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Use of Collaborative and Cooperative Learning

- Collaborative and cooperative learning promotes student learning through group-oriented activities. Collaborative learning is a method of teaching and learning in which student teams will work together to create a meaningful multimedia project. Cooperative learning, which will be the primary focus of this paper, is a specific kind of collaborative learning. In cooperative learning, students work together in small groups on a structured activity. Cooperative groups will work face-to-face and will learn to work as a team....   [tags: Collaborative Learning]

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Collaborative Leaders' Guide

- Collaboration In Practice If you have learned anything from this Collaborative Leaders’ Guide I hope it has been that collaboration is not something to be taken lightly. The reality shows that most collaborations end in failure. By it’s very nature it is difficult to collaborate. Leaders need to understand the expressed and implied needs of their collaborative teams. They need to manage the tangled web of genuine, pseudo, explicit, unstated, and hidden aims. They need to build trust. They need to manage the dynamics of power within the collaborative team....   [tags: Collective Power, Collaborative Teams]

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Creating A Collaborative Culture Within An Organization

- Creating a collaborative culture within an organization is a skill that the leadership must offer if the leader expects the team to accomplish goals and objectives. This assignment requires students to report on two positive outcomes at the organizational level; which, leaders have successfully created a collaborative culture. It is important that collaborative team and organization put emphasis on people at all levels; because, if this does not happen, organization get into trouble if they do not collaborate with others and respond readily as members of the total team ( Dyer, &, Dyer, 2013)....   [tags: Management, Collaboration, Shut up, Leadership]

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The Role of Collaborative Communication

- 3.4 Communication as relational competency The increasing importance of collaboration between firms in a value network has attracted attention to how relational skills generate competitive advantage for firms and networks. As previously highlighted, firms identify different core capabilities needed in the network, joint together and in a collaborative way develop the network as a whole, in order to always provide more value to the market. Also, firms partner up to add core values that lack in the network and that are important for its competitiveness (Paulraj, Labo and Chen, 2008)....   [tags: Value Networks, Inter Firm Relationships]

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The Usefulness of Collaborative Online Learning

- EDU922 has been an interesting experience, allowing me to consider the usefulness of collaborative online learning. Overall, the activities in EDU922 seem to have been designed to have the student become familiar with the idea of e-tivities by working through a set of tasks similar to those in Salmon’s book/model, starting with level one “access and motivation” (Salmon, 2003, p12) and working toward higher level learning, such as week seven’s, critical reflection on practice (stage 5). I feel this has been a fairly successful approach, increasing participants’ familiarisation with what they would expect their own students to experience when collaboratively learning online, as well as with th...   [tags: Education, technology, internet]

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Collaborative and Networked Management Learning

- INTRODUCTION Today there is a demand on information systems to provide a new paradigm for learning that expands opportunities, facilitates effective delivery of content, better communication within a collaborative environment and integration with diverse set of technologies. As a result the use of collaborative and network based learning is becoming common. Recently many educational institutions have developed learning tools that combine various forms of media of which web-based learning management systems are widely used ie....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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The Collaborative Consumption Of Durable Goods

- The collaborative consumption of durable goods, such as cars, flats, power tools, and clothes, by strangers has become a noticeable part of the economy. As of December 2014, almost half~(44\%) of the U.S.~adult population is familiar with the sharing economy, and close to one fifth~(19\%) of this population has been involved in a sharing transaction (PwC~2015). More than half (51\%) of those familiar with the sharing economy could imagine themselves becoming a supplier over the coming two years, which foreshadows a substantial growth from the currently 23\% of those individuals having acted as a supplier thus far (ibid.).footnote{Based on survey data collected from more than 90,000 responden...   [tags: Costs, Supply and demand, Investment, Cost]

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Collaborative Programs And Community Corrections

- Nicole Almestica Community Corrections (Kathleen Aikle-Mickel) Collaborative Programs and Community Corrections. Wilmington University Abstract While Public safety is of top priority, Collaborative programs help to have offender 's ready to be released with opportunities available to them before they leave the system and after release. Collaborative programs help decrease costs and expenses for housing prisoners and increase chances for funding in programs that help rehabilitate offender 's, which are followed by evidence based programs and research....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice, Penology]

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Working With A Collaborative Team

- My experiences in working with a collaborative team in my school are being very beneficial to me in many positive ways. Working with my collaborative team, I am able to know more information about my student in terms of their special needs, interest, academic achievement and accommodations. Every month, we get together to convey information about students that might not be meeting their needs in the regular education classroom. We share data with students, special education teacher, para-professionals, teaching assistants, counselors and administrative staff....   [tags: Education, Special education, Standardized test]

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The Implementation Of Collaborative Learning

- It would be nice to say that one instructional method would be sufficient for the delivery of the content, but as often is the case in many aspects of life, one needs to cull the strengths of several models to optimize the instructional delivery for each course, or even more granular for each class session. With a buffet of instructional models to choose from in today’s environment, there are three instructional models in particular that stand out for the use of this particular class session. To begin, a large portion of the two class sessions utilizes a collaborative learning experience....   [tags: Educational psychology, Education, Technology]

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Devised Theatre or Collaborative Creation

