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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Ms. Dallas

- Section 1: Test used to identify unknown. Stella L. Dallas is a 92 years old female patient that was taken to the Emergency Room after showing sings/symptoms of a respiratory distress. Once Ms. Dallas was admitted into the ER a sample of sputum was collected from the patient to try to identify the pathogen that is causing her illness. Patient has been a resident in a nursing home for the past ten years, she also has been bedridden and had suffered asthma most of her adult life. Prior to this incident Ms....   [tags: Bacteria, Microbiology, Pneumonia, Gram staining]

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History of the Dallas Cowboys

- Clint Murchison, Jr. and Bedford Wynne were awarded a National Football League (NFL) expansion franchise on January 28, 1960, located in Dallas, TX. At the annual meeting, they purchased the team for $600,000 (Bohls 1). They were given the status of a “swing team” meaning that they would play every other team in the league their first season of play. They were displaced in the Western Division Standings. Murchison’s and Wynne’s next moved was to high their front office personnel which were: Tex Schramm (General Manager), Gil Brandt (Director of Player Personnel), and Tom Landry as Head Coach....   [tags: sports]

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The Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program

- The Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program (DVAP) is an organization that is increasing and enhancing pro bono legal services to the poor in Dallas through recruiting, training, and the support of volunteer attorneys. The DVAP is a joint program and was created in 1997 when the Dallas Bar Association and Legal Aid of Northwest Texas organizations merged their pro bono programs to create one interconnected effort to address the legal needs of the poor in Dallas. Before you can become a DVAP client you must first meet strict financial eligibility guidelines....   [tags: Lawyer, Law, Legal clinic, Legal aid]

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Finding the Perfect Semi-Truck in Dallas

- Dallas, Texas, offers one of the most ideal places to look for new Volvo, Freightliner, and Kenworth trucks in the United States. With its central location in Texas, Dallas has become a regional hub that has significant interstate, local and international trade passing through the city. Therefore, when you go to find a commercial truck in the area, you are sure to find a great truck that will be ideally suited to what you need. Because the Greater Dallas Metro Area is a headquarters center for a number of industries like oil and gas, technology, and defense, the area is constantly seeing an influx of new people moving into the area....   [tags: Selections, Deals, Opportunities]

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Tony Romos: Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys

- The role of quarterback is by far the most prestigious position in the game of football. Only an exceptional player would be given this responsibility on America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys…only someone like Tony Romo. With all that he has accomplished in the game of football, Romo will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks, not only in the Dallas Cowboys franchise, but in the whole league. Exceeding expectations time and time again, it is obvious that the star he wears on his helmet is well-deserved....   [tags: Athlete, Ability, Criticism ]

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The Dallas Farmers Market : Advertising, Logos, And Pathos

- Every advertisement’s purpose is to attract customers and persuade them to purchase whatever the ad is selling. Companies employ multiple techniques in attempting to do this, and the most prominent of these are ethos, logos, and pathos. These different rhetorical appeals each have different sub-purposes, as to how they aim to make their audience react, but in the end the goal is the same – to convince and persuade people to purchase the product in the advertisement. In the “Dallas Farmers Market” ad, the company made excellent use of logos, ethos, and pathos to attract multiple different audiences to their product....   [tags: Rhetoric, Logos, Audience, Audience theory]

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Southwest Airlines Aircraft Departing Houston And Dallas Texas

- Introduction In the following analysis I will be conducting a T-Test on Southwest airlines Aircraft departing Houston and Dallas Texas. The research question I propose is to find out is the average airtime traveled for southwest airline aircraft is higher for Aircraft Departing Houston or Dallas. I am predicting that I expect that Southwest Airline Aircraft departing Houston will have a higher airtime travel. The rational is because Houston has a higher population of people; therefore, the density will offset the public numbers compared to Dallas Airport....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical inference]

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Dallas Buyers Club By Jean Marc Vallee

- In times of need people will do anything to survive. This rings true, especially, in the AIDS epidemic, also known as, the “gay plague.” In this epidemic people out stretched their hands to the government for aid, yet they were denied. This led them to do the only thing they could do, which was, to find aid from someone else. This aid was not always legal, but in times of tribulations, it is usually anything that will help, goes. The movie, “Dallas Buyers Club” directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, depicts one of the best examples of this fact....   [tags: AIDS, Homosexuality, Reality, Fiction]

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Comparison between Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston

- How can two people whose personalities are so diverse have so much in common. Both are teens who view the world very differently. One believes the world is filled with hatred but the other still sees good in it. In the novel The Outsiders written by S.E Hinton such characters exist and appear to be foils of each other. However, if a closer look is taken these two characters have a lot in common as well. Dally Winston and Johnny Cade are the two characters. Dally and Johnny have a lot in common despite having different views of the world....   [tags: S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, character analysis]

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Statment of Purpose for Information Technology at University of Texad Dallas

- My decision to pursue master’s program at University of Texas Dallas is driven by my aspiration to have greater knowledge about the field of computer science and an active research environment present there. A graduate degree will help strengthen my knowledge base and also further my career prospects. I chose Information Technology as my major for undergraduate studies in order to understand how software systems are built. In 3rd semester, I became acquainted with object oriented design. By using this programming paradigm, I was able to code better and faster....   [tags: education, experience, research]

