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Design Consideration of a Noise Barrier

- From the guidelines of EPD,the major function of noise barrier is to eliminate the excessive noise generated by vehicles. Noise barriers are considered as the most reasonable and efficient noise mitigation measures. Many factors need to consider in design of noise barrier. They are Acoustical Design Consideration, Transmission Loss of Various Barrier Materials, in Noise Barrier Performance due to Holes, Slits or Gap, Barrier Shape ,Choice of Material ,barrier materials ,Earth Berms and Retaining Structures and Non-acoustical Consideration....   [tags: acoustical design, noise mitigation]

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Nature and Tectonic in Modern Architecture

- In Kenneth Frampton’s Rappel a L’ordre, the Case for the Tectonic, he reinterprets modern architecture “through the lens of techne.” Techne can be traced back to its Greek origins, which embodied the ideas of art, craft and skill in the making of an object. Techne came to be tied with the materiality and construction methods used in buildings. Technology then came to refer to the making and using of tools and the methods to solve a problem. Implicit in the word “technology” is the act of construction that involves manipulation of resources....   [tags: Kenneth Frampton, Rappel a L'ordre]

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The House on Mango Street

- When I grow up, I want to be a black gum tree. Black gum trees are known for their internal strength. Instead of dwelling on outward beauty, they spend more time focusing on their inner growth and developing their core. Only after they have achieved this goal can they produce beautiful fruits that draw animals near to them. Any surfaces that the berries touch are stained as to say, “I was here and made a permanent difference.” After they have utilized their outward influences, they use their internal scars and hollow places to protect the animals surrounding around it....   [tags: Character Analysis, Esperanza]

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Current Status of Hydraulic Fracturing

- Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as Fracking, has become a major issue in current years. Water table and air pollution are the most prevalent concerns as the 21st century dawns. Countries around the world have to balance out the economic and environmental benefits of burning natural gas as a fuel source rather than oil and coal with the dangers of polluting the world’s water ways and the air that we breathe. Millions of dollars have already been poured into the research and development of burning natural gas, and millions if not billions more are sure to be pushed into this blooming industry should it prove profitable....   [tags: fracking, environment, pollution]

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Timber Frame Construction: External Walls

- TIMBER FRAME CONSTRUCTION - EXTERNAL WALLS Cladding Systems CONTENTS • 1.0 – Timber Frame Construction in the UK • 1.1 – Current Position • 2.0 – What is a Cladding System. • 2.1 – Materials and Characteristics (Cladding) o 2.1.1 – Masonry Products: Stone, Brick, Poured Concrete and Concrete Block o 2.1.2 – Synthetic Stucco (EIFS, or Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) o 2.1.3 – Wood Products, Including Shingles and Shakes, Plank Siding, Plywood, OSB, and Hardboard o 2.1.4 – Metal Products, Including Steel and Aluminum o 2.1.5 – Vinyl o 2.1.6 – Asphalt Shingles o 2.1.7 – Slate and Clay Tiles • 3.0 – Ideal Wall Cladding • 4.0 – Diagram of How Cladding Looks on an Externa...   [tags: cladding systems]

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Debt Financing

- The financial plan of any company is important. One of the most important factors or decisions is the plan to use debt financing, equity financing, or a combination of the two. The decision to go with one or the other is large and mostly relies on personal feelings about the topic. Some owners want full control and therefore lean to debt financing and others lean to equity financing with the ability to give up some control of the company. For the hard charging entrepreneur, the most control is best....   [tags: Business Finance]

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Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy - The Humanist Chronotope

- Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy - The Humanist Chronotope In "Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel," Mikhail Bakhtin defines the chronotope as "the intrinsic connectedness of temporal and spatial relationships that are artistically expressed in literature" (84). That is what the chronotope is; Bakhtin continues with what the chrontope does: "It can even be said that it is precisely the chronotope that defines genre and generic distinctions" (85). In The Spanish Tragedy, Kyd layers three chronotopic zones to create a new chronotope, the "humanist chronotope," which in turn creates a unique dramatic genre, one we might call "humanist drama." According to Bakhtin, two seminal chronotop...   [tags: Spanish Tragedy]

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Power of the Future

- Nuclear power is a fuel source that in the race for alternative fuels seems too often forgotten or downplayed. In reality, it can provide numerous quantities of energy from a single atom splitting. The fact that nuclear meltdowns can kill innumerous people often scares the general population away from the thought of using it for a productive purpose. Unfortunately, for the very same reason, a power source capable of providing energy for the entire world remains neglected. Nuclear power should be the next main source of energy because it provides substantially more power than other sources, it is extremely safe, and future advances will provide even greater capabilities....   [tags: Energy]

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Communication in the Workplace

- The average worker spends two-thousand and eighty hours a year at their place of employment. Communication within the workplace is often overlooked or not given as much importance as most people should allow, given the amount of time that is spent there. Beyond the more basic verbal speech, one must be aware of the nonverbal symbols and noise that can have an effect on communication. There are also cultural, environmental and internal factors that can effect communication and how successful it can be....   [tags: Communication, informative]

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Creative and Critical Thinking

