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The State 's Sponsorship Of The Contest

- list (Curry). However, Americans United for Separation of Church and State challenged this, saying the move was unconstitutional. “The state 's sponsorship of the contest ‘creates the appearance of a governmental endorsement of the book 's religious message, in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,’” the group’s president, Barry Lynn said (Curry). Interestingly, when “Harry Potter” was published -- over 40 years after “Narnia” was -- some people encouraged children to read the once-challenged series over “Harry Potter.” Chuck Colson, the founder of the outreach program Prison Fellowship Ministries, encouraged parents to provide their children...   [tags: Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]

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The Contest Of Different Cultures

- Parenting in the Contest of Different Cultures Parenting and parenting practices vary around the world, and among different cultures. While the society and culture in which a family lives can help to explain the norms for parenting practices to an extent, Henslin claims that social class affects parenting practices more than race or ethnicity (2014, p. 464). Meanwhile, Amy Chua states there is a divide between “Chinese Moms” and Western parents (2011). The articles Why Chinese mothers are superior (Chua, 2011), and ‘Tiger Mom’ study says both Amy Chua and her critics have a point highlight the generalized difference between Asian-Americans and European-Americans when it comes to parenting...   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Working class]

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The Effect Of Beauty Contest On Young Girls

- The Effect of Beauty Contest On Young Girls Recently, I have come across a TV show called ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ played by the TLC network. I am not particularly a big fan of pageants, but I had to stop and watch. How could millions of parents let these people rob their children’s innocence by playing dress-up. It is absolutely heartbroken. It is not just the dressing-up part, but mostly the fact that they are wearing are totally inappropriate for their age....   [tags: Woman, Girl, Female, Montreal Expos]

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Narrative Arc : I Was The Best Candidate For Joining The Contest

- This situation happened when I was in 5th grade; I have this old classmate that became my opponent on declamation. She judged me on my capabilities on performing and said that it is impossible for me to beat her in the contest that we both joined. Identifier - Education Expression - Talent/Attitude Narrative arc: Exposition: When I was in 4th grade, I transferred to another school. Then by the time I was in 5th grade, I became comfortable with the environment. We had a play one day and I performed the best way that I could....   [tags: Performance, Performing arts, 2006 albums]

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Encouraging Employment : A New Contest Of Our Time

- To say to someone to think of the most creative ways to sell yourself, would sound offensive without further explanation. And since today we have great competition in the job market, seeking employment has become a new contest of our time. Because of this, there is a demand to appeal to the potential employer as their soon to be greatest asset for their company. Due to this rising standard of achievement in today’s employment market, you must consider the most efficient and effective way to sell you to a potential employer....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Facebook]

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Gladiatorial Contest In Rome

- Gladiatorial Contest in Rome Rome was a warrior state. Since the state was a great fighting state in their time, the wars sort of formed the gladiatorial contest in ancient Rome. The Romans were fascinated and pleasured by violence, bloodshed, and human suffering the gladiatorial games. The gladiatorial contests began at the reign of their first emperor Augustus to pay tribute to their warrior traditions. The Romans built artificial battlefields within amphitheaters in cities and towns for public entertainment....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Creation’s Contest with Evolution

- Creation’s Contest with Evolution It began in Dayton, Tennessee-1925. A high school teacher by the name of John Scopes was charged with teaching evolution, which was illegal at the time in Tennessee. The court found Scopes guilty, and he was fined one hundred dollars. However, the Scopes trial immediately sparked one of the largest controversies in today's public school systems: should creationism still be taught in public schools. In the trial, Clarence Darrow argued that teaching creationism in public schools defies the separation of church and state (which is pulled from the first amendment)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Education Papers]

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The Great Leapfrog Contest and The Good Corn

- In the short stories, 'The Good Corn'; written by H.E. Bates and 'The Great Leapfrog Contest'; by William Saroyan techniques such as characters, point of view, setting and structure work together to explore the issue of personal conflict and establish tension between the main characters in each story. An examination of these techniques allow a more enhanced reading of the texts and in turn evoke a particular response from the reader. In the short story 'The Good Corn'; there are three main characters which are portrayed in such a way as to allow a tension and personal conflict to be created but only after the reader is positioned to respond favourably to the characters initially....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Consequences of King Lear's Failed Love Contest in the Play by William Shakespeare

- Lear’s lack of self-knowledge in the beginning of the play is of devastating consequences. In the first scene we see the strongest statement reflecting a lack of self-knowledge. In order to divide up his kingdom, with the biggest piece in the middle of it going to Cordelia, with her husband to be. King Lear thinks of a sophisticated plan. He arranges a public ‘contest of love’ between his daughters, and whomever declares to loves him most, gets the most land. Thinking, his favourite daughter Cordelia will declare to love him the most....   [tags: self-knowledge, land, support]

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Why I Should Win The University Philosophy Club Essay Contest

- Why I Should Win The 1997 Jacksonville University Philosophy Club Essay Contest The Jacksonville University Philosophy Club is sponsoring its eighth annual undergraduate essay contest. The best argumentative essay, from any discipline, will receive the first place prize. I will demonstrate here why you will be compelled to award that prize to the essay that you are currently undertaking. We start this argument with the following premise, known as the Conservation of Energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed....   [tags: Writing Jacksonville University Essays]

