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Data Security And Data Privacy

- Data privacy refers to the sensitive information that individuals, organizations or other entities would not like to expose to the external world. For example, medical records can be one kind of privacy data. Privacy data usually contain sensitive information that is very important to its owner and should be processed carefully. Data privacy is not equal to data security. Data security ensures that data or information systems are protected from invalid operations, including unauthorized access, use, exposure, damage, modification, copy, deletion and so on....   [tags: Data, Data analysis, Data mining, Data management]

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Data Analysis : Data Mining

- Data mining software Data mining has the potential to give businesses a competitive edge in Customer Relationship Management. Organizations use methods such as complex algorithms, artificial intelligence, and statistics to mine meaningful patterns from large sets of data. These patterns can then be utilized to do a number of things including targeting customers by predicting future behavior and learning more about present behavior. One widely accepted model is the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) which has six phases: business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, model building, testing and evaluation, and deployment....   [tags: Data mining, Customer relationship management]

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Regulation Data Protection and Personal Data Privacy

- CONTENTS PAGE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY iv CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION 1 Background 1 Statement of Purpose 1 Scope 2 Limitations 2 Methods of Research 2 CHAPTER 2 - FINDINGS 3…………………………………………………………3 Current Regulations 3 Current Expectations from customers 6 Reason Additional Regulations should be added 8 Future Potential 9 CHAPTER 3 - CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 11 Conclusions 11 Recommendations 12 WORKS CITED 13 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report will describe the history of government regulations and FTC....   [tags: Data Privacy]

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Sharing Data Vs. Data Privacy

- “Sharing data vs. data privacy” A recent article in the March issue of Governing introduced several wicked problems for consideration. One problem is the sharing of data versus myriad data privacy concerns (Barrett, Greene, 2016). The key objectives of the Virginia Department of Transportation are planning, operating and maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system (VDOT, 2016). This requires making important resource allocation and investment decisions that are based on facts and good judgment....   [tags: Data management, Database, Transport, Better]

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Automated and Non-Automated Data:

- ... Data processing can be defined as the gathering of information, which is then adjusted and made into meaningful information for potential data analysis. There are several types of data processing such as manual data processing, automatic data processing, and electronic data processing. Data processing systems take the raw data and produce useful information. Our processing teams handle a lot of these responsibilities. For example, when we are billed invoices from our vendors, the invoices are scanned into the systems....   [tags: data processing, data resources]

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Big Data And Large Amount Of Data

- In an election every vote counts, but figuring out which votes to go after is becoming a huge focus for many campaigns. A well organized team has to solve several problems. The team needs to plan on where and when to spend money in order to maximize their “dollars per vote”. It’s also very important for a candidate’s team to understand their demographics and figure out how to maximize their votes. These problems can be solved through the use of Big Data. Big Data is a very broad term that refers to the collection and analysis of large amounts of data....   [tags: Voting, Election, Voter turnout, Data analysis]

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Data And The Presidential Election

- Data and the Presidential Election In a competitive election every vote counts, but figuring out which votes to go after is becoming a huge focus for many campaigns. A well organized team has to solve several challenging problems. The team needs to plan on where and when to spend money in order to maximize their “dollars per vote.” It’s also important for a candidate’s team to understand their demographics and figure out how to maximize their votes. These complex problems can be solved through Big Data....   [tags: Voting, Election, Data analysis, Data]

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Securing Data and Handling Spillage Events

- INTRODUCTION:  In today’s world, Data Spill is such an event that the highly unlikely or impossible happens. Data Security is known as shielding an organized body of related information, also called as database security.  It is known as Data breach, when the secure information is exposed to the environment that is not trusted. It is occurring repeatedly at many places and the count goes on.  The apprehension is this data breach leads to a huge loss to the organization in all aspects....   [tags: data security, data loss]

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Modern Business Tools: Data Mining and Data Warehousing

- Data mining and Data warehousing are used daily in a wide variety of contexts. In today’s corporate world, decisions must be made rapidly and with the maximum amount of knowledge. Data warehousing is the process in which data from multiple sources is combined and stored in one common database (Gutierrez). The fundamental concept of data warehousing is the distinction between data and information. Data is observable and recordable facts but only comes to have value when it is presented as information....   [tags: distinction between data and information]

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Nonlinear Modeling of Data

- In the most modern instrumental methods, the raw data obtained must be analyzed further to extract the information we need. Fortunately, this task can be handled automatically by a computer. For example, suppose we want to measure the diffusion coefficient of a protein in aqueous solution to get an idea of its molecular size. We have no "diffusion meter" available for this job. We need to do an experiment such as ultracentrifugal sedimentation, dynamic light scattering, or pulsed-field gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance and extract the diffusion coefficient by analyzing the data appropriately....   [tags: Medeling Data]

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Big Data Has Become A Valuable Asset