- “Devised theatre can start from anything. It is determined and defined by a group of people who set up an initial framework or structure to explore and experiment with ideas, images, concepts, themes, or specific stimuli that might include music, text, objects, paintings, or movement.” (Alison Oddey 1). Devised theatre, also called collaborative creation, is a form of theatre in which the script is created through a collaborative process with the actors and the playwright, rather than the traditional method of theatre with a premade script....   [tags: forms of the dramatic arts]

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Critical Thinking And Collaborative Work

- Going into English 1301, I expected the class to be difficult but also a substantial learning experience. Not only have I found connections within each of the essays I have written, but additionally have become more engaged in critical thinking and collaborative work. Within the syllabus, we were given concepts that we ,as students, needed to meet by the end of the course. I have met the student learning outcomes throughout this course as shown through all three essays. The first student outcome stated that “Students will be able to use rhetorical terminology to describe writing.” For example, for our first essay we were assigned, we had to analyze an argumentative essay and discuss the r...   [tags: Essay, Writing, Learning, Critical thinking]

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Defining Collaborative Virtual Workspaces

- ... They decide when it is most convenient for them and don’t have to worry about the availability of others. These virtual workspaces can also provide users with a sense of accomplishment, since they get recognition for their work and efforts as well as allow them to be part of the decision-making process. If tasks are to be completed interdepartmentally, group members can their creativity, ideas, and knowledge with members of other departments. The virtual workspaces thus allow for information to be shared more freely (Lesko, Russel & Hollingsworth, 2012)....   [tags: advantages, disadvantages, information]

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Benefits of Collaborative Learning

- Collaborative learning is a situation where two or more people attempt to learn something together. Dillenbourg, P. (1999). Lev Semenovich Vygotsky, (born in 1986), introduced his theory that, human development—child development as well as the development of all human kind—is the result of interactions between people and their social environments. What this states is that the development of a “higher education” is the product of comparing and contrasting ideas of others ultimately to conclude a solution to a problem as a whole or group....   [tags: Education]

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Technology and Collaborative Consumerism

- Why waste money and material when people owning things they actually only need to use once or twice. The idea of ownership is shifting and becomes the idea of access or subscription instead of a one-time purchase. The innovation of technology made these ideas easy and fast by connecting consumers and created rating systems with the help of social networks and mobile technologies. Corporate America that contributed to over-consumption has raised global environmental and financial concerns. On the other hand, the main purpose of collaborative consumerism encourages eco-conscious ways to de-clutter mass-consumption; it may have negative impact on traditional corporate consumerism, but encourage...   [tags: federal trade commision, data mining]

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Importance of Collaborative Research

- Due to its many benefits, collaborative research has been greatly encouraged in the last decade. It helps researches from different disciplines share knowledge and resources. Furthermore, the government has specifically created grants for collaborate research as an incentive to collaborate research (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative). Besides the many benefits, there are also countless problems that may rise from collaborative research that must be dealt with at a very diplomatic level....   [tags: Research]

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Technology and Collaborative Consumerism

- In a perfect world, collaborative consumerism sounds ideal. A network that exists to help people share, declutter and connect sounds exactly like what we need. However, I feel that when you break down the idea, it doesn’t sound so black and white. In today’s society we are incredibly consumer driven, not to mention Americans specifically. I believe we strive for the whole package, not just the physical looks as we discussed previously but the expensive car and handbag are just as important. As Americans, some would argue that many of us live beyond our means....   [tags: community, apple, iPhones]

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Collaborative Leadership

- Collaborative Leadership Leadership can take many different forms, depending on the person and the situation in which it is needed. Collaborative leadership is a leadership style in which a leader brings together a large group of people, with a variety of backgrounds, to make a productive decision and act upon it. According to Chrislip and Larson (1994): …they are the ones who have the credibility to get the right people together to create visions, solve problems, and reach agreements about implementable actions....   [tags: Benefits, Disadvantages, Characteristics]

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Collaborative Ethnography

- Introduction Postmodern anthropology can be described as a method to write about cultures in a certain way, by scrutinizing and interpreting the information gathered. Postmodern ethnographers believe that it is the way we interpret information that must be studied and that the voice of societies should be advocated through an informant. They also believe that to do this the use of collaborative ethnography is of vital importance. Collaborative ethnography is a relationship between ethnographers and informants....   [tags: Anthropology ]

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Computer-supported Collaborative Learning

- As John Carroll and Ann Bishop state “Most learning takes place in communities.” (2005). This could be informal communities, such as a conversation at a workplace, or it could be a more formal setting such as a distance education course. Regardless of the level of formality, humans learn from one another through communication in some fashion. The issue for educators, then is how best to channel this natural tendency for learning, and how to best utilize technology in the process. Therefore, computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) focuses on employing the benefits of collaborative learning via networked computers (Computer-supported Collaborative Learning, 2007)....   [tags: computers, technology, education]

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Collaborative Watershed Management

- Introduction The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the Watershed Management course and to elucidate the things learned and accomplished. This class offers information, both specific and general, for educational and career applications which makes it a valuable offering in the environmental program at State University. Our connectedness to the environment through what is arguably our most vital resource, the watershed, emphasizes the importance of collaborative management. Learnings The National Research Council (NRC) states that “managing water resources at the watershed scale, while difficult, offers the potential of balancing the many, sometimes competing, demands we place on water...   [tags: environment, watershed management]

