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The Growing Problem of Environmental Displacement

- The number of environmentally displaced people is growing and it’s important for individuals to be informed of the topic and what all it entails. A study published by Economic & Political Weekly, in 2009, approximates 24 million displaced people due to climate change and environmental situations. (Economic & Political Weekly, 2009) That number was estimated to grow to 50 million by 2010, and exceeding 150 million by 2050. (Economic & Political Weekly, 2009) The world has to be informed of what these numbers mean....   [tags: Environmental Displacement Research Paper]

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Crime Displacement’s Effect on the Prevention of Social and Situational Crime

- Displacement is a key measurement when determining whether crime prevention programs are effective or not. According to Rosenbaum, Lurigio, and Davis in the book, Prevention of Crime: Social and Situational Strategies, displacement is the dislocation of “criminal activity in time, space, method, or type of offense.” Since crime is being displaced on the micro level, understanding the effects of displacement is important when dealing with situational crime prevention. There are several forms of crime displacement: temporal, spatial, target, tactical and offense....   [tags: crime prevention, displacement, criminals]

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Gentrification As A Displacement Of The Poor Population

- Gentrification is defined as the influx of wealthy people in an existing urban location. This inflow of wealthier people is associated with rise in rental price, property values and changes in culture. Study reveals that gentrification is viewed negatively as a displacement of the poor population by the rich but the impact varies from place to place. Sociologists attempts to explain the this huge influx of middle class people to urban cities and its neighborhoods and the associated displacement of lower class working rsidents,the rise in the property values and the upward push of rental prices....   [tags: Sociology, Middle class, Social class]

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The Evolution of Displacement Hulls

- ... It was discovered that if you have a flat bottomed boat there will be less drag. The less drag the boat has the smoother the ride on the boat will be and there will be less of an attack angle to the boat. Most of the planing hulls today are made with a vee bottom. The height and weight of have have great effect on the speed. Planing hulls tend to skim more on the water rather than moving in the water. The concept of the stepped hull was proposed by Rev. Ramus of Sussex, England in 1872. He proposed both a single stop with tandem planing surfaces, and a combination of three pontoons with one forward and two aft....   [tags: maritime engineering]

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Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration Sensors

- Displacement, velocity and acceleration sensors. There are three primary types of motion characteristics detected by vibration transducers normally referred to as accelerometers. These are • displacement, • velocity, and • acceleration. The choice between these three different types of motion transducers depends on the frequencies that have to be measured and the levels of the signal involved. (Wilcoxon Research / ND) Displacement sensors are normally used for low frequency (1 to 100 Hz) measurements and are useful for measuring very low amplitude displacements....   [tags: frequency, signal, piezoelectric]

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The Enslavement And Displacement Of Millions Of Africans

- The enslavement and displacement of millions of Africans began because of many factors. For one, Native Americans had long established there roots in the so called New World. These supposed savages had established languages, religion, and were proven farmers that traded amongst a network of tribes across the region. These were not a people that could be easily broken the “Indians were tough, resourceful, defiant, and at home in these woods”(Zinn 25) As the population grew, so did the need for laborers to work the fields that would produce the crops “for subsistence, to grow tobacco for export.” (Zinn 24) The solution was blacks, the practice of using Africans for slavery had been practiced...   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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The Problem Of Human Displacement

- Refugee Interviews Human displacement can be found in any time period since human existence but the numbers have been drastically increasing in the past couple of years. In order to understand why people leave their countries it is important to understand the causes of human displacement. The reasons can differ by geographical area, country, faith, family and individual. “Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced person (IDP), or asylum seeker.” (UNHCR). This shockingly high number is a result of conflict including political, ethnic, and religious tensions, exploitation of economic resources, and organized crime....   [tags: Refugee, Internally displaced person]

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Internal Displacement in Colombia: A Gendered Dilemma

- Every year thousands of Colombians are forced from their homes due to the perpetual state of violence that has been tearing the country apart for over forty years. According to a recent field report from Refugees International, over 130,000 people are displaced every year as a direct result of this internal conflict. Some of these people cross borders to Ecuador and Panama seeking refuge, others for various reasons cannot or will not leave their country. These internally displaced persons (or IDP as I will refer to them for brevity’s sake) are amongst the most vulnerable populations in the world....   [tags: violence, sexual violence, drug trafficking]

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Pier 1 's Displacement Time

- Figure 5a shows the comparison of pier-1’s displacement time histories between the impact point and top of pier-1 in the multiple-pier system-1. It is observed that the peak value of displacement at the top of pier-1 which is equal to 13.4mm, is more than the peak value of displacement at the impact zone which is about 10mm. Also, the time lag between the peak values which is representative of the elapsed time to transfer the impact load from the pier’s impact zone to the top zone through the columns is about 0.18sec....   [tags: Force, Shear stress, Fundamental physics concepts]

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Discuss the feeling of displacement in Islandman.

