• Programming And Coding

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    CODING AND UNIT TESTING Programming Principles & Guidelines Coding Definition Coding: Coding is writing a set of instructions in a predetermined sequence(logic) to achieve a functional objective Typically done using one of the high level languages like C, Java, .NET, PHP, C++ Programming: Programming is a systematic approach in Software Engineering which includes Analysis, Design, implementation and maintenance May involve application of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools in one

  • Convolutional Coding

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    convolutional codes only transmit parity bits which are later decoded by the recipient. Above shows an example that illustrates the use of parity equations, but now we will go over what governs parity bit equations as well as why it’s called convolutional coding. The example above uses the equations below. All Additions are modulo(2) Above are the parity bits for a code with a rate of ½. To help illustrate parity bit equations an example for a convolutional code with a rate of ⅓ are below. We can start

  • Network Coding

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    years, network coding [1], [2] has been considered as an auspicious information network paradigm for augmenting the throughput of multiple unicast networks [5]. The pioneering researches of network coding were undertaken by R. Ahlswede, N. Cai, S.-Y.R. Li and R.W. Yeung. Their discovery, which was first introduced in [1][2], are considered to be the crucial breakthrough in modern information theory and the time of its appearance, is recognized as the beginning of a new theory-Network Coding theory. In

  • Convolutional Coding

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    possible in order to decode to the most likely message, so we discard 2 paths of higher magnitude and choose the path with the smallest PM, in our case 2. So we can say that the most likely message that was sent is 101100. Conclusion: Convolutional coding is fast and efficient using the methods described above. For a recap, we take a message that we want encoded and using our parity bit equations compute the encoded message of only parity bits to be sent across a channel. To compute the parity bits

  • Coding Compliance Plan

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    the policy. B2. How Coding Accuracy Will Be Monitored Accuracy standards should be established by the facility and they should be consistent across all coding areas of the facility. Best-practice standards indicate that a minimum of 95% coding accuracy expectation should be established. You could possibly introduce incentive pay for coding accuracy rates that are higher than 95%. Coding reviews on individual accuracy rates should be performed at least biannually. The coding accuracy rate can assist

  • Radiology Coding Tips

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    interpreted, only the professional components would be reported for physician services. Another useful tip: understand that sometimes a code from another section must be used to fully describe the procedure. This is called, component or combination coding. For example, when the radiologist injects, or places material necessary to perform a procedure, a CPT code from the surgery section must be used. Save time and be resourceful by marking where to look for codes in the subsections of the CPT manual

  • Billing And Coding Management Overview

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    Billing and Coding Management Overview Billing and coding services exist to manage medical practices and relieve medical professions of the tedious work details so they can focus on the practice instead of the business. This paper will provide an overview of the business operations and analyze key trends, and ways that administrators can capitalize on them to improve operation and performance. The major trends that affect Coding and Billing are health information technology (HIT) infrastructure

  • Medical Coding And Billing Effects

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    Abstract Medical coding and billing impacts each person during the course of their life, however the rules of medical coding and billing are very difficult. Observing its background, evaluation, and influence of new protocols and their costs will bring clarity to the complex natures of the industry. This paper will examine government guidelines, electronic advancements, and necessities that providers will face in the near future. It will also observe present structures and how they have developed

  • Characteristics of Non-coding RNA

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    1.1 Non-coding RNAs The central dogma of molecular biology states that genetic information is conveyed from DNA to mRNA to protein implying that proteins are the main functional genetic output (Crick 1970). Even those few early known non-protein-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) such as transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA, snoRNAs and splicosomal RNAs were in the end required for mRNA processing and translation. The dogma might still be applicable to prokaryotes whose genome consists of approx. 90 %

  • Facial Action Coding System: A Technique For The Facial Action Coding System

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    The most commonly used vision-based coding system is the facial action coding system (FACS) proposed by Ekman and Friesen [5] for The Facial Action Coding System: A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement, FACS enables facial expression analysis through standardized coding of changes in facial motion in terms of atomic facial actions called Action Units (AUs). The tracking and recognition of facial activities are characterized by three levels, first in the bottom level, facial feature points

