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Analysis of TV Show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

- ... The top detectives, who are also main characters, tend to become deeply personal when dealing with cases. The main characters take advantage their personal and emotional attachment to motivate themselves to work harder in the case. One of the main characters, detective Olivia Benson is able to connect with victims, and become their “empathetic, passionate voice for the victims” (Dwyer 2008). Previous detective Elliott Stabler, Benson’s old partner experienced violent anger toward suspects and was described as the character that “embodies the rage that is felt by the audience” (Dwyer) and they are similarities that can be seen with Benson’s newer partner, Nick Amaro and Elliot Stabler....   [tags: police, sexually, crimes, motivate]

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Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

- General Overview of the Chapter Neil Postman begins chapter 9 of his book Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, by discussing if politics is actually a spectator sport or if politics is just like the way show business is run. This chapter is titled ‘Reach out and Elect someone’, and Postman first writes about how politics is more like a "spectator sport" or, as Ronald Reagan put it, "like show business" (125). Postman then writes about how he is more stimulated by the first simile, frightening as it may be, since in a sport, the "standard of excellence is well known to both the players and spectators" (125)....   [tags: Chapter 9 ]

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Blacks on Television: Amos & Andy

- Portrayal of African Americans on television is frequently a controversial topic. Throughout its rather brief history, television, in its programming, has skewed predominantly white, (Pringozy, 2007). This was clearer in the 1950s and early 1960s, and it even remained true throughout the 1970s, when television shows with mainly all African American casts became hits, (Strausbaugh, 2006). The success of The Cosby Show in the 1980s helped to improve race relations somewhat, or at least on television, (McNeil, 1996)....   [tags: Race]

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Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child a Show About Time Travel

- What if you could live for a couple thousand years traveling through time and space in a chameleon ship exploring the universe while averting disaster. In addition to that, what if you’re always the smartest person in the room regardless of where you are. If so, then you would be the Doctor, well almost except the Doctor’s chameleon circuit board in his ship is broken so he has to travel around in a small blue police box called a Tardis, but hey no worries, it’s bigger on the inside. This is the setting for one of the world’s most famous sci-fi television series....   [tags: planet gallifrey, alines, whovian]

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Oprah 's Influence On Society

- "With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice"(Winfrey). Oprah Winfrey is a very important woman in our lifetime and has influenced many people, and will for years to come. Oprah has changed a multitude of people, and made a difference in our world and society. From growing up in a poor home, to changing her life around and others around her, there are several ways that Oprah can relate to the average person. Many people in today’s society understand what being “poor” feels like....   [tags: Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Talk show]

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Cult Films: Analysis of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Flamingos

- Cult film, described by some as a film type with an overly obsessive and sometimes ritualistic fan base, characterised not only by its small but dedicated following, but also by the way it deals with current or past affairs with either a blatant disregard for subtlety or political correctness. Others may describe ‘cult film’ as a film type that involves ‘over the top’ acting, disgusting scenes of blood and gore, highly unlikeable characters and ‘clichéd’ often, unbelievable scenarios. However, it can be argued that the definition of ‘cult’ could simply mean ‘a set of controversial films standing up against the norm of mainstream Hollywood conformity.’ Films that do not have a particular int...   [tags: Controversial, Non-conformative]

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Gender Stereotypes in T.V. Show How I Met Your Mother

- ... (Hemmer and Kleiber 1981) In the first study, they went to two different schools in the Midwest. They used 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, their teachers (including music, gym, etc.), and their parents. They divided the students between male and female and gave them a survey. In this survey, it had the names of their peers and had statements, such as; this student is supportive, or this student is a sissy/tomboy, or who makes fun of others. The students had to write the names down that they thought exhibited certain characteristics....   [tags: tomboys, emotional, society]

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Television Show, Suits, Shows Conceptual Old Lawyers Ideals in Modern Light

- ... The show depicts lawyers walking around in thousand-dollar suits, dining in exclusive restaurants, and flying to cities in private jet airplanes, illusive to the reality of their intact moral code. Corporate America has negatively influenced how lawyers are perceived. Capitalism creates a drive for competition, and innovation. Lawyers defend cooperation who are controlled by modern-day tycoons, and demand issues to be resolved by any means necessary. This eventually creates an ethical dilema for lawyers and disdains lawyers’ reputation....   [tags: corporate america, politics, justice]

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Parody and Comedy in Class Video Clip to Mock TV Show Nowadays

- ... However, as the director unceasingly persuades them to finish the shoot sincerely, Cat and Karmen finally willing to try their best to finish up the cooking show. As the beginner to start participating to the filming rank, I would recommend them to start earlier to find the feasible locations and well-researched that location is it possible to filming. And the important thing is not only rely on the intangible plan to film the video; you should have the storyboard on hand before you start the official filming....   [tags: industry, camera, star, work, mock]

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Suspense and Suspision in Episode 1 of Season 2 of the TV Show "24"

- Media directs the thought processes of society. Daya Kishan Thussa says, “US popular culture… is steeped in Hollywood spectacles on war, battles and conflict, as evidenced by the international success of films about war, conflict, and battles between good and evil,” (p.265 reader). Hollywood –the media—portrays war as a conflict between good and evil, redefining war and conflict to be something that is black and white, with a sure winning side. The show 24, produced after 9/11, at the start of the War on Terror, represents a conflict between the good and the evil by paralleling the distrust and suspicion of the real world with the distrust and suspicion of the world in the show....   [tags: Camera, Lighting]