- Knowledge is generated through critical and creative thinking. Creative thinking is something new or original that is created with value. Critical thinking is a type of thinking that questions assumptions and validates or invalidates a current belief or something that is said to be previously true. Knowledge is created through the culmination of generally accepted assumptions and creativity. How do you separate general assumptions and creativity. These two types of thinking can be easily separated in regards to concrete or realistic ideas compared to abstract or original ideas however to generate new, acceptable knowledge critical and creative thinking must interact together....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Domes of Ancient Rome

- The dome is a remarkable engineering and architectural innovation, perhaps made even more so by the fact that those who first employed it lacked the knowledge and technology advantages of today. By considering how a dome supports itself and its various loads as well as the stresses under which it is subjected, and the structures that allow for this to happen, it is not difficult to determine that the domes of antiquity, such as the Pantheon and Hagia Sophia were incredible structural feats in their own rights....   [tags: Pantheon, Hagia Sophia]

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Construction in Urban Areas

- 1. Introduction With the increase in infrastructure and the subsequent decrease in available land, especially in the more over populated areas such as the CBD, there has been a greater call for construction to move below ground. This has a number of advantages for the property owner such as providing parking or simply increasing the floor area of an existing building, but with this comes a number of challenges. It is a huge task to perform such large excavations without damaging of effecting the structural integrity of the building in question as well as the surrounding buildings....   [tags: diaphragm wall, guide wall]

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On Images

- On Images Concrete images are like pictures in the mind's imagination which have been transferred from real objects through the eyes. Abstract images also exist in the imagination, but are not easily described or communicated. Both images interplay in various ways as a person experiences emotional, dream and pure thought states of consciousness. Despite the interplay, the two kinds of images do not merge or meld into a third image type as a graduation between the two. Concrete images change, sometimes drastically....   [tags: Senses Philosophy Papers]

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Challenges and Possibilities for BIM Supply Chain Management

- This paper could identify the strategic areas related to the construction challenges and possibilities for BIM established supply chain management between a main project stakeholder such like the Client, contractor and product suppliers. First of the areas is design management, where it is essential to clarify how the model based design provided by a product supplier is linked to the architectural and structural design of the construction project. Furthermore, there are also possibilities to improve monitoring and management of design status information with help of BIM and SCM so that delays in design could be recognized as early as possible to avoid discrepancies on construction work at si...   [tags: construction, contractors, parts]

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Analysis of The Waterbowl by Michael S. Harper

- Analysis of The Waterbowl by Michael S. Harper I have selected the poem titled "The Waterbowl" by Michael S. Harper from his collection Dear John, Dear Coltrane. Part of the reason why I have selected this poem is for its simplicity. Simplicity is a quality that I truly value in poem. I feel that poetry is left much more to the unsaid and the senses which the words of the poem trigger. In "The Waterbowl," the simplicity of the poem can be seen through the elementary vocabulary used in each short line....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Thermography: How Does It Work?

- ... This technology can even be used to detect poor connections and internal damage in circuits, which can potentially lead to a fire starting. Furthermore this technique has a number of applications in condition assessment of structures, locating the source of distress, identifying moisture ingress and flow through pipes and assessment of damage potential in concrete and masonry structures. Thermal images are also widely used in computer systems where it can be used to locate components of excessive heat generation....   [tags: anomalies in machines, infrared cameras]

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First Impressions May Be Deceiving

- First Impressions May Be Deceiving Michael Jordan For many years now, people have been fool by appearances. Someone may look at the exterior of an object and expect one thing when actually the exact opposite is waiting inside for them. For example, an unexpecting person picks off a grape from the bunch and bites into the fruit while dreaming of a mouthful of juicy, sweet grape but in reality receives a surprisingly bitter splash with the first bite. Or when a person first looks at a power vision 3-D picture they only see mass chaos until a few short seconds later a sailboat evolves out of the picture floating among the earlier seen chaos....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Woman as an Occasion for Disillusionment in “Young Goodman Brown”

- In several of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short stories, “Young Goodman Brown” in particular, the female character seems to be the occasion for the disillusionment of the protagonist. Young Goodman Brown desires order and predictability because he wants control over his existence. However, intangibles such as emotions, the future and especially his mortality provoke anxiety in Brown, because they are unpredictable and not concrete. If Brown could control the intangible, he could establish order and predictability in his world....   [tags: Literature]

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Contributions to Western Civilization Made by Ancient Greece and Rome

- The ancient Greeks and Romans were perhaps two of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world. These two civilizations thrived in their ancient environments which eventually led to a vast amount of prosperity within these two cultures. It is because of this prosperity that these ancient cultures were able to make a variety of advancements in literature, architecture, art and a variety of other fields. These two civilizations also produced some of the ancient world’s greatest writers, leaders, and philosophers....   [tags: literature, philosophy, democracy]

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The Beauty of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport in Cleveland

- The Cleveland International Airport was commissioned in the year 1925 as the first airport in the United States to be under a municipal authority. Before that year, it had been used for a different purpose other than being a passenger-based airport. The United States Airmail had been using it as a stopover for transit of parcels and other similar based cargos. This was majorly due to the high cost of air travel back then meaning people could use air transport. However, the well off in society started using it and after subsequent years, the necessity for passenger transportation via that airport led to its commissioning to the status it is up to date....   [tags: Architectural Design Essays]

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Structural Suitability and Modelling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers

