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Service Learning: Working at the Youth Detention Center (YDC)

- This semester I have been volunteering at the Youth Detention Center (YDC). YDC is a youth center for those youth ages 13-18 that have committed crimes, from running away from home to cutting the hydraulic brake lines of their parent's car. When is is concluded that the youth can no longer be active members in their communities, they are sent to YDC. There are four different units: H is for the youth that are in court right now but cannot stay at home, E is the girls unit, G unit is for the boys who committed minor crimes and felonies, and F unit is for the boys who committed major crimes and felonies such as sexual assault and dealing drugs....   [tags: detention center, youth]

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Juvenile Detention Centers Are Not The Right Track For The Rest Of Their Life

- One in three teen delinquents are sexually assaulted by staff members during their time in juvie. Even in the place that is supposed to oppose crime takes part in it. Juvenile Detention Centers are supposed to help minors get on the right track for the rest of their life ahead of them. In 2003 The Prison Rape Elimination Act [PREA] was passed to help prevent and protect against prison rape. Though that was passed it still goes on and the superiors of the inmates are still getting away with it. Guards and superiors take advantage of the fact of being in charge....   [tags: Prison, Rape, Youth detention center, Child abuse]

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Present Day Detention Camps: North Korea Vs. The United States

- Present Day Detention Camps: North Korea Vs. The United States Abstract The purpose of this research was to determine how similar detention facilities run by the U.S. government are to the gulags of North Korea. The research spanned many different media sources from online news articles to reports in scholarly journals to an anthology of memoirs and articles concerning the treatment of prisoners in U.S. detention facilities. Although some of the specific details of the camps were inconsistent across sources, this can be attributed to the secret nature of the prison system....   [tags: detention facilities]

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An Afternoon of Detention

- Rhonda Tubbs is sitting behind her desk. Lucas is sitting across from her. RHONDA After the last time you were in here I looked at your records. You were an exceptional student in Boston. You started a band with some of your classmates. Played soccer. Your art teacher sings your praises. Rhonda ignores Lucas' impertinent stare. RHONDA And then your mother died. LUCAS (scoffs) It says that in my file. rhonda I know because your father told me. We've barely been in school a month and already your making weekly trips to my office....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Problems With Refugee Detention Camps

- Genocide, poverty, religious intolerance, misogynism, these are only a few of the atrocities the people in some countries face every day. What choice do they have. Their only means of escape are death or refuge. So the obvious choice is refuge. They stowaway on ships or airplanes, pack into cars, or just start walking to a country where they have a small hope of not only surviving, but living a normal life. Most of them will end up in detention camps, and most will end up in camps where the conditions are very poor....   [tags: War Refugees Essays]

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The Detention Camp At Gutamino Bay

- President Brack Obama promised during his first campaign that he vowed to shut down Gutamino Bay detention camp. At this detention camp, the United States houses some of the world 's worst people who happen to be terrorist. This topic is very controversial to many American citizens because some want the camp closed down and others want it left open, but both sides have their reasons. Now we are in the last month of President Obama’s Presidency, and he wants to create a legacy for himself. The detention camp has been in limbo for awhile now....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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The Palace of Corrective Detention

- Ego is that which constitutes the essential identity of a human being. It is defined as the “I” or self of any person; a person that is able to think, feel, will, but perhaps most importantly- reason. The Palace of Corrective Detention has no guards and the locks are old. The convicted, or lack, thereof, do not ever try to escape. From the beginning, the government of Anthem perpetuates its ideology to its citizens. Because of this fact, the citizens never learn of what the Council forbids them to know....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Immigration Detention Center Of Mexico

- a. Total institution / Page 84: a place that is almost totally controlled by those who run it, in which people are cut off from the rest of society and the society is mostly cut off from them. The most concrete example of total institution in “Wetback” would be the immigration detention center in Mexico. Controlled by the Mexican government, the immigrants are gathered up and in a warehouse. We learn that when the two men arrived in the warehouse they were treated inhumanely. They were interrogated, beaten, robbed, and possibly even raped....   [tags: Gang, Criminology, Illegal drug trade]

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Community Service for Detention

- Detention is used as a disciplinary; chewing gum, profanity, not following rules, etcetera, are all ways an individual can earn a place in the “capital punishment” of school. What does detention really do for the student or the community. Detention shows the pupil that the schools do not care enough about improving their behavior. Having a kid sit in a quiet classroom and torment him or her with boredom does not make the individual feel bad about what they did, it makes them only regret that they got caught....   [tags: chewing gum, profanity]

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Palace of Corrective Detention

- Ego is that which constitutes the essential identity of a human being. It is defined as the “I” or self of any person; a person that is able to think, feel, will, but perhaps most importantly- reason. The Palace of Corrective Detention has no guards, the locks are old. The convicted, or lack, thereof, do not try to escape. In essence, these criminals in the Palace of Corrective Detention do not have the notion or concept of escape. The people in the totalitarian world of Anthem have no ego- they cannot begin to fathom escape, for the true prison they are trapped in, is their own mind....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Mandatory Detention Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers

