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The Impact of France on the World

- The Impact of France on the World France occupies an exclusive place in the world, and could accept nothing less. It is, its President declares, a beacon for the human race. The nation and its people may be loved or hated, but they can never be ignored. This, after all, is the land which gave the planet Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Charles de Gaulle and Gérard Depardieu, the Musketeers, Madame Bovary and Cyrano de Bergerac, Brigitte Bardot and Joan of Arc, claret and the cinema, the Cancan, denim and champagne, the theory of deconstruction and Édith Piaf, the Statue of Liberty and the modern totalitarian revolution, liposuction and the vegetable mixer, the sardine can, striped bathing co...   [tags: Papers]

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Utopia - The Impossibility of Perfection

- Utopia - The Impossibility of Perfection "The latter end of [this] commonwealth forgets the beginning." ?William Shakespeare, The Tempest From Plato's The Republic to Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, the search for a perfect social state has never stopped; its ultimate goal of achieving a human society that exists in absolute harmony with all due social justice, however, has proved to be woefully elusive. The pure concept of a utopia can be theoretically visualized as a perfect geometric circle: one that is seamless, all-inclusive, yet impossible to draw out in reality....   [tags: Utopia Essays Utopian Perfect Essays]

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Art - A Culturally Constructed Myth

- Art - A Culturally Constructed Myth The development of semiotics in the 20th century revealed much about ideology in mass culture. Structuralist Roland Barthes' texts on the matter are very much products of their times, yet many still have a troubling modern-day relevance. Barthes' Mythologies demonstrates the possibilty to find meaning through the 'trivia' of everyday life. He claims to want to challenge the 'innoncence' and 'naturalness' of cultural texts and practices, as they are capable of producing a multitude of supplementary meanings, or 'connotations'....   [tags: American Culture Essays]

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The Concept of Transcendence in Heidegger

- The Concept of Transcendence in Heidegger ABSTRACT: The history of Heideggerian commentaries confront us with a string of parallel concepts: metaphysics and theology, onto-theology and Christian theology, thought and faith, Being and God, and so on. It should also be noted that these different dual concepts have served, in various ways, several strategies for the interpretation of Heidegger. These various strategies are summarized as follows: the relation between philosophy and theology in the thought of Heidegger is threefold and should be read to the rhythm of his thinking according to the themes of facticity and transcendence....   [tags: God Religion Theology Essays]

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The Incompatibility of Copyright and Author

- The Incompatibility of Copyright and Author Like the book, a song's qualities change as it is presented on the Internet -- instead of being a tangible object, in cyberspace the song is much like McLuhan's electric light. Part of what helped recorded music parallel the book was the shared tangibility of their formats; compact discs, like bound books, can be held in hand. Without a tangible object to attach the concept of copyright, music becomes pure content, and shapeless, difficult to control....   [tags: Internet Laws Essays]

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Social Experience and the Constructed Self

- Social Experience and the Constructed Self In the last few decades, our culture has adopted postmodernism as the predominant model of thought, as opposed to the modernist philosophy previously held. It is important that we understand both of these theories in order to fully understand the way that technology is shaping our thinking and our identities as individuals. Stephen Frosh, in his article “Social Experience and the Constructed Self,” explains each of these philosophies in terms of their definitions of individualism in “a world like this” (273)....   [tags: Stephen Frosh Postmodernism Essays]

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Alain Robbe-Grillet and The Secret Room

- Alain Robbe-Grillet and The Secret Room On page 2032 of the class’s anthology, there is a work by Alain Robbe-Grillet entitled “The Secret Room”. What interests me about this work is that I thought that this topic or story is deep and hard to get the idea. So, I wanted to know about Alain Robbe-Grillet and wanted to get the idea. In this connection, the question that I want to research is who Alain Robbe-Grillet is and what is this story about. First of all, Robbe-grillet, he was born in Brittany, France, where was the place for scientists and engineers....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Mariama Bâ’s So Long a Letter

- Mariama Bâ’s So Long a Letter When a person hears words like feminist or feminism, notions of what it means to be feminine, or consequently unfeminine, begin to dimly form in our mind’s eye. Although we cannot definitively answer the question of what is feminine, we are able to recognize it when we see it or its absence. This conception, however, is arbitrary at best. What is it about an evening gown that seems to define and dress the feminine aura while a woman spitting would be denounced as inherently unfeminine....   [tags: Mariama Ba Long Letter Feminism Essays]

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Political Freedom: Arendt and de Tocqueville

- Political Freedom: Arendt and de Tocqueville Freedom in America emanates from the state of political freedom held by the citizens. Both Hannah Arendt and Alexis de Tocqueville provide criticism of the apparent shape freedom maintains in America as well as insight regarding how they perceive true political freedom. By using the observations and criticisms of de Tocqueville and the vision of Arendt, the position of modern America and its relation to the ideals of political freedom can be understood....   [tags: Papers]

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The Acting Style of Al Pacino

- Many actors have studied Stanislavsky innovative technique for actors, emphasizing emotional truth and inner motivation and known today as the Stanislavsky Method, revolutionized modern acting. This method has taught actors several techniques that have improved their style. Actor, Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time. He studied at The Actors Studio, in New York and it has been the main source and inspiration for a naturalistic acting technique known in America as "the Method." Under its artistic director, Lee Strasberg, the Studio adapted many of the techniques developed by Russian director Konstantin Stanisalvsky for training actors to feel and realistically portray the emot...   [tags: Al Pacino Essays]

