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African American Consciousness and Self-Contempt

- Black self-contempt seeping into African American culture is irrefutable, as is the fact that it is misconstrued, unchallenged, and undervalued. The unparalleled intense emotion of internalized self-hatred currently plaguing the minds of numerous Blacks is not an ordinary phenomenon developed from centuries of evolution. It is not a nameless occurrence empty of a coherent justification. It is simply the consequence of an intentionally condemned system of suppression and control. An enormous scheming method used for preserving the present grand image of society....   [tags: Self Contempt, American Culture Issues]

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Contempt For The Milgram Experiment

- Contempt for the Milgram Experiment In 1963s, Stanley Milgram, a Yale professor, conducted an experiment that sparked intense controversy throughout the nation(Milgram 77). Milgram attempted to pinpoint evil in its rawest form: through ordinary people. This was achieved by placing an ordinary person, called the teacher, in a situation in which an instructor pressured the subject, called the teacher, to shock another person, called the learner(Milgram 78). Despite hearing the progressively agonizing screams of the learner, the teacher continued to comply with the directives given by the instructor, thereby selecting obedience over morality(Milgram 80)....   [tags: Psychology, Stanford prison experiment]

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Disdain And Contempt For Children

- In "Disdain and Contempt for Children in the Sibling Society" Robert Bly criticizes a growing number of trends (social and economic) that make growing up in America more complex than it used to be growing up before the 1960 's. For example Bly talks about how in the paternal society they usually had two parent homes, families were oriented, how they had a hierarchy and how meaningful their conversations were compared to growing up in the sibling society where they tended to look out for their own as Bly says, they had “jettisoned.” (page1.) those ways of living....   [tags: Family, High school, Childhood, Learning]

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Law - Contempt of court

- Contempt is generally defined as an act of disobedience to an order of a court, or an act of disrespect of a court. A client's failure to comply with a restraining order, a visitation order or an injunction in any kind of action may result in a finding of contempt of court, no matter the intention. The court has the power to punish neglection, violation of duty, or any other misconduct. Also a non-payment of a sum of money, ordered by the court to be paid can lead to contempt of court. Another type of contempt is whether the contempt charged is civil or criminal in nature....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Contempt of Court in Canada

- Introduction This paper is concerned with the common law of contempt of court. More specifically, it outlines the arguments in favour of, and against, codifying this law. The purpose is to discuss problems with contempt of court, and make proposals to restructure the law. The first part of this paper will explain the openness principle, which is the balancing factor in respect of contempt of court. The second part will outline the common law offence of contempt of court and narrow the scope of this paper....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Fight Club Manifest A Teaching Of Contempt Modern Life

- The popular film, Fight Club manifest a teaching of contempt modern life, society according to the theories written by the founding fathers of Sociology. This film reflects a lifestyle of controversial issues we as a society have become conformed to live through. Nonetheless, the main character of the movie encapsulates a perspective of changing these regulations by creating a persona of the type of person the narrator desires to be. A person who does not abide the enslavement of civilization, when in fact, he is free in every way the narrator feels he cannot be, “People do it every day, they talk to themselves......   [tags: Max Weber, Sociology, Émile Durkheim, Fight Club]

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The Relationship Between Interpersonal Communication and Marital Satisfaction

- John Gottman in his book argues that “a lasting marriage results from a couple’s ability to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable in any relationship (p. 28)”. In his arguments, John explores the relationship between interpersonal communication and marital satisfaction. By doing so, he advances two hypotheses aimed at addressing problems within a relationship. The first hypothesis is that there is an existing private messaging system between couples, which enhances communication in a healthy marriage....   [tags: conflict, criticism, contempt]

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The Villian Iago in Shakespeare´s Othello

- ... Iago's manipulation of Roderigo and Brabantio sets up the battle between Othello and Brabantio. Later on in the play Iago still seeks help from Roderigo by forcing him to kill Cassio whom is drunk with just a few words. Montano which is the governor of Cyprus stepped in to resolve the problem between Cassio and Roderigo. Unfortunately Cassio stabs Montano since he lost control of himself from Iago's poisoned words. This led to Cassio's loss of luitentancy which leads to Iago in this position....   [tags: contempt, revenge, manipulation, evil]

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Free Essays on Terrorism: Europe's Contempt Toward the U.S

- September 11 and Europe's Contempt Toward the U.S Lest we forget the heroic resolve of our many European "allies," the French surged forward into the fray last week. Well, perhaps "surging" isn't quite the word, and the "fray" has become a meager affair as of late. Their token gesture to join the U.S. and Great Britain in orchestrating a Northern Alliance victory amounts to little more than tactical cowardice, a dashing display of minced words and foot-dragging that only the French seem capable of....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Charles Dickens Contempt for Lawyers Revealed Great Expectations

- Charles Dickens Contempt for Lawyers Revealed Great Expectations      Charles Dickens viewed lawyers as being mean, cruel, and relatively heartless (Collins 175). Throughout much of Dickens' literature, lawyers are stereotyped through characters and these characters are used as a means of commentary about the lawyers of the time. Jaggers, from the novel Great Expectations, seems not to be an exception. Through the character of Jaggers, an understanding of Dickens' view of early nineteenth-century lawyers can be obtained....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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The Contempt and Bitterness of Virginia Woolf Exposed in A Room of One's Own

- The Contempt and Bitterness of Virginia Woolf Exposed in A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf refuses the role society prescribes her. She stands up against glass ceilings, separate spheres, and double standards-cultural institutions that create and uphold a weaker sex. In her writing, specifically "A Room of One's Own," she manifests her contempt and bitterness by advocating "it is necessary [for women] to have five hundred [pounds] a year and a lock on the door if you are to write fiction or poetry" (769)....   [tags: Room of One's Own Essays]

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Malvolio: Undeserved Contempt?