- Introduction (100‐150 words) The mandatory detention of refugees and asylum seekers is an extremely controversial issues in Australian society with 2,437 refugees and asylum seekers in immigration and community detention facilities in Australia and 1,469 in offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island as of November 2015 (Allotey, Pickles and Johnston 2007; Wilsher 2012; Australian Human Rights Commission 2014). The extreme controversy is in relations to the human rights of the refugees and asylum seekers in detention centres and whether Australia is providing appropriate care under their international obligations....   [tags: Australia, Law, United Nations Charter, Treaty]

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The Politics of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp

- The Politics of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Guantanamo Bay, also known as Gitmo, is a United States Detention Camp located in the Guantanamo Naval Base in South Eastern Cuba. The United States gained control of the Guantanamo Bay area in the 1903 Cuban-American treaty in which the United States gained the right to control the Cuban territory while at the same time recognizing the Cuban state sovereignty (Nofi, 112). In the year 1970, the United States began to use part of the Guantanamo Naval Base as a detention camp for Cubans and Haitians that were caught in the high sea trying to get into the United States illegally (Gott, 78)....   [tags: War on Terror, Imprisonment]

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Case Study : County Adult Detention Center

- earlier. The other officer stayed behind to wait for someone to come to pick up Mr. Jenkins vehicle, which would be impounded. Prior to arresting Mr. Jenkins, Officer Onge started two separate reports on both situations. One for the damage to Mr. Jenkins vehicle, and another for the arrest against Mr. Jenkins. Officer Onge explained to me that in a normal situation, he would have contacted transport to come pick up Mr. Jenkins, but on that particular day, there were no transport officers available, so he needed to make the transport himself....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Constable, Cobb County]

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Racial Profiling And The Language Of Detention By Mariette Garange

- Society shaped our minds into using certain words and being oblivious to their actual meanings. We speak language without recognizing the actual power a word contains for example, the words illegal immigrant and illegal alien. The word illegal immigrant versus undocumented immigrant has become a trending topic. My research on four articles ultimately lead to my conclusion: Framing Unauthorized Immigrants: The Effects of Labels on Evaluations by Redar Ommunsen , Smoke Screens: Is There Correlation between Migration Euphemisms and the Language of Detention by Mariette Garange, Criminology by Xia Wang and Undocumented vs Illegal immigrant: towards terminological coherence by...   [tags: Illegal immigration]

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The Rights Undocumented Immigrants Within For Profit Detention Centers

- defense” (Jorjani,13). Interpreters are no provided either, putting immigrants in the hands of the judges. To provide immigrant legal counsel, we must first get them rights. A step towards that goal would be “advocate for a role that expands the rights undocumented immigrants within for profit detention centers” (Furman, 816). The interest of private prisons is “having as many [inmates] as possible, housed as cheaply as possible”. (Torrey, 902) As a result, inmate are detained in deplorable conditions, and are often worse of than the prisons housing criminals....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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County Detention Center Is A First Generation Jail

- In the recent election of November 2014, Rick Singleton was elected as the new sheriff of Lauderdale County. As a staff member of Rick Singleton, my constituents and employees all have hope for a professional transformation. It is in Sheriff Singleton’s best interest to get the Florence Police Department accredited by CALEA. “CALEA, Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, is a United States federal law that enables the government to intercept wire and electronic communications and call-identifying information under certain circumstances” (Rouse, 2015)....   [tags: Police, Criminal justice, Law enforcement]

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Comparison: Bush v. Obama and Guantanamo Detention Center

- The “War on Terror” that began days after the September 11th attacks was declared by President George W. Bush and has continued under President Barack Obama. President Bush wanted to restore the security of the United States. Many of the policies he enacted, while controversial, are still used by the current administration. One of these policies was the operation of the Guantanamo Bay detention center. While it has had far reaching domestic effects it is still a foreign policy issue by nature. The prisoners that have been held in Guantanamo come from all over the world, including Algeria, China, and Pakistan....   [tags: war on terron, United States, current events]

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The Immigration Detention Center Of The San Fransisco Bay

- Those that write are usually also able read. These two skills are tied together very closely, as one without the other can never stand long under any amount of true scrutiny. History is told by those that can write, then, directed towards those that can read. It only makes sense, following this rather obvious train of thought, that when a beaten down people wish to preserve their struggling voices for a following group to hear, they write about them so they can be heard. As the many different written voices of a trampled Asian American community can attest to, there was quite a bit of struggling going on and quite a bit of power put into written words....   [tags: Writing, Writing system, Creative writing]

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The Importance Of Professional Staff At The Jefferson Country Detention Center

- In today’s society, we often find people who have a bias against the correctional system. We find these people to have no credible source besides the information the media proposes, third party information, or if they themselves have been locked up. Whether we sit and listen to them preach about the corruptness is up to us. When we talk about the correctional system we are talking about it as a whole. This includes jails, prisons, the inmates, and employees. Whether we agree or disagree with our own personal thoughts most of us haven’t seen it at first hand like the interviewee I had interviewed....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections, Crime]

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Regarding Indefinite Administrative Detention

