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Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales

- In today’s world, everyone has a sense of security that is born from the technological developments that science has given to society. While they may feel safe, there are much larger threats of disaster that people are not prepared for. These include natural disaster and human error. Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales aims to educate the people on how to better protect themselves and prevent death. The novel accomplishes this through sharing personal stories and stories of others who have survived near death experiences....   [tags: natural disaster, surviving, dangerous situations]

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The Deep Horizon Oil Spill

- The Deep Horizon oil spill The Deep-water horizon oil spill is one of the largest oil spills in history. The spill occurred due to several factors including system failure and human error. The spill not only affected the wildlife and economy of the gulf but the entire United States as goods and service that were once available were no longer available. As a result of the oil spill Bp was forced to pay billions of dollars to restore the damages that they have caused. In addition, the oil and gas industry have changes there practices and are working with the government under new laws and regulation to prevent a future oil spill....   [tags: largest oil spills in history, system failure]

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South African Apartheid

- Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be considered inferior because of your race. The people of South Africa had to endure racial inferiority during the era of apartheid. The apartheid laws the government of South Africa made led to an unequal lifestyle for the blacks and produced opposition. South Africa really began to suffer when apartheid was written into the law. Apartheid was first introduced in the 1948 election that the Afrikaner National Party won. The plan was to take the already existing segregation and expand it (Wright, 60)....   [tags: South Africa Apartheid Essays]

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Lack Of Deep Somatic Pain

- For this question, I assumed that because deep somatic pain represented pain receptors deep in the body, that it would encompass internal organs. However, after looking at chapter 1, it clearly states visceral pain involves “internal organs of the cardiovascular, hematological, pulmonary, digestive, urogenital, endocrine, and reproductive system.” Additionally, deep somatic is defined as pain originating in the “bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, arteries, or joints.” This information was in the Clinical Pathologies for Athletic Training: Recognizing Systematic Disease....   [tags: Blood pressure, Blood, Pain, Heart]

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Deep Economic Crisis in Egypt

- Egypt, though known around the world for its historical legacies and for its pyramids, is experiencing a deep economic crisis. The country's foreign currency reserves are less than half of what they were before the 2011 uprising that threatened Egypt's ability to pay for its own food and fuel. We see this economic crisis in Egypt's budget deficit; 14 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) and we see it in its overall debt. Many attribute Egypt’s debt to the deficits that accumulated which averaged more than the country's economic output....   [tags: unemployment rate, IFRS]

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Short Story- The Deep Sleep

- When he first awoke from Deep Sleep it was to a startle. Not one of terror but of memory. He had not known he still remembered this time, when things were. The thoughts of Ella lying next to him. He had this vivid vision weave a tale of her rolling in slow motion from their bed to the floor. He remembered seeing her start to fall, she did this often amongst their nights and dreams. The precurssor to her sleep enduced leap to the cold tile floor was a motionless shifting he often refered to as the wiggle....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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South Kore A Long Time Friend And Ally Of The United States

- South Korea has been a long time friend and ally of the United States of America. However, if this were to change there are many key factors that would need to be analyzed if war was to break out between the two countries. This is a brief look into some of the factors that make South Korea the country it is today and how it operates. Looking at South Korea there is a long time line of different forms of government. Today the South Korea we know is not the same South Korea that uses to exist. South Korea, or The Republic of South Korea is a democratic government with short periods of autocratic rule....   [tags: World War II, United States, South Korea]

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Indi The Deep Rooted Challenges

- India has many deep rooted challenges that it still addressing, “including poverty, corruption, violence and discrimination against women and girls, an inefficient power generation and distribution system, ineffective enforcement of intellectual property rights, decades-long civil litigation dockets, inadequate transport and agricultural infrastructure, limited non-agricultural employment opportunities, high spending and poorly-targeted subsidies, inadequate availability of quality basic and higher education, and accommodating rural-to-urban migration,” (WorldFactbook, n.d.)....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Laborer, Labor]

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Questions On Deep Human Interest

- CHAPTER #4: ANSWERS ON DEEP HUMAN INTEREST RIDDLES. 42. What is Origin of The Principle of ‘Good’ & ‘Evil’ and Why Will Always Be. • All conditions in the world one could relatively define & ‘declare’ as the ‘pleasant’, which synonymous is ‘good’, and the ‘unpleasant’, which synonymous is ‘evil’. Living Beings always try to attract ‘pleasant’, and, by all means, in the struggle of Existence, to avoid ‘unpleasant’. What is ‘pleasant’ and ‘unpleasant’ for them depends on both, the attained level of Development which formats and adjusts their ‘mental vision’, and the particular ‘perception of reality’ which, according to The Law of Hunger and Satiation, reflects the current satiation state....   [tags: Life, Human, Meaning of life]

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Literacy Is A Deep Understanding

- When you hear the word literacy, what would you immediately think. While most people would say “language” or “reading and writing,” I have learned over the years that is expands far beyond that. Literacy is a deep understanding - the mastery of a particular skill. For most, it is a mastery of a language, but from moving a vast distance to entirely different education systems, it became clear to me that literacy can take form beyond language skills, but also to test taking skills, and though this truth lead to conflict at first, the combined literacies have made me excel as a student....   [tags: Writing, High school, Literacy, Essay]

