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  • The Crucial Role Of The Designer In Ecodesign

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    Åkermark, Anne-Marie, 2003. “The Crucial Role of the Designer in EcoDesign.” Doctoral Thesis. DiVA Academic Archive On-line. The main argument of this text is a strong belief in the designer having an important impact on sustainability, as they are the ones most likeable to decrease environmental impact through their design. The following related ideas support this argument: - the “designers themselves must be given the possibility

  • The Crucial Role of Recess in School

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    In the “The Crucial Role of Recess in School” (2012) article it explains, many schools are beginning to replace physical activity, like recess, with more attention to academic subjects. What these schools are forgetting is that well-supervised recess also has benefits that surpass academics. They help make a well rounded student because recess offers cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits to the student when they are young that they carry with them into adulthood. When kids are getting

  • The Crucial Role of Native Americans

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    treated as useless footnotes on the pages of history. While their articles are on seemingly different subjects, their views and beliefs on the importance of Indians in American history are incontrovertibly the same as both articles showcase the crucial role Indians played in Colonial America. The article, “Native Intelligence: Squanto and the Pilgrims” was written by Charles Mann and discusses the motives behind the Indians’ actions and their overall significance in the Pilgrims’ lives. Mann addresses

  • The Crucial Role of Symbols in To Kill a Mockingbird

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    The Crucial Role of Symbols in To Kill a Mockingbird       In To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, themes and central ideas of the novel are emphasized by subtle symbols. Symbols shown throughout the novel not only represent concrete objects but also ideas, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes of the characters. Some symbols even represent more than one thing. Lee's recurring use of symbols contribute to the underlying themes and ideas of the novel. Lee's unusual title is a symbol itself

  • The Crucial Role of Teiresias in Sophocles’ Antigone

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    The Crucial Role of Teiresias in Sophocles’ Antigone Antigone is a tragic play written by Sophocles in ancient Greece during approximately 441 B.C. The story is set in a palace in Thebes, a city within Greece. Teiresias is an old blind prophet who claims to be capable of seeing the future, he has yet to tell a prophesy to be untrue; he has immense credibility. A theme within the text is: quality not quantity. In this translation of Antigone, Teiresias has exactly 76 lines of text. Physically

  • Crucial Role of Innovation in Competitive Success

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    with the rest of the world (Iraq annual report, 2010), The manufacturing sector seizes (capture) 22% percentage of Iraqi stock market capitalization (Iraq annual report, 2010), During the last five years, the manufacturing sector began to play a crucial role in the new investment and transaction which leaded to increase the manufacturing sector percentage in the Iraqi GDP. According to the latest world investment report which issued by United Nation Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD) illustrated

  • United States Role in Somalia: Crucial to Development

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    United States Role in Somalia: Crucial to Development With a long history of violence, rebellion, and chaos, the African country of Somalia now seeks guidance. The country’s violent past started when military forces overthrew the last democratically elected government in October 1969, about 37 years ago. Military rule undermined, and ultimately destroyed the country. The military regime divided citizens into allies and enemies, and rewarded its allies while it punished whole communities. Life conditions

  • Dividend Policy Plays a Crucial Role in Economy

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    INTRODUCTION Dividend policy is one of the most crucially importance and the most debatable issues in the corporate finance and it still keeps on prominent place in both developed and emerging markets. According Brealey and Myers (2005) described that dividend policy as one of the top ten most difficult unsolved problems in financial economics. This description is consistent with a famous extract by Black (1976) who stated that “The harder we look at the dividend picture, the more it seems like

  • Victorian Women: Dickens Take on their Crucial Roles

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    Women play a life-changing and life-controlling role in Charles Dickens’ mid Victorian novel, Great Expectations. The main character, Pip, is constantly being moved and affected by the female characters, whether it be the harsh, brutal Mrs. Joe or the gorgeous yet fleeting Estella. Many believe that there are indeed only three types of women in all of Dickens’ works. In the novel Great Expectations, the female characters are in nature one of three things: evil, satirical, or Dickens’ representation

  • Marketing Research's Crucial Role in Helping Marriott Hotels

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    Introduction Apart from innovativeness and incisive management, Marketing Research has played a crucial role in helping Marriot segment the market and successfully launch and develop its line of hotels. Marketing research has been a significant backbone for the success of Marriott. Therefore, marketing research is an important requisite for Marriott to keep track of their changing consumer and business customer needs, to identify new opportunities in the hospitality service sector, to further develop

