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The History of the Rubik's Cube

- The Rubik's cube has haunted peoples nightmares for decades. When it was first made, it was supposed to have “billions” of combinations though it actually has over 43 quintillion combinations (43,252,003,274,489,856,000 to be exact). Originally created to help students understand geometric concepts and 3D space the first wooden model was made in 1974 by Ernö Rubik and a couple of friends. After some time playing with it, Ernö realized he didn't know how to get it back to its original form. He reportedly said, “It was wonderful, to see how, after only a few turns, the colors became mixed, apparently in random fashion....   [tags: Games, Toys]

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Finding the Hidden Faces of a Cube

- Finding the Hidden Faces of a Cube In order to find the number of hidden faces when eight cubes are placed on a table, in a row, I counted the total amount of faces (6%8), which added up to 48. I then counted the amount of visible faces (26) and subtracted it off the total amount of faces (48-26). This added up to 22 hidden sides. I then had to investigate the number of hidden faces for other rows of cubes. I started by drawing out the outcomes for the first nine rows of cubes (below): [IMAGE] I decided to show this information in a table (below): [IMAGE] I decided to show this information on a graph (below): [IMAGE] From this information I have no...   [tags: Papers]

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Hidden Faces of the Cube

- Hidden Faces of the Cube Introduction: I am investigating the number of hidden faces for other cuboids made from cubes. I will use visual representation to display my results in the form of graphs. I will collect my results in a table. I will start to collect my information in my table starting with one cube and building them up into rows and different sized cuboids. At the end of my investigation I hope to have a formula worked out, and also I hope to be able to find the number of hidden faces on a cuboids made up from 30 cubes....   [tags: Papers]

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Original Writing - The Cube

- Original Writing - The Cube Have you ever felt as though you are not wanted. Do you know how it feels to be an outcast. Have you ever felt as though you are not wanted on the face of the earth. Well, I have. Do you want to know how it feels. Do you want to know what The Cube is. I know you are eager to know how it feels. I know you want to know what The Cube is. It all started on Saturday 2nd September 2000. The date is very significant to me for this was to be the day, which changed my life round....   [tags: Papers]

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Food Safety: Cube-Sized Foods for Space Flights

- ... Also, after several cases of botulism that were related to minimally processed, low pH canned foods between 1970 to 1971, the USDA asked Pillsbury to organize and execute a training program for its inspectors so that the new system of food safety based on critical control points that could serve as the basis for regulating the production of canned foods (Sperber, 2009). This training program, “Food Safety through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System in 1973,” was the first published use of the term “HACCP (Sperber, 2009).” The first steps of creating a HACCP plan are called the preliminary steps; this first includes assembling a HACCP team and bringing together the reso...   [tags: chemical and physical hazard]

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Ice Cube

- O’Shea Jackson, also know as Ice Cube was born in 1969. He was growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Ice Cube’s interest for Rap started showing in high school. Ice Cube went away to Phoenix Arizona to study architecture. When He returned he began his raping career. In return to Los Angeles in 1987 He released a few 12 inches with “My Posse”. He worked with his crew C.I.A , World Class Wrecking Crew and then the contentious N.W.A. This crew know as N.W.A was The first group to bring gangster rap to mainstream....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Put Your Faith in Rubik's Cube

- People have been trying to solve the mind-boggling puzzle of the Rubik's Cube for many years. Religion has also perplexed people for many years. These two subjects are seemingly unrelated. A Rubik's Cube and religion share the same complexity by blinding people of their surroundings, having many paths to get to the reward, and the reward is ultimately the same. Completing a Rubik's Cube can be an extremely difficult task. In order to complete this task, some people blindly focus on only one color at a time....   [tags: Religion]

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Cube Shaped Boxes and Supermarket Displays

- Cube Shaped Boxes and Supermarket Displays Introduction The question: Boxes made in the shape of a cube are easy to stack to make displays in supermarkets. Investigate. Plan ==== I will carry out this investigation by following these points: 1. Simplify the question by using 2-d shapes. 2. Draw 2-d designs. 3. Draw 3-d designs. 4. Evaluate my work. Detailed Plan To investigate each shape I will follow a pattern: 1. I will state which shape I am investigating. 2....   [tags: Papers]

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Information Security: The John McCumber Model

- ... b) Transmission- the information is in motion and is being transmitted to get accessed. c) Processing- the state in which the data is being changed or studied. The information should be protected at all states. Measures to be taken the approaches required to achieve the goals desired are a) Technology- software and hardware upgrades are considered to minimize vulnerability towards threats. b) Policy & Practice- proven methods and techniques are used to reduce risks and threats. c) Education& Training- educating each customer about threats and precautions to be taken....   [tags: cube structure, integrity, confidentiality]

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Privacy Conserving in Data Processing: An Overview

- INTRODUCTION Data mining is a crucial analysis space in database system. Data processing provides us a strong tool for analysis the unknown data within the known information sets. Whereas within the same time, the explosion of knowledge brings us a aspect impact that is that private information may well be desecrated by others with none protection. And this might bring negative effects for analysis the pregnant data. Privacy Preserving Data Mining is planned to resolve this drawback. It is eluded unseaworthy the sensitive information of users....   [tags: data mining, data cube, warehouse]

