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The On The Path Of Evolution And Rising Above The Climates

- Since the beginning of all ages humanity was walking on the path of evolution and rising above the climates. It all started by the desire of knowing the unknown, the hidden wisdom, the reason why we were brought to this cosmic structure called life, the desire of finding answers and curiosity was and still the first motive. Through ages humanity achieved a lot and as there 's more that was gained a lot of issues were created, preventing us to finish our road on the path of evolution. Inspiration, thoughts, and actions are the three factors of achieving the goal....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Human, Psychology]

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The Effect Of Cross Over Frequencies On Organisms Living Climates And Temperate Climates Versus Temperate, Mild Climates

- Scientists have used natural labs such as the Evolution Canyon found in Lower Nahal Oren, Mount Caramel, Israel to study the relationship between cross-over frequencies in organisms living in harsh climates versus temperate, mild climates. On the north facing slope (NFS), also known as the European-facing slope, the climate was less harsh and milder. The south facing slope (SFS), also known as the African-facing slope, has a way more brutal climate, receiving up to three-hundred percent more solar radiation in comparison to the north facing slope....   [tags: DNA, Mutation, Ultraviolet, Cancer]

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The Global System's Effect on Climates

- The Global System's Effect on Climates The global pattern of climate is affected by: * latitude * land and sea * relief * ocean currents Latitude ======== The Equator receives greater amounts of solar heating than latitudes further north or south. Places therefore nearer the Equator are much warmer than those closer to the Poles. Nearer the Poles precipitation will be more variable with lower temperatures. More will fall as snow, covering the ground for long periods in winter....   [tags: Papers]

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The Main Climatic Conditions Associated with Tropical Monsoon Climates

- The Main Climatic Conditions Associated with Tropical Monsoon Climates The monsoon is the reversal of wind and pressure, which gives marked seasonal rainfall. The tropical monsoon climate consists of three main seasons. The tropical monsoon climate is unique to other climates, because it has a very dry season; this can be from just one month, to five or six months with no or very little rain. The three seasons are the very hot dry season (March until May), the hot, wet season (June until September), and the warm, dry season (October until February)....   [tags: Papers]

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Minimum Profit Possible Made on Drinks in Different Climates

- Minimum Profit Possible Made on Drinks in Different Climates Create the minimum profit possible using the predicted amount of how many hot and cold drink would be sold in different weather climates and the price limits for the two drinks as provided in the ICT booklet. Evaluation Task 5 ================= Holly Grove High School Price Pledge Model ------------------------------------------ For this task, I needed to (as stated in the ICT booklet) create the minimum profit possible using the predicted amount of how many hot and cold drink would be sold in different weather climates and the price limits for the two drinks as provided in the ICT booklet....   [tags: Profit Consumerism Sales Essays]

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Adaptions in Ectothermic and Endothermic Animals to Extreme Climates

- Adaptions in Ectothermic and Endothermic Animals to Extreme Climates First of all we need to understand what ectothermic and endothermic animals are. Animals differ in their abilities to regulate body temperature (thermoregulation). We sometimes use the terms "cold-blooded" or "warm-blooded." Most reptiles feel cold to the touch, while mammals and birds often feel warm. Somewhat more precise descriptions can be made by using the terms poikilothermic and homoiothermic. The body temperature of poikllotherms is relatively variable, while that of homeotherms is relatively constant....   [tags: Papers]

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Malaria is a Deadly Disease

- Malaria is a Deadly Disease Malaria is a disease and deadly infection that is most common in hot and tropical areas of the world. It can also happen in temperate climates, specially in the stagnant water in the canals where the mosquitoes can stay. Malaria is an ancient organisms and has infected humans since the beginning of human race (Davis). The term name “mal aria” as in meaning “bad air” in Italian and was first used in 1740 in English by Walpole (Davis). This was combined to “malaria” in 1880 and the parasite was first identified in human blood (Davis)....   [tags: Infection, Temperate Climates, Disease]

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How Far Did Climates of 7th Century Arabia Contribute to the Emergence of Islam?

- The religious, social, political and economical climates of seventh century Arabia, also known as pre-Islamic Arabia, contributed immensely to the emergence of Islam. Religious climates were one of the causes of the emergence of Islam. At the time in the seventh century of Arabia, people lived in the days of ignorance, known as Jahiliyah. During this period of time, people of Arabia worshipped idols and Arabia was considered a God-less region. Before the time of Jahiliyah, a group of people, al-Hanafiyyeen, followed the monotheistic teachings of Abraham (Ibrahim)....   [tags: Religion]

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Failure of Environmental Conferences in Addressing the Issue of Environmental Decline

- ... The final conclusion negotiated “The Future We Want”, comprised of paragraphs of declarations and affirmations, was in fact just a plea for a better environment. Kumi Naidu, the executive director of Greenpeace International, stated that the conference was “A failure of epic proportions” and further added that the statement itself was “the longest suicide notes in history. The world is not any better than what it was a few centuries ago. The list of endangered species is ever growing and major environmental issues like global warming are melting off the ice caps, due to which in a few years, all low lying coastal cities will get submerged....   [tags: government, funding, money, climates]

