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The Is An Empty Desk A Sign?

- ... However, they may simply put things away out of sight with no order. Books, pens, purse and even snacks are stashed in the same drawer. The desk will look neat but most likely it is not organized. In other words, those with clean desks do not always know where everything is. A lot of my tidy friends take significant amount of time to find something because they have thrown their stuffs in random drawers. Nevertheless, it is possible that those with messy desks are able to locate their stuffs easily because they are organized in their own ways that they know exactly where their important stuffs are....   [tags: Creativity, Problem solving, Productivity, Desk]

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A Raven Is Like A Writing Desk

- ... He explains how one must write with originality and make sure that it has an effect on the reader. Then he has to decide whether it would be best to write with incident or tone. Throughout the essay, Poe is explicit in detail, explaining his philosophy of composition (“The Philosophy” 1). Poe disliked didacticism and allegory. However, he did believe that a writer should make the meaning lie underneath the surface. He also believed in the idea of only one specific effect on the reader, to which the author should execute with precision....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle]

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Desk Operations: Overview

- Section 6: Desk Operations Desk Operations: Overview Each Residence Hall has a reception desk that serves as an information source for residential students and guests. Students and guests should find our front desks and lobbies as a welcoming atmosphere in which Desk Assistants can be a resource to them regarding SCSU as well as answers questions they may have about processes and activities within the Residence Halls. Students and guests deserve to receive a warm hello and outstanding customer service when interacting with our Desk Assistants....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Help Desk Essay

- The continuous prerequisite to provide more services every day as an enterprise, corporate, or educational organizations continually expands reflects the need to balance the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a balance of in and out-service resources available for the community. The blend of cost efficiency and actionable objectives of a help-desk function should be categorized and defined by the mission and support garnered by the technology the organization includes and should disabuse the end user from seeking the “common” answer....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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A CBR-based Approach to ITIL-based Service Desk

- Abstract: Many organization’s customer service and technical support department like to use Service Desk systems. It is crucial to provide a convenient and fast method. In this paper the Incident and Problem Management of ITIL framework are described and used as the underlying structure of Service Desk and then CBR technique is selected for the main implementation technique after make a comparison between CBR and RBR. Lastly, this paper actually tries to work on new perspective by adopting Knowledge management techniques with Services Desk systems....   [tags: Customer Service, Information Science]

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The Death Of The Pillow At The Front Desk And Pay For The Cleanup

- I woke up in the morning and started picking feathers out of my hair and then out of their hair. The entire room was bathed in feathers. I couldn’t imagine, how one would even begin, to clean this up. David sat up and said, “Jesus Christ Charlie, what a mess you made.” We three sat there, looking at the destruction and laughing. “Let’s get out of here. I’ll handle the unfortunate death of the pillow at the front desk and pay for the cleanup.” David said. We showered, dressed and got our luggage together....   [tags: Debut albums, 2006 albums, Train, 1999 singles]

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Help Desk Software Tools

- A help desk is a resource that a majority of companies use today. Help desks are designed to provide users with information and assistance for technical support of hardware or software. Many help desks involve a support person working to assist customers to solve a problem directly or forward the problem to someone else. Often, services are provided by call centers or over the Internet. This paper will review three help desk software packages: Aegis Service Desk, which is local software, CRMdesk, which is remotely hosted, and, ReadyDesk which is completely web based. Local help desk software is software that requires local in...   [tags: Technology Software]

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Service Desk

- Service Desk I find myself working at the Service Desk about noon on a Sunday afternoon. The ³Church Rush² has begun. People with their three piece suits and Sunday dresses on all come to shop. Then this gentleman and his daughter come in and the dreaded happens. They have a video game, that is opened, with a receipt. One of the toughest situations to deal with. The account, in extreme cases, goes like this: ³Hi,² I say. ³Hello, I¹d like to return this. Here is the receipt,² the guest replies....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Proposing an IT Help Desk at State University

- Proposing an IT Help Desk at State University *Works Cited Not Included In today's world of technology computers have become part of everyday life. In the business environment computer systems has to be in place for the business to even think of competing in the world marketplace. With this in mind colleges and universities have to prepare their students for the dynamic technology that lies ahead of them. There are so many administrators, facility, and students using computers on university campuses today, where can they reach for help if there are technical problems....   [tags: Papers]

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Dystopian Narrative of Eiling

- ... ~ Eilig left school, starting down the winding, glittering blue path to the bottom of the city, where he and his family lived. His hooves clicked softly on the sparkling quartz and various ores. The sky up above swirled in dark, mysterious galaxies even though it was only 3pm. It had been this way since Eilig was born: no sun, as the sun was feared, and dark, relaxing night time continued for years at a time. He reached his home, carved into the deep, vibrant rock, and opened the door. His parents were in their front room, tidying excessively....   [tags: school, desk, chidren, lesson]

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Improving Technology Investment Up And Running Smoothly

