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Logic, Imagination and Deduction

- Logic, Imagination and Deduction "Quit your day dreaming" "Mr. Gies, are you still with us?" "Hello!" These are some of the common inquisitions I heard while trying my best to pay attention during elementary school classes. It seems that I had some issues with staying on task. Perhaps it was a problem that I would outgrow, or at least be able to control, but as the years went on by I found that time did not change me. What a break. It turns out that using my imagination has helped me numerous times in solving networking issues, writing code, troubleshooting electronic devices, and designing complex systems....   [tags: Logic Imagination Deduction]

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A Deduction

- A Deduction Kant's subjective A deduction is not a "deduction" in the traditional philosophical sense. Rather, it is a "justification" in the sense of the language of legal practice. (1) What Kant wants to justify is that the categories are the necessary a priori conditions for the possibility of experiential objects. This justification also has another role in Kant's overall project. If he can prove the categories are the necessary a priori grounds for the possibility of experiential objects, then he can justify the use of philosophical synthetic a priori propositions....   [tags: Kant Psychology Essays]

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Mortgage Interest Deduction

- When income tax was written into the Constitution in 1913, Congress made all interest payments deductible. The mortgage interest deduction wasn’t specifically mentioned, but as more and more people began buying homes the deduction became recognized as a great benefit. Today, the ability to promote home ownership by providing a tax relief to homeowners is the main justification for the mortgage interest deduction. Some agree with the current structure of the deduction, while others believe it would be much more beneficial as a tax credit....   [tags: Tax Relief, Higher Income Households]

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The Abandoning of Induction in Favor of Deduction and Falsification

- Induction A significant function of science, and of everyday thinking, is to make sense of available information. Induction is the process of going from the specific to the general thereby reaching a conclusion about the complex nature of the universe from a , thus far, limited set of observations. A person uses a collection of evidence, gained through experience, and uses it to form a conclusion which is conceived to be conform with the given facts. This means the observations may be true, but because of the given limitation of observation the conclusion could still be proven false....   [tags: Induction, Hume, science]

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The Science of Deduction in Doyle’s The Sign of Four

- “Deduction” is the word Sherlock Holmes uses to describe the detection skills he possesses. Throughout Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, the reader witnesses his skills in crime solving via detecting, and shares the amazement John Watson feels every time these “deduction moments” occur. However, these moments are not as incredible as they seem, and that “deduction” have been practiced by people that engage in textual practice and close reading. In order to understand the similarity between Sherlock Holmes’ deduction process and making a close reading, its steps must be examined....   [tags: reader, detection, logic]

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A Comparison of Sir Frances Bacon’s Induction and Euclid's Deduction

- In this essay, I will compare Sir Frances Bacon’s method of inductive reasoning to its counterpart, deductive reasoning presented by Euclid. Induction is the process of getting the empirical truth which involves the four sources of knowledge; memory, sense perception, introspection, & reason. Induction starts from sense in primary objects. Deduction, on the other hand which is truth based upon rational thought, allows us to use a hypothesis, and examine all possibilities until a logical conclusion can be formed so those things which are true can be classed....   [tags: method of inductive reasoning]

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An Interpretation of Kant’s Metaphysical Deduction of the Categories

- In what appears to be an important section of the Critique of Pure Reason, when Kant attempts to show the natural connection between the table of judgment and the table of categories, there is a cryptic little paragraph: The same function that gives unity to the different representations in a judgment also gives unity to the mere synthesis of different representations in an intuition, which, expressed generally, is called the pure concept of understanding. The same understanding, therefore, and indeed by means of the very same actions through which it brings the logical form of a judgment into concepts by means of the analytical unity, also brings a transcendental content into its represent...   [tags: Kant Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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The Multicursal and Rhizome Labyrinths as Metaphors for Detection

- When referring to labyrinths, Kolter states that there are usually three types that are widely considered: The unicursal maze, the multicursal or mannerist maze, and the rhizome or network maze. The first type poses no challenge to the individual traversing its pathways because it consists of a single pathway that leads to a centre and then further on to an exit. The second type creates more of a challenge as it is made up of numerous pathways, many of which lead to dead ends, but there is only one correct pathway leading to the exit; however, this maze is one which can be successfully navigated through trial and error....   [tags: labyrinths, maze, pathways, deduction]

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Sherlock Holmes: Which TV Show Represents the Really Story?

- ... Sherlock does a better job because they let you see Sherlock’s thinking process in a visual way. Second difference between the two shows is the characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Sherlock does a better job in choosing actor to play the characters because of how they look like. Sherlock sticks to original stories characters, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, they resemble more of how Conan Doyle would have envisioned them to look like if they had been real. The choice of choosing Benedict Cumberbatch to play Sherlock Holmes and portray him as Cara Will stated on her website, “Being the mysterious, narcissist, egotistic, smart, with pure great talent in playing the violin as wel...   [tags: deduction, adaption, characters, fidelity]

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The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

- The book I am reading is called Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is realistic fiction because Holmes uses real-life clues to help solve his mysteries, for example, how a girl died on her wedding night. It’s “just right” for me because there aren’t too many hard words, and I find mystery stories interesting. Like Dr. Watson, the narrator, “it has always intrigued me about how Holmes uses deduction.” The main figures in this series of short stories are Dr. Watson and Holmes....   [tags: mystery, deduction, cases]