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The Philosophy of Cognitive Science

- The Philosophy of Cognitive Science Psychophysical dualism — the distinction between mind and body — is the counterposition between essentially irreducible elements: the mind and body. Such a dualism implies the main ontological problem of the philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind: the mind-body problem (MBP). The dualism and the referred-to problem has been insistently discussed in the philosophical tradition and several solutions have been proposed. Such solutions are properly philosophical or require a scientific approach....   [tags: Neurology Psychology Papers]

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Beyond the Surface of Shrek

- Beyond the Surface of Shrek Fiona: You did it. You rescued me. You're amazing. You're… You're wonderful. You're...(Shrek and Donkey tumble down the slope with a loud crash.) Fiona: A little unorthodox I'll admit (Soft classical music plays in the background) but, thine deed is great and thine heart is pure. I'm eternally in your debt. (Donkey clears his throat loudly.) Fiona: And where would a brave knight be without his noble steed. Donkey: Oh, I hope you heard that. She called me a noble steed....   [tags: Movies Argumentative Argument Papers]

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Joseph Contrad's Heart of Darkness

- &#8220;The Horror. The Horror!'; Joseph Conrad&#8217;s &#8220;Heart of Darkness'; is not just a suspenseful tale of a man&#8217;s journey to one of the Earth&#8217;s few remaining frontiers, the African Congo; it is a psychological insight into the true pits of the human mind, in search of the true &#8220;heart of darkness';, which resides not geographically, but is a part of all of us, living under the restraints of society and civilization. Conrad explores the idea that under the taboos and societal mandates, there is a potential for actions and beliefs that are shocking to the common individual....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Age of the Internet

- The Age of the Internet What is it that defines me. What makes me 'me' and what allows for the recognition that distinguishes 'me' from other individuals. A child begins to distinguish itself from its mother over time and distance, and so the individual also develops a unique identity as a result, or by-product of, their accumulated experience and analysis of experience - it's an exponential activity. When reflecting upon Turkle's article, it seems the search for definitive and distinguished identity has somehow trained us to transfer this quest onto inanimate objects....   [tags: Papers]

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Hidden Text In Morrison's Jazz

- In an essay that discusses Toni Morrison's authorial voice and her deconstruction of Western realist epistemology Susan Sniader Lanser focuses on the two areas that Morrison highlights in her depiction of human life and behaviour - the inexplicable, and the unknowable. The first revolves around the idea that characters and events cannot be explained with certainty because it is "impossible to assign causes to effects or to delineate clear boundaries of responsibility" (Lanser 131); besides, human behaviour "remains only partially amenable to explanatory forms" (Lanser 132)....   [tags: Toni Morrison]

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The Path to Knowledge

- The Path to Knowledge Recent ethnographies suggest that tribal cosmologies address topics of philosophical relevance and offer valuable insights into the nature of perennial philosophical problems. For example, while postmodern and feminist thought has argued that the verification of knowledge is directly related to political interests, I argue that there are other vantage points not related to such interests that serve as valuable measures for the acceptance of knowledge. Direct empirical verification of the ontological presuppositions that govern the assessment of anthropos in the context sub species aeternitatis empowers an individual to understand his or her role within culture as well....   [tags: Philosophy Papers]

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Historical Types of Rationality

- ABSTRACT: In this paper we suggest that the contemporary global intellectual crisis of our (Western) civilization consists in the fundamental transformation of the classical (both Ancient and Modern) types of rationality towards the nonclassical one. We give a brief account of those classical types of rationality and focus on the more detailed description of the contemporary process of the formation of the new HTR which we label as nonclassical. We consider it to be one of the historical possibilities that might radically transform the fundamentals of our human world; in fact, this process has already begun....   [tags: Culture History Essays]

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Visuality, Readability, and Materiality

- My intention here is to acknowledge two problems that I believe all scholars of "the visible" will encounter at some point in their work. Both showed up early in my research on commemorative artworks, but I suspect that they crash everyone's party at some point. I have no "solution" to these problems, but I believe they should, actually must, be addressed in work on visual rhetoric. The first, "readability," is both a practical and theoretical problem having to do with the possibilities of interpretation in visual culture....   [tags: Visual Rhetoric Essays]

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Japanese Animation and Identity

- Japanese Animation and Identity In Orientalism, Edward Said claims that, “as much as the West itself, the Orient is an idea that has a history and a tradition of thought, imagery, and vocabulary that have given it reality and presence in and for the West” (5). The complex network of political, economical, academic, cultural, or geographical realities of the Orient called “Orientalism” is a way of coming to terms with the Orient, or to be less geographically specific, the Other. Although Said defines Orientalism to be specifically Franco-British experience in the Arab world, his basic arguments can be applied to the process of Othering in a more general sense....   [tags: Orientalism Japanese Culture Technology Essays]

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Postmodernism: Myths and Realities

- Postmodernism: Myths and Realities A number of theorists and scholars have proclaimed that we now live in a postmodern world--a world better explained by theories and concepts different from those of the modern world dating from the Enlightenment and before. The theories and concepts of postmodernism are widely and prominently applied in adult education. So, how do postmodernists characterize postmodernism. What are the critics' critiques. Do proponents and critics agree on anything. Characterizing Postmodernism Discussing postmodernism and continuing education, Leicester (2000) writes that "postmodernism is not a systematic theory or unified movement so much as a loose umbrella term for...   [tags: Postmodernism Philosophy Essays]

