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Italian Cluster Carrera

- ... This defined standard can have: the provision for the investor to bring in the possible points of improvement and development, a central body in the cluster that has more responsibility and power than other bodies (similar to the central government and regional government) , also this initiative should lead to maximum employement within the nation. The aim is to facilitate and encourage clusters to maximize their position in the world market, enable them to do networking and to meet new buyers & potential buyers, letting the cluster grow by encouraging new members and providing them possible help....   [tags: sustainable development initiatives]

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Conclusion And Future Scope Of Cluster Formation And Cluster Head Selection Algorithm

- CHAPTER 8 CONCLUSION & FUTURE SCOPE 8.1 CONCLUSION The Lowest ID , Highest Degree and LEACH are all Cluster formation and Cluster head selection algorithm. But each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lowest ID is prone to power drainage due to serving as Cluster Head for long time. And selection based on only lowest ID. No other criteria for selection of Cluster Head. Highest Degree Cluster head select on the basis of more numbers of node surrounded by that node. But when node increases in the network, load of that node also increases....   [tags: Computer network, Network topology, Tcl, Fedora]

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What´s Hadoop Cluster?

- A Hadoop cluster consists a single master node and multiple worker nodes. The master node includes a JobTracker, TaskTracker, NameNode and DataNode. A slave or node acts as both DataNode and TaskTracker, though it could have data-only slave nodes and compute-only slave nodes.Hadoop requires JRE 1.6 (Java Runtime Environment)or higher. The standard shutdown scripts and start-up require Secure Shell to set up among nodes in the cluster. In a larger cluster,an extra NameNode called secondary NameNode is configured to avoid single point of failure .HDFS is managed with dedicated NameNode to host the file system index, and secondary NameNode can generate snapshots of namenode's memo...   [tags: nodes, file systems, data]

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Cluster Analysis: An Introduction in Psychological Contexts

- In market research, companies want to know where shoppers will be most likely to buy their product. In medicine, geneticists study the genome and gene expression to determine a priori who may develop Alzheimer’s, survive cancer, or have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. In psychiatry, physicians have examined patient response patterns on depression questionnaires to differentiate those patients with chronic, personality-stable depression from those with situation-specific or acute depression....   [tags: market research, genome, ]

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The Pittsburgh Area Medical Devices Cluster

- According to Appalachia Regional Commission, a cluster is ‘’ a geographically bounded concentration of similar, related or complementary businesses, with active channels for business transactions, communications and dialogue, that share specialized infrastructure, labor markets and services, and that are faced with common opportunities and threats.’’ To be more specific, successful (synergy producing) clusters are characterized by: Research assumptions In this research there was a wide assumption that; 1) Businesses have a tendency to cluster, and this ought to affect policy 2) Companies clustered in a region are independent 3) Companies that learn about and use the most innovative and su...   [tags: prosthetic appliances, health]

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Theory of Evolution: The Evolution of Hox Cluster

- ... This first type happens when a large population goes through a period when only a small number of individuals survive which causes there to be a smaller amount of genetic variation available to the surviving population. An example of this can be seen in the Northern Elephant Seals because humans had hunted them so much that their numbers had dropped down to maybe as few as 25 individuals. In founders effect is when a few individuals that have managed to migrate and create a new species somewhere else....   [tags: darwin, origin of species]

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Cluster Intersections and the Evolution of the Bay Area Bioinformatics Cluster

- Cluster Intersections and the Evolution of the Bay Area Bioinformatics Cluster The recent establishment California-based bioinformatics industry clusters is a logical consequence of the intersection of existing local Biotechnology, Information Technology and Venture Capital clusters. The very definition of Bioinformatics: “the science of managing and analyzing biological data using advanced computing techniques, 1” helps to illustrate the nature of this intersection. Research and development for Biotech companies generates volumes of biological data and IT companies provide tools that assist in processing this data....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Low Service Utilization Cluster : Low Services Utilization

- Low Service Utilization Cluster The Low Service Utilization cluster, the largest of the three clusters, comprised 47 percent (n = 6,132) of the 17-year-olds who received CFCILS across the two reporting periods of FFY 2011. A mean receipt of 1.79 services characterized this group; these youth, on average, received between 3.39 and 6.65 fewer services than youth in the Moderate and High services clusters, respectively. The Low Service cluster was recipients of independent living assessment (45%), academic supports services (35%), career (22 %) and special education services (23%)....   [tags: Foster care, Child protection, Fosterage]

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Ban the Use of Cluster Bombs

- Ban the Use of Cluster Bombs “It looked like the ball boys and girls toss each other during Hmong New Year festivities. Six year old Sia Ya threw it to her four year old brother, He couldn’t catch it and it landed behind him, exploding and killing him instantly. Sia Ya died after two agonizing days and nights in the provincial hospital.” (Account of Laotian cluster bomblet accident in 1996 - Laos War “Legacy”) I. INTRODUCTION Cluster bombs were first used in the American conflict in Vietnam and Laos in the sixties....   [tags: Bombs Air Weapons Essays]

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The World Bank Group : A Cluster Of Five International Organizations

