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The Mayo Clinic: A Performance Management Assessment

- At its most fundamental core, quality improvement of healthcare services and resources requires disciplined attention to the measurement, monitoring, and reporting of system performance (Drake, Harris, Watson, & Pohlner, 2011; Jones, 2010; Kennedy, Caselli, & Berry, 2011). Research points to performance measurement as a significant factor in enabling strategic planning processes and achievement of performance goals (Tapinos, Dyson & Meadows, 2005). Thus, without a system of measurement that accounts for the performance behaviors of healthcare professionals, managers and administrative employees, quality improvement remains a visionary abstraction (de Waal, 2004)....   [tags: Mayo Clinic Case Study]

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The Clinic

- The Clinic The Clinic is one of a series of Alex Delaware novels written by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex Delaware is a psychology doctor who is often employed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to provide psychological profiles of both victims and killers. The book is 465 pages long. In this novel Dr. Delaware has been asked to provide a psychological profile of the victim of a particularly gruesome murder. The victim is Professor Hope Devane, who was found murdered under a large elm tree in front of her home....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Medical Contributions Of The Cleveland Clinic

- Introduction Since it’s founding in 1921, by four Cleveland, Ohio physicians: Dr. George Crile, Frank Bunts, William Lower, and John Phillips, the Cleveland Clinic has been making advances in the medical community that had previously been unprecedented (“Cleveland Clinic Celebrates”, 2011). The Cleveland Clinic started with a total staff of 12 people: six surgeons, one radiologist, four internists, and one biophysicist. From the beginning the founders knew that it was important to have a diverse staff with varying degrees of specialty in order to provide the best care for their patients (“Cleveland Clinic About Us”, n.d.)....   [tags: Roaring Twenties, Wall Street Crash of 1929]

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Satellite Clinic

- Strengths. Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is the only healthcare facility located within Pocahontas County. Having no competition allows them to be the single provider for the community, which allows them flexibility when deciding the future of their facilities. With every service located within one location it allows for the expansion of a free standing satellite health clinic, located away from the main medical facility. This is a common practice with healthcare organizations throughout the U.S....   [tags: Hospital, Medicine, Health care, Health insurance]

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The At The Weston Family Practice Clinic

- ... Office Manager: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Attributes The Weston Family Practice Office Manager Job Description Challenged by the growth and expanding potential of the Weston Family Practice Clinic, its owners are looking to hire a new Office Manager. The specific tasks they have identified as core to the duties and responsibilities of the new position include supervising five clerks who man the day-to-day administrative business of the practice; reporting to the chief physician, Dr....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health, Public health]

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The Clinic Manager Is An Educated Person

- ... According to an online article found on Concordia University’s Career Services page titled “Medical and Health Services Managers” some of the key work activities of a manager are: communicating with supervisors, peers and subordinates; making decisions and solving problems; establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships; evaluating information to determine compliance with standards; and developing and building teams. Each of these activities is crucial to keeping the clinic moving smoothly and efficiently while maintaining profitability....   [tags: Critical thinking, Management, Thought]

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The Kansas City Care Clinic

- ... In 2015, the clinic 's 115 employees and 905 volunteers served more than 9,000 patients with 18,000 appointments. The 905 volunteers gave more than 43,000 hours toward serving the patients. The 418 students gained 21,000 hours of experience toward their medical education by serving the patients. In August 2015, the clinic was designated a federally qualified health center, making it eligible for federal grants. Because the designation will provide additional funding, the clinic has added health care services for pediatric care and services to senior citizens and those on Medicare and Medicaid....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Strategic Plan for Mayo Clinic

- A strategic plan is a tool that delivers guidance in achieving a mission or goal with maximum proficiency and control for an organization. Strategic planning is used to transform and revitalize organizations. The plan helps provide an inclusive understanding of opportunities and challenges both internally and externally for the organization. The plan delivers an assessment of the strengths and limitations that are realistic within the company. A well-developed strategic plan will offer a comprehensive approach and empowerment for the stakeholders involved....   [tags: Healthcare, Strategy, Plans]

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The Crowded Clinic : Critical Analysis

- ... For healthcare providers to become culturally sensitive and cognizant to how diversity affects their ability to care for a patient, providers must be aware of all of the factors that create culture and diversity. Simply defined, this “includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, any other capabilities, and habit acquired by man as a member of society” (Campinha-Bacote, 2003). These differences are what give cultures and individuals the foundations of their beliefs. As healthcare providers, we must understand that what we may see as being non-compliant may be the result of diversity and cultural norms for that patient which may not be the same as our own....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Culture]

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The Pediatric And Adolescent Clinic

- ... We both sat down inside of the break room and proceeded to discuss her life as a registered nurse. Unfortunately, after several interruptions we decided to relocate to her desk. Many possibilities for working with specific patient groups exist. When asked about her role as a nurse, Woodley said, “I’ve been working here at Pal Peds for about five years now. Before I took on this job, I worked in the Emergency Department of a local hospital. I just wanted to try something different, you know....   [tags: Nursing, Medicine, Physician]