  • Exploring Medical Coding and Billing

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    Exploring Medical Coding and Billing When I was younger I use to pretend to be a doctor or nurse. It was always fun to go around and check to see who had a heart beat, who was bleeding, and who was hurt. I knew that I wanted a career in the medical field, but was unsure if I really wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I thought the only career was to be a doctor or nurse. Of course, the medical profession is larger than that. It includes office staff, EMT’s, nurses, physician assistants, and several

  • Racial Coding And Moral Theater

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    Our government has redesigned slavery as mass incarceration, creating an epidemic in our society. Examining Rios’s accounts in his ethnographic work Punished and the documentary 13th we see how the government has used racial coding and moral theater to restructure slavery into our everyday lives. These examples also show how this modern day system affects the everyday lives of these marginalized people. After the 13th Amendment change came to our nation, but not in the way that many expected

  • Political Color Coding And Branding

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    Green is good. Political color-coding and branding as of late associates the adjective “green” with nature, with balance, and with a sense of regard toward Earth. Greenpeace, Green Party, Going Green. Owing in part to basic consumer awareness, shifting political winds, and ever-evolving market sensibilities, advertising has grown much greener in the past few decades. However, the idea of green advertising offers a striking contradiction. With the basic philosophy of advertising essentially dirty

  • Medical Billing and Coding Essay Outline

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    Medical Billing and Coding Outline Introduction What is the difference between a Medical Biller and a Medical Coder? The answers to this and a few other questions, about the related fields, will be provided here to inform the career curious and undecided individuals. Although, both fields are a little different, they both require good communication and self-esteem, among other similarities. Content Sub-topic 1: • Medical billing transforms health care services into billing claims.

  • Coding for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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    compensated, and failure heart  decompensated. One important thing to note when coding CHF is the instructional note under code 428.0 which instructs the coder to assign additional codes from 428.2, 428.3, or 428.4 to identify the type of heart failure. If this information is provided, it is essential that the coder assign codes from both subcategories to completely describe the condition. As is standard in coding, conditions such as pulmonary edema, fluid overload, or edema of the extremities

  • Coding Using NVivo Is Useful to Researchers

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    Coding Using NVivo Coding is an important step in qualitative research. One could describe it as the preparation of research data for analysis. Similarly, it could be thought of as the categorizing of data, the providing of structure and organization so that the researcher is able to make sense of the information. In other words, coding is the systematic process of “condensing extensive data sets into smaller analyzable units through the creation of categories and concepts derived from the data”

  • Genetic Coding, Expression, Transcription and Translation

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    Question #101: Genetic coding, expression, transcription and translation Genes are past down from generation to generation and provide genetic coding for each individual and organism. They contain instructions for building proteins (Freeman). DNA and RNA are involved in the genetic up keep of the hereditary information. The hereditary information is then expressed by involving two kinds of products, which include transcription and translation of the genetic coding of DNA or RNA. DNA and

  • Billing And Coding Coe Audit Plan

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    Billing and Coding COE requested compliance to audit monitoring reports. Billing and Coding COE Audit Plan: Each employee whose principle function includes medical billing or medical coding shall have a portion of such employee 's billing-related work reviewed. For new hires, a significant portion of their work shall be audited initially to ensure accuracy and the percentage will be reduced as time in the position increases and scores improve. Aims & Objectives The purpose of this focus audit is

  • Sight Words and the Dual Coding Theory

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    symbol represents a whole word like the golden arches representing the word McDonalds (Wren, 2001). According to Paivio, the ability to create mental pictures is a primary cognitive form of nonverbal (visual) representation, one part of his Dual Coding Theory. His theory breaks cognition down into two forms; verbal and visual codes. (Sadoski, 2005). The verbal code represents and processes language, both verbal and written words. The visual code processes events, objects, and experiences; this

  • Billing & Coding for Health Care Services

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    and most charges are broken down in order to prevent complex bills. The way charges are broken down is by using codes for the services rendered. Each procedure has a special code and each code is assigned a price, making billing less complicated. Coding also allows health care systems to document each procedure in order to prevent payment denials or delays from the payer (Thompson & Barrett 1993). All hospitals and health care facilities have a “charge master”. A charge master usually contains