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North Texas And The Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

- Introduction The objective of this paper is to provide insight and opinion of the current economic conditions globally, nationally and in North Texas. More specifically I will focus on the conditions in North Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex which is the trade area for Pointbank. Pointbank is a community bank in Denton County, Texas which is just north of Dallas with an asset size of roughly $490M. This report will focus on community banks and the impact the last recession had on our business and what the future holds....   [tags: Unemployment, Economics, Macroeconomics]

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Dallas Cowboys and Indians

- Dallas Cowboys and Indians Culture or Civilization taken in its wide ethnographic sense is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits required by man as a member of a society. -E.B. Tylor In America, there are two cultural traditions that have blended together to form the alloy that is American culture or the American system of "knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom..." The first cultural tradition, European, is widely thought to have been the dominant culture in influencing American culture....   [tags: Native Americans Culture Papers]

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Compare and Contrast Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston in the Outsides by S.E. Hinton

- How can two people that have so many similarities be so different in their daily lives. Johnny Cade and Dallas (Dally) Winston are a perfect example that this is possible in writing. These two characters star in The Outsiders, a compelling story by S. E. Hinton. Johnny and Dally are perfect foils of each other, by being so different, yet they are almost completely alike. Dally and Johnny are similar in two key ways. For instance, neither Dally nor Johnny value their own lives at one point or another during the story....   [tags: value, crime, behavior, similarities]

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Dallas Shoppers Will Be Charged a Nickel for Each Disposable Bag by Robert Wilonsky

- When making ethical decisions, from the start, one should knowledgeable, logical, and unbiased. Though, not everyone takes this proper approach and instead may choose whatever the majority chose. Following the majority is a faulty plan because even though fifty-one or more percent agree that does not mean that they are completely correct. The possibility of majority being faulty shows when questions of the necessity pertaining to use of plastic bags in retail stores are discussed. Plastic bags can be very useful but can also be a hassle by taking an extended period of time to decompose, causing harm to the environment, and taking up space....   [tags: plastic bag fee, protect the environment]

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Observing Chimpanzees at The Kimberly-Clark Chimpanzee Forest Exhibit at Dallas Zoo

- I observed chimpanzees in the Kimberly-Clark Chimpanzee Forest exhibit at the Dallas zoo. These African apes, like humans, are hominoids and fall into the larger category of catarrhines. Their scientific classification is Pan troglodytes. There were about ten chimpanzees in that habitat. Most of them were grown adults, except two children. They were robust and had black fur. The average weight of the chimps was listed on a display to be about 115 pounds. Grass made up their environment around which they traveled mostly on all fours, on their feet and their knuckles....   [tags: zoo essay, african apes]

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Event Essay I: Dallas Museum of Art; “The Lens of Impressionism”

- My event was the Dallas Museum of Art; “The Lens of Impressionism,” photography and painting along the Normandy coast 1850-1874. I went on Sunday, February 21, 2010. The class studied this era in Chapter 13: The Working Class and the Bourgeoisie. The term "impressionism" was coined by a critic interacting with Clause Monet's "Impression: Sunrise" painting in 1874. French impressionists depicted light and color and was often embellished with romanticism; usually conveyed scenes filled with light and joy (Sayer)....   [tags: Art]

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The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

- Introduction November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had five days tour in Taxes. He planned to make a speech in commercial business center in Dallas. President Kennedy was sitting in an open top limousine. The motorcade drove a very slow speed in the streets of Dallas. Many residents watched and welcomed John F. Kennedy and his wife. After making a turn in the main street, a sniper hided in the sixth floor window in the City Library, shot President Kennedy by two bullets, one on the head one on the neck....   [tags: Oswald, Dallas, JFK]

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A History of the AT&T Stadium

- The Dallas Cowboys, America’s football team, one of the most well known professional football franchises in the sport’s history. The Cowboys own five super bowl titles, which were won in ’71, ’77, ’92, ’93 and ’95. They are also home to 19 renowned individuals who have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame including standout football stars Tony Dorsett, Emmit Smith, and Troy Aikman. Established in 1960, the Cowboys have been a dominating force on the field and still continue to produce to this day....   [tags: Dallas Cowboys, NFL]

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The Life of John F. Kennedy

- ... In 1942, when Jackie was about to turn thirteen, her mother married a businessman named Hugh Auchincloss who had kids from a previous marriages. Besides her younger sister, Lee. Jackie now had a step sister named Nina, and two step brothers named Yusha and Tommy.”In June 1947, Jackie graduated from a boarding school in Connecticut named Miss Porter’s School.She continued her education at Vassar College in New York, where she studied history, literature, art, and French. Jackie spent her junior year studying abroad in Paris, France....   [tags: 35 president, shot, dallas]

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John F. Kennedy Assassination