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Post Modernism and Architecture

- Post Modernism and Architecture If one were to walk around and casually ask five people what post modernism was they would probably get five different answers or none at all. It is one of those indefinable academic terms that applies to many different fields of study. Most people seem to understand what it means individually but few agree collectively. To make matters even more complicated, it is often used in discussions about deconstruction. "To some Post Modernism is an excuse to pile together oodles of wild and crazy decor, to others it is another example of the weakness of standards and values....   [tags: Architecture Post Modernism Architects Essays]

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Analysis of “Fight Club”

- Analysis of “Fight Club” For years David Fincher has directed some of the most stylish and creative thrillers in American movies. His works include: Aliens 3, Seven, The Game and Fight Club. Each of these films has been not only pleasing and fun to watch but each has commented on society, making the viewers think outside the normal and analyze their world. Fight Club is no exception, it is a multi-layered film with many subplots and themes, but primarily it is a surrealistic description of the status of the American male at the end of the 20th century....   [tags: Fight Club Movie Film Essays]

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Zadie Smith's White Teeth

- Zadie Smith's White Teeth Zadie Smith’s novel, White Teeth, is chock full of potential deconstruction ideas; however, an exciting scene to deconstruct is in “The Final Space” chapter when the Iqbals and the Jones are on the public bus heading towards the FutureMouse exhibit. The most obvious binary opposite is that of parent or adult and child. Adults are without doubt the privileged binary. They signify knowledge, wisdom, teaching, and training of young ones along with patience and selflessness, and are allowed to use bad words without penalty....   [tags: Zadie Smith White Teeth Essays]

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A Stand Against Wikipedia

- A Stand Against Wikipedia As Wikipedia has become more and more popular with students, some professors have become increasingly concerned about the online, reader-produced encyclopedia. While plenty of professors have complained about the lack of accuracy or completeness of entries, and some have discouraged or tried to bar students from using it. “As educators, we are in the business of reducing the dissemination of misinformation,” said Don Wyatt, chair of the department. “Even though Wikipedia may have some value, particularly from the value of leading students to citable sources, it is not itself an appropriate source for citation,” he said....   [tags: Wikipedia Education School]

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Hollywood's Asians

- Hollywood’s Asians Asian Americans have been part of America for almost as long as its existence. From the Chinese laborers building the transcontinental railway, inner cities laundry services, to Asian farmers who have helped build the agriculture communities around the country, Asian American have contributed to the industries and economy of America. Despite their loyalty and contributions to this country, Asian Americans have been discriminated and considered as “unassimilable” by many Americans....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Financial Crisis

- Introduction According to Kunt et al. (2011:240) financial crisis is an event in which substantial losses at financial institutions and/or failure of these institutions cause, or threaten to cause, dislocations to the real economy, measured in terms of output foregone. Global capital markets pose the same kinds of problems that jet planes do. They are faster, more comfortable, and they get you where you are going well. But the crashes are much more spectacular. Financial crisis has put a mass hindering thin route on the actual economy, labour markets and the profound mental layers of society, even as some fraction of the world economic elites act as if nothing has occurred....   [tags: economy, free market, industrialization, Keynes]

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Radical Beauty

- Beauty is a reality that is always beyond our reach, defying all our attempts to immobilize it (Eco, 2004: 304p) Human history has been evolved with the process of chasing ultimate beauty. From the statue of Venus, pass the Mona Lisa to Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nana, human, especially art has been shown how they hail beauty; even sometimes it looks radically The beauty of art is higher than the beauty of nature. (Danto, 1998:28p) Because Art and Design is the process of chasing beauty itself, but also re-interpretation of nature by artist themselves, like Hegel said, the beauty born in nature and re-born with Art....   [tags: art, desing, nature]

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William Wordsworth's Nutting

- William Wordsworth's Nutting   If William Wordsworth rests on the throne as the King of the Romantic Period, Nutting is a shining exemple of why he should be put on a pedestal.  Flirting with the five senses, he seduces the reader into the beautiful backdrop of his lyrical ballad with an extravagant description of the natural setting.  Ignoring the conventional devices of figurative language, such as metaphor, Wordsworth manipulates natural language to evoke the images he desires to illustrate his memories.  Prosaic analysis of the lines, "[w]here fairy water-breaks do murmur on/For ever; and I saw the sparkling foam" (Wordsworth 33) reveals his talent for turning common language into p...   [tags: William Wordsworth Nutting Essays]

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Voice Recognition Systems

- Voice Recognition Systems At the beginning of the Twenty-First century we are experiencing an informational revolution. The whole business world is changing as a result of new technology, including new ways of entering data into computer systems. Gone are the days of spending long hours in front of a computer typing word processing documents and emails or punching numbers into a phone. Voice recognitions systems are at the forefront of data-entry technology. Through voice recognition systems and voice interfaces, users can input data into a computer, retrieve data from a computer, and direct the processing of computers simply by speaking a few simple commands....   [tags: Technology Technological Essays]

