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The Death Of A Haze Of Confusion And Disappointment At The Age Of Eight I

- Lost in a haze of confusion and disappointment. At the age of eight I realize that life isn’t always as simple as I thought it would be. By the age of eight I have lost my father due to a divorce and my mother just fought cancer. I knew that there are many evils in the world that has yet to come visit me. My mother has been weak because of her cancer, but that made her desperate for a helping hand. I was introduced to my worst nightmare yet, her boyfriend. He caused my family to go through unfortunate events....   [tags: Sibling, Mother, Family, Disappointment]

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The Bible And The Book Disappointment With God

- Throughout this class five major themes were studied: law & covenant; oppression & deliverance; justice & righteousness; kingdom of God & hope; and grace and faith. Within these themes there are lessons that are taken from the Bible. Each theme provided a basis of Godly instruction and how to be a faithful follower. In the first lecture law and covenant is discussed. Within this lesson it is taught that there are rules to relationships that one has with God, one another and society as a whole. There are many examples within the Bible and the book Disappointment with God, by Philip Yancey that show law and covenant....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Christianity, God]

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Araby : Disappointment In The Boy's Epiphany

- Epiphany is a central motif in “Araby” which represents disappointment. In this paper, I will show that the boy experiences incremental but eye-opening discoveries that will help him understand more about himself, situations around him and lead to an ultimate epiphany. Disappointment is an important theme of the story, because every realization he has leads to him being upset. The epiphany brings a change in the narrator from an innocent, idealistic boy to an adolescent dealing with the harsh realities of life....   [tags: Love, Lust, Religion, Prayer, Romance, Libido]

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Disappointment & Grief in Shakespeare's Hamlet

- Hamlet, a play written by William Shakespeare, is one of his most widely know plays and contains the famous “To be or not to be” quote. Hamlet’s first soliloquy, “Too, too solid flesh”, presents the audience with Hamlet’s innermost feelings. The soliloquy displays Hamlet’s disapproval and grief, over his mother’s remarriage and his father’s death, through the use of diction and tone. The lines open up with Hamlet complaining about life and trying to justify his suicidal thoughts. Shakespeare: “O that this too solid flesh would melt thaw and resolve itself into a dew”(I.ii.129-130)....   [tags: suicide, juxtaposition, kingdom]

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The Disappointment By Aphra Behn

- In the 17th and 18th centuries it was known for men to have complete power over everything and most writings from that time gave evidence to that. It was also quite common for a man to speak in vulgar language about sexual encounters but it was considered scandalous and wrong if a woman was to do the same. In Aphra Behn’s The Disappointment, she challenges all of that by using romance and sexuality to modify the differing views of power in relation to gender roles. At the end of the first stanza Behn says, “And left no light to guide the world, But what from Cloris ' brighter eyes was hurled” (Stanza 1, Line 9-10), what Behn is illustrating is that even though it seems that Lysander has all...   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Woman]

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The Desire For Freedom Comes With A Price And Disappointment

- The desire for freedom comes with a price and disappointment. In “The Story of an Hour” reflects in the characterization (Mrs. Mallard) whose growing awareness that life without her husband might be more liberating than life with him. As the story unfolds, the calamity of news was brought to Mrs. Mallard of the railroad disaster. The idea of Freedom and Disappointment has been projected in a way that gives a reader the understanding about marriage and emotional regression, confinement, time and freedom....   [tags: English-language films, Emotion, Life, Mind]

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Family Disappointment and Destiny in _The Royal Tennenbaums_

- Alex Hayley, a prominent writer, once said “In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future”. Wes Anderson’s masterpiece, The Royal Tennenbaums, is a contemporary film that reveals the immense impact that family members hold over each other’s lives. Margot, the eldest of the children, is the adopted member of the Tennenbaum household. Regardless of this fact, Margot is denied the opportunity to feel like a member of the family, as she lacks the affection that she deserves from her inattentive father, Royal....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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The German World of Disappointment

- The German World of Disappointment From the youngest child to the oldest man, everyone has experienced the unpleasant feeling of disappointment. Everyone has been to a place that was not all that they anticipated it to be. No one can say that someone has never somehow let them down. At one point or another, everyone has been disappointed in something they have purchased. And what child is not heart-broken when he learns there is no Santa Claus. Whether it is in a person, thing, place, or idea, disappointment can be the most devastating and hurtful feeling people face....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Actual Disappointment: The Work fo Aphra Behn

- ... Furthermore, the word shepherdess serves a purpose similar to these. By describing the young woman as a shepherdess, Behn is satirizing a society that is based on class where women fall more along the bottom of the totem pole. A shepherdess in that time period typically meant a woman from a poorer family who has less value than say of a woman from an aristocratic family. Here, a shepherdess is a direct reflection of a woman’s lower place in society, specifically under the men in her life. Additionally, it becomes apparent in this last stanza that Behn is staunchly supporting the woman’s perspective of the predicament taking place....   [tags: women's right to speak their mind]

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The Smell of Disappointment: A Study of the Mind, the Body, and the Building

- The narrator in “The Axe” by Penelope Fitzgerald is the Manager of an unsuccessful company. This unnamed protagonist addresses a letter to his elitist, stereotypically self-important boss. The Manager explains the outcome of the redundancies that he had been assigned, reporting in full detail the termination of his clerical assistant, W.S. Singlebury, an older gentleman whose work is “his life” (Fitzgerald 667). In his letter, the Manager repeatedly makes reference to a pungent smell in the office, about which many staff members complain....   [tags: the axel,cultural representation, fitzgerald]

