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The Detrimental Effect of War on People

- ... In Victorian times, masculinity was seen as a male being: courageous; enduring; protecting of the weak; fit and well-developed physically. A stereotypical assumption was that men had to develop their body to be able to educate their minds, though the only thing they weren’t developing, according to E.M. Forster, was an ‘undeveloped heart-not a cold one’. It is likely that this caused the stigma that the men had at the time of the war, men being afraid to put across their feelings and emotions because it was seen as wrong by them from a young age....   [tags: world war I, veterans, sleep deprivation]

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Technology’s Detrimental Effect on Society

- These days, technology seems to be almost everywhere we go. With advancements to cell phones, computers, video games, cars, and our iPods, our lives have become much easier than ever before. Technology is made because the society always wants to find more efficient methods of doing certain tasks. Without technology, mankind would not have discovered things that the majority of us now know, such as the world, animals, science, and the like. However, the society doesn’t gain much benefit, besides their school and work duties....   [tags: Technology ]

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Detrimental Effect of Television on American Politics

- Image is everything. In the modern world of sleek cars, towering glass buildings, carefully designed websites and carefully designed women on the front of magazines, this comes as no surprise. What does come as a surprise, what should come as a surprise, is that this fascination with image, this obsession with physical appearance, has seeped into the one area it least belongs. Politicians, the men and women who are supposed to be leading our nation, now have to be just as careful of their image as any supermodel or screen star....   [tags: Politics]

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Detrimental Effect of Abortion by Amy R. Sobie and David C. Reardon,

- Annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide, that’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds says Dr. Craig. A. Kuhns. 98 percent of abortions take place because the child is unwanted or an inconvenience to the mother, and only 2 percent are taken place because of rape or incest. Since abortion was legalized in 1973 women across the world have took advantage of the legalization and have not been as thoughtful; abortion is used as the easy way out. After abortion was legalized teens have began to get the procedure and have experienced an emotional and physical impact; also the world economy has been changed dramatically....   [tags: teens, psychological effects]

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Budget Cuts Have a Detrimental Effect on a Student’s Education

- Budget cuts in education have been frequently seen in the news and media in recent years. Although budget cuts are necessary because of lack of funding, certain cuts in programs are not beneficial for a student’s education. Budget cuts in the present times have a detrimental effect on a student’s education and should be reevaluated for better execution. Programs during the regular school hours affected by budget cuts are those that help a student to become a well-rounded individual. One program that is being affected by budget cuts is the art education program....   [tags: Education Programs, Learning]

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The Detrimental Effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

- In 2002, Senator Paul Sarbanes (a Democrat from Maryland) and Congressman Michael Oxley (a Republican from Ohio) crossed the aisle to develop a new law to further regulate the accounting, auditing and financial reporting of companies publicly traded in United States. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) (also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002) passed because of the demand of the American people to see reform in response to the widely publicized instances of fraud and corruption in large US companies....   [tags: fraud, corruption, financial scandals]

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Video Games: Good or Bad?

- ... which lead children to only focus on them for a few minutes at a time, in detail, only to lead to their next mission or objective; thus causing the child to continue his pursuit of getting to the next level in the game content. This leads to children becoming addicted to the gameplay and unable to refrain from thinking of playing, even while in school (Prot, McDonald, Anderson, & Gentile, 2012, p.651). These negative effects have a major impact in both males and females between the ages of seven and ten years (Nauert)....   [tags: beneficial or detrimental to children]

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The Beneficial and Detrimental Effects of Phonology

- For years, phonology has been incorporated into language education. Young children are introduced to phonics as educators take them through visual flash cards, teaching them the sounds of the alphabet. Children learn to connect sounds into words, using what they learned from the alphabet to apply a system of sounds into a word. Controversy regarding this reading education method has additionally been popular. Although researchers have found negative effects in learning to read phonologically, teachers can still strategically incorporate it into the classroom as long as they are aware of its potential negative effects....   [tags: Education]

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Detrimental Effects of the Vietnam War

- The Vietnam War was, and continues to be, one of America's darkest moments, one that nearly tore the nation apart. In order to stop the spread of communism in Europe and Asia, the United States aided French imperialists and their reoccupation of Vietnam. At first, the U.S took a position of neutrality to both countries, but by early 1947, they began fighting in support of France. This war, lasting over 20 years, became the longest and most unpopular war in the 20th century. Overall, the Vietnam War was detrimental to the United States because it caused a massive debt from the 1960s to the 1990s, turned the American people against their government, and many troops were neglected and despised...   [tags: debt, attitudes, tunnels]

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The Detrimental Effects of Pesticides

- Introduction There are many pesticides that are used worldwide. While many, if used correctly could pose little threat to other life, there are many that could heavily effect life, even if said pesticide does not come into direct contact with said organism. Acrolein Acrolein (ACL) is a colourless, poisonous and flammable fluid that can be used as a pesticide. It is commonly used to control both plant and algae growth. It is also used to control the growth or kill bacteria and microorganisms in things such as oil wells, cooling water towers and water treatment ponds....   [tags: health, ingesting, threat]