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Literary Analysis of James Albert Michener’s Novel Tales from the South Pacific

- The men stationed in the Pacific Theatre of World War II faced many challenges and hardships. The fighting that occurred with the Japanese far surpassed the level of brutality in the European theatre. Some American military units faced relentless fighting throughout the entire war, while other units waited for the entire war for orders to deploy into combat, and never actually saw any action. Only a few stories surrounding both ends of the spectrum of men in the Pacific Theatre exist, and even a fewer number do the men and women that served during that time justice....   [tags: Tales from the south pacific]

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The Dynamics of Power in South Africa and Palestine

- The Dynamics of Power in South Africa and Palestine For over a hundred years, whites consolidated their power in predominantly black South Africa. In the last fifty years, Israelis have played a major hand in dispersing and oppressing the Palestinian people. Edward Said believes that “The relationship between Occident and Orient is a relationship of power, of domination, of varying degrees of a complex hegemony” (Orientalism 133). Though the geographic reference of this quotation seems less applicable to South Africa, Said’s intuition into the complexity of race relations between oppressors and the oppressed still rings true....   [tags: South Africa Palestine Power Essays]

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Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change

- Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change Introduction to the problem of Drugs in South East Asia With the advent of decriminalization of drugs by Portugal, the issue of illegal drug trafficking has been the most debated subject worldwide, experiencing mankind’s sincere attention on a higher level. It was Portugal that stepped forward to denounce the directions of United Nations and, further laid down fresh national drug policies which included decriminalizing every variety of drugs falling under its territory in the year 2001....   [tags: united nations, drug, crime, south east asia]

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Analysis of South of the Slot by Jack London

- Analysis of South of the Slot by Jack London The slot is a metaphor of the “class cleavage of society”. There was a contrast between the North and South of the Slot in terms of building types: in the North were the higher-class centers of diversion, lodging, and business; and in the South were the lower-class centers of lodging, unskilled work/business. The buildings are figures of two contrasting classes that were segregated (?). In order to study the southern people (the working class) a sociology professor of the University of CA, Freddie Drummond (FD), decides to work temporarily as an unskilled laborer....   [tags: South of the Slot Jack London Essays]

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The Miracle Rising South Africa And The Danger Of A Story Single Story

- I truly enjoyed watching both Miracle Rising South Africa and The Danger of a Story Single Story. Both videos were extremely enlightening and thought-provoking. There is so much to the world and its history that we as people do not know and understand, due to a lack of direct knowledge. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said, “Why did people ask ‘What is it about?’ as if a novel had to be about only one thing." This quote resonates so well with me because this question defeats the purpose of a novel, a story, and history....   [tags: Nelson Mandela, South Africa, Black people]

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South Africa's Historical Complexity

- South Africa's Historical Complexity After having studied Cape Town, South Africa for the past months, I have had the opportunity to come face to face with a place whose culture and history outdoes most other places in the world. Their respect for their historical past and their want to preserve it is remarkable. In 1948, the South African government began to limit the freedom of black Africans. In fact, it was at this point in history that the government officially launched a system of apartheid....   [tags: South Africa History Historical Essays Papers]

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Democracy Or Authoritarianism Is Better For The Economic Growth And Development Of South Korea

- The question of whether democracy or authoritarianism is better for the economic performance of a country is one that has been discussed by several academics over the past decades. As with most social science dilemmas, although representatives of each school of thought have presented their arguments vying for the higher debating dais, the question is still up for further academic consideration. In general, the summary of the arguments often transfix at one discussion point – is democracy a pre-requisite for or a consequence of economic development....   [tags: South Korea, Korean War, Park Chung-hee]

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Racism : A Black Man Who Became The President Of South Africa

- Racism has taken its place in our society for a long time. It didn’t just take place in the United States of America but in other regions of the world as well, including South Africa. One of the leaders that has brought peace to his society is a man named Nelson Mandela. A black man who became the president of South Africa in a period when racism existed. Nelson has faced a lot of problems because he was a black man. Invectus shows and explains the events that happened during his time. The movie has succeeded in almost every way, the scenes, the characters, the actors, the stetting etc....   [tags: South Africa, White people, Black people, Race]

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Deep Sea Fish Adaptions

- The discoverer of the titanic, Dr Robert Ballard famously referred to the deep sea as ‘far more alien than going to mars or the moon.’ The deep sea is one of the largest virtually unexplored ecosystems on the planet; it is found at a depth of 1000 fathoms [1] and is subject to adverse changes in temperature, pressure and light penetration amongst other factors. Therefore as expected fish decrease in abundance, and species diversity. This trend is prominent as in order to survive the harsh conditions of the deep sea, fish need a number of specific adaptations....   [tags: Marine Evolution Sea]

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The Factors That Are Affecting South Africa 's Efforts Combating Hiv / Aids?