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American Literature Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Speech ' Disappointment

- American Literature Rhetorical Analysis In the speech “Disappointment Is the Lot of Women,” an American Pioneer in the women’s rights movement by the name of Lucy Stone speaks about a significant topic dealing with justice. Lucy Stone focuses her speech on issues relating to gender equality at a Woman’s Rights Convention in Worcester to convince men, women, and those associated with government that women are deserving of their rights. As a well informed orator, Lucy Stone keeps her audience, message, and her own beliefs in mind while using a variety of techniques to justify her cause....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Women's suffrage]

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Depression Is Characterized By Feelings Sadness, Disappointment, And Despair

- Many Americans are diagnosed with depression these days. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, disappointment, and despair. (Morrison-Valfre) Depression can happen at any age, but it often begins in teens and young adults. (National Institute of mental Health) It is much more common in women. To be diagnosed with depression the doctor will ask a series of questions, or you will be given a sheet with questions on it for you to answer. There are many different reasons a person can develop depression, it ranges from family history, genetics, imbalance of hormones, to an experience one dealt with in their lifetime....   [tags: Major depressive disorder]

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Disappointment in Kate Chopin's Story of an Hour

- Disappointment in The Story of an Hour      "The Story of an Hour" is a short story in which Kate Chopin, the author, presents an often unheard of view of marriage. Published in the late eighteen hundreds, the oppressive nature of marriage in "The Story of an Hour" may well be a reflection of, though not exclusive to, that era. Mrs. Louise Mallard, Chopin's main character, experiences the exhilaration of freedom rather than the desolation of loneliness after she learns of her husband's death....   [tags: Story Hour essays]

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Sexual Empowerment of Women in Behn's The Willing Mistress and The Disappointment

- Sexual Empowerment of Women in Behn's The Willing Mistress and The Disappointment     "All women together ought to let flowers fall upon the tomb of Aphra Behn, . . . for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds." (Woolf 91) Born in 1640, Aphra Behn broke gender stereotypes when she undertook a thrilling (if unrewarded) life as a spy for the Crown, but it was her scandalous career as an author which truly achieved many firsts for women. She was the first woman to support hereself financially by solely relying on the profession of writing, and many readers argue that Oroonoko--her passionate tale about the institution of slavery--was the first English novel....   [tags: Willing Mistress Essays]

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The Blindness on John Stienbeck´s Of Mice and Men

- Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a novel about loneliness and the American Dream. This book takes place during the Great Depression. It was very difficult for people to survive during this time period. A lot of people hardly survived let alone had the necessities they needed to keep relationships healthy. Of Mice of Men has a common theme of disappointment. All the characters struggle with their unaccomplished dreams. The migrant workers, stable buck, swamper, and the other men on the ranch had an unsettled disappointment of where they were at in their lives....   [tags: innocent, loneliness, dream, disappointment]

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How to Tell That You Are in a Non-Date Kind of Date

- ... You Do Not Go Somewhere Special Non-dates happen spontaneously without the need to plan it meticulously. He just invites you to hang out with him to the usual spot where you and your other friends go out for food and drinks. The main difference between a non-date and a romantic date is that romantic dates are usually carefully planned by the person who invites you out. Moreover, a romantic date usually takes place somewhere special like a formal diner, a concert of your favorite artist, or a new cool cafe that targets couples....   [tags: disappointment, confusion and embarrassment]

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School ( Psychological Stressor )

- 1. School (psychological stressor): I did incredibly poor last semester, so my cumulative GPA dropped from a 3.86 to a 3.77. I am severely devastated and hurt over my poor academic performance. I have never done so poorly before… I made it my goal this semester to earn a 4.0, so I can raise my cumulative GPA to a 3.80. The amount of pressure I am putting on myself is making me extremely stressed and ill and this is only the second week of school… 2. Being fixated on my disappointments (psychological stressor): I set high expectations for myself and when I cannot meet them, I would become enthrall in disappointment and sadness....   [tags: Emotion, Anxiety, Disappointment]

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An Old Champion Athlete

- ... Or some in which involve how state standings and/or championships are viewed. As stated by A.E. Housman, “The time you won your town the race we chaired you through the marketplace; man and boy stood cheering by, and home we brought you shoulder-high.” (Prentice Hall Literature [page 1092 lines 1-4]). As newer generations come into the sport, some are born with a gift unimaginable with great potential, people who set the school/state record cause a sadness in the record holder from the past....   [tags: disappointment, dedication, sports]

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My Life After My Early Teenage Years

- Since my early teenage years, I 've always found myself going through different challenges in life and looking for solutions to resolve. Most of the obstacles that I encountered in the past I attempted to resolve alone. In most of the cases, I 've been able to challenge myself and find a way to analyze the issue and come up with solutions. My strategies in resolving problems were always successful until I encountered one of the most challenging problems in my life. A challenge that changed my entire life, mindset and the way I used to approach to problems in life....   [tags: Full-time, Psychology, Disappointment, Mind]

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Disappointment in Steinbeck's "The Pearl"