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Movie Fight Club

- Movie Fight Club Fight Club may not be a traditional piece of rhetoric yet it lends itself surprisingly well to the principles of deconstruction as outlined by Foucault, Derrida, Grassi and Burke. The God-terms in the novel are not the God-terms that mainstream society is familiar and/or comfortable with, which is not an accident. The ideas and values that are given importance and dominance in this writing as well as the drama that the reader is invited into, are not those of mainstream society, which leads the reader to reevaluate his/her concepts of knowledge and power as well as the ethical self as created by the characters, situations, and the choice of language....   [tags: Fight Club Movie Film films Movies essays]

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Imperium in Imperio

- Imperium in Imperio is a novel that focuses on the problem of race in America. Sutton Griggs portrays the tale of a radical yet secret movement, told by two contemporaries. This is the first major political novel written by an African-American. The main characters of the novel confront the torment and conflict of their time. Griggs deploys his characters to illustrate the climate of the day. He touches on such issues as miscegenation, Jim Crow, the political exploitation of the Black man, and the lack of protection of freed slaves (Griggs 8)....   [tags: World Literature]

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Threats of Terror

- Threats of Terror This article analyses the intellectual, religious, national and moral processes through which a democratic society has had to confront in its day-to-day routines under the ever-present threat of terror. It discusses the effects of the terror over the character of Israeli society and the critical debates in its system of education. As far as it can be ascertained through the observations in this study, the general publics’ attitude could be defined as a mildly moral realistic one: people think that terror and violence have objective foundations but certainly embody some subjective human conventions and beliefs....   [tags: Papers]

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Facts of Cloning

- The possibility of stem cell research exploded with momentum when a certain sheep named Dolly was born. The reason why this was such a breakthrough is because Dolly was the first mammal ever cloned. Although this all began in 1996, the study into stem cell research has been documented since the 1960’s, where Joseph Altman and Gopal Das brought forward new evidence of adult neurogenesis ( the ongoing stem cell activity in the brain). The birth of Dolly brought many breakthroughs for the scientific community but it also created an avalanche of concern because of the ethical implications....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Open Boat

- "The Open Boat," by Stephen Crane, has been critiqued and deconstructed by many thinkers. One such critique is "The Dialogic Narrative of `The Open Boat'." This critique on Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat," was written by two authors: Sura P. Rath and Mary Neff Shaw. The authors focused on a five main points in the duration of this Critique. First Mikail Baktin's theory of the "Five basic types of discourses," are discussed and used in the deconstruction of "The Open Boat." The critique then delves into the use of first-person actor-character to third person spectator-narrator....   [tags: American Literature]

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- Postmodernism With the end of colonialism and the emergence of a seemingly new world order, there raised a demand that research be useful and relevant, indicating that knowledge for its own sake was insufficient. As a result of this, what emerged was a new focus on 'development' and 'modernization' in the form of postmodernism. In these changing times, anthropology has come into contact with a variety of evolving concepts, including hybridity, montage, fluidity, and deconstruction....   [tags: essays papers]

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Jane Austen

- Jane Austen 6. How does Mansfield Park interrogate the relationship of power and gender. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen is a classic realist text, which is almost exclusively focused on a small strip of society, namely the upper-middle class of rural England; the class to which she herself belonged. Throughout her novel, Austen portrays the disadvantaged position of woman, presenting the issues of gender stereotyping and marriage choice as the main problems they have to confront. “Gender came to be seen as a construct of society, designed to facilitate the smooth-running of society to the advantage of men”1, proving that men gained power throughout the socially constructed subordination of w...   [tags: essays papers]

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Social Institutions

- The Military Social Institution is one of the three Primary Social Institutions. The military was initially established to help protect, as well as unify a country, but since it’s development, it’s done so plus more. The Military as a social institution has led to domination and conquering of sorts, while trying to balance morals and justifications. Since the military is run by the government, it can be assumed that not only does this institution try to control and rationalize, but also continue to boil over into much of the other institutions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Semiological Analysis

- In this essay I intend to look at two magazine covers aimed at the adult female market one magazine, Marie Claire, is aimed at heterosexual females the other, Diva, at lesbian females. Now in order to make that simplistic statement I have already used semiotic information, for Diva the sub title "For the lesbian in you" was enough to give me a pointer, sorry signifier, in the right direction. For Marie Claire I relied upon my wife. The semiotic analysis I shall offer, will not include certain items which I have predetermined to be conventional, unless they subvert that convention in order to make a point....   [tags: Visual Arts]

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Feminisim Today

- Feminisim Today The world today has changed in many aspects of gender related life style. Yet there is an area of improvement in the focus of gender: based on labour and the patriarchial working woman. The class society have a great impact on the behaviour women carry out. The different theories and definitions help to explain the relationship of the construction of the gender. Feminism has a great impact on the gender role in our society. Feminists have been fighting for a long time for power and control in this man's world....   [tags: Papers]

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Sustainable Construction

- SUSTAINABILITY "Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs." -- United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION The construction industry has been notorious for contributing to landfills and depleting raw materials. The industry contributes 28% of landfill material from construction and demolition waste. The industry consumes 40% of the world's natural resources, many of which may be depleted within 50 years....   [tags: Geology Environment]