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Looking at Different Joints Used in Building Different Sized Cube Shaped Structures

- Looking at Different Joints Used in Building Different Sized Cube Shaped Structures In this investigation I will be looking at different joints used in building different sized cube shaped structures. I have found that there are four different types of joint: 3-joint 4-joint 5-joint 6-joint The aim of my investigation is to be able to use the length of the cube's edge (n) to find out the number of each different joint in that cube. I have taken n to be the number of rods on a cube's edge....   [tags: Papers]

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Exotic Rubik's cubes

- ENTERTAINMENT Exotic Rubik's cubes Everybody’s seen a Rubik’s cube before. An ordinary looking cube comprising of 27 smaller cubes and with 9 axes of rotation and a unique colour for each face. But below are five mind-blowing variations of the traditional Rubik’s cube that even cubists may fail to recognise: Dino cube Unlike the Rubik’s cube, the Dino cube has 8 axes of rotation. Rather than having pieces turn in layers, the pieces are moved by turning the corners of the cube. The dino cube appears as a regular cube with pieces separated by the diagonals of each face....   [tags: Product Review]

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Three Dimensional Shapes

- Introduction about online 3 dimensional shapes: In geometry the three dimensions are known as length, width and height or any three perpendicular directions can act as 3D. The basic three dimensional shapes are listed below. In online students can get the help about three dimensional shapes. Students can get the formulas and example problems in online. In this article we shall see how to calculate the volume and surface area of three dimensional shapes. Online 3 dimensional shapes lesson help – Formulas: Cube: cube Volume of the cube (v) = a3 cubic units a – side length Surface area of cube (SA) = 6a2 square units...   [tags: Geometry]

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Puzzle Design Challenge: A New Toy for Young Children

- ... Getting more information to help support the ideas to get started. On the generate concepts of this project is that I sketch the ideas and getting of 4 or more combination parts of puzzle design. Also I made a multi-view sketch of puzzle cube parts and a preview of 3D puzzle cube of getting an idea to start with. The third procedure in this project is develop solution. This word tells that it has a picture of 3D drawing sheet to help guidance of making a first prototype. On this produces for puzzle project challenge, I used the software for engineering to help develop a 3D puzzle parts by detailing of dimensions on isometric view and multi-view (including assembly and soluti...   [tags: materials, designer, procedure]

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The Working of a Biological Catalyst: Catalase

- ... Enzyme activity was not affected as the pH of water, which is 7, is similar to the pH the liver maintains. In tube 5 a boiled cube of liver was placed into hydrogen peroxide. Boiling liver made irreversible changes to the structure of catalase and it could no longer function properly, it become denatured. Boiling liver damaged the catalase enzyme and clearly decreased the amount of bubbles when it was exposed to hydrogen peroxide; no foam was created. In tube 2 manganese dioxide and a cube of liver was added to hydrogen peroxide....   [tags: enzyme, pH, broiling liver]

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Microsoft Offers Business Intelligence Solutions

- Class report (Business Intelligence) Business Intelligence solutions harness data warehousing and OLAP technologies to unleash opportunities to improve customer service, control costs, maximize profits, and make better decisions faster. These solutions enable organizations to aggregate data from multiple sources, build and manage an enterprise data warehouse, and make sophisticated yet straightforward analysis tools available to all employees. Many companies generate and store large amounts of information on a daily basis, including customer, sales transaction, and financial data....   [tags: technology, data, financial]

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Investigating the Rate of Diffusion of Hydrochloric Acid into Gelatine

- Investigating the Rate of Diffusion of Hydrochloric Acid into Gelatine Introduction ============ In this experiment I am going to investigate the rate of diffusion of Hydrochloric Acid into Gelatine. To do this I will use the same concentration and amount acid with the gelatine being cut into different sizes. The rate of diffusion is dependant on the surface/volume ratio to how quick the acid is able to diffuse throughout the whole of the gelatine. Equipment ========= § Hydrochloric Acid § Gelatine § Tile § Test tube § Rubber Bung § Scalpel § Ruler § Stop Clock § Goggles § Measuring Cylinder Experiment ==========...   [tags: Papers]

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Describing Two Works of Art

- Abstract In this assignment, I will provide the information on two, specific work of Arts that are unconventional. Therefore, after all the research that I preformed I actually discovered more than two, of course, but I decided to go with the most interesting to me. Justin Gignac created the first work of Art that I choose and the second one I choose was a building. The building is located in Sopot, Poland and it is called The Crooked House. In ending, this paper will have all the information about the work of Arts and the facts that back up the reason for the Artwork being unconventional....   [tags: Art Essay, Art Appreciation]

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The Issue Of Gun Control

- In this picture below, the main issue is over gun control. Gun control has always been a big deal. There are people who believe very strongly about keeping guns, and there are people who believe very strongly about banning them. Everyone has different views, but they are so important because it is such a serious topic.The picture is saying that it is not what the object is doing to cause what it is happening. The people are the reason why things happen. This picture would be for people who want to ban guns because they think guns kill people by themselves, or people who believe we should shut down fast food places because they are the reason for obesity....   [tags: Firearm, Gun, Cannon, Grey]