- Big Data is a concept that has existed for a while, but only gained proper attention a couple of years ago. It can be described as extremely large data sets that have grown so big that becomes almost impossible to manage and analyze them with traditional data processing tools. Big Data can be used by enterprises in by building new applications, improving the effectiveness, lowering the costs of their applications, helping with competitive advantage, and increasing customer loyalty. It can also be used in other industries to enable a better system and better decision-making....   [tags: Data, Data analysis, Data mining]

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Concept Structure Of A Data Warehousing

- Concept hierarchies organize data or concepts in hierarchical forms or in certain partial order, these are used for expressing knowledge in concise, high-Ieve1 terms, and facilitating mining knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction. Concept hierarchies are also utilized to form dimensions in multidimensional databases and thus are essential components for data warehousing as well. In areas other than data mining, concept hierarchy is commonly called taxonomy. We adopt the term concept hierarchy because of its popularity in the community of data mining and knowledge discovery....   [tags: Data mining, Data warehouse, Star schema]

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Data Input, Output and Storage

- DATA INPUT METHODS: Printed questionnaires – Depending on the type of questionnaires some form of optical data reading dives would be the best method. An OMR or Optical Mark Reader can be used in conjunction with special paper called mark sense form in order to easily input data from questionnaires where people just simply mark their answer from an already defined set of answers to a question. Another type of optical data reading that can be used with questionnaires is called OCR or optical character reader....   [tags: Data]

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The skills gap in Big Data analytics

- Our every day life has changed forever, thanks for the ubiquitous smart phones and technology dependent information age. We leave a trail of data while travelling, shopping, driveing, bloggin, and even voting. All of these activities leave a digital signature unique to us, which if analyzed can predict our next move. Similarly, a large set of data is being created each day by businesses, researchers and the World Wide Web. According to an estimate by the government, there are about 1.2 zettabytes (250 billion DVDs) of electronic data generated each year by everything from underground physics experiments and telescopes to retail transactions and Twitter posts (Mervis 22)....   [tags: Technology, Data Growth, Big Data]

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The Development of Algorithm for Data Stream

- The past decade has seen a lot of research on various time series representations. Various researches have been carried out that focused on representations that are processed in batch mode and visualize each value with almost equal dependability. As the tremendous usage of mobile devices and real time sensors has released the necessity and importance for representations that can simultaneously be updated, and can estimate the time oriented data with reliability and proportional to its time period for extended analysis....   [tags: data, computational resources]

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Privacy Conserving in Data Processing: An Overview

- INTRODUCTION Data mining is a crucial analysis space in database system. Data processing provides us a strong tool for analysis the unknown data within the known information sets. Whereas within the same time, the explosion of knowledge brings us a aspect impact that is that private information may well be desecrated by others with none protection. And this might bring negative effects for analysis the pregnant data. Privacy Preserving Data Mining is planned to resolve this drawback. It is eluded unseaworthy the sensitive information of users....   [tags: data mining, data cube, warehouse]

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Data Mining and the Social Web

- Data Mining is a powerful tool that is designed to gather large sets of data at incredible speed and analyze them. Most companies use this tool to better understand their customer’s habits as well as their interests. Advertisers love this tool because it allows unprecedented amount of access to information. Most people are unaware that their data is being mined, bundled, and sold by a company to third party advertisers in order to make targeted ads more effective. This is a problematic practice because users are unaware that in most social media sites such as Facebook, this tool is used (Jessica Reyman “User Data on the Social Web: Authorship, Agency, and Appropriation”)....   [tags: Data Mining Essays]

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Data Collection And Measurement Of Nigeria

- Data collection and measurement. The authors clearly identified the conceptual and operational definitions of the two variables used in the study. Contact history was defined as the number of contacts per infected individual and the last time of interaction between them, while viral load was defined as the Ribonucleic acid (RNA) copy level of the virus in every infected individual (Yamin et al., 2015). In terms of operationalization, to obtain contact history the researchers developed a contact distribution from contact-tracing data collected....   [tags: Statistics, Data, Epidemiology]

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Data Governance and Activities Table

- ... This council consists of executive sponsor and it should have power over data governance. The council should have five to seven people who are active and sustainable. The data governance council will be of great assistance in identifying the kind of data needed for a given development. Moreover, the executive sponsor will ensure that the organization has strategic direction, advocacy, sponsorship together with funding (Otto & Wende, 2007). Proficient chief business data steward The chief data steward is responsible for data as well as meta data of the organization....   [tags: organizational data, leadership]

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Understanding Data Collection and Storage

- Data is collection is simply how information is gathered. A data collection is the process of collecting raw material and information on variables of interest. Data collection is an important aspect of any types of research study. Inaccurate data collection can impact the result of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results. The main purpose of data collection is to collect quality of information about a particular topic and translate the collection rich data analysis and allow the building of a convincing and credible answer to question that have been posed....   [tags: Data Collection Essays]

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Database Systems and Data Management