- The World Bank Group is a cluster of five international organizations which provide advances to meagre countries. World Bank is the largest prominent and recognized development bank in the world and it is acting as the onlooker in the United Nations Development Group. It is located in Washington, D.C. It has financed the developing countries and as well the countries which were undergoing major economic change during 2012 with an enormous amount of $30 billion. Basically, it tends to follow the mission statement which is to trim down poverty....   [tags: World Bank, Poverty, World Bank Group]

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Nissan VSS-From-Instrument Cluster Investigation

- ROSTRA PRECISION CONTROLS Nissan VSS-from-instrument cluster investigation Executive Summary: On the Nissan Frontier/Titan applications, VSS is obtainable from a single wire in the instrument cluster and the Controller Area Network (CAN). The instrument cluster VSS wire is not always pre-installed because, in this case, it is not part of a safety critical system; it only used for accessories. Inside the instrument cluster, the VSS generating circuit is configured to be a “open collector/drain”....   [tags: Automobile Investigation]

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My Career Path Based on the 16 Career Cluster Inventory

- I had the opportunity to take the 16 Careers Cluster Inventory. I found the assessment very easy to take. As well, I found the inventory easy to score. My results of the assessment indicated my top three career areas were: 1. Educational and Training, 2. Health Sciences, and 3 had a three way tie between Human Services, Hospitality, and Law enforcement. I found the assessment to be dead on. Based upon the past personality inventories that I have taken I found the suggested areas very appropriate....   [tags: education, partnership, economy]

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Human Life Is More Than Just A Cluster Of Biological Cells

- It is becoming more difficult to know what to do in life and death situations. Advancements in medicine, challenges in the court, and changing opinions have raised questions about when life begins, what its value is, and when it ends. In the United States each life is very important and is taken very seriously. That is what distinguishes it from most of the other countries where we can see that there are constant wars going on and innocent people dying every day. If we start terminating people because they are not convenient or it’s expensive demeans that value....   [tags: Euthanasia, Death, Human, Meaning of life]

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More Respect for Life and Fewer Cluster Bombs

- More Respect for Life and Fewer Cluster Bombs   Many people's reactions to the atrocities of September 11 have gone from disbelief, to sadness, to anger, quiet or otherwise. We commonly hear that we have received a declaration of war, and should respond accordingly. This essay outlines my arguments for restraint.   The moral case. Morality should be universal. If attacking hostile governments by killing civilians is "evil" and "the very worst of human nature," then it is no better for the U.S....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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Business Problems with London's Canary Wharf

- In analyzing the business problem, two problems have been identified from the scenario given in prior. The two problems are “the viability in locating the firm to London’s Canary Wharf and financial district” and “why financial institutions cluster around the financial district despite the high cost”. These two problems comprises of risks involve in locating financial institutions in a financial district and factors that influences the institutions in making a decision to cluster within the same or related financial industry sector....   [tags: cluster, productivity, innovation]

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Molecular Aspects of Biofilm

- Almost all bacteria are known to have certain stage of life where they live in form of biofilms. A biofilm is nothing but cluster of cells embedded within a self-produced polymeric matrix and adherent to a living or inert surface (Costerton et al, 1995). Development of biofilm begins with the attachment of planktonic bacteria to a surface, initially through weak and reversible Van der Waals forces and then anchors itself irreversibly by cell adhesion structures such as pili. The primary colonizers facilitate the arrival of other cells by producing polymeric adhesion matrix that also holds the biofilm together (Costerton et al, 1995)....   [tags: Biology, Cluster of Cells]

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The American Middle Class

- Increasingly, it seems like everywhere we turn, more and more people, from the politicians to the economists, from Wall Street to Main Street, everyone is talking about the American middle class and the problems they face. Pew Research Center, an American think tank based in Washington D.C. that uses statistics and public survey to establish the social and political trends that shape America and the world, found in their 2008 survey that more than fifty percent of Americans see themselves as middle class and four out of ten people who earn below $20,000 per year considered themselves to be middle class (“Inside the Middle Class.”) But exactly what is the middle class....   [tags: Census, Bureau, cluster]

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Semi-Supervised Learning

- In clustering process, semi-supervised learning is a tutorial of contrivance learning methods that make usage of both labeled and unlabeled data for training - characteristically a trifling quantity of labeled data with a great quantity of unlabeled data. Semi-supervised learning cascades in the middle of unsupervised learning (without any labeled training data) and supervised learning (with completely labeled training data). Feature selection encompasses pinpointing a subsection of the most beneficial features that yields well-suited results as the inventive entire set of features....   [tags: algorithm, cluster]

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Performance Enhancement of Power Varied Adhoc Routing

- Connected devices have become a trend, with every devices from your home to your vehicle forming a highly connected environment. Internet of Things (IoT) [1] is a newly coined term allowing any device to form a network. The process becomes a bit complex when the nodes are in constant motion called MANETs [2], such a network will have nodes coming in and leaving in a short time. This requires a routing protocol that can find a path from source to destination with links that will exist till at least the final transmission [3][[4]....   [tags: link duration, routing, nodes, cluster]

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Sampling Methods And Sampling Method

- There are many sampling methods and each of sampling method has its advantages. Researchers need to select well of the sampling method to improve the data quality and overall results quality. There are a pool of sampling methods to choose from including simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling and cluster sampling (Oulte, 2011). Each sampling method can be applicable at different situations and times. For simple random sampling, it is more suitable applying for when the whole population is available to reach for researchers; for the stratified sampling, it is more appropriate when there are specific sub-groups which has direct relationships with the research objective...   [tags: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Cluster sampling]

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What are Headaches?

