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How Artists Act as Gentrifiers

- How Artists Act as Gentrifiers From TriBeCa to SoHo to Dumbo, artists tend to agglomerate in well-publicized art centers rich in loft space. However, the paradox of artistic agglomeration is that artists are eventually priced out of the region of agglomeration as their presence attracts bourgeois residents and capital-rich businesses that together bid up rents. Art centers thus possess a dynamism that other regions of agglomeration, like Silicon Valley or Route 128, do not share. While the dynamic quality of art centers is well-known, artists’ crucial role in gentrification is not....   [tags: Artists Gentrification TriBeca Essays]

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Cognitive Artifacts & Windows 95

- Cognitive Artifacts & Windows 95 The article on Cognitive Artifacts by David A. Norman deals with the theories and principles of artifacts as they relate to the user during execution and completion of tasks. These principles and theories that Norman speaks about may be applied to any graphical user interface, however I have chosen to relate the article to the interface known as Windows 95. Within Windows 95, Microsoft has included a little tool called the wizard that guides us through the steps involved in setting up certain applications....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How to Create a Bug

- How to Create a Bug ATTR newbie on items for sale . hair item nebie status is lost . with client 3.0, does a .sleep then walks, and it generates hair tiles, did a .set flags 4 to freeze him and he insta-died.      then when i ressed him he kept his death shroud. port 3593 for the accounts . no sparring for a long time before goin to war is frustrating but can be handled but resignin towns and loggin off need changes. 1 resigning - a person can resign a town while you are attacking him then call the guards on you or what happened to me last night i killed a guy i let him live after than he resigned his town few minutes later he walked close by me and my char auto attacked him i got guard...   [tags: Viruses Computers Technology Essays]

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Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

- Online Marketing in Sri Lanka 1.     Introduction The development of online marketing in Sri Lanka is lagging behind when compared to developed countries. The adoption of online marketing is more than a technical issue. Country specific factors such as differences in culture and business environment are influencing the nature and type of appropriate IT solutions including online marketing. Therefore the marketing strategies must be suitable for the country to reach and communicate with the target audience....   [tags: Online Consumer Marketing Internet Essays]

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Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

- Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens Chapter 13 effectively encourages the reader to resent Squeers and see him as the villain, whereas Nicholas is portrayed as the hero and Smike and the other bays are lavished with sympathetic feelings. The chapter starts with a depressing description of the boys sleeping conditions, Dickens uses words like: feeble, ragged, and dull, to describe it, this powerful description makes the reader feel-strengthening hatred toward Squeers. Squeers is the headmaster at the boarding school "Dotheboys Hall"where Nicholas was sent to work by his uncle after his father's death....   [tags: Nicholas Nickleby Charles dickens Essays]

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Loneliness in Herman Melville's Writing

- Loneliness in Herman Melville's Writing "[Melville read] The Solitude of Nature and of Man, or The Loneliness of Human Life (by Horatio Alger) making particular note of passages linked with solitude to the intellectual life" (528 Lorant). Loneliness is a major theme of the life and work of Herman Melville. What makes one so damnably alone and is there a cure for this. Loneliness was something that Melville suffered with his whole life yet he must have cherished his alone time somewhat since a writer's life is to be alone....   [tags: Herman Meville Lonely Loneliness Essays]

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Cleopatra: A True Feminine Tragedy

- Cleopatra: A True Feminine Tragedy In Shakespeare's tragedy, Antony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra is efficiently described by Enobarbus as extremely passionate and movable. She possesses all characteristics of a woman in good ways and bad. She is easily swayed by outside decisions and one cannot clearly decipher what she truly wants. She is also extremely manipulative and uses her femininity to her every advantage. It even seems that she is unfit to manage her own matters or to even merely decide what her own viewpoint on a subject is....   [tags: Papers]

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Women During The Civil War

- Women During the Civil War " ‘I want something to do…' ‘Write a book,' Qouth the author of my being. ‘Don't know enough, sir. First live, then write.' ‘Try teaching again,' suggested my mother. ‘No thank you, ma'am, ten years of that is enough.' ‘Take a husband like my Darby, and fulfill your mission,' said sister Joan. ‘Can't afford expensive luxuries, Mrs. Coobiddy.' ‘Go nurse the soldiers,' said my young brother, Tom. ‘I will!' (Harper 14)." This is a dialog of Louisa May Alcott with her relatives....   [tags: History Females Civil War]

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Me My Self And I

- Prison As I walk through the narrow hallway with my only worldly belongings being reduced to a thin white sheet, a pillow and a hard rough comforter covered with stains of blood never to be washed out. Feeling as if I am in a strange deserted land surrounded by blood thirsty wolves in cages waiting to see the slightest flinch to trigger the attack on my innocent fragile body. Soon as I walked in I felt as if I was trapped in the hot dampness of death breathing this air, which was strong as ammonia almost was overwhelmed me as if I was hit with a punch by Tyson....   [tags: United States Penal System Jail Prison Testimonial]