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The Television Show Scandal Of Washington, D.c And Follows The Life Of Crisis Manager

- The television show Scandal takes place in Washington, D.C and follows the life of crisis manager, Olivia Pope, while conveying the inner workings on the White House. The mastermind behind the show, Shonda Rhimes (“Shonda Rhimes, Scandal Creator and Executive Producer”), has created a show that is not only highly entertaining but also one that consistently involves several strong female characters. Scandal effectively challenges traditional female gender norms through the use of Olivia Pope 's decision not to marry and have kids, Quinn Perkins 's development as a hero, and Mellie Grant 's dominant personality....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Heteronormativity]

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Social Underground Will Go Over The Newest Episode Of The Hit Show Mr. Robot

- Each week, Social Underground will go over the newest episode of the hit show Mr. Robot. There will be a recap of what happened, and then some commentary on what happened and where the show might go next. Trying to figure out where this show goes is pretty difficult since there are many plots that interweave. The good thing about that is having a show that’s unpredictable. No one likes knowing the end of a season at the beginning. Last Week’s Recap: ‘MR. ROBOT’— EPS2.9_PYTH0N-PT1.P7Z— RECAP AND ANALYSIS Last week kicked off a two-part season finale for Mr....   [tags: Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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Television Show Intervention Evoked Memories Of The Day I Lost My Phone

- “Where is my phone?” I yelled. Frightened about my phone being lost, I started shouting, screaming, and sweating profusely. I suddenly began to panic, due to the extensive thoughts that formulated in my mind, “How would I live without my cell phone. How could this be happening?” I felt as if, the end of the world had in fact came. Fathoming how my life would be without my phone, seemed unrealistic. Weeks following this event, I watched Intervention, a show about drug addicts being stripped from their drugs to face sobriety....   [tags: Mobile phone, Cellular network]

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Using "V for Vendetta" to Show Aspects that Make Up a Society

- Fictions are often used to examine more complex societal concerns as scene in the graphic novel and popular film “V for Vendetta”. “V for Vendetta” asks the question what exactly is the expectations of society. This topic is explored by using a fictional world to show the known and possible aspects that make up society and its ideologies. Humans have a strong desire to explore how one can better society. Because of this desire, “science fiction works, ‘V for Vendetta’ is often a strong indicator of how humanity may progress as well as how it relates to current political, religious, and social ideologies” (Alsford)....   [tags: film, comic book, society, science fiction]

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Television Show Host Andy Cohen Is A White Male And Nicki Minaj

- “Who has the biggest dick in the music industry?” Andy Cohen asks Nicki Minaj during his show Watch What Happens Live. The question seems to catch her off-guard, but she keeps her poise and answers that she has not seen anyone’s penis in the music industry. She also notes that she has seen the same penis for ten years. Minaj says that is all she will reveal about the subject. From the outside, it seems like just a silly interview question that should not be taken seriously. However, when analyzing the fact that the American tv show host Andy Cohen is a white male and Nicki Minaj is a black female the vulgarity of the question starts to seem very intentional....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Africa]

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The Courage Of A Song Of Ice And Fire And How Jon And Sam Show The Two Sides Of

- Research Question: The courage in a song of ice and fire and how Jon and Sam show the two sides of courage. 1. Jon snow’s natural courage vs. Sam’s self-proclaimed cowardice. 2. Courage and the night’s watch 3. Sam’s transformation I. John snow’s natural courage vs. Sam’s self-proclaimed cowardice. Support 1. Shortly after meeting Sam john had a thought. “The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice as Samwell Tarly had” (Samuel)....   [tags: Cowardice, Courage, Fearless]

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Olivia Pope : The Star Actress Of The Hit Television Drama Show Called Scandal

- Olivia Pope is the star actress in the hit television drama show called Scandal. Scandal is a show that was written by Shonda Rhimes, the reason that I bring this up is because Shonda’s shows are unique in the fact that she creates real, messed up, broken character’s who have experienced what we call life. Olivia Pope is an extremely successful and powerful woman, who runs her own firm specializing in politics in the heart of Washington, D.C. Olivia is often referred to as a “fixer”, who is dedicated to fixing problems in order to protect public images and reputations, which often comes with a fair share of deception and cover ups....   [tags: Erik Erikson, Developmental psychology]

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Power Has No Exact Definition, As Show By The Movie Chocolate Y Chocolate

- What is power. Power has no exact definition, as show by the movie “Chocolate y Fresa”. In the movie “Fresa y Chocolate” a homosexual artist named Diego tries to seduce David who is a straight young man who happens to be communist, David is only interested in Diego so that he can monitor Diego’s flamboyant lifestyle. But as they begin to discuss politics in communist Cuba they begin to develop a legitimate friendship. Power is show many different ways throughout the movie and according to Foucault, “power is everywhere”....   [tags: Fidel Castro, Cuba, Communist state, Communism]

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All for Show – The Post-Petrarchan Poetry of Wyatt, Sidney, and Spenser

- The difficulty of discussing the representation of women in the work of sixteenth century English poets like Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sir Philip Sidney, and Edmund Spenser is the need to address authorial intent in its historical context. As a critic, one cannot attribute to words what the author did not intend; however, one can attribute intentions that the author did not word. For example, it is easy to justify the objectification and subordination of women in the English-Petrarchan sonnet tradition but is it entirely factual....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Ayn Rand's True Philosophy, and the People and Events Who Show It

- Ayn Rand’s True Philosophy, and the People and Events Who Show It “I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals, and I loathe humanity, for its failure to live up to these possibilities.” (Ayn Rand). Ayn’s novel lives up to these possibilities by expressing her hope for independence and individuality in the world. Freedom can only be achieved by man’s own ability to think, feel, make choices, and form their own judgement, and that is exactly what the novel is about. In her book Anthem, Ayn Rand presents the philosophy that independence and individuality are very important in a society....   [tags: individualism, equality, gay pride]

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Sherlock Holmes: Which TV Show Represents the Really Story?