- Twelfth Night is written by William Shakespeare. It was named after a Christian feast of the Epiphany, which is celebrated on the 6th January (12 days after Christmas.) Twelfth Night is a comedy and a very entertaining play, surrounding the character Malvolio, who is very impolite and disrespectful to the rest of the characters. As a result to this they decide to trick him, but however it gets out of hand when they decide to lock him up and claim that he is mad. Malvolio then stands as an unpopular steward and a vulgar character....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature, Characters]

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Hamlet's Childish Behaviour and Contempt of Others

- Hamlet identifies with an adolescent of the 1990’s more than he does with the youth of his own time. Hamlet is immature, sarcastic, depressed and takes action during the heat of passion which is very much like the behavior of the youth in the 1990’s. Love, control over action, and the ability to overcome depression are just a few ways to prove maturity. It is obvious Hamlet loves Ophelia in his own way “. . . the celestial and my soul’s idol, the most beautified Ophelia . . .” (Hamlet. II, ii, 109- 110), but his way is not mature enough to include trust toward his lover....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Concept of Fair Trial

- “The right of a criminal defendant to a fair trial is absolute... The right to a fair trial is one to be enjoyed by the guilty as well as the innocent, for a defendant is presumed to be innocent until proved to be otherwise in a fairly conducted trial,” (Randall v. R. (Cayman Islands), 2002). The concept of fair trial is self-explanatory; it simply means an impartial trial that is executed to grant each party involved in a case their fundamental right which guarantees them a right to due. The scenario provided gives rise to issues of contempt of court, the sub judice rule and the code of ethics for media professionals....   [tags: Criminal, Defendant, Lawyer, Guilty, Innocent]

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Sound and Editing Analysis

- Since the creation of films, their main goal was to appeal to mass audiences. However, once, the viewer looks past the appearance of films, the viewer realizes that the all-important purpose of films is to serve as a bridge connecting countries, cultures, and languages. This is because if you compare any two films that are from a foreign country or spoken in another language, there is the possibility of a connection between the two because of the fact that they have a universally understanding or interpretation....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Right Attitude towards the Earth

- What is the right attitude towards the Earth, when so many of its societies abuse its resources and disregards the matrix of life. The basic understanding of self, how self interacts with the numbered moments of life, is vital to the right attitude of being conscious of the earth. Listening and obeying our conscience is essential for fostering world peace and harmony. Bonding is mandatory to achieve the right attitude towards the earth. Living in a life that is not conscious one cannot truly understand the wisdom of earth....   [tags: Environment, Environmental]

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Limits of Freedom of Expression in English Law

- What are the limits of freedom of expression in English law. Are they satisfactory. Article 10 of the European convention of human rights holds “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises” This is enshrined in UK law through the Human rights act 1998....   [tags: article 10 of European convention of human rights]

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Heloise and Abelard: Focus on Right and Wrong

- According to Abelard morally wrong action are distinguished by four things. First, there is a mental vice that makes us prone to sin, such as lust and desire, followed second by the sin itself which is dependant on the situation. Third is the will for evil and finally the doing of evil. He holds these separate for “to will and to fulfill the will are not the same, so to sin and to perform the sin are not the same”(2-511-L). Just as there is a difference between someone who intended to push someone off a train platform but tripped before they could perform the act and someone who succeeded in doing so....   [tags: literary analysis, literary criticism]

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Analysis of George Orwell´s Animal Farm

- ‘Animal Farm’ is considered as one of George Orwell’s most popular and enduring works. Utilizing the form of the animal fable the short novel chronicles the story of a group of barnyard animals that revolt against their human masters in an attempt to create an Utopian state. Orwell satires the rise and decline of socialism in the Soviet Union and the emergence of the totalitarian regime of Joseph Stalin. The key members of the Russian revolution are parodied as farmyard animals: Trotsky as snowball and Stalin as Napoleon....   [tags: Politics, Communism, Utopia]

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Theu.s. Attorney General Charles Bonaparte

- (Linder). Shipp did not recognize any of the conspirators at the jail, even though he was held there for 30 minutes without a blindfold (Linder). When the case was finally moved to Washington, final arguments were given (Linder). U.S. Attorney General Charles Bonaparte stated that Shipp and the other conspirators were guilty (Linder). Judson Harmon, presenting the closing argument for Shipp, said that even though Shipp didn’t handle the situation well, he “cannot be convicted of contempt by this Court simply because, in the performance of his duties, he exercised bad judgment” (Linder)....   [tags: Court, Jury, Supreme Court of the United States]

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Factors That Influenced Observational Learning

- likely to be different than if I leaned on my understanding and in my ways. Henceforth, the minute I surrender myself to His perfect will, out of nowhere and unexpectedly, the man of my dreams came into to my life. Bandura identifies four processes that impact observational learning, e.g. attentional, retentional, behavioral production, and motivation. Please define each and explain how each process influences observational learning. According to Bandura, attentional processes is that only what is observed can be learned....   [tags: Behavior, Psychology, Morality, Human behavior]

