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Child Development Course Reflection

- Over the past eight weeks this class has not only fulfilled my major requirements, but also made me understand more about the complexity of child development and how I can become a better person as a future parent and educator. Since I am an Education major, the four topics that would benefit me in the future are Erikson’s stages, Induction, Educational Self Fulfilling Philosophy, and Adolescence. I plan to be successful with my career and use what I have learned in Child Development to prepare future’s leaders of tomorrow....   [tags: Course Reflection]

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Evidence Based Course Development in Nursing

- A model for evidence based instruction in nursing is discussed. This model delineates method by which evidence based course development can be approached systematically and systematically. Phases and activities inherent in three course development phases - specifically planning, design and application are outlined. Application of the Model for Evidence Based Course Development in Nursing will lead to the institution of a course document that encompasses a core curriculum, a didactic plan and an implementation strategy....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Online Course Development: Student Assessment

- Assessment Student assessment was a key component in the development of this new online course. For any course; assessment should be based on measurable outcomes for the course. The assessment process in the new course in public policy would include multiple measures of assessment and be supported by a wide variety of materials and resources. The first assignment in each module was to read a chapter in the textbook, additional power point presentations, videos and articles are included to support the objectives for each module....   [tags: Education]

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Personal Statement On The Professional Development Course

- a) Summary of my overall employability Throughout the professional development course, it has helped me develop my communication skills, assertiveness and confidence and it has given me rare opportunities to learn more about myself. Not only am I able to communicate more effectively with others but I am also able to develop my listening and questioning skills through events such as the interview. I have also been involved in the Salford Advantage Award which involves a reflective final presentation on my voluntary work experience I have done throughout the year....   [tags: Interview, Semi-structured interview]

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Personal Career Development: Course Review

- Placing information in context is benefit when making a decision. It is helpful to review the historical events and available information to create a picture of where to go next. The purpose of this paper is to review the personal information from the career assessments taken in HS 585 Career Counseling at Bellevue University. The review will focus on this author’s personal results. This paper will combine the assessments with the author’s personal history to provide a context for future career goals....   [tags: Career Goals]

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Transformational Leadership Theory : Leadership Development Course

- In our BA-509 Leadership Development course, we learned about the Transformational Leadership Theory. This theory states that, leaders with a tendency toward transformational leadership, are creative, brave, risk-takers and sophisticated thinkers. They work eagerly and optimistically and become the role models that employees seek to emulate. Additionally, they encourage their employees to be innovative and creative and reward them for doing so. Transformational leaders develop unique relationships with their employees tailored to their various needs and backgrounds in order to help the employee realize their potential....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Theoretical Framing of Positive Youth Development: Relational Development Systems Theory and Life Course Theory

- Theoretical Framing of Positive Youth Development: Relational Developmental Systems Theory and Life Course Theory The concept of positive youth development (PYD) originates from developmental scientists’ interests in the innate, albeit, relative plasticity of human development and the importance of the continuous relationship between the individual and their context (Lerner, 2005; Lerner, 2009; Lerner 2014; Geldof, 2014). This comparatively new theory takes a positive perspective by shifting the focus from deficit models to a strengths based model....   [tags: human development ]

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Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia due to Golf Course Development

- Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia due to Golf Course Development The sport of golf has come a long way since it was first played on the wind blown pasture lands of Scotland over 600 years ago. Today, golf courses around the world are in a way their own small ecosystem, where only pieces of the natural environment are a part of these artificial landscapes. Courses are meticulously groomed for both championship and tourist play. The game is taking front stage all over the world and new courses are being constructed everyday....   [tags: Environment Ecology Argumentative Essays]

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The Concept Of Attachment As It Is Affected By Trauma Through The Course Of A Child 's Development

- Understanding the foundational concept of attachment as it is affected by trauma through the course of a child’s development This literature review investigated the complex interplay of several factors related to trauma-informed practices in education as they apply to child development and attachment. Research at the intersection of these complex realities relied on a range of sometimes innovative but always interdisciplinary methodologies that were worth reviewing upfront so that the reader could better evaluate individual papers in the field....   [tags: Attachment theory, Developmental psychology]

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The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effect on Economic Development

- The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effect on Economic Development Development has recently become a new buzz word in international relations. Through an exploration of political, social and economic development around the globe, scholars are trying to understand which policies are most beneficial, and why certain policies are effective and why some fail. The connection between different types of development is often an important part of this research as well. The connection between political and economic development is of specific interest since the end of the Cold War and the failure of most communist-based systems....   [tags: Uganda Economics Politics Essays]

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The Course Developmental Theories Of Young Children

- Introduction The course Developmental Theories of Young Children has been a beneficial, interesting, and insightful learning experience. I have learned several new topics throughout the course. In this course, I have enhanced my techniques on analyzing and recognizing factors that may affect students’ in developmental domains and their physical growth. I have learned that child development comes with maturation, as well as, the different stages of development. As a future educator, I now know the different theories that influence child development and how I can make decisions to care for my students....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Child development]

