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The Need for Consistency

- One of the overarching themes in this course has been the need for consistency, consistency in dealing with issues, moreover, consistency in following enacted policies and procedures when dealing with issues. When an issue arises and the facts are in dispute the process of dispensing “justice” is inseparable from due process and need for unbiased decision-making and principled deliberation. Deriving from the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment, constitutional due process requires fairness, process, and procedures by which discretionary power is applied....   [tags: law]

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The Consistency Of Three Socrates ' Accounts

- Consistency of three Socrates ' accounts in relationship with the laws Socrates’s disobedience of the order to arrest Leon of Salamis and his claim that he would not obey the court order to terminate his practice of philosophy in the Apology might seem to be inconsistent with his other statement in the Crito where he refused to escape from prison because of his moral commitment to the laws of Athens. This paper, argues that this is not a case of contradiction by illustrating that the first two cases share the same account of moral commitment as the last one....   [tags: Plato, Socrates, Trial of Socrates, Crito]

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Consistency Leads To Destruction in Sophocles

- In his well known essay, Self-Reliance, famous writer Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.” Put simply, the thought that Emerson is conveying is that too much consistency is not necessarily a good thing. Being too consistent with something means that no real effort is made. Things are done as they always have been, without someone trusting their own beliefs or opinions....   [tags: Plays]

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Debates on Consistency of the American Constitution

- The Constitution, our nation’s living document, was and continues to be the epicenter of political arguments. Whether something is constitutional or not is usually the argument at the forefront of everyone’s mind when new laws or controversial programs pass. This was the same even in Jeffersonian Democracy. The consistency of a president’s philosophy and how he applied it as president was always scrutinized. Democratic Republican presidents, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are among those presidents who got their philosophies picked apart and still do by Americans even today....   [tags: our nation's living document]

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What Is Consistency And Impartial Rationality?

- Often, an important question in ethics is how important is consistency and impartial rationality. I believe consistency and being impartial are important because it gives us a basis of how to act morally in a universal way. His ethics doesn 't allow us to be impartial towards our friends or family because he negates emotion. Our actions are to be completely selfless and pure. Kant believes the value of actions cannot come from their consequences because we do not know whether the outcome will be bad or good....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Morality, Value theory]

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Application Consistency And Continuity Of Purpose

- The first principle discussed in The Art of Leadership of The Deming Way is to “create consistency and continuity of purpose. Plan products with an eye to the long-range needs of the company; don’t succumb to the pressures of the quarterly report” (Manning & Curtis, 2012, p.170). A large organization failed to incorporate new ideas into their organization ignoring the long term positive effects (Finkelstein, 2003, p.120). By ignoring the long-range needs of the organization, it drastically decreased their quarterly reports. II....   [tags: Management, Change, Curtis Manning]

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Positive And Negative Statements For Trend And Consistency

- We have already discussed some of the mechanisms by which a person or entity can manufacture a controversy where none exists. Most of these readily come to mind: flooding the public with objections to an existing scientific consensus, cherry-picking data and experts to support or condemn, engaging the media and public at large while mostly ignoring the scientific community (except to complain that it does not take the manufactured controversy seriously or respond to its objections,) and so on....   [tags: Fallacy, Logical fallacies, Ad hominem]

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Consistency in the National School Lunch Program

- Claim The National School Lunch Program needs to standardize and regulate their set nutritional standards at all schools to help curb the growing prevalence of childhood obesity and other weight related diseases. What is the National School Lunch Program. “The National School Lunch Program, or NSLP, is a federally assisted meal program operating in over 101,000 public and non‐profit private schools and residential childcare institutions.” ("National school lunch," 2011) This government-run program is headed by the department of Food and Nutrition standards, a subgroup of the United States Department of Agriculture....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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Definition, Logical Consistency, Testability And Empirical Validity Of A Theory?

- Although there are many theories that are evaluated, only some of them are considered good theories based on certain evaluation criterion that is met. Too be considered a good theory there are several evaluation criterion that need to be met such as the logical consistency, testability and empirical validity. The logical consistency has two elements, the scope and parsimony, both are interrelated. The scope of a theory refers to the range of explanation (Akers & Sellers, 2013, p. 5). If the scope of a theory is limited then the theory itself is limited....   [tags: Scientific method, Theory, Crime]

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The Choice Of Five Fathers And Children Presents Sectional Consistency

- Considering the above comparison, it can be seen that the choice of five fathers and children presents sectional consistency. In Korea’s original show, five fathers own different personalities, like funny, serious, treating children like friends, indulging children or inexperienced. They were corresponding to five father types, respectively. Although audiences in front of televisions have different backgrounds of growth, they can also find familiar feeling. Their psychological distance with television show can be shortened....   [tags: Father, Family, South Korea, 1979 births]

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The Best Known For Her Independence Of Mind And Consistency

- Best known for her independence of mind and consistency, Dr. Karen Horney, was one of the most influential feminine psychoanalysts of the 19th Century. Although she never received official national recognition for her work, Karen Horney has made numerous notable contributions to Psychology. Significantly, some of Horney’s contributions include: self-psychology, humanism, feminine psychology, and psychoanalysis. As an expert of feminine psychology, many of Horney’s ideas challenged those of Sigmund Freud....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Karen Horney]

