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The Special Forces Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment

- I have organized this paper into five distinct sections; mission, task organization, capabilities, limitations, and finally the conclusion. After the reading and comprehension of this paper, you should have gained a basic understanding of the Special Forces (SF) Chemical Reconnaissance Detachments (CRD). The following paper is mixed with Unclassified (UCI) and For Official Use Only (FOUO) information. FOUO is annotated at the beginning of all For Official Use Only information, the rest of the paper is UCI....   [tags: US army, special forces, ]

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Sharing Detachment Behind a Wall of Glass

- While James Wright’s poem “Lying in a Hammock” accentuates the hopelessness in the quickly fleeting moments in time, and Franz Wright’s poem “Flight” exposes the consequences of a distant father on a son longing for a relationship he never had, the two poems are linked by the underlying theme of detachment. It is evident, by juxtaposing these two works, divided by literary devices such as style or syntax, the underlying themes are circumstantially shared and induced by the hardship of life itself....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha

- I have experienced a situation in which my Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFODA) did not properly anticipate the psychological effects. I had participated in several medical civil action projects (MEDCAPs) while in Southeast Asia and proposed the idea to do one while in Afghanistan. The SFODA had already been in the isolated, remote Khakrez region for several months and wanted a reason to show a presence in the villages to our north. We would also use this as an opportunity to have our ANA counterparts put the out a positive message on the behalf of the Government of Afghanistan....   [tags: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson]

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Emotional Detachment in "Soldier's Home"

- A photo of Krebs during World War I shows him with a corporal and two German girls on the Rhine River. One's first thought of this picture may be of a lighthearted sightseeing trip on leave from the front. However, in the photograph, Krebs and the other corporal are described as "too big for their uniforms," the German girls as "not beautiful," and the Rhine does not even appear in the photograph (154). This is how Ernest Hemingway begins "Soldier's Home," the story of a young war veteran named Harold Krebs who has recently returned home....   [tags: American Literature]

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Parental Detachment in I Stand Here Ironing

- Every parent knows how difficult it is to make decisions in the best interest of their children. There is always some doubt in the back of the mind, what if this happens or that happens. Tillie Olsen shows in her story “I Stand Here Ironing” the conflict and the results of one mother’s decisions. She illustrates the back, forth motion of the iron as the back and forth doubts in the mother’s mind. The detachment between mother and daughter in “I Stand Here Ironing” is understandable. The mother struggles daily with the decisions she made while her oldest child Emily was a young baby and toddler....   [tags: I Stand Here Ironing, parenting, ]

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lighthod Detachment in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

- Detachment in Heart of Darkness In the book Heart of Darkness, Marlowe only allows himself to form only one bond. Marlowe allows himself to form a small "safe" attachment to Kurtz because Kurtz is already very attached. He does not form any other bonds. In fact, he uses his racism to eliminate the possibility of having feelings for about ninety nine percent of the African population. Marlowe not only looks at the African people as being to different from him to be normal, but he goes so far as to describe Africa as being another world, a world containing savages....   [tags: Heart Darkness essays]

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An Analysis of Title Choice in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Supervised Writing #5 Why is the book titled "The Stranger". Who is the Stranger suppose to be. Some might ask why the novel was titled "The Stranger". Others may ask who 'The Stranger' was in the first place. To answer both questions, one must know the important aspects of the novel and observe how the characters act. First of all, "The Stranger" is a fictional novel written by Albert Camus and was first published in 1942. The story is based around Meursault who learns that his mother has passed away....   [tags: emotional detachment, society, ideology]

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Everything Happens for a Reason

- “Everything happens for a reason.” This was the last thing that my young philosophical mind told me. I had now lost the ability to think philosophically indefinitely. This incident is something that sounds really dubious, but is absolutely real. This was after my grandfather’s death – first death in my family since my birth, and before my experiences of hearing words that weren’t said, and seeing things that weren’t there. I used to be an obsessively compulsive and hyperactive person before this incident – and now I was calm, emotionless and fearless of death, which was sure to come....   [tags: detachment, sadhguru, mercy]

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The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro: Contrasting the Upper and Lower Classes

- ... In the interests of the guests we have staying here. I’ve looked into it carefully, Stevens, and I’m letting you know of my conclusion’” (146). He uses this statement to qualify the former; however, he still does not identify the housemaids or make any reference to them. Lord Darlington only worries about the “interests of the guests,” not the interests of the two employees he is firing. He is also extremely indifferent towards the feelings of the people, as he does what is “good for this house,” not what is good for the employees within it....   [tags: cruelty, detachment, racism, tones]

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Absurdity of the Main Character in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- The Stranger by Albert Camus is a novel told through the eyes of a man named Meursault, living in French occupied Algeria during the height of colonial rule. Meursault, the existential protagonist who is psychologically detached from the world around him, is ruled by his base instincts rather than sentimental feelings leading to a perceived irrationality of his character. This novel explores the theme of absurdity and the actions of a seemingly absurd man perceiving his world as dysfunctional. Camus’ use of first person narrative limits the reader’s understanding of the events in the novel....   [tags: Detachment, Amoral, Alienation]

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The Indifference of People to Suffering

