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Conversations of Nanko and Konan

- Conversations of Nanko and Konan Nanko: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nanko. Talking with me is my colleague and friend, Konan. Say hello, Konan. Konan: Hello, Konan. Nanko: No, I mean say hello to the reader. Konan: Hello to the reader. Nanko: Perfect. Konan: Thank you. Nanko: Prior to your arrival (your meaning you, the reader,) Konan and I were having a little discussion. In reality, I was doing all the discussing in this conversation because I was, to put it bluntly, complaining vigorously....   [tags: Writing Education Communication Essays]

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You Tube Users' Conversations, Even Better

- YouTube users' conversations, even better Are you like me who loves to share or voice out your ideas and opinion on YouTube’s comment box. Who enjoys watching your favorite artists new music video, or you just love watching any video that meets your interests and makes you happy. Well, Youtube has good news for its billions of users. With the help of Google+ YouTube has made commenting even better and importance of all, secured. Because now, with Youtube’s new system we have different options or choices on how we would want to view or see the comments of other users, whether it’s on our uploaded video or videos made by other users....   [tags: websites used for sharing, modern communication]

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Kitchen Conversations in Russia

- Kitchen Conversations in Russia Russians say, “Russia is a country of kitchen conversations.” From time to time people get together in the kitchen and hold long conversations. Using very ordinary attributes, Russian people created a unique custom that can tell a lot about Russian character, perhaps more than volumes of history books. Over the course of last century, “kitchen conversations” affected Russian society at all levels and became a symbol of freedom from communist thought control and Russian people’s dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in their country....   [tags: Russia Soviet Union Politics Essays]

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Great Conversations

- Great Conversations In Robert M. Hutchins essay, ”Preface to The Great Conversation” he discusses how he believes Great Books are the finest creations. According to Hutchins, Great Books are the books written in the Western civilization. Robert Hutchins believes reading these books will help everyone morally, intellectually and spiritually. In the fifth paragraph Hutchins state, “the rising generation has been deprives of its birthright: adults have come to lead lives comparatively rich in material comforts and very poor in moral, intellectual, and spiritual tone.” Hutchins believes this because this generation isn’t reading the Great books, to such on the materialistic thing in life....   [tags: essays papers]

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Authentic vs. Artificial Interaction With Others

- Humans experience multiple types of reality as a result of technological advancements and new ideologies. Reality and simulated reality’s surround people’s everyday lives. Nonetheless, happiness, anguish and authenticity present themselves in both forms of reality. Life can be just as satisfying, if not more, with a simulated experience than it is with the real thing. Real interaction with other human beings is one of the most pleasurable experiences one can have. Society loves real experiences because they are more personal and heartfelt....   [tags: Technology, Relationships, Conversations]

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Communication is Vital for Personal and Professional Relationships

- ... If coworkers cannot communicate well with each other, tasks will be left incomplete; people will be fighting and the work will wander aimlessly. Members of a work group or team in the work-place need to have good communication skills to collaborate effectively and to complete a task efficiently. Everybody likes to be praised and if you just sit in the corner of your cubicle, not communicating with anyone, no one is bound to just magically know that you exist. Confidence is the key to an excellent career based life....   [tags: conversations, career, successful]

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Sylvia Plath and the Occult Revival

- The 1950s and 1960s were viewed as the start of not just the age of “hippies” but also an age of different revivals and movements that Sylvia Plath involved herself in; one of them being the most underground of the revivals – the occult revival.. The occult revival was seen as a back seat to many of the other movements happening during the ‘50s and 60s and some even say Plath just used it as a metaphor in her poetry. However, by looking at her poems, such as “Lady Lazarus,” “The Kolossus,” and “Daddy,” Sylvia Plath pulls the occult into them as way to communicate her feelings to the living and deceased....   [tags: Spirit Conversations, Poetry]

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Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

- Actions speak louder than words. When having a conversation with someone, your body language speaks louder than your words. Men’s brains and women’s brains work differently, which causes them to have slightly different forms of interaction. Men have different proxemics, kinesics, and paralanguage than women do. Understanding these differences allow us to communicate effectively. All individuals give and receive nonverbal cues during conversation. Most individuals, when unsure whether to consider the speaker’s verbal or nonverbal cues, will pick nonverbal cues....   [tags: Actions, Conversations, Communication]

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Volatility within Electronic Communication

- ... In doing this, the message is taken as a threat, and the receiver reacts accordingly with a negative retort. Not only can communication lack the needed cues given by body language, but often times reader comments following a factual news story can alter what other readers may think about the subject matter that was reported in originally. A study reported by Brossard and Scheufele on, determined that negative reader comments can in fact alter the reader’s perception of the message being reported....   [tags: internet, virtual conversations]

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Dialogue Essay – Birdseye View of Life and Death

- Dialogue Essay – Birdseye View of Life and Death Episode One. A Prologue of Sorts. The camera eye sees everything, and sees it calmly and objectively. It pans slowly around the room, beginning at the coffin and the cluster of black-clad mourners gazing down at the body then continuing clockwise catching two or three-person clusters scattered around the room. It sees the pale cream-colored walls and the scarlet carpet. It sees everything in the circle of its passing and calls attention to nothing but the whole, until it reaches me sitting on a loveseat to the left of the deep-red coffin, a girl about the same age as me to my left....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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A Mental Play About Everyday Language