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The UK Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy

- 1.1 Introduction CONTEST is the UK government’s principal counter-terrorism strategy whose purpose is to reduce ‘the risks to the United Kingdom ... from terrorism, so that people can go about their lives freely and with confidence (Contest, 2011, Heath‐Kelly, 2012). This strategy has four principal workstreams. Pursue (Contest, 2011, 44p), Prevent (Contest, 2011, 58), Protect (Contest, 2011, 78p) and Prepare, 2011, 92p), also referred to as the four P’s (Santamato, Beumler, 2013). This thesis focuses primarily on Prevent, a policy which aims to ‘stop people from becoming terrorist or supporting terrorism (Aly, 2013) and argues that the innovative inclusion of Prevent within the already e...   [tags: terrorism, uk security, contest]

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The Fastest Production Car in the World

- In 2007, Hennessey Performance, a tuning shop out of Houston Texas that focuses on making fast cars even faster, participated in an acceleration contest between some of the fastest and well-known supercars to date. The goal that day was to reach the quickest acceleration time from 0-200 miles per hour. Even though Hennessey Performance was facing some of the fastest supercars in the world, they did not show up empty handed. The engineers at Hennessey Performance brought the fastest car they had built to date....   [tags: accelaration contest, hennessey performance]

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I Started Thinking Of Logistics

- “Just think of it as a sleeping contest,” Matt leaned over and whispered to me, “it’s a contest, and she 's winning. Everyone’s gathered here because of how impressed they are.” Pretending that she was just asleep helped some. I tried to imagine that the color of her skin wasn’t making me feel like I was going to puke. I thought I had experienced cold skin before. My brother taking me out sledding, and me in a rush, not putting socks on. My toes had been numb for hours. Compared to the feel of my aunts skin, my toes were nothing....   [tags: Family, Mother, Cosmetics, The Contest]

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Jack London's Literary Success

- Jack London was actually born as John Griffith Chaney, in San Francisco, on January 12, 1876. His books, including White Fang, The Call of the Wild, and Martin Eden, positioned Lon-don as one of the most well-known American authors of his era. Believing that “You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club,” London was renowned for his adventures, plots, and exotic settings; additionally, he developed exciting characters through his use of Symbolism, Social Darwinism, and most notably the use of the Naturalism movement....   [tags: contest, short stories, naturalism ]

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Child Beauty Pageants, a Controversial Issue

- The popularity of child beauty contests seems to be increasing dramatically every year causing more and more controversy as time goes on. Many people do not agree with children being forced to fulfill their parents' dream by taking place in a pageant .It is very common for young girls to be obsessed over Barbie dolls, the perfect hair combined with the flawless makeup has provided a fantasy idol for all young girls to look up to, but who would have thought the doll would come to life as a 5 year old girl competing in a beauty pageant....   [tags: Children, Contest]

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Do Beauty Pageants Really Help Girls?

- Do beauty pageants really help girls find their inner beauty or do they just change into faulty beauty queens. Looking deeply into what these competitions really create out of a person, anyone can quickly find that the contestants aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Pageantry changes some girls for the better, but can also change them for the worse. Young girls should not participate in beauty pageants because they apply too much pressure by judging females based mostly on their physical appearance and can cost up to thousands of dollars....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Beauty pageants]

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Dialogue Essay: Wings

- “Yo man, what’s up.” The boy lifted his head up to see that the red hair was shadowing him from the blazing sunlight. Unconsciously, his serious face broke a smile and he quickly stands up with help from the other boy. And without any words in between, they did the special handshake that only him and the other one knew, and burst into a laugh at the end as part of their secret best-friend handshake. Both of them ended up lying down side by side on the vast green lawn while looking at the moving clouds and trying to figure what shapes the clouds are....   [tags: artist, contest, inspiration]

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Are Toddler Pageants The Root Of All Your Child 's Issues?

- Are Toddler Pageants the Root of All Your Child’s Issues. We’ve all seen, or at least heard of, the television show Toddlers and Tiaras. The combination of crown thirsty parents, and their spoiled rotten kids, create the perfect, addictive show for the bored house wife. While some people find this highly entertaining, I see it as a televised, sparkly circus with the parents acting as the ring leaders. They spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to doll their kids up to an extent where they don’t even look like themselves, just to please a panel of random strangers....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Parent, Mother]

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Effects Of Child Pageants On Children 's Beauty Pageants

- Lights, camera, pouty lips welcome to the four dimensional world of children 's beauty pageants. Over the years, child pageants have become a hot topic gaining a great deal of delight from numerous people around the world. From having a strong standing, ongoing fan base that keeps the hit TLC TV show Toddlers and Tiaras; on air to having some of Americans ' favorite beauty queens making guest appearances on shows such as the Ellen Show. Regretfully, the idea of putting an end to child pageants has become somewhat of a hotter topic than the pageants themselves....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant]

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Beauty Pageants : An Ugly Spectacle

- Beauty Pageants I believe that beauty pageant are an ugly spectacle in which young women are judged based upon their looks and sometimes their “talents.” Often times these beauty pageants are extremely stressful on people and especially the younger children. The beauty pageants are made up of a bunch of fake girls who use many beauty products and aesthetics to make themselves look better. A lot of the time when young children it’s not because they want to it’s because their parent(s) want them to be and they have no choice....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Miss Universe]

