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A People At War : Civilians And Soldiers

- A People at War: Civilians and Soldiers in America’s Civil War. By Scott Nelson and Carol Sheriff. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc., 2007. viii + 372 pp. Author and co-author of A People at War: Civilians and Soldiers in America’s Civil War, Scott Nelson and Carol Sheriff are Associate Professors of History at the College of William and Mary. Nelson received a Ph.D. in history from the University of North Carolina in 1995; his written works includes Iron Confederacies: Southern Railways....   [tags: American Civil War, United States]

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Banning Guns Completely For Civilians

- Banning Guns Completely for Civilians Used Guns have been a major problem for years upon years in the United States. Many people concern about gun control and they are protesting vigorous against “bearing arms.” “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed firearms as the #12 cause of all deaths between 1999 and 2013, representing 1.3% of total deaths. They were also the #1 method of death by homicide (66.6% of all homicides) and by suicide (52.2% of all suicides)” (qtd. in “Gun Control Laws”)....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics]

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The Impact of War on Civilians

- The Impact of War on Civilians 1. Sources A and B do both agree on people's reaction to the food situation. Source B is slightly more exaggerated that people were very badly affected and gives the impression that the reaction was greater than Source A makes out. Source A only mentions that some foods were uncommon to have sine the rationing was introduced but it was not extreme whereas source B implies that civilians had very little to eat and were on the verge of starving, this would lead them to react a lot worst to the food crisis....   [tags: Papers]

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Do Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shooters?

- In this writing project I will be presenting a rhetorical analysis of the core reading “Do Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shooters. Actually, No.” I will identify its rhetorical features, how these features affect the intended audience and why the author may have chosen these features in his writing. My personal audience is my instructor, Mrs. Hughes, and my fellow classmates in our Ivy Tech online English class. I hope to show my audience how the author of this article used certain rhetorical features to prove his opinion to his readers....   [tags: Rhetoric, Audience, Persuasion, Shooting]

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Khmer Rouge And Its Effects On The Nation And Civilians Of The Country

- Cambodian Research Paper From 1975-1979, Cambodia experienced a terrible genocide which destroyed the nation and civilians of the country. Kampuchea had recently just received its independence in 1953 from France, before entering a dark period of instability. The current leader, Lon Nol, faced opposition from the Communist Khmer Rouge, causing a civil war to erupt throughout the nation. These battles allowed the leader of the Khmer Rouge, a totalitarian dictator by the name of Pol Pot, to conquer and assume complete control over Cambodia through the overtaking of Phnom Penh....   [tags: Khmer Rouge, Cambodia, Pol Pot, Phnom Penh]

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Analysis Of George Nelson 's ' The Death Of Civilians '

- Throughout the nation catastrophes occur on a daily basis; however there are a few catastrophes that have taken national precedence and left a traumatized nation. Most usually these catastrophes are an act of terrorism. Michael Nelson (2010) describes the nature of such terrorism catastrophes as disconcerting, unanticipated and that unnerve “the country’s sense of safety and identity” (p. 20). When such “a traumatic event results in the death of civilians” and “calls the nation’s institutions or values into question” the nation as a whole looks to their leader, our president, to offer solace and calm through a responsive speech (Campbell and Jamieson, 2008, p....   [tags: President of the United States, Bill Clinton]

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The Call For An Improved Relationship Between Police And Civilians

- The call for an improved relationship between police and civilians is an effective policy. It has been shown that communities who have relationships with the officers that patrol them have greater trust in police. Creating trust between police and citizens is of the utmost importance after the death of Laquan McDonald. While the implementation of five hundred new officers may not be effective on its own, combined with increased relationships with citizens in violent neighborhoods it could be very valuable....   [tags: Crime, Violent crime, Firearm, Violence]

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The Effect of World War I on Civilians

- The Effect of World War I on Civilians World War one was a military conflict which took place between 1914 and 1918. It involved many European countries as well as America and other countries around the world. This war was one of the most violent and destructive in European history. World War I was the first total war. Once the war began, the countries involved mobilized their entire populations and economic resources to achieve victory on the battlefield. The term home front, which was widely employed for the first time during World War I, perfectly symbolized this new concept of a war in which the civilian population behind the lines was directly and critically...   [tags: Papers]

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Civilians' Ignorance for Fighting During War

- Civilians' Ignorance for Fighting During War The reality of the great war was appalling living conditions, disease, and charges into certain death. Both Owen and Faulks highlight different ways these truths are ignored by people at the time. Not only is ignorance shown to be displayed by those away from the fighting, but also indifference is shown by some of the soldiers themselves; they too are shown to almost ignore the truth....   [tags: Papers]

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Consistent Clash Intertwined within Kenyan Government and Civilians

- In 1884, Kenya was a British protectorate, a state that is controlled and protected by another. After trying to resist the control of the British, they were still defeated. The struggle to overcome the British then led to the Kenya African Union, which was founded with president Jomo Kenyatta, the Kikuyu leader, in order to fight back for Kenyan independence. On December 12th, 1963, Kenya became an independent country (“Kenya” 343). The masterminds behind this revolution were mainly members of the Kikuyu and Mau Mau tribes (“Open War Now Waged on Mau Mau in Kenya” 5)....   [tags: Edmund Burke, Modern Revolution, rebellion]

