• the coach

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    prettier than most of the girls on the team and our fragile egos were taking a beating. If she hadn't been one of the nicest and most helpful people in the world things might have gotten ugly. Instead, she became one of our best friends, as well as our coach and some of our teacher. I don't know exactly why, but Naomi seemed to make me her special project for the season. From the first day of practice she pushed me harder than anyone else, spent more time with me and made sure that I pushed myself. Maybe

  • Life Coach And A Transition Coach

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    feel about the transition, it might be challenging for you to adapt to the new way. In that case, a life transition coach might be the ideal solution for you! It is important to distinguish between a life coach and a transition life coach. When you are working with a life coach, you might opt to make changes along the way that the coach can help you with. However, a life transition coach can help you cope with things that have already happened. Everyone goes through at least one major life change, most

  • History of Coach, Inc. The Coach Brand

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    History of Coach, Inc. The Coach Company first started in 1941. The staff consisted of six people who worked to make a leather collection of handmade wallets and billfolds in Manhattan. The techniques these six people used were passed down from previous generations. Patrons started to look to Coach “for their high-quality and unique craftsmanship.” (Coach, Inc. History) Miles Cahn worked for the Coach Company and was later promoted and ran the company in 1950. The company was known for making quality

  • Coach Bowden

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    the University of Alabama and then at Howard College (now Samford University). Bobby’s coaching career began in 1954 as an assistant coach at Howard College. After working as an assistant coach at Howard for two years he was offered a head coaching position at South Georgia Junior College. Bobby stayed with South Georgia for two years pulling double duty as head coach of the football team and athletic director. Bobby coached at South Georgia for four years (1955-1958) winning three junior college state

  • Becoming a Coach

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    on the football team. Staying up late and going through play after play just to find that one detail that will help you gain those two extra yards that can get you that touchdown and the win. That’s the life of a high school coach according to Coach Lance Butler; he is the coach of the Wells Lady Pirate softball team. The requirements for coaches has changed over the years; high school coaches these days not only have to study kinesiology, but now they have to teach as well and find a class that best


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    His physical pain became an afterthought on that April day when, recovering from hip-replacement surgery, ChrisCarrawell, Shane Battier and Nate James paid a visit to his home. “With all the stuff that was happening, they just came out and said, ‘Coach, we just want to know how you’re doing,’”Krzyzewski says. “It made me cry. It was like, ‘You care.’ We talked for a long time that afternoon, and we talked about next year. That was the start of this year’s team.” This year’s Duke team was minutes

  • Basketball Coach

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    playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both. -Francois Augusts Rene Chateaubriand Over the past 4 months, I have had the opportunity to spend some time observing the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Joy Christian School, Coach Scott Brown. I also worked with a club team Coach, Oliver. It has been an eye-opening experience to see all of the different facets that go into coaching a high school team. Prior to this experience, I have always been a player. Stepping out of a players

  • Coaching As A Coach

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    “Coaching is a passion and a calling, once you lose that passion it becomes a job.” Coach Blackmon. Coaches for years have had many different challenges in their career. Challenges that you have face can include many types of subjects like what kind of coach you are, taking advantage of opportunities, dealing athletes and parents, a budget, school board, communicating with the players, and even marriage. Being a coach's son I have seen many of these challenges first hand. Coaching is a challenge

  • Coach Bullying

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    started raising the urgent questions of how to solve this problem. As I looked into the problem more, I believe I came across the best solution: coach training and evaluation. To come to this conclusion, it was necessary to research the various causes and effects that go along with these situations. For starters, I decided to look into the player coach relationship and how both are affected by each other. There are many theories as to how involved players and coaches should be in each other’s lives

  • Controversial Coach

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    the heart and soul of the machine where all the blood, sweat, and tears of USA Gymnastics comes together,” Penny says. “There’s a magic about that.”” (Garcia 1). Karolyi soon quit with coaching in the year of 1992. After this, Karolyi came back to coach once again in 2001 (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 3-7). “ The USA has since become a women’s gymnastics world power, collecting 45 world championships and 15 Olympic medals.” (Garcia 1). Karolyi’s training ways have made many famous gymnasts that people still

