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Addressing Complaints Of Bill And Bill

- Presenting Complaints Bill states he has been feeling down in the dumps for a long time. When asked how long he has been feeling this way he states, “As long as I can remember.” This shows that this has been a long standing issue and concern for Bill and not just an issue that started as a result of a specific event. This could mean that Bill has been struggling with this throughout his life and is now just seeking out help. Bill reports that he is married but dos not feel fulfillment in his relationship with his wife....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder]

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Customer Complaints And The Company

- This scenario has a few issues that need to addressed by management. The first issue is the decline in sales, profits, and the customer complaints. As the general manager, the determination as to the cause of these issues is paramount. Another issue in this scenario is that the sales and manufacturing group are blaming each other and the customers for the issues. The company culture does not speak to teamwork among the employees of this company. A third issue is the customer complaint about the defective part....   [tags: Customer service, Sales, Customer]

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Handling Complaints

- Complaint handling examples I have had an opportunity to experience different levels of customer service from several companies within home appliance repair service sector. These experiences ranged from very positive to extremely negative. I run into poor customer service when the dishwasher in my house stopped functioning properly and was only cleaning dishes that were located on the lower rack. I contacted the warranty company and they have found a repair provider within my area and were able to schedule an appointment for the technician to come out and evaluate the situation....   [tags: Customer Service]

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"Cry Baby" Complaints

- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Company had received a number of complaints about the product of “Cry Baby” doll after Christmas. The complaints were about the malfunction of the product that leakage of water and unable to cry when pressed the certain button, and the doll’s eyes were easily removed that harmful to children potentially. For that reason, an investigation into the incident was conducted. After interviewed with staff, the 120 complainants and looked into the data, reports and guidelines, we found that: 1. The cause of the incident was the unqualified plastic materials used in production from a new supplier....   [tags: Product Review]

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Police Brutality And Police Abuse Complaints

- April 2007, a study of the Chicago Police Department found that out that over 10,000 police abuse complaints were filed between the years 2002 to 2003. Only 19 of those complaints resulted in disciplinary action. These complaints, mainly false, can damage a police officer’s reputation, even though it may have been false. Time is taken away from more serious and stressful matters, to comb though complaints, which are usually false. Police brutality is real and shouldn’t go unlooked, but there is a better way to solve these problems....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Constable]

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Gender Equality For Women Registered Complaints About Their Uniforms

- Are you surprised that this is a 2006 case. Why or why not. I am not surprised that this case happened in 2006. However, by this time I would have assumed that gender roles in positions such as Firefighting and the police department would be accommodating and accepting. There are a lot of rules of society, laws and general discussion that are influenced by gender equality. I’m unsure why multiple facilities that Ms. Kline and Ms. Wedow visited obtained inadequate restrooms and changing areas. In 2006, I would assume that all employment places would have a restroom designated for men and a restroom designated for women....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Firefighter, Firefighting]

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Complaints Against the Northwestern University Students

- Rowdy Drunken College Students I read an article about Northwestern University students in Evanston, Illinois, and the community’s complaints against them. The article, written by Bob Seidenberg, discusses the need for city council to call a meeting to address the problems of rowdy drunken college students disturbing the peace and quiet of the evenings, by wandering around and through Evanston homes late at night. The underling issue is, is this Northwestern’s problem, or simply a lack of respect from youths today....   [tags: Northwestern University Students]

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The Imortance of Sytems, Processes, and Exercise in Small Business

- Introduction: The review of systems, processes and policies is an exercise that many Small Medium Enterprises overlook and this is certainly evident at Promax Engineered Plastics. To date the company has had a focus on sales and marketing without the focus on backroom procedure, thus the opportunity to reduce waste, improve flow and eliminate bottlenecks is significant. This report is going to review the system of dealing with inbound customer complaints at Promax Plastics. It will look at the types of complaints and review the questions that the customer services representatives ask....   [tags: communication, customers, complaints]

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Good Management for Employees and Customers

- Increase number of customer complaints Four leadership characteristics: Managing complaints is not an easy task for any manager’s list of problems. It’s easy to disgrace any work or write complaints. Some times complaints are small or some are big so manager’s need to work with open mind on solving complaints, because these complaints directly or indirectly going to affect the reputation of any organization. To solve complaints we need to go in process. Four characteristics that manager have to keep in mind as leader are- a. Facilitator guide....   [tags: complaints, leadership, communication]

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Global Investigations: A Sis Step Process

- Global Investigations: A Six-Step Process Effectively Managing Complaints Can Help Keep Your Organization Out of Court In multinational companies, addressing complaints of employee misconduct or policy violation(s) are complex and involve different country customs, laws, and processes that must be understood and followed. If employees channel their reports of misconduct or policy violation(s) correctly within the company, this can help resolve many of these issues within the company and reduce the number of costly employment lawsuits....   [tags: effectively managing complaints]

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How to Maintain Repeated Clients

- I am going to explain how you maintain repeat clients. I will discuss how you can improve your clients’ services and how to get them to rebook. I will also give information on the top seven client complaints and how to avoid them. And last I will go over how to keep clients in general. I will first start off with how you can improve your client services. Improving client services can be the easiest thing to do. Expressing safety is one very important key to enforce. To begin, we create a safe environment....   [tags: services, rebook, complaints, avoid]