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Wilifred Owen Writes About Misconceptions of War in Disabled

- ... The officials do not care if the young man is of legal age to enlist or understands the consequences of his actions. All they care about is meeting their quota and sending soldiers to the front lines. In addition to the government, Owen also comments on the negligent military system that allows the young man to simply lie about his age to join the service. Unless the recruit has something very obvious that disqualifies him from service, the officials do not investigate the young man any further....   [tags: soldier, recruit, civilians]

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My Lai Massacre and its Impacts on Army Culture

- Charlie Company was told to expect heavy resistance, possibly even being outnumbered as much as two to one. The troops packed extra ammunition in preparation for a tough, protracted fight. Tensions were high among the men. My Lai (4) was to be Charlie Company’s main objective that day. The operation began smoothly, with 105mm artillery pounding the landing zones (LZs) on time. LTC Barker was already airborne in a helicopter adjusting fire. The first UH-1 helicopters touched delivered 1st and 2nd platoons at 0730....   [tags: comander, civilians, combat]

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The Importance of Military Security to Our National Security

- Military security has always been an integral part of national security. During the Cold War, the majority of threats that policymakers and analysts saw as risks to national security were military threats (Snow, 2014, p. 25). Nonmilitary elements were added to national security policy during this period, and today nonmilitary, semi military, and military elements all remain important. The September 11th attacks saw an increased focus on national security. Concerns of terrorism led to the Department of Defense working more closely with federal, state, and local agencies (Bowman, 2003)....   [tags: attacks civilians, war]

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Difficult Life On and Off the Battle Fields of the Civil War

- ... On both sides the prison camps were miserable, often graveyards. Many prisoners died from starvation, or disease from such close quarters. The meals at the prison camps were just bread and water, not enough to survive, making the prisoners eat rodents to survive, which often caused disease. The Civil War also had a big impact on civilians. Most men had gone to war, promoted by the draft laws, where the government forced you to join the army, required by law. Because of this law, most civilians were women and children....   [tags: army, civilians, disease]

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Psychological Effects of War Shown in My Artwork

- Artist: My intention in creating the artwork was to show the long-term psychological effects of war. Also, I wanted to show that war not only affects soldiers but also the innocent civilians that get caught up in the war. This is because many people all over the world pay their respects to soldiers who have lost their lives while fighting in wars; but many people don’t even acknowledge that millions of civilians loose their lives too. Also, I wanted to touch on the subject of the holocaust and how victims of concentration camps were deeply traumatized and suffered for many years if not the rest of there lifetime after the war....   [tags: soldiers, civilians, survivors]

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Recognizing Terror: The Islamist Militant Group al Shabaab

- In todays world of changing political landscapes and power struggles splinter organizations that feel wronged and ignored begin to feel that violence is the only answer. Unfortunately this line of thinking rarely provides real change. Instead innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire between these organizations and the people they feel wronged them. Terrorism is a terrible act no matter the cause or outcome. In the end violence begets violence. On April 14 2013, The Islamist militant group al Shabaab attacked a courthouse located Mogadishu’s government sector....   [tags: extremists, target civilians, struggles]

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War Soldiers And Civilians By Benjamin Randell Harris And Jean Baptist Antoine Marcellin Marbot

- In Napoleonic Foot Soldiers and Civilians, the reader is show many first-hand accounts of the horrors that occurred during the time of the Napoleonic Wars. From the accounts of soldiers from higher ranking families such as Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Marcellin Marbot, to those like Jakob Walter who experienced the full intensity of Napoleonic warfare and managed to survive the retreat from Russia after the military failure in 1812, this collection of documents is able to illustrate the conditions, both poor and adequate, that soldiers experienced during this bloody time in Europe....   [tags: Army, Military, Soldier, Napoleonic Wars]

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The World is in Transition

- The rise of the new Progressivism in 21th century: democratization of the world and the necessity for transformation of the security sector ​The world has been in transition. From the dictatorship that surged in many new-born nations after the sequential decolonization followed by WWII, today we see thousands and millions of people throughout the globe demanding the true democracy in the government. [1] This period is the “new” Progressivism; it is a time for new social and political reforms and preparation and adjustment period for the new democratically transforming global society....   [tags: war, NGO, civilians]

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The Effect of the First World War on the Well Being of British Civilians

- The Effect of the First World War on the Well Being of British Civilians When constructing an essay based upon the impact that the First World War had upon the wellbeing of British civilians, we primarily have to distinguish how, and with what criteria we will use to judge a Nations health standard and wellbeing. Throughout this essay, it is my aim to evaluate all of the different primary and secondary material available on the topic. Hopefully, this will provide me with enough data to make a subjective opinion of my own....   [tags: Papers]

