their caregiver and their behavioral repercussions. He describes it is “a way of conceptualizing the propensity of human beings to make strong affectional bonds to particular others and of explaining the many forms of emotional distress and personality disturbance, including anxiety, anger, depression, and emotional detachment, to which unwilling separation and loss give rise” (Bowlby, 1979, p....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Cover Girl Cosmetics

- Cover Girl Cosmetics Why Cover Girl is one of the most successful cosmetic organizations since the 1960’s. Cover Girl cosmetics have been the top-seller since 1961 and are still going strong. It is hard, with all the advanced lines of make-up for one product to go as far as Cover girl has, so how does Cover Girl cosmetics do it. A lot of Cover Girl’s strong, on going successes are due to changing the look of the product, exceptional promotions which the public can’t look over, giving a cosmetic appeal to both older and younger aged women and most importantly by using near perfect women and teens to model their products....   [tags: marketing business]

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Archetypes In Waterworld

- The 1995 hit film Waterworld is a prime example of archetypes appearing in modern motion pictures. The movie displays three main characteristics that give it archetypal meaning. The first of these is the classic hero archetype. Secondly, many archetypal elements of nature are displayed. Lastly, many other archetypes such as safety, extremes, and topography appear in the film. Waterworld perfectly portrays the heroic archetype. Kevin Costner plays the role of the mariner whose quest is to get to dryland....   [tags: Film, Movie]

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Audubon and Dillard

- Audubon and Dillard A small child views a painting, giggling to his mother how it looks like an elephant soaring throughout the galaxy. An hour later a middle age man views the exact painting only to acknowledge the abstract painting as a collage of miscellaneous shapes and colors. This view is much like the comparison between John James Auburn and Annie Dillard passages, revealing opposite and similar aspects on the subject of birds. Auburn’s passage inhabits a sense of seriousness and monotone....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Deterioration of the Sense of Order on the Island over the Course of Golding's Lord of the Flies

- The Deterioration of the Sense of Order on the Island over the Course of Golding's Lord of the Flies The theme of order in "Lord of the Flies" is one of the main themes in the novel and is a topic of much discussion. One could relate this topic to mankind, as there is a parallel between the world of the island and the world the boys left behind; we can say that the island is a microcosm of the real world. Throughout the novel, the sense of order seems to decline as the boys spend longer away from their homes....   [tags: Papers]

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Inevitability of Change in Stephen Crane's The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

- Inevitability of Change in Stephen Crane's The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Humans are creatures of habit. In his work "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky," Stephen Crane considers this apparent truism as well as its sometimes unfortunate consequences. In the story, Scratchy Wilson and Jack Potter face a dramatically changing society. Although their actions and emotions concerning the changes in their town differ, Scratchy and Potter are both very fearful of the inescapable easternizing influences. Through Scratchy and Potter's embracing of the Old West, their responses to the East, and their optimism, Stephen Crane illustrates that whether attachment or resistance exists, change is inevitable....   [tags: bride comes yellow sky]

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Poe's Fall of The House of Usher Essay - Downward Transcendence

- Downward Transcendence in The Fall of the House of Usher   According to Beverly Voloshin in "Transcendence Downward: An Essay on 'Usher' and 'Ligeia,'" Poe presents transcendental projects which threaten to proceed downward rather than upward" in his story "The Fall of the House of Usher" (19). Poe mocks the transcendental beliefs, by allowing the characters Roderick Usher, Madeline Usher, the house and the atmosphere  to travel in a downward motion into decay and death, rather than the upward transcendence into life and rebirth that the transcendentalists depict....   [tags: Fall House Usher Essays]

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Symbolic Illustration of the Power of Relationships in Susan Glaspell's Trifles

- Symbolic Illustration of the Power of Relationships in Susan Glaspell's Trifles A friend can be a remarkable thing. Unfortunately, many lack the powerful bonds that all humans need to survive and lead healthy, happy lives. In Susan Glaspell's play Trifles, Mrs. Wright is starved of the human interaction and relationships she so desperately needs. Consequently, she is never rescued from her loneliness, is brought to the point where she cannot handle any more of life's saddening struggles, and kills her husband in his sleep....   [tags: Susan Glaspell Trifles Essays]

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Movie Adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson´s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