- November 22nd 1963 changed America forever. November 22nd brought fear to America but later brought hope. On November 22nd three shots were fired from the Texas school book depository killing president Kennedy. Later the investigation led to finding the assassin and his motives. Today investigators believe that the lone assassin of Kennedy was Lee Harvey Oswald. However through analysis and eye witnesses we can prove that, although Oswald was the assassin he did not act alone. John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts....   [tags: Lee Harvey Oswald, Dallas]

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The Problem Of Police Officers

- One of the problems Texas faces in today’s life is that there are many brutal police officers. In Texas, there has been a great deal of many police officers taking advantage of their position in law. Starting with fatal shootings that have left citizens dead, physical abuse such as punching citizens to lay on the floor to get handcuff without getting mirandize, and vulgar language used when arresting citizen. This furthermore proves that Texas has problem police officers. In March 2013, a twenty-five year old, Allen Flanagan was shoot seven times by a Dallas Texas police officer Clark Staller....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Constable, Dallas]

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Rastafari Culture The Extreme Ethiopian Rasta Vs. The Mellow Dallas Rasta

- Rastafari Culture The Extreme Ethiopian Rasta Vs. The Mellow Dallas Rasta Many people throughout the world have a hard time understanding what it means to be a Rasta. For some their troubles in understanding Rasta’s come because they look as Rastafari as only a religion. When one does this they run into many problems. This is because Rastafari is much more than a religion. It is a way of life, a social movement, as well as a mind set. Another reason why western people have a hard time understanding Rastafari is because the movement lacks the structure that the western world is use to....   [tags: essays papers]

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What Makes Something A Sport?

- What makes something a sport. What characteristics define a sport. Why do we feel that some sports are not considered sports when we have never played them. When you google the definition of a sport this is what you will find “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” So as long as there is physical activity and competing then whatever you are playing is considered a sport. When you think of a “sport” that should not be considered one what is the first that comes to mind; why....   [tags: Cheerleading, Pom-pon, Dallas Cowboys, Cheering]

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My Career As An Airline Pilot

- Self Reflective Essay Growing up I was always fascinated with airplanes and the flying world, so from a very young age I knew that I was going to pursue a career as an airline pilot. Over the years my passion for aviation continued to grow and I was extremely thrilled to finally make my dream a reality when I enrolled in the aviation program here at the University of Oklahoma. Coming into the program I had very little knowledge of aviation as a whole, but I did know that the aviation world was coming to a point where the need for commercial pilots was beginning to increase dramatically....   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Dallas Love Field]

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Southwest Airlines : Mission And Vision

- During the week for 1 hour in the evenings I join with a group of professionals of Cross-Fitters near Love Field Airport. Everyone is motivated to endure a tough workout that consists of a combination of fast paced burpees, push-ups and countless squats. What I discovered is most of the young and middle aged grouped participants work for Southwest Airlines. I’ve selected Southwest Airlines because of the uniqueness of the company’s business strategy and to know my Crossfit partners speak highly of Southwest Airlines....   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Dallas Love Field]

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Social Penetration Theory By Irwin Altman And Dalmas Taylor

- Social Penetration Theory (Ch. 10) Recently, I met a guy at a party. He was very polite and charming to say the least. We have been on three dates in the past two weeks. I obviously do not know him very well, which is why applying Social Penetration Theory is an acceptable approach to analyzing this relationship. We are both very similar and seem to enjoy one another’s company. On the first date, our conversations were slightly awkward. By our third date, we have become more comfortable. Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor conceptualized Social Penetration Theory (SPT) to better understand relational closeness (West & Turner, 2010)....   [tags: Sociology, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Problem Of Drug Addiction

- In this episode of intervention they follow Dallas, a twenty-one year old heroin addict. At the time of the documentary, Dallas had been living on the streets for four years with her boyfriend, Jason, who was also a heroin addict. Dallas had been addicted to heroin for five years – with this many years of abuse the veins in her arms and hands had become overused, they were sore and leaky. Because of this Dallas had moved to injecting heroin into her femoral vein, a very dangerous act. With one slip of her needle she could hit the femoral artery and bleed out....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin, Morphine]

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Reform to The Trinity River

- Since the beginning of time, water has played a key role in societies all over the world. The earliest recorded civilizations have all been found along large river valleys, such as, the Indus River in India and the Yellow River in China. Water is an essential part of life; it does not just sustain the life of all human beings around the globe, but also sustains the life of every living thing known to this Earth. All of the major cities that we know today are surrounded by large river systems that supply its people with the means to survive in that region....   [tags: river valleys, water, pollution, Texas]

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TAAS Test and STAAR Educational Test in Texas

- ... Then there were more and more changes in testing and still today teachers focus more on what the test will be about rather than subject matter. Now teachers have to teach for a new test and set of questions. The crux of the matter is if you keep changing things around your end result will be different. Students who were used to taking the TAKS test will perform differently than students taking the STAAR test. You will get different results and the percentage rate of passes and failures will be significantly different....   [tags: standardized tests, academic skills]

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The Dark Side of the Moon Landing