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The Seven Principles For Making a Marriage Work

- The Seven Principles For Making a Marriage Work      In The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work there are seven myths and seven real truths about marriage. The first myth is that neuroses or personality problems will ruin a marriage. The truth about that myth is that we all have our crazy buttons or issues we’re not totally rational about, but they don't necessarily interfere with marriage. The key to a happy marriage isn't having a "normal" personality, but finding someone with whom you get along with....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Two Forms of Love in the City of God by St. Augustine

- The City of God “Accordingly, two cities have been formed by two loves: the earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God; the heavenly by the love of God, even to the contempt of self. The former, in a word, glories in itself, the latter in the Lord.” (14.28) Love, in a present-day definition is normally a good thing. According to the brilliant St. Augustine, that would depend on the nature of the love in understanding. In his book, The City of God, Augustine skillfully drew upon two loves: on one hand, a love which is holy: agape, unselfish love, and on the other hand a love which is unholy: distorted love of self; selfishness....   [tags: love, god, holy, self]

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A Streetcar Named Desire and Twelfth Night: Comparative task

- Blanche is Stella’s eccentric sister, she comes to Elysian Fields for help because she has gone through a traumatic period and is struggling with who she is. Malvolio is is a typical brown nose, he will do anything to gain favor of Countess Olivia. However those opposite characters explore the same themes.Through their roles in Twelfth Night and A Streetcar named Desire, Malvolio and Blanche both undergo unrequited love and downfall but because sympathy is created for Blanche both characters have an opposite effect on the audience....   [tags: creative writing, love, downfalls]

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Analysis Of ' A Long Poem '

- a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation. 2) a rhyme scheme that follows "ABBA ABBA CDE CDE" or "ABBA ABBA CDC DCD" 3) the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form. 4) in poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in nonrhyming stressed syllables near enough to each other for the echo to be discernible (e.g., penitence, reticence ) 5) the expression of one 's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic eff...   [tags: Poetry, Iambic pentameter, Irony, Meaning of life]

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Falling Away : A Life Of Sin

- If a person has rejected being “enlightened,” then they have “fallen away” (6:6) into a life of sin. In context, it appears the hypothetical person has departed from the whole “enlightened” experience, only nominally attached through the “basic teachings” (6:1). Attridge sees “fallen away” not referring “to sin in general, but to the specific sin of apostasy.” Falling away is certainly a rejection of blessings brought about through being a believer, which Alan Mulgridge designates as the “renunciation of the covenant relationship with God.” Yet the term appears to suggest willful sinful tendencies on the part of the Believer....   [tags: Sin, Repentance, Jesus, Christian terms]

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The Happiness Effect By Alice Ghent

- Happiness Essay People experience emotions daily and is constantly changing due to their situation, even if the person may seem like a robot they still have the feeling of contempt which is still a basis of happiness. Before happiness became a modern way of living for us, we were told to show less emotion, more contempt if anything but throughout the years we began to change our focus. We in the past have had our focus on the economy and progression as a nation, however as explained in the article “The happiness effect” 246-47 By Alice Ghent, our economy might have been raising but our global sense of general well being has not....   [tags: Happiness, Positive psychology, Emotion]

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Commentary of Rabindranath Tagore's Africa

- Though written in response to Mussolini’s invasion of Algeria in 1935, the poem’s criticism of European colonialism in Africa can be extended to the host of European nations that ran the race to colonial domination. The poem is structured to mirror the evolution of Africa, with the three stanzas respectively dealing with Africa’s creation, colonisation and post-colonialism. This sets up the framework for the contrasting of the three periods, which expose the poet's impression of the hypocrisy of Western imperialism....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Relationship Between Gods And Kings

- “Familiarity breeds contempt” writes the philosopher Lucius Apuleius as he describes the relationship between gods and kings. Although the phrase has been bastardized and diluted to justify friendship failures, it does nothing to explain or propose solutions to recovery of the relationship. Apuleius’ phrase has real life applications in describing why it is unwise to become roommates with a close friend. I have seen multiple relationships, including my own, fall apart after becoming roommates and thought that I had a solid grasp on the dangers of moving in with friends....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Psychology]

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Stylistic Devices in Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath

- Stylistic Devices in Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath uses a diverse array of stylistic devices in "Lady Lazarus," among them allusion, apostrophe, extended metaphor, and irony, in order to develop the speaker as a character. Those three poetic devices are particularly evident in lines 65-79 of"Lady Lazarus." In the New Testament of the Bible, Lazarus is a man who rises from the dead at the command of Jesus Christ (John 11:38). The title of this poem, "Lady Lazarus"(the "Lady" without a doubt referring to Plath herself, as this is an example of confessional poetry; the "Lazarus" being an allusion to the biblical figure) is an accurate indicator of the content of the poem....   [tags: Papers]

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The Souls Of Black Folk By W. E. B. Du Bois

- Bayli Donaldson The Souls of Black Folk HIST 1493-997 The book The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois began with a forethought that gave an overview of what was about to be read. The forethought first mentioned “the veil” which was also used frequently through out the first two chapters. In these chapters Du Bois starts from when he was a young kid and then continues his timeline up until the Freedmen’s Bureau and then the Fifteenth Amendment. The first chapter focused more on what is was like and how he was going to overcome it while the second chapter focused on the issues, why they came about, and the changes that were starting to be made in the late 1800s....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race]