- ... Then the search results will be displayed with short description about different stories, author name, published date, program name etc.. We store these search details in our database. By clicking on the respective story, it gives the complete story description, respective image (if any) and other details. We display all of these by retrieving from the database. User has the option to comment on a story which will be displayed at the end of the page under comments section. These comments are also stored in our database....   [tags: data mining, language and semantics]

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The Information Age: Data Mining

- ... For finding useful information we have to consider the tools to be used. Because of working with transactional data means that working with a lot of data. The tools could help people to find related items by running through the whole data and bring out some patterns. The concept of data mining could be applied to database in order to find some groups of items. The result of data mining becomes actions or decisions. There are algorithms to be used for particular purposes. It is the important consideration to choose the appropriate algorithms....   [tags: storage, data processing, technology]

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Data Manipulation And Manipulation Language

- Data Manipulation Language Data Manipulation refers to data retrieval from the database, data insert into database, modify data of the database and delete data from the database. Since these operations can manipulate data in the database, the language is called as Data Manipulation Language. There are two main types off DMLs. They are as follows: 1. A high-level or procedural DML can be used to specify complex database operations concisely. 2. A low-level or procedural DML must be embedded in a general-purpose programming language....   [tags: SQL, Data modeling, Database]

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Why Data Security Is Important

- 1. Explain why data security is important. The many aspects of data security are integral and critical with any businesses or home computer user. These areas include Client information, payment/transactional information, individual files, banking information and proprietary intellectual property. These forms of data and information are difficult to replace once lost. Though data security often refers to protection from unwanted hackers, spyware and viruses it, also, comes in the form of natural disasters with the likes of a flood or fire....   [tags: Database, SQL, Data management]

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Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data

- This essay aims to examine the practice of secondary analysis on qualitative data in terms of barriers to overcome and advantages of its practice. Over the last decades, archives of qualitative data have become widely accessible to research-es and there has been a smaller revolution in the practice of secondary analysis on such data. (Seale, 2004) There are both practical and methodological ad-vantages for researchers to use data that has been collected by others in order to pursue new research....   [tags: reuse of qualitative data]

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Data Collection in an Organization

- The National Association of Health (NAH) is planning to implement some changes to address the turnover in their organization recently, but first they need to understand what is causing the turnover. Therefore, they need to understand the scope of the issue, what is causing staff to leave and what the organization can do regarding the attrition. To do this the organization needs to get information from existing staff and staff that have recently left the organization. There are several different methods to collect the data that NAH will need and it is important to use the correct method when obtaining this information....   [tags: data collection tools]

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The Importance of Data Visualization

- We acquire more information through vision than through all of the other senses combined.” “The 20 billion or so neurons of the brain devoted to analyzing visual information provide a pattern-finding mechanism that is a fundamental component in much of our cognitive activity”, according to Colin Ware, in his book Information Visualization. (Ware, 2013) Better decisions are made when backed by information reducing the uncertainty rather than the intuitive approach. It becomes overwhelming when the information comes from various sources in different formats presented in a variety of ways....   [tags: Data, Research, Graphs]

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Traditional Data Mining Applications

- ... Visual Data mining: Visual data mining is successful in producing the way to discover knowledge from huge amounts of data. The promotion and use of data mining as a tool for data analysis will become easier with the development of visual data mining techniques. New methods for mining complex types of data: Though considerable improvement has been done in mining streams, time-series ,sequence, graph, spatiotemporal, multimedia and text data , still unable to bridge the gap the between the available technology and the needs for these application....   [tags: standarization, data analysis]

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Computer Science: Data Mining

- Data mining is an analytic process of exploring huge amount of data, extract useful information, finding consistent patterns and trends between variables, and build predictive computer models from the relationship discovered using a combination of classical statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The findings are then applied to new subsets of data to test its validity. It performs two essential tasks, descripting and predicting. Descriptive mining tasks characterize the general properties of the data in database....   [tags: exploring data, prediction, validity]

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Numerical Data Analysis

- Introduction: To have numerical data is when you measure data that is identified on a number scale. Numerical data is a different way to collect data from categorical data. To have categorical data is when data can be placed into categories that are mutually exclusive such as favorite colors, or even who is your favorite teacher is. Categorical data is way different from numerical data. Numerical data is when data is measured or identified on a numerical scale. A few examples of numerical data are list of people weights, and when your answer has to be numerical....   [tags: Data Analysis]

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Although Electronic Data Capture

- As many other industries, the clinical trial industry is developing towards a more, if not fully electronic environment. Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) have a commitment to maintain patients’ personal and clinical information protected and to ensure that clinical data is preserved. These responsibilities are usually monitored by on-site visits and Source Data Verification (SDV), conducted by Clinical Research Associates (CRA). Although Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technology itself cannot ensure the integrity and quality of data collected, it is imperative that Sponsors and CROs work together to develop a well-planned study protocol that includes a flexible and adaptive...   [tags: research, data integrity, ethics]

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What is a Data Mart?