  • An Educator And As A Coach

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    or universities. There are many goals that I have accomplished in this program and I can assure that I have acquired positive results from every single goal. The outcome of each goal made me reflect on what I need to change as an educator and as a coach. For this reason, I still need to acquire more knowledge to foster my teacher development related to the area of specialization, take additional on-line classes to enhance my professional growth and support social change in my educational setting and

  • Career Of A Professional Coach

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    looked at being able to play or coach a sport at the professional level. For the reason of me just loving the game of Basketball. Also i know it will make an impact on lives because people look up to you and the money in make will give back to communities and change lives around you. The career of a Professional Coach is a challenging and fun career,because of the level of competition and it’s a dream job. The research will describe the career of Professional Coach, what is required to become a successful

  • Summary Of ' A Brave Coach '

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    Coach Carter Kevin L Nimmo National University Introduction The story of a brave coach, is what I would describe the movie “Coach Carter. I admire him as a person because he cares about the academic success of his students. When I first saw the film I was drawn to it because I could relate to it. All of the kids that went to that school were considered urban or inner city and that’s

  • MRP at Wheeled Coach

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    Wheeled Coach is the world’s largest ambulance manufacturer. With multiple different products and around 3000 different raw materials there is huge potential for operating failures. In 1994 Wheeled Coach implemented a new MRP system called MAPICS. They hoped that by doing this that they would gain better control of their excess inventory that was becoming overwhelming. Wheeled Coach is extremely successful in its industry, because of two main reasons. Firstly, the quality of the product that they

  • Coach, Player Relationshps

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    take place between the two. But others feel coaches and athletes should have close relationships because of the knowledge the coach has to offer not only about the game but also life. There are obvious pros and cons to both points that are made. The writer believes coaches and athletes should have close relationships because athletes can gain so much from their coach that will not only assist them on the court but in life as well. Coaches are great mentors and role models to their players.

  • A True Coach of Honor

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    sports person, you definitely know a team where it is really not a hard week of practice; it is kind of like a really relaxed week. Kansas State was that team before the legendary coach Bill Snyder arrived ("Snyder return to K-State"). He is still at Kansas State, and is coming up to his twenty-second year as head coach. He intentionally retired in 2005, then in 2008 came out of retirement and resumed his coaching position at Kansas State. He is one of the very few who has retired and returned

  • How to Become a Coach

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    methods for coaching, and how he became a coach in order to fully understand him. There are many questions someone may want to ask a coach about his profession if they are interested in coaching. Some questions would include: Why did he choose this as a profession? How did he get into coaching? What does one have to do to get a job as a coach? How does a coach become successful? I aim to answer all of these questions and more in my paper. The term “coach” in this context would not mean someone sitting

  • Coach Is A Luxury Brand

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    Summary: Coach is a luxury brand that is in the market of handbags, fragrances and other leather accessories that is distributed globally to many sorts of consumers, men and women of all ages. Coach was founded in 1941 in New York City. Coach is a highly reputable company that uses its strategies to stay competitive in the luxury industry. In the following I will present Coach’s business strategy and evidence to prove why they successfully maintain a competitive advantage. Recommendations: Recommendation

  • Importance Of A Football Coach

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    My internship spends as a football coach has really been an eye-opener for me; especially sacrificing at least 15 hours per week of commitment. Being a football coach showed me that you need to be at nearly every practice, rain or shine, sick or healthy, job or no job. The biggest thing as a high school coach and teaching as well estimate between 30-35 hours a week. For college, as a full-time coach, think somewhere between 60-80 hours a week. I chose this lifestyle because I wanted to work in a

  • Coach Carter, The Story

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      In the movie Coach Carter, the story really gives a great example of how to guide, discipline, lead, direct, and also counsel your team or group. Coach Carter was a man who came and took over as a head coach of his old high school, Richmond High. Once he was there it was obvious the guys there on the team had some serious issues academically, and also with discipline, which proved to give Carter the perfect opportunity to bring out his famous contracts. Throughout the story he showed incredible

