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Unemployment Solution

- Unemployment Solution In the state of California, the number of people who are receiving unemployment assistance has increased in the last few years. To help fund this increase, the budgets of many state programs have been reduced. One of the major reduction areas is in the area of state and local parks and public recreation areas. It would be a logical step to combine the people receiving unemployment with the need to maintain public areas, allowing the recipients to earn their assistance. California currently has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the entire United States....   [tags: california, population, new deal]

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The Solution Phase Is A Mix Of Similarities And Differences

- The Solution phase is a mix of similarities and differences for each model. The Rational model incorporates a decision matrix to assist with the selection of a solution. Each option is listed with three various outcomes based off the criteria and each option’s ability to solve the problem. By utilizing a matrix, the user can play each solution out in order theoretically see the likelihood of success, which provides the user with a better chance of success in solving the problem. In the pharmacy example, we took Kramm’s top three solutions into the matrix and developed possible outcomes based off the set criteria....   [tags: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions]

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Nano-microbicides are the Solution to the HIV Pandemic

- HIV spreads at alarming rates in developing countries, especially in resource pour settings and therefore the availability of microbicides would greatly empower women to protect themselves, as well as their partners against infection. The use of microbicides by women can easily be controlled and does not need the cooperation, consent or knowledge of their partners (DU TOIT et. al., 2009). The lack of effective vaccines against pathogens has stimulated the interest in the development of a topical microbicide....   [tags: HIV Pandemic Research Paper]

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Solution Focused Therapy

- Solution Focused Therapy  Solution focused therapy is a model of therapy developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in the late 1970's (Dolan, n.d.). This model has become well known for its non-traditional approach to client problems as it does not explore clients issues in relation to their cause and affect but rather the goals and solutions to achieving a future free of any present issues. i will be discussing the evident concepts, principles and intervention techniques of this particular model....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry]

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The Solution to the Problem of Teenagers Compensated Dating

- Have you ever heard the word ‘Enjo Kosai’. It means compensated dating, which is defined as men give money or luxury to attract women for companionship, some especially for sex. In 2008, an appalling new shocks all the Hong Kong people. Wong Ka-mui, a secondary student who did compensated dating, was killed and dismembered (Lo, 2008). This tragedy raised the concern of public to teenagers compensated dating, and citizens started to comprehend the severity of the issue. Why juveniles have to betray their body or even soul....   [tags: parenting, family communication]

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Investigating The Concentration Of An Unknown Solution Of Tartrazine

- Introduction Chemical compounds absorb, transmit or reflect light. They do this over a range of wavelengths through spectrophotometry. Spectrophotometry measures the amount of any chemical substance which is absorbed or transmitted. A spectrophotometer is an apparatus used to measure the intensity of light after passing through a solution. Visible spectrophotometers use light over the ultra violet range 185-400nm and visible range of 400-700nm of electromagnetic radiation. When using visible spectrophotometry to determine absorption or transmission you need to observe the colour of the solution....   [tags: Chemistry, Concentration]

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Finding a Solution: A Two Part Solution to the Hazing Problem in Fraternal Organizations

- With 123 organizations and over 9 million members in total, Greek Letter Organizations is the largest network of people in the Nation. This network include most Presidents and Vice Presidents of America, 76% of Congressmen and Senators, and”40 of the 47 [members] of the United States Supreme Court Justices since 1910”. In many of your campuses your students leaders are normally consist of Greek Members, who also serve in many of leadership positions in their organization as well. Men ad Woman who wear Greek Letters complete the most service hours, over 10 million, each year in the world....   [tags: greek members, universities, combat hazing]

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Foreclosure Crisis Solution

- Foreclosure Crisis Solution When it comes to problem solving, there is always a three point system to follow: The first point, is to identify the exact problem at hand to the point where whatever problem we find can no longer be broken down and we have one clear issue. Next, we have to identify if a solution has been made available through some past event instead of “reinventing the wheel.” Finally, the last point is simply application of the solution. Now, in the case of the foreclosure crisis, we can try to fix problems here and there, go back to what caused problems in the first place and in a sense, try to reverse that process, but those are quick fixes that are comparable to placing...   [tags: Economics]

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The Effect of Catalyst an the Rate Of Reaction

- The Effect of Catalyst an the Rate Of Reaction Chemistry Coursework Does The Number of Drops of Catalyst Effect The Rate Of Reaction Candidate Name: Ben Dodds Candidate Number: 7158 School: Oundle School Completion Date: Introduction We are studying the reaction between zinc and sulphuric acid, the reaction is catalysed by copper sulphate and this experiment is to test whether the amount of drops effect the rate of reaction. Word Equation Zinc(s) + Sulphuric acid(aq) à Hydrogen(g) + Zinc Sulphate(aq) Symbol Equation Zn + H2SO4 à H + ZnSO4 This reaction is catalysed by Copper sulphate (CuSO4) Ionic Equation - Cancel Spectator ion (SO42-) Zn + 2H+ à Zn2+ + H2 For this reaction...   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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A Critical Role Of A Buffer On The Ph Of A Solution