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U.S. Drones in Action

- U.S drones in Action Despite President Barack Obama’s calls to reduce the United States reliance on drones, the drones will most likely remain his administration’s “weapon of choice”. When President George W. Bush saw less than 50 drone strikes during his lifetime, Barack obama signed a paper off over 400 U.S. drones in the last four years. Drones have done the job that they needed to do remarkably very well over the years, killing specific leaders of terrorists organizations. Drones have annihilated Al Qaeda with basically no risks to U.S forces....   [tags: weapon of choice, inocent civilians]

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The Debate About Terrorism

- ... Therefore terrorist actions and tactics can be surprisingly effective in achieving a terrorist group’s political objectives and terrorism as a strategy has been proven to be successful often enough to encourage further terrorist groups that seek to achieve political change to engage in such strategies as well. The chances of success may be small, especially for rather weak or small groups that face a powerful opposition, but there is at least the possibility that a reliance on terrorism can work so they will continue using this strategy, especially when they are out of other options (Kydd, Andrew & Walter, Barbara 2006: 49)....   [tags: strategy, attacks on civilians]

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Information On Civilian Wartime Deaths

- Some of the principal reporting agencies that gather data on civilian wartime deaths are as follows: a) The United Nations- civilian casualities include soldiers who are off duty or no longer in the battle due to injury, capture or have ceased to partake in battle. It also includes persons civilian police. b) Afghanistan Rights Monitor – this organization denote that the Afghan police (police, border police, local militias, paramilitary forces) are actively involved in battle (the counterinsurgency effort) and as thus do not count them civilians....   [tags: Laws of war, Civilian]

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Gender Egalitarianism in Society and in the Military

- Everybody has a place in society. Everyone has a role. Regardless of a person’s accomplishments though, how and where that individual fits in may be largely a matter of race and gender. Even in the 21st century, many minority groups continue to encounter forms of silent discrimination. It can be sensed in a variety of situations, but is fairly common when dealing with a professional or educational establishment. In spite of this, many minorities have managed to come a long way –including women. It’s hard to believe that it is 2014 and women are still considered a minority group in America....   [tags: women´s role, armed forces, civilians]

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Metropis by Fritz Lang and Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin

- Discuss Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times Very few movies portray the relationship between the government and civilian masses during trying moments such as Fritz Lang's “Metropolis”, and Charlie Chaplin's “Modern Times”. These are two critically acclaimed films made in the late 1920’s and mid 1930’s. The time period captured is the great depression, and examine the role of the governing authorities in relation to those governed. “Metropolis” simply passes as one of the original science fiction movies in the world, and it has vivid imagery in it....   [tags: film, civilians, government]

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Assault Rifle Ban: Weapon Control

- Assault weapon control is becoming an unavoidable topic in the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation more than nine hundred people have died from mass shootings in the past seven years and an assault rifle was used in twelve of the forty-three mass shootings in the past four years. The U.S. Department of Defense has long defined assault rifles as fully automatic rifles used for military purposes. The National Firearm Act of 1934 prohibited fully automatic weapons in the United States....   [tags: gun control, violence, civilians]

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United States Army Military Solider and the Department of the Army Civilian Employee Development Comparison

- United States Army Military Solider and the Department of the Army Civilian Employee Development Comparison Abstract The harmonizing relationship and shared respect between the military and civilian members of the Army is a long standing tradition. Since the Army¡¦s beginning in 1775, the United States military and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian duties were separate, but are necessarily related because of the Army¡¦s mission. The Army work environment involves a close working relationship with civilian personnel, because they possess or develop technical skills that are necessary to accomplish some missions needed by the Army....   [tags: Army Civilian Training]

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The, The Soldier And Civilian Relations

- The novel is also used to emphasize the effects of the redeployment theme as it relates to soldier and civilian relations. Klay’s goal is to address the disconnect between civilians and military personnel and how war affects the interactions that soldiers have with civilians once they come home. While deployed war hardens soldiers ,this can be seen in the first short story “ Redeployment” the soldier discusses his disgust about having done horrendous things during war such as “shooting dogs” and seeing “the body parts in the locker and the retarded guy in the cage” while in the torture room (Klay 2)....   [tags: Army, Soldier, Vietnam War, Vietnam veteran]

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The Complexity of Civilian-Military Relations

- Civil –Military Relations Civil military relations can be understood as ‘two hands on the sword.’ The civilian hand determines the timing to draw out the sword from its sheath and the military hand carries out the civilian government’s order to put the sword in combat. Civil military partnership is shared between the civilian government and the military establishment in order to run the state affairs. The paper examines the complexities of civil-military relationships from the past till to date....   [tags: government, agency, security]

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Rape And The Civilian Society

- Despoil in the military occurs more often than many civilians believe. It is very important to address situations that are entirely intolerable. Rape in the civilian society is seen with disgust and dishonor. When women or men are raped many, don’t report it since they are ashamed that they have endured such an atrocity. Rape is not just an action against an individual, but a violent crime that can scar a life permanently. Rape transpires in all parts of the world, including the United States....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Assault]

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Command Authority And Civilian Led Organizations