-   INTRODUCTION-WHAT IS A DATA MART. A data mart is a collection of data in a customized format in a data warehouse focused on a specific report or functional area such as hospital’s census, hospital’s charge activity, labor and delivery outcomes, or Nursing quality measures. (Oracle, 2012) Data marts are usually build by department of information services or an EHR vendor. Data marts usually draw data from more than one source. These data sources can be internal systems used by operational units or external sources....   [tags: data mart, disease, mangement, tools]

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Analysis : Big Data And Analytics

- Only when an organization is capable of using analytics to its full potential will it have a sustainable competitive advantage. The number of organizations using analytics is growing exponentially. Much information can be gained just from analyzing one variable, but every piece of information is significant in some way. Businesses use analytics to make improvements, better see future demands, meet sales forecasts, make decisions, come up with strategy plans, and rationalize and validate key performance indicators....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Data mining]

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The Trend Of Big Data

- Big data has been a popular buzzword that has been in vogue for nearly the last decade with cases from Google’s utilization of Map/Reduce in the early 2000s to the Flu Trends study starting in 2009. There has been a push for companies to embrace the change and it was heralded as a panacea to boost manufacturing, logistic and retail profits in both the private and public sectors. However, recently, cracks have been forming at the seams and while the value of big data is not to be underestimated, it is not the second coming for all aspects of business that it was touted to be....   [tags: Data, Scientific method, Statistics, Influenza]

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An Ethnographic Qualitative Data Analysis

- Introduction The purpose of this marketing research document is to conduct an ethnographic qualitative data analysis on conversations among three different business locations where meetings between people and conversations are likely. The data will be gathered from Starbucks locations which are in a residential area, downtown, and at a mall. From this data, I will make recommendations on how the data could be used as it is only after analyzing qualitative data that the true value emerges since qualitative data analysis is inductive (Hair, 2011)....   [tags: Male, Female, Sex, Data analysis]

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A Data Warehouse Is An Information Conveyance Framework For Business Insight

- Summary: A data warehouse is an information conveyance framework for business insight. It is not about innovation, but rather about taking care of clients ' issues and giving key information to the client. In the period of characterizing prerequisites, you have to focus on what information the client’s need, less on how you are going to give the obliged information (1). The genuine techniques for giving information will come later, not while you are gathering necessities....   [tags: Data mining, Data warehouse, Data warehousing]

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Methods Of Data Collection Methods

- Methods of Data Collection Data was collected in various ways throughout this study. Smith (2012) included conversational and semi-structured interviews of coaches, principals, and teachers, observational field notes, and coach-written reflections to collect data. Over a five month period, Smith observed the coaches at least three one-week periods. Follow-up interviews with coach participants were conducted to gain additional data. Bases on the initial data, questions were designed to explore previous themes and gain additional information on the coaches’ perspectives....   [tags: Data analysis, Qualitative research, Coaching]

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An Open Source Data Analytics Suite

- Knime, Rosetta, and Weka formed the three data mining tools that I selected for comparison from the list. Knime (the Konstanz Information Miner) is an open source data analytics suite that is not based on scripting language for interaction, but instead on an easy to use GUI. Knime uses modular procedures based on a workflow, and nodes in the workflow implement these procedures. The nodes include I/O, database connections, data manipulation, data views for visualization, and mining of all node. Each node can be configured with different parameters....   [tags: Data mining, Data analysis, Business intelligence]

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Csc 585 : Data Mining : Algorithms And Applications

- CSC 585 - Data Mining: Algorithms & Applications Assignment -1 1.Noise 1.1 Introduction: In general, the noise data is meaningless data or corrupt data. Although, the meaning of the data changes when the inclusion of any data that can’t be understood and elucidate correctly by the machines as the data is unstructured. Moreover, any data that has obtained, collected and changed in such a way it can’t be used by the program that originally created it or it can’t be read because of the noise in the data....   [tags: Data, Data analysis, Normal distribution]

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Data On Predictors Of Discharge And Readmission For Hospital Inpatients

- There is limited data on predictors of discharge and readmission for hospital inpatients. According to Rothman, Rothman, & (), “Unplanned hospital admissions are a major quality and cost issue in the US healthcare system”. About 20% of Medicare patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, at an estimated cost of $17 billion per year (). Now that Medicare has begun to reduce payment to hospitals with high readmission rates, hospitals are looking for more effective ways of reducing readmissions....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Data, Data analysis]

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Big Data: The Next Big Thing

- Table of contents 1. Introduction………………………………………………………………………….3 2. The value of real time big data in education………………………………………...4 3. Predictive assessment………………………………………………………………...5 4. Tracking performance through dash boards and visual displays…………………….5 5. Big data in health care………………………………………………………………..5 6. Increase access to health care………………………………………………………...6 7. Future applications of big data……………………………………………………….7 8. Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………8 9. References…………………………………………………………………………….9 Big Data in Education and Health Care...   [tags: Big Data in Health Care]

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Big Data And The Business Industry

