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Cynicism at the Workplace

- Cynicism at the workplace comes in many different forms and seems to have increased in the last few years in light of mass layoffs, mergers, and corporate scandals (Anderson, 1996). In 1991, Mirvis and Kanter reported that 43% of American workers exhibited highly cynical attitudes toward work. The popularity of the comic strip Dilbert further indicates the prevalence of cynicism in today’s work place (Dean, Brandes, & Dharkwadkar, 1998). A Google search on ‘cynicism at the workplace’ produced 408 000 results, including a segment on NPR from May 2007 dealing with the topic of cynicism....   [tags: Cynicism]

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Cynicism of the American Political Process

- Political inactivity on the part of young Americans stems from one fundamental source -- a general cynicism of the American political process. This disdain for politics is further perpetuated by a lack of voter education and a needlessly archaic voting procedure that creates barriers to voting where they need not exist. While many of these existing problems can be rectified with relative ease through the implementation of programs such as Internet voting and better voter education, such programs create only a partial solution....   [tags: What is Politics?]

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When Irony Becomes Cynicism

- 	Understanding modern culture can be very difficult. There are so many parts and variables that make up modern culture, and on top of that, these parts are always changing. In that sense, identifying and analyzing a specific trait in modern culture can be extremely challenging. Pinpointing a trait that is so frequently overused it is often taken for granted. Then being able to explain it so well that people will be able to understand and see this trait as if they had never used, or been a part of it before....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cynicism in Dorothy Allison's Short Story, This Is Our World

- Cynicism in Dorothy Allison's Short Story, This Is Our World Is “The world is meaner than we admit” (Allison 159). In the short story, “This Is Our World,” Dorothy Allison asks this question, and her response startled me. I disagree with her way of thinking. Allison says that the world is a cruel, mean place. I think that the cruelty is balanced out with the goodness in the world. I was surprised to read her negative examples of how bad of a place it is that we live in and call “home.” This story was written with reference to events and occurrences that I have never experienced and things I have never seen....   [tags: Our World]

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Stone's Cynicism Exposed in Natural Born Killers

- Stone's Cynicism Exposed in Natural Born Killers As a hardworking college student living (without a TV) in this impenetrable Gothic galaxy, I am usually quite oblivious to popular culture. I was not even aware of the barrage of hype surrounding the release of Natural Born Killers. My attention was directed belatedly to the movie by a letter from a friend in which she lamented the present state of humanity - or lack thereof. And yet, I still stayed away from the movie for over a month despite my knowledge that it would be at the very least thought-provoking....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Social Issues of the Seventies

- ... All these events culminated on May 4 when the National Guard troops began to fire into the demonstration on the common grounds of the university. A group of 28 members of the National Guard fired over 60 shots into the students, killing 4 and wounding 9 others. Some of the Guard members said their lives were threatened by the crowd and others said they were just returning fire. None of these claims were ever substantiated. None of the students who were shot were within 100 yards of the Guard troops....   [tags: bitterness, cynicism, self, economic]

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Alfred Edward Housman

- Alfred Edward Housman has been described as “a great classical scholar, a distinguished poet, and a vintage academic character” by Richard Graves (p. xiv). This description, given by the author of one of the most comprehensive biographies of Housman, is fitting. Like many of the poets of his era, he took ideas of the Romantic period and combined them with ideas from the Classics. Most of his poems are dark, reflecting the tragedies of his youth. His style is most clearly marked by an obsession with death that pervades even his comic poems, themes taken from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the eloquence of the Romantics melded with the simplicity of the English countryside, and a sharp, criti...   [tags: cynicism, atheism, irony, poetry, death]

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Cynicism in Works of Ambrose Bierce

- The style and motives of Ambrose Bierce are those of a great intellect and cynic. Ambrose Bierce used graphic images to get his message across in a lot of his stories such as "Chicamauga" and "The Affair at Coulter's Notch". A good portion of his short stories were stories of innocent people and soldiers and their experiences. He also wrote a book called "The Devil's Dictionary," which reinterprets a few terms in the English language. Ambrose Bierce's cynical perspective, which can be seen within his literary works, actually masks a sensitive idealist, who wants to create an awareness in the readers of the horrors of war as well as the injustices and insensitivities in people and society....   [tags: Cynic Author]

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A Community 's Culture Affects Crime

- Essay Prompt: Is there empirical support for the idea that a community’s culture affects crime. Explain, drawing upon this week’s readings. Sampson and Bartusch (1998) expressly distinct the “legal cynicism”, also called “‘anomie’ about law”, from the concept of subcultural tolerance of deviance. They completed a study of 8,782 residents of 343 neighborhoods in Chicago with polychoric correlation and asymptotic covariance matrices and hierarchical linear models. The point needed to be especially mentioned was that they directly measured the cultural values and normative orientations in three scales: subcultural tolerance, cynicism about legal norms, and satisfaction with police....   [tags: Sociology, Culture, Cultural anthropology]

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Analysis of Hamlet and Claudius

- The Achilles heel of Wilson’s argument is his repetitive use of the word causality and the hypocritical manner in which he approaches Hamlet and Claudius respectively. He implores his audience to disavow or “refuse to be diverted from a clear vision by questions of praise and blame, responsibility and causality” (Wilson Knight, G. 1957: 186) in terms of how the audience views Hamlet but re-introduces causality in terms of Claudius who “as he appears in the play is not a criminal. He is-strange as it may seem- a good and gentle king, enmeshed by the chain of causality linking him with his crime.(Wilson Knight, G....   [tags: WIlson Knight, William Shakespeare]

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