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Free Clinic Project

- ... The other need is the control after the hospitalization and treatment. Most people live in poor conditions which do not let them follow the prescription after their recovery (Swartz, 2009). According to Notaro et al. (2012), one in four patients come to the clinic for examinations are required to have employment. The research identifies that community requires increased attention to preventive measured to deal with smoking, obesity and substance abuse. The most critical group of people is represented by adults aged 18-64....   [tags: health care systems, medical world]

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Women's Community Clinic

- Women’s Community Clinic The Women’s Community Clinic is a clinic serving the health and wellness needs of girls and women in the San Francisco Bay area. This clinic, which opened in 1999, is a volunteer based, nonprofit business. (Women’s Community Clinic website, 2014, history 1) The Women’s Community Clinic (WCC) provides services to women, the transgender and gender variant community, and girls age 12 and older who live in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, or Marin County regardless of their ability to pay for the services....   [tags: cultural inclusion, birth control, nurses]

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My Visit At The Loudoun Acupuncture Clinic

- ... He stated that Daoists are very interested in nature and being fully absorbed in it at most times. From the Daoist perspective, it is ideal to retreat into nature and to spend all your days observing nature being completely absorbed by it. Acupuncture is one of the practical applications that came out of Daoism. He went on to tell me that acupuncture is utilized as a tool to create harmony between the human body and nature. He also stated that beams of energy can be blocked from flowing in and out of the body due to tension or other medical conditions....   [tags: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine]

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How A Clinic Evolves Into An Empowered Workforce

- To ensure a clinic evolves into an empowered workforce it must have leadership commitment, support and facilitation where management 's role demonstrates a supportive attitude, role modeling, training, MBWA, taking quick action on suggestions and recognize the accomplishments of its workforce (Davis & Goetsch, 2011). Therefore, the front-line, middle and senior leadership will have to provide feedback, set expectations and provide training and guidance to promote critical decision making and problem solving skills....   [tags: Management, Problem solving, Critical thinking]

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Alpine Village Clinic Case Study

- Alpine Village Clinic is located in a winter resort near the city of Aspen, Colorado. Although open year around, it is mostly a seasonal business since the bulk of patients seen at the clinic walk in during the winter months of December to March, when skiing is in full swing and pertaining injuries are common. The doctors thought about closing the clinic during the summer months, however running the clinic for a portion of the year is inefficient, and in addition, there seems to be a sufficient summer demand for the clinic’s services....   [tags: Alpine Village Case Study]

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Volunteering At C & S Medical Clinic

- Documenting a patient’s vitals while volunteering at C&S Medical Clinic, I hear a yell for 911. Peeking around the corner, I see a man shaking and unresponsive. Unable to talk, his only communication is the wagging of his finger. As his wife explains they cannot pay for an ambulance, the EMT barges in ready to carry Octavio away. Still refusing a ride to the hospital, emergency services decides to accompany him to his car, following him to the ER. After realizing the need for the wheelchair, I search room to room and closet to closet, unexpectedly finding it in the staff lounge....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Neurology]

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Review of Lowes' Gardening How-To-Clinic

- Lowe's How-To-Clinic What nutrients do plants need to stay alive. Most plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in order to grow to maturity. Commercial fertilizers contain all the ingredients that are necessary for plants to thrive. Commercial fertilizers are a gardeners asset. Fertilizer assists in growing a stunning and colossal flower bed, unfortunately, commercial fertilizers have a grave effect on the environment, and devastates the lives of animals. Fertilizer is applied to plants to help them grow, then it eventually seeps into the ground, and pollutes ground water....   [tags: agriculture, horticulture]

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Family Continuity Mental Health Clinic

- ... The relationship between a therapist and a client is thought to be a key component of treatment outcome. Accordingly, I was able to establish a therapeutic alliance with my clients both in the home and clinic settings through use of Rogerian therapy which embraces the characteristics of being respectful to all clients, treating them fairly and accepting them as unique individuals. This was larhgely communicated through use of nonverbal and verbal communication strategies such as speech clarity including “uh huh”, “tell me more”, “go on”, “let’s sit with that” through my facial expressions, tone of voice, head nods and hand gestures....   [tags: Psychotherapy, Family therapy, Therapy, Psychology]

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The Gross Clinic

- In 1874, Thomas Eakins took a second course in anatomy at Jefferson Medical College. He attended surgical lectures and clinics presided over by Professor Samuel D. Gross. Eakins painted “The Gross Clinic,” to show the emotion involved in medical procedures. It appears as if the doctors performing the surgery have emotionally removed themselves from the situation at hand. By removing themselves from the emotional aspects of the surgery, the doctors can complete the task much easier than they would have been able to do if they had become emotionally attached to the patient....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Thomas Eakins, Affection for Realism in Paintings

- Going against the crowd challenges perceptions and allows people to be innovative. The ability to create and change people’s perceptions can come with the price of being an outcaste and ostracized if society disapproves. Once rejected by society for his controversial and scandalous artistic styles, today Thomas Eakins is recognized as one of America’s greatest painters for his collective body of work. His body of work combined perception, strength, character, and commitment to achieve realism. Through his paintings and photography Thomas’s interests devoured most of his time as he thoroughly studied the anatomy and muscles of the human body....   [tags: The Gross Clinic, The Agnew Clinic]

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The Value of Branding in Health Care