- The Dark Side of the Moon Landing The Final Frontier In 1969, The United States successfully sent the first manned mission to the moon. It was a long time coming, a product of the Cold War’s Space Race. The Cold War began in 1947, between the Soviet Union and the United States. There was no actual fighting in the Cold War, just political conflict, military coalitions, and numerous competitions of brain rather than brawn. Among these competitions is the most famous Space Race. Although the Cold War commenced in 1947, the Space Race did not begin until 1955....   [tags: NASA, Moon Landing, United States]

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Southwest Airlines: A Great Place to Work

- Southwest Airlines: A Great Place to Work . The Success of Southwest Airlines The Beginning In the mid 1960’s, Rollin King, an owner of a small commuter air service from San Antonio Texas realized the inconvenience and expense of travelling between San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. Through the urging of his banker and his own vision, Rollin King decided to start an intrastate airline. King first pitched his plan to Herb Kelleher – a San Antonio attorney who had performed previous legal work for King....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Analysis of Classic Hollywood Cinema: Stagecoach

- The characteristics, features and conventions of Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939) allow this film to fit directly under the title of Classical Hollywood cinema. The film uses a few main characters that the audience members get to know well and create their own feelings for. In Stagecoach, there are nine main characters that the audience gets to know well, Dallas, Ringo Kid, Buck, Hatfield, Doc Boone, Lucy Mallory, Curley, Gatewood and the lieutenant. These characters are consistent throughout the story and the audience members begin to understand them as the story develops....   [tags: Film, Movie]

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Friendship in S.E. Hinton´s The Outsiders

- “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” (Aristotle). How can this happen when two characters are so different. How can they be similar. Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade from S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders have a connection deemed unlikely because of their extensive differences. While each being divergent from one another, their similarities come into play as to why they care so much for one another. Their differences stretch amongst a wide variety, but along with those differences comes their similarities....   [tags: differences, similarities, law, friendship]

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Family : Family Of Origin

- Family Relationships Family of Origin: Mr. Avery stated that he was born in Dallas, Texas. His parents were Burkes Williams and Irene Avery. He reported that his parents were never married and separated when he was young. He stated that his father was killed when he was around 2 years of age. His mother later remarried to Mr. John Shepard. Mr. Avery stated that he had a good relationship with his stepfather growing up and continued throughout adulthood; however he and his mother separated when he was 15 years age....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Physical examination]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients

- Patients are in constant conversation with their bodies–how will they feel tomorrow. Will they be able to tolerate the pain of an activity. If they are active now, what price will they pay later. They know that their body is telling them “No!”, but because Patients are often in the prime of their life when they are affected with RA/PsA, family and work duties take priority over heeding their bodies warnings, so they fight through the pain and discomfort It talks and sometimes I listen. I can be in a lot of pain....   [tags: Want, Debut albums, Need to know, Validation]

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Current Surveillance Methods And Monitoring Disease Trends

- Current Surveillance Methods Surveillance system is used to describe and monitor disease trends. Surveillance system is important to plan, implement and evaluate efforts to prevent STIs. There are four categories in the surveillance methods, includes passive, active, sentinel and special systems. Passive surveillance is a common method of surveillance, which relies on standardized forms or cards issued by or accessible through the state or local health departments. These completed forms should be submitted to the health department when the diseases are identified....   [tags: Chlamydia infection, Sexually transmitted disease]

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Truth Revealed

- The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy is one of the most tragic events that shaped America. JFK was born on May 19, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts, but little did he know that his life would be abbreviated in his future. Kennedy became the thirty-fifth President of the United States; he was assassinated on November 22, 1963. He was allegedly shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Although, many pieces of evidence conclude that Oswald could not have done the deed by himself. There is a broad conspiracy behind this major assassination....   [tags: jfk, governor connally, single bullet]

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Assassination of John F. Kennedy

- The John F. Kennedy assassination is believed to be one of the most controversial and debated topics in American History. JFK was one of the most beloved presidents of our time. Other assassinations of presidents didn’t have as many Conspiracy theories compared to the JFK assassination on November 22nd, 1963. Some of the theories include a Government cover-up, Mafia influence, and Cuban President Fidel Castro (Stern). The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, raised many questions that could not be answered and still have not too been answered....   [tags: fidel castro, jfk assasination, warren commission]

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Jfk Memorial And Symbolism Essay

- RuthAnne Shellabarger Comm. 320 Green Jan. 26, 2016 JFK Memorial and Symbolism  When deciding on what paper to write this option of analyzing symbols in memorials really caught my attention I personally have always been intrigued by the history and life of John F. Kennedy so of course I chose to analyze the symbolism behind his memorial. I believe I get this passion of learning about JFK’s life directly from my father; he has always been interested in the story of John F. Kennedy and was in fact was born the day the beloved president was assassinated....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination]

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The Mavericks of Texas

- The Mavericks also known as the Mavs, are located in Dallas, Texas. They are members of the Southwest Division of the Western Conference. The Dallas Mavericks have been a known basketball team in the NBA for exactly 34 seasons. According to Forbes Magazine in 2013, the Mavs were considered the fifth most valuable basketball franchise in the United States, valued at approximately 685 million. From the start of the first team to the most recent team, there has been many wins but also a fair amount of losses....   [tags: sports, basketball]