- Discuss the feeling of displacement in Islandman. DISCUSS THE FEELING OF DISPLACEMENT IN ISLANDMAN.COMPARE AND CONTRAST WITH ONE OTHER POEM OF YOUR CHOICE. Island Man is by Grace Nichols. It is about a man who originates from the Caribbean but still dreams of his homeland, and wakes up to the sound of the sea on the sand and the caw of wild birds. He now lives in London and faces the reality of the North Circular and the monotony of Britain. The poem of my choice is Search for my Tongue, which was written by Sujata Bhatt....   [tags: English Literature]

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An Investigation into the Displacement of Metals

- An Investigation into the Displacement of Metals Aim: I am investigating how the mass of iron fillings affects the mass of copper displaced from copper sulphate. Apparatus: Iron filings, copper sulphate, beaker, stirring rod, goggles, scale, filter funnel, filter paper, evaporation dish. The variable that I will be changing is the mass of Iron Filings (in grams) added to the Copper Sulphate. Plan: 1. Collect all appropriate apparatus and then set up. 2. Carefully pour 20cm³ of Copper Sulphate into a beaker....   [tags: Papers]

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Conflict Induced Internal Displacement & The Shifting Gender Dynamics

- Internal displacement is an issue that affects regions around the world. Countries ravaged by civil wars, government oppression, human rights abuse or other internal conflicts produce the mass displacement of persons (referred to as IDPs) to other parts of the country seeking refuge (Knox and Marston,108-109, 2010). Within the context of Colombia this paper will first explore the economic challenges that IDPs must face and discuss how these challenges effect displaced women. It will then discuss how the gendered division of labor in the household impacts these geographies of displacement....   [tags: Gender Studies, South America]

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Slope Between Two Displacement Values From Plot

- Table 4.3: Slope between Two Displacement Values from Plot in Excel Displacement (m) Slope (N/m) 0.01-0.02 28 0.02-0.03 41 0.03-0.04 41 0.04-0.05 38 0.05-0.06 54 0.06-0.07 59 0.07-0.08 44 0.08-0.09 52 0.09-0.10 85 0.10-0.11 42 0.11-0.12 41 0.12-0.13 56 0.13-0.14 47 0.14-0.15 4.0 Next, the areas under the curves of each interval using integration. The integration was done using MuPAD. These slopes were converted to functions and integrated by the MuPAD software. Figure 4.2: MuPAD Functions between Two Intervals, and MuPAD Integrations MuPAD functions MuPAD Integrations These areas were all added together to find the total area or in other words, the work done, during...   [tags: Energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energy]

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Internal Displacement and Recovery from a Missouri Earthquake

- A major earthquake along the New Madrid fault in SE Missouri could result in at least 42,000 Missouri homes being destroyed with another 83,000 or more suffering at least moderate damage. That figure is just for the state of Missouri, which will be competing for resources after the quake with seven other states in the region that will also sustain damage. The culmination of displaced persons for all eight states, at three days after the event, has been predicted to be as high as 7.2 million due to the lack of utilities knocked out by the earthquake on top of the damages of the quake (Elnashai, Jefferson, Fiedrich, Cleveland and Gress, 2009)....   [tags: Disaster Management ]

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Displacement and Don Juan

- Displacement and Don Juan Unlike the fitfully epic Don Juan , I’d like to begin in medias res , with the anger of Lord Byron. We join him thick in the struggle with a central concern of DJ’s composition: the perils of transmission: Pray when I send you a parcel or packet—do acknowledge it—I care nothing about my letters or your answers—I only want to know, when I have taken trouble about a thing that it has arrived. By the time he fired off those impatient words to his publisher John Murray in 1821, Byron had been living abroad and publishing overseas for five years....   [tags: Don Juan Essays]

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Cultural Displacement

- Cultural Displacement I sidestepped the bald man next to me who was ordering what looked like duck feet, in rapid Malaysian. Looking down at my green plastic tray, like those often found in high school lunch rooms, I saw the square banana leaf piled high with plain white rice looking back. The thought of “foods” like fish eyes, stuffed animal intestine, or any kind of pickled hoof on my rice made my gag reflexes kick into high gear. I paid for my abysmal lunch, a measly dollar fifty US, smiled at the man at the register, and walked to a nearby table....   [tags: Personal Narrative Traveling Essays]

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Displacement Reaction

- Displacement Reaction The aim of my experiment is to find out what happens to the heat of the zinc and copper sulphate solution when one of the variables is changed. Key variables: § amount of copper sulphate solution § amount of zinc I am going to investigate what happens to the temperature of the zinc and copper sulphate solution as the amount of zinc is increased. The equation to show this reaction is: Zn + CuSO4 ® ZnSO4 + Cu The enthalpy change for the reaction is: ²H = -217kJ mole ¹ This means that if 1 mole of solution is used of each substance, the heat given off will be 217,000 Joules....   [tags: Papers]

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Refugee Displacement and Identity: Finding Home

- Refugee Displacement and Identity: Finding Home When fleeing persecution, winning trust and welcome in a foreign land depends on the meaning of the label of displacement. According to Daniel, the making of modern refugee identity hinges on the right language affixed to your desperation, and right interpretation of this desperation by powerful authorities; proving modern identity can be a deadly game. Modern identity often takes shape in the blending of lines that weren’t supposed to blend. No matter how coded or enforced, labels never hold all of one’s identity in place....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Computer Job Displacement

- Computer Job Displacement „New ideas go through three stages. 1. It's impossible – don't waste my time. 2. It's possible but not worth doing. 3. I always said that it was a good idea." Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke We are masters of our own fate… we invented it…we have to live with it…we have to adjust our lives to it…so what is there to do. What do you do after you created a computer industry witch has a wide range of activities based on the manufacture and use of computers to satisfy your business or personal needs....   [tags: Technology Innovation Job Market]

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A Displacement with an Enhancement

- Moving from one place to another is a necessity for almost every living organism. Whether it be sliding, walking, jumping, crawling, or flying, it is bound to happen sometime. Humans like to move from place to place quickly and without doing any work. This is why humans in general avoid running. There tends to be some unfavorable expression like a grimace or a sigh accompanying with the quote, “I think I have to go running.” Although hated among many people throughout the world, the positive sides of running can be enough to turn the lazy into the hardworking....   [tags: Fitness]