- A buffer is a weak substance that minimizes changes in the pH of a solution with the addition of mall quantities of acid or base. Buffers typically consists of a weak acid and its conjugate base. Buffers play a critical role in biological processes. Because a buffer is a weak acid, it is only partially ionized and in a state of equilibrium. When an acid is added to a buffer, the buffer will minimize the decrease in pH by neutralizing the acid; the conjugate base will react with the proton released by the acid and reform the original weak acid....   [tags: Acid dissociation constant, PH, Acid]

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A Soluble Solution: Science Fair Project

- A SOLUBLE SEPARATION My science fair project is to find the solubility of salt and sand.Solubility is the measure of how much solute can dissolve in a given solvent at a given temperature.A solute is the part of a solution that is dissolved by a solvent.A solvent is the part of a solution that is usually present in the largest amount and dissolves a solute.A solution is a mixture containing a solvent and at least one solute that has the same properties throughout; a mixture in which one substance is dissolved in another....   [tags: solubility, temperature, chemical]

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Disarment, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Outer Space: Mongolia´s Stand

- ... It is fundamental for both disarmament and development. The 18th paragraph explains that non-military threats are one of the main worries of global concerns. Degradation of the environment presents a threat to sustainable development. The world cannot be a secure place due to inequalities between wealth and poverty. The 3rd chapter of the final document is about military spending and the costs of military expenditures. Military production or employment provokes a reduction in jobs due to the money spent on military related production instead of civil projects....   [tags: Arms, Control, Solution]

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Is A Two State Solution The Fairest Resolution

- Is a Two-State Solution the Fairest Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began with the state of Israel declaring independence just ahead of the official end to the British Mandate in Palestine in 1948. While there were some minor conflicts and skirmishes between the Arabs and the Jews prior to 1948, those ongoing tension erupted into a full civil war and countless bloody battles that have claimed the lives of many innocent people and have dominated the international political arena for over seven decades....   [tags: Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Palestine]

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Regulating Interest Rates as a Solution to the Recession

- Today’s financial crisis has deeply impacted all areas of life not only in the United States, but also the rest of the world. Company giants such as Circuit City® and Merrill Lynch® have fallen victim to the financial crisis. One of the biggest industries the financial crisis has had an impact on has been the housing market. Everyday newspapers, journal articles, and television media cover stories regarding foreclosures around the country. To regain financial control of the world and domestic economy, one must begin with the housing market....   [tags: recession, USA, economy,]

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Analysis Of The Article ' The 97 Percent Solution '

- Summary of The Article “The 97 Percent Solution” In his article “The 97 percent solution.”, Ian Tuttle provides the scientific doubts on the claim by the White House that, “Ninety-seven percent of scientists concur and agree that there is global warming and anthropogenic impact.” Since the satellite measuring the temperature shows no significant warming change for the last 18 years, global warming alarmist called the situation “the pause”. On the other hand, 97% of scientists declare that the earth is warming up and it is mainly a result of human activity....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change]

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Foreclosure Solution Scholarship

- This is a subject that has hit quite close to home for me. Recently, my parents underwent a financial hardship and subsequently lost their house this past year. They tried all available avenues to them to renegotiate the note, but they kept finding themselves in a Catch 22. Ultimately, after 2 years of trying to refinance, sell and proceed with so-called “work out plans” I helped them negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure just before a sell date was scheduled by the bank for their home in a full foreclosure....   [tags: Foreclosures,]

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The War On Drugs : A Long Lasting Solution

- For several years, including today there have been many attempts to decrease drug use, which if it is not treated usually leads to a higher rate of crime, hence, “the war on drugs”. However, there are only small solutions that may get rid of some few problems temporarily rather than a long lasting solution. By creating harsh sentencing towards illegal drug use, it effects society in the long run. Consequences should be held for those accountable, however, a more realistic approach would be having more facilities not necessarily prison, but rehab homes and centers that are set for drug treatment, mental illness and rehabilitation....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Substance abuse]

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The Decentralization of Hong Kong as a Traffic Solution

- Another suggested solution would be the decentralization of Hong Kong, in the sense of adding a new Central Business District outside of the current one. This would shift the concentrated movement towards the current CBD to another location, alleviating both above and underground congestions. Ideally, this would cut the traffic by almost a half in the current CBD, as it would be divided into two separate areas. The solution also has other advantages, such as creating new jobs in the newly developed CBD, and providing more monetary revenue for the economy of Hong Kong....   [tags: congestion, railway, prices]

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Looking for a Beneficial Solution to the Syrian Crisis

- Introduction The time has come for all parties – national, regional and international to take credible steps toward a mutually beneficial resolution to the Syrian crisis. The war between Bashar al-Assad’s administration and the rebels has reached an impasse. Neither side has been able to deliver a decision blow and the record on resolving civil wars is clear – until external actors reach some sort form of accommodation, they will continue to fund and arm their proxies, and the war will continue indefinitely....   [tags: UN, united states, saudi arabia]

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Multitasking Is The Solution For Us As College Students

- We as college students believe that doing multiple tasks at once is the most efficient way to accomplish our priorities in the limited time we have each and everyday. School, study, work, family and a social life are all tasks juggled by students and finding a way to get all done at once seems to be a great solution. Multitasking seems to be the solution to our busy lives, but is it really the best way to successfully complete every task needed to be done in a day. Multitasking is utilized in every aspect of students lives, in and outside of the classroom, and many are guilty of this almost essential part of our everyday lives....   [tags: Term, Time, Task, Focusing]