- What are headaches. Almost everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their life. There are different types of headaches which are triggered by different factors. If you are someone who has experienced a headache, you know how irritating it can be. I am going to discuss the different types of headaches, their classifications, causes, and the treatments that are available to help people minimize the pain effects that headaches have on a person. Headaches are typically classified as Primary or Secondary....   [tags: tension, migraine, cervicogenic, cluster headaches]

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A Research Study On Criminal Justice

- Criminal justice researchers use a scientific method called sampling to understand the characteristics of people and events. By studying part of a group, they gain insight into traits of the whole group. Criminal justice researchers use several sampling methods. Each of these methods has their ideal use as well as advantages and disadvantages. The Science of Sampling Sampling is the method scientists use to collect people, locations and other items to research. The outcome of sampling research is only as valid as the samples the researchers used for their studies....   [tags: Sampling, Sample, Cluster sampling, Sample size]

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Strong Clusters Matter/Dependence on Clusters

- Interpretation Strong clusters are playing a significant role in the growth of industries and businesses. The clustering helps new developing businesses to succeed. The partnerships that are created benefit both sides, as is especially demonstrated in the automation and automobile industries. Analysis The Delgado et al. paper starts off with explaining the two roles of convergence and agglomeration. When there are diminishing returns and the economic activity is downward sloping, convergence starts to occur (Delgado, 2010)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Diseases: Cancer Clusters

- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2013) defines cancer clusters as a larger than anticipated amount of similar cancer cases arising at a given time among members of a defined community. Cancer clusters present many challenges due to the complexity of the analytic process and the abundance of inquiries and concerns. Because the research and studies of cancer clusters in the United States have uncovered few conclusive determinants, many states are hesitant in dedicating excess resources and money to the meticulous processes....   [tags: Awareness, Public Health, Maryland]

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Clusters In Business

- Competitive advantage is not created within a single firm alone. Efficiency in internal operations is essential but not necessarily sufficient to compete globally. Factors external to the business are increasingly important. Each firm is inherently part of a "cluster" of activities made up of firms along the value chain as well as related and supporting organizations e.g. research and development, finance, worker skills, infrastructure. In general, clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions in particular fields that compete but also cooperate....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Tianjin Industrial Clusters

- Industrial Clusters in Tianjin Area About Industrial Clusters… Nowadays, market competition is gradually changing from comptetition between enterprises to competition between value chains and even competition between industrial clusters. The development of industrial clusters is a social process changing from production of Ford type to specialized production. State owned enterprises cooperate with foreign companies, together to lower costs and improve market reaction to become world wide competitive....   [tags: essays research papers]

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MapReduce: A Programming Model

- MapReduce is presented by Dean and Ghemawt [1] as a programming model for parallelizing the computations of data intensive application across a cluster. It has two primitives, map and reduce. Map computes a set of intermediate key/value pairs for each record, then reduce is applied to all the values with similar keys so it may forms a smaller set of values. Several implementation of MapReduce have been implemented according to the hardware infrastructure. Phoenix [2], as an example, is a shared-memory implementation of MapReduce....   [tags: Clusters, Hardware, Data]

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Student Interest Survey For Career Clusters

- There are so many assessment tools out there that can be used to evaluate a student in many aspects of their life. These assessment tools can be used by teachers to learn about their students and the individual people that they are. There are a variety of online and paper tests that can be taken, which can help a teacher to learn the different interests, ability/intellectual levels, achievement levels, and personality types that their students might have. Some assessment tools (tests) that have been found to help teachers discover these differences (to name a few) are: the Student Interest Survey for Career Clusters, the Phelps Kindergarten Readiness Scale, the Woodcock-Johnson III Normative...   [tags: Educational psychology, Psychology, Education]

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Plath’s Daddy Essay: Clusters of Images

- Clusters of Images in Daddy Imagery in literature provides the writer with an instrument for establishing a viewpoint or perspective. The author can use an unlimited amount of symbols, similes, and metaphors that produce an atmosphere for the reader to visualize the story effectively. In the poem "Daddy," written by Sylvia Plath, the author utilizes numerous clusters of images to represent the fury and wrath of a crazed woman haunted by her father's frightening and domineering disposition....   [tags: Plath Daddy Essays]

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Truman Capote’s Anonymity

- In an interview with Truman Capote, George Plimpton asks if In Cold Blood is truly an accurate portrayal of the Clutter family’s murder, “One doesn’t spend almost six years on a book, the point of which is factual accuracy, and then give way to minor distortions” (Plimpton). Capote claims he only uses factual information in his story, completely removes himself from the novel, and has created a new genre of literature by combining reportage journalism with fiction techniques. However, literary critics have long debated whether or not In Cold Blood is the first of its kind: a non-fiction novel....   [tags: journalism, Cold Blood, Clutter family´s murder]

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Clustering in Financial Services: A Literrature Review