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The Action of an Enzyme

- The Action of an Enzyme Introduction The breakdown of wastes in liver cells produces hydrogen peroxide which is poisonous. This must be removed if the cell is to remain unharmed. Method 1. Label the test tubes A, B, C, and D. label the staining dishes B, C, and D. 2. Put 5cm3 of hydrogen peroxide in each test tube. Be careful -hydrogen peroxide is dangerous. 3. Put two cubes of raw liver into another test tube and put this in the water bath (set at boiling) for 2 minutes....   [tags: Papers]

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Different Visual Illustrations in Perception

- Different Visual Illustrations in Perception How can visual illusions illustrate top down processes in perception. Contrast this with a visual illusion that can be explained through bottom up processes. Text Box: Figure 1 Muller Lyer illusion There are many suggestions to explain how visual illusions can be perceived....   [tags: Papers]

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The Thug Image

- What exactly is the definition of a thug. Although the term varies in meaning by individual, we can all agree that its connotation is negative. Anyone is liable to be a thug; however, this term is mostly used amongst the African American race. Many people argue that racism is behind the derogatory use of the word towards African Americans. Others also argue that African Americans place the title amongst themselves. Both sides can make great arguments. The true question is will either argument be fair and just....   [tags: african-american, thieves, ]

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Math Investigation of Painted Cubes

- Math Investigation of Painted Cubes Introduction ============ I was given a brief to investigate the number of faces on a cube, which measured 20 small cubes by 20 small cubes by 20 small cubes (20 x 20 x 20) To do this, I had to imagine that there was a very large cube, which had had its outer surface painted red. When it was dry, the large cube was cut up into the smaller cubes, all 8000 of them. From there, I had to answer the question, 'How many of the small cubes will have no red faces, one red face, two red faces, and three faces?' From this, I hope to find a formula to work out the number of different faces on a cube sized 'n x n x n'....   [tags: Papers]

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The Tesseract and the Fourth Dimension

- The Hypercube is a three dimensional representation of a polygon existing in the fourth dimension. For over two centuries mathematicians have been thinking about the fourth dimension. It was during this time that Möbius discovered the unique properties of a two dimensional strip when twisted into three dimensional space. Charles Hinton was a mathematician in the mid 1800s who was interested in what objects existing in the fourth dimension may look like. He wrote an article in New Era of Thought entitled 'What is the fourth dimension?' in which he theorized ways in which a four dimensional object could be visualized in three dimensions....   [tags: hypercube, polygon, space]

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The Plea For Visual Thinking

- Plea for Visual Thinking Rudolf Arnheim Perception and thinking are treated by textbooks of psychology in separate chapters. The senses are said to gather information about the outer world; thinking is said to process that information. Thinking emerges from this approach as the "higher," more respectable function, to which consequently education assigns most of the school hours and most of the credit. The exercise of the senses is a mere recreation, relegated to spare time. It is left to the playful practice of the arts and music and is readily dispensed with when a tight budget calls for economy....   [tags: Perception, Mind, Psychology, Cognition]

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Application Of Choice Software Limited

- I am Koteswara Rao Chandra, doing MS (CIS) in California University of Management and Sciences – San Diego. Before starting MS in calums, I worked as Assistant Software Engineer in Choice Software Ltd – Hyderabad, India for 18 months. I worked on MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) and Java technologies. Choice Software Limited is a premier global Information Technology industry-focused Implementation and outsourcing Services Provider with an exceptional track record of providing high quality, on-budget, and on-time solutions to demanding clients....   [tags: Software development process, Waterfall model]

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Investigating the Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Diffusion

- Investigating the Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Diffusion Aim: To find out if concentration affects the rate of diffusion. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of acid the faster the reaction will be. Hypothesis: Diffusion is the spreading out of a gas or liquid from an area of low concentration to another area where it has a lower concentration until the overall concentrations are balanced. The Hydrochloric acid (HCl) diffuses into the gelatine cube of which contains Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), which is an alkali....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigation on Cargo

- Investigation on Cargo Introduction In this investigation I will be finding out how many labels are on an exposed side of a 3x3x3 cube when 27 small cubes are put together to make the large 3x3x3 cube. Method I will first start to count the number of small cubes out of the 27; have no labels, 1 label, 2 labels and 3 labels. Once I have done this I will the do the same for a 4x4x4 cube, 5x5x5 cube and finally a 6x6x6 cube and see if I can find a pattern. When I have found a pattern I will try to work out a formula and test if it works....   [tags: Papers]

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Which Paper Towel Works Best

- Which Paper Towel Works Best When you come to the paper towel aisle in the grocery store do you ever get frustrated and annoyed by all the brands to choose from. Every brand is telling you that they are the strongest and that their brand will absorb the fastest. Have you ever actually taken the time to figure out which brand is indomitable and absorbs the quickest. Well today I will fill you in on this mysterious secret and tell you not only which brand is not lying to you but also which brand you are getting your money’s worth and if paying that extra dollar is worth the name brand I think that the most expensive paper towel will be the strongest based on an ice cube suspended over a paper...   [tags: science]

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The Amount of Joints and Rods in Various Different Structures

- The Amount of Joints and Rods in Various Different Structures I intend to draw the structures I am investigating on isometric grid paper and record the results in tables. I will then state formulae to calculate the amount of rods or joints in any size structure. To back up my formulae I will be making predictions and proving them to be correct (hopefully!) Joints ====== Inside the structures I will be investigating the joints I predict to find are the following: --------------------------------------------------------------------- three joint-3J four joint-4J five joint-5J six joint-6J [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Found on the...   [tags: Papers]