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The Effect of Different Amounts of Sodium Chloride on the Displacement of Oxygen

- DESCRIPTIVE TITLE The Effect of Different Amounts of Sodium Chloride on the displacement of oxygen. INTRODUCTION The dependability of the rate of an enzyme-mediated reaction is based on two factors: the substrate concentration and the concentration and action of the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction (Vander, et. al., 2001). Enzymes are catalysts that produce chemical reactions in cells. Enzymes which are large proteins perform a reaction which acts upon a substance known as a substrate. When combined, the substrate bonds to the active site on the enzyme creating an enzyme-substrate complex....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Violence as Displacement: The Erotic Gaze in Gladiator and Fight Club

- Violence as Displacement: The Erotic Gaze in Gladiator and Fight Club On the screen, two men writhe and grapple on the cold concrete floor. One man on top, holding the other from behind in a chokehold that causes the man on the bottom to succumb to the more powerful man. The dialogue by the narrator states that, “Sometimes all you could hear were the flap, hard packing sounds over the yelling, or the wet choke when someone caught their breath and sprayed” (Fight Club). The soundtrack consists of a few notes repeated over and over again in a steady rhythm to the action that is happening on the screen....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Louis MacNiece: anomalous displacement and post-colonial identity

- Louis MacNiece: anomalous displacement and post-colonial identity I was the rector’s son, born to the anglican order, Banned forever from the candles of the Irish poor (“Carrickfergus”) Ireland inhabits a unique position within the current framework of post-colonial literature and theory. The history of Ireland and it’s relationship to England, from the twelfth century (when Henry II was decreed feudal lord of Ireland by the Pope) to the present day, is the history of a divided colonial nation synonymous with ideas of displacement, identity and culture....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Long Term Effects of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

- Long Term Effects of War Even though , many people have been effected by the Iraq and Afghanistan war because the number of displaced Iraqis internally and externally are estimated to be between 3.5 million and 5 million people (Iraq: The Human Cost , 2014). According to the Iraq Body Count website, there have been 186 thousand deaths due to violence in the war. Violence Deliberate killings, human bombs, dozens of vicious groups, and a growing sense of insecurity trouble Iraq (Tirman). Cluster bombs and landmines’ have caused many deaths to innocent civilians....   [tags: casualties, displacement, violence]

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The Treatment of Aboriginal People in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach, and Constance Lindsay Skinner's Birthright

- Trauma, abuse, displacement, and feelings of alienation have, and is still plaguing the Aboriginal community. Author Eden Robinson and playwright Constance Lindsay Skinner address the displacement, mistreatment, and abuse the indigenous population has faced, and still faces, in Monkey Beach and Birthright. Both Eden Robinson's novel Monkey Beach, and playwright Constance Lindsay Skinner's Birthright deals with characters who are struggling with trauma and haunted with scars from the past. The authors detail these events and bring the reader into the “shoes” of the characters through characterization, imagery, dialogue, and through revealing intimate memories of the characters....   [tags: trauma, abuse, displacement, ]

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The Abuse of Human Rights Associated with Drug Control Policy

- TO: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime FROM: Transform Drug Policy Foundation Drug conventions should not be interpreted and implemented outside of other international laws When it comes to fighting the war against drugs it has come to our attention that for more than fifty years since the war on drugs was declared, the other international laws like those of human rights and public health have been continuously absent and are viewed as irritative by many UN agencies and governments (War on drugs report 2011)....   [tags: international law, displacement, ]

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Common Defense Mechanisms and a Reflection of Ones I Use

- In our everyday life, we meet and interact with different types of people that has diverse cultural view, behavior, and approach to similar situations. When Sigmund Freud coined the term “Defense Mechanism”, he gave it a simple definition to the term— “The ego’s protective method of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality.” With this simple definition, these are some of the mechanism that my brother and I used unconsciously. Regression This type of defense mechanism is used when people are anxious and want to calm themselves down by performing a comforting act....   [tags: projection, rationalization, displacement]

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Investigation into the Factors that Affect the Enthalpy Change During a Displacement Reaction

- Investigation into the Factors that Affect the Enthalpy Change During a Displacement Reaction The Task -------- To investigate the factors affecting the enthalpy change during a displacement reaction. Background Knowledge ==================== In this investigation a displacement reaction will be observed. A displacement reaction occurs when more reactive metal displaces, (or removes) a less reactive metal from a solution of its salt. Also known as chemical bullying because a more reactive metal effectively bullies the original metal out of its compound....   [tags: Papers]

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Progress of Displacement in Mad Dog, Black Boy, and Seventeen Syllables

- Progress of Displacement in Mad Dog, Black Boy, and Seventeen Syllables Heinrich Böll’s “The Mad Dog” seems to stress that emotional attachments to human beings can prevent an individual’s separation from society’s orders and execution of possibly violent desires. With the Second World War as its backdrop, the tale realistically depicts the hardship of the time period in which Böll has lived. Two other authors who have subtly woven their personal and cultural backgrounds into their fiction are Richard Wright in Black Boy and Hisaye Yamamoto in “Seventeen Syllables.” Raised in the South or a Japanese-American community on the West Coast, the protagonists in both works experience similar pro...   [tags: Mad Dog Black Boy Seventeen Essays]