- The theory of cluster has became one of theory that considered important in the regional economic development theoryin the recent worlds. It suggest that the co-ocation or geographic proximity results for firms that do clustering will be crucial to increase the economics scope of the firms, mainly due to lower input cost that are resulted from agglomeration economies and facilitates knowledge spillovers which can increase the firms’ productivity (Wolman and Hincapie, 2010, p1). Therefore, this can creates more competitive firms that do the clustering, and also produce significant growth for the firms....   [tags: markusen, clustering, financial services]

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Dell Inc : The Multinational Digital Technology Firm

- Dell Inc is a multinational digital technology firm with its headquarters in the United States of America. Initially, the company was referred to as the Dell Computer Corporation. Later in 2003, the company adopted a new name; Dell Inc to indicate its expansion to provide other products and services alongside personal computers. Similarly, IBM is a multinational computer technology firm that manufacturers both computer software and hardware. Dell Inc came into being in the wake of 1984. Its founder, Michael Dell was then a University of Texas student (Baumann 12)....   [tags: Personal computer, Computer, Cloud computing]

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Perforation Clustering: A Case Study

- Introduction Shale rock, is a sedimentary rock composed of mixture flakes of clay and silt sized other mineral. Process of shale formation is called compaction. Shale oil, is an unconventional is produced by various processes like thermal dissolution, hydrogenation etc. Shale gas, is natural gas that is extracted from shale formations. China is estimated to have the world's largest shale gas reserves. Clustering: Cluster placement should be matched to reservoir quality Single clustering: gas production is reduced significantly when the cluster spacing is single the width growth of fracture is strongly inhibited due to mechanical interaction Multiple clustering: multiple cluster perfor...   [tags: Geology, Rock, Soil]

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Analysis of Improvements from DSM IV to DSM 5

- The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) provides standard criteria for diagnosing mental disorders. It serves numerous purposes and delineates a common language for researchers, clinicians, educators and students. The APA released the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders in May 2013 after 12 years of research involving a diverse range of 400 experts from 12 countries worldwide (Kuhl, Kupfer, & Reiner, 2013). While the release of the new DSM 5 has caused much controversy in the field of psychiatry, specifically for its changes in specific diagnosis and new disorders, the structural changes that have been made seem to be an impro...   [tags: DSM 5 Analysis]

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Financial Clustering in London

- FINANCIAL CLUSTERING IN LONDON Clusters are distinctive topics in today’s economy. This phenomenon has attracted renewed interest from academics and business practitioners (Saxenian, 1994; Porter, 1998: a-c; Swann, 1998; The Economist, 1999; Owen, 1999), as well as the government subtlety (DTI White Paper, 1998). Clustering can be defines as geographic concentration of interconnected companies, suppliers, providers and institution in a region or nation. It was created because of economic growth, which make bank have the need for making loans and collect savings....   [tags: academics, business practitioners]

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The trait perspective and the ten personality disorders

- One of the major theoretical areas in the study of the personality is the trait perspective. It suggests that individual personalities are comprised of broad dispositions, and it identifies and measures the characteristics that they are made up of (Cherry). The trait perspective helps to identify a person’s personality type (Myers). This perspective focuses on the difference between individual personalities and the traits that shape them. A trait is a stable characteristic that causes an individual to behave a certain way....   [tags: Psychology]

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A Novel Clustering Scheme for Spectrum Sharing in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks

- The spectrum scarcity can be resolved using the paradigm of Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs). In CRNs, the Secondary Users (SUs) having no spectrum licenses can benefit from spectrum opportunities spatiotemporally left over by Primary Users (PUs) if these SUs do not make any harmful interference to the PUs. Due to the ease of deployment, the ad hoc CRNs are expected to attract the future applications of the secondary spectrum usage [1]. However, the new challenges in ad hoc CRNs should be tackled first to visualize the new revolution of this kind of networks....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Clustering: Keeping Malware Out in Android Applications

- Due to the existence of malware samples in large amount of data malware detection techniques are introduced. Machine learning techniques are being applied to classify the applications focusing malware detection. Android has impressive growth in the domain of smart phones. Hence to overcome its better to group malware samples with structural similarities. Clustering technique in Android applications is an important technique in machine learning and gives automatic classi cation of applications by categorizing malware....   [tags: Algorithm, Applications]

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Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)

- I. INTRODUCTION DTN is fundamentally an intermittent network, where the communication links only exist temporarily, rendering it impossible to establish end-to-end connections for data delivery. Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) is a new area of research in the field of networking that deals with extending existing protocols or inventing new ones in a coordinated, architecturally clean fashion, to improve network communication when connectivity is periodic, intermittent and/or prone to disruptions and when multiple heterogeneous underlying networks may need to be utilized to effect data transfers....   [tags: Networking Essays]

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Data Analysis: Space-Time Clustering

- DEFINITION Space-Time Clustering is a method of data analysis whereby the data objects are grouped with reference to a specific place and time. Space time clustering is therefore involve finding clusters that emerge during a particular time interval at particular places. Spatial cluster detection allows the identification of locations, shapes and sizes of potential anomalous spatial regions. The analysis of these clusters aid in the understanding of current patterns and prediction of future ones using a data-driven approach or a model-based approach....   [tags: spacial regions, unforseen information]

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A Critical Evaluation Of The Research