- &#9;Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has evolved into one of the most acclaimed pieces of literature in modern American society. One aspect of a continual spark of interest with the novel is motion pictures. Various directors through the years have interpreted the book through their own eyes and the following is a depiction of that. One might question Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s overwhelming success. Theme restaurants, Broadway shows and movies all have indicated a public interest in the classic....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Free Essays: The Charater of Odysseus of Homer's Odyssey

- The Charater of Odysseus of Homer's Odyssey The most admired classical hero is most certainly Odysseus, the mythological Grecian subject of Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey. This legendary figure displays excessive amounts of brains and muscle, seeming almost superhuman at times. He embodies the ideals Homeric Greeks aspired to: manly valor, loyalty, piety, and intelligence. The popularity of Odysseus transcends time. To this day he remains greatly admired as both a hero and an ordinary man who must deal with great adventures and retrieving the life he once had....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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African and African American according to Achebe and Douglass

- African and African American according to Achebe and Douglass            Throughout the years, the image of the African American culture has been portrayed in in a negative light. Many people look to African, and African American literature to gain knowledge about the African American culture. The true culture and image often goes unseen, or is tarnished because writers who have no true insight or experience, have proceeded to write about things in which they are uneducated.. For years the world has seen writers attempt to taint and damage the image of the African American....   [tags: Chinua Achebe Fredrick Douglass Ann Petry]

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The Psychology of Human Sexuality in The Bird Cage

- The Psychology of Human Sexuality in The Bird Cage The Bird Cage, Starring Nathan Lane and Robbin Williams is a film that explores societies views of homosexuals through the medium of humor. By creating outrageously stereotyped homosexual men, the director, Mike Nichols creates an awareness in his viewers of the biases and stereotypes that they hold . The two gay male leads, Albert and Armand are owners of a nightclub in South Beach Florida. Armand (played by Robin Williams) is in a long-term relationship with Albert (played by Nathan Lane)....   [tags: The Bird Cage Sexuality Movies Film Essays]

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The Metamorphosis of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

- A Christmas Carol, a tale that revolves around a man’s fate in the past, the present, and the future. Its story speaks of a man, a man called Ebenezer Scrooge, and the changes in which he goes through. ‘’Oh. But he was tight-fisted man at the grindstone, Scrooge. a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, covetous old sinner. Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster. The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue; and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice....   [tags: Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge Essays]

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George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin

- George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin Like many other renowned novels aimed at children, George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin draws extensively from the folk tradition in his telling of the tale. Many of the figures presented, such as the nurse and Curdie, have precedent in the tradition, but the grandmother in particular stands out. Archetypally, she is a variant on the Old Man, though she bears the undeniable touch of the supernatural as seen in common folklore - at times she is otherworldly and some of her actions and abilities are of the sort frequently associated with witches....   [tags: MacDonald Princess Goblin Essays]

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Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles

- Comment on the way Conan Doyle uses the character of Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles. Comment on the way Conan Doyle uses the character of Watson in “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” You should comment on: - What we know of Watson’s character - The voice which Conan Doyle gives Watson to narrate the story. - Why Watson is so important to the way the story works as an example of crime fiction. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his first Sherlock Holmes novel in 1887 after becoming interested in crime and detectives....   [tags: English Literature]

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Shakespeare's Macbeth - The Tragic Hero

- Macbeth - The Tragic Hero       Every true Elizabethan Tragedy comes complete with a tragic hero.  The tragedy Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, has a perfect example of a tragic hero, otherwise known as Macbeth.  A tragic hero must be a man who is great and admirable in various ways.  He should be placed in society in such a way that everything he does affects all of the members of his society.  A tragic hero should at some point reach the top of Fortune’s Wheel, but land up at the bottom by the end of the tragedy due to the continual change of fate.  Macbeth fits the description of being a tragic hero, displaying his strengths, his weaknesses, his tragic flaw, and how in...   [tags: Macbeth essays]

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Control In Lord Of The Flies

- Control In Lord Of The Flies Throughout William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies there is an ever-present conflict between two characters. Ralph's character combines common sense with a strong desire for civilized life. Jack, however, is an antagonist with savage instincts, which he cannot control. Ralph's goals to achieve a team unit with organization are destroyed by Jack's actions and words that are openly displayed to the boys. The two leaders try to convince the boys that their way of survival is correct....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Portrayal of Women in Advertising