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Saint Augustine's Deduction that Free Will is a Good Gift from God

- Saint Augustine's Deduction that Free Will is a Good Gift from God Before the central theme of this essay is analytically summarized, it is important to note a few propositions already established in the conversations between Saint Augustine and Evodius. Firstly, Saint Augustine has already ascertained that God gave human beings free choice of the will – Evodius is also sure of this proposition. He deduces that since our existence came from God, then it must be God who gave us free will....   [tags: Papers]

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Nature vs. Nurture: John Locke on Innate Ideas

- In book one of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke argues against innate ideas using three arguments. The intention of this paper will be to discuss John Locke’s views on ideas while introducing and explaining his three arguments against innate ideas in detail touching on his idea of tabula rasa. Furthermore, it will briefly discuss alternative views on innate ideas as both conflicting and similar. John Locke’s writings came at a time when there was a philosophical debate going on between the empiricists and the rationalists....   [tags: Philosophy, Reason, deduction]

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The Effectiveness of the Voucher System

- The voucher system is a way for parents to have some say in school choice for their children. For the most part a voucher system is a program that will grant parents a tax break or a voucher that equals the amount of tuition for the school of their choosing, which is typically a private school. For many different voucher systems benefits are limited to students in failing public schools, which means that students struggling in a nearly failing school are left hanging until the school is actually deemed to be bad enough that the students can try out a different one (Garnet, 2005)....   [tags: tax deduction when paying for private schooing]

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Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

- The Transcendental Deductions of the pure concept of the understanding in Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, in its most general sense, explains how concepts relate a priori to objects in virtue of the fact that the power of knowing an object through representations is known as understanding. According to Kant, the foundation of all knowledge is the self, our own consciousness because without the self, experience is not possible. The purpose of this essay is to lay out Kant’s deduction of the pure concept of understanding and show how our concepts are not just empirical, but concepts a priori....   [tags: transcendental deductions, aesthetics]

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Three Tax Changes in Malaysia

- (i) Outline and describe any three tax changes or measures which concern individuals and sole-proprietor businesses that were introduced by the 2014 Budget and their proposed implementation date. Briefly state why these changes were introduced in the 2014 Budget. Introduction- Three Tax Changes Malaysian Budget for the year 2014(Budget) was unveiled by the Prime Minister on 25th October 2013.The prime emphasis of the Budget was Strengthening Economic Resilience, Accelerating Transformation and Fulfilling Promises being formulated to warrant economic growth along with reduction of fiscal deficit ....   [tags: tax rates, tax deductions]

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America's Tax System: Flat or Fair?

- America’s Tax System, Flat or Fair. “No taxation without representation!” A fair tax system was what the American colonists were looking for and one that many say we are still trying to achieve. Today, while we are all represented in government and are all required to pay taxes, some still perceive the system of taxation as unfair, allowing for specialized interests, loopholes, as well as more/less taxation based on income. Should the American tax system remain the same, where individuals’ income is taxed based on how much one makes with loopholes and deductions....   [tags: lopholes, deductions, income, taxes]

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The Regulations of Tax Laws

- The Regulations of Tax Laws Introduction Tax laws rules and regulations change mostly every year and people in the business need to keep up with the fast pace of those changes. Usually, when congress wants to set a rule, they start by issuing it for a limited set of time....   [tags: Papers]

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Individual Retirement Accounts Analysis

- As a student I have conducted analysis pertaining tax reform, specifically focusing on Individual Retirement Accounts. The analysis covers the current state of the tax environment, reviews possible solutions and proposes a set of recommendations to deemed to be most simple, equitable and economically efficient. The current tax structure for individual retirement accounts in the United States is plagued by the lack of incentives offered to investors. A partial result of the tax code is the diminutive retirement savings rate amongst low and middle class earners....   [tags: Taxes]

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Analysis of the SNAP Program

- SNAP is the foundation of nutrition assistance programs. This program provides over 47 million individuals in nearly 23 million low-income households. The eligibility is not restricted to certain groups of individuals, and because of this, SNAP serves a vast amount of families with children, elderly people, and individuals with disabilities. Others eligible for SNAP include families with adults who work in low-wage jobs, unemployed workers, and those with a fixed income. The SNAP Program assists about 72 percent of people who live in households with children....   [tags: nutrition, snap households, recovery act]

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Max Black and Humean Skepticism

- Max Black and Humean Skepticism In this essay I will argue that the Humean problem of induction is only truly problematic when a strange, impossible definition is given to the term “reasonable”. I will begin by explaining what it is I understand Hume’s induction problem to be, and to try to flesh out the issues relevant to my case. I will then examine Max Black’s proposed solution to the problem, and show in what ways this solution is useful and why it is ultimately unconvincing. In this latter context I will invoke the work of Wesley Salmon, and then try to solve the problem that Salmon poses....   [tags: Max Black Hume Essays]

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Mystery Cases Solved by Famous Sherlock Holmes

- Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous detective. The books are written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are four long stories and 56 short stories. ‘A Study in Scarlet’ is the first Sherlock Holmes story. Sherlock Holmes makes his first his appearance in this book and uses his skills to solve murder case. This book is first published in 1887. A Study in Scarlet is a long story book. The mystery presents in this book is a murder mystery and the murder occurs in an empty house. A victim is a well-dressed gentleman....   [tags: detective, mystery, investigation]

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Automotive Fuel Vehicles

- INCENTIVES AND LAWS The main federal incentives for the purchase or conversion of individual alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are the federal income tax deductions of $2,000-$50,000 for clean fuel vehicles, and the income tax credit of up to $4,000 for electric vehicles (EVs). An income tax deduction is also available for the installation of refueling or recharging facilities for AFVs. Except for the federal tax credits and deductions, most of the federal incentives are programmatic grants oriented toward large investments such as infrastructure and larger purchases....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Tax Reform Plan Recommendation

- The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Tax Reform bill is a comprehensive plan that reduces tax expenditures and raises revenue. This memorandum will discuss America’s current fiscal challenge and the role of tax reform, outline the major components of the BPC Tax Reform Plan, list advantages and disadvantages of the plan for your constituents, and make a voting recommendation. While the BPC tax reform bill does provide a model for comprehensive tax reform through spending cuts, the overall increase in revenue, especially the implementation of a value-added tax (VAT), is untenable....   [tags: government, tax reform]

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Solving the Foreclosure Crisis with Community Serving

- In a perfect situation the American people would all have the career they want and maintain the expense of the house hold they live in. Due to the economy drop and job losses Americans cannot afford the homes they live in. To help the foreclosure crisis I came up with the idea of community service of the people who are losing their homes. My plan not only will help the foreclosing it will create jobs. Community service will instill a new idea to the Americans who are willing to do what they have to in order to save their homes....   [tags: Foreclosures, volunteering, ]

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HR and the Competiton for Talent

- In today’s competitive workforce, talent is not only incremental, but also scarce. War for talent, a term coined by Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company, refers to the competitive landscape of talent management of skilled and valuable employees. Talent management is defined as “the implementation of integrated strategies or systems designed to increase workplace productivity by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining and utilizing people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs” (Lockwood, 2006)....   [tags: Talent Management]

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Property Investment: Intro to Depreciation

- Intro To Depreciation Property Investment is an expensive exercise, which is why any potential investor should understand all of their options when it comes to cutting costs. Thousands of dollars go unclaimed each year due to a general lack of understanding regarding depreciation. This special tax deduction allows investors to write off specific investment related costs over time, often saving thousands of dollars in tax, and for this reason it is important to understand the basics. What. As property gets older and the items within it wear out, they depreciate in value....   [tags: cutting costs, tax depreciation]

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Empiricism Versus Rationalism: Descartes and Hume

- Rationalism and empiricism have always been on opposite sides of the philosophic spectrum, Rene Descartes and David Hume are the best representative of each school of thought. Descartes’ rationalism posits that deduction, reason and thus innate ideas are the only way to get to true knowledge. Empiricism on the other hand, posits that by induction, and sense perception, we may find that there are in fact no innate ideas, but that truths must be carefully observed to be true. Unlike one of empiricism’s major tenets, Tabula Rasa, or blank slate, Descartes believed that the mind was not a blank slate, but actually came pre-loaded, if you will, with ideas, which are part of our rational nature an...   [tags: philosophy, god, science]

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Food Stamp Program Reform

- The federal Food Stamp Program is an assisted nutrition program that helps millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families (United States Department of Agriculture). This program gives its recipients extra money each month to try to help them have better food security. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is also the largest program in the federal safety net (United States Department of Agriculture). In Ohio’s Appalachian counties, there are 515,300 recipients which is 25.4% of the population (Job and Family Services)....   [tags: socioeconomic politics and policies]

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Kant's Categories Reconsidered

- Kant's Categories Reconsidered ABSTRACT: Adopting a Quinean criterion of ontological commitment, I consider the question of the ontological commitment of Kant's theory of our a priori knowledge of objects. Its direct concern is the customary view that the ontology of Kant's theory of knowledge in general, whether a priori or empirical, must be thought in terms of the a priori conditions or representations of space, time, and the categories. Accordingly, this view is accompanied by the customary interpretation of ontology as consisting of Kantian "appearances" or "empirical objects." I argue against this view and interpretation....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Tax Tips for Self-Employed and Freelance Workers

- Tax Tips for Self-Employed and Freelance Workers Being self-employed is a daydream for so many people. Who doesn't fantasize about becoming his or her own boss. When it comes to work, however, the downside of being the boss is all the obligations that go with the job. Regrettably, calculating and paying taxes are part of those duties. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you are considered to be self-employed “if you are in business for yourself, or carry on a trade or business as a sole owner or an independent contractor.” The IRS requires self-employed persons to pay a Self-Employment Tax, which assesses Social Security and Medicare taxes similar to those paid by employees and...   [tags: Accounting ]

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Income Tax in India

- Income Tax Estimator Income tax is a tax imposed on any individual or by a corporate by the government who earns income. In simple words, it is the tax paid on income. A survey says that paying Tax has been in existence for more than 2,500 years. People need to pay tax based on their profession. India is a pioneer in developing a stable tax system. The source for the income may be from salary, House/Property, Business and Profession, capital gains, and income from other sources. This tax is the contribution by an individual or group of individuals for the development of the Country....   [tags: Tax Taxes Taxation]