- A Computer Help Desk or Service Desk should be dedicated to keep our technology investment up and running smoothly. Our company needs to have assurance with their internal technology services. There will always be computer issues but it is important for the help desk team to guarantee they can reduce problems and keep the staff productive with the tools they need to continue to drive business forward. The help desk is a tremendous resource of both cost efficiency, value, and support. When the help desk is operated properly, customer and employees are able to communicate and quickly have problems resolved....   [tags: Help desk, Technical support, Outsourcing]

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Surrealism Comparison of Elsa Schiaparelli's Desk Suit and Salvador Dali's Anthromorphic Chest of Drawer

- Surrealism, who has not heard this word nowadays. World of the dreams and everything that is irrational, impossible or grotesque, a cultural movement founded immediately after the First World War which is continued and practiced until today. To understand it better it is necessary to look deeper into the work of two outstanding artists strongly connected with this movement, people for whom this style was a part of their lives. This essay's primary objective is to look closer and compare Desk Suit 1936 by Elsa Schiaparelli to Anthropomorphic Chest of Drawers, 1936 by Salvador Dali....   [tags: Art Analysis, Fashion]

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The Holocaust and the US Bombing of Cambodia: Similar Results for Different Causes

- When many people think of the word “Genocide” they think of Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust. They don’t usually think that any leader of the US could stoop so low to do anything remotely close to it. That’s why when people hear of how Richard Nixon and his national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, killed 600,000 Cambodians when they bombed it in 1969, they don’t believe it. It couldn’t possibly be like the Nazi extermination of the Jews, which killed up to 7 million people across Europe from 1933 to 1945, right....   [tags: desk murdering, hilter, north vietnam]

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Integration Of Technology And Project Based Learning

- I would like to say that integration of technology and project based learning is helping to prepare my students to work at Google. But, in reality, my yearbook class is actually doing a better job than my English class. According to Thomas L. Freeman in “How to Get a Job at Google,” the five hiring attributes at Google are: cognitive ability, emergent leadership, humility, ownership, and expertise (2014). The students on my yearbook staff develop these skills as they work together to publish San Pasqual Academy’s yearbook....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Design, Help desk]

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- In battle between science and religion, it is hard to picture a time when the public opinion was not torn apart in this struggle for supremacy. It is not uncommon to spend the majority of a life trying to find a careful balance between maintaining moral faith without becoming ignorant of the latest science theories. It is easy to see why many remove themselves from the fierce warfare of this issue and assume a neutral point of view. As unlikely as it seems though, there was a time before the controversy....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Studying History of Accessories

- “Class, today we will be studying about the history of accessories,” my social studies teacher, Mrs. Glutenberg, announced. “Hooray!” exclaimed all of the girls in the class. Meanwhile, I leaned back in my seat and was daydreaming. I wondered what made accessories so important that they have a history behind them. “Ahem. Miss Adelina, put that seat down now. By the way, what is the answer to the question?” asked Mrs.Glutenberg. Mrs.Glutenberg’s exclamation shook me out of my daydream. I quickly glanced up to see my teacher a few arm lengths away from me....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Release Me from My Prison

- ... “A situation has arisen in Idaho,” he told me as I sat down. “One of our agents has become…” he paused as he appeared to be choosing his words carefully, “estranged from communication. She was on a vital reconnaissance assignment checking into one of our competitors. What we need from you is an extraction. You’ll be flying immediately out to Boise to meet up with Quinoa to organize the extraction. Be careful, Barley,” he warned me, which is something Soy never does, though there seems to be something he is holding back from me....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Second Guideline : How Listening And Inquiring

- ... Staying behind the desk could have given the patron the impression that Jane was not really available to assist the patron in her search. A few minutes later, Jane noticed the patron looking around and asked “Is everything okay?” The older woman said everything was fine. Jane’s question was a decent example of RUSA’s fifth guideline – follow-up (2004). According the RUSA’s (2004) fifth guideline, “supplying information is not the end of the reference transaction.” Jane’s follow up question gave the patron the opportunity to ask for help....   [tags: Library, Librarian, Question]

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Corporation and Family -- An Integrated Analysis of Human Resource Management in Hotel 373

- Located at 373 Fifth Ave in Manhattan, Hotel 373 is a small, boutique styled hotel nestled in the shadow of the Empire State Building. It’s proximity to one of New York’s most iconic landmarks attracted a booming stream of tourists. Opened in 2007, Hotel 373 is held under the management of the Hersha Hospitality Management Company (HHMC), which also manages over a hundred other hotels within the country. Due to its petite size, the hotel currently operates with seventy rooms and a staff of thirteen employees under the guidance of the general manager, Gary DeSoiza....   [tags: Business Management]

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Graduation Speech : My Dad

- ... My sister since I remember skinny light-skinned girl cooped up in her room writing papers, doing math equations, or doing research. She never really came out of her room always sitting at her little glass-topped desk in her room from the time she got home from school till the time she went to sleep she sat at that desk. Looking confused at the both of them I always thought that there was something weird going on in both of their brains that they could just sit at a desk all day in a silent room and do school work....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school]

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Personal Narrative- Daydreaming in Class