- Wealth can lead you in many directions depending on if you are prepared for it or not. If it is unexpected, it will most definitely change your life. Unexpected wealth could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Many people could use it on useless items or bad people could buy drugs or weapons. In addition, today many people could gamble their newly found wealth and lose all of their money on the lottery, on scratch tickets, or in casinos. On the other hand, unexpected wealth could be used productively if the right person got it....   [tags: Pearl, Steinbeck,]

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Disappointment in the Progressive Movement

- The Progressive Movement was a welcoming concept to many Americans. As America continued to advance the people needed a government that also changed, so “As Americans ushered in a new century they began to demand change, equality and reform and the progressive era was born.” (The Progressive Era, n.d.) The current president’s first campaign slogan sounded incredibly familiar to the Progressive Movement. As in the late nineteenth century, citizens were tired with the business as usual approach and they wanted an entirely new direction for the country and they were promised “change”....   [tags: reform, equality, suffrage]

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Book vs Movie, Disappointment in the Difference of Gone with the Wind

- ... For example, in the book Scarlett had three children, but in the movie she only had one child. The children are significant in that they give the reader an insight into Scarlett’s terrible parenting skills and make her character even more unlikeable. In the book, Ashley Wilkes has two sisters, Honey and India, but in the movie India is his only sister. Another character who was omitted from the movie is Will Benteen, who marries Scarlett’s sister, Suellen, and helped rebuild Tara. One very significant change in characters was the portrayal of Scarlett’s attacker as a white man in the movie instead of the black attacker in the book....   [tags: characters, atlanta, love story]

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Who Are Angel 's Real Parents?

- Who are Angel’s real parents. Angel is portrayed as a strange and confused character from the beginning, being raised by a single mother. She is always shown to be frustrated about how he is living his life, mainly because he is not seeing his priest for life guidance. Angel’s Mother is forcefully trying to change her son’s ways without really trying to figure out what his problem is. Angel is clearly afraid to admit his sexuality to his mother. When Angel agrees to go back to the church his mom is quick to emphasize the prayer to Angel and you can see the uncomforting look on his face....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Father, Disappointment]

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Landscape in The Sea Gull a Novel by Anton Chekhov

- ... This quote also serves as another example of human disappointment regarding love. In the aforementioned conversation, Masha tells Medvedenko “...your love touches me, but I can’t return it…” (106). Masha is unable to return her love to Medvedenko because she is actually in love with Treplev. This is the cause for her mourning, she is tormented by the fact she can not have Treplev. Masha becomes another medium for addressing human disappointment, and effectively shows this disappointment when she is talking about Treplev....   [tags: russian comedy, human dissappointment]

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Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Accomplishment And Disappointments

- Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most influential writers to date. His thrill filled tales of darkness and death helped people see a different side of romantic literature. Many believe that his isolated life and drinking problem helped influence his works. Poe showed his most prominent life accomplishment and disappointments through his life in his stories. He defined a lot of his life’s parallels through his works. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Edgar’s parents, Eliza Poe and David Poe Jr, weren’t there through the entirety of his life....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story]

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1980s Was a Decade Of Dissapointment

- A Decade of Disappointment From worldwide wars to the reuniting of the nation, the social, political, economic, and international events of the United States always seem to be under a state of change. One very imperative time in America’s history was the 1980 decade, this was a very hostile and displeasure able time. From the discovery of AIDS to an all out boycott of the Olympics by the United Sates and Russia, and a national tragedy caused by the space-shuttle Challenger disaster, these societal events caused major changes to millions of people spread over many nations....   [tags: American History]

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- The Loss Of Innocence Have you ever been disappointed . What a crazy question. At one point or another, everyone is going to experience a disappointment in their lives. Whether it is in a relationship, in education, or even in themselves, everyone has, and will continually keep facing disappointments. In Walker Percys essay,' The loss of the creature', Percy discusses how through preconceptions and the surrender of our sovereignty, humans lose the ability to experience life, and its elements, in fresh and innovative ways....   [tags: Book Reviews]

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Pain, Misery and Dissapointment in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

- Pain, misery and disappointment are all a significant part of this world’s concepts of both life and love. A prime example of this is displayed in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, where the protagonist, Jane, suffers through a particularly difficult life; her love is constantly stripped from her the moment she is relishing it most. With Bronte’s introduction of Bertha Rochester, Jane’s never-ending cycle of disappointment and loss of love. Charlotte Bronte utilizes the character of Bertha Rochester to interrupt Jane’s potential happy ending with Mr....   [tags: Adversity, Relationship, Marriage]

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How to Live Those Final Days in Lord Tennyson’s Poem Ulysses

- Lord Tennyson’s poem “Ulysses” allows the reader to step into Ulysses’ mind after he returns home to Ithaca (Ferguson, Salter, & Stallworthy, 1996). While he originally thought he would find peace in his kingdom, he feels just the opposite. Ulysses is now old and debates how he truly wants to spend the last of his days. When relating the place he has returned to in Ithaca, Ulysses comments about three main disappointments: his wife, his son, and his people. Reflecting on his twenty years of adventure has made him question his decision to come back to Ithaca....   [tags: disappointments, wife, adventures]

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Compare and Contrast of Ernest Hemmingway´s "A Clean Well Lighted Place" and Sandra Cisnero´s "The House on Mango Street"