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Colloidal Solution With Magnetite Iron Oxide

- The purpose of this lab is to prepare a colloidal solution with magnetite iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles suspended in it. This colloidal solution is referred to as Ferrofluid. In addition, this lab also aims to examine the unique magnetic properties of ferrofluid. Generally, ferrofluids consist of very small magnetic fragments of iron oxide that are suspended in solution. These fragments are considered nanoparticles due to their extremely small size (~10 nm in diameter). They do not dissolve in the liquid they are in....   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Magnet, Paramagnetism]

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Donald Bloxham's The Final Solution: A Genocide

- Bloxham's book ‘The final solution: A genocide’ has brought about much criticism and debate. In this book Bloxham “seeks to situate the mass-murder of European Jewry between 1941 and 1945 within the broader history of European genocide from 1875 to 1945” . In this, he challenges the uniqueness of the holocaust, and presents the argument that the full meaning of the holocaust and final solution can only be completely understood, if it is placed in the larger context of genocide. Bloxham argues that “the history of the holocaust is itself an international history, and international history always has comparative dimensions” ....   [tags: book analysis/review]

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The Legal Aid Solution For A Long Time

- Solutions People have been searching for the legal aid solution for a long time, and suggestions have been made in the past that have not been implemented. One suggestion is “to pass laws to allow paralegals to do some of the work now being done only by lawyers,” which would decrease the workload of lawyers and more people could access legal aid because of the increase in workforce (National Council of Welfare, 1995, p.9). Obviously paralegals cannot do everything that a lawyer can do because they have not gone through the same schooling, but they are still highly educated and qualified individuals who could be useful in legal aid work....   [tags: Lawyer, Law, Justice, Legal systems of the world]

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Democracy Is The Perfect Solution For Running A Country

- Many people have the perception of democracy as the perfect solution to running a country. This may be because we often use the idea of democracy in our everyday lives. For example, children in schools have incorporated voting as a mechanism for making decisions such as choosing activities and electing class council members. It is also becoming more and more popular in the workplace as it’s fair nature is appealing for any kind of policy making. So what else can we expect. From a young age we have been taught that democracy is fair and efficient but the reality is that this is not the case....   [tags: Elections, Election, Voting, Democracy]

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The Solution to the Immoral, Unwinnable War on Drugs

- ... Medical marijuana is common in the USA and Canada for conditions such as crohn's disease, whereas in the UK the continued blanket ban on forms of cannabis that aren't GW Pharmaceuticals' Sativex means that costs are too high for it to be used to help sufferers (Erhorn, 2010). Decriminalization would be a solution to all these problems, and more. Decriminalization: Why this is the route our nation must take. Economically intelligent: There is no doubt that decriminalising drugs would be an economically smart move for the United Kingdom to take....   [tags: incarceration, decriminalization, economics]

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Medical Malpractice Litigation Issues: Is There A Solution?

- Medical Malpractice Litigation Issues: Is There A Solution. Healthcare law is constantly growing daily now more than ever before. We are seeing an increase in health policies with the Affordable Care Act, which in turn are calling for a great number of health lawyers to support, dictate, enforce, and control this new legislation. The rate that this is unfolding is exponential and is truly a growing aspect of our society today. Personally, this is my main interest and the opportunity and growth for law in the healthcare system is what drives me daily to keep me interested in all the new happenings and emerging issues....   [tags: healthcare law, affordable care act]

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Proposed Solution for Solving the Foreclosure Problem

- My proposed solution for the foreclosure problem has several parts. They include eliminating and legally banning interest only loans, mandatory loan modifications, government tax incentives to stay in a potentially foreclosed home and consumer education. Many years ago the mortgage companies created the thirty year home loan. It seems like this extended payment plan would benefit the homeowner by allowing more time to pay for the mortgage. The payments were smaller and more affordable than those of a shorter loan....   [tags: real estate]

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Outline Of Recommended Solution And Alternative Approaches

- 3.1 Summary of Recommended Solution and Alternative Approaches Considered The investment will integrate a pricing engine that allows the GI business greater flexibility and agility to make pricing algorithm changes. In practice, the change will provide GI’s Pricing team with control to manipulate pricing logic and implement changes with minimal involvement from ES. Consequently pricing changes will be market and business-driven to improve; speed to market, ability to leverage advanced analytics, enable improved risk selection, and further extend our leadership in customer-based pricing....   [tags: Project management, Risk management]

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Global Institutions are the Solution to Global Poverty

- Global institutions are seen to be the better solution to help prevent world poverty in developing nations. Indeed, two philosophers, Thomas Pogge and Andrew Kuper, agree with this view that global institutions are more suited to prevent world poverty than NGOs. The reason for this is that global institutions have better defined institutional structures. A global institution “is an organization with hierarchical structures, having departments and agencies assigned with specific tasks” (WTO). They generally generate internal resources for their operations....   [tags: world poverty essay]

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The Correct Solution to the Problem of Self-Identity