- Personal Narrative- Daydreaming There I sat, trying desperately not to drool in the middle of my daydream. Dare I say class was less than interesting and all I could think of was my bed. Instead of daydreaming of a hunky man, or even a bright future paved with a golden road of success, I was dreaming of my bed. It was an ordinary college dorm room bed: you never know how many people actually slept in it, or did something else in it, yet I still find comfort in its lumps and bumps. In the brilliance of my afternoon laziness I decided that daydreaming about my bed wasn’t silly at all....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Property Management Systems

- In the hotel industry, property management systems also known as PMS are programs used on a computer which help the hotel staff manage guest reservations, registrations, charges, and other amenities. The PMS system may interface with multiple departments which may include the central reservation system, housekeeping, engineering, food and beverage, the front office, the back office and point of sale systems. In this regard, the PMS acts as the central hub of information. Property management systems are also used to manage and account for personal property and assets....   [tags: The Hospitality Industry]

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The German Soldiers: A Short Story

- She awoke to the sounds of the street; crying infants and distant gunshots assaulted her senses as she blinked sleep out of her eyes. Harsh unnatural light shone through the bedroom door, disturbing the sleep of her little brother on the opposite bed. “Why are all the lights on?” She asked herself as she yanked the covers off. Her body shivered from the cold as her feet slapped against the stone floor. She stumbled over to the long cupboard mirror, scrunching her nose in distaste as she grabbed an old wooden brush....   [tags: Siblings, Death]

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The Eighth Grade Teacher Said

- The eighth grade teacher said to everyone, “There are going to be two new girls at this school tomorrow.” Everyone was shocked. Sam had yelled, “Why are some dumb girls coming to this dumb o school. Everyone bettas tell them if they talk to me, then they are not going to like it here!” The teacher had commented, “Sam Carter put your behind in a chair now. This is St. Madison Middle school, we are suppose to be the best but if you keep talking to children rudely, Sam, then you will be suspended or expelled from this school....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2005 singles, Debut albums, Want]

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The Limiting Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis

- The Limiting Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis Aim: To investigate the limiting effect of light intensity on photosynthesis. Prediction: I predict that as the light source (desk lamp) is moved closer to the pondweed (Elodea), the rate of photosynthesis will increase therefore more oxygen will be produced creating more bubbles. I believe this will happen because when the light source is nearer to the plant more of the plants surface area is coming in to contact with the light from the desk lamp therefore more photosynthesis will occur which will mean more oxygen will be produced which will create more bubbles....   [tags: Papers]

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Display Screen Equipment Assessment

- 1 SUMMERY FOR MANAGEMENT 1.1 The following report contains an introduction, background, methodology, result, discussion, recommendations and conclusion following a Display Screen Equipment assessment (DSE). 2 INTRODUCTION 2.1 The purpose of this report is to carry out a DSE assessment on an employee who is defined as a DSE user (Display Screen Equipment, 2002, P5). To identify any adjustments to the workstation, layout and to present the recommendations to management. The assessment will comply with the (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992 which was amended by the Health and Safety regulations in 2002....   [tags: Health and Safety]

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Hotel Management Analysis

- Task 1: 1.1 Discuss accommodation and front office services for different organizations. As there is difference in service between a 5 star and a 3 star hotel, discuss the accommodation and front office services for these two different hotels. There is an absolute difference between a 5 star hotel and a 3 star hotel. In which, people tend to see a 5 star hotel as the better, more luxurious, modern, state of the art and has more advanced facilities available, whereas a 3 star hotel would be a standard, convenient, hotel where standard quality and service are provided....   [tags: accomodation and service business]

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Behaviorism Is A View Of Learning That Views The Learner As A Passive Receiver Of Information And Behaviorist

- ... He then asks the students to tell him what problems did they encounter during the homework assignment and to take notes while he explained it on the board. After this segment of the class was over he made the announcement as all most to remind the students of the deal they have with him. The students immediately transitioned into clearing all items off their desk and had a single sheet of paper and writing tools. The teacher said “the quiz will begin when everyone is ready and remember that how many you acquire right will be points added to your end of chapter exam, at the end of the week.” He uncovered the 5 previously review equations that he wanted to the students to display underst...   [tags: Psychology, Classical conditioning, Behaviorism]

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The Theory Of The Classroom Setting

- ... He then ask the students to tell him what problems did they encounter during the homework assignment and to take notes while he explained it on the board. After this segment of the class was over he made the announcement as all most to remind the students of the deal they have with him. The students immediately transitioned into clearing all items off their desk and had out a single sheet of paper and writing tool. The teacher said the quiz will begin when everyone is ready and remember however many you get right will be points added to your end of chapter exam at the end of the week....   [tags: Psychology, Classical conditioning, Behaviorism]

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The Theory Of The Classroom Setting

- ... They immediately transitioned into clearing all items off their desk and took out a single sheet of paper and a writing tool. The teacher stated “the quiz will begin when you are ready and remember, however many you answer correctly will be points added to your end-of-chapter exam at the end of the week.” He uncovered the five previously reviewed equations that he wanted the students to master which consisted of former and newly exposed concepts. The students knew that those end-of-chapter points would boost their grade on the upcoming exam so they worked diligently on the problems....   [tags: Psychology, Behaviorism, Classical conditioning]