- ... Sherlock does a better job because they let you see Sherlock’s thinking process in a visual way. Second difference between the two shows is the characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Sherlock does a better job in choosing actor to play the characters because of how they look like. Sherlock sticks to original stories characters, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, they resemble more of how Conan Doyle would have envisioned them to look like if they had been real. The choice of choosing Benedict Cumberbatch to play Sherlock Holmes and portray him as Cara Will stated on her website, “Being the mysterious, narcissist, egotistic, smart, with pure great talent in playing the violin as wel...   [tags: deduction, adaption, characters, fidelity]

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The, Just Not Color Blind, By Jessica Williams And Ronny Chieng Of The Daily Show

- Love is Blind. Just Not Color Blind. A panel of individuals, each a minority, indicate that they believe they have been affected by their race in dating profiles. Jessica Williams and Ronny Chieng of The Daily Show examined this issue of sexual racism (Parang and O’Neil, 2016). Although this feature is presented on a satirical news program, does not mean that a problem does not exist or should not be addressed. “Sexual racism is a specific form a racial prejudice enacted in the context of sex or romance” (Callander, Newman, & Holt, 2015 p....   [tags: Race, Racism, Race, Miscegenation]

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Fashion and Its Evolved from a Typical White Model to a Diverse Runway Show

- Throughout time, bright designers, world-known magazines and famous models, where few are only African-Americans, had represented fashion. The fashion industry is one of the most demanding industries ever created. On one hand, designers have to be unique, professionals, consistent and most important, famous, to keep up with the industry. On the other hand, models have to be beautiful, with unique personalities, and most important, skinny. Before the Civil Right Movement, white Americans models and designers represented the fashion industry until famous models such as Naomi Campbell, and Iman Abdulmajid entered the industry....   [tags: African American Models, Diversity]

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Explain and Show How the Environmental Factors Influence Marketing Decisions of Inc.

- Part 1 Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to explain and show how the environmental factors influence marketing decisions of INC. We are going to take a look SWAT and Pestle analysis, segmentation, targeting, cost and benefits, positioning which are implemented by the chosen company. Amazon is the world’s largest retailer online. Founded in 1994 it has started as an online bookstore but soon expends its catalog with software, video games, electronics, furniture, food, toys etc....   [tags: SWAT and Pestel analysis]

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Identification Of A Leader Is One Who Takes Charge And Runs The Show

- Identification of Leaders in My Life I have always thought that a leader is one who takes charge and runs the show. I believed that this person is somehow acknowledged as the boss and is known for making all of the decisions without anybody else’s advice or input. I also believed that this leader had a set of “employees” that he or she would over see, and have a type of dominion over them. After our reading this week, I have determined that I couldn’t be more incorrect. According to the text, Leading and Managing in Nursing (2015), Yoder-Wise stated that the definition of a leader is, “an individual who works with others to develop a clear vision of the preferred future and to make that v...   [tags: Leadership, Nursing, Nurse, Management]

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The Interview From The Daily Show By John Oliver And Jessica Williams

- The segment from the Daily show featuring John Oliver and Jessica Williams called “Frisky Business” talks about Stop and Frisk and puts it into a different context. Jessica Williams states that she is doing the interview from Wall Street, one of New York City’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods. She tell John Oliver that she does not feel safe there and that police need to start doing their job and frisk the individuals who are on Wall Street. John Oliver counters Jessica by saying that she is calling for the arbitrary harassment of anyone on Wall Street....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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People Can Still Show Kindness Despite all the Evil Out There

- The world we share is a beautiful place. Not just the places we can go or the things we can see, but the people around us. There is a lot of good left in this world, even if it’s hard to see. Everyday we are subjected to the wicked things of the world. On the television and in the news we see wars, terrorism, crimes and hate. Good people suffering for no apparent reason. We are exposed to a constant barrage of negativity, which can make our views skewed to the truth. The reality that humanity is still moral at heart and there is hope left for the future....   [tags: the world is a beautiful place, personal take]

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A Worn Path By Eudora Welty And Alice Walker Show Perseverance

- A Life of Perseverance Perseverance can be defined as a “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or oppositions” (“Perseverance”). In their short stories "A Worn Path" and "Everyday Use," Eudora Welty and Alice Walker show perseverance in their characters Phoenix and Mama. Both of these women narrate the passages and are the main characters as well. Welty and Walker both described Phoenix and Mama as characters of determination, willing to overcome obstacles set in their way....   [tags: Short story, Eudora Welty, A Worn Path]

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Abraham Lincoln 's Appearance On A Popular Science Fiction Television Show