- INTRODUCTION “Big Data” has recently become a buzz word in the business industry. Huge “Big Data” sources are stored on the cloud, making it readily available for many organizations (Power, 2014). It is typically use across all sectors in which the number of employees is more than 100. Several companies have embraced the concept and used data to operate a successful business. “Big Data” allows companies to make informed decisions rather than relying solely on previous experience (Janakiraman, et al., 2015)....   [tags: Human resources, Data, Human resource management]

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Overview of Target Services and the Data Breach

- Retail Background All businesses that sell goods and services to consumers fall under the umbrella of retailing, but there are numerous distinctions we can take from here. To begin with, there are department stores, discount stores, specialty stores and even seasonal retailers. In some parts of the world, the retail business is dominated by smaller family-run or regionally-targeted stores, but this market is increasingly being taken over by billion-dollar multinational conglomerates like Wal-Mart and Target....   [tags: Retail Stores, Data Security]

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Descriptive Statistics: Raw Data

- Several things can be done to the raw data in order to see what they can say about the hypotheses (Neuman, 2003). An inspection of the raw data can be done by using the descriptive statistics to find obvious coding errors. The minimum and maximum values for each variable must fall within the admissible range. Pairwise correlations depict that all relationships must be in the expected direction. Meanwhile, listwise deletion of missing values indicates that the data can be used for analysis. An outlier is an observation that is unusually small or large....   [tags: Data Analysis, Standard Deviation, Variance]

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Customer Data and Security Breach Ligitation

- In re, Inc., Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, No. 3:2012cv00325, was a case held in United States District Court for the District of Nevada in which the Court supposed that the customers of were not held to the browse wrap terms of use due to their ambiguous nature and also held that the agreement was not enforceable since Zappos had earmarked the right to make changes in it at any time without notifying the customers. The above court decision set preference for businesses that use browse wrap agreements and/or comprise a phrase in their agreements that let them to change the agreements at any phase....   [tags: zappos, data security, web]

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Data Input, Output, Storage And Access Methods

- Data Input, Output, Storage and Access Methods The purpose of this paper is to highlight some best practices for data input and output. In addition, this paper will highlight appropriate uses of various storage means. Lastly, it will address the effect certain components of a computer have on its overall speed. Accuracy of Data Input There are various methods for entering data into a computer system. Depending on the medium in which the original data is contained, and how it is to be stored and used later, there can be great differences in input methods....   [tags: data ]

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The Trends Of Big Data

- Big data is any collection of data sets large and complex, and big data has following main features: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability, and Complexity. (Big data, 2014). The trends of big data can influence on the enterprise architecture. According to SAS’s assumption the big data storage would be boost 50 times larger than today by 2020.(SAS software, 2013). The major trend of the big data is to grow rapidly, and the structured and unstructured data would come to organizations and enterprises....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Risk, Data]

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Big Data: ‘Mined’ My Business?

- Imagine someone told you that every bit of personal information you have exchanged with an individual or company through any digital interface such as the internet, cell phone, GPS devices, and electronic payment systems has been piled upon millions of other people’s personal information in datasets that are unfathomably large and incomprehensible to any human mind. Would you believe it. What if the same individual continued to tell you that these data sets are “mined” using complex algorithms to discover subtle patterns, correlations, and relationships among citizens....   [tags: technology, abundance of data]

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Based On Mapreduce Parallel Data Processing System Classes ( Hadoop And Hive )

- In this report, the report will introduce based on MapReduce parallel data processing system classes ( Hadoop and Hive ), to optimize connection optimize storage layer and the query optimizer aspects OLAP two working efficiency of the implementation of tasks and explore big data system Environmental analysis of complex technical challenges and common optimization strategies to optimize face. Consider the main reasons that force companies to implement data warehousing. The help in making decisions based on facts rather than intuition," "provide an opportunity to get to know the customer" and, of course, everywhere inserted - is only the first step in the implementation of these ambitious goal...   [tags: Data management, Data warehouse]

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Data Discovery Tools

- “If there were a single market theme in 2012 it would be that data discovery became a mainstream architecture.” (Magic Quadrant 2013) Data discovery is one of the most recent sections of data analytics and technology industry. Information is playing a very critical role in operations and processes, and users are demanding for tools that facilitate easy access, analysis and sharing of data. There has been an increased demand for business intelligence expansion, and BI vendors are continually trying to satiate these demands....   [tags: Technology, Search based data]

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Customer Data Mining

- A 2011 study conducted by the Digital Universe Corporation, showed that in 2011 alone, 1.8 zettabytes of data were produced by all businesses. That is the equivalent of 1.8 trillion gigabytes, the same as every U.S. citizen writing 3 tweets per minute for the next 26,976 years. The study also predicts that the overall amount of data produced annually, will grow by an extreme 5000% by the year 2020. However, what is the point of this mass collection of data if we aren’t even able to make useful inferences from it....   [tags: searching, data, gigabytes]

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How Can You Collect The Data?