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What I Learned From This Course

- This course displayed how relationships in the business of distribution actually work. This paper will cover what I learned from this course, how that knowledge was implemented in the group project, how my experience from this course will affect my career, and how imperative manufacturer distributor relationships are. There are many things I learned this semester, but a few stood out more than others. First, successful business starts with strategic relationships. The customer and manufacturer relationships must be of high quality....   [tags: Marketing, New product development, Customer]

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Evaluation of the Dutch Integration Course for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

- Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Dutch integration class. The report examines in detail the roles that each person plays in developing a productive group outcome and learning experience. An overview of the group will be discussed including an explanation of the Dutch Integration class, the type of group a breakdown of the group composition and the purpose of the Dutch Integration Class. The discussion then focuses on the advantages and limitations of the group by identifying the level cohesion in the group, the norms of the group and stage of development in the group....   [tags: cohesion, group, norm, development]

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The New Development Has Economic Incentives

- On December 10, 2010, Anna May Ahern passed away at the age of 103. Mrs. Ahern was the owner and operator of the Evergreen Country Club for most of her life. Many people wondered what would happen to the country club once she passed away. Some of the property ended up being sold to retail developers for 7.5 million dollars. The rest of the property was purchased by the Village of Evergreen Park. Three years later, Meijer, Inc. and Menards, Inc. both opened stores on the property. With the rest of the property, the village of Evergreen Park built a driving range, a dog park, and a frisbee golf course....   [tags: Golf, Golf ball, Golf course, Dog]

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How The Content Of The Course And The Assessment Tasks That Were Completed

- The purpose of this reflection essay is to demonstrate my understanding of how the content of the course and the assessment tasks that were completed. I will be reflecting on how these tasks have influenced my personal practice framework and illustrate my personal growth as well as my learning as a result of undertaking the activities included in the course throughout the semester. This reflection essay will cover areas that were new to me within the course. It will include areas where I was able to demonstrate knowledge and skills I didn 't know I had....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Task, Personal development]

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Developmental Psychology And Human Development

- In this research paper is explaining what developmental psychology is, how is applicable and understand how is applies in the life. For this reason, the benefits of developmental psychology obtain the knowledge in human development. In addition, human development acquires several changes and process in our bodies that will be known even through the years. Also, a developer persists that apart the life and how humans may become indifference aspects as of human evolutionary development. Then, a human development produces the different stages of having various changes depend on a character....   [tags: Psychology, Child development]

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The Millennium Development Goals ( Sdgs )

- There are young people growing up today who may be among the first humans to see a world where extreme poverty and hunger are rare, where education is equally available to boys and girls alike, where gender does not determine a person’s value, where children are named at birth because childhood death is low, where childbirth is not a death sentence, where HIV/AIDs, malaria, and polio treatments and vaccines are easily available, where environmental protection is not just for the tree huggers, and where people from many disciplines and walks of life come together to make a difference....   [tags: United Nations, Millennium Development Goals]

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The Theories Of Human Development

- Theories of human development Introduction Human development is a complex process with a series of stages that progressively proceeds in a more or less similar manner among different individuals. Right from conception to death, humans are in the process of developing. Different studies that have been conducted on human development show clear-cut similarities and differences among individuals of different ages, gender, ethnical backgrounds, organizations and many other aspects of concern....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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Personal Development Is A Lifelong Process

- Personal Development is a lifelong process that involves the assessment of current skills and talents and the enhancement of oneself based on that assessment which then leads to the realization of goals and an improved quality of life. To be able to assess yourself, you need to be able to reflect on your past which helps you to understand the attitudes you have developed and the foundation that you will be building your life on. Also, you have to reflect on your present to see if there’s room for improvement and reflect on your future so that you can achieve your aspirations....   [tags: Management, Want, Future, Personal development]

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The Theory Of Moral Development

- There are many theories associated with developmental psychology, which studies the scientific process and cause of human development over the course of our lives. Developmental psychologists study a wide range of theoretical areas, such as biological, social, emotional, and cognitive processes (McLeod, S. A., 2012). Two theories of developmental psychology that I will be discussing will be the theory of moral development by Lawrence Kohlberg, and Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. According to Kohlberg, individuals progress through a series of stages in the evolution of their sense of justice and in the kind of reasoning that they utilize to make moral judgments (Feldman, R., 20...   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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Climate Change As An Issue Of Sustainable Development

- ARGUMENT: This essay focuses on the need to frame climate change as an issue of sustainable development, and to elucidate the effects this has on climate governance. Framing climate change as a primarily environmental issue at a global level denies its complexities (Tosam and Mbih 2015: 788). The recognition of sustainable development and climate change as inextricably linked has become accepted as the most successful avenue for climate governance (Kharas and Zhang 2014: 29). This is achieved through the integration of economic, social and environmental issues with the aim of creating sustainable growth to meet current generational needs and protect resources for future generations (Bruntlan...   [tags: Sustainability, Sustainable development]