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Characters, Loyalty, and Violence in Hinton's The Outsiders

- ... Johnny and Ponyboy make it to the church without being seen, they clean the church up a little bit so that they could have a place to lay at night because it was filled with broken glass and had rats everywhere. Johnny and Ponyboy spend the whole week smoking cigarettes, eating baloney and going around the grocery store to kill time until they heard back from the other boys that everything is ok and they can go back home with them. Dallas comes a week later to Johnny and Ponyboy and tells them that everybody knows about the murder that happened at the park between the Socs and the Greasers and that they will fight tomorrow night (Hinton 51)....   [tags: character and story analysis]

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Who Was The Killer Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

- Who was the killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Does anyone know who killed Kennedy. The J.F.K Assassination is a conspiracy wrapped in a conspiracy. Can the people of the world seriously accept what the U.S government has told them that Lee Harvey Oswald solely killed the President of the U.S.A. Evidence shows that it seems possible that the American Central Intelligence Agency could have been involved in the president 's death. All the facts suggest that this assassination was not the work of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, but a higher power....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination]

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Identifying and Explaining a Social Problem

- Identifying and Explaining a Social Problem To me a social problem is described as an issue which directly and indirectly affects a person or many people in a society. I am looking to discover, what are the factors that contribute to the high epidemic of African American Woman being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Dallas Texas. “Black Americans have been tremendously affected by HIV/AIDS since the epidemics beginning, this rate continues to increase over time” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012). “African Americans account for more new cases of HIV infections, as well as AIDS diagnoses, and people considered to be living with HIV” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012)....   [tags: Sociology ]

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The President John F. Kennedy Conspiracy

- ... He became a suspect for the attempted murder of retired General Edwin Walker, an anti-communist, as “Oswald appears to have visited Walker’s neighborhood repeatedly during the first week of April [1963],”5 and even though “the FBI was unable to match the bullet to Oswald’s rifle…overwhelming evidence indicates that [he] fired the shot.”6 Because of this and other incidents, the FBI became very interested in Oswald, and kept a close eye on him and his wife, Marina, who was often interrogated regarding Oswald’s whereabouts....   [tags: assassination, political campaign ]

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Character Analysis : ' Greasers '

- Everyone is unique, every group consists of different individuals who are even though brought to group by similarities and similar interests, however each of them differences from one another. In this example group so called “Greasers” has a very tight relationship, and are ready to help each other because they were raised basically by the same environment. In my opinion Dallas one of the characters plays important role in this movie that even though is older than his boys and not participating too much with in his group is still helps younger boys and teaches them life tricks....   [tags: Thought, Psychology, The Rich Kids, Sex Pistols]

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Why Do The ' Socs '

- 1) p.13: Ponyboy was just ambushed by ‘’Socs’’. Why do the ‘’Socs’’ ambush and attack ‘’Greasers’’ for no reason. Is it because the ‘’Socs’’ think they are better than the ‘’Greasers’’ or is it because they want to hurt for fun. 2) p.24: Soda is giving his brother Darry a backrub because he pulled a muscle. I can understand by this sentence that Soda loves his brother so much that whenever one of them is hurt or in pain, he is always there to help and take care of them. 3) p.24: Darry always pulling muscles because he pushes himself over the limit by doing jobs that are meant for adults....   [tags: American films, English-language films]

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The Debate Of 2nd Amendment Rights

- The question of 2nd amendment rights are always under fire, always argued, and to date, always upheld. The Open Carry Law in Texas was put to the test last July when a sniper opened fire on police during a peaceful but crowded protest in downtown Dallas. Do Texans still believe the law is a good idea. The open carry of handguns in Texas, or House Bill 910, was opposed by most Democrats, fiercely opposed by police officials and activist groups, and yet it took only six months to pass the house and senate to reach the Governor’s pen....   [tags: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States]

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My Family's Experience with Racism

- Racism is a setback in personal relations between people of different cultures. My family comes from Mexican descent and is constantly being shunned. I personally had never been discriminated because of my race or my culture, but it all changed the day my mother decided it would be a good idea to take a trip with my father. My family isn’t a family hard to identify; we look, act, and talk like Mexicans and that caused a bitter disagreement up north. For the first time I experienced the horrors of racial discrimination....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

- One of the best Presidents of all time is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy was born in Brooklyn Massachusetts and went to school at Harvard University; he graduated in 1940.In 1953 he married Jacqueline or Jacky Lee Bouvier. Whenever Kennedy passed Jacky re-married. Kennedy changed many people’s lives he changed the way we all see things, he created NASA the space Program. He was the youngest president to be ever elected in the 1900’s. His family was huge and Kennedy had many siblings later on in his life he had a few kids of his own....   [tags: assassination, 35th president]

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The Assassination Of Jfk Assassination

- JFK Assassination Theories First lady Jacqueline Kennedy rarely accompanied her husband on political outings, but she was beside him, along with Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, for a 10-mile motorcade through the streets of downtown Dallas on November 22. Sitting in a Lincoln convertible, the Kennedys and Connally’s waved at the large and enthusiastic crowds gathered along the parade route. As their vehicle passed the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired three shots from the sixth floor, fatally wounding President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally....   [tags: John F. Kennedy assassination, John F. Kennedy]