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Stages of Pip Growing Up in the Novel "Great Expectations

- Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens that thoroughly captures the adventures of growing up. The book details the life of a boy through his many stages of life, until he is finally a grown man, wizened by his previous encounters. Dickens’ emotions in this book are very sincere, because he had a similar experience when his family went to debtor’s prison. Pip starts as a young boy, unaware of social class, who then becomes a snob, overcome by the power of money, and finally grows into a mature, hardworking man, knowing that there is much more to life than money....   [tags: Charles Dickens, Literary Analysis]

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Comparison Of Plato And Augustine 's Views On Psychology

- Anuradha Singh Ethics Fall 2014 Hobbes “Pleasure therefore, or delight, is the appearance, or sense of good; and molestation, or displeasure, and love, is accompanied with some delight more or less; and all hatred and aversion, with more or less displeasure and offense” -Hobbes Both Plato and Augustine were psychologically insightful, even brilliantly so. Aristotle certainly delved into the logic of deliberation and action as deeply as any philosopher before or since. But the idea of basing ethics wholly on psychology is a distinctively modern idea, and one of its first and foremost proponents was the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes....   [tags: Thomas Hobbes, Political philosophy]

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Dead-Beat Dads: Minorities Not Worthy Of Civil Rights?

- Fathers every year in Washington go to jail for nothing more than being broke (Deadbeat). They are called “dead beat dads” by their peers, scorn by society, and treated as subclass citizens (ASSOCIATED). This is a very grim reality that men of every age range face daily. Both men and women make the choices which result in babies. Conversely, women are given a choice at every stage of the child’s development to adopt out, abort, or even use contraception (Why). Therefore, men and women share equal responsibility for the children they conceive....   [tags: Social Issues]

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A Battle Between The Traditional and The Modern

- This is an essay about the battle between the traditional and the modern. It has focused on Pound and Yeats’ works in Literature to show the position of each poet’s contribution to modernity. Both poets used different approaches to contribute to modernity. Yeats used classical illusions in his poems to pass the messages and was more focused on culture. This shows his characteristic as a traditionalist more than a modernist (Yeats). Grading his contributions, he is considered the link between the nineteenth and the twentieth century....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Causes and Effects of the American Revolution

- Both the British and the American colonists contributed to causing the American Revolution. The war grew out of contempt: England’s contempt for the colonies and colonial contempt for British policies. A series of actions by the British eventually pushed the colonists over the edge and towards independence. The results of the war gave many citizens a new role in society while others, like slaves, felt no change at all. This paper will examine the specific causes and effects of the American Revolution....   [tags: Essays on American Revolution]

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Keeping It Legal ( March 2016 )

- KEEPING IT LEGAL (MARCH 2016) QUESTION ONE a. Fair dealings protect creative writing and journalists by allowing certain parts of copyrights to be quoted and reproduced for the purpose of criticism or review. Without the need for the copyright holders consent. Additionally, public interest is another of the biggest defences for journalists. The 1988 public interest rights allow journalist to report of issues that are public interest to society. b. Section 68 of the criminal justice and public order act 1994 created it an offence to aggravated trespass....   [tags: Judge, Court, High Court of Justice, Defamation]

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Passive Male Homosexuality in Pre-Christian Scandinavia

- “The love that dare not speak its name” truly was a mute love in pre-Christian Norse society. The Norse viewed male homosexual intercourse through a curious (by modern American standards) dichotic lens. Similarly to Roman and Greek societies, the Norse attached no great negative stigma or condemnatory connotations to the idea itself of homosexual intercourse. However, the Vikings intensely disapproved of free men taking the passive role in any male-male sexual acts. Norse society regarded passivity in all penetrative intercourse as intrinsically related to unmanly, and therefore feminine, behavior....   [tags: Homosexuality ]

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Hatred in Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Hartley's Film No Such Thing

- Misanthropy, or hatred of humankind, is one of the strongest feelings that people can have. In his novel Gulliver’s Travels, the author Jonathan Swift explores what causes this emotion. Likewise, Hal Hartley attempts to explain the roots of hatred through his film No Such Thing. Through their works, both men claim that it is not a universal emotion, but rather it is felt only by more evolved creatures. Hatred is a product of knowledge and the sense of superiority it creates in those who posses it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Essay on Biblical Imagery in King Lear

- Biblical Imagery in Lear Had King Lear been exposed to Christian Scriptures, he may have learned the folly of his prideful demand that his daughters vocally profess their love.  The Scriptures clearly state that "if any tried to by love with their wealth, contempt is all they would get." (Sg 8:7) Of course, had King Lear read and abided by the Scriptures, we would be wanting of a great work of literature.             Lear's situation closely fits the passage from the Song of Songs....   [tags: King Lear essays]

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Your Freedom Is Not Free

- Freedom is more than a concept, it is an ideal with varied and complex subjective interpretations. Ideas concerning the liberty of body and soul are heavily connected to the formation of individual and cultural identity in American literary history. Certain nineteenth century American writers stand out for their real-life dedication to freedom and non-conformity for seeking to free themselves from whatever shackles limited them from reaching their potentials, both literally and figuratively. Henry David Thoreau, Fredrick Douglass, and Ralph Waldo Emerson are exemplary writers of the nineteenth century who strove to articulate not only the ideas of freedom and justice, but also the means by...   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Immunity in the U.S. Court