- ... The viscoelastic behaviour of a stiff material such as GFRP can be recorded in a stress-relaxation test, by subjecting the test specimen to a sudden strain and keeping this strain constant for the duration of the test. This was done in the second test which was based on ASTM E328-02(2008), ‘Standard Test Methods for Stress Relaxation Tests for Materials and Structures [16], and returned the Young’s modulus of the material as a function of time, E(t). A static axial clip-on extensometer of 25 mm gauge length and ±0.125mm accuracy (at gauge length) was used in both tests to measure the change in length parallel to the direction of the load applied....   [tags: GFRP in structural design]

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Structural Reliability for the Design of Exceptional Structures

- The moving wind towards the building turns aside making an overpressure on the exposed façade. The deviated flow separates at the corner from the building creating a turbulent boundary layer. Vortex shedding appear as oscillating flow from opposite sides of a structure and engender fluctuating load perpendicular to the wind direction. Structural vibrations may occur due to resonance effect when the frequency of vortex shedding matches the natural frequency of the structure. Therefore, the Eurocode 1991-1-4 should not be used for buildings taller than 200m and very slender or unusual structures because it does not provide regulation on the following aspects: wind actions on lattice towers w...   [tags: Eurocode building standards, civil engineering]

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The Charles De Gualle Airport in Paris, France

- On May 23, 2004, the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, whisked travelers away to their destinations and received tens of thousands more. People were busily walking to and from their appointed terminals, paying little attention to the vast ceilings protecting them from the elements; the cold, rushing wind outside, threatening to send chills down a passenger’s spine along with the accompanying noise of the departure and return of planes at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The accumulation of noise in the airport, as well as the visual distractions surrounding each individual, proved to be the distraction of 20,00 people as dust floated down from the ceiling of Terminal 2E....   [tags: terminal, collapse, dust]

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Levee Break during Hurricanes in New Orleans

- Louisiana is known for being an area prone to hurricanes, and millions of dollars of damage have been caused in this state almost every year. A major concern for a way to prevent future and major damage then started in the early 2000’s. The levees were designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and they had to decide how to build these levees to withstand hurricane forces. Although they were built for hurricane forces, it could not stand up to Katrina in 2005, when they broke and flooded the entire city....   [tags: levee, hurricane katrina, louisiana]

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Perhaps More: From Pan-Asian Chineseness to Human-ness

- The film opens with gentle falling snow and a montage of faces on a bus. Each person has his own story and each plays his own role. Korean actor, Ji Jin Hee, narrates the story which we are about to be presented. He compares life to a film wherein each of us is the lead actor in the movie. Some may assume that they are a co-lead in the film of someone else, but in reality their role might be much more diminutive. In the end, we can never know for sure (Chan, Perhaps Love). This postmodern approach to identity and memory sets the tone for an emotionally-driven musical love story in Peter Chan’s Perhaps Love....   [tags: culture, global, emotion]

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The Real History Behind Rome: Julius Caesar

- ... This love of conquering led to Rome becoming one of the most talked about empires of the year. Since this is a report on Rome, it’s only natural that I pick apart every little aspect of it, starting with innovations. Rome was one of the more technologically advanced empires when compared to other empires, and their innovations proved just how nerdy the Romans could really be. They basically set the trend for aqueducts, water transportation systems used for “enjoying many amenities for their day, including public toilets, underground sewage systems, fountains, and ornate public baths.” (Evan Andrews, Yeah, they were total pansies who made fountains and whatnot....   [tags: romulus, rome, god, war]

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Alkali Aggregate Reaction

- ASR is one example of a more general problem known as Alkali Aggregate Reaction [AAR]. ASR is a chemical process in which alkalis, usually predominantly from the cement, combine with certain types of silica in the aggregate when moisture is present. This reaction produces an alkali-silica gel that can absorb water and expand to cause cracking and disruption of the concrete. For damaging reaction to take place the following need to be present in sufficient quantities. High alkali cement Reactive aggregate [e.g....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Le Corbusier Presence in Today’s Architecture

- Not many people stops to appreciate and think of the importance of the way their house, school, or other buildings are constructed. People see buildings without realizing their complexity and the artists behind the creation of those places where they spend hours. Architects are artist, and one of the most relevant architects of the XX century and that still impacts today’s architecture is Le Corbusier. He was one of the pioneers of the modern and contemporaneous movements in architecture. Le Corbusier also contributed to new theories and innovations in the designs and materials....   [tags: famous and influential architects]

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Jobs Titles During the Industrial Era

- In Britain, there were many different jobs during the middle to late 19th century and the early 20th century. In the midst of the large multitude of jobs during this period, there were a few that were relatively safe and had a decent salary, there were the less desirable ones that were dangerous with a smaller salary, and then there were the extremely ridiculous jobs that nobody wanted, but had to unwillingly take due to the high levels of poverty during this time period. During class, we were to watch videos documenting what workers had to do if they had these ridiculously dangerous and terrible jobs....   [tags: water cabby, firefighter, deal porters, dockers]

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Problem-Based Learning in the Construction Field