- Regarding Indefinite Administrative Detention Blind patriotism and resounding public support of President Bush’s ‘War’ on terrorism after the events of September 11 th have allowed considerable leeway to be taken by the Federal Government in terms of indefinite detention of non-U.S. citizens in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But all the flag waving seems to have helped a lot of people dismiss the idea that, even though the detainees taken from Afghanistan in the past year are not U.S. citizens, they remain innocent until proven guilty according to American legal principles....   [tags: Politics Government Essays]

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Terrorism: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

- Detainees held in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center located in Cuba are not only potential terrorists, but are also potential threats to our country, families, and loved ones. Detainees have been stricken of their rights to due process and a fair trial in compliance to George Bush enacting the USA PATRIOT Act, after the September 11th bombings. Guantanamo bay should not be shut down, because the detention center allows us to prevent future attacks to the country, question and gain high value intelligence from terror suspects, and also the island naval base houses some of the most lethal terror threats to the United States....   [tags: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba]

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How an Offender's Race, Ethnicity and Race May Influence the Likelyhood of Pretrial Detention

- Numerous studies have been done to see how race and crime correlate with each other. Although the results are somewhat changeable, some studies mostly demonstrate that certain categories of racial minorities—males, the young, and the unemployed—are singled out for harsher treatment. Other studies find that each of these offender characteristics had a direct effect on sentence outcomes, but that the combination of race or ethnicity and one or more of the other characteristics were more powerful predictors of sentence severity than any characteristics individually....   [tags: correlation betwween race and crime]

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The Detention Is Nothing New

- The current mistreatment of rape on Game of Thrones (2011) encourages damaging rape stereotypes. Rape in fantasy setting is nothing new. If anything, it is the norm. Most fantasy settings are loosely based on the Middle Ages, in which rape was prevalent. Some writers even claim it would be "dishonest" to not show rape in their stories. (Hibberd & Martin, 2015, para. 7) There is nothing outright wrong with portraying rape, but it is becoming increasingly common to simply include rape for shock value, and then moving on with no real consequences....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse, Abuse]

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A Report On The Australian Migration

- An Asylum Seeker is a person who has fled from their country because they are afraid of being persecuted due to their race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014). Mandatory detention in Australia was introduced in 1992, by the Keating government to control the unauthorised refugees arriving in Australia by boats (Department of Parliamentary Services, 2013, p. 1). The policy allowed authorities to detain all unauthorised non-citizens, including children, until they have satisfactorily completed health, character and security checks and been granted a visa (Department of Parliamentary Services, 2013, pp....   [tags: Refugee, Australia, Immigration detention]

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The Immigration Act Of Australia

- In 2005 the Migration Amendment Act was introduced which relates to the notion that children must only be put in detention centres as a matter of last resort to ensure the safety of children as there had been many concerns from the Members of parliament. This new policy had given the opportunity for many children and their families to be released into community detention centres whereby there is higher security to ensure their protection. However, in Australia there had still been a substantial amount of children that had still been held in detention centres and often for lengthy periods....   [tags: Australia, Refugee, Immigration detention]

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Juvenile Justice- Helpful or harmful?

- Throughout the years, the Juvenile detention has suffered from an identity crisis so severe that it seems to be relinquishing its ability to help youth. The United States still puts more children and teenagers in juvenile detention than any other developed nations in the world. As it turns out, it seems to be hurting our youth more than helping them become better for society. The juvenile detention is a really unfavorable strategy for many youths under the age of 19. Not only does throwing a kid in detention often reduce the chance that he or she will graduate high school, but it also raises the chance that the youth will commit more crimes later on in life....   [tags: Juvenile Detention, Identity Crisis]

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Juveniles in Adult Facilities: History of the Juvinile Justice System

- Introduction In 1899, the juvenile justice court system began in the United States in the state of Illinois. The focus was intended to improve the welfare and rehabilitation of youth incarcerated in juvenile justice system. The court mainly was focused on the rehabilitation of the youths rather than punishing them being that they still have immature ways and still growing. Specialized detention centers, youth centers, and training schools were created to treat delinquent youth apart from adult offenders in adult facilities....   [tags: rehabilitation, detention facilities]

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The Transition of an Offender from Jail into the Community

- ... These barriers that offenders face upon release is why solid solutions and planning must be implemented when considering the integration of ex-felons into society and preparation for reentry must begin well before the scheduled release date in order to successfully reintegrate an inmate into society and reduce the rate of recidivism. Many offenders will be released from prison and yet approximately 60% will return for violating the law (Beard, Johnson, & Kemp, 2003). An inmate that has an education equivalent to a high school diploma reduces the risk of returning to prison by 24% and an inmate with an equivalent to a two-year degree has a rate of recidivism of 10%....   [tags: reentry, detention facilities, recidivism]

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Dawit Isask´s Daughter Fight for Fairness

- ... In early 2022 Betlehem started a petition to get the Prime Minister of Sweden, Thomas Bodström to demand a release of Dawit Isaak. Bodström had previously between 2000 to 2006 worked as the Minister of Justice so he had experience with stuff regarding the law. The petition got 131,274 signatures and Bodström was forced to take this seriously, but as expected he didn't do much. As previous Prime Ministers he didn't even visit Eritrea to meet with the Eritrean government, all he did was to publicly speak about Dawit Isaak and that it's horrible that a man can lose all his basic human rights for no apparent reason....   [tags: trial, detention, prison, government]