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The Detrimental Effects of Smoking

- ... The detrimental effects of smoking are due to the consumption of tobacco; the list of diseases linked to smoking is increasing rapidly on an annual basis. Smoking has taken a toll on human beings from head to toe and its results are deplorable. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the main effects of smoking in relation to heart disease, lung cancer, and invasive meningococcal disease (IMD). To begin, while tobacco use results in many health defects and deaths annually; one of the most common health effects related to smoking is heart disease....   [tags: carbon monoxide, lung cancer, heart disease]

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Detrimental Effects of Poverty

- Often seen but never observed, hiding just beneath the line of sight to those who are blind to the suffering. Why do people not discern so much suffering, why won’t they see. Blue eyes and blond hair, attached to a dirty little round face, which stares blankly out the smeared window. As they pass by, they see but do not observe, curtains that hang sloppily off their rod, sideways against the cracked window pane. People remark with distain over the filth they observe, and confirm to themselves, how much distress the poor deserve....   [tags: self-steem, social disfunction, inequality]

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Detrimental Effects of Extended Unemployment Compensation

- Detrimental Effects of Extended Unemployment Compensation Most every individual, family, and even the nation as a whole experience lean times and periods of great prosperity. During seasons when the economy is not doing well, unemployment rises, causing individuals and families to face unplanned financial hardship. President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized the need for a temporary financial bridge for those facing the dilemma of lost income and led the way in establishing unemployment insurance in the 1930’s....   [tags: Economics, Unemployment Essays]

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Detrimental Effects of Smoking on Your Health

- Did you know that in the US the effects of smoking cause more deaths than HIV, illegal drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined. Have you had someone in your family who has suffered or died from the effects of smoking. I know I have, and the previous fact makes those deaths all the more tragic when you realize how preventable the deadly illnesses that result from smoking really are. Avoiding smoking entirely can literally be the difference between life and death. The detrimental effects of smoking to your health, the carcinogenic materials in cigarettes and the smoke byproduct, and the surprising negative impact on one’s appearance are compelling reasons to neve...   [tags: Harmful, Cancer]

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The Detrimental Effects of Anorexia on the Body and Mind

- Ana’s Limelight Christy Greenleaf, assistant professor of kinesiology, health promotion and recreation at University of North Texas, stated, “Girls and women, in our society are socialized to value physical appearance and an ultra-thin beauty that rarely occurs naturally and to pursue that ultra-thin physique at any cost.” Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among young women. Furthermore, one in every ten people with anorexia will die from a complication brought on by the disorder....   [tags: complications, suicide, media]

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The Decline of Traditional Family Being Detrimental to Society

- The Decline of Traditional Family Being Detrimental to Society Some people believe that the decline of the traditional family (Nuclear family) is detrimental to society because a lot of people are not socialising. This is one of the basic roles that a traditional family performs for individuals to meet the expectations of society. Only through a family can a person play a full part in society. In addition, society cannot exist without the rules and expectations of individual behaviour....   [tags: Papers]

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Influences Detrimental to Parenting and Child Development

- Misbehavior and failure in children is often regarded to be the fault of the parents rather than the children, however, not so often the outside influences on the parents are taken into consideration. Although exterior influences can benefit parents in some ways, they usually harm parenting skills rather than benefit them. While some influences that effect parents daily, most influences are triggered by pressure of what is deemed acceptable in a certain society. Not only are parents pressured by the beliefs of their own parents or the beliefs of the media, they are pressured by simple and often uncontrollable impacts such as the cost of living and the amount children they raise....   [tags: outside pressures, religion, culture]

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Are Drugs More Detrimental to Educational Attainment?

- Introduction Is an illegal substance or a legal substance more detrimental to educational attainment. Studies have shown that early marijuana use is correlated with poor educational performance including high school drop-out rates (Verweij, Huizink, Agrawal, Martin, & Lynskey, 2013). The explanation for the rate of dropouts and poor education performance is that engaging in activities that involves smoking marijuana, strays the student from education. Nonetheless there are cases where students that do smoke marijuana or drink alcohol still excel in school as well as have a high grade point average therefore the students peers play a big role in the straying that cause them to deter from educ...   [tags: drugs, cannabis, cocaine, meth]

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Social Networking: Detrimental to Today's Youth

- Social networking is a revolutionary advancement in technology that has captivated the minds of many of today’s youth. It is said that teenagers spend an average of 2 hours daily on the computer, with 80% of that time being spent on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. (“Scribd”) The ability to connect with anyone from all over the globe is an intriguing idea and in instances, can be beneficial, i.e. international business deals, political campaigning, and so forth, but one cannot help to think of the negative impact social networking can have on our youth....   [tags: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube]

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The Detrimental Effects of Global Warming

- The Detrimental Effects of Global Warming The morning sun begins to shed its light on the city below. Turning off the alarm, James removes his Dexcron SleepInhaler 4000 to breathe in what little oxygen he can. Feeling light-headed, he quickly dresses into the day’s apparel consisting of a climate controlled, blue bio-suit and an oxygen tank. Today marks the first day of the month so he turns his calendar as he walks towards the door. He closes the door wondering what caused the world to be this way....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Detrimental Social Problems: Substance Abuse