- Identity can be defined as the way you perceive or define you, or whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable in terms of possessing a set of qualities or characteristics that distinguish it from other entities, or what makes me, me and you, you. In philosophy, identity is essentially sameness (Solomon, Higgins, and Martin 296). In this sense, identity consists of what makes you a unique individual and distinguishes you from others. Identity is also how you define yourself and the structure of your life made up of learned values and principles....   [tags: entity, definable, recognizable, perception]

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The Survival Game: The Solution for Overcrowed Prisons

- ... The next year when the other tributes are being rounded up the winner from the previous year will join them for another fight and if the same prisoner wins five years in a row he will be granted freedom and pardon of their crimes. One advantage of this bill is it will help get the nation financially. The government will be able to profit from the money that is gained from the yearly shows and off of the selling of the dead tributes bodies to zoo and cannibal tribes. Because the government will need someone to test the bodies for diseases, process and package the bodies, ship the merchandise, and set up the arena for the yearly survival games; this bill will create new jobs for inner citi...   [tags: convicts, body, advantage]

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Case Study : It Solution And Next Steps

- Case Study, Stage 4: IT Solution and Next Steps I. Introduction Strategy for competitive Advantage-Focus Business Process to be Improved-Employee Scheduling System II. Proposed IT Solution-Employee Scheduling System from Time Curve. The Employee Scheduling System allows for Managerial staff to assign staff schedule based on client need. Time Curve allows a free trial period of one month and there after charges a monthly fee based on client/employee pairing of $1 per pair and one user (scheduling staff) for a fee of $5....   [tags: User, Login, Unix, Cloud computing]

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The Problem With College Tuition And Its Solution

- The Problem with College Tuition and its Solution Today in America, students graduate from college but struggle to pay off their student debt for years. Other times, smart individuals drop out of college because they cannot afford to pay the rest of their college tuition. In the 1960s and 1970s, tuition was only a small fraction of what it is today, and many were able to afford it with the money they earned over the summer. However, as the years went by, college tuition became expensive and eventually started to rise faster than inflation....   [tags: University, Higher education, College, Education]

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Identifying A Social Issue And Devising A Solution

- Final Reflection When given the task of identifying a social issue and devising a solution, I will admit, my faith in myself and my group could have been stronger. Prior to this project, my group members and I had never interacted, much less spoken, talked to each other. With that being said, I truly lucked out being put in a group with Althea, Matthew, and Jose. A more different group of people could not have been thrown together, but I think that perhaps we worked so well together because of our varied opinions, ideas, and backgrounds....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Sociology, Learning]

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Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis: Lending Laws

- The current foreclosure crisis in America has directly impacted thousands of homeowners who have lost or are losing their homes. It has indirectly affected nearly every American, as it is the underpinning of our current economic recession. In order to resolve this crisis, we first need to understand how we got to this point. With that understanding, we can look for solutions, and then try to prevent this from happening again. In regards to a solution, I have come up with three steps that could be taken to repair our nation’s foreclosure problem....   [tags: Foreclosures, lenders,]

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Electrical Dependency of California: Problem and Solution

- Electrical Dependency of California: Problem and Solution Californians depend on electricity. It powers everything from the phone we use to the freezer that stores goods at the local grocery store. Electricity is part of the infrastructure of California, similar in nature to water supply and food supply. Without the electrical grid system, urbanized society will not function. Electricity is a commodity and a necessity. However, recent failures in power supply due to man-made errors and harsh weather question the stability of the power system....   [tags: stability of the power system]

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The Problem With Obesity And A Solution Should Be Regulated

- Canada has a problem with obesity and a solution should be established. Junk food is easily accessible and because of this, low-income families are more likely to buy bigger quantities of it due to lower costs. Obesity can lead to diseases and serious illnesses, some of the most likely illnesses to get from obesity include Type 2 Diabetes, Uterine Cancer, and Gallbladder Disease. While these illnesses and diseases are bad, the population of people that have them can be decreased by decreasing the amount of sugary, carbonated, and high sodium foods humans consume....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Obesity, Junk food]

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Year Round Schooling : The Solution Or The Problem?

- Year-Round Schooling; The Solution or the Problem. The great Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This is proof that trial and error are not always a bad thing; it is how one learns. Schools everywhere today are using trial and error to decipher the most efficient way of learning. Most schools are sticking with their normal routine, while others are trying something completely new to everyone. These schools are experimenting with year-round schooling, also known as YRS....   [tags: Year-round school, School, High school, Education]

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Using Our Best Ecommerce Solution

- We provide you with ready–to-use, effective templates that are customized for each of your market, your business and your target audience. All your need to do is use our best ecommerce solution , to easily create your storefront, in exactly the way you want it We provide you with ready–to-use, effective templates that are customized for each of your market, your business and your target audience. All your need to do is use our best ecommerce solution , to easily create your storefront, in exactly the way you want it We provide you with ready–to-use, effective templates that are customized for each of your market, your business and your target audience....   [tags: Marketing,, Economics terminology]

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A Solution to Poor Sales of Sony Televisions