- A Mental Play About Everyday Language Characters: Alicia, an executive office worker Cindy, Alicia's secretary Mike, a local lawyer and acquaintance Carl, Alicia's husband Larry, one of Alicia's co-workers Mr. Alexander, a high standing government official Marnie, me, Alicia's friend and confidant Josh, Alicia's son PART I ALICIA: Cindy get me Mike on five please. CINDY: Alright. ALICIA: (on phone) Mike, it's Alicia Van Kleef. MIKE: (also on phone) Good morning Alicia. ALICIA: Say...I wanted to ask if you've heard anything new about the Dreyer case....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Dialogue - About a Girl

- Dialogue - About a Girl “I’m always especially tired after 12 hours of consciousness,” Ryan stated, “but today was different.” “How’s that?” Ted asked. “I actually had an idea for a poem. Actually I probably would’ve written it as a short story,but I didn’t end up writing it because I thought it probably would’ve been a stupid story” Ted, surprised, replied, “Ryan, weren’t you just complaining the other day that your ‘well of inspiration had become a thimble of mediocrity’. Just tell me what your little poem was about, and I’ll let you know what I think about it....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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The Fireside Conversations

- The Fireside Conversations Literary Review The Great Depression was a time of great turmoil in the United States. Many Americans were without a job and did not have enough resources to take care of their families. The people of the United States were worried that they might never get out of this depression; that was until Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to be President. The people stood behind him and truly believed that he could get them out of this depression. In the book The Fireside Conversations: America Responds to FDR during the Great Depression, there is a collection of letters that the people of the United States wrote to Roosevelt while he was in office....   [tags: Literary Review, Analysis, Great Depression]

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Whose Fault Is It?

- Whose Fault Is It. Whitney: Hey, Jessica, have a seat. You always seem to be looking for a place to hide. It must be tough with your dad on the television almost every night now. Cafeterias sure aren't private, and you do have to eat. Jessica: What a pain hiding from people sometimes. Still, dad's been in politics for awhile now, so I'm getting used to it. Brett. Lorrin. I'm over here. Brett: Hi, guys. Jessica, that was a good report you gave today in Environmental Studies, even though I think you're wrong, of course....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Sports and Student Athletes

- Student Athletes My alarm woke me up, screaming incessantly in my ear. It was eight o'clock Saturday morning, and I felt like I had fallen asleep only a few minutes earlier. I rolled out of bed onto the itchy carpet and somehow found my towel and shampoo in the darkness so I could drag myself to the shower. As the steaming water helped wake me up, I began to think about the day I had in front of me. "Here we go," I thought. "I better make it through this one or I'll be in serious trouble." It was the 27th, and in under an hour I would be in huge gym with hundreds of people taking the SAT....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Dialogue - The Locket

- Dialogue - The Locket At midnight, Paul went outside and sat on the bench on the old, plank porch. Despite bundling himself in a heavy blanket, he shivered in the cold. The eastern sky before him was dotted with stars, scintillating above the quiet spread of desert. A few lonely clouds were drifting by. Patricia timidly opened the door; hesitant to disrupt Paul’s solitude. As he glanced up at Patricia, she could see the melancholy in his eyes. “What you said today at the funeral was beautiful,” she murmured....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Dialogue - Diverted Attention

- Dialogue - Diverted Attention "Her hands are like icicles on the horizon," he said and took a drag of coffee. She nodded blankly at him, barely registering the observations that swayed his tongue and flavored his mouth. "Do you see how she’s shaking?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the porcelain doll ordering dinner across the room. He fumbled down distractedly to the table, found his plate, and devoured a fry in the half-reflective way that dressed all his actions. To this, she murmured a vague, "mm hmm….” It was enough of a reply to fill the empty space he controlled over the table, but still enough to be noncommittal and inattentive....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Dialogue - Losing Humanity

- Dialogue - Losing Humanity "We've lost, haven't we?" her dark eyes turned to him, not pleading, not appealing, but merely stating the undeniable truth. David's heart wrenched at the loss of innocence, and ultimately, the loss of hope, he saw in that gaze. Sera had been his source of inspiration so many times in the past that David was half-afraid that he'd used up so much of her spark himself that he'd left none for her. To see her so bitter, so hopeless like this, cut him deep. "Humanity, I mean....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Interpersonal Communication Problems

- Interpersonal Communication Problems Over the telephone my boss gives me an instruction. I hear it, give my recognition, hang up then realize that I am not clear on exactly what it is that I am to do. Something about the proper way to add up my hours is the basic message, but the way she has explained it is not clear to me. Yet. As far as she is concerned, every word she spoke, that is, the way she described her instructions, was perfectly spelled out. She sits in her office confident that her explanation is clear, while I sit behind my desk like some detective trying to solve this great mystery....   [tags: Communication Communicating Conversation]

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Conversations about Disability