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Child Abuse in The Middle East

- Child Abuse in the Middle East is horrific. Most organizations supporting child abuse are trying to put a stop to the problem. Child abuse is spread throughout the world, but is mostly found in the Middle East. Some results of child abuse are bruises, fractures, broken bones, black eyes, ect. When a child is abused, they can become reluctant to discuss the abused caused to them out of fear. When a child grows up being abused, they think it’s ok, so when they have children of their own they abuse them also....   [tags: detention centers, shaken baby]

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Juvenile Detention Makes Teens Worse

- There are numerous critics of the juvenile justice system, and while most of their denunciations remain the same as those of the justice system at large, an ample portion of their criticisms revolve around the claim that incarcerating young people not only doesn’t work in deterring or rehabilitating them, but makes them worse and leads to adult misconduct. A report noted that youth sent to juvenile prison were 37 times more likely to be arrested as adults (Szalavitz, 2009). Another major problem some cite with the juvenile justice system is that most delinquent offends have some form of mental illness, and that while studies have shown that mental health treatment would be a better alternati...   [tags: juvenile justice system]

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Case Study : Offshore Processing Of Asylum Seekers

- Annotation #1- Journal Article Archbold, Lisa J. 2015. “Offshore processing of asylum seekers - is Australia complying with its international legal obligations?” QUT Law Review 15 (1): 137-158. Accessed April 15, 2016. doi: 10.5204/qutlr.v15i1.579. This article reports on Australia’s international obligation to asylum seekers and whether or not Australia is complying with these obligations. The main focus of this article is to explain how the Australian Government is neglecting their obligation by transferring asylum seekers to offshore processing centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, where there are less international obligations to abide by....   [tags: Law, Human rights, Immigration detention]

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Rights Among Eritrea

- Eritrea still has yet to take a break from gaining its Independence from Ethiopia in 1993. Human rights violations happen daily, regardless whether they won over their independence or not. Because of these violations being made, the Eritreans have no other choice but to try and flee the country. However, if most of the country decided to flee to get the rights they deserve, the population of around 5 million Eritreans would decrease dramatically. Most Eritreans were tortured or mentally abused by the government....   [tags: Human Trafficking, Detention Facilities]

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Description of Expectations of the Experience

- ... They handle all crimes committed by juveniles, including statuary offences. Most offenders are in the center because of domestic violence, drug charges, sexual misconduct and theft. Description of the Experience I was told to enter the smaller door on the left, which is what I did, and I entered a small room, and I had to push a button and introduce myself and expressed my business. I said, “my name is John Zekany, and I have an appointment with Lily Marx for an observation and interview”. I waited a few seconds, presumably so they could confirm my story....   [tags: Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Facility]

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The Memories Of Dr Tom Atherton

- • Stories based on the memories of Dr Tom Atherton, recounts his childhood memories of the second world war and how he escaped England, moved to Scotland as a foreigner • Upper class student who migrated to the US from Europe • Became a lecturer teaching religion studies with scholarly lecturers, then moved to Australia • Became an “ecumaniac’ and a Woomera chaplain • Worked in Woomera for the benefit of asylum seekers arriving in Australia, then moved back to America • Developed Parkinson’s disease, however retains a photographic memory, believes “the unreflective life is an empty life” • Speaks of his experience of first seeing the immigration detention center, • 1, 500 asylum seekers me...   [tags: Refugee, Australia, Barbed wire, Detention]

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A Report Issued By Amnesty International

- A report issued by Amnesty International in 1998, based on data from the Department of Justice and from individual states, estimates that as many as 200,000 youth under the age of eighteen, some as young as thirteen, are prosecuted in adult court annually. The action of sending children into the adult criminal justice system contrasts greatly with the traditional view that delinquent children need help to turn their lives around in order to succeed in their futures. Judges are said to refrain from giving the younger children harsh punishments, even if they commit the exact same crime as someone eighteen or older....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Juveniles Should Be Legal For The Criminal Justice System

- Many people in America believes that juveniles should be treated as an adult in the criminal justice system. They believe any age, no matter if you are age 10 or 15 should be tried as an adult. Treating juvenile as an adult in the criminal justice system should not be acceptable because it can have a negative impact on their lives. If I were in charge of New York state laws and procedures I would assure that all juvenile cases will not be handle in the adult court system. Whether the child is eight, fifteen, or seventeen they should not be treated as adults....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Youth detention center]

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Juvenile Trials And The First Juvenile Trial

- In 1899, Illinois became the first state to establish Juvenile trials. This came about because children were being treated the same as adults. Juveniles would be convicted and sentenced to either prison or death. Reformers were heavily against this and suggested that juveniles be rehabilitated rather being punished due to their immaturity. The House of Refuge in New York, which opened in 1824, was the first juvenile house of reform in the United States and the purpose was to house juvenile offenders....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Urban Involvement And Leadership Development

- a) Project BUILD, newly known as BUILD Violence Intervention Curriculum (Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership Development) is known as a violence prevention curriculum that is “designed to help youth in detention overcome problems” that emerge for their surroundings. Several obstacles that the youths may face includes gangs, crime, and drugs. The main goal of Project BUILD is to intervene with the youths who have come across the juvenile justice system to reduce recidivism and diminish the likelihood of becoming an adult offender....   [tags: Prison, Criminology, Youth detention center]

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Teen Accused Of Killing Sister Could Be Tried As Adult By Lisa Black And Duaa Eldeib

- “Teen accused of killing sister could be tried as adult” written by Lisa Black and Duaa Eldeib explores the case of a 14 year old girl that killed her sister. Her case was being handled by the State Attorney who stated that he must take several weeks to review the case in order to make a recommendation as to what sort of sentencing to give her; whether she should be tried as an adult or as a juvenile. All things were taken into consideration for this case, including psychological background, age, and most importantly the safety of the public....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?