- Executive Summary: This report is designed to find a solution to poor sales of Sony televisions. Our research shows that Sony needs to develop a large, high quality, Internet enabled 3-D LCD television that easily integrates with competitor products for a competitive price. Literature Review: Sony is not making a television that meets consumer wants and needs. Sony’s television division is losing money and they don’t have a concrete plan to turn things around. Sony who was once the number two television producer in the world has fallen further behind Samsung and has been overtaken by LG (Hyun-joo, 2010)....   [tags: Research Summary]

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Foster Care : The Single Solution For Children

- There is extensive recognition that for many children outside of parental care, family supported care provides a better option to residential care. Though, in different countries of the world, foster care, an important system for giving this family-supported care, keeps under-resourced and hardly used (Murray, Tarren‐Sweeney, & France, 2011). This research observes this clear contradiction. It is essential not to observe foster care as the single solution for children in need of optional care. Decisions regarding whether to place children in foster care should be established on a case-by-case basis, thinking the best intentions of the child, and the evidence on the importance of supporting c...   [tags: Foster care, Adoption]

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Electroplating Experiment

- Electroplating Experiment Aim To find the amount copper gains or loses on the electrodes using different amounts of current each time during electrolysis. How the changing of current affects the electroplating of copper. Introduction Electroplating is generally carried out in order to improve the appearance or corrosion resistance of the surface of a metal by electrodepositing a thin layer of metal ion on it. The metal substrate to be coated is made by the cathode in an electrolytic cell....   [tags: Papers]

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Wind Power: The Solution to Global Warming?

- President Barrack Obama addresses global warming, "We have to all shoulder the responsibility for keeping the planet habitable, or we're going to suffer the consequences -- together." (Leader). President Obama is explaining how more than one person or even nation causes global warming; hence, everyone needs to do their part to stop it and start healing the Earth. Global warming, an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting from pollution, is presently a major worldwide dilemma due to its influences on the endangerment of living organisms....   [tags: fuel alternative, fossil fuel, harnessing methods]

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Notes On Child Labor And Its Solution

- Throughout this course, I have learned a lot regarding the writing process and have been able to further practice and adapt my writing style accordingly. To start off, I learned how an interesting and engaging title is important in order to grab a reader’s attention. Although there are many different styles that can be used when forming a title, I found that titles are most intriguing when they are formed as a question. Through writing my essays and proposal on child labor and its solution, I also learned the importance of citing scholarly sources....   [tags: Rhetoric, Writing, Grammar, Source]

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Dayton 's Solution : Diversity And Discrimination

- Dayton’s Solution to a National Issue: Diversity and Discrimination “Pressing”, for lack of a better word, describes the urgency for which a study must be promulgated, specifically a study that attempts to unravel, at the minimum, a piece of the profound racial disparity that plagues the United States and puzzles its citizens. Across the nation, major cities are experiencing an outcry from an array of minority parties, all of which find singularity in the disapproval of the recent president-elect....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Higher education]

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The Effect and the Solution of the Food Habit in Indonesia

- ... When we consume food with high glycemic index, the carbohydrate inside the food quickly absorbed by the body, which makes the glucose level in our blood suddenly increase. The time when carbohydrate inside the food fully absorbed, the blood glucose level is decreasing which makes us feel hungry and the body gives signal to make us crave foods while in our body there are still lot of unburned calories which will be converted into fat. Fried food also increase the fat level to the consumer’s body because it is cooked by using cooking oil which is a fat....   [tags: traditional food, alternative ingredients]

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The Company 's Invoice Automation Solution

- I. History TEOCO was once an S Corporation known as the Strategic Technology Group founded in 1994. Their focus from the beginning was to offer high quality consultancy for IT projects. Their first clients were Mobil, Siemens, Cable and Wireless, SRA, TRW, and Freddie Mac. Operations began in April 1995 and the company changed their name to TEOCO(The Employee Owned Company) by March 1998. (Strategic Management, 2015) Once the number of employees increased and rose passed 75 TEOCO could no longer be considered as an S Corporation and had to change its status to a C Corporation....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, President]

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Causes and Solution of Juvenile Delinquency in America

- “Nearly every year the FBI arrests more than 3300 young adults under the age of 18” (Khan).Juvenile delinquency can be caused by the influence gangs,bullying, and bad parenting. This topic caught my attention because there a lot of kids getting arrested each year for crimes committed and kids getting involved in gangs, also kids getting access to weapons,drugs, or getting bully by other people. However juvenile delinquency can be prevented by offering bullying prevention, violence prevention curriculums and mentoring programs....   [tags: gang members, bullied victims, parenting]

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Overpopulation and Education: The Birth Control Solution

- In 2011, our world population reached a staggering 7 billion. Before then, our population was already concerned about limited resources and paranoia about the future. Many were and still are “going green.” Amongst coming to a population of 7 billion came the term overpopulation. The term basically speaks for itself, we might be over populated. But, is overpopulation a problem; if so, what can we do about it. Today, I will be presenting about overpopulation, including statistics, and the effects taken on the economy....   [tags: biodiversity, water supply, china]

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Causes, Effects and Solution of Water Polution