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- An Analysis of Nietzsche’s On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense Friedrich Nietzsche’s On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense represents a deconstruction of the modern epistemological project. Instead of seeking for truth, he suggests that the ultimate truth is that we have to live without such truth, and without a sense of longing for that truth. This revolutionary work of his is divided into two main sections. The first part deals with the question on what is truth. Here he discusses the implication of language to our acquisition of knowledge....   [tags: Philosophy, On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense]

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- Earworm: The Song That Won't Leave Your Head I woke up and I was mortified. It was the first thing in my mind when I opened my eyes and I just could not believe this silly little thing had become as involuntary as breathing. I tried another song, but it would come back without me realizing it. I walked to work and it came with me, I sat in class and it spoke louder that my professor's voice, I even took a nap and it kept me awake. I had a stupid song stuck in my head and it wouldn't go away. What is it that happens in the brain that causes this annoyance to go on for days....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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- Socialist realism and neoconstructivist objectivism 1. Socialist realism and the cultural paradigm of expression If one examines the cultural paradigm of expression, one is faced with a choice: either accept predialectic cultural theory or conclude that the goal of the poet is significant form. However, in Clerks, Smith reiterates neoconstructivist objectivism; in Chasing Amy he deconstructs the cultural paradigm of expression. The subject is contextualised into a socialist realism that includes narrativity as a whole....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- With the naming of Lou Gerstner as its new CEO (and the retirement of John Akers on May 7), IBM now has a chance to change both its own organizational structure and goals and, at the same time, the future shape of the computer industry. Nearly every computer publication has polled its readers asking such questions as "Do you think IBM can succeed at changing, Do you think Lou Gerstner is the right man to lead a turnaround at IBM," and "Do you care?" Reactions to such early pulse taking are mixed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Andrew J. Bacevich : A Man Who Has Once Loved That System

- There can be no possible better critic of a system than a man who has lived it himself, not only that but a man who has lived and breathed that system for their entire life. Even better than that a man who has once loved that system. Andrew J. Bacevich is such a man, a graduate and former teacher at the best military academy in all of the United States, West point. After his graduation he served in the Vietnam war. While certainly one of the less glamorous wars Bacevich stood his post and remained loyal to his military while in Vietnam from the summer of 1970 to the following summer of 1971....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, Vietnam War]

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Shamanism: The Siberian Paradigm in the Analysis of Shamans

- Shamanism: The Siberian Paradigm in the Analysis of Shamans THE ANALYS OF THE SHAMAN: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION King Louis IX of France, a devout Roman Catholic who is venerated as saint and exemplary Christian monarch, received a harrowing report from a Franciscan monk in 1255. The Monk Wilhelm av Ruysbroek, who had been sent to the court of Mongolia on behalf of France, retold the account of an oracle that invoked spirits with sorcery and fed an evil darkness with drum music and boiled meat. Scholars now realize that this account describes the first encounter a Westerner experienced with shamanistic rituals (Siikala, A.L....   [tags: Religion]

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Postmodernism : The Film Industry And Postmodern Theory

- In the world today, most advocates stipulate that were live in ‘postmodern’ times. However, the term has been devalued in the past few decades. Though the term may have been regarded as concise in the past, it is today thinly spread over a broad range of social and cultural contexts. This issue is as true in film studies as in other aspects of the society. Postmodernity has become common while trying to characterize cinema in the 21st century. What the term suggests regarding contemporary film or the present-day society is far from agreed (Tudor, 2002)....   [tags: Horror film, Film, Horror films, Postmodernity]

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The Dawn Of The 21st Century

- “The dawn of the 21st century is replete with discourses of globalization.” (Brah 31). Such is the opening of Avtar Brah’s introduction to her critical article “Global Mobilities, Local Predicaments: Globalization and the Critical Imagination”. And it is within this very context of incredibly varied discourse that she presents her own analysis of ‘globalization’ within the ‘global’ and ‘local’ arenas, guiding readers through brief historical deconstructions of such terms. In doing so, Brah presents a carefully constructed argument asserting the necessity of applying perspectives of intersectionality and critically driven imaginations as the means to answering the “question of the global” (Br...   [tags: Mass media, Woman, Joseph Conrad, Propaganda]

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Phonetic Indicators in Writing Systems

- Writing systems, no matter what type, have a common goal: to represent and record a spoken language. To do this, systems have two primary options. They can either convey semantic information or they can represent the language’s phonetic sounds. Most languages do both, but the degree of each varies on a case-to-case basis. For example, although there are not many phonetic markers in traditional Chinese writing, it provides many semantic clues that are not even represented in the spoken language. English writing, on the other hand, has semantic indicators to an extent, but is primarily composed of phonetic representation....   [tags: semantics, logographic, language]

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Paideia of Freedom as a Truth and Paideia of Truth as a Freedom

- Paideia of "Freedom as a Truth" and Paideia of "Truth as a Freedom" ABSTRACT: This paper traces the development of the idea of Paideia as 'freedom as a truth' in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance to the idea of Paideia as 'truth as a freedom' that characterizes the present and is directed toward the future. It comments on the ideas of Schelling and Heidegger which have contributed toward this transformation. W. Jäger (1) ("unitary method") presents "Paideia": both as medicine, and as Goodness, and as bringin-up justice in the state (governers, guards, citizens, women and children)....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Stuart Hall