- Daniel Zwerdling stated “If a fifteen year old and thirty year old commit the same, awful rape and murder, why shouldn’t society treat them the same?”. (“Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?”) The effect of a juvenile committing a murder and an adult committing a murder is the same. Juveniles committing high crimes should be judged as an adult and treated rightfully so with longer, more strict sentencings. When deciding whether or not a child should be tried as an adult one should look at the circumstances, the pros and the cons of convicting a minor as an adult....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Questions On Law Enforcement And Gangs

- Law Enforcement and Gangs The purpose of this study is the assessment of the self-reported questionnaire administered to juveniles’ detained in a detention facility in St. Louis regarding gang issues with gang and non-gang member’s. The responses are compared with responses from the detention facilities assigned St. Louis police officers and officers from the St. Louis’s members gang task force unit; that will assist in the designing of effective intervention programs. While seeking to answer to the hypothesis of: problems facing juveniles and the seriousness of these problems and how the ranking of the seven different intervention activities with the perceived importance among gang and non-...   [tags: Police, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Juvenile Probation And The Criminal Justice

- The field of Social Work that interests me is in the Criminal Justice Field, more specifically Juvenile Probation. Ever since I was a young child, everything about law enforcement and the criminal justice system has been a fascination of mine. By completing countless hours of volunteer work throughout my high school career, I’ve come to love working with the youth and being a mentor figure. Being able to play an active role in the lives of those children, and seeing a change in them, has helped shape me into the person I am today and was very rewarding....   [tags: Youth detention center, Crime, Prison]

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The Violation Of The Eighth Amendment

- I strongly believe that sending teens to jail is a violation of the eighth amendment. The amendment "prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel and unusual punishments". Many do and will argue that sending a juvenile to an adult court isn 't unfair or unusual because they were able to commit the crime without the regards to the harm it may bring. How can a teen even be considered an adult when they do not even have the same rights as an adult. Hypothetically thinking, place yourself into a situation where you are a minor and may have been accused and sentenced to an adult court....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

- The controversy of juveniles being tried as adults has plagued the U.S. for years now. If kids do not have the same rights as adults do and aren’t allowed to vote, drink alcohol, smoke, or drive until a certain age, is it acceptable for them to receive the same punishments as adults. It is questions like these that have caused endless debates to erupt in courtrooms. Locking minors in prisons may get them off the streets and reduce overall criminal activity, but there are issues of morality affecting people’s judgments....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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The Juvenile Court System

- The Juvenile Court System was established in 1899. The goal of the system was to act as parens patriae (the State as parent), which was the rationale for the right of the State to intervene in the lives of children in a manner different from the way it intervenes in the lives of adults. As stated by the U.S. Department of Justice, “The doctrine was interpreted to mean that, because children were not of full legal capacity, the State had the inherent power and responsibility to provide protection for children whose natural parents were not providing appropriate care or supervision,” (1999)....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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The Rights Of The Human Rights Commission

- Jones (2001, p. 258) argues that children within immigration processes are not granted full access to the rights defined in the UN’s Rights of the Child convention. Their rights may be affected, such as right to remain in the country, right to join with family, and ability to claim asylum (Jones, 2001, p. 258). The Human Rights Commission (2014, p. 62) argues that Australia has a duty of care to all people in detention centres especially children, which is currently unmet due to the unsafe conditions of detention centres....   [tags: Human rights, Law, Immigration detention, Refugee]

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Does One 's Bad Decision Necessarily Make Them A Bad Person?

- Does One’s Bad Decision Necessarily Make Them a Bad Person. His heart beat out of his chest and his expression showed the anxiety and adrenaline coursing through him. Shuffling along the hall, the thud of doors locking behind him rang in his ears. The urge to run, to flee, almost took hold, yet he managed to comply with the guards dragging him onward. He still couldn’t get the wails of his mother out of his head and the image of the judge looking down on him. Of all mistakes he had made this was the worst and he was paying the price now....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Youth detention center]

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The Child Welfare System Is Responsible

- Every country has a Juvenile system and each one has different ideas on how they sentence the offender. Each country comes up with different punishments whether it be jail time, probation, and detention home or depending on the seriousness even death. In different countries, age is a big factor on whether they will be held criminally responsible or not. Age also determines whether they are charged as a juvenile or adult. Finland handles their juveniles in a different matter than the United States....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Punishment, Youth detention center]

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The Criminal Justice Is The Incarceration Of Juveniles