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The Causes of the American Revolution

- After seven years of war burden defending its colonies from the French and Indian, the British government started experiencing a drastic crisis that brought a postwar recession into the country. In order to come out of debt and recover quickly, the British parliament decided to find by all means resolutions that would generate revenues for the mother colony. Among several resolutions that were created, Stamp Tax was the most critical one that really started the conflicts between the British parliament and its thirteen colonists in 1765.Under a mission to play a diplomacy role between the Great Britain and its colonies, Benjamin Franklin traveled to London, where he explained to the king why...   [tags: complaints, tax, war, constitution]

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Characteristics of a Leader


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A Letter Complaint Against Discrimination

- Nyesha along with other began to call KFC # 800 complain Hot line at least once a month and complaint against Abu including Racial Harassment, Discrimination, favoritism and how Abu running the store. Those complains investigated by either HR Manager or Bin Mahtab or both of them. In every occasion those complains were found false and acted with Malice. Besides those #800 complains Bin Mahtab used to receive complains. In response to complaints Bin Mahtab either come to the store or call me he received a complaint against me which always ended up yelling at me....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Plaintiff, Defendant]

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Complaint Of Contract And Violations Of The Sox Anti Retaliation Statute

- This case is based on Mrs. Jennifer Sharkey, who sued J.P. Morgan & Co. (JCMC), Mr. Kenny, Mr. Green, and Mrs. Lassiter, alleging breach of contract and violations of the SOX anti-retaliation statute. The facts started when Mrs. Sharkey was assigned to a Suspect Client 's account where members of JPMC expressed to her their concern regarding to this account because they suspected that the Suspect Client was involved in illegal activities. After Mrs. Sharkey’s investigation, she claimed that she informed her conclusions to superiors Mr....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Plaintiff, Defendant]

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A Complaint On The Telephone At 1200hrs / 01 / 2016 St. 49

- On 04/01/2016 St. 49 received a complaint on the telephone at 1200hrs. The caller was a female and she stated that her name was Gladys Kravitz. The caller stated that a 911 call was placed this morning (04/01/2016) at 1000hrs for her husband 75-year-old, Abner Kravitz, was having chest pains. The location of the call was their residence at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Mrs. Kravitz complained to me, during our conversation, that “the arrogant ambulance drivers” completely ignored her requests and demands that her husband be transported to the V.A....   [tags: Patient, Medicine, Gladys Kravitz, Complaint]

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Job of the Tour Escort

- As a Tour Escort, keep the itinerary running smoothly is very important, when the tour escort also wakes up late, the problem is coming and it will extremely serious. In the following article, I will discuss what consequences and what is the way to solve the problem when facing the domestic flight will be late. Before discussing the solutions of this case, it will discuss the consequences by the severity. Let’s start with the less serious consequence – being complained by the group member....   [tags: itinerary, agent, complaints]

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Analysis Of The Fourth Amended Complaint By Frances House

- Furthermore, a review of the Seventh Amended Complaint reveals that Counts XLIX and LIII are identical except that Count LIII adds an additional allegation alleging that Frances House’s acts were “reckless, wanton, willful, malicious, indifferent and without regard.” Further, the allegations contained in paragraphs 44.a. through 44.l. of Count XLIX are identical to paragraphs 45.a. through 45.l. of Count LIII and fail to state specific acts or facts as required under Illinois pleading rules in that they allege only conclusions and catch-all phrases....   [tags: Pleading, Cause of action, Complaint, Plaintiff]

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Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint

- Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint In order for John to file a discrimination complaint against his employer, he is required to file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint counselor or representative of the company. Once the charge has been filed, an investigation is made, or the charge maybe selected to an EEOC program and maybe dismissed. In this case, John is given a certain number of days to file a lawsuit on his behalf. This process would have to go through several lengthy stages such as the EEOC administrative process....   [tags: Discrimination Complaint Discriminatory Hiring]

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Dell’s Performance Measurements and Control Systems

- Introduction Performance measurement and control are very important for any organization either government or business to measure the success of the organization and it is one of the most difficult parts of strategic management (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012). According to Crosson & Needles (2014), Performance measures are “quantitative tools that gauge an organization’s performance in relation to a specific goal or an expected outcome” (p 302). Many studies have suggested that organizations need to use both financial and nonfinancial performance measures to assess their strategies and operations (Milost, 2013)....   [tags: computer business, customer complains]

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Growth In Consumer Complaint Channels In Ghana

- "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" Let me begin with a confession. I almost dropped this title for a less "controversial" one. I use the word "controversial" because as a citizen of a country(i.e. Ghana) where almost everything (including football) is politicised, I was aware (and concerned) of the possibility of this piece, being subjected to the same "political scrutiny". In the end I chose to keep it, simply because I couldn't find an alternative that captured the soul of this piece quite like "Power to the people"....   [tags: Customer Relationship Management CRM]

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Case Analysis : Flagler County Sheriff 's Office Complaint

- Abstract Flagler County Sheriff James L. Manfre was sheriff of Flagler County 2001 to 2004 and was re-elected 2012 through 2016. A former employee of Flagler County Sheriff’s Office filed a complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission and a Whistle-blower lawsuit in the Flagler County Circuit Court. The former employee’s Whistle-blower lawsuit states unlawful and unethical employment practices by Sheriff James L. Manfre. The ethics charge reference practices including personal use of public funds, unauthorized spending on the agency credit card and improper use of an agency vehicle....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Pleading, High Sheriff]