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Little Miss Sunshine : Feminine And Feminine Of A Dysfunctional Family

- Little Miss Sunshine is about feminine and masculine of a dysfunctional family. In this movie it shows the Hoover family, who about to set on a journey on a road trip from New Mexico going to California for The Little Miss Sunshine contest. Where things go a little a bit crazy on their road trip to California. In this film a young ambition girl who is in a child beauty contest but does not confident of her looks because she thinks that she fat. Her brother wants to join the US Air Force Academy and took a vow of silence to be a test pilot....   [tags: Miss Universe, Beauty, Beauty contest, Family]

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Beauty Pageants Are Exploitative For Young Girls

- The Ugly in Beauty Beauty pageants have been a competition in society as long as anyone can remember, whether it is formal or informal. From one girl comparing herself to a magazine, judging another when changing in the locker room, or attending a full, all out, extravagant and official pageant; it is really all the same. In this case, the direct topic being discussed is if beauty pageants are exploitive for young girls. Considering the stories on the news and reality television shows that display the craziness of it all, it is safe to say that entering in any young girl to beauty pageants is a brutal way of raising a child and does not hold any positive benefits in the long term....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Beauty Is Changing Our Kids

- On one hand its easy to notice all of the outrageous amounts of money put into beauty pageants, but on the other hand we must note how much a young girl spends in day to day life on cosmetics and beauty treatments. Young girls notice all of the make up that certain celebrities/ beauty contestants will wear and think that they must look the same or dress the same way as the celebrity or contestant so they can feel beautiful and “fit in” with society. On an average girls who are just about to hit their teens spend thousands, sometimes millions on cosmetics and different beauty treatments all in the hopes that they will add up to the other girls seen within social media and pageants, “ fourth...   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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The Age Of Teeth Falling Out

- Imagine waking up early to get ready after weeks of rehearsals and spray tans, hours and hundreds of dollars spent on a short, sparkling dresses, heels, and at times revealing outfits. Kids are seated for hours to do hair and makeup, and last minute preparations; parents make sure they do not become impatient so, they hand their child a juice box to calm them down. However, this isn’t helpful for a 5 year old being forced to participate in pageants in order to make her parents happy and boastful that their child has won the “Grand Title”....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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The Ban Of Beauty Pageant

- Glitz, Glamour and ready to take the stage in front of the judges. Talents are shown and questions are answered to find the right girl to take home the crown. The judges gather together and select a winner. All these things are what go into Beauty Pageants but what happens to the loser, what happens to the young girl or women that is watching or participating in the pageant. These pageants based the winner of their beauty that is often enhance with make-up and fake tans. This places young girls into adult like situations and cause many problems in the long run for not only young girls but also women that is of age....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Aesthetics, Self-esteem]

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Beauty Pageants Are Self Esteem Killers And Distort The Views Of A Woman 's Role

- Beauty pageants are self-esteem killers and distort the views of a woman’s role in society. The majority of people, especially women, are campaigning against this ambiguous tradition. Many adjustments have been conveyed to conform to these recognitions. Some of these adjustments include: donating to charities, achieving the art of elocution, and opportunities for educational scholarships. As thoughts and views on gender roles and gender identity have undergone changes, trending opinions have contemplated this certain extravagant event....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Miss Universe]

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Beauty Pageants Are The Most Important Person For All People

- Parents are the most important person for all people, the majority of children are influenced by the opinion that parents can give them. The Beauty pageants, are an appearance competitions that children or all people show their physical aspects. They have numerous aspects which influence this decision, parents want that their children to be famous. According to Zuma, who wrote one article in the magazine “The Week”, giving some reason why Beauty pageants are harmful for the children. The three most important reasons is that the girls can grow up fast and do not enjoy their childhood, parents sexualize young girls, and can also cause cognitive and emotional problems (Zuma)....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Human physical appearance]

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Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

- However, pageants have the capacity to be a negative experience. For some girls, beauty contests can make them become shallow and conceited (“Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons List”). On top of that, girls become jealous of others and develop unhealthy behaviors like various eating disorders, low self esteem, anxiety, fear of social interaction, and even drug usage ("MBGN and other beauty pageants should be banned"). Some competitions require participants to crash diet. This allows women to rapidly lose weight in order to accommodate tiny performance costumes and display thin waists for swimsuits....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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Child Pageants Force Little Girls

- Picture a 6 year old girl, walking into an oddly large room with her parents. Their paying no attention to the beautiful daughter. She’s excited for what’s about to happen. Her mom told her all about how she’s going to walk across a long stage with a beautiful dress on. Her intentions are to have fun, little does she know that all her parent’s care about is the trophy and the money. As she’s getting ready she’s hearing parents say stuff like, “Sit still. I’m trying to do your makeup,” “ Smile pretty.” These are young girls not understanding the point to all this known sense....   [tags: Mother, Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant]

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Family Dynamics And Beauty Mishaps