- An ethical problem that exists in the field of criminal justice is the incarceration of juveniles. While juvenile incarceration has been decreasing over the past decade, it is still an ethical dilemma that many criminal justice professionals will come across. Juveniles’ brains are not fully developed, incarceration is used when not appropriate to fit the problem, and some populations are over-represented in the criminal justice system. Juvenile Brains It has been found that juvenile brains are not yet fully developed....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center, Ethics]

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Child Welfare And Its Effects On Children

- It is true that sometimes the Child Welfare system lets its children down and ends up raising offenders. However, that is not to say that what they do is simply or even mostly a failure, I am merely attempting to turn random stars into constellations. There are great changes that are made in this system. I have witnessed cases progress from being supervised visits to becoming monitored visits. I have seen mothers taking home their babies and children returning home because the parents have met their return conditions....   [tags: Mother, Family, Youth detention center, Parent]

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Juvenile Crimes And The Crime

- Today juveniles commit crimes without knowing what there consequence will be. Some people have juveniles do all there dirty work because there sentence is much less if an adult were to do the same crime. This normally happens in gangs where they don’t want to lose a member for long periods of time. That is not necessarily the case every time but more than likely it is. Some people even argue that it should be a fair sentence to everyone, adults and juveniles for committing the same crime. Different juvenile crimes result in different punishments by the law and in this paper it will include what punishments result in more severe and less severe sentences or punishments....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminology, Youth detention center]

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A Negative Effect On Juvenile Offenders

- Prison is just not a place to lock people away. It is a place for rehabilitation to occur. If this is true. Then why does it have a negative effect on juvenile offenders. In many states offenders as young as 14 years old can be trialed in adult courts (Scott). This leads to juvenile inmates being sent to adult correctional institutions. Even though courts believe this is unjust. They still have not done anything to solve this issue (Scott). The kid might have committed and atrocity so awful some adults would squirm at the thought of it....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center, Penology]

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`` Getting Ghost : Two Young Lives And The Struggle For The Soul Of An American City

- “Detroit is the murder capital of the nation.” This is all the United States tends to hear about Detroit, giving the city and its people a negative reputation. However, ethnographer and sociologist Luke Bergmann decided to dig a little deeper. In the ethnography “Getting Ghost: Two Young Lives and the Struggle for the Soul of an American City”, Bergmann wrote about his experience actually living in Detroit, creating emotional relationships with young African Americans, and viewing the drug trade first hand....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Youth detention center]

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Trying Juveniles As Adults : An Analysis Of State Transfer Laws And Reporting

- Grifin, Patrick, Sean Addie, Benjamine Adams, and Kathy Firestine. Trying Juveniles as Adults: An Analysis of State Transfer Laws and Reporting. Place of Publication Not Identified: Not Avail, 2012. U.S Department of Justice. Sept. 2011. Web. 1 Mar. 2016. This paper caught my attention with the amount of visuals this paper had. This paper gave me graphs that showed me how states differentiate from one state to another how juveniles are tried.The last thing that caught my attention from this paper was that there are transfer laws which are when a court can put a juvenile to be tried in an adult court....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Youth detention center, Law]

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Juvenile Offenders Should Not Be Given Life Sentences Without Parole

- During the last couple of years there has been many cases and opinions on juvenile justice. Whether or not children who commit serious crimes should be given life sentences without parole. People have different opinions on when a child should be tried as an adult or be sent to a juvenile detention center to be rehabilitated and given a second chance. Although the most asked question whenever this is being decided is does a murderer deserve a second chance and can he/she be trusted to live among the rest of us....   [tags: Murder, Life imprisonment, Youth detention center]

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The Law Enforcement Are Black Or Latino

- “Seventy percent of students involved in “in school” arrests or referred to the law enforcement are Black or Latino” (Travis doc). A majority of students attend school to graduate or further their education but many do not have the opportunity to accomplish neither of these achievements. A great majority of students are being sent down the school-to-prison pipeline, which is a transition from school to the juvenile or prison system. Schools have adopted a strict and militaristic policy to deal with defiant, violent, and slow learning students....   [tags: Prison, Education, Youth detention center, Teacher]

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Positives And Negatives Of Juveniles

- The purpose of this paper is to look at the positives and negatives of trying juveniles as adults. It will break down the supporting and arguing points of view. This was done by examining videos, surveys and articles about juveniles that have committed crimes. The videos showed examples of juveniles that have committed different crimes. Some got straightened out, while some continued their troubling ways. The survey asked random people about their thoughts and opinions on trying juveniles as adults....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Youth detention center, Adult]

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The United States Penitentiary System

- Introduction Prisons and other institution that house criminals were created to keep those who are a menace to society separated, so that everyone could live peaceably. Unfortunately, mankind has never been able to recover entirely from the threat of either a civil revolution, or sociological unrest. Since the creation of the man, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve have been at conflict with each other by innumerable wars. Since the dynastical rule of Rome and their implementation of the prison systems, man has been attempting to house the worlds’ worse criminals....   [tags: Prison, Law, Guantanamo Bay detention camp]