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A Brief Note On The Patient Satisfaction Issues

- The top patient satisfaction issues in our practice are bad ratings of patients being on hold for a long period of time, waiting time, not enough staff members, the office is not friendly looking, front desk looks unorganized, doctors are not caring, not enough Spanish speaking staff members, not cleared enough on any rescheduling fees for missed appointments, the area is not the best area to have a practice in, and lastly the billing department takes too long to submit a claim. Patients’ being on hold for a long period of time is a major issue....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading]

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Cameroonian Students’ Complaint Letters and Job Applications

- Cameroonian Students’ Complaint Letters and Job Applications Formal letter writing such as students’ complaint letters and job applications constitutes a genre of its own. Taking genre analysis to be the study of how language is used in a particular context, this category of non-literary genre falls within a growing body of written texts exhibiting much of what may be considered Cameroonian peculiarities in English usage. The idea that genres would relate to specific socio-cultural contexts within which they are written is, however, not new....   [tags: Cameroon French Culture Writing Essays]

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Power to the People-Growth in consumer complaint channels in Ghana

- "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" Let me begin with a confession. I almost dropped this title for a less "controversial" one. I use the word "controversial" because as a citizen of a country(i.e. Ghana) where almost everything (including football) is politicised, I was aware (and concerned) of the possibility of this piece, being subjected to the same "political scrutiny". In the end I chose to keep it, simply because I couldn't find an alternative that captured the soul of this piece quite like "Power to the people"....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Robert Hughes' Culture of Complaint: the Fraying of American

- Robert Hughes' Culture of Complaint: the Fraying of American Robert Hughes, a native Australian, spent twenty years in the United States and assumed many traits that are typical of Americans before publishing Culture of Complaint: the Fraying of America. His evaluation finds that America is a country more focused on appearance than reality. Americans would rather complain than change. Instead of analyzing the problem of American culture, Hughes attempts to present himself as an ideal critic, scholar, and journalist....   [tags: Hughes Robert Essays]

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Analysis Of Anheuser Busch Employees ' Credit Union

- Many companies often forget the importance of handling their customer base’s happiness and dissatisfaction. Whether that be complaints or reviews of the company. Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union has made strides throughout the year to better this process; however, it lacks conformity. For a company to be successful, there must be an efficient way to both handle complaints and collect opinionated data from their customer base. Realizing there is a problem is the first step towards a solution....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Management, The Members]

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Customer Satisfaction Is Important For A Business 's Success

- It is well known for many people who have worked any sort of job that requires them to deal with customers that customer satisfaction is crucial to a business’s success and that the customer’s needs should always come first. This means that employees and managers do everything in their power to make sure that every single customer that walks into their business leaves completely satisfied and happy. Unfortunately, there are sometimes customers who are impossible to please. In 2013 there were over 38 million complaints across many famous businesses and companies, which means that there was a complaint every 1.2 seconds each day....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Good, Emotion]

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A Proposal For A Personal Improvement Plan

- After meeting with the president and listening to the issues and concerns regarding, Jack I would highly recommend for a personal improvement plan (PIP) to be developed. I would suggest for the president to have a one-on-one meeting with Jack regarding the negative feedback he has received from the staff. Jack should be fully aware of the expectations that are being sought as a result of this improvement plan. When laying out the areas of improvement, the first concern would be the negative attitude he has toward his staff....   [tags: Management, Employment, Complaint]

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Teachers Should Teachers Complain Too Much

- One last misconception about teachers is the broadest that will be discussed, that is the misconception that teachers complain too much. Often society hears of teachers complaining about pay, rather that be pay in general, or having to do with merit pay; teachers also often complain about the hours they are work, hours most people don’t even see. Teacher evaluations is another hot topic, along with teacher accountability, and a punishment reward system they may face. Lastly, there are complaints having to do with the school curriculum and governmental standards....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Complaint]

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Authority in Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth

-          Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do." In the case of Alexander Portnoy he was doomed to repeat his mistakes and continue to feel the guilt lain upon him at every turn by his parents, his lovers and himself. Their overpowering nature kept him a perpetual child and his efforts to seize the opportunity to be the authority in each relationship left him more frustrated and eager to control the downward spiral he called life. At the base of his family was Judaism. Their identity was firmly rooted in their religion....   [tags: Portnoy's Complaint Essays]

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Violation Of Contract With Breach Of Warranty Of Habitability

- B. Plaintiffs Confuse Breach of Contract with Breach of Implied Warranty of Habitability. Apparently confused from their own pleading, Plaintiffs do not directly respond to Defendants’ argument that Count VI (breach of contract) of their Second Amended Complaint should be dismissed for failing to state a cause of action. Instead, they offer the conclusory statement that “[t]his is a damages issue for the trial judge and is an evidentiary issue for trial,” and demand discovery on whether their damages naturally resulted from the alleged breach of the lease....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Cause of action]

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A Report On A Due Process Complaint