- The value of branding in health care. What is branding. Branding has been advocated as a potentially successful response to heightened market concentration; it offers the possibilities of centralized control and format standardization, and an added value or cost driven strategy can be used to differentiate the retail offering and reinforce market positioning. Brands provide informational cues for buyers about the store's merchandise quality, and favourable images of brands positively influence patronage decisions." Successful retail branding can provide a form of "insulation" against price competition and states: "Where the store brand name is itself a brand name based on a quality appeal, i...   [tags: cliveland clinic, mayo clinic]

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My Trip to the Abortion Clinic

- When my college roommate, Sandra, came out of the bathroom with her pregnancy test and this funny expression on her face, we just knew she was pregnant. Teen pregnancy is a common occurrence, and, yes, it can happen to you. People in general seem to have an idea of the stereotypical teen that becomes pregnant; uneducated, low-income, or "easy". Sandra, however, is attending a very good four year university, was raised in an upper middle class family and is also a peer educator. She gives seminars on birth control and STD prevention and knows all the risks involved in having sex....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Organizational Issues inside a West Virginia Free Clinic

- The state of West Virginia advances special insight of the economic adversity our country is confronting. As the unemployment rate continues to increase so does the demand for medical care, however, numerous people still have no health insurance. West Virginia Health Right (WVHR) extends free medical care to the underserved and poor population of West Virginia. Although the benefits they offer may appear uncomplicated to many, there are numerous organizational ordeals WVHR must deal with. This paper will present an analysis of WVHR, extending a look into the strategic planning adversities its leadership contends with in addition to potential solutions to make their strategy succeed....   [tags: free medical care, health insurance, west virginia]

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The Crowded Clinic: The Importance of Office Duties to Help the Patients

- The case study: Crowded Clinic provided some good examples of what many busy clinics have to deal with on daily basis. Lately, there have been multiples computer systems to improve scheduling problems for the outpatient clinics, such as “Open Access”, “AdvancedMD”, “Medical Office Online”, and many more. These programs do help with daily operations of a medical office, however, in order to make patients feel more welcome few other things can be implemented. Such as letting receptionists handle arriving patients right away, instead of making patients wait while the receptionist handles phone calls, assist with prescriptions, and/or handle emergencies....   [tags: cross train, computer, phone, room]

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Tampa Bay Super Clinic Risk Identification

- The recent risk identification and analysis report had provided us with potential issues that would expose Tampa Bay Super Clinic to risk. We will review the risks recognized in the earlier assessment and provide solutions that will help control costs as well as limit the financial loss to our organization. In order for this organization to be proactive and protect our developing investment we must achieve a financial balance of retaining risk and transferring risks (Epstein, Metz, & McLaughlin, 2013)....   [tags: property risk, insurance, success]

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The Abortion And Life And The Documentary The Last Abortion Clinic

- ... Most of these women have a viable reason for wanting an abortion. However, working class women usually do not have the means to provide this procedure for themselves, so they have to turn to government programs such as Medicaid. Indeed, two in five of American women of reproductive age rely on Medicaid (Baumgardner, CP 400). Declining them the right or making it difficult for these women to have an abortion leaves them left with no choice. They must have the child they are carrying knowing they do not have the resources to support their child....   [tags: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Abortion debate]

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Neonatal Followup Clinic Report on Infant Patient

- Michael was seen in the Neonatal Followup Clinic on November 14, 2013 at 4 months 11 days corrected age. As you may recall, Michael was born at 32 + 2 weeks gestational age with a birth weight of 1600 grams. His neonatal course was complicated by respiratory distress and CPAP for 8 days. He had some hyperbilirubinemia and rule out sepsis. There were issues with IV access and he was on TPN for 12 days and required a PICC line. He had cellulitis and excoriation of the right arm which resolved quickly....   [tags: hospital, diet, physical, infant, growth]

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DREAM Clinic's Overview and Treatment of Oral Cancer

- Desire to Relieve and Enlighten All Mankind, Inc. (DREAM) Clinic offers excellent health care services at relatively low costs for individuals residing in the rural south. Services currently provided include primary and precautionary health services, such as health education, dental care, gynecology, and disease management. Health education involves the discussion of rather basic health issues such as blood pressure and weight management. Our gynecology department offers a full range of services encompassing pap smears and mammograms....   [tags: Late Stage Detection, Screening]

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The Presidio Army Health Clinic’s SWOT-Analysis

- The Presidio Army Health Clinic’s SWOT-Analysis The current health care system can be difficult to navigate and often medical centers need management tools to help them develop strategic plans within their organizations. The SWOT-Analysis is one strategic tool that health care centers can use to formulate a roadmap for their organizations. The SWOT-Analysis examines internal capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) and external developments (opportunities and threats) when determining a strategic plan for an organization (Van Wijngaarden, Scholten, & Van Wijk, 2012)....   [tags: medical centers, strategic plan, US army]

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visiting a rehab clinic

- The first thing I notice when I walk in to the center on an early Monday afternoon is the smell, that acute smell of spray-on cleaning solution used in hospitals. Everything is completely static clean, and the entrance lobby reminds me off my dentists’ office. Tasteful blue chairs and maroon couches surround a large waiting area in full view of a receptionists’ desk on the side. The magazines on the coffee table are of the inconsequential type, stuff like “Parenthood” and “Popular Mechanic.” A couple people are casually waiting; pleasant, normal looking people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Vulnerability Assessment for Urban Medical Clinic