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Mayor Adrian Fenty

- Adrian Fenty’s tenure as mayor of Washington D.C. is a perfect example of the impact of black elite displacement. For one thing, the difficulties faced by a political entrepreneur are the direct result of running a deracialized campaign. A deracialized candidate cannot ignore the black vote and the ideal of linked fate especially if African-Americans comprise a majority of the electorate. Additionally, elite displacement can be observed in an open race where the incumbent has picked a successor....   [tags: Political Entrepeneur, Black Elite Displacement]

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Sigmund Freud's Ego Defense Mechanisms

- Sigmund Freud is perhaps one of the most well-known theorists in regards to the study of the human psyche. Freud’s model of the human psyche is comprised of three core elements: the Id, or the unconscious mind; things out of our awareness. The Superego, or the subconscious mind, and finally the Ego, which lies between the unconscious and subconscious. Freud proposes that there are nine ego defense mechanisms that act the ego uses in its job as the mediator between the id and the superego. In psychoanalysis, an ego defense mechanism is an unconscious personality reaction that the ego uses to protect our conscious mind from threatening feelings or perceptions....   [tags: denial displacement projection rationalization]

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Illustratte Technique and How It Relates to Performance

- ... There is no pain involved in this procedure. Centre of pressure / pressure distribution will be measured using an in-shoe pressure system. This will help to describe how the foot and the footwear interact. In-soles will be places into both shod (shoe) conditions and participants will be asked to run as normal wearing the soles. There is a debate among scientists as to whether barefoot or shod conditions are more beneficial to a runner. Yan, et al, 2012 carried out a systematic review comparing the effects barefoot and shod conditions, their aim was to clarify the effects of shoes on the most generally used variables associated with impact analysis of the lower limb....   [tags: displacement, velocity, performance]

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To investigate the temperature change in a displacement reaction between Copper Sulphate Solution and Zinc Powder

- To investigate the temperature change in a displacement reaction between Copper Sulphate Solution and Zinc Powder Preliminary Experiment: Correlating Magnesium Powder and Copper Sulphate Solution ========================================================= I will mix 4cm of Magnesium ribbon and 50cm³ of Copper Sulphate Solution into a polystyrene cup until I find a reaction. =============================================================== Prediction ========== The magnesium will displace the copper and the temperature will rise....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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Investigating the Temperature Change in a Displacement Reaction between Copper Sulphate Solution and Zinc Powder

- Investigating the Temperature Change in a Displacement Reaction between Copper Sulphate Solution and Zinc Powder I will mix 4cm of Magnesium ribbon and 50cm³ of Copper Sulphate Solution into a polystyrene cup until I find a reaction. The magnesium will displace the copper and the temperature will rise. Magnesium + Copper Sulphate → Copper + Magnesium ------------------------------------------------ Mg + CuSO4 → Cu + MgSO4 Hypothesis ========== The Magnesium will displace the Copper and rise in temperature because it is more reactive and it is an exothermic reaction....   [tags: Papers]

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Can Witnessing or Experiencing Domestic Violence Be Linked to Bullying in Adolescents?

- Being in a domestic violence ordeal of my own and have been bullied almost all of my life, I have come to ask myself why anyone can abuse someone that they say they love or how bullies can hurt people like they do. Whether physically, emotionally, or mentally this happens all the time now-a-days in our society. Numerous news reports about couples getting into fights or even killing a significant other or spouse and how children have committed suicide because they can’t take the hurt of a bully any longer....   [tags: bullies, crime, shame displacement]

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Same People, Different War: Varying Experiences of Trentino’s War Refugees

- After the outbreak of the First World War, the southern border area of Trentino (at the time part of the Hapsburgic Empire) became a battlefield (May 1915); the Italian-speaking population living there was forced to leave their homes or voluntarily fled to the internal regions of the Hapsburgic Empire or of the Italian Kingdom- respectively by the Austrian or the Italian Army. In total, about 110.000 Austrian citizens of Trentino were displaced, part in Austro-Hungarian internal regions (75.000), part in Italy (35.000), where they had to live three years in a difficult context of conflict and reciprocal mistrust with the local population and the other refugees....   [tags: displacement, exploitation, work camps]

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The Impact of Westward Expansion on The Cherokee Nation

- The Impact of Westward Expansion on The Cherokee Nation At the time Andrew Jackson was president, there was a fast growing population and a desire for more land. Because of this, expansion was inevitable. To the west, many native Indian tribes were settled. Andrew Jackson spent a good deal of his presidency dealing with the removal of the Indians in western land. Throughout the 1800’s, westward expansion harmed the natives, was an invasion of their land, which led to war and tension between the natives and America, specifically the Cherokee Nation....   [tags: Native American displacement]

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Trail of Tears: Andrew Jackson's Removal Treaties

- Migration starting the original Cherokee Nation arose in the early 1800’s. The Cherokee’s were one of the richest tribes in the United States. Many Cherokees owned small farms and had a few large plantations where Africans were imprisoned. More or less Cherokees were cautious of white infringement and moved west on their own to settle down in other areas of the nation. Previously the Old Settlers had willingly relocated in 1817 to Arkansas where they created a government also well as a diplomatic way of life....   [tags: Native American suffering and displacement]

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Uganda's Civil War: The Quest for a Christian Country in an Un-Christian Manner

- “Between 1987 and 2006, at least 20,000 Ugandan children were abducted [and] more than 1.9 million people were displaced from their homes”(Q&A on Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army). The Ugandan civil war began in 1987, when an army of people led by Joseph Kony attempted to overthrow the Ugandan government. Although Kony’s purpose was to turn Uganda into an all Christian country, his methods in doing so are not based on the ten commandments as which he intended. The Civil war in Uganda has been going on for 27 years now and although the violence rates have gone down due to the capturing of one of Kony’s top three commanders, the war continues destroying many lives....   [tags: night commuters, massive abductions, displacements]