- ... The older waiter and old man feel as if they mean nothing to the world anymore. They go out at night to well-light places like the café to feel a sense of comfort. The young waiter doesn’t understand why the older waiter and man would want to stay out late and not get on home. For example, the younger waiter says to the older waiter: “I wish he would go home. I never get to bed before three o’clock. What kind of hour is that to go to bed?” (Hemingway.168). They both have different views on the café and its significance in their lives....   [tags: Settings, Narrator, Dissapointment]

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California: My Biggest Disappointments Ever

- My visions of California before taking this course is a sunny, beautiful, happy and carefree place and those visions are partly because I visited there nine years ago. Upon my visit I concluded that I would eventually move there when I'm ready to start a family. My visit to California had left a tainted image in my mind, an image of a place where I could leave all my cares behind in hopes of staring anew, but what has left me speechless is the fact that I have no memory of particular events that lead me to this strange obsession over the state....   [tags: California essay]

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Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant:The Broken Family Dynamic of the Tull Family

- In Anne Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, the negative effects of a broken marriage on the family are continually presented through the use of multiple characters’ internal and external dialogue, along with their interpretations of events that determine their overall outlook on the world. Contrary to the “normative” family structure consisting of two parents, this family is run solely by the mother, Pearl Tull, who is often overwhelmed by her role of being the exclusive support for her three children - Cody, Ezra, and Jenny....   [tags: Anne Tyler, broken marriage, dissapointment]

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Dissapointment in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

- Everyone experiences disappointments, however although they may hurt if we learn from them we are able to grow, throughout the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte we see that Jane experiences many disappointments from the start at Gateshead to Lowood and finally Thornfield. However even with as many disappointments she faces she still manages to pick herself up and move on and better herself. One of the biggest disappointments she faced was finding out that her soon to be husband Edward Rochester, had a wife....   [tags: Adversity, Experiences]

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Jane and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

- Nobody lives a perfect life. People will experience certain things that may have a great impact on them. For some, being let down or disappointed might be more normal than being happy. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, the life lived by the protagonist, Jane, is full of disappointments. She was seldom happy, and when she did find her happiness in the man she loved, even he seemed to cross her. If her life wasn’t such as sad one, the events that occurred wouldn’t have impacted her the way they did....   [tags: Relationships, Marriage, Dissapointment]

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Seventh Day Adventism and the Branch Davidians

- William Miller’s interpretive method and the Millerite movement birthed the Seventh-day Adventist movement. On October 23, 1844 all of the Millerites were in shambles. Some had neglected their crops and even others had sold their homes and their entire livelihood. People’s hopes were crushed. This became known as the “Great Disappointment.” Within this Great Disappointment, a group of Sabbatarian Adventists, who would later become the Seventh-day Adventists, declared that the understanding of the event was wrong, not the date....   [tags: Religion ]

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Children 's Lack Of Career Success

- The study conducted by Cichy, Lefkowitz, Davis, and Fingerman in 2013 supported the articles findings suggests that children’s failure in relationships and careers are perceived by their parents to their negative emotions. The two hypothesis tested in the procedure was 1: that each of the negative emotions (worry, disappointment, guilt, and anger) were tied to the fathers perception of the child’s poor success in careers, while only disappointment and worry was only associated with the mothers perception of children’s lack of career success....   [tags: Mother, Father, Perception, Sampling]

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Coronary Illness Is The Main Source Of Death

- Coronary illness is the main source of death in Australia furthermore the world, it influences 1.4 million Australians a year. In 2013 13% of all passings were created by coronary illness. In 2012 7.4 million individuals kicked the bucket as a consequence of coronary illness. Coronary illness is the development of plaque (fat store on the inward dividers of the veins) in the coronary conduits that supply O2 rich blood to the heart muscle, the development of plaque is called atherosclerosis. After some time passes plaques may solidify therefore limiting blood stream or totally obstructing the corridor....   [tags: Heart, Artery, Atherosclerosis, Blood]

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Children 's Lack Of Success

- “You Are Such a Disappointment!”: Negative Emotions and Parents’ Perceptions of Adult Children’s Lack of Success. Jay Patel University of North Texas “You Are Such a Disappointment!”: Negative Emotions and Parents’ Perceptions of Adult Children’s Lack of Success. The article attempts to educate people on parents’ perception of the success of their adult children. It discusses the emotions of mothers’ of adult children compared to their fathers’. The study shows how parents react to successful and non-successful children....   [tags: Psychology, Mother, Perception, Emotion]

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Students Who Is Leaving The College

- Kelly, LaVergne, Boone Jr., & Boone (2012) research indicates that students who considered leaving the college described dissatisfaction with their social life and little or no connection with their respective institution (Kelly, LaVergne, Boone Jr., & Boone, 2012, p. 655). This statement is worth taking a look at because it goes right back to my hypothesis. For example, if a student is not receiving the proper support then the student really is not engaged with the campus. Thus, this may cause the student to reevaluate as to why he or she is attending the college which there may potential decline in motivation for college....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Weighted mean]

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Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' Miss Brill '

- Essay #2 Have you ever experienced a day where nothing goes right. The story “A&P” written by John Updike is one of a teenage boy named Sammy who quits his job in hope of impressing some girls --- only to find they neither cared nor listened. “Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield is a story about an elderly woman named Miss Brill who goes to the park to observe people; her evening is ruined when some kids make fun of the way she 's dressed. Miss Brill and Sammy started their day motivated, as the stories went on their moods shifted because their actions were affected by other people 's opinions....   [tags: Fiction, Narratology, Narrative]