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The Effects Of Climate On Human Activities

- When dealing with climate it is important to know what kind of characteristic these elements have. The two most important elements are temperature and precipitation because they have the greatest influence on people and their activities and also have an important impact on the distribution of such phenomena as vegetation and soils. Now when dealing with general world patterns that relate to climates and these factors, the Köppen classification is the method you would for more background information on your choice of study....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Earth]

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Global Warming And Climate Change

- “ 'Well done ' is better than 'well said ',” as Mr. Benjamin Franklin once so eloquently put it. But what if it does not matter. What if too much is being said and maybe not enough is being done. Some believe that our kind has become blind to what may or may not be happening to the planet, and that is climate change. Climate change is very often referred to as “global warming”. Climate change is labeled to changes in normal cycles of Earth 's atmosphere that may very well be at the hand of human caused activities....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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Drought and Global Climate Change

- Drought is a multi-causal and complex environmental issue, and can have serious socioeconomic consequences. Recently, IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) concluded that South Asia and the Middle East would experience sever, prolonged droughts as a result of global climate changes, explicitly the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (IPCC, 2007). Drought is a weather-related natural disaster whose effect is aggravated by human activities....   [tags: Environment, Climate Change]

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The Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

- There are so many factors in today’s growing population and its action that contributes to the environment. With the rise in population there is also increase in the needs and demands resulting in more production of food and assets. Most of the actions of human lead to increased environment risks which in return will only effect the livings of this planet. Currently mostly all individuals have at least one form of vehicle for transportation. There is increased industrialization and requires a lot of energy which comes from fossil fuels as the need for oil increases to fuel large amounts of humans daily work and chores....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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Global Warming And Climate Change

- First and foremost the first environmental problem we need to face is climate change, respectfully. Most every environmental problem can traced to climate change. Now, while climate change, colloquially known as global warming, is the warming of Earth’s surface. Now while climate change is cyclical and has taken place for millions – maybe billions – of years there’s evidence that “human activity” during the past century has dramatically raised the average surface temperature of the Earth “…by 1.4 percent degrees Fahrenheit…” (EPA 2012b) (Leon-Guerrero, p....   [tags: Global warming, Air pollution, Climate change]

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Climate Change : The Case Of The Missing Heat

- Climate Change: The case of the missing heat Introduction Scientist have been studying global warming since the early 1800s, and now sixteen years later think they may have found a missing puzzle piece to the mysterious “global-warming hiatus.” So, what is global warming. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary global warming is “an increase in the earth 's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.” So, what is greenhouse effect....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Atmosphere, Earth]

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Analyzing The Feasibility Of Sids Achieving Climate Justice

- the obvious but unprecedented issue of a nation losing its entire cultural and traditional identity, which often has strong ties to the ancestral land with which they are associated. It is precisely due to these particular and extremely challenging circumstances that SIDS have in recent years turned to more exorbitant measures to redress their grievances, including (but not limited to) legal remedies, and the relocation of their populations to larger, less vulnerable landmasses, often descried as ‘climate migration’ or ‘refugees’....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Weather, Climate]

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Climate Change

- There is concern that climate change will have very negative affect on human life and the environment. One concern is the availability of food source. Farmers are starting to see a decline in crops because of the extreme changes in temperature. The changes in temperature reduce both agriculture and crops. The heat from global warming will also cause pests to multiply fast which will also lead to less crops. Global warming will also make water difficult to give to livestock which will cause dehydration and mass death in livestock population....   [tags: Climate, food supply, environment]

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Climate Change : The Effects On Agriculture And Society

- Climate Change: The Effects on Agriculture and Society Student Name: Vanessa Abdallah Student Number: 44616643 Over the past century, climate change and global warming has become increasingly prominent issues. The spread of greenhouse gases and other toxic compounds, and the excessive use of fossil fuels have intensified this consequence (Kang & Banga 2013, p. 668), and the escalating severity of this issue has created a ripple effect through its negative impact on agriculture, ecosystems, animal and plant populations, and land-use (Ehrlich & Ehrlich 2013)....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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The Ocean Sea Against The Feverous Desert Climate

- Early civilizations were often littered with pottery and warfare weaponry; peace was not considered part of their existence until they stumbled onto Peruvian soil. Peruvian civilization in the Preceramic and Cotton Preceramic offered an interesting glimpse at an innovative people who incorporated a great many things to survive the changing elements and live a relatively peaceful existence. The contrast of the cool ocean waters against the feverous desert climate offered an opportunity for ingenuity amongst its people for survival....   [tags: Civilization, Agriculture, Peru, Climate]

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The Effects Of Global Climate Change On The World Of The Twentieth And Twenty First Centuries

- Historically, cities located in close proximity to major bodies of water – oceans, seas, rivers, and the like – possessed distinct and powerful advantages over their landlocked counterparts. Access to these natural resources facilitated endeavors in defense, trade, and agriculture; in fact, many coastal cities continue to reap these and similar benefits today. However, the relationship between these cities and the earth’s water sources has changed drastically with the passage of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries....   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Weather, Ocean]