- Vulnerability Assessment for Urban Medical Clinic 1. Use the Probability & Severity Legend below to rank the probability and severity of the disasters listed on the worksheet. Consider how each potential disaster might affect employee attendance, job performance, technology ‘downtime,’ and client services, among other consequences. The ranking process is subjective, so there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. 2. Calculate the Vulnerability Level for each potential disaster by multiplying the Probability ranking by the Severity ranking....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Ethical Implications Of A Multi Specialty Clinic With A High Patient Volume

- ... All stakeholders depend upon the HIM professional to maintain the accuracy, privacy and security of the patient’s medical charts, and thereby secure the reputation of the facility and welfare of the patients. Healthcare professionals: Seek the beneficence and nonmaleficence of the patient by giving them truthful and accurate documented services and charging fair legal rates according to standard industry protocols that are reproducible, verifiable, and truthful for the services performed. Administrators: will seek the beneficence and nonmaleficence of the patients by promoting facility policies that are truthful, fair, and just and without prejudice to any patient or employee....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient, Ethics]

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The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics: An Intervention for Early Childhood Neglect

- We believe that it is exceptionally important to monitor all progress made in our clinic in order to ensure the best treatment is being administered to this population in need. This requires individual assessments to inform each individual’s treatments and to inform clinic success overall. To accurately monitor all treatment success, we must first test each individual upon entry before treatment is developed, continually throughout the treatment process, immediately post-treatment, and again at a follow-up visit a year after treatment ends to ensure the sustainability of all functional advancements....   [tags: monitoring treatment, clinic, neglect]

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A Case of Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus Infection

- ... I found it very difficult to assess Janice at today's clinic visit. She is slightly tangential. I can gather that she feels significantly better. She is not having any significant pain. She does have some ongoing bogginess to the right knee, however, it is not painful and she is able to move the knee with a relatively preserved range of motion. She did have ischemic-looking right toes during her hospitalization and these have not progressed. They are nonpainful in nature. She denies fevers, chills, anorexia or night sweats....   [tags: therapy, clinic, intervention, skin]

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Communicating with the Opposite Gender in Deborah Tannen's Genderlect Theory

- Introduction Few things can be as frustrating as trying to communicate with the opposite gender. Every day each one of us is faced with the struggle of trying to relay our thoughts across the gender gap, and Deborah Tannen attempts to explain why we have those complications with a theory called the Genderlect theory. This theory was developed to explain the fundamental differences between the methods each gender use to communicate. I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time shadowing a PA at a local clinic and through that I gained first-hand insight into the principles of the Genderlect theory....   [tags: patient, clinic, socializing]

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Reflective Journal - A Nurse's Duty in the Surgical Ward

- PART C: REFLECTIVE JOURNAL AND EVALUATION OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Aseptic Technique Although the importance of aseptic technique has been continually reiterated, I have realised its substantial role in the perioperative environment. Aseptic technique refers to the practice of creating and maintaining a sterile environment used for sterile procedures (Laws, 2010a). This is incredibly important as repetitive minor breaches of the sterile environment is one of the major factors increasing the risk of surgical site infection (Harrop et al., 2012)....   [tags: operation, clinic, recovery ]

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The Rewarding Career of a Veterinarian

- Many people have lost their pets and close family members because there is no way to get the help or medical attention that the animal so desperately needed. Every day in the United States, veterinarians are working hard to save animal’s lives. People will always continue to want and to breed pets. Therefore, to help and cure all these pets, a steady stream of veterinarians will be needed for many years to come. Over the years, the requirements and processes to becoming a veterinarian have changed....   [tags: animals, clinic, reasearch facility]

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American Indian Health Care Coverage

- ... A report called “ Health Services for American Indians” was prepared and published in 1957 and is known as a landmark attempt at outlining the challenges that faced the new department of Indian Health Services (IHS). Today the IHS provides heath care to about 1.5 million of the 3.3 million American Indian and Alaskan Natives (Wallechinksy). Stemming from the Constitution, to be considered eligible for this health care, a person must be a member of one of the 557 federally recognized tribes....   [tags: government, insurance, clinic]

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Golfer with Brachial Neuritis Misdiagnosed

- ... since she fell and she said she didn’t. Dr. Wallace asked her if she had had the flu recently and she said no. He offered a steroid pack to reduce the pain, but she didn’t want them. He told her to rest from any activity and that he would reevaluate her in 2 weeks. One of the key characteristics of brachial neuritis is pain in the shoulder and arm of the affected side. Since the brachial plexus involves motor, sensory, and autonomic functions, the patient will most likely show weakness and a loss of muscle mass during the evaluation....   [tags: clinic, athlete, flu]

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Case Analysis: Leadership Dynamics

- Case Analysis D: Leadership Dynamics Case Analysis D: Leadership Dynamics Capital Veterinarian Clinic, CVC, is a veterinary clinic that offers preventive and curative health care services to animals. It was founded by Dr. Robert Stevenson, in 1971. CVC’s staff has significantly grown over the years. Leadership is a critical part of the organization, just like any other venture. Leadership is the process of planning, coordinating, motivating, and organizing in order to influence others so as to attain set objectives and goals....   [tags: Veterinarian Clinic, Leadership]

