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"The Combat Zone"

- American women in Vietnam “supported, opposed, and suffered the war.” (Marshall 3). The women were important in the Vietnam War. However, their importance went unrecognized for a long time. The women sacrificed their home lives just like the men to serve their country. They also suffered and witnessed many horrific events. Kathryn Marshall’s In The Combat Zone helps portray the significant roles that women performed as nurses, Red Cross workers, and Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas (SRAO) and United Service Organizations (USO) volunteers during the Vietnam War....   [tags: Literature Review]

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How I Became A Combat Zone

- There are times we find ourselves in situations we could never imagine being, I know for me this was never more of the case than when I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Just a year removed from living at home with my parents, I would be deploying to a combat zone. Everything changed for me when I became a driver in a personal security detachment for my unit’s commander, as I originally enlisted to work with communications. The thought of being in combat had never crossed my mind when I initially signed up....   [tags: Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer]

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Inspiring in the Article, Woman in Combat Zone by Leslie Marmon

- ... This is something that should be taught in schools to young teenage girls, really to all women. It is important to understand that we can and should defend ourselves physically. I could go on and on about the essay itself, but I wanted to do some research for myself. How a woman can better protect herself and be more aware of the things going on around her. I know at times we can all feel frightened or intimidated. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone. For women. I’ve learned that one of the first lines of defense is being aware of ourselves, surroundings, and your potential attacker’s likely strategies....   [tags: defend, crime, attackers]

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If I Die in a Combat Zone by Tim O'Brien

- O'Brien, Tim. If I Die in a Combat Zone. New York: Broadway Books, 1975. Tim O'Brien is confused about the Vietnam War. He is getting drafted into it, but is also protesting it. He gets to boot camp and finds it very difficult to know that he is going off to a country far away from home and fighting a war that he didn't believe was morally right. Before O'Brien gets to Vietnam he visits a military Chaplin about his problem with the war. "O'Brien I am really surprised to hear this. You're a good kid but you are betraying you country when you say these things"(60)....   [tags: Tim O'Brien Analysis ]

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Free Combat Zone : Box Me Up And Ship Me Home By Tim O ' Brien

- In the book If I Die In A Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, author Tim O’Brien showed that the Vietnam War was wrong and felt like hell. He supported his claim by exposing the brutality of war, showing the injustice of it, explaining the arrogance of the war plus the men who fight in them, and how the war was physically, emotionally, and mentally damaging to the soldiers. First, Tim O’Brien showed that the Vietnam War was wrong and hell-like by exposing the brutality of it. An example of this would be with all the blood, injuries, and the deaths that the soldiers witnessed while fighting on the battlefield....   [tags: Army, Vietnam War, Vietnam]

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Taking a Look at Women in Combat

- Women in Combat When it comes to having women serve in the military or a battleground one may be faced with the same questioned asked by West Point graduate Laura Canon, "What took the military so long to give women this chance?"(Briggs). This is certainly a fair enough question to ask. Tales of women warriors have often been the subject of past tales of glory, such as General Fu Hao of the Shang Dynasty or Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley, who started off serving water to American troops on the battlegrounds of Monmouth, New Jersey, but later stepped into the warzone to replace her fallen husband....   [tags: females serving in the military]

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Training For Combat Over The Last Decade

- Introduction This paper will describe how the United States Army has changed training over the last decade of war and why it is important that our doctrine should reflect the changes. As leaders we should continue to develop ourselves in order to develop competent and confident subordinates. Leaders who are physical and mentally fit will have a positive effect on the unit. While maintaining the skills they have learned from past experiences in order to prepare for future conflicts....   [tags: Military Science]

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Women In Combat

- Women in combat In 1994, the Pentagon passed a law that restricts women from being in a direct combat zone. Right now there are many women in one of the biggest war zones ever, Iraq. Some females have been injured and killed while present in this combat zone. The military is violating not only the defense department regulations, but also the requirement to notify Congress when such a change goes into effect. Early next year, there is said to be a mixed-sex 3rd infantry going to Iraq. Women are risking their lives every day in a military that has specific laws stating they should not be in harms way....   [tags: Military]

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The Soldier's Prayer by Michael Herr

- ... Philip Caputo wrote, “It was the dawn of creation in the Indochina bush, an ethical as well as a geographical wilderness,” and that sense of emptiness provided ample space for the rejection of traditional religion and the creation of new interpretations, rituals, and practices that center on meaninglessness, brutality, and profanity. Profanity, brutality, and nihilism allowed soldiers to consciously separate the realm of combat and war from "the world," and specifically the sense of propriety and decorum associated with it....   [tags: religion in combat]

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Direct Combat Roles for Women

- Section I: Introduction Women have been in the military, or associated with combat for decades. “The most famous example of the ability of a woman to not only be involved in combat but to lead forces is that of Joan of Arc's legendary battles leading the French army when she was just a teenager.”(Gerber 1) Women have been involved in espionage and even posed as male soldiers during the Civil War. Conflicts such as, WWI, WWII, Panama, and as recent as our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan women have served with distinction in many ways....   [tags: females in the military, gender equality]

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