- Abraham Lincoln was the son of a Kentucky frontiersman, a captain during the Black Hawk War, an Illinois politician, and President during the American Civil War. In 1865 he was assassinated, stopping his contributions to reconstruction after the Civil War (Freidel & Sidney, 2006). Therefore, the crew of the starship Enterprise are surprised to encounter him floating in space in the 23rd Century in the seventy seventh episode of Star Trek, “The Savage Curtain” (Roddenberry & Heinemann, 1969). A contemporary viewer might share in their surprise....   [tags: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Star Trek]

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This Is The Horror Show

- Do horror films mirror our society’s fears and social problems. Horror movies gives audiences a jolt of fear as the most frightening scene takes place on screen, but is that scene of horror connected to the horrors of our everyday life. The problems we fear everyday are coming alive on the big screen. Creators of these films are cleverly disguise our society’s fears and anxieties into their films. Throughout the years of film history movie monsters have mirrored our social problems and fears; as our society changes through the years so do the monsters on the big screen....   [tags: fear, social problems, godzila]

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Essay On Oprah Winfrey

- "Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment" (Oprah Winfrey). This quote represents the idea that doing the best someone possibly can now most certainly put them in the best place for the next. Oprah Winfrey is a household name, not only in America but throughout the world. She has not only graced Americans’ televisions for the past twenty-five years, however, Oprah has impacted numerous lives across the globe as well. Many know Oprah from what they see her as today, however, they do not know of her past and the circumstances that shaped and molded her into the woman they all know today....   [tags: Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Talk show]

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Oprah Winfrey Case Study

- For starters, Oprah Winfrey used perseverance to overcome her past. Firstly, when Oprah was younger she went through an incredibly rough child hood. For example, Advameg Inc. tells us on encyclopedia of World Biography that Oprah was between households. She jumped back and forth between her mother and her father’s home and experienced life changing events as a young child (Advameg Inc.). When Oprah lived with her mother in a poor, high crime neighborhood where her mother worked odd jobs and did not have time for her children....   [tags: Oprah Winfrey, Talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show]

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Frost, By Robert Frost

- Robert Frost said many famous quotes throughout his lifetime, including “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”. During early life Frost grew up in a home with a father who was rough around the edges and a mother who suffered from depression. Frost’s father died from alcoholism and his family promptly moved to Massachusetts. Robert Frost began to pursue a life in college but dropped out with barely a semester finished in order to work. Frost set two goals, one in which was to get a poem published, he struck out repeatedly in both goals....   [tags: Oprah Winfrey, Talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show]

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Abunda and Aquino Tonight Premiered in Malaysia

- Abunda and Aquino Tonight is a new primetime show of ABS-CBN that premiered on February 10, 2014. It is a 15-minute show that features current show business topics and political controversies. Different guests every night are invited to talk about a certain topic, they maybe politicians or celebrities. The show also aims to consider the perspectives of the commoners and discuss issues that could affect them and to what extent will they be affected. They want to use simple terms and discussions to reach a wider span of audience....   [tags: primetime, show, controversial]

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A Bann on SpongeBob: It Kills Brain Cells

- ... For then to become the best they can be and choose their companionship wisely. Patrick Star is the friend who is constantly given bad advice and lack of support. Anytime Spongebob makes a decision based on his ideas they usually lead to physical damage or him getting in trouble with others. This is only the surface of the characters personalities. It is known that children see cartoons as of some sort of role models. In this case it’s a horrendous thing. The activities in the show, although minor are completely capable of being copied by children....   [tags: children, show, inappropriate, characters]

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Media Affects How We View Gender Stereotypes

- Society plays a vital role in constructing our gender. Often times, it attempts to define what being a man or a woman is like. It makes an effort to use general terms to force human beings to conform to what society thinks is acceptable. For instance, society feels that men should be strong while women should be sensitive. However, numerous groups of individuals have forced society to modify its beliefs in regards to gender. As time passes, society has become more gender neutral in different aspects of life, such as in sports....   [tags: TV show, Women]

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Why Fly to Bangkok?: Top 10 Attractions to See in Bangkok

- ... They perform regarding the Thai art packages. The loveliness of the Kwai River The scenery beside this river is actually nice. The Kwai River is also furnished with an overpass and a little museum. You can taste for climbing the wild mountains and the elephant riding. The Transvestites show at Calypso Cabaret If you want to get a surprise, then you visit the cabaret show. Lots of female dancers are organizing this show. These artists are very much talented in their specific tasks. The transvestite dancers are world famous....   [tags: tour, show, river, culture]

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Walter White: A Modern Day Tragic Hero in Breaking Bad

- Even if you don’t watch it, you’ve heard some sort of buzz about the critically acclaimed television show Breaking Bad. The show consisted of five seasons, originally aired from 2008 to 2013 on the network AMC, and was created and produced by Vince Gilligan. It is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time and has won many awards, most notably 10 Primetime Emmys. The plot of the show focuses on Walter White, a middle-aged high school chemistry teacher who is struggling to make ends meet to provide for his pregnant wife and teenage son with cerebral palsy....   [tags: TV Show, Downfall]

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Analysis of Real Housewives of Atlanta

- Since the beginning of time itself, Television has been one the most influential pieces of media that the world has ever encountered. The beginning days of television depicted stereotypical mothers cooking and cleaning their homes for their husbands and children. Yet, as the decades passed, television took a dramatic turn, leaving the days of drama free entertainment as a vast memory. Now a day, however, when one hits the power on button to Bravo, the screen lights expand to ritzy socialites dealing with their everyday lives as “housewives”....   [tags: TV Show, Fake Personalities]

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Reality TV Programs: 'How Real is Real?'