- Overview: This section describes a critical evaluation of the research or the lesson that has learned from the research. It is consists about the limitation of the research; proposed improvement in the research methodology; lesson learned and the summary of the reflection. 9.1. Research Limitation This research has limitations in regards of the results that has generated because of the limited resources, limited time frame and/or limited variables or parameters that are used in the experiment. Those limitations as follow: • The dataset is limited with respect of choice of data structure complexity (for example the table structure) and the data size....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Science]

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Addiction and Psychological Disorders Related to Social Media

- ... Evidence based on prior studies suggests a direct correlation between cluster b personality disorders and substance use disorders (Taylor, 2005). Cluster C. Cluster C personality disorders are characterized as fearful and anxious thought patterns and behaviors. Included in this group are avoidant, dependent and obsessive compulsive personality disorders. An individual with avoidant PD may exhibit signs of over sensitivity to criticism, extreme shyness, and fear of ridicule or embarrassment....   [tags: communication, paranoia, information]

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Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Networks

- Introduction Wireless networks have gained immense popularity since its advent in 1970s and even more prominently since the last decade. Mobile wireless networks currently have two implementation architectures: infrastructured networks infrastructureless networks[1]. In the network architecture for Infrastructured networks, there are fixed wired gateways, known as base stations installed across the desired coverage area. A device within the network connects to the nearest accessible (the one with the strongest signal) gateway....   [tags: wireless network, Ad hoc systems]

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Theoretical And Empirical Contributions Of Entrepreneurship Development Literature

- Conclusion of Theoretical and Empirical Contributions By looking at entrepreneurship development literature, there are four main approaches differ in their methodological and conceptual outlooks, they share a common belief that certain attributes exist outside the boundaries of a firm but within a region that contribute to the competitiveness of a new venture that emphasis the important role of existing ecosystem of entrepreneurship. These include work on cluster (Delgado et al., 2010; Marshall, 1920; Porter, 2000), innovative systems (Cooke et al., 1997; Fritsch, 2001), economic geography (Feldman, 2001, 2001; Malecki, 1997), social capital (Westlund & Bolton, 2003), and networks (Sorenson...   [tags: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia]

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Dynamic Key Management System for Improving Security in Three-tier Environment

- Related Work The key management problem is an bigger issue in sensor field. Each and every sensor nodes are needed to transmit the node, then only the data’s are reached to base station, so each and every sensor node within a group need an keys to transmit the data. While attacker entered and also get the full access of sensor node, and ready to hack data, but they need to wait. Because the node are none of the keys at the time, transmitting time only the nodes get access of keys from the cluster head....   [tags: Secutiry, Sensor Nodes, Key Management System]

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Economic Geography And Trade Agreements

- 1. A) It’s logical that most trade groups contain countries in the same area of the world such as NAFTA which comprises of U.S, Canada and Mexico. There are a number of reasons why economic geography matters in the case of trade agreements. Neighboring countries often, though not always, share a common history, language, culture and currency. Close proximity reduces transportation costs thereby making traded products cheaper in general. Trade is likely to rise by 80% between countries with a common border, 200% with a common language such as English between U.S....   [tags: International trade, Economics]

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Access Control Layer on Top of Pig Using XACML

- Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware. Hadoop, an Apache top-level project is built and used by a global community of contributors and users. Rather than relying on hardware to deliver high-availability, the library is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer itself. It delivers a highly-available service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be prone to failures....   [tags: data processing, nodes, Apache Hadoop]

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CILOP: Clustering Based Method for Class Imbalance Learning Using Optics

- CHAPTER 3 CILOP: CLUSTERING BASED METHOD FOR CLASS IMBALANCE LEARNING USING OPTICS The present chapter proposes a novel approach that is Clustering based Class Imbalance Learning using OPTICS [49] method for improvement of class imbalance learning. The content of this chapter is published in “International Journal of Computer Applications”, Page No: 33-42, Volume 51-No 16, August 2012, K.Nageswara Rao , T.Venkateawara Rao and D.Rajya Lakshmi, “A Novel Class Imbalance Learning using Ordering Points Clustering”....   [tags: database, framework, algorithm, subset]

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Brain Disorders: Blood Brain Barrier

- Brain disorders are major concern of modern world in terms of economic liability and human suffering with the increased number of aged population as a result of the long life expectancy. The main challenge in the treatment of many of the neurodegenerative diseases is the presence of a polarized layer of endothelial cells that comprises the blood–brain barrier (BBB) which precludes access of systemically administered medicines to brain tissue. Currently more than 98% of all small molecules and 100% of large-molecule pharmaceutics do not cross the blood brain barrier unless it is disrupted or loosened due to any of the diseased conditions .1a As a result, effective therapy becomes possibl...   [tags: treatment, nano science, technology]

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Sustainability Is A Way Of Living

- I used to believe that sustainability meant to take a stand to preserve the earth. Now however, my position on sustainability has dramatically changed. Sustainability is a way of living. As beings on this earth, we are accountable for our ecological impacts, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we are living sustainably. By examining sustainability through the farming and organic agriculture of Herman Mentink, the saving of the whales and it relation to Pete Seeger, my definition of sustainability changed from taking a stand, to a way of living....   [tags: Sustainability, Agriculture, Sustainable living]