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Capstone : Medicine : Department Of Medicine

- ... Six divisions comprise medical specialties. Each of the six divisions has a division administrator housed on the academic entity. The Senior Practice Manager & Medical Director of Medical Specialties, Ms. Melba Ansah, oversees the outpatient clinics for the six divisions. Ms. Ansah appoints to the Director of Medical/ Surgical Subspecialties, Mr. Jeff Good. For this capstone project, my capstone lead, Ms. Guzman and Ms. Ansah will review the progress of the capstone project. Capstone Goals and Objectives: The objective of this capstone is to examine the issue of the no show and same day cancellation rates for the Department of Medicine’s Medical Specialties Unit to explore various optio...   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Specialty, Clinic]

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The Abortion Act of 1969 and Its Impact on Society

- It’s Impact on Society Throughout the 1900s, women had to resort to unsafe abortion methods because of the lack of laws that implement to protect women. In 1969, Henery Morgentaler opened the first abortion clinic to assist women with unwanted pregnancies. This clinic was one of the main factors that brought full legalization of abortion to the attention of the Canadian government. Previous studies have indicated that abortion debate has been a growing agreement surrounding moral and legal status of abortions....   [tags: unsafe, abortion, clinic, history, court]

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I Am Incredibly Grateful For The Sustainability At The Fort Collins Cat Rescue Spay And Neuter Clinic

- ... The support system that Key creates is incredibly valuable, and without it, I doubt that my first year at CSU would have been as successful and fulfilling as it has been. Without Key, I doubt that I would have chosen to stay at CSU at all for the coming years. During the Fall Semester, I finished with a 4.0 GPA. I have always been a very good student, and feel proud that -- through the support system Key has provided me -- I am able to start off my college career strong. Before graduating, I was skeptical about whether or not college would be for me; the success I’ve had proves to me that it is....   [tags: High school, College, Key signature, Neutering]

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The Use Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

- Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a chronic medical condition in which a patient’s heart is unable to adequately pump enough blood and oxygen to the other vital organs of their body (CDC, 2013). It is a chronic condition that calls for medicinal management and lifestyle changes, making patient adherence and compliance chief priorities. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), numerous risk factors for patients with CHF include a diagnosis of coronary artery disease, elevated blood pressure, a history of diabetes, tobacco use, consuming a diet that is high in fat and cholesterol and/or those who live a sedentary lifestyle....   [tags: Medicine, Hospital, Clinic, Hypertension]

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Reasons for Flu Immunizations

- ... Our part in participating in the flu clinic as student nurses was interesting and informative as well as a great learning experience and I’m glad that I was able to help. We were able to vaccinate the public with the flu shot and as well as educate the community on the importance of the flu vaccine and for them to spread the word to their families and friends to also get vaccinated. Having our instructor there to help and guide us was very important. And she served as a great example to follow on proper technique on how to give injections to children and adults and how to pass on our knowledge to the community....   [tags: affects, health, clinic, public, shot, safety]

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10 Principles Regaarding Ethical Clinic and Set of Guidelines on Clinical Research

- Nuremberg Code is a set of 10 sophisticate principles regarding ethical clinical research on human being (Grodin, 1994). It is mainly for protection of subjects’ human right (Shuster, 1997), such as compulsory of informed consent and the equal authority of subjects as the physician-researcher to end the experiment. 1.2 Helsinki Declaration (1964) Helsinki Declaration is a set of guidelines on clinical research for physician as their responsibility toward protection of their research subjects (Williams, 2008)....   [tags: nuremberg code, helsiniki declaration]

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Mini Clinics in Hospitals

- Recommendations/Course of Action Hospitals recognize the issues of overcrowding and lengthy wait times so they’ve taken the initiative in an attempt to reduce and alleviate some of these issues. Addressed first in this paper will be solutions hospitals are currently experimenting with, and then recommendations will be given for further solutions to fix the issue. “At least two Southern California hospitals are installing systems to offer automated ED scheduling over the internet.” This will allow patients with non-life threatening illnesses or injuries to choose what day and time they prefer to see a Physician....   [tags: overcrowding, lengthy waits, emergency]

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Local STI Clinics

- The local sti clinic is funded by the federal government to help prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. Most will give free vaccines to prevent infection from the hepatitis viruses and the human papillomavirus. It is not necessary to make an appointment, and most clinics are open at night and on weekends. All patients are treated with the strictest confidentially, and even those who are underage can receive services without the consent of their parents. The patient will be informed about the purpose of their exam and treatment, and they may consent or not consent to the procedure....   [tags: STIs, STDs, ]

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Free Health Care Clinics are Effective for The Uninsured

- Health has become an expensive affair to most people especially those that suffer from long term diseases such as diabetes. Most of the uninsured people in the neighborhood do not get the relevant healthcare service and hence they need a source of better services such as free clinics that can deal with the major issues affecting health (Huntington, 2012). The mobilization of these free clinics comes with a price as they affect the community both positively and negatively. Free clinics can either be temporary or permanent and this incurs different expenses depending on the type of structure chosen....   [tags: health, uninsured poeple, low income]