- ... The article reports that the addicted person is incurable, apparently for this particular population, stating “Once the negro has formed the habit he is irreclaimable. The only method to keep him from taking the drug is imprisoning him” ( These words are haunting, especially when taking into consideration society’s response to crack cocaine and the African American communities in which were flooded with the drug. It is common knowledge that America has the world’s largest population of prisoners, and in 2008, a study was completed by the Pew Charitable Trusts which indicated that half of the inmates in jail and prison...   [tags: alcohol, drugs]

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The Detrimental Effects of Deforestation

- The Detrimental Effects of Deforestation Deforestation has been around for many years. Before America was discovered, fuelwood was the main source of energy, so many trees were being cut down all over Europe to provide energy for the inhabitants. Even still today, 2000 million people in low income countries still rely on wood for cooking and heating (Causes, 1). The rate at which we are loosing our world’s forests is steadily increasing. During the 1980’s, worldwide deforestation rates were at 15 million hectares per year for tropical forests alone (WRM, 1)....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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Material Possessions: A Detrimental Focus of Society

- Material Possessions: A Detrimental Focus of Society Our society is framing the mind of younger generations to believe that your possessions reflect the value and quality of your life. Society is also going as far as to dictate what items these are that make life so much better. I think most parents try to deter their children and teenagers away from this way of thinking. However, it seems that at these ages our children's peers are a more dominant influence. Our children enter elementary school innocently, instilled with the ideas and disciplines we, as parents, have taught them....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Effect of Infectious Diseases on Humanity

- In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, a work of literature that not only provided a working framework for the theory of evolution, “descent with modification” by means of natural selection, but also explained how the cumulative impact of natural selection influenced an organism and its environment. Darwin, however, neglected to mention how infectious diseases have served as a pivotal selective force in natural selection (Lederberg, 1999). Since animals first walked the earth, they have had to live with microscopic organism, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites....   [tags: Medical Research]

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The Effect of Domestic Violence on Children

- Studies indicate that 30-43% of children in the United States have witnessed some form of physical violence between their parents. This violence can have a profound effect on preschoolers cognitive and emotional development. Studies suggest that younger children may be more vulnerable to the effects of witnessing domestic violence than older children (Johnson and Lieberman, 2011) so it is very disturbing to recognize that young children are more likely to witness incidents of violence than older children (Ybarra, Wilkens, & Lieberman, 2011)....   [tags: Impact Domestic Violence Children]

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Fracking and its Effect on the Environment

- Oil and natural gas companies have developed a way to drill for natural gas, a process called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. Natural gas is a flammable gas mixture consisting of methane and several other hydrocarbons that occur naturally underground. Natural gas is used as fuel for heating, cooking, and even in some automobiles like the “RideOn” buses. This technique has only recently become economically feasible with the rising prices of fossil fuels, and there is much potential for recovering natural gas through fracking....   [tags: hydraulic fracturing, argumentative]

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The Effect of Part-Time Jobs

- 1.0 Introduction I have been asked to do research and I have chosen to do research on the caused that lead students to do part time job; part time job effects on student’s performance and; the factors that can help to improve student’s performance. As I aware most of the students of higher education institution do part-time job either in weekends or semester break. In the same time these situations became a phenomenon among students of higher education institution and lower education institution....   [tags: student´s performance, education, employment]

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To What Extent was the Helsinki Final Act Detrimental for the Soviet Union?

- To what extent was the Helsinki Final Act detrimental for the Soviet Union. The Helsinki Act of 1975 was one of the major accomplishments for the Brezhnev administration. The signing of the act would consolidate a détente era between the USSR, its satellites and the West. However, the consequences of this Act are seen with different interpretations. On one hand, the Helsinki Accords contributed to the parity between the USSR and the United States. On the other hand, the signing is seen as the beginning of the demise of the Soviet Union....   [tags: Russian History ]

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Detrimental Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

- The use of social media (which includes such media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr) has become so popular among today’s youth, that it is becoming more than just a fragment of the youth’s world, it is becoming their world. According to a social network statistics report conducted on August 18, 2013, ninety-eight percent of teens are already using some form of social media. Teens are spending more and more time online, typically on a social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter....   [tags: Internet, Social Medias, Teens]

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The Effect of Video Game Violence on Youths

- Does exposure to violence in video games, on TV, and in social media have an effect on those exposed to it. Are those who are underage more susceptible to any detrimental side effects from viewing these things. This has long been a topic of discussion among lawmakers, psychologists, and the scientific field as a whole. It concerns parents and community members, especially in the wake of a seeming rise in violence at school from bullying, fighting, or in the extreme cases of school shootings. Were any of these types of incidents encouraged by exposure to violence in media....   [tags: Video Gaming]

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Possible Solutions to Remedy the Detrimental Effects of Soil Acidity on Tropical Agriculture

- Possible Solutions to Remedy the Detrimental Effects of Soil Acidity on Tropical Agriculture Arable tropical soils, which mainly consist of Oxisols and Ultisols but also include regions of Inceptisols and Alfisols, cover approximately one billion hectares; this area represents 33 percent of the total potentially arable land of this world which does not require irrigation. Most of these soils have optimum conditions for crop production, including low population density, excellent physical conditions, and a favorable climate (Van Wambeke, 1976)....   [tags: Agriculture Agricultural Papers]

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Television: Drug or Medicine?