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The Dysfunction of American Politics: How the Debasement of the American Citizenry has Facilitated Political Chaos

- Despite dysfunction proliferating the workings of its institutions, the American political system continues to function as originally designed: to limit government control beyond the basic protection of liberty. At face value, the dysfunction of the American political system is guilelessly attributed to party polarization. Yet, political faction, according to James Madison, is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, he argues in The Federalist that it is an essential and effective feature of a properly structured government....   [tags: U.S. Politics ]

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DNA: One of the Biological Macromolecules that Contain Knots

- Summary In the article “One- pot pentaknot,” published by Advance Online Publishers and submitted to the Nature Chemistry Journal in November, 2011, Ayme Et. Al., (2011) describes DNA as one of the biological macromolecules that contain knots. The report states that knots are also found in proteins and are important structural components of deoxyribonucleic acids. Similarly, the report, “New Motifs in DNA nanotechnology” by Seeman et al, (1998) outlines the importance of knots in DNA and the ability of various types of DNA to form knots....   [tags: biological information, phenotype]

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Investigating The Mental Rotation Performance Of Human Figures

- The purpose of the experiment conducted by Jansen and Lehmann (2013) on object-based mental rotation was to investigate the mental rotation performance in male and female soccer players, gymnasts, and non-athletes. The study was conducted because no previous research included both soccer players and gymnasts. Previously, experiments had been conducted that addressed both groups separately compared to non-athletes, but no research had included all three groups. In addition, the experiment considered the differences reflected in the results when human shaped stimuli and simple block objects were used in the mental rotation tasks....   [tags: Male, Female, Sex, Gender]

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How Does Monitoring Nutrients For Total System Wellness?

- Introduction Streams are like arteries in a human body. In the sense that both flow and require a delicate balance for total system wellness. A balance that must be understand to get an accurate picture of an ecosystem as a whole. Much how monitoring nutrients in blood is necessary to understand overall health. This balance is checked by looking at abiotic factors, such as chemical variables and habitat structures in the ecosystem and biotic factors. A particular biotic factor that is a sign that a stream is healthy is macroinvertebrate life....   [tags: Biotic component, Abiotic component, Stream]

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The Human Body as a Computer Interface

- Interfaces take places into our lives in the form of the various devices, analog or digital, with whom we normally establish some kind of interaction. This means that the interfaces are "tools" extenders for our bodies, such as computers, cell phones, elevators, etc. The concept of interface is applicable to any situation or process where the exchange or transfer of information takes place. Some of the ways of thinking to the interface might be like “the area or place of interaction between two different systems not necessarily a technological system”....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Description of Three Types of MEMS Devices

- 1. Three MEMS devices described below are: I. Eco Scan MEMS resonant mirror: MEMS resonant mirror devices have the potential to miniaturize optical systems, such as sensors, displays and printing devices. They integrate the driving actuator into the mirror structure, a small, low power consumption and inexpensive device. The Eco scan MEMS resonant mirror uses the electromagnetic drive method. On a single crystal silicon substrate, a mirror, torsion bars and coils are formed and permanent magnets are placed on the periphery of those parts....   [tags: eco scan mems, sensors, gyro sensor]

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Heat Energy, Convection And Radiation

- Heat energy is transferred through three ways- conduction, convection and radiation. All three are able to transfer heat from one place to another based off of different principles however, are all three are connected by the physics of heat. Let’s start with heat- what exactly is heat. We can understand heat by knowing that “heat is a thermal energy that flows from the warmer areas to the cooler areas, and the thermal energy is the total of all kinetic energies within a given system.” (Soffar, 2015) Now, we can explore the means to which heat is transferred and how each of them occurs....   [tags: Heat, Heat transfer, Energy, Temperature]

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Optical Illusions

- Optical Illusions What is an optical illusion. An optical illusion is like a "magic picture". An optical illusion fools your brain into thinking something about a picture that isn't necessarily true. To understand optical illusions, it is helpful to understand how the eye works. The colored circle on your eye is called the iris. The smaller black circle within the iris is called the pupil. The pupil lets light into the eye. When you look at an image, light is reflected off the image and through the pupil of your eye to a lens behind the iris....   [tags: Papers]

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Applications of Smart Dust

- Future mobile wireless sensors networks technology such as smart dust may seem like science fiction but its making its way from research laboratory to enterprise. What is smart dust. It’s a new technology that might shape our future in ways never thought imaginable. Think of your computer that you’re using and think of that same computer, fitted into the dimensions of an American quarter. That’s roughly what smart dust, also known as microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS) is. Smart dust has four basic subsystems requirements: power, computation, sensor and communication....   [tags: technology]

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Freedom of Expression and Rap Music

- Many issues have come up regarding what rights and actions are protected under the First Amendment. Rap music should not be restricted on the television despite much controversy over the idea. Bok says that some acts cause debates, although people may disagree with it doesn't mean it should be taken away. There should be no restrictions held against playing of rap music. Music that we listen to constructs the sound track of our lives. The number one killer in creative speech is censorship....   [tags: Music Censorship]

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Shadowlands: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?‎