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Quality of Care in Student Run or Free Clinics

- Introduction Hypertension is one of the most prevalent disorders in the US, affecting about 1 in 3 adults. Since uncontrolled blood pressure has been linked to consequences such as stroke, congestive heart failure, and chronic kidney disease, it poses considerable risk for a significant portion of the population. According to the American Heart Association, hypertension was responsible for 46,284,000 ambulatory care visits in 2007; and it is estimated that this condition will be either directly or indirectly responsible for $76.6 billion in health care costs in 2010.9 The morbidity and mortality associated with uncontrolled hypertension make initiatives to improve the quality of care in thi...   [tags: Healthcare]

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Social Workers in Mental Health Facilities and Outpatient Clinics

- When thinking about social work, there are different avenues that a worker can explore in this vast field. Because a social workers job is multifaceted, workers can not only integrate themselves in an already created avenue, but can also tailor a field, specifically for a need in the community. Looking at the many different fields in the area of social work, the area of Social Workers in Mental Health facilities and outpatient clinics stands out as an area of depth and interest. This field is important because it allows social workers to play an integral part in assisting patients, some of who have been kept in large inpatient facilities for vast periods of time, to become functioning and...   [tags: Career Research ]

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Retail Clinics Are Changing The Way Individuals Can Access Health Care

- Retail health clinics are changing the way individuals can access health care. From the article, “Retail clinics: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, Maureen Larkin discusses retail clinics, how they are evolving the business of healthcare, and the controversy surrounding them. Healthcare systems and hospitals across the nation are opening their own retail locations which are staffed by non-physician providers employed by the hospital. This type of expansion has given rise to the argument that these facilities will threaten business and patient flow to current primary care entities....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health economics]

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Shoulld You Live Or Die? The Debate Over Abortion

- What if I told you that right now someone was deciding, without even knowing you, whether you would live or die. What if I told you that this choice wouldn’t be based on what you could or couldn’t do, it wouldn’t be based on what you have done in the past or what you will do in the future. And what if I told you that there was nothing that you could do to change their mind. That choice is abortion, and that someone is a child’s mother. Millions of innocent children die every year simply because they can’t speak for themselves, the unborn are humans and we can’t continue to take their rights away....   [tags: pregnancy, clinics, unborn]

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Health Care Marketing Plan for Primary Care

- Health Care Marketing Plan for Primary Care When promoting primary health care services, there are many factors that must be considered when developing an effective marketing plan. Primary care providers are the gatekeepers of health care in the United States; many patients have to visit them before being referred to specialist providers (Bodenheimer, 2003). They are also being tasked with ensuring patients are receiving preventative services and managing more complex chronic diseases (Akinci & Healey, 2004)....   [tags: Care Services, Clinics]

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Suffering from Untreated HIV in Partner to the Poor, Paul Farmer

- In the book Partner to the Poor, Paul Farmer gives detailed cases of individuals suffering from untreated HIV. He reveals how societal influences such as poverty, unemployment, sexism, and violence are important aspects in the development and spread of diseases. These factors are all forms of structural violence and impact public health. Farmer describes structural violence as “…visited on all those whose social status denies them access to the fruits of scientific and social advances.” The lives of five disadvantaged individuals are detailed in the book....   [tags: poverty, health clinics, violence]

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Cements in Prosthodontic Work

- The clinical work of fixed prosthodontics centres around 6 stages including pre-operative consult, soft tissue management, tooth preparations, impressions, temporisation and permanent crown cementation. In order to ensure longevity of an indirect restoration the correct type of cement needs to be chosen with ideal properties relating to the tooth preparation design and type of indirect restoration to be seated. With the influx of new materials available it is important to have a sound understanding of the properties and classifications of the different kinds available, in particular those found and accessible within the ADH student clinic....   [tags: New Resources, ADH Clinics]

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Veterinary Ultrasound Applications

- When someone hears the word “ultrasound”, they probably immediately think babies, pregnancy, and those fuzzy black and white computer screens displaying the picture of a developing fetus. Modern medicine has now gone much further than those often grainy flat images a mother used to see. Three dimensional and even 4-D imaging is possible, and not only in medical facilities, but in veterinary clinics. Only a few universities were using this technology in the 1970 and 1980s, but today, modern advancements and availability allows clinics to depend on this technology for all kinds of cases....   [tags: ultrasound, technology,clinics]

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Universal Health Care

- National and universal health care is not only a worldwide matter, but also an even bigger topic in the United States. Why. Because America does not yet support and fund a national single payer health care system for its citizens. Many brilliant presidents, persons without insurance, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, have addressed this issue. Being one of the few industrialized nations that doesn’t have national health care puts the United States farther behind many satisfied countries justly and socially....   [tags: insurance, hospital, clinics]

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A Comparison of Digital and Analog Radiology

- The debate over the best type of radiology, analog or digital, is ongoing as new improvements along with new problems and concerns continue to fuel the fire. Analog and Digital, both have their own share of positive and negative aspects. Here, we will look at the three types of radiology that can be used in modern vet clinics, and describe the “pros” and “cons” of each type. The three types are: Digital Radiology, Computed Radiology, and Analog Radiology. Digital radiology, or DR, refers to a computer-based form of X-ray technology that uses digital imaging instead of traditional X-ray film to create medical images....   [tags: vet clinics, computed radiology,x-rays]