- A due process complaint must contain, inter alia, “a description of the nature of the problem of the child relating to such proposed initiation or change, including facts relating to such problem,” 20 U.S.C. Section 1415 (b)(7)(A)(ii)(III) and 34 C.F.R. Part 300.508 and “a proposed resolution of the problem to the extent known and available to the party at the time.” (20 U.S.C. Section 1415 (b) (7) (A) (ii) (IV).) “[A] party may not have a due process hearing until the party, or the attorney representing the party, files a notice that meets the requirements of [20 U.S.C....   [tags: Pleading, Cause of action, Legal terms, Allegation]

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The Leadership Of A High School Girls ' Basketball Team

- A high school girls’ basketball team is made up of many different individuals with very different personalities. These different personalities lead to different roles on the team. These roles are evident on most teams, and each personality type contributes to the function of the team; however, some roles are not as beneficial as others. One major role on the team is The Leader. The Leader is usually the loudest and most positive player on the team. A senior who is very dedicated to the team usually fills this role....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Good and evil]

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When The Downfall Of Water Strikes You Unexpectedly

- Complaint It was your first day of school and it feels as though nothing could go worse. You had the perfect outfit picked out, your hair is curled, and you are so excited for the day. As you eat the breakfast that your mom makes you, you little brother accidently spills his orange juice on you. This forces you to start your day by having to change the outfit you were so excited to wear. Instinctively you start to get mad, but you decide you just want to make the rest of the day good so you change your attitude and head out the door....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Service of process]

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College Is A Diverse Place Filled With Students

- When most people think about college life they often think about how stressed out a student must be over their classes, they almost always neglect the difficulties that professors also face. College is a diverse place filled with people from all types of backgrounds, with this multitude of people it also provides a large amount of different personalities. Professors face many unique challenges as they are bombarded by different students nearly every hour. Each student provides a different aspect to the learning environment, some students being more helpful than others....   [tags: University, Education, Complaint, Pleading]

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A Case For File A Complaint

- First, I would like to point out I attempted to file a complaint locally, but as soon as I mention the reason. They either run me off or tell me there is nothing that can be done in order to the resolve the issue. Second, I am not on probation or parole. On or about April 4, 2015, my friend, Izabella Wiggin, told me that Mrs. Brittany Cotgreave, her Supervision Officer, ordered, her to live with her grandmother. The apartments we lived at, Sungate, just gave an eviction notice on May 30, 2015 for problems with Izabella....   [tags: Apartment, Real estate, Police, Insurance]

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Complaint of Service and Negligence

- Complaint of service/negligence With reference to the application submitted in October, I wish to express my dissatisfaction to the service I have received. The following overview summarises my discontent: 1. When I sent my application (birth certificate & student finance letter), I was told this was not an acceptable form of identification. – Now having perused your website, it is clearly visible on the page that the aforementioned documentation are acceptable forms of identification, so why was I told otherwise....   [tags: birth, certificate, application, bank]

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Questionnaire On A Customer Complaint

- Carefully Circumventing a Customer Complaint I feel that the scenario described in our textbooks, regarding how a particular customer service experience resulted in a customer complaint, is a prime example of how fragile the customer service world can be. These situations can sometimes prove to be quite challenging, as providing quality service for multiple customers simultaneously can sometimes be complicated That is why it is very important to be focus on improving your interpersonal skills, in order to be prepared for any situation....   [tags: Communication, Customer service, Customer]

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A Complaint Against Eugene Nigro

- On September 12, 2014, Denise Rockett filed a complaint against Eugene Nigro, Esq. Nigro was reportedly negligent when handling legal matters in her late husband’s estate. Specifically, the complainant alleges that Denise, as Executrix of her late husband’s estate, was intentionally excluded from major decisions, not properly compensated, and deprived of control over their properties. Nigro allegedly breached his fiduciary obligation and violated Mass.R.Prof.C. 1.4(b), 1.7(b), and 8.4(c). FACTS On November 26, 2009, Denise Rockett’s husband, J....   [tags: Pleading, Cause of action, Fiduciary, Allegation]

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Analysis Of The Chicago Housing Authority ( Cha )

- COMPLAINANT’S POSITION Complainant, who suffers from severe tinnitus, anxiety, and depression, alleges that Respondents failed to accommodate his disabilities when they failed to take any corrective actions to decrease the noise levels from his neighbors, which negatively impacted his disabilities. Complainant states that he moved into a new apartment building owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), at 2020 West Schiller for a quieter place to live and help alleviate his symptoms. Complainant states that the CHA knew the reasons why he moved....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Cause of action, Defendant]

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Analysis Of The Chicago Housing Authority ( Cha )

- Complainant, who suffers from severe tinnitus, anxiety, and depression, alleges that Respondents failed to accommodate his disabilities when they did not take any corrective actions to decrease the noise levels from his neighbors, which negatively impacts his disabilities. Complainant states that he moved into a new apartment building owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), located at 2020 West Schiller (Schiller apartment) for a quieter place to live to help alleviate his symptoms. Complainant states that the CHA knew the reasons why he moved....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Defendant, Cause of action]

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The Laws And Consequences For Impeding Employees From Forming Unions

- This memo is a follow up of our recent meeting where we discussed the laws and consequences for impeding employees from forming Unions. As you are aware, the NLRA “guarantees the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively with their employers, and to engage in other protected concerted activity” ("New NLRB “Right-to-Organize” Posting Requirement | Wendland Utz", 2016) It is prohibited for an employer to impede that right. For examples, employers should not be restrained, interrogated, intimidated if they decide to join a Union....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Complaint, Pleading]