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Scalability and Consistency in Server Based Network Gaming

- 2 Background 2.1 Industry The online games market - whilst known by the industry as in its infancy [4] - should surpass $15 Billion this year and sales of virtual goods likely to exceed $1 Billion [1]. This very profitable young market can be debated as the future of gaming [2]. With the cost of Broadband technology going down and online services offering a larger amount of micro-transactions and subscription based games – not to mention virtual goods – it would be hard to resist by any gamer. For example it was reported within 5 days of MODERN WARFARE 2 (MW2) being released it had made $550 million in revenue and an online player base of 8 million, an “army” bigger than real world countries...   [tags: Gaming]

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Consistency and Epistemic Probability

- Consistency and Epistemic Probability ABSTRACT: Is consistency always epistemically virtuous. In this paper, I examine one threat to the traditional view that consistency is a minimum requirement for rational belief. Central to the argument is the notion of epistemic probability, understood as the degree of support or confirmation provided by the total available evidence. My strategy in examining this argument is to apply analogous reasoning to carefully tailored examples. The conclusions which emerge are substantive, informative and utterly implausible....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Executive Summary of High Performance Working

- ... HR functions can help in a range of ways but especially in terms of helping to resolve problems and issues in people management, building the right organizational culture and supporting the business strategy. Introduction The role of human capital as a potential source of a sustainable competitive advantage has been recently the focus of considerable interest in the academic and popular press. The current “terms of art “such as intellectual capital, knowledge work and workers, and high performance work system (HPW) all reflect a new interest in “people” as a source of a competitive advantage, rather than cost to minimized....   [tags: leaders, competetive, consistency ]

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Reliability And Validity Of The Test

- In this research, the main measures being used are reliability and validity. The difference between the two is that reliability determines whether or not other researches can reproduce results if provided similar conditions. Validity, however, is whether or not the measure being used is doing what it says it is doing. If the test is focused on one construct, it is called convergence, which means that the test is valid. If the test is focused on several constructs, the results cannot be significant, and this is called divergence, which means that the test is not valid....   [tags: Psychometrics, Reliability, Internal consistency]

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Analysis Of Cronbach 's Alpha Is The Most Common Measure Of Internal Consistency

- DISCUSSION RELIABILITY STATISTICS Cronbach 's alpha is the most common measure of internal consistency ("reliability"). It is most commonly used when you have multiple Likert questions in a survey/questionnaire that form a scale and you wish to determine if the scale is reliable. Cronbach 's alpha is 0.705, which indicates a high level of internal consistency for our scale with this specific sample. FACTOR ANALYSIS KMO AND BARTLETT 'S TEST KMO and Bartlett 's Test is used to measure the sampling adequacy....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing]

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The Longitudinal Consistency of the Black-White Employment Disparity in the Contemporary United States

- A brief synopsis of data obtained from the years 1958 through 2010 demonstrates the longitudinal consistency of the black-white employment disparity in the contemporary United States. In 1958, the unemployment rate for blacks was 14.4 percent and 6.9 percent for whites (“This Far By Faith”, 2010), and during the span of the 1960’s, data shows very little change in the likelihood of blacks being unemployed double the rate as whites (Curran, Renzetti 201), a fact that was also noted in the Kerner Commission Report on Civil Disorders (Orr, 2009)....   [tags: Race]

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The Longitudinal Consistency of the Black-White Employment Disparity in the Contemporary United States

- A brief synopsis of data obtained from the years 1958 through 2010 demonstrates the longitudinal consistency of the black-white employment disparity in the contemporary United States. In 1958, the unemployment rate for blacks was 14.4 percent and 6.9 percent for whites and during the 1960’s, very little changed in the likelihood of blacks being unemployed double the rate as whites. This fact was also noted in the Kerner Commission Report on Civil Disorders (Orr, 2009). In 1963, a year of economic prosperity, 29.2 percent of all black men were unemployed, with almost half of this population experiencing long stints of unemployment typically lasting for longer than three months, a trend that c...   [tags: Race]

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Testing And Effectiveness Of Training And Consistency Strengthens Their Ability On Academic Ability

- It seems as though Steven is having trouble keeping the attention of his students which might be a result or boredom or lack of understanding the material, luckily there are many strategies that he can use to catch and maintain the attention of their students. First Steven should realize that attention difficulties can be related to genetic, environmental and developmental factors. Training and consistency strengthens their ability to pay attention to different things in their environment and can improve academic ability....   [tags: Critical thinking, Logic, Thought, Metacognition]

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The Organization 's Senior Management

- HealthCo is a fully integrated, non-profit healthcare organization which has approximately 6,700 employees. The company includes multiple locations, all of which are located in the eastern United States. Women represent a large and growing part of their workforce, many of whom are experiencing one or more of the challenges associated with parenthood, dual careers, and elder care. The organization’s senior management has seen the impact of the increased work-life stress within their company’s turnover rate, which is over 1.5 times the industry average....   [tags: Management, Employment, Consistency]

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Cohesiveness and Consistency

- Cohesiveness In the gene scenario, the management team appeared to lack sense of consistent in the course of the corporation. Devoid of cohesiveness amidst the faction was evidently publicized at the group meetings on March 8, 2005. Through the meeting, a number of the team players confronted each other due to the different vision each demonstrated. A number of team associates were satisfied with the IPO changing developments, whereas few were less reluctant. Subsequent to the convention, team players started to structure mini clicks and holding informal gatherings concerning other team players and the expectations of the corporation....   [tags: Improving Management]

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Sample And Setting Goals : The Long And Short Term Ensures A Consistency Towards Work Outcomes?