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Humanity 's Effect On Global Warming And Climate Change

- Humanity’s Effect on Global Warming and Climate Change Global warming and climate change have been frequent topics of discussion over the past several years. Although people tend to focus on the politics, it is time to look past the media aspects of it and into the cold hard facts of what our Earth is currently experiencing, and what caused it in the first place. The cause of climate change includes natural causes, but human causes are what is generating such a rapid global change. It’s time that the ways in which humanity affects the Earth’s climate, how scientists record and measure the climate change, and what can be done in everyday life to slow it down and/or stop global warming, are...   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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Climate Changes And Climate Change

- Climate refers to the weather conditions that occur and prevail in particular regions over an extended period of time. Climate change is the change in the properties of the climate system, referring to significant changes in its mean state, and in its variability and extremes (VijayaVenkataRaman S, Iniyan S, Goic R, 2012). Changes in climate can occur naturally due to internal and external processes, or can occur due to anthropogenic changes in the composition of the atmosphere and anthropogenic changes associated with land-use (VijayaVenkataRaman S, Iniyan S, Goic R, 2012)....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Weather, Climate]

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Climate Variability And Climate Change

- Climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns. Most of the cold extremes of the world is experiencing warming at a more rapid pace than its warming extremes. In fact, the true cold season now exists in only the polar extremes of the African continent. Western Africa and Guinea are found to also face a reduction of precipitation while its neighboring regions, although also affected with reduced rainfall, are more prone to extreme rainfall, indicating the effect of the change global warming has brought (Aguilar, Aziz Barry, Brunet, Ekang, Fernandes, Massoukina, & Zhang, 2009)....   [tags: Climate, Climate change, Africa, Global warming]

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The Effects Of Climate On The Earth 's Climate

- Climate is the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years ( The atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation, e.g., carbon dioxide CO2 and Methane CH4, have increased since the pre-industrial era due to human activities. Primarily, this is due to the combustion of fossil fuels as well as land-use and land-cover change (Gitay, Suarez, Watson, & Dokken, 2002)....   [tags: Invasive species, Introduced species]

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Climate Changes And Climate Change

- It has been almost 25 years since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was convened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many countries came together to tackle climate change through the “stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” At that time, the effects of climate change was not conspicuous and the public knowledge of climate change was limited. Since the UNFCCC was first ratified, technological advances has been made, public knowledge has expanded and the climate change debate has intensified, yet it seems the current climate change regime’s efforts to t...   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Kyoto Protocol]

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Climate Change : Climate And Biological Factors

- 3.2 Modelling Aapproaches Climate change impact would depend upon complex interactions of climatic and biological factors with technological and socio-economical changes that are difficult to predict. Quantitative (modelling) approaches, which allows investigation of multiple scenarios and interactions simultaneously, will thus become more important for impact assessment (Coakley and Scherm, 1996). Sutherst et al. (1996) have given a framework for such model-based assessment of climate change impacts....   [tags: Climate change, Global warming, Weather, Climate]

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Climate Changes And Climate Change

- Assignment 2 Introduction: Climate change was a topic developed by a Swedish scientist as far back as 1896 due to the combustion of fossil fuel. The first predicted global warming was in 1976. In 1988, the theory was finally acknowledged when the climate became the hottest within the century (Maslin, 2008). The greenhouse effect became a concern and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was founded. Damages from greenhouse gases could include severe climate changes, altered ecosystem, extinction and loss of biodiversity (Shogren, 2004)....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Kyoto Protocol]

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The Benefits of Living in a Warm Climate

- Living in a warm climate provides many benefits Why do retired people who live in cold climates travel to warmer climates for the winter. Why do people who live in cold climates take vacations to warm climates in the winter. There are several reasons to why living in warm weather is beneficial and attractive. Living in a warm climate provides many benefits such as a healthier lifestyle, the ability to do more outdoor activities, and economic advantages. First reason-Healthy Lifestyle 1.MOOD-ATTITUDE-First, a healthy lifestyle is essential to a person’s attitude which is improved in a warm climate....   [tags: healthy lifestyle, vitamins, socialization]

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Climate Systems Components : Climate System Components

- Climate System Components 1. Describe the climate system components The main components of the climate system include the atmosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. The atmosphere is the air we are surrounded with here on earth. The cryosphere includes all snow and ice; namely the polar ice-caps, sea-ice, permafrost, mountain glaciers and seasonal snow. The geosphere in all of the solid land around us. They hydrosphere includes all of the oceans, lakes, and rivers. The biosphere contains all ecosystems, or the living areas of our earth....   [tags: Earth, Atmosphere, Climate, Climate change]