- Outline: In this essay I will try to present the ways in which Stuart Hall influenced the development of Cultural Studies in Britain and illuminate the importance of his contribution to the understanding of British culture in general. As “one of the leading cultural theorists”, an epithet given to him by The Observer in 2007, he expanded the field of study to include gender, race and identity. He is also important for introducing new approaches to the study based on the works of French theorists....   [tags: British Culture]

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- Anthropology Works Cited Missing Anthropology is a discipline studying flux and change in human communities and definitions of identity, mirroring the dynamic play of modernist reconceptualizations of meaning. As an academic discipline, anthropology demands a realization of the interconnectedness between human groups, a heightened abstraction of vocabulary and tools with which to articulate these connections, and self reflexive sensitivity to its history. In this same vein, modernism, as a movement of avant-garde ideas and art forms, draws community to study of itself, demands its own vocabulary of critique, and harkens back to the history of events that prompted the movement....   [tags: Anthropological Culture Essays]

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Factors Affecting The Descent And Mixed Descent Indigenous Australians

- This paper will explore the factors affecting full descent and mixed descent Indigenous Australians as to why it is believed that, “Aboriginal people who have ‘mixed blood’ are the ones who succeed in life.” This will be uncovered through deconstructing the question to determine an understanding as to how the question was formed, and the relevance to Aboringal health outcomes. Firstly, looking at appropriate Aboriginal terminology, deconstructing the question further will explore the stereotypes and misrepresentations made by the author of the question, social determinants of Indigenous health and lastly scope what is defined as succeeding....   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples]

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The Is The Fundamental Principle Of Language, Psychology And Philosophy

- The term ‘logocentrism’ is a neologism used to refer to the attitude that logos is the fundamental principle of language, psychology and philosophy. Derived from the Greek verb legō, logos encapsulates the meaning of speech, reason, thought and law. The term stems from the 1920s having been coined by the German philosopher Ludwig Klages who believed the logos to be a supreme principle that gives meaning to all discourse and organises all differences in an intellectual system. Logocentrism essentially rejects writing as an appendage to speech and, in agreement with Aristotle, purports that while spoken words are the symbols of “mental experience”, written words are merely the symbols of that...   [tags: Linguistics, Ferdinand de Saussure]

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Architect of the Modern Age

- Frank Gehry is a world renowned architect known for several important buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He was born in Toronto Canada February 28, 1929 but moved with his family to Los Angeles, California in 1947(1). Gehry attended the University of Southern California and graduated in 1954 with a degree in architecture (1). In 1962, he established his own architectural firm in 1962 now called Gehry Partners, LLP (1). In the beginning, Gehry used the International Style of architecture (1) but it did not suit him well because those type of building had a stark, unornamented appearance so over time he was able to create his own style that greatly...   [tags: Architecture]

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Cultural Studies At Tongji University

- During my undergraduate years, I gradually developed the aspiration to pursue an academic career in the humanities through my training in cultural studies at Tongji University (Shanghai) and more importantly, the exchange study of Taiwanese literature at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. In addition to furnishing me with a better understanding of Taiwanese history and culture, the experience spurred me to reflect on “China” as a contested concept, a multivocal narrative, and a monolithic hegemony calling for deconstructive intervention....   [tags: China, People's Republic of China, Taiwan]

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The Nature of Light

- INTRODUCTION Invisibility was one the most sought after abilities and fantasies from the Invisible Man, and Harry Potter to the Predator movies; it featured significantly in science fiction. In reading the article, ‘Scientists create invisibility cloak’, it can be seen that the ability continues to be sought by scientists today. To try and achieve this researchers are looking at and deepening their understanding of the nature of light. The modern research carried out are elaborations of the work done by Thomas Young and Francesco Grimaldi who’s work formed the foundations of our current understanding of the nature of light....   [tags: Wave Interference, Invisibility]

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Is Learning A New Skill?

- Is learning a new skill really as easy as 1,2,3,4. According to Kaufman and his TED Talk, “The First Twenty Hours—How to Learn Anything” it is possible to learn anything in four easy steps. Whether it be a sport, learning to play an instrument or learning how to draw, Kaufman shows that anything can be learned by anyone. By applying Kaufman’s method of how to learn a new skill, it is now possible for someone to learn how to play the piano in 20 hours by following his four steps. In “The First Twenty Hours—How to Learn Anything” Kaufman shows that anyone can learn anything just by having 20 hours of focused practice and following his four steps....   [tags: Learning, Play, Skill, Learning curve]

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Spring 2005

- In the first section of essays the authors discuss how and why feminist scholars do research is grappled with in each selection. The authors/feminist scholars discuss the importance of research and methodology. Sandra Harding asserts in her essay, “Is There a Feminist Method?” Harding argues that it is “difficult to define a distinct feminist method because method and methodology have been intertwined with each other and with epistemological issues.”(2) Moreover, it is, she argues difficult and potentially dangerous to identify anything as a distinctive method—her argument is that “ it is not by looking at research methods that one will be able to identify distinctive features of...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis of Erving Goffman´s Gender Advertisements

- ... By not saying anything you are also exacting that same feeling of oppression. With privileged positions comes gender discrimination. There is a clear distinction between women and men. According to Block and Galabuzi, women encompass barriers to ideal jobs, as they are more likely to be stuck with a low-paid job that is insecure with few or no benefits. Compared to men, women witness a gendered income gap where they receive less than their male counterparts (Block, and Galabuzi). In the Mooney reading, they mentioned a myth where mothers on welfare have large families with many children and that unmarried women have children solely to reap the benefits of welfare....   [tags: social, cultural, performance]