- Problem-Based Learning Problem-based learning is a student centered approach to learning (Evans, 2006). This learning style is trying to get the student to apply knowledge to a situation in which is new to them (Learning-Theories, 2013). The teacher takes more of a facilitator approach, this is to basically guide the student and help the student stay on track and to suggest resources that the students may use to help them through the problem-solving (Evans, 2006). To simplify this approach is to help students learn through experiencing the problem and solving the problem....   [tags: excavation, settlement, quality]

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Marx and Engel’s View on History

- ... Kant also believes that the means with which to attain perfect reason is the inherent antagonism inherent in human nature. This antagonism, which is referred to as men’s unsocial sociability, is a concept whereby men have a clashing tendency either to be drawn to each other or to be repelled from each other. Men are social, because they cannot develop their capabilities in isolation. At the same time, they are unsocial, because they also want everything to go according to their own desires. Nature requires men to enter into society, but men enter with a resistance that threatens to break up the society....   [tags: humans, history, kantian philosophy]

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Traditional and Cyber Terrorism

- ... One of the best examples of cyber terrorism is murder committed in 1998 in one of the hospitals of the U.S , where under the confidential security of FBI was very important witness, terrorist gained access to the hospital through the internet and transformed cardio stimulation machine, as a result of what patient died. Very often in contrast with traditional terrorist, cyber terrorists commit some acts for their own interest. While ordinary terrorists who commit acts for their country and nation and are considered to be heroes for their deeds....   [tags: bombs, modern technology weapon]

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The Physics of Bridges

- ... The further the supports become due to the stretching of the bridge, the weaker the beam bridge becomes, so they only span to approximately 76.2 meters on average. Therefore, this type of bridge must be able to resist twisting and bending when a heavy load is on it. Reinforced concrete and steel beams are most commonly used to make these bridges. The reinforced concrete which is strong in compression is combined with the steel beams, which strengthen the concrete in tension. These bridges can hold anything from people to cars; despite their simplicity, they can still be useful and inexpensive to build....   [tags: beam, truss, arch, suspension]

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Mathematics and Art

- Mathematics and art are two areas of knowledge that demonstrate different degrees of interaction between critical and creative thinking. Whether considering mathematics or art, creative thinking evaluates a new or original idea containing some degree of value. Critical thinking examines assumptions and challenges a current belief or theory that has previously assumed to be true. Although general assumptions and creativity may be considered separately when considering extreme examples of concrete ideas and abstract ideas, the interplay of critical and creative thinking is one method in which new and validated knowledge is attained....   [tags: Logic, Creativity, Philosophy]

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Piaget's Developmental Stages

- Piaget’s developmental stages are ways of normal intellectual development. There are four different stages. The stages start at infant age and work all the way up to adulthood. The stages include things like judgment, thought, and knowledge of infants, children, teens, and adults. These four stages were names after Jean Piaget a developmental biologist and psychologist. Piaget recorded intellectual abilities and developments of infants, children, and teens. The four different stages of Piaget’s developmental stages are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational....   [tags: Intellectual Development, Stages]

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The Freeway Park

- The Freeway Park is a significant historical landscape as a masterwork of functional space structure and new land-use for American cities. It brings to mind the time after the post-war and shows great design was built above the highway at that time. The spectacular features of the park make a recreational facility in the area. It is one of the best examples of the architectural freedom, expressed in repeated elements and multilevel elevation, which form particular blocks with functional zones and architecturally united, and the rich greenery....   [tags: Historical Landscape, American Cities]

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History of Architecture

- “If we challenge the past, we shall learn that “Style” no longer exist for us, that a style belonging to our period has come about; and there has been a revolution”- Le Corbusier (Corbusier, 1986) After a period of time, the revolution of Modernism, Constructivism and Neorealism were still progressing. Modernism had the longest history in developing architecture, which became the major influence of the style in architecture and mobile. However, there were still a lot architects exploring out of modernism, and form their own style and theory of architecture, through adding symbolic element in structure, and varied of colors, I believe in the future, there will be another generation raise u...   [tags: Revolution of Modernism, Constructivsm, Neorealism]

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Middle Childhood Observations

- Alexander, Enrique, and Alexis are the names of the children I observed. They have different gross motor skills and fine motor skills. However, their differences are in the sophistication of each ability. Alexander, who is 7 years old is very active. He was jumping and trying to count by jumping on the tile floors to see how many there were across the living room. He is developing typically to his age. What has influenced this level of physical development is the amount of myelin in the brain increases and raises the speed at which electrical impulses travel between neuron....   [tags: physical development, motor skills cognitive, ]

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What´s Offshore Engineering?