- 1.Planning and Setting Goals: Setting goals in both the long and short term ensures a consistency towards work outcomes. It creates a shared understanding of the commitment and responsibility necessary to move project or workplace forward. With a solid strategic plan a work team and their manager can be oriented to make tough decisions and choices for 'the end result '. When a plan can be made available to employees it creates a conversation around 'buy in ' and can enthuse and energise all involved....   [tags: Strategy, Management, The Work, Time]

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Do Actions Speak Louder than Words? Preschool Children’s Use of the Verbal-Nonverbal Consistency Principle during Inconsistent Communications

- Abstract This study investigated whether preschool children could use the conventional “actions speak louder than words” principle also known as the “verbal nonverbal consistency” principle to process information where verbal cues contradict nonverbal ques. Three through five year olds were shown a video where an actor drank a beverage and made a verbal statement (ex. I like it) that was inconsistent with her emotional expression (ex. frowning). The children were then asked whether or not the actor liked or disliked the beverage....   [tags: Child Development]

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Gender and Consistency in "The Importance of Being Earnest"

- The Importance of Being Earnest is regarded as one of the most successful plays written by Oscar Wilde, a great 19th century playwright. Oscar Wilde deals with something unique about his contemporary age in this drama. It addresses Victorian social issues, French theatre, farce, social drama and melodrama. All these factors influenced the structure of the play in a large scale. This play is basically a Victorian satirical drama showcasing the social, political, economic and religious structural changes that affected 18th century England....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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Test-Retest Reliability,

- 1. Describe an example of test-retest reliability. Test-retest reliability is conducting the same test with the same respondents at different moments of time. For example, a group of participants is given a personality test and then are given the same is tested at a later time, maybe a month or year later (Kline, 2005). 2. If the correlation between test scores at Time 1 and Time 2 is 0.85, how would this be interpreted. The correlation between Time 1 and Time 2 is 0.85 and is significant (0.000); however, if the reliability drops from 0.85 it must be decided if the test needs to be reexamined (Kline, 2005)....   [tags: consistency, testing, self-monitoring scale]

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Scalability and Consistency in Peer-to-Peer Based Network Gaming

- I. INTRODUCTION Multiplayer network games have become increasingly popular over the past decade and their popularity continues to grow as more vendors release this genre of games over social media or as expansions to single-player games. A very prominent category of multiplayer games is the so-called Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), which allow a large number of players to play within a virtual world. Successful examples are World of Warcraft [1], Eve Online [2] and Lord of the Rings Online [3]....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Is America's War on Terrorism Justified within a Christian's World View?

- Introduction Since the September 11th, 2001attack on the World Trade the world has never been the same again. The war on terrorism has witnessed unprecedented levels as resources continue to be invested for the course. The war on terrorism has also led to invasions in some places that the terrorists themselves do not exist and caused deaths. Noteworthy is the fact in the midst of the terror war, the Christian perspective has been barely audible both at the initiation of the global war on terror and at present....   [tags: religious and moral consistency]

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A Quality Engineer's Roles in Quality Control

- Strategic Goal Defining quality means carefully regulating the quality control measures that are essential to producing quality products that people will want to purchase time after time, by providing a level of service second to none, at an affordable price, while maintaining regular performance and efficiency quality measurements, if we are to remain competitive, and profitable. As a quality, process engineer it is my job to help you as a business owner reach these production, manufacturing, and remain competitive....   [tags: production, consistancy, process]

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Consistancy in Britain's Policy in Ireland in the Period 1798-1921

- Consistancy in Britain's Policy in Ireland in the Period 1798-1921 Social policy – in the 1830’s, Ireland had the best health Land and Economic policy – land issues were ignored until 1870: - first land Act – irrelevant - second land Act – political rather than economic - Wyndham Act – the government was becoming less and less convinced that property was the ‘bedrock of civilisation’ – it was the product of a shift in mentality. - 1890’s – HUGE economic reforms Political policy – consistently ignored or opposed any nationalist movement Concession/coercion – always a combination....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance Of A Teacher Is Consistently Giving Students Meaningful Feedback

- A problem that has impacted my effectiveness as a teacher is consistently giving students meaningful feedback. I see myself and other teachers struggle to give students regular and constructive feedback. Often times when I have time to give students feedback it is a simple “good job!”, “Way to go!”, “You Rocked it!”. This may encourage the student, but it does not help the student learn or show them what they need to improve on. Constructive feedback is giving students a clear picture of what they need to improve on to move forward....   [tags: Education, Learning, Feedback, Need]

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The Justice System Has Consistently Failed Disadvantaged And Poor Defendants

- How do we receive justice in the U.S . First what is Justice, is it “fairness or moral rightness. a scheme or system of law in which every person receives his/ her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal”( But do we the people really get a fair trial. Do the people who work for the system and took an oath really care about moral rightness. “One problem is that attorneys, judges and legislators often get caught up more in procedure than in achieving justice for all”(   [tags: Law, Lawyer, Jury, Justice]