- Glitz. Glam. Flippers. Spray tans. Curlers. False Eyelashes. These are just a handful of items that comprise a beauty pageant. But it isn’t simply beauty products and hours of routine rehearsals that fill the screen on the hit TLC reality series Toddlers & Tiaras, everything from tantrums to sass function together to help form an episode of this popular TV show. Toddlers & Tiaras is a reality program that dives into the world of competitive beauty pageants, typically showcasing a few different young contestants, normally girls, and their families on their journey to the competition, from rehearsals to the performances and awards....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Stereotype, Sun tanning]

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Little Miss Narcissist : Why Juvenile Beauty Pageants

- Little Miss Narcissist: Why Juvenile Beauty Pageants Are a Threat to Young Girls Often beauty pageants feature an “outfit of choice” portion where parents and their children can collaborate in deciding their desired ensemble. On the TLC hit series Toddler and Tiaras, a three-year-old child entered a glitz beauty pageant, and in the “outfit of choice” portion, she dressed as Julia Robert’s character from Pretty Woman (O’Neill 20-21). In other words, a mother dressed her three-year-old child as a prostitute in hopes of winning a pageant....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Childhood]

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Is The Glitz And Glamour Worth It?

- Is the Glitz and Glamour worth it. They walk with the grace and poise of much sophistication. They have hair perfectly fixed, with every bobby pin strategically placed and every swipe of hair spray much appreciated. Eyeliner that makes her eyes glimmer and eyelashes that every grown women would die for. Skin, golden brown as if they have spent many stress free days laying on the beach. An outfit that has cost them an arm and a leg but is needed to complete “the look”. The most important piece of their attire, the smile....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Girl]

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The Reality Of Beauty Pageants

- Beauty pageant have been a controversy for many years, so is the crown really worth it all the spray tan the flippers also known as fake teeth. Well believe it or not it is worth it. Beauty pageants are great for self-confidence and are tons of fun. According to ABC “It 's estimated that 250,000 children compete in more than 5,000 pageants in the United States each year.” I have competed in two pageants over the past year and I plan to compete in more. Nothing feels better than having that crown placed upon your head and getting to go up on stage in your dress....   [tags: Beauty contest, Miss Universe]

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The Negative Impact of Beauty Contests and Models

- Everyday we see men and women in magazines that have what society has called “the perfect body” and we just bypass it like it means nothing to us, when deep down inside, we are eager to become just like those models. Society has put this picture into all of our heads of what the “average” person should look like. It is said that for women, we should have small tiny waist, flat stomachs, the hourglass figure, a round buttox and well developed plump breasts. Does this sound like the average female that you see on your streets daily....   [tags: Beauty Contests are Harmful]

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The American Winner Did Not Win The Crown Of Miss America

- Sweat, anxiety, and expensive hairspray filled the room as Miss California’s Crystal Lee and Miss New York’s Nina Davuluri stood hand in hand for the announcement of who would be the lucky winner of Miss America 2014. The rapid beating of thousands of hearts was the only noise that filled the room as soon as the host uttered the words, “Ladies and Gentleman, your new Miss America is...MISS NEW YORK!” People everywhere burst into screams, whoops and hollers, all around the world, all for different reasons....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Miss Universe]

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An Analysis Of James Joyce 's ' Ulysses '

- The chapter of James Joyce 's Ulysses entitled "Nacissa" tells the story of a young, beautiful girl named Gerty McDowell, who has fantasies of her perfect life with her perfect husband. She thinks that she has found this man in the novel 's protagonist, Leopold Bloom, with whom she has a sexual encounter on the beach. It is only until after this encounter that the reader learns Gerty is physically disabled. Before this point, Gerty is the epitome of physical beauty, which Joyce shows through describing her beauty as regal and otherworldly; She exemplifies the idea of the Victorian era beauty queen—who participates in pageants and become a spectacle to be viewed—and often times exaggerates it...   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, James Joyce]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Beauty Treatment '

- “Post Beauty Treatment” “Beauty Treatment” is an ironic testament to the lives and expectations of girls and women, particularly girls of a certain social class. They are raised for the sole purpose of getting their MRS degree from college, and nothing more. To do this, they are adorned in the best clothing, “all the latest stuff from the stores,” also the goal to “marry a Jewish doctor,” where they can look forward to “live bored and frustrated in the suburbs.” What was seen by everyone as catastrophic to the narrator, “The Accident” of having her face marred and her marriageable viability tarnished, in fact liberated the narrator....   [tags: Beauty, Beauty contest, Marriage, Narrator]

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Video Games And Its Effects On Society

- Kids are being sexualized, almost abused, with the advertisements that are shown around them. Whether they are from TV shows, video games, toys, or advertisements shown on the sides of buses, they are all influencing kids in a provocative way of thinking. Over the centuries, kids have been learning about sex at an earlier rate than they should. Most of it has to do with what surrounds them to influence their minds into thinking that what is being shown to them is the proper way of looking at oneself....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Mattel, Mother]

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Whip It Is A Teen Movie

- Whip It is a teen movie that hits all the classic markers in a coming-of-age film. Teen angst, feeling like an outsider, falling in love, and of course the importance of friendship. Set in a small Texas town in a foggy timeline that could be the eighties up to the early aughts, Bliss Cavendar is the daughter of a beauty pageant mom and elder sister to a doll like girl. Bliss has been doing beauty pageants for an unknown amount of time, but long enough for her to know she hates it. When the movie opens up it shows pastel girls readying themselves in vanity mirrors while the mother’s make small talk outside....   [tags: Beauty contest, Woman, Interpersonal relationship]

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Child Beauty Pageants Are Harmful

- Child Beauty Pageants Aren’t Harmless Fun A pair of fishnets, false eyelashes, fake tan, whitened teeth, thigh high boots, a small sparkly custom tutu, a choreographed suggestive dance routine, big teased hair, a bedazzled push up bikini, and an eager audience. Given this list of things most minds would rush to the term “stripper” or “Exotic dancer” however that is not what this list is about (Hollandsworth). This list could describe a little girl as young as four or five. This list could have been made to describe the common child beauty pageant contestant....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant]

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Do Girls Join The Pageants?