- Indifference is perhaps the greatest tragedy of our modern era. It’s everywhere. Like a cancer, it has grown slowly yet steadily and we have now reached a point where it has become the norm. Indeed, the spirit of indifference. We have even become "indifferent" to indifference itself. The cruelty and non-emotional detachment of the” indifferent”, and their indifference to the suffering of others are as varied as are many. Such as, ignorance, fear, profit, power, control and dominance. The indifference of people to the pain, suffering, torture and the murder of others, is a continuing theme of human tragedy....   [tags: non-emotional detachment, compassion]

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Separating Ourselves from the World

- Human connection and detachment plays a significant role in the advancement of our moral self in the sociological and philosophical aspect of our lives. Human connectedness is the ability to seperate our inner self from the outside world. This means that our own judgement is based off the way we look upon ourselves as an individual person and the way we look at ourselves from someone else’s point of view. The reasoning that we do in our daily lives let us understand the two worlds that we create for ourselves....   [tags: connection, detachment, identify]

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Vision Problems: Retinal detachment

- What are common vision problems. Some people take their health for granted they don’t notice how it can affect them in the future, but others don’t even stop and think about their vision. Vision is one of the most important parts in your body. Without being able to see you wouldn’t see the most wonderful things in the world. Teenagers care so much about their tv shows and their cell phones but without your vision you wouldn’t be able to watch tv nor text and use all those social networks. There is many ways you can test your vision....   [tags: eye problems, light receptors]

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Special Forces Chemical Detachments

- Special Forces Chemical Detachments The Chemical Corp is made up of many unconventional units all with unique training that is specifically tailored to their mission. A mission most people would never conceive to volunteer for. One of those groups is the Special Forces Chemical Detachment or (CDA’s). This specialized group is better known as a Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment (CRD) or a Chemical Decontamination Detachment (CDD). Each team is constructed in a unique manner, their purpose each individually crucial, created at a time when the world it most....   [tags: The Chemical Corp, CDA, CRD, CDD]

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The Humane Work of Nurses & Voluntary Aid Detachments during WW1

- The Humane Work of Nurses & Voluntary Aid Detachments during WW1 The dictionary describes the word " humane " as ... "...humane adj. Kind, compassionate, merciful." and this was indeed so in the case of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to ease the suffering of the wounded soldiers of all combatants in the fields of northern France and Belgium, during the First World War. In the early days of the war, army nursing was strictly a male preserve, until it was necessary to recruit female nurses from the ranks of middle and upper class ladies....   [tags: World War I History]

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Existentialism in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Originally released in French, The Stranger by Albert Camus (published in 1942) follows the story of Meursault whom is a French man living in Algeria prior to the 2nd World War and gives his own unique perspective of the events between when he receives a telegram stating that his mother had recently pass away to when he is executed for the murder of a man only referred to as “The Arab” whom he had shot. Meursault had an interesting outlook on life and it is unclear why he feels the way he does but his tone is constantly detached, plain, and at times subtly ironic....   [tags: Dettachment, Reality]

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The Heritage Of Modern Army Helicopter Medical Evacuation Units ( Medevac )

- The heritage of modern Army helicopter medical evacuation units (MEDEVAC) can attribute the coined phrase “Dustoff” to their early beginnings in the Vietnam War, however aerial MEDEVAC dates back much earlier. Some of the first medical evacuation flights took place during World War II as a means to quickly move stabilized patients to hospitals with greater surgical and treatment capabilities. Nearing the end of WWII rotary wing aircraft made their first appearance on the battle field little was known at that time regarding the major role they would play in future battles and wars....   [tags: World War II, Korean War, Helicopter]

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The Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Survey

- The Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Survey Teams find out information on an enemy target in order to defend the country against the threat of CBRN weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Army has drastically evolved in terms of the Chemical Corp. Today there are multiple units around the world that operate in Survey Teams. The two most popular units in the Chemical Corp are Technical Escort Units and Chemical Reconnaissance Detachments. There is much confusion about what the operations of these two units entail....   [tags: Information, Enemy Target, Defend the Country]

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Coats Disease and Vision

- Coats Disease Imagine an eye disease so rare, it is more common in males and cannot be prevented. Coats disease is a disease that causes a gradual decrease in vision in mainly males. It can lead to retinal detachment and vision loss. Coats disease is a very rare disease that occurs mainly in males; however, it is not hereditary. There is treatment available that can possibly cure Coats but, that is only if it is caught early on. Most of the time, Coats is not diagnosed until later in life which in that case can lead to loss of vision....   [tags: eye exam, treatment, patients]

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Questions On The Medical Values

- 1. The medical values learned in chapter 11 are, emotional detachment, professional socialization, clinical experience, mastering uncertainty, mechanistic model, intervention, and emphasis on acute and rare illnesses. The three that I mainly care about are, emotional detachment, mastering uncertainty, and clinical experience. Emotional detachment is a very important medical value because this can strongly affect not only the patient but the doctor as well. The doctor is supposed to sustain emotional detachment from patients....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Physician, Patient]

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Patient With Stickler’s Syndrome

- Stickler’s syndrome is a group of genetic disorders which affects the collagen biosynthesis gene. This disrupts the metabolism of hyaluronic acid and the collagen of the 2-D type and affects connective tissue in the body, specifically that of collagen. The estimated prevalence of Sticklers syndrome is about 1 in 10,000 people and it affects 1 in 7500 to 9000 newborns. Those who are affected with Stickler’s syndrome are at risk of developing facial abnormalities, ocular problems such as glaucoma, high myopia, retinal detachment, vitreous humour abnormalities, joint problems and hearing loss....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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The Great Battle For The Island Of Iwo Jima