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The Key Value of Auditing

- ... Going concern modification of the audit report is a suitable setting to investigate in audit reporting behavior. First it matters as the auditors reports play may critical role in warning market participants of a firm’s ability to continue as a going concern (DeFond et al. 2002; Geiger et al. 2006). Second, such type of modifications should not be a matter for negotiation between the auditor and the company. Audit report plays a very important determinant to be used by the various investors and interested parties to get information in relation to the ability of the company or firm to continue as a going concern entity....   [tags: government, auditors]

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The Family Environment Scale ( Fes )

- In order to measure family support, the Family Environment Scale (FES) will be utilized. The Family Environment Scale gives professionals and researchers a way of knowing how each family member, including offenders and non-offenders who suffer from substance use, see their families. According to Moos and Moss (n.d.) the FES will examine each family member’s opinions of the family in three systems: as it is (real), as it would be in a perfect setting (ideal), and as it will probably be in new circumstances (expected) (as cited in Meyer, 1996)....   [tags: Validity, Psychometrics, Reliability, Family]

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The Standardization Of The Mcmi IIi

- The standardization of the MCMI-III was based almost entirely off of clinical samples. Therefore, this sample is much more applicable to individuals with pathologies, as opposed to those without pathologies (Millon, 2006). Further strengths and limitations will be elaborated on in the strengths and limitations section. Overall reliability measures for the MCMI-III have consistently been promising. The test manual provided figures for internal consistency and test-retest reliability. For measures of internal consistency, the authors used Cronbach’s Alpha (Millon, 2006)....   [tags: Reliability, Psychometrics, Schizophrenia]

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How Mobility Affects The Congolese / Zairian Students Academic Achievement

- Chapter 3 elaborated a brief summary or general survey of the methodology utilized in this study. This study will utilize the qualitative research methodology to investigate the effect of mobility on Congolese/Zairian students’ academic achievement. The study will also triangulate the phenomenological and ethnographical theories for the enhancement of the quality of the research and reliability and validity of the outcomes. Other approaches such as narrative and explanatory will be implemented for the convenience of the study....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Research]

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Identifying my Personal Leadership Style

- ... Empathy is a good strength to have it makes you as an individual to be more open to what others are feeling, but with this their feelings can’t be a cause of conflict within the workplace. Empathy can be a good leadership skill to have especially in nursing being aware to what employees are feeling especially through a difficult time can help in how you approach the individual. For my personal leadership skills Empathy has helped me to identify when someone was having a difficult time and to help guide that individual back to a productive employee....   [tags: Strengths Finder 2.0]

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The Monetary Integration Of Global Business

- Global Market Financial Reporting The monetary integration of global business as made it imperative to use an accounting standard such as the International Financial Reporting Standard that is comparable and easy to translate internationally. Thus, the International Financial Reporting Standard is the universal financial reporting language that is practice globally, excluding the United State. The International Financial Reporting Standard allows foreign companies to report transactions and other information in a common financial or accounting format....   [tags: International Financial Reporting Standards]

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Analysing And Explaining The Accounting

- The essay below is going to be analysing and explaining the accounting principal of comparability which briefly means that is a “quality of accounting information that addresses the usability of financial information” (My Accounting Course 2015) and also the importance of investor confidence in the financial statements. Furthermore, there will be an illustration by explaining a particular situation where inconsistencies in accounting treatments can undermine comparability. The accounting principle ‘comparability’ is one of the main characteristics of financial statements (Dunn 2010) so; “in 1989 IASC launched a major initiative to bring greater comparability to financial statements (Roberts,...   [tags: Balance sheet, Income statement, Finance]

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Criminal Profiling And Crime Scene

- Analysis of Crime Scene Variables By examining the actions of the crime scene experts in the field of offender profiling use their knowledge to create personality characteristics on a suspect of a crime. The profilers are hopeful that the profile they give to the authorities working on the crime scene will help in eliminating defendants to allow the law enforcement agency to narrow down the suspect pool. This paper will analyze an article that was published called A Theoretical Review of the Process Involved in Deriving Background Characteristics from Crime Scene Actions....   [tags: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime]

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My Course At The 2015 Year

- My course in EN100 this fall semester of the 2015 year was a person growth experience in both my life outside of school as well as my growth in school. I’ve learned all too much in the months of being in the course. I do believe all while I’ve gained a lot of skills in the course I’ve also learned of areas that are lacking. I began the semester as a raw student with high potential given the appropriate and adequate effort on my behalf. I knew a little about writing before I entered the class, however, the things that I didn’t know outweighed that of what I did know....   [tags: Writing, Thought, Skill, Critical thinking]

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The Characteristics Of A Ideal Character

- In Aristotle’s literature, the four characteristics that define an ideal character are displayed throughout his plays. The characteristics of goodness, propriety, and consistency and true to life demonstrate Aristotle remarks of ideal characters. The goodness is defined as characters having good moral purpose. In contrast to propriety the character must demonstrate fitment to his or her role the behavior must conventionally considered being correct. In the sequence of these characteristics falls the importance of being true to life the character is bestowed to act out of probability but not out of necessary....   [tags: Tragedy, Tragic hero, Drama, Poetics]