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Developing Collaborative Groups

- Introduction As Garmston and Wellman suggest (2009), Shared practice, the approach of a faculty in developing expertise and purpose on a shared level, is a reliable predictor of a school’s success and effectiveness. Sadly, this approach is not the status quo within our educational system as a whole and, as a result, professional communities often fall short in their quest to nurture and sustain higher than average academic achievement. In order to produce focused professional communities, where school-wide systems, goals and outcomes can be replicated with lasting success, leaders must take into account a number of factors....   [tags: education essays]

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Taking an Inside Look at Collaborative Consumerism

- ... On the other hand, the business implementation of the concept may be an improvement for Online corporate consumerism because entrepreneurs rapidly cultivate these ideas into new ecofriendly or collaborative consumption-oriented business opportunities for profits, and these companies may become the other kind of corporate marketing tools that will try to manipulate consumers. Companies that are selling ads to make profits based on the concept of subscribing to a product service system, buying or swapping pre-owned goods, or time-sharing similar needs or interests appeared to be an improvement on corporate consumerism....   [tags: corporate marketing]

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Collaborative Leadership And The Decision Making Process

- In collaborative leadership, groups work together to promote and safeguard the process through shared leadership. Work is accomplished in coalitions, alliances, and partnerships. Collaborative leaders are driven to achieve their goal, but keep their egos in check. The passion is for the achievement, not to promote oneself. By listening carefully to others’ perspectives, they strive to understand and consider the views of others involved, even critics. Because of their ability to understand the needs of others, they seek win-win solutions (Sanders, 2014)....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Decision theory]

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Constructing and Supporting a Collaborative Learning Culture

- Introduction In our public school system, it is important for leaders to act as guides of change and transformation that leads an institution through the constant and ever changing society. By guiding the school through the process, a leader becomes a servant of the institution, rather than a dictatorial figurehead. It is important that school leaders gain the approval and support of their staffs while implementing any changes that need to occur. This is best achieved by using a collaborative method of leadership that results in a delegation of authority to members of the staff, who normally might not be in a leadership capacity....   [tags: Education]

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Action Pl Implementing Collaborative Learning

- Action Plan: Implementing Collaborative Learning in my Classroom Introduction As professionals, education stakeholders expect teachers to introduce new practices and changes aimed at eliminating biases and unfairness based on students’ differences. Therefore, when I thought of a program that could address the issue of anti-bias education in my class and school, the concept of cooperative and collaborative learning came into my mind. Through cooperative and collaborative learning, students can accomplish collaborative goals, foster intergroup relationships, and deepen their understanding of different topics....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Diversity training, Classroom]

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Collaborative Strategic Reading and Reciprocal Teaching

- ... Collaborative readings can be more helpful because each student has the opportunity to pay more attention to what the teacher is reading. When teachers assign small groups of students, they can help each other better comprehend the unknown words in the reading. Therefore, the Phono-Graphix program is a good choice for children who need to be able to reach the reading goals expected in elementary school programs. Collaborative Strategic Readings (CSR) One of the most important questions that parents and teachers want to answer is, what the causes of children’s reading disabilities are....   [tags: reading problems, comprehension skills]

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Collaborative Observation Project

- Introduction I have teamed up with two other people to carry out a collaborative project. The reasons for doing a collaborative project is by working with others you can achieve more ‘the word use is synergy and the implication is that a team of people can achieve more together than each could as individuals.’ (Lacey p) Introduction about myself and the two colleagues I observed. I have written a bit about each person and how they were influenced to go into teaching. Myself After leaving school at the age of 16, I went straight into hairdressing....   [tags: Education]

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The Role of Collaborative Communication in Value Networks

- The role of communication in value networks Communication has been acknowledged as the heart of organizational life and as a critical aspect to support and keep valuable inter firm relationship. Palraj, Labo and Chen (2008) have stated that "communication is as fundamental to business as carbon is to physical life". It has also been found to improve the performance of firms in a buyer-supplier relationship, both directly and indirectly. The role of communication is dynamic and complex and can be explored in many extents regarding one firm....   [tags: governanace mechanisms,brand messages]

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Evaluating A Collaborative Relationship With Parent And Families

- Articulating Theories Parents and families are the first teachers a child will have. When a child enters the public school system best practice is for educators to partner with the parents to continue the learning process through formal instruction. Working collaboratively, parents and families and the school create an educational program that is tailored for each student and assures their preparedness for higher education or a career. To accomplish such a task, requires thoughtful and strategic planning of educational leaders....   [tags: Education, High school, Kindergarten]

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Evaluation Of A Program Based On A Collaborative Perspective

- • Your suggestions for improvement considerations in both programs based on a collaborative perspective. In reality, local scholarships pales in comparison to scholarships offered to students on a national level. Local scholarships cannot match the dollar amount that federally funded programs are able to do. However, if a student simply wants the opportunity to earn a two-year Associate degree in a trade or skill that places them quickly into the market then a community college might be the way to go....   [tags: College, High school, Higher education]