- The great battle for the island of Iwo Jima, also known as Operation Detachment, has left multiple opinions on whether the battle was necessary. Iwo Jima is an island that just happens to be in the Pacific, and it had the right geographical advantage to cause problems for the American military. Were these problems worth the title of being one of the worse battles in American history. If the amphibious assault was being well practiced between the Navy and Marines Corps, then why did it lead to all those deaths....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, Royal Marines]

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An Analysis on Hagakure

- One of the most fundamental philosophies of the samurai is that of detachment from the self. This detachment allows for a freedom from fear, which is essential to the samurai warriors. In the opening of Hagakure, Tsunetomo states that “the Way of the Samurai is found in death”. These rank among the greatest and most well known phrases in Japanese history, and in fact in the history of the world. Death is not to be feared by the samurai, it is to be embraced. The relationship between the samurai and his master is of the utmost importance, and only through detachment can the samurai fully and properly serve his master....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Leadership As A Leader Of The Organization And Its Missions

- 1. “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Ref. c.) Picture two ships heading in the same direction toward a destination or goal. These two ships represent my two ships that comprise my definition of leadership. Leadership is two ships-Relationships and Ownership. These are the backbone of leadership in any organization. As a leader, I have to establish and nurture relationships with my members so that I know their strengths and areas for growth....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Future, Time]

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Symptoms That Meet The Criteria For Acute Stress Disorder

- Diagnosis: 308.3 (F43.0) Acute Stress Disorder Evidence for Diagnosis: A 39-year-old female television reporter referred to as K.D. is describing symptoms that meet the criteria for acute stress disorder (ASD) in the trauma- and stressor-related disorder category of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.; DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013). Therefore, a diagnosis of acute stress disorder is presently appropriate. At this point in time, however, it is uncertain if the presenting symptoms are or are not transient responses to the traumatic event....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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The Five Eastern Religions Of Hinduism

- The five Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Shinto have some similarities when it comes to the their beliefs on death. Hinduism and Buddhism both believe in karma and reincarnation, while Daoism and Shintoism revolve their beliefs around nature. Confucianism chooses not to focus on things we do not know, so their beliefs on death are limited. In deciphering the different beliefs on death associated with each religion, it is important to understand the different belief systems and their origins....   [tags: Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedas, Reincarnation]

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Emotional And Behavioral Development Patterns

- When we observe the interactions between a parent and their child, we might expect to see a loving and caring relationship. The parent comforts their child in times of distress, provides nourishment and shelter, and an overall sense of security. We might also notice that when these needs are not met, the child 's behavior is immediately impacted. Why is this. As humans, we quite literally depend on the connections and feelings we receive from the people around us. It is an innate need that if a person is lacking it, will critically impact their behavior....   [tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby]

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Cultural Divide Among Settlers in Colonial America

- During the 17th Century, there was a major cultural divide between the rich white settlers in colonial America and the poor white settlers. Many of the poor whites were subjected to indentured servitude, which was in that time one small step away from being a slave. In fact, indentured servants united with slaves in a fight for land and wealth in what is now called Bacon’s Rebellion. There was also a major divide between settlers living in the rural “backcountry” and the city dwellers. The city dwellers were the ones who were involved in the colonial assemblies, and were therefore making decisions which affected the unrepresented backcountry men....   [tags: American History]

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Tommy Wilhelm’s Deception of Reality in Seize The Day

- Tommy Wilhelm’s Deception of Reality Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day symbolizes the complexity of American culture in the 1950s. During the post World War II era, America is experiencing a rapid economic growth. Also, America is experiencing the beginning stages of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. In Seize the Day, Bellow uses setting, characters and imagery to symbolize the psychological detachment of American’s during the corresponding time period. In Seize the Day, Tommy Wilhelm is portrayed as a middle aged man who is living in New York City....   [tags: post world war II, economic growth]

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The Significance of Soliloquy in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Soliloquy in Shakespeare’s work allows us, as readers and/or as an audience, to dive in a character’s mind. It is that extra view that makes us see what the characters in Shakespeare’s work can’t see. In this particular soliloquy from Act III sc. 1 lines 48-72, we witness a sad soliloquy as it shows Macbeth’s growing detachment from humanity due to his guilt conscience that keeps coming back. The soliloquy shows he is never at peace ever since he broke the laws of nature but takes it a step further when he starts cutting ties with his close friend, Banquo who is known for his wisdom, and leads us to think what Macbeth could possibly do next....   [tags: Macbeth Essays]

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Attachment Theories: Are Early Attachments Really Necessary?