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The Csi Effect And Homicide Behavioral Research

- Every day researchers are questioning and exploring ideas or hypotheses of the cause and effect relationship of many diverse subjects through qualitative and quantitative research techniques. That said, questions such as these have led researchers to find ways to explore sound and logical research methods of the cause and effect nature of variables associated with the perceptions of the CSI effect and homicide behavioral research. In one such research project, Hayes and Levett (2007) explored the idea that the CSI effect from popular television crime shows exists, and creates an unrealistic expectation of forensic evidence that influence juror’s expectations and decisions in jury trials....   [tags: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Crime]

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The First Determinant Of Behavior

- While the range of human behavior is complex and impressively varied, behavior can be described by employing the above equation that simplifies its central components. The first determinant of behavior is an individual’s self-concept. Self-concept is defined as the sum of emotion and the interaction between cognition and consistency. The second determinant of behavior is the environment. These environmental stimuli can reach the individual on both a conscious and subconscious level. Combined, these factors can begin to account for and predict human behavior....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive dissonance, Mind]

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Analysis of database management and information retrieval systems

- Table of Content No Topic Page 1. Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. 2. Highlight the differences between data and information. 3. Make appropriate use of diagrams to illustrate the underlying concepts/components of database management system and information retrieval system. 4. Differentiate between structured and non-structured data. Give examples for each. 5. Reference Question 1 Database Management System (DBMS) is a program that use by one or more computer users for create and access data to in a database or a set of software tools that control access, organize, store up...   [tags: technology, DBMS, programming]

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Chief of Police and Discretion

- The Police Chief must exercise extreme discretion. Discretion can be described as the use of choices that initiate a deliberate decision. These decisions can often later be questioned by the nature of the decision. The nature of the decision used for making decisions can be related to protocol, accepted verses unaccepted behaviors, and even if an alternative could have been made in lieu of a better decision. Discretion can be very dangerous when ridiculed or judged in the eyes of the public. A police chief representing a community and acting on behalf of a police department must use extreme caution and thoughtfulness in the deliberate choices he makes at his own preference....   [tags: Decisions, Community, Choices]

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Common Law in Australia

- Common law is the law made by judges when deciding a certain case before the court. The reasoning the judge applies becomes a precedent, to be followed by other lower courts in future matters of similarity. This is the basis for the doctrine of precedent. A precedent is either a binding precedent, the reason for a decision of a higher court that must be followed by a court of lower status in the same hierarchy; or a persuasive precedent, meaning a reason for a decision of another court that is not binding, and should only be considered for its persuasive value....   [tags: stare decisis, Commonwealth legislature]

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Leadership vs Management

- Introduction Numerous Job vacancies begin by seeking the services of a Manager and then follow it up with the statement that the manager must have leadership skills. By implication, one can assume that leadership is second in command to management; and yet in the present turbulent environment, leadership is much more needed as it is the only thing that can make firms achieve competitive advantage. The most logical thing for organizations is to develop a job placement with a title-leader- thereby clearly stating that a firm is seeking a leader than that of a manager....   [tags: Employer, organizations, economy]

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Design and Implementation of Sets of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices

- The design and implementation of sets of 'strategic' human resource practices continues to lack coherence and consistency, primarily because the concept of 'fit' is still so little understood. Strategic human resource management refers to managing people in organizations proactively, such that it helps a business gain competitive edge. It is directed by the organizational strategy, as opposed to human resource management which aims to on better management of people only. SHRM is gaining widespread popularity due to the inducement that it provides of supporting the organizational strategy....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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A Choice Between Consequentialism And Virtue Ethics

- When given a choice between consequentialism and virtue ethics, which is the better theory when dealing with moral dilemmas such as the trolley problem. To make this determination we must first decide which theory produces the best answer, and how that answer is better. Using only moral dilemma based scenarios, much like the trolley problem case, consequentialism especially in its utilitarian form, always results in a better outcome then virtue ethics, in that the outcomes will always better the most people, regardless of who makes the decision....   [tags: Ethics, Utilitarianism, Decision making]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his transcendental idea

- It is free will which keeps man away from being a slave of others. Once a man has free will, he can make decisions on himself, thus he is not belonged to anybody else but himself. Transcendentalists value that free will. This free will makes man unique, and no authority can control the man. Transcendentalists expected the people make their own decisions based on conscience instead of what the authority is saying. A great transcendentalist, Emerson, expressed this idea in his essay Self-Reliance....   [tags: civil rights movement, american history]

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Intergrated Communication in the Business World

- ... In addition to transparency, integrated communications aspire especially to achieve the ideals of “Consistency” and “Coherence”. But, as the exemplification will show, when put into practice integrated communications risk to go against what originated its creation producing the opposite of what proclaimed: obscurity, closure and exclusion, therefore “Opacity” instead of “Transparency”. Furthermore, the limitations of the notion itself and other factors will be analyzed On the end of October 2013, an international media published the news that United States and the Government of Albania are close to reach an agreement to demolish Syrian Chemical Weapons Arsenal in the Albanian’s sore (Na...   [tags: effective, practices, professional]

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Eyewitness Testimony is Not Completely Accurate