- Command authority and civilian led organizations. (2014). Reporter, 31(2). 15-16 The author of this article gives the explanation of why civilians are not allowed by law to command military units. This explanation will be explored more when discussing the differences between civilian and military leadership. It will show that although civilians may lead organizations such as agencies, directorates, departments, divisions, branches, and various staff functions as they do not require the exercise of command authority....   [tags: Uniform Code of Military Justice, Leadership, Army]

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Combining Military Leadership With Civilian Management Work Ethics

- Why do military trained personnel feel they have better work ethic than their civilian counterparts and vice versa. Peter D. Feaver (2001) fellow researcher of the international security program noted a statement by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen declared that a "chasm" is opening between the military and civilian worlds. Even though civilians have good work ethics, military personnel have the equally valuable yet different work ethics because of the training they received. A study, conducted by researchers at Princeton University, “found that while senior officials [of] the military services received higher evaluations from employees than their [civilian]non-service counterparts...   [tags: Ethics ]

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The Paradox of Professionalism: Eisenhower, Ridgway, and the Challenge to Civilian Control

- ARTICLE REVIEW: The Paradox of Professionalism: Eisenhower, Ridgway, and the Challenge to Civilian Control, 1953-1955, by A.J. Bacevich The Author’s Thesis In A.J. Bacevich’s 20 December, 2007 essay, The Paradox of Professionalism: Eisenhower, Ridgway, and the Challenge to Civilian Control, 1953-1955, he postured it with three direct and interrelated questions of civil-military relations, genuine civilian control, and civil-military relations to achieve national security. Then, he positioned his next several paragraphs that identified overarching issues associated with his questions, such as: Americans take civil-military relations for granted and display the perception that if there is "no...   [tags: A.J. Bacevich]

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Effectiveness Of Civilian Oversight Models For Police Wrongdoing

- Throughout the evolution of police, there has always been an unsteady relationship with the public. The waver in civilian’s confidence in law enforcement agencies can be attributed to the increase in police misconduct, or corruption. Then a new strategy called, civilian oversight model was introduced giving regular citizens the chance to have a say in police conduct. The public was in full support of the new model implemented through the law enforcement agencies. However, there was disagrees in the police field with the public having more power over there actions....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law]

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The Uniformed Code of Military Justice Vs. Civilian Law

- I have spent the last thirteen years of my life in the United States Army and have only known primarily one law and that is The Uniformed Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. Now I am making my transition into learning how to be a civilian and getting into the Criminal Justice career field I have to learn the civilian law. It has really become a huge interest in me the similarities and differences between the two different law codes. According to on 30 June 1775, the Second Continental Congress established sixty-nine Articles of War to govern the conduct of the Army....   [tags: criminal justice, military members, state laws]

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Essential Question: Is it Safe to Own Large Exotic Animals like Tigers?

- On October 18, 2011 over 50 large exotic animals were set free from their backyard zoo in Zanesville, Ohio by their owner Terry Tempos who later took his own life, according to Mark Guarino, staff writer for ABC News. The local police slaughtered 48 of the renegade animals instead of trying to capture them. In the United States, unqualified civilians owning exotic animals is a potentially dangerous problem that, if not properly dealt with, could lead to the endangerment, injury or even death of innocent animals and people....   [tags: zoo, unqualified civilian, legislation]

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Civil-Military Relationship in The American Military Coup of 2012

- The Civil-Military relationship is one that is very dynamic and dependent upon the world in which we live in. With our government becoming increasingly complex with additional demands placed upon the civilian and military portions of our government, there seems to be a growing dependence of the people on the government. This is dangerous and can plant the seeds for a soft despotism which Tocqueville warned us against. We are entering an era that would be difficult for our founding fathers to predict....   [tags: government, Charles Dunlap, civilian]

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Contemporary Challenges Facing International Humanitarian Law

- A substantial argument which is increasingly becoming a matter of contention in the event of contemporary armed conflict is the applicability of civilian protection during armed conflict that involves non-state actors. This paper shall discuss the contemporary challenges facing international humanitarian law with regards to civilian protection during such armed conflict. It will concentrate on the situation in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks of 2001. The aim of the paper will be to analyze the reasons why civilians are neglected during conflicts and how the different actors involved in the conflicts influence international humanitarian law....   [tags: civilian protection during armed conflict]

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The Effect of World War One on Civilian Life

- The Effect of World War One on Civilian Life World War one began in 1914 when Great Britain declared war on Germany, this war was different to all previous wars for several reasons; it was the first war, which involved so many nations, and also where people at home were affected very greatly indeed. The war affected everyone, not just the soldiers, for the first civilians were killed or injured by German Zeppelins, which were able to fly over to Britain and actually drop bombs on the country....   [tags: Papers]

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The Civilian Conservation Corps ( Ccc )

- The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a work relief program that functioned throughout the years of the Great Depression. From 1933 to 1942 the CCC employed three million unmarried and unemployed young men to help families receive income during the New Deal Era. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the man who created this relief program on March 9, 1933 and the bill establishing the CCC was passed by Congress shortly after on March 31, 1933. President Roosevelt was accused during his presidency that he was not the man who created the CCC and he simply stole the idea from letters that were sent to him during the beginning of the Great Depression....   [tags: Franklin D. Roosevelt, United States]