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Collaborative Processes Between Directors and Composers

- How much does a long-term collaborative process between composer and director influence the establishment of the former as an author. Give examples as appropriate. In this essay I am going to explore the unique collaboration between director and composer and how much a long-term collaborative process between the two can influence the establishment of the former as an author. An author, in this case, stands for an authority actively shaping the film’s story and message but at the same can be understood as an author of music, I will try to consider both factors....   [tags: film, authors, composer]

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Implementing A Collaborative Planning Forecasting And Replenishment

- Forecast: As previously described, the company has a high average forecasting error leading to continuous challenges in meeting demand. We believe a major culprit is the disconnect between all the different supply chain members in the company when producing the forecast. Therefore, one of our recommendations would be to implement a Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) program where partners in the supply chain, including the sales and promotion teams, forecast the sale and demand of each item and compare their results....   [tags: Supply chain management, Inventory]

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My Collaborative Relationship With Abbey Bigler

- Timing has always proved difficult when working in group situations. Often, there are times when one person is available but the other is not, thus making it difficult for the group to successfully make meeting times. This was the case with my collaborative relationship with Abbey Bigler. When the presentation was first assigned, Abbey and I had planned to meet at least twice a week in order to research and work cooperatively on the PowerPoint. This plan did not go as planned, because both Abbey and I found ourselves occupied with other assignments and extracurricular activities, that we were rarely on time for meetings....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Writing process, The Work]

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Dynamic Change and Collaborative Learning Environments

- Dynamic Change and Collaborative Learning Environments The continuous transformation in educational organization requires investigation of how the organization can be equipped to collaboratively handle constant changes and still improve. Leadership and organizational theory provide the support into looking at how an organization functions and how change happens within that organization. Educational organizations are always trying to catch up; hence, a system of improvement is necessary for teachers to have direct access to in-house experts to learn....   [tags: Education, Leadership and Organizational Theory]

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Educational Approach: Collaborative Group Work

- ... For a team to work effectively together and have the same objectives, cooperation must be within the group in order to complete the task, as well as collaboration which involves debate, diverse perspectives, constructive feedback and investigating alternate topics( woolfolk 338). As a teacher it is my duty to transfer this cooperative and collaborative knowledge of group work onto my students. A specific strategy can be jigsaw, this entails a cooperative structure in which each member of the group has to teach other members a particular section of the task; evidently building on students cooperation and collaboration within the team (woolfold 341)....   [tags: students, classrooms, discussions]

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Community Based Instruction and Intellectual Disability

- There are many disabilities, such as intellectual disability, that affect the process and progress of students’ learning. But with the collaborative help from the school, parents, and community; these students can achieve a positive outcome. Intellectual disability is a term used when a person has certain limitations in mental functioning and in skills such as communicating, taking care of him or herself, and social skills. These limitations will cause a child to learn and develop more slowly than a typical child of the same age (NICHCY)....   [tags: collaborative education]

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A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Learning and Individual Learning

- Introduction Group work is a way to organize classroom activity where students are given a group assignment from the teacher and where the students’ level of participation depends on how they engage in the group task (Chiriac & Frykedal, 2011). For example, if students work cooperatively or collaboratively, then students within the group will have an increased learning retention and increased critical thinking (Chiriac & Frykedal, 2011). Bennett and Dunne (1992), and Galton and Williamson explain that cooperative group work occurs when students divide the work load in a group and each individual completes a different part of the assignment....   [tags: education, group work, critical thinking, student]

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How Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Improve Patient Outcomes

- III. Change Implication to Evaluate Interprofessional Collaborative Practice It is obvious that a great deal of interprofessional research has been aimed to educate practitioners and nurses over the past decade for interprofessional practice (Orchard, King, Khalil & Beezina, 2012). The Institute of Medicine (IOM) “The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health” (2010) recommend that private and public organizations, nursing programs and associations increase opportunities for nurses to lead and manage collaborative teams....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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Difficult Aspects of Collaborative Teaching in Classroom Practices

- There is no doubt that success in teaching and learning depends on the quality of the knowledge and skills which are most teachers or instructors should apply in the classroom. Teaching is seen as a creative performance by the success of learning practices. In line with this statement, to achieve the quality of teaching in today's knowledge-based, collaborative teaching approach is considered as a priority by many educators. The collaborative teaching concept in a globalize world of today has brought to broaden areas, where it is applied based on the conditions of a particular place, time and space....   [tags: Education]

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Collaborative Leadership : My Preferred Leadership Style

- Leadership Collaborative leadership Collaborative leadership is my preferred leadership style. This is because I believe that if everyone contributes and equal participation is encouraged then great things can be achieved. As the cliché saying goes, two heads are better than one. However, an issue I found with collaborative leadership is that not everyone contributes and there is a risk that one person will dominate and not allow others to participate. Often the loudest and opinionated members will contribute while the quieter individuals will generally not contribute, especially if they are not with their friends....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Inclusion Of Collaborative Learning Strategies For The Advancement Of Academic Learning