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An Assassin of John F. Kennedy

- An Assassin of John F. Kennedy In another bizarre twist to a mystery that has haunted Americans for more than a quarter century, the son of a former Dallas police officer plans to tell the world that his father was one of the assassins of President John F. Kennedy. Ricky White, a 29-year-old, unemployed oil equipment salesman in Midland, says he "had no conception of ever, ever giving this story out" but decided to do so after FBI agents began asking questions in May 1988. "I'm telling you a story that has touched me, not only others, and I feel uncomfortable just telling it to strangers," White said during a recent interview with the Austin American-Statesman....   [tags: Roscoe White History Assassination Essays]

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John F Kennedy JFK Assassination

- It was the chilling CBS Radio Broadcast heard by millions of Americans that marked one of the biggest mysteries of modern time. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States is dead. John F. Kennedy has died of the wounds received in the assassination in Dallas... We Repeat- President Kennedy is dead."(Bennett 75) Although the assassination of President John F. Kennedy occurred forty-four years ago, the buzz surrounding his death never died down (Anders). It's the most controversial case in U.S....   [tags: American History]

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Exploring the Possibility of a Government Cover-Up with the John F. Kennedy Assassination

- In late November of the year 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy visited the state of Texas. While there he planned to attend a lunch in Dallas to raise money for the Democratic party. It was decided that the President would travel by motorcade from the airfield at which he landed in Dallas to this fundraiser. Unfortunately, President Kennedy never arrived at this lunch. As the Presidential motorcade drove through an area in Dallas known as Dealey Plaza, shots rang out. One of these shots fatally struck President Kennedy in the head....   [tags: american history, american presidents]

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Southwest Airlines : A Low Cost Airline Operating

- Southwest Airlines was established in 1967 as a low-cost airline operating just in the state of Texas. Today, Southwest Airlines is the largest domestic carrier in the United States employing more than 46,000 employees and operating 3,600 flights per day (Southwest, 2014). Southwest is also the largest operator of Boeing 737 aircraft in the world with over 680 in service operating an average of six flights per day each (Southwest, 2014). Under its original name, Air Southwest Company, Southwest Airlines was founded by a group of Texas investors that put together $560,000, to form a small airline to serve the cities of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio....   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Low-cost carrier]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Stagecoach '

- The Stagecoach, a critically acclaimed film, which followed the adventures of a group of unlikely and unfortunate passengers escaping from the brutality of Geronimo’s Apache warriors, established the precedent of the classic Western movie, containing crucial Western archetypical elements such as Ringo the Kid that has not hardly changed today. Furthermore, Stagecoach espoused social issues of the time by including passengers of varied social status and standing and emphasizing on such interactions that cross the rigidly defined and impermeable social divides at the time....   [tags: Sociology, Communication, Social class]

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Alternative Theories to John F. Kennedy's Assassination

- On Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, John Kennedy hoped to gain support for the upcoming election. Kennedy, who was accompanied by his wife Jaqueline, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, Governor John B. Connally, and Mrs. Connally was riding in an open car in a motorcade driving from Love Field airport to the Dallas Trade Mart (“Kennedy”). At 12:30 p.m. CST, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot (“Kennedy”). The fearless John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy seemed to know that death would eventually arrive at his doorstep, as it did....   [tags: Warren Comission coverup, US presidents]

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Investigation Of The Drug Lab Test

- All of these dealers claimed they were innocent, but one particular defense attorney, Cynthia Barbare, took her client, Jose Luis Vega, at his word. He claimed to be an honest auto mechanic and the dirt under his fingernails led her to believe him. Plus, she found it odd that a reportedly wealthy drug trafficker lived in such a meager home. Her first line of defense was simply requesting that the drug lab test the veracity of the drugs. None of the prior dealers from Alonso’s cases had done so because the Dallas county court system unofficially penalized anyone who requested verification from the drug lab with a much lengthier sentence....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Drug cartel, Smuggling]

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Case Study : Southwest Airlines Co

- Although Southwest Airlines Co. takes only the sixth place in the ranking of Forbes magazine[1], SWA is the world 's largest low-cost carrier, has become the biggest domestic airline in the United States, by number of travelers carried. More than 70 million passengers fly SWA ewery year to over 60 destinations around the continental United States. Passengers have found that Southwest 's affordable tickets create almost a new type of transportation, more in competition with the automobile than other airlines....   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Low-cost carrier]

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Women in the Western Genre

- Ever since the early 20th century, there had been several attempts and experimentation in creating a new genre of cinema known as the Western. The first well-known Western movie The Great Train Robbery (1903), while not necessarily being the first ever Western, it is by both film historians and theorists definitely considered the pinnacle of the genre, that got it all started and that would be the first step in creating others similar to it, but also very different. Because it was still an unknown genre in film, there had not yet been established a set of rules as for how to construct films in this new experimental genre so change was to be expected....   [tags: Proper, Fallen, Role]