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Katherine Anne Porter's Rope

- Katherine Anne Porter's Rope Part I: Abstract: Like the majority of literary criticism of Katherine Anne Porter's "Rope," Jane Krause DeMouy's comments are part of a larger work examining the thread of characteristics, themes and techniques woven throughout Porter's writings. In her "Katherine Anne Porter's Women: The Eye of Her Fiction," DeMouy focuses primarily on six stories published in "The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter" between 1922 and 1928. She characterizes them as "all stories of women caught in constricting circumstances who must recognize and confront two burdens in their lives: Their sexuality and their social position." DeMouy suggests that...   [tags: Katherine Anne Porter Rope Essays]

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Development of Information Warfare

- Development of Information Warfare Introduction In his final foreign policy speech, President Bill Clinton listed among the United States’ top five military and security concerns the development of information warfare (Lacey). Given the importance of information technologies to the American economy and the U.S. military’s dependence on this system, any attacks on the information infrastructure could have severe consequences for the economy and for national security. For the U.S.’s best interests, taking the initiative in defining the limits of information warfare would be beneficial....   [tags: Defense Military War]

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A Clean Well-Lighted Place

- A Clean Well-Lighted Place A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway looks at age from the viewpoint of an inexperienced and experienced individual, with the aid of an old man to emphasize the difference between the two. This story takes place late one night in a caf. The caf is clean, pleasant, and well lighted, which brings some kind of comfort to the atmosphere. Here in the caf sits a deaf, lonely, older man, who although is deaf can feel the difference that the night brings to the caf, a younger waiter, who believes people stay around the caf to make his life miserable, and a waiter who is a bit older and seems to understand that this place, the caf, is comforting....   [tags: A Clean Well Lighted Place Ernest Hemingway]

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Celeron or Pentium II?

- Celeron or Pentium II. The computer industry is flourishing because of the advent of new, powerful processors. Recently, Intel Corp. released its Pentium II-450 MHz chip: the fastest processor on the planet. But because the chip is overpriced, Intel is also marketing the downgraded version of a PII, the inexpensive Celeron-333 which has a 128K cache compared to the PII’s 512K cache. To potential computer buyers, this situation presents a dilemma because they must decide whether to opt for price (i.e....   [tags: Research Papers]

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Cookies and Internet Privacy

- Cookies and Internet Privacy What is a Cookie. “Netscape's Client Side State definition:Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications.”Kington, Andy, Andy’s HTTP Cookie Notes, Available from [modified 6 June 1997, cited 14 March, 1999] In English, this means that webservers can create web pages that will customize from user to user....   [tags: Internet Private Cookies Essays]

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Dial-Up Scripting Command Language

- Table of Contents 1.0 Overview 2.0 Basic Structure of a Script 3.0 Variables 3.1 System Variables 4.0 String Literals 5.0 Expressions 6.0 Comments 7.0 Keywords 8.0 Commands 9.0 Reserved Words 1.0 Overview Many Internet service providers and online services require you to manually enter information, such as your user name and password, to establish a connection. With Scripting support for Dial-Up Networking, you can write a script to automate this process....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Elements Unifying a report

- Writing reports comes easy to most people, but the trick is to make the report easy and inviting for others to read. It is difficult to pick up and read a report that is dull and boring. I am not talking about the subject of the report but rather the look of it. A report may be chocked full of useful, important, and exciting information; but it may never get read in its¡¦ entirety because it looks uninteresting. One way to make a report more inviting to read is the use of eye catchers. An eye catcher is something that captures the eye; it aids you in gaining the reader¡¦s attention....   [tags: essays research papers]

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NIC: The Unsung Hero

- NIC: The Unsung Hero The Network Interface Card, or NIC for short, is the most important peripheral when it comes to operating on a network. Many people think the most important item in a network is the cabling, or maybe the network software, or even the computer or server being used. While each of these items is important they are worthless without a Network Interface Card, for successful network operation. The NIC has taken most of the legwork out of the way we do business. No more does Bob, in the Production Department, have to save a file on a floppy disk just to hand carry it two floors up to Sue, in the Accounting Department....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Walker & Everyday Use

- Many times an author draws from his or her personal life and incorporates his or her past into the short story. Alice Walker is one of the most respected, well-known African-American authors of her time. Alice Walker experienced a lifetime of hardship that would influence her later works, helping her to become such an astonishing author. In her short story "Everyday Use", Walker tells the story of her heritage and enables the reader to encounter the values in her life. On February 9, 1944 in Eatonton, Georgia, Willie Lee and Minnie Grant gave birth to their eighth child; a precious little girl whom they named Alice....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Journey Through Life