- The act of learning has always been influenced by social dimensions. By intuition, humans tend to team up with other people to perform tasks more efficiently. Based on this reasoning, a shift has recently taken place in the educational system for the inclusion of collaborative learning strategies for the advancement of academic learning. According to English professor Kenneth A. Bruffee, collaborative learning is “a form of indirect teaching in which the teacher sets the problem and organizes the students to work it out collaboratively” (Trimbur 87)....   [tags: English language, Education, Learning, Knowledge]

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Collaborative Leanrning And Architecture Education

- Collaborative Leanrning And Architecture Education Introduction Two major questions that education faces nowadays are how adequate it is to use group dynamics in class to permit students achieve specific goals and if the efficiency of this technique is acceptable for all the branches of knowledge. Architecture, because of its most important qualities (professional work in teams, practical skills and creativity) appears to be an area in which it is likely that the teamwork technique can demonstrate its most important strengths....   [tags: Learning Education Essays]

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A Collaborative Learning Approach Is A Hybrid Of Systems Thinking

- Systems thinking is a way of showing a person the view of a system from a large perspective and it shows all the structures, patterns and cycles of a system and doesn’t go into the specifics of one process. The broad overview helps you see where there are problems and they need to be addressed. A collaborative learning approach is a hybrid of systems thinking. It occurs when people engage with one another to make sense and create meaning for themselves, instead of relying on an expert or teacher to hand down the information....   [tags: Sales, Customer service, Customer, Need]

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The Article ' Wikis : A Knowledge Platform For Collaborative Learning

- The Article of “Wikis: A Knowledge Platform for Collaborative Learning in ESL Reading” is introducing a new way to have a collaborative learning with English as a Second Language learners (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language learners (EFL) reading. There is a new technology tool called Wikis, which is a “website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its user” (C. Wiseman and J. Belknap). Wiki came into play by the “TESOL Board approved the TESOL Technology Standards, outlining how English language teachers, teacher educators, and administrators can use and should use technology in the classroom” (C....   [tags: Education, Second language]

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Intra-Organizational Collaboration

- Intra-organizational Collaboration Organizations need to recognize the necessity to flatten hierarchical structures. In creating a horizontal structure leaders naturally acquire a greater ability to adapt. Leaders need to have an intensive focus on people. Recognizing the need to tie both compensation and advancement potential with individual’s ability to function in a T-shaped management style. Organizations need to be willing to change the way they hire in order to promote intra-organizational collaboration....   [tags: Business, Collaborative Organization]

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Technology and Pedagogy: Transforming the Classroom for Collaborative Learning

- The purpose of the article Transforming the Classroom for Collaborative Learning in the 21st Century is to discuss how instruction must be taught more closely to the way students live and how they interact outside the classroom, technology and pedagogy should be integrated better, and how schools should have partners that can add to their strengths and help their weaknesses. The main findings in this article are teachers should have a closer relationship with students; there should be greater emphasis on skills that are relevant now, schools should have the latest, most advanced technology, and teachers need stronger bonds with parents....   [tags: student-centered classroom]

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Blogs as Collaborative Writing Tools

- Blogs as Collaborative Writing Tools Blogs are widely embraced as a tool that has revolutionized publishing on the web. It’s easy and it’s fun to keep a blog, two elements that are always attractive. I like blogs, but what I’m going to write about in this essay is a way in which I think blogs don’t work; or, at least, a way in which blogs didn’t work in my teaching in the way I tried to allow it to happen. Just to telegraph my points clearly: First, and I only want to touch on this point briefly, I learned that the logic extreme of the “student-centered classroom” doesn’t work that well, even with electronic tools that you would think would facilitate it and even in a class of advanced st...   [tags: Communication Education]

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Narrative Therapy: The Collaborative Language Systems Approach

- Narrative Therapy: The Collaborative Language Systems Approach • Narrative therapy is a philosophical mindset in which individuals approach therapy and being in the world. • Main developers of this approach: Michael White, David Epson, Harry Goolishian and Harlene Anderson, Houston Galveston Institute • Premise I: Narrative Therapy is a collaborative language systems approach, where language and conversation are the core concepts. These core concepts are rooted in the postmodernist interpretive perspective, which includes contemporary hermeneutics and social constructionism....   [tags: interaction, dialogue, relationships]

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Building A Culture Of Respect And Collaborative Learning Environment

- Framework for Analysis For any new school principal, the human relations and communication must be a priority to successfully establish a culture of respect and collaborative learning environment. Any new principal should follow the guidelines of Miles and Frank (2008) when they stated, Each day we see school leaders succeed despite these odds. They do this by identifying their most pressing student needs and aligning all available people, time, and money to purposefully address them....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Problem solving]

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Designing A Mission Statement That Is Collaborative And Inclusive Of Multiple Stakeholders?