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Kant’s Aesthetic Theory and the Problem of Particularity

- Kant’s Aesthetic Theory and the Problem of Particularity ABSTRACT: In moving away from the objective, property-based theories of earlier periods to a subject-based aesthetic, Kant did not intend to give up the idea that judgments of beauty are universalizable. Accordingly, the "Deduction of Judgments of Taste" (KU, § 38) aims to show how reflective aesthetic judgments can be "imputed" a priori to all human subjects. The Deduction is not successful: Kant manages only to justify the imputation of the same form of aesthetic experience to everyone; he does not show that this experience will universally occur in response to the same objects....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Food Stamps: An Important Government Transfer Program

- Food Stamps: An Important Government Transfer Program Food Stamps are an important subsidy for poor families in the United States. The program began (in its most basic form) in the 1930s in response to the Great Depression and has seen many transformations since. Its original goal was to redistribute agricultural surpluses to needy individuals. It gained popularity in the early 1940s and in 1961, Congress launched a pilot program. The program became permanent under President Johnson's Food Stamp Act of 1964....   [tags: Economics]

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How Do Federal Tax Policies Affect Nonprofit Organizations?

- Federal tax policies have significant effect or impact on the shape and the role of nonprofit sector. Government tax policies simultaneously affect the level of nonprofit resources because government programs are the important source of nonprofit revenue in the recent times, and the tax policies significantly influence citizen propensities to make charitable contributions. Significant policy change has been observed during the past quarter century but the impact of these changes on nonprofit organizations has been overlooked....   [tags: federal, budget, organizations, government]

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Kazakhstan and United States Income Tax Treaty

- Kazakhstan has concluded 43 double taxation treaties with different countries around the globe and one of them is the United States. Kazakhstan and the United Stated singed an income tax treaty and protocol on October 24, 1994. The parties initialed the proposed convention and protocol during the first half of 1993. Although similar to the U.S. - Russia income tax treaty, the new Kazakh accord contains some distinguishing features. Creditable taxes The new agreement applies to the Kazakh on profits and income provided by the laws “On Taxation of Enterprises, Associations and Organizations” and “On the Income Tax on Citizens of the Kazakh SSR, Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons.” Treaty a...   [tags: protocol, permanent, dividend]

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

- The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed into law by President Obama on February 21, 2009. The law had three major goals which were all aimed at stimulating a sluggish US economy. The first goal was to create new jobs and save existing ones by tax credits for hiring new employees. The second goal was to spur economic activity and investment in long term growth by increasing the amount of business asset that could be acquired by companies while allowing for immediate deductions for the cost of the assets as well as numerous tax credits for individuals and businesses....   [tags: Government]

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Scientific Thinking, Economic Reasoning and Their Applications in the Caribbean

- The Caribbean has had celebrated economists who, in their works, always sought to define the Caribbean experience and produce solutions to the region’s problems. Their achievements arose out of a need for a Third World economic story that was separate from that developed in more advanced nations. Economics, however, has been regarded as a “dismal science” (Carlyle 1849) and some have questioned if it is a science at all. For this essay, we assume that economics is a science and ask “Is and was scientific reasoning a part of economic reasoning in the Caribbean?” The analysis for this paper therefore considers both the publications based on the Caribbean from the 1960s and 1970s and the recen...   [tags: caribbean, induction, abduction]

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19th and 20th Philosophy: The views of Emmanuel Kant

- Kant shows in the Critique of Pure reason that there are multiple categories and he uses logic to come to these conclusions. “The same function that gives unity to the different representations in a judgment also gives unity to the mere synthesis of different representations in an intuition, which, expressed generally, is called the pure concept of understanding. The same understanding, therefore, and indeed by means of the very same actions through which it brings the logical form of a judgment into concepts by means of the analytical unity, also brings a transcendental content into its representations by means of the synthetic unity of the manifold in intuition in general, on account of wh...   [tags: emmanuel kant, understanding, logical judgement]

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What Documents To Review At A Closing For A Mortgage

- What Documents To Review At A Closing For A Mortgage Three important mortgage documents 1.     Mortgage 2.     Note 3.     HUD-1 Settlement Statement Mortgage •     People who sign only have an interest in the property and our not responsible to pay for the loan •     Make sure the correct legal description and address are listed •     Gives the rights of the mortgage company o     Usually very standard •     Secures the note •     Gives the lender a claim against the home if you fail to live up to the terms of the loan Note •     Those who sign the note are responsible for paying the mortgage and their credit will be effected (positively and/or negatively) by the loan •     States the in...   [tags: Mortgage Closing Documents]

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The Debate Between Methodological Individualism and Holism

- Explain and evaluate the debate between methodological individualism and holism. Introduction The explanatory variants of MI and holism are likely to be interdependent; both individualists and holists contribute meaningfully to the nature of social explanations. MI states that social phenomena are fully explained only when there is reference to the behaviour and action of individuals. Holism states that it is the study of collective forces, groups, and organisations that dictates the explanation of social phenomena ....   [tags: Social Issues, Holism]