- Imagine that you have to do research on a specific topic, and you have to collect a huge number of data to prove your study. The first question that will think about is how can you collect the data. And if you have millions of people, animals, or things whether they are in the same area or different region, how can organize these data in charts. Statistics is the best choice to answer all of your questions about the data. The life has become easier that before, and we don’t have to spend a lot of time in organizing the data because the organizing will take several months and even several years....   [tags: Statistics, Standard deviation, Data, Mathematics]

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Business Intelligence, Analytics, And Big Data

- Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Big Data Figure 1 summarizes my understanding of the relationship between Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA), and Big Data. At center of the figure is the data used by analytics to generate business intelligence so that companies can make business decisions that is based on strong foundation of data analysis. Business Intelligence (BI) Howard Dresner of the Garner Group introduced the term “Business Intelligence” in 1989 and defined it as, “a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems (Debortoli et al, 2014), thus it is an all-encompassing field that uses analytics to process big...   [tags: Business intelligence, Analytics, Data analysis]

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The Power Of Data Driven Marketing Strategy

- Mark Benioff of once said, "The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work." These are powerful words and so true of the world that we currently live in. Still, I also understand how hard it is to let go of the world we once lived in and take a giant step into the unknown future....   [tags: Marketing, Business, Data, Marketing strategy]

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Data Breach and Its Financial Implication

- What is data breach. Data breach can be considered as an incident which involves the unlawful and unauthorized viewing, access or retrieval of sensitive, confidential or protected data. It is a kind of security breach intended to steal and store sensitive data to an unsecured or unauthorized locations. Data breaches may involve personal information such as transactional information, personal health and insurance information, social security information, organization’s operational secrets and IPs....   [tags: data breach, hackers, cyber attacks]

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Developing a Global Payment Data Warehouse

- Citigroup PDW: Developing a Global Payment Data Warehouse MIS600 – Information Systems Capstone December 15, 2013   Table of Contents Project Value Statement 3 Project Strategy Statement 4 Figure 1: Sample Weekly Progress Report 5 Cost/Financial Assumptions 6 Success/Risks Criteria 6 System Alternative Assessment 6 Table 1: Citigroup PDW Investment Payback Analysis 9 Table 2: Citigroup PDW Feasibility Matrix 10 Attachment A – Payback Analysis 11 Table 3: Option 1 – Do Nothing Payback Analysis Table 4: Option 2 – Technology Refresh Payback Analysis 13 Table 5: Option 3 – Redevelop Application Payback Analysis 13 References 14 Project Value Statement As one of the nation’s larges...   [tags: Citigroup, methodology, financial data, bank]

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New Data Analytics At J. Crew Group Inc.

- Proposal to Utilize Big Data Analytics to put J. Crew Group Inc. Back on Their Feet I propose that J. Crew Group Inc. adopts the trend of using Big Data Analytics. To make this possible, I suggest that J. Crew Group Inc. subscribes to Big Data Analytics Software Tableau for $20,000 a year. This software will allow J. Crew Group Inc. analytics team to discover why their company fell in a slump, and how they are going to fix it. Current Situation According J Crew Group Inc.’s investor reports last quarter, sales dropped an astonishing 6%....   [tags: Security, Computer security, Data, Data analysis]

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Target: The Largest Data Breach/Attack

- In December 2013, Target was attacked by a cyber-attack due to a data breach. Target is a widely known retailer that has millions of consumers flocking every day to the retailer to partake in the stores wonders. The Target Data Breach is now known as the largest data breach/attack surpassing the TJX data breach in 2007. “The second-biggest attack struck TJX Companies, the parent company of TJMaxx and Marshall’s, which said in 2007 that about 45 million credit cards and debit cards had been compromised.” (Timberg, Yang, & Tsukayama, 2013) The data breach occurred to Target was a strong swift kick to the guts to not only the retailer/corporation, but to employees and consumers....   [tags: cyber attack, data breach, hackers]

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Data Acquisition

- Data Acquisition Data acquisition is the process of copying data. For computer forensics, it’s the task of collecting digital evidence from electronic media. There are two types of data acquisition: static acquisitions and live acquisitions. Static Acquisitions: if you have preserved the original media, making a second static acquisition should produce the same results. The data on the original disk is not altered, no matter how many times an acquisition is done. Your goal when acquiring data for a static acquisition is to preserve the digital evidence....   [tags: copying data, computer forensics]

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Data Mining

- Every day, almost every moment, we are making decisions. The decision-making process is extremely important in our life. Since as long as you made a decision, we will contribute most of our capital, time, focus and energy on the direction you selected. We believe that better decision can make life better. Different decision results come from, sometimes, different knowledge set or preferences people have. Before doing this project, we have reached a consensus that knowledge is power. And data mining can give us better knowledge to make better decision....   [tags: Data Mining Project]