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Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen

- Life is unpredictable and we are the one who make it. It is up to us if we want to have a good or bad life or just chose to end it. Hedda Gabler is a naturalism type of dramatic writing, written by Henrik Ibsen who narrates Hedda Gabler as a scandalous, coward, egotistical and a deceiving character who wants to have freedom to do something and achieve it. However, all the things that she wants to happened always failed. Starting from having an unwanted marriage with George out of sympathy; disappointment of failing her aspiration of seeing a vine leaves on Lovborg’s head; disappointment of not witnessing braveness from Lovborg’s death; black mail from judge Brack regarding to her scandal tha...   [tags: Suicide, Suicide methods, Hedda Gabler]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Coldplay 's ' Paradise '

- Rhetorical Analysis of Coldplay’s “Paradise” In Coldplay’s song, “Paradise”, the songwriters use exaggerative language, personification, and rhetorical techniques to tell the story of a little girl’s escape from the harshness and disappointment of reality. The listeners of this song are treated to a beautifully written story about a girl’s maturity through the struggles and disappointment that life has offered to her. Some of the most effective ways that the songwriters explain the plight of the girl are when they attach the listener emotionally with her plight through their use of exaggerated language and personification....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Rhetorical techniques]

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Go Set A Watchman By Harper Lee

- Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman is a sequel of her previous To Kill a Mockingbird, in which the author portrays the story of a girl Scout, who is now twenty-six years old and visiting her home town for very short period of time, though Maycomb is her hometown but nothing remains the same. Moreover, the author uses her disappointment as a theme which she feels for her home which is now become an ice cream shop as well as she feels great disenchantment with her father as Mr. Atticus completely changes her personality even her childhood friend Henry, changed a lot....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird, Emotion, Ice cream parlor]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' With His Venom ' By Sappho

- In today’s society, there is nothing that is seen as a perfect marriage. Love and hate are both closely intertwined in our brain, making them the two most intense emotions. It is bazar to think that one can go from loving someone to hating (disliking) that certain individual, or from hating (disliking) that individual to falling mad in love with them. Society creates a barrier that makes one believe on what a loving relationship should be. In many occasions negativity and other factors come to play in a loving relationship....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Short story]

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Dr. Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the leader of a peaceful movement to end segregation in the United States this mission led him in 1963 to Birmingham, Alabama where officials and leaders in the community actively fought against desegregation. While performing sit-ins, marches and other nonviolent protests, King was imprisoned by authorities for violating the strict segregation laws. While imprisoned King wrote a letter entitled “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, in which he expresses his disappointment in the clergy, officials, and people of Birmingham....   [tags: African American, Southern United States, Police]

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A Short Note On Hazard Management ( Crm )

- Hazard Management CRM is a creative arrangement which is being adjusted by the business and developments dependably accompanies a danger and at some point not distinguishing the danger might lead the ventures in a disappointment state. We might open our self to hazard when CRM is conveyed in our association and danger is a part of any venture in an undertaking. We have to assess the danger considering the truth it might either be the likelihood and it can be event and both of these substances should be tended to with most extreme consideration....   [tags: Risk, Hazard, The Ventures, Uncertainty]

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The Alabama Clerics Made A Public Statement Directed Towards Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

- Eight Alabama clergymen made a public statement directed towards Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. containing many criticisms against the civil rights movement. The criticisms were as follows: (1) The issue of race relations should be handled by local leaders instead of “outsiders” like himself. (2) Pressing the court and negotiation among local leaders is a better path. (3) The Negro community should be more patient, for the workings of the legal system take time. (4) The demonstrations are “unwise and untimely.” (5) The methods used by demonstrators are extreme and (6) If it weren’t for the police, your demonstrations would have turned violent....   [tags: Civil disobedience, Nonviolence]

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Definition Of Anxiety In Hara Marano's 'Crisis U'?

- According to Hara Marano, the author of the editorial “Crisis U,” anxiety is defined as “a byproduct of thinking, but it is incapacitating without the ability to apply critical thinking skills to emotional reactions” (2). Marano’s definition of anxiety portrays that it is all in one’s head, and it is not a real problem. The real problem generates from students not knowing how to handle situations or how to look for solutions to a problem. I do not disagree with Marano’s definition of anxiety. However, I would like to modify her definition and change the way people perceive anxiety among college students....   [tags: University, Student, Anxiety, Education]

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Creative Writing: Death and Liberation

- Death and Liberation The sweat on my cold palms glistened like glitter as I traced the path of my lifeline with my weary eyes. The waiting room was motionless while the crisp air conditioner in the hospital building pounded through the relentless eighty degree spring. A crinkled newspaper on the stand next to me was outdated and torn, as if someone has brutally thrown it aside during a monetary loss of the calm tide. Can you use Febreeze to push the scent of death out of the air. Or will you end up with a mixture of death and “fresh spring linen” afterwards....   [tags: thoughts, goose, dove]

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The Burden of a Guilty Conscience