- Thesis Statement: Water Pollution is a current issue that has serious consequences; it progresses everyday in our lakes, oceans, rivers and other bodies of water. Outline: I. Introduction a. Information about pollution b. Thesis Statement II. Pure sources/ Natural beauty a. Water is essential b. Valuable resource on earth c. Natural resource that should be taken care of III. Increases health issues a. Water pollution is the leading cause of death b. Viruses/ Diseases c. Not pure/ Contains chemicals IV. Worsens living conditions a. Food chain/ Food supply b. Unable to drink clean water or attend polluted beaches c. Oil spills V. Solutions/ Conclusion a. Recycle b. Conserve water c. Don’t lit...   [tags: natural resources, conserving water, oil]

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Social Welfare: America Needs a Solution

- Social Welfare: America Needs a Solution A single divorcee’ mother of two is working a minimum waged job that doesn’t pay life’s cost of survival. Not only does this mother have to take care of herself, she has children that need shelter, nourishment, and stability. In order for that to be possible, help is needed. Most people, majority is fathers, have too much pride to ask for help because of the image. Being on social welfare promotes the ego dropping image that one cannot provide for themselves or their family....   [tags: poverty, unemployment, assistance]

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Research Misconduct Problem And Its Solution

- Research Misconduct Problem and its Solution. Last November, former professor Monazza Maheen resigned from the University faculty after admitting that her written work contained unattributed, precise extracts and unsuitable references of other scholars’ work and she improperly cited previously published materials. Plagiarism was found in material dating back to her dissertation when she was being reviewed for tenure in the Biology and the Higher Education Commission. After finding some irregularities, the members of committee then approached Dean Nazeer Hussain and showed him what they found....   [tags: Copyright, Ethics, University, Public domain]

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Solution Internet Connectivity Project Proposal

- C3J Solutions Internet Connectivity Project Proposal C3J Solutions would like to thank Northeastern Health Services, Inc. (NHS) for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the NHS internet connection project. Following is our proposal for an Internet connection that will meet the NHS business objective. NHS is a Maine-based health services company who accommodates underserved patients in rural parts of the state. Recently, the NHS decided to expand services by adding branch offices in towns near the Canadian border to: · Provide state-of-the-art health services to patients by offering medical imaging services with rapid diagnoses....   [tags: Health care, Internet, Medicine]

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Hitler´s Plan: The Final Solution

- ... They called this list the Undesirable list. The list included a total of 8 groups. The groups were Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Poles and other Slavs, political dissidents and dissenting clergy, persons with physical or mental dissabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and some other victims like German- Africans. Jewish people were only half of the people who died in the Holocaust. Hitler hated Jews for a long time. When he was Chancellor he made a series of policies and laws that forced the Jews to do certain thing and that Jews could not do certain things....   [tags: holocaust, eliminate jews people]

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- Electrolysis Aim: The aim of the investigation is to find the amount of copper gained or lost on the electrodes using a different amounts of current each time during electrolysis. How does the changing of the current and surrounding temperature effect the electrodes. Variables: Throughout the experiment I will change the amount of current used. I will measure the weight of the electrodes after each test. To make the test fair I will be keeping the same electrodes throughout the experiment....   [tags: Papers]

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The Final Solution

- The Final Solution There are two main schools of thought amongst historians about the Final Solution and only one of them is right. The 'intentionalist' theory is that of one which places Hitler at the helm where he is seen to have had the intention from the beginning (even before his rise to power) to exterminate the Jews. International Jewry was blamed for the humiliation of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, and German Jewry was accused of betraying Germany in World War I....   [tags: Papers]

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Implementation of solution

- Implementation of solution Resources The hardware and the software are the main resource which I have used, in which is essential because one can’t work without the other working. Hardware is the actual pieces of equipment in an information processing system that we can touch and see. Examples are: - Keyboard - Mouse - Printer Software are the programs which are written to assist computer users, they cannot be touched. Examples are: - Data - Memory - Programmes The hardware that I used Pentium three was the system I have used, which has the speed of 1 Giga hertz 512 mega bytes ram (random access memory), 39 Giga bytes hard drive....   [tags: Computer Science]

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The final solution

- The final solution It seems as though Present day Americans have “Super sized” their way of life from what it was in the past. People are buying larger houses, shopping at huge department stores, and buying goods in bulk. It also seems like people are living an accelerated lifestyle with a schedule primarily composed of business. New technology in communications and transportation has provided us with the necessary machines that get us through the day. Every morning, millions of Americans rely on their cars to carry them safely to work; most, make the journey alive....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Possible Solutions to the Youth Violence Problem

- Possible Solutions to the Youth Violence Problem The birds are chirping, the sun is beaming down through the clouds, and you can hear the shrieks of excitement from the neighborhood park. Walking down the street, you envision raising your family on this picture-perfect street. As the vision becomes more and more detailed, however, the shot of a gun rings out from the distance. You duck behind a parked car, wondering where the bullet came from and why. Looking around, you are shocked to see a group of adolescents standing around another child, this one laying lifeless on the ground....   [tags: Solutions Essays]

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Violence Against Women Is Not A New Social Issue And Pamela Copper Whites ' Book The Cry Of Tamar