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Data Mining

- 1 Data Pre-processing 1.1 k-mers extraction Assume Ka = (a1,a2...ak) is a k-mer of continuous sequence of length k, and a = 1,…, S, where S is the cumulative number of k-mers in that series. In the case of a sequence of length L, we have L – k + 1 total number of k-mers that can be given out making use of k length window drifting procedure. 1.2 Generation Of Position Frequency Matrices For the positive dataset, 500 sequences were used to calculate k-mer frequencies from three successive windows....   [tags: Technology, Data Processing]

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Database Systems: Big Data Evolution and Efficiency

- Big Data: A Continuing Evolution Big Data today is continuing to evolve, and appears to be in the beginning stages of evolution. It will continue to grow and need constant research initiatives to keep up. This paper will look at the definition of Big Data and how it is being used, why the current DBMS is unable to handle Big Data efficiently, what hardware and software solutions are being tested, and what challenges the researchers are facing. Big Data is a term used today to talk about the vastly growing amounts of data, (mainly unstructured, but can also include structured and semi structured data), out there to be mined [1]....   [tags: computer data, petabyte or exabyte]

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Big Data And Its Impact On The Business Intelligence Domain

- The ability to harness the ever increasing amounts of business-related data will enable us to understand what is happening in the world. In this context, ‘Big Data’ is one of the biggest buzzwords these days [1] and it is going to impact on the Business Intelligence domain. In particular, generating huge metadata (e.g. trust, security, and privacy) for imbuing the business data with additional semantics, the adoption of social media, the digitalization of business artifacts (e.g. files, documents, reports, and receipts), and using sensors (e.g....   [tags: Business intelligence, Data warehouse]

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Accuracy of Data

- The accuracy of data input is important within means of a business. Printed questionnaires are great for ideas of improvement and the quality of performance received from the company. Restaurants use printed questionnaires for complaints and suggestions from the customers. This is a wonderful way of accomplishing better service and reliable customers. It is also used by sensors to determine how many people are living in your home; this in turns allows them to determine how many people live in ones city....   [tags: Data Input ]

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The Importance of Data Protection in the EU: A Critical Reflection

- Introduction of Data Protection Directive As the humanity progressed, technology has had an enormous impact on the society for two centuries. In the last 20 years alone, our world has changed radically with the emergence of the internet. The ease of gathering information at a global level led to the emergence of new laws design to protect natural persons. Therefore, data protection is a third generation fundamental right included in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, a legally binding document in the EU since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon in December 2009....   [tags: privacy, personal data]

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Do We Perceive the World via Sense Data?

- Sense data are the empirical mind-dependent ingredients of perception. They are the colours, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures out of which all experience is built. The idea of sense data is the cornerstone of the theory of Representative Realism, which states that immediate objects of awareness are not physical objects, but are sense data. Sense data are the subjective mind-dependent intermediaries that give us all of our knowledge of the external world through a veil of perception, representing the real world....   [tags: sense data, psychology, ]

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Educational Data Mining Model to Attain Sustainability

- I. INTRODUCTION The concept of Sustainability Development started in the 80’s era and different meaning and definition were introduced. One among them most frequently quoted definition is from the Brundtland Report[1]: "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It contains two key concepts within it: First, the concept of needs, in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and Second, the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment's ability to meet present and future n...   [tags: data mining, sustainability development]

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The Return on Investment of Data Warehousing

- The Return on Investment of Data Warehousing This paper will present the return on investment (ROI) of data warehousing (DW). The history of data warehousing is based on the definition and timeline. Then, detailed information about return on investment will be discussed. Following, will be information about data warehousing new technology of hardware and software. Data Warehousing is a new term in my department where we use the Network Appliance (NetApps) Netfiler storage devices/units. The information read was very informative and helpful in my understanding data warehousing better....   [tags: Data Warehouse ]

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Camera Motion Control for Scientific Volume Data Animation

- Camera Motion Control for Scientific Volume Data Animation 1. INTRODUCTION The need to visualize the findings has become a vital part for scientists. Various tools are already being used for validating and exploring the data. There are visualization softwares that can be used to get lifelike images. But they are not advisable to use when it comes to scientific researches which are usually complex data. So animating such complicated structures and indefinite spatial relationships is more feasible....   [tags: Scientists, Validating, Exploring Data]

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The Evolution of Data and Database Migration

- The Evolution of Data and Database Migration Large scale projects such as the merging of multiple sites, green IT initiatives, virtualization projects, database server consolidation and the cycle of technology refreshes are common in the database world. A common theme throughout all of these is the migration of data. From a database management perspective, data migration has traditionally been treated as an exception to normal operations. Data migration also seems to coincide with unforeseen difficulties that lead to extended downtime and the need to cancel, roll back and defer the activity....   [tags: Technology Data IT]

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The Health Care Effectiveness Data And Information

- The Health Care Effectiveness Data and Information(HEDIS) set is intended to rank health insurance plans to the public. The purpose of this paper is to look at the results of primary care physicians and their diabetic male patients, under a HMO Medicaid plan in Florida; and to view the effectiveness of their care on this population. Gone are the days of no choice when looking for a healthcare insurance carrier to provide coverage. An individual on the healthcare market place can rank the quality of the carrier based on their HEDIS ratings....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Data collection]