- In “Toddlers In Tiaras” Skip Hollandsworth purpose is to get readers to understand that pageants are teaching young girls to young women that the sexualization of their looks are their main value, leaving a negative effect on contestants physically. He believes parents are usually the main reason why young girls join the pageants to begin with so, he targets parents as the audience of his essay. To get readers to understand his point of view and to persuade them to agree with him he displays evidences from reliable sources using ethos, pathos and logos throughout the article....   [tags: Girl, Woman, Beauty contest, Women]

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Child Beauty Pageants Are Pageants

- It was the day after Christmas in 1996 when 6 year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was murdered, she was found with a skull fracture and there was evidence of sexual molestation. The investigation is still unsolved and ongoing but it is thought that her prominence in the local pageant circuit made her an obvious target for child predators (Bio., 2011). Child beauty pageants are pageants in which the contestants are under the age of 16, many of the participants start performing when they’re as young as a few months old and continue doing pageants until adulthood....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant]

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Sports Contests Should Be Considered Illegal

- Over 42 million people are participating in daily fantasy sports contest every year, and only about 30% of those participants are actually making any profit off of those contests (Harwell). Keeping up with sports and trying to predict the performance of players genially start off as a fun hobby for most people. However, when that hobby turns into betting money on the contest and the contestants lose their money how fun is that hobby. Daily fantasy sports contests should be considered illegal as it is turning an enjoyable hobby into gambling problems and could also cause major financial problems for participants....   [tags: Gambling, Casino, Player, E-participation]

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Child Beauty Pageants : A Controversial Issue All Over The World

- How do beauty pageant contestants do it. How are they so confident. “More than 2 million girls in the US compete in pageants alone” (Ford). Kids who take part in the pageants and are always on stage, have no trouble being in front of hundreds of people. Child beauty pageants have been a controversial issue all over the world. Kids compete to see who has the best smile, hair, makeup and outfits. They show off their talents and are judged upon what they do best. Many people are against child beauty pageants because they feel that the child’s development is being affected....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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Media 's Influence On Women 's Self Esteem And Body Issues

- Culture is an pertinent concept in society, and it strongly effects they way people think, act, and feel. Some people become influenced to their culture based on observations or traditions, but now people seem to be more influenced through the media. The media plays a large role in how people view others cultures. The media could portray one’s culture in a negative or positive way depending on its target audience. The media has strong influence on women 's self esteem and body issues, and it is culturally accepted in our country because it is considered normal....   [tags: Beauty contest, Miss Universe, Girl, Woman]

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Pageants Are Intertwined Into The Everyday Lives Of Americans

- Beauty pageants are interwoven into the everyday lives of Americans. Citizens grow up watching pageants on television, idolizing pageant girls, and comparing themselves to those girls that they see. While it is normal for American society, it is not healthy. Idolizing and comparing themselves to these perfect people can give girls body complexes about appearance and issues that could be prevented with the abolishment of beauty pageants in the United States. Pageants not only give girls unrealistic expectations for beauty, they also change the relationships between parents and children....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Childhood]

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Child Beauty Pageants : Good, Bad, And The Ugly

- Child Beauty Pageants: Good, Bad, and the Ugly Imagine this, a six-year-old Mia is nervously waiting for her name to be called, just a few hours prior she begged her mom not to make her do this. Her mom bribes her with a new kitten that she knew Mia has been wanting for the past few months. Mia will do anything to get the kitten that has been promised to her if she does the pageant. Then, the show begins. Mia steps out onto the stage not thinking about the crown, kitten, or the judges, but she thinks to herself “am I beautiful enough?” Flippers (fake teeth), spray tans, hair and makeup are just the minimum amount of work that goes into preparing a young child for a beauty pageant...   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Child Beauty Pageants Do A Child No Good

- On December 26, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found sexually abused and murdered in her parents’ home. Ramsey lived in Boulder, Colorado and was a six-year-old beauty pageant queen. The media showed video clips of JonBenet practicing for her pageants and the video clips disturbed many of the viewers. The videos showed her dancing around and blowing kisses while being dolled up in fancy makeup and revealing clothes. This image of a six-year-old shocked many viewers that had no idea what the pageant world was even about....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Child Beauty Pageants 's Effect On Children