- Reality Television Programs: “How Real is Reality?” Lights flashing, cameras clicking, and lavish lifestyle – all equal reality television shows. Wrong. Imagine your walk out to your mail box: pajamas, slippers, and a mug of coffee. You grab your newspaper and T.V. Guide to head inside to start your daily routine. This is a real-life situation that would fit within the boundaries of the definition of the word “reality”. No one would click record or devote time in their day to watch someone do something they could personally experience themselves....   [tags: entertainment and show business]

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The Phenomenon that Is Gossip Girl

- The cultural phenomenon that is the television show Gossip Girl is centered around the extravagant lives of privileged Manhattanites, and how the cluster of main characters are constantly falling in and out of love. Viewers of the show can be found all across the globe; as of 2012, the show had been broadcast in 197 countries. The show was declared by New York Magazine the “Best Show Ever”. With the reviews in and the show declared a success, there is still one nagging question: why. Why is the show so popular and influential....   [tags: television show analysis]

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Racism, Sexism, and Sexuality Shown Through M. Butterfly by David Henry Hwang

- Who is stronger. The East or the West. Do the Oriental people truly succumb to the threats of the western white man. Based on the views of the non-oriental people, the Oriental people secretly want to get dominated by a stronger force, comparing them to a woman, or just simply calling their race feminine. The show M. Butterfly by David Henry Hwang is able to express different issues regarding the theory of Orientalism by hiding it amongst several conversations between characters. The play can be seen as highly political because of topics it chooses to discuss despite the fact that the lead character is a diplomat....   [tags: show, oriental people]

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The Stress Caused by Nanny 911

- Most people believe that watching television is a relaxing experience where you are able to relieve the stress from everyday life; however, viewers of reality television shows often gain more stress than they had before. A perfect example of this is nanny-to-the-rescue reality television shows such as Nanny 911. The reality television show Nanny 911 consists of a group of three nannies, Nanny Yvonne, Nanny Debra, and Nanny Stella, who are chosen for their area of expertise to go help disorderly families in the span of a week....   [tags: Reality TV Show, Parenting]

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Broadcast and Cable Networks Concerning TV

- The TV is turned on at 8:30pm on a Tuesday evening. What is playing. Usually, a mix of different shows spattered across the many different stations vying to hold the 1# spot during the TV schedule window, known as “Prime Time.” A person may think that during this time, a plethora of television shows choices are available to him or her. But, is that choice really up to them. TV programming, especially during Prime Time, is highly researched and organized in order to garner as much viewership as possible....   [tags: t.v. show, tbs, fox]

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The Negative View of Feminism Given Off by Gossip Girl

- Feminism has without a doubt changed over the past hundred years. What started out as a fight for equal civil rights turning into a term with many different opinions and definitions. There are multiple approaches on how to define the feminism movement. Today, television and the media play a large part in how the public views feminism. How television interprets feminism is, for the most part, how the rest of the public will as well. Since television plays such a large part in influencing the public, this paper will aim to see if specifically the television series Gossip Girl has an attitude that gives off a negative view of feminism....   [tags: sociological analysis of TV show]

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The West Wing: Characters and Political Sphere

- Men are also presented strongly and reserved, not losing their temper, while at the beginning of the episode the character Mandy was introduced as being a lunatic. She almost runs over men in a park, and yelling at them furiously. Mandy drives onto the sidewalk to get as close to the three males in suits, standing up in her convertible car while driving. These actions show females as losing their temper and control, while the male client she confronts remains calm and in control. He ends up taking control over the situation by telling her to calm down forcefully and states “Listen to me”, Mandy follows suit....   [tags: Politics, TV show]

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Heisenberg: The Family Secret that Should Have Been Kept

- There are certain things you just don’t want people to know, for example that you don’t pay your taxes, or that you don’t shower every day, or even that you’re the biggest drug lord in the South West. In the TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White starts the show off by finding out that he has terminal lung cancer. Because he is only a high school chemistry teacher Walter decides to make extra money for his family after his death by cooking crystal meth with one of his former students. This is something that he must keep from his family and the entire world, and it begins to take over his life....   [tags: Breaking Bad tv show]

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The Comedic Stylings of Nathan Fielder

- On February 7th, 2014, the coffee shop “Dumb Starbucks” opened its doors to LA coffee enthusiasts, who waited in line for hours to be served by a staff of “dumb baristas”. The shop is a complete replica of a traditional Starbucks, but with the word “dumb” placed in front of everything. You can order a “Dumb Venti Americano”, pick up a “Dumb Nora Jones Duets” CD, and even drink from a traditional Starbucks cup with “dumb” cropped into the classic green mermaid logo. The whole thing was created by comedian Nathan Fielder as an elaborate prank to parodize coffee culture....   [tags: nathan for you, t.v. show]

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Laughing for the Love of Lucy

- Situation comedies have steadily multiplied and evolved throughout the years to accommodate the varying tastes of a growing and changing population. Most sitcoms, as they are commonly known, are inevitably canceled and forgotten once they are outgrown by society to the point that they are no longer relevant, and their humor begins to feel stale. However, there are a select few that survive the test of time and have the ability to keep people laughing for long after their production ends, in rerun after rerun, regardless of how much society has changed since they originally aired....   [tags: situation comedies, television show]