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Tax Implications Of Bailout And Elections

- Tax Consequences of Economic Failures June 13, 2007 is the day that Richard C. Cook claims in his article, “It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy Has Begun.” In the past couple of years, months, and weeks, the United States economy and stock market showed significant failures and inefficiencies to the world. Perhaps the greatest evidence signaling the recent economic meltdown is the subprime mortgage problems that started a little over a year ago. The burst of the U.S. housing market bubble was caused by a combination of risky lending and borrowing practices and higher interest rates coupled with dropping housing prices, making refinancing more difficult....   [tags: Economic Analysis Bailout Tax]

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To Falsify or not to Falsify

- To Falsify or not to Falsify Consider for a moment the views of Hellenic and Hellenistic science. Hellenic science was a science of the big picture. Science which often overlooked small details. Hellenistic science, on the other hand, was much more mathematical and precise. The shift from Hellenic to Hellenistic science was nothing more than a change of perspective in science. Right or wrong aside, scientist's perspectives changed and along with it what was allowed to be scientific. To quote Khun, "What is it that transforms an apparently temporary discrepancy into an inescapable conflict....   [tags: Science Scientific Essays]

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Justice: By Any Means Necessary

- Both Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in their respective novels, explore the relationship between detective and criminal. Many mystery novels employ this opposition, but in ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Major Stories with Contemporary Critical Essays’ and ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd,’ the authors, while spending appropriate time with this juxtaposition, add additional elements by spending a majority of their time investigating the idea of justice. Justice is the central theme of both respective novels because both Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot attempt to discover the truth regarding their respective cases by any means necessary....   [tags: Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Doyle, Characters]

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The Gettier Problem: A Marathon

- ... These two counterexamples depended on two principles; fallibilism and the justified deduction principle. With fallibilism, the truth is not needed for justification; and the justified deduction principle is if a person, S, is justified in believing a proposition, P, and P entails Q. S will deduce Q from P, and accepts Q as a result from the deduction which means that S is justified in believing Q. Now when there is a false proposition, P, for which S has ample justification, and Q is true but not for the reasons deduced by S in support of P, that is the Gettier problem....   [tags: knowledge, philosophical analysis]

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Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim

- Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim Popper's claim that "the criterion of the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability" (Klemke, 1988) may be viewed as an observation of, rather than a complete departure from, earlier criteria for science. Klemke states in his introduction to part one (p. 16) that defining science (or the scientific method) has traditionally consisted of utilizing seven criteria that must be met in a specific order. Criteria number (5) and (6) refer to deduction rather than induction, and will negate criterion (4) if not met....   [tags: Sir Karl Popper Science Essays]

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The Life of René Descartes

- Born March, 31st 1569 in La Haye en Touraine France, René Descartes was a very significant philosopher, mathematician, scientist and writer. He attended a Jesuit college at La Flèche. Later named “The Father of Modern Philosophy”, much of western philosophies are a reaction to his books which have been studied meticulously for centuries. Many elements of René’s philosophy have many similarities to that of Aristotle. Descartes was a very influential figure during the 17th century continental rationalist....   [tags: Biographical Essay, science, biography]

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Richard Dawkin's Essay on Darwin's Wasp

- In Richard Dawkins’s essay about Darwin’s wasp, he makes an argument that nature’s role is to ensure DNA survival. The inductive argument begins by observing the behavior of the wasp. As Dawkins observes, the wasp inserts its stinger into the central nervous system of the caterpillar and paralyzes it. Then the wasp implants larva. The larvae eat the caterpillar alive. This may seem cruel to the human mind if we apply the concept of suffering to this process, but ultimately, this is nature at work....   [tags: Aquinas, Utility Function]

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Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to Q&A

- Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to Q&A The Hypothetico-Deductive model is considered by some to be the hallmark of scientific research methods. The model is predicated on obtaining information in an effort to confirm or reject the hypothesis developed. This methodology requires the researcher to ask questions, hone in on the issue through preliminary research, formulate hypothesis and measurements, test, draw conclusions, refine and report. In order for the model to be effective the question being addressed by the researcher must be testable....   [tags: Scientific Research Methods, Charles Darwin]

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Human Resources Management Practices

- The fierce marketing competition drives company to seek new resources to improve their core competences and adapt to changing of the internal and external environment of organisation. A growing number of HR professors argued that strategic human resource management can be regarded as a source of sustained advantage for competition (Zupan and Ograjenšek, 2008). But there are lots of limitations exist in previous literatures, which do not answer questions like which strategic human resource management practice is best fit to enhance performance of organisation or is there any most effective SHRM model....   [tags: research, design, method, approach]

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The Alabama Education Association

- The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Alabama on Wednesday February 5th; ruled against an injunction that assured the primary funding source for the Alabama Education Association (AEA). The ruling allows the enforcement of a law passed by Alabama Legislature in 2010. The law bans government employees to arrange an automatic payroll deduction of dues to membership organization that uses the membership fees for political purposes. AEA challenged the law in a federal trial court altercating that the law is in violation of “the free speech and equal protection provisions of the First and Fourteenth amendments of the U.S....   [tags: fed court, appeals, alabama education]