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Reflection Paper On Infant And Toddler Development

- Nursing 202 Reflection 1: Infancy and toddlerhood Before taking this course I already had a prior knowledge on infant and toddler development being a child development and family relations major. I have worked hands on with children in this age range and from previous courses know a lot about their physical growth and development. I knew that baby’s had poorly developed muscles in the beginning stages of life, but I didn’t know how long it took to get the muscles to develop. When holding a child we were always taught to support the neck and never let it just flop around....   [tags: Childhood, Infant, Child development]

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Professional Development

- There are several milestones that our society uses to measure personal development and suitability for advancement to higher degrees of social responsibility. One such milestone is career selection and attainment. Some individuals may never find a satisfying vocation, whereas others know what they desire from the day they can communicate. A simple way to reduce the unfortunate friction of choosing a career is to be self-aware. Understanding what makes one happy, fulfilled, and the things that are important to them, is the easiest way to narrow down the world’s endless possible occupations and ensure job satisfaction....   [tags: Career Development]

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The OB Course

- After taking the OB, I would politely disagree with the first part of my friend’s statement suggesting that OB courses are not useful in the real world. However, I do agree with her saying that OB would be helpful for people entering managerial roles. I feel OB can be very beneficial to almost anyone in the real world because of concepts such as personality and perception will help people understand themselves better. Then I believe OB is one of the critical tools for today's managers work environment....   [tags: Education]

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Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages and Middle Childhood Development

- At the age of 6 years old, a child would most likely experienced the school system which would include pre-school and kindergarten. There are many physical, cognitive and social changes that are happening in middle childhood development. This paper will examine what these changes affect the child’s ability to function in society. This analysis will focus on the normal course of development in middle childhood as it applies to the theorist Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages and then give examples of what may happen if the developments are not carried out....   [tags: Child Development]

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Child Development

- Everyday we are developing no matter our age, but it is how we develop children that will tell a tremendous amount an individual. How a child developments is fundamentally important at a young age as it affects all aspect of their lives once the child matures. Throughout the class, we looked at many theorists during the course of the semester as well as looked at many articles pertaining to the concepts of the development of children. The theorists and articles opened up our minds to a world that we have never seen before and concepts about child development we have never been taught but have seen in the practical work we do every week....   [tags: Language Development, Poverty]

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The Ethics Of The Olympic Golf Course

- In order to further developments in ethics, it is essential to gain an understanding of past ethical teachings and their impressions on the study of ethical issues at present (Gordon, n.d.). Aristotle (c. 384 BCE – 322 BCE) and John Stuart Mill (c. 1806 – 1873), offer two distinct ethical systems that are applicable to contemporary environmental issues such as ecosystem destruction. This year, Brazil won the chance to hold the quadrennial Olympics in Rio de Janeiro; as a result, the city undertook a programme of intense urbanisation, which has a significant impact upon the surrounding environment....   [tags: Ethics, John Stuart Mill, Virtue, Intrinsic value]

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The Adolescence Stages Of Childhood Course

- In this paper, we will be looking at the adolescence stage in the life course. Race/ethnicity, class and gender are related to resources and the well-being of adolescences because….. The social problem we will be looking at is depression and its correlation with shifts in family structure and the effects that both have on adolescences. One of the major shortcomings in analyzing parental absence (is that there have not been many studies that have presented data representing race/ethnicities separately (Amato 545).) Before we go another further into this paper, we are going to start by identifying what stage in the life course is considered as adolescence....   [tags: Adolescence, Young adult, Family]

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Synopsis Of Life Course Theory

- The purpose of this assignment is to provide a brief synopsis of life course theory, while explaining the key principles of the theory as it relates to my personal interpretation. Also, by explaining the key principles of the theory, explain how this examined theory relates to the chosen news article event titled, “Lawyer: Jury Should Hear About Cop’s ‘Auditory Exclusion’”. To begin with, the terms life course theory and life course perspective are interchangeable because, both terms essentially relate to the same meaning....   [tags: Sociology, Time, Albert Einstein, Life]

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Psychology Classes On Course Schedules

- 10 Most Intriguing Psychology Classes From Sigmund Freud’s sexual drives to Ivan Pavlov’s famous classical conditioning experiment, there are so many exciting principles to learn in the field of psychology. However, for those who major or pursue graduate degrees in psychology, the fun doesn’t stop at the basics. Keep reading for 10 of the most interesting – and, perhaps, coolest – psychology classes on course schedules in US colleges. 1. Close Relationships A 300-level undergraduate psychology course offered at New York University, Close Relationships focuses on the connections that form our understanding, outlook, and support systems through life....   [tags: Psychology, Interpersonal relationship, Sociology]