- If God loves us, why does He allow us to suffer. The central question in Shadowlands challenges traditional religious and moral conventions. It is a question asked by many, with few satisfactory answers. Before attempting to answer the question, and explore its relationship to Shadowlands, let us first define the question, so its implications may be more clearly understood. At the heart of the question is a doubt in the goodness of God, "If God loves us". From the beginning it is clear that God is being judged and criticized by the question....   [tags: God, Tragedy, Suffering]

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Attenuation Effects on Data Transmitted through Cable

- Attenuation Effects on Data Transmitted through Cable Abstract Attenuation refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal. Attenuation occurs with digital or analog signals. Attenuation is the end result of signals being transmitted extended distances. Attenuation is usually expressed in units called decibels (dBs). The cable type will determine at what point along the length of the cable signal degradation occurs. Repeaters can be inserted along the length of the cable to boost the signal strength which increases the maximum attainable range of data transmitted though the cable....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Video Game Industry

- Released this past month where the next-generation gaming consoles. Hoping to capture a market dominated by Sony's PlayStation 2, Microsoft has earmarked $500 million for its marketing campaign and the hype alone is enough to make a certain people look at this console. A sizable investment at $299 for the Xbox and $199 for the Game Cube, getting past the price tag is only the first hurdle. The second is deciding which to buy. The world's largest software maker followed familiar territory in developing the Xbox using a PC-based design....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Russian Era Of The Soviet Revolution And The Opening Of A New Page

- “October 1917 marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution and the opening of a new page in the history of human society. It is to this social revolution, rather than to the technological revolution, that the basic element of Russian architecture are tied.” El Lissitzsky writes this passage. It stated the truth that the revolution in architecture accompanied with political revolution was happening in Russia, which gestates the advanced era of Russian architecture call Russia avant-grade. One of the most influential and wide range movement of modernism art work in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union is the Russian avant-garde, during the period of 1890s to 1930s....   [tags: Russia, October Revolution, Soviet Union]

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A Theory Of Quality Health Care And A Process For Evaluating It

- The theorist Avedis Donabedian proposed a theory of quality health care and a process for evaluating it. Although, Donabedian’s theory still dominates outcomes research, other theories of outcomes have since been developed (Grove, Gray & Burns 2015). Donabedian represented the key concepts and relationships in his theory using a cube, with the elements explaining the quality of health care. The three dimensions of the cube health, care received, and the care providers. The cube also incorporates the three aspects of health—physical-psychological function, psychological function, and social function....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Health care provider]

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Executive Puzzles and Games as Promotional Products or Gifts

- Puzzles and games are an excellent way to relax while taking a short break at work. They offer you an opportunity to rest your mind and relieve stress while still remaining professional. Executive puzzles and games are excellent gift items that can also be used as advertising gimmicks. Gift ideas can range from toys designed to be fun and offer relaxation or puzzles designed to get the player into a certain frame of mind. E.g. a chess set or a rubix cube that encourage critical thinking in the user....   [tags: business]

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Biology and the Properties of Gas Exchange Surfaces

- Properties of Gas exchange surfaces Alveolus – Air sac in the lungs • Hundreds of thousands in lungs • Increase lungs SA SA:V ratio = Surface area Volume Diffusion 0.5 cm cube – 2mm cubed of non dyed agar 1cm cube – 5mm cubed of non dyed agar 2cm cube – 18mm cubed of non dyed agar DIFFUSION IS QUICKER WITH SMALLER SA’s Alveoli are so small. • Diffusion is fast - blood capillary nearby • Thin walls (alveoli and capillary) (one cell thick) • Numerous Alveoli – Increases SA of Lungs (Each alveolus is small for quick diffusion) • Lots of blood capillaries next to alveoli • LUNGS = EFFICIENT GAS EXCHANGE SA = rate of diffusion Difference in concentration gradient = Rate of di...   [tags: biology, science experiments, ]

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Happy Numbers are Part of Recreational Math

- ... But nobody knows who first noticed and started telling people about happy numbers. But they never really left the classroom until Reg Allenby found out about them and started to show people what they were. Happy numbers Happy numbers are numbers that when you square the digits of the number and add the squares together repeatedly, in the end the answer will be one. This is how you can find a happy number: 19: 1²+9²= 1+81= 82 8²+2²= 64+4= 68 6²=8²= 36+64= 100 1²+0²+0²= 1+0+0= 1 As you can see 19 is a happy number because it equals 1 after having squared the digits a couple of times....   [tags: squaring, russia, prime]

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Analysis Of Kaysen 's ' Psychotherapist '

- In this case, Kaysen’s psychotherapist had a brief conversation with her about her bad habits and scrutinizes her on her life choices. He talks to her based on something as superficial as her pimple with a surly comment. “‘Picking at yourself,’ he repeated, He popped out from behind his desk and lunged toward me” (Kaysen 7). He refers to her pimple as to her picking at herself emotionally which was misreading the situation completely. First of all, professional psychotherapists do not lunge towards their patients that is extremely unprofessional and off putting for most patients....   [tags: Borderline personality disorder, Mental disorder]

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Universal Health Insurance System in Ireland