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police radar

- Police Radar Guns and Jammers Since Radar’s first use in 1937 by Watson-Watt, where they detected the motion of flying objects by calculating the difference in the signals emitted and received, Radars have been used in various occasion (Crochi). After laser was invented, the modern LIDAR system was used in such missions as the Apollo 15 to help draw moon’s map. Apart from its pervasive use in naval and aerial object detection, the modern technologies, based on the principle of Radar’s working mechanism, are used in smaller handy devices like radar guns to measure the speed of the object....   [tags: Object Detention, Jamming Devices]

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Juvenile Justice

- Portfolio on Juvenile Status Offenders A juvenile status offender is a youth charged with an offense that is not consider a crime if committed by an adult; this would include but not limited to running away from home, curfew violations, underage drinking, skipping school, or beyond a parents control. Status offenders are usually not incarcerated on their first offense, but violating a court order can find them as delinquent who can result in being place in a correction or detention facility. Juvenile crime statistics are gathered from local law enforcement agencies by the FBI in order to better understand the nature and extent of juvenile crimes in the United States....   [tags: Research Paper Youth Jail Detention]

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Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried Within Adult Courts For Crimes?

- ved in poor neighborhoods. I had lots of friends growing up in these neighborhoods. We play soccer outside all the time. Now when I see some of the friends I had, they’re either dropouts or they 're in jail. This is why I wanted to do this topic because I don’t have any friends that I grew up with. When I see the news and hear about kids who are going to prison for a while I think of my friends. I want to open people 's eyes and let them see the injustice there is in the justice system towards juveniles....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Youth detention center]

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The Night - Original Writing

- It looked like the floors had just been freshly polished. The walls too, look freshly painted white. Rocks sat on the far side of the room near the fire place. “Bethany did that when she walked across it yesterday.” Stevie commented. I looked over to Bethany who smiled at me and nodded, “Yep.” She wiggled her bare feet confidently. “No shoes either.” I didn’t know anything about the house, other than what I had heard from Bethany and Chris earlier. I’d met them earlier in the day when my grandmother decided to go help her step-father Morris clean his apartment....   [tags: Youth detention center, Crime, Prison]

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Detection And Investigation On The Justice System

- Each cases moves through the justice system step-by-step, from the first stage of detection through the final stage, which is discharge from the system. Each stage is important and affects the following stage, where it may or may not proceed to the next stage. As a client, you need to understand the justice process clearly in order to gain an understanding on how it works and what is happening in every stage. This will help you in knowing your rights and what you have to do when you are going through the justice process....   [tags: Jury, Crime, Criminal law, Law]

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The Crime Is A Crime

- A crime is a crime, regardless of how old a person is. When juveniles are tried as adults, it will not only make them understand the consequences of their actions, but it will also help to keep them from committing any more crimes. It will help them understand that even though they are juveniles, it doesn’t mean they are given any special privileges because of their youth. Furthermore, when juveniles receive harsh punishments for committing crimes, their peers will learn from the mistakes of their friends; hopefully, helping keep them from committing crimes themselves....   [tags: Youth detention center, Crime, Prison, Murder]

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Issues Raised by Use of Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Software

- Issues Raised by Use of Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Software This past week, I worked with a couple of other members of the Writing Department at GVSU to prepare a position statement on plagiarism detection software. GVSU only recently acquired a subscription to Turnitin, and myself and the other teachers were concerned that teachers in other disciplines would be unware of the issues surrounding plagiarism detection services. The following is the full text of the statement which has been distributed on our campus....   [tags: Plagiarism Detection Software]

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Ethical Accounting Failure: The Enron Scandal

- According to Croxford” Ethical accounting failure has continued to occur in multinational companies in spite of the increased legislation, enhanced corporate governance programs, and greater attention on business ethics by the academic community.” (Croxford, 2010) According to his research, (Croxford, 2010) believed “that accounting professional was discriminated against based on their age, culture, gender, and education.” Multinational corporations have been facing ethical failures scandals for many years....   [tags: audit, quality control, detection of fraud]

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Use of PET for the Detection of Cancer

- Prostate cancer imaging with 18F-fluorocholine A combination of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy is generally used for the detection of prostate cancer [17]. However, conventional prostate biopsy, even using 6–12 needle samples, is susceptible to sampling error with a false- negative rate as high as 30–40% [18, 19]. In addition, postradiotherapy prostate biopsies are prone to problems in interpretation (due to the presence of radiation effects and the lack of knowledge of the time required for residual tumour to become nonviable after radiation [20]) and transrectal ultrasound-guided sextant biopsy typically understages disease in patients with...   [tags: Prostate cancer imaging]

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The Biological Integrated Detection System

- The Biological Integrated Detection System The Biological Integrated Detection System is a United States Army asset that provides the ability to alert, detect, analyze, identify and report the presence of biological agents on the battlefield. In today’s world of ever expanding and uncertain chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats, it is more important than ever to understand the availability of tools used to protect the populace. In the United States of America, the citizenry is fortunate to have the United States Army as a front line resource that maintains elements within its organization to guard against these threats....   [tags: US army, battlefield, biological threats]

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The Importance Of Detection And Prevention Of Crime

- Introduction When choosing an occupation, one has hundreds of different opportunities that are available. Throughout childhood, every person has had some form of a dream job they wanted to reach. Some people wanted to be astronauts, others firefighters, and yet some wanted to be police officers. The lifestyle that is portrayed of a police officer on the television looks glamourous and action packed, with high speed chases all the time and frequent doughnut stops. But this is not necessarily the reality of the situation....   [tags: Crime, Police, Constable, Police officer]