- What are the factors that are affecting South Africa’s efforts in combating HIV/AIDS. Origin 1. Absence in Antiretroviral Drugs As HIV/AIDS started peeking in South Africa, president Mbeki denies and refuses to believe the universal acceptance and scientific outlook, disputing that HIV was not the foundation of AIDS and rejected the ARV or the antiretroviral drugs claiming they were not beneficial for aids patients and refused to consent on receiving freely provided nevirapine and funding from the international development agencies....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, South Africa, Antiretroviral drug]

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The South China Sea Disputes Under View Of International Law

- THE SOUTH CHINA SEA DISPUTES UNDER VIEW OF INTERNATIONAL LAW Introduction The features in the South China Sea (‘SCS’) have become the root of tensions and conflicts in the region for years. Generally, that is the dispute on territory and sovereignty over ocean in whole or in part by countries in region. The case has dominated headlines for more than four decades not only because it complicatedly involves ‘multiple claimants contend over issues of sovereignty’ but also because it raises awareness on the regional security....   [tags: South China Sea, Spratly Islands, Philippines]

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What is Deep Ecology?

- “Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness” - Fritjof Capra “Deep ecology” as a concept has grown since 1973, when it was propounded for the first time by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher remarkably influenced by Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’. The concept has since then enriched and is also responsible for having split environmental movements across the globe. This division has also been the cause of dichotomy in the approaches towards understanding ecology....   [tags: biodiversity, climate change]

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Deep Sea Ocean Life

- With the help of international crews and scientist as well as post war era naval technologies, we’re able to finally find out what lies beneath the great oceans. In 1977, under the direction of Bob Ballard, a navigation group from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and researchers from Oregon State joined together aboard the Knorr. Over the Galápagos Rift with Alvin the world’s first deep-sea manned submersible they had plans to find such venting systems. At latitude 21 degrees North the Alvin reached 9,200 feet (2.8km) at the bottom where a computer read out a curious 7.6 degrees Celsius (Cone, 83)....   [tags: Research Paper, Marine Biology]

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A Deep, Dark Sky

- A Deep, Dark Sky One decision. One mistake. That’s when it started. It was November of 2009. The day started normal. I got up and proceeded to get ready for another Friday of 3rd grade. The school day was well and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I came home and got my dance things ready. I went to the kitchen and had a snack while watching Disney. Later that day, I got ready for dance and soon my friend Mackenzie came over, we then set off. The day was blue skies and chilly; an ideal autumn day....   [tags: English-language films, Thought, Game, Mind]

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Reforms Introduced in the American South between 1865 and 1877

- Political, Economic, and Social Reforms Introduced in the American South between 1865 and 1877 After the Civil War, it became evident that changes in the South had to be made. The old way had certainly not worked, and it was time for variation. Therefore, there was much political, economic, and social reforms introduced in the South between 1864 and 1877. After 1877, many of the changes stayed with the exception of Civil Rights....   [tags: American South 1865 - 1877]

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The Struggle Against the Apartheid State of South Africa

- Mandela's childhood was very important in shaping him to be the man he was. His father losing his land in 1919 would have affected Mandela's opinion of how the country works as he grew up, and when he was 16 the main speaker at his circumcision told that "Blacks were slaves in their own country". He grew up with the opinion that his country needed a better rule, because of how unfair it was to Black people. His earliest decisions to fight for Black liberation were made here....   [tags: South African Apartheid ]

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The Role of Nelson Mandela in Ending Apartheid in South Africa

- Nelson Mandela’s role in bringing Apartheid to an end was very important, however, there were many other factors that contributed to the ending of Apartheid. The African National Congress, also known as the ANC, was a major factor in ending Apartheid. Even when the ANC became illegal in South Africa it moved to continue its work against Apartheid. In 1940 Dr. A. B. Xuma became president of the ANC; he rescued a struggling organisation. In 1944 he reorganised it, out its finances onto a secure footing and attracted some able, young, new members who formed the ANC’s Youth League....   [tags: South African Apartheid Essays]

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Aids, Poverty and Ignorance in South Africa

- Aids, Poverty and Ignorance in South Africa Twenty years after the first clinical evidence of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was reported, it has become the most devastating disease humankind has ever faced. Since the epidemic began, more than 60 million people have been infected with the virus worldwide. Data shows an estimated 57,520,805 infected people around the world with that number increasing by approximately 1,400 people per day ( AIDS is now the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa....   [tags: South Africa AIDS Disease Health Essays]

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South Africa's Weather and Natural Disasters

- Weather One of the many unique aspects of South Africa is its intense cultural background and tradition. It is very common in South Africa to know several myths about different towns and cities and to pass the stories on to each generation. There are some myths that explain all sorts of various aspects of South African life, but more importantly, there are some that relate to the weather. One of these myths has to do with a weather pattern that occurs everyday in Cape Town, and is one of the great myths of South Africa....   [tags: South Africa Climate Environment Essays Papers]

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‘What is the North-South divide, and why has its continuing relevance been called into question?