  • Aristotle Played a Crucial Role in the Formation of the Modern World

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    development and formation of our modern world. Certainly, some of them were more significant, some of them less. In my opinion one of the most important philosophers of world history is Aristotle. We can say for sure that his approach definitely played crucial role in formation of modern world, we live in. His range of interests was really wide, therefore Aristotle happened to be the first thinker to create a comprehensive system of philosophy, to cover all areas of human development: sociology, philosophy

  • Crucial Role of Women in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

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    Crucial Role of Women in Death of a Salesman   In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, women play a crucial role in Willy’s life and in the lives of the other characters. While the roles themselves have not changed since the play was written, society’s opinion of these roles has changed greatly. When it was written, Miller’s representation of Linda was seen as a portrait of the ideal American wife. She was a nurturing wife and mother, loyal to her family, and almost overly supportive of her

  • As an important element of identity formation, education plays a crucial role in bridging faultlines in Europe.

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    fault lines into three categories: socio-economic, religious and cultural. A crucial element of them is the identity, all the features and the cultural means to which we refer to that make us definable and recognizable. In Europe our identity has often been shaped in the concept of “us” against “them”, that has been further revealed as one of the biggest problem of our integration. Education has always played a pivotal role in bridging fault lines, but moreover, it has been even more important emphasizing

  • How American Immigrants Played a Crucial Role in Battle and the Home front of the American Civil War

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    such as make labor contracts easier on immigrants. Thanks to the Immigration Act of 1864 immigrants had more rights as a person and opportunities to succeed in the United States. The Southern states, along with other disadvantages, were at a crucial disadvantage with their lack of immigrations during the Civil War. There were very few immigrants that fought for the Confederacy (Young 2013.) There were also very high rates of desertion in the Irish men of the Confederate army (????.) Some Irish

  • The Availability Of Quality Cancer

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    tumor diseases. The information or data is gathered by Cancer Registrars, which capture summary of history, analysis, treatment, and status of every patient in America and other countries. According to Jensen & Storm (1991), a cancer registry is a crucial part of any coherent programme of cancer control (p.7). The data in a cancer registry can be utilized in various areas of cancer control and prevention including etiological research, health care planning, prevention initiatives, and patient care

  • The Carolina Panthers Versus The Denver Broncos

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    According to “The author states that his accuracy and decision-making now rival that of most of the top pocket passers” this arguably shows that Cam Newton has got what it takes. The evidence is valid with the reason, because the fact that Newton’s role as a strong and capable quarterback will help the Panthers win against the Broncos. Although there is some evidence, there is no source cited to the reader as to whether the “top pocket passers” are and why these rivals cannot beat Newton.The evidence

  • D-Day by Stephen E. Ambrose

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    The destroyers of the naval armada prepared for the Normandy landings played a pivotal role in the battles on the beaches. Furthermore, without the support of the destroyers, specifically on Omaha Beach, the infantry landings on D-Day would have failed and the Allies would have been defeated. D-Day by Stephen E. Ambrose follows the landings on the Calvados coast of Normandy from the pre-planning stages all the way up through the invasion and through about D-Day plus one - one day after the Normandy

  • The Health Benefits Of Nutrition

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    In one’s lifetime, it is crucial for a person to maintain their health in order to live for a lifetime. In order to maintain that health that every single human body needs, people first need to realize why it is important and how health benefits us in our daily activities. As the World Health Organization puts it, “Better health is central to human happiness and well-being”. Although the body’s health is a combination of multiple factors, it is crucial to maintain all of those aspects, specially

  • Marketing Analysis : Marketing Communication Mix

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    communication mix contributes certainly to the marketing performances, as well as increase the productivity of the business. Moreover, the structure of this paper offers critical discussions of the need for the marketing communication mix, and the role it plays in the business based on researching about the differences and similarities of the definitions of different author’s point of views about the concept. Furthermore, this will include a brief discussion about the concept as well as compare two