- Eye Witness Testimony In my opinion eye witness testimony is not completely accurate. The human memory is a very complicated system and is not always correct. I feel that eye witness testimony is not a fair way to determine if a person is guilty of a crime or not. The longer time it takes to go on trial the more a person can forget. If you do not practice things over and over you soon forget it, so how can you expect someone to go on trial and use eye witness testimony for a crime that happened months or even years ago....   [tags: trial, memory, convictions]

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Logic and Moral Dilemmas

- Logic and Moral Dilemmas ABSTRACT: Logic is of great importance for the philosophy of education. In particular, logic provides a rational and critical approach in ethics, helping us understand the nature of moral dilemmas. Some suggest that all moral dilemmas result from some kind of inconsistency in the moral rules. Unsolvable moral situations simply reflect implicit inconsistencies in our existing moral code. If we are to remain moral as well as logical, then we must restore consistency to our code....   [tags: Logical Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Evaluating the Beck Anxiety Inventory

- Evaluating the Beck Anxiety Inventory The Beck Anxiety Inventory is a 21-item scale that measures the severity of self-reported anxiety in adults and adolescents. The inventory was created by Aaron T. Beck and his colleague, Robert A. Steer, at the Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. The most recent edition was published in 1993 by The Psychological Corporation, Harcourt Brace & Company in San Antonio, TX. The first edition was published in 1988....   [tags: Evaluation ]

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Reliability And Reliability Of Reliability

- Reliability Reliability is the extent to which scores obtained from similar or parallel instruments, by different observers or raters, or at different times yield the same or similar results (Streiner, 2003c). Importantly, reliability applies to the scores obtained from an instrument rather than the instrument itself. This is one of the most commonly made measurement mistakes in psychology. One way to establish reliability is to create alternate forms of an instrument. To create alternate forms, we take one instrument and compile another similar instrument that measures the same construct....   [tags: Reliability, Psychometrics, Cronbach's alpha]

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Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad Invests in Water Treatment and Water Distribution

- Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad is an investment holding company that was established in 1997. The company consists of subsidiaries that focus primarily on the water treatment and water distribution industry. Aside from that, the company lists oil and gas industry and the research and development of water, wastewater and environmental solutions as other core businesses (Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad [PNHB], n.d.). The company appears to be an example of an oligopoly market structure. One of the reasons Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad is seen to exist in such a structure is due to the fact that it is one of the few dominating firms in its own market, even though there are still many firms in that sp...   [tags: economy, government, market]

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What Is Financial Freedom?

- In order for one to be successful with finances, one must have a budget plan. Dave Ramsey shares steps to achieve financial goals. It requires determination and consistency. This paper will discuss the principles that one must follow in order to achieve financial freedom. What is financial freedom. Different people may differ in opinions on the definition. According to Dave Ramsey, financial freedom is becoming debt free in order to be able to bless others with one’s resources. One starts the budgeting process by setting financial goals. Financial Goals and Objectives Goals may vary depending on the stage of one’s life....   [tags: Debt, Finance, Goal, Credit card]

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Modelling the mass of banana fruit by geometrical attributes

- Some selected physical characteristics of the banana such as mass, true volume, bulk density, true density, geometric mean diameter, surface area etc and their statistics such as mean, standard deviation (SD) and standard error (SE) were presented in Tab. 1. These two statistics measure the consistency of the data. Table 1 Physical properties of banana var. Grand Nain S.No Physical properties Mean SD Min Max SE CV,% 1 Mass (M), g 139.65 7.66 126.05 154.29 1.47 5.48 2 True volume (V), cm3 136.33 9.86 118.00 157.00 1.90 7.24 3 Ellipsoidal volume (Vell) , cm3 117.92 9.09 98.15 131.33 1.75 7.70 4 Ellipsoidal ratio 1.08 0.02 1.05 1.12 0.00 2.14 5 Fruit density (TD), g/cm3 1.03 0.03 0.98 1.11 0.01...   [tags: banana fruit, physical characteristics ]

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Human Services Professional or Social Workers Code and Ethics

- ... Accordingly they distinguish that double or various relationships might build the danger of damage to, or abuse of, customers, and may debilitate their expert judgment. In any case, in a few neighborhoods and circumstances it may not be achievable to escape social or other nonprofessional contact with customers. Human service professional experts help the trust verifiable in the helping relationship by maintaining a strategic distance from double relationships that may impede proficient judgment, expand the danger of mischief to customers or prompt misuse....   [tags: relationship. judgement, customers]

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Gender Stereotypes And The Credibility Of Newspaper Articles Associated With Athletes

- This study tested racial stereotypes and the credibility of newspaper articles associated with athletes. Previous studies have been done that prove the mass media describes athletes of different race in diverse ways. It is evident that black and white athletes typically excel in different ways and often times utilize a different skill set that makes them stand out. Previous studies have shown that journalists and broadcasters often describe black and white athletes using different key terms. When describing white athletes, they focus on their intelligence, but emphasize physical strength more consistently when discussing black athletes....   [tags: Stereotype, Stereotypes, Race, Ethnic stereotype]

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Relation Between Globalization and Branding