- Violence against women is not a new social issue and Pamela Copper-Whites’ book The Cry of Tamar does well in bringing this to light not only as a social issue but as a religious issues as well. Tamar’s story sheds light on the violence and degradation of women in the biblical times. Many of the violent and uncomfortable situation s women deal with are mentioned in her book in particular battered women and domestic violence touched home with me. Sexual harassment however is one of those topics that also disturbs me as in my opinion it seems to proceed most cases of rape or sexual assault....   [tags: Sociology, Domestic violence, Violence, Abuse]

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Speciation and Origin of Particulate Copper in Runoff Water from a Mediterranean Vineyard Catchment

- Speciation and Origin of Particulate Copper in Runoff Water from a Mediterranean Vineyard Catchment Fungicide treatments have led to large copper contents of the topsoils of most vineyards. This paper examines the contamination of surface waters by copper in a Mediterranean wine-growing catchment. Its aims were to characterise the forms of copper associated with suspended matter during a heavy autumn storm event and to identify which soils contribute the most to the copper exports. 1. Introduction Copper has been used to protect vines against fungus disease since the end o the eighteenth century ( affor-gue,1928)....   [tags: Papers]

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Poverty and Diseases in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Local and Global Solutions

- ... Neil Gilbert in his article, What Poverty Means, defines poverty as, "a level of subsistence that barely afforded sufficient food, lodging and clothing (85)." FAO states that around 870 million people out of the 7.1 billion in the world, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012; where in Tanzania, nearly 70% of the population suffered from poverty in 2008, and the chronic undernourishment percentage has risen from 32% to 39% between 2008 and 2012 ("The State of Food Insecurity in the World" 32)....   [tags: under-development, factors and solutions]

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Face-to-Face Communication in Special Situations

- In addressing the families and co-workers about the 30 workers that are trapped in the Chilean Copper Mine. I feel that it is best to understand that they people are scared and the best form of communication would be face to face. In face-to-face communication you are able to show empathy and comfort in a scary time. When the message, about the workers that are trapped 300 meters underground, is delivered to the family members a worker from the company needs to do these one by one. Bringing these 30 miners families to the site may cause an up roar so it is best to get to these families individual to create less mayhem....   [tags: copper mine, chilean miners, face to face]

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Solutions to the Underage Drinking Problem

- Solutions to the Underage Drinking Problem As more and more innocent lives are taken by accidents involving alcohol, it's no wonder why the drinking age is enforced. Consumption of alcohol doesn't just pertain to drinking and driving but is also involved in teen deaths such as suicide, homicide, and other accidents including drowning. Last year, 224 Texans under the age of 21 died in traffic accidents caused by drunken drivers. How well is it being enforced though. A Gallup Youth Survey taken in May of 2001, found that 51% of teens between the ages of 13-17 said it is pretty easy to get alcohol....   [tags: Solutions Proposal Essays Alcohol]

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Investigating How Length and Width of Copper Wire Affect the Current of a Circuit

- Investigating How Length and Width of Copper Wire Affect the Current of a Circuit Task: To investigate how length and width of copper wire affect on the current of a circuit. Prediction: In this experiment, the input variable will be changing the length of the copper wire used in the experiment, and also the SWG of the wire, which means the width of the wire. By changing this variable, the current the circuit will vary. With my knowledge in science and some research on the factors that affect a circuit's resistance....   [tags: Papers]

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The Mining Of Copper Mining

- Sulfide mining has been a highly debated topic in the northern part of Minnesota. Companies such as PolyMet and Twin Metal have proposed sulfide mining in the area despite the public’s opposition. Sulfide mining will permanently damage the environment around it. Although we are given the hopes of new employment opportunities, the mining would be a burden for the taxpayers as many companies fail to do well in the boom or bust economy associated with mining and the taxpayers are left having to cover up the cleanup costs....   [tags: Environmentalism, Environment, Proposals]

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The Effect of Solution Concentration on Osmosis

- The Effect of Solution Concentration on Osmosis The aim of my experiment is to find out the effect of sucrose solution concentration on osmosis in potato cylinders. To do this I will conduct an experiment. Introduction To carry out my experiment, I will place the potato tubes into a solution containing part sucrose and part water. The potato tubes will all be cut out of the potato using a cork borer and will all be cut to the length of 25mm. This will remain constant throughout each experiment....   [tags: Papers]

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Determining the Concentration of a Limewater Solution

- Determining the Concentration of a Limewater Solution Introduction Previous to conducting my experiment, research was carried out and the results of it adapted to aid me in solving the problem set. In the Advanced Chemistry Student’s Book by Nuffield, on page 86, I found a similar experiment to mine with a description of implementation, which aided me in the fact that I discovered the temperature of my solution did not need to be taken. This was because the solution of calcium hydroxide they used was saturated, and therefore they measured the temperature of the saturated solution along with its solubility, due to the fact that the solubility of saturated subs...   [tags: Lab Report]

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The Place and Time of The Final Solution

- The Place and Time of The Final Solution In this essay I am going to explain how and where the final solution took place for the Holocaust. In my opinion and according to some historical evidence, I am going to explain how the final solution took place. Firstly there are the logistics, for example how Hitler began with the processes of transportation, and with the help of Echman, Heydrict and Himmler it soon led to the eviction of Jews from their homes then the running of Ghettos, the concentration camps and extermination camps....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating Which Metal Combination Gives Out the Most Voltage in a Solution