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Outline Of A Course Exam

- HDFS 816 Advanced Dev 3 Fuller - Fall 2016 Final Essay Exam Student Name _Geoffrey Zehnacker_________________________________Date ___12/05/2016_ This final exam is intended to assess your ability to synthesize the theories, research, and applied concepts we have discussed over the semester. Open notes. Responses should be concise; therefore, you should keep to 200 words or less per response. Worth 75 points (5 per question). Due at the beginning of class (Hard copy and Blackboard) December 14th....   [tags: Death, Life, Sociology, Old age]

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Course Expectations And Student Learning

- Course Expectations and Student Learning A news article on “The Chronicle of Higher Education” discussed the recent, annual study by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) (Berrett, 2015). Specifically, the results from NSSE (2015) indicated that only 54% of first-year students and 62% of seniors related that they were “challenged to do their best work” in their courses (p.3). This is important because the study notes that students who felt there were high course expectations were more likely to experience higher-order learning and had effective learning strategies (NSSE, 2015)....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, University]

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Course Expectations And Student Learning

- Course Expectations and Student Learning An article on The Chronicle of Higher Education website discussed the recent, annual study by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) (Berrett, 2015). Specifically, the results from NSSE (2015) indicated that only 54% of first-year students and 62% of seniors related that they were “challenged to do their best work” in their courses (p.3). This is important because the study notes that students who felt there were high course expectations were more likely to experience higher-order learning and had effective learning strategies (NSSE, 2015)....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, University]

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Review of an Online Course

- o What features do you most appreciate. First I like the book that has been used through the course, content simplicity and easy to understand about the philosophy of online learning, pedagogical models, instructional strategies, authoring tools and the resource it backs up with the website option ( I appreciate the visibility of home page, very user friendly all the instructions are on the left side and easy to locate the instructions about the assignment. The way groups splits up weekly for discussions will also help the participants to get involve with everyone....   [tags: alternative learning opportunities]

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Strategic Leadership And Strategy Course

- Introduction The Leadership and Strategy course helped this writer gain a greater understanding of theories, models, and techniques in the process of Strategic Leadership. This course is an integral part of organizational leadership in dealing with the future strategic direction of an organization for its success and the stakeholders that are involved. Within the course, this writer gained a greater knowledge through the team project that produced a consultant’s report of an anonymous organization....   [tags: Strategic planning, Strategic management]

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My Interest On Psychology Course

- My interest in psychology began when I took an Introduction to Psychology course during my freshmen year of college. The course introduced me to many concepts, such as human development, psychological disorders, and human behavior. I quickly discovered that understanding these psychological concepts would not only help me pursue a career in psychology, but also a career in many other fields. Through my experiences as an undergraduate psychology student I have gained an important understanding of research and how to use research to help other people....   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Family therapy]

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Factors That Influence Young Children 's Cognitive Development

- Part A Some factors that influence young children’s cognitive development are the environmental community in which they are engaged in. According to Vygotsky, he believed children’s thinking is affected by their knowledge of the social community. Engaging students in social groups is another factor that influence’s a child’s cognitive development, and it shows value of learning skills . According to the text, Vygotsky stated “that in order to measure a child’s intellectual skills and their changes through the course of learning and development, he believed that experiments should be conducted” (Driscoll, 2005)....   [tags: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget]

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My Observation Hours For The Youth Development Program

- The summer program I used to complete my observation hours for the course of the summer was a youth development program offered in Dawsonville, GA. called Next Generation. and their mission is to provide an opportunity for positive youth development as well as access to resources and opportunities many children otherwise don’t have access to. They aim to use this program to provide mentoring for the youth, tutoring for afterschool assignments, and offer many opportunities as a prevention program to the advancement of vulnerable youth....   [tags: Education, Learning, Youth, Youth development]

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How Senegal Can Implement Better Strategies For Foster Development

- UN Suggestions On that note, the authors of this analysis study did have some suggestions as to how Senegal could implement better strategies to foster development. The UN believes that if Senegal increased its “social services like education and health, [it] promotes not only MDG objectives but also [economic] growth in Senegal (Cabral, et al 38). Much of the policies that the UN suggests that Senegal should do align to what the course has pointed out are potential elements that can help foster economic development in developing nations....   [tags: Economy, Economics, Economic development]

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Physical and Motor Development

- Physical and motor development are two similar but different areas that describe child development. Physical development encompasses all of the various changes a child's body goes through. Those changes include height, weight, and brain development. Motor development is the development of control over the body. This control would involve developing reflexes such as blinking, large motor skills like walking, and fine motor skills like manipulating their fingers to pick up small objects like Cheerios....   [tags: Child Development, Physical Development]