- Globalization is about all those things that affect the reach and influence of firms, as well as governments, as they expand their horizons internationally. Firms have changed the way they participate in trade and the global economy. In rest of the world, market opportunities contrast with the slow growth of mature markets in Europe and the U.S. This has encouraged firms in the food production and distribution industries, from Deere & Co. and Du Pont/Pioneer to McDonald's and Wal-Mart, to emphasize global expansion strategies....   [tags: globalization, branding, brand]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' American Meat ' The Writers Discussed The Difference Between Commodity Farming And Sustainable Farming

- In the movie “American Meat” the writers discussed the difference between commodity farming and sustainable farming. The film does not give a balanced view between the two types of farming. The future of farming is sustainable farming. As seen in the movie, it is possible to sustain all of the American people while practicing sustainable farming methods. The movie takes a strong stance on sustainable farming, so much that one might be able to say that is the agenda of the movie. They mostly speak of a specific farm called Polyface Farms in Virginia....   [tags: Agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Farm]

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The Appearance Orientation Scale Of An Individual Place On How They Look

- Appearance Orientation. The Appearance Orientation Scale consists of twelve items that measure the importance an individual place on how they look, attention payed to appearance, and grooming behaviors. Raters indicate level of disagreement-agreement on a 1 to 5 Likert Scale 1(definitely disagree) 2 (mostly disagree) 3(neither agree nor disagree) 4 (mostly agree) 5 (definitely agree). Example questions include “I check my appearance in the mirror whenever I can” and “it is important that I always look good.” The subscale demonstrates high levels of internal consistency for males (Cronbach’s α = .88) and females (Cronbach’s α = .85)....   [tags: Psychometrics, Reliability, Body mass index]

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How Modern Technology Has Changed Medicine, Industry and the Environment

- "Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time." -Bill Gates. Modern Technology has had an impact on the medical field. The medical field benefited from technology. It has benefited from tools such as the scalps (which is used to open up the body) and medical equipment. Medical technology has grown to the point where viruses that affected us before have no affects to us today. One example would be the spanish virus that killed 1/8 of Europe's population....   [tags: computers, ecology]

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Effective Managers Must Possess A Technical, Interpersonal, And Conceptual Acumen

- Effective managers must possess a technical, interpersonal, and conceptual acumen to effectively lead an organization. The primary functions of a manager are planning, leading, organizing, and controlling; however, the common limiting factor in their prowess is the absence of interpersonal skills. The combination and degree of the aforementioned skills necessary to be an effective administrator differs by level and type of managerial job. An entry level manager may be technically skilled, but their position and duties may not entail a high level of technical ability....   [tags: Decision making, Cognition]

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The Need to Explain Leave Impression in an Interview

- ... On the other hand high consistency, high consensus and high distinctiveness are sufficient explanation of external causes also known as 'situational attribution' Q2) "In an interview situation, attributional processes are especially relevant in that a recruiters interpretation of information can determine the relative weight and importance of that information and subsequent decisions to hire" . In case of Rowan and his first interviewee Hagan the bias that will influence the most in Rowans decisions will be the Anchoring Bias which is a tendency to fixate on initial information from which one then fails to adequately adjust for subsequent information(Robbins, S....   [tags: perception, judgement, observations]

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Leadership Skills Needed for Success Industry in Difficult Times

- Introduction Many CEOs and managers of corporations have led their companies successfully through highly uncertain, even chaotic industries and in difficult times (Hansen, 2011). This paper summarizes the article written by Morten T. Hansen that addresses three leadership skills that count in order to achieve success even in difficult industries and times. The paper identifies the concept of management (leadership) and describes how it is used in this particular case. There are numerous and diverse definitions of leadership but the most fitting definition would be that leadership is the ability to influence the behavior of juniors/subordinates and persuade them into following a particular c...   [tags: manager, creativity, discipline]

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Career Counseling : John Holland 's Modal Personal Style

- Holland-Krumboltz Paper In career counseling, it is imperative to understand the theories associated within the field. This is because the theories lay down the foundation that further concepts, strategies, and techniques used throughout the field are built upon. Even though some theories may be criticized and considered useless or obsolete over time, they still play a role in shaping the overall development of the field. The procedures and resources that are used in career counseling today are prominent because of the research and development of the theories in the field....   [tags: Personality psychology, Learning, Police]

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Price Elasticity And How Does It Affect The Markets

- In this particular assignment, there are a number of questions that a student must ask as a gate pass to beginning this particular assignment. What is a “trade-off”. What is price elasticity and how does it affect the markets. What is considered as the substitution effect. A trade-off is a compromise given in order for one to gain something else. It’s more of a balance that comes out of giving one desirable but incompatible item for another equally desirable object. Price elasticity on the other hand refers to the responsiveness of the demand of a commodity to changes in price of that particular commodity....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory]

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Difference Between A Hypothetical And A Categorical Imperative?