- ... The social model, called “the big idea of the British disability movement (Hasler 1993).Social model of disability emerged from the political arguments of the Union of Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS1975) .This was formed after Paul Hunt( a former resident of the Lee Court Cheshire Home) ,in 1971 they proposed that creation of consumer group of residents of institutions .UPIAS was inspired by Marxism .The aim of UPIAS was to replace segregated facilities with opportunities for people with impairment’s to participate fully in society, to live independently ,to undertake productive work and to have full control over their own lives .Their policy statement defined disabled...   [tags: medical, economic, socio-political models]

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Joel's Dream

- Joel's Dream Joel was sitting in the airport lounge, sipping his mineral water, when the tanoy came on," BA flight two-six-one to Milan is now boarding. Please make your way to departure gate three, Thank you." " That's me. See you later Shaz, I'll phone you when I get there !" " See you Joel, hope everything goes okay!" After exchanging kisses, Joel picked up his bags and heads off through the Departures corridor and to the plane. Joel was possibly the best talent to come out of Scotland for years....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Conversations inside the Third Culture

- Big Questions: Conversations inside the Third Culture In 1961, C P Snow introduced the idea of the "two cultures", the scientists and the literati, divided by a lack of communication that had been crystallized through academic specialization (1). Thirty years later, John Brockman unveiled the Third Culture as the new face of intellectual life, consisting of scientific thinkers who had ousted the traditional literary scholars in "rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives, redefining who and what we are" (2)....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Subjects for Other Conversations

- Categorized Poems from Subjects for other Conversations In John Stigall’s book, Subjects for Other Conversations, all of the thirty-seven poems can be placed into one of five different categories. These categories include sadness, racism, happiness, sex, and religion. Sadness, the first category, includes ten of the thirty seven poems. These poems express hate, anger, and depression about many things in life, from growing old to losing a child. These poems are “Poem on Turning Forty,” “Poem on Turning Forty-Five,” “Blues,” “Impromptu,” “Into the Life of This World,” “Some People,” “The Revenant,” “In the Bibleblack Air,” “Approaching,” and “Final Approach”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Conversational Narcissism In The Classroom

- In the Introduction to Linguistics class last week, Professor Ivanoff asked if the students had any questions about the material he had just discussed in his lecture. The preceding lecture covered marked words (words that clearly define or describe only one object). A student who seemed confused asked Professor Ivanoff how the use of marked words was connected to our study of Linguistics.A student said, "Everyone knows that when you say table, a table is something with four legs and a flat surface....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The First Law of Thermodynamics

- ... Refrigerators - The second main application of 1st Law in which the objective of a refrigerator is to lower the internal energy of a body at low temperature and transfer that energy to the higher temperature surroundings [3]. It requires work to do this. The medium for the energy exchange is a working fluid that circulates in a loop through a number of devices. These devices exploit to increase and eliminate energy from the working fluid. As the refrigerant circulates around the loop, its internal energy is alternately raised and lowered by a series of device....   [tags: heat engine, converstion, energy]

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Courageous Conversations About Race by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton

- Courageous Conversations About Race: Chapter 5 Authors Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton in Chapter Five of Courageous Conversations About Race broach the topic of race, by asking the reader to evaluate his or her own consciousness of race. According to the authors, in order to address the achievement gaps between African American students and White students, educators should shift their energy towards focusing on the factors that they have direct control of inside the classroom rather than on the factors that influence this achievement disparity between races outside the classroom....   [tags: whites, african americans, students]

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Personalized Conversational Recommendation Systems

- Conversation via Dialogue Management Up: Personalized Conversational Recommendation Systems Conversational Recommendation The goal of recommendation systems is to help users find items of interest, and thus they must eliminate some choices from consideration while keeping others. To achieve this, they must either know or determine the interests of the current user, then present items that satisfy those interests. One of the most widely used approaches for information acquisition in recommendation systems is the use of a simple form (usually a single query box) that the user fills in....   [tags: Business Communications]

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The Future of the Conservation Movement

- There is no question that humans are the dominant ecological force in today’s society. If humans are the dominant force, would it not make sense that humans have the moral responsibility to protect and care for nature. Nature provides humans with the resources to survive, yet humans are the ones who are slowly destroying it. Fortunately, there are people who do believe that it is their moral responsibility to protect nature. The Conservation Movement provides an excellent example of humans being obedient in the fight for protecting nature....   [tags: Conservation ]

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Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

- Throughout history scholars have noted that men have a different social construction than women. Linguists, philosophers, psychologists and even lay people can attest to the striking separation between the sexes when it comes to how we speak to those of our own gender and those of the opposite. In Hamlet this is no exception. However, the more fascinating dynamic to note is how men speak to other men and use the relationships with younger men for their own agenda. Who better knows the way to ignite a young man’s soul to action than a man many years his senior....   [tags: Relations/Conversations between Sexes]

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Talking about Gender and Race Inequality in the Classroom

- The present day educational system has perpetuated the banking concept, a concept coined by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, and allowed schools to become an authoritarian entity rather than one that exhibits a foundation for critical learning. Teachers are perceived as dictators and “sole creators of knowledge”(racial memories 218/5) and students are expected to be receptive bodies that memorize information and then regurgitate it. Students progress, in sum, has become a gain to produce high test scores instead of the exploration of intellectual freedom....   [tags: Education Reform Essays, Historic Conversations]