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The Arctic's Climate

- The Arctic climate is changing rapidly and the United States government is unprepared for the ensuing expansion of open water. The Quaternary Science Reviews supports the first point of my opening statement with the following quote, “Observations during the past several decades document substantial, accelerating retreat and thinning of the Arctic sea-ice cover. Based on climate simulations, the Arctic Ocean may become seasonally ice-free as early as around 2040” (Polyak et al., 2010). I hope to support the second point of my opening statement through the efforts of this project by using, “the eight structures that define thinking” (Elder & Paul, 2007, p....   [tags: environment, climate]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On Climate Variability

- “In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments – there are consequences.” this quote argues that identifiable consequences of climate change are substantial to understand climatic events (Ingersol, 1899 p.270 cited in Burroughs, 2007). The term ‘climate change’ indicates the statistically long – term period environmental deviation of the global atmosphere including the averages state of the climate or natural climate variability (the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Chang (IPCC), 2007). During the past historical and recent decades, climate change and the Earth’s responses illustrate that most regions have been changed rapidly in the variability of climate including increasing the av...   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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Drought Conditions Caused By Climate Variation

- To date, more than 50 drought indices are available for identifying drought events in the literature (Kim et al. 2011); among them, three are the most widely used drought monitoring indices such as the SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index) (McKee et al. 1993), the PDSI (Palmer Drought Severity Index) (Palmer 1965), and the SPEI (Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index) (Vicente-Serrano et al. 2010). The results of the using SPI are comparable in space and time (Hayes et al. 1999) and its ability to identify various types of droughts (Hlavinka et al., 2009; Pasho et al., 2011; Sun et al., 2011; Trnka et al., 2012)....   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Climate model]

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How Did Climate Serve as a Trigger Event for the Bangladeshi Liberation War?

- Climate issues have come to the forefront of popular culture and is a hot topic in the arena of politics and beyond. More recently numerous academics have started to research how not only global warming, but climate can increase the risk of civil war or ignite armed conflict. One of the most introductory article on the subject is written by Marshall Burke and discusses how climate has increased the risk of civil war in Africa. One of the conclusions Burke and his colleagues draw from their quantitative research is that not only can climate trigger civil conflict but also “that climate change will worsen instability in already volatile regions” (Burke, p.1)....   [tags: Climate ]

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The Invisible Threat : Climate Change

- The Invisible Threat: How Climate Change Came to be Regarded as a Social Problem The dawn of the twentieth century marked the beginning of dramatic changes around the world. The invent of steam and coal driven machines was creating an industrial boom the likes of which the world has never seen. As the world’s focus was turned to the exploding economy of the Second Industrial Revolution, behind the scenes, carbon dioxide pollution was beginning to collect in the atmosphere. The collection of this gas caused the atmosphere to absorb more solar radiation and was slowly heating the earth....   [tags: Global warming, Climate, Climate change]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On Global And Regional Climate Patterns

- For centuries our ancestors have understood that altering our environment would have some form of impact on the world around us. But the world was so large and endless to them that their concept of climate alteration was only understood on a local level. Only during the late 19th and 20th century did climate change really begin to immerge as an idea (Spencer Weart 2015). This theory of “climate change is the idea that humans are having a direct impact on global and regional climate patterns. Today we know that climate change can cause sea level rises due to shrinking ice sheets and glaciers, global temperature, warming of the oceans, extreme weather events, and ocean acidification (NASA, 201...   [tags: Global warming, Weather, Climate, Climate change]

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Climate Model And Its Effects On Earth 's Climate System

- According to NASA, climate models are “aimed at the development of coupled atmosphere-ocean models for simulating Earth 's climate system.” In greater depth, the Universite Catholique de Louvan provides the following definition: A climate model is a mathematical representation of the climate system based on physical, biological and chemical principles. The equations derived from these laws are so complex that they must be solved numerically. As a consequence, climate models provide a solution, which is discrete in space and time, meaning that the results obtained represent averages over regions, whose size depends on model resolution and for specific times (Goosse)....   [tags: Climate, Climate change, Global climate model]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The World

- “Climate change is no longer some far off problem; it is happening here; it is happening now” (Obama). President Barack Obama states a good fact; climate change is affecting the world tremendously. Glaciers are melting at an astonishing rate and the surface temperature of the world is only increasing. Currently, scientists argue that climate change intensified due to human activity, however, the circumstance is quite the opposite. Although, human activity plays a part in global warming, it does not affect the major scale of climate change....   [tags: Climate change, Global warming, Climate, Ocean]

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Climate Change Is A Controversial Topic

- Climate change is considered a controversial topic. Although scientists have been studying the issue, there are many citizens that are still not fully educated about it. Therefore, there are people who support scientists in their results, and there are people who deny the scientists’ findings as propaganda or exaggerations. This is the same issue even in politics, where the two main parties, Democrats and Republicans, have opposing perspectives on climate change. One can really tell just by looking at their approach to the issue, especially their tone and diction....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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Essay On Climate Change And Tourism

- Climate Change and Tourism In the world, climate change is becoming more apparent that it is causing flooding, landslides and extreme temperatures. It is affecting the wildlife, human and the nature. Because of the change in climatic condition, in different nations, summer periods could be extended or winter may be longer than usual. Dr. Viner David and Agnew Maureen (11-14 January,2000,) comment that the impacts of climate change on tourism are likely to manifest themselves in a number of different ways according to local conditions....   [tags: Tourism, Climate change, Climate, Global warming]