  • Challenges Facing The Construction And Coding Of A. Quadcopter

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    will address the pre-development, to determine whether and there are commercial products, such as quadcopter kits, that solve this project or if there 's a need to design a new. There are a remarkable number of challenges facing the construction and coding of a quadcopter. Depending on the approach this can be divided in several ways: - Open-source vs Owner: We can separate between draft code of open and proprietary code. Exist several communities that develop open source software oriented certain

  • Evaluating Compliance Strategies in Medical Billing and Coding

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    In the medical billing and coding process there are several steps. In the medical billing process physicians prepare and sign documentation of the patients visit. The next step is to post the medical codes and transactions of the patients visit in the practice management program and to prepare claims. The process used to generate claims must comply with the rules imposed by federal and state laws as well as with payer requirements. Claims that are correct help to reduce the chance of an investigation

  • ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc

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    ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc Abstract -------- ATRAC is an audio coding system based on psychoacoustic principles. The input signal is divided into three subbands which are then transformed into the frequency domain using a variable block length. Transform coefficients are grouped into nonuniform bands to reflect the human auditory system, and then quantized on the basis of dynamic sensitivity and masking characteristics. ATRAC compresses

  • What´s Cooperative Space-time Coding?

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    project. Cooperative space-time coding introduced numerous problems to be solved, such as the terminal localization, time synchronization and distributed processing between the Cooperative terminals. Cooperative space-time coding for clustered networks is still under development. In [7] a short range link is proposed in each cluster to achieve synchronization and combined processing for Alamouti space-time coding. In [8] the performance of cooperative space-time coding is studied. Generally, cooperative

  • Region Coding Consumer protection or Consumer Manipulation

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    Region Coding Consumer protection or Consumer Manipulation Introduction With the advent of digital media has come a better ability for the owner of a copyright to protect the copyrighted work. Some mediums such as DVD have multiple levels of copy protection: 1. CSS scrambling for the video data on the disc, 2 . Macrovision for analog signal protection from the player, and 3. Region coding of a DVD disc and DVD player to prevent disc from being played in other parts of the world. Macrovison

  • How Bar Coding Can Save Lives

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    changed the global market place. From managing inventory in a manufacturing organization, tracking tickets sold for a concert or administering medication, bar codes have made an impact on how business is conducted around the world. The effect bar coding has had on the health care industry, specifically patient safety, cannot be disputed. However, it is important to remember that the outcomes depend on the work conducted on the front end. Bar codes are worth the effort of properly setting up a system

  • Normal And Abnormal Coding Of Somatosensory Stimuli Causing Pain

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    The article that I read is entitled, “Normal and Abnormal Coding of Somatosensory Stimuli Causing Pain.” It is a review article that was written by Steven A. Prescott, Qiufu Ma, and Yves De Koninck. First, the article briefly talks about how important it is for us to experience pain at the right time. Many people who do not properly experience pain when they need to end up having serious health complications because they problem went untreated. On the other hand, pain can also be experienced even

  • MySQL vs MongoDB, a NoSQL Database and Coding

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    Introduction. The introduction of the computer has significantly changed our lives in a very short period of time. Originally the computers were designed to help a person calculate numbers and nowadays a computer allows huge amounts of information to be stored in a small place, calculate mathematical problems easily and communicate with other people via the social networks. Between the 1960’s and the 1970’s emerged different types of databases in order to satisfy the need of storing and retrieving

  • Test-data compression using statistical coding and linear decompressors

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    testing to cut test time. Test data compression reduces the amount of data stored on the tester and more importantly, given the test data bandwidth, reduces the test time. Our goal is to summarize recent trends in test compression especially statistical coding and LFSR reseeding. 1. Introduction The trade-off involving fault coverage, test application time and test-data compression has been at the heart of research in design for testability. The alluring aspect of test-data compression is

  • A Short Note On Non Coding Nucleic Acid Regulators Of Messengerrna

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    As mentioned earlier, miRNAs are short, non-coding nucleic acid regulators of messengerRNA (mRNA) stability and translation that play diverse roles in development and disease. MicroRNAs are highly conserved RNAs, 18–25 nucleotides in length, that regulate gene expression. A highly conserved gene does not change from one species to another. It has the ability to remain unaltered in its genetic makeup. This generally suggests that the species are closely related. MicroRNAs are effective at adjusting