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Career Plan For The Civilian Sector

- The future is unknown but knowing what you want to try and accomplish and having dreams is a pivotal point in which I must decide on what I want to do upon retirement form the military. Having skills of a Soldier and those of a maintenance technician are skills and attributes that collate with the civilian sector. In this paper, I look to find what it is that I want to accomplish after retirement and my skill set that I bring to the civilian sector. My career plan will be to set realistic goals set around where I want to live and the job opportunities that are present in my area....   [tags: Management, Logistics, Leadership]

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The War Of A Civilian Life

- Since time began there has always been conflict. Whether it be religious, race oriented, or conflict over land. Conflicts have lead countries and nations to amass armies. While some armies are small, others may be vast in size. No matter the size of the Army they all have one thing in common… their Soldiers. As Non-Commissioned Officers we would be without a profession if we did not take care of, and retain our Soldiers. Through their mishaps and mistakes it is our job to lead them as they will, hopefully, be taking over our position as they climb the ladder to becoming the next great leader we aspire them to become....   [tags: United States Army, Non-commissioned officer]

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Accountability For The Civilian World

- The most simple dictionary definition I have found is: The quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one 's actions. Accountability can be applied to many situations in the daily life and it can easily be overlooked in the civilian world, but when it comes to the US Army or any military branch, accountability is one of the most important things. That is why is instilled in every soldier since the moment they are shipped out to Basic Combat Training....   [tags: Non-commissioned officer, Sergeant]

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Sample Resume : Civilian Oversight And Accountability

- Writing Sample: Civilian Oversight and Accountability Law enforcement use of deadly and excessive force continues to create distrust among communities of color, while civilian oversight agencies aim to build community trust and confidence through external oversight. Historically, communities of colors have complained of excessive force or racism, which is “often the motivating factor behind the formation of civilian oversight boards” (Snow, 1992). Furthermore, current national events in which officer’s use deadly force has stimulated further interest in civilian oversight of law enforcement agencies....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Law enforcement agency]

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Civilian Review Board For Police Department

- The existence of the civilian review board dates back around the 1920s, started in the United Stated as an aid to police departments in conducting external reviews after investigations by the department internal affairs. Civilian review boards has the authority only review and recommend discipline if needed, they have no authority to investigate. Civilian review boards can either find the innocence or guilt of an officer after the initial investigation of the police department has been conducted....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Police officer]

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The Civilian Conservation Corps Is Truly Shocking

- Throughout the 1930’s, the American landscaped exploded with an abundance of new state parks, thanks to New Deal funding. Since the beginning of state park building coincided with the Jim Crow era in the South, the majority of the parks were off-limits to black Americans. Since we mainly hear about the segregated school system and the unequal education of African Americans, it comes as a surprise that even enjoying leisure time in nature was a source of black struggle (O’Brien 39). The extent to which Southern white culture made an impression on the state park system is truly shocking....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people]

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Nasa Administration And Management For A Future Civilian Space Program

- This research was done to access whether NASA administration and management are capable of successfully perform a future civilian space program listed on the Obama National Space policy,2010, on the basis of their present activities and their future plans. NASA has high challenges of the civilian space program that includes a manned mission to asteroid by 2025 and manned Mars mission by 2030s.This research focuses on whether NASA management will be capable of overcoming all those challenges and to successfully land human on asteroid and mars....   [tags: Space exploration, Human spaceflight]

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The Development of Civilian Emergency Medical Services in the United States

- ... Civilian EMS originated with the first civilian manufactured ambulance produced in 1890 and built by the Hess-Eisenhardt Company in Cincinnati. The ambulance was a horse drawn wagon specifically designed to move injured patients. The first electric motorized ambulance was made in Chicago in 1899 and donated to the Michael Reese Hospital by local businessmen. The St. Vincent Hospital of New York began operating an electric motorized ambulance in 1900. James Cunningham, Son & Company created the first gasoline powered ambulance in 1909; the company was located in Rochester New York....   [tags: medical services, ambulance, hospitals]

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The Major Difference Between Military And Civilian Leadership

- Great leadership can motivate an entire nation of people to sand and follow. It shows greatness, and what a well lead team or nation can do with a single purpose in mind. On the other side of that coin is poor leadership and the damaging affects it can have on an organization and its people. The military has long been known to produce great leaders. Civilian leaders seem to always be under the microscope of the public with the exception of some greats like Steve jobs, Elon Musk, the founders of Google, but their approach to leadership is much different than the military....   [tags: Leadership, Military, Management]

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Unmanned Aircraft and its uses in Civilian Applications

- Technology is rapidly advancing providing humans with easier and more efficient ways of completing tasks. One form of technology that is primarily being used by the military is an unmanned aircraft (UAV). UAV technology can play an important role in benefiting the civilian world. This technology will make many tasks currently performed by humans more capable and extensive. What is an Unmanned Aircraft (UAV). An unmanned aircraft is a plane that is flown without the use of a crew or pilot. Instead, the unmanned aircraft is piloted by hardware, software, and a person or people from the ground....   [tags: Military]