- Television: Drug or Medicine. When I was young I lived on the west side of Chicago, a place where manners were non-existent and education was something forced upon us. At this point in my life an education was just an obstacle to get over and not a necessity. Though we were constantly preached to by our parents that education was the key to success; but our teachers told us that we would be nothing. Out of twenty houses on my block, I was one of the three houses that had cable. I was also one of the few people on my block that had obtained relationships with people outside of my neighborhood....   [tags: Cause Effect, Television]

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Cars, beneficial or detrimental?

- Ever since 1807 the world has forever been altered by one technological breakthrough. What invention is this you ask. The invention of the automobile. The effect of the automobile has been tremendous on one’s everyday life in the U.S. The American societydoes not just look at the car as a bunch of sheet metal but rather and extension of your personality by the speed of it, gas mileage and how impacting of a vehicle it is. The automobile is and incredible feat and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon....   [tags: Model T, Air Pollution]

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The Detrimental Effects of Teenage Drug Abuse in the UK

- The use of drugs by teenagers today has caused a concern in the UK. Teenagers are unknown to the effects that drugs can cause physically and mentally. It is very important that there is awareness on drug abuse among young people. Since the usage of drugs not only affects the body, it also affects many aspects of a person’s daily life. Firstly, it affects the social life, causing isolation, which is one of the most common effects that happen due to drug usage. Secondly, it affects family and relationships....   [tags: Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse]

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The Effect of Cohabitation on Marriage

- Abstract The Effect of Cohabitation on Marriage Several published studies look at the increase in premarital cohabitation and the effect of premarital cohabitation on the traditional marriage relationship from the 1960s to present. Issues considered are marital satisfaction, marital stability, marital communication, and incidents of divorce within each group. Contrary to common perceptions, studies on couples who cohabitated prior to marrying indicate marriages that are less satisfactory, less stable, report poorer communication and higher incidents of divorce when compared to couples who did not cohabitate prior to marriage....   [tags: Compare Contrast Essays]

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Effect of Stress on Decision Making

- Effect of Stress on Decision Making Stress must be present to ensure our very being. One may wonder about the validity of this statement, but it is quite true. Stress plays a vital role in the way we make decisions (Massa et al, 2002, pg 1). “Problem solving and decision making in demanding real-world situations can be susceptible to acute stress effects which manifest in a variety of ways depending on the type of decision. The negative effects of an overload of acute stress include attentional tunneling, working memory loss, and restrictions in long term memory retrieval, with simple strategies being favoured over more complicated ones....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Effect of Parental Divorce on Adolescent Well-Being

- Adolescence is known as a challenging time with the everyday stressors that the adolescent is forced to face. When an adolescent has to experience a parental divorce, it often has detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing. With divorce becoming more and more common within families, the effect that it has on adolescents is often more intense than realised by parents. It is becoming increasingly important to investigate this matter as approximately 50% of parental divorces involve children under the age of 18....   [tags: psychological wellbeing]

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Video Games and Violent Video Games' Effect

- A video game is “an electronic game in which players control images on a television or computer screen” (Merriam-Webster). Video games have been entertaining and challenging gamers since the Game Boy to modern console games. Despite the simplicity of the definition of video games, a video game, especially ones containing violence can have a large effect on the gamer. Because of the realism and advancements in the video game industry, video games can influence the player, and can make the gamer more aggressive, even if the game is not a violent video game....   [tags: tv images, computer screen, shootings]

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The Importance of Reducing Detrimental Vehicle Emissions

- If greenhouse gases were nonexistent, the Earth’s atmosphere would be 33 degrees Celsius colder than it is currently. Throughout the past century, the entire Earth has increased in temperature by nearly .5 degrees Celsius. (Hopwood and Cohen) One contributor to this problem is vehicle fuel emissions. These emissions are seriously affecting the health of humans. As a result, scientists are working on alternate fuel vehicles and zero-emission vehicles. There are many pollutants that are emitted from a regular vehicle today....   [tags: air pollution]

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Keeping Secrets: Beneficial or Detrimental to Relationships

- Everyone has had one, you may have one now, sitting there in the back of your mind, or on the tip of your tongue waiting to come out. Secrets are all around us. What can bearing secrets do to people and their relationships with others. There can be both negative and positive outcomes. Choosing secrets for the topic of my research, -being an obvious theme in the readings- seemed both interesting and easy to collect information on. Secrets are common experiences so there are various opinions on this subject, they affect some people in different ways than others....   [tags: inner peace, conflict]

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The Effect of Clearcut Deforestation on Physical and Chemical