- Women – beautiful, strong matriarchal forces that drive and define a portion of the society in which we live – are poised and confident individuals who embody the essence of determination, ambition, beauty, and character. Incomprehensible and extraordinary, women are persons who possess an immense amount of depth, culture, and sophistication. Society’s incapability of understanding the frame of mind and diversity that exists within the female population has created a need to condemn the method in which women think and feel, therefore causing the rise of “male-over-female” domination – sexism....   [tags: How Women Are Portrayed in Advertisements]

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- Companies use promotional strategies to gain customers and sales. Colgate-Palmolive use different strategies to help increase their sales. While many companies have decreased advertising spending Colgate-Palmolive is one company that has increased advertising spending (Neff & York, 2008). This paper will discuss the current promotional strategies of Colgate-Palmolive. This paper will also discuss the integrated marketing communications (IMC) and make recommendations for the strategies used. Current Promotional Strategies According to Kotler and Keller (2009) “sales promotion is a key ingredient in marketing campaigns, consists of a collection of incentive tools, mostly short term, designed t...   [tags: Business, Oral Hygiene]

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Macbeth-Response to Aristotles Tragic Hero

- Shakespeare uses Aristotle’s ancient description of a tragic hero - a character between good and bad - to portray the protagonist in the tragedy Macbeth. Aristotle’s theory that tragedy must evoke pity or fear from the audience can be done effectively through an everyman character. In order to appeal to the audience and bring forth some empathy, Macbeth must show his righteous morals through his own soliloquies or through other characters’ lines. Macbeth’s changing attitude is influenced not only by Lady Macbeth’s convincing words, but also too by his mind, which is only human and therefore subject to temptation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House

- Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House Ibsens's play is a modern tragedy which functions on two levels, questioning the established social order of the day and presenting the death of a marriage. Both these events create a great deal of tension, and combined with the language and actions used by the characters, make the play very intense. The main cause of dramatic tension throughout the play is the way that the difference between the real nature of the characters and the roles they are assigned by society is presented....   [tags: Henrik Ibsen Doll's House Essays]

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Web Equity Issues

- Web Equity Issues There are over half a billion people in the world who are disabled, and although there are many commendable efforts on the Internet to support the cause of improving website accessibility for these people, the vast majority of websites do not follow the recommended guidelines to provide user friendly pages for the disabled (Information society, author unknown, 1998). As technology and electronic interactive services become a larger part of our everyday living, these groups risk severe social exclusion as a consequence of the myriad of technical barriers they face when using the Internet (Valdes, L, 2003)....   [tags: Papers]

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Buddhism and the Matrix

- The One In the film The Matrix Keanu Reeves plays Thomas A. Anderson, who is a man living a double life. One part of his life consists of working for a highly respectable software company. The second part of his life he is a hacker under the alias "Neo." One day Neo is approached by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and is taught that everything he thought was real was actually The Matrix, a computer program developed by machines in order to use human beings as batteries. Morpheus has been searching his whole life for “the one” to end the war between the humans and machines....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Freedom in "Hedda Gabler"

- One of the many social issues dealt with in Ibsen's predicament plays is the lack of freedom bestowed upon women limiting them to a domestic life. In Hedda Gabler, Hedda struggles with an independent intellect and satisfying her ambitions in the slender role society allows her. Incapable of being creative the way she wants, Hedda's passions become destructive to herself and others around her. With a father that is a general, Hedda is more of a leader than an ordinary housewife. She manipulates her husband George due to the fact she is unable to have the authority she craves....   [tags: European Literature]

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The Stranger

- Albert Camus creates a series of characters in The Stranger whose personality traits and motivations mirror those that are overlooked upon by the average man. Camus develops various characters and scenarios that show true humanity which tends to have been ignored due to the fact of how typical it has become. Camus incorporates abominable personality traits of the characters, variety, consistency, and everyone’s fate. Camus demonstrates the disregarded reason behind the origins of relationships between people to characterize people as selfish....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Albert Camus]

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Arthur Miller

- I. The source contained biographical information pertaining to the author Arthur Miller including his birth and death, his early life, his achievements, and some of his works including “The Prince”, “A Memory of Two Mondays”, ”After the fall”, “Death of a salesman”, and “The Crucible”. It is a very reliable source because it was found via the SRC student resource page and the encyclopedia Britannica is a private institution with the job of delivering accurate information. II. A. 1. “Miller was shaped by the Great Depression, which spelled financial ruin for his father, and demonstrated to young Miller the insecurity of modern existence.” a) This quote describes his early life which is promi...   [tags: literature, The Death of a Salesman, Pullitzer ]