- Child beauty pageants began in the 1960s, but the modern glitz pageants first garnered public attention in 1995 with Painted Babies, a documentary that followed two 5-year-old glitz contestants and their families. The 1996 death of JonBenet Ramsey introduced the world to tot beauty queens and 2001 brought the documentary Living Dolls. Toddlers and Tiaras launched in 2009 . "high-glitz" pageants like the ones featured on Toddlers & Tiaras is a potential source in child body impairment, low self esteem, and pressures children to grow up too fast....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Childhood]

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Effects Of Beauty Pageants On Young Girls

- Zawn Villines is a journalist for In this article Zawn Villines talks about the effects beauty pageants can have on young girls. For example, Beauty pageants can cause all sorts of problems to young girls that will eventually involve as they grow up, or continue a career in the modelling business. Problems that can occur to young girls include, eating disorders, body image distortion, sexualisation of young girls, unhealthy choices, etc. Looking at more detail within the article, it also includes reasons why parents (usually mothers) allow their daughters to participate in an unnecessary competition....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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Miss Beauty Queens More Harm Than Good

- Beauty pageants have long been a form of entertainment, exhibiting beautiful women with ideal bodies competing with their talent and their looks. Many pageant moms involve their daughters in children’s pageants to help them improve their social skills, exercise their talents, and boost their self-esteem. Although the pageants may seem like harmless competition with benefits, research shows that they may be doing the young beauty queens more harm than good. “...the girls are receiving conflicting messages: In order to win, the girls must show a unique personality, but they must also act and dress in a hyper feminine manner and conform to the pageant world 's ideal standard of beauty and narro...   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Beauty Pageants : Degrading Or Beneficial

- Little Miss Beauty Pageants: Degrading or Beneficial There is a whole world out there filled with spray tans, fake eyelashes, costumes, hairspray, lip stick, and fake teeth (known as flippers). This is the world of child beauty pageants. Any “normal” parent might gasp at even the thought of putting their young child through such a horrific experience. However, other parents think of it as fun for their child; a chance for them to win a variety of prizes, trophies, and even grants and scholarships....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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Beauty Pageants : The Beauty Pageant

- There are many different types of beauty pageants in today’s society, but a child beauty pageant consist of modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance and talent. The children are judged based on individuality in looks, capability, poise, perfection and confidence. As the judges call it, "the complete package". There are two main types of beauty pageant the natural pageant and the glitz pageant. Glitz pageants are the "glamour" pageants where girls are dressed in high fashion, evening gowns and swimsuit....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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My Motivation For Picking Beauty Pageants

- Around the world many young girls are being subjected to something that will tear them away from their childhoods: beauty pageants. Although many people believe that beauty pageants are harmless to children, they actually have many degrading effects. Beauty pageants need to have an age requirement put on them immediately. No one under the age of sixteen should be able to compete in a beauty pageant. This topic has been a great interest to be since the first time I watched Toddlers and Tiaras. I thought it was ridiculous how parents put their children through all the glitz and the glam when they are only a few months old....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Childhood]

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The Reality Of Beauty Pageants

- The show “Toddlers and Tiaras” which aired on TLC for six years showed the lives of little girls who competed in beauty pageants; this is how beauty pageants recently became popular. These pageants focus on beauty, modeling gowns and swimsuits, as well as a talent portion. The winners of these pageants are called beauty queens and they receive a tiara and possible cash prizes. The contestants range from ages two to sixteen. As quoted by Kahlil Gibran, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” When it comes to beauty pageants, what’s on the inside does not matter....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Should Sex Offenders Be Banned?

- In any competition, parents want to see their children succeed in what they like to do. In many competitions there are parents that go way overboard to make their child win. Children listen to what their parents have to say to make them proud, we need to make sure that children are told what could happen to them in any competition they would like to play in. A reason is youth football, it can very dangerous to children because not only will the children be physically hurt but also mentally, why because children brains are not done developing and that could cause them serious health issues in the future....   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Want]

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Beauty Pageants Are A Competition

- Beauty pageants are a competition judged on physical beauty and the winners are awarded prizes or titles. Pageants are a very expensive hobby to have. Some people think beauty pageants are terrible to put your child into and others think differently. When many people think of beauty pageants they think of the tv show on TLC called “Toddlers and Tiaras”. This show displays a little behind the scenes of the process of a beauty pageant, but not everything. The process of a beauty pageant is very long, and many do not understand the process behind one. First, a beauty pageant must be chosen to compete in....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Cosmetics, Sun tanning]

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Character Contests Can Be Based On Fair Reason

- Character contests can be brought because of the differences in the personality and traits of the specific characters in a play. In the play “Trifles”, character contest is evident that sometimes people fall into different crises and chaos that demand prudent decisions. This is critically brought forth by Erving Goffman in his essay by stating that human interactions should be based on fair reason, so as life can be judged from a rational perspective. In order to function well in social terms, it is necessary for everyone to understand the social fabric well....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Gender role, Transgender]

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The Importance of Context in Understanding Literature

- From the onset of the twentieth century there has been an ongoing debate on context and text. Literary theorists all over the world propounded many theories that either divorced the two or made their bond stronger. From the 1920s there came a wave of critical theories, the New Critics pleaded for critical monism. The New Criticism took the poem as a work of art, a structure having an independent existence. They completely divorced the work of art from the biographical, sociological context; removed the piece of literature from time and space and made the work an independent, autonomous and self-contained entity....   [tags: Cultural Context of a Literary Text]