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The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Tennessee Valley Authority

- The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Tennessee Valley Authority had positive impacts on work and the environment during the great depression. The bill proposing the Civilian Conservation Corps was voted on and passed on March 31, 1933 under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In addition, the Tennessee Valley Authority was formed May 18 of this same year to work on easing environmental strains in the Tennessee Valley. Roosevelt’s goal when he became president was to improve the economy and environment, and to help raise America from the depression....   [tags: history, the soil soldiers]

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Important Aspects Of The Military And Civilian Life Style

- Importance of Accountability Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accountability as: “the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one 's actions. Accountability is one the most important aspects in the military and civilian life style. Holding Marines accountable for their actions and having every Marine and piece of gear assigned to you accounted for is required at all times. It ensures the safety and stability of all the Marines....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines]

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Why The Military Is A Military Doctor Or A Civilian Doctor?

- Enlisting in the military has a lot of great opportunities. The military has been around for hundreds of years. The names change but the overall mission stays the same. Most people join the military to try and have a better life, occasionally people who have money and still join the military. Most people think of soldiers when they hear the word military, but that’s not really the case in today’s military. In today’s military, less than 5% of the military personnel are foot soldiers. So people can enlist into the military and go to whichever school one like....   [tags: Soldier, Military, Army]

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Criminal Justice System And Its Effects On The Civilian Population

- The community heavily relies upon the criminal justice system to safeguard the well-being of its members and to procure justice when their rights are transgressed upon. Thus, the criminal justice system holds a high position of authority and responsibility over those individuals in which it serves. Therefore, the failure of this system to adequately perform its duties can have a detrimental impact on the civilian population and more specifically the victims of crimes. For example, committing an act of prosecutorial misconduct by knowingly introducing a coerced confession during a trial proceeding can severely damage the integrity of a case, even in spite of the existence of other evidence in...   [tags: Crime, Criminal justice, Victim, Police]

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The Use Of Excessive Force When Dealing With A Civilian

- Children in the United States of America are exposed to the concept of “Colorblindness” from the very start. They are taught to only see people, not the color of their skin; even the acknowledgement of race can be disapproved of and uncomfortable. Recently, however, police brutality has been subject to much scrutiny and it is evident that the disparity between black and white is still significant. According to The Law Dictionary, police brutality is the “use of excessive force when dealing with a civilian”....   [tags: Racism, Black people, African American, Race]

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The Civilian Conservation Corps

- The Civilian Conservation Corps The hardships of the Great Depression of the early part of the twentieth century lead to many drastic decisions by our countries leaders on how to deal with the problem. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States at the time, decided to infiltrate the country with government money to create jobs and better the country as a whole. The Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC created many of these jobs. The Civilian Conservation Corps, which was established in 1933 to conserve the wilderness and give young able men jobs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Civilian Conservation Corps and the Great Depression

- Civilian Conservation Corps and the Great Depression “ Our greatest task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the government itself, treating the task as we would threat the emergency of war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and recognize the use of our national resources.” Franklin D. Roosevelt March 4, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt indeed turned the lives of many young male Americans around....   [tags: American America History]

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The Impact Of Information Technology On Civilian And Military Based Strategies Requirements

- Introduction The purpose of this article is to establish that planning and implementation of information technology in civilian and military based strategies requirements are essentially the same when it comes to core competencies. However, the problem is that these two entities are quite often viewed as being totally different. This then to information technology strategies based on the uniqueness of the entity instead of the needs of the organization. The solution to this problem can be found in the over approach and the view that things which may appear to be different – once uncovered are basely the same process....   [tags: Military, Armed forces, Army]

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The Transition from Civilian to Front Line Combat Soldier: A Thematic Analysis

- Introduction In the past there was a linear path that kept people in the same career throughout their life, in today’s society with job roles more varied, diversity in career transition has occurred (Brown, 2000). Previous research by Dolliver (1999, cited in Brown, 2000) has shown that self efficacy is a factor for a change in career. Fischer et al (1993) noted that the alteration of an individual’s environment alters their normality, along with Viney’s (1980) findings that for psychological growth a transitional period is required....   [tags: behaviors, personal controls]

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Opening up the Skies: Drono Technology

- A large component which Singer emphasizes is the fear which society holds whenever a new technological advancement is introduced. Singer states that the technology will force the population to question the safety of the people, which requires the government to take on more responsibilities to accommodate this fear. Recent advancements in technology, such as GPS, have made drones more usable, introducing the worries of public safety and government accommodation to the United States (“The Predator”)....   [tags: military robotics, civilian applications]

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The Universal National Service Act

- The Universal National Service Act states that it is an obligation for all US. citizens between 18 and 25 to perform two years of national service. There is a choice between either the military or the civilian service unless you are exempted. When choosing the military you are paid for your two years and receive health benefits. When choosing the civilian service you receive minimum wage or nothing at all. The UNS act shows a great deal of problems that would bring America down even further than it is....   [tags: military, civilian services, ]

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Economy and History of Conflict in Myanmar