- Attachment theory concerns the psychological, evolutionary and ethological ideas that help us understand relationships between people. Theorists believe that a child has a need to form attachments with an adult care giver to ensure adequate growth and social and emotional development. This ‘bond’ has to be maintained by the care giver and mostly uninterrupted to ensure a child grows into a happy and confident, adapted adult. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory has heavily influenced research into attachment, underpinning the importance of the mother/child bond on future child development....   [tags: early childhood education, psychology]

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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albon

- ... Morrie thought Mitch many lessons but the most important one was “Love or perish”. In his fourteen Tuesday lessons with Mitch, Morrie taught him that love is the most important piece of every person and every relationship, and that to live without it, as Mitch says “is to live with nothing”. Morrie ones sad “most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in” Pg. (52). The importance of love in his life is especially clear to Morrie as he becomes weaker and more dependent on others and without the help and care of the people he loves, and who love him, he would perish....   [tags: love or perish, favorite professor]

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The Korean War On South Korea

- The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when North Korean troops coordinated attacks on several strategic locations along the 38th Parallel and marched towards Seoul, South Korea (Millett, 2002). Immediately following these actions, President Harry S. Truman committed United States troops to the conflict and joined the United Nations on the side of South Korea. The Korean War would become a major international conflict in which over 2.5 million people lost their lives (Millett, 2002). Although the Korean War Armistice Agreement that was signed on July 27, 1953 ended open hostilities, the Korean War is technically still an active conflict today (Rottman, 2002)....   [tags: Korean War, World War II, South Korea]

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Research On The Essential Recovery Experience

- Major Contribution In their meta-analysis, Clark, Michel, Zhdanova, Pui, & Baltes, (2015) found that workaholism is associated with personal characteristics that is driven by achievements. Also, workaholism is unrelated to self-esteem, positive affect, gender, parental status, and marital status. In addition, workaholism is linked to many negative consequences, such as burnout, work stress, conflict between work and life, and lower physical and mental health. Similarly, Schaufeli, & Bakker, (2004) asserts that burnout and engagement are negatively related as burnout is predicted by job demands and engagement is predicted by the job resources availability....   [tags: Family, Psychology, Addiction]

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Bushido and Hagakure

- The fundamental philosophy of the samurai is that of detachment from the self. In the opening of Hagakure, Tsunetomo states that “the Way of the Samurai is found in death”. Death is not to be feared by the Samurai, it is to be embraced. The relationship between the samurai and his master is of the utmost importance, and only through detachment can the samurai fully and properly serve his master. These are two core, fundamental philosophies of bushido, and are influenced heavily by two other prominent schools of thought of the time, Zen Buddhism and Confucianism....   [tags: Japan]

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The Key Method Of Folding

- Figure 7 Locations of transects taken across the Zagros in the Lorestan, Dezful Embayment, and Fars region to reconstruct cross sections in Figure 8. Drawn from McQuarrie 2004. Figure 8: Cross section in the Fars (from A-A’), Dezful Embayment (from B-B’), and Lorestan (from C-C’) region of the Zagros after shortening. Refer Figure 7 for locations of each transect. Drawn and modified from McQuarrie 2004. ______________________________________________________________________________ The key method of folding (deformation) proposed by simulations is detachment folding (Hatzfield et....   [tags: Plate tectonics, Orogeny, Geology, Fault]

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Unilateral Acute Multifocal Posterior Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy with Papillitis

- Introduction: Gas in 1968 described Acute Posterior Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy (APMPPE) as being a condition that caused acute and rapid loss of central vision due to multiple pale lesions at the level of Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) in the posterior pole. (1) It is a self-limiting condition which recovers spontaneously over a three weeks period leaving residual pigment epithelial alterations.(2) The typical features in acute phase include cream colored placoid lesions at the level of RPE, early hypofluorescence and late hyperfluorescence of the lesions on Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA).(2) It is usually followed by a viral flu like prodrome in 1/3 of the patient...   [tags: eyesight, ophthalmology, diagnosis]

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Mental Health State

- Low vision assessments as a routine normally include case history and psychophysical measurements. By adding mental health state and low vision quality of life questionnaires during case history, a better quality of low vision rehabilitation can be offered to low vision patients. Low vision rehabilitation is very rewarding because much can be offered to assist the low vision patients. We report a 43-years old female who had tractional retinal detachment secondary to diabetic retinopathy and how low vision rehabilitation can be improved by adding simple steps incorporating mental health state and quality of life questionnaire which can be measured objectively during case history in low vision...   [tags: Healthcare, Vision, Mental Health]

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Magical Realism in House of the Spirits vs. Realism in Madame Bovary

- Through the application of Realism, Gustave Flaubert demonstrates Emma’s detachment of the death of the characters in Madame Bovary, which contrasts to Isabel Allende’s demonstration of Clara’s attachment to the death of the characters in The House of the Spirits by utilizing Magical Realism. In The House of the Spirits, the characters all share a spiritual bond, which leads to emotional and spiritual connections for Clara during the death of the characters. On the contrary, in Madame Bovary, Emma Bovary depicts a realistic and natural character in society which portrays her selfishness, lack of emotions, and overall detachment towards the death of the others....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Gustave Flaubert ]

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Comparison of Images of Children and Childhood in Two Advertisements

- The following interpretations and comparisons utilise Kress and Van Leeuwen’s (2006) framework, unless otherwise indicated. OPTION A Why I chose these two texts Cleverly constructed emotive messages in relation to the expectations of children appear evident in the following two texts - ‘Gun’, a 2006 Italian poster advertisement (TEXT 1) produced by the ‘Save The Children Fund’, and ‘Huggies’, a 2010 US magazine advertisement (TEXT 2) – it is clear that childhood expectations from western society around the developmental tasks of children are contrasting, depending on where the child is born and is being raised....   [tags: Semiology Essays]