- Alice Walker's portrayal of a black family facing controversy is exceptionally well done. The behind-the-line inferences that one must obtain clearly exhibit Walker's intelligence. Her style is exquisitely felt throughout the short story. Rosa's mentality about her family and the mental conflicts that plague her give great importance to the story. The story vividly brings the reader back to the early twentieth century and shows the effect of racism on society and the family. "Kindred Spirits" is a short story that possesses many attributes that a short story must contain to be great....   [tags: American Literature]

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Overview of The Consolation

- Overview of The Consolation The Consolation was written while Boethius was in prison awaiting execution. The work is cast in the form of a dialog with Philosophy, who explains to him the true nature of happiness, why the wicked appear to prosper while the good suffer, and many other difficulties. By the end, Boethius sees clearly the goodness and sovereignty of God. (Section numbers follow those in Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, New York: Penguin, 1969.) Things to Think About as You Read 1....   [tags: Papers]

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible

- Arthur Miller's The Crucible Reputation. Reputation is the general opinion of either a private or public group of people or all people involved in a position of anything relevant to a situation. For example, a great reputation in a sport will get you either paid more or chosen for a better team. Reputation is an important issue in much of everything....   [tags: Arthur Miller]

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General Electric's HR Policy

- GE’s Talent Machine : The Making of a CEO Founded in 1878 by Thomas Edison, General Electric is nowadays a leading business in electrical generation, distribution and use in America and in the world. The company has been experimenting successful business models since its creation, and its human resources policy has been considered for a century one of the most sophisticated. It consists in a strong focus on human potential through executive development to the top ranks of the firm: this performance based meritocracy has made GE a “CEO factory” for the company and for all corporate America....   [tags: Human Resources]

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Primus Web Site Design

- Primus Web Site Design The goals of the Primus Web site are to retain existing customers, draw new ones and lower Primus' customer support costs. To meet these goals the Web site is being designed around a multi-point value package, described below. Value Package The components of the value offering are: 1) Stress-free experience for site visitors and customers 2) Professional quality research 3) Readily available quotes, available via a variety of media 4) Tools to allow customers to manage their portfolios 5) Customized advisory services 6) Online investment "workshop" experiences Service Selection Process During the previous three quarters Primus selected service offerings based on avail...   [tags: Web Design]

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Humanistic Psychology

- The focus of this paper is the person-centered approach, which is the understanding of personality and human relationships in psychotherapy and counseling in the areas of client-centered therapy, education of student-centered learning, organizations, and other group settings. Even though psychoanalysis and behaviorism have made major contributions to psychology, it has influenced the understanding and practices of the humanistic movement, specifically with the therapies for the different mental disorders....   [tags: psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

- Main Window Keyboard Shortcuts Menu File * Load Device Profile... - Applies a complete profile of settings to IDBLUE from an XML file * Save Device Profile... - Save the current IDBLUE profile to an XML file * Exit - Close IDBLUE Manager View * Refresh - Refresh the current page Tools * Clear Event Window - remove all entries from the event window (N.B. Clearing the Event Window does not clear IDBLUE Manager's rolling log file. IDBLUE Manager maintains 2 rolling log files in the Application Data folder of the users profile.) * Clear Navigation History - clear all items from the navigation buttons in the toolbar * Restore Default Window Settings - restores the...   [tags: Computer Technology]

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Artificial Intelligence

- This paper will give a brief definition of the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will take an in-depth look at the origins and purpose of this exciting field in computer science. In particular, this paper will discuss a few of the many subcategories of research, applications and current technological obstacles that scientist face when developing AI. In addition, the author will look at AI’s various military specific applications for the purpose of training, target acquisition and command and control capabilities....   [tags: Computer Science]

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China's Reformation

- In most works of art, the tone, costumes, and setting can largely influence the mood of the story. A deep examination of the mentioned attributes can possibly reveal latent messages and intents of the artists. This is evident in both Lao She’s Teahouse and China’s The Founding of a Republic. The Founding of a Republic was funded and produced by Chinese government as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China; as a result, it widely regarded as propaganda. Lao’s Teahouse, however, was written about the Chinese revolution from a common man’s perspective....   [tags: History, Chinese Communist Party]

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Animal Farm

- I. Subject Animal Farm is about a group of animals that rebel against the farm owner in order to gain control of the farm and to be treated with more respect. It begins by explaining how the animals are wrongly treated by their owner, Mr. Jones. The setting is never made clear throughout the story but it is obvious to be set in the past, because of the dialog used as well as the tools used around the farm. Almost every animal in the story is a main character, although some standout more than others, including; Napoleon, Snowball, Mr....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Orwell]

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Othello Analysis

- The tragedy of Othello, written by William Shakespeare, presents the main character Othello, as a respectable, honorable, and dignified man, but because of his insecurities and good nature, he is easily taken advantage of and manipulated by his peers and alleged friends. The dynamic of Othello’s character significantly changes throughout the play. The contrast is most pronounced from the beginning of the play to its conclusion, switching from being calm and peaceful to acts of uncontrolled venomous rage....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Event-Cognitive Theory