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Data Collection And Quality Management

- Data Collection and Quality Management Paper Data is collected to learn the effectiveness of a particular tool in preventing defects or to look into the cause of a particular defect (Burrill, Ledolter, p.381 ¶1). Data removes the trepidation and uncertainty of an unknown element. For example, opinions vary from person to person and what one person thinks as good, there is another that thinks otherwise and yet another that may have a neutral opinion. One reason for collecting data is to gain an understanding of the data by organizing and graphing the individual values (Albert, Rossman, p.1 ¶2)....   [tags: Data Statistics]

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Consumer research And Big Data On Online Shopping

- Introduction Big data is a relatively recent concept in the marketing world that describes the process of analyzing massive data sets to uncover trends. The data sets are so large that it would be almost impossible to find such trends without high-powered analytical technology. Big data has been facilitated by the ability to gather massive amounts of information about consumer profiles and shopping trends. The primarily facilitators of big data collection are credit card companies and online companies like Google and Facebook that track people's purchasing and computer usage patterns....   [tags: Marketing World, Trends, Data Sets]

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The Impact of Green Data Centers on Energy Efficiency

- The Impact of Green Data Centers on Energy Efficiency   Green Data Center Potentiates Energy Efficiency A data center is a facility/equipment used in housing computer systems and other computer related components, including storage systems and telecommunications (Glanz, 2012). A data center comprises of backup or redundant power supplies, environmental controls like air conditioning and fire suppression, connections of redundant data links and diverse security devices. According to Glanz (2012), large data centers make industrial scale operations which consume electricity, sufficient to run a small town....   [tags: data storage systems, environmental issues]

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Data Processing Stage Of A Marketing Research Project

- Data Analysis Plan Step 1: Validation/Editing Validation is often considered an integral step in the data processing stage of a marketing research project. The objective of validation to verify if the survey was conducted as intended. Validation helps detect any interviewer fraud or failure to follow key instructions. Validation is essential in a third party administered survey, such as the online survey conducted by Volvo, who is working with a third party panel management provider. Editing corresponds with validation, as the process involves checking for errors by the programmer/interviewer and respondents....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing, Data]

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Secure Personal Data Servers: a Vision Paper

- Secure Personal Data Servers: a Vision Paper 1. INTORDUCTION Nowadays, almost all companies and admirations are depending on storing data in central servers in order to make it easy for users to access their personal data. A huge amount of personal data is collected to servers in various fields such as hospitals, insurance corporations, organizations, etc. Because of the convent these servers provide, many people are requesting from internet companies to store their data and make it reliable and accessible through the internet in several platforms all the time....   [tags: central servers, securing personal data ]

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Project Data Analysis Techniques For A Linear Fashion

- Project-Data Analysis Techniques Name Institution Introduction In an effort to bring order, structure and meaning to any mass of collected data, data analysis does not flow in a linear fashion. It is often ambiguous, messy and time-consuming as the researcher searches for general statements regarding relationships among data categories. However, according to Hai-Jew (2015), any qualitative researcher has to find ways of managing the data to engage in-depth analysis. The current paper provides an analysis of the core content of the observations of people’s interactions that took place in the stadium hosting the 2016 Junior Olympics....   [tags: Scientific method, Observation, Data analysis]

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The Relationship Between Scientists And Biological Big Data

- With the constant and massive increase of biological information, efficient access to useful information and production of knowledge are an increasing challenge for successful research processes. Most current research efforts focus on making data “machine-friendly”, but while this is essential for big-scale computations and predictions, the decision making and true discovery processes still heavily rely on the human processing of data. My interest is mainly focused on the development of new approaches in order to redefine the relationship between researchers and biological Big Data....   [tags: Research, Academic publishing, Data, Biology]

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Accuracy Of Data

- In today's society, the collection and dissemination of information by means of computer technology is increasing every day. The accuracy of the data is extremely important which is why it is necessary to choose the correct method to precisely process the information that is input as well as create consistent information that is extracted. In order to determine the best method, it is necessary to understand the primary functions of the various types of data and hardware. Printed questionnaires are best computed by Optical Readers....   [tags: Computer Data Accuracy]

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Job Roles And Responsibilities At Ibm Cloud And Cloudera Big Data Architect : Business Analytics & Strategy

- Executive Summary The aim of this report is identifying job roles and responsibilities, and answering the questions to demonstrate the finding in data curation and management. An employment services website and other article are used in this research. The results indicate that the role, tasks and responsibilities of the Data curation and management related job roles are depended on the nature of the position within the organisational structure and supporting infrastructure. Content Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1 Job role analysis 1 Research question answer 3 Q1 Nature of the roles 3 Q2 Positions fit within the organisational structure 3 Q3 Position descriptions level...   [tags: Data management, Data warehouse, Data mining]

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