- The issue of the North-South divide has been put on diplomatic tables oftentimes in the last century. It has become an area of various discussions, negotiations and resolutions among the leaders of more or less influential nations. When we think about the North-South divide, we should take a look at geopolitics which gives us an understanding, more commonly referred to as the Global North and the Global South. “The Global North or “core” countries are the developed world that has control of the means of production and a vastly larger percentage of wealth in comparison to the poorest countries....   [tags: the Global North, the Global South, social]

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South Africa

- South Africa The Republic of South Africa is located on the southern tip of the continent of Africa. It is slightly less than twice the size of Texas, about 1,223,201 square kilometers. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland run from west to east along South Africa’s northern border. The country of Lesotho lies entirely within the borders of South Africa and is completely landlocked. The South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean surround the southern coast. South Africa is divided into nine provinces: the Northern Province, Kwazulu/Natal, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, the North West Province, the Western Cape, the Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape....   [tags: South Africa Governmental Cultural Essays]

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A Deep Learner From A Depth Learner

- Universities are a unique kind of education that has more importance than high school placed upon it by society, as it is where people go not only to prepare themselves for their life in the future, but it is where students go to find out who they are. Some students, despite attaining high grades during their time in high school, suffer and fail miserably in these universities. These students are what Bain describes as surface learners; students who don’t learn anything other than what is necessary to pass a class, with or without high grades....   [tags: Learning, Education, Psychology, High school]

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The Pros and Cons of Deep Sea Mining

- The most beneficial place to set our deep sea mining site is directly off the sea of PNG in the Bismarck Sea because there are ports and docks to ship the minerals to and from. We are running out. We have no time, no option, and no choice. The world’s population is increasing by 228 000 each day. We have around 14 500 days left so only 40 years till the end of oil, 165 years of gas left and 415 years left of coal. We are using these minerals at a phenomenal rate. We need to start to deep sea mine off the coast of PNG....   [tags: gold, coal, gas, oil]

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Six Feet Deep

- Short Answer: Two main answers seem to arise; both are forms of paranoia (obtuse or wise). The first is graves were put to the depth of 6ft as a way to prevent 'prematurely' buried dead from awakening (Oops my bad, thought you were dead). The second is simply because of health issues (Little Timmy, what did you dig up?). Long Answer: Zombies Walk Again. Check out the Egyptians. Mummified then buried with all their belongings, often food, drinks, and often many cats; why. Well they were heading off to the after-party, er… I mean after life....   [tags: Cultural Issues]

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The Book ' Deep Rooted On The Way Of Transformation ``

- Summary The book “Deep-Rooted in Christ the Way of Transformation” is a perception of how a Christian with Korean background and Korean American traditions view spiritual growth such as transformation, comprehension, spiritual disciplines, balance, spiritual formations, as well as the conception of the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit and the Father and the Son purpose. The author explains how the Lord Jesus Christ shared his favor and gifts with others; in addition, the author provides how Christians have two contrasting forces that exist within his or her hearts, which are heavenly light and sinister darkness....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Old Testament, New Testament]

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My Experience On Deep Sea Fishing

- Deep sea fishing is an exciting sport that many people from all walks of life can enjoy all around the world. When I have the opportunity to partake in this sport it always gets my blood pumping, and I’m as excited as a little kid in a candy store. In my experience deep sea fishing is a sport of patience; one that can teach you a lot more about life other than just snagging a big fish if you allow yourself to see the beauty in it. Once you cast out your fishing line into the ocean, it can take just a few minutes, hours or even days to catch a fish....   [tags: Fishing, Fish, Ocean, Freshwater fish]

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The Book Deep And Wide By Adam Stanley

- Summary (Why Make Church for the Unchurched?) The thesis of the book Deep and Wide by Adam Stanley is simply put as making a church that the unchurched can’t resist to attend. This book may cause controversy in some Christian circles by leaving a traditional church view of the church’s purpose being for the churched, however, in this paradigm shift Stanley presents that the church’s purpose should be to reach the unchurched in order for people to receive the Gospel that would never step foot into a traditional church....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, Christian Church]

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Sperm Whales: Physiology of the Deep Diver

- Introduction The Order Cetacea is one of the most distinctive and highly specialized groups of mammals. Over the course of evolutionary history, cetaceans have become adapted to surviving and prospering in a vast aquatic environment. One of the most important obstacles they have overcome is the ability to be obligate ocean dwellers while still breathing oxygen. Cetaceans are able to remain underwater for extended periods of time, returning only to the surface to exhale. Diving beneath the surface is an essential component of life for these species since almost all of their food sources are found under the surface of the ocean....   [tags: order cetacea, biology]

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The Importance Of A Positive Lifestyle With Deep Meaning

- The need to lead a positive lifestyle with deep meaning can be met through the adoption of various religious methods. A highly prominent religion and lifestyle is that of the Christian faith. Living a Christian life is a highly rewarding process due to the meaning and understanding it provides. It is a life that requires dedication and devotion to theology, and subsequently, is not easy to live. Over time, many highly important rites and rituals have emerged, serving great meaning in the lives of Christian adherents....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Baptism]

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Skin Deep: The Face of Women's Makeup

- Skin Deep: The Face of Women’s Makeup Representative of womanhood, femininity and sexuality, it has been both celebrated and vulgarized. Face makeup has long played a role in beauty and women’s endless pursuit of it, but is there a significance in painting our faces that is more than just skin deep. What does makeup symbolize and how does it influence society’s standard of beauty. Women use makeup to highlight feminine features and conceal flaws, but are these also subliminal advertisements....   [tags: beauty, revlon, cosmetics]

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Love Is An Intense Feeling Of Deep Affection

- Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is seen everywhere from music, movies, TV shows, and most commonly used is literature. In today’s society teens tend to see love as the man having the control in the relationship. For example if a man did something wrong and the women confronted him about it the woman would be the bad guy. Having a “main chick” and “sides” is a new trend now. It works both ways, women can have three men and men can have three females. The sad thing about the new “trend” is that’s not an honest, truthful relationship....   [tags: English-language films, Love, Twilight]

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Deep Blue Lake or Crater Lake

- Introduction: Crater Lake was discovered in 1853 by a few miners from California. After being forgotten, rediscovered and renamed from “Deep Blue Lake” to “Lake Majesty”, Crater Lake finally captured its name by a newspaper editor Jim Sutton. Although Crater Lake was discovered in 1865, it was created over 7,000 years prior to its discovery. Crater Lake was not always Crater Lake either, but was once Mount Mazma, a stratovolcano, which once stood roughly 12,000 feet high. Crater Lake is constructed of different types of volcanic rock, has been a part of different eruptions and has had much activity since it was once Mount Mazma....   [tags: Geological History, Volcano]

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Exploration od Deep Sea Corals

- Exploration of deep-sea corals as an archive used to measure Nd isotopic signature is fairly new to the field for paleoceanography and paleoclimatology. During formation of the aragonite skeleton radiocarbon and the Nd isotopes are incorporated in direct proportion to the Nd isotopic composition of seawater (Van de Flierdt et al., 2010), recording formation of the water masses over short periods of time. The 143Nd is produced by the radioactive decay of 147Sm, the 143Nd/144Nd ratio, εNd, is the fractional deviation from “bulk earth” value....   [tags: paleoceanography and paleoclimatology]

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The Deep Water Horizon Oil Disaster

- The winter of 2009 I worked with the Coalition to Restore Costal Louisiana to plant mangroves on a small island in Venice, Louisiana. I believe it was a man-made island that was created by diverting the sediment water from the Mississippi River. It was probably about 2000 ft. long by 1000 ft. wide. Anyway, we were transported to the newfound strip of land by airboat. We spent 3 days going back and forth from the launch to the island transporting the young seedlings. The following 4 days where spent planting these young plants on the mosquito laden island....   [tags: petroleum industry, disaster]

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Women, Love Runs Deep And True

- “Fear and hate can be vanquished with but one deadly weapon, the rarest and most beautiful double-edged sword of all, the sword of love. For while love may cause pain, it is still how we all begin and many end. “In women, love runs deep and true, spanning the life cycle from maiden, to mother, to crone. Thus, it is a woman’s job to slay the dragon, despite what the chroniclers tell you. “Women. The weaker sex?” The narrator tossed her head back and laughed, then strode off stage and walked down the center aisle separating the seats in the crowd....   [tags: Love, Woman, The Queen]

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Theu.s. Auto Industry And Deep Corruption

- According to an article in CBS’s Moneywatch, Detroit, Michigan is the poorest city in America. Some of the statistics given to support this are listed below: o Percentage of incomes under $25,000: 48% o Percentage of population with bachelor 's degree: 12.7% o Percentage of incomes over $150,000: 1.9% o Total population: 706,663 It is difficult to believe that Detroit, Michigan was once known for its economic good fortune and wealth. The auto industry was the economic force moving Detroit into the limelight....   [tags: Poverty in the United States, Poverty]

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Deep Foundation: Bored Pile Construction

- DEEP FOUNDATION Deep-foundation elements comprise piles and piers and are like slender columns buried in the ground. They are prevented from buckling because they are confines by the soil. Piles and piers transfer the load either to bedrock or to soil of high bearing capacity while passing through unsuitable soil. As previously stated, deep foundation are used where shallow foundation cannot be used because the topsoil is expansive or has a low bearing capacity or where the frost line is deep. They are also used in buildings that house items or instrumentation sensitive to settlement of shallow foundations....   [tags: civil engineering]

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Water Damage: 6 Feet Deep

- Six Feet Deep As I grabbed onto the rope, jumping to the next platform while on the water-rope obstacle course, I felt confident in myself, thinking, “I can make it to the next one without falling into the water.” I looked at it and leaned on the rope, jumping for it, but I missed it just by a hair and went feet first down into the six feet deep water at White Water. I was shocked at first, because it was my first time being in water higher than my 5’4” self, but I got calm in the water very quickly....   [tags: swimming, swimming pools, drowning]

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The Legacy Of Apartheid Still Hangs Heavily Over South Africa

- The Legacy Of Apartheid Still Hangs Heavily Over South Africa Although the horror of apartheid has passed away there still the trail of problems left after the horror. The problems, which have been the heartache of south, Africans is Aid's, which is partly because of South Africa and partly because of black males. The others are poverty, unemployment, crime violence and gang warfare. I personally agree with the statements because although in theory it has gone the aftermath is still clear to be seen today....   [tags: South African Apartheid ]

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The Role of External Pressure in the Fight Against Apartheid and Minority Rule in South Africa