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Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Beaty Pageants

- In 2009, TLC aired a reality television show entitled Toddlers and Tiaras. It was instantly a hit with home viewers and also brought major controversy over child beauty pageants. The show focused mainly on glitz pageants; which requires all contestant, however young, to compete with make-up, spray tans, acrylic nails and revealing costumes. Many, such as I were entertained at first with the pint size Barbie dolls; however after watching a couple episodes, controlling stage moms and toddler melt downs reveal that glitz beauty pageants are nothing less than objectification and exploitation of young girls....   [tags: t.v. show, eating disorders]

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Scott Conant A Well Know Chef

- Introduction: Scott Conant is a well known chef who is also a judge for the show Chopped. Conant has been cooking since he was 11 and he has opened many restaurants and written many cookbooks since he has graduated college. Educational Background: When Conant was 15, he enrolled in W.F. Kaynor Technical High School for culinary arts. After Conant graduated high school he attended the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating college, Scott has written several cookbooks and has opened many very popular, well-known restaurants....   [tags: the show chopped, cookbooks]

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Glee, Episode 10 -- "The Ballad"

- The presence of mirrors is highlighted in this episode. Before this episode there has not been an emphasis on mirrors, even though they appear in other episodes. I feel like the use of this prop is important in understanding the episode. Every time a mirror appears, there is a different circumstance that the character is dealing with. The first mirror appears in Quinn’s house. She is trying on her Chastity Ball dress with her mom, and the dress does not zip up all the way. Quinn is shown in the mirror as the mom measures her stomach....   [tags: TV Show, Analysis]

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Gossip Girl and the Post-Feminist Era

- ... As author Angela McRobbie states, popular culture and the role of consumption actually degrade feminism “while simultaneously appearing to be engaging in a well-informed and even well-intended response to feminism,” (McRobbie). Thus in a post-feminist era, consumption equates to empowerment. So what does this mean for Blair, as well as the other female characters in Gossip Girl. These women don’t live in a world actually free of double standards. Instead, they adhere to societal pressures equating femininity with high consumption in order to exist in an acceptable gender role....   [tags: TV show review]

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Breaking Bad and Walter White

- ... These three components are the claim of the show and permit it to think outside the box of regular TV. The battles that Walter experiences throughout the beginning of the series are reminiscent of the hardships confronted by American families. This empowers the crowd to relate to and root for Walter even as he wanders deeper down the way of drugs and bad habit. This uphold for the underdog is continually tested however, as Walter settles on one awful choice after another. At last, Walter finishes the “breaking bad” change when he is cleared of disease, however decides to stay in the meth business only for enthusiasm....   [tags: TV show analysis]

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Emmy Winning Shows: The Wire

- When a show is regarded as one of the greatest of all time, doesn't it deserve to get an Emmy award. What about when it's considered the most important show ever produced due to its profound social commentary (Rhetorical Questions). Well, if you think so, then you would cringe when you heard that The Wire went five Emmy award-less seasons even with its critical acclaim. The question is how. The answer lies in the show's frighteningly true subtext: America turned out differently from what the country's founders envisioned....   [tags: television show review]

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My Role Model, Kim Kardashian

- There are many celebrities who have another side to them which people don’t really know about. Those public figures who are misunderstood can be an example to others who admire their work. Kim Kardashian is an actress, model and fashion designer. People think she is only famous because of her amazing body and beautiful face. On the other hand, some argue the only reason she became famous was because of a famous sex tape made public on the internet with a famous rapper named Ray-J back when they were dating....   [tags: celebrity, tape, reality show]

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Overview of the Smurfette Principle

- In their pieces on the Smurfette principle, Pollitt and Ellis both discuss the idea that gender representations have intense effects on the children who absorb certain types of popular entertainment. Although we are hesitant to accept it, we are all influenced by the media in a very powerful way. Whether it be through TV shows, billboards, movies or the news. One thing that we commonly wonder about is if the adult female population is as influenced by the stereotyped gender roles present on TV or are we shaped at a young age and carry that perspective with us throughout our lives....   [tags: Gender Representation, TV Show]

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Quite The Surprise: Narrative Fiction

- I followed Jett as we walked down the middle of the bus. I could already tell how _eager_ Jett was getting to Leilani. I guess I had no reason to deny that I had done the same thing years before. It wasn't something I wanted to repeat. "Hey guys!" Leilani smiled, running her hand through her faded pink hair. had looked much brighter when we first got on. Leilani had a talent for standing out. She was one of those people who could be crazy and no one would ever question it. Even if they did, she would put them in their place....   [tags: news, talent, show, school]

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The Issue Of Sexual Assault

- Sexual assault is amongst the fastest- growing violent crimes in the United States; however, surprisingly it is also the most underreported crime. This issue is extremely prevalent on college campuses around the country, it has been estimated that 20 percent of college women and 6 percent of college men experience sexual assault or attempted sexual assault during their stay in college. These numbers may appear low, but this is only the percentage of victims that have reported their assaults. About 68% of all sexual assaults go unreported, but why is this....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse, Assault]

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Creating an Idea for a New Game or Quiz Show