- Event-Cognitive Theory is an integrative theory taking specific elements of external influential theories, which function on the hypothesis that cognitions are a product of events in a person’s life. Event-Cognitive Theory focuses on past and present events and their effects on an individuals cognitions and behaviors. Yet, individuals have the ability to control their internal impulses if they are aware of their external surroundings. Corey (2009) contends individuals will try to control themselves if a shift in the balance of equilibrium is experienced....   [tags: Psychology]

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Brief Therapy

- Brief therapy helps people by focusing on solutions, instead of problems. The therapist asks questions thereby facilitates the client by helping formulates solutions. The client leads the meeting by actively formulating ideas in which he/she can serve to improve the client's negative circumstances. This is contrary to cognitive therapy, which focuses on a client's cognitive processes (how he or she thinks about people/places/things). The therapist collaborates with the client to help the client develop alternative solutions....   [tags: Counseling/Therapy]

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My Abandoment

- In this essay, I will be discussing the book The Abandonment written by Peter Rock. This paper will detail the facts and feelings behind the argument and in my conclusion; I will discuss the fascination in regards to Book cover #5. I actually took the time to read the material twice the information provided became more educational the further into the novel. I will say that I had to free myself to immerse in a journey of exploration that I probably did not know existed. The reading of the Abandonment put me face to face with the unfamiliar....   [tags: peter rocks]

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Information Retrieval

- Michael Lesk adopts Shakespeare’s theory of seven ages of human being which start from infancy to senility to predict the evolution of Information Retrieval from 1945 to 2010. In this paper, Lesk tried to compare two approaches to information retrieval. The first approach is intellectual analysis by human and machine – artificial intelligence introduced by Vannevar Bush’s. The second approach is simple exhaustive processing – statistical detail introduced by Warren Weaver’s .The paper was written in 1995, when the Internet and World Wide Web technology still crawling to grow....   [tags: Intellectual Analysis, Exhaustive Processing]

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Quicksand Analysis

- The first encounter with Helga Crane, Nella Larsen’s protagonist in the novel Quicksand, introduces the heroine unwinding after a day of work in a dimly lit room. Alone. Or, is she. Although no one else is present in the room, Helga is accompanied by her own thoughts, feelings, and her worrisome perceptions of the world around her. Helga’s anxieties and fears are perhaps some of her most challenging adversaries. And while there are human character antagonists that will soon play a significant role in the novel and in the story of Helga Crane, such as her friends, coworkers, relatives, and ultimately even her own children, there are also enemies that Helga confronts who never say a wor...   [tags: antagonist, segregation, oppression, Nella Larsen]

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Formal Communications

- Formal communications are those that flow within the chain of command or task responsibility defined by the organization.. (Daft, 2012, p.577). The three formal channels and types of information conveyed is downward, upward, and horizontal communications in an organization. Downward communication takes place during speeches, videos and blogs such as those posted on YouTube, and Kroger’s intranet. Upward communication is just that, messages that flow from the lower to the higher levels of the organization’s hierarchy....   [tags: downward, horizontal communication]

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Wring Prompt Critique

- The writing prompt I selected is part of an immersion process designed for fifth graders. They are currently working on a project with a President’s Day Theme. The immersion process integrates learning mediums to develop a wide range of information sources in order to obtain a varied scope on a central theme or cycle. The learning mediums include history, government, English composition and discovery words. The students research the historical significance of Lincoln and Washington in relation to the Civil War and the Independence of the United States....   [tags: Teaching Writing Education 2014]

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Too Many People

- Too Many People Introduction Do people realize that there is a population problem. Can our earth support and sustain the incredible number of 5.6 billion people, constantly increasing at the rate of 1.7 percent each year (conservation 67). At this rate 95 million people are added to our world every year. To bring this into perspective, every month 11,000 new babies are born, every second, three new people are added to the already over populated planet (Ehrlich 14). Every person added to the world has a claim to the earth's food, energy and other resources....   [tags: Populating Environment Papers]

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Philosophy for Children

- I. The concept of the Community of Inquiry Central to the heart of P4C lies the notion of a community of inquiry. Originally a term from Pierce to reference interaction among scientists, the concept of "COI" dominates the discussion of educational revisionism as presented by commentators on the P4C movement. The key description marking a COI is: a group (a social setting) of individuals who use dialogue (interaction among participants) to search out the problematic borders of a puzzling concept (inquiry as philosophical.) Implicit in the ideal workings of this group are two key concepts: a demonstration of thinking that is caring (each member is supported and allowed to be an integral mem...   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Metaphysical]

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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