- Offshore engineering is a new and rapidly developing field. Even though the main interest is still oil production related, offshore structures are also widely used for energy production from ocean waves, mining, port structure and other similar fields. By definition an offshore structure can be defined as the structure or a facility which is being installed in marine environment, mainly in the sea in order to produce and transmit electricity, gas, oil and also other resources. Offshore structure can be classified into two major group; floating and fixed structures....   [tags: oil production, gravity structures]

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Contemporary History in "Anil’s Ghost"

- There is always a problem of historical inaccuracies in fiction. When certain historical events become a part of the narrative (especially when these events are controversial), it is important to understand what they mean in the author’s conception of history and reality in general. Far more important is to understand their place in this conception when we see that the author’s depiction of facts is unusual and what he does seems to be not the reflection of existing reality but the deconstruction of a different one....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Individual Types of Learning Behavior

- Herman Brain Dominance (HBD): Ned Hermann improved his model of Brain Dominance in 1979. His Whole Brain Model (Herman, 1995) combines Roger Sperry's left/right brain theory and Paul MacLean's triune model (primitive, intermediate and rational brain) to produce a quadrant model based on the task- specific performance of the physical brain. Each quadrant is described to have an ideal style of learning and preferences for individual types of learning behavior. Quadrant A is logical-analytical, Quadrant B is sequential-organized, and Quadrant C is emotional and interpersonal, while Quadrant D is visual, holistic and innovative....   [tags: Biology, Herman Brain Dominance]

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The Romans, Water and Civilization

- It is not unusual to read a headline about a water pipe bursting in a city, leaving thousands without water. In the 21st century, this situation is an extreme inconvenience for people. Most people take for granted that fresh water will come out of their faucet every time they turn it on. It is hard to imagine a time when people did not have running water in their houses. How did human civilization arrive at this point. Believe it or not, it was the Romans who started the world on a path that led to indoor plumbing in every home today....   [tags: Roman Aqueducts ]

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Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development

- Piaget theory of Cognitive Development For this paper I will be exploring Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget, theorized that children progress through four key stages of cognitive development that change their understanding of the world. By observing his own children, Piaget came up with four different stages of intellectual development that included: the sensorimotor stage, which starts from birth to age two; the preoperational stage, starts from age two to about age seven; the concrete operational stage, starts from age seven to eleven; and final stage, the formal operational stage, which begins in adolescence and continues into adulthood....   [tags: Jean Piaget, children, preoperational stage]

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Fire Protective System and Products

- ... Right from construction of wall, bulkheads, ceilings of concrete to creating systems for timber roof or floors, horizontal or vertical fire barriers, if appropriate products and construction methodologies are used it can provide excellent protection against fire. When thinking of fire protection systems for buildings, only one name comes to mind – LAF Group (, leading specialist manufacturer and installer of elements of passive fire protection systems for buildings in Australia....   [tags: safety, hazards, code, construction]

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Artificial Reef

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Reefs in their simplest form are composed of rock, coral or sand and are made through an abiotic, biotic, or man-made process. Much like canyons, most reefs are made through an abiotic process. They are naturally made from deposition and erosion caused by waves and other environmental factors. Some of the most popular forms of reefs are coral reefs which are created through a biotic, not to be confused with abiotic, process. Coral reefs are located in tropical waters and are developed through the infestation of coral and calcareous algae along the edges of reefs, atolls, and islands....   [tags: Environment]

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Soto's Black Hair

- Soto's Black Hair The title of Soto’s “Black Hair” is very ordinary. The image that forms from the color “black” serving as an adjective to describe the common noun “hair” paints a mundane picture that does not allow for any analysis beneath this concrete image. But in cases where the title is not an attention getter, the content of the poem is usually more of a challenge and Soto’s “Black Hair” is a perfect example. As the title suggests, there are many concrete images and figures presented throughout the poem, but after a close reading it is apparent that the underlying themes of family and culture lay beneath these tangible images through the poetic elements of the metonymy, the metapho...   [tags: Soto Black Hair Essays]

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Narrative vs. Descriptive Writing

- A narrative essay uses a point of view to tell a story. It is an engaging way for an author to tell his reader about an experience they have had or a personal story. Descriptive writing is a description of something. It could be a person, place, thing, emotion or experience. The author is allowed more artistic freedom when writing in descriptive form. While both descriptive and narrative essays are similar in many ways, the descriptive essays use of language fully immerses the reader into the story and allows the reader to feel the intended emotion....   [tags: writing composition, ]

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Art and Architectural History

- 1) The Parthenon was built to replace earlier temples of Athena which were famous during that period of time. The structure of the Parthenon consists of a rectangular floor with a series of low steps on every side, and a colonnade of columns extended around the entire construction. It has more than one entrance in which each one has an addition of six columns in the front. The Parthenon has two large rooms inside. The larger of the two interior rooms named ‘’The Naos’’, has a statue inside. The smaller room was practically used to save treasures....   [tags: Parthenon, Roman style]

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Understanding Construction Good Practices

- ... The wave is include some prominent milestones and the supreme of this milestones are: first, more than 350 berth Al Mouj marina, it can taking yachts up to 65 m, it considers largest Oman's private marina and home to Oman Sail. Second, 22 residents and children's activity park available in apartment complex. Third, 4 & 5 stars luxurious hotels and the supreme one is Oman's first Kempinski – Wave Muscat. Fourth, Café and restaurant, vibrant retail center comprising shops, medical and commercial units....   [tags: construction materials, major, engineering]

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Flowers For Algernon

- The story Flowers for Algernon depicts the meaning of intelligence in a very deep sense. The narrow definition intelligence is the capacity to learn, to understand, or to deal with new or trying situations. It is a concrete definition in such a way that it also means the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria as tests. Yet the story goes beyond this concrete explanation of what intelligence really is. It shows a whole new perspective of the meaning intelligence....   [tags: essays research papers]