- Creating an Idea for a New Game or Quiz Show I am going to research some other game and quiz shows to see what is in common with each programme, and where there is a gap in the market. I am going to look at: · What channel is the show on. · What time. · What adverts are used before, during, after. · Who the adverts may be aimed at I need to study each game show and be able to categorise each into which is a game show and which is a quiz show. I also need to decide which audience it is aimed at to help me with designing my own show....   [tags: Papers]

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The Cinematic Features Displayed in Pleasantville and The Truman Show

- The Cinematic Features Displayed in Pleasantville and The Truman Show The following essay, which I have composed, is based on two important films of the last decade. Their titles are "Pleasantville" and "The Truman Show". Starting with the "Pleasantville", the general overview of the film's plot gets more complicated the further you get into it. It brings up several issues all of which I have commented on in this essay. The film starts with two teenagers, David and Jennifer. David has an addiction to old reruns of a fifties sitcom also by the name of "Pleasantville"....   [tags: Papers]

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Confusion Between Public and Private Life on The Truman Show

- Confusion Between Public and Private Life on The Truman Show The Truman Show is about a man who has been living in Sea Haven his whole life, thinking that all is right, and that everything is in its right place, that his family, friends and co-workers care and cherish him for who is and respect him for what he has accomplished. But, everything is not what it seems, Truman is being controlled by a television company that has been watching him his whole life. In the beginning of the movie, it starts off by interviewing the actors and the creator of Sea Haven, Cristof, Maryl, Truman’s ‘wife’ tells the audience that this is her life, that her life within the show, is...   [tags: Papers]

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Talk Show Guests Should Go to Therapy Instead

- The Talk Shows Each day, thousands of talk shows spend a great deal of time and money for people to attend their show from all across the country to discuss their personal problems and get them resolved. Each day, thousands of people go through the ritual of being humiliated or excited by these talk shows. Instead, they should go to a professional therapists and not a talk show, like The Maury Show, to discuss their problems. Most professional therapists offer a wide variety of options or choices as well as important ideas that are not offered by talk shows....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Comparing Rappaccini's Daughter and the Movie, (Film) The Truman Show

- Rappaccini's Daughter and the Movie, (Film) The Truman Show There are stunning parallels between Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter" and the film The Truman Show in terms of character, action, and structure. The basic premise of the two plots is the same. Both stories deal with the capture of a young person who is to be groomed to live in a private, controlled environment to make them happy, but where they are never able to leave. In "Rappaccini's Daughter," this role is fulfilled by Beatrice, whose father creates her own personal Edenic garden, from which she can never escape....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The National Comedy Theatre

- ... The two bathrooms are near the back exit. The two employee rooms are near the second exit. That day only half of seat is filled. The National Comedy Theatre does not provide a name for the show because it is a high octane comedy show which interacting with the audience most of the times. The show is produced by Gary Kramer. The show is about two hours long and they have ten minutes break after one hour and 30 minutes of the show. There are six performers, five of them are actors and one of them is played as a referee....   [tags: seat, show, speakers, stage]

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Race Equality in The Simpson’s TV Show

- Race Equality in The Simpson’s TV Show ============= Homer- ====== Homer is a vibrant character. he is father, husband and a safety inspector. Some of the things on his favorite list are beer” Duffy”, donuts; his wife’s cooking and watching TV. Some of the things he dislikes are Mr. Burns (his boss) taking responsibility for his actions and his next-door neighbor Ned Flanders. Even though is an unintelligent, sloppy adult he is always there for his family when they need him....   [tags: Papers]

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The Opening Scenes of Sleepy Hollow and the Truman Show

- The Opening Scenes of Sleepy Hollow and the Truman Show In this essay I shall be concentrating upon the role of the director, looking at the films Sleepy Hollow and The Truman Show. The director has enormous power and authority for everything that happens on the film set. The two directors of Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and The Truman Show (Peter Weir) both set out to make different kind of films. Tim Burton set out to make a gothic horror film whereas Peter Weir set out to make a serious comedy....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus

- Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus In The Andy Griffith Show and in Greek and Roman Comedy the viewer or reader, whichever the case may be, will notice the dominating fatherly male character, the male character who is always confused, the person who is in need of help or looking for answers, and the female who is needed for the male. The sitcoms of today are similar to some of the Greek and Roman comedies of the past. The reader or viewer may also notice that there are many differences between the two....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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‘Gilmore Girls’ TV Show Getting Back

- ‘Gilmore Girls’ TV Show Getting Back “Once a good show loses its way, can it ever truly regain it?” As I read that first sentence, I wondered what they were talking about, I didn’t know that one of my favorite shows; Gilmore Girls, wasn’t doing too good. As I read on, I saw that there are many daytime shows not doing as good as they used to. The West Wing is doing better than it was the past couple of seasons but its not as good as it was when it first came out. The writer compares crying because the show was so good when it first came out, to crying now because it’s not as good as it used to be and viewer miss that....   [tags: Gilmore Girls Television TV Essays]

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The Use Animals to Show the Main Themes in Of Mice and Men

- How does Steinbeck use animals to show the main themes in Of Mice and Men. This story is about two men (George and Lennie) and their desperate hope in that they will raise enough money so that they can purchase a plot of land and “live of the fatta the land”. In this essay I will discuss how Steinbeck uses animals to show the themes of, friendship/loneliness, anger/violence, cruelty/kindness and dreams. The main points that I will be discussing are, how Lennie connects with animals, how Steinbeck portrays loneliness through animals, how the American dream fuels and directs the story, how Crooks is treated like an animal and has animal instincts himself, how killing of animals foreshadows the...   [tags: English Literature]