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The Assassination Of John Kennedy

- While researching the Kennedy assassination there were many articles, saying that the mob was involved in the shooting. The writers were convinced that there was more than one person involved when it came too killing John Kennedy, on that warm sunny day in downtown Dallas. However, while these authors were convinced that there was another party involved, so was the rest of America with eighty percent saying the report was false. The goal of this paper is to bring this topic into the spotlight once more, by connecting the shooting of the president with the mob, and Lee Harvey Oswald....   [tags: John F. Kennedy assassination, John F. Kennedy]

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The Chemical Waste Management Corporation

- Since the placement of this landfill within the neighborhood, “the dump has received between 5 and 6 million tons of hazardous waste.” This company also had past issues with procedural followings such as, “on-site fires, off-site water contamination, federal penalties for environmental violations, reports of dumping of radioactive waste without permits and unauthorized acceptance of dioxins,” and they have also been accused of “burying chemicals without waste location mapping and adequate spacing, testing, and inspecting of received containers.” With notice of these issues and injustices within Sumter County, Alabama, a grassroots environmental coalition called Alabamians for a C...   [tags: Waste, Recycling, Hazardous waste]

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President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

- ... Martin Luther King and the President’s brother Robert Kennedy, in 1968. These incidents attracted a lot of suspicion and the American public started questioning why so many US figures had been assassinated in the time span of four years, when this type of incident has been rare. The HCSA was interested in the possibility that the assassinations were related. At the time there was also an increasing awareness of corruption and scandal within the government. The Watergate Scandal in 1974 involving President Nixon had clearly shown that American government was not entirely free of foul play....   [tags: oswald, investigation, fbi, cia]

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Caring For An Inmate

- Caring For an Inmate Dallas county jail is a 6,500 bed facility located near downtown Dallas, Texas. This county jail houses inmates for crimes such as criminal trespassing to capitol murder. Within this population you’ll find that most of the individuals are in need of some kind of medical and mental health attention. This care ranges from chronic care diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and seizures, to more complex diseases like sickle cell. You also encounter inmates that have acute medical concerns as well such as altercations between inmates, slips and falls, and self-harm....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Nursing, Health]

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Homosexuals are Not Born Gay

- If a young boy has a feminine throw he may be homosexual. Also if he has a soft or high voice this would be another detection that one would be homosexual. There have been many conclusions and statements as to what causes homosexuality. These are the traits that normally are classed with someone who is homosexual. The popular argument in today’s society is that homosexuality is something that is inborn, genetically linked to an enlarged gland in the brain or due to a particular chromosome. This would prove that it is natural, and that it is luck of the draw whether one is homosexual....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Homosexual Papers]

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Personal Narrative: My Mother's Death and My Move to California

- I should have followed my mother’s advice, and had I chosen to do so I am certain I would have benefited from her advice; but I was younger then, and heedless of her counsel, I took off for Dallas with nothing more than a dream. That was not an impulsive act. I had given it considerable thought for almost a year before I decided to make the move––that not only took me to Dallas, but was the beginning of a journey that led me half way across the country and deposited me, as it were, in the midst of adventure and intrigue....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Human Trafficking also Known as Modern Day Slave Trade

- Human Trafficking, also referred to as modern-day slave trade, has been defined by the United Nations Palermo Protocol as, “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of abuse of power or of position of vulnerability or of the giving and receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation....   [tags: united nations,sexual exploitation,human rights]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Staff ' Nbc '

- Cori Knapp Annotated Bibliography Staff, NBC. "Same-Sex Couple Marries in Dallas After Landmark Supreme Court Ruling." 26 June 2015. Web. 28 Sept. 2015. On Friday June 26, 2015, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples in all states may legally marry....   [tags: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage]

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Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Truth or Conspiracy

- The twenty-four-year-old man eagerly stared down at the street below through the scope mounted on his Italian-made, bolt action, 6.5 caliber rifle until his target appeared. John F. Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas, to campaign ahead of the 1964 election. Lee Harvey Oswald, “a twenty-four-year-old drifter,” was the shooter that ended John F. Kennedy’s life on November 22, 1963. He acted alone to end the life of the United States President that many Americans believed had the potential to be great. At the age of only 46, the life of this energetic President had been abruptly ended by the act of a lone sniper....   [tags: Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin, John Connally]

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The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

- Few people knew what events the day held on November 22, 1963, but by mid-afternoon one of the most tragic events to ever plague not only the United States but the entire world. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy would go on to be one of the most infamous days in history; surrounded in scandals, controversy, and conspiracy. There were three main reasons that the president was in Dallas, Texas. One of those reasons being his mission of reelection. Another reason was to raise more Democratic Party presidential campaign funds for the November 1964 presidential election....   [tags: American History]

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Conspiracy Theory of John F. Kennedy´s Assassination

- On November 22, 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy arrived in Dallas to an excited crowd of people lining the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the President. At 12:30 in the afternoon, the President’s car made the last, fatal turn. As the car turned left onto Elm Street, past the Texas School Block Depository and headed down the slope that leads through Dealey Plaza, Governor Connally’s wife said, “Mr. President, You can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you” (Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy 48)....   [tags: Murder, President]