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Dream Interpretation: Sigmund Freud

- Dreams have been thought to contain significant messages throughout many cultures. A dream is an unfolding sequence of perceptions, thoughts, and emotions that is experienced as a series of real-life events during sleep. The definitions of dreams are different among studies, which can also lead to quite different results. Perhaps, the dream interpretation has becoming increasingly popular. In this paper, I will talk about what I have learned about three different views of dream interpretations....   [tags: symbolism, displayment, emotions]

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Crime Prevention Programs

- Crime displacement, which is defined as the relocation of crime from one place, time, target, offense, or tactic to another as a result of some crime prevention initiative, is known to be a misfortunate and unintended effect of crime prevention (Rosenbaum, Lurigio, & Davis, 1998). There are many various forms of crime displacement such as temporal, spatial, target, tactical, and offense. These forms all relate to the modification an offender makes when crime is repositioned as a result of crime prevention strategies....   [tags: offense, situational strategies]

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Design and Performance of a Retaining Wall

- Case Study: Design and performance of a 46m High MSE Wall Location and Purpose for Retaining wall measurement The Seattle – Tacoma International Airport (STIA) is located in SeaTac, Washington. This airport required an expansion because of the limitations to the distances between the existing runways due to the inclement weather conditions. So a third runway was constructed to the west of the two existing runways. The third runway embankment construction included the three MSE wall. The following are the three MSE walls: • Single tier 58ft high south MSE wall • Vertical two-tier 85ft high north wall • Vertical four-tier 150 ft high west MSE wall In this study, the third runway was constr...   [tags: civil engineering, contruction]

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Analog-to-Digital Conversion of Audio

- I. INTRODUCTION (HEADING 1) Digital signals have transformed the world today, and in few areas is it as prevalent as it is in the music industry. Today’s analog-to-digital converters allow us to accurately store the physical, analog phenomena of sound as digital data, with high fidelity and perfect reproduction quality [1]. Digital audio storage is far more practical than analog audio storage for both the consumer and the professional alike. Digital audio is not vulnerable to noise, unlike analog audio where noise is not only prevalent but machine-indistinguishable from the original message [NEED CITE]....   [tags: music, sound, digital data, technology, storing]

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Studying a Simple Harmonic Oscillator

- Studying a Simple Harmonic Oscillator Objective --------- The simple harmonic motion of a pendulum can be studied by attaching a ticker-tape to a pendulum bob and analyzing the dots marked on the tape. Theory ------ In this experiment, a string was used to suspend a 0.5 kg mass. [IMAGE] Refer to the diagram above, [IMAGE] Considering the tangential force on the mass, [IMAGE] [IMAGE] ∴The oscillation is simple harmonic. Therefore, we can find out more on simple harmonic motion by analyzing the ticker-tape we obtained after the experiment....   [tags: Papers]

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Analyzing The Integration Time Step

- For wind analysis the integration time step is taken as 0.0001 s and sampling time step as 0.001 s. Even though 3600 s of wind load data is available 900 s are sufficient for benchmark comparisons. The TMD is tuned to the first mode, at a frequency of 0.16Hz. The simulations are run for both full order and reduced order of the uncontrolled building and building with TMD. The reason for performing the reduced order simulations is to save time if full order takes lot of time. It helps when calculating the robustness or optimal TMD parameters....   [tags: Velocity, Classical mechanics, Physical quantities]

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A Brief Note On Racial Blaming Of Gentrification

- Racial Blaming of Gentrification In a person’s life span there are and will be many moments of struggle. And often when people are at their lowest point in their lives they seek to blame the struggle on the first person or thing that is the easiest to point the finger at. Like, In such a case as Gentrification. Individuals that have experienced displacement because of Gentrification commonly turn their anger towards the individuals occupying their neighborhood. This process alone can cause an excessive level of racial tension, typically because the deteriorated areas are populated with African Americans and the people moving into the community are usually White....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class]

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Making an Object Buoyant by Adding Extra Volume to Displace the Water Necessary

- Lab Report Making an Object Buoyant by Adding Extra Volume to Displace the Water Necessary Ships do not sink because of displacement; the ship moves more water than the ship actually weighs. Archimedes Principle: Any object wholly or partly immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Density is mass of a unit volume of a material substance, expressed as kilograms per cubic meter in MKS or SI units. Density offers a convenient means of obtaining the mass of a body from its volume or vice versa; the mass is equal to the volume multiplied by the density, while the volume is equal to the mass divided by the density....   [tags: Lab Report]

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My Theory Of Dreams By Sigmund Freud, And Spellbound, Directed By Alfred Hitchcock

- Based on On Dreams, written by Sigmund Freud, and Spellbound, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, provide the most psychological significant aspect of dreams through the theory of dreams made by Freud. I partially agree with Freud’s theory on dreams and the dreaming process. Dreams have the ability to form a bridge from reality to transfer over to the unconscious mindset. Throughout his article, On Dreams, he gives explanations behind his theory. The human psyche has a vital role in psychology, including the way humans interpret dreams and their sequence....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Carl Jung]

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The Freak in Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O´connor

- ... Julian, who is of a different generation, attempts to inform the mother of the inherent flaws in her racism, but this point isn’t hammered into the mother until the Black mother knocks her down as the mother tries to give the Black child a coin. It is at this point that Julian’s mother’s awful attitude towards others different than her crashes around her, and, as most of O’Connor’s stories end, tragically ends with the mother suffering a stroke due to this newfound displacement of culture shock....   [tags: literature, skin color, god]