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Peter and the Test

- Fade in: INT. PETER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT PETER, a 15 year old stressed out high school student, sits at his DESK studying for his history final. His desk is extremely messy, covered with history notes and old dishes....   [tags: short play, scenes]

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Potential Digital Evidence

- Potential Digital Evidence As you can see in the photograph provided, Mr. Didit’s workspace contained numerous digital evidence items. There were two (2) computer towers on the floor that contained emails between Mr. Didit and Kazuki Corporation discussing the smartphone design along with image files of classified coding for the smartphone operating system. These towers were sealed within large anti-static evidence bags, establishing the chain-of-custody, and transported to the off-site facility for investigation....   [tags: Mr Didit, workspace, photograph]

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The false accusation (story)

- The False accusation Jimmy was a short and a big headed kid. He was very smart and had brown hair. One day, he was walking in the long and narrow hallway between his classes with, his autographed football and work books in his hand, when his friend Sheen approached him. Sheen was Jimmy’s best friend. He was tall and had black hair. Sheen was considered by Jimmy, to be slow in the head. “Where’s our next class?” Jimmy asked. “What?” asked sheen. “Where’s our next class?” Jimmy repeated. “Oh, why didn’t you say that....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Service Attitudes And Practice Of A Customer 's Body Language

- There are many service attitudes and practice that promote sincere desire to pay attention to what customers are saying. Some attitudes that would show that you are listening to a customer would be making sure that you are keeping eye contact with them. If you are looking at a customer they know that you’re listening to what they are saying. Another thing that you should do is make sure that you stay in the moment, don’t start thinking about other things. You should make sure that you are paying full attention to customer; not worrying about what you are going to do for lunch....   [tags: English-language films, 2006 albums]

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Playstation's Video Game, L.A. Noire is Action Packed

- ... The suspect will most likely run away or get in a car so the player must tackle them or tail them down with a car. If the chase takes a seemingly long time and the player did not tackle them yet, the suspect will eventually stop and fight. Some suspects are bosses of large industries and they will send armed goons to fight. The player will go through a big shootout and will have to gun their way through to get to the main suspect. Story-line The story of the game is set 1947 Los Angeles in Hollywood's golden age, a couple of years after World War II....   [tags: crime, wealth, patrol]

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Methods, Tools, Resources Necessary to Effectively Troubleshoot

- ... Analyzing Analyzing is a technique used to understand and study a problem extensively. It is used in a variety of settings: work, home and socially. Analyzing occurs when a problem is presented to you and you attempt to understand the problem. When you analyze you should use actively listening, which ensures that you and your client are in agreement. For example, a customer sates that her phone is not working after she dropped it on the concrete. In order to effectively analyze, you should always ask the customer follow-up questions and then restate the issue....   [tags: resources, technique, buiness]

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The Importance Of Hotel And Lodging Operations

- ... They are normally the person you would call with any and all questions about the hotel and they are also the first people you go to when you go to check in. Your front desk staff is a little extra important because they can make or break the guests stay at your hotel. If I were to run my own hotel, I would only hire the nicest people and also make sure they are hard working because they are like the glue that holds the hotel altogether and without nice hard working staff my hotel would fall apart and I wouldn’t want that....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Lodging, Motel]

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The Case on Marsha´s Guitar Shop

- Question Presented Acol provides guitar lessons at Marsha’s Guitar Shop and recently began to sporadically cover the front desk at the shop. An independent contractor has the right to control the manner and means of accomplishing the result desired. Essentially, a principal only has direct control over the outcome of the work, while an independent contractor has control of how that work will be undertook. Can Acol be classified as an independent contractor. Brief Answer Probably yes. Courts use a variety of factors to determine whether an individual qualifies as an independent contractor....   [tags: contractor, financial, control, work, independent]

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A Short Story: Hell Room

- It was not just like any room in the world. It was a room with special equipment and tools that let you think that you are going to die. That was not the only reason. The main reason was the monster who would do a few things with me while I was sitting on the tortured chair, and could not move. Every time I sat on that chair I closed my eyes. I was not brave enough to see that ugly monster doing his bloody game on me. When you see this monster, you would be scared from him too. his appearance was not good,nor has the room....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Service Games Game Play Analysis

- ... •Gold ◦Provided additional information on the Service Management Tournament CrowdAround page that is relevant to the CBT and unique. Under the discussion for the CBT. Note: There is a maximum of 10 gold medals available for each CBT topic. Each sport may have a different requirement to achieve medals. CBTs are released as different sports. All athletes are required to participate in all sports. The minimum required participation is Bronze level. Athletes who selected their sport will receive double points when performing in their sport....   [tags: Play, Game, United States, Ancient Olympic Games]

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Integration Strategies Of Various Network Monitoring/Management Platforms With

- Integration Strategies of Various Network Monitoring/Management Platforms with HP Openview Service Desk IT Services Management is a vast field but still it contains broadly three pieces to it: Network Monitoring, Network Management and Service Delivery. Looking at the markets today, it is obvious that the best pitch is made by whatever comes cost effective to the pocket; and with a huge number of Network Monitoring tools coming into the market (some being free/open source), the primary concern is to bring together the three pieces in a seamlessly consolidated form....   [tags: Software Implementation Patching Strategy]