- Technology Enhanced Classrooms The era of The Information Age is upon us as educators to access, explore, utilize, and implement the use of the Internet. as a wonderfully innovative and valuable tool to use in the classroom for the purpose of teaching our students through the exploration of a vast territory of endless information, experiences, interactions, and unlimited ideas known as the Internet. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present a variety of computer and Internet techniques that can be utilized into the Information Age classroom and curriculum as a tool for teaching and learning in modern educational systems....   [tags: Internet Learning Papers]

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My Educational Philosophy

- My Educational Philosophy Plato/Socrates and Rousseau have become major philosophical approaches. All these opinions are different compared to mine. Some are the same and some are different. I do agree with some of the philosophers’ points, but some I disagree with. My philosophical view relates to some of the philosophers views. First, Socrates (469-399 B.C.) view is on asking students repeatedly questions to make them rethink what they believe. He wanted to help others find the truths that lie within their minds....   [tags: Philosophy of Education Teachers Teaching Essays]

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Sung Ohm, Instructor

- Sung Ohm, Instructor Purpose The documented researched essay allows you to understand the fundamentals of an academic conversation. In many respects, this essay is your entry into the conventions, methods, and rhetoric of an academic dialog. Participating in this conversation means that you will have to look carefully at the various positions academics and other experts take on a particular subject matter—especially when they differ from your own. You will need to negotiate and analyze the various arguments and eventually formulate your own stance....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Anime on TV

- Anime on TV Since the birth of Anime, the American television market has been a player in the industry. When Tetsuan Atom made its debut in 1963 as the dream of a humble comic book artist, few would have guessed the impact it would have on the world of entertainment and the economy of Japan. Discovered by a NBC executives in Japan selling shows for syndication, Astro Boy as it came to be known in the states, started a revolution in Japanese entertainment and giving America, and the world, its first taste of Anime....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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hollywood on trial

- hollywood on trial The world is full of injustice. Of programs that want to accomplish the right things but get twisted by the people that run them. This essay will deal with the reasons and Birth of the Hays Commission, the ludicrous steps they took to add "morality" to the motion picture industry, and some other sensors of the time. All things said in this essay are true and taken from the Hays correspondence its self. It is a known fact that sex sells. It is used by advertisers to get us to by there product, and likewise it is used by producers and directors to get us to see their films....   [tags: essays papers]

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Cyrano de Bergerac1

- Cyrano de Bergerac1 The story of Cyrano de Bergerac is about a tragic love triangle it has effectively been told using a number of techniques including the Themes that arise, the Atmosphere of the film, and the Characters in the film. Love, passion, friendship, hate, jealously loyalty and death are all universal themes that arise in the film. The Themes are twisted around the characters almost like obstacles in the sense that the characters must overcome their own inner fears and accomplish the issues and challenges that they face....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Darkness At Noon

- The Saving Grace of Rubashov Despite its brevity Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler packs an enormous amount of thought provoking dialog and insight into what may go through the mind of someone who is going through an extreme ordeal. One theme which ran throughout the book was Rubashov’s actions that were taken as matters of self-preservation and what he must do to atone for them. &#9;The first instance of this was on page 45 where he asked if it is necessary to pay for deeds that were necessary and right....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hemingway Style Analysis

- 1 Earnest Hemingway is one of Americas foremost authors. His many works, their style, themes and parallels to his actual life have been the focus of millions of people as his writing style set him apart from all other authors. Many conclusions and parallels can be derived from Earnest Hemingway's works. In the three stories I review, ?Hills Like White Elephants?, ?Indian Camp. and ?A Clean, Well-lighted Place. we will be covering how Hemingway uses foreigners, the service industry and females as the backbones of these stories....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Huck Finn Racism

- "To Be or not To Be" In extreme cases the book, Huckleberry Finn, has been banned from some schools because of the depiction of racial tension towards Jim, the black slave, in Huckleberry Finn. This story takes place at a time where slavery was considered moral. Blacks were considered inferior to whites, but Huckleberry challenges the notion that he was raised upon. Through Huckleberry&#8217;s adventures Twain expresses his challenge towards civilization&#8217;s rules and moral code....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Truman Scholarship Candidate

- The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") has proven unsuccessful in its goal of empowering people with disabilities to enter the workforce. Although 19.4% of the population have some disability,1 they constitute only 4.3% of the workforce.2 The group's unemployment rate stands at almost 17%, nearly three times the national average.3 A survey for the National Organization on Disabilities found that current levels of employment of people with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 64 have actually dropped two percentage points since 1986, four years before the civil rights legislation was passed.4 The Social Security Administration has additionally reported a decline since...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Modern Day Law

- Modern Day Law At first glance of this assignment I noticed that I would be required to be engaged in a mass amount of television viewing and thought to myself that Professor Radican must have read my thoughts and was sympathetic to my daily dose of television needs. After reviewing the requirements of the assignment, I found that this was not the case. Television to me is a "magic box", a conduit to the outside world, accessing hundreds and hundreds of programs all ranging from the refined and intellectually stimulating to the far end of the spectrum of grotesque absurdity....   [tags: Papers]