- The Role of External Pressure in the Fight Against Apartheid and Minority Rule in South Africa External pressure played a very important part in bringing about the end of the apartheid. The embodied rejection of White domination in South Africa, in formations of protests, strikes and demonstrations caused a decade of turbulent mass action in resistance to the imposition of still harsher forms of segregation and oppression. The Defiance Campaign of 1952 carried mass mobilisation to new heights under the banner of non-violent resistance to the pass laws....   [tags: ANC South Africa]

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South Africa as a Result of Apartheid in the Film A Dry White Season

- South Africa as a Result of Apartheid in the Film A Dry White Season “Brink reaches for that unexpected potent strand of Afrikaner thought: an almost religious repugnance toward governmental corruption. And by using a ‘very ordinary’ Afrikaner as victim, Brink proclaims that no one in South Africa is any longer safe (Redman 5).” Andre Brink’s powerful novel, A Dry White Season, was made into a film directed by Euzhan Palcy about ten years after it was written. Euzhan Palcy did an excellent job directing her film, which was intended to open the world’s eyes to the injustices being committed in South Africa as a result of the apartheid, and it is successful in doing so....   [tags: South African Apartheid Essays]

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Comparative Analysis of Economic and Political Cleavages in South Africa and Zimbabwe

- Comparative Analysis of Economic and Political Cleavages in South Africa and Zimbabwe Introduction Comparative politics is concerned with examining the characteristics or qualities of two different political entities to discover resemblances or differences. These entities can be general in nature, for example, the comparison of two countries, or more specific in nature, comparing two different systems of government. But, whether general or specific in nature, comparative politics tries to determine what caused the governments to form in the way that they did....   [tags: Economics South Africa Zimbabwe Essays]

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The Secession of the South

- Tensions between the North and South had grown steadily since the anti slavery movement in 1830. Several compromises between the North and South regarding slavery had been passed such as the Nebraska-Kansas and the Missouri act; but this did little to relieve the strain. The election of President Lincoln in 1861 proved to be the boiling point for the South, and secession followed. This eventually sparked the civil war; which was viewed differently by the North and the South. The Northern goal was to keep the Union intact while the Southern goal was to separate from the Union....   [tags: Justification, Tension, Law]

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The North And The South

- The North and the South had different perspectives. For a while these different perspectives only caused nonviolent arguments until neither could get past their differences and compromise. This led to the numerous battles of the Civil War and eventually the victory of the North. Both the North and the South had their strengths and weakness throughout the war, however, in the end the North was stronger. Factories, railroads, supplies, and population contributed to the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Slavery Of The South

- The south was very passionate about slavery. They were willing to give up everything in order to keep it. This is something that seems crazy to me, because when we look back onto slavery and it seems so terrible. The south became extremely dependent upon slavery very quickly. Cash crops started becoming more popular which made the need for land rise greatly.Plantations, and farms were far too large for their owners alone to take care of. In the south the cotton industry was on an all-time high. As the cash crops were on the rise the needs for workers were also....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States]

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The Slavery Of The South

- Southern delegates or so they thought was the economic issues that would be created within the infrastructure of America through the elimination of institution of slavery in the South. Those living in the South depended on the slaves for work labor and the idea of taking abolishing this work force was going to cause problems for them. James Jackson a delegate from Georgia was a strong advocate for keeping by slave trade and slavery a part of the everyday life in the South. He felt that having slaves was what enabled the South to move at the pace it was going and grow as it had been for so many hears....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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The Slavery Of The South

- 1) Enslaved African In The South: While there was a decrease in slave importation immediately following the American Revolution, the increase in forced labor would begin to grow exponentially following technological advances in cash crops (aka the cotton gin) and would require a massive labor force. With cotton fields requiring months to harvest (and commodities like corn being grown the remainder of the year), slaves had very little time to themselves other than ensuring their own survival. With the quick reinvigoration of labor demands, fugitive laws were enacted to keep slaves bound to their owners....   [tags: Slavery, Black people]

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The South Vs. South Book Review

- The South vs The South book review The purpose of this book is to tell us what happened in The Civil war era. The theme of the book is to teach about slavery. In addition, it talks about how slaves were treated. The civil war started April 12, 1861 and ended May 9, 1865. Abraham Lincoln thought slavery was wrong and worked hard to liberate the slaves. The author is mostly talking about the slaves, and that they were abused or persecuted. The slaves tried to run away, to live freely. The owners were not going to be a problem, it was the slave patrolmen because they would catch the slaves and sale them or kill them....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery]

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The Legacy Of The South

- Approximately 100 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city lies Villa Americana the last place where you would ever expect to hear English, much less a distinct southern accent from the pre-civil war. Villa Americana, considered by some to be a lost American colony founded after the Civil War, by Col. William Hutchinson Norris, the war which had recently occurred between the northern and southern states. This was a war that put brother against brother in the hopes of keeping slavery, or getting rid of it forever....   [tags: Southern United States, American Civil War]

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The Songs Of The South

- There are little to no direct accounts of how individuals’ lives were a couple thousand years ago in Ancient China. With a wealth of information on the rise, decline, and fall of empires, Michael Loewe, a sinologist who specializes in oriental studies and theology, writes an imaginary story about a hero named Bing set around 70 BCE. Bing: From Farmer’s Son to Magistrate in Han China is Loewe’s fictional portrait of life during the Han Empire. It is by no means a comprehensive historical account of Han times, in fact, it was written with those readers who are not familiar with Chinese in mind, however through the life of Bing we can gage how the lives of laborers, those involved in military s...   [tags: Han Dynasty, Confucianism, China, Song Dynasty]