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Library Website Design

- A libraries web site is the virtual front door to many of the services and information that it provides to patrons. There are several things that can be done to examine and evaluate the use of a web site. The first step is to start by gathering information about the libraries web site from a variety of different sources from user statistics to conducting a usability study. It starts by understanding your library patrons and anticipating how a web site might best effectively meet their needs. If we anticipate the questions patrons have, we can better design and develop a web site that meets and may even exceed their exceptions....   [tags: Technology]

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Anonymous Monkey Ninja

- ... I think I left them somewhere.” “I ate ’em. Sorry!” was the muffled reply from near the door of the office. “Yeah, real helpful Jack. Thanks.” Nathan rolled his eyes. He stood up, legs stiff, determined. He would find them somewhere. “Anyone?” he called out. “Alice?” “I thought I saw a monkey-ninja steal them.” Alice contributed. “OK enough jokes. Can you guys just help me out?” “No, I’m serious,” she insisted. “No, Alice, you don’t see ninjas, and that didn’t happen!” “I’m almost sure it did,” she said amiably....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Blow My Mind

- Nicole was finally done with all her conference calls and meetings for the day. Deciding to change the concept of sounds system needs for concerts was a huge undertaking but this is what Nicole did. It’s why she was the go to concert manager in the US with a net worth of about $80 million. She became interested in sound design at an early age when she first thought to be become a singer herself. Nicole grew up singing in church and those around her constantly were pushing her to pursue recording an album....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A Regular School Day

- Smack. Smack. Smack. Tap. Tap. Tap. The kid that is sitting next to me is chewing gum like some cow chewing grass. The tapping sound coming from the kid on the left of me is .tapping his pencil which is starting to get me impatient. Poptarts squished into the blue carpet that was once black. The girl in front of me is giving off a bad scent of body odor. The girl is dripping puddles of sweat because she just had physical education before this class. The congested cough is coming from my 4"5" wrinkly gray geometry teacher who is wearing glasses that would look better on a fly....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Academic Libraries and Technology

- 1.1 INTRODUCTION Academic libraries are trying to adapt and adopt with the new applications of technologies including the services in order to support the usage of library as a centre of information. As a result, there are more academic libraries that have been in more privileged position in order to serve the users with better services (Lee and Teh, 2000). Reichardt and Harder (2005) also mentioned, reference desks staffed by librarians who meet face-to-face or by phone with students in a defined physical space are increasingly supplemented by e-mail, virtual reference, instant messaging services, and Web logs....   [tags: public service, information, librarianship]

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Special Agent Mission Story

- The insistent cadence of the telephone on the bedside cabinet had a certain sense of urgency to it. Stacey stirred from the warmth and comfort of her bed, switched on the bedside lamp, and glanced at the alarm clock. The time was five minutes to six. It was still dark outside. Sleepily, she picked up the receiver and spoke into the mouthpiece. 'Yes?' It was the Langley switchboard instructing her to get to Headquarters. Director Helms wished to see her as soon as possible. She replied in the affirmative and replaced the receiver....   [tags: Drugs, Mystery]

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Classroom Layout for Facilitate Student-to-Student Directed Learning

- On the previous page is a diagram of a 3rd grade classroom at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School in the Sulphur Springs School District of Santa Clarita, CA. The classroom, as a whole, felt a bit small, cluttered, messy, and cramped. There was an overload of student artwork and information, like the alphabet and numbers, hanging on the walls with little to no actual empty wall space. The student desks were in 2 long rows with 4 rows of chairs, each student facing another student. The actual desk area seemed more spacious than the rest of the room, with plenty of room between the rows, ample space on each individual desktop for supplies, books and papers needed for the current activity, and bin...   [tags: student information processing]

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Recording a Music Session

- Recording a Music Session We were set the task of recording a music session. The music session we recorded involved the following: · Acoustic Guitar · Vocals We needed to decide what microphones would be suitable for the task in hand. We decided to use condenser microphones for both the vocals and acoustic guitar as, both vocals and guitar are capable of giving off high frequency sounds and condenser microphones are more sensitive to these high frequency sounds that dynamic microphones....   [tags: Papers]

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A Report On The Football Of The World War I At School Three Days Early

- ... “Oh… so how can I help you?” “Peter Londerhan and I have never been tight. I don’t hang with the guy. He’s a prick.” Garrity smiled and leaned back on the chair. He cut Remy off. “Don’t worry about him. I’m taking care of it.” Remy’s eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. “Let me finish… He’s also a guy who’s given his all and been a fine player for the team. We wouldn’t have won a championship without him, or made last season’s final.” Garrity’s smile disappeared. He straightened and placed both hands on the desk....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity]

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Experiment to Determine if Physical Activity Will Increase in Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure

- Introduction The ancient Greeks believed that the human heart pumped an endless supply of “pneuma”, or life energy. Galen, a Greek physician, believed that the “pneuma” and blood flowed from the heart like a fountain. He believed that there was an endless supply of this precious life source. It was not until 1616 that William Harvey determined that Galen was not entirely correct. Due to the practice of bloodletting during Harvey’s time, his belief that blood is in fact finite was not warmly welcomed....   [tags: Physical Activity, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure]

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Knowledge and Poverty in The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara

- Toni Cade Bambara addresses how knowledge is the means by which one can escape out of poverty in her story The Lesson. In her story she identifies with race, economic inequality, and literary epiphany during the early 1970’s. In this story children of African American progeny come face to face with their own poverty and reality. This realism of society’s social standard was made known to them on a sunny afternoon field trip to a toy store on Fifth Avenue. Through the use of an African American protagonist Miss Moore and antagonist Sylvia who later becomes the sub protagonist and White society the antagonist “the lesson” was ironically taught....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Toni Cade Bamabara]

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St. Thomas Aquinas 's Theory Of God 's Existence

- ... Each of these things must therefore have a cause.”(The First Cause Argument). Everything that happens must have a reason for doing so. The proof of motion is in order for an object to exist or to be moved, then there has to be a mover. For example, if a pencil is sitting on a desk and falls off. It cannot fall on its own. What made the pencil fall off the desk. There has to be a mover, whether it’s the wind or a person’s hand. This shows that the pencil had the potential to fall off the desk....   [tags: Aristotle, Causality, Metaphysics, Existence]

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My Writing Environment- Personal Narrative

- My Writing Environment- Personal Narrative My room is my own little world to dream and write what I feel and what I know about the world. The way it's set up, it's like to let anybody get inspired in their writing here in my room. Most of my things in my room are here to help me with my writing, and have all the tools needed to write a good paper. I also use my room to hang out and have fun when my friends come over. My writing environment is set up to help me get inspired. My room is set up to accommodate my writing....   [tags: Papers]

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Using Technology in The Classroom to Enhance Learning

- I will be using the elementary school scenario for a fifth grade mixed level classroom (special education and regular education) in my discussion for this task. A. Motivation Sarah: “Sarah cannot seem to sit in her seat and wanders around the room.” Sarah has been diagnosed with ADHD and has trouble sitting in her chair for more than 15 minutes at a time. Sarah needs understanding of how essential cooperation is to maintaining a learning environment (Savage & Savage, 2009, Chapter 3). Intrinsic (internal) motivation varies for individual students and requires more creativity to create in a student....   [tags: Technology in The Classroom]

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Review Of ' The Thief Of Souls '

- Thief of Souls ( Fear is a normal response to what one perceives as danger and a part of development. One 's fear is a survival instinct that motivates us to escape the danger we are currently facing. With age and gender fears begin to vary and decrease with age. However, if the fear is realistic to the child, the frequency of their fear seems to rise. For example the fear of the unknown, which includes the monsters in the night such as the Boogeyman are more common among younger children....   [tags: Anxiety, Phobia, Fear, Panic]

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The School Of South Side Upper Elementary School

- Mrs. Debra Smith, the principal of the South Side Upper Elementary School, invited me to attend the Picayune School District meeting at the Picayune High School Auditorium on August 3, 2015. The district meeting was filling with entertaining surprises to welcome back and encourage all of the principals and teachers. The Picayune High School Band performed, several teachers sang songs, jokes were cracked and motivational dialogs were presented. Next, all of the teachers from the South Side Elementary returned to their school and met in the library for a meeting led by the principal, Mrs....   [tags: Teacher, High school, Education, School]

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The Internet on Nonverbal and Intercultural Communication

- The international business environment has changed rapidly in the growing global markets. Most companies not only operate in their domestic market, but they also operate in foreign business markets where they have to struggle with different languages and cultures. The differences within intercultural communication are the most challenging problems. Therefore, the internet helps companies deal successfully with these challenges and gives them the opportunity to be ‘global’. Additionally, new technologies enable companies to make huge video conferences, allowing non-verbal communication be possible all over the world....   [tags: Technology, Globalization, Economy]

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Ethics And Confidentiality Of A Counseling Center

- ... There could also be other client’s files sitting on the desk or in the work area where the client’s names are in sight. Although some of these clients know one another because they attend the same group this is not always the case or the file on the desk are the clients of one of the other therapists at the agency. When I notice clients files that are on a desk or any other place where they can be seen by other clients I will turn them over so the name of the person is not visible. One time a couple of the therapists were talking about one of the clients and the other looked at the other and actually made the comment I don’t think that’s very ethical....   [tags: Therapy, Ethics, Psychology, Psychotherapy]

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appearence and reality

- Appearance and Reality In Chapter One Bertrand Russell basically wants to know the true meaning of “reality”. The truth is that “reality” can never truly be determined. I say this because there is a difference between believing and actually knowing. For example I know the desk in the front of the classroom is real. I know this because all of my senses concur. Now when I try to determine to color, the texture or even the shape of the desk I will run into a problem. Just as the example given in the text, the tables color may look difference according to the amount of light that is on it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Narrative: My Love of Knowledge