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Importance Of Problem Resolution On Businesses

- Importance of Problem Resolution in Businesses All businesses rely heavily on their customers in order to stay in business. The customers are individuals and groups that buy goods and services an organization produces. They are the most important people to satisfy in a business because, without customers, businesses would not be able to make a profit, pay salaries to managers or wages to employees. This means every business must strive to satisfy every guest, but this can be difficult since not every guest is the same....   [tags: Customer, Customer service, Complaint, Good]

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Business Complaint Letter

- 1234 Orange Street Smallville, OH 01234 July 1, 2005 Mr. Steve Smith National Manager, Customer Service En Corporation Cool Building, Suite 222 111 Fountain Drive Happy, NH 98765 RE: EnCorp Credit Card: 111 222 333 4 555XX I had been an EnCorp credit card holder for the previous twelve years. Before that, I was a Rose card-holder for over 22 years. I seem to recall that when EnCorp took over/bought out Rose nine years ago, the switch of companies and credit cards was handled smoothly and seamlessly....   [tags: Business Complaint Letters Email Credit Cards]

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Contract And Conversion Theories Of Relief

- C. Section 2-619(a)(9): Various Affirmative Matters Defeat Counts VI, VII, & VIII Counts VI, VII, and VIII, which each allege breach-of-contract and conversion theories of relief, should be dismissed pursuant to section 2-619(a)(9) of the Code. 1. Plaintiffs Breach of Contract Claims are Defeated by the Lease Terms and are Waived Plaintiffs’ breach-of-contract claims are defeated by two independent affirmative matters: the lease’s terms and the equitable principle of waiver. To bring a breach of contract cause of action, a plaintiff must allege (1) the existence of a contract, (2) plaintiff’s performance of all contractual conditions, (3) defendant’s alleged breach, and (4) damages....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Contract, Cause of action]

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General Complaint / History Of Present Illness

- CHA1 9/7/16 Rapid Reasoning: Myocardia/Infarction Chief complaint/History of Present Illness: Mr. Miller is a 58-year-old man who has no previous history of heart disease, who presents to the ED with chest pain that he describes as an achiness/pressure 5110 across his mid-chest and radiates to his left arm. He also becomes SOB but not diaphoretic with episodes of pain. Last night the chest pain came on at rest and lasted throughout the night. He decided to come to the ED for valuation when it was not gone by morning....   [tags: Myocardial infarction, Heart, Artery, Blood]

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Case Letter : A Client Complaint Letter

- On August 18, 2014, our location received a client complaint letter. The client, Mr. Henry Stewart, has been a client of ours for five years. Mr. Stewart is a prominent real estate agent in our community. We receive numerous residential and commercial referrals from him. Mr. Stewart stated in his letter that he was ending his relationship with our company. He also complained that we sent two inexperienced employees to service his yard. He also stated that these employees were very rude to him. Furthermore, these employees did not cover Mr....   [tags: Human resources, Management, Employment]

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Complaint Letter From The American Airlines

- Isha Sharma Ms Kirby Expository Writing 29 April 2016 Complaint Letter To The American Airlines Dear American lines, This letter is to bring to your notice the unique experience I had last week when I travelled to the Caribbean via you airlines. My customer reach out number is XO36571. I was on flight number XO231 that was supposed to leave for Caribbean from Chicago on April 15th at 6:30 pm. I am forced to write this letter due to the disappointment I faced while travelling. I hope the reader takes appropriate steps to look into the matter and ensure that it does not happen again....   [tags: Airline, Airport, Southwest Airlines]

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Complaint Against W. John Camp

- I wish to file a complaint against W. John Camp for his actions and behavior in regards to the ongoing custody proceeding regarding my daughters. The situation and Mr. Camp’s pattern of unethical behavior has been developed over a number of years, but I have failed to complain on the advice that it might further jeopardize in the eyes of the court. At this point his tactics have been so effective I have no apparent rights or privileges with the court and therefore have very little to lose. The summary of complaint focuses on three main areas: 1) I believe Mr....   [tags: Court, Lawyer, Procedural law, Child custody]

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Student Center Of My College Campus

- I sit here in my door room in the student center of my college campus. I sit here, and I remember. I remember what I’ve been hearing. Certain phrases about the same ideas keep tumbling out of people’s mouths. They tumble from so many people who are so different, but the messages are so similar. They are complaints. And the complaints are about central topics. Sitting here, I’ve got to thinking. Maybe some of these elements we (apparently) are so irritated about can be turned around; we can turn them around for areas to give us energy instead of places to make us frustrated....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, 2007 albums, Personal life]

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Complaint Against Attorney Denis P. Fleming

- COMPLAINT Yvette Dookrhan filed a complaint on May 4, 2015, against Attorney Denis P. Fleming when he allegedly failed to file her “immigration paper”, and subsequently did not provide a full refund upon Dookrhan’s request. Fleming has allegedly violated Mass.R.Prof.C. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4(a) &(b), 1.16(d) and (e). FACTS Yvette Dookrhan met Fleming at an immigration clinic in South Boston, and subsequently retained Fleming to assist in filing immigration paperwork with the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS)....   [tags: Pleading, Cause of action, Computer file]

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Case Analysis : Complaint Against Arthur Kelly