  • Prayer with my Coach

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    message, Coach Lacombe stood up and gave her a big hug. I could tell that it took a lot for Sue to share her testimony about her parents. Teardrops were streaming down her cheeks as she took her seat on the front row. Coach played a song through the speakers of the room. For some really odd reason, as the song played, my heart was pounding like a hammer to a nail. It felt like something was tugging at me and it wouldn’t go away. I had the feeling that I needed to get up and go pray with Coach. I

  • Influential Softball Coach

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    Influential Softball Coach I met a life changing individual in middle school. We referred to him as “Mr. D”. He was my seventh and eighth grade English teacher. I sat in his class and dozed off during his grammar lectures. He often sparked my attention with jokes, sports scores, stories from literature books. However, the majority of Mr. D’s classes were not overly exciting or stellar in anyway. In the spring of my seventh eighth grade year I decided to branch out and try a new sport. I signed

  • Coach Carter: Teamwork

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    everyone can work together and teach each other things such as self-respect and self-confidence, you have teamwork. When everyone is struggling, why not help each other out? Coach Ken Carter in demand of respect and commitment transforms a group of teenage boys into a group of young men in the movie Coach Carter. The fact that Coach Carter had transformed this group of boys is not why I enjoyed this movie. My interest moves more towards how he transformed these boys. He taught these boys to value themselves

  • Essay On Coach Holiday

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    Introduction Silver Service Coach Holiday’s aim is to provide an amazing get away for over 50s who’ve had an early retirement and wanting to explore different places around the Europe. The Coach Holidays is design to appeal to the Socio-economic groups and intermediate managerial, administrative or professional. The service standards would have to be quite high in order to offer the customers experience they require. Our destination would be places such as France, London, and wales. The Silver Service

  • A Teacher And Becoming A Coach

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    What do people have to do to become a teacher , coach or both? Let me take you back in time. Back then the learned men of ancient times, by default became the teachers. Priests and prophets taught children of the wealthy and noble, the skills to take up their roles as leaders and businessmen. So in other words, people who had knowledge they passed it down. After that knowledge being passed down those people would tell someone else and so on. Back then people with power like priests and king , told

  • Coach Mike Krzyzewski

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    Krzyzewski was recruited to play basketball for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point by none other than Bob Knight. Coach Knight was also a strong influence for Krzyzewski. During his senior year at West Point in 1969, it was Knight that went out of his way to help the Krzyzewski family with the sudden death of their father. The relationship continued as Krzyzewski would play for Coach Bob Knight at ARMY, and was then provided an assistant coaching position along side Knight at Indiana. CAREER Krzyzewski

  • The Coach That Never Came

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    The book, “The Coach That Never Came” was a very interesting book. In the beginning, John, Steve, Mike, and Craig were all talking about their new baseball coach that they were going to be getting that day. The boys had never heard of the man and no one in the town seemed to know who he was. The boys talk about their new coach all day while they are in school. After school was over that day, the boys went to the baseball field to prepare for their first day of baseball practice. Practice was

  • put me in coach

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    runs. Within three weeks of the terrorist attacks, The Sun reported, the family-owned tour-bus company's business had declined 50 percent to 60 percent, and Superior anticipated losses of $100,000 by mid-October. I've booked four seats on a Saturday coach, nicknamed the "bagel bus" for one of the ride's main treats: the continental breakfast served on the way up.

  • The Importance Of A Basketball Coach

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    A basketball coach is responsible for more than just instructing the game of basketball. In my opinion, a coach’s success is determined by factors more important than the number under the win column. His or her program must contain a set of goals, core values, and philosophy that the entire program lives and breathes by. For me, as a coach, my goals will go beyond just winning, but how I impact lives, teach lessons, and for my players to improve and learn every day. I will emphasize a variety of

  • Importance Of Coach Internship

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    Coach Internship Opportunity: Breaking Into The IT Realm Butz Booc Florida State College at Jacksonville While taking my required internship for school, I already work for COACH’s Information Systems (IS) Department. I’m fortunate to be able to use, and count my job towards my required internship hours for my Bachelors degree. Though, this is my second job as an IT professional, there is big difference when it comes to environment, and a slight difference in procedures. We handle