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The Internal State of the Character Hamlet

- The Internal State of Hamlet    Abstract: This essay uses psychoanalytic, new historicism, and deconstructive methods of criticism to expore the scene in which Hamlet stands before Claudius and Gertrude after he has killed Polonius. The oblective is to provide a better understanding of how Shakespeare uses the events in the play as a means of shaping or changing Hamlet's actions or emotions Hamlet is a character with emotions that are so complex and intriguing that we, as readers or viewers, are drawn into this story until Hamlet's situations, actions, and feelings become things we can understand, and relate to, as if his emotions were as human as our own.  This genuineness Hamlet holds...   [tags: William Shakespeare]

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The Changing American Culture

- The vast political and cultural differences impacting American society are becoming increasingly liberal with each passing generation . The proves that the American culture is becoming more liberal with each new generation . The vast differences in the administrations and policies of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, show the radical changes that have occurred in American culture over the last generation. Unlike many previous presidents, Ronald Reagan viewed government and regulation as the source of our economic problems and not the solution....   [tags: ronald reegan, taxes, barack obama, economics]

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Freud's Interpretations of Uncanny

- ... However, after many years, when he encounters it again, the double produces the impression of uncanny – return to primitive state of mind. This leads us to the main argument of Freud - the uncanny is a reminder of our psychic past, aspects of our unconscious life or the earlier primitive stages of life. Nathaniel from Hoffmann’s tale “The Sandman” lives in a self-constructed, imaginary world. His eyes perceive Olympia as a mirror reflection of himself, as she never talks but only listens to him....   [tags: repression, childhood, unconscious ]

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Lost in the Funhouse: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Lack

- In 1967, John Barth wrote an essay which characterized modern literature in a state of exhaustion ,a “used-up” form. The ultimate question then was: What do we do with literature. Barth’s answer suggested that we present narrators that are aware of themselves, as well as the exhaustion of their medium. Also, that we reorient and give new meaning to stories that have already been told, such as the greek myths the second half of the novel focuses on. Meta-fiction is defined as fiction that includes commentary on it’s own construction and narrative process, as well as it’s relation to the reader....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Okonokwa's Downfall in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

- Okonokwa's Downfall in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe The novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe has long been seen as a response to Christian colonial literature, which presents the African as a barbaric dark image. It is therefore ponder some that Achebe would choose to shed light on Africa by deconstructing and ultimately destroying his main character Okonokwa. Through examining Okonokwa and his character flaws and essentially the reasons for his downfall one may surmise that shedding light on the African plight was not Achebe's some message in this novel....   [tags: Papers]

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Explain the way in which Duffy presents the strengths and limitations

- Explain the way in which Duffy presents the strengths and limitations of language in two poems. When drawing from both 'Warming Her Pearls' and 'Selling Manhattan' , it is evident that Carol Anne Duffy maintains a certain avant-garde approach to the vast array of possibilities that language presents. She acutely exposes the ambiguity that language holds in its meanings, presenting the reader with endless connotations to consider. Duffy also draws attention to its inability to fully express the extent of human emotions....   [tags: English Literature]

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A Man's Struggle to Heal Himself in Big Two-Hearted River

- A Man's Struggle to Heal Himself in Big Two-Hearted River Ernest Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River"* is such a rich text that it has probably received more literary critical attention than many novels of several times its length. Hemingway's ardent use of intricate detail and his intentional, calculated use of short, simple sentences help to make "River" a treasure chest of critical ideas and possible interpretations. Historically, much of the criticism of "River" has examined the dark underlying themes of the story, such as the alleged omission of some preceding, devastating event and Nick's wounded spiritual and mental state....   [tags: Big Two-Hearted River Essays]

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Parallel Experiences of Three Troubled Women in Cunningham's, The Hours

- Parallel Experiences of Three Troubled Women in Cunningham's, The Hours According to Chronicles magazine, "Woolf was undeniably a brilliant writer." Woolf's work of Mrs. Dalloway was read by fifteen-year-old Michael Cunningham in order to impress an older girl in school. As he stated, "the book really knocked me out." Once older, Cunningham wanted to write about Mrs. Dalloway, but thought not too many people would want to read a book about reading a book. He then thought he might want to read a book about reading the right book....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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Langston Hughes: In the beginning there was language

- In The Beginning, There Was Language A dream is a hope, a wish, and an aspiration. Everyone has dreams about what they want to be when they grow up, how they want to live, whom they want to marry and how their life will turn out. However, not all dreams can come true right away. Many of them are just out of reach and can only be attained by hard work, leadership and determination. The poem “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes is an example of just that, a dream that is just simply out of reach....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Review of a Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

- A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, with its unique style that attracts the attention of the reader from the very beginning is a good example of self reflexive fiction. Self reflexive fiction, improving and changing from the time of Tristram Shandy has found a new life at the hands of Dave Eggers. He offers the reader to take an active role in his reading. "The Rules and Suggestions for Enjoyment of This Book" section addresses directly to the reader saying "if you have already read the preface and wish you had not, we apologize"or he begins the second part saying "Please look....   [tags: American Literature]