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Women Can Be `` Bad Ass `` Too Steven Spielberg

- Women can be “bad-ass” too, Steven Spielberg The commonalities between the ways men are portrayed in American film can be damaging to both woman and men due to hegemonic masculinity and manhood acts. Hegemonic masculinity refers to the way that men are raised to compete to be the most masculine and use that masculinity to put themselves above others. Sharon Bird’s definition of hegemonic masculinity is “the norm to which men are held accountable despite individual conceptualizations of masculinity that depart from the norm” (Bird, 120)....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Male]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Shakespeare's Richard the Third

- All the passions of the irascible rise from the passions of the concupiscible appetite and terminate in them. For instance, anger rises from sadness, and, having wrought vengeance, terminates in joy. -- St. Thomas Aquinas Richard the Third is an intense exploration of the psychology of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that exploration is centered on Richard’s mind. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened....   [tags: Shakespeare, Richard III]

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The work of Bertolt Brecht for ideas and inspiration

- Rainer Werner Fassbinder is one of the most prominent Brechtian filmmakers of the New German Cinema Period. His work closely resembled that of Brecht which could be due to that they had similar ideologies and backgrounds in the sense that they both saw problems with the people of their country becoming passive consumers and less becoming active producers. This was achieved by making the audience aware of what they are watching and allowing them to see the political aesthetics. According to Alan Lovell, “Brecht’s political aesthetics have spawned due to capitalism and the development of consumption after World War Two in countries such as the United States and Japan.” What Lovell mean here...   [tags: radical filmakers, sixties, seventies, films]

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How Most People in Society Deal with Judgement

- ... He always seemed to put on his hat only when he was in private, when he knew he wouldn't be judged. He wore it when he was writing Stradlater's composition about Allie's baseball mitt alone in his room at Pency Prep, because he was opening himself up emotionally by writing about his deceased brother and needed the shield the hat offered. He also wore it when he left Pency Prep and yelled "Sleep tight, ya morons" down the hall, because he needed that security when he made a bold decision. One last example is at the end of the book and he was watching Phoebe on the carousel, he put his hat on over his eyes so no one could see him cry....   [tags: Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye]

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Analysis of the Poem "Acquainted with The Night"

- In “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost, the narrator goes through his night saying where he is and how he is alone. Considering the fact that he doesn’t make eye contact, it shows that he is incapable of interacting with other people. Unfortunately, we never find out what makes the narrator so dejected, but Frost lets us know in his writing how the narrator handles things throughout his late night walking in the city. This poem articulates depression, loneliness, and isolation. Robert Frost's poem, "Acquainted with the Night," expresses depression....   [tags: robert frost, depression, loneliness]

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Civil-Military Relationship in The American Military Coup of 2012

- The Civil-Military relationship is one that is very dynamic and dependent upon the world in which we live in. With our government becoming increasingly complex with additional demands placed upon the civilian and military portions of our government, there seems to be a growing dependence of the people on the government. This is dangerous and can plant the seeds for a soft despotism which Tocqueville warned us against. We are entering an era that would be difficult for our founding fathers to predict....   [tags: government, Charles Dunlap, civilian]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

- “Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event (NIMH, 2016).”Most people experience feelings or reactions after something traumatic has happened to them. A traumatic event can be an assault, sexual abuse, combat, an accident and more. Some people recuperate from their traumatic experience, but some people continue to experience reactions related to the traumatic event and are diagnosed with PTSD....   [tags: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor]

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The Qin ' Dynasty Influence On China

- The Qin (Ch’in) Dynasty brought many good fortunes to China. One fortune being the proclaimed “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the Terracotta Army, which covers about 20 square miles in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. Hard, kiln dried clay figures stand side-by-side in military formation, to protect their beloved leader in his afterlife (Source F). Emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried not far from the Terracotta Army. Ying Zheng was born the son of a king and at age thirteen, succeeded his father’s throne. As he was still not of age to control the state yet, he waited until he was twenty-two to be rid of his temporary replacement....   [tags: Qin Shi Huang, Terracotta Army, Xi'an]

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The Last Labyrinth and Hindu Vision

- Mythology refers to the beliefs or opinions that people have about something when one things that they are false and untrue. So we can say that mythology caters the material, spiritual and cultural aspirations of the people. Some of the traits of mythology are also referred in the religion and culture. Religion reflects both God and man. It is a life to be lived which allows scope and validity to varied approaches to the Divine. All great religions preach respect for other ways of life whatever their practices may be....   [tags: religion, mythology, identity, India]

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The Four Elements Of Ignatian Spirituality

- Chapter One: A Way Of Proceeding • Consider the four elements of Ignatian spirituality (pp. 5-11): finding God in all things, becoming a contemplative in action, looking at the world in an incarnational way, and seeking freedom and detachment. Does any approach come more naturally to you than others. Do you shy away from any---and if so, what might be the root of that resistance. They say that if you ask any five Jesuits from around the world the same question, you would get the same response from all of them (Jesuit Guide, pg....   [tags: Religion, Meaning of life, Spirituality]

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Black Mamba: The Female Badass