- • How would you lead an effort to design a mission statement that is collaborative and inclusive of multiple stakeholders. In order to lead this process effectively, it is important to know the community in which you serve; therefore I would invite all stakeholder in the district to multiple session in which I listen to their questions, comment, and concerns. After several of these listening services, I would then send out a stakeholder survey in which I gather the communities’ feels regarding instructional services, school relations, community relations, and support services....   [tags: Education, School, Community, High school]

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My Model Program, The Resources Community Collaborative ( Rcc )

- My model program, the Resources Community Collaborative (RCC), is one that has a relatively complex system of roles and responsibilities and facets to operate. The basic structure of RCC is that of a director, a core group of fourteen employees and a community advisory board (CAB) which consists of community partners and stakeholders. As the CAB is developed and participation is activated, task forces will be created that will consist of a combination of the employees from RCC and members from the CAB who will work together, each task force with a single action step to focus on....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology]

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The Collaborative Teacher Education Program At West Virginia University

- As a Participant in the Benedum Collaborative Teacher Education Program at West Virginia University, I was fortunate to be placed at Morgantown High School as my Professional Development School. My time at Morgantown High has been wonderful and I have met many influential teachers and students who have only boosted my wanting to become a teacher. I hope to become an influential and life-changing teacher that gives students a different perspective on mathematics. In order to become such a teacher, I must begin to know and understand my students....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Knowledge]

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Collaborative Learning Community : Analysis Of An Ethical Dilemma

- Collaborative Learning Community: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma Euthanasia refers to killing someone, who is severely suffering from pain or a long, continued, incurable illness or injury (American Nursing Association, 2013). The word euthanasia itself comes from the Greek terms, ‘thanatos’ meaning death, and ‘eu’ meaning something good. Reference to “death for good” makes us believe that the living if continued, would not be any better than the person’s death. Euthanasia is further classified as voluntary – where patient wants to die; involuntary – where the patient does not want to die; or non-voluntary – where patient’s choice is not known or cannot be ascertained....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Medical ethics, Suicide]

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Collaborative Working Environments Have Played a Big Role in the Present Global Business Environment

- ... The official and process-based aspects of collaborative business have been on the forefront. Principal drivers of the trend towards international business networks include technology and costs. They are normally a part of efficiency-finding and market-finding globalization. Latest developments, however, adopt and support short-term, semi-permanent and ad-hoc business collaboration networks. The term business web offers a generalization of collaborative networked organizations and pressures the decomposition and reconfiguration of ancient supply channels and the latest forms of informal and trust oriented coordination and linked business models....   [tags: Forms of ICT-Global collaboration]

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Collaborative Processes

- Collaborative Processes Working with a group of people allows individuals to come together to express a common interest and strive toward a common goal. Frequently, working in collaborative fashion requires more in-depth and complex social skills than does working individually. Working in a group requires an individual to put aside their single motivations in order to combine together with the rest of the team to reach the demands and expectations of the group. The skills required to be effective team members are evidently instilled in the youth of today at an early age....   [tags: essays papers]

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Efficacy of Project Based Learning in Education

- Project based learning and its efficacy in the development of secondary school students’ ICT capabilities Project based learning (PBL) is a model which facilitates learning in students’ by encouraging them to explore and design a solution for a challenging question or a real life problem (Thomas, 2000, p1). This model is based on the constructivist approach in which knowledge is built upon by the students’ themselves through experience and engagement with the problem posed. This paper discusses and reviews the efficacy of PBL in acquiring information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities....   [tags: collaborative, engagement, active]

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Developing Collaborative Partnerships

- Developing Collaborative Partnerships Collaboration has become the byword of the 1990s as a strategy for systemic change in human services, education, government, and community agencies. Increasingly, public and private funders are rewarding or requiring collaborative efforts. The advent of block grants is creating an urgent need for integrated, locally controlled services. Shrinking resources are causing many organizations to consider the potential benefits of working together. States are looking at ways to integrate their economic, work force, and technology development efforts (Bergman 1995)....   [tags: Workforce Work Essays]

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Communication with Parents is Key to Education Success

- When teachers were surveyed and asked what they needed to improve a student’s success, 95% of inner city educators wanted parents to be more involved and improve communication with the parents (Ellis and Hughes, 2002). Unfortunately, communication initiated by teachers typically happens when the teacher feels there is trouble with a student. Ferrera (2009) stated similar ideas in her study from the parents perspective, that parents inclined to be hesitant to call schools, but would call “more often if their children were in trouble or failing their subjects” (p....   [tags: school, collaborative, involvement]

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The Role of Value Chain Model

- 2 From value chains to value networks and inter firm relationship 2.1 The evolution of the concepts of value chain Porter´s value chain model shaped our way of understanding and analyzing industries for the past 30 years. It explores the links between the activities to be undertaken in order to commercialize a product in the market and how these activities add value to the final delivery (Peppard and Rylander, 2006). It focus on the value creation processes within the firms, not on the inter firms links in the value chain (Kothandaraman and Wilson, 2001) and how the different links influence the competitiveness of the industries (Peppard and Rylander, 2006)....   [tags: Collaborative Inter Firm Relationships]

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Mediation Is the Best Method to Resolve Workplace Disputes

- A recent movement emerging throughout many businesses today is the development of workplaces that are more collaborative and less confrontational. Companies and workers alike are gradually recognizing the problems each other face when they treat each other as adversaries, instead of partners, when producing goods or services. Progressive firms are revisiting management and production methods that stress informed participation, expanded responsibility, and decentralized authority. To achieve these objectives, organizations are discovering that mediation is the best method to resolve workplace disputes....   [tags: collaborative as opposed to confronational]

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Chicano Studies and the Latino Student Community