- Investigating Which Metal Combination Gives Out the Most Voltage in a Solution Background Metals are an order of chemical elements in the periodic table. They are arranged in atomic number. All of them are solid (apart from mercury), good thermal and electrical conductors and are shiny when polished. Metals and non - metals are separated in the table by a diagonal line. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The reactivity series is a table to show which metals are most reactive to the least reactive....   [tags: Papers]

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The Analysis of the Final Solution in Europe

- The Analysis of the Final Solution in Europe The Final Solution was a major plan to get rid of all Jews in Europe, which had started long before Extermination camps were set up, and was a systematic process to slowly declass and isolate the Jews as citizens and work on disposing of what was believed to be a weak race. Prior to Nazi anti-Semitism, the Jews were discriminated against from the medieval era, as Jews were seen as those responsible for the death of Jesus, but never before had a countries’ official policy consisted of genocide....   [tags: Papers]

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The Final Solution to the Jewish Question

- The Final Solution to the Jewish Question If one were to look for "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question" in a history book, they would not find it. They would however find the Holocaust. For many, this word bears great meaning, it is the reason their friends are gone, or their family is dead. The Final Solution is the beginning of the Holocaust, it is what brought about this genocide. The Holocaust refers to the period from January 30, 1933, when Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany, to May 8, 1945, when the war in Europe ended....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance Of A Technical Operations Enterprise Software Solution

- Work related conflict explanation A recent conflict I have seen at my place of work is related to a major project I am currently working on. The project is to establish a Technical Operations Enterprise Software Solution. The necessity of this project was created by the merger of two airlines and the regulatory requirements mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to establish configuration management and control of aircraft assets operating under a new single certificate (e.g. 14 CFR Part 121 Air Carrier Certification) (FAA, 2015 )....   [tags: Project management, Management, Decision making]

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Not a Magic Solution to School Problems

- Not a Magic Solution to School Problems School uniform policies are often referred to as a Band-Aid solution. They help hide more serious problems at the school by giving the school a nice look. Surveys of students and teachers show that in general people believe a well-dressed person is more intelligent and better behaved. Politicians like the look of school uniforms; many of them support this cause until the schools ask for more money. Uniforms are often implemented in schools that are overcrowded and have lower test scores....   [tags: School Uniforms Education Essays]

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Is Xenotransplantation an Ethical Solution or Disaster?

- Is Xenotransplantation an ethical solution or disaster. The audience for this paper is comprised of those readers looking to gain knowledge on the issue of xenotransplantation. This group of people is unaware of the dynamics of the ethical arguments surrounding this current issue. This audience does not have a specific age or belief, reflecting the varied positions of the argument. Due to this hunger for factual information, they do not wish to have someone else’s views imposed on them. Instead, they wish to define and establish a view of their own....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Schizophrenics and Schizophrenia: Drugs are NOT the Solution

- Schizophrenics and Schizophrenia: Drugs are NOT the Solution Last month, I shadowed a physician for four days. When I arrived at her office on the first day, she said to me, "Prepare yourself, we are going to the Provident." The Provident is a nursing home for the severely mentally ill. Many of the patients living there are under fifty years old, some are as young as thirty. None of the residents have any money. All are receiving welfare and are on Medicare. We entered the building into a room where approximately 15 people were sitting in chairs....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Web Filters are Not the Solution

- Web Filters are Not the Solution The scene is perfectly clear in my mind. Twelve years old and just home from an overnight stay with a friend, I walked in the door with a Sex Pistols patch on my backpack, a clip-on earring in my ear, and a cherry Kool-Aid dye job. The initial looks of shock and horror on the faces of my parents were priceless - that is until they opened their mouths. I was grounded for a month, forbidden to stay overnight at any friends house for the rest of the year, and told that any music I bought would have to be screened by my parents first....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Last Solution for Outbreak of Gangs?

- Last Solution For Outbreak of Gangs. Currently being discussed in Congress is the Anti-gang Bill, also known as the “Gangbusters Bill”. This bill would turn gang-related violent offenses into federal crimes punishable by mandatory sentences of at least ten years, expand the range of crimes punishable by death, and allow U.S. prosecutors to try 16 and 17 year old gang members as adults in federal courts. One unfortunate effect of this new bill will be the progressing overcrowding of federal prisons....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Solution to America's Violence Problem

- The Solution to America's Violence Problem Violence in America is becoming more of a concern to everyone in our nation. Among the traditional scapegoats are media desensitization, broken homes and the always popular presence of guns in America. I do believe that the problem is one that should be solved, but I do not think that the proper solution is one that is given enough consideration: Not a high enough presence of guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens in America. It is widely believed that without guns, humans would not be able to kill their fellow man....   [tags: Papers]

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Technology is the Solution to Overpopulation

- Technology is the Solution to Overpopulation About ten years ago while in a science museum, I saw a counter that estimated what the world population was at that given moment. Innocuous at first glance, since a number in excess of five billion is difficult to comprehend, what became alarming after watching the counter for a minute was the continual increase in the population. Thinking about the circumstances related to the population rise logically made the problem seem apparent. The earth is finite both in terms of physical size and in resources but the population is growing towards an infinite value....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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