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Gregory Lee Johnson Was Convicted For Desecration

- Gregory Lee Johnson was convicted for desecration of a venerated object; a violation of a Texas Statute in the County Criminal Court No. 8 of Dallas County by Judge John C. Hendrik. He sentence was one year in prison and a fine of $2000. The respondent appealed with the Dallas Court of Appeals, Fifth Supreme Judicial District, 706 S.W.2d 120 (1986), Judge Vance affirmed the conviction, and a rehearing was denied. The defendant subsequently petitioned for a discretionary review with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, 755 S.W.2d 92 (1988)....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy

- The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy On the morning of November 22nd, 1963 it was about seven o’clock in the morning as a man by the name of James Files awakens to the cold seeping through his motel window. Files has soon come to the thought that this day will be one of the biggest days his life has come to see. In just a few hours, Files will be on his way to downtown Dallas with another man by the name of Charles Nicoletti for President Kennedy’s motorcade route through Dallas. It is now time for Files to be secretly remembered forever....   [tags: John F. Kennedy assassination, John F. Kennedy]

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Marketing Strategy At 2000 E Lamar Blvd

- Marketing Strategy To identify all the strategic marketing factors of HireCall, Dallas I would like to share our four P’s (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion). For HireCall’s service, we will emphasize that our candidates are better than our competition and the way we insure this is they will be background screened and drug tested before they ever set foot on their grounds and the client can interview them before they start working to insure the candidate is the quality they are looking for....   [tags: Employment, Marketing, Want, Candidate]

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Defining What Generation Of Immigrant I Am

- Sociological Imagination Essay I am unsure how to define what generation of immigrant I am. I was born in London in the UK and then moved to the US when I was 7 years old. This would make me a first generation immigrant, however, I was born a US citizen. My mom is from the US and my dad is from the UK. My mom moved to the UK after marrying her first husband, who was British. They got divorced but she decided to stay in England and at that time she met my dad. My dad had another son from his first marriage and then my younger brother and me were both born in the UK....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Parent, Divorce]

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My Personal Goals Of Choosing A Career

- When choosing a career it is imperative to assess what is important to you in your personal life, and then decide what career will help achieve those personal goals. Some of the goals I have in my life will change, while others may stay the same. Many of those goals are tied to my career, which also helps draw interest in that particular career, while other goals may clash with that chosen career. The hard part is deciding what is most important, or how to achieve both goals even though it may be difficult....   [tags: Airline, Southwest Airlines, Regional airline]

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The Outsiders

- "The Outsiders" is a story that deals with a conflict between two gangs, the "Greasers" from the East Side of town and the "Socs" from the east-side of town. This is a story that is told in the first person. Ponyboy Curtis is the one telling the story. Here is a summary of the story. Ponyboy has a dispute with his brother Darry and ends up running away to the park with Johnnycake. There, Ponyboy and Johnnycake get into a fight with Randy, Bob, and three other members of the Socs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Two Men to Kill One Giant?

- It’s one of the most widely debated topics in history: did Lee Harvey Oswald, in fact, kill John F. Kennedy. Was it related to a conspiracy. And if he did kill Kennedy, was Oswald involved in said conspiracy. It has become quite common for American citizens in the present day to believe that a conspiracy killed John Kennedy, and it has become even more common for people to believe a number of random and false facts about this historic assassination attempt. Throughout this paper, the focus will be on the more credible sources and theories in order to debunk the dis and misinformation Many theories have been proposed as to how the killing happened, from the bizarre to the mundane....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Marketing Strategy And Product Life Cycle

- Marketing Strategy and Product Life Cycle in Hospitality As the marketing consultant for a hospitality management company, it is often my responsibility to define target markets for various restaurants and hotels. In fact, I have been tasked with creating a fictional hospitality operation, to utilize as an illustration to define a marketing strategy and target market. In addition, I must identify and analyze the product life cycle of an organization that has been in business for a minimum of twenty-five years....   [tags: InterContinental Hotels Group, Hotel]

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JFK's Assasination and Possible Conspiracy

- Who remembers where they were November 22, 1963. , The fateful day President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. My mother was only three and she remembers the day. She was in the living room of her childhood home when a crying neighbor called my Grandmother and broke the news. The telephone call was the beginning of a chain reaction that sent the entire house into uncontrollable mayhem. The event had that effect on the entire nation. Men and women, Democrats and Republicans, adults and children mourned the loss of their fallen leader....   [tags: american presidents, John Kennedy]

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Analysis of "The Thematic Paradigm"

- In the article “The Thematic Paradigm” exerted from his book, A Certain Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema, Robert Ray provides a description of the two types of heroes depicted in American film: the outlaw hero and the official hero. Although the outlaw hero is more risky and lonely, he cherishes liberty and sovereignty. The official hero on the other hand, generally poses the role of an average ordinary person, claiming an image of a “civilized person.” While the outlaw hero creates an image of a rough-cut person likely to commit a crime, the official hero has a legend perception....   [tags: hollywood cinema, A Certain Tendency]

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