  • Review of Stage Coach

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    Review of Stage Coach In the movie Stage Coach, John Ford makes the viewer watch with a more discerning eye. If the viewer did not then they would have missed the important points being made. While watching the movie, it seems like another typical cowboy and Indian movie from the 1930's. But it is more than cowboy and Indian movie; it had certain themes that reflected society from the 1930's. It is a story of a stagecoach going to a town called Lordsburg. On the way there it picks up many

  • A Successful Coach and Motivator

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    A Successful Coach and Motivator INTRODUCTION      This paper will focus on what it takes to be a successful coach and motivator in the 21st century and the general characteristics of the coaching process for the future leaders of corporate america. We will also discuss various ways to improved performance through commitment and discuss why some coaching techniques fail to produce the desired results.      All coaching is a one-to-one conversation that is, in some way, focused on performance

  • The Foreman, A Football Coach

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    Juror 1, the foreman, is a football coach. Working with a similar age group as the defendant, he may have had more insight into the mind of a troubled young man than most of the other jurors may have had, and therefore might have better understood how they think and act. Based on his past experiences with young football players, he may have held some biases based on the observed actions of his own students. The foreman primarily works toward keeping order and calm among the members of the jury,

  • Evaluation Of An Instructional Coach

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    struck by Chappuis’ (2014) assertion that, “Assessing thoughtfully means making sure we teach students how to accomplish the rigor embedded in our standards before we hold them accountable for having master that rigor” (p. 22). As an instructional coach, one component of my job is growing teachers’ content knowledge in regards to the state standards. That was an exceptionally challenging job for me this year as the state adopted new student expectations (SEs) for math. As I reflect on Chappuis’

  • Coach Swain Essay

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    The Kappa Alpha Psi motto of “achievement in every field of human endeavor” has been recited to me many times by the fraternity members that I have encountered, and has also resonated with me throughout several years. This inspirational quote motivates people, principally African Americans, to strive for greatness regardless of the potential obstacles that he or she may face whilst trying to achieve a goal. It also exemplifies the perseverance that people will have to express whilst going through

  • Motivational Principles of Coach Reighard

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    Describe Coach Reighard’s basic assumptions regarding motivation. That is, what are the underlying principles which guide how Coach Reighard treats his student-athletes and others, designs situations, structures assignments, communicates, etc. which positively motivate them? Coach Reighard is an intelligent gymnast coach. He worked as a coach in different in teams and proves to be an efficient person that could bring a sense of motivation in his team members. He spent nine years as a coach at a public

  • Life Coaching As A Life Coach

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    If you have been searching the internet for something, you will usually end up with a life coach site popping up in your results at some point. Life Coaching has evolved over the years and continues to change and grow - but what is life coaching, how do you choose a life coach, and what should you be aware of? Life Coaching Past: Life Coaching really emerged, noticeably, about 10 years ago. Most life coaching was advertised as Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching and they were usually hired

  • Coaching, Motivating People To Be Coach

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    Coaches should have an arrangement of fundamental abilities that they depend on to produce a positive outcome. Definition of a coach from the American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition (page 167) One who trains or directs an individual or team, to train or instruct teach a team. The goal behind coaching is to exhibit the ability to get the most out of everyone on the team. It should be a goal to bring out the greatest potential from every team member. It’s insane how many players do not even know

  • Peer Coaching In The Coach And The Client

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    coaching relationship developed between the Coach and the Client leads to constant growth and change in the Client. Coaching relationships brings to light what the person being coached already knows, but may not know they know, and then helping the person to make decisions and take action so they can move forward to accomplish a dream or goal they want to achieve. The continuing evolvement of leadership requires coaching. Appointment Summations As Coach During the coaching sessions, I coached

  • How to Become a Football Coach

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    becoming a great Coach requires a mix of intelligence, time, hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the sport that someone is coaching. Coaches have the opportunity to impact the players life in a huge way. Most players want to look up to their coach; because that is how influential that they can be in life. The goals every year of a coach is to win a conference championship and win a major championship. The goals vary every year for certain teams and coaches. A reason to become a coach could be the