  • Why Schools Should Have Their Own Educational Constructivist Approach

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    Challenges that do exist with this approach. But, Windschitl states, “ But articulating these challenges is a significant step in helping educators create and sustain a classroom culture that values diversity in learning and offers a new vision of the roles of teachers and learners – the culture of constructivism ,( Windschitl, 1999, pg 157).” Hirsch recognizes the challenges in this approach and previous approaches too, by stating, “Political liberals really ought to oppose progressive educational ideas

  • Targeting Market Segment The Restaurant

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    discussion and analysis as to why the design concept of a restaurant plays a significant role in attracting and maintaining the targeted market segment will be touched upon. With every restaurant the three factors that will significantly impact the market segment the restaurant attracts are: the name, logo and location of the restaurant. These impacts can be positive or negative. All three factors play a crucial role in the branding of the restaurant. “In a sense, perhaps the most important sense, a

  • Essay On Trotsky

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    ego, he was still considered significant in Russia. He was greatly admired for his role as a leader and brilliant strategist during times of crisis, such as in the 1917 November revolution, the Russian Civil War and as a lone voice in exile. Though his status was prominent in Russia, he made a slight difference and gained very little recognition internationally. The evidence of historical accounts of Trotsky’s role in the 1917 November revolution mostly contained the praises for his brilliance as

  • Aboriginals And Torres Strait Islanders Case Study

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    locations in specific regions, which makes it difficult for them to access high quality maternity health care facilities. The skilled maternity service providers play a crucial role in providing the required care and services, which can help in improving the health of women and children during the birth. The midwives play an important role in ensuring that the reasonable care is taken during the birthing process, and also after the birth of the child. The mortality rate among the mothers and infants is

  • The Mulberry Child Nainai, The Grandmother Of Jian And Mother 's Life

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    Grandparents can play a crucial role in their grandchildren’s lives. Some may play more crucial while others play less crucial roles, but when it comes down to it they change their grandchildren. Some children don’t see their grandparents at all, but some children will see their grandparents a lot or even some are taken into custody by their grandparents and live their lives being raised by them. While they spend that time with their grandparents they can learn many things about anything whether

  • Globalization And The Nation State

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    International Governance: A Role of the Nation-State With globalization shaping our perspective on the current day nation-state, the process of international governance comes heavily into play. It’s crucial for the nation-states to take on the role of something identical to an international police in order to keep the process in line. For instance, if the “international economy does not correspond to the model of a globalized economic system, then nation-states have a significant role to play in economic

  • Decision Making : An Essential Role For The Success Of A Business

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    Decision making plays an essential role to the success of a business in the contemporary business society. Thus, any organization or business that wishes to succeed must be careful in its decision making. For instance, Nike company is always keen with it decision making; it consults considers various factors before making a decision. For example, a business decision that has been made by the Nike organization and has resulted in the great result is the signing of Michael Jordan in 1984 (Beauchamp

  • Privacy And Confidentiality

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    many ethical issues in their everyday life in the healthcare setting. Dealing with these challenges can sometimes be problematic. There is thus the necessity for ensuring acquisition of appropriate knowledge regarding some of the skills considered crucial for dealing with the emerging ethical issues. Some of the fundamental skills include empowerment, self-awareness, ethical decision-making, and critical thinking (Muhammad Zia, Telang & Marella, 2015). There is need for ensuring that the nurses maintain

  • Supply Chain Management Systems ( Crm )

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    There are three major systems that plays an important role in the Management information systems which are the following: Supply chain management systems (SCM), Customer relationship management systems (CRM), and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In this paper I will explore these three systems and give examples of companies that use these systems and what advantage the company gained by implementing this system. Define supply chain management (SCM) systems According to ….. supply

  • In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship by Nathaniel Philbrick

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    companies for taking on various assignments simultaneously affecting the productivity of workers. I like the fact that you quoted a real life example to illustrate the answer. It can be indisputably agree d nuance that within limited resources it becomes crucial to prioritize work and divide tasks in order to ensure their success. In the limited time one has to make sure individual complete 4-5 tasks per day and do not weigh down oneself with work as it will result into plummeted morale, compromised quality

  • Identity: Every Person is a Story

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    show identification, this paper is going to touch on many aspects of the family, and give account of my family story. This narration will also unearth many issues that touch on the identity. As already mentioned in the introduction, family plays a crucial in the identity of an individual. Composition of a family defines the type a family one belongs into (Cootnz, 15). For example, nuclear family, which is basic unit of family, is composed of father, mother, and children. There is also the extended

  • Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy

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    as a actress (Fashionista 101 2013).The luxury marketing strategy of Japan put more emphasize on the digital marketing and consumer satisfaction because of the growing demand from the consumers and for South Korea consumer satisfaction plays a crucial role for them to consume luxury brands. The common point is that the effective marketing strategies has to be developed and specially tailored for both of the Asian countries since the consumers need more care from the luxury brands and better service

  • Importance Of Standard Nomenclature And Assertive Communication

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    from my interviewee. Reporting and Responding to Interview with Cytologist I interviewed A. Hodgson, a cytology medical scientist with fifteen years of experience. We discussed the various skills required to send and deliver cogent messages in his roles of screening, reporting and attending fine needle aspiration procedures. It was interesting to hear that the essential real-world skills he described largely did align with the theoretical content of this unit. For instance, the interviewee informed

  • The Role Of Neutrophils And The Innate Immune System With Various Functions Of An Adaptive Immune Response

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    Introduction Pivotal role of neutrophils in the course of inflammation Neutrophils are crucial components of the innate immune system with various effector functions, such as the release of lytic enzymes from granules and ROS production (Nathan, 2006) and the initiation of coagulation via serine proteases (Massberg et al, 2010). Other defence mechanisms involve the release of neutrophil extracellular traps to physically capture pathogens (Brinkmann et al, 2004). Neutrophils are recruited in a highly

  • The Important and Vital Functions of the Human Resources Department

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    HR in a department has various functions which are vital and crucial for an organization. It is undeniable that individual development and working to maintain a productive working environment are vital but the functions of HR are not limited to this extent only. Apart from individual development and working to maintain a productive working environment HR plays multiple roles for the growth and functioning of the organization. Other crucial functions of HR in an organization may include recruitment

  • The Importance Of Recess Of A Student 's Life

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    The first three articles that were read for this review discuss the great importance of recess in a student’s life. There are many benefits of recess for students, but there are even more added benefits to a structures recess for students. The Crucial Role of Recess in School an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics states that recess serves as a necessary break from the rigors of concentrated, academic challenges in the classroom (2012). Equally important is the fact that safe and well-supervised

  • Stakeholders Of Stakeholders

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    Introduction: Every organization is operated towards a vision. Vision is very crucial for every organization. So, it’s very important to know how to develop a vision for an organization. After developing the vision the vision should perfectly be communicated to those stakeholders who have roles in relation to the vision. All Stakeholders needed to be identified regarding to the vision. Without proper communication previously set vision might not be achieved. Communication method is also presumed

  • My Career As A Nurse Educator

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    You need to look to the future, how do you envision your nursing role ten years from now? The decision to begin this journey to become a nurse educator was an easy one, but like any other undertaken the process was not easy, but with determination and perseverance, I forged ahead with encouragement and cheers from various sources. It has truly been a privilege and an honor having the opportunity to have the support from faculty members and my cohorts. As we come to the conclusion of the program

  • Theoretical examination of the role of play in young children’s learning and development, and the practitioner’s role in this.

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    which will involve taking the money, calculating the total and ensuring that the correct change is given back. This is learning but in a way that involves taking an active role in learning as well as being fun. Therefore, one can say confidently that the children are ‘playing’ (Moyles, RJ Page 3) Parents play a crucial role in a child’s learning and development (Moyles, RJ Page 187) and therefore they must not forget that play is a necessity for the children and so they must recognise this

  • The Concept of Family and Identity

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    connect the person to the group. In trying to show identification, there are many aspects of the different kind of family relationship that will unearth many issues that touch on identity. As already mentioned in the introduction, family plays a crucial in the identity of an individual. Composition of a family defines the type a family one belongs into (Cootnz, 15). For example, nuclear family, which is basic unit of family, is composed of father, mother, and children. There is also the extended

  • The Swing Of Things : A Golf Course

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    game. Understanding the yardage of every hole, from tee-box to the green is crucial, as well as the overall layout of the course. Awareness of pin placement on every hole is vital, including understanding, of course, and weather. Preparation involved with golf is strenuous, yet deeply embedded within the game. Lastly, the mindset is crucial to being relaxed, and composed throughout a round of golf. Imagery plays a crucial role in the ability to picture your proper swing prior to a shot. Ability to visualize