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Wildlife and Conservation Efforts in Africa

- The dynamic natural environment and abundant wildlife are the most prominent features of the African continent. Due to its wide variety of biomes ranging from tropical forests to arid deserts, Africa consists of bountiful wildlife diversity. However, because of environmentally harmful human interactions, the variety of biomes is shrinking to all-time lows, which causes wildlife to die out. These detrimental human interactions, particularly livestock overgrazing and desertification, occur partly because the native people who depend on the land for daily life do not realize the potential benefits of wildlife and the unsustainability of their current ways....   [tags: Wildlife Conservation]

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The Spirit Level by Seamus Heaney

- Seamus Heaney’s poem “Postscript” comes from a book of poems The Spirit Level that Heaney published in 1996. In these poems, Heaney tries to entice the reader to be open to marvelous moments of vision in small, everyday moments. Throughout the “Postscript” the speaker is describing an experience with a natural landscape in order to illustrate how experiences can evoke feelings that overwhelm us and leave us speechless because of their transcendent beauty. Finding words for the beautiful, sublime, and uplifting moments can be difficult when encountering such places, and even though the speaker leaves space for the ineffable, the poem makes the reader feel as though they have received a glimps...   [tags: poem, postscript, conversational style]

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Protection and Conservation of Endangered Species in Ontario

- Canada, with its vast areas of land and abundance of resources, is home to many unique and complex habits that house a number of important species. Environmental policies play a key role in the survival of many endangered animal and plant species and guide conservation efforts in Ontario. In order to protect at risk species and conserve their habitats, government officials need to place greater importance on creating effective policies that target root problems and help address fundamental issues like habitat loss, pollution and human interaction with these species and their environment....   [tags: Wildlife Conservation]

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Community Energy Conservation and Efficiency

- During this meeting I will talk to my fellow homeowners in regard to energy conversation and efficiency in our community. Conserving energy is important because our world relies heavily on the use of nonrenewable energy resources. Once these resources are used up, we will have to rely on alternatives. Rather than depleting the Earth of its natural resources, we can put an end to it now, or at least slow it down. A more immediate solution to using alternatives is to conserve the energy we use by using less of it to accomplish everyday tasks....   [tags: Energy]

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Coral Reef Conservation

- If there is a new product out in the market, people buy it and use it every day without knowing where it comes from or how it was made, but people “love it, couldn’t live without it”. Carelessly using it and re buying without conserving, but what if this product disappeared and there was nothing else like it. Suddenly everything becomes harder and seems to be more difficult. There is only one solution to solve the problem, make people aware of what has been done to this meaningful product in life....   [tags: Coral Reefs, Conservation, Oceans]

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My PhD: The Conservation Biology of Shorebirds

- The main direction of my PhD is to reveal why shorebirds are declining. I propose to use a combination of research methods (fieldwork, GIS, phylogenetic analyses), because learning these methods will be highly beneficial in my career as conservation biologist and academic. I have only decided about 3 papers, each should be suitable for a chapter. The direction of further chapters needs to be discussed as I go along. Chapter 1. Why are shorebirds declining. Comparative tests of intrinsic and extrinsic variables on threat status and population trends Shorebird (sandpipers, plovers, gulls and allies) populations are declining globally, driving many species to the brink of extinction (Zockler et...   [tags: PhD, proposals, Conservation Biology, animals,]

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The Progressive Erañs Conservation Movement and Congressman Morrie K. Udall

- ... Though forty years have passed, some of the reasons as to why environmental conservation is not as successful as it could be- the abandonment of environmental issues by the White House, the “defeat anti-environmentalists” mindset- that he urged the community to come together to fix still lay broken today. Congressman Udall identified himself as both a lover and critic of the conservation movement and, in that, defined the central premise of my academic and career track and expressed my personal viewpoint about the essential collaboration of our nation’s responsibility to the natural world and each other....   [tags: environmentalism, conservation]

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Understanding Animal Behavior Can Be Crucial to Conservation Managers

- INTRODUCTION Understanding animal behavior can provide information to wildlife and conservation managers in an attempt the manage biodiversity. Conservation behavior is a relatively new interdisciplinary field using animal behavior to help solve wildlife conservation issues. Using theoretical and methodological information from various fields in biology, ecology and animal behavior, biologists attempt to enrich and preserve biodiversity. This new discipline's usefulness in promoting real life conservation issues is often subject to debate, with some scientists arguing that the importance of animal behavior in conservation practice is overemphasized....   [tags: conservation behavior, tourism]

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Can Conservation Increase Chances of the Amur Leopard’s Survival?