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Social Media's Role in Network Management in Big Data

- ... FLOWCOMB FlowComb is a network management framework that helps Big Data processing applications, such as Hadoop. It helps those applications in achieving high utilization and low data processing times and also it predicts application network transfers. This is achieved by a centralized decision engine collects data movement information from agents and schedules upcoming flows on paths such that the network does not become congested. Network transfers and software defined networking are detected using domain Knowledge to update the network paths to support these transfers without creating congestion....   [tags: facebook flowcomb, computers]

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Global Remote Incident Prevention

- Global Remote Incident Prevention King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital (KASH) at Taif, is one of the top 10 hospitals in the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. It has been rewarded the JCI certificate (Joint Commission International) in July 2012. The hospital has applied all JCI standers and finally passed the survey successfully. (IT, 2012) Moreover, KASH provides medical services to patients in the hospital. One of the major services in KASH is Radiology Information System (RIS), and how doctors can diagnose the patient's symptoms after several investigations can be seen through the network....   [tags: KAHS, PACS, hospital]

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Parallel Implementation of MPEG4

- Abstract “Parallel Implementation of MPEG-4 Encoding over a Cluster of Workstations” is a research project and a project proposal to reduce the delay involved in the MPEG-4 encoding process. As a case study we take Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham which is a multi-campus Deemed University, one of its own kinds in India. All the campuses are connected through satellite provided by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). A number of e-learning classes, guest lectures and meetings are conducted across the satellite network with the video being compressed in MPEG-4 standard....   [tags: Information Technology]

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The Interstellar Medium and Starbirth

- Although the space between stars appears to be empty, it is actually filled with matter known as the interstellar medium, approximately ninety-nine percent of the interstellar medium consists of gas and the remaining one percent is dust. Clouds of interstellar medium are called nebula, derived from the Latin word for cloud (What is the Interstellar Medium?, n.d.). Nebulas are formed when gravitational attraction clumps together parts of the interstellar medium (Villanueva, 2010). There are several types of nebula, which are differentiated by how they affect light from stars (What is the Interstellar Medium?, n.d.)....   [tags: Nebulas, Space, Stars]

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Cleveland Design Competition

- 1. INTRODUCTION The project proposal for the Campus International School for Downtown Cleveland illustrates the transformation of Cleveland State University's master plan for converting the area into a dense mixed-use development and with recreation fields. The quotation 'an opportunity to re-evaluate the broader terrain in which children learn and give as great an emphasis on learning environments as others have given the educational philosophies' formed the basis for our proposal. A key aim of the design is to produce a safe learning environment for the students....   [tags: Safe Learning Environment]

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Organizational Leadership : The People 's Republic Of China ( Prc )

- The modern workforce is constantly evolving, and it is becoming increasingly multinational. Each culture represented in the workplace brings its own set of values, beliefs, and practices to the work environment. While this diversity can be used as a source of competitive advantage, it can also present a challenge when it comes to organizational leadership. In an effort to identify what leadership means around the world, Resick, Martin, Keating, Dickson, Kwan & Peng (2011) conducted a qualitative study of managers across six societies: The People’s Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong, The Republic of China (Taiwan), The United States, Ireland, and Germany....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Ethical leadership, Culture]

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Overview of Borderline Personality Disorders

- “The disorder that doctors fear most,” or borderline personality disorder as it is known throughout the medical community, is only one of several personality disorders plaguing society today (qtd. in Aldhous). Unfortunately most people suffering from personality disorders do not attempt to seek psychiatric help and go undiagnosed and the bulk of those who do contact medical professionals are already in the midst of a problem or only search for help following a reckless act (Aldhous). Personality disorders are one of the most prevalent diagnoses of the psychiatric community, with thirty-six to sixty-seven percent of patients in psychiatric hospitals or facilities diagnosed with some sort of...   [tags: mental health, types of therapy]

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Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation

- The stakeholders in this evaluation are the consumers with disabilities of the VR (vocational rehabilitation) program, family members, staff, agency administrators, leaders of the groups who advocate for individuals with disabilities and case managers. The goal of the program being evaluated is to give as many opportunities as possible for clients with disabilities to experience with full social and economic benefits from being .They want measures of effectiveness and qualitative indicators of the important outcomes....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Clustering of Near Duplicate Images in the Web Search

- The overall objective is to cluster the near-duplicate images. Initially, the user passes the query to the search engine and the search engine results in set of query related images. These images contain duplicate as well as near-duplicate images. The main aim of this paper is to detect near-duplicate images and cluster those images. This is achieved through the following steps – Image Preprocessing, Feature Extraction and Clustering. In image processing, the initial step is preprocessing. Image preprocessing is nothing but noise removal and image enhancement....   [tags: search engine, diagram, data]

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Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias (TACs): Headaches and Types

- Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias (TACs) are highly interesting to me: This group of unilateral, excruciating primary headaches is accompanied by ipsilateral cranial autonomic symptoms and comprises of three major forms: 1. Cluster Headache (CH) 2. Paroxysmal Hemicrania (PH) 3. Short unilateral neuralgiform headache (with conjunctival injection and tearing and cranial autonomic symptoms) (SUNCT/SUNA) The borders between the different forms are very fluid and the specific conditions are often misdiagnosed as a strong migraine, causing the patients to suffer significant pain before treatment is started....   [tags: Symtoms, Diagnosis, Treatment]