- The right to not incriminate one’s self is established within the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment states, “No person…shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself” (Davenport, 2006, P. 87). People may plead the fifth as a means of refusing to answer questions about alleged criminal activities. The right to not self incriminate, is a fundamental right meant to protect individuals from being forced into giving evidence that could be used against one’s self....   [tags: Justice System ]

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Urine Trouble: A Short Story

- ... His friends began interrogating him once it looked like the blabbermouth part of it was over and he was able to describe it moment for moment he found that all the epiphanies he had still held true. He thought Maybe I'm still under the influence. Maybe they just sound like brilliant solutions to my addled brain but later that night when he was sure it had worn off he went through the memories a second time and saw that maybe with just a few "sessions" of this drug he could get his life sorted out and never even have to go to a psychotherapist....   [tags: intern, medicine, protest, test]

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Interview Document On Media Law

- Briefing document on media law for a new reporter about to join a radio station. Nowadays, knowledge of media law is a basic requirement in the recruitment process to radio station. Therefore, as a reporter – you are required to read this carefully and apply. This document contains issues in the field: defamation, content of court and Data protection. As a reporter you can be sued for slander (on radio station your news is spoken). It will happen if you do not follow the relevant rules. The most important principle is: you have to check your stories at least twice before you broadcast them....   [tags: Defamation, Mass media, False light, Jury]

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Mccarthyism And The Soviet Union

- McCarthyism was an unnerving development in the political landscape of the United States. World War II was a war like humanity had never seen before. The atom bomb was dropped on Japan twice; ending the war soon thereafter. Relations with the Soviet Union had been deteriorating due to factors such as ideological differences, conflicting interests in Europe, and the discovery by the Americans that their Russian ally had spied on their Manhattan Project. Angry at Stalin’s annexations from the war President Truman and most Americans who had no Socialist sympathies grew to see the Soviet Union as a threat to peace and democracy....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Joseph McCarthy]

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Analysis Of William Faulkner 's ' Ford County '

- Time to Kill A Time to Kill happens in the town of Clanton, in Ford County, a fictionalized rendition of Grisham 's home area, northern Mississippi. The zone is country, expelled from the clamor of life in the city. The town 's populace is 8,000, 74% of them white, yet the dark nearness is entirely unmistakable. This environment reviews the settings of a huge number of Southern books, prominently William Faulkner 's Yoknapatawpha adventure set in the same district....   [tags: Ku Klux Klan, Southern United States, Mississippi]

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The Crucible: An Allegory for the McCarthy Era

- The Crucible was written as an allegory for the McCarthy era in 1953 by Arthur Miller; an American playwright. The McCarthy era was epitomized by the fear of Communism that Senator McCarthy whipped up. He fostered a witch hunt against anyone who disagreed with his views. Miller’s intention was that the play would be a parody of his own context (himself) with John Proctor quite evidently being a reflection of Miller. The witches in the play symbolized communism. A ‘Crucible’ can mean both; "a container for melting or purifying metals by heat" and "a severe test." Miller describes the village of Salem as ‘the container’ and its contents; the God-fearing residents of Salem along with their emot...   [tags: McCarthy, crucible, authur miller,]

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Social Media

- When someone talks about media, many people might only think about journalist, reporter, or people who have careers directly relate to media. However, that is not true. The rapid advancement of technology also allows everyone to access information and express their own opinions easier. In other words, everyone who uses media is considered as both publisher and consumer. The consumption of social media has grown dramatically over the past few years. Until now, media plays a significant role in every aspect of our daily lives (Glatter, 2011)....   [tags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube]

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Truth about Sammy in John Updike's A&P

- The Truth about Sammy in A & P    At first glance, Sammy, the first-person narrator of John Updike's "A & P," would seem to present us with a simple and plausible explanation as to why he quits his job at the grocery store mentioned in the title: he is standing up for the girls that his boss, Lengel, has insulted. He even tries to sell us on this explanation by mentioning how the girls' embarrassment at the hands of the manager makes him feel "scrunchy" inside and by referring to himself as their "unsuspected hero" after he goes through with his "gesture." Upon closer examination, though, it does not seem plausible that Sammy would have quit in defense of girls whom he quite ev...   [tags: A&P Essays]

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The Death of the Auteur

- “The Death of the Auteur” 2 The concept of ‘author’ is originally derived from the Latin word for authority. From the theoretician’s standpoint, the author carries power over the text only to the extent that the ideas and scenarios within it are originally those of the author. French literary theorist Roland Barthes argues that the function of an author is to provide the semblance of originality and meaning in The Death of the Author. “Writing is the destruction of every voice, of every origin. Writing is the neutral, composite, oblique space where our subject slips away, the negative where all identity is lost, starting with the very identity of the body writing.” (Barthes 1466) The basis f...   [tags: Roland Barthes Author]

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A Critical Review of the Introduction (pp.xi-xvi) to Cumont, Franz, Astrology Among The Greeks and Romans, New York: Dover Publications 1960 (1911)

- Introduction Franz Cumont’s introduction in Astrology and Religion Among The Greek and Romans, the Dover 1960 edition of the unabridged and unaltered original work published, by G P Putnam in 1912, is aimed at the general historical and theological audience. On reading Franz Cumont introduction it is obvious he is scathing in his comments towards the practise of astrology. Along with his contempt of the continuing growth in the belief of astrology and how, throughout humankind, intellects, academics and ordinary folk continue to show interest in it.1 It will be argued that Franz Cumont is outdated with his thoughts on the decline of astrology....   [tags: Literary Review ]