- ... This report is going to look at the reasons why this species are endangered and becoming extinct and also look into and evaluate possible current biological methods used to conserve this species. Overall, the population of the Panthera pardus orientalis are decreasing due to a number of factors, one of which being that it is being threatened by forest loss through fires that are deliberately set each spring, effecting an estimate of nearly 20%2 of Amur leopard habitats, for economic development because the area is important for Russia as it contains ports that ship to the Far East3....   [tags: Species, Conservation]

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Globalization and Policy Concertation

- Introduction My argument in this paper is that globalization is not leading to a decline in the incidence of policy concertation in Western Europe between governments, employers and trade unions, contrary to much accepted wisdom, and that this persistence of policy concertation can be best understood in terms of a configurational model of policy concertation in which the main variables are perceived problems, the degree of agreement on economic policy among the relevant political actors, and the perceived implementation capacity of these actors....   [tags: Global Economics Globalization Outsourcing]

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Spain's Consolidation and Loss of California

- Research Paper 1: Introduction “A dream was born and the modern age of global trade opened in the 1500s. The dream was that of Spanish novelist who envisioned a land of riches called “California.” Distant from Atlantic world slave trading and colonizing ventures, California during the century was drawn into the beginnings of global commerce and an Anglo Spanish rivalry for pacific supremacy. Between 1542 and 1821 Spain consolidated and then lost its hold on California, which had become active in a transpacific fur, manufactures, and grain trade while encountering foreign intrusions.” How were Indians seen in the eyes of the California’s Padres....   [tags: indians, converstion, punishment]

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Food Conservation

- What is food. Food is any matter consumed to obtain nutritional sustenance for the living organisms. It may be of animal or plant origin, usually consisting of nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is orally ingested and after passing through a series of processes involving enzymatic actions it is assimilated and the energy obtained is used by the organism to carry out processes like growth, maintenance of life and carrying out physical activities....   [tags: Conservation]

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Nonuniversal Effects in Bose-Einstein Condensation

- Nonuniversal Effects in Bose-Einstein Condensation In 1924 Albert Einstein predicted the existence of a special type of matter now known as Bose-Einstein condensation. However, it was not until 1995 that simple BEC (Bose-Einstein condensation) was observed in a low-density Bosonic gas. This recent experimental breakthrough has led to renewed theoretical interest in BEC. The focus of my research is to more accurately determine basic properties of homogeneous Bose gases. In particular nonuniversal effects of the energy density and condensate fraction will be explored....   [tags: Albert Einstein Gases Science Essays]

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Which One Comes First Economic Development or Environmental Conservation?

- ... Due to various reasons, the economic development is different among developing countries. Therefore, developing countries don’t have to follow the path of developed countries which develop the economy first and then just conserve the environment. Environmental conservation not only depends on economic growth, but also relate with the income level of residents, the level of technological development, education, advocacy and also citizen awareness Today, we have already wasted and destroyed a large amounts of natural resources including both animals and plant species....   [tags: model, benefits, countries, resources]

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Piagetian Conservation Tasks Case Study

- Overview My case subject is Regina Holms, a second grader, from County Elementary School. Before I interviewed the subject, I received permission for her guardian. During the interview, Regina and I conversed while working on one of the seven Piagetian tasks, the volume task. During this task, Regina’s stage of development was determined. I chose the volume task, where she had to recognize if two different size glasses held the same amount of water in each glass. Moreover, we are focusing on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, types of anxiety and self-handicapping; in order to observe her motivation during this task....   [tags: Piagetian Conservation Tasks]

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The Danger in the Sea: Negative Human Impacts on Marine turtles

- Turtles have been around for about 230 million years. (Dobbs) In that time they have seen the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and the rise of mankind. Marine turtles have been around for about 65 million years. (Dobbs) This family has withstood the test time and is being threatened by human’s impact on the sea. All six of the sea turtles occurring on the shores of America are at least threatened. Marine turtles are very important to the ecosystem but human are endangering this family directly and indirectly; if humans do not stop these destructive habits we may lose the influence of marine turtles on the earth’s seas....   [tags: animals, conservation,]

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Sharks and Conservation

- Everyone knows the famous opening tune to the famous 1975 Spielberg movie Jaws, which portrays the chaos that sharks can cause. From then until now, movies that showcase the ever-violent personalities of sharks have been popular in the media. They are seen as the face of oceanic brutality, whether they bite off people’s arms or cause turbulence in beach parties. Little does the world know about the dangers that we, humans, do to these natural predators of the oceans. Sharks have been on this earth for nearly 450 billion years....   [tags: shark history, shark attacks, shark hunting]

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Conservation of Momentum

- Conservation of Momentum   Contents Investigative Question: 1 Aim: 1 Hypothesis: 2 Apparatus: 2 Method: 2 Variables: 3 Results: 3 Discussion: 7 Conclusion: 9 Bibliography 9 Declaration of Authenticity 10 Investigative Question: During a collision between two objects, is the amount of momentum present in a system before the collision different to the amount of momentum present afterward or is the total momentum of the system conserved. Aim: To prove that law which states that the total momentum present in a system is conserved is true....   [tags: Mechanics, Collision, Velocity, Physics]

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Drinking Water Scarcity and Conservation

- During times when many of us have our minds on matters conceivably much more critical than environmental ones, it is difficult to concentrate on the more mundane matters of clean drinking water and clean air. Unfortunately, while our nation's attention seems fully consumed with the whereabouts of terrorists, water and air continues to be overused and/or contaminated. In reflecting on this odd state of affairs, we begin to understand how easily it is for us to forget about one of the basic necessities of humanity -- clean drinking water....   [tags: Water Conservation, Potable Water]

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Genetic Conservation of Plants