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Factors that Affect the Period of a Pendulum

- Factors that Affect the Period of a Pendulum Purpose: To determine the factor(s) that affect the period of a pendulum. Hypothesis: The factors that I think will affect the period of the pendulum are the displacement and the suspended mass because if the mass of the bob is a lot than it will take more force for the pendulum to swing and if there's a high displacement it will give the pendulum more energy to complete the cycle. Materials: stopwatch 100, 200, and a 500g bob protractor meter stick string Procedures: 1....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating The Density Of A Set Of Plastic Beads

- The objective of this lab experiment was to determine the density of a set of plastic beads by using two different methods and decide which method was better. Density is a physical property that is defined as the ratio of an object’s mass to an object’s volume. Also, density can be described as the measurement of how compact a substance is in a given space. To find an object’s density, it is necessary to measure the object’s mass, the amount of matter present, and volume, the space it takes up. Also when studying density, it is key to note how objects with varying densities behave....   [tags: Density, Buoyancy, Archimedes, Volume]

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The Effect of Lateral Loading on Civil Structures

- Most civil structures will be subjected to some form of lateral loading during the span of their lifetime. Loads produced by earthquakes, wind, or blast explosions, mainly induce lateral displacement on structures. The effect of gravity loads acting through the structure’s lateral displacement has been called the P-∆ effect. This effect can initiate a pernicious circle against structural systems because the influence of gravity loads increase as the lateral displacement grows while at the same time, the lateral displacement is magnified as a consequence of gravity loads acting on them....   [tags: Physics]

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Introduction to Online Stress Function Polar Coordinates Tutor

- Introduction to online stress function polar coordinates tutor: The stress polar coordinate system can be a 2-dimensional coordinate system. Stress in polar coordinates in which every point over a line or plane should be found out by between the distances from a fixed point to an angle from a fixed direction. Stress is the indispensable part of polar coordinates. The Displacements and stresses must be autonomous of angular location (θ) and there can be no twist (v θ must be zero)....   [tags: Physics]

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Angular Projectile Motion

- ... To begin with we will show the calculations done to obtain these values (Shown on paper). Then we will calculate the horizontal displacement. In order to find the horizontal displacement of the car, one must calculate time to avoid having two unknowns in the displacement equation. To calculate time one must use the calculated vertical velocity. Since we cannot have two unknowns in the time equation one must find a time where velocity is known which is half way; V = 0m/s. Since this way one will only calculate the time for half the journey, one must multiply the answer by 2 giving one the full duration (refer to paper for calculations)....   [tags: 2 fast 2 furious movie]

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What Does Nanoindentation Mean?

- What does mean Nanoindentation. Nanoindenter is basically used for securing the mechanical characteristics or properties at micro or nano-scale with the help of powerful technology known as Nanoindentation. Nanoindentation is utilized for securing the parameters of material for example hardness (H), elastic modulus (Es), viscous or plastic parameters with the help of experimental readings of penetration (h) and indenter load (P). It must be note down that forces, those are involved, are normally in the range of micro-newton or mili-newton and depth will also be in the range of nanometers....   [tags: materials, nanoindenter, nano-scale]

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When Heaven and Earth Changed Places by Le Ly Hayslip

- Introduction In Hayslip’s book When Heaven and Earth Changed Places, she talks about her life as a peasant’s daughter and her and her family’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War has not only affected Vietnam itself, but also the United States, where in the beginning they did not want to get involved. However, with the spread of communism, which had already affected China, the president at the time Lyndon Johnson, thought it was time to stop the spread of the Vietnam War. With America’s involvement in the war, it caused great problems for both sides....   [tags: ptsd, vietnam war, communist north]

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A Review on Vrious Digital Image Ecryption Techniques

- [1]. Image Encryption Using Affine Transform and XOR Operation (2011) In this paper, Amitava Nag, Jyoti Prakash Singh, Srabani Khan, Sushanta Biswas, D. Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar proposed an approach, which operate the affine transformation to diminish the correlation among pixels. This technique applies 64 bits key in the encryption. Firstly, the proposed technique scrambles the pixels by applying four sub keys of 8 bits. Thereafter, the proposed technique decomposes the image into 2*2 pixel block size, and afterward, applies XOR operation with four sub key of 8 bits to modify the pixel values in each block....   [tags: Affine Transform, XOR operation]

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How Five Year Old Susana 's Undesirable Behavior

- QUIZ # 1 The writer selected part 1A to analyze five-year-old Susana’s undesirable behavior. The question from part 1A dealt with defense mechanisms. When a person’s ego feels it is in danger, it protects itself by using defense mechanisms (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 2011, p. 175). One defense mechanism that Susana exhibits is displacement. Displacement is the practice of people transferring their feelings and behaviors towards a substitute person or object (Robbins et al., 2011, p.176)....   [tags: Attachment theory, Developmental psychology]

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Defense Mechanisms : A Psychological Disorder

- Defense Mechanisms As Ms. Bullock walked toward the check-in area, she began to feel her body stiffen. Negative thoughts began to run through her mind, afraid of what the results from her colonoscopy would say. After checking in, she found a seat and sat down. She tried to think positive and set her mind on something more uplifting. As time went by she began to think about her grandkids and how she couldn 't wait to see them tomorrow. When it was time for her to meet with the doctor, she was relaxed and ready to hear the results, good or bad....   [tags: Defence mechanism, Psychological projection]

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The Angular Aspects of Basketball