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Retail Clinics

- Problem America spends more money on health care than any other nation in the world. It is surprising to note that despite the amount of money spent on health care, 16.7% of the total population in the nation still remains uninsured. According to World Health Organization reports, ‘America ranks 37 in health system’ (Gardner, 2010). A close look into the issue will reveal the fact that physicians in the US are getting a wage two times higher than those in Europe. In addition, the nation is facing acute shortage of doctors, thus compounding the problem....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Pharmacist-Run Diabetes Clinics

- As the gap between reaching optimal medication therapy for diabetes management grows, so does the need for improved medical centers. But how does this happen. If pharmacists were to “utilize their clinical expertise in monitoring and managing diabetes medication plans to positively impact health outcomes and empower patients to actively manage their health,” then the number of people with diabetes could decline (Smith, 2009). Pharmacists are highly accessible medical professionals that are not used to their full potential (Smith, 2009)....   [tags: health optimal medication, pharmacists]

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Therapeutic Lasers

- An increase in technology and efficiency of therapeutic lasers used in veterinary clinics has gained an increasing amount of attention recently. As veterinarians learn more about how they can make this service available to their clients, pet owners seem to be increasingly seeking new alternatives for pet health. What is laser therapy and how does it work. More importantly, is purchasing this technology going to be able to provide the return on investment a practice is hoping for. Laser therapy works by decreasing inflammation, increasing endorphins, and restoring cellular metabolic function....   [tags: technology, veterinary clinics, ]

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The Clinics of Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo

- Every organization, be it small or large, experiences some type of business risk. A well-prepared organization can anticipate risks, however not all risks are foreseeable. It is therefore beneficial for an organization to determine the weaknesses and threats that they may experience. In the health care industry, it is especially important as the environment is constantly changing, with complete reform becoming a strong possibility. For Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, minimizing the weaknesses and threats of the wellness program that is to be created, is of the utmost importance....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Exploring the Practice of Sonographers within Antenatal Clinics in the U.K.

- This research concerns diagnostic radiographic imaging and specifically focuses on the practice of sonographers who perform ultrasound scans within antenatal clinics in the U.K. The aim is to define the characteristics of communication between sonographers and pregnant women during the obstetric (foetal) ultrasound scan, which is a routine procedure associated with prenatal testing. Obstetric ultrasound scans and maternal serum testing form part of the prenatal testing/screening process alongside diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling (CVS)....   [tags: maternity, nursing, medical]

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America Must Not Close Abortion Clinics

- America Must Not Close Abortion Clinics In 1973, the Supreme Court’s decision made it possible for women to get safe, legal abortions from well-trained medical surgeons, and therefore led to dramatic decreases in pregnancy-related injury and death (“abortion”). Now there is a new proposal to close abortion clinics. This proposal takes away the privacy rights of American women that are guaranteed by our Constitution. By closing abortion clinics the government is not only taking away women’s rights, but is also punishing those whom want to exercise their right to have an abortion....   [tags: Pro Choice Abortion]

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Abortion Clinics Must Remain Open

- Abortion Clinics Must Remain Open In 1973 the Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs. Wade, made it possible for women to have safe and legal abortions by well-trained professionals. This decision not only gave a woman the right to choose, but it drastically decreased pregnancy-related injury and death. Now the policy proposal has been made to close abortion clinics, thus making it virtually impossible for a woman to receive an abortion. Although this proposal's stated goal is to close the clinics, its hidden goal is to outlaw abortion altogether....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Artificial Sex Selection in Today’s Fertility Clinics

- Artificial Sex Selection in Today’s Fertility Clinics Thesis Statement: The method of sorting cryopreserved sperm for the purpose of separating the X and Y chromosomes has been an ongoing process for many years. However, recently this method has become a modern preconception technique in which numerous applications for safe and effective selection procedures now exist in clinical practices. I have chosen to explore how currently these uses have broadened to areas where many of us might see as a moral or ethical issue....   [tags: Genetics Science Biology Genes Papers]

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A Proposed Easy-to-Use Classification of Mandibular Fractures

- ... 2. Bilateral in the body and in the condylar process (b-c). 3. Trilateral in the body and in the condylar process (b-b-c). 4. Trilateral in the body and in both condylar processes (b-c-c). 5. Numerous fractures (n). Note: No consent was necessary because we reviewed only the patients' records and no patient personal data was taken. This study approved in accord with IRB standards. Results Records of 2767 fracture lines in 1745 patients, fracture line, mostly were found at the angle of the mandible (31.5%), and then in the condylar process (26.9%)....   [tags: clinics, practical, information, study]

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A Career in Nursing

- A career in nursing is a devotion to assisting those people who are ill and need to be taken care of. To become a nurse one must become qualified in health sciences and be able to have the patience to deal with all type of people. Nurses looks closely at the patience and keep an eye on them to insure that all of them are doing fine and receiving the best care that the nurses could possibly give them. Wanting to become a nurse one must have the strength, courage, dedication, motivation, and lots of hard work....   [tags: hospitals, clinics, compassion]