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Online Course Design

- Online Design The next phase of the new program and course development process is to examine, research, and design the new proposed course as an online course. Online course delivery options must be explored. A variety of resources need to identified to successfully develop a new online course. These resources may include a variety of publications, possibly even the oversight of a faculty mentor. California State University, Chico provides a detailed site for the development of an online course....   [tags: Education ]

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Process Of Developing A Course On Clinical Supervision

- I enjoyed all the aspects of developing a course on clinical supervision. I appreciated that the process of developing the course was broken down to manageable units. I did not find it challenging per se; however, I noticed that I read textbooks and articles not to merely obtain knowledge. I kept in mind the question --how each reading relates to the learning outcomes and other units in the course—as I read. It was a slightly different way of reading the materials compares to other classes. The question stems from my wish for this course to flow well in addition to covering all the significant topics....   [tags: Knowledge, Education, Student, Epistemology]

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Ropes Course Event

- When tasked with the assignment of creating an event that correlates to University and fraternity values, ideas freely flowed in my head. Some were elusive, others were intangible, but hopefully the one I present today is both tangible and practical. As a youth, my parents, upon my request, sent me to a Jewish sleep away camp located in Missouri. This camp is a well-respected camp where young Jews go to grow as adolescents. When determining which activity would be best for Zeta Beta Tau (hereafter ZBT) and correlated to both UT and ZBT values the one activity that stuck in my mind was the ropes course....   [tags: Event Planning]

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The Effect Of Recess On Children 's Learning, Social Development, And Health

- I always knew recess was important, but after taking this course I learned how it targets all aspects of child development such as cognitive, creative, emotional, physical, and social on the whole child. Recess should be an unstructured, positive experience that should influence children’s learning, social development, and health. There are significant cognitive benefits of recess that should be taken into serious consideration in schools. The American Association for the Child 's Right to Play reports that as many as 40 percent of school districts in the United States have reduced recess in the past few years....   [tags: Play, Learning, Childhood, Child development]

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The Process of Adolescent Development

- Introduction Adolescence is a transition which has no fixed time limits. However, the changes that occur at this time are so significant that it is useful to talk about adolescence as a distinct period of human life cycle. This period ranges from biological changes to changes in behavior and social status, thus making it difficult to specify its limits exactly (Damon, 2008). Adolescence begins with puberty, i.e. a series of physiological changes that lead to full development of the sexual organs and the ability to breed and sex....   [tags: Child Development ]

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The Differences in the Paradigms of Academic Course Delivery

- ... Any failure to deliver an assessment fairly is therefore critical. Review, challenge etc. processes moderate this. Any failure to deliver an associate learning experience is also critical. Assessments must be thorough across the entire range of skill elements (i.e. not sampled). This is not education per se, but training. Standardised, modularised, able to be transferred and taught by anyone appropriately skilled. Staff skills are around a detail focus (for assessment), and a strong focus on practical skills, and creating student engagement....   [tags: education, standards, ]

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Family Supports Theory And Practice Course

- It has been more than nine weeks since I had entered CVFS403: Family Supports Theory and Practice. The course is about to end and I have enjoyed all aspects of it. Throughout my educational studies, I’ve always associated myself with courses that helps to improve my knowledge in ways to work better with others. The main reason I entered this course is because I certainly enjoy helping people and thought it might prove useful for me in the future. When I enrolled in the family support, theory and practice course, I expected to learn a range of ways to give support for children, their families and persons with disabilities from various settings....   [tags: Family, Learning]

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Millennium Development Goals and Jamaica

- The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) represents the basic necessities and rights that any human would want to enjoy. It is a nationwide commitment made in September 2000 at a United Nations Millennium Summit meeting by 189 countries including Jamaica (Sweetman, 2005, p.2). Its emergence came as a major objective in an effort toward global development within a fifteen (15) year period. These objectives are targeted at the poorest sets of people in the world and are geared towards eliminating severe poverty and improving the provisions of good health and well-being....   [tags: International Development]

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The Course Of The Semester

- Over the course of the semester, I have been place in Hopewell Junior School. I worked with an intervention specialist, Gina Ottlinger. Mrs. Ottlinger works with both seventh and eighth grade students, specializing in math and reading intervention, and inclusion in all content. She was a marvelous mentor, and was very open with what interventions she was implementing, and welcoming to me in her classroom. What I liked the most about Mrs. Ottlinger was her communication to the family of her students....   [tags: Education, Assessment, Special education, Teacher]

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How Diet Impacts Childhood Development

- Children look up to primary caregivers, be it family, teachers, babysitters or peers, as role models. It is important to teach good eating habits by adults demonstrating to children. Parents and caregivers are responsible to help instill these lessons to become habits instead of just occasional instructions. A healthy diet that follows the food pyramid and calorie consciousness allows for flourishing growth in children. Good nutrition is vital for mental, emotional, physical, cognitive development, and reproductive health....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Psychosocial Development : Stages Of Life