- The Effect of Clearcut Deforestation on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils Clearcut deforestation is done for a variety of different purposes. Frequently, sites owned by lumber companies are clearcut, replanted, fertilized, and maintained to keep a cyclic supply of lumber of uniform species, size, and age. Some lumber companies claim that in their tree harvesting practices can raise mature lumber in forty years (Wood, 1971), while most tree harvesting is on 70-100 year cycles. Deforested land can alternately be used as grazing or farming land....   [tags: Environment Ecology Trees Essays]

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The Influence of the Halo Effect

- The ‘halo effect’ is a term used in social psychology. It is the idea that global evaluations about a person fall over into your judgments about their specific traits (Dean, 2007) The Halo Effect is basically noticing one good characteristic in a person and assuming they possess other good characteristics, it tends to give us a biased judgment based on appearance. The halo effect affects our lives in a lot of different ways without us even realizing it. I have witnessed the halo effect happen to me personally in numerous ways....   [tags: judgement, marketing, perception]

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The Causes and Effects of Divorce

- From past to present people all over the world have determined to live together, or “get married”. Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but some couples are unable to maintain their relationship, because they choose divorce as a solution to cope with the problems between husband and wife. Furthermore divorce is definitely on a rise. The effects of divorce can be detrimental to a family, but the causes of divorce can be just as bad. In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects....   [tags: cause/effect essay]

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The Effect Of Tourism On Regional Spain

- An analysis of the effect tourism has had on regional Spain. Spain’s tourism industry has experienced exceptional growth since the first visitors arrived at San Sebastian in the early 1900’s (Barke et al. 1996). In the 1960’s, following their European counterparts, Spain launched a major promotional campaign attracting international visitors. This initiated the tourism boom; a period of intense structural and economic growth during which tourist arrivals grew by 16.5 million between 1973 and 1987 (Solsten and Menditz, 1988) and created an industry that today accounts for ‘11% of Spain’s GDP’ (OECD Publishing, 2008:198)....   [tags: Tourism]

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Effect of Teamwork on Employee Performance

- SECTION-I INTRODUCTION In this era of increased competition, leaders recognize the importance of teamwork more than ever before. Teams can expand the outputs of individuals through collaboration. Employees who have effective teamwork skills are becoming the standard for the organization (Alie, Beam and Carey, 1998). Teamwork is one mean of improving man-power utilization and potentially raising performance of individual. Teamwork may impact favorably on establishment performance, job satisfaction and increased employee commitment level (Sparrow, 2003)....   [tags: Business Management]

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The Effect of Advertisements on Youth

- During any given day, a person is exposed to a constant stream of advertising. It has become a part of life, quietly seeping into the subconscious while watching television programs, shopping for groceries, or even on the daily commutes. The main purpose of advertising is to illicit an emotion that drives us to purchase the end product. They influence attitudes, ideas and behaviors in those watching, and unfortunately those shifts aren’t always toward the positive. In the last ten years, there has been a large increase in the teenage population with anorexia and obesity disorders(Dens 368)....   [tags: Advertising]

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An Inside Look at Shark Finning

- ... In the North Carolina Bay, the Cownose Ray population was increasing due to what many scientists believed was a result of the declining shark populations in the area. Because of the rise in Cownose Rays, the population in shellfish fell dramatically, forcing the North Carolina Bay Scallop Fishery to close. The Great Whites and Hammerhead sharks are caught using a method known as “long lining.” The long lines are made of monofilament which is made from single fiber plastic. Long lining is not illegal in International Waters, but it is however illegal along the United States’ Pacific Coast: California, Washington, and Oregon....   [tags: detrimental practices, environmental issues]

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Childhood Obesity and Its Effect

- Childhood obesity is considered to be a serious issue among our youth. Obesity can cause many types of physical problems, which most are aware of, but it can also cause some undesirable internal feelings within children and adolescents who suffer from it. Self-esteem, or self-worth, is important as it helps develop personality and is a major ingredient to our mental health status (Wang, F. and Veugelers, P. J., 2008). Some have said obesity may even have a negative effect on cognitive development, as well....   [tags: Psychosocial, Cognitive Development]

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The Dehumanizing Effect of Alienation and the Restoration of Self-Identity in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

- In the novella “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka focuses on the topic of alienation and considers its underlying effect on the human consciousness and self-identity. The alienation Kafka instigates is propagated towards the main character Gregor Samsa, who inevitably transforms into a giant cockroach. The alienation by family relations affects him to the extent that he prioritizes his extensive need to be the family’s provider before his own well-being. This overwhelming need to provide inevitably diminishes Gregor’s ability to be human-like....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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Social Media Has a Negative Effect on Body Image and Self Esteem

- Social media has become one of the most popular sources of communication for the upcoming generation. For young people growing up in today’s society, social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have provided pictures and news that have become the first thing that their eyes see in the morning and the last thing that they see before bed. These pictures have provided unrealistic standards as to what is considered beautiful in today’s society. As young people refer to these images as a form of comparison, it has created harmful circumstances....   [tags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube]