- There was light in the room. It was coming from a lamp on a desk. Next to the desk was a bed. Across from the bed was a bookshelf. The bookshelf had several books missing. A few were scattered in front of the bookshelf, some were in a pile on the desk, but one was in the hands of a boy who was sitting in a chair in front of the desk. The book was The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was two o’ clock in the morning, the boy was eight years old, and he had just fallen asleep. That boy was me....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Realizing Failure: Death of a Salesman

- In the tragic American play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller. Willy Loman, the protagonist, is a salesman who is becoming more elderly and tired. He has been in the same position at his company for 30 years and has now been reassigned to a traveling job with only the pay of commission, not salary. He is struggling financially and the traveling from Brooklyn to New England is taking a toll on him at his old age. His wife, Linda, asks him to ask for an increase in pay or a desk job so he does not have to travel at his old age....   [tags: Arthur Miller, Play Analysis]

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Descartes: Relationship Between Mind and Body

- In Meditation Six entitled “Concerning the Existence of Material Things, and Real Distinction between the Mind and Body”, one important thing Descartes explores is the relationship between the mind and body. Descartes believes the mind and body are separated and they are two difference substances. He believes this to be clearly and distinctly true which is a Cartesian quality for true knowledge. I, on the other hand, disagree that the mind and body are separate and that the mind can exist without the body....   [tags: Existence of Material Things, Analysis]

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In the Mouth of Union Terminal

- ... Do you need medical attention?” Remembering the burn to her hand, she glanced down at her palm. Even though it shone red, the stinging had subsided. “I don’t think so.” Shelly looked at her with indifference. Using her pen, she pointed at Emma’s face. “Did you escape a fire?” Emma wiped her nose with the back of her hand, transferring a black smudge to it. “Yes, someone set fire to my house.” “You sure you don’t need any medical attention?” “My throat is a little sore, but I’m fine.” The thought of being examined by strangers—in what felt like a foreign country—made Emma’s stomach churn with dread....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Phacil is an Award-Winning Government Contractor

- ... With our customer-centric approach, culture of ferocious execution and results- oriented management; Phacil strives to earn our customers’ business every day. In doing so, we have garnered numerous awards and customer commendations. Phacil His headquartered in Arlington, Va. and offices in 16 states to support over 11 Cabinet level departments and numerous organizations within the departments (Defense and Civilian). Our partners includes best of the IT as well as Integrator communities. Phacil holds certifications under ISO 9001:2008, ISO20000-1 and CMMI Maturity Level 3 assures customers of the highest caliber services and support from Phacil through repeatable and audited standards....   [tags: technology, security, recovery]

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Undercover Cardcarrying Narc

- The insistent cadence of the telephone on the bedside cabinet had a certain sense of urgency to it. Stacey stirred from the warmth and comfort of her bed, switched on the bedside lamp, and glanced at the alarm clock. The time was five minutes to six. It was still dark outside. Sleepily, she picked up the receiver and spoke into the mouthpiece. 'Yes?' It was the Langley switchboard instructing her to get to Headquarters. Director Helms wished to see her as soon as possible. She replied in the affirmative and replaced the receiver....   [tags: short story]

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Meeting Ms Tully

- Meeting Miss Tully Deep breaths, deep calm breaths, Catelyn tells herself. It was her first parent-teacher day and she wanted to make a good impression. It was her first class since graduation and she was excited to share what her kids have been up to with their parents, but she is extremely anxious. What if they don’t like her. What if they think she isn’t good enough to teach their kids. ‘Stop that’ a little voice inside her head tells her. She knows the kids all seem to like her and they are only in the first grade so it’s not like she could mess up that much....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Truth is Worth Living

- It is 5:30 in the afternoon, when I stepped out of the school. The sun was setting and the sky was tinted dark orange. I was walking home, which was five blocks away from my house, feeling absolutely tired and perspiration falling from my forehead and rolling down my face. On my way home, I hear the people talking, the cars' horn blaring, and the rock music from the one ear bud in my ear. Then as I arrive home, I saw my father's car in the drive way and made my way up the porch to unlock the door....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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How Birth Order Affects Personality

- My household is comprises of four children, and then those four children can be fragmented down to two boys, and two girls. We are separated by two years from the sibling that came before, that is except for me because I am the oldest. I am not only the oldest of my immediate family, but I am also the oldest on my mother’s and father’s respected side of the family. This led to a copious amount of attention for me as a child and has probably influenced me more than I care to admit. However, as the oldest child I will say that I have a few personality traits described in this article, for example I am very reliable, structured, and conscientious....   [tags: parenting, firstborn, perfectionist]

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The Apology in the Cheeseburger

- ... "What did she.. uhm say exactly?" "I don't know, apparently she was given the idea that we were dating or something. Weird, huh." He said. "As if" She scoffed, never looking away from the the papers in front of her. "Hey. I would be a delight to date!" "I'm not even going to follow that line of conversation" "Anyway, where are Espo and Ryan?" He asked changing the subject. "They're probably procrastinating somewhere" They fell into a comfortable silence while they worked. Rick tried to advance as many files as he could, maybe he could have some spare time to talk with the boys or with detective Beckett about the case they had just closed....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A World Manipulated by Imagination