- INTRODUCTION Psychosocial development has eight stages of life. With the completion of each stage a person learn from the achievement of basic virtues; characteristic strengths, an ego, and determine subsequent predicament. Unsuccessfully, mastering each stage has tribulations that affect their sense of personality. Erik Erickson the writer of the eight stages of life study breaks down each stage, psychosocial crisis, basic virtue, and age. When a person completes each stage they successful enter into a new life stage....   [tags: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development]

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Understanding The Business World

- Learning Review. This course arises with the aim to develop competences and skills to enhance the future career prospects of university students. This module has had a positive impact in different personal development competences, in communication, self- management, self-confidence and the ability to learn effectively in different learning styles. The "Understanding the Business World" module has enabled me to reflect upon my own learning, performance and achievement and to plan for my personal, educational and career development....   [tags: bussiness, education, course]

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Economic Development Of The West

- One major problem in today’s society is that of environmental damage. This is affecting everyone throughout the globe at a rapid pace whether it is in the form of climate change, pollution or the destruction of forests and greenery. It has been suggested that the issue has only grown since the onset globalisation and the encouragement of economic development in poorer countries. Many sociologists agree but a few such as Ehrlich and Neoliberalists do not believe that this is the main cause to great environmental damage....   [tags: Poverty, Millennium Development Goals]

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The Energy Development Of Texas

- As it is held among the opinions of a wide majority of its residents, Texas has long been a major source of both renewable energy resources as well as non-renewable ones, Both in great quantities. In fact, Texas leads the nation with regard to the sheer amount of unused aggregate resource material that it has to offer. Unfortunately, the only problem with that is that Texas is in the middle of the pack with regards to energy efficiency despite having made changes long before the other states to enable it to harnesses its natural resources....   [tags: Nuclear power, Energy development]

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Child Development Case Study

- One precious little girl, charming responses, and thirty well spent minutes adds up to a successful Piaget project. The time spent on interviewing a child for cognitive development was insightful, and gave me a first hand look at how a child’s mind matures with age. N.G., 4 years, 11 months, embodied all I could ask for in a child to conduct such an interview on. Nearing her fifth birthday in the upcoming week, her age is central between ages three and seven, providing me with information that is certainly conducive to our study....   [tags: Child Development, Piaget, psychology]

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The 's Stages Of Cognitive Development

- Two characters that I choose for this assignment are a careless and impulsive character in this movie, John Bender, or known as “the criminal”, and a character that being known as a nerd, that is Brian Johnson, or known as “the brain”. In reference to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, I categorized Bender and Brian in a formal operational stage, that is the final stage of the cognitive development stage. It is because, both of them shows characteristic of adolescent egocentrism. As for Bender, we can see that he had developed the sense of invulnerability because he had taken many physical risks and do not think about the consequences.** Besides that, in reference to Kohlberg’s stage...   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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Organizations And Community Development Workers

- Many organisations and community development workers will deliberately adopt a specific model that clearly identifies its parameters within a project (Kenny, 2006). Working within a model, provides community development workers a framework to plan and review the aims, goals, strategies and methods being used within the health promotion project (Free, 2005). Models are also based on philosophical positions and values, so that community development workers can think critically and determine how such values fits within the project (Kenny, 2006)....   [tags: Sociology, Health care, Community development]

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The Theory Of Cognitive Development

- How we as individuals grow intellectually has been altogether explored. Scholars have recommended that kids are unequipped for comprehension the world until they achieve a specific phase of cognitive development. Intellectual development is the procedure whereby a kid comprehends of the world changes as a component of age and experience. Hypotheses of psychological advancement look to clarify the quantitative and subjective scholarly capacities that happen during development. No hypothesis of cognitive development has had more effect than the subjective stages exhibited by Jean Piaget....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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The Theory Of Psychological Development

- How we have a tendency to as people grow intellectually has been altogether explored. Students have counseled that children are unequipped for comprehension the globe till they win a selected section of psychological feature development. Intellectual development is that the procedure whereby a child comprehends of the globe changes as an element archaic and skill. Hypotheses of psychological advancement look to clarify the quantitative and subjective donnish capacities that happen throughout development....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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Case Study : Als 79a Leadership Course

- ALS 79A LEADERSHIP COURSE ALS 79A is a 1 unit course developed for Summer Bridge required for all students in SBA. The leadership course fulfills the Leadership Initiative (LI) requirements, specifically the green certificate. Green Certificates are awarded at the crossing Ceremony. Also, this course was used as a foundation for the overall LI functions of the program. The ALS79A added a point system to the course, so students have a better understanding of the requirements to pass the course. Furthermore, this class gives students the opportunity to engage in experimental and educational activities that expand their leadership development....   [tags: Student, Education]

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The Anatomy And Physiology Course At Kings College London