- Latino grassroots politics in the academic realm has been considered as predominantly Chicano in nature. However, the geometry of this academic sector is no longer one dimensional, due to the formation of a Chicana feminist consciousness; the rise of an identified gay community within the Chicana/o student populace; and the emergence of “Latinos” in era of Chicanismo, The abrupt growth of Latinos (e.g. Spanish speaking of Mexican, Central or Latin American decent) in the United State’s educational system led the general population to characterize them as subjects on the cusps of political power and influence....   [tags: social exculsion, collaborative, latino]

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Information and Communication Technology and Education

- ... Firstly, students and instructors are comfortable with consolidating technology in instructional standards. Because, Information is accessed easily by technology, and it helps students save more time. It expands and maximizes and gives deeper knowledge. For instant, when the teacher asks his students to search for a topic, students will quickly search on the Internet and gives the teacher their answers within fewer minutes. Moreover, technology allows every resource around the world to be part of students instructional day, and even if the students are going home by bus or car, they can still be in touch with your resources and activities....   [tags: teachers, collaborative learning environments]

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The Place of Strategic Dialogue in Collaborative Learning

- The Place of Strategic Dialogue in Collaborative Learning The tutorial interaction in writing centers provides beginning writers with an essential element not found in other types of student-helper interaction. Unlike the usual colloquium that occurs in most classrooms, tutoring offers a one-on-one setting whereby a student can directly consult with, discuss, and turn to an experienced peer for help with as many steps of the writing process as possible. This unique setting offers a chance for tutors to address students’ individual needs using strategic dialogue....   [tags: Peer Tutoring Tutor Tutors Essays]

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The Benefits of Computer Conferencing and Collaborative Technologies

- The Benefits of Computer Conferencing and Collaborative Technologies There are various benefits to computer conferencing however there are still a few problems. The best way to eliminate most of these problems is to diversify the ways of communication. Terms of Reference ================== Report From ----------- Chris Kiarie Report to --------- Amanda Walker Due Date -------- 26-11-2004 Topic ----- An explanation to the benefits of computer conferencing and collaborative technologies Methodology =========== Well I used the search engine yahoo I typed in "what is computer conferencing" then looked through all t...   [tags: Papers]

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Collaborative Principles Of Leadership During The Freestanding Paper Tower Building Challenge

- I used the collaborative principle of leadership during the freestanding paper tower building challenge. We were given minimal supplies; just paper, scissors and sellotape and we had to construct the highest tower. We were required to spend 10 minutes deciding upon the best strategy and plan before we were allowed to start building. Once the 10 minutes were up, we had to implement the plan through evenly distributed jobs. I tried to be as inclusive as possible and everyone shared an idea, then collectively, we decided upon the best idea....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Idea, Basketball]

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Teachers' Perceptions of Collaborative Planning Processes for Special Needs Students

- Purpose and Hypotheses of the Study The purpose of the study by Carter, Prater, Jackson, & Marchant (2009) was to describe teachers’ perceptions of collaborative planning processes when using the model developed by Prater to plan adaptations and accommodations for special needs students. Prater developed the curriculum, rules, instruction, materials, environment (CRIME) collaboration model. The four steps of the CRIME process are to (a) evaluate the curriculum, rules, instruction, materials, and environment of the general education classroom; (b) list the student’s learning and behavioral strengths and limitations; (c) compare the environment of the classroom with the student’s profile to...   [tags: Special Education, learning disabilities, disabled]

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What Is Collaborative Leadership And How It 's Different Then Other Ways Of Doing Business

- Running a business is a big part of this world and how leadership is being conducted in the business a huge part of weather the business will be successful or fail. There are many different types of leadership ways to run a business some work better than others. When finding what leadership styles work the best for what you 're trying to accomplish is essential for a successful business. This purpose of this paper is to discuss what is collaborative leadership and how it’s different then other ways of doing business, and how it can be more successful than others....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Boss]

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Collaborative Cooperative Learning Activities Within Lessons And Units Of Study

- 6. How can teachers incorporate collaborative/cooperative learning activities within lessons and units of study. Zarei and Keshavarz (2011) discussed that many educators think that just because their students are working in small group that they are participating in cooperative learning grouping; nonetheless, this is not the case (p.40). Cooperative learning is the techniques that students use while in groups. However, there are several ways for teachers to include collaborative/ cooperative learning activities within lessons, such as Jigsaw groups, Student Team Achievement Divisions, and Learning circles....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Debate]

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A Research On Collaborative Water Governance Applies Approaches And Frameworks From Political Ecology

- INTRO. As a master’s student in geography at Portland State University, I have had the opportunity for disciplinary exploration, and have taken course within th subdisicplines of human geography, geographic information systems, and physical/environmental geography. Although my ultimate thesis on collaborative water governance applies approaches and frameworks from political ecology, my path to political ecology approaches was circuitous through related subfields of nature and society research. I am eager to continue expanding my interests into new applied and theoretical knowledge domains as doctoral student....   [tags: Social sciences, Geography, Doctorate]

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Why Are Humans And Nonhuman Animals Are Capable Of Long Term Collaborative Relationships?