- In Karen Horney’s essay, “The Distrust Between the Sexes,” she demonstrates how the expectations we have when we are in love can often lead to disappointment. “An almost unavoidable source of disappointment and distrust in our normal love life derives from the fact that the very intensity of our feelings of love stirs up all of our secret expectations and longing for happiness, which slumber deep inside us (361).” Simply, projecting our desires, expectation and sometimes guilt upon our lover can lead to disappointment....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Peary Expedition as Allegory in Ragtime

- The Peary Expedition as Allegory in Ragtime   E.L. Doctorow’s novel Ragtime is primarily concerned with the illustration of broken dreams. Drawing on the tradition of the Muckraker novels of such authors as Upton Sinclair, Doctorow shows the shadow side of the Jazz Age. The beginning of the novel deals with Father’s preparation for and participation in William Peary’s expedition to the North Pole. The theme of disillusionment that runs throughout the novel is foreshadowed and represented by the Peary expedition....   [tags: Ragtime]

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The Reconstruction Era

- After the Civil War the South had to be rebuilt. This was known as the Reconstruction Era. During the Recontruction Era a lot of time was devoted to the south by the nation.In fact there was a reconstruction plan made by President Abraham Lincoln.The point of his plan was to make the rebuilding of the South quicker. However the South did face some hardships, benefits, and disappointments during that time. For example, the South suffered a major decline in their econmy after the Civil War....   [tags: rebuilding the south]

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Setting Realistic Holiday Expectations

- Everyone has holiday expectations and dreams of the perfect Thanksgiving, a magical Christmas and a prosperous New Year. While these expectations are what most strive for, it is not always how these occasions happen. Setting realistic expectations that leave room for mishaps that may occur will perhaps save you from suffering undue disappointments. There is nothing wrong with planning for a perfect holiday, but when things do not go as planned it can be devastating for some. Couples who are experiencing their first Thanksgiving together is a perfect example....   [tags: Holidays]

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Queen Elizabeth I: Changing the Course of England

- ... Because Edward was so young, he had people that helped him and oversaw his work. One of the decisions that the council made with Edward’s backup was keeping England Protestant. In 1549, the English Prayer Book was presented. It was very Protestant and changed the language in the church from Latin to English. Edward came down with tuberculosis and would not live very long (History). Not wanting the throne to go to either of his two half-sisters, Edward changed the order of accession. After Edward passed away on July 6, 1553, another one of Henry’s distant descendants took the throne (Somerset 30)....   [tags: tudor monarchy, english history]

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The Ship Shape By David Sedaris

- “In response he expected us to play the part of an enthusiastic family, but we were unwilling to resume our old roles” (Sedaris 5). In life, unreliable people surround us. These people often break promises, bringing disappointment in one’s life. Sometimes the unreliable person may not realize the disappointment the broken promises bring to others. Like in the quote from “The Ship Shape” by David Sedaris, the father expected the family to be excited about the promises, but instead they were disappointed because they had been let down numerous times....   [tags: Mother, Father, Promise, Family]

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Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter From The Birmingham Jail

- • What does King mean when he says,” injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Martin Luther King inspired hundreds of thousands of people in the United States into actions against racism, to end poverty, and for peace. Early December 1955, he led the first great non-violent protests of Afro-Americans in a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. The boycott lasted 382 days and ended after the US Supreme Court ruled that segregation in public buses was unconstitutional. In spring 1963, King and the student movement organized mass demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama....   [tags: Black people, Civil disobedience, Nonviolence]

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Holden's Depression and Self-Doubt in Salinger's Catcher in the Rye

- As Eugene McNamara stated in his essay “Holden Caulfield as Novelist”, Holden, of J.D. Salinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye, had met with long strand of betrayals since he left Pencey Prep. These disappointments led him through the adult world with increasing feelings of depression and self-doubt, leading, finally to his mental breakdown. Holden’s first betrayal was that of his memory and innocence by an egotistical peer. At Pencey Prep, he roomed with a student named Stradlater; the epitome of a teenage jock....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye Essays]

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Princess Diana : A Case Study

- Many people remember Princess Diana for her very fragile and loving nature, however during an interview with BBC, she often remarks “I am a very strong person,” an ironic statement for someone whose life was full of challenges and disappointments (Elliot& Pederson, 1995, p.62). Beginning with her birth on July 1, 1961 to aristocratic parents Viscount and Viscountess Johnnie and Frances Althorp, Princess Diana (then Diana Frances Spencer) believed she was a disappointment to her parents because she was not born a baby boy, the desired heir to the Spencer estate....   [tags: Psychology]

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Why Homelessness Is An Epidemic Today

- Something I have done for someone else was giving my time and effort to help make sure that people were being fed while volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries. While helping in the kitchen, I met numerous impoverished individuals and families that depended upon volunteers like me, to ensure that they were able to be fed to get them through the day. These encounters and humbling experiences of conversing with people and forming bonds with individuals I came across, allowed me to reflect on my own life and see how blessed and fortunate I am in my own circumstances....   [tags: High school, Middle school, 2008 Summer Olympics]

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The Catcher in the Rye

- The catcher and the rye is about the struggle of a boy to find a point to his life. The author of this masterpiece, J.D. Salinger, gives a flawless performance of the thoughts and feelings of a skeptical teenage boy. Holden Claufield despises the world of phonies he has come to understand. He doesn’t have many friends, and he is failing in all his classes. He has many problems along those lines, and some how, all of his problems can be related to his younger brother’s death. Holden will come to find that life is what you make of it and some times having a family that cares for you, is incredibly important....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Bertha Mason in Charlote Bronte´s Novel: Jane Eyre