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Informative Speech : Content Marketing

- How to Create Compelling Content For Your Audience Content marketing is all about delivering a compelling audience and valuable information that will attract the targeted audience. A consistent and effective content can help your organization achieve a number of goals, including; educate customers and prospects, influence the product preferences and increase sales and help grow positive brand. The other benefits include generating quality leads through various medias including the organization website and building trust through provision of relevant information that will help customers and prospects to make informed decision....   [tags: Audience, Audience theory, Want, Content format]

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Listening And Content Strategy Of Nurtureyourlife

- Listening and Content Strategy of ‘NurtureyourLife’ Blogs have proven to be tremendous platform for fitness experts who wish to share their strengths with the world. What separates the best from all the others is the content, as well as the methods are used to get it out there. ‘ NurtureyourLife’ is focussing on the online worldwide audience who would give preference to physical activities, love to cook fresh food and balance their spiritual life. ‘NurtureyourLife’ decided to target the audience using Facebook and Twitter to build initial relationships and then move to other channels of social media....   [tags: Social media, Twitter, Social network service]

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The Identity Dilemma through Form and Content

- The Identity Dilemma through Form and Content Imagine comparing a person to a language. It would be so tricky and overwhelming: finding grammatical structures that would fit into a person’s personality, verb tenses related to life experiences etc. However, there are two main things which make a person and a language highly comparable: form and content. What are form and content. How are they related to each other. In his essay “Devoid of Content”, scholar Stanley Fish argues that when considering a language, we should leave content outside and just focus on form, because form eventually leads to content....   [tags: Devoid of Content, language, Gogol, Schwalbe]

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The World of Importance: Context in The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich

- What do you believe the most important element of a piece of literature is. Is it the characters. The plot. The use of imagery. These are all-important elements and add to the overall piece to give the reader some understanding of the story. One thing many readers pass over though is the underlying context of a story. Context is defined as anything beyond the specific words of a literary work that may be relevant to understanding of the story's meaning. Context can include but is not limited to: culture, economics, and history....   [tags: literature, cultural context, plot]

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Web Content Management System

- To ensure that web design projects completed using the WordPress Content Management System are correctly updated and maintained, it is imperative that this guide is closely reviewed and followed. Definitions • Content Management System (CMS) - a computer program that allows for publishing, editing, and modifying content of a web site. The primary advantages of a CMS are a streamlined content creation processes and opportunities for customization and collaboration, all from a central online location....   [tags: world press, modifying content, web site]

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Othello Reflects the Context and Values of its Time

- Texts and their appropriations reflect the context and values of their times. Within Shakespeare’s Othello and Geoffrey Sax’s appropriation of Othello, the evolution of the attitudes held by Elizabethan audiences and those held by contemporary audiences can be seen through the context of the female coupled with the context of racism. The role of the female has developed from being submissive and “obedient” in the Elizabethan era to being independent and liberated within the contemporary setting....   [tags: Othello, Context, Values, shakespeare, feminism,]

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The Content Management System For Your Website

- Looking for a content management system for your website but do not know which one you should use. Wondering why so many people chose the Wordpress CMS, or why you should. If so, then you are in the right place. When I first started out in the website design industry, I had these same questions: "Why use Wordpress?" "Which CMS is right for me?" That is the goal of this article: to help you find the answers to these questions and more so that you can make an informed decision. This article will go over the key features of the Wordpress content management system, and provide you with in-depth descriptions of each one....   [tags: Website, Web design, Content management system]

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The Dimensions of Cultural Context

- The Dimensions of Cultural Context “The cultural context in which human communication occurs is perhaps the most defining influence on human interaction. Culture provides the overall framework in which humans learn to organize their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in relation to their environment” (1). By going through the five dimensions of the cultural context of Brazil, a lot is revealed about the interesting culture, and gives a better understanding of how Brazilians live. The first dimension in the cultural context is whether the culture is individualistic or collectivistic....   [tags: Cultural Context Culture Essays]

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Community Media And Publishing User Generated Content

- Community media and publishing user-generated content There is a long tradition of UGC being published in community newspapers. Community media are often forgotten when researchers examine how newspapers have transitioned to digital products (Lewis, Kaufhold, & Lasorsa, 2010). Community newspapers differ from other types of media by striving to be closer to the public ( Harry, 2001; Lauterer, 2006; Reader, 2012). It is important, however, to define community newspapers. As mentioned earlier for purposes of this dissertation, community media represent publications with a circulation of less 50,000 in print (Lauterer, 2006)....   [tags: Journalism, Mass media, User-generated content]

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The Context Of Us Korean War Propaganda

- The context of US Korean War propaganda occurred in the post-WWII where 1949 Geneva Conventions emphasized that POW will be treated fairly regardless of their "race, nationality, religious beliefs, political opinions or other criteria" (American Red Cross, 2011, p. 3). Perhaps structuring a propaganda campaign around racial prejudice could have been acceptable prior to World War Two. The legacy of Nazi Germany legacy, however, most likely contributed to the development of "more tolerant and peaceful post war world" (Dower, 1986, p....   [tags: World War II, Korean War, Communism, Cold War]

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Strategies for Improving Student’s Content Area Reading to Acquire Information