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History of Fireworks

- History of Fireworks The birthplace of fireworks is generally recognized as China. It is said that a Chinese cook accidently mixed three common kitchen ingredients (black powder): Potassium nitrate or salt petre, sulphur and charcoal and lighted it. The result was colourful flames. The cook also noticed that if the mixture was burned when enclosed in the hollow of a bamboo shoot, there was a tremendous explosion. The first application of this technology was for entertainment. Slowly the theory took roots that this loud sound was perfect to chase away evil spirits and to celebrate weddings, victories in battles, eclipses of moon and religious ceremonies....   [tags: Design and Technology]

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Aerospace Psychology

- Aerospace Psychology 1. The complicated task of piloting an aircraft can be broken into two broad categories. The first is keeping the aircraft flying. The second is arriving at a given destination. The second is always being effected by the first. Unlike a car, small deviation in course can over great distances cause the aircraft to arrive hundreds of miles from the target destination. To successfully accomplish the task, safe arrival, the larger tasks can be sub-divided into three categories....   [tags: essays research papers]

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cuban missle crisis

- The Cuban Missile Crisis demonstrates Advocacy versus Inquiry approaches as discussed in “What You Don’t Know About Making Decisions” by David A. Garvin and Michael A. Roberto. It also displays the Double Approach-Avoidance decisions that we studied in “Conflict” by Dennis Coon. Finally, the steps taken by John F. Kennedy display the steps described by Dennis Coon in his writing “Coping with Conflict”. Once President Kennedy learned of the missiles in Cuba he formed a committee, EXCOMM, to discuss the appropriate course of action to deal with the weapons....   [tags: essays research papers]

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African Art

- 1. The pottery Seated Male Figure from Mali is an example of a non- frontal figure. This Sculpture displays a man sitting with his right leg bent and his left leg pulled up into his chest. He has his right arm over his heart and his left arm across his shoulder. There are many raised bumps on his body. His face id shifted slightly to the left and he appears to be concentrating. The caption explains that he is communicating with the gods. 2. The Orangun Eps Headdress from the Yoraba is a great example of a human figure with an entourage and a good display of hieratic scale....   [tags: argument essay]

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racism and prejudice

- Racism and prejudice has been present in almost every civilization and society throughout history. Even though the world has progressed greatly in the last couple of decades, both socially and technologically, racism, hatred and prejudice still exists today, deeply embedded in old-fashioned, narrow-minded traditions and values. Racism is a case of ‘misplaced hate’ and ignorance, being not only discriminatory, but also seemingly foolish with disregard of all human commonsense. Why does racism still exist in today’s world....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Sylvia Plath's Mirror

- Sylvia Plath's Mirror Sylvia Plath's "Mirror" offers a unique perspective on the attitudes of aging. "Mirror" displays tremendous insight and objectivity into the natural human behavior of growing older. Plath is able to emphasize the loneliness, hope, despair, and insecurity that awaits us through mankind's incessant addiction with reflection. "Mirror" expresses the problems associated with aging through terse comparisons between reality and desire. Plathe's strength of "Mirror" lies in its ability to establish a solid comparison among appearance and human emotions between the first and second stanzas....   [tags: Papers Sylvia Plath Poem Poetry Essays]

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State Diagrams

- State Diagrams Upon review of the HR and Finance application it is the purpose of this discussion to identify some of the objects associated with the applications and clarify the states in which those objects can go through as the system is interacted with. Whether or not there are any guards set in place before states can move forward or terminate are also clarified in this discussion. The objects that will be examined are: systemLogin, newOrder, addNewCustomer, editCustomer, addEmployee, and systemExit....   [tags: Technology Technical]

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Marine Biology

- MARINE BIOLOGY CASE STUDY LAB - PART 2 Analysis 1. By running the programming with a fish.dat file containing the information for a 2 x 2 tank size, and changing the starting positions for fish A, B, and C, according to the problem, I was able to evaluate the random sequence of steps taken by each fish. The fish move in sequence of A, B, and then C. Then they move according to open slots. If a fish is covered on both sides by another fish, it is unable to move and, therefore, stays in that exact position....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Mayor LaGuardia’s Campaign during the 1930s against burlesque performances in New York City What is obscenity. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, obscenity is the state or quality of being obscene which means that is offensive to modesty and or decency. During the 1930s and 1940s, New York City was infected with burlesque shows. During these times this shows were considered indecent and immoral by Mayor LaGuardia, his license commissioner Paul Moss, and John Sumner. Women were used as objects of entertainment....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The X-Files