  • Annotated Bibliography On The Coding Form As It Is Required By A Pre Stablished Code For The Narrative

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    through this coding should be transferred to the In-Depth Coding Form as it is required by this procedure. Immediately after the reading aloud, the researcher will ask the participant to retell the story. When retelling, the reader will have the opportunity to provide her own interpretation of the text (Goodman, Watson, & Burke, 2005). The retelling stage will be also recorded and video-taped; the researcher should take notes of the reader 's retelling. The retelling will be transcribed, and coded

  • A Cross-Layer Adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme for realistic OFDMA-based Systems

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    A Cross-Layer Adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme for realistic OFDMA-based Systems Abstract—In this letter, we investigate Adaptive Modulation and Coding schemes (AMC) in fast mobility environment with realistic conditions. We argue that feedback Channel State Information (CSI) are outdated and suffer estimation errors for most mobile channels especially fast users. Therefore, ignoring such conditions in AMC scheme design can be disastrous. We provide a brief discussion about these imperfections

  • Thematic Analysis : Emergent Themes, Qualitative Coding And Analysis Using A Constant Comparative Approach

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    To explore the excerpts for emergent themes, qualitative coding and analysis using a constant comparative approach was applied in this study. At the start of the analysis, there were 127 excerpts for the category Outcomes – Relationships. Each excerpt was read in its entirety, to ensure appropriateness for short and long-term effects of childhood exposure to domestic violence in this category. Any discrepancies were identified, and discussed with classmates for consensus on the most appropriate code

  • Multiple Access Relay Channel

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    channel coding and network coding in the system operation. Channel coding (redundant symbols/ bits at the physical layer) is to add redundant information into inside the packet to recover errors in the original information. Network coding (redundant packets at the network layer) is to add redundant information across multiple packets. The channel coding can be called as error correction and the latter network coding can be called as erasure correction. Specially, channel coding is a conventional

  • Multiple Access Relay Network

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    different network coding scheme depending on the MIMO transmission mode. In other words, we consider a network with three types of linear combination; channel coding at the source, network coding at the relay, and mixing over the air with MIMO channel. The main objective of the paper is to propose a transmission mode selection scheme at the relay which optimize these three linear combinations concurrently. There are numerous work that optimize either the network coding, MIMO transmission

  • Lossless Compression of Audio

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    original data to be reconstructed perfectly from the compressed one while for lossy compression, it permits reconstruction only approximate to the original one and it is commonly allows for improved compression rates and smaller in file size. Speech coding can be defined as the act of transforming the speech signal to a more compact form in smaller memory. The access to unlimited bandwidth is impossible. Thus, code and compressing of speech signal are needed. Since speech compression required in long-distance

  • Essay On Health Information Management

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    Management Association. In the HIM degree there are several different certification programs including: Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Certified Coding Associate (CCA), Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), Certified Coding Specialist-Physician based (CCS-P), Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS), Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA), and Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS). Having various certification programs

  • Healthcare Administrative Partners vs. Precyse as Employment Options

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    As I begin to embark on a career as a new medical and billing coder, and with no experience, my search for employment will be daunting at best. With my ultimate goal in mind, working from home, I begin to research medical billing and coding outsource companies. There were numerous companies to choose from, all claiming to be the best in the industry, but there were two that really peaked my interest. Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) was the first company. Founded in 1995 by a team of

  • The Literacy Of The 21st Century

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    If the U.S. were to fill these jobs, they need to make an approach to get women interested in coding and use their unused potential. “…A mere one in four principals in the U.S. report offering computer programming” (Busteed). The majority of schools agree that coding classes are important and should be taught; however, the progress of putting a plan into action is very slow if not failing. If coding is "the literacy of the 21st century" (Ricci) schools should be doing everything they can, to support

  • The Importance Of CPT Codes

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    There are three major code sets in coding, ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS. As a coder it is important that one be able to use all of these. The better acquainted a coder is with all of these manuals the more accurate, and efficient they will be able to be. Being able to use the manuals starts with knowing the difference between them. “The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification or ICD-9-CM is based on the World Health Organization's Ninth Revision, International