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Climate Change : A Global Warming

- Eric Fisher Dianna Trang AP English III 7 April 2015 Climate Change One of the most important issues lying in our world today and in the future is climate change. Whether you’re a denier or an acceptor, several scientific studies have found that a storm is coming for us in the future, so to speak. We often ask ourselves, what are these effects we hear of. This leads us to the purpose of this paper, to show that climate change will have drastic effects across the globe. As time progresses, these effects that are constantly spoken of on national news as well as through documentaries have grown to become reality....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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Climate Change Is Not Real

- Global climate change poses a serious challenge for all of humanity; our commitment to implement policies will reduce the environmental impacts associated with change in climate over the long term. Although there are difficulties in discovering all the economic and environmental impacts climate change pose, we still must allocate resources to fund scientific research and related projects, establish global initiatives, and monitor changes in weather patterns as a result of such programs, society will minimize the effects of climate change on the planet....   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Global warming, Weather]

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Description of a Climate Change Analyst Career

- A Climate Change Analyst, also known as C.C.A., is a person that use existing climate data to create mathematical models of what will happen to ocean and land temperatures in the next 50 years. They identify the environmental impacts of existing policies. They propose policies related to alternative fuels & other factors related to climate change. They also research and evaluate climate data so they can determine how shifts in the climate affect natural resources, animals, & civilizations. They use the information to make helpful suggestions about what individuals & governments can do to ensure a higher-quality life for everyone in the face of a changing environment....   [tags: climate change, climate data, climate analyst]

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How Does the Climate of Italy, Spain, and Greece Affect the Fruit Crops they grow?

- ... This climates only occur in Italy. Italy has another unique climate among these three countries, humid continental climates. This kind of climate is grouped in continental climates. Humid continental climates have hot and wet summers, and cold and dry winters. They have ample rainfall too. Spain also has another unique climates among these countries, semiarid. These climates are grouped in dry climates. Semiarid climates have extremely hot and dry summers, and mild and wet winters. They have ample rainfall during winter time....   [tags: comparing & contrasting the three countries]

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Climate Change And Global Warming

- What are the risks of climate change and global warming. Climate change is changing our economy, health and communities in a lot of different ways. Scientists have warned us that if we do not do something soon to stop polluting our planet, the results will likely be disastrous. Climate change affects all of us. Global warming can increase the chances of illness and some cases death because of the extreme heat and heat waves. Some people still don’t believe that global warming is real, but because of a lot of studies, that scientist have conducted, we have proof that is it real and we need to do something about it....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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Climate Change Is A Long Term Change

- Climate change is a long term change in the climate due to an increase in the average temperature.The earths climate is not stable all the time but we still have to worry because it has big impact on us the way it 's changing.The natural factors that impact climate change are changes in volcanic eruption,solar output and change in the Earths orbit around the sun.The Human causes of climate change are Burning of fossil fuels, cutting forests and less agriculture and many other reasons. One of the biggest indicator of climate change is air temperature,due to the change in climate the global air temperatures have changed a lot.Averaged over all land temperatures warmed roughly 1.53°F.Another i...   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Climate]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On Society And Ecosystems

- Climate changes have always affected societies and ecosystems Climate change has intensely disturbed human civilizations and the biological and physical environment in the preceding years. During history there are instances of societal downfall related with provincial changes in climate, varying from the regression of the Maya in Mexico (connected to drought) to the loss of the Viking population from Greenland in the 15th century (related to declining temperatures). Several of these provincial climate changes happened promptly, on periods comparable to present rates of global climate change....   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Weather, Water]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The Arctic Region

- It is an unquestioned fact that the climate is changing. There is abundant evidence that the world is becoming warmer and warmer. The temperature of the global land average temperature has increased by about 8.5 degrees centigrade from 1880 to 2012 (Karr, et al 406). The one or two degrees increase in temperature can cause dramatic and serious consequences to the earth as well as humans. More extreme weather occurs, such as heat waves and droughts. The Arctic Region is especially sensitive to global climate change....   [tags: Global warming, Climate, Climate change]

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The Impact Of Architecture On Global Climate Change

- According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, Major group 2: the profession of Architecture is classified as "plans and designs buildings, provide concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings, negotiates with builders and advises on the procurement of buildings. Registration or licensing is required". The built environment and climate change are linked as the global GHG emissions have grown largely as a result of the following sectors: energy supply, transportation, industry, land use and forestry, agriculture, and buildings....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Climate]

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Climate Change And Its Effect On Biodiversity

- Climate change is widely recognized as a significant threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services. The direct and indirect effects of increased temperature, changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels are expected to significantly increase extinction rates for a wide range of taxa, although the vulnerability of individual species will vary depending on the level of exposure to climate change, their sensitivity to that change and their ability to adapt to that change (Gill et al. 2013). The knock-on effects of these climatic changes on biodiversity are expected to be significant....   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Global warming]