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Media’s Effect on Women

- Media’s Effect on Women Since the beginning of media history, it has been empowering and limiting woman in many ways. Some of these ways are how woman today view there own body image, what stereotypes the media puts on women, and how these things affect women’s health. The media has been altering the way everyone see themselves and each other. They can also change the way we dress, look, and even the way we act. The media is the largest source of stereotypical misinformation on earth, and this provokes others to stereotype as well....   [tags: Media]

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Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

- Research Paper: Silent Spring Rachel Carson, born during the industrial boom in a small town called Springdale. There, a glue factory very near to her home exposed Carson, at a young age, to some of the effects chemicals can have on a small town. As Carson grew so did her ambitions to learn more about the environment. This determination won her a scholarship to Pennsylvania College for Women and later she furthered her education at Johns Hopkins University, studying Marine Biology. She was a woman always supportive to her family, so when financial trouble hit home, Carson left school to aid....   [tags: health detrimental environmental issues]

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Television and Media - Effect of TV In The Age of Missing Information

- The Effect of Television In The Age of Missing Information Bill McKibben, in his book The Age of Missing Information, explores the impact of television on modern cultures both in America and around the world. In the book McKibben carries out an experiment; he watches the entire television broadcast of 93 separate cable channels for one entire day. In all McKibben viewed 24 hours of programming from 93 separate cable stations, that is more than 2,200 hours of television. His purpose in this formidable undertaking was to determine how much actual information that was relevant to real life he could glean from a day of television broadcasting....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Negative Effect of the IPad on Our Youth

- ... A long term research team, The Millennium Cohort Study Group, has conducted a study consisting of nineteen thousand children born in 2000 and 2001. In following this group of children, the study group has discovered that children who are prone to watching or interacting with electrical devices for more than three hours a day are more likely to suffer from behavioural and relationship-orientated problems by the time they were seven than those who spent less time on their devices. This study demonstrates the damaging effect these devices have on our younger generations social skills, and this is just one of the reasons why children aged six years and under should not be using these 'learni...   [tags: vocabulary, physical, addiction]

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Examinig the Effect of Human Population Control

- ... They penalized parents who had more than two children by doing the following:  Only the first two children received income tax deductions  Children whose parents were sterilized before the age of forty were offered top priority in primary schools belonging in the top-tier  Hospitals charged higher fees for each additional birth Like India, there were sexist opinions on female babies in Singapore. For example, families with daughters continued to try for a boy. To combat this, posters usually featured two girls (See Appendix B) In addition, slogans like ‘Small Families -- Brighter Future: Two is enough’ or "One, Two: And that's ideal: Sterilization, the best method for Family Limitati...   [tags: global, national, personal perspectives]

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Media Violence and Its Effect on Children

- There is a strong agreement among American society that violence in the country is on the rise. It is easy to see why this is a strong argument among the American people, especially because of the rising popularity of violent video games and television programs. However, as these violent video games and television shows are creating their own place in our society, the reports of violence among children are escalating. This correlation has been studied extensively in the scientific community in an attempt to discover whether media violence does negatively impact children but there has yet to be a consensus....   [tags: television programs, violent crimes]

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Forensic in Pop Culture: The CSI Effect

- Introduction. With producing reality shows comes producing inaccuracies in portrayals in order to reach as many viewers and gain as high ratings as possible every week with each new episode. Every day life is boring, yet people tend to be attracted to the relatable shows that portray real life in eccentric ways – ways that they believe could be imitated by the average person. In many cases, these shows could remain harmless, as it is entertainment. No matter how crude or erroneous, it is just television....   [tags: criminal justice, forensic science, juror]

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Celebrity Obsessed Media: Effect on Society

- In modern Britain, we live in a celebrity obsessed society powered by the media. Everywhere you see a celebrity’s face, whether it’s plastered across magazines or advertising the latest product. Many people, particularly teenagers, aspire to be like the celebrities they obsess over and it completely controls their lives. However, many famous people have a positive effect on society by being excellent role models and inspiring people to follow their dreams. So does a celebrity obsessed media have a positive or negative effect on society as a whole....   [tags: society, unrealistic images]

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Contemporary Poverty in the United Kingdom

- ... She is also interested in looking at the effect of poverty and social exclusion has on children and young people. The method Ridge uses in her research is Quantative and Qualitative, she has had discussion with young people and compared individuals from lone parent household and people in two parent household. Also on people that move in and out of poverty. The key point she makes is on social exclusion the lack of participation in social events which effects self-confidence. Other people also talk about the lack of participation Hirsch (2006) states that individuals in poverty find it hard to take part in society this is because, they do not have the resources they need....   [tags: effect on the experiences of childhood]

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The Use of Computers in Education

- ... Physicians have expressed concerns about the amount of time children spend in front of various types of screens and have stated that computer use is creating problems in children developments. Most computers do have physical effects on those who tend to use them, and these effects can be serious and long-lasting, even permanent. However, they contribute to a wide range of disorders such as headaches, eyestrain, and skin problems. “Too much time in front of a screen can deprive children of time for organized sports and other social activities that are beneficial to child development” (Margie K....   [tags: physical effect, users]

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The Effect of Media Violence on Children