- What defines a real “Badass?” Most will agree that this label applies to a tough and rebellious individual who follows his own path. However, this term is inherently masculine as it involves rough qualities associated with a powerful male. In Jack Katz’s analysis in “Ways of the Badass,” he refers only to males when he deconstructs the persona of this strong character. Despite this imbedded conception, can a female be considered a badass if she possesses the associated qualities. In Quentin Tarantino’s action film Kill Bill Volume 1, the main character seeking revenge through many brutal murders is not a man, but a strong and dominant female....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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The 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion

- The use MEDEVAC in the U.S. Army has been in place since the Korean War, it was used to transport soldiers when wounded on the battlefields back to the CASHs and MASH units for immediate care. The pilots, medics, crewmembers, nurses and flight surgeons that have flown and been assigned within these units are very proud of their service. The demanding schedules, fast reaction times and service these crews experience create a tight knit unit. Through the modernization (that the army started pushing in 2005) to realign aviation assets in Combat Aviation Brigades (CABs) has caused a substantial loss of historical identification for these units....   [tags: MEDEVAC, U.S. Army, History]

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The Dade Massacre: Florida Memory

- Treaties associated with Payne’s Landing and Fort Gibson in 1832, under the Andrew Jackson administration were written, to remove Seminole Indians out of Florida to the Westside of the Mississippi River. The Seminole Indians were to be made part of the Muscogee Creek Nation and would be given a piece of the countryside, and re-admitted to all privileges as members of the same. After years of no progression to the end state, a show of military presence was necessary and was placed into order. On 21, December 1835, six companies throughout the Florida peninsula, were ordered to go to Fort Brooke in Tampa Bay to aid in the eviction of the Seminole Indians....   [tags: seminole indians, payne's landing, fort gibson]

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

- “There were passions in him that would find their terrible outlet, dreams that would make the shadow of the real evil” (Wilde,115). The author reveals pleasure as the driving force of many characters within Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, but this search for pleasure becomes fatal once taken into the hands of Dorian Gray. Throughout the novel Dorian Gray changes his opinion on pleasure based on what he requires in order to escape reality. With each death and misdeed he is responsible for; Dorian must search harder for a more drastic form of release....   [tags: The Picture of Dorian Gray 2016]

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The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

- The Meditations Marcus Aurelius was a famous philosopher in 121 through 180 C.E. He lived a hard life and even though he was surrounded by crowds he was considered a recluse. He was known for his kindness and mercy. The last years of his life were spent on a military campaign. It is said that these years were the hardest and loneliest. However, instead of becoming bitter and angry Aurelius wrote The Meditations. This was a diary or journal of his personal thoughts. He believed that by writing this it was his duty to his soul....   [tags: famous philosopers of the second century AD]

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Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

- In Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, the government of a failing dystopian country tries to control every aspect of the lives of its citizens. The people remain oblivious to the manipulation, which is shown through the thoughts and actions of those living in modern communities. Montag, a resident in one of the regulated neighborhoods, is rudely awakened to the authoritarianism in the nation as he begins to observe his surroundings. A key issue that he notices is the emotional detachment between people....   [tags: Fahrenheit 451, Dystopia, Ray Bradbury, Emotion]

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The Foundation of Spirituality in Albert Camus' Novel, The Stranger

- The pointlessness of existence is uncovered and expounded upon with an approach such that the foundation of spirituality is disturbed in Albert Camus’ existential novel “The Stranger”. The conception that compels this novel is one Albert Camus named himself, the “absurd”. An absurd person lives simply to fulfill the obligation of existence. In addition, static tools of chance and coincidence govern all action. Camus uses Mersault, as the primary vehicle to relate this concept. Mersault, lives out a seemingly normal life of indifference until the central climax of the novel changes him....   [tags: existentialist works, absurd, shooting]

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J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey

- J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey Works Cited Missing In the novel Franny and Zooey, J.D. Salinger uses the Glass family to deliver his beliefs on religion and society during this time. One way in which he does this is by delivering the novel into two short stories. One deals with Franny, a young female who is at a crossroad with her beliefs, and the other deals with her brother Zooey who tries to help his sister through her difficulties. Once this book was published in 1961, it was an instant hit and made its way to the best-seller list....   [tags: Salinger Franny Zooey Essays]

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The Graduate

- The Graduate This paper will be both a critique as well as an analysis of the relationships between both my generation and the time period in which the movie took place. In the critique, I which to look at the movie score and the dependency that I felt Ben and Katherine had for each other. There were several issues that I felt my generation had in common with Ben's generation. These issues were the need to rebel and the detachment we feel from our parents. There were several aspects of the movie, which I think should have been removed....   [tags: essays papers]

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Wright and Wright Detached

- While James Wright’s poem “Lying in a Hammock” accentuates the hopelessness in the quickly fleeting moments in time, and Franz Wright’s poem “Flight” exposes the consequences of a distant father on a son longing for a relationship he never had, the two poems are linked by the underlying theme of detachment to their family and to the world around them. It is evident, by juxtaposing these two works, divided by literary devices such as style or syntax, the poets both share in their works underlying themes, induced by the hardship of life itself....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy

- Highlighting the reader as a character in Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy may seem trivial considering the clear use of fictional readers within the text ("sir", "madam", "lord", et al.); however, the manner in which Stern renders the reader a character, and creates the illusion of in-text participation, is far more profound than sporadic discourse with these aforementioned sirs and madams. This essay, through analysis of Volumes 1 and 2 of Tristram Shandy (with latter volumes in mind), seeks to illume Sterne's methods of subverting the novelistic form, interacting with the reader, and engaging with the theme of time in relation to the question of the reader as a character in Tristram Sha...   [tags: Newton's Third Law, Literary Analysis]