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Anne Hutchinson and the Consequences of Misreading

- Anne Hutchinson and the Consequences of Misreading METHODOLOGY Literary historicism, in the context of this discussion, describes the interpretation of literary or historical texts with respect to the cultural and temporal conditions in which they were produced. This means that the text not only catalogues how individuals respond to their particular circumstances, but also chronicles the movements and inclinations of an age as expressed in the rhetorical devices of its literature. Evaluating the trial of Anne Hutchinson within such a theoretical framework means speculating on the genesis of her theological beliefs with recourse to prevailing theories of gender, class, and interpretat...   [tags: Anne Hutchinson Essays]

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Representing Bodies: Women's Portraits and Literary Annuals

- Glennis Stephenson notes that the annuals were purchased primarily for their engravings and brings in S.C. Hall’s list of expenses to show how the publishers’ payments for the engravings far exceeded those for the literature. She justly argues for "the centrality of the visual to the construction of femininity" and how both visual and written texts worked for "the construction and consolidation of the female domestic ideal." (141) Taking Heath’s Book of Beauty for 1843 as a representative text for the examination of the interplay between engravings and accompanying lines, she identifies three categories of women’s portraits: the woman as mother; the woman "displaying elegant ‘accomplishmen...   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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I Am Woman! Now What?

- I Am Woman. Now What. Putting aside, for the moment, and for the sake of this introduction, the disturbing social signals emitted by Virginia Slims ads (the eternal tall, white woman glamorizing the use of a cancer-causing agent, "baby"), their slogan actually sparks worthwhile feminist discourse. How long of a way have we come and is it enough. This is a query that I struggle with as an individual and that the feminist movement contends with at each step, after each threshold of progress is crossed....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Lyotard on the Kantian Sublime

- Lyotard on the Kantian Sublime ABSTRACT: In this essay I explicate J.F. Lyotard's reading of the Kantian sublime as presented in Lessons on the Analytic of the Sublime (1994) and in "Answering the Question: What is Postmodernism" (1984). Lessons articulates the context in which critical thought situates itself as a zone of virtually infinite creative capacity, undetermined by principles but in search of them; "Answering the Question" explores how the virtually infinite creative capacity of thought manifests in the avant-gardes....   [tags: Sublime Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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The Introduction of Feminist Criticism

- 1. Feminism The historical implication of "Feminism" usually means "movement for recognition of the claims of woman for rights (legal, political, familial, etc.) equal to those possessed by men. It is said that Eve is depicted as made from "a supernumerary bone" of Adam; therefore, women have always been considered inferior to men. However, as Barnes suggests, "the minimal criteria for feminism" should include the claim for equal status, rights and roles with men. From the very early time, women began to strive fro their self-evaluation....   [tags: World Literature]

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Postmodernism and Social Praxis

- Postmodernism and Social Praxis Whereas the interpreter is obliged to go to the depth of things, like an excavator, the moment of interpretation [genealogy] is like an overview, from higher and higher up, which allows the depth to be laid out in front of him in a more and more profound visibility; depth is resituated as an absolutely superficial secret.(18) So those are the changes, and I try to show those changes...(19) In Communities of Resistance and Solidarity, as well as in A Feminist Ethic of Risk, Sharon D....   [tags: Ethics Feminism Theology Essays]

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Where Science is Going

- Where Science is Going What is the scientific world coming to. Is the educated community becoming a "secular priesthood"(Sokal Transgressing) of authorities maintaining and controlling the paths of the scientific world. Who or what determines where science goes: war, society, mass media. Alan Sokal, a physicist teacher from NYU, tried an experiment to show how some very smart people do some incredibly sloppy thinking. Writing an essay suggesting a link in quantum mechanics and postmodernism, Sokal was able to cause a heated debate among institutions of cultural studies that is still ongoing....   [tags: Papers]

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The Reader

- The Reader In the academic study of literature very little attention has been paid to the ordinary reader, the subjective individual who reads a particular text. David S. Miall and Don Kuiken, in their paper The form of reading: Empirical studies of literariness state, Almost no professional attention is being paid to the ordinary reader, who continues to read for the pleasure of understanding the world of the text rather than for the development of a deconstructive or historicist perspective....   [tags: Literature Literary Text Papers]

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Fuller's Leila

- Methodological Introduction New historicism is premised upon an ideological attempt to wed the practice of history and literary criticism. In this type of textual analysis, the literary work is juxtaposed with historical events (characteristic of the time period in which the work was produced) in an effort to understand the implications within the text. This line of inquiry serves to recover a "historical consciousness" which may be utilized in the rendering of literary theory. "Poems and novels came to be seen in isolation, as urnlike objects of precious beauty....   [tags: Margaret Fuller Leila Papers]

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Mona Hatoum

- Mona Hatoum Most art scholars and critics examine the work of Mona Hatoum in relation to her ethnic and geopolitically charged background. In her own writings and interviews, however, Hatoum cautions against this "journalistic" approach. For her, the most important element of her art is its relationship to the body. When Hatoum immigrated from the Middle East to England, she immediately felt a sense of displacement when she perceived a mind/body disjunct that contradicted her own cultural experience: …it became immediately apparent to me that people were quite divorced from their bodies and very caught up in their heads, like disembodied intellectuals....   [tags: Artist Mona Hatoum Essays]

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