- Genetic Conservation of plants offers many potential benefits to diverse groups of people. These benefits have led to the expansion of genetically modified crops. In response to public concern about these developments, governments around the world are creating regulations to manage the risks associated with the release of genetically modified crops into the agricultural systems. Genetically modified crops have increased dramatically in recent years and have sparked concern over health and environmental effects....   [tags: health and environmental effects]

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Solar Nebula Cause Planet Formation

- Solar nebula is a rotating flattened disk of gas and dust in which the outer part of the disk became planets while the center bulge part became the sun. Its inner part is hot, which is heated by a young sun and due to the impact of the gas falling on the disk during its collapse. However, the outer part is cold and far below the freezing point of water. In the solar nebula, the process of condensation occurs after enough cooling of solar nebula and results in the formation into a disk. Condensation is a process of cooling the gas and its molecules stick together to form liquid or solid particles....   [tags: disk, condensation, rotate, planet]

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The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins

- The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins: Science and Practice, edited by Mark P. Simmons and Judith D. Hutchinson, is a book I have decided to utilize as a foundation piece for my final paper. This book contains in-depth information from multiple authors, compiled in chapter format. The compilations discuss many global issues revolving around the cetacean species, such as the protection and conservation of these water mammals and the various ways that they are endangered or harmed. This book also contains information about numerous international organizations and departments that regulate and maintain whaling laws and marine-life policies....   [tags: water mammals, cetacean, whaling, protection]

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Animal Conservation and Enrichment in Zoos

- ... Psychological science can be defined as “the study of behavior and mental life” (Maple 70). By researching and studying animal behavior and mental thought process, experts can uncover more about the animal psyche and its classifications. “The study of behaviorism in zoos provides the intellectual framework supporting environmental enrichment, training, and behavioral management and husbandry” (Maple 70). The increase of many zoos and aquariums hiring, working in cooperation with, and even sponsoring internal behavioralist and psychologist teams has lead to major conservation breakthroughs and can be seen as a major justification and very beneficial to the institutions themselves....   [tags: protecting and researching the animal kingdom]

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Wildlife Conservation Practices in Cambodia

- Wildlife conservation is a practice which aims to protect plant and animal species and their habitat. According to Endangered Species of Cambodia (n.d.), Kouprey, known as Forest Ox in English, is considered to be endangered as it was estimated that fewer than 50 koupreys are left in the world. In addition to this, Wild Water Buffaloes, which have undergone a great decline in number and have only few population now, are reported as endangered in the IUCN Red List since 1986 since the total remaining population is less than 4000....   [tags: habitat, endangered species]

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Poverty Reduction and Conservation Practice

- Introduction The overwhelming overlapping map of poverty and conservation area of the world (Sunderlin et al. 2007) led the scientist in this arena to think about these two issues jointly. In addition right-based thinking of conservation is also a crucial factor behind the amalgamation of these two development process (Adams and Hutton 2007). Naturally protected areas initiated or situated in the rural or peri-urban areas where poverty is already present to the highest degree (Walpole and Wilder 2008)....   [tags: Synergies, Tensions, Development Process]

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The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

- The citizen suite in regards to environmental acts, regulations and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is an essential tool in regulating impacts on the environment, public health, and the health of the wildlife. If used properly it can be an essential weapon for the public to keep companies, organizations, individuals, and even federal agencies in check. Citizen suits should not be taking lightly though, as it takes a great deal of time, research, and patience in trying to win a citizen suit case....   [tags: citizens suite, regulations, environment]

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Conservation of the Environment in A.S. Farm Company

- Conservation of the environment has been recognized as a national priority and wide range of policies, laws & regulations are available for this purpose. It is a prerequisite to pay special attention to environmental issues and comprehensives environmental impact assessment study with regard to major industrial/commercial developments. This phase includes an assessment of likely impacts to ensure that any development undertaken is environmentally safe and complies with requirements of the community and requirements of rural land holders....   [tags: land, developments. safe, requirements]

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Zoo's Efforts to Help Conservation

- Since approximately 1250 B.C., ancient Egyptians had created and practiced the capture and display of animals in what are now known as zoos (Fravel). Records describe such exotic animals as birds, lions, giraffes, and tigers in captivity (Fravel). Since then, zoos have continued to entertain millions with the exciting chance to view exotic animals up close and personal. Even in ancient Greece, exotic animals were on display in fighting arenas, and in enclosed viewing areas. Originally in America, zoos were just created so that royalty and the wealthy could flaunt their exotic animals to the public (Leolupus)....   [tags: animal breeding, animal rights]

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Conservation in the Art Market

- CONSERVATION IN THE ART MARKET 1. INTRODUCTION The art, antiques and antiquities trade employs a wide range of professionals who work in very different areas of the market. It involves from finance to heritage and represents a safe asset for investments. The aim of this research project proposal is to determine the reasons of the importance of the role of the conservators and restorers in the art world. Indeed, through the restoration process and studies many doubts concerning artworks can be resolved....   [tags: restoration, culture process]

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Conservation and Natural Resource Management