- I am applying for a place on the Human Anatomy and Physiology course at Kings College London. My interest reemerged during the last semester of my undergraduate studies at the University of the Arts London where I studied BA Animation and I was to brainstorm internship locations, produce a creative curriculum vitae and sidereel. A major production opportunity emerges biannually and as much as I enjoyed watching my fellows work as entertainment, I surely didn 't want to choose the broad path towards that industry....   [tags: Human anatomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology]

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Human Sexuality And The Third Learning Outcome Of This Course

- 1. a. I showed growth in the third learning outcome of this course: Utilize skills for accessing and appraising research-based information. When I began this course, I hadn’t realized different it was accessing and appraising articles covering human sexuality compared to other topics, and how difficult it could be to differentiate reputable sources. This sticks outcome sticks out to me because when I was finding articles for the assignments and blogs, I found it quite difficult to target an authentic research-based article on search engines....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Freud's and Erikson's Perspectives on Human Development

- ... This is also the stage where children experience the Oedipus or Electra complex (Barlow, Durand, Stewart, 2009; Shaffer et al., 2010). Freud alleged that young boys would have sexual fantasies that included their mothers with accompanying feelings of anger toward their fathers. This was coupled with fears that their fathers would castrate them led to the Oedipus complex (Barlow, Durand, Stewart, 2009). Alternatively, girls may suffer from what is known as the Electra complex. Freud supposed that girls wanted to replace their mother’s place and assume a relationship with their father....   [tags: psychology and child development]

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Piaget 's Stages Of Child Development

- To begin with the three and four year old boys I observed and interacted with in child watch, they both displayed a clear point of development. These boys each displayed the aspects of the Preoperational stage of Piaget’s “Stages of Child Development”. In the case of the first child, the four year old, even though the child was able to take breaks to have conversation with me, he was unable to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. This was seen when the child was playing with blocks. The child had a clear plan of what he wanted to build and even made me move my building over so that he could separate between my building and his....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Child development]

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Language Development in Childhood Development

- ... In this paper, I felt that language development was not only about how children acquired speaking the language, but over the course of this paper I wrote about how language development is affected in school, such as their ability to be able to write and interpret grammatically correct sentences, overall how children respond to different. Furthermore, there are numerous reasons how poverty effects language development but in this paper I will direct my focus toward the two I have mentioned above....   [tags: brought up, condition, parent]

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Professional Development And Education Development

- Introduction Professional development, in its most simple definition, is learning opportunities. Under professional development, individuals are open to a wide array of these opportunities in order to gain knowledge and improve. The learning opportunities that make up professional development take up many forms. Conferences that aim to teach new skills and methods, formal pieces of academic material, training methods provided by an external or internal organizations are all learning opportunities through which professional development is attained....   [tags: Education, Profession, Teacher]

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The Importance Of Cultural Diversity And Learning Through The Different Course Themes And Ideas

- Introduction Throughout the course child and youth studies, I have developed my teaching and learning through the different course themes and ideas. My teaching approach has developed and I now have a stronger understanding of educational theorists such as Vygotsky (Kozulin, A., Gindis, B., Brown, J., Seely Pea, R., Miller, S., Ageyev, V., Heath, C. 2003), Bronfenbrenner (Duchesne & McMaugh. 2016) and Montessori (Isaacs, B. 2010). This essay reflects my choices for activities and relation to the course themes we have discussed over the past semester....   [tags: Education, Developmental psychology, Learning]

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Software Development : Designing A Steel Building

- For starters, software development is far different from projects such as erecting a steel building. There’s one way to erect a building. The requirements are laid out, the budget is established, the design is created, the timeline is set, and a building is erected. In developing software, of course there is the end goal, but there are numerous ways to approach it and the developer needs to consider the budget, the timeline, and the requirements, and if and how those requirements may change throughout the project (Dawson, 3-4)....   [tags: Agile software development, Waterfall model]

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Piaget 's Theory Of Cognitive Development

- Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist and biologist who is well known in the psychology field, developed a theory through observations involving children and their intellectual development. Through his observations on children, Piaget concluded that children view the world in a unique way, in which different from adults. In Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, he came up with four stages: sensorimotor (from birth to age two), preoperational (ages two to four), concrete operational (ages seven to eleven) and formal operational (ages eleven to fifteen)....   [tags: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget]

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Child 's Development Through The Theory Of Vygotsky

- Child 's Development Through the Theory of Vygotsky Awad al Bahri Utah Valley University The period of childhood is the most significant in the establishment of human beings as mature, independent and socially active people. Thus, no wonder that children 's psychological development was thoroughly studied by such psychologists as Piaget, Freud, Vygotsky and many more. All of them have seen their own principles of development and pointed the key topics and elements that influenced the most....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Child development]

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The Liberal Studies Major at San Francisco State University