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Internet Tracking Devices

- Internet Tracking Devices Cookies are small text files stored on Internet browsers that assign unique numbers to individual users. These cookies are usually placed on Internet users' computers by web-sites without their knowledge. Every time that a user returns to the site that placed a cookie on their browser, the cookie is sent back from the user to the original web-site, providing a way to remember over time particular individuals. Furthermore, cookies are often simultaneously placed by third parties....   [tags: Papers]

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Genetically Engineered Food

- Genetically Engineered Food Generally people have little knowledge of the actual gist beside the term genetically engineered foods. It may sound like a harsh term, yet to some, it has little to no importance. Genetic engineering basically means to remove genes from one organism such as a plant or an animal, and transferring it to another or altering genes from a plant or an animal in order to attain certain results. Much debating goes on about the issues in the controversy over genetically engineered foods....   [tags: GMOs Genetically Modified Foods]

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The Second Meditation

- The Second Meditation "The first precept was never to accept a thing as true until I knew it as such without a single doubt." --René Descartes Le Discours de la Méthode, I In the First Meditation, Descartes invites us to think skeptically. He entices us with familiar occasions of error, such as how the size of a distant tower can be mistaken. Next, an even more profound reflection on how dreams and reality are indistinguishable provides suitable justification to abandon all that he previously perceived as being truth....   [tags: Papers]

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Wireless Networking WIFI

- Our Project demonstration is based solely on wireless internet technology. Basically, what we set out to do was to prove that a wireless internet connection could actually be made, and that it could made to be, at least somewhat, secure. Our goals are listed below: 1.-Setup a wireless connection to the internet. 2.-Ensure that the connection can be made and that the signal will remain constant. 3-Using WEP(wired equivalent privacy), ensure that the wireless connection can be made secure. 4.-Test signal strengths at different levels of bandwidth and distances....   [tags: Telecommunications]

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Integrated Marketing Communication

- The market fragmentation and the increasing communication options in recent years have contributed to the clutter the world is experiencing today. This has lead marketers to integrate their marketing communication tools in order to break through the barrier of noise and reach the target market, “marketing overload is forcing corporations to shout even louder” (keller 2001). In 1993 Shultz, Tannenbaum and Lauterborn introduced a new concept called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). This concept has generated a great interest among academics and practioners, although research regarding its frequency and implementation is limited....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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Dram Theory

- Dram Theory Aristotle, the father of all dramatists, has held a timeless influence over all forms of drama and dramaturgy. For example, let us look at Lodovico Castelvetro, who studied and composed a response to Aristotle's poetics. Within this treatise Castelvetro said, "Now, since drama was invented, as I say, to delight and provide recreation for the common people, it must have subject matter which the common people can understand and which when they understand it may make the people happy." Unfortunately, it is my opinion that Translations by Brian Friel, does not meet or adhere to these basic tenets....   [tags: Papers]

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Sam Shepard

- Sam Shepard Sam Shepard is a contemporary American playwright and actor whose plays deal with modern social concerns. He was influenced by Beat Generation writers such as Allen Ginsberg who rebelled against a society of economic affluence and social conformity following World War II. Insatiable consumerism became a central trait of postwar life, "driven by the mass media, advertising, and generous loan terms" ("Sam Shepard"). From this atmosphere the Beat Writers came forward to declare their alienation from what they saw as the "creed of suburban conformity in favor of what Ginsberg called ‘the lost America of love’" ("Sam Shepard")....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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OSI Model

- OSI Model Introduction Successful communication of any type contains four key characteristics. These characteristics follow: 1. A sender: This is the person who is sending information. 2. A receiver: This is the person the sender is sending the information to. 3. A common language: If the sender and receiver are going to understand each other, they will need a common language and protocol, or specific method of communicating....   [tags: Computers Networking Technology Essays]

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Queering privilege

- Queering privilege In any groups’ struggle against injustice, a glint of jealousy and bitterness seems to accompany thoughts of the oppressor and those positioned in places of privileged within structures of domination. Generally it is acknowledged that there are no simple scapegoats upon whom to unequivocally level blame for all the world’s maladies, tempting as finding and accosting such a character is. Despite the growing willingness to let go of old myths of directly responsible villains, there remains a not unrelated urge still to describe and intellectually master (exert power over by gaining knowledge of) those who inhabit structural locations of privilege....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Market Research

- Market Research Market research is to provide information that helps the business ‘to recognise and respond to market opportunities and to develop suitable products to marketing needs’. Primary and secondary data. There are two main sources of market research-Primary and secondary sources. Primary data. This type of research requires obtaining new data. The marketing department gather the data by e.g. Interviews, telephone, post, and questionnaires. Primary data may be collected in the following ways: Observation- although this is one of the simplest methods of research it is not very efficient....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing BTEC Coursework]