- Conservation Conservation Significance The majority of the original grasslands and grassy woodlands have been converted to agricultural grassland with a much lower diversity of native flora and fauna, invasion of exotic agricultural plants and weeds, and less groundcover and soil stability, while the small remnants of these ecosystems are highly vulnerable to change. Remnants of native grasslands and grassy woodlands are ‘harbours of biodiversity’ (Eddy 2002, p. 4). A number of species that have largely disappeared because of agricultural and associated development are likely to found in these remnants....   [tags: Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Grasslands]

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The Importance of Wildlife Conservation

- Imagine a world with barren trees in overgrown fields. The only sound to be heard is the wind blowing through the tall grass. A world once full of life now lays empty do to extinction. This is the result of a world that failed to understand the importance of wildlife conservation. Why is wildlife so important. What steps need to be taken to preserve wildlife. How can one become involved in wildlife conservation. These are all important questions that need to be explored in order to help maintain the delicate ecosystem on Earth....   [tags: ecosystem, earth, extintion]

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Conservation of the Blue Whale

- Introduction The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a species of baleen whale known as the largest animal on Earth. They can grow to be over 100 feet long and can weigh up to 165 tons. Blue whales are found in all oceans and can occupy a wide variety of habitats, from pelagic environments to offshore environments (Clapham et al. 1999). Up until the 19th century, blue whales were generally immune from whaling. Not only were they substantially large animals, they were also very quick and agile and were difficult to catch....   [tags: baleen biology, whaling, ship strikes]

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Indigenous Populations and Conservation

- There have been debates mentioned by Dove (2006:197) questioning whether any indigenous populations have actually practiced conservation. This however, is based on a Western model and understanding of conservation. Examining how conservation is seen by non-Western people needs more critical considerations (Dove 2006:197). Conservation, as stated by indigenous people who attended the Fifth World’s Congress meeting, can be implemented without Western “models, management plans, or monitoring and evaluation” (Brosius 2004:611)....   [tags: antrophology, protected areas]

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Hunting and Wildlife Conservation

- Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Author Gloria Cooksey states, “Preserving habitat is an important key to species survival. Some endangered species do not need much help from human beings—if the threat is removed, they can recover on their own. Sometimes they simply need to be left alone” (11). This statement supports the idea that nature can take care of itself when laws and rules are put in place to protect wildlife. Without conservationists to enforce these laws, animals and their habitats would be at risk of being taken advantage of....   [tags: habitat preservation, environmental issues]

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Art Conservation and Restoration

- The subject of art conservation and restoration has long been debated in the art world. Experts and historians have never agreed that all art must be salvaged at any cost. This paper will examine what art conservation and restoration is, what is involved in these endeavors, and what has been done over the centuries to many of history’s cherished art pieces. To begin this discussion, it is crucial to understand what exactly art conservation and restoration is and what it entails. Art Conservation/Restoration can be defined as an array of professions dedicated to “approaching every painting (or artwork) conservatively in that only what needs attention is addressed and nothing excessive is ever...   [tags: repair, care, diligence]

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Technology and Environmental Conservation

- Typically, as levels of technology increase in a country, more investment is put into environmental conservation. However, if a country with fairly advanced technology is experiencing a crisis such as overpopulation or a civil unrest, the country may choose to direct their resources toward this predominant issue. As the world’s most clean-tech country, Denmark has made major advancements in their technological sector, specifically in the preservation of the natural environment. (Rishi V K) Denmark is a very developed country with a high standard of living and the tenth highest GDP per capita in the world....   [tags: denmark, fossil fuels]

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Environmental and Marine Conservation

- ... There has been a loss of marine biodiversity because of the decreasing populations of coral. In the words of Pulitzer Prize winning biologist Dr. E. O. Wilson, “loss of marine diversity is the folly for which our descendants are least likely to forgive us. Besides, illegal fishing has caused a decline in 70 percent of the earth’s commercially targeted fish. It is ironic that we ourselves are responsible for destroying our planet and marine ecosystems are part of that destruction.” Clearly, Dr....   [tags: money saving, global warming]

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Morality of Conservation Refugees

- Conservation Refugees Conserving the environment is no easy feat and some tough decisions are definitely going to be made along the way. There are even some decisions that will be made that won’t necessarily seem moral. That’s exactly what’s happening with conservation refugees. Indigenous peoples are being forced to leave the land that they as a tribe have inhabited for hundreds of years in order for conservationists to protect the environment that these people lived in. While saving the environment is an incredibly important task, the rights of others need to be put into perspective....   [tags: conservationists, indigenous people]

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Wildlife Conservation and Biology

- There are 6.5 million species of land mammals. Wildlife biologists get the privilege of studying and spending time with these animals as their everyday life. I should be a wildlife biologist so I can study land mammals. Wildlife biology is a field of biology in which land animals are studied. It deals with all animals with backbones and studies individual species of wildlife, their habitats, and surrounding ecosystems (Fitzgerald). It also studies how animals may interact with their ecosystem....   [tags: Land Mammals, Large Animals, Animals, Biology]

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Conservation of Momentum Investigation

- Conservation of Momentum Investigation Physical Science Practical   Table of Contents Investigative Question 3 Hypothesis 3 Apparatus 3 Method 3 Results: Ticker Tape Pieces 5 Calculations 8 Discussion 10 Conclusion 11 Bibliography 12 Investigative Question Does the momentum of an isolated system remain constant even after a collision and does the addition of mass on an object affect the momentum of an object. Hypothesis The momentum of the isolated system will remain constant after the collision because the law of conservation states that the total linear momentum of an isolated system remains constant....   [tags: distance, collision, errors, miscalculation]