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Bad Debts

- Section 166(a) of the tax code says that "there shall be allowed as a deduction any debt which becomes wholly worthless within the taxable year." However, in the case of a guarantor of another party's debt, a special set of rules operates to determine the time such guarantor is entitled to a "bad debt" deduction (once the guarantor honors the obligation to the creditor). Sec. 1.166-1 Bad debts. (a) Allowance of deduction. Section 166 provides that, in computing taxable income under section 63, a deduction shall be allowed in respect of bad debts owed to the taxpayer....   [tags: Tax Bad Debt Expense Accounting Research]

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High Frequency Trading

- In the Last Decade No other Development or Trend has had more impact on Trading and Exchanges around the world than High Frequency Trading. There has been a lot of Noise around HFT as the new Buzzword and anyone involved with the Capital Markets Industry is bound to be swept away by it. There is also a Lot of confusion around HFT as people associated with the Industry from Investors to Regulators grapple with a Lot of questions ranging from what is it to what is going to happen to me because of it....   [tags: trading and exchanges, capital markets]

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The Existence of God Being Proved A Priori

- The Existence of God Being Proved A Priori The existence of God can be proved a priori by a logical deduction from the concept of God, when we think about the idea of God we realise that real existence is an essential part of how we conceive the idea of God. God therefore necessarily exists so that it is impossible for him to not exist. I belive to be necessary to examine Anselm's version of the ontological argument, in order to answer the above question, namely whether God's existence can be proved a priori....   [tags: Papers]

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Double Taxation

- Introduction Double taxation arises when an individual or business acquiring income in a foreign country is required to pay taxes on that income in both the foreign country as well as the country of origin. For example, an American company operating in a developing country, in the absence of a tax treaty between the two countries may have to pay a withholding tax to the government of the developing country, as well as corporation tax to the United States government (Howard, 2001, p. 259). The purpose of this paper is to examine the merit of three basic systems, which is exemption system, credit system and deduction system....   [tags: Tax Accounting]

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On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean

- On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean ABSTRACT: Given the great historical distance between scientific explanation as Aristotle and Hempel saw it, I examine and appraise important similarities and differences between the two approaches, especially the inclination to take deduction itself as the very model of scientific knowledge. I argue that we have good reasons to reject this inclination. In his recent studies showing Galileo's knowledge of and adherence to the deductive standards of explanation in science set forth by Aristotle, Wallace (1) remarks that this Aristotelean theory must not be confused with the contemporary deductive-nomological theory of Hempel and Oppenheim....   [tags: History Science Scientific Papers]

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If I Were George Bush

- If I Was George Bush If I was George Bush I would follow the exact same path he is following right now. His plans for our countries Education and Health Care plan live up to their promises. These plans also benefit the country greatly as a whole. Yet, if I was President Bush, I would make the positive effects of these plans to prove themselves more immediate than they have been. This would urge America to follow my, or Bush’s, plans to make America a better place. The Education Plan the Bush has produced is almost perfect....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Roth IRAS or Traditional IRAs

- Choosing Between Roth IRAs and Traditional Deductible IRAs The decision is complicated if you're eligible for both types of IRAs. With the creation of the Roth IRA and the liberalized eligibility guidelines for the traditional IRA, the vast majority of individuals are now eligible to make some sort of IRA contribution. IRA Eligibility All but the wealthiest of workers are eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. Eligibility to make the maximum contribution to a Roth is limited to married couples with adjusted gross incomes of less than $150,000 and single individuals with incomes under $95,000....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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How Flexible Savings Accounts Work

- Flexible savings account (FSA) referred to by the IRS publication 969 as Flexible Spending Arrangements, is a program that set aside monies to reimburse employees for their medical expenses. These funds are established voluntarily by an employer to keep as pre-tax dollar for their employees medical and health related expenses. Pre-tax dollar benefits the employee because it decreases their tax liability. There are distinct problems if you terminate employment, but there are strategies to help you eliminate some of the negative problems....   [tags: Flexible Savings Accounts, ]

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Crime Fiction in Arthur Doyles’s "The Hounds of Baskerville" and Alfred Hitchcock´s "Rear Window"

- Popular crime fiction has tended to maintain and challenge the traditional conventions of the established genre for its own contextual purpose. The generations holds Arthur Doyles’s “ The Hounds of Baskerville“ as one of the most endearing classics, revolving around the brilliant deductions of the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, establishing a series of conventions that were to serve as a catalyst for future writers. In this sense, Alfred Hitchcock’s own “Rear Window” exhibits a more liberal, postmodern approach that embeds itself in the contemporary consciousness due to the manipulations of its key conventional concerns, particularly the sleuth hero and the clue puzzle....   [tags: Detective, Sleuth, Clue]

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Solving the Foreclosure Crisis- Decrease Interest Rates, Create Jobs, Financial Education and Stimulus Programs

- Foreclosure is an important issue in the United States and needs to be ended or decreased rapidly as soon as possible for the sake of America’s economy. The foreclosure of homes has decreased the state of the economy, and rendered millions of Americans homeless. There are four key solutions that will stop foreclosures in the United States and able millions of American to keep their homes. The first solution is having banks lower their interest rates for all citizens who are in financial need of an interest rate deduction....   [tags: foreclosure, economy, financial]