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Kids : Positive And Negative Climate

- When people think of the memories they have of their childhood in school they tend to think of whether they felt safe, trusted a teacher, or desired to learn. If they think of these things than they more than likely went to a school that had a positive climate that helps children develop and come to learn. If they think of the opposite than they grew up in a school that had a negative climate. Although people think it does not matter whether the school has a positive or negative climate that is not the case, kids need the positive climate to learn at school....   [tags: Education, Want, Need, Teacher]

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Global Climate Change is a Fact

- Climate change, or global warming, has become a more prevalent issue in our society as the years pass by. Science is making great leaps and advances towards predicting future correlations between nature and human events. Many lines of evidence have been presented to the public to prove that climate change is and has been in progress for years now. The five most prevalent of these lines of evidence are: radiative forcings, climate models, correlations, observed changes in climate systems above the norm, and unnatural changes in the earths natural variation such as rising ocean temperatures and levels....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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Human Activity Causes Climate Change

- The general populous in the developed world and 97% of scientists can agree that our global climate has undergone such irregular phenomena and increased climate variability that climate change can no longer be claimed as unimportant. There are those who still refuse to acknowledge the existence of such change or that the shifts in climate are caused by humans. The major question needs to be posed yet again: Is there actual statistical evidence to verify that climate change is not a short term observed trend in global climate and an imminent danger....   [tags: Climate change, Greenhouse gas, Climate]

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Climate Change On Food Security

- I. Introduction This final report is going to analyze the different opinions of people, who come from different nations, about the influence of climate change on food security. The research will focus on 40 students at International Pacific College (IPC). They are both males and females who come from New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. The primary data, which was collected from the quantitative questionnaires with 21 questions, was used in this study. The main factor that will be discussed in this research is how aware people are about the influence of climate change on food security, people’s concern when they choose food and the attentiveness of people about food security....   [tags: Research, Scientific method]

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Global Warming and Climate Change

- Global Warming, much of what does or does not happen forty years from now rests on our actions or inactions taken between now and then. The crucial question is whether we should pour all our resources into mitigation – reducing our carbon emissions. According to scientists who study the climate there are other environmental problems; “we now face a global crises in land use and agriculture that could undermine the health, security, and sustainability of our civilization”. Rather than worry too much about emissions, we should accept the world is going to get warmer anyway and adapt to global warming by building better flood defenses and developing drought resistant crops....   [tags: Climate Change Essays]

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The Life and Climate of a Tropical Rainforest

- What is a tropical rain forest. A tropical rainforest is an ecosystem that is anywhere near the equator. These areas are located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. A tropical rainforests experience high average temperatures and high amounts of rain fall. Tropical rainforests are divided into three parts. The uppermost part is the canopy. This is the layer with the tallest tress. Trees in this climate can reach up to 240 feet ( The next layer is the lower canopy....   [tags: temperature, trees, frogs]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

- As the effects of climate change on the environment become continuously evident a correlating shift in the way society manages our natural resources can also be observed. The global transformation towards more resource efficient methods can particularly be seen in the agricultural industry. Worldwide, agriculture is responsible for 70% of the the planets water consumption through irrigation ( As fresh water scarcity continues to spread, the utilization of non-conventional water sources such as treated wastewater (TWW) has become increasingly popular....   [tags: Water, Irrigation, Soil salinity, PH]

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Climate Change and Endagered Species

- What is the first marine mammal added to the endangered species list attributed primarily to climate change. As climate change melts the ice, it is projected that two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050. This drastic decline in the polar bear is occurring in our lifetime, which is but a miniscule fraction of the time polar bears have explored the vast Arctic seas (National Wildlife Federation, 2014). Unfortunately, that is the polar bear (Defenders of Wildlife, 2013). The climate change endangers the species, so much so that the animals have become one of the icons that conservationists use to illustrate the threat posed by climate change (The Huffington Post, 2014)....   [tags: polar bears, artic seas, sea ice]

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Global Warming and Climate Change

- Global warming and climate change threaten the very existence of mankind; understanding the affects of each and implementing measures to save this planet are of dire urgency. Global warming has become a threat to everything and everyone on Earth. Global warming is caused by many natural and manmade processes that continue to affect our environment. The release of carbon dioxide and methane gases are the two main contributors to climate change. With the warming of the environment almost inevitable now, methane gases are sure to become an even bigger contributor as the planet warms and the ice melts at the poles....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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Climate Change Is The Most Important Element Of Climate Justice

- Climate justice is a fluid concept; it has various understandings and definitions. In general, it basically means the idea that how to view and solve the unequal burdens produced by climate change. In this paper, I will say historical responsibility is the most important element of climate justice, because the injustice has been started from the past. Even though industrialized countries reduce their greenhouse gas emission, the injustice still remains. In order to solve the climate change, historical responsibility is an indispensable motivation....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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History, Culture, and Climate of Australia