- Universal health insurance system in Ireland vision (2012-2015): is aiming for a single-tier health service which provides equal access to all based on need, not ability to pay delivering the best health outcomes for the Irish citizens. (1) Graph -1- The Universal Health Insurance (UHI) system vision (2) The WHO has stated that UHI once implemented appropriately has shown to improve health indicators (as infant mortality life expectancy) and prove service user satisfaction, lowers the costs of healthcare when compared with other funding methods and contribute to a stronger economic development, including a reduction of poverty levels so will pay back the budget invested in it....   [tags: medical coverage, policies]

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The Theory Of The Human Mind

- Despite several centuries, decades and years of research, the human mind continues to perplex many. Over time theorists created several approaches such as mentalism, physicalism and dualism. Mentalists view the world as a subjective experience, explaining physical phenomena to be caused by perception. Physicalists argue that the brain operates under physical laws, so that ultimately everything is physical or are subsequent to physical events. Conscience, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings make up intangible elements of human mentality....   [tags: Philosophy of mind, Mind, Dualism, Psychology]

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Investigating the Effect of Concentration on the Speed of the Reaction Between Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Thiosulphate

- Investigating the Effect of Concentration on the Speed of the Reaction Between Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Thiosulphate Prediction: My prediction is, the higher the concentrations, the faster the reaction will occur in my experiment to make the x on the sheet on paper disappear. When there is more concentration, the molecules gain kinetic energy & the process of collision occurs. This causes the reaction to happen more rapidly therefore making a cloudy substance much quicker....   [tags: Papers]

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A Short Story: Christmas Eve

- Christmas Eve The family was huddled around the kitchen table, elbows pressed firmly against the varnished surface, supporting heads both weary and dejected from the events of the day. Nothing had changed, Christmas was Christmas. Yet the cheer, the jolly, jovial nature of the whole celebration seemed to have been watered down through years of disappointment and gloom, finally distilled into a tasteless, humourless gathering of bodies. We waited as our grandmother prepared the famously dull and flavourless Turkey which, though bulbous and inviting on the surface, held none of our knowing tongues in suspense....   [tags: fear, armageddon, presents, family]

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Rap And Censorship

- The beginnings of rap are believed to based on African rhythms which were used as a form of communication by the native peoples. The lyrical component of rap music is thought to have been greatly influenced by Cab Calloway with his repetitive chants and scats, along with his call-and-response technique with the audience. Rap evolved and gained in popularity in the 1960's when a few revolutionary "DJ's," including Kool DJ Herc, DJ Lovebug Starski, and DJ Hollywood, began to work block parties in the Bronx....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Archaeomagnetism in Archaeological Sites

- Objects under this category are not only easier to find than most other objects at archaeological sites, but in certain cases where their kiln baked position with respect to the vertical is known ,they can also be used to estimate the age of the object. This can be determined by measuring the inclination of the remanent magnetization which occurred at the time it was baked. The magnetic inclination can be compared with the history of the variation of the earth’s magnetic inclination known through historical records and other fire-baked clay objects already dated by other methods....   [tags: kiln, soils, buried ]

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Math Hidden Faces Investigation

- Math Hidden Faces Investigation In this coursework I would be investigating the number of hidden faces in different cubes and cuboids. I would provide predictions to make sure I get the right results. After that I would provide diagrams of the cubes and I would explain how I found it. In each section of a set of cubes I would provide formula's that I would find. I would also give information that the pattern carries on. The reason why I am doing this investigation about cubes is because to find the hidden faces and total faces which would be added near the diagrams....   [tags: Papers]

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Looking at Perception as the Interpretation of Information

- Looking at Perception as the Interpretation of Information Perception is the interpretation of information, which we receive through our senses. We all receive sensory information, like smells, sounds or noises. We can also make sense of them, both consciously and unconsciously. This therefore allows us to fit the new information in with other things that we already know. As part of studying human beings we need to be able to explain both how the similarities have come about and also how the differences happen....   [tags: Papers]

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Runnin Down Some Lines: Book Review

- Deprived of opportunities for advancement in mainstream society, [black ghetto] teenagers elevate their personal style into a philosophy of life. Their exemplars are pimps and gangsters.... Gangs develop to bolster self-identity through psychological control of the streets; hip "threads" and "freaked out" cars also serve as outward signs of inner creativity. Both sexes consider coitus ("doin' the do") a natural and desirable part of adolescence; soft drugs, primarily marijuana ("tea"), also offer a temporary alternative to the harsh reality of ghetto existence....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moms Creamy Potato Soup

- Mom’s Creamy Potato Soup One reason I like fall is because of the crisp, cool mornings. Football is very big at my house. That is very apparent in the fall. When Thanksgiving comes, all my family and I do is eat turkey and watch football games. Mom’s rich and creamy potato soup is served during the cold, winter months. People usually think of soup as being tomato or chicken noodle, but not potato. The color of her soup is that of an off-white or yellow. The texture of the soup is very thick. It looks like creamy potatoes in a bowl when it is done....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Math Fencing Project

- Math Fencing Project I have to find the maximum area for a given perimeter (1000m) in this project. I am going to start examining the rectangle because it is by far the easiest shape to work with and is used lots in places (most things use rectangles for design- basic cube .etc). To start with what type of rectangle gives the best result. A regular square or an irregular oblong. I start by having 4 individual squares. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE] Goes to [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Regular square irregular oblong Now look at how many sides are exposed on each shape- Ã¥ sides of each cube internal1 Ã¥ sides of each cube internal2...   [tags: Papers]