- When children are taught how to tie their shoes, it is because of how their parents showed them. When children are taught how to do math problems, it is because of how their teachers showed them. So with all of these role models, why is there so much violence. It is because children learn from what they see, even if it's on the big screen. Violence in the movies should have strict regulation because it has negative effects on the behavior of children. First, we must define the "negative effects" of children's behavior....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The Effect of Underwater Acoustics on Whales

- The Effect of Underwater Acoustics on Whales Whales utilize acoustic frequencies to communicate underwater. If the whales are unable to communicate their bi-annual migration can become perilous. Man-made low frequency sonarcan prevent whales from producing soundand sometimes causes them to take alternate routes. When the whales try to avoid the sonar they are in danger of running ashore and perishing after being beached. Introduction: Twice a year, around the months of December and May, populations of gray whales migrate from Mexico to Alaska....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effect of High Frequency Trading Systems on Financial Markets

- Whilst liquidity plays a central role in the functioning of financial markets, it is volatility that can be truly detrimental. Despite almost universal agreement among academics that HFT improves prices for investors and dampens volatility in equity markets, since the 6th of May 2010 the sector has come under intense scrutiny from regulators. On a day described as the ‘Flash Crash’, the U.S stock market experienced one of the most severe price drops in its history. In the matter of five minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Index declined by 900 points, and then recouped the balk of those losses within the next 15 minutes....   [tags: Finance, Flash Crash]

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The Effect of Exposure to Alcohol During Prenatal Development

- Exposure to alcohol during prenatal development is one of the leading causes of preventable birth defects and mental impairments (Bower, Szajer, Mattson, Riley, & Murphy, 2013; Nuñez, Roussotte, &Sowell, 2011; Sowell et al., 2008a). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), the more severe form of PAE, affects two to seven out of every 1000 individuals in the United States (May et al., as cited in Simmons, Thomas, Levy & Riley, 2010). The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) describes an individual with varying levels of PAE....   [tags: FAS, FASD, PAE, brain development, disruption]

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Social Media’s Effect on the Culture of Dating

- All humans have the innate desire to create intimate relationships with others. The manner in which people engage in romantic relations has evolved throughout time, and today, social media plays an influential role as a medium of communication for initiating romantic connections. While social media has increased the opportunities to connect with others, it has been detrimental to the quality of the interactions that occur in the dating world. Therefore, the conveniences of connecting through social media have generated the consequences of expecting too much and committing too little....   [tags: Facebook Essays]

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Intuitions Role in the Giant Spectrum

- A tingling sensation in the air erupts. The body stops mid stride as the physical alarm bell goes off, awareness about every little thing resonates as an operation plays out that doesn’t require any conscious thinking, it just happens. It is the feeling that sprouts up in the presence of someone or something that just does not feel right. That discrete nudge to the brain, that ignites a gut feeling. Intuition. With intuitional decision-making there is no need for conscious reasoning as intuition takes over ones judgment capabilities....   [tags: its effect on everyday/work decisions]

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How to Stop Global Warming

- Each year, over 7.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by human activity. That is the equivalent of 110 million airplanes all being in the air at once. These disturbing numbers are the foremost cause of global warming, and have been steadily growing over the past few decades. Global warming is caused by this recent surge of greenhouse gasses which consists primarily of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide isn’t harmful to the atmosphere in the amount that is produced naturally from decaying trees, volcanic eruptions, etc., because the forests act as a natural recycling system....   [tags: Environment, Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect]

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The Effect of Solute Concentration on the Rate of Osmosis

- The Effect of Solute Concentration on the Rate of Osmosis Aim: To test and observe how the concentration gradient between a potato and water & sugar solution will affect the rate of osmosis. Introduction: Osmosis is defined as, diffusion, or net movement, of free water molecules from high to low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. When a substance, such as sugar (which we will be using in the experiment we are about to analyse), dissolves in water, it attracts free water molecules to itself, and in doing so, stops them from moving freely....   [tags: Papers]

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Effect of Geography on English Colonies in America

- A.P US History The Effect Of Geography On English Colonies The New England, Middle and Southern colonies were all English ruled, but yet very different. Among their distinctions, was the geography which played an important role in shaping these colonies. New England attracted Puritan farmers who wanted to separate from the Catholic Church. But because of the bone dry soil in the North, these colonists found they couldn't continue with their traditional ways of farming. However, with the immense amounts of water that surrounded them, they found that they could fish and trade....   [tags: American History]

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The Effect of Teacher/Student Relationship on Learning

- The Effect of Teacher/Student Relationship on Learning There are many controversies when it comes to the relationship between teachers and students. However, one idea remains, the teacher's primary job is to educate while the student's primary job is to learn. The techniques are what differ among teachers and in turn that shapes the relationship between the two parties. As many of the writers discussed in class, have pointed out, the education experience, from curriculum to academic and extra-curricular programs directs a person's path in life....   [tags: Education Educational Essays]

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Alcohol and its effect on Society.