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It's Raining in Mango

- It's Raining in Mango Thea Astley’s It’s Raining in Mango (1987) is a story of Australian history told through five generations of the Laffey family. Astley introduces several issues to the reader that were and still are part of Australian society. Through the use of narrative techniques including characterisation, narrative point of view and naming, Astley is able to position the reader to challenge such societal ideologies, and instead support the thoughts and ideas expressed by the strong and dominant characters in the text....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Language of Eudora Welty's Losing Battles

- The Language of Eudora Welty's Losing Battles In his essay, "The Languages of Losing Battles", Mr. Bass contends that the form of language used by two major characters in Eudora Welty's Losing Battles, Julia Mortimer and Granny Vaughn, serves as a challenge to the "male-authored decrees" (Bass) found throughout the book. Julia's idioms are "teaching, writing, and books," (Bass)while Granny Vaughn, on the other hand, uses oral language to transmit family history. While Julia's province is one of ideas and abstraction in the written word, Granny Vaughn's stories are concrete, empirical, and rooted in actual events and real people....   [tags: Eudora Welty Losing Battles]

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Hydrosphere of the Mississippi River

- Hydrosphere of the Mississippi River A Case Study of * River management * People interfering in the hydrosphere * A flood management scheme River Basin / Catchment area The source of the river is the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains to the north. There are many hundreds of tributaries including the Red River, Missouri river and the river Ohio. The mountains form the river's watershed. From Minneapolis the river flows South-East into Iowa where it flows south as far as Davenport....   [tags: Papers]

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The Hoover Dam

- The Hoover Dam Out in the middle of no where, an hour drive away from Las Vegas, NV lies one of the biggest dams and power plants in the world. Built in the heart of the depression, it serves as more than just a barrier from water to pass through. The concrete poured into the walls of Hoover Dam, are made by the sweat and blood of hundreds of Americans who were looking to save themselves, and their families. Residing on the Colorado River, the Hoover dam rises out of no where. Downstream from the Grand Canyon, this structure is almost as impressive as the Grand Canyon....   [tags: Engineering Dam Hoover Essays]

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The Salk Institute

- The Salk Institute Dr. Jonas Salk commissioned Louis Kahn to design the Salk Institute of Biological Research near La Jolla, California. Salk believes that medical research should not be confined to science alone. In response to Salk's view, Kahn saw the possibility of uniting art and architecture with the functional aspect of the design. He agrees with Salk that someone with a mind in art, like himself, could contribute in creating a mental environment of scientific research. Kahn's pursue of this vision is apparent in his design process....   [tags: essays papers]

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Board Breaking

- Board breaking is often exhibited as an incredible talent performed by martial artists at demonstrations or tournaments in order to show off strength. But actually, breaking is an illustrated example of a perfected technique as one would use in a real situation. The accuracy, strength, and power of these techniques is demonstrated through the break. Many people are amazed by breaking, but few understand how truly easy it is. Breaking can be explained by both the physics behind the act and the mental aspects of the preparation of the break....   [tags: Martial Arts]

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A Civil Engineering Success

- Civil Engineering History and Heritage U.S. 20 Iowa River Bridge The Iowa River Bridge on Highway U.S.20 was built in such a way that it not only was able to expand the once two lane blacktop roads into a four lane highway, but also to keep environmental impacts of construction and existence of the bridge to a minimum. The $21 million dollar bridge consists of two 12.0 m wide deck structures that each contain five spans of 92 m. These deck structures are made from erecting a weathering steel I-Girder superstructure....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Architecture of the 1920s

- ARCHITECTURE IN THE TWENTIES For the United States the Twenties was a time to flourish and enjoy the common wealth, but unlike everything else, architecture was in a creative slump. many artists were having difficulty in depicting a "style" for the new era. Many new technological advances were occuring through the steel industry and the discovery of glass. The architects of this period wanted to incorporate those advances in their designs, thus bringing forth an experimental period. With architects from different backgrounds and cultures working to produce a masterpiece the International Style was created....   [tags: Architecture]

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The Golden Ass

- In The Golden Ass, Lucius draws a strong parallel between the stepmother’s story and that of Meroe, the evil, old witch who kills Socrates when he tries to escape her lustful affections. The stepmother is metaphorically likened to a witch because doing so comments on the danger of a weak-natured woman who holds a position of power. Although no magical evils, such as the spells that Meroe casts upon Socrates, manifest themselves in the story of the stepmother, the emphasis on the unnatural transformation in her disposition and the perverse and sinful nature of her wanton affections symbolize her witchlike nature....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Brutalism in Art

- Modern Movement Architecture is the most visible way of art, and every building has a certain type of style that resembles and tells the story of the time and place they were built in. Several movements took place during the 19th/20th Century. Some of the movements were: Art Nouveau: It is characterized by having an abundance of odd shapes such arcs, curves, and designs. This style was prominent particularly in Paris, where the artist Siegfried Bing displayed this kind of style in the “Maison de l’Art Nouveau”....   [tags: Art]

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Nuclear Power Should be a Critical Component in a Strategy to Deal With Concern About Global Warming

- Nuclear power should not be dismissed and must be included as a major component of an alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels as it has the greatest potential to be the primary energy source in the future which can work together with other alternative renewable energy sources to combat global warming and to help meet the world’s growing energy demand Nuclear energy, which has historically been depicted as a dangerous and evil energy source, has recently seen renewed attention as an alternative form of energy and has been rehabilitated in the eyes of the public after rising concerns regarding global warming and a rise in the demand of energy (World Nuclear Association 2011)....   [tags: Energy ]

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If We Were to Overthrow the Current Political System, What Should We Replace It With?