- Known for its Kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef, and the outback, Australia has been around for a very long time. Australia has a very deep and rich history filled with military conflicts, unusual weather, diverse culture, and diverse peoples. This paper is going to take you into the “down under” and show you how this great country has overcame and cultivated itself as a well known and successful society. I will explain some of the conflicts the country has overcome along with the type of terrain that covers this country....   [tags: conflict, temperatures, population]

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Simple Solution to Climate Change

- Global heating and cooling has occurred on a cycle for millennia, however in the past thirty years the increased use of energy and fuels by humans has drastically changed this natural occurrence (Juerg, 2007). The largest cause of this warming is the release of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide levels are twenty-five percent higher than they were in 1957 (UCS, 2013). This seemingly insignificant change has caused a myriad of negative effects. The endangerment of species, rising of sea levels, and increased natural disasters are just a few examples of change brought about by global warming (Juerg, 2007)....   [tags: Global Heating, Cooling, Cycle, Energy, Fuels]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth

- Climate change has been a big problem in this world today. It is only getting worse by the day. The effects are causing the Earth to be much polluted. James Hansen had the privilege to speak twice to the president 's climate task force. However, energy policies continued to focus on finding more fossil fuels. Climate changes have many different effects on the Earth. Gasses like CO2 absorb heat acting like a blanket warming the Earth’s surface. Adding CO2 reduces Earth’s heat radiation to space so there is a temporary energy imbalance....   [tags: Global warming, Climate, Sun, Earth]

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Climate Change : The Greenhouse Gases

- Ever wonder where the term “greenhouse gases” came from. Or how a greenhouse can relate to the warming of the earth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we use the term greenhouse because a greenhouse lets in sunlight and traps heat just like the gases on Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a process in which the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap heat and warm up the Earth. The increase in greenhouse gases is one of the main effects of climate change. NASA official Brian Dunbar, describes climate change as a, “change in the usual weather found in a place.” As a result, it directly affects agriculture, our health and society as a whole....   [tags: Earth, Atmosphere, Greenhouse gas, Climate]

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Impacts of Climate Change

- There is widespread agreement in the scientific community that the climate is changing and it has likely received contributions from humans in the form of increased carbon emissions. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that there is ninety percent certainty that human activity has been the primary cause of temperature rises seen since 1950; if the climate rises by more than two degrees Celsius, scientists predict dire consequences to be faced by humans and the world (McMichael and Lindgren, 2011, p....   [tags: Human Health, Infectous Diseases]

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The Climate Change Of Hurricane Sandy

- Hurricane Sandy seems to be one of the most major super storms that has ever been recorded in American weather history. Kolbert, E. (Ignoring Climate Change). In addition we 've seen several patterns such as the Arctic melting that clearly suggests that the issues of climate change are already taken place. As governments and oil companies continue to ignore the need to save the planet and focus more on the importance of making profits. It has become clear that the people cannot rely on the government and oil corporations to keep the planets safe....   [tags: Climate change, Global warming, Environmentalism]

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The Climate Change Of Coral Reefs

- Many terrestrial and marine species have shifted their geographic ranges to avoid their potential extinction posed by ongoing climate change (IPCC, 2014). Geological records show evidence of range shifts in coral reefs during the last interglacial period when sea-surface temperatures were 0.78 °C warmer than today (Kiessling et al, 2012). Coral bleaching and mortality is often associated with ocean warming as well as ocean acidification. High sea-surface temperatures have been increasingly documented along the coast of Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala (Eakin et al, 2010) and have resulted in frequent bleaching events of the Mesoamerican coral reef....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Mangrove]

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Climate Change : Global Warming

- GLOBAL WARMING A huge level climate change in the current time attracts the people’s attention very easily. Every one of us is feeling very clearly from the short-term changes in the seasonal patterns of temperature, drought, rainfall without season, changing weather patterns, etc. to the long-term changes affecting the entire earth. Climate is a long-term weather trend affecting human lives positively or negatively. Climate change is the long term variations in the weather patterns. Climate itself adjusts time to time however going at wrong path since many years because of regular loss of huge ice sheets....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Earth]

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The History of Global Climate Change

- Earth has experienced many episodes of dramatic climate changes with different periods in earth history. There have been periods during which the entire planet has been covered in ice and at another time it has been scorchingly hot and dry. In this regards, earth has experienced at least three major periods of long- term frigid climate and ice ages interspersed with periods of warm climate. The last glacial period which current glaciers are the result of it, occurring during the last years of Pleistocene, from approximately 110,000 to 10,000 years age (Clayton, 1997)....   [tags: Climate Change, Global Glaciers Recession]

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Global Climate Change

- Research Question: Are we sure enough about the alleged anthropogenic cause of climate change to embrace the uncertainties of geoengineering. Thesis Statement: Due to the limitations of global climate models used as predictors for future calamitous climate changes and the lack of fact-based knowledge regarding the climate, we should avoid geoengineering because of the unknown and possibly devastating consequences. Annotated Bibliography Bodansky, Daniel. "The Who, What, and Wherefore of Geoengineering Governance." Climate Change 121.3 (2013): 539-551....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate]