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Rates of Reaction

- Rates of Reaction Reactions Reactions can only occur when two different particles come together. The theory for the way the reaction occurs is called The Collision Theory. The collision theory states that that the different particles need to collide with each other in order to react. However, they do not react if they collide without sufficient energy, and therefore the more energy a particle has, the more likely it is to react. The activation energy is the minimum amount of energy required by a particle in order to react....   [tags: Papers]

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Apophatical Metaphysics of a Subject

- Apophatical Metaphysics of a Subject ABSTRACT: In this paper, the inevitability of the metaphysics of a subject for the philosophical understanding of a person’s being in the world is established, and the apophatic character of this type of metaphysics is discussed. Analysis of the categories of being and non-being which allow the interpretation of a subject as transcendent and as transcendental being that is characterized by uniformity, spontaneity and irreversibility is also mentioned. The suggested interpretation of a subject discloses both the rational sense of the classical points of view on the absolute, unconditional, timeless and spaceless character of the subject of knowledge, and...   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Schizophrenia, A Matter of Perception

- Schizophrenia, A Matter of Perception Part 2: Reality, What Reality. What is reality. To many, reality is the ability to validate a sensory experience with another sensory experience, for example, when one is able to touch what he sees, then that something is real. Yet, our perception, the collection of all our sensory inputs formatted into the framework of the mind, is unreal. A blue box is not really blue, but consists of waves transmitted to our visual receptors. What sounds like music is really a collection of vibrations, and smells are really different molecules interacting with our nasal receptors....   [tags: Schizophreania Science papers]

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The Life of Johannes Kepler

- The Life of Johannes Kepler HIS LIFE Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer and mathematician ho discovered that planetary motion is elliptical. Early in his life, Kepler wanted to prove that the universe obeyed Platonistic mathematical relationships, such as the planetary orbits were circular and at distances from the sun proportional to the Platonic solids (see paragraph below). However, when his friend the astronomer Tycho Brahe died, he gave Kepler his immense collection of astronomical observations....   [tags: Papers]

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The Assassin - Original Writing

- The Assassin - Original Writing Alex Salter stood in the alleyway next to The Cube. He lit a cigarette to kill time. The flame briefly lit up his face, which was masked by his cap and the hood of his jacket which he'd pulled up to make himself less recognisable. As he waited he went over the plan in his head, anticipating the finale; a grim smile crept onto his lips. As Alex came close to the end of his cigarette he heard the doors of The Cube opening and closing, so he put it out and leant up against the wall....   [tags: Papers]

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Hidden Faces Geometric Investigation

- Hidden Faces Geometric Investigation A cube a total of 6 sides, when it is places on a surface only 5 of the 6 faces can be seen. However if you place 5 cubes side by side, there is a total of 30 faces, but out of this 30 only 17 can be seen. In this coursework I will be finding out the Hidden Faces Coursework A cube a total of 6 sides, when it is places on a surface only 5 of the 6 faces can be seen. However if you place 5 cubes side by side, there is a total of 30 faces, but out of this 30 only 17 can be seen....   [tags: Papers]

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Geometric Definitions

- Introduction to online define geometric help: There are many geometric contours are incorporated in the math online geometric. Every geometric forms are shaped by a collection of points. This article defines different types of 2-D and 3-D geometric shaped objects. These dimensional objects are very helpful for doing the geometrical shaped objects. These shapes are helpful for every field especially in 2D and 3D animations. Let we see some of the important 2D and 3D shaped objects....   [tags: Geometry]

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The Shift of Culture in Compton and the Transcendent Cultural Effect it Formed in America

- ... During this time the first black mayor and councilmen were elected. African Americans were beginning to break social barriers in Compton. Compton took its most critical hit when deindustrialization struck. Manufactures followed other industries in seeking to lower their tax burden, open new markets, and increase their plant size. With more than one-third of Compton’s population employed in manufacturing, the city broke its social and economic threshold. The backlash stemmed from an increase in gang and drug related activities....   [tags: sociological analysis]

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When I Was 11 At The Time Of Middle School 113 ( M.s113 )

- Back when i was 11 at the time in Middle School 113 (M.S113) i have a brief memory of my 3 years there from 6th to 8th grade but many memories come back when categorizing my school in the Affluent Professional class. Going back to the days in 6th grade i was about 11 at the time so my memory isn 't the best up to that year, although i can remember my time being fun in classes getting to know people and most important the work was intriguing, hands on and kept me interested in the work enough to have me always in the loop....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Education, Teacher]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of `` The `` Most Shocking Second A Day ``

- War happens more times than anyone wants it to happen. With war, people are involved, and children are part of that group of people. To get help for these people and children, organizations go to commercials. All of these commercials uses rhetorical appeals such as the use of logic, as in facts, this is call logos; while others use trust, like credentials is ethos; and lastly pathos, where commercials tend to target the audience’s emotions. Pathos commercials can either make the watcher angry or happy at a topic, or plain upset....   [tags: Rhetoric, Want, WANT, Childhood]

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Struggle For Smarts By Alix Spiegel And The Other Called Brainology