- Intro: In basketball, there are many instances where angular motion is apparent. Angular motion refers to all points on an object moving in a circular path about a fixed axis. The limbs of our bodies exhibit angular motion around our joints, so most of the movements involved in playing basketball display some form of angular motion. The two important biomechanical aspects of angular motion are Angular Kinematics and Angular Kinetics. These subdivisions of biomechanics are significant because understanding them can lead to performing the tasks affiliated with basketball, such as passing, shooting, jumping, and dribbling at an optimal level....   [tags: Physics]

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Various Digital Image Encryption Techniques

- [1]. Image Encryption Using Affine Transform and XOR Operation (2011) In this paper, Amitava Nag, Jyoti Prakash Singh, Srabani Khan, Sushanta Biswas, D. Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar have imparted an approach, which employs 64 bits key in the encryption. First, the recommended technique operates the affine transformation to dispel the pixels by applying four sub keys of 8 bits. Thereafter, the algorithm cleaves the image into 2*2 pixel block size, and afterward, applies an XOR operation on each block with four sub key of 8 bits to modify the pixel values....   [tags: Affine Transform, XOR operation]

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Freuds Interpretation of Dreams

- Many will argue that Freud’s ideas have exerted a profound influence on twentieth –century thought and culture, though his work has come under scrutiny, it has shape the fundamentals of society view on civilization and discontents, dreams, psychoanalysis and the unconscious. For this paper, I will be discussing Freud’s fundamentals of dreams, what dreams represents, how dreams are constructed and its significance while paying close attention to the following areas of dreams, manifest and latent content, condensation and displacement, and censorship and repression....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Thought, Culture]

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Simple Machines and Levers

- Machines Lab It’s Not Elven Magic. Introduction and Theory “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man” –Elbert Hubbard1. Machines often are used to make life easier for human beings. A simple machine is described as a device used when a fore is being applied to an object. Simple machines include: levers, pulleys, wheel and axle, gears, inclined plane, wedge, and screws. Complex machines are systems of simple machines used together to get work done....   [tags: Pulleys, Technology]

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Psychological Processes That Influence Conflict Interaction Through Human Behavior At A Sub Conscious Level

- It is interesting how people understand, interpret, and behave in conflict. There are psychological processes that influence conflict interaction through human behavior at a sub-conscious level. Psychodynamic perspective is the way aggressive impulses and anxiety is channeled, which plays a critical role in conflict communication because the energy determines how someone reacts to conflict. The energy must be managed. For example, aggressive energy from feelings of guilt or lack of self-worth will raise a person’s heart beat and tense up their muscles....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Conflict, Aggression]

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The Accuracy Of Each Flow Measurement Device And The Possible Sources Of Errors

- 6.1 The accuracy of each flow measurement device and the possible sources of errors Rotameter Based on Table 2, it can be noticed that the percentage error of the rotameter flow rates as compared to the displacement volumetric meter flow rates is relatively low. The error percentage ranges from 5.12 % to 12.18%. Since the percentage error for all the flow rate measurements of rotameter is low, the rotameter can be said as an accurate instrument. The 2nd run of the experiment has the highest error value....   [tags: Fluid dynamics, Measurement, Volumetric flow rate]

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Sigmund Freud : The Unconscious Mind, And The Psyche

- According to the editors, “Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist best known for developing the theories and techniques of psychoanalysis” ("Sigmund Freud Biography," n.d., para. 1). Freud had many theories, including that of dream analysis, the unconscious mind, and the psyche (McLeod, 2013, para. 11-28). Although a great deal of his work is still controversial, he will forever be one of psychology’s largest influences. Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg, Austria on May 6, 1856....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind, Psychoanalysis]

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Freud's Theory of Dreaming and Repression

- The relationship between dreaming and repression is complex and requires thorough understanding of Freud’s theory thus it is better to get to know some of the terms and concepts Freud raises in study of dreams. As all the information is gathered, it is believed that the wish as fulfilled is shown only in a state of repression during sleep. It is universally known that dreams are full of meanings and emotions. In Freud’s theory, all dreams are wish fulfillments or at least attempts at wish fulfillment....   [tags: repression, dreaming, psychology, freud, ]

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Earthquakes: Unique Characteristics of Transform Faults

- Unique Characteristics of Transform Faults There are many characteristics that make earthquakes along transform fault different from subduction zones, rift zones, and mid-ocean ridge transform faults. For instance, transforms faults are when two plates move past each other, shearing, with no creation or destruction of lithosphere. At transform faults, earthquakes are shallow and run as deep as 25 km. the magnitude of the earthquakes are smaller than 8.5 in the scale of Richter. In extensional boundaries, earthquakes are also shallow, but they occur only along the alignment of spreading and are smaller than 8 in magnitude....   [tags: tectonic plates, move, rift zones]

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The Belief That Mrs. Drover

- The belief that Mrs. Drover was experiencing effects from psychological disturbances as opposed to a supernatural occurrence is further proven by Elizabeth Bowen’s own experiences, especially those with war, tragedy, and mental sickness. This is because Mrs. Drover greatly resembles Elizabeth Bowen and her experiences. Elizabeth Bowen, born Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen, was born on June 7, 1899 to her parents Henry Charles and Florence Isabella Bowen. She was the couple’s only child (Jenkins). “Her parents were Anglo – Irish Protestant and upper class” (Ellmann 9)....   [tags: World War II, World War I]

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Changes in the Environment Affect the Behavior and Physiological Aspect of an Organism