  • The Role of the Friar in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    medicines to the people of Verona. He is a type of ancient pharmacist, who has potions for both causes of good and evil. There are three specific instances of the Friar playing a major role in Romeo and Juliet: the impossible marriage of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's "death" plan, and Romeo's death. Without the Friar many crucial and tragic events would not have happened in Romeo and Juliet. The forbidden wedding of Romeo and Juliet could not have happened without the Friar. First of all, the Friar impulsively

  • The Power Of Greed And Incentives On The Free Market Society

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    Greed and incentives are two terms that each play a role in the other. Incentives are sometimes rewarding and sometimes punishing. Greed is intense and selfish, but is it really bad? By looking at it from an economical perspective, one can see how forms of greed and incentives play a crucial role in the free market society. People often confuse the idea of acting in one’s self-interest and of being greedy for the same thing. While they are of a similar concept, there is one large difference. To

  • The Dagomban and Ewe People of Africa

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    spiritual ties. Ewe musicians, particularly drummers, will say their source of talent is in direct correlation to their ancestors spirit that they have inherited and, as reincarnations of these talented ancestors, it is their destiny to pursue this musical role. Agbekor, translating to “clear life”, is an ancient form of singing and drumming, playing an integral part in the lives of the Ewe. Originally a war dance and previously titled, “Atamuga”, meaning “the great oath”, it was performed both before

  • Interpersonal Theory In Nursing Case Study

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    Interpersonal Theory and the Nurse-Client Role Nursing is a field that requires constant review and transformation of its original scope of practice as the world also evolves into a more technological and interconnected society. Along history there had been astonishing breakthroughs and discoveries that have changed the course of action in the health care field. However, among all these changes the unique values that make up the essence of nursing continue to thrive. Some of these characteristics

  • Nursing As A Profession Is Defined By Various Characteristics, Values, And Qualities

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    Nursing as a profession is defined by various characteristics, values, and qualities. These aspects are crucial to all facets of nursing, be it bedside practice, uncovering new research, or advocating for change. The qualities that a nurse possesses distinguishes him or her from the rest of the trade, as it defines the skills and attention to detail he or she must possess. In regards to this, our team was able to explore the various qualities a nurse should have through the creation of a coat

  • How Spirituality Has Influence On The Childhood Cancer Care

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    influence in childhood cancer care. Childhood cancer has a lot of effects on a child 's life because of the suffering it causes. Spirituality is a little different than religion itself, because spirituality deals with finding a purpose of life, and plays a role in patient’s care. This article focused on studying how spirituality has an influence on the childhood cancer care which involves psychological aspect of the child, family and the health care team (Lima et al., 2013) This study reviewed literature

  • Women in the Iliad

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    The role of women in the Iliad is a subject that remains open to debate. The Iliad is set during and tells the events of the Trojan War. For the war men belonged to the battlefield as warriors. Women on the other hand were not involved in the activities of war in anyway. While men were bravely at war, women were to stay home for years without seeing their loved ones. Homer portrayed female characters having no substance and were nothing more then property, while males were ideal in every sense of

  • Sensitive Periods in Early Development

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    into adulthood, the timing of even the first beginning of our life journey is crucial. Even the timing of fertilization can be too soon or too late in which will cause the organism to be destroyed. (The Development of Children, 2nd ed). The mother carrying a baby has a responsibility to ensure enough nutrition is supplied for the rapid growth of the organism. However it is also crucial that the fetus also plays a part to survive, by being active and moving to develop

  • Anatomy, Physiology, And The Digestive System

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    The pancreas is one of the essential organs in the human body and belongs in the Digestive system. Out of all the internal organs, the pancreas is unique because the pancreas plays a role in both the endocrine gland and the exocrine gland. This means that the pancreas is a dual function gland in which is the reason why the pancreas is such a vital part of the digestive system. This research paper will talk about the anatomy, physiology, and the important functions the pancreas play to maintain homeostasis

  • independent Director

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    INTRODUCTION- Independent director play an important role in the in organization. Here is definition of the independent director “An independent director is a director of board of directors who does not have a material or pecuniary relationship with company or related person, expect sitting fees”, this definition gives the clear idea that who is an independent director. Independent director also play an important role in corporate governance, an independent director are said to be trustee of