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Mini Clinics and Emergency Rooms

- Introduction Emergency rooms are severely overcrowded with wait times that are exorbitant. There are three different types of people who go to an emergency department. The first type of person is severely ill or injured and needs immediate care. Of course, when they go into the emergency room, their expectation is to receive immediate care and attention. The second type of person that goes to an emergency department for care is someone who tried to make an appointment with their primary care Physician but no appointments were available....   [tags: immediate care, emergency department]

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Teen Health Clinics Can't Afford More Budget Cuts

- Teen Health Clinics Can't Afford More Budget Cuts missing works cited “It was 1971 and I was 16,” said Deborah, of Methuen, who’d rather not use her last name as she talks about the time when she was a pregnant teen. “I, of course, freaked out and didn’t want to tell my parents, especially my father. I had to, though. There was no way around it. There was no where else to go.” In the 1970s, Massachusetts didn’t have half the teen pregnancy clinics they have now. Teens didn’t have a place to turn to if home wasn’t an option....   [tags: Medical Medicine Essays]

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Mr. Thathamkulam Uses Professional Standards Of Care

- ... This has improved eye clinic staff performance and their confidence in patient care. Mr. Thathamkulam was instrumental in writing and renewing the SOPs for the eye clinic in conjunction with SPS department. Because of his efficient leadership and guidance, eye clinic met all the standards during the VISN surgical team survey which was done last month. He has taken leadership to develop new education competencies for his staff, which is required for the fiscal year 2016 in collaboration with the OCL educator and the Medical Center education department....   [tags: Nursing, Hospital, Patient, Eye surgery]

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Evidence-based Practice in Nursing Care

- Evidence based practice which is a problem solving approach in the way that health care professionals deliver care is based on studies and patient care data with clinician expertise and patient preferences and values. It provides scientific approach that helps nurses to deliver quality care to a particular population. Evidence based practice has earned energy in nursing. It provides possibilities to more individualized nursing care. It also offers opportunities for nursing care to enlarge his dynamist and make the best use of clinical judgment....   [tags: health, clinics, nurses]

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My Experience As A Student Technician

- ... I feel that the skills I learned while at the clinic will help tremendously in my future career. What kinds of skills development does this experience offer, in work performance, in communications, and interpersonal relations. As I stated earlier the PC Repair Clinic is a great place to hone the skills learned in the classroom, however. it also gives you the opportunity to experience the stubble intricacies of working in a technical environment. Somethings hold true within any professional environment....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Skill, Education]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

- ... It is reported that 23 of every 100 military women report to have been sexually assaulted, and 55% of women have been a victim of sexual harassment (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2015). Contrary to what people may think, men are also heavily affected by military sexual trauma, says the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: “There are many more male Veterans than there are female Veterans. So, even though military sexual trauma is more common in women Veterans, over half of all Veterans with military sexual trauma are men,”(U.S....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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Feasibility Study

- Feasibility Study: A feasibility study looks at the viability of an idea with an emphasis on identifying potential problems and attempts to answer one main question: Will the idea work and should you proceed with it. Feasibility studies provide in-depth details about the clinic to determine if and how it can succeed, and serve as a valuable tool for developing a winning plan. By utilizing the information collected in your community analysis, you will be able to ascertain if your clinic would be a viable option....   [tags: Business Management]

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Court Proceeding Against Petitioners at the Women Health Center

- ... The trial court then issued a broader injunction, which in tell that the Court create a 36 feet buffer zone and 300 feet no approach zone, for then the Petitioners challenged it as a violation of their First Amendment. This injunction to the Amendment prohibits the petitioners from coming into the premises of the respondents, blocking or impeding access to the premises, picketing and demonstrating or coming into a property line of the clinic, and from making noise from 7:30am to noon Monday thru Saturday....   [tags: abortion, protests, speech]

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Healthcare For Low Income Individuals

- Healthcare for low income individuals with little to no coverage is one of the leading civil rights issues within America. As of 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 48.6 million people of the nation are uninsured not including those who are underinsured. Although this number decreased from 50 million of the previous year, many people remain deprived of health security (Fox, 2012). During the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to observe and work with the uninsured/underinsured community at the Rockbridge Area Free clinic in Lexington, Virginia....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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Improving Communication in Healthcare Organizations

- Introduction In healthcare one of the major obstacles employees attempt to overcome is the communication gap. The outpatient clinics in particular find it challenging to keep in contact with the hospital. In the healthcare market to have success you must have communication. Romano observed that hospitals are branching out; outpatient setting offer lucrative services that are rendered in a well-situated environment (2006). The outpatient sector is where the profit is made; this is clearly the way of the future....   [tags: Health, Medicine, Management]

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Coronary Artery Disease

- ... (Nordqvist, 2013) If Coronary Artery Disease is left untreated, it can result in heart attack, stroke and even death. (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) A heart attack occurs when the heart does not receive enough blood and causes a coronary artery to be blocked. (Nordqvist, 2013) Treatments for CAD include drugs and medical procedures. Some medicines used to treat Coronary Artery disease include cholesterol-modification medicines, aspirin, beta blockers, Nitroglycerin, ACE and calcium channel blockers....   [tags: most common form of heart disease]

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