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Summary Of Sit And Relax As I Tell A Tale Of A Young Family Being Destroyed By This World

- Sit and relax as I tell a tale of a young family being destroyed by this world and the one survivor that is still thriving. This is an abbreviated biography that shows how his socioeconomic positions in his life have led him to the point he is currently. It is not a fun tale but it is full of interesting points and will benefit all who understand. As has been said before by one much better than I, “For all who have ears, let him hear.” It was a cold winter night, December 12, 1989, when this bundle of sunshine was brought into this world in Little Rock, Arkansas at Children’s Hospital....   [tags: Love, Family, Marriage, Working class]

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Comparison Of Pechorin And Bazarov ' Fathers And Children ' A Very Intelligent Novel Written By Ivan Turgenev

- The comparison between Pechorin and Bazarov Fathers and Children, a very intelligent novel written by Ivan Turgenev, presents the conflicts between the generations. Generation gap is common in our daily life, for different growing up environment generates distinctive cognitions. However, when Turgenev adds in the specific social background of the times, when old romantic idealists meet with a young nihilist, the conflict sublimates and becomes more intense. Among all of the characters in the story, Bazarov is absolutely the one who is the most attractive and the most controversial....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Ivan Turgenev]

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The Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar: We Wear the Mask and When Malindy Sings

- Paul Laurence Dunbar was born in a northern town near Dayton, Ohio on June 27, 1872 (Brawley 12). His parents instilled in him the value of an education, and he excelled at the all-white Dayton Central High-school where he held the titles of class president, the president of the school literary society, and the editor of the school's newspaper (15). Dunbar was extremely well learned; he spoke and wrote in Standard English, but just as often his poetry was written in black dialect. As one of the first professional African American literary figures (Baym 1038), Paul Laurence Dunbar's poetry consists of two distinct styles: his dialect pieces with the simple rhyme schemes of the ballad lyrical...   [tags: Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry]

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The, The Enigmatic Narrator And Main Character Of Charlotte Bronte 's ' Villette '

- Lucy Snowe, the enigmatic narrator and main character in Charlotte Brontë’s novel Villette, constantly prides herself on her independence and self-control; she is reserved and limited in the expression of her emotions with other characters, and with the reader as well, so many of her feeling and thoughts go unwritten, or are filtered in some way. Lucy displays several narcissistic attributes throughout the novel, many of which are highlighted and reflected through her interactions with prominent characters, primarily the females....   [tags: Narcissistic personality disorder, Narcissism]

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Woman Is The Nigger Of The Wolrd: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

- ... I am cute!” (Morrison, 56-57), which proves she needs to juxtapose black with cute in order to feel cute herself. Therefore, the vacuum of white people looking upon African-Americans as a different species is mainly based on racial stereotypes. This theme of the white gaze is prominently worked out in the book through eye-imagery, which stresses that one also ought to look at racism from the victim’s perspective. With this Morrison offers a view for white readers how anti-black racism works, which may lead to the readers tracing if they themselves behave this way....   [tags: race, human recognition, african americans]

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Theme Comparison Of The Catcher In The Rye And Franny And Zooey

- The world today is very deceptive and phony. J.D. Salinger’s well known novels, The Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey attack this fake and superficial society which is evident through the lives, ideas, actions, and words expressed by the characters in these literary pieces. The transition from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood is inevitable. The protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield goes through this stage and finds himself in a crisis. He alienates himself from everyone who is around him and tries his best not to grow up....   [tags: Compare Contrast Literature]

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Identifying Evil in Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find

- ... While the comment and words used are out dated by today’s standards it shows that she has never embraced the modern way of things, and again is more concerned with herself and her viewpoints, than that of her family members. As the trip continues they stop at a restaurant and met a couple of characters and the grandmother has a discussion with Red Sammy, the restaurant owner, about how good people are hard to find and how things have changed for the worse over time. Red Sammy actually names the story with his comment after telling about his encounter with a couple of fellows who talked him out of a tank of gas, “a good man is hard to find”(O’Connor, 43)....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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Journalist's Privilege to Keep the Identity of His or Her Sources Secret

- ... Many informants only supply a journalist with information if the journalist can guarantee anonymity, so they would not trust a journalist who constantly reveals his sources. Consequently, individuals will begin to withhold their knowledge, which in turn, will create a “chilling effect”. A “chilling effect” occurs when the free flow of information is restricted and the public have less information available. This type of situation is unfavorable though, because people have the right to know as much as they can....   [tags: media is crucial, judge's decision]

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Investigating the Role of Micro-Finance in Female Empowerment, Kawangware Division, Nairobi County

- 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background information Poverty is a universal phenomenon, that is found virtually everywhere and affect a large number of people in the globe. To this effect Thirlwall (2003:87) contributing to the poverty literature, says that ‘in poverty, there is feeling of powerlessness, vulnerability and fear because the poor is not free, he is exposed to greater risks and living on the margin of subsistence.’ That is to say, the poor have little or no significant say in the society; they are looked upon with contempt....   [tags: fighting poverty, development analysis]

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The Parallels Between Arthur Miller's Life and His Play, The Crucible

- Few people are willing to stand up to the overwhelming power of authority, especially during a time like the Red scare. Hardly any authors are able to recognize meaningful similarities between the present times and an event that happened many years ago—and write about it effectively. Only one has had the courage and intelligence to do both. Arthur Miller was an American author who wrote plays, essays, and stories and has published works dating from to 1936 through 2004. The Crucible, one of his most famous plays, premiered in New York on January 22, 1953 (InfoTrac)....   [tags: Writers, Literary Criticism]

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I’m Not a Witch… or a Communist! I Plead the 5th!