- The Liberal Studies Major at San Francisco State University classes has been inspirational for me. In Spring 2009, I began my studies with the Communication and Speech 351. The class focuses was on Political Speeches by Famous Presidents and Civil Rights Leaders about the History of America. We wrote speeches sharing a small part of your life experiences with each. The lesson I learned in Biology 318 The Endangered Planet was the destruction of Planet Earth and the effects it is experiencing. The effects on different species habitat being threaten the butterflies, the birds, the beetles, and the polar bears because of humans' activities....   [tags: Course Reflection]

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Art Child Development Center At The Charlotte Community Center

- Introductory Paragraph: City council members, I would like to thank you for your consideration of my expert opinion on creating a state of the art child development center at The Charlotte Community Center here in North Carolina. I have created activities as well as room set up and teacher implements for the Infant, Toddler, Early childhood, Middle/late childhood and Adolescent classrooms. My main goal is to create age appropriate areas and a program that focuses on cognitive, psychosocial, physical and emotional development with each of my planned activities....   [tags: Infant, Child development]

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Sustainable Development Policies Can Reduce Urbanization Problems

- Cities all over the world are developing. This urbanization process is causing a number of problems and can be met by sustainable development policies. In the beginning, it is important to know what is the reason for urbanization. Most people move to the city because they want to get a better life. Another important term is a sustainable development. There are some definitions for sustainable development, but simply they say that sustainable development is a development which using resources now and preserving them for future generations (Adams, 1999, p.137)....   [tags: Sustainable Development Essays]

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Freud 's Theory Of Psycho Sexual Development

- 1. In Freud’s theory of psycho-sexual development he describes a trajectory of human development in terms of Oral Stage, Anal Stage, Phallic Stage, Latency, and the Genital Stage. In your own words, define the developmental focus and achievements of each stage. ----------------- Throughout all the stages of psycho-sexual development one is developing their personality. They do this by manifesting their libido with various erogenous zones (pleasure-centers) of their body. The general goal of one’s development in any of these stages is the regulation of pleasure and thus a stabilized personality (capable of regulating pleasure)....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychosexual development]

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The Negative Impact of Internet Use on Child Development

- The internet is a connection between you and the rest of the world, where information is endless and to a certain extent you are left to do whatever you please. “The percentage of the population with internet access grew from 0.1 percent in 2000 to 43.5 percent in 2010, doubling the number in 2009, which was reported as 20.6 percent,” (Cenameri) this significant increase has given more children access to the internet, but at what cost. The internet stifles a child’s development by the hardships it creates within their health, academic, and social lives....   [tags: Effects on Social Development]

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My Nursing Journey: Continuing Professional Development

- Nursing has been viewed as both a science and an art (Price et al., 2007, p. 155). A logical progression of ideas and theories as well as evidence-based research supports the varied interventions and rationales that the nurse must effectively use to provide safe care (McCrae, 2011). Human touch, compassion, creativity and moral values characterise the artistic nature of the nursing profession, which can promote personal satisfaction and growth (Finfgeld-Connett, 2008, p. 383). However, similar to any other line of work, nursing is not without its dangers as seen by examples of errors and negligence (Tingle & McHale, 2009; Young, 2009)....   [tags: Nursing Professional Development]

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The Nurturing Cirriculum for Socio-Emotional Development

- Background This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a Nurturing curriculum in childhood socio-emotional development. The Nurturing Curriculum targets emotional and social behaviors intended to improve self concept and esteem, empathy, negotiation skills, problem solving and resolution, as well as communication. Of the dimensions related to academic processed (physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; cognitive style approaches to learning; language development; and cognition and general knowledge (Kagan, Moore, & Bredekamp, 1995, cited in Vespo, Capece, Behforooz, 2006)....   [tags: child development, early childhood, elementary ed]

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The Life Course and Social Workers

- “The life course is the progression and path an individual takes from conception to death, and considers that the whole life of the individual presents opportunities for development, change and growth” (Crawford and Walker 2010). Being aware of what life course one’s on and the impact of transitions within a person’s life course is important for social work practice. It is important that social workers reflect on both their own and other’s experiences throughout the life course and support this understanding within the various theoretical frameworks....   [tags: Social Issues, Homosexuality]

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The course of the Industrial Revolution in England

- The origin of the industrial revolution was in the sixteenth century. There were both demand and supply sides to industrialization. New technology and goods were the supply-side factors, while home markets and exports made demand available (Fukuyuma 437). Households worked harder so that they would be able to purchase new consumer goods. There was a transition from production using hand to use of machines. The development of steam technology provided for the improvement of efficiency in the use of water power....   [tags: german unification, fukuyuma, textile industry]

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The Intermediate Leadership Course ( Ile )

- During my time in the Intermediate Leadership Course (ILE) there have been many topics covered. Each of these topics were geared toward increasing our effectiveness as leaders. Many of the concepts were known, but not practice, while some were unknown. This experience has given me the insights and tools to improve in multiple ways as a leader. In the next three to five years I will take the steps necessary to utilize what I have learned and apply these concepts to be a better leader, peer, and subordinate....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model]

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