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The Slavery Of The South

- Slave owners in the South were some of the most cruel and inhumane human beings out there. They used many tactics to maintain a prosperous system of slavery amongst them. Like many, Frederick Douglass was born a slave. Deprived of as much as possible, Douglass knew not much more than his place of birth. Masters were encouraged to dispossess slaves of any knowledge and several of them did not know their birthdays or other personal details of themselves. The purpose of this was to keep slaves as misinformed of anything other than labor as possible....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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An Analysis of Deep Blue Sea

- An Analysis of Deep Blue Sea I am doing an essay on the opening sequence of the film Deep Blue Sea, I will be analyzing the way the director creates atmosphere and suspense. The film is about killer sharks and is in the same genre as Jaws. The opening scene starts of with four people on a boat, there is hardly any dialogue in this scene as the audience does not need to know who the characters are, as they are only there to introduce the shark and play no further part in the film....   [tags: Papers]

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The Deep End Of The Ocean

- The Deep End of the Ocean In the film The Deep End of the Ocean, we can apply some concepts discussed in the Interpersonal Communication curse. The film emphasis a communication problem into a family after the Ben’s abduction. Ben was the middle child of Beth and Pat. The older son was Vincent, who had an important role in the drama, and Kerry was the smaller. The abduction took place during Beth’s class reunion. After nine years, Beth found him, he was leaving very close to the real family....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Libya: A Deep and Rich History

- Libya: A Deep and Rich History In the beginning of the 20th century Libya was a country that was not to populate nor did it have much power. The name Libya was given by the Italians, who had a major influence in Libya from 1911 until the end of World War II. At the turn of the century the Ottoman Empire was in control of Libya, which at the time was spilt up into three parts. One part was around Tripoli called Tripolitania in the west. The second was around Banghazi called Cyrenaica in the east....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ocean Geoengineering Based On Deep Ecology, Could Work?

- Ocean geoengineering based on deep ecology, could work. Many solutions have been developed in order to stop climate change in the last 30 years. One in particular called geoengineering has, apparently, gained reputation as a good way to slow down this environmental harm. These technological fix has increased the support of many organisations because is reliable and the consequences for the environment are less than it is thought. However to build geoengineering-based projects it is necessary to adopt an ethical thinking, in this case an environmental one, that preserves the ecosystem....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Ocean]

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The Distinction Between Deep, Surface and Strategic Approaches to Learning

- In this research of the topic, I will firstly examine the ‘characteristics’ of students who take deep, surface or strategic approaches to learning in higher education, and explore how these approaches are distinct from each other using literature from notable authors researching the topic of ‘approaches to learning’ mainly in higher education. Secondly, I will consider the ‘usefulness’ of these concepts in understanding how students learn and address any strengths; and implications or debate arising from them....   [tags: Education ]

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Swot Analysis : ' Deep Roots Distillery Key Competitors '

- Competitive Analysis In analysis the case it stated, “Deep Roots Distillery key competitors are Prince Edward Distillery, Myriad View Artisan Distillery, and Matos Distillery. “ (Beamish, 2016) When we look at Deep Root Distillery as a company we use SWOT to see how well it is doing or where it needs improvement. Accords to online article call “What is a SWOT analysis?” It stated that “SWOT stand for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.” (Berry, 2016). What we had learned in Management is consumer are influenced and motivated to make purchases based on level of interest.(Managements)....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Competition]

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Deep Dish Pizza vs. Thin Crust Pizza

- The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast deep dish pizza vs. thin crust pizza. While many would say, “Heck, pizza is pizza.” I beg to differ. I will start with thin crust pizza, which one can get in 18 inches, 16 inches, 14, 12 or 10 inches in diameter. The dough is rolled out to the appropriate size and is generally flat all the way around, and then it is traditionally covered in a tomato-based sauce as the first layer. Then comes a layer of mozzarella cheese, and then toppings of your choice....   [tags: Food Review ]

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A Slaves Soul Runs Deep

- A Slaves Soul Runs Deep A Slave’s Soul Runs Deep The poem ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’ by Langston Hughes is about a man with a vast knowledge and understanding of rivers. The first two sentences of the poem are similar, as in both Hughes states, ‘I’ve known rivers’. From this the reader gathers that this man has been around rivers and probably lived around rivers. He talks about different experiences he has had on four different rivers. For example he says, ‘I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young’ and this gives the impression that he was around long ago when the river was just starting to form....   [tags: essays papers]

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Secession in the South

- Some states are currently threatening to leave the country because of the belief that the government has too much power over the people and the laws our country has to follow. In our society, we live by laws set by the government, and if any of them are broken, there is a punishment. These laws are set to make sure that the people of America are following the way things are ran so the country will not collapse. Although these laws are set for the safety of the people, sometimes when the government has that kind of power to make people follow certain things they should not have to follow, many issues arise....   [tags: American History]