- Before a student can even begin to understand how to read expository content within a text book, they must first begin to read meaningfully and they reasons behind why they read. Reading is not just for entertainment, it is also used to acquire information. Reading any form of text opens its audience, the reader, to the world without them having to buy a plane ticket or putting them in dangerous situations to gain firsthand experience (content within storybooks or novels). Reading opens one’s “cognitive eye”....   [tags: education, texts, content area reading, ]

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Instructional Setting And Content Area Context

- English First Learner Analysis Instructional Setting and Content Area Context English First is an institute that was created to make English as a second language easily accessible, affordable, and effective for those who wish to excel personally, educationally, and professionally. It provides quality education in the four major language skills: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. English First is located in Houston Texas, the nation`s most diverse metropolitan area. Students who attend English First are mainly Arabs, and a minority of Asians....   [tags: English language, Second language]

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Students Develop Strong Content Area Reading Skills

- K12 Reader K12 Reader provides a clear description of what reading in the content area is. It also gave strategies to use when teaching reading in the different content areas. This website provides worksheets for grades K-12 in all areas of reading. The site has resources and articles that will help educators in the goal of teaching reading concepts to students. They also have lesson templates, graphic aids, and book list available....   [tags: Education, Reading, Literacy, School]

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Using User Generated Content And The News, And Wall And Zahed 's ( 2011 ) Article

- Jönsson and Örnebring’s (2011) article “User-Generated Content and the News” and Wall and Zahed’s (2015) work “Syrian Citizen Journalism” both use the concept of user-generated content (UGC) as an overall term to form their argument. Flew and Smith (2014) define UGC in their book “New Media” as follows: “The unpaid contributions of the users of a service, which often times constitutes the bulk of the content (over 90 percent in the case of YouTube)” (p. 277). Despite of that fact that both articles draw from the overall topic of UGC, they also differ in many aspects....   [tags: Social media, User-generated content, Syria]

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The Lives and Contests of the Gladiators

- The Lives and Contests of the Gladiators One form of entertainment in the Roman world was gladiatorial contests. In these, the Roman citizens would go to watch gladiators fight, often to the death. Today, these contests seem brutal and cruel, but at the time it was very popular and widely accepted. The Roman people would quite happily judge over whether a man would live or die. Why were the contests so entertaining that they would cost a man his life over it. There were different types of gladiators and different types of contests to keep the citizens interested....   [tags: Papers]

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First Olympics - The Greek Contests

- Introduction The Olympics of Ancient Greece were much different from the Olympics we know today. When we think of an Olympic athlete it is one who has proven himself not only to be a champion in his own country, but one of world-class skill. This idea contrasts with the Ancient Olympic athlete who could only be a free man that spoke Greek. Furthermore, there were fewer events in the games of old. There wasn't any water polo, ping pong, or any other games that strayed from the basic contests....   [tags: olympic sport athletic competition]

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Content Management System-The Web-Based Revolution

- Content Management System-The Web-Based Revolution Abstract Most companies build or purchase a system for web site management in order that consumers can access a bunch of content conveniently. There is one of the most popular web site management systems, called "Content Management System". The Content Management System is a type of software package most successful companies utilize. In this paper, research concerning CMS will be presented as follows: an introduction and development of CMS, benefits of using CMS by users or companies, and how the CMS leads a company to succeed in an internet business....   [tags: Internet Content Management Web]

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Students Exposed to Underage Sexual Behavior, Sexual Content in Media, and Social Media Outlets

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss a principal’s practical experience in his middle school regarding his observations and opinions of his student population. The focus of the population is middle school students (children) who have been exposed and/or involved in underage sexual behavior, and/or students exposed to sexual content in the media and social media outlets. The results of this interview are compared to our theoretical learning from our textbook. After attending UCLA and the University of Nairobi in Kenya, Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) South Lake Middle School Principal Bruce Baron received his Bachelor’s degree from UCI....   [tags: Sexual Content in Media, Social media Outlets]

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The Content Of Content Marketing

- Chances are you’ve probably heard all the facts there is to know about content marketing in regards as to how it has enabled companies to expand and grow online, and how it is helping to change and shape what digital marketing looks like. I’m almost a 100% certain that you come across articles, blogs and case studies that demonstrate its possibilities for your company. There is no doubting that you have implemented all that you have learnt, but for some strange reason, you haven’t seen any substantial changes....   [tags: Marketing, Search engine optimization]

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The Content Of Content Writing

- Understanding the concept of content is very important in the digital world. It refers to words and other elements that are present on different websites. Content represents the visual copy of the internet and therefore it is extremely important for a website to have the best possible content. There are many professional companies that provide content writing services. As a customer, it is important that you understand the financial models of these services, in order to identify the best possible deal when taking quotations from a number of sources....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Writer]

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The Content Of The Course

- The content of the course has proven to be invaluable, insightful and thoughtful. Observing and interacting with my cohorts gave relevance to information that was being presented in a contextual manner of the topics that were being presented. I was given the opportunity to participate in discussion that garnered participation from different facets of a particular discussion. Leaders bear the burden of ensuring that things change in a positive direction. But by its very nature, innovation and technology can be disruptive, technology increase the chances of moving away from what is, to what can be, to what will be....   [tags: Health care, Health informatics]

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