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The Issue Of Climate Change

- Now then, as expected most topics can be and usually will be subjected to a form of bias opinion, which are primarily focused on debunking any claims being made ever; and like most subject being debated, climate change too has this counteracting side. There are very few people who attempt to go against all defences being made against the reasons for climate change. However, they unfortunately lack the validated evidence required to support any of the claims being made against climate change, all the points made by scientist have been thoroughly investigated, with these investigations have come vast amounts of collected data, facts which have been proven....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Climate change, Weather]

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Climate Change Is A Fact

- Climate change is a fact. Humans are causing it, and it is perhaps the most serious issue that humankind is facing today. Starting from the Industrial Revolution the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing constantly. Consequently, the continuous increase in earth’s temperature is a clear indicator of how carbon dioxide effects the earth. One of the major problem that global warming is causing is the melting of sea ice in the arctic. Due to the melting of the sea ice, global temperature suffers....   [tags: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate]

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Global Warming And Climate Change

- In our modern lives today we heavily rely on energy and the use of fossil fuels. Living this way isn’t sustainable for the environment and is causing climate change and global warming. There are many ways to help combat global warming and climate change but very few countries have taken major steps to counteract the damage being done to planet Earth. Some of the changes that have been are irreversible but if we act fast we can still save the Earth. Throughout the history of Earth there has been constant climate change and dozens of ice ages....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Earth]

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Climate Change : Global Warming

- There are many things that can impact the economy, but many people would not think that global warming has much of an effect on it. Global warming is continuing to become a very large concern for people across the world. This topic is very controversial due to the fact that many people fail to believe that global warming even exists. In this case, it will often be looked at as climate changes instead. Global warming, or climate change is a gradual increase in average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its’ oceans....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Atmosphere]

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Effects Of Climate Change On South Asia

- Throughout the ages, the earth and its inhabitants have undergone a variety of changes that have had a major effect on the earth’s vegetation and animals. The most prominent of these changes is climate change, or global warming. According to Merriam-Webster, global warming is, “an increase in the earth 's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution”. This increase in atmospheric and oceanic temperatures has led to several geographic and evolutionary changes....   [tags: Earth, Global warming, Climate, Climate change]

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Climate Change And Its Effects On The Environment

- Climate Change Issue Climate change is an issue attracting global concern not only in Canada but also in the world nations causing adverse effects to the living organisms. The sprouting and development of industrialization in Canada is a major issue contributing towards the negative aspect in climate. The increase in human activities has been lamented due to the less concern on the environment. People resulted in working without controlling the waste products produced (Dupuis, & Biesbroek, 2013)....   [tags: Climate change, Greenhouse gas, Canada, Climate]

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The Economic Effects Of Climate Change

- THE ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN KENYA Introduction 1.1 Background The evidence of climate change in Kenya is undeniable, while its effects on economic growth are no more mysterious; rather, they are rapidly unfolding to a startling reality and concern for humankind. Accelerated emissions of green house gases (GHGs) globally, from combustion of fossil fuels and unsustainable land use practices is the key driver of anthropogenic climate change. Climate change is manifested in; variations in minimum and maximum temperature, frequent and extensive droughts, high intensity rainfalls and floods, seasonal and regional pest and disease prevalence leading to conflicts for pasture and wate...   [tags: Climate change, Greenhouse gas, Global warming]

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The Climate Change And The Role Of Donors

- One of the most pushing issues in the world is the climate change, which is a greater risk to the human being rather than any other matters such as humanitarian assistance or development. In this paper I will briefly define the climate change, discuss the facts about the climate change and the role of donors to increase funding to address this issue in lieu of humanitarian aid or economic development. Climate change is the change in weather that lasts for a long period of time. It also refers to global warming....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Climate change]

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The Environment And Global Climate Change Crisis

- The results of these five quizzes revealed some very expected and some surprising results. As I already knew, Bernie Sanders came out among the top choice for me in almost every single quiz, ranking eighty-five to one hundred percent on relation to my stance on the important topics. However, Hillary Clinton also scored fairly high among these issues in my quizzes, staying far above eighty percent agreeableness in relation to our views. This was a surprise to me because so far I have not felt that she stands up to what I believe sufficiently....   [tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On Society

- There are a variety problems in the world, ranging from starvation and mental illnesses to taxes and military spending. Climate change, a change in global or regional climate patterns, is just one of the major troubles of the Earth. A portion of those patterns includes the weather, ocean, ice/snow, as well as ecosystem patterns. Climate change provides several damaging effects on society and the earth itself including droughts, loss of vegetation, and an increase in natural disasters. Although it is not realized by many, climate change affects all aspects of human life....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change]

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Climate Change Is A Serious Threat

- Drought, severe weather, long periods of unusually hot weather and rising sea levels -- occurrences that most would consider a severe problem. Or so one would think. According to a majority of the scientific community, these are the effects of climate change that would take hold of the world. However, from country to country, or even between political parties , there is a division as to whether or not climate change is a serious threat and whether or not we should act upon it. Domestically, there is a stark partisan difference on climate change....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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