- ... Anything eventful?” “The only eventful thing that happened to my was my sister getting married and moving out of the house.” Max said. “Your sister got married. But I’m the one..” “Josh, how many times do I have to tell you that she is ten years older than us,” Josh waved his hand impatiently “But she..” “Enough” Max said, “She is way too old for you” The five minute warning bell rang, signaling that their first class would start soon. “See you later” Josh said. Before Max knew it, it was lunch time....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Students and Teachers

- Students and Teachers Teachers and their students. When a person hears these words they think of a classroom and usually nothing more. The classroom, though, is only part of a student and their teacher. One might question, do they talk to each other outside of class. Do the students even like their teacher. Do their feelings about their teacher interfere with their willingness to learn. In response to the last question…YES. In my study of Mrs. M and Mr. B’s second hour English 10 class I noticed that there is a direct connection between students feelings of their teacher and their opinion of class....   [tags: Education School Papers]

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The story of Atalanta

- The story of Atalanta By Elizabeth, Sum Yi and Annabelle Characters: Elizabeth- Narrator Annabelle- Annabelle Sum Yi- Artemis Elizabeth- Atalanta Sum Yi- Father Annabelle- Mother Sum Yi- Apple people Annabelle- stranger Annabelle- other staff Sum Yi- Stuart Annabelle- other Apple people Sum Yi- Ariano Elizabeth- Elizabeth Sum Yi- Sum Yi Introduction: Stage Setup: Narrator stands on the side, speakers stand in the middle. Narrator: Annabelle came here to find a girl to talk about her life for her lifestyle report in the 6th grade news team....   [tags: Play, Script]

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My Classroom Management Plan

- ... The back wall of the classroom will consist of another large white board with corkboards on both sides. The corkboard on the left side will consist of all of the 2D drafting tools. Those tools will consist of right angle templates, radius templates, and etcetera. Each computer will need a student version of CAD software, Microsoft Word, key board, mouse, 3D mouse, and an upgraded processor with hi definition graphics card. The school should provide all the necessary drafting equipment. I will need a projector linked to my computer for teaching lessons, showing examples, and presentations....   [tags: teaching strategies]

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Stuck in the Desert

- John Garcia lay face down, on the icy, concrete floor of an old abandoned warehouse. The tattered warehouse was located in the Shaman Desert - between America and Mexico. The cries of the two men in the opposite room, ricocheted through the warehouse and John now knew that death was upon him. As every second passed, his heart was beating faster than before. John jumped in fear as the killer walked in with long strides and slouched shoulders. He should’ve just stayed at home. Thirty one years old and his life ending all because of a foolish mistake....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Frankenstein’s Monster - Original Writing

- Frankenstein’s Monster - Original Writing Then I heard footsteps thudding down the creaking, wooden stairs. I sharply turned and a look of horror sprawled across my already panic-ridden face, he was there, his hideous features highlighted by the dull moonlight, and the flickering candle light coming from the corner. As he stealthily crept down the stairs, slowly getting closer to me, I was frozen with fear. I wanted to run, but I seemed to be frozen with fear. My legs felt as if they were planted to the cold, dusty floor and could to move....   [tags: Papers]

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Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

- There was dead silence in his office, the kind of silence that should never be disturbed. The look of determination on his face was uncanny. Every single move he made was precise and delicate. Colonel Cathcart slowly rolled a few inches away from his desk in his chair, just enough so he could stand up. At a snail's pace, he stood up never taking his eyes off his masterpiece. Cathcart's hand was shaking immensely as he lifted the playing card up to complete his beloved tower. ‘KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK' Cathcart's body jumped in surprise, causing his hand to jolt at the sound of the noise....   [tags: Joseph Heller Catch 22]

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security trader

- The financial occupation of a security trader is a highly rigorous and pressure filled position. A security trader must constantly be aware of the current market position, as well as be able to predict in the near future what the market will do, based both on past outcomes and personal predictions. A position as a security trader is likely to be highly dictated by one’s own self-motivation. Yearly income is based on commission, and being able to get new clients as well as retain old ones is based purely on the performance of the broker....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Help Desks

- Help desks must help themselves: With no relief in sight, help desks need to be given the right resources.(Industry Trend or Event)Author/s: Stannie HoltThe internal help desk has a precarious position in today's enterprise. Like Rodney Dangerfield, the help desk staff often gets no respect from its internal customers nor from executives who see them only as a cost center. But other times, like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, they're your only hope.Insiders say that even though information technology is essential to productivity these days, minding the help desk is a thankless job whose burden will only increase over the next few years as IT's size and complexity multiplies....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hell and Happiness

- Byakuya was dreaming again, he knew it was a dream because it was the same scene, the same sounds, the sames smells and she was there. If she was there it had to be a dream, but a part of him was happy, very happy and at peace. He relaxed and let the scene unfold around him, the faster he relaxed the sooner he would be able to wake himself . He had learned over the years, being stuck in this unconscious limbo to just watch and pick the correct point to wake himself, if he fought the dream, it seemed to grab hold of him making him sink further....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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