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Attachment System Theory Application

- ... Applying the family systems theory to any interdependent unit can prove beneficial when analyzing behavior. They systems theory consists of interdependence, wholeness, patterns, punctuation, openness, complex relationships and equifinality. For the purpose of my paper I will be focusing on interdependence, punctuation and equifinality. According to the research of Phillip and Carolyn Cowan in 1997, although an individual’s behavior may often be perceived as irrational when taken out of context, considering the interdependent system in which they function can reveal reason (Galvin, Bylund, & Brommel, 2004)....   [tags: children, missing school, erratic behaviors]

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Dystopian Societies

- Only recently, the community of the literary world was surprised by the emergence of a 23-years-old female author of a dystopian novel – Tahereh Mafi and her first book, Shatter Me. In it the young woman notes, “The new citizens of our world will be reduced to nothing but numbers, easily interchangeable, easily removable, easily destroyed for disobedience. We have lost our humanity.” What made her so famous in such a short period of time is that her observations resemble the predictions of two noted authors of dystopian novels – George Orwell with his book 1984 and Aldous Huxley with his work Brave New World....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Conflict Between Efficiency and Sense of

- Conflict Between Efficiency and Sense of "Ludus" ABSTRACT: Efficiency is a highly considered virtue, especially in our contemporary technological society. It appears to be opposed to the sense of ludus (playfulness) that is greatly valued in Brazilian culture. Is this conflict real. Is it a definite impediment to modernization. This paper deals with this apparent conflict of values, trying to find a way toward a harmonious integration of them. Efficiency is shown as the virtue of a culture turned toward modernity....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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The Quiet American

- Lois T. Stover (2001), a prominent academic in the field of young adult literature, states that, "Good young adult literature deals with the themes and issues that mirror the concerns of society out of which it is produced.” Graham Greene's novel, The Quiet American, complexly reflects upon the role of bystanders in society, who resort to apathy in difficult circumstances which do not affect them. Through the character of Fowler, the novel demonstrates that no one can remain uninvolved because his or her morals or feelings will inevitably be impacted by events around them....   [tags: young adult readers, message]

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How The Community We Know As Med Evac Or Dust Off Was Developed, And How It Has Shaped

- When the need to wage war is at hand, multiple issues come to play. An issue that comes to mind is a guarantee; there will be casualties and there will be plenty of them. During my research I will discuss how the community we know as Med Evac or Dust-Off was developed, and how it has shaped our combat power throughout our most note able combat operations. In 1917 as tensions grew in Europe between the Allies and the Central Power, The United States entered the WWI also known as “The Great war”. While we were trying to find new ways to expeditiously remove casualties from the battlefield, due to the number of lives that perished we needed a change....   [tags: United States, Vietnam War, World War II]

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Mission Success Requires Special Operations Force in The Ugly American by William Lederer

- ... This understanding and pre-planning is something that we do during a Pre-Deployment Site Survey (PDSS). From personal experience, I admit that detachments that I have served on weren’t as prepared as Finian. Our PDSS has returned to the detachment with questions left unanswered and I attribute that to a lack of prior understanding of the environment. If prior research is not conducted to understand the full spectrum, there is no way that a thorough site survey can occur. This can lead to an ill-prepared deployment and risk damaging rapport with the host nation....   [tags: corruption, recruit, communism]

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Pat Tillman's Story

- Pat Tillman's Story No one knows the real story of Pat Tillman. On April 23, 2004 news headlines filled the air waves with tragic news that Pat Tillman was killed in action yesterday, fighting in Afghanistan. While on a patrol with his detachment through eastern Afghanistan, the detachment was ambushed....   [tags: Tillman Afghanistan NFL Hero]

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If This Is a Man, by Primo Levi

- The holocaust attested that morality is adaptable in severe conditions. Traditional morality stopped to be contained by the barbed wires of the concentration camps. Inside the camps, prisoners were not dealt like humans and thus adapted animal-like behavior needed to survive. The “ordinary moral world” (86) Primo Levi refers in his autobiographical novel Se questo è un uomo (If This Is a Man or Survival in Auschwitz), stops to exist; the meanings and applications of words such as “good,” “evil,” “just,” and “unjust” begin to merge and the differences between these opposites turn vague....   [tags: Survival behaviors, Morality]

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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

- Background Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is an immune mediated hypersensitivity complex, most often triggered by medications (Foster, 2011). It is characterized by a prodrome of malaise and fever, followed by rapid onset of erythematous or purpuric macules and plaques. The skin lesions progress to epidermal necrosis and sloughing. Mucosal membranes are affected in 92 to 100 percent of patients, usually at two or more distinct sites (High & Nirken, 2012). The syndrome was first described in 1922, when the American pediatricians Albert Mason Stevens and Frank Chambliss Johnson reported the cases of 2 boys aged 7 and 8 years with "an extraordinary, generalized eruption with continued fever, in...   [tags: medicine, healthcare, pathology]

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The Deeper Meaning of The Road Not Taken, Fire and Ice, and Birches, by Robert Frost