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Utilizing Resources of the Private Sector to Help Solve the Foreclosure Crisis

- The ensuing foreclosure crisis is one of great complexity. The problem has been culminating for years; signs of a “real estate bubble” began to surface as early as 2006. Despite the warning signs, the American economy continued to function, convinced that the “bubble” was not real or that its effect would be minimal. The numerous parties involved also adds to the confusion. Consumers, consumer banks, and Wall Street firms all had a part in causing the crisis. Ultimately, the global economy entered a terrible recession....   [tags: foreclosure, real estate, economy]

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Compare and Constrast Between Warner Bros’ [WB] Sherlock Holmes and BBC’s Sherlock

- Sherlock Holmes earned the title in Guinness World Record as the “Most Portrayed Literary Human Character in Film & TV”, the world’s favorite “consulting detective” has been adapted by over 75 actors on screen over 250 times. Originally from a famous detective story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887 , Sherlock Holmes is well known for his exceptional intellect. Ever since Doyle published his first novel, ‘Sherlockians’ demanded more; and this is happening once again in the 21st century. Recent adaptations with the highest viewer ratings are Warner Bros’ [WB] Sherlock Holmes and BBC’s Sherlock....   [tags: TV, Detective, Adaptation]

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The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Economic Growth

- Economic growth The impact of the Global Financial Crisis on economic growth As a result of the global recession, Australia’s GDP was forecasted to contract by 0.5% in 2009-10 in comparison to other advanced economies which were expected to contract by 3.75% in the same year. However minor the reductions in GDP, it was evident that Australia was not exempt from the global recession although is better placed and is expected to perform better than almost all other OECD economies. The global recession has also triggered a fall in household wealth and a disruption in consumer confidence with consumption forecasted to contract by 0.25% in 2009-10....   [tags: Economics]

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A Comparison of Private and Public Criminal Investigation

- Criminal investigators are professionals in the law enforcement team who try to solve crimes, prevent the occurrence of future crimes, and searching and detaining suspects. The two categories of criminal investigators are private and public criminal investigators. The level of training that these professionals go through is different which leads us to the differences between public and private criminal investigations. Differences and Similarities One major difference between public and private investigator is the training that they have to go through before they qualify to do criminal investigations....   [tags: Law Enforcement, criminal justice system]

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal in All States

- The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue. “Marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man, and same-sex marriage should receive the same protections given to interracial marriages by that ruling” (Gay Marriage). The gay rights movement in the U.S. can be traced back to the Stonewall Riots in the year of 1969, which marked the beginning of a political movement for gay rights....   [tags: Same-Sex Marriage, supreme court]

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The Right To Property: An Essential To Freedom

- In John Locke’s The Second Treatise of Civil Government he says that “being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” John Locke stated that nearly a full century before the Declaration of Independence in 1776, yet his ideas for what freedom should entail can be found throughout not only the Declaration, but the United States Constitution as well. Locke understood that people have a social need for property ownership and how they should not be denied the ability to fulfill that need....   [tags: john locke, irs, happiness]

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Methods to Strengthen the Chains of Inference

- INTRODUCTION Structured responses to the limited capacity of both organisations and individuals to deal with ambiguity that is inherent to intelligence analysis are necessary to strengthen the ‘chains of inference’ or maximise the rigor of judgements. This essay will focus on overcoming cognitive and to a lesser extent, personal and organisational bias and limitations. Organisational issues that affect the quality of analysis such as analyst training are outside the scope of this short essay. Moreover, many of the high profile intelligence failures are attributable less to organisational obstacles than political or psychological barriers , ....   [tags: Intelligence]

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The Influence of Ageism in Public Policy

- The Influence of Ageism in Public Policy The United States is ill prepared to meet the needs of the aging baby boom generation. Nowhere is this more evident than in government policy, particularly in housing. Overall, American society has become complacent in the assumption that existing “programs enacted to provide older Americans with health insurance; nutritional, legal, supportive, and leisure services; housing; home repair; energy assistance; transportation; help in getting jobs; protection against getting fired from jobs; public insurance for employer-sponsored pensions, and special mental health programs” are sufficient to meet the needs of this nation’s seniors (Binstock, 2005, p....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

- Introduction The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010. This paper summarizes three provisions of the ACA and analyzes the financial implications these provisions might have on the healthcare industry and U.S. economy. The three provisions are: the expansion of Public Programs, tax changes related to health insurance or financing health reform, and changes to private insurance. Expansion of Public Programs Under the Affordable Care Act the provision of “Expansion of Public Programs” exists to make changes to Medicaid and CHIP....   [tags: public health, healthcare industry, uninsured]

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Taxation and Types of Taxes in Malaysia

- 1.0 Introduction According to business dictionary, elasticity is a responsive measured in price or quantity. It is also a sensitivity of quantity towards changes of price and it is measured using the elasticity concept with a diagram of demand and supply curve. Why is this important. The importance is to explain the consumer and sellers respective behavior in the market; and also to show the intersection between demand and supply. The general calculation is shown below: Percentage (%) of change in quantity Elasticity = Percentage (%) of change in determinant There are few reasons why elasticity is measured using percentage (%), it’s allows subject measured in different units and also...   [tags: Income, Elasticity]