- Before reading any of the articles that I will be discussing with you, I have always believed that not a lot of people had similar learning habits, let alone have a title for it. “Growth and fixed mindset” and struggling to succeed in areas you lack skills in is very common especially amongst Western cultures. As you read, you will see that in my story I had an experience where I came into a class with a fixed mindset and I left the school with a more mature concept, not fully developed and where I’d like it to be, but close enough....   [tags: Shame, Embarrassment, Struggle, I Decided]

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The Art Gallery of New South Wales: A Virtual Experience

- 3. Many art galleries/museums now offer elaborate websites. This virtual experience raises many factors that challenge the ways in which we conventionally view art. Discuss this statement through a close analysis of the web site of the AGNSW ( In particular, you should look at the sections dealing with Exhibitions, Collection and Education, especially ‘my virtual gallery’ that appears in Education. In the 21st century age of technology, there is a constant conflict between the reception of art through a gallery website as opposed to experiencing it in the physical space of the art gallery or museum....   [tags: Art]

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World Religion: Christianity the Most Widespread Religion in The World

- All over the world, there are many people who believe in something or someone of a higher power. There are about five billion people who believe in a higher power (Tiemann 526). There are six world religions that have followers all around the world. The six world religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Many of these religions are monotheistic, which is the belief of only one god or one higher power. There are also polytheistic believers, which is the belief in many or more than one god....   [tags: judaism, islam, hinduism]

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Paradise Glossed ' From Stumbling On Happiness By Daniel Gilbert

- In “Paradise Glossed, ” from Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard, discusses how happiness is not simply quantified or measured, but rather, results from how people interpret the numerous events that make up their lives. His main claim is that each event could be seen from a myriad of different angles, and thus could end in varying degrees of happiness for each person. Gilbert also explains how people often lean more toward the optimistic side of things: upon experiencing an event, people tend to find the positives in the situation....   [tags: Happiness, Emotion, Psychology]

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

- ... Our bodies are like vaults when it comes to what our spirit feels and can express, you are trapped and don’t know what to do when it comes to emotions. You’re mentally trapped and can be lead to depression and loneliness. Juliet is the vault her spirit is trapped and wants to be set free and be able to express her love for others. Her love for Romeo in the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet increases as the distance between them grows and she longs for her spirit to run away with that of Romeo’s spirit but her body is trapped at home....   [tags: the human spirit, story analysis]

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My Work as an Interaction between Art and Technology

-    Situated on the top floor, the art classroom rarely has visitors. In the largely emptied room, a boy sits in the corner, surround by paint, brushes, and any art supply one can think of. Hands covered in dry paint and deeply immersed in his work, only here can he be himself. He spent most of his highschool times in this room. During that period he decided to pursue a career in art. Back in my cube, designing away at the new graphic user interface, I recall when I dreamed of becoming an artist....   [tags: statement of purpose]

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Unemployment and the Gradual Destruction of the Middle Class

- Although Los Angeles has become renowned for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and all of the glitz and glamour affiliated with Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the poverty-stricken, less desirable areas of the City of Angels are often looked down upon and, in some cases, are even completely forgotten about. F. Gary Gray’s Friday, the 1995 comedy starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Bernie Mac, Tommy Lister, Jr., and John Witherspoon, provides viewers with an uplifting perspective of a day in the life of those who reside in South Los Angeles – an area greatly influenced and affected by crime, poverty, and unemployment....   [tags: drug abuse, african-american struggle]

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Accounting Requirements For Joint Arrangements And Operating Segments

- Date: April 2, 2015 To: The General Manager, PDA Ltd, Australia Subject: Changes in the accounting requirements for Joint Arrangements and Operating Segments 1. Introduction This report highlights the changes prescribed by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) with regards to accounting for Joint Arrangements and Operating Segments and analyses the level of compliance achieved by Origin Energy Limited in their financial statements for the Fiscal Year 2013-14. 2. Joint Arrangements The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) replaced AASB131 Interest in Joint Ventures with AASB11 Joint Arrangements effective January 1, 2013....   [tags: Balance sheet, Financial statements]

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Key Mathematical Ideas and Skills: Shape Recognition

- Summary Children observe and interact with three-dimensional objects through daily activities in the environment such as building blocks, book reading, balls or puzzles. Learning three-dimensional shapes is one of geometry outcomes in Victorian Essential Learning Standards. In my lesson plan, I concentrate on recognizing and naming familiar three-dimensional shapes by providing students the Three-dimensional Shape Hunt activity. This report will reflect the lesson plan on four points: • Key mathematical ideas and skills • Link to relevant curriculum documents and understanding of the learning sequence • Teaching approaches, developing children’s understanding, appropriate models and material...   [tags: Elementary Education, math, teaching]

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The Click Click Click of the Metronome

- For the past five years, perhaps longer, the only things I hear are my own raspy breaths and a constant, monotonous, clicking noise. That, and the walls of my box, are enough to drive anyone past the brink of sanity. For me, it already has. I live in a box. Twenty feet high, twenty feet long, twenty feet wide. A perfect cube. The floor, ceiling, and walls are covered with one long, continuous mirror, replicating itself and every one of my miniscule movements. Not only that, but it seems like I am suspended in space: The mirrors reflect the other mirrors, which reflect other mirrors, creating an endless cycle and infinite passageways that always have a solid door....   [tags: short story]

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