- Everyone has secrets and in the novel Jane Eyre by, Charlotte Bronte we see how a hidden past disrupts the very future of Jane’s life. Mr. Rochester has made his fair share of mistakes in his life and one of them being keeping a dark past locked and caged up. He literally did have his past subdued in a prison like manor because he kept his wife Bertha Mason locked on the third floor of the Thornfield household. We are introduced to Bertha Mason when Mr. Rochester goes on to tell Jane of his past....   [tags: Wife, Relationships, Mental Illness]

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Epiphanies in Dubliners

- Dubliners begins on a dismal note. The first story, “Two Sisters” opening sentence begins with: “There was no hope for him this time” (9) referring to the dead Father Flynn and through the course of reading the fifteen stories in Dubliners the reader discovers there is no hope for any of the characters in any of the stories. The lives of Joyce’s Dubliners and Ireland itself has been defined by the Roman Catholic influence on the people, English rule and the Irish’s own struggle for political and cultural independence and self- identity....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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A Child During War Is Worse

- Growing up and finding who you are is difficult, but being a child during war is worse. For an American-born girl name Nidali, Egyptian by mother and Palestine by father, life got complicated since the minute she was born. Her baba always thought Nidali was a boy. Baba was so convinced, that he filled the certificate after she was born, once noticed his mistake and threaten by his wife, he changed it. The moment baba finds out it was a girl, the image of his sister’s lives crossed his mind and he definitely didn’t want the same for his dear Nidali....   [tags: Love, Girl, Parent, Family]

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Response to The Futile Pursuit of Happiness, by Jon Gertner

- "The Futile Pursuit of Happiness" by Jon Gertner was published in September of 2003. It is an essay that discusses the difference between how happy we believe we will be with a particular outcome or decision, and how happy we actually are with the outcome. The essay is based on experiments done by two professors: Daniel Gilbert and George Loewenstein. The experiments show that humans are never as happy as we think we will be with an outcome because affective forecasting and miswanting cause false excitement and disappointment in our search for true happiness....   [tags: Sociology]

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An Examination of Female Protagonists in Anita Brookner Novels

- The twentieth century was an age in which fiction became a recognized and an extremely popular genre in English literature. An interesting feature in the field of post-war British fiction was the advent of more and more women writers into the field. Feminist writing was one of the most interesting divisions in fiction. Women writers like Iris Murdoch, Muriel Spark, Doris Lessing, Margaret Drabble, Anita Brookner and P. D. James were some of the well-known novelists of the post-war modern Britain....   [tags: European Literature]

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The Second Coming of Christ According To the Millerites and Its Impact in the Present-Day

- Denominations that came out of the Millerite Movement The Millerite movement was almost over by the time of Miller’s death, but Himes, who refused to give up on the Advent message, established an Adventist movement with his son. He also launched a series of publications such as the Advent Christian Times. He ended up returning to his original church, the Episcopalian church, before his death in 1896 at the age of 91 (Vitteli). By that time, many Adventist churches had been created throughout the country....   [tags: denominations, episcopalian church]

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Justice And Morality : Through The Lens Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

- Justice and Morality: Through the Lens of “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. The issue of justice and how it coexists with morality have always been a pertinent topic for discussions and arguments. Often moral actions are considered to be just, and just actions to be moral. It would be reasonable to assume that justice and morality don’t operate independently, and they significantly overlap, although they can come into conflict sometimes. Justice has emphasis on the effects of certain actions and the weight of these effects....   [tags: Morality, Law, Ethics]

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Gender and Performance in the Earl of Rochester’s Imperfect Enjoyment

- Literature of the English Restoration offers the example of a number of writers who wrote for a courtly audience: literary production, particularly in learned imitation of classical models, was part of the court culture of King Charles II. The fact of a shared model explains the remarkable similarities between “The Imperfect Enjoyment” by the Earl of Rochester and “The Disappointment” by Aphra Behn—remarkable only because readers are surprised to read one poem about male sexual impotence from the late seventeenth century, let alone two examples of this genre by well-known courtly writers....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Womanhood and Failures through the Burden of Self Esteem

- For a young and passionate college student, expectations from peers, teachers, and parents can be intimidating and emotionally draining. For most parents, having their child succeed is a top priority, and children want to exceed parents’ expectations by achieving good grades and a high standard in school. In the poem “Suicide Note,” by Janice Mirikitani, a female Asian American college student is struggling to live up to her parents expectations. She does not receive a perfect grade point average that her parents are expecting, and she does not have the strength to face them in person....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Current Research Activities Do Not Focus On The Government

- Current research activities do not focus on the government issues. Today the Internet is in the reach of almost every person so, why we cannot use the technology in our day-to-day activities and dealings with the government. Most of the government offices are com-puterized and connected to the Internet, but government services are not available on the click of the mouse in most of the world. Either it is very complicated to offer these services over the Internet, or the government does not focus in this area due to lack of expertise available in the field or lack of willpower....   [tags: Developing country, United Nations]

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`` Hills Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway

- What is the meaning of love. Many people believe in love at first sight, and this number seemingly goes down, as some people simply don’t find love at first sight or second and so on. Love may not be finding the absolute perfect relationship but what one can say is perfect in their eyes. The feeling that is strung along with this is complete disappointment. In Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants, the feeling of disappointment is felt throughout the audience, as the reader learns of the situational struggle and the extremely uncomfortable topic of the unborn baby sitting with them at the restaurant....   [tags: Meaning of life, Love, Anise, Pregnancy]

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Media Review: Amanda's troubles surrounded by the public

- Looking towards the media with regards to the spectacle and particularly the spectacle in relation to celebrities, I find that when the spectacle focuses around celebrities, they usuaually focus on their rise and falls of being a star. Celebrities are everywhere, and the public strive on them, whether they are a good influence or bad influence. The public is attracted to anything celebrity related, they want to be consumed by the gossip. Therefore, I choose to do my media review on Amanda Bynes on the Showbiz Tonight show clip....   [tags: media spectacle, celebrity]

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Violent Games Do Not Cause Teens' Behavioral Problems

- Violent Games Do Not Cause Behavioral Problems in Teens. Violence has been around for quite a long time. Fights and wars are the interest of today’s society of entertainment. People are more likely to see a movie, where protagonists kill villains, over, a romantic movie, where a typical girl finds her “knight in shining armor.” This also applies to how teens feel when playing games. Teens have a sweet tooth for violent games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Kill zone, Infamous, and other violent rated games....   [tags: psychology, social phobia]

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Transformational Technology And Its Impact On The Society

- The greater part of the innovative changes and advancements frequently accompany potential huge scale social, political or financial effects on both the general public and the organizations that actualize them. It is found that the current worldwide development and financial changes are nearly connected with selection of "interest driven" advances. The effects are typically either transformational or problematic relying upon how the innovation has been overseen. This is for the reason that the innovation which can be considered change can fundamentally get to be problematic when it is abused or not took care of appropriately (Tidd, 2001)....   [tags: Change management, Management, Change]

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Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

- Shel Silverstein is the author of a book of poems called Light in the Attic. And out of the tens of poems that Silverstein features in this book, “Monster’s I’ve Met” is one of them. The poem, like all the poems in the book, is for an audience of younger children. Several of the poems that he has written in the book are considered as silly to kids, as they are supposed to be. But, a majority of the poems contain themes that promote behavior that is not encouraged in children. Specifically to “Monster’s I’ve met”, the theme that Silverstein displays in the poem influences parents and teachers to challenge that children cannot be able to read the poem....   [tags: monster's I've met, poems]

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Mental Toughness in Sport: Michelle Steele's Story

- Based on the Article outlining Michelle Steele’s story of pushing through a challenging scenario, it is clear that this young athlete has a very strong will and great determination. She shows considerable mental toughness in the response to the Vancouver team selections, which as a young athlete was hard to comprehend. The Skeleton event is a very dangerous but is a thrilling event that gives the competitor an adrenaline rush. A group of characteristics have been associated with an athlete’s ability to show the optimal level mental toughness (Jones, 2007)....   [tags: sports medicine and psychology]

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Why Shakespeare's Hamlet is a Melancholic Puppet

- “The world is sad, because a puppet was once melancholy” once said Oscar Wilde, the modern playwright in reference to Hamlet. It is understandable why. In Shakespeare’s tragedy, the protagonist, Hamlet is depressed after the death of his father and remarriage of his mother to his uncle, Claudius (the antagonist.) His depression is defined by Louis Menhand in The New Yorker as “the unhappiness of eternal disappointment in life as it is” or the German word, weltschmerz. To a great extent, this type of sadness is what shaped Hamlet’s decisions more than his reasoning though process....   [tags: depression, mother, triangulation]

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Homosexuality in My Summer of Love

- “Acting queerly means, above all else, transgressing, disrupting, and subverting straight norms and conventions” (Nowlan 8); in other words, acting queerly means challenging the heteronormative ideology. The heteronormative ideology, or simply heteronormativity, is a cultural bias that sees heterosexuality as the normal and only one sexual orientation. This term also comprises the idea that in most societies exists a prescribed set of “straight norms” (Nowlan 8), among which patriarchy and a strong division between the feminine and the masculine play a leading role....   [tags: Patriarchy, Male Gaze]

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One Perfect Rose By Dorothy Parker

- One Perfect Rose In a world that has the limousine, why would anyone want a rose as a gift. Roses wither and die even with the best of care. Limousines, however, last as long as one maintains them. A more apt description of romantic love could not be found. Dorothy Parker seemed to be a staunch believer in the limousine as an accurate symbol of love. Either that, or she was laconic and bitter about love as a whole and just wanted a Rolls Royce. Such discrepancies must be left to history, and to those who are not being graded for their work....   [tags: Poetry, Love, Stanza, Meter]

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The Black Sheep Of The Family

- My mother gave me many messages throughout my childhood, each one telling me exactly who she thought I was, and who she wanted me to be. For instance, religion was very important to my Mother. We were a poor family, so all we had to get us through the hard times was our religion. We would always go to church, every Sunday. But when I got to the age where I started to doubt the church, I no longer wished to go. However the look she would give me after I told her quickly silenced me. It was a look of disappointment, one of disgust, and of fear....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Class I railroad, 2002 albums]

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