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Internet Marketing

- Internet Marketing Marketing is currently standing verge of the greatest change in lifestyle, which he has ever undertaken. All around the globe businessmen and other entrepreneurs are racing to cash on the future of marketing. Tradition is being turned on its head as all of free enterprise begins plans to phase out age-old methods to more effective and cost-conscious world of the Internet. Their logic is not too difficult to understand. Last year, American businesses spent millions of dollars advertising their products by magazine, newspaper, radio, television and mass mailers....   [tags: E-commerce business Marketing Essays]

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Educational Philosophies

- Educational Philosophies Many different ideas of the correct educational philosophy exist. Highly acclaimed psychologists and educators developed these varying philosophies. Each of these philosophies have their strengths and weaknesses and have their positives and negatives in different situations. It is our job as educators to sift through this list of philosophies to find our own style and philosophy. We must research the pros and cons of each philosophy and pick and choose which sections of each idea to take out and make our own....   [tags: Philosophy Education Psychology Essays]

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Garden State

- Garden State by 'Pipsorcle' Andrew Largeman's (Zack Braff) journey throughout "Garden State" seems to be a testament on the meaning of liberation. Going from his struggling acting life in Los Angeles to his hometown in New Jersey, where he witnesses his mother's funeral, Andrew is in the mist of confronting difficult issues. One of the biggest issues is coming to terms with his psychologist father (Ian Holm), whom he has distanced himself from for many years because he has put him on powerful antidepressants for most of his life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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jeremiah healy

- Jeremiah Healy is the award-winning author of the John Francis Cuddy private-investigator series and the Mairead O'Clare legal-thriller series, both set primarily in Boston. Born in Teaneck, New Jersey on May 15, 1948, he graduated from Rutgers University in l970, got his JD at Harvard Law School in l973, and passed the Massachusetts Bar in 1974. He was an associate with a Boston law firm, from l974 to 1978, gaining a lot of courtroom experience. (Michaels, 2003) The Army ROTC helped pay for his education, and Healy served as a military police officer, leaving the Army in 1976 as a captain....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Reflective essays

- The classic tragedy, as defined by Aristotle, has six major parts. These parts include a plot, characters, theme, melody, spectacle, and language. All stories, according to Aristotle must have a beginning, middle, and end, and must follow a logical sequence according to these six elements. The plot is the series of events, or sequence in which the action of the play occurs. Plot must follow a cause and effect relationship, which follows a logical pattern. Characters are the people in the play, who have certain qualities that can be determined by what they say, do and what others say about them....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Windows 2000

- Have you ever wondered where Microsoft will go next with Windows, well now it is time for you to find out. Microsoft has almost completed Windows 2000, which will be the new era for software around the world. In the last year computers have grow dramatically, with the new Pentium II chip and processors with the speeds up to 450MHZ. Almost every family home in America today has at least one personal computer. Whether it is for business or pleasure, more and more people are realizing the significance of computers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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System Configuration

- System Configuration Eileen Jones has started to use the IT system you specified and her business is expanding as planned. She is happy with the work you have done for her so far, and has asked for your further help. Using your expertise, you will help her to automate the system, by utilising the software available to produce templates and macros. She would like to design a letterhead and invoice for her to use in her business. You need to produce a report showing how you configured the system to suit Mrs Jones' requirements....   [tags: Papers]

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Salvia Divinorum

- Salvia Divinorum How To Smoke Salvia Divinorum by MSSAfter numerous attempts I finally came upon what I call the Secret of Smoked Salvia divinorum. I will not discuss the subjective effects except in a limited sense, but what I do wish to discuss is how one might better feel these effects. First find a comfortable position, preferably sitting down in a quiet environment. Load a water pipe with a full hit of Salvia, light and inhale as deeply, and hold as long, as possible. A water pipe is the only tool effective for me due to its ability to cool the smoke and allow for large volumes to be inhaled easily....   [tags: Papers]

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Helen Keller

- Helen Keller Helen Keller was an American author who lived to educate and inspire others to become the most unique author of her time. She was a gifted woman who had exceptional writing abilities. She utilized simplistic style to correspond with all varieties of people. She wrote to inspire people and to help disabled people achieve their goals. Her writing style was full of many types of diction, syntactic devices, and patterns of imagery to exemplify her life chronicle. Keller used an unadorned tone with superb expressions and descriptions....   [tags: Story of My Life]

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Plato's Phaedo

- Plato's Phaedo Plato's Phaedo is a dialog between Phaedo, Cebes, and Simmias depicting Socrates explanation as to why death should not be feared by a true philosopher. For if a person truly applies oneself in the right way to philosophy, as the pursuit of ultimate truth, they are preparing themselves for the very act of dying. Plato, through Socrates, bases his proof on the immortality of the soul, and it being the origin of our intellect. Several steps must be taken for the soul to be proven immortal....   [tags: Papers]