- ... From 1962 to 2011, the country was under military socialist rule. The military junta was dissolved in 2011 following a general election in 2010 and a civilian government installed. Given Myanmar’s long history of conflicts, I believe that the institutional, political, and economic instability certainly contributed to the poor economic development of Myanmar in 1990. Since independence in 1948, the country has been in one of the longest running civil wars among the country’s myriad ethnic groups that remains unresolved....   [tags: gdp, colonialism, civilian government]

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Growing Up During the Holocaust: A Look at the Other Side of World War II

- ... When he turned eighteen years of age, he became a member of the Nazi Party and was required to serve as a public servant or in the military until the minimum age of twenty-one. In Hitler Youth, the boys were taught principlse of the Nazi Party, including Aryan superiority and anti-Semitism. They were also taught the qualities of dedication, comradeship, and obedience. Girls took part in the League of German Girls, which promoted more lady-like Nazi qualities, such as homemaking and motherhood....   [tags: growing up in WWII as a civilian onlooker]

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The Field Air Museum Know For, Where Stories Of Civilian And Military And March Field Come Alive

- March Field Air Museum know for, “Where stories of civilian and military and March Field come alive.” In the 1980 three major events occurred: “the March Field Museum was officially recognized as an Air Force Facility in March 1980,” the March Field Museum Foundation was established in May 1980,” and “in November 1980, the display area for museum aircraft (featuring three aircraft) was opened to the public.” the March Field Museum finally got the privilege to open their doors to the public on February 20, 1981....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Strategic Air Command]

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Military to Civilian

- Growing up when I was younger was fun and challenging. Being a military brat I was always bouncing from place to place. My childhood life really took a change when my dad retired after serving 20 years in the Navy. At the age of 13 just stepping into my teen years my dad retired and we moved back to Memphis, TN where I was originally born. [Your father retired when he was 13. Please re-word to avoid confusion] During this time in life [omit] it was very difficult because I had to transition from school systems, different kind of peers, and a different environment that I was surrounded by....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers from Conflict to Civilian Life

- Introduction: People generally relate war to long lines of men in uniform, holding guns, marching alongside tanks and other types of armored vehicles. The image of manslaughter, mass murder and death sprawl across the thoughts of families at home, waiting for their husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters to finally be finished their tour and come home. However what people commonly misunderstand is that there is a growing population of youth militia being used in modern guerilla military....   [tags: military issues, rehabilitation]

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Revolts: Colonial and Post-Colonial Era

- The colonial and post colonial era was an era filled with astonishing events that rattled America’s standings with racism. This time was so powerful and moving, because it gave the slaves an amount of courage, trust, and determination so big that they were able to carry out an ample amount of rebellions in America against the whites. From Denmark Vesey in South Carolina planning to rebel furiously with other leaders after purchasing freedom, to Nat Turner in Virginia, using his dreams to relentlessly end the lives of many because of the hardship times they caused slaves....   [tags: Racial Tension, Civilian Army]

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European Intervention and the Rwandan Genocide

- Genocide is the destruction of a cultural, racial or political group through the use of “ mass killings..(Hintjens 267).” The April of 1994, “Rwandan subjects and citizens were the main actors in the genocide (Hintjens 244).” The establishment of colonial rule by the Europeans impacted the conflict in Rwanda due to the creation of ethnic boundaries between the Tutsis and the Hutus. Hierarchies were established based upon European racial theories. Throughout the colonization and independence of Rwanda, the tension generated by European intervention only magnified thus leading to quotas and ineffective regulations....   [tags: Hutus vs Tutsis, African civilian conflicts]

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Wwii : The Deadliest Military Conflict

- WWII was the deadliest military conflict in history in terms of the total death toll. WWII, unlike any war previously was a total war and involved the deliberate targeting of civilians. Soldiers, members of both the Allies and Axis Powers suffered immensely throughout the war. The Holocaust, which resulted in the genocide of over 6 million Jews and non-Semitics , arose as a result of Hitler’s fascist ideals and saw widespread suffering. As a result of the new technological advances throughout the war, bombing became a major tactic and many major cities were destroyed, which resulted in the death and evacuation of many civilians and widespread suffering....   [tags: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler]

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Peaceful Advice For Un Peacekeeping

- Peaceful Advice for UN Peacekeeping Why do we have peacekeeping. The United Nations (UN) established UN peacekeeping in 1948 (10 Facts You Need to Know About UN Peacekeeping) as a way to sustain peace in a state which just experienced the destruction of a civil war. Peacekeeping has brought together many countries from around the world and continues to thrive with the cooperation of nations as there are currently 17 peacekeeping missions deployed over 4 continents (10 Facts You Need to Know About UN Peacekeeping)....   [tags: United Nations, Peacekeeping, Cold War]

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Acts of Total Warfare Carreid Out by the United States

- Throughout the history of the United States there have been many significant wars and battles fought. Some have been fought on the home soil of the nation; others have been fought on and in foreign lands. During each of these wars or battles the United Sates maintained a common practice of not targeting civilian populations. While at times supply lines or critical infrastructure were targeted, the specific targeting of civilians for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm or death was avoided at all costs....   [tags: World War II tactics]