  • Fraud In Health Care Fraud

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    educational training programs for fraud and abuse focus on the importance of appropriate documentation and coding in identifying what type of condition the patient is in in order to provide proper care in a timely fashion. During the educational training process, there are sessions that emphasize on how important it is to be accurate during the coding process of a claim. A coder should be accurate on coding to prevent undercoding a claim or overcoding a claim. If a claim is overcoded the patient and provider

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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    different stages; the first stage is open coding. This is then followed by axial coding, then the themes which have been found in the interview are analysed in depth to help answer the research question. Birley and Moreland (1998) suggest that documents may contain important information but by using content analysis it can find further information which could have more relevance in the long term. Open Coding The first read through, also known as the open coding process is when the person analysing

  • Qualitative Analysis : Qualitative Data Analysis

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    research being conducted and forces the research to develop theories. Constant comparative method is when researchers develop theory by sorting, coding, defining categories and finally connecting the theories (Boeije, 2002). Coding Strauss and Corbin (1998) discuss three different types of coding; open coding, axial coding, and selective coding. Open coding is when the researcher analyzes and codes the text to develop categories. These categories are then saturated with the research found in the

  • The Coolest People On The Planet Is Justin Bieber

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    have “Bieber Fever.” Dennis Ritchie is one of the most influential coders of all time and the creator of the C programming language. But just because nobody has ever had “Ritchie fever” doesn 't mean that coding isn’t as cool as being a pop star. Coders just don’t have the same PR team! So far coding has been the best-kept secret among the cool kids—but that’s rapidly changing as the world we live in continues to skyrocket into a digital future. Many people, including those not in the tech industry

  • Importance Of Content Analysis

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    (Palmquist, 1980). Coding is a crucial component of content analysis. Content analysis is more than just reviewing your data’s content. There needs to be a set of rules or codes to help compile all the information gathered. “What makes the technique particularly rich and meaningful is its reliance on coding and categorizing of the data” (Stemler, 2001). There are two different approaches to coding data (Stemler, 2001). The first is emergent coding. This technique of coding should allow multiple

  • Health Information Management

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    in order to empower, relate, and communicate to others (Laureate Education, 2010). Dee’s communication between various leaders is vital to provide quality data to support the delivery of healthcare and balance the right to privacy while correctly coding the records to provide the revenue necessary for the organization to remain operational. The growing demand for health data by diverse groups creates a continued and growing challenge for HIM professionals in the management of clinical electronic

  • Correlation Between Medical Coders Who Have Credentials, And Coders

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    codding accuracy along with coding credentials. Once the data was collected, analysis of the information was used to draw conclusions, and to discover new findings Introductions: Coding accuracy is highly important to an organization that relies on reimbursement from medical coding, because it is beneficial in many ways. Most practices need to know what it cost to provide services, and the only way to obtain this information is through accurate codes. Accurate coding also reduces the suspicion

  • My Chosen Career : Becoming A Nurse

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    thing I wanted to do was disappoint anyone for not being a Nurse. With the Medical field still in mind when pursuing a career, I sought out to finding my own way to life. I took strong interests in Administrative Assistants and Medical Billing and Coding fields and headed back to school. I became interested in the Medical Administrative Assisting (MAA) type of positions because assisting involves organization and detail-oriented tasks that handles paperwork in either the front or back offices. Unlike

  • The Cost Of Health Care

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    inappropriate service legal coding and inaccurate billing may be putting some medical practices at risk of financial loss, exclusion from government contracts, and investigation for fraud and abuse. Id. In order for providers to avoid costly claim denials, a risk management and compliance program should be in place and annual monitoring and auditing of internal controls needs to occur on a regular basis. This text will review the issues that medical providers face with coding and billing regulations

  • Different Math And Technology Applications

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    potential fit them in within our own classrooms someday. During the first week, we focused on Scratch and Scratch Jr., which are coding applications for student. Jr., focusing on younger aged students, which tended to have simpler steps, while Scratch, was for older students in the elementary aged setting. We started out with Scratch Jr. to ease into the idea of coding. We spent time looking at different ways we could move an object around and change the entrance and exit sizes. After we finished