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How To Solve The Foreclosure Crisis

- HOW TO SOLVE THE FORECL0SURE CRISIS 2009 was a record breaking year for foreclosures in the United States. The perfect storm of high unemployment, tightening credit, decreasing real estate values and cataclysmic stock market crash resulted in millions of homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. What are the solutions to this problem. Some would argue that the government should intervene and help homeowners. Those with a more “free market” or laissez faire approach would contend that the government should let it play out and the problem will eventually resolve itself....   [tags: Economics]

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Eastfield Ltd and Capital Pty Ltd

- Eastfield (UK) Ltd is a small privately owned company based in Essex. They design and manufacture a comprehensive range of architectural and drainage products, Background key information: Eastfield Ltd (Eastfield) requires debt financing and thus a new company validly incorporated called Capital Pty Ltd (Capital) provides finance to Eastfield. After Eastfield encounters an area of business where it is financially unviable for the continuation of the project, the directors decided to close down that business....   [tags: Corporate Law Case Study]

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Should The XM-25 Replace M203

- The United States Military Forces are one of the best-trained and equipped militaries in the word. To maintain our edge it is important for our military leadership to ensure our service members have weapon systems available. Weapons systems that are versatile and effective enough to engage and destroy our enemies across the full spectrum of operations. Should the XM-25 Weapon System replace the M203 Grenade Launcher. Although the XM-25 is an effective weapon system, due to its limited engagement capabilities, cost and limited unit maintenance capabilities, the XM-25 should not replace the M203....   [tags: U.S. Military]

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Keeping Employees Happy and Safe

- What is workplace violence and where does it come from. When you hear the words many peoples’ first thoughts are of coworker’s fist fighting and screaming at one another. These are good examples but there are other forms of workplace violence. Bullying, harassment and intimidation are also types of workplace violence. The violence doesn’t always come from coworker to coworker interactions. Customers can create workplace violence. Robbery is a perfect example of an outsider creating workplace violence....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Obesity is Not a Disease

- Obesity has played a major role in media over the last decade. With growing concern over the issue, a controversy over whether obesity is a disease itself or not has developed. Obesity, by definition, is a condition that is characterized by excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body, usually indicated by a body mass index of 30 or greater. According to the currently accepted definition of disease, a condition of the body or one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms, it can be concluded that obesity does not meet the criteria to be classified as a disease....   [tags: Health and Wellness]

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Final Paper: The Induction Problem

- Final Paper: The Induction Problem Inductive reasoning is the idea that a conclusion is drawn from multiple premises. We tend to understand certain concepts by building up details from prior knowledge to reach a certain idea. However, this approach to learning has its limitations. Not all conclusions can be drawn from what we know because we aren’t always all knowing about certain concepts. We are also left with no room for drawing conclusions about the future because not all premises are consistent....   [tags: inductive reasoning, philosophical analysis]

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Self-Employment Tax Help

- Self-employment tax help is useful around this time of year, since there’s still time to correct course if you haven’t been tabulating your taxes -- and, more importantly, your deductions. Only half the year is over, so July is a good month to get your affairs in order. Take advantage of self-employment tax help in 2013 and it will pay off during 2014. Being self-employed is a daydream for so many people. Who doesn't fantasize about becoming his or her own boss. When it comes to work, however, the downside of being the boss is all the obligations that go with the job....   [tags: informative essay]

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A Victorian Battle: The Methods of Sherlock Holmes, as Depicted in The Hound of the Baskervilles v. Charles Darwin, in His Theory of Evolution

- A Victorian Battle: Holmes v. Darwin The Victorian society placed a strong value on professional and well-rounded scientists that were capable of making very rapid deductions to solve mysteries and to study and advance new medical breakthroughs. The Victorian age was filled with new discoveries and new notions and philosophies that changed England, Europe, and moreover, the world including: Darwin’s highly debated Theory of Evolution, Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin, the worldwide Industrial Revolution, and the invention of cars, telephones, and photography....   [tags: darwinism, evolutionary, mystery]

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Should the United States of America have a flat tax?

- For years many people have been clamoring for a flat tax rate which would make a fairer tax system, but what is flat tax. According to CNN a flat tax is only one tax rate, considering that today's system has a series of rates, a flat tax would include an exemption based on family size similar to today's standard deduction that everyone can take. With a flat tax system, that exemption would be the only tax break anyone would get. Today's tax code has a complicated amount of tax credits, deductions and exemptions....   [tags: Economy, Politics]

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Who Bears the Burden of Proof in Tax Litigation

- Involved in federal civil tax litigation. Wondering who has the burden of proof in litigation. Burden of proof is the responsibility to prove the entries, deductions, or statements made on a taxpayer’s return. In order to deduct certain expenses they are substantiated by proof. When the burden of proof is on the taxpayer, the taxpayer keeps adequate records to prove their expenses or has sufficient evidence to support statements. Generally, documented evidence such as receipts, canceled checks, or bills is used to support expenses....   [tags: federal, civil, taxpayer, law, proof]

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