- Melissa Stachowiak Good Life Take-home #2 Professor Gan November 20, 2015 5.) What is the difference between a hypothetical and a categorical imperative. In class when we had the conversation about chapter two of Immanuel Kant’s Grounding of Morals, we had discussed the imperatives. The imperatives are broken down into two sections, hypothetical imperative and categorical imperative each having different meanings. Hypothetical imperative is described as a “command that a particular action is necessary as a means to some purpose, such as the attainment of personal happiness” (Kant)....   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant]

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How Operations Management Is About Getting Things Done

- There are many accurate definitions of the term Operations Management. However, my understanding is that operations management is about getting things done. An organisations priority is to make a profit and to do so they must operate effectively and efficiently. They must make customers their priority and everything that the operation does should be in the interest of the customer. In recent times almost everything is becoming “quicker, better cheaper…. together” (Keegan and O’Kelly, 2015). Organisations have to keep up with these constant changes, and to do so they must be willing to ask themselves some tough questions, have a look at their processes and perhaps change their values complete...   [tags: Management, Better, Organization, The Work]

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The Year Lecture ( The Last Lecture )

- This book (the last lecture), is filled with awe-inspiring circumstances. Of course life can come with some hurdles or challenges, but the tendency for Randy to handle his medical situation with phenomenal valor, is an outstanding qualities that shows leadership and focus on what matters to him, his family, and vision before he moved on to the next realm. The first skill observed is goal setting. Dating back to when Randy was a child, he had several goals that he wanted to achieve, and he actualize these dreams....   [tags: Carnegie Mellon University, Randy Pausch]

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The Six ( 6 ) Principles Of Persuasion

- The Six (6) Principles of Persuasion Lameck J Thole The University of Uopeople   A persuasive speech is a specific type of speech in which the speaker has a goal of convincing the audience to accept his or her point of view. (Boundless, 2016). This kind of speech, therefore calls on the speaker to come up with ways that makes it possible to attain the positive conviction results. According to Robert Cialdini, the six (6) identified key principles that ensure positive results are Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Commitment and consistency, Consensus and Liking (Saylor Academy , 2016) These principles are defined as follows; Reciprocity; this is the mutual exchange of value or servic...   [tags: Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory]

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The Definition of Brand Reputation

- ... The importance of brand reputation as an intangible resource stems, in great part, from the immense amount of choice that is usable for most any product or service and the limited quantity of time or experience that consumers possess (Amis, 2003So being able to rely on a positive brand reputation to aid decision-making is a strong tip and can be named as a major asset. This comes about when people hold strong favorable and unique associations about the corporate brand in memory (Keller, 1993)....   [tags: corporate brand, credibility, image]

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The Essentials Of Consistent Terminology

- The Essentials of Consistent Terminology in Academic and Professional Translation When translating large-scale projects, documents that are part of a recurrent project, or working within academic or legal parameters, consistent terminology becomes increasingly essential. Not only does consistent use of terms increase accuracy and congruency, but it is a key element in the reduction of revisions and corrections during editing. Consistency is of critical importance in scientific texts, especially in targeted fields....   [tags: Translation, Literal translation, Metaphrase]

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The Significance of Ethics In Public Relations

- Strategy is a concept that relies on various definitions to capture interrelationships between various components that make up a strategy. Henry Mintzberg (1987) outlines five definitions of strategy including strategy as a plan, pattern, position, perspective, and ploy. As a plan, strategy is concerned with setting up guidelines to establish direction for an organization. As a pattern, strategy consists of various actions carried out with consistency by firms. Strategy as a position looks at how organizations interact with the external environment, and how they place themselves in the competitive environment....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Hand Building A Pot Of Ceramics

- Hand Building a Pot in Ceramics Have you ever seen those really unique dishes at a store that say “handmade” on the tag and wondered how someone made something like that with their hands. It doesn’t take much at all to make a dish/pot with clay, however, to do so you have to have patience and very steady hands. It isn’t a very hard process but it does take some time and skills. To start off, you will need a few things before you can get started with your project. Obviously, you’ll need clay and if you prefer you can buy the pre-made boxed clay....   [tags: Want, Need, Pottery, Stick]

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Descriptive Statistic Is A Statistic Analysis

- Descriptive statistic is a statistic analysis to describe the characteristic of the respondents (Pallant, 2013). This study employs descriptive statistical analysis which gives value of mean, median and standard deviation of the respondents based on several indicators, such as sex/gender, educational level, position at work and income of the respondents. By using these indicators, the researcher describes the profile of the respondents. Hence, it can give some valuable information about the respondents....   [tags: Psychometrics, Validity, Factor analysis]

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Persuasion : The Principle Of Reciprocity

- Persuasion is the art of attempting to influence another’s actions or views by presenting your own arguments and ideas to them. Persuasion can have both positive and negative effects, however, used appropriately, persuasion can be an incredibly effective tool. There are six principles of persuasion that can be taken advantage of in order to do this. Those principles include the principle of reciprocity, scarcity, authority, the principle of commitment and consistency, consensus, and finally, the principle of liking (McLean, 2010)....   [tags: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, Authority]

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K. Column Oriented Data Storage System

- C. Column Family Stores Like document databases, Wide-Column (or Column-Family) stores (hereafter WC/CF) employ a distributed, column-oriented data structure that accommodates multiple attributes per key. While some WC/CF stores have a Key-Value DNA (e.g., the Dynamo-inspired Cassandra),most are patterned after Google‘s Big table, the petabyte-scale internal distributed data storage system Google developed for its search index and other collections like Google Earth and Google Finance. D. Graph Databases In contrast to relational databases and the already introduced key oriented NoSQL databases, graph databases are specialized on efficient management of heavily linked data....   [tags: Database, SQL, Database model, Data model]

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