- ... Society and property, two concepts strictly linked, are considered the original sin. Property leads to ambition, corruption and dishonesty. Moreover, everyone is subjected to property because people are scared to lose their goods, whatever they are. Rousseau’s view of society is similar to Hobbesian and Lockeian state of nature. As they did, he shapes his ideas of state of nature according to his optimistic reputation of human beings. Even though he blames society for making us evil, finally, he projects a better conclusion for humans....   [tags: sociopolitical philosophy, Rousseau, Rawls]

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The Ulster Museum: Is It a Treasure or a Reaction to Its Turbulent Past?

- Introduction pg. 2 Historical background of the Ulster Museum pg. 2 Context pg. 4 Description of spaces pg. 5 The Potential step forward pg. 5 Conclusion pg. 6 Bibliography pg. 7 Books pg. 7 Journals pg. 7 Internet pg. 7 Introduction This museum has been in transition at pivotal points of its historical time line thus far. It begs the question though, does it work as an architectural treasure of Northern Ireland or is it a reaction to turbulent periods in Belfast’s history....   [tags: U Shape, Architectural Progress]

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Soul’s Story: The Use of Conceit in Marvell’s “On a Drop of Dew”

- Poetry is a craft of near-paradox. Poets often say that they aim to encase the abstract within the concrete, describe without adjectives or adverbs, and expound upon concepts with the utmost concision. To meet these formidable challenges, they keep several important literary devices at their disposal, one of which is the conceit. Commonly defined as an elaborately extended metaphor, the conceit often allows poets to capture complicated ideas through comparison with images closer to readers’ everyday experiences....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam is a Piece of Architecture

- At the turn of the 20th century, a new style of modern architecture was formed through the development of new building types, materials, and construction techniques from the 2nd Industrial Revolution. With modern inventions and advancements in technology came a shift in the working environment of the industrial fields, for example unsatisfactory working conditions due to long hours in a dark and unclean atmosphere. Designers J.A. Brinkman and L.C. Van der Vlugt embarked on the new ideology of developing a better working experience through the architectural design of a utilitarian space....   [tags: architecture, functionalism, progressivism]

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Change the American Philosophy on Consumerism and the Lending Industry

- The best solution to the mortgage crisis America is facing today is both easy . . . and difficult to execute. The solution is two-pronged: change the American philosophy on consumerism and debt while also making concrete changes in the way the lending industry works. Both demand taking a long-term view in order to be successful. A New Philosophy Changing one’s philosophy is easy, but putting it into practice on a daily basis is not. One needs to employ will-power, diligence and the ability to think long-term, all virtues that fell by the wayside long ago in America....   [tags: Consumerism, Lending, economy, USA]

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Taking a Close Look at the Golden Gate Bridge

- ... Decades later, the population kept growing and growing, requiring a bridge to connect the isolated parts of California to San Francisco. For this reason, the Golden Gate Bridge was built, a construction period of four years. During construction, 11 fatalities occurs, of whom 10 fell through the safety net of the scaffold on February 17, 1937. As previously stated, the architect Irving Morrow was responsible for the beauty of the bridge. The bridge was painted orange vermilion, now called “International Orange” because Morrow thought it blended well with the natural environment surrounding the bridge....   [tags: San Francisco iconic structures]

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B. F. Skinner and his Study of Operate Conditioning

- ... Diessner (2008) states that "verbal responses are classified as requests, commands, permissions, and so on, depending upon the reasons why the listener responds, the reasons often being attributed to the speaker's intentions or moods" (p.134). I witnessed this to be true as working as a social worker with individuals with developing disabilities, I encouraged our staff to make requests versus demands when wanting an individual to perform a given task. This behavior is not only respectful and polite, it often results in the individual to respond favorably.  Diessner (2008) states that "a concept is simply a feature of a set of contingencies which exist in the world, and it is discovered...   [tags: verbal behavior, piaget]

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Early Childhood Education: Vision, Mission, and Philosophy Statement

- Early childhood is a time of curiosity, a time for play, and a time of rapid development. Every child is unique and deserving of an early childhood education that facilitates academic, social, and developmental growth through a variety of enjoyable experiences. Differentiated instruction adapts content, products and processes to meet the diverse learning needs and preferences of students (Thousand, Villa, & Nevin, 2007). Friedrich Froebel, the creator of Kindergarten, believed that children grow and learn as they play (Bruno, 2009)....   [tags: Education, elementary school]

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Construction and History of the Marshall Ford Dam

- In December 1936 the United States Department of the Interior authorized the Lower Colorado River Authority to construct a low dam at the site of an old crossing on the river known as Marshall Ford. Marshall Ford Dam was completed in 1941 through the collaboration of the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) of Texas. The original purpose of the dam was to prevent floods from devastating Austin, TX. The capital city had substandard heavy damage from previous floods since its establishment in 1846....   [tags: LCRA, Texas, Colorado River, flood]