- The changes in the environment affect the behavior and physiological aspect of an organism. One important concept that further supports such phenomenon is heterochrony. Heterochrony is described to be the evolution of ontogeny, which is the development of an individual from its earliest stage to maturity. It takes hundreds, even millions of years for evolution to occur. By studying the earliest chordates, one would be able to relate the changes and adaptations that have emerged to sustain life of primates today....   [tags: heterochronic processes]

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Introduction to Linear Motion Graphs

- Introduction to linear motion graphs The change of location of an object along a straight line and can be described using a single spatial dimension is called linear motion. It can be uniform or non-uniform, that is, constant velocity or variable velocity. The motion of particle can be described in terms of X with time T. A very good example for linear motion is a ball throwing down and up straightly. Plotting of graphs under linear motion is called Linear motion graphs. Here we study about two types of graphs as displacement-time graph and velocity-time graph....   [tags: Math]

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Investigating How One Factor Affects the Period Time a Mass on the End of a Spring Takes to Complete One Oscillation

- Investigating How One Factor Affects the Period Time a Mass on the End of a Spring Takes to Complete One Oscillation Planning Variables ========= The aim of these experiments will be to see how one factor affects the period of time a mass on the end of a spring takes to complete one whole oscillation. One whole oscillation means the mass returning to its original position, be it the equilibrium or not. I will look at the independent variables (variables which are not caused as a result of another variable)....   [tags: Papers]

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The Policy Of Assimilation And How It Has Affected Aboriginal People

- This paper considers the policy of assimilation and outlines how it has affected Aboriginal people. These effects include the loss of cultural heritage, broken families and communities and the undermining of parental skills. It then discusses the effect of assimilation on Aboriginal education, at the time of the policy and its effects today. Those effects include lower levels of attendance at school and generational impacts of lack of education. This paper is confined to discussion of the policy at the Federal and South Australian state level and focuses on the official policy of assimilation, not its various predecessors....   [tags: Culture, Indigenous Australians, Parenting]

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Determining Acceleration Due to Gravity

- Determining Acceleration Due to Gravity The Determination of the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of the earth, g, using a simple pendulum. Aim: The determination of the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of the earth, g, using a simple pendulum Background ========== All bodies exert gravitational forces on one another. A large mass, such as the earth produces a gravitational field....   [tags: Papers]

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Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Cote d’Ivoire

- Cote d'Ivoire, also known officially as the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire and the “Ivory Coast”, is a country in West Africa. It has an area of 124,503 sq miles, and borders the countries Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The country's population is estimated to be 20,617,068 as of 2012. Through production of coffee and cocoa, the country was an economic powerhouse during the 1960s and 1970s. However, the Ivory Coast went through an economic crisis in the 1980s, leading to the country's period of political and social turmoil....   [tags: Human Rights]

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A Brief Note On The Post Industrial Context

- 2.1 The post-industrial context The city has turned into a landscape ruled by the new global economy and a new informational space (Hall 1997; Castells, X) that defines the transition between the industrial city pattern and the post-industrial started in the late 60’, within the context of the globalization. One main aspect could be the transformation of the downtown (Gospodini, 2006). The establishment of the new global economic activities has allowed the apparition of the Central Business Districts (CBD) in the inner center of the cities....   [tags: City, Sociology, Economy, Urban planning]

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Seneca Compensation And The Injustice Of Treaty Breaking

- “No evil is without its compensation. The less money, the less trouble; the less favor, the less envy. Even in those cases which put us out of wits, it is not the loss itself, but the estimate of the loss that troubles us.” In 1962, Walter Taylor wrote a lengthy letter to Clyde Robbins. This personal addition to a much larger discourse discussed the issues of Seneca compensation and the injustice of treaty breaking in the context of a contemporary controversy. The Kinzua Dam Controversy, which took place in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, resulted in the displacement of over 600 Seneca Indian families and the acquisition of a large tract of traditional Seneca land for dam building....   [tags: United States]

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The Soil Lateral Resistance Mobilization During The Barge Impact Load

- In this section, the soil lateral resistance mobilization during the barge impact process to each of piers 1 and 3 are evaluated to realize the resistance contribution of pier’s substructure and its relevant SSI against the barge impact load. Consequently, in Section 6, the assessment of energy distribution in the barge-pier system is evaluated to confirm the effect of pier’s substructure and its relevant SSI on the pier’s response. Since a barge impact load is applied as a lateral load on the impacted pier, the soil lateral resistance has a more significant role than other directions against the barge impact load, therefore, the soil lateral resistance (P-y) is considered to study of soil-p...   [tags: Classical mechanics, Force]

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Effects Of Climate Change On Human Health

- There are many impacts of climate change that cause stress on human health. These impacts can be through direct exposure or indirect exposure. In either case these effects are caused by human development causing vulnerability and destabilization environmentally, socially, and economically all over the world. One specific location that is being effected most harshly by these added exposures is the island country of Funafuti, Tuvalu. This paper will discuss the extent of direct and indirect impacts as well as the ongoing adaptation and mitigation efforts in addressing the problem....   [tags: Water, Climate change, Ocean, Precipitation]

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Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology

- Sigmund Freud was one of the most iconic psychologist in the twentieth century. He developed various theory in the field of psychology. Although, some of his work is outdated, his impact on the field is still strongly felt. One of his theory that he put forward was the belief that a person’s personality was set in childhood, along with the idea that if someone tried to analyze the psyche of a person, they’ll put up barriers, or defense mechanism, to “lie” to themselves. Freud’s work on the psychoanalytic is still used to treat depression and various anxiety disorder....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind, Mind]

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