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An Investigation to Show the Effects of Changing Temperature in Yeast Respiration

- An Investigation to Show the Effects of Changing Temperature in Yeast Respiration Brief Investigate one of the variables that effect respiration in yeast. Background Knowledge ==================== Yeast is one of the various single celled fungi that form masses of miniature circular or oval cells by budding. When placed in sugar solution the cells multiply and convert the sugar solution into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeasts are used as fermenting agents in baking, brewing and the making of wine and spirits....   [tags: Papers]

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Gawain, King Arthur, and Beowulf Show Bravery

- How Gawain, King Arthur, and Beowulf Show Bravery In Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur, John Gardner’s translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Burton Raffel’s translation of Beowulf, King Arthur, Gawain, and Beowulf are hero’s because they exhibit bravery in the face of danger. Beowulf demonstrates his bravery when he goes up against Grendal. King Arthur exhibits bravery when Mordrid challenges him. Gawain shows bravery when he goes to meet the Green Knight. All three of these men show courage when confronted with a challenge....   [tags: essays papers]

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Teen Drama: Gossip Girls

- There are a lot of television shows out there in the movie industries. One of the most loved categories of TV show is teen drama. There might be a lot of popular teen drama television shows but for different reasons I pick “Gossip Girls” as the best TV show that I have watched. This particular TV show have a lot of fans around the world and a lot of people follow the gossip girls page on Instagram and twitter. The main reasons why I chose this show as the best one is because the characters are interesting and so are the situations they get into....   [tags: television show review]

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Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting the

- Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting the culture they are writing about in Nothing's Changed and Blessing. Tatamkhulu Afrika, author of 'Nothing's Changed' has written a probably autobiographical poem, where he is revisiting scenes of his childhood; a reflective poem, that is very emotional. The poem set in South Africa, illustrates a society where rich and poor are divided. He remembers when he was a boy and the laws, enforced by police that separated the whites from the blacks....   [tags: English Literature]

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Show how these poets illustrate different aspects of love in their

- Show how these poets illustrate different aspects of love in their poems. How do the poets communicate thoughts and feelings by the words and the images they use. The poems I have read are: Porphyria's Lover; by Robert Browning, The Lady Of Shalott; by Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Eve Of St. Agnes; by John Keats, A Trampwoman's Tragedy; by Thomas Hardy. A. - It is evident that in the four poems I have read, there are different aspects of love shown in each. In 'Porphyria's Lover', Browning puts across some rather dark kinds of love; obsessive, jealous and possessive love....   [tags: English Literature]

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An Experiment to Show the Relation Between Light Intensity and Photosynthesis

- An Experiment to Show the Relation Between Light Intensity and Photosynthesis Introduction Photosynthesis takes places in the leaves of plants, mostly in the palisade layer of the leaf. Photosynthesis is the plants way of creating energy for itself(sugar), for growth, repair, storage and energy production. The test will be to find out the relationship between light intensity (voltage) and the rate of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is: Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight ---> oxygen + carbohydrate + water Or 6CO2 + 12H2O + sunlight ---> 6O 2 + C6 H12O 6 + 6H2 O Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis; therefore we will be measuring the amount or rate of this...   [tags: Papers]

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Graduation Speech: Show the World Your True Self

- There was a time when I dreaded going to high school. During the weeks before I started my freshman year, all I could picture were mazes of hallways and classrooms, unfamiliar faces of students and teachers, and upperclassmen who loved to torture frightened freshmen. Fortunately, my visions were exaggerated. I soon got into the swing of things in high school. I figured out which teachers really did give you detention if you were late to class, which classmates were safe and those I didn't want as my lab partners....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Analysis of NBC´s Blacklist

- How many shows on television do you know that offer a guilt-free antihero as its protagonist. Well, I certainly cannot think of many, and I believe that is the inaugural case as to why NBC’s The Blacklist has been this Fall’s number one show. The idea behind it is that an ingenious, criminal mastermind for some apparent reason starts to assist the FBI catch the world’s most wanted criminals, some of which they did not know existed. Although I am already a fan of the show, I do think that The Blacklist does borrow much of its premise from USA’s White Collar....   [tags: crimes, show, time, premir]

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Relationships within The Blacklist

- Arguing Secrets within The Blacklist play a huge role given the audience a sense of urgency. Although to some the show is to be just a form of entertainment, but there are others who believe that The Blacklist is a construction or the “Spectacle” ,as Guy Debord would phrase it, in which the ruling class uses spectacles to deceive the public of things that are really in effect in congress to maintain the status quo. The Blacklist shows a lot of gender stereotyping for example, Red is the main character, but has a female “side kick” which is broadcasted to be Red’s daughter Liz....   [tags: TV Show Analysis]

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Ethel Merman: Broadway´s Voice

- The Impact of Ethel Merman Ethel Merman is described by PBS as the most successful musical comedy performer of her generation. Merman is known for contributing her loud and clear vocals to the Broadway stage and changing the way that people observed women on Broadway as well (PBS). Appearing and starring in several Broadway blockbusters, her acting career appeared to go through somewhat transitional phases to where she could act less and less like herself in character. Merman left her mark as an entertainer and her voice continues to be a spectacle....   [tags: Singer, Show Business]

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