- COMPLAINT Kenneth Dascoli filed a complaint against Arthur Kelly, Esq., on August 10, 2015. Dascoli alleges that Kelly deprived him of a fair trial in a criminal matter, essentially due to lack of preparation. The lack of preparation consisted of failing to visit the complainant while he was being held in jail, failing to interview witnesses, and failing to prepare for trial. Kelly has allegedly violated Mass.R.Prof.C. 1., 1.3, and 8.4(d). FACTS On December 7, 2009, Kenneth Dascoli was at the home of his ex-wife with his current girlfirend, his ex-wife’s friend, and Dascoli’s half-brother....   [tags: Appeal, Jury, Court, Trial]

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Investigation Report On Carmella Desmond 's ( Cd ) Complaint

- Re: Investigation Report on Carmella Desmond’s (CD) complaint I feel very uneasy after a brief reading of the investigation report at the board meeting on August 25, 2016. In my opinion, this is not an investigation report. It does not meet the components of an investigation. The matter has not been looked into thoroughly. Various aspects are not examined in depth and no one else has been interviewed other than CD. There are no factual data to back up CD’s claims. After having time to thoroughly read through the “REPORT” from the investigators after the meeting, I find that this report is problematic....   [tags: Board of directors, Fiduciary, Management]

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My Complaint about Plato the Athenian

- My Complaint about Plato the Athenian Parts of what follows below were actually painful to write. However, because of the ongoing misinformation campaigns launched by Plato the Athenian and his buddies, I feel it is my duty to write this. Before examining the present situation, however, it is important that I purge the darkness from Plato's heart. One of his slaves once said, "Things have never been better." Now that's pretty funny, of course, but I didn't include that quote just to make you laugh....   [tags: Papers]

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My Complaint about Plato the Athenian

- My Complaint about Plato the Athenian I've tried to keep quiet, but I just can't hold it in any longer. I have to tell everyone that I will not bow to coercion, intimidation, or the threat of violence. But first, I'm going to jump ahead a bit and talk in general terms about how I, hardheaded cynic that I am, have had enough of Plato the Athenian's waste, fraud, misfeasance, and malfeasance. Then, I'll back up and fill in some of the details. Okay, so to start with the general stuff, some of the facts I'm about to present may seem shocking....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing and Contrasting the Poems, Carpenter’s Complaint and Coolie Mother

- The poem ‘Carpenter’s Complaint’ by Edward Baugh was about a carpenter who wanted to build a coffin for his friend; however, the son of the dead man ‘maaga-foot bwoy’ wanted another man, Mr. Belnavis, to build his father a fancier and nicer coffin. He was very mad because he built his friend’s house, but not his coffin. The carpenter described Mr. Belnavis as a ‘big-belly crook who don’t know him arse from a chisel’, and who only got the job to make the coffin because he was a big-shot. We knew that he was in a bar because of line 11 ‘Fix we a nex’ one, Miss Fergie’....   [tags: compare, contrast, compare/contrast, Poetry]

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Adult Sex : Male And Race : Caucasian. Chief Complaint / Reason For Admission

- Subjective: • Age: 75-80 age range • Sex: Male • Race: Caucasian • Chief Complaint/ Reason for Admission o Shortness of breath o Hemoptysis • Wife was at the bedside with the patient. • History of Present Illness o Patient has past medical history of carotid artery disease with ischemic cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, prostate cancer, and recent gastrointestinal (GI) bleed complains of worsening shortness of breath onset 5 hours ago with associated hemoptysis....   [tags: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease]

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Our Present Complaint : American Medicine, Then And Now By Charles E. Rosenberg

- Our Present Complaint: American Medicine, Then and Now The book Our Present Complaint: American Medicine, Then and Now by Charles E. Rosenberg, illustrates relevant public health issues today and how they relate to the book. For example, Rosenberg illustrates how medical expenses can can a toll on an individual, how countless Americans lack insurance, and how the costs of medical care seems to increase within the aging populations. In addition, Rosenberg touches on how the practice of medicine has evolved over the years, where it is going, and how we can improve the prognosis of diseases and find a way to prevent them (Rosenberg, 2007)....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health insurance]

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Brief Statement Of Details At Macy 's At The Oak Court Mall

- Brief Statement of Particulars: On August 17, 2016 at 1600 hrs. You were dispatched to a call regarding a shoplifting that occurred at Macy’s at the Oak Court Mall. When you arrived you spoke with the complainant Shiemia Wherry (loss Prevention @ Macy’s) who advised that she needed to file a second report on an attempted theft that occurred just two days prior on 8/15/16 because Macy’s loss prevention believed it to be the same suspects responsible. You replied to the Wheery that you could not file a report because there was not a loss....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Theft, Plaintiff]

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Good looking and Popularity in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

- Nowadays, people are concentrating more and more on good looks and likeability because it gives them confidence, and often, these traits come with money and power. In Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller portrays the life of a salesman, Willy, who values the superficial quality of likeability and attractiveness over learning. He is obsessed with the idea of being well-liked which ultimately takes him nowhere. His son unfortunately follows that principle and ends up with an unhappy life. Many events that happen in this play reflect on a principle that being popular is not the only thing one needs to have in order to gain respect and be successful in life....   [tags: confidence, complaint, power]

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An Extension Of Time From The Court