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Importance of Water Conservation

- Water conservation is a serious issue around the country. Especially places like California, where it seems like they are in a drought every year. Everyone and everything needs water to survive. People are careless when it comes to conserving water, but little do they know that conserving water can make the world a better place. The world does not make itself clean, it is our job to do so. There are a number of different ways to save water that are quick and simple, and we should all apply them to our daily lives and homes....   [tags: Ways to Save Water]

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Ecotourism: Cleland Conservation Park

- Eco tourism is a fast growing industry involving the tourist visits to natural areas to help minimize the endangered places and animals in that community. According to ( Ecotourism is defined as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." The Eco Certification program is put forth to certify tourist attractions to than help unite the communities, conservations and keep sustainable tourism. Their purpose is also to observe the wildlife and learn about the environment....   [tags: tourism, Australia, environment, management]

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Arguments for Environmental Conservation

- Response 3: Arguments for Environmental Conservation Since the beginning of civilization humanity has adopted a subjugating stance toward nature. Ecological exploitation has become the de facto standard, contributing to the illusion of self-subsistence provided by modern society. This mindset is untenable given humanities reliance on the natural world, as best demonstrated by the critical importance of various parts of the environment to humanities continued existence. This includes the importance of biodiversity to medicinal advancement and climate adaptation, the role of insects in the renewal of the biosphere, and the importance of the environment for humanities psychological health....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Restoration and Recovery of the Botanical Garden José María Orozco

- Summary of Proposal Background The main objective of the botanical gardens today is the conservation of biological diversity ex situ, allowing for the potential loss of this because of the destruction of the environment. However, in the past the main activity of the botanical gardens was the buildup and maintenance of diversity that explorers brought back from unexplored regions, near and far, in order to make them available to growers that they would explore the potential that plants collected....   [tags: Conservation]

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Soil Erosion and Conservation

- What is Soil Erosion. Erosion can be defined as the removal of soil particles by the motion of wind or water. Soil erosion is considered to be one of the major concerns of agriculture throughout the world today. The misuse of land, mismanagement of farm land, felling of trees, overgrazing, poor soil and water management are all practices that contribute to soil erosion. Erosion can cause a decline in soil fertility, water supply, and crop yields. Thus it affects the productivity of the land and decreases the production of food, feed, fiber, and fuel ("Soil erosion- causes," 1987)....   [tags: Erosion, Soil Particles, Wind, Water]

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The US Ocean Commission's Proposed Recommendations To Address the Health and Management of Our Oceans

- In 2004 The US Ocean Commission proposed several critical recommendations to address the health and management of our oceans. These recommendations range from better organization of current management offices to education of the public on issues pertaining to oceans and coastal areas. The importance of healthy oceans, waterways, and coastal areas cannot be denied. As humans we rely on these areas for food, fuel, materials for various products, and recreation just to name a few. Aside from the human aspect the health of the earth’s oceans is also bound to the air and land....   [tags: Conservation]

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Lake Sturgeon Regulation and Recovery in New York

- Lake sturgeon are listed as threatened and are protected in New York State by the Endangered and Threatened Species of Fish and Wildlife; Species of Special Concern; Incidental Take Permits regulation of the New York State Conservation Regulations Chapter 1 Part 182 (Part, n.d.). This regulation affords the state the ability to list native species from New York as threatened or endangered within the state and its waters for multiple reasons. If the species is listed as threatened or endangered by the federal government, through the Department of the Interior, it will be placed on the states list....   [tags: Conservation ]

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Green Appliances: Invest Now and Reap the Benefit in Years to Come

- Green construction is growing rapidly because it is an alternative to expensive polluting fossil fuels in view of global climate change. Green aspects include helping the environment and can increase the amount of green (money) in one’s wallet. Today there is an enormous push toward investing in green technology and implementing green appliance usage and devices in older homes, newer homes and even homes under construction. There is also a push in the United States to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels to combat climate change, decrease pollution, the trade imbalance, and dependence of foreign oil....   [tags: Conservation ]

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The Benefits of the Green Movement

- The Green movement began in the Western World during the 1970’s around the time of the Vietnam War. The green movement is a social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improvements to the current health of the environment. The Green movement also promotes the conservation, restoration, and the overall improvement of our environment. Many people disagree with the green movement and its values because they don’t see the immediate benefits from them. However, supporting the green movement by recycling, researching alternative energy sources, and mandating eco-friendly laws will lead to a better, greener, country....   [tags: Conservation ]

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Personal Action Plan to Help Create a Sustainable Global Environment

- When creating a working definition of a sustainable global environment there is a short definition and a long definition. The short of definition of a sustainable global environment is an environment in which all living things can co-exist together while having their essential needs to sustain life met. This definition, while ideal, is probably not realistic due to the fact that humans in many cases are not simply satisfied with living with only the essential needs that sustain life. That leads to the more realistic but complex definition of a sustainable global environment....   [tags: Conservation]

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