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A Bright Galaxy

- SECTION A: RESEARCH SUMMARY (200 words minimum) The article printed in the Nature News on June 18, 2015 describes the first look at the first generation of stars that give way to the universe. These stars, most likely from the late developing cluster of the first generation of stars, are strong evidence of primordial stars. Primordial stars are stars that are considered the original stars of the universe, and the precursors to the rest of the stars and celestial bodies in the universe (‘Definition of Primordial’)....   [tags: Hubble Space Telescope, Astronomy, Galaxy, Star]

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Merits and Demerits of Various Techniques Used for Power Management

- Computer Architecture Contents 1. Introduction 2. Motivation 3. Various techniques of power management 4. Reason for selection of topic 5. Introduction to cluster level servers 6. Power management at Cluster-level servers 7. Issues pertaining to Power Management in cluster level servers 8. Merits and Demerits of various techniques. 9. Suggested solutions 10. Conclusion 11. References 1. Introduction The number of Electrical and electronic devices running on electricity are increasing at a rapid rate....   [tags: electricity, power, efficiency, solutions]

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Woodcock-Johnson II NU: Tests of Cognitive Abilities

- Along with the already clear and precise guidelines for the Woodcock-Johnson III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities, seven new features have been added to the tests (Woodcock & Johnson, 1989). In the Woodcock-Johnson III NU: Tests of Cognitive Abilities, it includes eight new tests, which measure information-processing abilities (Keith, Kranzler, & Flanagan, 2001). These tests include ones which measure working memory, planning, naming speed, and attention (Woodcock, McGrew, & Mather, 2001b). Also included in this version are five new cognitive clusters (McGrew, Werder, & Woodcock, 1991)....   [tags: measuring information-processing abilities]

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A Heuristic Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in Home Automation

- The paper proposes a greedy-algorithm heuristic routing (GAHR) protocol and an A* algorithm for route finding thereby evaluating them with conventional routing protocols to overcome their disadvantages and to make them more suitable for Home Automation. There are certain unique characteristics which Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) possess and they are described in the paper as follows: 1. Easy deployment and reduced installation cost 2. Good scalability 3. Easy integration with mobile user devices Before designing a routing protocol for WSNHA there are some requirements the protocols should satisfy and some of which are discussed in the paper: Improved energy efficiency, low storage and alg...   [tags: algorithm, devices]

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Improvising Data Locality and availlability in the Hbase Ecosystem

- HBase has a rigid master slave architecture and its main purpose is to be a scalable and efficient NoSQL database which helps in storing data. HBase has strongly constant read/writes which makes it suitable for high-speed counter aggregation. There is automatic sharding which helps in splitting of regions as the volume of data grows in a particular region. The automatic failover mechanism of HBase allows availability of data to a higher probability as the regions are reallocated among the rest of the region servers....   [tags: hmaster, region servers, database]

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Recreational Anglers And Their Impact On Saltwater Fish Populations Of The Atlantic Ocean

- Our team has compiled a report outlining potential methods for gathering data regarding the number of recreational anglers and their impact on saltwater fish populations of the Atlantic Ocean. Methods for Sampling Sport Anglers In order to produce the most accurate results, our team recommends conducting a combination of surveys to reach different demographics within the general population. A survey of residents of coastal counties would be beneficial, as it would provide researchers with an overview of fishing activity within the region....   [tags: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Sample]

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Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites

- <a href="">Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites It is impossible to rigorously prove or substantiate the existence of a Soul, a psyche. Numerous explanations have been hitherto offered: That what we, humans, call a soul is the way that we experience the workings of our brain (introspection experienced). This often leads to infinite regressions. That the soul is an epiphenomenon, the software result of a hardware complexity (much the same way as temperature, volume and pressure are the epiphenomena of a large number of gas molecules)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Methodology for the Analysis

- Methodology for the Analysis Kenneth Burke, “The rhetorical theorist and critic who probably has had the greatest impact on rhetorical criticism as it is practiced today” (¬Foss, 2009, 63), revealed to the world the methodology of cluster analysis in an attempt to gain understanding about a rhetor’s worldview. In Samy Charnine’s nondiscursive paintings, words seem to explode off of the canvas and out at anyone who is viewing his work. The method of cluster analysis involves collection of these words, or key terms, and examination of what elements seem to cluster around them resulting in four steps of the method....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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The Hox Genes

- The Hox genes are a set of related genes that code for transcription factors involved in determining the general body plan of an organism along the anterior to posterior axis. One unique feature of the hox gene is that its function and presence is highly conserved in a wide range of species, including the model organism Drosophila, amphibians, and mammals. Because of such a high level of homology amongst species where this gene cluster exists, conducting research using model organisms containing the hox gene cluster can lead to relevant discoveries in higher organisms and help to better understand evolutionary diversity....   [tags: axis, organism, drosophila]

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

- Personality disorders affect many people in society, but are understood by few. Personality disorders are defined as a deeply ingrained, maladaptive and specific problem behavior or pattern. Such problem patterns typically manifest themselves by early adolescence and have an impairing impact on the person’s functioning in life with a particular emphasis on the impact that such disorders have on their relationships and quality of life (Comer, 2014). There are a total of ten personality disorders that have been categorized into three distinct clusters....   [tags: Personality Disorder Essays]