- Hi Keri, We received an extension of time from the court to file responsive pleadings to the Complaint October 19 and we will file an Answer and Affirmative Defenses on a timely basis. We had the opportunity to meet with Polly Hartman, the Executive Director, and Beth Sahuri, Director of Nursing, from Support Services. They provided us with documentation regarding the incident and Polly indicated that she will forward additional documents regarding Elise Wasson’s residency at the group home in the near future....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Chair]

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I Am Working With Larry

- Hi Keri, I am working with Larry on this file and I would ask that you consider the following to be our status report on this matter. Pursuant to our presentation of our motion, we received an extension of time from the court to file our responsive pleadings to the Complaint by October 19, and we will file an Answer and Affirmative Defenses on a timely basis. Further, we had the opportunity to meet with Polly Hartman, the Executive Director, and Beth Sahuri, Director of Nursing, from Support Services....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Für Elise]

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Case Analysis : ' Action And Inactions '

- In arguing that their vague references to Defendants’ “action and inactions” sufficiently allege an anticipatory repudiation of a contract, Plaintiffs once again choose to ignore controlling authority from the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Court, Second District, which unequivocally holds that an anticipatory repudiation of a contract is not a remedy to be taken lightly. E.g. In re Marriage of Olsen, 124 Ill. 2d 19, 24 (1988). Instead, Plaintiffs rely on inapposite federal and Illinois case law from other appellate districts (Pls....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Cause of action, Plaintiff]

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The Wrongful Damages And Punitive Damages

- D. PLAINTIFF STATES A CLAIM ENTITLING PLAINTIFF PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND MOTION TO DISMISS SHOULD BE DENIED. The California punitive damages statute, provides that the Plaintiff may recover punitive damages, "[i]n an action for the breach of an obligation." Civ. C. § 3294(a). The basic tort claim, requires only a showing by a preponderance of the evidence, while the punitive claim requires a showing by "clear and convincing evidence." Civ. C. § 3294(a). Here as mentioned, during this time in the legal process, the Plaintiff need only show “plausibility” and since punitive damage requires clear and convincing evidence; this can only be done through discovery and the proper due process afforded t...   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Civil procedure, Plaintiff]

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I Am Working With Larry

- I am working with Larry on this file and we would ask that you consider the following to be our status report on this matter. Pursuant to our presentation of our motion, we received an extension of time from the court to file our responsive pleadings to the Complaint by October 19, and we will file an Answer and Affirmative Defenses on a timely basis. Further, we had the opportunity to meet with Support Systems’ Executive Director, Polly Hartman, and its Director of Nursing, Beth Sahuri. They were very cooperative and provided us with preliminary documentation regarding the incident....   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Chair, Für Elise]

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The Court Of The District Court

- This was a directions hearing before a judge of the District Court in a civil matter. The plaintiff was Dylan Siddle and the absent defendant was Wai Fong Lau. The plaintiff announced his appearance and his intention to seek a court order for substituted or informal service. Siddle spelt his name for the Court transcript and cited his right to do so under r 10.14 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW) (“UCPR”). Siddle addressed the magistrate. The plaintiff explained the general nature of the case and gave a chronology of unsuccessful personal service....   [tags: Civil procedure, Lawsuit, Complaint]

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Problems Faced With Poor Management

- Some, if not most of us, have dealt with some form of poor management in the workplace. It seems that no matter what angle we take or to whom we voice our concerns, the matter just keeps getting worse and worse. Then finally, after you have complained, moaned, griped, and stressed over the subject of this individuals shortcomings, you conclude that there is only one way solve this problem. Yes, you guessed it. You are just going to have to deal with it. I know what you are saying to yourself at this very moment, and that is “But how?” When dealing with poor management, you will need to support them during their successes and manage around their shortcomings, have a sense of familiarity with...   [tags: Management, Leadership, Aerosmith, Complaint]

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Why Farmers Are Bad People

- Every day as people drive past fields, they never think farmers are doing anything wrong. It’s the people that sit behind cameras and go to the worst farm in the area and tell everyone that all farmers are poisoning us but in reality that small farmer is probably only producing for him or herself. Most of the time they are paid actors that read a little paper and tell everyone that all farmers are horrible people. Then you have the people that live in New York city and never been to a farm in their life that sit there and tell everyone that big name farmers are throwing poison on fields to kill off everyone....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, State, Nutrition]

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Case Analysis : Liberty Mutual Insurance Company ( Plaintiff ) V. I 5 Manufacture And Design

- I had never been to court before, but the subject of law had always interested me. For my Business Law course I was assigned to attend a case that fell under the category of a small claims, civil, or criminal case trial. As recommended by other business law students, I pulled up the court schedule and planned to observe a case that fell on Thursday October 13th 2016. After brief research I decided it would be interesting to witness a civil case trial at the North County Regional Center in Vista, California....   [tags: Complaint, Plaintiff, Defendant, Mutual insurance]

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The Case Of The Lawsuit

- 24. Plaintiff in her petition states that there has been a material changes in circumstances that since the Court’s order in April 29, 2013 that the Defendant has become verbally abusive to the point that the minor child does not want to have overnight visitations. And that the abuse include load and profane yelling and screaming. And that the actions of the Defendant have caused the minor child to become afraid of him. 25. As the court is well aware of in other pleadings, prior to November 15, 2015, the Defendant’s daughter lived with him at her own insistence due to conditions in the Plaintiff’s home and she refused to stay with the Plaintiff overnight or even refused to visit the Plaintif...   [tags: Pleading, Complaint, Plaintiff, Civil procedure]