- The X-Files The X-Files is generally acclaimed as the television cult hit of the 1990’s. The pilot that aired in September of 1993 introduced FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Together the two work to uncover the truth behind unsolved cases that defy normal investigation, the cases that the government has buried or ignored, labeling them the “x-files.” The two agents are wonderful examples of modernism and post-modernism world views. First in order to understand the reasons Scully and Mulder portray the two world views, we must understand what modernism and post-modernism mean....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- [English] PDREADME.TXT MATROX GRAPHICS INC. 2001.01.18 Matrox PowerDesk for Windows 2000 Revision 5.32.010 Contents ======== - Description of this release - Installation - More information - Notes, problems, and limitations Description of this release =========================== Matrox PowerDesk software includes a display driver and display utilities. With this software, you can take full advantage of your Matrox graphics hardware and you can access additional Matrox display-related features....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- The signature Species of the Southern Hemisphere (Antarctica) - the mascot if you will - is the penguin. There are not one and no fewer than seventeen species of penguins. Penguins are flightless birds in which several factors are contributing to the reduction of the penguin population. These contributing factors are both man-made and naturally occurring. “The origin of the word “penguin” has been the subject of debate for a long period of time. Researchers and historians’ theories range from reference to the amount of fat (penguigo in Spanish and pinguis in Latin) penguins possess to the claim that the word was derived from two Welsh words meaning ‘white head’.” (Sparks and...   [tags: Papers]

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- ee cummings once said, “to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else—means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.” That quotation is exemplified in many works of literature, but the opposite is too. No matter what people try to be or not to be, they don’t always succeed. For example, in the play, Antigone, by Sophocles, the character, Antigone displays the idea of being her own person, but Creon displays the opposite of that....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- The recent terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have caused confusion on the topic of patriotism. The best way to start understanding patriotism is to simply define it. Patriotism is a person’s level of loyalty toward their country. Displays of true patriotism are prominent in times of despair, such as wars and terrorist attacks. However, many people have discrepancies on what displays of patriotism really are. Some people believe that showing patriotism can be accomplished by waving the flag and singing the national anthem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Suspense I think the best example of suspense in Alfred Hitchcock’s films is Psycho. The suspense is built well through the music and the camera angles. I will choose the shower-stabbing scene to demonstrate all these elements, because the scene displays all these elements the best. The music fits the situations and events that take place. The playing of the screeching music when Norman Bates is in the process of stabbing Lila Crane in the shower, just the effect of the music makes this one of the most suspenseful scenes in movies history, at least in my opinion....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Rhinoceros The human race has advanced over many years, and during this time, moral standards have developed. These moral standards, distinctively different from the laws of nature, are standards set specifically for humans. The play Rhinoceros, written by playwright Eugene Ionesco, associates this difference in moral standards and laws of nature. Ionesco uses Jean, a French businessman, to display the differences between these two ways of life. In Act I, Jean believes in the values of the society, moral standards, but as he changes into a beastly rhinoceros in Act II, his beliefs begin to change; the dramatic transformation of Jean displays the difference in the laws of man and the laws of...   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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- Saint Augustine’s book Confessions talks about how increasing your knowledge through reading leads you through a “conversion” in which you begin to recall things and their relevance through memory. Socrates stresses the concept of increasing knowledge as a way to grow. Socrates also was the one who wanted to have a “field day” teaching Saint Augustine. Saint Augustine uses his life to display to us the way one’s quest for God should be like. He believed that one must begin their journey by first reading about God through books such as the Bible....   [tags: Saint Augustine Confessions Book Review Analysis]

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- Advertising Advertising can be done in several ways, these are Broadcast advertising Broadcaster advertising is were a company produces a television advert which is broadcast usually in a 30 second slot in the middle of different television programmes tour operators for example. Advertisement is the generalised name for all media or promotional types of broadcasting to a particular target market. Brochures and leaflets. Travel companies use many different leaflets and promotional devises to portray their message to the general public....   [tags: Papers]

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