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The Long Term Effects of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

- Long Term Effects of War Even though , many people have been effected by the Iraq and Afghanistan war because the number of displaced Iraqis internally and externally are estimated to be between 3.5 million and 5 million people (Iraq: The Human Cost , 2014). According to the Iraq Body Count website, there have been 186 thousand deaths due to violence in the war. Violence Deliberate killings, human bombs, dozens of vicious groups, and a growing sense of insecurity trouble Iraq (Tirman). Cluster bombs and landmines’ have caused many deaths to innocent civilians....   [tags: casualties, displacement, violence]

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The Business Needs For Using This Technology Or Product?

- 1 Describe the business needs for using this technology or product. We need to increase our capability to process unstructured data and to move to geographically disperse database in order to move content closer to our customers to improve the customer experience. Because this technology is schema-less a programmer has more flexibility to develop applications quickly which is needed for today’s web sites. This technology is better suited to leverage cloud technologies than our current RDBMS technology....   [tags: Database, Relational model, SQL, ACID]

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The Career Of A Job

- After doing many interest inventories, I have learned that I match up with pretty much the same careers in each one. Those careers include, finance, marketing, and business management. I am happy with those results because they are all careers that I had been interested in before I began taking the tests. In the My Next Move Interest inventory, enterprising, realistic, and conventional were my top 3. My score in the enterprising category was significantly higher than my other categories. The results didn 't surprise me because I think I am enterprising....   [tags: Personality psychology]

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Characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common disorder among children, and it has only increased throughout the years. “It is estimated that 3-5% of children have ADHD, accounting for approximately 2 million children in the United States” (Mattox, 2007). Mattox (2007) also makes note that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD because they display more aggressive behaviors than girls do, which results in girls being diagnosed at a later age. The current diagnostic criterion for ADHD primarily focuses on significant hyperactivity and inattention....   [tags: Psychology]

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A Brief Understanding Of Personality Disorders

- A Brief Understanding of Personality Disorders Personality disorders are characterized as “disruptive, inflexible, and enduring behavior patterns (Myers, 2015).” They tend to inhibit social functions. People suffering from personality disorders can be self-involved, anxiety-ridden, anti-social, paranoid, or aggressive which can be kind of scary. Researchers over the years have been working to understand personality disorders and have come to many conclusions, such as, what types of disorders there are, what the causes are and best treatments so that people do not need to be scared of their disorders....   [tags: Antisocial personality disorder]

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Network Load Balancing

- Load balancing is a method for distributing workloads across multiple computers, such as a cluster, a Central Processing Unit, network links, or disk drives to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overload of any one of the resources. By using multiple components that use load balancing, it can increase reliability and speed through redundancy, instead of using a single component to achieve the desired result. The Load balancing is achieved through dedicated software or hardware like a multilayer switch or a domain name switch (DNS) server process....   [tags: computers, routing paths, servers]

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How Willy Wonka Portrays Schizotypal Personality Disorder

- Schizotypal Personality Disorder Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a well-known book about an eccentric candy maker living in his own mystical world that has been made into two popular movies. Wonka is a character that is two things at once; unflappable and socially anxious, overly friendly but also untrustworthy and isolated, altruistic and sadistic, hopeful and cynical, grandiose and fragile (Pincus, 2006). While Willy Wonka may be a fictional character, he does display the very real disorder Schizotypal Personality Disorder or SPD....   [tags: treatments, eccentric, anxiety]

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A Brief Note On Spike And Dynamic Triggering

- 4. Discussion 4.1. July seismicity spike and dynamic triggering The month of July saw a large increase in seismicity beginning of the 15th and lasting for approximately 5 days. The amount of activity during this time was particularly anomalous, as the month and a half preceding it saw relatively low levels of seismicity. An average of 2.8 earthquakes per day was interrupted by jump to 111 earthquakes on 15 July. On the same day that the increase began in the central Southern Alps, Dusky Sound experienced a magnitude 7.8 earthquake (GeoNet 2009)....   [tags: Earthquake, Fault, Seismic wave, Seismology]

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Nigrescence Model of Racial Identity Development

- In 1971, William E. Cross, Jr., Ph.D., a Black psychologist and prominent researcher (specializing in Black psychology) developed a framework for assessing how black Americans come to understand what it means to be Black. Dr. Cross introduced his ideologies as the “Nigrescence Model of Racial Identity Development“. He asserts that every black American must undergo a series of identity stages to develop a healthy and balanced understanding of the Black experience and become well-rounded in our global society....   [tags: Psychology]

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Personality Disorder With Borderline Features

- According to the vignette, the appropriate diagnosis for Peter is antisocial personality disorder with borderline features. According to the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association, 2013), “antisocial personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others” (324). For this disorder, one must have three of the given symptoms: failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors (repeated acts that could lead to arrest), deceitfulness (repeated lying, using aliases or conning others for personal pleasure or profit), impulsivity or failure to plan ahead, irritability and aggressiveness (repeated physical fights or assaults), reckless dis...   [tags: Borderline personality disorder]

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