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Why I Learned At The Temple

- I did many things to try to be a ‘diakonos’ this term: I went to the temple almost every week, I did indexing and family history, I went to do the ‘Stop and Serve’ at Y-serve, I did my visiting teaching and tried to magnify my calling by going to Relief Society Meetings without complaining and volunteering to do things the President asked for someone to do. I tried so hard to look for other opportunities to serve while walking around campus and prayed for those opportunities as well, but nothing came my way....   [tags: Complaint, Pleading, Matthew 5:44, Doing It]

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The Risk Management Of A Product

- The risk management of a product does not end once a product is on the market -- in fact, it becomes more rigorous. The work that Medical Safety does in post market surveillance and vigilance are integral in ensuring marketed products perform as intended and do not harm patients. ISO 14971 provides guidance on what should be included in a post-market monitoring process: • Determination if changes must be made to the original medical device risk assessment; • A systematic process to evaluate product (not just customer complaints); • Inclusion of objective evidence in the risk management file; • Evaluation of any new hazards; • Determining whether there have been changes in the acceptability o...   [tags: Risk, Risk management, Data mining, Data]

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A Report On The Sky Hospital Consortium

- The changes in health care programs and how they are going to reimburse for visits are forcing hospitals to take the comments from their patients more seriously. The patient’s options have expanded and now they are not bound by insurance company’s agreements with hospital facilities. The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc. (AAAHC) provide three important reasons for listening to customer feedback, satisfied customer are more willing to share their positive experience, retention of current patients, the added cost of adding new patients and evidence of reciprocal relationship between satisfaction and continuity of care....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Ranking, Service of process]

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City Civic Center : A Social Networking Mobile Application

- “CITY CIVIC CENTER” is a social networking Mobile application, will be used to register complaints regarding various services of municipal corporation to the municipality. This is mainly used by the citizens of city and operated by Municipal Corporation‟s admin. This system provides good and better services to register the complaints. It also provides the documents information. Using this application people can upload an image of complaints also. They can register various complaints and admin handle those complaints and give confirmation to the user....   [tags: Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio]

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The Effect Of A Patient Advisory Council ( Pac ) Has On Adult Inpatient Satisfaction

- Illustration of the Impacts generated by a Patient Advisory Council For decades, patient satisfaction has been considerably lower in the United States compared to other countries (Joachim, Blendon, Zaslavsky, & Campbell 2016). Patients and family members are increasing by asked to be more involved in the healthcare evolution. Today, patient satisfaction is a commonly used tool used to assess quality care. The aim of this research is to reveal the effects a Patient Advisory Council (PAC) has on adult inpatient satisfaction....   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Murder Of Michael Brown

- On the night of August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed, 18 year old, Michael Brown. Officer Wilson was tried for the murder of Michael Brown by the state of Missouri’s Grand Jury and was found not guilty. Officer Wilson was not wearing a body camera. The town of Ferguson was outraged as violent riots and protests broke out because of the ruling (Buchanan). Mentioned in Larry Buchanan’s New York Times article titled “What Happened in Ferguson?” Many citizens of Ferguson and others who heard about the story across the United States argue that Officer Wilson used excessive force in the altercation and should be guilty of murder; however, the co...   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Constable]

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The Effects Of Training On A Consumer 's Body Language

- Training Consumers hold purchasing power as there are no switching costs and many alternatives in the market, a dissatisfied customer may choose to take their business elsewhere or take part in harmful word of mouth communication (Chebat, Kerzazi, & Zourrig, 2010; Dinnen & Hassanien, 2011; Gruber, Szmigin, & Voss, 2009). The negative effects associated with not effectively dealing with complaints results in a loss of existing customers as there is a higher cost associated with attaining new ones than there is to keep current ones content (Dinnen & Hassanien, 2011)....   [tags: Customer service, Service of process, Service]

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Drug Promotion Of The United Kingdom And Sweden : A Study Of Pharmaceutical Industry Self Regulation

- Drug Promotion in the United Kingdom and Sweden: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry Self-Regulation – Case 4 In many European countries and the UK, drug promotion is controlled by codes of practice managed by the pharmaceutical industry under a system known as self-regulation (Mulinari, Merlo and Zetterqvist 2015). Self-regulation is often voluntary since the pharmaceutical industry is able to design and follow its own set of rules. The UK and Sweden are the two countries frequently praised for their effective self-regulation (Mulinari, Merlo and Zetterqvist 2015)....   [tags: Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy]

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The Organization : Practices Quality Audit

- A03- The organisation Practices-quality audit an official examination of the processes involved in producing goods, to make certain that they are all of the intended standard is used in Every workplace to ensure that the organisation is running effectively and all checks have been made to protect staff and patients. (Classroom notes, 2014)/ (Dictionary. Cambridge, 2015) There are 4 main quality checks in place to ensure the GP surgery is running effectively. The first quality audit is complaints, as it highlights the number of problems that are in a GP surgery and can indicate how well a GP surgery is run since patients would be able to realise that if a GP surgery has many complaints that...   [tags: Physician, Patient, Hospital, Auditing]

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