- During the 1950s, America was involved in the Cold War, and when United States Senator Joseph McCarthy announced that there were communist spies in America, it created mass hysteria among its citizens. This lead to the ruined lives of many innocent Americans. Similar events occurred during the Salem witch trials in 1692. During this time period, it was thought that witches were infiltrating the religious Puritan societies. The suspicion of witchcraft in Salem caused hysteria among the townspeople, which lead to the destruction of many good Christian people and their families....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Of Power and Piety: An Inquisition into The Roman Catholic Church

- Religion is thought to provide comfort to the innermost part of a human: the soul. However, what happens when religion seeks to overstep its rightful boundaries and attempts to control humans from the outside, rather than uplift them from within. Such is the fault of the largest religious organization on Earth: The Roman Catholic Church. Throughout history, the Catholic Church has been among the most infamous of faith-groups due to its apparent conquest for absolute dominance over the minds, bodies, and souls of humanity....   [tags: Religion]

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The Education Poll Conducted By Hendrix College And Talk Business Research

- The education poll conducted by Hendrix College and Talk Business Research on the 18th of November, 2015, included responses from 559 Arkansans. This study’s margin of error was 4.1%. The majority of those polled were between the ages of 45 and 64, and were Caucasian. The first congressional district was overrepresented, and more women than men participated. Most did not have a close-relation with a child who has special needs. A minority of respondents currently have a child enrolled in public schools, and those polled self-identified almost equally as Independents, Republicans, and Democrats....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Special school, United States]

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The Arrival Of The Old World And The New World

- The arrival of Europeans to the Americas signaled a clash of the Old World and the New World. The profiteering Spanish had made their impression upon the Natives of these continents with bloody conquest and exploitation. The English crossed over the Atlantic with similar hopes of profit and contempt for Spanish expansionism. How these Englishmen conducted themselves would lay some of the groundwork for a future nation, the United States of America. This particular nation would be born at the expense of countless others....   [tags: United States]

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Analysis Of Laurel Mississippi 's 2015 Pull Up Your Pants

- On June 11, 2007, Delcambre Louisiana introduced the first ‘Pull Up Your Pants’ law in America to include a penalty of six months in jail or a $500.00 for weary pants sagging below the waist and revealing a person’s buttocks covered only by an undergarment (Koppel, 2007). This public indecency campaign, directed primarily at African American youth, continues to show intolerance and contempt for this social faction 's form of fashion and cultural expression of low-slung pants. However, Laurel’s city attorney Deidra Bassi of Laurel Mississippi’s 2015 Pull Up Your Pants campaign is concerned this could be perceived and challenged as a violation of civil rights (Howell, K....   [tags: African American, Sociology, Barack Obama, Race]

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Early Interactions between Muslims, Jews, and Christians Under Islam

- ... Under the Umayya, Cordoba had always flourished. As a whole, al-Andalus underwent an economic revival as the population increased and failing areas in the countryside were broadened and reformed (Menocal) (27). During the Caliphate of Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman III managed to launch the capital into its finest state of economic prosperity. Moreover, it was reinforced as one of the most prominent cultural bastions of its time. This was largely due to the coexistence of various religions and cultures, a product of the religious tolerance that at least Jews and Christians were supposed to be guaranteed under Islam....   [tags: religious beliefs, political relations]

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Simmel's versus Du Bois's Theories in the Social Sciences

- Throughout history, Georg Simmel and W.E.B. Du Bois have had a substantial influence on imperative theories and concepts developed in the area of social sciences. Two of the most significant and distinguished concepts fostered by both of these theorists are the concepts of “double consciousness” and “the stranger”. In this essay, I will be analyzing each of these works to draw upon differences and similarities concerning the two. The resemblances I will be expanding on are the usage of the paradoxical figure, which both theorists discuss in their theories, and the coexisting sensation of division from conventional society....   [tags: double consciousness, the stranger]

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Relationship Between The Church And The Holy Roman Empire

- An analysis of the relationship between the Church and the Holy Roman Empire must begin with Augustine. In the wake of the fall of Rome to the Visigoths in 410, Augustine (354-430) defended Christianity against pagan skeptics who blamed Christians for Rome’s demise. The outcome of his defense was the monumental book, The City of God, in which the Bishop of Hippo maintained that the only hope for man was a strict adherence to the principles of the Christian faith. His views therein, which outline the relationship between Christianity and secular society, would heavily influence the relationship between church and state throughout the middle ages....   [tags: Pope, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Rome]

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The Character Piggy in Lord of the Flies

- "Piggy saw the smile and misinterpreted it as friendliness. There had grown up tacitly among the biguns the opinion that Piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter, but by fat, and ass-mar, and specs, and a certain disinclination for manual labour." (Golding 68) The character Piggy in William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies serves as the intellectual balance to the emotional leaders of a group of shipwrecked British boys. Ironically, their new society values physical qualities over intellectual attributes whereas it is the rational actions that will lead to their survival....   [tags: William Golding, Character Analysis]