- Alcohol consumption, production and sale has been an integral part of many societies over the course of human existence. The exact origin of alcohol is as of yet unknown, however it is generally regarded that early farmers noticed the rich aroma and flavour of fermenting fruit (Narconon alcohol rehab, 2010) and as such recreated the substance in consumable amounts. The first ever known record of organised alcohol manufacture dates to approximately ten thousand years, where the drink was produced from fermented honey, also known as mead....   [tags: Alcohol Consumption, Society, Culture, History]

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Cause and Effect of Female Inferiorization

- Why Women. Throughout mankind’s brief history, an easily observable multifaceted male power slant has stymied human potential, gaining stability in neither fact nor philosophy. Females are treated as inferior in almost every aspect of society. The need for male supremacy in civilization found its way into obsolescence during the age of early pastoralism, long before the common era. Nonetheless, the majority of the world persists to oppress women for a myriad of reasons, all of which unjustifiable and antiquated.The effects of female oppression, while instantaneously beneficial to men, are ultimately detrimental to mankind....   [tags: women, prison, prostitution]

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Sociological Effect of Video Games

- ... What made the difference between the gamer and the non-gamer is that the former are better at ignoring irrelevant, distracting visual information, and so made better decisions. This improvement in performance is due to the reinforcement of attention, focus and vision by the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, and anterior cingulate respectively. Researchers also found out that users have improved problem solving skills and creativity. This is because the player has experienced positive reinforcement from playing games....   [tags: human body, excessive video playing]

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Inequities in Access to Quality Programs: A Detrimental Factor in Continued Strife Within the Urban Underclass

- The socioeconomic status for those who are impoverished in the United States is inherently poor and has not seen marked improvements over the last 30 years. Rather the situation has grown increasingly dire with continued and extreme inequities. Communities within the urban setting suffer from poverty levels much greater than those in rural communities. Mona Scott (2012), explains that minority groups suffer from the effects of the inequity of poverty. African American communities experience an unemployment rate of 15 percent, whereas white communities have an unemployment rate of 10 percent (p....   [tags: socioeconomics, unemployment, wealth]

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Positive Feedback and Motivation: Extrinsic Rewards Effect on Intrinsic Motivation in Sports

- Deci & Ryan (1985) described the study of motivation as the exploration of the energization and direction of behavior (p. 3), and an adequate theory of motivation must therefore take into account both the needs that are innate to the organism (i.e. those that must be satisfies for the organism to remain healthy) and those that are acquired through interactions with the environment (Deci, 1985). The Cognitive Evaluation Theory (CET), a sub theory of the Self-Determination theory deals with the effects of extrinsic motivation on an individual’s intrinsic motivation....   [tags: Research Proposal ]

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Religion and its Effect on Society and Individuals

- ... Each of us is the result of a thought of God” in April of 2005 after the intelligent design trial. This trial, like the Scopes “Monkey” Trial, tested whether or not teachers would have to mention another theory of how we as humans came to be on earth (Singham, 2010). The intelligent design theory states that the diversity of life is the result of a higher being’s plan. While the Dover Area School District wanted to teach students that intellectual design is an alternative to evolutionism, parents argued that it was simply a branch of creationism....   [tags: resiliousness, sense of communitiy, cults]

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The Greenhouse Effect, A Torrent of Information, and the Politics of Mass Uncertainty

- The Greenhouse Effect, A Torrent of Information, and the Politics of Mass Uncertainty Introduction: Global warming, the ozone layer, and deforestation are becoming increasingly discussed topics both in the international community and society. Former Vice-President Albert Gore stated in his 1992 book Earth in the Balance, “The process of filling the atmosphere with CO2 and other pollutants…is a willful expansion of our dysfunctional civilization into vulnerable parts of the world” (Wittwer 21)....   [tags: Science Scientific Essays, climate change]

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The Effect of Genetic Engineering on the World’s Food Problems

- The Effect of Genetic Engineering on the World’s Food Problems Genetically modified foods look to be a great discovery for the future, however, when looking at the science behind it, does it suggest the same thing. Growing genetically modified plants would supposedly increase the number and quality of crops produced. Genetic engineering can also help develop disease resistant plants and plants that grow in areas that have not been cultivated before. This may not be possible if the structure of the DNA of a plant is altered in a way that could be detrimental for the human and animal population....   [tags: Papers]

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Cause and Effect and Non-Renewable Resources

- From the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” This quotation holds highly true, despite society’s lack of recognition towards the concept. We religiously use non-renewable resources to meet our wants and needs at a rate too rapid for the source to replenish, which is causing depletion levels to rise. As this is done, we are also releasing emissions into our atmosphere that destroy the ozone layer and increase the effects of global warming....   [tags: Earth, Ozone Layer, Atmosphere, Global Warming]

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Effect of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion on Aquatic Ecosystems

- The Effect of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion on Aquatic Ecosystems Introduction Throughout the years, advances in technology and scientific development have greatly influenced our global community. Various anthropogenic factors, such as the increased combustion of fossil fuels and widespread usage of manmade chemicals, have greatly affected the planet's atmosphere and it's ozone layer. Ozone Depletion The stratospheric ozone layer is the Earth's natural means of protection from the Sun's damaging ultraviolet rays....   [tags: Geology]

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