- ... Frost’s youngest daughter and wife died and his son committed suicide, soon after which another daughter institutionalized. Darker poetry, such as The Silken Tent and I Could Give All to Time, resulted. After World War 2, his poetry releases became very occasional until a series of health problems, ending with an embolism, killed him on January 29, 1963 in Boston. He was 88 years old. The first of Frost’s poems that exemplifies the hidden layers of complexity behind its seemingly simple exterior is “The Road Not Taken.” The poem is, on the outside, about a man who approaches a fork in the road and must decide which one to take....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Comparing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll and Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes

- Growth is inevitable and the most anticipated quest of man. It is a never-ending quest to evolve, fuelled by the constant hope for survival. Once natural growth halts, man’s focus shifts to the growth within. The coming of age, associates itself with this transformation from child to man, the step of letting go of childish ways and moving on to more mature things. The need for such a dramatic transformation is questioned by Miguel de Cervantes and Lewis Carroll in their texts, Don Quixote and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland....   [tags: Growth, Child Fantasy]

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The Dark Night of the Soul in End of the World by Richard Miller

- “The Dark Night of the Soul” is a chapter in the book, Writing at the End of the World by Richard Miller. In this chapter, Miller gives many examples of how reading and writing help the world, and he asks questions to find out if literature, and his teachings cause a change in the present day. Miller states, “Why bother with reading and writing when the world is so obviously going to hell?”(Dark Night of the Soul 433). I believe that this is the best statement to summarize what Miller is trying to get across....   [tags: bad situations, support system]

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Should Judgement Of People 's Intelligence Be Based On Their Knowledge Or Their Wisdom?

- Should judgement of people’s intelligence be based on their knowledge or their wisdom. While those with broader spans of knowledge have all the answers because of logic, they might not be able to see past the trivial facts they believe to become wiser and more enlightened. Some might be able to see the true reality they are in, but most are not able to grasp these ideas. Two of J.D. Salinger 's characters, Teddy from a short story of the same name, and Franny Glass, from the book "Franny and Zooey", both realize and have begun to “see” in terms of detachment and spirituality....   [tags: J. D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey]

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Literary Works : A & P, By Doc 's Story, And Rara Avis

- Stories have the ability to provide new information. Finding meaning within the literary works is not necessarily easily. Authors John Updike, J.E. Wideman, and T.C. Boyle use their stories, “A&P”, “Doc’s Story”, and “Rara Avis”, respectively, to communicate important ideas. These short, but meaningful stories can empower readers to have a greater apprehension of real life situations. After taking an in depth look at these three pieces of literature, each contains themes of detachment, idolization, and handling losses....   [tags: Protagonist, Antagonist, Character]

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Why The Partition Of Powers Are Become More Powerful Than Others?

- Our establishing fathers added to the technique, the detachment of forces to forestall misuse of power among the three branches, and to ensure the opportunity of all. Every branch has its particular force, executive power belongs with the president, authoritative force exists in the Congress, and the legal authority rest in the Supreme Court. The significance of the partition of powers was to make an administration that would not get to be domineering. Rather, it was deliberately intended to advance freedom and equitably speak to the will of the individuals....   [tags: President of the United States]

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Taking Things Personally Can Be A Challenge For Many People

- Problem Solving Essay Taking things personally can be a challenge for many people. When we take things personally, we are giving people more power over us than what they deserve. Taking things personally has also been an important issue that Don Miguel Ruiz has discussed in his book The Four Agreements. He explains his book that we must learn not to take things personally or we will always be faced with needless suffering. Taking things personally is difficult for people to overcome because we feel hurt, insulted, and angry because of someone, we gain a certain degree of emotional detachment from them period....   [tags: Suffering, Emotion, Problem solving, Debut albums]

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Philosophy Should Be Included in a University Student's Coursework

- When a student goes through the state of California’s University system, the student is encouraged to take many different courses of broadly ranged material including courses dealing with philosophy. Some individuals argue that studying and reading philosophy is a waste of a student’s time and has little value to the student and his/her education. Though this argument shows valid concerns for a university student’s education, it is more beneficial for a student to take courses dealing with philosophy because these courses teach students how to think logically and critically....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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The Nirvitarka Concentration as Represented In Narayan's Mr Sampath

- The novels of R.K. Narayan reflect that Indian sensibility which has been acquired through the ages from the wisdom of Indian philosophical thought that has been continually enriched since the ancient times but which had receded since colonization. Narayan adopts this 'theoretical base of the Indian philosophical tradition to retrieve and reconstitute a sense of Indianness. Perhaps, this is why he has proved to be "the most lasting, highly rated and widely accessible, while his writing is the most consciously rooted in local circumstances, traditions and values" as claimed by Dennis Walde(694)....   [tags: Indian Sensibility, Yoga Philosophy]

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Lilly 's Never Thought She Would Be A Writer

- Lilly Barels never thought she would be a writer. As a UCLA graduate who double majored in Neuroscience and Dance, her relationship with creative writing ended in High School. However, almost fifteen years later, in the midst of a broken marriage and lost in the fog of un-fulfillment, Barels discovered the creative channel that would transform her from a high school physics teacher to a soon-to-be published writer. After a passionate and healing love affair with poetry, she was accepted into the MFA program at Antioch Los Angeles....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Writer]

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