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The Fine Art Of Baloney Detection

- According to Carl Sagan, there is baloney everywhere and we must be able to spot the truths among the lies, cons, and exaggerations if we are to protect ourselves from false information, and being conned. Sagan’s essay The Fine Art of Baloney Detection provides a set of rules to follow that can help determine baloney from truth and facts. Sagan provides nine rules to help in skeptical thinking and determining lies from truths, some being more useful than others. The first rule is that there must always be a confirmation of so-called facts separate from where the so-called facts are stated....   [tags: Scientific method, Hypothesis]

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Zombie Detection Of The Zombie Apocalypse

- During an intense night during the zombie apocalypse, Jimmy had developed a product to help prevent the spread of the biological outbreak with a zombie detection device. He planned the development of a company and the product under the protection of United States intellectual property laws but was unsuccessful because his Aunt Jane pulled out from investing in his “education.” This ultimately led to the extinction of the human race because Jimmy was not truthful to his aunt or fortunate enough to find other investors for his plan....   [tags: Trademark, Intellectual property, Copyright]

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Ct Detection Of Cancer And Cancer

- CT Detection of Cancer Nearly everyone has been or will be touched by cancer in some way at some point in their lifetime. There is more medical technology every day that helps detect and treat cancer earlier helping people survive longer. Computed tomography is one of those technologies, it can be used to diagnose cancer, stage cancer for treatment, and more. This paper is going to examine four different types of cancers: breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer and how CT is used in detection of these....   [tags: Cancer, Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, Colon]

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Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

- There are a few different types of Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems and techniques out on the market today. I will go over some of the standards used to help secure businesses and data all over the world. First there is the term passive and active security, passive security is like a firewall and blocks attacks based on rules, settings, or an internet content filter that blocks malicious web sites. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) is a device that uses active security; this can detect an attack as it occurs....   [tags: Computer Networking]

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The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

- Critical thinking skills in daily life can be the difference between a good decision and a bad decision. Skeptical thinking, likewise, is an important tool that many people use in order to discern between these decisions, and to make educated choices about their lives and the things that they choose to believe. As a consumer of science, I believe that it is important for people to have a repertoire of skeptical thinking skills, or tools, in order to make decisions deriving from the barrage of information (both false and true) that we absorb on a daily basis....   [tags: skeptical thinking, skepticism, carl sargan]

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The Fine Art Of Baloney Detection

- In today’s world there are always people trying to come up with a new way to explain something. There will always be people trying to pedal a new product or story about an innovative new way to look at things. Some of these ideas will really be ground-breaking, but many of these will be false ideas. Many of them will just be honest mistakes, but just as many will be ideas from people trying to trick other people. Carl Sagan recognizes this and writes about it in his article The Fine Art of Baloney Detection....   [tags: Scientific method, Theory, Want]

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Investigation Of Fraud Detection And Investigation

- If you suspect that your company has been defrauded, then there are a number of steps and options that you can take: 1. Fraud detection and investigation The first important step is to determine if a fraud or any other criminal activity, has taken place. At this moment, you may know for certain or you may have suspicions that fraud has occurred. Sometimes the way people behave, can suggest that they are committing a fraud. These signs are called 'red flags '. • You 've noticed significant changes in somebody’s behavior; • They have financial losses or large personal debts, having the desire to gain; • Audit control find errors or irregularities; • Sometimes, the transactions take place at...   [tags: Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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Medical Detection Or Cure For Autism

- Treatments: There is no medical detection or cure for autism (“Facts about Autism”). There are, however, many treatment methods that parents can follow to be able to give the best possible experience for their child. “Treatments should be based on your child’s needs. From there you can prioritize when, where and under conditions each treatment program would be used” (Robinson 110). Robinson lists a bunch of treatment possibilities that are open to autistic children: “Educational options, behavioral therapy, and medical recommendations, etc” (Robinson 111)....   [tags: Autism, Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome]

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Immunohistochemistry: Antigen Detection in Tonsillitis

- ... proliferation and apoptosis. Extensively used by researchers to figure out the distribution and localization of biomarkers and proteins in organic tissue. IHC involved the conjugation of an antibody with an enzyme, e.g. peroxidase, able to catalyse the reaction that produces colour. The IHC procedure included paraffin sections that were de-waxed and pre-treated before staining. Hydrogen peroxidase was used to block endogenous peroxidase activity. Non- specific binding of protein (antibody) was inhibited by goat serum, the same species as the secondary antibody....   [tags: antibody, oral cavity, control]

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Detection Dogs and their Training

- Graham Vest stated, “the one absolutely unselfish friend a man may have in this selfish world….is the dog” at a Missouri trial in 1870, over 500 years after the first instalment of dogs in civil services (Orbaan, 15). Unlike man, canines possess a courageous attribute that does not fail even in the moment of an emergency and will not back down to daily challenges that may arise on the job each day. Law enforcement agencies around the world, both big and small, employ canines to assist officers in the field....   [tags: Dogs, Civil Protection, Patrolling]

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