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School Violence

- School Violence In the past several years, there have been many instances of violent acts (including murder) occurring throughout the United States. Littleton, Colorado; Springfield, Oregon; Edinboro, Pennsylvania; and West Paducah, Kentucky are just a few of the small towns that have been hit by such a tragic event. Due to the fact that all of these are small towns, students, parents, and communities alike are realizing that no town is really safe . . . an outbreak of school violence can happen anywhere....   [tags: School Violence Essays]

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Teamwork Analysis

- Teamwork Analysis Abstract The purpose of this assignment is for each learning team to apply what team members are learning about successful teams to an in-depth analysis of itself. As teams go through development stages, the members learn how people feel about themselves and what the content of the task that is to be accomplished, based on each stage that is achieved. Describe the process your team has used to form, storm, norm, and perform. At this point, where do you believe your team is in the team formation process....   [tags: Team Building Papers]

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German Films

- German Films Not since "Das Boot" back in the 1980s has a German film produced so much buzz in North America. "Run Lola Run"/"Lola rennt" (1998) has received an overwhelmingly positive critical response and has even won a few awards. At one point it was among the top 20 films in the US – a very strong showing for a subtitled foreign-language film....   [tags: Papers]

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Huffman Trucking

- Founded in 1936 with a single tractor-trailer, Huffman Trucking (Huffman), a national transportation company, is located in Cleveland OH. Today, Huffman has over 1,400 employees, 800 tractors, expected revenue to surpass $600,000,000 and is still privately held. Huffman has hubs located in Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO, Bayonne, NJ with the central maintenance facility located in Cleveland OH. Their working contracts are primarily with the US Government, automotive parts industry, electronic consumer products, raw materials, and any special customer accommodations....   [tags: Case Study, solution, transportation]

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- Spyware: The New Technological Menace Spyware was once a word that no one had ever heard of, but it has evolved into a very popular word used when talking about the computer world. The definition of spyware is very simple. It is a software program that infiltrates computer systems and transmits information either back to its original source, or causes destruction inside the computer. C. David Moll of Webroot Software defines it as a program with the, "ability to access a user's machine without informed consent for financial gain," (Johnson)....   [tags: Technology]

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- The topic of my presentation is why everyone should watch the movie scarface, and if you have already seen it to watch it again, This movie was directed by Brian De Palma,and written by Oliver Stone (produced-alexander, produced joy luck club) "Scareface"came out in 1983, and feature's Al Pacino as Tony Montana, Michelle Phifer as Elvira, and Steven Bauer as Manny Ray, The story is about a Cuban refugee who makes his way over to Miami,Florida Tony starts out as a dishwasher and hitman, who proceeds to enter into a life of cocaine dealing and organized crime....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Stagecoach An Interpretation of 'Stagecoach' In 1939 John Ford masterminded a classical western film by the name of Stagecoach. This film has the integrity of a fine work of art. Being that it could be considered a work of art, the impression left on a viewing audience could differ relying on the audience's demographics. However, it is conceivable to all audiences that Ford delivers a cast of characters that are built on stereotypes and perceptions conjured from 'B' westerns that preceded this film's time....   [tags: essays papers]

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- Introduction ============ I have been asked to create a solution to computerise a system for Super Sports who sell sports shoes. The system that I will create will follow the specification given to me. I will include some hand drawn sketches of the forms I will create. I hope for the system to be user friendly and easy to navigate throughout. The new system will have to store data, calculate totals and quantities. I will make use of command buttons and macros within excel to navigate and to record data....   [tags: Computer Science]

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- ManuScript is a simple, music-based programming language developed to write plug-ins for the Sibelius music processor. It is based on Simkin, an embedded scripting language developed by Simon Whiteside (, and has been extended by him and Graham Westlake. (Simkin is a spooky pet name for Simon sometimes found in Victorian novels.) Rationale In adding a plug-in language to Sibelius we were trying to address several different issues: Music notation is complex and infinitely extensible, so some users will sometimes want to add to a music notation program to make it cope with these new extensions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- [English] PDREADME.TXT MATROX GRAPHICS INC. 2001.01.18 Matrox PowerDesk for Windows 2000 Revision 5.32.010 Contents ======== - Description of this release - Installation - More information - Notes, problems, and limitations Description of this release =========================== Matrox PowerDesk software includes a display driver and display utilities. With this software, you can take full advantage of your Matrox graphics hardware and you can access additional Matrox display-related features....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- iSpectrum Reference to patent(s) is made below in a recurring table. To understand this set of tables, the analyst's use of the term 'patent' will be important to the reading of this working paper. The first table presented will be repeated as it is enlarged with more entries. Reading this table as it enlarges should provide value, more coherency and direction to the 'story' to the materials provided here. Table 1.5 provides the most expanded list of with 24 patent possibilities....   [tags: Papers]

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