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Deep Evil in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Deep Evil in Macbeth      Macbeth by William Shakespeare involves evil on the part of Macbeth, his Lady, and the three witches. This essay will consider evil in its many guises in this tragedy.   In "Macbeth as the Imitation of an Action" Francis Fergusson describes the evil course of action within the drama:    At this point there is the brief interlude with the Doctor. The king's evil and its cure and the graces which hang about the English throne are briefly described. [. . .] It marks the turning point, and it introduces the notion of the appeal by faith to Divine Grace which will reverse the evil course of the action when Malcolm and Macduff learn to outrun reason in that way,...   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Shakespeare's Macbeth - Deep Darkness

- Macbeth's Deep Darkness      In Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth there is a dark aspect which hangs over most scenes in the play. Let us examine this quality in this essay.   In "Macbeth as the Imitation of an Action" Francis Fergusson states the place of darkness in the action of the play:   It is the phrase "to outrun the pauser, reason [2.3]," which seems to me to describe the action, or motive, of the play as a whole. Macbeth, of course, literally means that his love for Duncan was so strong and so swift that it got ahead of his reason, which would have counseled a pause....   [tags: Macbeth essays]

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Deep Evil in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Deep Evil in Macbeth       Macbeth by William Shakespeare involves evil on the part of Macbeth, his Lady, and the three witches. This essay will consider evil in its many guises in this tragedy.   In "Macbeth as the Imitation of an Action" Francis Fergusson describes the evil course of action within the drama:    At this point there is the brief interlude with the Doctor. The king's evil and its cure and the graces which hang about the English throne are briefly described. [. . .] It marks the turning point, and it introduces the notion of the appeal by faith to Divine Grace which will reverse the evil course of the action when Malcolm and Macduff learn to outrun reason in that way,...   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Deep Regrets - Original Writing

- Deep Regrets - Original Writing "James, we need to talk to you. That was the police on the phone they had some bad news……. it's your grandma, she was crossing the street yesterday with shopping bags in her hand, returning from waitrose after doing her weekly shopping, an..and….well… she got knocked down by a car, and she's now in a hospital in Manchester. It has been said she is in a critical condition. Your mother and I have decided to go up to Manchester and visit her, although I'm sorry to say she may not be with us for much longer....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis Of Ken Bain 's ' The ' Deep Learning '

- In an article I read written on July 13, 2014 by Ken Bain “Flummoxed by Failure-or Focused?” he discussed how there are two types of students the “helpless” student who think they aren 't smart enough and the “mastery” or “growth” students who will try everything before they cave in and how students the “hopeless” students think their intelligence is fixed. Also in an interview with Ken Bain conducted by the Project Information Literacy on October 10, 2012 , Mr. Bain discussed more of his view on learning like that you don 't learn from your experiences, but about thinking about your experience which is a process he called “deep learning”....   [tags: Education, High school, Anxiety, Knowledge]

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Deep Blue Sea: Don't Waste Your Time

- Deep Blue Sea is a pathetic attempt at a heart racing, action packed, adrenaline pumping thriller. The only thrilling moment of this multi million dollar catastrophe was the laughable special effects and far fetched plot. The film, set in a research facility at sea, is about a group of scientists developing a cure for Alzheimer’s. All hell breaks lose when the sharks escape and are out for revenge....   [tags: Films, movie, movie review, Film Analysis]

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When The Hurt Runs Deep By Kay Arthur

- Before I began reading for this project I asked myself. What do I want to take away from it, and why. To be honest, at first, I didn’t know what I wanted from reading the book When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Arthur. After opening myself up to the truth I realized deep within me I sought answers to my life. My heart longed to know the reason behind why certain things occur but an even greater question arose out of my inner thoughts and up to the surface: Have I truly moved past all the hurt that runs deep....   [tags: Truth, Meaning of life, Question]

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Music of the South

- As you are driving down the road of the countryside of the American South, you see the dry fields of grass spread for miles. You turn on the radio and all you hear is country music or the blues. This is the culture and music of the South. The South has two types of music, country music of the whites and the blues of the blacks. Due to the isolation and conservatism of the South, the South had their own forms of rural music. First, we look at the blues and how grief can become a form of popular music....   [tags: Country, Blues, Icons]

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Just War Theory and the Battle of Helm’s Deep

- With over ten battles, it is obvious that war plays an important part in The Lord of the Rings. However, even in this case, all roads lead to Augustine as he is credited for being the creator of what we know as the Just War Theory. Augustine was a fifteenth century theologian and Bishop of Hippo. His views on warfare and morals were especially imperative to the Christian development of the Just War Theory values. However, Tolkien also had fairly strong feelings about war, as having spent a part of his life in the trenches of World War I; and as a devout Catholic, he was a believer of Augustine’s Just War Theory....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis Of Sandberg 's ' Lean On ' Dig Deep '

- Synthesis Essay Sandberg’s “Lean In” vs. Hook’s “Dig Deep” are two articles that are similar, but they have differences. Sandberg’s main point is that women are over looked for executive job positions, and there is extreme sexism in play, while most job fields are ran by misogynists. She also feels as though women are looked at as second class citizens, and are only worth to either stay at home and cook and clean. She makes a great point by giving a personal example, when she stated that her grandmother had to drop out of school to take care of her family....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Sexism, Misogyny]

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