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Elia Kazan vs. The House Un-American Activities Committee

- Hollywood is a master of revisionist history, especially when that history is its own. One of the defining moments in the histories of both Hollywood and America was the series of Congressional hearings held by the House Un-American Activities Committee, or HUAC, and led by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the late 1940′s and early 1950′s in order to ostensibly eliminate Communism from the United States. Hollywood was intimately involved in the HUAC hearings, and one of those targeted most viciously in the controversy was acclaimed film and theater director Elia Kazan....   [tags: Informative, Hollywood, Communism]

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History of the Concept and Image of Vampires

- Vampires are known as mythical beings with white pale glittery skin that drain the essence of life known as blood. As unbelievable as it sounds they actually did exist centuries ago. They weren’t anything like the vampires we see in movies, shows, books, and video games today. A vampire or something analogous to it can be found in most culture and folklores going back to the beginning of time, but it is a mistake to think they have familiar attributes of Count Dracula. The term “vampire” appeared in literature since the 18th century....   [tags: mythical beings, people with different beliefs]

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Chinua Achebe as the Madwoman in the Attic

- Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar pursue a definition for what it means to be an authoress in a male dominated culture of writers. The central question for Feminists, according to Gilbert and Gubar, is: “Does the Queen try to sound like the King, imitating his tone, is inflections, his phrasing, his point of view. Or does she ‘talk back’ to him in her own vocabulary, her own timbre, insisting on her own viewpoint?” However, I cannot overlook the prospect of a man feeling just as mad and cooped up writing a text that others would view as out of his league....   [tags: Things Fall Apart, writing expertise]

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The Discourse On Inequality By Jean Jacques Rousseau

- In the Discourse on Inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau asserts that the process of socialization impels man to cultivate the ability to love. With the development of political institutions and artificial inequality, man sheds primitive morality and gains the desire to consult the faculty of reason. Upon the cultivation of reason, the institution of merit, beauty and abstract ideation stimulate the transformation that introduces the concept of love. In this regard, attraction acquires a metaphysical objective, and is not solely relegated to the physical sphere of existence....   [tags: State of nature, Jean-Jacques Rousseau]

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The Year to Take Back Our Government

- This could be the most decisive year in the history of the United States. The American people will decide our standing as the leader of the free world and define our struggle to remain free and independent of the repressive federal government now entrenched in Washington. Will we become subjects of power-hungry corrupt politicians, or regain control of our government and live our lives as our Constitution and founders intended. The answer to the November election question will determine our fate....   [tags: Political Activism]

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The Effect of Money on Fitzgerald´s characters

- Francis Scott Fitzgerald both created characters that were wealthier than the other characters in their novels such as Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and the Percy Washington and his father in a Diamond as big as the Ritz as well as Anson in The Rich Boy and even Mr. Fitzgerald has; exhibiting traits that set them apart from world. His characters disregard others around them not caring about the people they encounter and showing a lack of empathy for others, they have no contempt for their objects because they can simply replace them, thereby ascribing very little value to their things, and they go out their way to use money to cover up their mistakes....   [tags: wealth, Scott Fitzgerald, Rich Boy, Gatsby]

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The Pros of Investing in Hedge Funds

- A healthy and strong economy requires a financial system the moves funds from people who save to people who have productive investment opportunities. A hedge fund is an actively managed fund that seeks an absolute return, that is, a return whether markets go up or down. Hedge funds are an offshore investment fund, which partake in conjecture, using credit or borrowed capital. Hedge funds are not, but often confused of obtaining the same risk pattern as normal investments, in contempt of often measured through the same standard of quantative metrics, hedge funds have qualitative risks that make them unique to evaluate and analyze....   [tags: economic alternatives]

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The Other Side of the Enmancipation Proclamation

- ... Bryant "Ku Klux Klan in the Reconstruction Era.") The KKK’s tactics of political terrorism were effective and set fear in the hearts of many. Black churches and schools were burned, citizens attacked, and people who refused proper submission were beaten and killed. This was a terrible time in American history and truly shows southern whites contempt for emancipation of their slaves, and the extremes circumstances whites would go to express that animosity. Another example of the hostility and hatred of the southern whites was lynching....   [tags: segregation, equality for African Americans]

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The Death Of A Physician Assisted Suicide

- The opinions of people in the United States are very spilt when it comes to the idea of a physician-assisted suicide, but in some cases I would approve of this action. There are already three stated that have passed this law for thermally ill patients Washington, Oregon and Vermont. This gives the person a choice to pass away with dignity and peace. This topic I hold very near and dear to my heart. At the age of eighteen my grand father had to be rushed to the hospital because he had passed out in the bathroom....   [tags: Suicide, Law, Death, Patient]

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Oedipus Complex : An Interesting Psychological Concept

- Skyler Crane Hon 101 Professor Joseph Atkins 23 September 2015 The Oedipus Complex The Oedipus complex is an interesting psychological concept. Sigmund Freud first started using the term “Oedipus complex” around 1910 referencing Oedipus Rex by ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles ( When introduced to society, the Oedipus complex was greeted by many people as somewhat controversial. The theory was expanded upon by Freud to include female children, as the original Oedipus complex only related to the male sex, by creating the term “feminine Oedipus attitude”, but the term would be forgotten for the most part since Carl Jung’s “Electra complex” was better received....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Penis envy, Electra complex]

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