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A Brief History of the ANcient Roman Empire

- Ancient Romans lives revolved around their city. Romans were very skilled workers, builders, worshipers, and people in general. Romans had various festivals, some good, and some bad. Although, Rome is still known to be one of the best cities in the world, and it wouldn’t have gotten on the list if it weren’t for the people of ancient Rome. Romans were possibly the most skilled builders when it came to building their arena and baths. The romans built their buildings with arches to support more weight than those of the Greeks, who used posts and lintel (a beam supported by two columns); this meant that the romans could build on a greater scale than the Greeks and how the romans were known for...   [tags: the building of Rome]

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Demonstrative Communication: The Importance of Written Text Correctly

- What exactly is communication. Communication is the process of understanding our experiences and the experiences of others (Moore & Parker, 2012). Communication present in everyday life, in the workplace, in school and home or personal life. Many use different means to communicate from formal to informal and verbal to nonverbal. Verbal communication is mainly written or oral, while nonverbal encompasses body language, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, and gestures. The way in which people communicate is a skill that may take some development....   [tags: skill, writing, speeches, message]

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The History and Advantages of Suspension Bridges

- A bridge is a structure that is used to cross an obstacle such as a river, a channel, a valley or a highway. The simplest kind of bridge is a tree trunk that has fallen across a stream or a set of twisted ropes and bamboo poles suspended (hanging) over a river. The latter is an example of early suspension bridges. Such bridges are still used in remote areas of many parts of the world like Asia, Africa and South America. The modern, strong, sophisticated suspension bridges are the result of the work of a German-born engineer called John Roebling....   [tags: history]

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Best Teaching Practices For Creating Life-Long Learners

- Young children’s thinking is perceptual and concrete, they are eager to please their teachers (Woolfolk, 2001). The ability to understand the nature of the learner and how they learn is paramount to developing strategies that promote and effective and productive learning environment. Effective teaching practices motivate students to become life-long learners. Learners develop in an orderly process and at their own pace (each individual being unique), and this development occurs gradually (Miller, 2002)and this development refers to the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development in human beings....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Sight Words and the Dual Coding Theory

- Review of Literature Instructing students how to read had been a primary focus in education since 2000 when the National Reading Panel came out with their report; Teaching children to read: An evidence-based assessment of scientific research literature on reading and its implications for reading instruction. The report identified the foundational skills needed to become a successful reader; Phonemic awareness, alphabetic principal, fluency, concepts of print, vocabulary development, comprehension....   [tags: Education]

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The Explanation of Vygotsky and Piaget’s Theories

- There are many assessments of Vygotsky and Jean Piaget's work during their lifetimes and deaths. Many of their theories have gone beyond what I am sure that they had expected for them too. Teachers, researchers and parents dabble in their theories of child development, social development and other theories when going about their lives. Whether it is a job or parenting it is a must to know about these two philosophers and what they believed to be real. Piaget is said to be the founder of cognitive development, he has changed the field of developmental psychology and because of him we no longer discussing strategies, rule-governed behaviors and representations but we do talk a lot about stimul...   [tags: Child Development]

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Refining Differences Between Copper, aluminum, and Steel

- The process varies when extracting copper from copper ore to obtain a preferred purity level of the final product. However the most common type of process in the United States is called Smelting. This is only achieved once the copper ore has been processed to a specified concentration level. This is done by grinding the ore into a concentration of slurry with chemical agents and water. The copper will float to the top of the slurry mixture when air is blown through the mixture and a frothed layer or a foaming layer allows the copper to attach and overflow the tank, this is called ore benefaction....   [tags: minerals, smelting, ore benefaction ]

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The Construction of Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright

- Fallingwater The prominent and imaginative Wisconsin born American architect, interior designer and author, Frank Lloyd Wright hit his architectural milestone in the mid-1930s when he designed his world-renowned master piece in Bear Run, Western Pennsylvania, “Fallingwater” also referred to as Kaufmann Residence. Owing to his unique perspective in architecture which he refers to as “organic”, the structure looks as though it sprung naturally amidst Bear Run's trees and water. Frank Lloyd Wright’s complete body of work was so broad that till date he still remains highly recognized as the greatest architect of all time....   [tags: architecture,frank lloyd, bear run]

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Traditional Building Materials in Contemporary Chinese Architecture

- In traditional culture, Naxi people, who are the minorities live in the region, believe that mountains are the backbone of their culture, while water is the soul. The design honors this belief, the walls are built with stones from surrounding mountains and a reflecting pool is included in the community center courtyard. Li also believes that the design should be sustainable and respecting the nature. Therefore, he maximizes the use of local materials. Most of the local buildings are built with a type of clay-rich stone, known as “monkey-head” shown in Figure 4....   [tags: community centers,china,li xiaodong atelier]

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What Is the Design of Roman Cities?

- Cities are built in different ways and one Question I have always wanted to know is what is the design of roman cities. This paper will tell you the answer to this question in form of three other questions. How did they build their cities. Why did they build them this way. and Do we still build cities this way. When the Romans built their cities they always added aqueducts. They also made almost everything out of concrete and started using over 2100 years ago. They built lots of fountains all around the city in different sizes, shapes, and designs....   [tags: urban architecture analysis]

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