- 1. This experiment is about determining whether humans and nonhuman animals are capable of long-term collaborative relationships to benefit their survival. There are two kinds of reciprocity that this study explores, which are attitudinal and calculated reciprocity. Attitudinal reciprocity deals with emotional connections between certain individuals, while calculated reciprocity remembers the deeds of each interactions they had. This study is important, because it addresses the strategies that are employed to ensure one’s survival....   [tags: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Observation]

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Racial Disparities Within The United States ( National Health Plan Collaborative )

- Over the years, racial disparities in medical care have been observed to be an ongoing problem in the United States (National Health Plan Collaborative). These disparities can be defined as differences in treatment provided to those in the United States, according to race or ethnicity (National Health Plan Collaborative). Statistics from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) show that African American patients have been found to receive 40% poorer care than that of white patients (AHRQ)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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Critical Pedagogy : Reflective Thinking, Knowledge Gathering, And Collaborative Decision Making

- “Critical pedagogy involves problem posing, reflective thinking, knowledge gathering, and collaborative decision making. It helps students and teachers find and express their voice, in oral and written form” (Ovando & Combs, 2012, p.110). Creating lessons that connects to the students’ life experiences will help with student engagement, but that alone will not develop higher level thinking skills and generate reflective thinking. Teachers need to create a learning environment that stimulate student questioning....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Idea, Art]

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The Color, Assessment, A Collaborative Effort Of Shoya Zichy And Ann Bidou

- The Color Q assessment, a collaborative effort of Shoya Zichy and Ann Bidou, is a simple quiz, evaluating a person’s actions, values, and thoughts in order to color-code them into different personality types (Zichy & Bidou, 2007). After taking the assessment, each participant will be presented with a primary personality color, a secondary personality color, and whether they are considered extroverted or introverted (Zichy & Bidou, 2007). The book then has subsequent chapters that explain the characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses, and potential career choices of each personality type (Zichy & Bidou, 2007)....   [tags: Personality psychology, Personality type]

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Peer Mentor Program Collaborative With The Fye ( First Year Seminar )

- Peer mentor program A peer mentor is a program collaborative with the FYE (first year seminar) to provide help for the first year student. To help student overcome the challenge transition to college life, Sacramento state offer a program that would help them adjust to the new start. This program launched during 2002-2003 and the program has grown from group of 5 to 39 peer mentor to serve and help first year students. Every student who has enrolled in first year seminar classes will have an assigned peer mentor to help them with academic advising and provide one on one meeting with students to get them to know what kind of resource, program, and club sac state offers to them, a...   [tags: Student, University, A Great Way to Care]

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Analysis Of Benjamin West And An Unnamed Porcelain Artist And Silversmith Intentional Collaborative Work

- Trying to compare two artworks, originating from two completely different styles and Era would have the viewer think that there is not much similarities between them. One can argue that some work of art relates or reflects similar events, just like history repeating itself. However, I now disagree with that notion, especially after visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Naively assuming that the time of turbulence during 18th century in any countries would produce artworks with even a smidge of similarity in subject matter, I was politely disproven of the thought....   [tags: Trojan War, Greek mythology, Achilles, Iliad]

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I Watched The Interprofessional Education Collaborative Video, Health Behind Bars

- I watched the interprofessional education collaborative video, Health Behind Bars. Dr. Kerry Dunn and her students presented this video to a classroom of UNE students and faculty. When I first decided to watch this film I honestly did not have much knowledge on the topic. However, I feel that since viewing it, I have gained tremendous insight on an issue that I was previously unaware of. And for said reason I believe that this video is extremely imperative; as a population I do not think we are informed on the healthcare dilemma in jails and prisons....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Health, Medicine]

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Evolution of Government

- Introduction Government in general has evolved from informal collaborative networks to large hierarchical bureaucracies and back to a need for operating through collaborative networks. These collaborative networks primarily involve government agencies partnering with private and non-profit organizations that allow government to operate more effectively and efficiently. Gaus (1947) used ecological definitions and concepts to describe the relationship between human behavior and public administration structures and their influence on public administration institutions and activities....   [tags: Informal Collaborative Networks, Hierarchical]

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Replacing Traditional Lectures

- Traditional lectures have long been part of our educational system. They present facts and information in a concise and direct manner, yet, according to some studies, they are inferior to more active teaching methods when it comes to a student’s performance and practical skills. In spite of this, lectures continue to be a large part of most college’s curriculum, were, albeit not used all of the time, still contribute to a big portion of what is being done in class. This presents a critical problem in Computer Science courses, where active solution seeking and team work play an important role in the student’s career....   [tags: Teaching Progression, Collaborative Learning]

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Educational Reform: Enquiry Based Learning

- Within the current climate of educational reform, where changes to the national curriculum are accused of being focused on acquiring knowledge (Coughlan, 2013), much debate has arisen regarding the importance of practical scientific enquiry as a tool for promoting scholarship (Wellcome Trust, 2013: ASDC, 2013). Through the course of school inspections, carried out in both primary and secondary schools between 2007 and 2010, OfSTED (2011:1) found that the ‘development of the skills of scientific enquiry were key factors in promoting pupils’ engagement, learning and progress.’ Therefore, in accordance with new curriculum guidance (Department for Education, 2013:144), the teaching of science t...   [tags: Scientific Enquiry, Collaborative Inquiry Learning]

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