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The Iraq Body Count Project

- The Iraq Body Count project was founded in 2003 by volunteers from the United Kingdom and the United States. The volunteers felt an obligation to ensure that the innocent civilians who were killed weren’t forgotten. The IBC team consists of journalist and media support workers from around the world. The workers out in the dangerous and heavy armed streets of Iraq risk their lives daily to report the wars daily catastrophes. The article in which most of the information comes from discusses how Isis spread across Iraq and Syria, the funding of the program and most importantly for this paper the cost of the actions of Isis on civilians....   [tags: Iraq War, United States, Syria, Iraq]

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The Comprehensive Effects of War

- ... These statistics tell that many civilians are killed in war and are even killed more than soldiers are killed, according to the mentioned study. Because it has become such a big military strategy to bomb civilians, civilians are also often physically injured in war. There are many examples of the physical effects of war in Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace. In Lord of the Flies, some of the characters involved in war on the island die. When Ralph goes to confront Jack, Piggy dies. A rock falls, hits him, and sends him flying through the air to land on a rock forty feet down and have his body washed away by the sea when Piggy is on the cliffs (Golding 181)....   [tags: physical, emotional, traumatizing experiences]

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Drone Strikes : The Case For Washington 's Weapon Of Choice

- Imagine sleeping in your own bed knowing that a few houses down the street lived a terrorist who was planning on doing something extreme. Would you be okay with a drone strike where he lived knowing it could possibly kill you and your family as well as many other innocent people. What about knowing that it hit the target and that there was one less terrorist who could cause harm to innocent people as well. The pro-drone strike article “Why Drones Work: The Case for Washington 's Weapon of Choice (Byman)....   [tags: United States, Ethics, Drone music, Terrorism]

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The New Public Opinion On Police Officers

- The New Public Opinion on Police Officers Police officers have the responsibility to protect the lives of all Americans. Whether it be a small town a large city or the United States as a whole, police officers are there to protect civilians and to ensure that those who break the law are brought to Justice. However, not so recently, police officer’s authority has been put into question. There are those who believe that police officers abuse their authority and often take matters too far. Within the last year an anti police organization that has become fed up with police officer involvement has become one of the biggest topics in our nation....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Police brutality]

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United States Use of Tageted Killing (TK)

- ... Targeted Killings are also considered extrajudicial killings. An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are by their nature unlawful, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. If there is no collateral damage, targeted killings in another country’s territory threatens to draw criticism from local domestic constituencies against the government, which either acquiesced or was too weak to stop the operation in its territory....   [tags: battlefield, terrorist, method, morally, war]

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Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras

- Should police officers be mandated to wear body cameras. That is a question that has grown to be widely discussed in media, politics, and public. The death of Michael Brown due to a fatal shooting by a law enforcement officer inflamed the idea that police officers should wear body cameras (Griggs, Brandon). The opposing sides of such controversial questions both provide a strong reasonable argument that support each side. However, despite the critiques against body cameras, I believe the evidence that support the usage of body cameras to be overwhelmingly positive and the intention is of pure deeds....   [tags: Police, Constable, Police officer, Camera]

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The Fourth Geneva Convention

- The Geneva Conventions, which was adopted before 1949, were concerned with the soldiers and prisoners only, and not with the protection of civilians. World War II had shown the devastating consequences of the absence of a Convention for the protection of civilians during the war. On August 12, 1949 a new Convention was made for the protection of civilians in time of war. This Convention was called Fourth Geneva Convention or Geneva Convention, 1949. According to Fourth Geneva Convention, civilians have the protections as long as they do not take a direct part in the war....   [tags: Human Rights]

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George W. Bush 's War

- America is at war, Iraq is unstable, and the grass is green. It is a statement that can quickly set the tone for the relationship between America and Iraq since the Gulf War, but more importantly since September 11, 2001. On that tragic day, thousands of lives were lost on American soil to the hands of terrorists. George W. Bush saw this act of terrorism as the final reason to invade the Middle East and bring the War to Iraq. Yet, this is not a story of reasons why the invasion was deemed necessary, or the politics of the situation....   [tags: 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iraq War, United States]

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Humanitarian Issues in Afghanistan and Iraq

- The Middle East has long been a place for turmoil and warfare. In the past, the region was carved up by European powers following the First World War. More recently, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the ensuing power struggle and the United States’ operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused untold suffering for civilians. In Iraq and Afghanistan in particular, there are many regions where civilians suffer terrible conditions, and there is much human suffering. Civilian casualties are becoming more common in Iraq and Afghanistan....   [tags: Human Rights]

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South Sud Where The Soldiers Are Scarier Than The Crocodiles

- South Sudan is the world youngest country and one of the poorest country in the world, where peace never last. Since the independence of Sudan in 1956, this region of Sudan had never being happy because of the absence of self-governance, until the independence of the South Sudan in 2011 which brought two years of peace. In 2013 a huge problem of political disagreement which cancelled peace and brought the South Sudan in Civil war which kill more children and women. This civil war has generally affected civilians because more of them have lost someone they deeply care about....   [tags: Human rights, United States, United Nations]

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