  • The Movie Coach Carter Movie

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    In having Coach Carter be one of the best critically acclaimed movies of 2005, it also portrayed a sense of emotion to the viewer. It transcends a type of mood in every type of scene in the movie. Coach Carter is about Ken Carter coming into the world of his old high school, Richmond High in a new role. Known for his high school basketball career, he is asked to be the new coach of a broken basketball team with troubled athletes. As Coach Carter, he holds practice after practice. For Coach Carter,

  • Baseball Should Be A Baseball Coach

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    known myself to say back was, “I’m not sure but it 'll have something to do with baseball.” With this being said, I have decided to be a baseball coach so I can pass down the knowledge I have for the game I love so much to people younger than me that love it just the same as I have and still do. The first thing you have to do to become a baseball coach is attend college at a four year university and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Leadership or a Bachelor of Sports Science in Coaching

  • Essay On Becoming A Football Coach

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    the sport were not over. Football is a sport that molds boys into men. My dream is to become a football coach. My coaches had a very strong impact on my life and helped me evolve into the person I am today. By becoming a football coach I will have the ability to make an impact on my player’s life like my coaches did with mine. My biggest inspiration in becoming a football coach is Lou Holtz. Coach Holtz showed me that just because I am finished playing doesn’t mean that I can’t have a passion for the

  • Observation of a Track and Field Coach

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    Observation of a Track and Field Coach I chose to observe the practices at State College for Track and Field. I primarily focused on the distance team with John as the coach. When I arrived at the first practice I observed Coach John talking to the team at the beginning of their practice. He was going over what they should focus on during their first track meet, which was coming up. His positive attitude stood out the most. He put his emphasize on having fun. He stressed the importance that

  • A Relationship Between Coach And Coachee

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    Motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said, "Rapport is the ability to enter someone else 's world, to make him feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond". As a coach, building a rapport is the first step in developing a trusted connection with a client. A positive relationship between coach and coachee is the key to creating an environment for untapped growth potential. This paper will discuss coaching techniques to build rapport through preplanning, action, and reflection

  • The Importance Of A College Basketball Coach

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    College basketball coach has been the career of my choice, there is a multitude of reasons for this. I have loved this sport since I was four years old and ever since then I have always pictured myself being a part of this sport when the moments are at it’s brightest when the NCAA tournament kicks off. For years I have followed this sport very closely watching as many games a possible with listening to Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas, Bill Raftery, and Gus Johnson loses their minds calling college basketball

  • Life Coach- Personal Narrative

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    Life Coach- Personal Narrative A wise man once said, "If you were going to die tomorrow and had only one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? Why are you waiting?" At the time, family and friends told me this happened for a reason. They told me he was called to a better place. I never told him how much he meant to me. I wish I had the chance to thank him for the life lessons he taught me. If I could be blessed enough to spend just one more moment with him, I would

  • Term Manager As Coach ( Mac )

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    What is meant by the term manager as coach (MAC)? Manager as a Coach plays distinctly different roles in an organization. Typically, a traditional coach helps employees to develop their lives in various ways. Manager as a Coach (MAC) assists the staff to recognize their learning potential, ability to solve complex problems and attain high performance within teams (Ladyshewsky, 2010). MACs help in creating opportunities for employees to understand how they can improve their performance and productivity

  • Coach As A Classic American Style

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    companies are in business. As a owner of coach items I have researched them before I bought my first handbag by them. I have been reading so much about Coach before I bought my purse. I love reading about coach because I to want to own a company that started from so little to establishing this much. Coach is one of my go to luxury items that I choose to wear or use. Coach is defined as a classic American style, which has very unique style and quality. Coach brand has expanded and has became a very

  • Coach Krzyzewski's Winning Philosophy

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    their players and their respective school. People like winners. Many have the philosophy that the underdog should win occasionally. In game of basketball, everyone loves a Cinderella story. Coach Mike Krzyzewski affectionately known as Coach K usually beats all who come in his path on the basketball court. Coach K teaches about life and leadership; his motto is commitment, discipline, honesty, integrity, collective response, pride, love, and friendship. Recently, I watched my husband, who is neither